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AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)  (Read 2717 times)
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« Reply #75 on: 16 February, 2009, 04:13:52 pm »

~~Jawo' vs. Deke, Pt. 3~~

*With his life hanging in the balance, Deke pulls out all the stops and unleashes the full extent of his power. Deke's darkness flames overwhelm both Jawo' and his crystal dragon with little effort, leaving him without a means to defend himself. With his back against the wall, and seemingly no way to counter Deke's enhancement, can Jawo' survive this predicament and still come out on top?*

*From across the room, Deke continues to glare at Jawo' with fiery passion burning in his eyes*

Jawo': Ungh...(Damnit, Jawo'. You really went and did it this time. You pissed him off and now look where you are. Ho'ryu's been waxed and you sit here against a wall, just waiting to die! What the HELL do you do now!?)

*Deke slowly marches towards Jawo', his flame shroud flaring outwards*

Jawo': (Crap, he's coming! Look's like I've got no choice...)

*As Deke inches toward him, Jawo' grabs his sword and struggles to stand to his feet. As he stands, he wobbles side to side, struggling to maintain a pose. Ready to fight again, he handles his sword in a flismy reverse grip due to injuries sustained*

Jawo': *panting* Hah...ha...ha...(Urgh...this is no good. I feel...so weak. And it's so damn hot in here that...that I can barely see straight! Ungh...)

*Jawo' grabs his sword with both hands, and holds it upright*

Jawo': *smirks* (Heh, well, no use complaining about it now. What's life without a challenge anyway? I've still got some mana left. I'll just have to kill him before he kills me!)

*Without any sort of strategy, Jawo' dashes toward Deke, intent on striking him down with one blow*

Jawo': Haaaaaaaaah!

Deke: *to himself* What? Is he really--? Tsch. The fool...

Jawo': Take this! Yaah!

*Jawo' approaches and swings, but as was expected, his blade melts before even coming in contact with Deke's body, rendering the attack useless*

Jawo': What!? Aagh!

Deke: Simpleton. Have you learned nothing?

Jawo': Huh!?

Deke: Tah!

*Without a moment of hesitation, Deke looses a quick, yet powerful punch to Jawo's face. Packing enough force to end up flying off his feet and to the ground*

Jawo': Huaaaaagh! Ungh!

Deke: *flexes hand* ...Hmph.

*Jawo' sits himself upright, and scopes out his wounds*

Jawo': Agh...that punch. It...it burned. Like somebody just smacked me with a ton of red hot coal...

*Jawo' stands to his feet, ready to attack again*

Jawo': *to himself* Heh heh. Let's see how you like this, Deke. *smiles*

*Jawo' slams his sword into the ground, preparing a technique*

Jawo': Crystal Arte: Giant Crystal Spear!

*On Jawo's command, an enormous jagged peak of crystal juts from the wall behind Deke with the aid of the Crystal Stadium*

Deke: ...

Jawo': Huh?

*Although aware of the attack, Deke stands still, allowing the crystal spear to approach him. And as it does, it too, melts when coming within close proximity of his body*

Jawo': Agh! There's just no way!

Deke: You didn't really think that would work, did you?

Jawo': Damnit...

Deke: Now I think it's time I eliminated this nuisance...

Jawo': What...?

Deke: Huuuuuuuuaaaaaaah!!!

*Deke unleashes his power, his flame shroud flaring out and towering upwards, engulfing most of the room in an intense hellfire. Jawo' shields himself with his arms, trying to avoid being torched*

Jawo': Ungh! W-What...is this!? What's he doing!? A-agh...

Deke: "Burn this life to punish my enemy"! Blast...Heaaaaaarrrt!!!

*Deke's shroud focuses at a center and explodes, launching numerous blasts of roaring heat in every direction*

Jawo': Aaagh...this heat...it's too...much! I...can't--!

*The attack spreads around the chamber, shattering Jawo's Crystal Stadium as intended*

Jawo': What!? No! M-My Crystal Stadium! (So that's what he was trying to do. Damn him...)

*After the attack ceases, Deke is left clutching his chest as if he had a heart attack*

Deke: *panting* Hah....ha...hah...*to himself* So I managed to survive...

Jawo': My Crystal Stadium is toast, and my mana in nearly depleted. Heh. Heh heh... So much for not biting off more than I can chew. I blew it. Again...

Deke: My...my body. I can feel it...getting weaker. If I want to live long enough to see the end of this fight, I must finish this quickly.

*Deke marches towards Jawo' once more. But with his strength nearly gone, Jawo' can do naught but look on with blurred and obscured vision and await his imminent fate*

Jawo': *panting* Hah...so...so hot. I feel like I'm...about to faint. Ungh...I hate to say it, but...it looks like I'm about to bite the big one...

*Deke approaches Jawo' and stands before him*

Deke: ...

Jawo': Heh...so..a-are you satisfied...?

Deke: Hm?

Jawo': If you want to finish me off...now's your chance. I don't have any strength left to fight...

Deke: ...I will.

*Deke reaches down and grabs Jawo' by his neck, lifting him into the air*

Jawo': Guaaaghck!

*Steam rises from Deke's hand, showing evidence of his burning grip*

Deke: This power...

Jawo': Nngh...uh...uh?

Deke: Utilizing this power...will eventually destroy my body from the inside out.

Jawo': ...!

Deke: In time, these flames of darkness will consume both my mind and body, reducing me to a state of nothingness. But I care not...

Jawo': W...What!?

Deke: Because in choosing this path, I will ensure the survival of my friends! So long as they remain safe, my fate is irrelevant! I will do whatever it takes, even if it means sacrificing my body!

Jawo': *straining* Ungh! Y...You...!

*Deke grips his axe and holds it up in preparation to attack*

Deke: Now...for the sake of my friends, you will feel my power!

*Deke channels his power into his axe head, causing it to flare up in flames*

Deke: Brimstone...

Jawo': Ergh, you...fool!!!

Deke: Tempeeeeeeest!

*Deke swings his axe, issuing forth a massive pillar of flames that consumes Jawo's entire body in its confines*

Deke: ...Hmph.

*Meanwhile, within the raging pillar, Jawo' struggles with all his might to withstand the intense blaze, his body scalded and his clothes scorched*

Jawo': Urrrgh! (I...It's now...or n-never! I have to...do it!!)

*Fighting back the flames, slowly reaches into his pocket, pulling out his Water Blue Ring. As he does so, he engages in a flashback*

Jawo': And now I don't know what to do. I mean, it's not like I can make my crystals resistant to fire. Or the water from the ring super effective against it.

Blue: Hmm...maybe not, Jawo'. But then again, have you thought about combining the two together?

Jawo': What? Are you serious?

Blue: Well yeah. If the two elements alone aren't proving effective enough, then combining them together should give you the kind of results you're looking for. Take my magic for instance. Sure, each element is powerful on it's own, but I also have spells that utilize the power of two combined elements at my disposal, just in case I need that extra kick.

Jawo': Do you...do you really think I could? Do you really think I could combine the powers of the sword and the ring?

Blue: Hmm...well it's not exactly the same as combination magic, but it's the same general concept. So in theory, I suppose it's possible.

*Jawo' looks at both the Crystal Sword and Water Blue ring comparatively*

Jawo': The Crystal Sword...and...the Water Blue ring...

Blue: Heheheh, but..don't get your hopes up too high. It's only conjecture on my part.

Jawo': Hmm...(Conjecture or not...it's worth a try...)

*end flashback*

Jawo': (And now...is the time! I'm going to follow your advice, Blue!)

*Holding the Crystal Sword in one hand and the Water Blue Ring in the other, Jawo' brings the two together, hoping to create an amalgamation*

Jawo': Haaaaaaaaa! This is it!

*Jawo' combines the two ores, which generates a shining blue light that fills the area*

Deke: Wh...What? What is this!?

*The strong light pierces the flame pillar, shining brightly throughout the entire chamber*

Deke: Aagh! *shields eyes* Th-That light! Where is it...coming from!? Ergh!

*The light fades, and although burned and beaten, Jawo' appears standing strong and tall, carrying a new, blue-bladed and dripping wet sword in hand. With his experiment a success, he gazes upon it with a grin on his face*

Jawo': *to himself* Heh, so it worked afterall. Thanks, Blue. You're a lifesaver...

Deke: Ah! You! Y-You're...still alive? But how!?

Jawo': That's none of your business. I have nothing to say to a creep who'd put the throw his own life away, or even put the very planet at risk for a cause.

Deke: What...?

Jawo': I'll show you what it really means to be a friend!

*Without skipping a beat, Jawo' dashes toward Deke at full speed*

Jawo': Aaaaagh!!

Deke: !?

*Jawo' quickly approaches and slashes overhead, forcing Deke to defend by guarding the blow with his axe, locking the two in a power struggle*

Deke: Eerrgh!

Jawo': I won't let you do this! I won't let you do this...to your friends! Haaah!

*Jawo' pushes forward, slowly moving Deke off-center*

Deke: Ungh! (M-My body...it's...too weak. I...I c-can't...h-hold him off!) Aaagh!

*Jawo' succeeds in breaking Deke's guard, knocking his axe out of his hands to the far end of the chamber*

Deke: No!

Jawo': Now take this! Hyah!

*Blood spurts outwards as Jawo' delivers a clean cut across Deke's chest*

Deke: Guaaagh!

*Deke staggers backwards, clutching his bleeding flesh wound*

Deke: *panting heavily* Hah...haah...ha...Too...strong...ungh...

Jawo': Aaaaaah, it's not over yet!

*Jawo' holds up his sword, as its consumed with rushing water*

Deke: *panting* Hah...ha...(His sword...it's taken on the properties of water now. Even at the peak of my strength, he still manages to find a way to thwart my flames. This boy...he never ceases to amaze me...)

Jawo': Now, let's see what this sword can really do!

*Jawo' swings his sword, loosing a massive wave of water that travels towards Deke at a high velocity*

Deke: Uu-uagh... (It's...no use. My body is sapped of strength, and my consciousness is fading. I...I cannot avoid it...)

*Lacking the energy necessary to dodge, Deke can do naught but allow himself to be caught by the rushing wave*

Deke: Eerugh!

Jawo': Haa!

*With Deke submerged under the crushing wave, Jawo' focuses his mana, forming the wave into a sphere of water that floats in midair, sealing Deke within*

Deke: *struggling to hold breath* (Ugh, I...I'm prepared...to accept my fate...)

*Jawo' leaps into the air after the water sphere, with his sword held high over his head*

Jawo': "A flood of drops bursts forth!" Haaaaaaah! Midnight...Floooooooood!!!

*Gripping his sword with both hands, Jawo' stabs it downwards deep into the sphere, causing it to explode in a torrential rush*

Deke: Uuuuaaaaaagh!!!

*Deke's battered body plummets to the ground. Though still barely conscious, he is unable to fight any longer, ending the fight in Jawo's favor*

Deke: *under his breath* K--Kovah...

*Upon landing, Jawo' seperates the Aqua Brand, returning both the Crystal Sword and Water Blue Ring to their original states*

Jawo': *sheathes sword* It's over, Deke. You lost this fight...

Deke: ...S--So this is how it ends...

Jawo': Hm?

Deke: I will die...a failure...

Jawo': Deke...

Deke: In the end...I...I couldn't save him afterall. Kovah...Shina, I'm sorry. I...could not fulfill my promise...to you...

Jawo': *shakes head* No, that's not true.

Deke: Uh...?

Jawo': Deke, your heart is in the right place, but your methods are foolish.

Deke: What...?

Jawo': I...I refuse to accept that's it okay to sacrifice people for a cause.

Deke: ...

Jawo': If you sacrifice yourself, your friends...your friends who love and care about you, they'll be left without you. It'll be the same as sacrificing them. Don't you understand that?

Deke: I...

Jawo': I won't let you sacrifice the world or yourself to save Kovah, do you hear me?

Deke: But then...then what should I do? What choice do I have...?

Jawo': Don't. Give. Up.

Deke: Hunh?

Jawo': Don't EVER give up. We'll find a way to save Kovah without having to sacrifice anyone. And we'll do it...together.

Deke: T--Together...?

*Deke looks up to see Jawo' extending his hand out towards him, as a sign of friendship*

Deke: Ah...

Jawo': ...

Deke: You...my enemy. You would offer your hand...to me?

Jawo': Yes, I would. Except for one thing...

Deke: ?

Jawo': We're not enemies. Not anymore. From this point on, we're going to fight together for a common goal. We're going to save both Kovah AND the world. And we're not giving up until we find a way for EVERYONE to live. Is that clear?

Deke: Ye...

Jawo': Hm?

Deke: Yes...

*Deke's expression shifts to a warm smile as he grabs hold of Jawo's hand*

Deke: I...accept this way.

Jawo': Good.

*Jawo' takes Deke's hand and pulls him into an upright position*

Bob: Well said, Jawo'.

Jawo'/Deke: Hn?

*Jawo' and Deke look over to see Bob's group approaching them*

Deke: Who...who are--?

Jawo': Bob! A-And Zeldafan!? But what are you--!?

Zeldafan: Heehee! We heard everything you said just now!

Jawo': Huh?

Zeldafan: I didn't know you had it in ya, Jawo', but you can sound pretty darn heroic at times!

Jawo': Uuh...*rubs head and blushes*

Zeldafan: Aw, you're blushing. How cute! Heehee, I think Blue might have himself some competition.

Jawo': Hmph. *crosses arms* Well hey, he's not the only one who can dish out the heroic monologues.

Zeldafan: Hah, you said it. I can see that you're every bit of a hero as he is.

Shina: Deke!

Deke: Wha-- T...That voice...

Shina: Deke! Deke!

Deke: S-Shina...is that--

*But before Deke can finish his sentence, Shina rushes up and throws her arms around him, holding him tight*

Shina: *sniff* Deke...

Deke: Shina...

Shina: I thought...

Deke: Hn?

Shina: I thought...that'd I'd never see you again after you left those 15 years ago. I'm so glad that you're okay...

Deke: ...I was a fool...

Shina: Huh? What do you mean?

Deke: All this time...I was so focused on bringing Kovah back to his true self...that, I didn't care what I had to do to accomplish it. I was willing to throw my own life away, and even plunge the entire planet into chaos to do so...

Shina: What!? But...but that's insane!

Deke: ...

Shina: How...how could you even think of sacrificing yourself like that!? Yes, it's true that I want Kovah back, but...not if it means losing you in the process!

Deke: Shina...

Shina: I...I don't know what I'd do if I lost you, Deke...*sniff*

Deke: Somewhere in my heart, I felt that if I managed to rescue Kovah and end his suffering, even at the cost of my life, that everything would still turn out okay in the end. Even though I knew that I'd be leaving the both of you alone. I...I was foolish for believing this. And that's why...

Shina: Huh?

Deke: That's why I've made a vow. A vow to never again risk abandoning my friends. I will not sacrifice this world or myself to save Kovah, but instead, we shall venture forth together. To find a means of saving both our friend and the planet without sacrificing anyone.

*Upon hearing Deke's words, Shina dries her tears and warms up to a smile*

Shina: *sniff* ...

Deke: And we will do so, with the aid of our friends...

Jawo': *grins* Heh heh, you talkin' about me, big guy?

Deke: *nods* Yes. You, and everyone else as well.

Shina: *nods* Yes...! We're all friends...

Lilia: Heehee, that's right!

Jawo': Ah! Lilia!

Lilia: Jawo'...

Jawo': Lilia, you're here! A--are you okay!? Are you alright!? What happened!? You fought Shadow, didn't you? Where is he!?

Lilia: Aah!

*Upon mention of Shadow, Lilia's expression turns to sadness*

Lilia: ...

Jawo': Wait...you don't mean...

Deke: Hrrm... *lowers head*

Jawo': Then...then...!

Deke: ?

Lilia: Huh?

Jawo': We'll just have to fight on Shadow's behalf too!

Lilia: Jawo'...thank you. *smiles*

Bob: Ahem!

Jawo': Huh?

Bob: Sorry to have to cut this pep rally short, but don't we have a job to do?

Jawo': Hm! *nods* You're right, Bob! Blue and Reese...and Kovah too. They need our help!

Lilia: And Millie as well!

Jawo': Oh...right...*scratches head* her...

Lilia: *annoyed* Jawo'!

Jawo': Hey hey, I was only kidding! Sheesh...*sweatdrop*

*Bitter adversaries turn to friends and fierce allies, as Deke abandons his self-sacrificing ways in favor of more complacent methods. Bob's group, joined now by Jawo' and a reformed Deke, travel into the deepest depths of the Asroc Temple, hurrying to the aid of Blue and Kovah, who even now, struggle in a bout riddled with misunderstanding*
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