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AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)  (Read 2717 times)
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« Reply #75 on: 01 February, 2009, 02:59:14 pm »

~~Lilia vs. Shadow, Pt. 3~~

*Lilia's resolve runs short as Shadow's combat prowess proves to be too much for her to stand against. With her back driven against a wall, unable to fight back, it would appear that Shadow has gained the absolute advantage. But what of Lilia's plan? Will she still be able to pull it off...?*

Lilia: S-Shadow...!

Shadow: Lilia, I've had it with your interfering. Why do you continue to concern yourself with me? Why couldn't you have just stayed...AWAY!?

Lilia: B...Because, Shadow...

*Lilia places her hand on Shadow's*

Shadow: Hunh...?

Lilia: I've said it before. You're...You're my friend.

Shadow: What...?

Lilia: And I never abandon my friends, no matter what.

Shadow: Lilia...

Lilia: Whatever pain you're going through...you don't have to endure it alone...

*Shadow closes his eyes and frowns, as if he's annoyed*

Lilia: Shadow, please! You don't have to suffer anymore!

Shadow: ...

Lilia: Shadow, listen to me!

Shadow: *quietly* That's enough...

Lilia: Huh?

Shadow: *loudly* ...I said that's ENOUGH!

*Shadow clenches his fist and drives it straight into the wall, just mere inches away from Lilia's face*

Lilia: Aaah!

Shadow: Quit spewing your nonsense... I'm sick of it!

Lilia: But...but Shadow...I...

Shadow: I've heard enough of your babbling. I'm not in pain. I'm not suffering. I'm not anything. All I want...is to fight.

Lilia: But Shadow! There's so much more to life than just these pointless battles! Let me show you! Please, just let me help you!

Shadow: ...No one can help me, Lilia. Not...anymore...

*Shadow draws his scythe*

Lilia: *gasp* Ah!

Shadow: Now... My blade. It aches to kill something.

Lilia: Shadow...you don't have to do this...

Shadow: I'm done talking, Lilia. You won't hold me back any longer. I will finish this...so I can continue with my existance.

Lilia: Sh-Shadow...

*Lilia closes her eyes tightly and bows her head, as if she's given up*

Shadow: I won't ask you to forgive me...

*Shadow positions his sycthe in preparation to dealing the killing strike*

Shadow: ...But I'll do what I must.

Lilia: S...So...

Shadow: Hn?

Lilia: So this is how you want it to end, huh? N-No matter what I do or say, your mind is made up?

Shadow: ...

*Shadow continues to stare at Lilia, his expression not changing at all*

Lilia: Then...then you leave me no choice...

*Lilia opens her mouth, revealing a bomb wedged between her teeth*

Shadow: What...?

Lilia: If you won't come to your senses, Shadow, then I'll just have to destroy us both!

Shadow: Destroy us both? ...Humph. You're bluffing. *smiles* You don't have the guts...

Lilia: I wouldn't bet on that if I were you.

Shadow: Huh?

Lilia: Like you, I'm determined to see this all the way through to the end. And at this point, you're nothing more than my enemy. And like all my enemies, they have to go down!

Shadow: So you would sacrifice yourself...to see me defeated?

Lilia: If that's what it takes...then I will do it! I'm not afraid to put my life on the line for a cause!

Shadow: *surprised* Aah...

Lilia: And unlike you, Shadow... I know what it means to fight for a purpose other than self-gratification. Traveling with Blue...fighting alongside him and my friends, that has taught me these values. Unlike you, I won't hide! And I won't run away! I'm prepared to risk it all, for the sake of my friends and everyone that matters to me!

Shadow: Guh...! Ergh...*sweats*

*Becoming cautious of Lilia's threat, Shadow begins to loosen his grip on Lilia, lowering her to the ground and signifying his reluctant submission, to which Lilia promptly takes notice*

Lilia: *smiles* (Alright, it worked! Now I make my move!)

Shadow: Hunh? What are you...?

*In an act of pure cunning, Lilia spits the bomb in her mouth directly at Shadow, and it attaches to his clothing*

Shadow: Ah! W-what the--!?

Lilia: Take this, Shadow! Rrrraagh!

*Lilia then bites down into Shadow's hand, digging her teeth into his skin and drawing blood*

Shadow: Aaaaaagh!!

*The resulting injury forces Shadow to remove his hold on Lilia, as he reels back in pain, clutching his injured hand*

Shadow: Ungh! D-Damnit! Why you son of a...

*Lilia uses that opportunity to rush a safe distance away from Shadow, making her plan a success*

Lilia: (Yes, I made it out in one piece. I just love when a plan comes together)

*Lilia turns her gaze towards Shadow*

Lilia: *to herself* Now it's time I put an end to this...

Shadow: *angrily* Lilia...!

Lilia: ...

*Shadow draws his sycthe and dashes toward Lilia in a fit of rage*

Shadow: This is the last time you pull a fast one on me!!!

Lilia: Shadow...

*Shadow charges on, but Lilia doesn't move an inch. Instead, she turns her head away. This act stops Shadow in his tracks*

Shadow: Uh?

Lilia: I...I'm sorry.

*As Shadow ponders the meaning of Lilia's words, the bomb that she placed on his clothing begins to flash with a white light, drawing Shadow's attention to it instead*

Shadow: Aah!? What?!

Lilia: ...

Shadow: Noooooooooooooo!!!

~~Asroc Temple, Central Hall~~

*Meanwhile, amidst the conflict at hand, Bob and the others rush through the temple in pursuit of their clashing companions*

Bob: Penny! How far is it til we reach them?

Penny: I'm sure we're close. If we keep going straight ahead, it should be only a matter of time before we catch up to them!

Bob: Right! Then let us hurry! Let's hang in there, everyone!

Penny/Zeldafan/Shina/Prima: Hm! *nods*

*The group presses onward, maintaining a hurried pace. A short while later, they come to a stop when they reach a split in the hall*

Bob: Hm?

Penny: Huh? Hey, Bob! What's the matter?

Zeldafan: Yeah, why did we stop here? Is something up?

Bob: There's another corridor to the left here...

Shina: Hm, you're right...

Prima: So spill it, Penny. Which way do we go from here? Left, or straight ahead?

Penny: Hmm...*scratches head*

Prima: Well?

Penny: Uhm...to be honest, I'm not really su--

*Suddenly, from far off in the distance, a thunderous blast is heard*


Shina: Aaaaah!

Zeldafan: Ugh, what's going on!? What was that!?

Bob: It sounded like...an explosion...

Zeldafan: An explosion!? That can't be good...

Bob: Yes. And from the sound of it, it came from that corridor to the left.

Prima: To the left, huh? Should we go check it out?

Bob: Hm. *nods* I think so.

Shina: Yes, he's right! One of our friends may be in serious danger!

Penny: In that case, let's not waste anymore time gawking about it.

Bob: Well said, Penny. Let's go, everyone.

*Alerting themselves to the explosion caused by Lilia's bomb, the group changes course and sets off down the left corridor. Meanwhile...*

~~Asroc Temple, Left Chamber~~

*Lilia is met with blood splattering on her face. After the dust settles, Shadow is left standing in shock of a grave wound inflicted upon his chest. Blood spilling from his wound and mouth*

Shadow: *in shock* Ah...aah...aha...

*With his body drained of energy, Shadow drops his scythe, falling to the floor with a clang*


Lilia: Shadow...

Shadow: Uuuuuuhh...

*No longer able to sustain himself, Shadow falls backwards, slamming into the ground with a harsh thud*


Lilia: Ah, no! Shadow!

*Overwhelmed with compassion and remorse, Lilia drops her weapons and hurries to Shadow's side, kneeling beside his lifeless body*

Lilia: Shadow! Shadow, are you okay!?

Shadow: *struggling to speak* D-Damn...heh heh...Beaten...by a girl. This won't look good...on my resume...

Lilia: What...? Shadow, this is no time for jokes! You're seriously hurt! Here, let me apply some first aid...

*Lilia lifts her hand up to reach into her bag, but in defiance, Shadow uses what little strength he has left to grab hold of her hand and stop her*

Lilia: Huh? Shadow, what are you doing!? Let go of me!

Shadow: I...can't let you...do that...Lilia...

Lilia: Ah! Are you insane!? That wound is terrible! If you're not given some help soon, you'll--

Shadow: ...Die...?

Lilia: I...

Shadow: But Lilia...that's...what I want...

Lilia: What!? You...You can't be serious! Why do you want to die!? I don't understand that! I CAN'T understand th--

Shadow: Lilia...hear me out...

Lilia: Uh...?

Shadow: I've wanted it all to end...for so long...

Lilia: Shadow...what do you mean?

Shadow: Ever since that day...for all these years...my life's been nothing but a sham... A wasteful existance...

Lilia: No! Don't say things like that! That's not true!

Shadow: But it is. When Misty was killed, I couldn't take it. I was so distraught a-and heartbroken. But most of all...I was angry. So angry...that I sought revenge on the ones who took her from me.

Lilia: ...

Shadow: To accomplish this...I became a mercenary, a sellsword, a hired killer... But to tell you the truth, Lilia...it wasn't long...before I eventually gave up all hope of ever avenging her.

Lilia: Shadow...

Shadow: I felt...useless. Like there was no reason for me to go on living. Realizing this...that there was nothing I could do, no way to ever remove the pain buried deep in my heart...I wanted to run away. Run away from the suffering, torment, and heartache. Away...from the shadows of my past. So I did...the only thing I knew how. I fought. I fought, and I kept fighting. The pure exhilaration I felt when cutting down my opponents allowed me to cope with my despair, if only for an instant. And for a while, I felt...fulfilled.

Lilia: But Shadow...all of this...I don't understand it! When you were with us, you were always so happy, so spirited and carefree. What was all of that, Shadow? Was all of that...a lie?

Shadow: It was.

Lilia: But...why?

Shadow: It was all a front. A way to hide the true nature of my feelings from the world.

Lilia: Why would you do something like that?

Shadow: Because...I didn't want to drag anyone else into my affairs. I refused to take my own pain and force it on others. It's mine and mine alone, and I will be the one to shoulder the burden...

Lilia: So...so that's why...

Shadow: Hunh...?

Lilia: You...You've suffered for so long. All this time, without a shoulder to lean on, you've hid your suffering deep in your heart, and always kept a smile on your face. It's no wonder that you've turned out this way.

Shadow: Unh...

Lilia: *shakes head* You didn't have to do this. You didn't have to hide your suffering so much. It's okay...to let your true feelings show. It's okay to cry. To feel sad or angry. Just don't feel you have to do it alone! You...You've lead such a difficult life, Shadow. I feel...so sorry for you.

Shadow: D-Don't...worry about it. It's not like it's your fault. You couldn't have prevented this from happening. Nobody could've. My own decisions are what lead me to this end, and I'm ready to accept my fate. Maybe...once I die...I can finally be free of this pain...

Lilia: Shadow!

Shadow: Aaaah...Misty...how I long to see your smiling face again. But sadly...where you've gone...I cannot follow...

*Shadow begins to close his eyes*

Lilia: Shadow! No! Don't talk like that! It's not going to end here!

*Lilia's eyes well up with tears*

Lilia: I...I don't want you...to die...

Shadow: Lilia...

*Shadow slowly raises his hand and places it on Lilia's cheek*

Lilia: *wipes tears* Huh...?

Shadow: You're...You're so...good to me. After all the trouble I've caused for you and your friends, you'd still...forgive me...?

Lilia: Of course I would! None of that matters anymore! There are so many things you can do before you die. I don't think everything has to be forgiven, but no matter how painful things may be, you just can't dwell on the past.

Shadow: Don't...dwell on the past...

Lilia: Yes! It's not too late, Shadow! Who you were in the past doesn't matter! You can make a new start, right now! You deserve a second chance at life! A chance...to be happy.

Shadow: A chance...to be happy...

Lilia: And then...then we can be friends again...

Shadow: Friends. Yeah, that sounds nice...

Lilia: Yes, that's right.

*Lilia grabs Shadow's hand and places it in hers. He then responds by clasping it*

Lilia: We'll be friends, always.

Shadow: Ungh...Lilia, you're my...best friend. Always...a-and...for...

*Shadow's grip loosens*

Lilia: *gasp* Shadow...?

Shadow: ...e--ever...Uun..Uunh...

*Shadow's grip fails, as his hand falls limp, and his head turns to the side. He departs from the world, with a smile on his face*

Lilia: Ah! Shadow!

Shadow: ...

Lilia: Shadow! No! Not here! Not like this!

Shadow: ...

Lilia: Please, Shadow! I beg you! Open your eyes! Don't...

*Lilia fights to hold back her tears, but can't any longer. She bows her head as tears flow from her eyes*

Lilia: *sniff* Don't...leave me... Shadooooow!!!

*Unable to contain her sadness, Lilia weeps loudly over Shadow's dead body. Her cries echoing through the chamber. A short while later, Bob's group hurries into the chamber, coming to a stop when they notice before their eyes*

Bob: Hm?

Shina: Huh? What's going on up there...? Who is that?

Penny: It looks like...Lilia!

Zeldafan: Lilia? Really!? But...who is that on the ground next to her?

Prima: *gasp*

Zeldafan: ?

Prima: That's...Shadow!

Zeldafan: Shadow?

*Fearful of what's taken place, Prima runs ahead to confirm her suspicions*

Zeldafan: Prima, wait! Where are you going!?

Bob: Let's follow her.

Zeldafan: Ah...right. *nods*

*The group proceeds after Prima, who approaches upon Lilia, still in a vulnerable state*

Lilia: *sniff* Shadow...why...?

Prima: Ah! No!

Lilia: Hunh!? Who--

*Alerted by Prima's cry, Lilia ceases her mourning and turns to meet her*

Lilia: Prima...

Prima: Shadow! W-What happened to you!?

*Prima kneels next to Shadow's body and futily checks for signs of life*

Prima: H-His body...it's...cold. H-He's not...DEAD, is he!?

Lilia: ...

Prima: ...He is dead... And you! You did this to him, didn't you!?

Lilia: *averts gaze*

Prima: *angers* Mmnnnn!

*In anger, Prima rushes up to Lilia and shakes her by her shoulders*

Prima: Why!? Why did you do this!? Why did you kill him!?

Lilia: ...

Prima: Answer me!!!

Penny: Prima, stop! W-What are you doing!?

Prima: I...I'm sorry...

*Prima releases Lilia and turns away*

Prima: Oh...Oh Shadow...

Penny: Lilia, tell us! What went on here!?

Lilia: ...

Penny: Lilia...?

Bob: Penny, I think you already know...

Penny: I know, but...but...

Shina: *shakes head* This...This is so tragic. I regret that I wasn't able to prevent it.

Zeldafan: I share your sentiments, Shina.

*Bob walks over to Lilia and attempts to console her*

Bob: Lilia...how are you feeling?

Lilia: *sniff* Why, Bob...?

Bob: What do you mean?

Lilia: I...I'm so stupid! I thought...I thought I understood him. How much he was suffering... We spent all that time together. Why couldn't I save him...?

Bob: ...I think he was saved.

Lilia: But how!?

Bob: Did he not tell you? In the end, this...is what he wanted. He wanted to die, to be free from his anguish.

Lilia: But...it's just not right! He could've stayed with us! He could've lived! He could've been happy! So...so why--!?

Bob: Lilia, you may not agree with the path he chose, but he did what he felt he had to do. We do not reserve the right to tell others how to live their lives.

Lilia: But...

Bob: He lived how he wanted to live, and we must learn to accept that fact.

Lilia: I...

Bob: Lilia...there's something I think you should see.

Lilia: Hm?

*Bob and Lilia direct their gazes toward Shadow's body*

Lilia: I don't get it. What am I supposed to be seeing?

Bob: Look there. At his face...

Lilia: Uh? ...Ah! He's--!

Bob: Yes. He's smiling.

Lilia: Shadow...I...

*Bob walks ahead, preparing to leave the chamber*

Lilia: Uh? Wait, where are you--

Bob: We must be going.

Lilia: Huh? But...

Bob: Lilia, I understand that this must be hard for you, but you mustn't forget why we're here. Blue, Jawo', and Reese. Have you forgotten about them...?

Lilia: Ah!

Bob: Dire straits are ahead, and right now, we all must pull ourselves together. For their sake, as well as that of the world.

Lilia: ...Yeah...you're right!

*Lilia regains her composure and stands to her feet, ready to move on*

Lilia: It hurts...but I can't lose sight of what I'm fighting for! I'll keep fighting. And I'll keep Shadow's memory alive, inside of me! I'll fight for him too!

Bob: Well put, Lilia. You're showing more and more growth every time I see you.

Lilia: Hm! *nods* Now let's help our friends!

Bob: Stay sharp, everyone. We still have a job to do.

Shina/Zeldafan/Penny: Yeah.

Prima: ...

Lilia: Prima...are you coming with us?

Prima: Ah! Uh...y-yeah. Coming...

Lilia: Prima, I...I'm sorry about what to Shad--

Prima: What are you talking about? Don't worry about it. I'm fine. Really!

*Prima walks ahead, and rejoins the group*

Prima: We were going to meet up with the others, right?

Lilia: Uhm...yeah, that's right.

Prima: Then let's go.

Lilia: *nods* Okay.

Bob: Lilia, wait...

Lilia: ?

Bob: There's one last thing...I wanted to say...

Lilia: W-what is it...?

Bob: Lilia, whatever you said to Shadow in his last moments, I believe it has brought him greater joy than either of us could possibly comprehend. Despite everything, I believe you allowed him to truly find happiness. That's what his smile represents. That was his way of trusting you.

Lilia: ...Then what kind of trust should I respond with? No matter what I do...he won't come back...

Bob: I think...what you should do is not forget him.

Lilia: Not forget?

Bob: The way he lived, his friendship, the things he left us...

Lilia: ...I'll never forget. I can't forget! I'll always remember him. He was...my dear friend.

Bob: I'm sure he feels the same way, Lilia...
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