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02 July, 2020, 04:59:24 pm
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AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)  (Read 2717 times)
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[Meanwhile, back on the surface, Bob and friends continue with their leisurely game of Go Fish. Zeldafan and Silas contend as the only remaining players, while both Bob and Millie sit bored and silent in defeat]

~~Deir Lunisia, Surface~~

Silas: Hrrrm... Got any 4's?

Zeldafan: *sigh*...

[Zeldafan reluctantly hands over her final card to Silas, allowing him to complete another book to win the game. He then celebrates, throwing his arms up in triumph]

Silas: Ha ha! Victory!!

Zeldafan: *wistfully* Another loss...

Bob: This would be the 16th game in a row that Silas has won.

Millie: *irately* Huff! It's not fair! Silas always wins!!

Bob: Maybe Silas is just an exceptional Go Fish player, Millie...

Millie: Tsch, I bet! He probably used the *mockingly* Power of Lunisians to cheat or something.

Silas: What!?

Millie: You heard me! I said you cheated, you big cheater!!

Silas: *angrily* H-How dare you! Grrr! You take that back! I would never cheat!!

Millie: You're full of it!

[Silas and Millie stare eachother down with malice intent flaring in their eyes. Fearing the worst, Zeldafan steps inbetween the two in an attempt to quell an impending conflict]

Zeldafan: *nervously* Eh heh heh... Hey, come on guys. Can't we settle this in a calm peaceful manner? *sweatdrop*

[Zeldafan whispers in Bob's ear, inquiring his aid]

Zeldafan: Boooob, say something...

Bob: ...Huh? Oh, right. *clears throat* Ahem! Ehh, Zeldafan's right, you know. Violence has never solved anything. ...But then again... *rubs chin*

Zeldafan: Uh?

Bob: We ARE participating in a narrative where brutally slaying your enemies in a tremendous act of violence is the key to solving all the world's problems. In fact, it's rather rare to find such an instance where a conflict isn't resolved by beating the canoli out of someone. So...yeah. I've got nothing. *scratches head*

Zeldafan: Bob, who's side are you on anyway!?

[Despite Bob's questionable interjection, Silas takes Zeldafan's words to heart, choosing instead to step down]

Silas: Hrmph. Perhaps you two are right afterall. Violence...is not the way... Instead, we shall settle this score in a contest of skill and--!!

Millie: Ehh, whatever. I'm done playing. You'd just cheat again anyway.

Silas: *outraged* What!? Why you...!!

Millie: And besides, I want to look at...this!!

Silas: Huh?

Bob: Hm?

[Millie quickly sneaks behind Bob undetected and snatches the shameless script from his back pocket]

Millie: Heehee! I got it!

Bob: Bwah!? Ahh! Give that back, you...!

Millie: No! I wanna read it!

Zeldafan: What? What are you guys talking about? What is th--aaaaaaahhh!!!

Millie: Huh? What's wrong, Z-Girl?

Zeldafan: *flustered* M-Millie! W-What are you doing with my BlueXJawo' yaoi!?

Millie: "Yah-oy"? You mean this story? I found it on the ground after you tossed it.

Zeldafan: Tossed it!? On the ground!?

Bob: Yes. After YOU so carelessly tossed it out of your bag, curious Millie stumbled across it and procured it for herself. Why, had it not been for my quick reflexes and sharp instincts, sweet innocent little Millie's virgin mind would've been destroyed by this...this...dissertation of debauchery!

Zeldafan: *turns red* Ohh...Ohh gee... *tugs on collar*

Silas: Hmm...excuse my ignorance, but what is this..."Yah-Oh-Ee"? And why is it so unscrupulous?

Millie: Yeah! Tell us!

Zeldafan: *blushing* Ohh, Bob, you really don't have to. I'll just take that back and--

Bob: Silence! I will read to them these...raunchy records, but ONLY to make aware how lascivious and vile they are.

Zeldafan: Eeep!! N-n-n-noooo!!

Millie: All right, it's story time!!

Silas: *rubs chin* This should be interesting.

Bob: Now then, gather around, everyone.

Zeldafan: *gulp* E-Even me...?

Bob: *dismally* Especially you...

[And so, Millie, Silas, and a mortified Zeldafan gather close to Bob, as he opens the pages of the nefarious novel]

Bob: *clears throat* Ahem! Now then! Let's begin, hmmm?

[As Bob skims through the tasteless text, his expression shifts from that of unyielding disgust, to modest intrigue, and finally, to whimsical euphoria represented by narrowed eyes and odius laughter]

Bob: Eehee...eeheehee...eeheeheehee...

[Baffled by Bob's sudden change in attitude, the three look back and forth at one another with puzzled expressions adorning their faces]

Zeldafan/Millie/Silas: ....Huh?

[Meanwhile, below the planet, having combined nimble movements with a clever use of artes, Reese manages to overcome Odexxia's barrage of clones and shatter his defensive barrier, plunging an arrow deep into the tyrant's chest. But it's not over yet. Despite Reese's efforts, the true battle is just about to begin]

~~Center of the Planet, Lunar Heart~~

[Reese continues to stand firm with his grip tight on the arrow, attempting to drive it further into Odexxia's wound. Meanwhile, Odexxia also grabs hold of the arrow, resisting him]

Reese: Ergh...

Odexxia: *in pain* Aaagh... You...curse you! Get...away!!

[Odexxia thrusts out his free arm, knocking Reese away and sending him rolling backwards along the ground until he comes to an abrupt stop when colliding with a rock formation]

Reese: Uh--aagggh!! Uwoah hungh agh!

[Without any resistance, Odexxia forcefully removes the arrow from his body and grasps his wound, wincing from the sudden surge of pain]

Odexxia: *growling* Yaagh! Grrrrrr--ahhhh!!

[Reese recovers from his fall, just in time to see a streak of lightning strike past his head]

Reese: Huh! Ahh!

[Odexxia sends another bolt heading his way, but this time, Reese staves off the attack with his bow, taking the opportunity to stand and counter by firing an arrow]

Odexxia: Hah! Not this time!

[As the arrow nears, Odexxia swats it away with ease, nullifying his counterattack]

Reese: Ungh...

Odexxia: Mmm, well now, that's better. I hate to say it, but you've impressed me, Reese! You defeated my clones, destroyed my barrier, AND you've actually wounded me! Yes...very impressive. Now I'm afraid I'll have to increase the effort a notch...

Reese: Ahh! ...Hm!

[Anticipating Odexxia's next move, Reese holds an arrow ready in his bow, maintaining a firm stance]

Odexxia: All right, Reese! Let's make this meaningful, shall we!?

Reese: ...

[Going on the attack, Odexxia strides towards Reese but then wanes from sight in a blur, throwing Reese into a state of confusion]

Reese: What!?

[Reese frantically looks around for any traces of Odexxia, but he can't be found]

Reese: He...disappeared!? But...but that's--! ...Huh!?

[Reese turns his head forward only to see Odexxia positioned directly in front of him, ready to launch an attack]

Odexxia: Haa!!

[Odexxia then looses a potent blow to Reese's face, causing him to stagger backwards]

Reese: Ungh!! (I...I didn't even see it coming!)

[Reese manages to regain his balance, as Odexxia dashes toward Reese again to follow up with another attack]

Odexxia: Yaah!!

Reese: Ahh!

[Odexxia attempts to strike with another punch, but Reese leaps backwards and dodges the attack, resulting in the blow impacting the ground instead with enough velocity to break away the earth beneath him]

Odexxia: Hrrrh!!

Reese: (Now! While he's open!)

[Reese takes advantage of the opportunity and tries to fire an arrow at the vulnerable Odexxia. But is stopped when he's struck with a spin kick to the side, knocking him to the ground]

Reese: Ahhh! Ungh!!

Odexxia: You're much too slow, Reese!!

Reese: Urr--gh...Uhh!?

[Odexxia now descends toward the ground at a rapid pace, intending to crush Reese as he lays wounded and weakened]

Odexxia: Now!! Die here!! Aaaahhhh!!

Reese: *injured* Ungh...Not...today...

[Despite his pain, Reese stands to his feet, aiming an arrow upwards at Odexxia]

Reese: ...

Odexxia: Wh-What...?

Reese: Glimmer of Heaven!!

[Reese shoots an arrow to the sky, forcing Odexxia to halt his descent to dodge in midair]

Odexxia: Huuh! Hmph. That was close, Reese, but not close eno--

Reese: It's not over yet! Dark Chase!!

Odexxia: Hrm!?

[Reese follows up by firing a series of dark arrows into the air that slowly soar towards Odexxia]

Odexxia: These arrows...are somehow different from the others... But no matter. They're just as easily avoided as the rest.

[Odexxia descends from the air to the ground, seemingly dodging the arrows as they ascend past]

Odexxia: Hmph. *smirks* Too easy...

Reese: Are you sure about that?

Odexxia: Hm...?

[Odexxia turns his head only to notice the very same arrows from before, slowly chasing after him from behind]

Odexxia: What!? This can't be!!

[Unable to dodge, the dark arrows imbed themselves into Odexxia's back, causing him to recieve heavy damage]

Odexxia: Urrgh!!

Reese: (All right! Now to pull out the combo and do some real damage!)

[Reese readies an arrow in his bow, preparing for another arte]

Reese: ...Falling Stars!

[Having stunned Odexxia with a well-placed attack, Reese continues his assault by firing a glowing arrow in his direction]

Odexxia: Fool! Hah!!

[As the arrow approaches, Odexxia attempts to stave it off by blocking it with a single hand]

Reese: Huh!?

Odexxia: Did you really think it would be that easy? Even in this injured state, your power is no match for mine...

[Odexxia appears to have gained the advantage, overpowering Reese's attack with minimal effort. That is, until gradually, the arrow increases in both speed and power]

Odexxia: Aaagh! Wh-What is this!? It's...becoming more difficult to restrain! This shouldn't be happening!

Reese: (Yeah! Just like I expected! Now it's time to finish it with one last attack!)

[As Reese prepares for his final assault, the arrow finally disperses, but not without rendering Odexxia's hand battered and scarred]

Odexxia: *panting* Hah...aargh....Reese, you pathetic worm. I will make you pay for this...

Reese: *from up high* Flying!!

Odexxia: What!?!?

[As Odexxia was recovering from his last attack, Reese uses the window of opportunity to launch yet another. Reese dives head-first from the air, heading directly towards Odexxia]

Odexxia: Bwah!!

Reese: Haaaaah!!

[Reese then shifts his momentum, diving towards Odexxia with his leg pointed outwards. He strikes head-on with a devastating kick, dealing Odexxia a heavy blow and knocking him to the ground]

Odexxia: Urraagh!!

Reese: Hm!

[But it's not long before Odexxia rises to his feet once again, although severely injured from Reese's barrage of attacks]

Odexxia: *panting* Hah...ha...haa...you....

Reese: Had enough yet!?

Odexxia: ...Now...now you've done it....

Reese: Huh...?

Odexxia: Reese, you've pushed me too far! No more games! Now I'm going to obliterate you!!

[Odexxia's anger shows, as his body begins to overflow with a staggering amount of mana]

Reese: *to himself* Ahh! This power! This...this surge of mana. Is it all coming...from him!?

Odexxia: And now...dear Reese. I am going to crush you like an insect, and revel in your anguish!!

Reese: Ergh...!

Odexxia: *chants* "Immortal Tempest...!

[Odexxia's incantation invokes a fierce thunderstorm to strike all throughout the area. Reese can only look on, bracing himself for whatever may occur]

Reese: ...

Odexxia: *chants* "Unbrideled storms, drag them into your pummeling depths!"

[His invocation conjures forth a destructive whirling mass of water that pulls Reese in]

Reese: Ahhhhhhhh!!

Odexxia: Ah ha ha ha ha!! Now DIE!!

[The mass ruptures and bursts, releasing a large stockpile of energy that demolishes Reese's body considerably. He falls to the ground, beaten and unable to move]

Reese: *quietly* I'm sorry, everyone...I...can't...do it...Uuhh...

Odexxia: Hmm, so he managed to survive the attack. ...Well I shall soon fix that.

[Odexxia walks over to Reese, grabbing hold of him by the shirt and stringing him up high]

Reese: N-ngh...ungh...

Odexxia: Hah. Did you honestly expect to challenge me when you are so embarassingly weak?

Reese: *weakily* Y-You...

Odexxia: Mm?

Reese: You...h-haven't seen a fraction...of what I can do, Odexxia...!

Odexxia: There's no point in trying to talk big now. You've lost. You are nothing to me, Reese...

[Odexxia's free hand crackles with electric power as he prepares to finish off Reese with one final blow]

Reese: A-aah...

Odexxia: ...and you shall die alone!!

Reese: Nngh!!

[Reese closes his eyes and prepares for the worst as Odexxia goes in for the kill. But suddenly...]

Reese: Nn--huh...?

[Reese opens his eyes to see his death been delayed by a single arrow that's pierced through Odexxia's hand]

Odexxia: Guh! G--yaaaaaah!!

Reese: Ah! (An...an arrow! But...where did it--? Ahh! That's it!!)

[Reese recollects to a moment earlier in the fight]

Reese: Glimmer of Heaven!!

[Reese shoots an arrow to the sky, forcing Odexxia to halt his descent to dodge in midair]

Odexxia: Huuh! Hmph. That was close, Reese, but not close enough!

[End flashback]

Reese: (So the Glimmer of Heaven really did come through afterall! This is great! Now I've got one more chance to finish this fight, so I better not waste it!)

[After escaping almost certain death, Reese's resolve is restored as he's inspired to fight again. He delivers a swift kick to Odexxia, forcing him to release his grip]

Reese: Yah!

Odexxia: Uurngh!!

[Reese then retreats a fair distance away from Odexxia, set to begin preparation for his last attack]

Reese: (This is it... It's now or never, Reese! This...will decide everything!)

[Meanwhile, Odexxia looks on in both anger and bewilderment at what just occured, cluthing his wounded hand]

Odexxia: *growls* Grrrr... R-Reese...how did...why...why won't you...die...? This isn't over... I...I will... *clenches fist*

Reese: Now, scatter!!

Odexxia: ...W-what!?!?

[Reese initiates his final attack, striking Odexxia consecutively with a barrage of arrows while charging up]

Odexxia: Gaah! Urngh! Aaah! Aargh!

Reese: (Focus...)

[Reese uses the charged energy to launch a finishing blow, firing a large arrow of pure energy straight for Odexxia]

Reese: This time I'll finish you off for good! Fury Blast!!

Odexxia: Ahhhhh! Noooooooo!!

[The shining arrow slams into Odexxia, penetrating his body and running him through in one clean stroke]

Odexxia: Wuaaaaaaaaaarrrggh!!!

Reese: ...

[Left with his energy drained and a gaping hole in his mid-section, Odexxia stumbles and staggers backwards, his eyes wide with disbelief]

Odexxia: *to himself* H-How...? This is...impossible. I...I am...Odexxia...the Demonic Overlord...

[Odexxia continues to falter and sway disoriented, until he is met with the edge of the ground he stands on, nothing behind him but a seemingly endless chasm of dense mana]

Odexxia: I...I cannot be beaten...by...a child... Uurrrrgggh....

[Unable to sustain his own weight, Odexxia topples over, his lifeless body plunging deep into the abyss of mana below, bringing a fitting end to the archfiend's cruel ambitions]

Reese: ...You're finished, Odexxia. You will never harm anyone...ever again...
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