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15 October, 2021, 03:08:53 pm
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AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)  (Read 2780 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 12 August, 2008, 07:39:31 pm »

*Several hours after the events of the battle, Blue finally begins to come to*

Blue: Ungh..uh...

Male healer: Is he...

Female healer: Awakening?

*Blue opens his eyes to see a man and women standing over top him with their hands spread out over his body*

Blue: Uh! Hey! What's going on!? Who are--

Male healer: Be still.

Blue: Hm?

Female healer: We're still in the process of healing your wounds. You and your companions were hurt very badly. Your injuries being nearly fatal.

Blue: Fatal!? *sigh* Man, I guess he really did a number on us.

*The two healers discontinue their healing*

Male healer: There.

Female healer: All finished.

Blue: Really? Great.

*Blue stands to his feet*

Blue: Thanks for saving me and my friends.

Male healer: Do not thank us. We were just doing our job.

Female healer: If you want someone to thank, thank the elders.

Blue: Elders?

Male healer: *nods* Mhm. They're the ones who discovered and teleported you here.

Blue: Ah, I see. But wait a minute, just where IS here anyway?

Female healer: You're at the floating city of Asroc.

Blue: Floating city? You mean as in...floating in the sky floating?

Male healer: That's correct.

Blue: Yeesh. Another floating city. Just what's going on around here? *rubs head*

Female healer: If you want to know more, you should go meet the elders.

Male healer: Yes, you should. They've been waiting to meet with you and your friends for a long time.

Blue: For a long time, huh? Okay, I think I will go meet them.

Female healer: You'll find the elders in the Guardian Shrine, at the northernmost edge of the city.

Blue: Alright, thanks.

Male healer: Just be sure to watch your step. We wouldn't want falling to your doom after we just saved you now.

Blue: *shudders* Ugh..I'll..try to remember that...

*Blue leaves the healing house and enters the main area of Asroc City. The city is like a floating paradise, full of lush green scenery, wide open blue skies, serene silence, and happy people all around*

~~The Floating City: Asroc~~

Blue: Wow, this place feels so..so peaceful. I guess it's hard not to be when you're above all the dangers of the world. Literally.

*Blue walks through the city observing his surroundings at every turn*

Blue: This place...kinda reminds me of when we went to Gyhar. Except it's not dead and abandoned...

*Blue continues onward until reaching the Guardian Shrine where the elders are located. There, he finds his friends waiting at the entrance*

Blue: Hey! Guys! There you are.

Jawo: Yo, Blue. We've been waiting for you.

Penny: Yeah, what took you?

Blue: Sorry. Apparently I was the last one to wake up.

Reese: Aw, don't worry about it. At least you're okay. That's all that matters.

Blue: Yeah. So I'm guessing you guys got the scoop already, huh?

Jawo: You mean how we're supposed to be meeting with these so called elders here?

Blue: That's it.

Reese: I wonder what it's all about.

Penny: Well, there's only one way to find out. Let's get in there!

Blue: You're right about that, Penny. Let's go, guys.

*The group reunites and enters the Guardian Shrine, a large stone temple-like building*

Reese: Pretty rustic, wouldn't you say?

Blue: Hmm, I guess. Makes me wonder just how long this place has been around.

Jawo: I'm wondering a lot more than just that. Let's have a chat with these elders and get some answers.

Reese: Maybe these guys can tell us what the deal is with those guys that are after me.

Blue: And perhaps they can help us find Lilia as well.

Penny: And while they're at it, maybe they can tell if Blue and me we're destined to be together. *dreamy sigh* <3

Blue: Uhm...not likely, Penny. *sweatdrop*

Penny: Darn!

*The group continues through the shrine until coming across the back room. There they find a group of 5 elderly men in robes standing before a strange statue*

Jawo: This must be the place.

Blue: Are you...the elders?

Elder1: We are. You may enter.

Blue: Uhm...okay.

*The group slowly enters the chamber*

Elder2: Long have we been awaiting your arrival, Blue and Jawo.

Blue: Awaiting our arrival? Us?

Jawo: Yeah, what's up with that? And how do you know our names?

Elder3: We know much about you two. But we will get to that later.

Elder4: Right now, we have a very important issue to address with you all.

Elder1: An issue that will endanger the well being of Earth and beyond.

Blue: Hold on a minute. What do you mean?

Elder2: I'm sure that you've already encountered the ones who seek young Reese and his necklace.

Elder3: That is how you came to be in your critical condition in the first place, correct?

Blue: Mmmn...

Elder4: ...We will take that as a yes.

Penny: So, are you gonna let us in on what this is all about or what?

Elder5: Listen and we will tell you, little girl.

Penny: Little girl!?

Blue: Penny. Not. Here.

Penny: Hmph.

Elder1: As we were saying, Reese, there is much that you need to know. About your origins.

Reese: My..origins?

Elder2: Yes. You must already know that you were not raised by your birth parents.

Reese: Yeah, I know that. I was raised at Kinnear Academy by Headmaster Bringas and Nurse Underwood.

Elder3: But what you don't know is that you were given to us not long after your birth.

Reese: What!? You mean...I...was born here?

Elder4: Not necessarily. While this can be considered your home, this is not where you were born.

Elder5: In fact, we're not at all sure where you come from.

Reese: Huh?

Elder1: Allow us to explain further. It all began on that fateful day, nearly 16 years ago...
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« Reply #16 on: 13 August, 2008, 10:09:07 am »

~~Meanwhile, in ??~~

*Shadow returns to the dark palace after the battle*

Shadow: Honey! I'm home!

Kovah: The boy.

Shadow: Hunh?


Shadow: Oh yeah. He got away.

Kovah: What do you mean he got away!? Did you at least kill Blue and his friends?

Shadow: Mmmm nope. They got away too.

Kovah: You useless mercenary! How could you let them escape!?

Shadow: Hey hey, calm down. I did my job, okay? It wasn't my fault that someone teleported them away before I could off them.

Deke: Teleported, you say?

Shadow: Yeah. Like, whoosh. They were gone in an instant. There was nothing I could do.

Deke: Well that's odd. Who could possibly care enough to save them?

Kovah: Hmm, maybe...no. Could it be?

Deke: What are you thinking, Kovah?

Kovah: It was THEM.

Deke: What? You think the elders are behind this? Is that what you're saying?

Kovah: That's the only explanation, Deke. They're the only ones who would willingly interfere with my plans.

Deke: But to have made themselves known again after so long. Could they be up to something?

Kovah: Perhaps. It's a possibility that cannot be ignored at any rate.

Prima: Hey, who are these elders anyway?

Kovah: That's not important. All you need to know is that they're the enemy.

Prima: So then what should we do?

Kovah: Hmm, if the elders are indeed the ones responsible, then maybe we can discover where they've hidden themselves.

Deke: Not only could we find the elders, but we'll find the Guardian Statue they're protecting as well. The one we couldn't locate...

Shadow: Then what's the game plan, huh?

Kovah: Shadow, I will need you for this. And do NOT fail me this time, understood?

Shadow: Yeah yeah. So let's do it already.

~~Meanwhile, back at the Guardian Shrine~~

*The elders continue their story*

Elder1: One day, 16 years ago, in the land we once called home, me and the other elders were engaged in our routine meditations. But suddenly, we had heard a loud crash outside the shrine.

Elder2: It sounded like it came from the center of the city, so we went there to investigate the cause.

Elder3: Upon arriving, amongst the crowd of citizens in awe, there lied a mysterious object, cratered in the ground.

Elder4: It was a large black slab of rock, that supposedly had fell from the sky.

Elder5: Upon closer observation of the object, we felt that it housed a great amount of power within.

Elder1: But not knowing what it was exactly, or where it came from, we left it where it was and went on with our daily lives.

Reese: But what does that have to do with me?

Elder1: Apparently, very much, as we soon found out.

Reese: Huh?

Elder1: Listen and you will learn.

Reese: Okay.

Elder1: As we said, we left the rock there and continued with our lives. But that all changed several weeks later when a strange man entered our shrine.

Elder2: He was on the verge of death, and carrying a small infant in his arms.

Reese: A...small infant?

Elder3: Yes. This infant...was you, Reese.

Elder4: He gave the child to us, and with his last breath, he uttered these words: "Protect this boy and the key. The Lunar Monolith must not be unsealed. Only he..can..."

Elder5: With that said, the man passed away. And we were left with you in our care, Reese.

Elder2: We didn't know what his words meant, but even still, we decided to take you in and raise you as our own.

Elder1: We had also noticed you were wearing that necklace you have with you, even then.

Reese: So...it was with me since I was born...

Elder1: That's correct. And we soon discovered that it was more than just a mere article of jewelry...

Elder2: Several months had passed since you were given to us, and you were starting to feel right at home.

Elder3: So one day, we took you for a walk around the city, to get the fresh air and sunlight that all children need.

Elder4: And as we came near the slab of rock, the stone, and your necklace began to glow with an ominous light. Much like it does on a regular basis.

*Reese grabs hold of his necklace as it glows in his hand*

Elder5: And such allowed us to realize the real truth behind the man's final words.

Reese: The..real truth? What does that mean?

Elder1: We came to the realization that that slab of rock is the Lunar Monolith that the man spoke of. And the key...is your necklace.

Reese: My necklace...is the key?

Elder2: And that is why, we removed the monolith from the crater and placed it elsewhere, making sure to never bring you or the key anywhere near it. As you are the only one who can unlock what's inside.

Blue: But what's inside of this monolith? And why is it so dangerous?

Elder3: We only knew that there was a great power inside.

Elder4: But little did we know, that it was really an evil power.

Blue: An evil power?

Elder5: It began the day that Kovah and his companions travelled to our city.

Blue: Kovah. So I assume he's the one who's after Reese, right?

Elder1: Your assumption is correct, Blue.

Blue: Mmph. I knew it. He must want the power that's inside the monolith.

Jawo: That blackheart. We'll crush him. *clenches fist*

??: Stop! Do not speak harshly of Kovah!

Blue/Jawo: Huh?
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« Reply #17 on: 13 August, 2008, 05:11:33 pm »

Blue: Who...are you?

*A woman walks into the back room. A woman who appears to be in her late 20's with long blue hair and wearing a green dress*

Woman: My name, is Shina. And I'm a friend of Kovah's.

Jawo: What!? A friend!?

Shina: Yes, a friend! And I'd thank you not to say bad things about him.

Jawo: Listen lady, I don't think there's anything but bad things to say about him. I don't know if you've heard, but he's trying to unleash an evil power on the world.

Shina: That's not true!

Jawo: Huh?

Elder1: If that's not the truth, Shina, then what is?

Elder2: Are you trying to tell us that you didn't defy the laws of our city by going near the forbidden monolith?

Elder3: And that Kovah is not driven by a selfish desire for power?

Shina: But...but it's not his fault!

Elder4: Is that so?

Shina: Yes, it is! It's true that we disobeyed the law, but..but we didn't know it'd turn out like this!

Elder5: Hm?

Shina: Kovah...isn't himself anymore! I know that he would never do anything like this!

Elder1: Explain yourself, Shina.

Blue: Wait a minute. You said that it's not like him to do something like this. ...What kinda of person is he?

Shina: Kovah was once a very sweet man. Me, him and our other companion Deke were the best of friends. We weren't that much different from you and your friends, Blue.

Blue: What do you mean?

Shina: I mean to say, we were all youths from differents walks of life that were brought together by our love for adventure. Like you guys, we spent years traveling all around the world, just to see what we could see. The only difference is, that we didn't save the world on multiple occasions like you. Heehee.

Blue: Heh, I guess not...*rubs head*

Shina: Our travels eventually brought us to Asroc City, where we heard a tale of an anomaly that fell from the skies. Kovah loved discovering new things, so he just couldn't pass up the opportunity.

*Flashback to 16 years ago. A young Kovah, Deke, and Shina enter the Shrine of the Elders*

Shina: So we came to ask the heads of the city, the elders, for permission to see the Lunar Monolith.

Elder1: Welcome to the City of Asroc, travellers.

Elder2: Are you passing by?

Kovah: Yeah, sorta.

Elder3: Hm?

Kovah: But what we really want is to see the anomaly from the sky! Right, guys?

Shina/Deke: *nods* Mhm!

Elder4: Anomaly from the sky? What is this that you speak of?

Kovah: Well, we heard in another town that a strange object fell from the sky here a few months ago.

Shina: Yeah, and we also heard that it holds some kind of magical power. It sounds kinda neat.

Deke: And that's why we came to ask if we could see it. Even if only for a little bit.

Elder5: Hmm, now I understand. This anomaly you speak of is the Lunar Monolith.

Kovah: The Lunar Monolith? So the rumors are true!?

Shina: If so, can we see it!? Please!

Elder1: Hrrrm...

Deke: Huh? What's the matter?

Elder2: We cannot allow that.

Kovah: What!? Why not!?

Elder3: Because, the monolith is cursed.

Shina: Cursed?

Elder4: A great evil energy radiates from within it. It is for that reason that we cannot allow anyone to go near it.

Kovah: Aw, come on! We'll be really careful, I promise.

Deke: Yeah, we'll be sure not to get too close.

Elder5: I'm sure you will, but still, we can't risk it. We don't know what effect the dark energy may have on your mind and body. In a worse case scenario, you could die...

Elder1: We are sorry, but the monolith is off limits to everyone. Including you.

Kovah: But...but...

Elder2: We have spoken.

Kovah: Shoot.

Shina: Come on, Kovah. Maybe we should leave.

Deke: Yeah, let's get out of here.

Kovah: Alright...

*Kovah and his friends leave the elders shrine in disappointment*

Kovah: Damn, we have to go see that monolith. We just have to!

Shina: But Kovah, you heard what the elders said.

Deke: If we go, we'll be breaking the law...

Kovah: Aw, I know that. But...all we have to do is not get caught! If we play our cards right, we can go in and out and nobody'll know a thing!

Shina: Kovah, I don't know about this...

Kovah: Come on, Shina! Don't be a scaredy cat. We'll be fine, I promise you that. Deke, you're with me, right?

Deke: I suppose...

Kovah: Now how about you, Shina? Will you come with us?

Shina: O..okay..

Shina: Despite elders strictly forbidding us from going near the monolith, Kovah and his rebellious nature wouldn't let it go. He just had to go see it, even if it meant breaking the law to do so. And so we walked straight into the Lion's Den...

*The group heads into the outskirts of the city where there lies a large temple. They go deep inside until reaching a large room in the back. In this room is a set of glowing glass-like stairs that lead up to where the monolith is being held*

Kovah: There! That must be it!

Shina: Kovah...are you sure--

Kovah: Shina! We came too far to back out now! Now come on! We're almost there!

*The group ascends the stairway, reaching the top. In front of them lies the Lunar Monolith, as described before, a large thin slab of black rock. But unlike when it first crashed, it is seeping with a dark purple energy*

Kovah: This...this is it! Wow..it looks so cool.

*Kovah advances closer*

Shina: Kovah, wait! What are you doing!?

Kovah: What do you mean? I'm going to touch it!

Deke: But...the elders said it's dangerous to get too close!

Kovah: Aw, they were probably just telling a fib to try and scare us. I bet there's nothing to worry about! Watch!

*Kovah reaches his hand on and begins to rub the monolith, observing it all around*

Kovah: Heh, that's awesome. It feels so...so sleek. Like it's been polished or something. Come touch it, guys!

Shina: Uhm...I'll pass.

Deke: Same here...

Kovah: Well, if you're too scared, I guess you don't have to. That just means more for me! Heheh!

*Kovah releases the monolith and steps away. But as neither of them saw, some of the dark energy from the monolith slips away and soaks into Kovah's body*

Shina: Are you...feeling alright?

Kovah: What are you talking about, Shina? I feel great! I told you there was nothing to worry about! Now come on, let's get out of here.

Shina: Hm...if you say so...
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« Reply #18 on: 13 August, 2008, 06:57:59 pm »

Shina: So after our trip, we went back to Asroc City to rest up for the night before heading out again. And it seemed everything was okay afterall.

Blue: It seemed okay?

Shina: ...But it wasn't. Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. And we had found out that night after we noticed Kovah was missing from the inn.

*Deke rises from bed in the middle of the night and notices that Kovah isn't there*

Deke: Kovah? Kovah, are you here?

*Deke looks through the entire inn for Kovah, but he's nowhere to be found. He then returns to their room and awakens Shina*

Deke: Shina! Shina, wake up!

Shina: Hunh? Unh...Deke..what's wrong...?

Deke: It's Kovah! He's..he's gone!

Shina: What? Gone!? But where did he go!?

Deke: I don't know! I just woke up..and...and he wasn't here anymore.

Shina: Kovah... Let's go find him before something terrible happens, Deke!

Deke: Right!

*Deke and Shina leave the inn together and begin to search around the city for Kovah. They look everywhere, but they can't find him*

Deke: Darn, he's not anywhere around here.

Shina: I just hope he's okay...

Deke: Do you think...his disappearance had anything to do with that monolith?

Shina: I wish I knew, Deke. But I pray that it doesn't. If something happened to him...I..I just don't know what I'll do.

*Deke and Shina continue through the city until arriving at the elders shrine*

Deke: Shina, we haven't looked here yet.

Shina: Okay, let's go.

*The two enters the shrine. Meanwhile, Kovah is already inside, standing right beside a sleeping baby Reese*

Kovah: There...there he is. He...is the one I need...

*Kovah reaches out to grab him when he shot in the back by a magic attack*

Kovah: Gaaah!!

Elder1: Stay away from that child!

*Kovah turns around and faces the elder*

Kovah: Errgh!

Elder1: Ah! It's you! The traveller from earlier! But...what is the meaning of this?

Kovah: The boy. I need him. I need him to unlock the power!

Elder1: Unlock the power? What...no..it can't be! How could you know that he is the key!?

*At that moment, Deke and Shina enter the room where the elder and Kovah are facing off*

Deke/Shina: Kovah!

Elder1: You! What are you doing here?

Deke: We're looking for Kovah!

Shina: Is he...is he okay?

Kovah: Deke! Shina! Don't just stand there! Kill him!

Deke: What? What are you talking about!?

Shina: Kovah, what's going on!?

Kovah: Argh! I'll do it myself!

*Kovah dashes forward and throws a punch, but the elder erects a barrier, causing him to punch it instead*

Kovah: Agh...

Elder1: You are not welcome here. Leave this place!

*The elder casts a teleportation spell, warping Kovah out of the shrine completely*

Deke: Kovah!

Shina: What did you do to him!?

Elder1: I'll be the one asking the questions here. Did you three go near the monolith, even when we told you not to?

Deke: Uhm...

Shina: Well...

Elder1: I knew it. We told you not to go, but you went anyway. Now look at what's happened! The boy has become so enamored by the power that he'll stop at nothing to gain it!

Deke: Then what...what should we do?

Elder1: Leave. And never return to this place.

Shina: But...but that's not like Kovah. He wouldn't...he wouldn't do something like that. Something must've happened. Something must have possessed him to make him do this.

Elder1: If there truly was another presence in his mind, I would've sensed it. Such is not the case.

Shina: But...I...

Elder1: Go!!!

*Deke and Shina leave the shrine. And afterwards, a barrier is erected over it, barring anyone of entry*

Shina: Kovah...there you are.

Deke: What's gotten into you, huh?

Kovah: That power. It must be mine!

Shina: Kovah, what are you talking about? Stop speaking nonsense. Can't we just go now?

Kovah: No. Not until the key in my possession.

Deke: The key? You mean...that baby?

Kovah: Yes.

Shina: Please stop this, Kovah.

Kovah: I will not stop. And if you plan to get in my way, Shina, I'll destroy you!

Shina: Aaah!!

Kovah: So they've put up a barrier to protect the child it seems. Very well. I will just come back another time.

*Kovah begins to walk out of the city*

Deke: Kovah! Where are you going!?

Kovah: Somewhere.

Deke: But...but what about us? Your friends...

Kovah: You can come if you wish. But only if you will aid me.

Shina: Kovah, this is ridiculous!

*Kovah ignores her words and continues walking*

Deke: Shina...

Shina: Deke?

Deke: I'm going.

Shina: You mean...with Kovah? But why?

Deke: Because...something's not right with him. You and I both know that. And if we abandon him now, there'll be no chance to save him.

Shina: Deke...

Deke: Shina, I have no intention of helping him with this scheme, but if it means that he will be freed from whatever has a hold of him, then I will do so.

Shina: Then...then I will go too.

Deke: No, Shina. You stay here. This is a dangerous path I follow, and I don't want you to be dragged into it. So I beg you, please remain here. Wait for us.

Shina: Okay...

Deke: Good.

*Deke begins to walk away*

Shina: Deke, wait!

Deke: Hm?

Shina: Please. Please save Kovah. Bring him back...to me.

Deke: Don't worry. I intend to.

*End flashback*

Shina: So I did as he said, and waited in Asroc City. I waited and waited for the next 16 years. But I never saw them again...

Blue: So you believe that something happened to Kovah when he touched the monolith, is that right?

Shina: That has to be it. There's no other explanation for why he'd be doing this. It just...it just doesn't make sense!

Jawo: And this Deke guy, he went with him just like that?

Shina: He believed that the only way to save Kovah was to let him unleash the power, in hopes that whatever was manipulating him would disappear.

Jawo: But that's insane!

Shina: Please, don't blame him. It was the only way. We didn't know what else to do!

Jawo: *grumble* I'd like to give that guy a piece of my mind.

Elder1: Whatever the reason, we knew that Kovah must be stopped.

Elder2: And that was why we took many precautions to ensure that Kovah never gets his hands on Reese or his key.

Elder3: First, we moved the monolith to an even more secure area.

Elder4: And then, using our power, we seperated Asroc City from the rest of the island and fled to the skies.

Elder5: We then sunk the remainder of the island along with the monolith under the ocean, where no one will ever get their hands on it. We even set in place 4 statues to make sure that it stays there. One of those statues lies right before us.

Elder1: But that's not all. Even with all of these measures taken, we still felt as if Reese wasn't safe in our care anymore. So our search for a safe haven for him led us to the Kinnear Academy.

Reese: Huh?

Elder2: We knew of its true operation so we hired the academy to look after Reese and raise him, keeping him hidden away so that Kovah would not find him.

Elder3: And in the event that Kovah did indeed find him, we hoped that maybe their trained students would be able to keep him at bay.

Elder4: And so we returned to Asroc, where we assumed this had all come to an end. And this peace continued on for the next 16 years.

Reese: Hmm...so I guess now I know why Headmaster Bringas was always so protective of me. This was...just a job for him...

Elder1: Reese, it's not like that at all.

Reese: Hm?

Elder2: It may have been for money, yes. But Headmaster Bringas still loved you as if you were his own son. He's even the one who gave you the name of Reese.

Reese: He's the one who named me? Well then...what did YOU guys name me?

Elder3: We had originally named you Eytinge.

Reese: Eytinge? But that's my last name!

Elder4: Hmm, so it is? I suppose Bringas decided to keep our name afterall.

Elder5: Let it be a reminder of those who cared for you even though you were not of their blood.

Reese: Hehehe, I feel a lot better now.
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« Reply #19 on: 14 August, 2008, 04:11:50 pm »

Jawo: Hey hey, hold up a second. This backstory is all well and good, but that still doesn't explain why we're here.

Blue: Oh yeah, you did say that you were awaiting our arrival. What did you mean by that?

Elder1: Ah yes, we did, didn't we? Sorry for getting carried away.

Elder2: We had done everything we could to keep Kovah at bay, but due to recent events, we feared that he may be getting too close to acheiving his goals.

Elder3: And that is when we began our search for a new champion. One who has the strength and courage to defeat Kovah once and for all.

Elder4: Our search for a hero led us to you, Blue.

Blue: Me? But..how?

Elder5: We elders have many powers at our disposal. And one of them allowed us to observe you and your past endeavors.

Elder1: Never before had we seen such a strong-willed youth. One who's righteous heart would lead him to fight to protect all. We've seen what you're capable of. The good that you do. And that is why we've chosen you and your friends to fight this fight. To put a stop to Kovah's evil plans and bring peace to the planet once more.

Jawo: Well it looks you found the right guy, elders. With my help, Blue can't lose! Isn't that right, Blue?

Blue: Mm...

Jawo: Huh?

Elder2: Blue, is something troubling you?

Blue: It's just...we still haven't found our friend yet. I...I don't think I can go on without her...

Jawo: Blue...

Elder3: This friend you speak of, would her name be Lilia?

Blue: Lilia? You've seen her!?

Elder4: *nods*

Blue: Well where is she!?

Elder5: Ha ha, right behind you, child.

Blue: Huh!?

*Blue slowly turns around to see Lilia running towards him*

Lilia: Blue!!!

Blue: Lilia!!!

*Blue runs forward to meet her and the two tightly embrace*

Lilia: Blue! Oh, Blue, I missed you so much. When I heard you were here, I came running as fast as I could!

Blue: Lilia...I'm so glad to see you again. Are you okay?

Lilia: I'm fine. ...Now that you're here. I always feel safe, whenever you're near.

*Lilia moves in closer and buries her face in Blue's chest*

Blue: I don't care what it takes, I never want to be seperated from you again.

Lilia: Me neither, Blue.

Reese: Well isn't this a heart warming scene? This is what it's all for, you know. Aren't you happy for them, Penny?

Penny: Meh, yeah I guess... *looks away*

Reese: Uh?

Shina: *sigh* Those two remind me of Kovah and myself...

Jawo: Ahem!!

Lilia: Hm?

Jawo: What am I? Chopped liver!? I missed you too, you know...

Lilia: Heehee, you don't have to feel left out, Jawo. I'm glad to see you too.

Jawo: ...It's good to have you back, Lilia.

Lilia: It's good to be back!

Blue: But Lilia, what are you doing here?

Jawo: Did you get teleported here by the elders too?

Lilia: No. Well at least...I don't think so. After I got sucked into the twister, everything just kinda went black. And when I woke up, I found myself in a bed being healed by those two healers.

Blue: So you've been here the whole time?

Lilia: Yeah, pretty much. I wanted to go down the Earth and look for you two, but the elders insisted that I remain here and wait for you. So I did. And guess what they told me?

Blue: Yeah?

Lilia: Apparently the flash storm that wrecked our ship...was conjured up by the elders.

Jawo: They what!?

Blue: Are you serious!?

Lilia: Well, that's what they told me...

Jawo: Alright elders, what's the big idea!? If she's telling the truth, I'll--

Elder1: Please, hear us out first.

Jawo: What?

Elder2: We had no choice.

Blue: What do you mean you had no choice?

Elder3: Conjuring that storm was the only way we could get you to come here.

Jawo: Who are you trying to kid? You could've just teleported us here if you wanted us so bad!

Elder4: No, we couldn't. Our teleportation range can only go so far, and you were out of reach.

Jawo: So you called up a storm that almost killed us? Really smart...

Elder5: We are sorry. We didn't intend for anyone to get hurt.

Jawo: Yeah yeah...

Lilia: Please, Jawo. Don't be so hard on them.

Jawo: And why not!?

Lilia: Because, don't you see? They just wanted our help.

Blue: Hmm, yeah. I don't really agree with their methods either, but Lilia has a point. They sent a call for help, and we answered it.

Lilia: And it all worked out fine in the end. So why can't you just let it go?

Jawo: Hrmm, I guess you're right. I apologize, elder guys.

Elder1: It's quite alright, Jawo. Your feelings are understandable.

??: Well well. Jawo being hotheaded again. Why am I not surprised?

Everyone: !!!

*Everyone looks over to see Shadow standing nonchalantly in front the shattered remains of the Guardian Statue*

Shadow: Howdy!

Blue: Shadow!

Jawo: It's you again!

Penny: Back for more, are you!?

Shadow: Hmm, Blue and friends. So you're still alive afterall, huh? Thank goodness. You had me worried for a second there.

Elder1: *gasp* The Guardian Statue!

Elder2: It's been destroyed!

Shadow: Oh, you mean that thing? Sorry about that. I'll buy a replacement if you want. So how much will it be? 100 gold? 200?

Elder3: Do you know what you've done!?

Elder4: Now Kovah is one step closer to bringing the island back from the ocean.

Shadow: Does this mean I have to call my lawyer? *rubs head*

Blue: Shadow, we've had enough of your games!

Shadow: Ah, Blue. So I take it this means you want to fight. Okay then.

*Shadow snaps his fingers, summoning his scythe out of thin air*

Shadow: I suppose I'll finish what I started.

Blue: Get ready, guys! He's coming!

*The group gets ready for battle, including Lilia*

Lilia: We can take him, Blue!

Shadow: Ah?

*Shadow stops his advance when he gazes at Lilia*

Shadow: M-M-Misty? Is that you?

Lilia: What? Misty?

Shadow: Misty, what are you doing here of all places?

Lilia: I don't know what you're talking about pal.

Shadow: Ergh.

*Shadow snaps his fingers again, sending the scythe away. He then leaps backwards*

Shadow: I don't know why you're here, but I can't risk you getting hurt.

Blue: What are you--

Shadow: You win for today, Blue. But the next time we meet, you won't be so lucky.

*Shadow turns his back on the group*

Shadow: Next up: Kinnear Academy.

*Shadow disappears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Blue: Shadow, wait!

Jawo: He got away...

Lilia: But...who is Misty...?

End Intervention Arc
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« Reply #20 on: 14 August, 2008, 09:31:41 pm »

Penny: Man, that Shadow just doesn't know when to quit, does he!?

Lilia: Whoever this Shadow is, he's really...weird. He kept calling me Misty. My name's not Misty!

Blue: Yeah, that was pretty strange. But we'll worry about him later.

Reese: But wait, before he left, Shadow said something. He said...Kinnear's next. What does that mean?

Penny: Ah! Do you think he's going to attack the academy!?

Reese: What!? Is that true!?

Elder1: That's a strong possibility.

Reese: But why!? What's at the academy that they could want!?

Elder2: A Guardian Statue.

Reese: Huh?

Elder3: When we handed you over to the academy, we also placed a Guardian Statue within it for safekeeping as well.

Elder4: But how they discovered that one was hidden there is beyond us...

Reese: Darnit. What do we do...?

Jawo: There's only one thing to do!

Blue: We head over to the academy and stop them ourselves.

Elder5: Ah, so you will take on the task of protecting the Guardian Statue?

Blue: Yeah. That's why were here, right? Sure we'll do it.

Lilia: But how do we get there from here? We're up in the sky, remember?

Blue: Oh, that's right...*rubs head* Is there any way we can get down from here, elders?

Elder1: Of course. We will use our power to teleport you directly to the academy.

Blue: Will you really?

Elder2: Yes. Just give us a moment to prepare.

*The 5 elders raises their arms into the air and begin to chant. As they do, a glowing circle appears under the feet of the group*

Reese: Whoa! What's happening!?

Elder3: Stay calm. This is all apart of the process.

Elder4: It is complete. Take care, young heroes.

Elder5: Stay strong, and be safe.

Blue: Okay, we will. Are you ready, guys?

*The group nods in agreement*

Blue: Let's do it, elders.

Elder1: Very well.

*The elder clap their hands together and complete the spell*

Elders: Teleport!!!

*With the spell complete, the group is immediately whisked out and away from the city, on their way back to the Earth below*

~~Meanwhile, at the Kinnear Academy front gates~~

*Prima impatiently waits by her lonesome*

Prima: Argh! *ruffles hair* Where is he!? I want to start the chaos already!

*Shadow appears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Shadow: Prima!

Prima: There you are! What took you so long!?

Shadow: Eh heh heh, sorry. I was lost on the path of life.

Prima: Hmph! That seems to be a popular saying these days. Well whatever. Did you finish the job?

Shadow: I did. As ordered, I infiltrated and smashed the Guardian Statue. Now I believe it's your turn, am I right?

Prima: You bet you are! I can't wait to start making a mess of things!

Shadow: Now Prima, don't forget what we came here for. Your objective is to destroy the statue and nothing more. Don't harm any innocents if you don't have to.

Prima: The nerve of you! Don't you ever tell me what to do, got it!?

Shadow: Huff. You're insufferable, do you know that?

Prima: Yeah yeah. Now let me show you how a pro does things!

*Prima conjures a Chimera beast and hops aboard its back*

Prima: Let's go! Kya ha ha ha!!

*Prima cracks her whip, instructing the chimera to stride towards the entrance of the academy*

Shadow: *sigh* If I leave her alone, she'll lay waste to everything. I better follow to make sure she doesn't do anything crazy...

*Shadow begins to follow after her silently. Meanwhile, Prima bursts inside of the academy, immediately causing an uproar amongst the students*

Female Student: Aaaah! It's..it's an intruder!

Male Student: Wait, don't be afraid! We're trained combatants! We can take her if we stand together!

Male Student2: Yeah! Let's show her why nobody messes with Kinnear Academy!

Prima: Ha! So you nobody messes with Kinnear, huh? Then you have yet to meet me! Go Chimera! Crush them!

*Prima leaps off the chimera and cracks her whip. Instructing the chimera to charge at the students*

Prima: Skin them alive! Make a trophy of their bones! Hahaha!

Chimera: Roooooooooaaar!!!

Female Student: It's coming!

Male Student: Let's attack!

*The student rush in to attack, but they are no match for the chimera's might as it leaps and pounces down on them with a horrendous blow, defeating them easily*

Female Student: Unh...it's...too strong...

Male Student: Darnit...ugh...

Prima: Ahahahaha! Good work, Chimera!

Chimera: Roar!

Prima: And this was among the weakest of my beasts! Perhaps you should stop sleeping during class and learn a thing or two before you challenge me again!

*Prima leaps back onto the chimera and continues her rampage through the academy. Meanwhile, Shadow walks in shortly after*

Shadow: Ugh, would you look at this mess? Prima, what AM I going to do with you?

*Prima continues through the academy until she is surrounded by a large group of students from both side, trapping her*

Male Student: Give up! You're surrounded!

Male Student2: That is...unless you think you can take us all.

Prima: Hmm, so you've finally come out to play, huh? Okay!

*Prima effortlessly conjures a group of Chimera to join the fight*


Male Student3: Hah, you don't scare us!

Female Student: Yeah, we don't care how many beasts you create!

Male Student 4: Let's drive these monsters out of our school!

*The students move in to attack*

Prima: Go, Chimeras! Annihilate them all! Leave not one of them alive!

*Prima cracks her whip, and the chimeras charge in after the students, and the clash between man and beast begins*

~~Meanwhile, in Headmaster Bringas' office~~

*Headmaster Bringas is suddenly alerted by the loud noises going on outside the room*

Bringas: Huh? What is going on out there...?

*Bringas moves toward the door when a badly injured student bursts in and collapses to the ground*

Male Student: Uaagh!! Headmaster!

Bringas: Ah! Goodness!

*Bringas kneels down next to the student*

Bringas: Are you alright? What happened? Speak to me, my boy!

Male Student: No. The Academy..it's...it's under attack...

Bringas: Under attack!? By who!?

Male Student: It's a girl.

Bringas: A...girl?

Male Student: But she's...no ordinary girl. She..she can conjure beasts. She's summmoned a whole group of them...to attack the other students...

Bringas: What!? But why!?

Male student: I don't know..but...but she said something..about a..a statue...

Bringas: A statue?

Male Student: I don't know what she meant, but..it's not safe here anymore. Get away...while you still...can...ugh...

*The student dies from his wounds*

Bringas: Son? Can you hear me, boy? Please, wake up! ....No...

*Bringas releases the student from his grip*

Bringas: A statue...could it be...the Guardian Statue? Could this be the threat that the elders warned us about...?
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« Reply #21 on: 15 August, 2008, 08:49:06 am »

*Blue and the others arrive at their destination just outside the academy*

Blue: We made it.

Jawo: But it appears we're too late. Look.

*Jawo points to the front gate to show that it's been forced open*

Reese: The gate...it's been mangled.

Penny: Then what are we standing around for!? Let's get going!

Lilia: Penny's right, we haven't a moment to spare!

Blue: Okay, let's go!

*The group enters the school together. But upon their arrival, a Chimera immediately confronts them right off the bat*

Chimera: Rooooooaaar!!!

Reese: Whoa! What is that!?

Lilia: It's some kind of beast!

Blue: A Chimera...

Penny: A Chimera, huh? Well let's take it down!

Jawo: I'll handle it.

*Jawo takes out his sword and leaps onto the Chimera's back. It then trashes about in an attempt to shake him off*

Lilia: Jawo, be careful!

Jawo: No need to worry about me, Lilia. I'll finish it with one attack!

*Jawo jabs his sword into the Chimera's back and prepares a technique*

Jawo: Crystal Art: Emmersive Implosion!

*Crystal formations begin to rapidly protrude from the Chimera's body, shredding its innards to pieces and killing it instantly. Jawo then removes his sword and rejoins the group*

Jawo: There. All done. We can go now.

Blue: Nice job, Jawo.

Penny: *to herself* Hmph. I could've done better...

Lilia: Hmm, I don't think that one Chimera is responsible for all of this destruction. I bet you there's more where he came from.

Reese: More!? Yeesh, that doesn't sound good...

Blue: You have a point, Lilia. That just means we have to stay on guard. Let's keep going, guys.

*The group continues through the school in a hurry. As they go, they pass by the bodies of heavily injured, and even dead students. Along with some dead Chimeras*

Blue: This is terrible...

Lilia: Who could do such an awful thing?

Penny: *angrily* Ooh! When I find out who did this, I'm gonna tear him a new one!

Jawo: We all are, Penny! Come on, Blue, let's find this guy!

Blue: Alright. Let's go, Reese. .....Reese?

*Blue looks over to see Reese cradling the body of a dead student while crying*

Reese: *sniff*

Blue: Reese...

Reese: Why? Why did this have to happen? They didn't do anything!!! *cries*

Blue: Reese, I'm...sorry...

Reese: He...he was my friend. To see him just die like this...I don't know if I can take it anymore!

Blue: Reese, I know what it's like...to lose a friend...

Reese: *sniff* You...do?

Blue: We...saw him be killed right before our eyes...and it hurt a lot. Heck, it still hurts even now. But that's why you have to pull yourself together. We have to find who's responsible and make sure this never happens again.

Reese: *wipes tears* Yeah....you're right, Blue. I promise, I won't falter again.

Blue: Okay, now let's keep going.

Reese: Right.

*The group continues onward, until they find the body of Cassidy lying on the ground. She's badly injured, but still alive*

Reese: Aah! No! Cassidy!

Blue: Cassidy, are you okay!?

Cassidy: Blue...Reese..you..you came back...

Reese: Look at those wounds...this is horrible!

Cassidy: Did you...find your friends, Blue...?

Blue: That's not important right now! We need to get you some help!

Jawo: But Blue, we don't have enough time. We need to stop this madness before others are hurt.

Reese: But we can't just leave her here to die!

Jawo: I know, but...

Shadow: I'll do it.

Jawo: What?

*Shadow walks up from behind the group*

Blue: Shadow, it's you again!

Reese: Are you the one behind all of this!?

Shadow: No, I'm not.

Penny: You're lying.

Jawo: You better get out of here now. Or else...

Lilia: Guys, stop it!

Jawo: Huh? What for!?

Lilia: He's...he's not lying.

Penny: And how do you know that, huh?

Lilia: Because...I can just tell. He's being sincere.

Shadow: Why thank you, Misty.

Lilia: Sure. ...Hey wait! I'm not Misty!

Blue: Then if you're not responsible for this, then who is?

Shadow: She's one of us.

Jawo: You mean it's a girl?

Shadow: That's right. She conjured those beasts and let them loose around the school, even though she's supposed to be here for the Guardian Statue only. I knew she was up to no good, so I followed her in secret, but it seems I didn't make it in time...

Penny: *to herself* A conjurer...could it be...Prima...?

Blue: Well then what do you want with us, Shadow?

Shadow: I wish to aid you in saving the academy from these beasts.

Blue: Hmph. And why should we trust you?

Shadow: What?

Jawo: Yeah, it's not like you haven't tried to kill us before. How do we know this isn't some kind of trick?

Penny: *pounds fist* I say we should get rid of him right now.

Shadow: Please. While we stand here and debate over this, those monster are still running amok around the academy.

Blue: Mmn...

Shadow: So can we just call a truce for now and help these children?

Blue: But why do you want to help the academy anyway?

Shadow: Uh...because, Kinnear is...

Reese: Huh?

Shadow: Nothing. It's not important. So do we have a deal?

Blue: ....Okay.

Jawo: Blue!

Penny: What are you doing!?

Blue: I know, he's our enemy. But what he said is right. We don't have the time to argue over this. We have no choice but to trust him for now.

Jawo: *sigh* I just hope you know what you're doing, Blue.

Blue: So Shadow, what's the plan?

Shadow: Okay. I will scour the school for any injured students and take them to the infirmary for help. Meanwhile, Blue, you and your friends will take care of any Chimeras still remaining. And eventually stop the one behind this. Are we clear?

Blue: Yeah.

Shadow: Alright, so let's begin.

*Shadow walks over and lifts up Cassidy*

Shadow: Your name is Cassidy, right?

Cassidy: Uh..huh...

Shadow: You'll be okay. You can trust me.

Cassidy: Thank you...

Shadow: Blue! What are you waiting for!? Get going!

Blue: Okay! Let's move, guys!

*The group nods in agreement and moves onward*

Blue: Oh...and Shadow...

Shadow: Yes?

Blue: I trust you...

Shadow: *smiles* Of course you can trust me, Blue. *pushes up sunglasses*
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« Reply #22 on: 15 August, 2008, 06:42:33 pm »

Blue: Okay guys, let's split up for this.

Penny: Huh? Why?

Blue: Because, it'll keep the damage to a minimum.

Penny: Uh, damage? I'm not following you, Blue.

Jawo: Oh, I think I get it. What he means is, if we each take out one of the chimeras on our own, we could cut the time in half and save anyone else from getting hurt.

Blue: Now you're getting it.

Lilia: I see. Good idea, Blue.

Reese: Yeah, let's do it.

Blue: Alright, let's go. We'll meet back here in the foyer once all the Chimeras are gone.

*The group nods in agreement and seperates. Blue heads down the northern wing and finds a group of students about to be finished off by a Chimera*

Female Student: No..ugh...

Male Student: Urgh...it's too strong..

Male Student2: It's over...for us..

Chimera: Roar!!

Blue: Uh oh! I better hurry!

*As the Chimera is about to slam its paw down on the students, Blue rushes in and delivers a kick to its face, stopping its assault*

Chimera: Grr!

Blue: Hey! Are you guys alright!?

Female Student: Who...are you...?

Male Student: Ah! It's the mystery guy!

Male Student2: The one that Reese saved?

Female Student: Oh! Now I remember! You've come back!

Blue: Yeah, you guys have nothing to worry about now. I'll handle the Chimera.

Male Student: Are you sure?

Blue: Of course. He's no match for me! Now hurry! Go to the infirmary while I hold it off!

Male Student2: Alright. Let's go, you two.

Female Student: Be careful!

*The students run off, leaving Blue and the Chimera alone to fight*

Chimera: Grrrragh!

*The Chimera dashes at Blue and attempts to pounce on him, but he dodges the attack and counters with a spell*

Blue: Air Thrust!

*A vortex of wind surrounds the Chimera as it is sliced continuously by blades of air. The Chimera is downed in one shot*

Blue: Ha, gotcha! That makes two Chimera's down...and who knows how many more to go. I just hope the others can handle it.

*Reese heads down the east wing and spots a Chimera standing over top a single student, about to end his life*

Chimera: Grrrrr!!

Male Student: Aaaah! Help me!

Reese: Agh, I won't make it to him in time... Oh, I know!

*Reese plucks an arrow and fires it into a nearby pillar, distracting the Chimera from the boy*

Chimera: ...

Male Student: Huh?

*Reese signals to student to come over, and he hurries and escapes the Chimera's grasp*

Male Student: *panting* Huff...huff..Phew. You saved me, Reese. Thanks.

Reese: Sure, but I need you to clear out right away. Get to the infirmary and have Nurse Underwood treat your wounds.

Male Student: But..what about you, Reese?

Reese: I'm going to stay and fight.

Male Student: What!? By yourself!? But you can't take that thing alone! It's suicide!

Reese: I don't know...but I have to try. I'm the only one who can now! Now go! Hurry!

Male Student: Be careful, Reese...

*The student runs off, leaving Reese alone with the Chimera*

Reese: Now that he's safe, it's just you and me!

Chimera: Rrroaaar!

Reese: How about this!?

*Reese readies 6 arrows to fire at once at aims at the air*

Reese: Heaven's Arrow!

*Reese fires the arrows into the air. They arch and rain down on the Chimera, but it shrugs off the attack*

Chimera: Grrragh!

Reese: Yikes! That didn't work! Uh..what now...? Oh! I'll try my new technique!

*Instead of pulling an arrow from his quiver, Reese forms and arrow out of pure mana and readies it to fire*

Reese: This'll fix ya! Mana Arrow!

*Reese fires the mana arrow at the Chimera. It pierces straight through the center of its head, killing it instantly*

Reese: Alright! I did it! I can't believe I pulled that off! Maybe now...I can better protect my friends...

*Penny heads down the west wing and eyes a group of student fending off the Chimera, although unsuccessfully*

Male Student: Ugh! Why isn't it working!?

Female Student: Our attacks, they can't hurt him!

Female Student2: What do we do now!?

Penny: You stand aside and leave it to me!

Male Student: Uhm...you?

Penny: Yeah! What's that matter with me!?

Female Student: Aren't you a healer?

Female Student2: Yeah, they can't fight!

Penny: I'm no healer! Just watch me take that Chimera down!

Chimera: Rooooaaar!

Penny: You want some? Then come and get it!

*The Chimera makes a mad dash towards Penny*

Male Student: What are you gonna do now, healer?

Penny: Just shut up and let me fight!

*Penny lashes out her spinners and they tangle around the Chimera's legs, ensnaring and stopping it in it's tracks*

Penny: Up you go, fella!

*Penny enfuses her spinners with mana, and then tugs upwards, sending the Chimera up into the air*

Penny: Now here's one I like to call, Grand Slam!!!

*Penny pulls downwards, sending the Chimera crashing to the ground with a thunderous impact. With it's bones shattered, the chimera is instantly defeated*

Penny: Yes!

Female Student: Wow! You actually did it!

Penny: See? I told you I was strong! Heheh. *flexes*

*Jawo and Lilia head down the south wing together. They soon come across two chimera chasing a group of fleeing students*

Male Student: Waaaaaah!

Female Student: Somebody! Do something! Woah!

Jawo: Well whaddya know? One for each of us.

Lilia: I'll take the one on the left, Jawo.

Jawo: Then that leaves me with the right. Let's do it.

*Jawo jams his sword into the ground and prepares a technique*

Jawo: Crystal Art: Crystal Spear!

*A large spear of crystal juts from the ground between the chimeras and the students, stopping their pursuit*

Male Student: What...was that?

Jawo: What are you kids standing around for? Get out of here!

Female Student: Ah! Right!

*The students run off, leaving Jawo and Lilia to fight the chimeras*

Jawo: Go for it, Lilia.

Lilia: Okay!

*Lilia runs forward while pulling out a strap of bombs. The first Chimera charges after her head on*

Chimera: Rrraaaagh!

Lilia: Here we go!

*Once close enough, Lilia slides under the oncoming Chimera, while latching the strap of bombs around its body*

Lilia: Now for the finisher! Chain Bomb!

*Lilia pulls out a bomb and tosses it at the strap. It explodes, and that explosion causes another bomb to explode, and another, causing a whole chain reaction that incinerates the Chimera completely*

Jawo: Good work, Lilia!

Lilia: Heehee. Aw, that was nothin'.

Chimera: Rrooooooaaar!

Lilia: Oh! Jawo, I think that Chimera wants some attention.

Jawo: Heh, so he does, does he? Well then, I'd hate to keep him waiting. *pounds fist*

*Jawo faces the chimera as it lauches a fireball at him. He's caught off guard, but he manages to dodge*

Jawo: Whoa! Didn't know it could do that! You chimeras are just full of surprise. Now you're gonna pay.

*Jawo runs forwards and throws his sword into the air over the Chimera*

Jawo: Crystal Art: Guillotine!

*The blade of Jawo's sword morphs into a sheet of sharp edged crystal. It plunges from the sky and strikes the chimera, slicing it's body in half*

Lilia: Ack!

Jawo: Huh? What's the matter?

Lilia: Couldn't you have found a...cleaner way to do that? Sheesh.

Jawo: Sorry...*sweatdrop*
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« Reply #23 on: 15 August, 2008, 08:02:35 pm »

~~Meanwhile, in the Infirmary~~

*Shadow walks in with two more injured students*

Shadow: Hey nurse! I've got some extra baggage for you!

Nurse: *sigh* Oh dear, they just keep coming. I may run out of supplies before long...

Shadow: Don't give up hope, Nurse. These kids need you.

Nurse: You're right. But first, I need to thank you.

Shadow: Huh?

Nurse: You've been such a great help, gathering all of these injured students for me. If not for you, we could've had a lot more casualties on our hands.

Shadow: Aw, you don't have to thank me. I'm just doing what anyone would.

Nurse: Well thank you nonetheless,...er...

Shadow: Call me Shadow.

Nurse: Okay then, Shadow.

Shadow: Well, if you'll excuse me, I'll go see if I can find more students who need medical attention.

Nurse: Wait a minute! Uhm...Shadow!

Shadow: Yes?

Nurse: You look...oddly familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?

Shadow: Erm...I-I...

*At that moment, Blue and the others enter the infirmary*

Shadow: Ah! Well if isn't Blue and the gang! How did everything go?

Blue: We've been through the entire school. There's not a Chimera left anywhere.

Shadow: That's good! But, what about the girl? Did you confront her?

Blue: No. Even though we searched the whole school, we didn't find any trace of her.

Shadow: Hmm, that's strange...well, no matter. At least everyone's safe now.

Blue: That's right.

Reese: Shadow!

Shadow: Uh? Reese, what's the matter?

Reese: Is she..is she alright!?

Shadow: Who? Oh, you must mean Cassidy.

Nurse: She's fine, Reese. After I treated her, I sent her back to her dorm to get some much needed rest.

Reese: Phew, that's a relief...

Shadow: Hmm, you know, she talked a lot about you on the way here.

Reese: Who? Me?

Shadow: Yeah. I think she has a little crush on you! Ehehehe! *nudges Reese*

Reese: Uhm...*blushes*

Blue: Er, Shadow. I really don't think you should be bringing that up right now...

Shadow: Aw, why not!? I'm sure his father would be so proud of him!

Reese: My...father? ...Wait!

Penny: Reese, what's up?

Reese: Headmaster! We forgot to check the headmaster's office!

Blue: Ah, you're right! We need to go, now!

Shadow: Okay, in that case, I'll stay here and watch over the infirmary. You guys go check on the headmaster to see if he's safe.

Blue: Okay, let's go guys!

~~Meanwhile, in Headmaster Bringas' Office~~

*Prima slowly approaches Bringas as he cowers behind his desk*

Prima: I know you're in here....headmaster. So come out! *cracks whip*

Bringas: *whimpers*

Prima: Tell me where the Guardian Statue is.

Bringas: There's no one in here! Go away!

Prima: Hmph. Now you're just messing with me. And I DON'T like to be messed with!!! *cracks whip*

*Prima walks over and flips over his desk, revealing Bringas*

Bringas: Waaah!

*He quickly scampers to the corner of the room*

Prima: Tell me where the Guardian Statue is...NOW!!!

Bringas: I don't know what you're talking about! What Guardian Statue!?

Prima: How dare you take me for a fool.

Bringas: But I'm not! I never heard of those before in my life! Honest!

Prima: No more games, headmaster. Tell me where you're hiding it, or else it's 100 lashes!

Bringas: No! Anything but that!

Prima: On the count of 3, you better give it up. 1....2....

Bringas: Urgh! *sweats*

Prima: 3!!!

*Prima raises her whip to strike with a malicious grin on her face when Blue and the group enters the office*

Blue: Stop!!

Prima: Huh? And just who are you, buddy!?

Bringas: *sigh* Thank goodness it's you, Blue. I'm saved...

Prima: Oh, so you're the band of misfits that's been meddling in our plans. Ha! This is perfect! Now I'll take out both you guys and the Guardian Statue in one go!

Blue: Go ahead and try! You won't succeed.

Prima: Oh yeah!?

*Penny steps forward*

Penny: Prima! So..it was you after all...

Prima: Penny!? What are you doing here!?

Penny: I should be asking you that question! Why are you working with Kovah of all people!?

Prima: Because, little sister, Kovah promised me power, and that's the only thing I've ever wanted!

Blue: Wait a minute...little sister? Penny, she's you're sister!?

Penny: Yeah...

Jawo: No way! Man...I guess brattiness runs in the family...

Reese: Prima, stop this! Do you even know what you're doing!? There is no power to be gained! It's all a trick!

Prima: Oh, well if it isn't Reese too. Hah, the sooner I take you back to Kovah, the sooner I'll get my power!

Reese: Ergh, why won't you listen...?

Penny: She's a blockhead is why! Like I said before, the only way to teach ruffians a lesson, is to beat it into their skulls!

Prima: Hah, so you think you can beat me, is that it? Then I'll just have to show you my true power!

Reese: Prima!

Blue: It's no use, Reese! If she continues to insist, we'll have to fight her! Get ready!

Prima: You'll regret facing off against me! Prepare to die!

Shadow: Prima, stop!

*Shadow rushes into the office*

Prima: Shadow! What are you doing? Get out of the way!

Shadow: No! You've done enough damage for one day! We're leaving.

Prima: Eugh...fine. I'll let you for today, Blue.

Blue: Mmph.

Prima: But we can't leave yet Shadow! The Guardian Statue--

Shadow: It's already taken care of.

Prima: Huh?

Bringas: What!?

Prima: You mean...you...

Shadow: Yeah, I took the opportunity to seek it out myself amongst the chaos. It's destroyed now.

Lilia: What!? He...

Jawo: Damnit! That bastard took advantage of us! I knew he couldn't be trusted...

Shadow: Blue...

Blue: Huh?

Shadow: Thanks...for helping me save Kinnear.

Blue: Hmm...

*Shadow runs forward and grabs a hold of Prima*

Shadow: The next time we meet, Blue, it'll be as enemies. Remember that.

Prima: So long, Penny! Hahahah!

Blue: Shadow! Wait!

*Shadow and Prima disappear in a whirlwind of leaves*

Blue: Damn, he got away...

Penny: Prima...

Jawo: Urgh! *pounds fist* I'll smash that Shadow's face in next time we see him!

Lilia: I thought...I thought he was going to come to our side. I thought we could trust him...

Reese: Headmaster, are you okay!?

Bringas: Ah yes. I'm fine now, thanks to all of you. But that "Shadow" character...

Reese: Huh?

Bringas: I know him.

Blue: What? You do...?

Bringas: His real name is Matt. And...he was once a student at the academy...

Reese: He was a student here!? Are you serious?

Bringas: Yes. He was quite the star he was. The top student at the academy, he was considered a genius. That is...until the day he left the academy to become a solo mercernary. We were sad to see him go, but we knew he'd go far on his own. So we gave him our blessings. But to see him end up like this, working for scum like Kovah. It's terrible...

Blue: Shadow...*clenches fist*
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« Reply #24 on: 16 August, 2008, 09:28:22 am »

Reese: Headmaster, can you tell us more?

Bringas: Hm?

Reese: I mean, about Shadow.

Bringas: Oh yes. Hmm, well, uhm, he was a very gifted lad. He excelled at everything and never failed. When he left us, when he decided to become a solo mercenary, he never gave us a reason as to why.

Jawo: So, you think he has some kind of hidden motive?

Bringas: Perhaps. But why would it involve working for Kovah, I wonder...

Lilia: I don't think it does.

Penny: Eh? What do you mean, Lilia?

Lilia: He probably has a whole different reason for going out on his own. But knowing guys like Shadow, he's probably doing this just for fun.

Jawo: For fun!? He thinks endangering the planet is fun!?

Lilia: It's likely he doesn't know the true extent of the damage he's causing.

Penny: Or maybe he does...and just doesn't give a darn.

Lilia: Well, there's that too...*rubs head*

Blue: Hrrrm....

Lilia: Blue, what's the matter?

Blue: What do you think? Regardless of Shadow's motives, he's already destroyed 2 of the 4 Guardian Statues. And for all we know, they could already be working on the next one.

Lilia: Oh...

Bringas: But wait...how do you lads know of the Guardian Statues?

Reese: It's a long story, headmaster. But to make it short, we've met with the elders of Asroc.

Bringas: Ah...so they're the ones who told you. So I guess, they told you everything else as well...

Reese: You mean, about my origins?

Bringas: Hm. *nods* I must apologize to you, Reese.

Reese: Huh? What for?

Bringas: It was my responsibility...to keep you safe. To keep you from learning the truth...

Reese: What are you talking about? I'm happy to have finally learned about my past!

Bringas: What..?

Reese: Yeah, I know now, that I'm destined to fight. But it's okay! Because I'll stand strong! And I'll protect the planet with my friends! And perhaps, along the way, I can find out where I'm truly from.

Bringas: *sniff* Oh Reese.

Reese: Headmaster, what's the matter? You're tearing up.

Bringas: I'm just happy is all! Oh how you've grown up into such a mature man. You've made your old man proud.

*Bringas hugs Reese*

Bringas: Even though I'm not your birth father, you'll always be my son, Reese.

Reese: Headma--I mean...Dad...*smiles*

*Reese hugs him back. And at that moment, the elders appear in the office via teleportation*

Elder1: Hello, young heroes.

Blue: Elders!

Jawo: What are you doing here, old men?

Elder2: We've felt...that another Guardian Statue has been destroyed...

Blue: Yeah...Shadow got to another one. We couldn't stop them...

Elder3: Don't get discouraged now. It's true that half of the statues have been destroyed.

Elder4: But the other half still remains. And so long as that is so, we'll still have hope.

Blue: Okay, so where are the other statues?

Jawo: Yeah, we need to get to them as soon as possible, to protect them from Kovah and his goons.

Elder5: Ah yes, the other statues...

Elder1: One of the remaining statues lies deep in the underwater temple of Swigis, on a small island to the north of this continent.

Elder2: The other lies far to the east, in the Vaughan Tower, in the center of the Yule Desert.

Elder3: You may now decide which of these locations you will go to first.

Elder4: But decide quickly, for Kovah and his minions may already be on their way.

Jawo: Alright, we'll leave it to you, Blue.

Lilia: Make the decision for us.

Blue: ....Okay, I got it.

Elder5: What is your decision?

Blue: We'll head to the Swigis Temple first.

Elder1: Very well. In that case, we shall bring you there at all speed.

*The Elders prepare for a spell*

Elders: Teleport!!!

*A circle of light appears under the group as they are prepared for teleportation*

Elder1: Best of luck to you, children.

Elder2: Our hopes lie with you now.

Blue: *nods* We understand.

*The group is teleported out and away from the academy*

Bringas: *sigh* Reese...

Elder3: You are worried about him, yes?

Bringas: I know...I shouldn't be. But I can't help it. I'm his father, afterall.

Elder4: And what a good father you've been.

Elder5: We have...a confession to make.

Bringas: Huh? What kind of confession?

Elder1: We brought Reese to you, not only so that you could protect him...

Elder2: But also that you could raise him to be a normal happy child, with a normal life.

Elder3: And it seems to us that you've done an excellent job of it.

Elder4: Thank you...for helping us...and Eytinge.

Bringas: No, thank you, elders. For giving me my son. My Reese...

*The group arrives back outside after the teleportation. But it appears that they've not landed in the vicinity of the Swigis Temple, but...*

~~Clough City~~

Jawo: ...Hey...wait a minute. This isn't an island or a temple!

Blue: Ah! Oh no! We're back in Clough City!

Lilia: What!? But how!?

Reese: Something...must've gone wrong...*rubs head*

Penny: Alright you elders! What gives!?

*The voices of the elders is heard from within the minds of the group*

Elder1: You must forgive us, young ones.

Blue: What happened?

Elder2: Our powers have grown exhausted, and it appears that we cannot take you as far as the Swigis Temple.

Elder3: Which means you must go the rest of the way on foot.

Jawo: Aw man...*scratches head*

Elder4: We apologize.

Elder5: But now is not the time to complain. You must hurry before it is too late.

Elder1: The Guardian Statues require your protection.

*The voices of the elders fade away*

Penny: Well this blows.

Lilia: Yeah, talk about rotten luck.

Blue: No kidding...ah well. No use complaining about it now. If we're gonna make it to the Swigis Temple, we need to get moving.

Jawo: Pfeh...

And so, after the rescue of Kinnear Academy, and the destruction of the 2nd Statue, Blue and friends head on their way to the Swigis Temple. But thanks to the elders blunder, they are forced to make the trek by foot. Will they be able to make in time to stop Kovah's minions from laying waste to yet another Guardian Statue?

End Kinnear Under Siege Arc
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« Reply #25 on: 17 August, 2008, 09:46:57 am »

*The group leaves Clough City and heads northward toward the Swigis Temple. On their way, they pass through the nearby City of Everard and decide to stop for a break*

~~Everard City~~

Blue: Where are we now?

Lilia: Hmm, if this map is correct, then this would be Everard City.

Blue: Everard City, eh? Well then, let's keep going.

Penny: Hold on!!

Blue: Huh?

Lilia: What's the matter, Penny?

Penny: Why the rush, Blue? We just got here! Let's take a little break or something.

Reese: Yeah, I could go for a little down time after everything that's happened.

Blue: But guys, you heard what the elders said. We need to hurry to the temple and protect the Guardian Statue!

Jawo: Blue, even if we make it there in time, what good will be without having any time to rest inbetween?

Blue: Uhm...

Jawo: We'll be exhausted and lose the statue to Kovah's goon squad anyway.

Blue: *sigh* I guess you're right...

Penny: Ah! So we're taking a break afterall!?

Blue: Yeah, but just a little one.

Penny: Hooray!

Lilia: Well, now that we have the day to ourselves, where should we go?

Penny: Oh, I know this great cafe in the upper part of town! Let's go there!

Reese: Hey, good idea, Penny! We could get a drink, and maybe even a bite to eat.

Jawo: Well I'm game. I could use some good grub right about now.

Penny: Then it's decided. Come on, follow me!

*Penny leads the group to the Everard Cafe in the upper area of the city. Upon arriving, they find an empty table and help themselves to it*

~~Everard Cafe~~

Jawo: Hmm, a pretty swanky joint.

Lilia: I agree. How do you know about this place, Penny?

Penny: Huh?

Jawo: Yeah, I didn't think your kind would appreciate a place this ritzy and sophisticated.

Penny: What do you mean by that!? Ugh, ANYWAY, my dad was holding a kind of luncheon party here a few years ago for some snobby rich people. So that's how I know.

Reese: Then what's so great about this place?

Penny: Are you kidding me? The food here is to die for! You'll love it!

Reese: To die for, huh? Now I've just gotta try it! Aren't you excited, Blue?

Blue: Mmph.

Reese: Blue...?

Jawo: Hey, what's wrong with you?

Lilia: Aw, he's just upset because we're not still on the road. Isn't that right, Blue?

*Lilia snuggles up to Blue and rubs her face on his*

Blue: Lilia!

Lilia: Don't be sore, Blue. We'll leave right after we're done here, okay?

Blue: Uhm...okay...*blushes*

Jawo: Oh brother...

Penny: Hmph. Why doesn't he blush like that when I get near him!?

Reese: Penny, are you okay?

Penny: I'm FINE! Let's just order already!

Reese: Yeah, you're right. I'm starved!

Penny: Waitress!!!

*Penny calls out for the waitress. Afterwards, a rather familiar looking woman wearing a black shirt and skirt with a white apron and frilly headress walks over to the group's table*

Waitress: Hiya! I'm Rachel, and I'll be your waitress today. What can I get for you?

Penny: Okay, I'll have a--

Blue: Wait a minute...Rachel? Is that you!?

Rachel: Aah! Well speak of the devil! It's Blue! Long time no see, huh!?

Lilia: Rachel! Hi!

Jawo: Guh! Rachel...

Rachel: Oh, well if isn't Lilia and Jawo too! Hello guys! What brings the three of you all the way out here?

Blue: We should be asking you that question.

Rachel: Huh?

Lilia: Yeah, aren't you supposed to be helping ILS run the IL Guild?

Rachel: Oh yeah...that. Well...I am actually. *scratches head*

Blue: How so?

Rachel: You see, with bounties not coming in like they used to, the Guild started to run into a little financial trouble.

Lilia: Financial trouble?

Rachel: Mhmm. It costs money to keep an organization up and running. And a lot of it. So with no more options left, ILS had me get a new job to try and raise more money for the Guilds operations while he stays in Meloria to keep everything together. So...that's why I'm here! Heehee.

Blue: I see now. Well, I hope everything works out for you two.

Rachel: Thanks a lot, Blue. Things are coming along great, just so you know. If things continue like this, I could be able to go back home in a couple of months.

Lilia: That's great, Rachel! Aren't you glad, Jawo?

Jawo: Mmph...

Lilia: Now you're the one that's being quiet...*rubs head*

Jawo: Leave me alone.

Rachel: Ha ha! Well I see you haven't changed a bit, Jawo!

*Rachel walks up behind Jawo and wraps her arms around his neck, putting her face next to his*

Rachel: *seductively* I know you missed me. Go ahead and say it.

Jawo: I-I-I...

*Jawo squints hard as his face turns crimson red*

Rachel: You're so cute!

*Rachel kisses Jawo on the cheek, causing steam to blow out of his ears*


Jawo: *swirly eyes* Ugh...

Penny: Teehee! Looks like someone's got a little kiddie crush. What's the matter, Jawo? Not man enough to tell a girl you like her?

Jawo: Hah, you're one to talk!

Penny: What!?

Jawo: I've seen what you do when you're alone. Crying your eyes out over Blue because you'll never have him. "Oh Blue, why won't you love me!? I'll be everything you want me to be!"

Penny: Waaaah! T-th-that's not true! Uuuurgh...!*blushes*

Jawo: Hah! Pathetic!

Blue/Lilia/Reese: *blank stare*

Rachel: Jawo!!

Jawo: Guh!

Rachel: That's no way to treat a lady! I thought you were more mature than this!

Jawo: R-Rachel, I...

Rachel: Grow up!!!

Jawo: *sadly* Oh...

Blue: Ugh, can we please just order our food now?

Rachel: Oh, right, sorry about that. So uhm, what'll you have?

Penny: I'll have a--

??: Hey, waitress!

Rachel: Oh, excuse me for a second.

Penny: Hmph!

*Rachel walks over to the adjacent table. There sits a single man with the menu covering his face*

Rachel: How can I help you, sir?

??: I'd like to place my order now.

Rachel: Okay, what would you like?

*The man puts to the menu down, revealing himself to be Shadow*

Shadow: I'd like the house special, please.

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/Reese/Penny: Aah! It's Shadow!!!
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« Reply #26 on: 17 August, 2008, 03:34:46 pm »

Rachel: Alrighty! One house special, coming right up.

Shadow: Thank you.

*After taking Shadow's order, Rachel walks back to the group's table*

Rachel: Okay, guys! I'm ready for you now.

Jawo: *bangs table* What's HE doing here!?

Rachel: Huh?

Blue: Probably up to no good.

Lilia: As usual...

Rachel: What are you guys talking about? Who?

Reese: Him! *points to Shadow*

Rachel: Oh, you mean the guy I just served?

Penny: Yeah! His name's Shadow, and he's the biggest jerk alive.

Rachel: So Shadow's his name, is it? He doesn't seem so bad to me. He's kinda nice.

Blue: Don't be fooled, Rachel. He may seem like a gentleman, but he's nothing but trouble.

Lilia: Yeah, he's been a torn in our side many a time over.

Rachel: But--

Jawo: I don't know what he's doing or why he's here, but I'm going to find out! NOW!

Blue: Come on, guys.

*The group gets up from their chairs and heads over to Shadow's table*

Rachel: Ah, wait! Don't cause a scene! Oh man...

*Shadow is reading a book while awaiting his meal. Jawo walks over and snatches the book out of his hand*

Shadow: Egh, hey! How rude! And I was just getting to the good part!

Jawo: Storytime's over, pal.

Shadow: Oh, it's Blue and friends again. How do you do?

Blue: Don't give us that, Shadow. We know you're up to something. So spill it.

Shadow: Whatever do you mean, Blue?

Blue: Why are you here? Tell us now!

Shadow: Okay okay! Don't be so pushy! I'm on my break, so I came here to get some lunch. What, is that a crime or something?

Lilia: Hmph, I don't believe you. You're always playing some kind of crooked game, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was another trick to catch us off guard.

Shadow: *gasp* Misty! You wound me. How could you say such things aloud?

Lilia: My name's not Misty, it's Lilia!

Shadow: When did you change your name to Lilia? *scratches head*

Lilia: I didn--Ugh..nevermind...

Penny: Shadow, I don't like your face. So you better hightail it out of here right now before things get ugly.

Shadow: Penny, please! In front of all these citizens? Do you have no decency?

Reese: Shadow, you're acting odd. ...Well, odder than usual.

Shadow: What are you saying, Reese?

Reese: Why are you being so...peaceful with us? We're enemies, remember?

Shadow: Because, I already told you. I'm on my break. I want to just relax and have a nice hot meal. Without any confrontation. Is that so wrong?

Reese: Uhm...well, I guess not...

Shadow: Good! Since we're all here, let's have lunch together!

Blue: Erm...

Shadow: Oh come on! It'll be fun!

Blue: Ugh..fine...

Jawo: But Blue!

Blue: I know, Jawo. But he said he's trying to avoid confrontation, so why not?

Jawo: Ergh...I still don't like it.

Blue: Don't worry. If he tries to pull something, we'll be ready.

Jawo: ...Okay.

Shadow: Have a seat, guys! Sit back and relax! Let's have some fun!

*The group reluctantly takes a seat at Shadow's table. As they sit, all of their gazes are locked on him*

Shadow: Hey hey! What's with that look, huh? You're starting to creep me out over here!

Blue: Hmph.

Shadow: So uhm...what are you guys getting? I'm gonna try the house special!

Lilia: House Special? What's that?

Shadow: Take a look! It's right on the back of the menu.

Lilia: Hm...

*Lilia flips the menu to the back side and begins to read*

Lilia: *gasp* I don't believe it!

Jawo: What? What is it?

Lilia: Look, it's..it's...

*Jawo also flips the menu and looks*

Jawo: Aaaah! My...My Sprite Beef Stew! But how!?

Penny: Eh? Sprite Beef Stew?

Shadow: Excuse me? Did you just say your Sprite Beef Stew?

Jawo: Yeah! I created that dish a long time at our campsite! So how did it wind up on a menu at a cafe!?

Rachel: I can answer that one!

Jawo: Rachel?

Rachel: I was the one who suggested it be put on the menu.

Lilia: You did?

Rachel: Well...yeah. The staff wanted to find a new item to be the house special. They said it had to be tasty and yummy and scrumptious. And I remembered just how well your dish fit those three requirements, so I suggested it to the chefs. Then they decided to serve it to the customers to see how well it'd go with them.

Reese: So what happened?

Rachel: They.....LOVED IT!

Jawo: Ah!

Rachel: Your dish was an instant hit with the customers, so the staff immediately decided to put up the Sprite Beef Stew as the new house special!

Jawo: You're kidding!

Rachel: Oh am I? Look around you!

*The group looks around the cafe to see every customer eating a bowl of Sprite Beef Stew*

Penny: Wow! She's right! Look, everyone's eating it!

Rachel: See? I told you, didn't I? Everyone loves it! It's delicious!

Jawo: I can't believe it. My dish is famous...

Reese: Oh boy! This stuff must be good then! I'll take a bowl!

Penny: Me too!

Lilia: Oh, and me!

Jawo: Aw, what the hey! I could go for some too!

Shadow: Okay, then it's settled! A round of Sprite Beef Stew for everyone! On me!

Rachel: I'll go get your order right now!

Everyone sans Blue: Huzzah!!!

Blue: Ugh...I'll just take a glass of water...

*Rachel leaves and returns several minutes later with 5 bowls of Sprite Beef Stew. She gives everyone a bowl expect for Blue, who disdainfully sips a glass of water*

Rachel: Eat up guys!

*Penny and Reese begin to taste the stew*

Rachel: So? How do you like it?

Penny: Yow! This stuff is great!

Reese: Amazing! The carbonation of the broth...it's soothing to my tastebuds!

Penny: And the marinating of the soft drink into the beef...it's simply divine! Hard to believe that someone like Jawo made this!

Jawo: I'll take that as a compliment...

*Shadow then tastes the stew for himself*

Shadow: Hm...

Rachel: Shadow?

Shadow: This...this dish...it's

Rachel: Eh?

Shadow: It's...IT'S....!!!

Rachel: Huh huh huh!?


Shadow: Oh...would you look at the time? My break is over. Sorry! Ha ha ha!

Rachel: Waaaah!

*Rachel comically falls to the floor*

Shadow: Well, time to get back to the old grind! Catch you guys later! *salutes*

Blue: Shadow, wait!

*Shadow disappears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Lilia: That happens a lot, doesn't it?

Jawo: Hmph, good riddance, I say.

Rachel: Aw, and he didn't even tell me what he thought...

Jawo: Meh, it's not like his opinion matters anyhow.

Rachel: Ah! Jawo, you can't say things like that!

Jawo: Huh?

Rachel: If you're going to take your Sprite Beef Stew out onto the market and become a big shot entreprenuer, you've gotta know that the consumer's opinion always matters! No matter who they are!

Jawo: Whoa whoa whoa! Wait a minute! Who said I was going to do that!?

Rachel: Oh come on! It wouldn't be right to let such a tasty dish go unnoticed. The whole world has gotta know about it! And what better way to do that than by opening a chain of Sprite Beef Stew restuarants!

Jawo: Hmm...now that you mention it...it's not such a bad idea. But it'll have to wait! The world needs saving first!

Rachel: Huh? You mean something's up again? Is that why you're here?

Blue: Long story short, yes.

Rachel: Ah! Well then I can't stand aside and do nothing while the world is in danger! Let me come along with you, Blue!

Blue: Sorry Rachel, but I can't allow that.

Rachel: What!? Why!?

Blue: Because, ILS needs you more than we do.

Rachel: Aw, but...

Lilia: Blue's right. Thanks for the offer, Rachel, but we can handle this one ourselves. You stay here and keep raising money.

Rachel: *sigh* Okay...I understand. Just come back alright, okay?

Jawo: We will. You don't have to worry about a thing. We'll crush Kovah, and rid the world of him for good!

Rachel: Heehee, I love when you talk so heroic like that.

Jawo: Uh! Uhm...*rubs head*

Blue: It was nice seeing you again, Rachel, but we need to get going.

Rachel: Understood. Take care. All of you.

Lilia: And you do the same. ILS is counting on you, Rachel. Don't let him down.

Rachel: I won't. I promise.

Blue: Are you ready, guys?

*The group nods in agreement*

Blue: Then let's go!

Rachel: Bye! Travel safe! *waves*

*After meeting up again with Rachel and having an unorthodox luncheon with the mysterious Shadow, the group leaves Everard City behind and continues on their way*

~~Meanwhile, in ??~~

*Shadow returns to the unknown palace, the hideout of Kovah and his minions*

Shadow: *humming* Hm hmhm hmhm!

Kovah: Shadow!

Shadow: Oh, hey Kovah! What's up?

Kovah: Where have you...BEEN!?

Shadow: Who me? Oh, I was just taking a little break. You know, having lunch with Blue and his friends. It was pretty fun.

Kovah: You WHAT!?

Shadow: Uhm...I saved you some stew. See?

*Shadow takes out a plastic carton with some leftover Sprite Beef Stew in it*

Kovah: Bah! Idiot!

*Kovah smacks the carton out of his hand*

Shadow: Hey!

Kovah: You mean to tell me that you actually SAT DOWN AND ATE LUNCH with Blue's group, and didn't even lift a finger to stop them!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?

Shadow: Er...am I in trouble now? *sweatdrop*

*Kovah slaps his forehead and slowly slides his hand down his face*

Kovah: Ugh...I should just kill you now and save myself the grief...
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« Reply #27 on: 18 August, 2008, 03:27:44 pm »

*The group continues their journey northward until reaching the port city of Fisherman's Galley. A highly industrialized city where building work is constantly being done. And a favorite spot of fisher's and tourists*

~~Fisherman's Galley~~

Lilia: Well, it looks like we made it guys. According to the map, this is as far north as we can go!

Blue: I see. Does that mean the island is up ahead?

Lilia: Yup!

Jawo': And looky, not a single one of Kovah's losers in sight. This is great! I think we actually have the upper hand for once!

Blue: Looks like things are going well for us. Let's go see if we can get a ride to the island from here.

*The group continues on their way through the city, until once again crossing paths with Shadow who's leaning over a railing, watching the waves of the ocean*

Shadow: *to himself* Aaah, it's so nice out today. I could just stay out here forever...

Reese: Hey...is that who I think it is?

Penny: Oh man, it's him again!

Jawo': Ugh, I guess I spoke too soon...

Blue: *annoyed* Shadow.

Shadow: Huh? Oh, hey guys! Fancy running into you again.

Jawo: Why is that wherever we go, you're always there ahead of us?

Shadow: *shrugs* Coincidence? Or maybe you're just stalking me, eh? Hehehe.

Lilia: Hmph. Don't flatter yourself.

Shadow: Hah, Misty. Like always, your words cut right to the bone.

Lilia: Enough with the Misty!

Shadow: Well, anyway, what brings you chums to Fisherman's Galley, huh?

Blue: You should know why we're here.

Shadow: Oh, right. So you're looking for passage over to the northern island, I wager? Well, sorry to say, but you're out of luck.

Reese: How so?

Shadow: Because, I went to the harbor  myself earlier, and apparently, none of the ships are allowed to leave port due to a little problem.

Blue: Hmm...

*Blue looks at Shadow skeptically*

Shadow: Hey, what's the matter?

Blue: I don't know if we should believe you.

Shadow: Eh?

Jawo': Yeah, how do we know this isn't another scheme of yours to try and throw us off track?

Shadow: You think I'm lying!? Hmph, well you can just go see for yourself!

Blue: As matter of fact, I think we'll do just that. Come on, guys. Let's go to the docks.

Shadow: Hah, suit yourself, Blue. Don't say I didn't warn you.

*Ignoring Shadow's advice, the group heads to the city docks and seeks out one of the many passenger ships docked at the harbor. Upon arriving, they find the crew standing around, as if they're bored*

~~FG Harbor~~

Blue: Hey, excuse me.

Sailor: Eh?

Sailor2: Are you talking to us?

Blue: Yeah. I was wondering you could transport me and my friends to the island north of here.

Sailor: No can do, kid.

Blue: Huh?

Lilia: Why not?

Sailor2: Because, by decree of the city mayor, no ship is allowed to leave or enter the port.

Jawo': The decree of the mayor? Why would he do something like that?

Sailor: *shrugs* We don't know. We're just sailors. All we do is follow orders.

Sailor2: If you want to know what's really going on, you should try talking to the mayor himself.

Reese: Where does the mayor live?

Sailor: He lives in that small house right in the center of town.

Sailor2: Yeah, you can't miss it.

Penny: Mmn, so that snake was telling the truth afterall...

Blue: Alright, thanks. Let's go guys. We'll get to the bottom of this.

*After hearing the tale from the sailor's, the group heads over to the mayor's house. On their way, they bump into Shadow again*

Blue: ...Shadow.

Shadow: So gang, how did it go?

Blue/Lilia/Jawo'/Reese/Penny: *looks away*

Shadow: Hah, since you're back here and NOT on the island, I can only assume that YOU were wrong and that I was right all along! Right right right!?

Jawo': Grr...Shadow...

Penny: Don't push it, pal!

Shadow: You know, I hate to say I told you so, but....I told you so! Haha!

Lilia: That's enough!

*CRUNCH! Lilia stomps on Shadow's foot*

Shadow: Youch!!

Lilia: Hah! That'll teach you not to be a pompous jerk!

Shadow: Ow ow ow! So...uhm...what are you guys gonna do now, huh?

Reese: We're gonna go meet with the mayor and find out what the problem is.

Blue: Yeah, so we can put a stop to it, whatever it is, and get these ships back in the water.

Shadow: Ah, I see now. In that case, I'll join you!

Penny: You, join us? What for!?

Shadow: Well you know, I'm on my break and all, but I can't refuse a friend in need!

Blue: *annoyed* We're not your friends...

Shadow: Oh pshaw! You don't have to try and hide it!

*Shadow wraps his arms around Blue, much to his disdain*

Blue: *angrily* Mmmn...

Shadow: So whaddya say, pal!? Will you let me help out? Please? From one friend to another, eh?

Blue: If I say yes...will you get off me?

Shadow: Sure!

Blue: Fine, whatever.

Shadow: Alright!

*Shadow removes his arms from Blue*

Shadow: Now then, let's get over to that mayor's abode, shall we amigos?

Blue/Lilia/Jawo'/Reese/Penny: Meh...

Jawo': I don't know about you guys, but I smell something fishy...

Shadow: Huh? You do? Well...then again, we are by the ocean, so, heh, go figure. *shrugs*

Jawo': *facepalm* That's NOT what I meant...
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« Reply #28 on: 18 August, 2008, 07:56:39 pm »

*After teaming up with the egocentric Shadow (again), Blue and his friends venture to the center of the city where the mayor's house awaits. They arrive, and enter the dwelling quietly and courteously*

~~Mayor's House~~

Blue: Uhm...hello?

Lilia: Is anybody home?

*Just then, a short elderly man carrying a cane comes out from another room and greets the group*

Mayor: Oh my, what a surprise. We have visitors. And such young ones at that.

Shadow: Uh, are you the mayor, sir?

Mayor: Why yes, yes I am. Mayor Honeydew, at your service! Now what can I do for you kids, hm?

Blue: Well Mr. Mayor, we noticed that none of the ships are allowed to leave or enter the port.

Lilia: And we're wondering just why that is.

Mayor: Oh, I see. *sigh* I made the decree because we have a very big problem on our hands.

Jawo': What kind of problem, pops?

Mayor: It's...pirates.

Reese: Pirates?

Mayor: Yes. It's strange, but a band of pirates began appearing at the port about 2 week ago.

Penny: What did they do?

Mayor: Everytime a ship of any kind came near the harbor, they'd attack and steal the valuables of everyone aboard.

Shadow: Well that doesn't sound good.

Mayor: It sure isn't. Fortunately nobody was hurt during the attacks, but I just couldn't allow such a thing to go on any longer. So that's why I made the decree that no ships would be allowed to come or go from the harbor. To ensure that the pirates would never plunder any innocent people again.

Blue: So, did the pirates give up?

Mayor: Well...not necessarily...

Lilia: What do you mean?

Mayor: Even though there are no ships for them to attack, they continue to sail around the port everyday.

Jawo': Huh? Why would they do that?

Mayor: I don't know. But it's frightening the citizens! And while they remain here, I can't remove the decree! *sigh* Now I don't know what to do...

Reese: Maybe we could help!

Mayor: Oh no. Thank you for your concern, but you're just wee children! I don't want you to get hurt now.

Penny: Are you kidding? We may be young, but we're pretty kickass! We'll show those pirates a thing or two!

Mayor: Oh dear. But even so, I couldn't ask for your help. That'd be discourteous. As the Mayor of this city, it's my problem and mine alone.

Blue: That's not true, Mayor. It's our problem as well.

Mayor: Eh?

Lilia: Yeah, we need these ships to be able to leave the port, so that we can get passage to the northern island.

Jawo': That's right. And we don't plan on sitting around while these pirates terrorize the people of this city either.

Shadow: We'll get rid of the pirates, Mr. Mayor. Whether you want us to or not.

Mayor: Ah! Such valor and courage! You kids really are something else. ...I don't like it, but I guess the choice is out of my hands. I leave the pirates to you. It's around the time when they arrive at the port, so if you leave now, you should be able to catch them.

Blue: Alright! Let's do it, guys.

*The group prepares to leave the house, when the Mayor's wife walks into the room with a plate of cookies*

Blue: Huh?

Wife: *gasp* Visitors! And such cute little things they are! Oh, I hope you darlings like cookies!

Blue: Uhm, no thanks, ma'am. We really need to--

Reese/Penny: Cookies!?

*Reese and Penny joyfully run up to the plate of cookies and immediately help themselves*

Reese: Mmm! I love cookies!

Penny: Chocolate chip! My favorite!

Blue: Guys!

Reese: Aw, go on ahead, Blue.

Penny: Yeah, you can handle this one without us.

Blue: But...*rubs head*

Lilia: They're right, Blue. It's just pirates. How tough can they be?

Jawo': Yeah, Blue. Let's mosey already!

Blue: Okay. We'll be back in a few, guys. Wait here for us.

Reese/Penny: *happily nods*

*Blue leaves behind Reese and Penny and heads back to the harbor to confront the pirates. Upon arriving, they find the pirate ship itself docked and relieved of its passengers*

~~FG Harbor~~

Blue: Well, there it is. Let's go.

Shadow: Hang on a minute, Blue. Didn't the mayor say that the pirates only sailed around the harbor?

Blue: Yeah, that's right.

Shadow: Then why is the ship docked instead?

Lilia: Hey, you're right, Shadow! That must mean they're up to something on land.

Blue: Hmm, they probably got fed up with not having any ships to pillage and decided to take matters into their own hands.

Jawo': So they've brought the battle on solid ground, have they? Heh, that works for me. I've been waiting to kick some pirate butt.

Blue: Let's check it out, guys.

Lilia: *to herself* ...Something about that pirate ship seems very familiar...

Blue: Lilia, did you say something?

Lilia: Oh, no. Just thinking out loud. I'm coming.

*As the group nears the pirate ship, the captain of the pirates along with two of the crew approaches from the opposite side, and bumps into the group*

Captain: Yar! What do ye think you're doing? Get out of my way!

Pirate: Yeah, out of the way!

Blue: Sorry, Captain, but we've got some business with you.

Captain: Business with me, ye say? Well I've got none with you! Now move yer behind!

Lilia: Ah! Holy Moly! Captain, is that you!?

Captain: What do you mean, lass? I don't know you!

Lilia: Captain, it's me! Lilia! Don't you remember me?

Captain: Uh?

Pirate: *whisper* Captain, that's Lilia.

Pirate2: You know, the traitor?

Captain: Yaaargh! Well blow me down! It is you! Lilia the traitor!

Lilia: *sigh* Oh Captain, you still haven't gotten over that?

Captain: Yar! A pirate never forgets when he's been betrayed!

Blue: Hey...wait a minute. *points* YOU'RE that same Captain?!

Captain: Aye! Well if isn't the brat with Jahannam Jewel! Alright, laddy. Hand it over. Yar.

Blue: Sorry, Captain. But I got rid of that thing a long time ago.

Captain: *jaw drops* Aaaaaaaaaarrrr!!! What have ye done!?

Jawo': What's going on, you two? You're telling me that you know this dirtbag?

Lilia: Well yeah, he's the captain of the pirate crew that used to be a part of. Blue was traveling with us too some time ago, which was when I first met him.

Shadow: Well well. This is quite the twist of fate. Interesting. How long ago was this, Misty?

Lilia: Uhm...if I remember correctly...about 3 and a half years ago. ...And I'm not Misty!

Shadow: Hmm, that's quite a while. Tell me more.

Lilia: Okay uhm...it first started when--

Captain: Yargh! No trips down that thar memory lane!

Jawo': Yeah, that's right. We still need to kick your teeth in for terrorizing the people of this city.

Captain: Yar ar ar! That be a funny thing you just said to me! The only one who'll be getting their teeth kicked in will be you bilge rats!

Blue: So you think you can take us, Captain?

Captain: Har ar ar! Of course! That cursed bounty hunter isn't with you this time! Now I'll no problem mopping the poop deck with ye!

Jawo': Bounty hunter? You mean that ILS!? Hah, sorry to burst your bubble, Capt'n, but I'm strong than he'll ever be!

Captain: Yar! I'll show you! DIE!!!

*The Captain throws up his arm, and prepare to slam it down on Jawo*

Jawo: Ha ha! Finally! Some action!

*Jawo' gears up to retaliate with a punch when...BASH! The Captain is sent flying sky high*

Captain: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar! *Star KO*

Jawo': Huh!? Who--

*Shadow had cut in and uppercutted the Captain himself*

Jawo': What!?

Shadow: Oh...I'm sorry. Did you want that one?

Jawo': Errrrrrragh! Shadoooooooooow!!!

Shadow: Relax, relax! Look, there's some leftovers for you.

Jawo': Huh?

Pirates: *gulp*

Jawo': Heh heh. Come here, you. *pounds fist*

Pirates: Run away!!!

*The two pirates quickly flee*

Jawo': Aw man. I didn't get to do anything...*kicks pebble*

*Meanwhile, back at the Mayor's House, Penny walks outside to get some fresh air*

Penny: Aaaaah! *stretches* Fresh air and fresh cookies. It doesn't get any better than this. .....Uh?

*Penny looks up in the air to see strange flying creatures soaring over the city*

Penny: What the...what the heck!?

*Reese walks out of the house*

Reese: Penny, what's the matter? I thought I heard you yell.

Penny: Reese, look up there!

Reese: *looks up* Wah! What are those things!?

Penny: I don't know! But whatever it is, it's flying towards that island where the temple is.

Reese: The island...Do you think they could be...Prima's creatures?

Penny: *irritated* Hm...

*After defeating the pirate Captain, Blue and the others return to the Mayor House, to make a report of their success*

Penny: Blue!!

Blue: Penny, what's the matter?

Penny: Didn't you see it!?

Blue: Huh? See what?

Reese: There were monsters flying through the sky!

Lilia: M-monsters!?

Jawo': Where were they going?

Reese: They were flying towards the northern island!

Blue: The northern island! Why would they go there!?

Penny: We think...it's Prima.

Blue: Prima!? No!

Lilia: Uh oh! Blue, that means she's gonna get there ahead of us!

Jawo': Yeah, we need to get a move on, now!

Blue: Right! Come on!

*The group runs off, but Blue stops when he notices Shadow*

Blue: Well Shadow?

Shadow: Hm?

Blue: Are you coming or not?

Shadow: What do you mean? You know I can't do that. We're enemies, remember?

Blue: Oh...right...

Shadow: And besides, I've got my own agenda to follow. You go on ahead. Go stop Prima if you can.

Blue: Wait..what are you--

Shadow: Ta ta!

Blue: Shadow!

*Shadow disappears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Blue: ...What is it with him...?

Jawo': Blue, what are you doing!? Hurry up!

Blue: Oh, right! I'm coming!

*As Blue hurries off to catch up, the mayor's wife comes outside with another batch of cookies*

Wife: I hope you kids are hungry for some more cook...huh? *looks around* Now where did they run off to in such a hurry...?

As the group hurries ahead to catch a ship to the northern island, Prima has already found her own ride via conjured creatures. Mananging to get ahead of the group while they remedy the ailments of the city. Can they manage to stop Prima from destroying the Guardian Statue in time? Or will they fail to safeguard it once again?

End Road to the Temple Arc
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« Reply #29 on: 19 August, 2008, 06:47:58 pm »

*Prima had conjured a horde of winged beasts to carry herself and a group of minions over to the northern island. They land, and prepare to storm into the Swigis Temple*

~~Northern Island~~

Prima: So, this is the place, right?

Minion: Correct, Lady Prima. The Swigis Temple, and the Guardian Statue, should be just up ahead.

Minion2: And is it stands now, there's no sign of Blue and his group. So we should have no trouble.

Prima: There isn't? Drat. I was looking forward to crushing them.

Minion: Should we go, Lady Prima?

Prima: Yeah yeah. Let's get this over with. I want all of you to stay out here and guard the entrance from any intruders. I will go into the temple myself and make quick work of that statue. Is that Understood?

Minion: Understood. But what should we do if we come across Blue's group?

Prima: Hmm, well I'd rather if I took care of them myself...but I suppose you could try your hand against them.

Minion2: We will do our best.

Prima: Very well. I'll return shortly. Report to me if something goes wrong.

Minion: Yes, Lady Prima.

*Prima heads into the Swigis Temple alone. Afterwards, a passenger ship approaches the island from the opposite shore*

Sailor: This is your stop, guys!

Blue: Okay, let's go, everyone.

*The group disembarks the ship and sets foot on the island*

Blue: Thanks for the ride, you guys.

Lilia: Yeah, we really appreciate it.

Sailor: Nah, don't mention it.

Sailor2: In fact, we should be thanking you.

Jawo': Huh?

Sailor: Sailing the oceans is our life, you know.

Sailor2: If it wasn't for you kids, we wouldn't have been able to get back out into the water.

Sailor: So thanks a lot. Really, we owe you one.

Blue: Eh, no problem.

Reese: Yeah, we're just glad we could help.

Sailor: Well, you kids take care out there.

Sailor2: We don't know why you wanted to come out here, but whatever you're doing, good luck with it.

Sailor: Yah. We'll be waiting right here for you when you come back.

Blue: Okay, see you then. Come on, guys. Let's hurry. They couldn't have gotten far.

Lilia/Jawo'/Reese/Penny: Right.

*The group crosses over to the other side of the island where Prima's minions await, alertly guarding the entrance of the temple from all sides. Before advancing, they wait patiently behind a cliff*

Blue: They're already on the watch for us, it seems.

Lilia: What should we do, Blue?

Jawo': We don't really have the luxury of time to try and sneak past them, so our best bet is to smash our way through by force.

Lilia: Ugh, Jawo', why don't you try thinking with your head and not your muscles for once?

Jawo': What!?

Blue: As typical as Jawo's plan of action is, he's got a point. If we don't hurry, we won't make it in time.

Reese: So what's it going to be, Blue?

Blue: We'll do as Jawo' said; bust our way through without stopping for anything.

Penny: A take no prisoners approach, huh? I like that idea! Let's do it!

Blue: Well...there's no better time than the present. Let's go!

*The group comes out from behind the cliff and confronts Prima's minions at the entrance*

Blue: Alright, give it up!

Minion: Aagh! It's Blue's group!

Minion2: What do we do!?

Minion3: What else? We have no choice but to fight! We have to keep them at bay long enough for Lady Prima to destroy the statue!

Jawo': Not on our watch, buddy! I'll cut you up and toss you aside before you even get the chance!

Minion: Rrrgh, why you arrogant...

Blue: Mmn...I'm not liking these odds...

Lilia: Blue, what's the matter?

Blue: By the time we're finished with these guys, it may already be too late...

Reese: Then what should we do?

Blue: I don't know, but we need another plan.

Penny: Hmm...I have an idea, Blue!

Blue: Huh?

Penny: You guys go on ahead into the temple and stop Prima. I'll stay behind and take care of these goons.

Reese: Are you sure, Penny?

Penny: Yeah, I'm sure! Now go, while there's still time! I can take care of myself!

Blue: Alright, Penny. I'm couting on you. Come on, guys. We're going after Prima.

Jawo': Aw man, why do I have to miss out on the action AGAIN?

Lilia: *annoyed* Stop complaining!

*Lilia grabs Jawo' by the ear and pulls him along*

Jawo': Ow ow ow ow!

Minion: They're getting away!

Minion2: We can't let them reach Lady Prima! Stop them!

*One of the minions runs after the group in pursuit*

Penny: Not so fast! Tripper Spinner!

*Penny launches her spinners at ground level, attacking the minion's leg area. It hits, knocking him off his feet and tripping him to the ground*

Minion: Oh! Urrgh!

Blue: Thanks, Penny!

Penny: Ha ha! *waves*

*Blue and the group successfully escapes into the temple*

Minion2: No! They got away!

Penny: Heh heh, I'd be more worried about me rather than them if I were you, pal.

Minion3: Grrgh. You little brat. You'll pay for this!

Penny: *smirks* Go ahead and try. I'm right here, baby! *twirls spinners*

Minion4: Destroy her!

*Meanwhile, as Prima faces off against the minions and the group enters the temple in pursuit, Prima has already reached the depths, and has come face to face with the Guardian Statue itself*

~~Swigis Temple Depths~~

Prima: Hmph. So here it is, the Guardian Statue. Alright, let's make this quick. *cracks whip*

*Prima advances on the statue with the intent to destroy it when...*

Blue: Stop, Prima!

Prima: Hn?

*Blue and the others arrive just in time to confront Prima*

Jawo': Don't even think about touching that Guardian Statue.

Prima: Ha ha ha! So you came afterall! And what perfect timing! *cracks whip* Now I can finally have my fun with you.

Jawo': Tsch, you know, you're just as haughty and obnoxious as your sister.

Prima: What!? Rrrrgh! How dare you!

Jawo': And short-tempered as well.

Prima: Don't you ever compare me to her, you big ape! I'm so much more cuter, smarter and sophisticated than she is. Ah haha!

Jawo': Yeah right. You're just an annoying little girl.

Prima: *angrily* Oooooh! Just for that, I'll make sure your deaths are twice as painful and agonizing!

Reese: Prima! Why are you doing this!?

Prima: Oh Reese, I already told you. Kovah promised me power. He said that if I helped him unlock the power within the Lunar Monolith, I would gain a portion of it for myself.

Reese: You actually bought into that?

Prima: What?

Reese: The only thing to be found in the monolith is a dark, evil energy. All it will do is warp and twist your mind. And maybe even kill you! There is no power for you or anyone else to gain. Don't you see that?

Prima: You...you're lying!

Reese: No, I'm not.

Prima: Yes you are! This is just a trick! A trick to make me give up!

Reese: But, Prima...

Prima: Shut up! I won't listen anymore! I'm going to do what I should have done back at the academy! *cracks whip*

Blue: You think you can take us all by yourself, Prima?

Prima: Haha! Of course I can!

Jawo': Oh yeah? With what? That little toy of yours? Or maybe one of those weak Chimeras of yours? Don't make me laugh.

Prima: Heh heh, you short-sighted fool. You don't know anything, do you?

Jawo': What...?

Prima: It's time I showed you...the full extent of my conjuring powers!

*Prima's body begins to overflow with mana*

Lilia: W-what is she doing!?

Blue: Watch out, guys! She's up to something!

*Prima waves her arms around mysteriously, drawing a strange pattern into the air*

Prima: I call upon thee, my ultimate creature: Kokuryuu!!!
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