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AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)  (Read 2717 times)
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« Reply #30 on: 20 August, 2008, 08:04:08 am »

*As Prima conjures her creature, a wide glowing pentagram appears in front of her. Acting as a portal, a large black claw emerges from and slams down*

Blue: Aah!

Lilia: What...is that!?

*The beast continues to emerge from the portal, bringing out its head next, revealing itself to be an enormous black dragon. The rest of its body immediately comes out of the portal, as it flies into the sky, and crashes down in front of the group, menacingly staring at them*

Prima: Hahaha! Meet my most powerful creature! Kokuryuu, the fearsome black dragon! Say hello, my pet.

Kokuryuu: Grraaaaaaaaoooooooooh!!!!

*Kokuryuu unleashes a deafening howl, strong enough to push the group back several feet*

Blue: Ergh...it's strong. Stronger than anything we've come up against until now.

Reese: What!? How can we face something so powerful?

Prima: Hahahah! What's the matter? I hope you're not getting cold feet already. The fun has yet to begin!

Jawo': You wish. I'm not afraid of that scalebag! And I'll show you why!

*Jawo' prepares a technique*

Jawo': Crystal Art: Kyanite Morph!

*The blade of his sword changes into that of a flat, more exaggerated, bladed blue crystal. Similar to the shape of a spear*

Jawo': Now we'll see how tough you are! Crystal Javelin!

*Jawo' uses his sword as a throwing weapon and tosses it at Kokuryuu. It hits, but it immediately bounces off its scaly hide and back into Jawo's hand, having no effect*

Jawo': Didn't like that, huh? Well how about this!

*With his blade still morphed, Jawo runs toward Kokuryuu at full speed*

Lilia: Jawo'! Stop!

Blue: Wait! We don't know what we're dealing with!

Jawo': Too late now, Blue! He's going down!

*Jawo' comes within range and attacks*

Jawo': Erragh! Crystal Lance!

*Jawo' jams his sword into Kokuryuu's face, but the force of the impact shatters his blade completely, still not being able to pierce its skin*

Jawo': What!? No!!

Prima: Hahaha! You're so weak. There's no way you could ever hurt Kokuryuu with an attack like that! Now, my pet. Swat that fly.

Kokuryuu: Grrrraaoh!

Jawo': Uh!

Blue: Jawo', get out of there!

*Before Jawo' can move, Kokuryuu lashes him with its massive tail, knocking him across the room and smashing into a wall*

Jawo': Aaaaaaaaaagh! Guh!!

Lilia: No! Jawo'!

Reese: Jawo', hang on!

*Reese runs over to him*

Prima: Ahahahahahaha! Excellent, Kokuryuu.

Reese: Jawo', are you okay? Say something!

*Reese shakes him, but there's no response*

Reese: He's out cold...Blue! Jawo's hurt!

Blue: Damnit...

Prima: Hehehehe! If you think that was bad, just wait until you see what he does to the rest of you! Go, Kokuryuu! Annihilate them!

Kokuryuu: Grraaaoogh!

Prima: Now to settle on a good perch...

*Prima jumps onto the Guardian Statue and sits down nonchalantly*

Prima: And watch the show! Heehee!

*Meanwhile, outside the temple, Penny faces off against the minions by herself*

Minion: Get her!

*The minions advance on Penny and attack her at once from all sides*

Penny: Come on! I'm ready for ya!

*They attack with multiple punches and kicks, but Penny skillfully dodges them. And with each evasion, countering with a kick of her own, eventually forcing them to back off*

Minion: Damn...she's good.

Minion2: Should we try another approach?

Minion3: That'd be best, yeah.

Minion4: I have an idea, follow me.

Penny: Sorry, but you don't get a second chance!

Minion4: What!?

Penny: Take this!

*Penny launches her spinners at ground level again, this time wrapping around the minion's ankles*

Minion4: Aaah! Release me at once!

Penny: Not a chance! I like to call this one...Round Trip!

*Penny infuses her spinners with mana, allowing her to swing the minion around through the air*

Penny: Round and round he goes! Where he stops, only Penny knows! Hahaha!

Minion4: *dizzy* D-don't just stand there! H-help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Minion: Oh...right. Let's stop her!

*The minions begin to advance on Penny during her attack*

Penny: Heh, don't worry. I'd never think of leaving you out of the fun!

Minion: Huh?

*Penny adjusts her swinging, using the minion as a battering object to attack the others. She strikes the first minion*

Penny: Single hitter!

Minion: Uuugh!

*Then the next one*

Penny: Double hitter!

Minion2: Gaah!

*And the next one*

Penny: Triple hitter!

Minion3: Aaaagh!

Penny: And finally...!

*Penny swings the last minion high up into the air*

Penny: Grand Slam!!!

*Penny tugs on the rope, sending the minion careening toward the ground at full speed*

Minion4: Aaagh! Noooooooooooo!!!


Minion4: Uuuggh...

Penny: *dust off hands* And that takes care of that. Now to go help my friends.

Minion: Urgh...you...

Penny: Oh? Are you back for more?

Minion: Even if...you make it to Lady Prima...you won't be able...to defeat her. Kokuryuu...will destroy your friends...and then you.

Penny: Hah, are you kidding?

Minion: Huh...?

Penny: I know the secret to Prima's conjurings. She could never beat me with those monsters of hers no matter how strong they are.

Minion: But...how!?

Penny: Well, I AM her younger sister afterall.

Minion: Lady Prima...has a younger sister...?

Penny: So long! Heehee!

*Penny advances into the temple*

Minion: No! Wait! Urgh....Lady...Prima...
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« Reply #31 on: 20 August, 2008, 06:47:49 pm »

Prima: Now, Kokuryuu! Make them suffer!

Kokuryuu: Grraaaaooh!

Reese: Not if I have anything to say about it! Leave it to me, Blue!

Blue: Alright.

Prima: Huh?

Reese: Gale Shot!

*Reese begins to rapidly fire arrows at Kokuryuu. The arrows bounce off of his hide, only succeeding in annoying him*

Kokuryuu: Grraaaaagh!!

*Kokuryuu reaches out his claw and swipes at Reese, but he leaps back, avoiding the attack*

Reese: Phew! That was close. Okay then, let's try a new one!

*Reese pulls an arrow from his quiver and charges it with mana, making it increase in size tenfold. He then loads it into his bow*

Reese: Giga Fang!!!

*Reese fires the giant arrow at Kokuryuu. It hits with enough force to make him stagger back, temporarily stunning him*

Reese: Yes!

Prima: Ah! Kokuryuu! You'll pay for that, Reese!

Reese: Now let's really bring the pain!

*Reese loads a single arrow into his bow*

Reese: Eagle Shot!

*Reese fires the arrow at a blinding speed towards Kokuryuu's head in an attempt to finish him off*

Prima: Kokuryuu! No!

*Before the arrow can strike, however, Kokuryuu recovers from its stun and swings his tail out in front of his face, using it to block the arrow*

Reese: Darn! Almost had him!

Prima: Ha ha ha! You fool! Now eliminate that pest, Kokuryuu!

Reese: Aah!

*Kokuryuu coats his sharp nails in flames and slashes Reese with a burning dragon claw attack, knocking him down with a heavy blow*

Reese: Aaaaaagh!!

Blue: Reese!

*Blue catches Reese before he can hit the ground*

Blue: Reese, are you alright?

Reese: Ugh...I can't keep going. That's it for me...

Blue: It's okay, rest.

Lilia: Blue, what should we do?

Blue: Lilia, you take care of Reese. I'll handle this Kokuryuu.

Lilia: But Blue, what can you do by yourself? Let me help you!

Blue: No, Lilia. It won't do any good if you attack him.

Lilia: But why?

Blue: That beast's body can absorb the impact of physical attacks. That's why Jawo's and Reese's attacks didn't have much of, if any affect at all.

Lilia: Hmm...okay. I understand.

Blue: Good. Go keep Reese safe, and leave the rest to me.

Lilia: Be careful, Blue...

*Lilia carries Reese as the two begin to back away from the fray*

Prima: Huh!? Oh no you don't! Kokuryuu! Attack them!

Blue: What!?

*Kokuryuu deeply inhales and spews a large black fireball from its mouth towards Lilia and Reese*

Lilia: Uah!!

Blue: Lilia, hurry! Get away!

*Lilia tries to evade, but can't in time due to being weighted down by Reese. She is struck by the fireball, and she and Reese are sent flying backwards*

Lilia: Aaaaaagh!!

Blue: No!!

Prima: Ahahahahaha!! There is no escape, you pathetic saps! Kokuryuu will fry you all!

Blue: Mmnn..(I have to defeat that thing before it's too late. I'm the only one who can!)

*Blue dashes toward Kokuryuu at all speed and confronts him on his own*

Prima: What!? You would dare!?

*Once within range, Blue leaps into the air and onto Kokuryuu's head*

Prima: Arrgh! Get rid of him, Kokuryuu!

Kokuryuu: Grrraaggh!

*Kokuryuu violently tosses his head around in an attempt to shake Blue off, but to no avail*

Blue: Here we go!

*Blue prepares a spell*

Blue: Thunder Blade!!

*A blade made of pure lighting descends from the sky and into Blue's hand*

Blue: I'll end this! Hyah!

*Blue plunges the thunder blade into Kokuryuu's head, causing an explosion of shocks and sparks upon impact. Kokuryuu then falls completely helpless to the ground*

Prima: Uwaaaah! What have you done!?

Blue: I just defeated your "Ultimate Creature".

Prima: No! That can't be! Kokuryuu can't be beaten! That's just impossible!

Blue: Too bad, Prima. It's over for you.

Prima: Grrrgh! Not yet, Blue!

*As Blue is about to descend from Kokuryuu's head, he immediately springs back to life, as if he was never hurt*

Blue: What!? But how!?

*Kokuryuu then slams his head into the ground at full force, crushing Blue underneath its weight*

Blue: Uuuuaaaaagh!!!

Prima: Hahahahahah! I knew he couldn't be defeated by the likes of you!

Blue: Nngh...ugh...

Prima: Now, Kokuryuu! Finish him off once and for all!

*Kokuryuu rears his head back and inhales. He then blows a stream of black fire directly at Blue, intent on incinerating him*

Prima: Yes! Burn him to ashes!

Blue: Ungh...I can't move. Is this it? Are we going to lose here and now...?

*The fire stream closes in on Blue when...*

Jawo': Chaos...Control!!!

Blue: Hunh?

*The entire area freezes and goes completely gray, sans Blue, and Jawo' who's come to just in time to save Blue from certain death*

Blue: Is this...Chaos Control? Then that must mean....

*Blue looks behind him to see Jawo' straining with his hand stretched out*

Blue: Jawo'!

Jawo': Blue...are you okay!?

Blue: Yeah, I'm fine now. Thanks to you.

Jawo': Good, now hurry! I can't hold this for long!

Blue: Ah, right!

*Blue moves out of the way of the fire stream, allowing Jawo' to release his control over the passage of time. With Blue out of harms way, the fire stream completely misses its target, hitting the wall instead*

Prima: What? It missed!? But how!?

Blue: Heh heh.

Prima: Errrgh! You pulled some kind of trick, didn't you!?

Jawo': I assure you, Chaos Control is far from being a "trick".

Prima: You! How are YOU still up and around!? Hmph. No matter. You're both too weak to do anything to my Kokuryuu. I'll just have him pick you off like blueberries from a bush! Hahahah!

Jawo': That's what you think, girlie. Blue, can you still fight?

Blue: Yeah...I think so.

Jawo': Then it's not over yet. Here we come, Prima!
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« Reply #32 on: 21 August, 2008, 08:36:55 am »

Jawo': Alright Blue, let's give it another shot! We can still beat her!

Blue: *panting* Hah...ha..hah...

Jawo': ...Blue?

*Blue's body wobbles from fatigue as his eyes being to close*

Jawo': Blue, what's the matter?

Blue: I'm...hah...I'm going down...

Jawo': Blue! Stay with me!

Blue: Forgive me...Jawo'...

Jawo': Blue!!!

*As Blue loses consciousness, his body falls over. Jawo' catches him before he can hit the ground*

Jawo': Blue! Blue, wake up!

*no response*

Jawo': It's no good. He's had enough...

Prima: Hahahaha! Looks like your last hope has been flushed down the toilet. Just like so much tissue paper!

Jawo': Damnit. And after I made such a daring rescue too...

Prima: Hmm, any last words before you meet your maker?

Jawo': I have no words for you. Because I'm not dying here.

Prima: Hmph, arrogant to the end. So be it then. Now prepare to face your doom by the hands of Prima! The unbeatable conjurer!

??: Heh, is that right?

Prima: Huh?

*Prima turns her head just in time to see a spinner smack her right in the face. The blow knocks her off the Guardian Statue and straight to the ground*

Prima: Waaaaaah! Oof!

Penny: Ha ha! How'd you like that!?

Jawo': Penny! It's you!

Penny: Uh? Oh man...what happened to you guys? It's like you got run over by a tornado!

Jawo': It's that stupid Kaku...Koyku..Kookie...whatever it is! It really took us for a loop...

Penny: Yeesh. Good thing I came when I did then. You guys just couldn't get along without me, could you? Hah, you're hopeless! *shrugs*

Jawo': Yeah, whatever, rat brat. Now are you gonna give me a hand or not?

Penny: I already did. Look!

Jawo': Huh?

*Penny points to Kokuryuu, who's struggling just to merely stand, appearing to be severly weakened*

Kokuryuu: Grrrr....

Jawo': What happened to him? *rubs head*

Prima: M...My face! Who did this to me!?

Penny: Hey, sister! *waves*

Prima: Argh! It's you, Penny! How dare you ruin my beautiful face!?

Penny: I'd say it's an improvement if you ask me...

Jawo': Heh, good one.

Penny: Not bad, right?

Prima: Hmph! Just laugh it up, Penny! Because your fun is about to end! Devour them both, Kokuryuu!

*Kokuryuu attempts to stand, but fails and falls flat to the ground*

Kokuryuu: Grrr....

Prima: Kokuryuu?

Penny: Sorry, it looks like your dragon isn't quite up to it.

Prima: You! What have you done!?

Penny: I exploited your weakness!

Prima: What? What weakness? Tell me!

Penny: Oh, don't act like you don't know. Summoning and conjuring are two of the most powerful types of magic. But of the two, conjuring has the biggest drawback! Since unlike summoning, conjuring doesn't require a contract with the creature you call forth, and as a result, said creature's life force is tied directly to the conjurer's. Also meaning, the more damage the conjurer incurs, the weaker the conjured creature becomes! That's one integral detail to know when facing conjurers. Especially if they happen to conjurer something powerful.

Prima: Nooooooo! How did you find out!?

Penny: Oh, one day, I saw that conjuring you used to read lying around, so I just decided to sneak a peek!

Prima: Why you...how dare you go through my belongings!

Penny: I'm a younger sibling. It's what we do! Heehee!

Prima: You miserable little...

Penny: You know, I don't think Kokuryuu is quite weak enough. I think I'll fix that!

Prima: *backs away* Y-you stay away from me, Penny!

Penny: It's too late now! You've earned your lumps, Prima!

*Penny quickly advances on Prima and unleashes an attack*

Penny: Spinner Rapid Thrust!!

*Penny strikes Prima with one spinner, and then strikes again with the other. She attacks back and forth, picking up speed with each blow, continuing in rapid succession*

Prima: Aaaaaah! Oof! Ungh! Ngh! Gah! Uwah!

Penny: And here's the finale!

*Penny stops and rears back. She then launches both spinners at once, striking Prima with one final devastating blow. The force of the attack sends her spiraling into a wall*

Prima: Uwaaaaaaaaaah! Uaagh!

*Prima smacks hard into the wall. She then falls to the ground, battered and bruised*

Prima: Ungh...drat...uh...

Penny: Heeheehee. Too bad, Prima. I guess you've learned your lesson now, huh?

Jawo': Wow....

Penny: Hey hey hey! What are you standing there gaping like a fish for!?

Jawo': Huh?

Penny: Finish off that dragon so we can put an end to this!

Jawo': Oh, right! Hm!

*Jawo' prepares a technique*

Jawo': Crystal Art: Enlarge!

*The blade of the sword grows and expands, becoming more jagged and exaggerated*

Jawo': Alright, here I go!

*Jawo' leaps into the air over to Kokuryuu and slashes overhead with his massive blade*

Jawo': Hyyyyyaaaaaaaah!!!

*The blade cuts right through the weakened dragon, piercing its hide with an enourmous bloody gash*

Kokuryuu: Grraaaaaaaaaaooooh!!!

*In its dying breath, Kokuryuu lets out a howl of anguish. He then stumbles over, crashing into the Guardian Statue on its way down*

Jawo': Waah! No!

Penny: The Guardian Statue!

*Kokuryuu's remains fade away, leaving only the crumbled remnants of the Guardian Statue in its wake*

Jawo': Aw man! And after all of that work we did!

Penny: Jawo'! This is all of your fault!

Jawo': My fault!?

Penny: Yeah! If only you would've killed it some other way!

Jawo': Hey, how was I supposed to know it was going to bump into the statue!?

Prima: ....Huh? Uh...oh!!

*Prima springs up to her feet*

Prima: K-Kokuryuu! My precious pet! It's gone! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Jawo': Give it up, Prima. It's over.

Prima: Noooooooo! Help me! Somebody! I'm too young and pretty to die!

*Prima runs around crying and flailing about. At that time, the minions guarding the entrance of the temple storm into the back room*

Minion: Lady Prima! Are you okay?

Prima: They beat it! They beat Kokuryuu! Uwaaaah! *cries*

Minion2: Kokuryuu! Beaten!?

Minion3: We have no choice! We must retreat!

Minion4: Hurry, before it's too late!

*One of the minions grabs hold of a crying Prima as they all quickly scurry out of the temple*

Penny: Hah, she always was a big crybaby.

*A while after Prima and her minions flee the temple, Blue and the others finally come to*

Blue: Ungh...my head...

Reese: Ouch...I ache all over...

Jawo': Hey. Welcome back, guys.

Lilia: Jawo'...Penny? What's going on?

Blue: What happened to Prima?

Penny: We took good care of her. Don't you worry.

Reese: And that dragon..thing?

Jawo': Him too.

Lilia: *sigh* Well that's a relief.

Blue: Is the statue still safe?

Jawo'/Penny: Uhm...er...*whistles*

*Jawo' and Penny step aside, allowing the others to see the broken pieces of the statue*

Blue: Uwaaaaaaaah! What happened to it!?!?

Jawo': Well uhm..when I killed the dragon...it kinda...fell into the statue and...*cough* smashed it.

Lilia: *facepalm* Jawo', what did we tell you about always overdoing it?

Jawo': Sorry...

Reese: Oh man. All of that for nothing. We should've just let Prima destroy the statue on her own. It would've saved us a lot of trouble...

Penny: Hey! Don't say that! At least we managed to put a dent in that ego of hers! We gave her a beating she'll never forget!

Blue: *sigh* I suppose so. But now there's only one statue left.

Jawo': Well, then we'll just have to do our best to protect it.

Blue: Right. In that case, we've got no time to lose. Let's hurry to the last statue.

Lilia/Jawo'/Reese/Penny: Right.

And so, with the aid of Penny's knowledge of conjuring lore, the group is ultimately able to triumph over the dreadful diva Prima and the black dragon Kokuryuu. But in the end, due to an uncanny incident, the Guardian Statue is destroyed regardless! With only one statue left to protect, the group leaves the Swigis Temple behind and sets out in search of it. Will this final statue remain safe from harm? Or will it fall to Kovah's minions? ...Or perhaps another of Jawo's blunders?

Jawo': Hey! I said it's not my fault!

Yeah yeah...

End Vs. Prima Arc
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« Reply #33 on: 21 August, 2008, 10:36:18 am »

*After defeating Prima, Blue and the group boards the passenger ship and returns to Fisherman's Galley*

Blue: Thanks again for your help, you guys.

Sailor: Sure! Anytime you need a ride, you know where to find us!

Sailor2: Just come on back anytime! We'll be happy to sail you anywhere!

Blue: Okay, we'll keep that in mind.

Sailor: So long, lads!

Sailor: Take care out there!

Lilia: See you around! *waves*

*With a heartfelt goodbye, the sailors set sail once again, leaving the harbor and setting out into the vast oceans. The group then returns to the main part of the city*

Reese: So Blue, where are we headed next?

Blue: Hmm, if I remember what the elders told us, the last statue is in the...Vaughn Tower, at the Yule Desert.

Lilia: Which is...according to this map, far east of here.

Jawo': I guess we've got a long road ahead of us, huh?

Blue: May as well get started. Let's get going.

*As the group is about to leave town, Mayor Honeydew approaches and stops them*

Mayor: Ah! There you are, Blue!

Blue: Mayor?

Mayor: I was wondering where you all had gotten off to. I was afraid that I wouldn't get the chance to thank you for saving the harbor from those nasty pirates.

Blue: Oh yeah, sorry about that. *rubs head*

Lilia: It wasn't our intent to just up and go like that.

Jawo': Something came up and we just had to go take care of it.

Mayor: Oh forget about it. It's quite alright. I just wanted one last chance to see you, so everything's okay.

Blue: Well, you're welcome, Mayor.

Mayor: Oh oh! Where are my manners!? I still haven't given you your reward for helping our fair city!

Blue: Uhm, thanks, but no thanks, Mayor. That's really not necessary.

Mayor: Oh, but...

Jawo': Yeah, we're content with knowing that we were able to help the city. We don't need a reward.

Mayor: Very well. But please do come back. This city will always welcome its new heroes!

Reese: Well, it's all in a days work, Mr. Mayor. Heh heh!

*Penny punches Reese in the head*

Reese: Ow! Penny! What was that for!?

Penny: Don't take the credit, you ding dong! We didn't even go, remember?

Reese: Oh...right...*sigh* But I wanted to be a hero too...

Mayor: Oh ho ho! Don't worry, Reese. I know there's a hero somewhere inside of you. And of course, you too, Penny!

Reese: Hehehe. *rubs head*

Blue: As much as we'd love to stay and chat, Mr. Mayor; we should be going now.

Mayor: Right...right. Sorry to keep you kids busy with my rambling. Oh..but wait, before you go...

Blue: Huh?

Mayor: Not too long ago, I saw your strapping companion with the sunglasses leave the city. I was thinking that maybe you wanted to know where he had gone off to.

Blue: Uh, you mean Shadow?

Mayor: Ah yes, that's it! His name had escaped me, I'm afraid.

Jawo': Uhm, just for the record, pops, he's not really our 'companion'.

Mayor: He isn't? Oh dear... I had thought you were all chums.

Lilia: That's okay. I know that's what it seemed like.

Penny: He always finds some way to weasel into our group, unfortunately.

Reese: Sometimes we're not even sure if he's our companion or not... *scratches head*

Mayor: Well, in case you're still interested, before he left, he said he was going to Holbech Town.

Blue: Holbech Town? Why there?

Mayor: If I remember correctly, he stated that it was to see somebody.

Lilia: See someone? Hmm...sounds pretty iffy to me.

Blue: Hrmm, what could he be up to...?

Jawo': Mmn, if we know Shadow, it's probably nothing good.

Reese: What should we do, Blue? Should we go after him?

Blue: Hmm...it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to look into this matter further. But it might be too out of our way...

Lilia: Not quite, Blue! Look!

Blue: Huh?

Lilia: Holbech Town is just east of here! That means we should pass by there on the way to the Yule Desert anyway!

Reese: Is that right, Lilia? Great! Then we should be fine!

Jawo': So what's it going to be, Blue? Are we going or not?

Blue: Hm...alright. We'll do it.

Penny: So we're going?

Blue: Yeah. Let's go pay that Shadow a visit. Maybe we'll find something useful.

*As such, thanks to a tip off from Mayor Honeydew, Blue and his friends have temporarily set aside their search for the Guardian Statue to pursue the mysterious Shadow instead. They leave Fisherman's Galley and travel east towards Holbech Town*
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« Reply #34 on: 22 August, 2008, 07:39:59 am »

*The group leaves Fisherman's Galley, heading eastward. After several hours worth of traveling, they arrive in the nearby town of Holbech. The place where Shadow had supposedly gone to*

~~Holbech Town~~

Blue: Well Lilia, is this Holbech Town?

Lilia: Hmm...*reads map* Yup! Sure is! We made it!

Jawo': Great. Now let's find Shadow and put a nice big dent in him. *pounds fist*

Reese: Hey...who said we were going to fight him?

Penny: Yeah! I thought we came here to figure out what he's plotting. ...And then put a nice big dent in him!

Blue: No dents!

Jawo'/Penny: Aww...

Blue: We're just going to find out what he's up to, if anything. I'd like to avoid an all out fight, if at all possible.

Jawo': How could you say that, Blue!? You know we're going to end up fighting him eventually!

Penny: Yeah! So why not save ourselves some time and take him out now? That's what we do to our enemies!

Lilia: Oh yeah? Well..well..well who says he's our enemy!?

Blue: Lilia...

Jawo': I think the fact that's WORKING FOR THE BAD GUY AND TRIED TO KILL US is reason enough as to why he's our enemy.

Lilia: But..but...well...you don't know! I think he might be suffering from some kind of mental anguish! I mean, didn't he say he was here to see someone? I can only imagine that it's someone he must really care for!

Penny: ...Mental anguish? Are you serious?

Reese: Lilia, even I think that sounds little...ugh...

Jawo': I can't believe you're honestly defending that guy's actions! And even if that's all true, that's no excuse for what he's done! Blue, talk some sense into her!

Blue: Listen, I don't know what Shadow's motives are. Nor do I care. For all we know, his motives may not even dictate his actions at all. The only thing I know is that he's an obstacle on our path, and that we have to keep an eye on him.

Lilia: But Blue...

Blue: Lilia, we don't have time to argue over something we don't know about. The only way to know for sure whether Shadow is really our enemy or not, is to hear it from him ourself.

Lilia: *sigh* I guess you're right...

Blue: Good. Now we've wasted enough time standing around. Let's get going.

*Blue and the others continue onward through town in their search for Shadow. Soon, they come across the local pub and decide to start their search there*

~~Holbech Pub~~

Blue: Hmm...*looks around* Do any of you see him in here?

Lilia: *looks around* ...Nope...

Jawo': Nuh uh...

Reese: Not at all.

Penny: I don't see him either, Blue.

Blue: Hmph. He must not be here then...

Jawo': Should we go look elsewhere, Blue?

Blue: Yeah, I guess...

Lilia: Wait, Blue.

Blue: Huh? What's up, Lilia?

Lilia: I was thinking, maybe we should ask the people here first, to see if any of them have seen Shadow around. Maybe they know something about it.

Blue: Hm...*rubs chin*

Jawo': Seems like a good idea to me, Lilia.

Reese: Yeah, we should do it.

Blue: Alright. I suppose it couldn't hurt. Let's try our hand with the people in this pub.

*And so the group asks around the pub for any signs or hints of Shadow's whereabouts. After asking everyone in the pub, their inquiries yield no positive results*

Blue: Damn, I can't believe nobody here as seen him around...

Lilia: Don't worry, Blue. He's gotta be around here somewhere. We just have to keep looking.

Jawo': Hrmm, I'm starting to wonder if that old man's word is really credible...

Reese: What do you mean, Jawo'?

Jawo': Yeah, well...you know how those old people are. They can't quite hear right. If you know what I mean. *taps ear*

Reese: Eh...so you're that Mayor Honeydew may've heard Shadow wrong, and that he's actually somewhere completely different?

Jawo': *crosses arms and nods*  Mhm, that's right. Hell, who knows if he even met with Shadow in the first place!? He could've just hallucinated the whole thing! I'm telling ya, he's gotta be going senile.

Blue/Lilia/Reese/Penny: ~_O *eye twitches*

Jawo': Uh...what? *rubs head*

*Meanwhile, outside the bar, Shadow begins to walk past, carrying a boquet of flowers in his hand*

Shadow: ...

*Shadow passes by the window of the bar. Suddenly, he stops in his tracks with a surprised expression on his face, and walks back*

Shadow: Hm?

*Shadow presses his face up against the glass and peeks inside. Upon looking, he spies Blue and the others talking amongst themselves*

Shadow: Hmph. It's Blue and the gang. What the heck are they doing here?

*Meanwhile, inside*

Lilia: Huh...?

Blue: Lilia, is something the matter?

Jawo': Yeah, what's up?

Lilia: I just thought I heard something outside...

Jawo': Hmm...wanna go check it out?

Blue: Sure.

Reese: I'll go too.

Penny: So will I!

*The group gets up from the table and heads outside of the bar. There they find Shadow with his face still pressed against the glass*

Shadow: ...

Blue: Shadow!!!

Shadow: Uh? *looks over* Gah! Blue!

*Shadow panics and stumbles over, falling flat on his butt, dropping the flower bouquet*

Shadow: Agh! Ah man! My flowers! They're ruined!!

Reese: Shadow...what are you doing here?

Shadow: N-nothing. Y-yeah, I was just leaving. Yeah, that's right.

Jawo': Admit it. You were spying on us, weren't you?

Shadow: Hmph. I don't know what you're talking about.

*Shadow stands to his feet and dusts off his cloak and without saying a word, Shadow turns around and begins to walk past the group nonchalantly*

Shadow: Sorry guys, but I don't have time to play with you today. Maybe some other time.

*As Shadow walks past, Blue quickly steps in front of him, barring his path*

Shadow: Huh?

Blue: Hold on a minute, Shadow! We've got a bone to pick with you...

Shadow: Ergh! Get out of my way!

*Shadow harshly pushes Blue out of his path, shoving him into the side of a building*

Blue: Uwaah! Oof!!

Lilia: Blue!

*He then quickly dashes off, and is soon out of sight*

Reese: Shadow! Where are you going!? Ugh...what's gotten into him...?

Lilia: Blue, are you alright?

Blue: Urgh...yeah, I'm fine. But...but Shadow...

Lilia: Huh?

Blue: I don't know what he's up to, but we're not leaving until we find out.

Jawo': Huh? But Blue, what about the Guardian Statue?

Blue: I know, that's important too. But this could finally be our chance to get Shadow off our backs for good, and I don't wanna pass it up.

Lilia: So let's say we do a little investigating, huh?

Blue: Yeah. Whatever Shadow's hiding, one way or another, we're gonna figure it out.
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*The group follows Shadow's trail once again and ultimately finds him walking through the streets of town alone. They await at the street corner for him to approach*

Lilia: There he is. We found him!

Jawo': What now, Blue?

Blue: Hmm, knowing Shadow, he probably won't spill the beans willingly.

Penny: That means we have to force it out of him, right?

Blue: Exactly right, Penny.

Reese: So what's the plan?

Blue: We wait here, and when he gets close enough, we burst out and ambush him! Is that understood?

Lilia: Sounds good to me.

Jawo': Yeah, let's do it.

Blue: Okay, here he comes! Get ready!

*Shadow casually walks down the street*


Reese: He's getting closer, Blue!

Penny: Tell us when!

Blue: Alright.......now!!

*Once Shadow reaches the edge of the street corner, the group immediatly jumps out and lunges at him*

Shadow: Huh!?

Blue/Lilia/Jawo'/Reese/Penny: Yaaaaaaaaaah!!

Shadow: Woah!!

*Before they can grab him, Shadow quickly jumps back and avoids their attempt*

Blue: Darn! We missed!

Shadow: Hey! What's the big idea!? Ambushing me like that! Such an underhanded tactic isn't very hero-like, you know.

Blue: Alright, Shadow. No more games! Tell us who you're looking for and why, or else!

Shadow: Oh, is that all!? Of course I'll tell you! Duh!

Blue: Uhm...will you really?

Shadow: Nyah! Psyche! Ahahaha! Loser! *holds up "L" sign*

Blue: Rrrrgh! Get him! Don't let him escape!

Shadow: Whuh oh!

*The group surrounds Shadow from all sides and advances on him all at once*

Lilia: Here I come, Shadow! Haaah!

*Lilia attempts a diving tackle on Shadow, but he leaps over her, causing her to miss and fall flat on her face*

Lilia: Oof!

Shadow: Sorry! Ahahaha!

Jawo': You're going down, pal!

*Jawo' attempts a shoulder charge at Shadow head on, but he swiftly sidesteps, causing Jawo' to ram into the side of a building instead*


Jawo': Aauugh!

Shadow: *mockingly* You're too slow!

Reese: Well try this on for size!

*Reese loads a blunt tip arrow into his bow*

Reese: Pummel Shot!

*Reese fires the arrow at Shadow, but he catches it and throws it back at him, hitting Reese square in the nose*


Reese: Aaagh! M-my nose! ...Oh no! It's bleeding! *tears up*

Shadow: *waggles finger* Tsk tsk tsk.

Penny: You can't escape me!

*Penny launches her spinners at Shadow. They wrap around him and manage to ensnare him tightly*

Penny: Ha! Gotcha!

Shadow: This old trick again? Haven't you learned anything, Penny?

*Shadow disappears and reappears, removing himself from the ropes grip*

Penny: Ah! No!

Shadow: *mockingly* Come on! Step it up!

*At that moment, Blue sneaks up on Shadow and tackles him from behind and pins him to the ground by sitting on top of him*

Shadow: Uaaagh! Oof!

Blue: Ha ha! Now who's too slow!?

Shadow: Darn! I let my guard down...

Lilia: Way to go, Blue! You did it!

Blue: We got you fair and square, Shadow. Now tell us everything.

Shadow: Heh, not a chance!

Blue: Huh?

*Shadow disappears and reappears. Now he has Blue pinned to the ground instead*

Blue: Urk! What the--!

Shadow: Ha ha! Now the tables have turned again! Nice try, Blue.

Blue: I'm not done yet!

*Blue uses his strength to push Shadow off of him*

Blue: We're just getting started! Are you ready to go again, guys?

*The group nods in agreement*

Shadow: Ergh, you're awfully persistent today, aren't you?

Blue: Let's get him!

*The group charges after Shadow once again*

Shadow: Hmph. It was fun while it lasted, but playtime's over, guys. Now you're just taking up time. Be still...

*Shadow swipes his hand horizontally*

Shadow: Time to Freeze Solid!!!

*An ominous energy pulse emits from Shadow's body and spreads out towards the group. Upon passing through them, they are instantly frozen in place, unable to move anything but their eyes and mouth*

Blue: What!? Ungh...what the--!

Lilia: What's..what's happened to us!?

Jawo': I can't...urk...move!

Reese: It must be...another one of those mystic spells of his!

Penny: Ungh! This...bites...

Shadow: Ha ha haaaa! How do you like my spell, gang?

Blue: S-Shadow! Let us go! Now!

Shadow: Sorry, Blue. Can't do that. Consider this a punishment for sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.

Blue: Ergh!

Shadow: Hey, I'll play with you some other time, okay? Catch you later! Ha ha!

Blue: Wait!

*Shadow disappears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Blue: Damn...he got away. Again...

Lilia: What do we do now, Blue?

Blue: *sigh* Let's call it quits for today...

Jawo': Good...erg..i-idea...

Reese: But Blue, what about this...spell?

Blue: I'm sure...it'll wear off eventually. But until then...

Penny: We're stuck heeeeeeeere!

*After Shadow's freeze spell dissipates, the group heads to the town inn to rest up for the evening*

~~Later that night~~

*After the group has fallen fast asleep, light footsteps are heard up on the roof. The sound is only enough to awaken Lilia, who decides to investigate*

Lilia: Hn? Ungh...what was that? *wipes eyes* It sounded like...footsteps.

*Lilia rises from bed and puts on her shoes*

Lilia: Maybe I should go check it out. Just for a bit.

*Lilia heads up the roof. But once she arrives, she finds nothing there*

Lilia: Huh...

*Lilia looks around*

Lilia: Well that's strange. I could've sworn I heard footsteps up here earlier... *sigh* Oh well. I guess I'll just go back to be--

*But just as Lilia is about to leave, she notices a single man walking along the streets alone*

Lilia: Hm? Who could that be...?

*Lilia walks over to the edge of the roof, soon discovering that the man is indeed Shadow, carrying yet another boquet of roses*

Lilia: Ah! It's Shadow! But where could he be going at this time of night? Hmm...I think I'll keep an eye on him for a little bit, just to see what he's up to...

*And so, Lilia proceeds to watch Shadow as he continues through town. After a while, Shadow comes across the town cemetery, and proceeds to enter it*

Lilia: What the--? A...A cemetery? That's where he's going? Is it possible...that he's going to...mourn someone? I think I'll get just a bit closer...

*Thus Lilia decides to follow Shadow to the cemetery. After a while, she manages to catch up to him. She hides behind a large statue and eyes his movements carefully*

~~Holbech Town, Cemetery~~

Lilia: Ah ha! I caught up to him! But...what's he doing?

*Lilia finds Shadow standing in front of a single tombstone. He then proceeds to place the roses along it*

Lilia: Ah, so I was right! He is here to mourn someone! But who...?

*Shadow begins to speak amongst himself*

Shadow: I know...

Lilia: Huh? He's saying something...

Shadow: It...it's been many years, but...but I still haven't forgotten...

Lilia: Haven't forgotten? What's he talking about?

Shadow: I haven't forgotten...about what happened. All of this time, I've been searching...searching for the one...who stole you from me...

Lilia: What the--? Stole? I...I don't understand. What does he mean?

Shadow: I haven't found them yet, but I'll keep looking! And I won't stop! Even if it takes me the rest of my life, I'll find the blackheart's who murdered you...

Lilia: Ah! M-murdered...?

Shadow: This...is my promise to you...Misty...

Lilia: What!? Misty!?

Shadow: Hn!?

Lilia: Eep!

*Lilia's yelling alerts Shadow to her presence, but she manages to duck away before she is seen*

Lilia: *covers mouth* (Gah! Stupid stupid Lilia! What are you doing!? He almost found you out!)

Shadow: Hmm, I guess it was nothing...

*With his visit finished, Shadow leaves the cemetery behind and disappears into the night. After he's gone, Lilia comes out from her hiding place*

Lilia: Phew. *wipes forehead* That was a close one... Now let's go check out that tombstone.

*Lilia walks up to the tombstone and begins to read the inscription*

Lilia: Hmm...it says: "Here lies Misty..." Agh, the rest of it is obscured. I can't make it out. But even still, that must mean, the person he came here to see...was her. But...but isn't that we he called me? Just what is going on here...?
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*The following morning, Blue and the others awaken and regroup outside the inn to discuss their next plan of action*

Jawo': So Blue, what's on the agenda for us today?

Blue: Well, first order of business: We catch that Shadow!

Jawo': Hah, I thought as much. So how're we going to do it, huh?

Reese: Maybe we could set up a trap for him?

Blue: ...Nah, too easy. He'll get out of that in no time.

Penny: Yeah, we need something more intricate. Like a decoy!

Blue: Hmm...a decoy, you say? Not a bad idea...

Jawo': But what kind of decoy would work on him?

*The group ponders through several ideas, except for Lilia's who's still half asleep*

Blue: ...Darn. I can't think of anything at all...

Jawo': Agh, me neither...

Blue: How about you, Lilia? Could you think of something?

Lilia: *yawns*

Jawo': Huh?

Lilia: *groggy* Mmmmn...

Blue: Lilia...?

Penny: Don't worry, Blue! I know what'll get her attention!

*Penny claps her hands in Lilia's face, effectively knocking her out of her trance*

Lilia: Aaiiiiieeeeeee!!!

Penny: Hah! That did the trick!

Lilia: Ungh...*wipes eyes* Sorry guys. For some reason, I'm just really out of it this morning...

Reese: Gee, did you not get enough sleep last night?

Lilia: Ah! Uhm! No! That's not it at all! I mean...I was only up for a little bit. Wait! No! I mean...I was asleep just like the rest of you! That's right!

Blue: Lilia...I think there's something you're not telling us... *crosses arms*

Lilia: What!? How could you say that, Blue!? I'm most definitely didn't follow Shadow to the cemetery last night if that's what you're thinking! I mean, how silly is that!? *forced laugh* Ha ha ha!

Jawo': WHAT!?

Lilia: Uh oh.

Blue: You...followed Shadow...to the cemetery?

Penny: What was he doing there!?

Lilia: Ah! Uhm...I..I just remembered! I need to...to...to go find Jawo's hat!

Reese: Jawo's...hat?

Lilia: Y-Yeah! I mean, you know how he's always misplacing that darned thing! That Jawo' is so loose with his belongings, when will he ever learn!? Anyway...gotta go! Bye!

*Lilia zooms off*

Reese: But...Jawo's hat is on his head...*rubs head*

Blue: *yells out* Lilia! Wait! Where are you going!? We're supposed to be coming up with a plan to capture Shadow, remember!?

Lilia: *yells back* Good luck with that!

Blue: *yells out* But Lilia!!!

*no response*

Jawo': She's gone...

Blue: *sigh* What is up with her today...? *shrugs*

*And so the group continues to concoct their own plan to capture Shadow without Lilia's help. They proceed with their plan only to have it end in utter failure. Later that day, with a tasteless defeat on their belts, the group returns to the inn and calls it a day early*

~~Later that night~~

*After the rest of the group has fallen fast asleep, Lilia awakens and quietly slips out of bed*

Lilia: Heh, great. They're asleep. Now then, I wonder if I can find Shadow again...

*Lilia gears up and heads out to the inn roof. Once there, she perches on the edge, keeping a close lookout for any signs of Shadow*

Lilia: *looks around* Hmm...come on, Shadow... Where are you? You've gotta be around here somewhere...

Shadow: ...You looking for me?

Lilia: Huh!?

*Lilia slowly turns her head to see Shadow standing directly behind her*

Shadow: Hey there. *waves*

Lilia: Uwaaaaaah!!!

*Startled, Lilia flails around in a blind panic and loses her balance; about to fall off the edge of the roof*

Shadow: Whoa! Relax!

Lilia: Aah! Wh-wh-whoaoaoaoaoah!

*Lilia loses her footing and falls off the roof, but Shadow grabs a hold of her in the nick of time and brings her close to him, wrapping her tightly in his arms*

Lilia: Uh!

Shadow: Hey...you alright?

Lilia: Uhm...*blushes*

Shadow: ?

*Lilia abruptly pushes away from Shadow*

Lilia: Ah! Keep your hands to yourself! Don't touch me!

Shadow: Gee, that's some way to thank somebody for saving your life. *rubs head*

Lilia: Well if it wasn't for you startling me like that, I wouldn't have needed saving in the first place!

Shadow: Meh, whatever you say. *shrugs*

Lilia: Hmph! *crosses arms*

Shadow: So, what did you want me to come here for anyway?

Lilia: Oh! Right...well...last night...I...

Shadow: Huh?

Lilia: Last night...I saw you going...into that cemetery...

Shadow: Wait a minute. Hold the phone! You're trying to say that you were stalking me last night!?

Lilia: Ah! Uhm, I'm sorry! I-I--

Shadow: Geez, how rude! Eavesdropping on a guy while he mourns like that. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Lilia: I...I'm sorry, Shadow. It wasn't my intention to pry...

Shadow: Well you certainly did a good job of that! What else do you know!?

Lilia: Well uhm, I know that her name is Misty. And...and that she was murdered...

Shadow: Mmn...

Lilia: Shadow...who was she...?

Shadow: ...*averts gaze*

Lilia: *sigh* It's okay. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I understa--

Shadow: She...she was my best friend...

Lilia: Shadow...tell me what happened. How did this happen to her?

Shadow: It...all started 2 years ago. Back when I was a student at the Kinnear Academy.

Lilia: Kinnear Academy? Hmm...I know that sounds familiar... Ah! Isn't that the school that Reese goes to? The one that's really a mercenary organization?

Shadow: That's right.

Lilia: I remember now. Headmaster Bringas told us that you used to be a student there some years ago. That is until you left to become a solo mercenary.

Shadow: So he did, did he? Well then if he told you that, then he must've mentioned how I was a star student.

Lilia: Hmm, yeah. I think he did, actually.

Shadow: Heh, figures. He was right though. I really was a star student back then. The top student, even.

Lilia: The top student, you say?

Shadow: That's right. I was the number one ranked student in the entire academy. I excelled far above my peers in just about everything. My combat prowess was unmatched, and I even excelled academically. I was a real prodigy, that I was.

Lilia: Ha ha. Wow, Shadow. No offense but...I don't really get that vibe from looking at you.

Shadow: Ha ha! No offense taken! I get that a lot, not surprisingly. Despite my exemplary performance, I always was a bit of a knucklehead. *scratches head*

Lilia: So...what happened next?

Shadow: Oh, right. So anyway, one day, I reported to the headmaster's office to recieve my new assignment.

Lilia: Assignment?

Shadow: Yeah. As you must know, we mercenaries'll take any kind of job we can get. The same works for the academy as well. Only the system is a bit more organized and refined.

Lilia: Ah, I understand. Please, continue.

Shadow: Alright. As I was saying, I reported to the headmaster to get my new assignment. But...

Lilia: But?

Shadow: But little did I know that this assignment...would cost me much more than just a failure mark on my record...

Lilia: ...

Shadow: But I wasn't to carry out my assignment alone. And so, I ended up taking Misty along with me for the ride.

Lilia: Misty? You mean she was a student at the academy too?

Shadow: That's right. Although, she wasn't just my classmate. She was one of my closest friends as well.

Lilia: Oh?

Shadow: Yeah, we've known eachother ever since we were kids. We did everything together. The two of us were pretty much inseperable! Whenever I had an assignment, she'd be the one I'd always take with me. And this time wasn't any different, unfortunately...

Lilia: Unfortunately...?

Shadow: Our assignment took us to the village of Tosua. For the past few weeks or so, it was being ravaged by monsters from a nearby forest, so they hired us to come take care of the situation. The mayor of the town informed us that the monsters only come out at night, so that was when we decided to face off against them. And before either of us knew it, night fell...

*Flashback to 2 years ago, Shadow(Matt) and Misty stand at the edge of the forest where the monsters lie, prepared to go in*

Misty: Well...here we are...

Matt: Really? Great! Let's go!

Misty: Huh?

Matt: Well what are we waiting around for!? Come on, Misty! Let's get in there! *walks forward*

Misty: Ah! Matt, wait!

Matt: Eh, what's the matter now?

Misty: We can't just waltz in there like that! We don't even know what we're up against!

Matt: What are you talking about, Misty? It's just forest monsters! We've dealt with their kind before. It'll be a piece of cake!

Misty: We don't know that! For all we know, these monsters could be of a breed we've never even seen before. I think it's best that we go in carefully, and try to study our opponents before facing them in battle.

Matt: What!? Bo-ring!

Misty: Aah!

Matt: I'm telling you, there's nothing to worry about! I mean, I AM the top ranked student at the academy afterall. There's no monster out there that I can't handle!

Misty: *sigh* Matt, that's exactly the kind of arrogant attitude that can get you killed. I came along with on this assignment so we could do it the right way, together. Not to babysit you the whole time.

Matt: Agh, babysit!? Why you... You don't know what you're talking about, Misty. Just watch, I'll handle those monsters MY way. With or without your help. *walks ahead*

Misty: Ugh! Matt! Wait! I'm trying to tell you that it's too dangerous!

Matt: I've heard enough, Misty! Either you're with me, or you aren't.

*Matt continues into the forest alone*

Misty: Matt! No! Ugh, why won't you listen...?

Shadow: And so I ignored Misty's words, despite knowing that she was right all along. But I was just too smug and prideful to admit that I was wrong.

Lilia: What happened after that, Shadow?

Shadow: I left Misty behind and charged head-on into the forest by myself. I was so dead set on defeating the monsters that I didn't even care what happened to her. Sentiments that I would deeply regret later on...

*Misty runs into the forest and chases after Matt*

Misty: *to herself* Oh man, where has he gone off to now? Doesn't he know that's he's going to get himself killed!? *sigh* I find it hard to swallow that someone so ignorant can be considered a "genius"...

*Meanwhile, Matt dashes through the forest far ahead of Misty*

Matt: *to himself* Oh, I'll show that Misty! There's not a being alive, man or monster, that can take down the number 1 mercenary! Those lousy monsters'll rue the day I was hired to take em down!

*Matt continues through the forest until reaching the supposed lair of the monsters*

Matt: Hah, this must be it! Yeah, I found it! Now it's time to kick some monster tail!

*As Matt prepares to enter the monsters' hidden lair, Misty grows discouraged in her search, and comes to a stop*

Misty: *panting* Hah...ha...I...I'm beat. I have to stop...and catch a breather...

*Misty takes a look around*

Misty: *sigh* It's so dark in this forest. Everything in here looks almost exactly the same. It's...it's like I've lost my sense of direction. Misty...what have you gotten yourself into this time? I'm just a simple healer, I shouldn't be out here alone. What was I thinking letting Matt go off without me like that...

thump thump

Misty: *gasp* W-what was that!? What was that noise!?

Thump thump

Misty: It...it sounds like footsteps...!


Misty: Aah! It's getting even closer! I better get out of here before it's too late!

*Misty attempts to run away, but when she turns around, she comes face-to-face with an enormous black ogre, one of the monsters terrorizing the villaging*

Orge: Grrraaaaaaaaggh!!

Misty: !!!

*Meanwhile, Matt enters the monsters' lair, but he soon discovers that none of the monsters are there*

Matt: Alright you monsters, it's time to come out and meet your ma-- Huh? *looks around* What the--?

Lilia: Then what happened, Shadow?

Shadow: I entered the monster's hideout, but not a single monster was there. As it turns out, all of them were long gone before we even got there.

Matt: The monsters! They're...they're gone! All them! But then...where the heck are they!?

Shadow: And at that moment, I heard a terrible cry. A scream that would echo forever through my mind...

*Just then, a scream is heard far off in the distance*


Matt: *gasp* That scream! It...it sounded like...like Misty!! Hang on, Misty! I'm coming for you!

Shadow: I knew it had to have been Misty, and I knew that she was in serious trouble. So I turned around and ran back as fast as I could. But...but...

Lilia: Huh?

Shadow: I was too late...

Lilia: You...you mean...?

Shadow: *nods* She was gone...

*Matt arrives at Misty's location. There, he finds her lying on the ground, battered and mortally wounded*

Matt: Ah! Misty! No!

*Matt runs up to Misty and cradles her lifeless body*

Matt: Misty!? Misty! What happened!?

Misty: ...

Matt: Misty! ...Can you hear me!? Say something! Anything!

Misty: ...

*Matt begins to lightly shake Misty's body*

Matt: Come ON, Misty! Wake up! Please!

Misty: ...

Matt: No...this...this can't be happening. You can't leave me, Misty. You can't die on me now! You just can't! Not after everything we've been through! Please, Misty! Please!

Misty: ...

Matt: Misty...

*Tears begins to well up in Matt's eyes*


*End Flashback*
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*Shadow bursts into tears*

Shadow: Misty...she...she was killed! The monsters...they murdered her!!!

Lilia: Shadow...

Shadow: I screwed up, and she was the one who suffered because of it! It was all my fault!

Lilia: Shadow, that's not true!

Shadow: Yes it is! If only...if only I wasn't so arrogant! If only I would've listened! Then...then she'd still be here...with me...*sniff*

Lilia: But she's not...

Shadow: Don't you think I know that!?

Lilia: What's done is done, Shadow. You can't change that. You can't blame yourself for what happened to her.

Shadow: What? But...

Lilia: Things might've been different if you handled things differently that day; that much is true. But you're not the one who took Misty's life. It's the monsters who are truly at fault; not you, Shadow. Don't you understand that?

Shadow: I...uh..I...maybe you're right... And that's what lead me to do what I did next.

Lilia: Huh?

Shadow: After Misty's death, I was sent back to the academy, and my assignment was deemed a failure. I wasn't punished for what happened back there, but even still, I didn't accept any assignments for weeks. I was so depressed that I couldn't even concentrate on the simplest of tasks. But then, I discovered something...

Lilia: What was it?

Shadow: Not long after, my same assignment was given to another team to be carried out. And they uncovered that the monsters that attacked the village every night, weren't just ordinary monsters, but they were monsters brought forth by conjurors to do their bidding.

Lilia: Conjurors? You mean...like Prima?

Shadow: Exactly. And after hearing this news, I grew enraged. I knew now, that what happened to Misty wasn't just an unforunate accident. Those conjurors...they ordered that creature to murder Misty in cold blood! Knowing this, I couldn't just sit back and do nothing. I had to take action.

Lilia: What did you do, Shadow?

Shadow: The team that was sent out after me was able to defeat the monsters, but they weren't able the apprehend the conjurors that summoned them. And so, I took matters into my own hands. I gathered all of my belongings, and without a word to anyone, I left Kinnear Academy of my own accord. To hunt down the bastards that took Misty from me.

Lilia: You mean...to get revenge?

Shadow: That's right. From that day on, I became a solo mercenary. Traveling the continent in search of those knaves while taking small jobs to sustain myself along the way. I still haven't found them yet, but I'll keep looking! I'll keep looking until I've found them and made them pay. I'll take their lives just like they took Misty's. This was my final promise to her.

Lilia: Shadow...

Shadow: Hm?

Lilia: What you're doing...it's not right.

Shadow: What? What are you talking about?

Lilia: All of this fighting...hatred...bloodshed and death. It only begets more of the same. Once it starts, you'll only come back for more.

Shadow: ...

Lilia: Shadow, this isn't the way. This isn't the path to follow!

Shadow: But...but they killed Misty! They took her away from me! They must pay for their crime!

Lilia: You're right, Shadow. They should pay. But not like this. Killing never solved anything. Even if you did find them and exacted your revenge, that won't bring Misty back. Your heart will still remain in turmoil, and you'll have only succeeded in stealing the life of another. In the end, you'll be no better than they are!

Shadow: Mmn...

Lilia: What would Misty think...if she saw you devoting your life to this madness?

Shadow: Gah...!

Lilia: How do you think she would feel!?

Shadow: I...I hadn't thought about that...

Lilia: I don't think she'd be very happy. But I do know, that she'd be happy...to see you happy, Shadow.

Shadow: I...

Lilia: So please, Shadow. I beg of you! Stop this silly revenge! If not for me, do it for Misty! Do it for her sake!

Shadow: *quietly* Misty. ...Alright...

Lilia: Huh?

Shadow: I won't seek vengance for Misty's death any longer.

Lilia: Ah! Really!?

Shadow: *nods* Really. This is my promise to both Misty, and you...Lilia...

Lilia: Oh Shadow!

*Lilia rushes up to Shadow and embraces him tightly*

Shadow: Egh, hey!

Lilia: Shadow! Mmm! You've made me so happy!

Shadow: Aw, come on, Lilia! You're messin' my threads! Heh heh...

*Shadow returns the embrace*

Shadow: *whispers* Lilia...thank you...

*The next morning, the group reconvenes outside the inn to prepare yet another scheme to capture Shadow*

Blue: Alright, guys. It's a new day, so it's time to come up with another plan to get that Shadow!

Jawo'/Reese/Penny: YEAH!

Blue: So, anyone got any ideas?

Jawo'/Reese/Penny: Hmm....

*The group begins to brainstorm ideas when Lilia decides to speak up*

Lilia: Hey, guys...

Blue: Hunh?

Lilia: I think I have an idea.

Jawo': Oh yeah? Well then let's hear it.

Lilia: I say we should just leave town and forget all about Shadow for now!

Reese: Uh...what?

Penny: What's the big idea, Lilia!?

Lilia: What are you talking about?

Penny: Oh, you know what I'm talking about! Everytime we get on the subject of Shadow, you start acting all weird!

Jawo': Hey...yeah! She right! First it was the bit about you seeing him at the cemetery, and now you're trying to tell us to just forget the whole thing! Lilia, you're totally hiding something from us.

Lilia: Uhm...

Blue: Hmm, they do have a point, Lilia. You have been acting strange about this entire situation. Just what is going on with you?

Lilia: *fidgets* Well...I...I uhm...well...

??: She doesn't have to tell you anything.

Lilia: Ah!

Blue/Jawo'/Reese/Penny: Huh!?

*Just then, Shadow makes his trademark entrance before the group*

Blue: Shadow!

Jawo': It's you!!

Shadow: Well well...we meet again...

Blue: I don't why you showed up, but I'm not gonna complain. In fact, you just saved us the trouble of tracking you down! Are you ready, guys!?

*The group, sans Lilia, draws their weapons and gets into position*

Jawo'/Reese/Penny: Hm!

Shadow: So, you want to fight? Is that it? Well you know I'm not one to turn down a challenge. Heh, bring it on!

Lilia: No! Stop!

Shadow: Hm?

Blue: Lilia?

Lilia: Please! No more fighting!

Blue: But Lilia...we...

Lilia: Please, Blue. I...I've had enough for one day. Let's just leave...

Blue: Uh...I...alright...you win. We'll let Shadow go for today.

Lilia: Thank you, Blue.

*Lilia walks up to Shadow and grabs his hand*

Lilia: Shadow...this is it. We don't have to fight eachother anymore. You can quit working for Kovah, and we can finally be friends now!

Shadow: Oh Lilia...

Lilia: Shadow...?

Shadow: Tsch, are you kidding me!?

Lilia: Aah!?

Shadow: I appreciate your help and all, but this is just too much fun to quit!

Lilia: But...but Shadow! I thought we--!

Shadow: Weren't you the one who said that Misty would be happy to see me happy?

Lilia: Uhm...yeah...I did, but...*scratches head*

Shadow: But nothing! Taking on you guys is what makes me the happiest! So I'm going to keep it up! Thanks for making me realize this, Lilia. I couldn't have done it without you! You're a real pal!

*With her mouth gaping, Lilia's body comically goes white*

Lilia: Uuh...

Shadow: Catch you later, Blue and friends! We'll definitely meet again! *salutes*

*Shadow disappears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Lilia: *eye twitches* ~_O

Blue: *facepalm*

Jawo': Thanks a lot, Lilia. Really. I mean it.

*Lilia freezes and comically falls over in place*


Lilia: ...

In recent events, the tragic past of the enigmatic Shadow is finally brought to the surface. And so, Lilia's kindred and caring spirit allows her to touch Shadow's heart and melt the thick layer of ice surrounding it, finally allowing him to leave the past behind me and look towards a happy future. And with a whole new lease on life, Shadow returns to his happy-go-lucky self. Although, that's not good news for Blue and the group, as it turns out he gains the most pleasure from doing battle with them! Having gained next to nothing from their experiences, the group packs up and leaves Holbech Town, continuing onward on their way to the Yule Desert and the 4th and final Guardian Statue

End Shadow's Lament Arc
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« Reply #38 on: 30 August, 2008, 01:52:20 pm »

*Continuing on past Howell Town, the group arrives in the nearby city of Ingraham. A bustling city that's the center for all kinds of places to shop*

~~Ingraham City~~

Blue: So, where's this?

Lilia: Hmm...*reads map* The map says we're in Ingraham City.

Reese: Oh, so this is Ingraham City, huh? Cool! I heard this city is full of places to buy all of the latest stuff.

Lilia: Oooh! Stores! Think we can take a little break to go shopping!? I've just been dying to get my hands on some new clothes!

Jawo': Ugh, Lilia, you're such a girl. You know we don't have time for that sissy junk.

Blue: Yeah, Jawo's right. We've already wasted enough time with Shadow back in Howell Town. We need to keep moving or else we could be too late.

Lilia: *sigh* Oh fine...

Penny: Hmph, and besides, who would want to go around shopping for stupid clothes anyway? Tsch, that's so boring and lame, I swear.

Lilia: *gasp* But Penny! All girls love to shop!

Jawo': I told you, Lilia. She's not really a girl. She's a deranged wilderbeast in a girl's clothing.

Reese: Jawo'...that's not very nice...

Jawo': But it's the truth!

Penny: WHAT!? What did you call me!? Oooh, I oughta deck you good!

Jawo': Aah! She's on the attack! Quick! Bring out the tranquilizer!

Blue: That's enough, you two! Geez, you're giving me a headache...

Jawo': Hm...

Penny: Well he started it...

*The group continues on their way through the city. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a few familiar faces have just completed their shopping at the local trinkets store*

Bob: Okay, you've got your goodies; now let's head on back. That Super Deluxe Interpolarary Time Portal isn't going to make itself, you know.

Zeldafan/Tobi: Right!

*The three make their way down the city streets on their way to the entry gate*

Tobi: So, Sempai, what did you get from the store, huh?

Zeldafan: Oh, just a few materials for potion-making. Hmm, let's see. I got...some Gorgon's eyes, Golem's hearts, a few Dragonstones, a shot of Black Matter, a 12-pack of rainbow fireflies, and...the latest issues of NaruXSasu doujins for the road! Heehee.

Tobi: That's great, Sempai! So...you wanna know what I got?

Zeldafan: Sure!

Tobi: Tobi bought a new Zabuza Sword after Link broke my other one last week. This time, it will NOT BE BEAT! *shakes fist*

Zeldafan: Eh...*scratches head* Is that it?

Tobi: Oh, no. I got a Hidden Mist Village Headband and a pack of rice paper!

Zeldafan: *facepalm* Tobi, you're hopeless...

Bob: Now now, Zeldafan. You can't blame Tobi for getting caught up in the latest fads. In fact, I remember a certain someone who had a thing for numbers that were...over 9000...

Zeldafan: Ugh, don't remind me. Geez, what a lame fad that was!

Tobi: Zabuza Sword is not a fad! It really can't be beat!

Zeldafan: *sarcastically* Sure Tobi. Whatever you say...

Tobi: Oooh! Then I'll just have to prove it to you! Take...this!!

*Tobi takes out his Zabuza Sword and whacks Zeldafan on the head with it*


Zeldafan: Ow! Tobi!

Tobi: Ha HA! I told you! Zabuza Sword cannot be beat!

Bob: Uhm...Tobi...*cough*

Tobi: Hunh?

*Tobi looks at the Zabuza Sword to see that it has been bent out of shape upon colliding with Zeldafan's noggin*

Tobi: Noooooooooo!

*Tobi falls to the ground and starts crying*

Tobi: *sobbing* Oh hoo hoo! Poor Zabuza Sword! Cut down in its prime! Oh why do the good die young!?

Bob: Erm...because it's made of cheap plastic?

Zeldafan: There there, Tobi. We'll have a funeral for Zabuza Sword when we get home. We'll even bury him in his original packaging.

Tobi: *sniff* It's what he would've wanted...

*As the three begin to round the corner, Blue and his group come up on the same corner from the other side. Tobi, too busy mourning over his lost Zabuza Sword, isn't paying attention ends up walking ahead and smacks right into Penny*

Tobi/Penny: Youch!!!

Reese: Ah! Penny! Are you okay!?

Penny: Ugh...*shakes head* Hey! Why don't you watch where you're going, pal!? You could've killed somebody!

Tobi: Shut up, you mean girl! *sniff* Tobi doesn't need this kind of stress right now...

Penny: Eh? What are you babbling about!?

Blue: Hm? Tobi...is that you?

Tobi: Unh? Blue! Hi there! *waves*

Penny: Huh? You know this weirdo, Blue?

Zeldafan: Hey, what's going on over here? Tobi?

Penny: Your buddy there crashed right into me! Maybe he should take off that Halloween mask so he can start seeing straight!

Zeldafan: Huh? Well aren't you the rude one!? His friend just died, you know.

Penny: Uh, what!?

Blue: Zeldafan! And you too!

Zeldafan: Oh? ...Blue-kun! Talk about a sight for sore eyes!

Lilia: Zeldafan! It's good to see you again!

Jawo': ZF, long time no see.

Zeldafan: Hey! It's Lilia and Jawo' too! Well isn't this a pleasant surprise? What are you guys doing here?

Blue: Well, if you must know, we're on another journey to save the planet.

Zeldafan: Ah! The world's in danger again!?

Blue: Yeah, tell me about it...*rubs head*

Zeldafan: Well, you know what they say, Blue. A hero's work is never done! Haha!

Bob: Hm. What's with all the hubbub?

Zeldafan: Bob, there you are! Look! It's Blue and the gang!

Bob: Oh? Well I'll be! It is them! Hello, my fine friends!

Blue: Bob! Good to see you!

Lilia: What brings to three of you all the way out here?

Jawo': Yeah, this is the last place I'd expect to see you guys.

Bob: Oh, we're working on a big expensive project now, so I just decided to let these two come into town and buy some goods from their favorite trinkets store before getting back to work. And we were just about to leave, weren't we?

Zeldafan/Tobi: *nods*

Penny: Wait! You can't leave yet!

Bob: Hn?

Penny: That guy still hasn't apologized for bumping into me like that! I will have retribution I tell you! *shakes fist*

Reese: Penny...don't cause a scene...

Penny: Shut up, Reese!

Bob: Hmm!

*Bob looks directly into Penny's face, as if he's observing her*

Penny: Ugh...what's the big idea, pops?

Bob: I see now! You must be Penny!

Penny: Yeah, I am. But how did you know that!? I never told you my name!

Blue: Uhm, there's a lot you need to know about Bob, Penny...

Penny: Hmph! Well I don't wanna know him!

Bob: Ha ha, you're quite the firecracker, you are. Just like a female version of Jawo' here.

Jawo': What!? I'm not like her! How could say that!?

Bob: Oh...definitely a female version of Jawo'.

Jawo': Hmph!

Bob: And now for you...

Reese: Uh?

*Bob looks at Reese like he did Penny*

Reese: Uh oh. Is something wrong...?

Bob: You...you're Reese, are you not?

Reese: Uhm, yeah. That's right. But...

Bob: You, Reese. You have quite the destiny awaiting you.

Reese: I...I do?

Bob: Oh yes. You see, Blue may be the head honcho, but you, you are the central focus! You may not be aware of it now, but much of this rides on your shoulders, young Reese.

Penny: Hey! What's this all about!? Who are you anyway!?

Bob: Me? Why...

*Bob strikes a pose*

Bob: My name is Bob the Omnipotent! But you can call me Bob. Oh, and don't let the title fool you, I'm not really omnipotent. But I do possess more power than the average mortal. I am Blue's friend, companion, mentor, and overall overseer.

Reese: Over...seer?

Bob: Yes! And as such, it is my job to make sure that he is traveling with companions fit for handling the task of saving the world. A task that Blue himself has accomplished oh so many times.

Jawo': Hey, wait a minute. If that's true, then why didn't you do this for the rest of us?

Lilia: Yeah! That's right!

Bob: Because I didn't think of it until now?

Jawo': Well gee, that makes a lot of sense...

Blue: Uhm, Bob, is all of this really necessary? These two have been a great help to me thus far. I have no doubt that they won't be a burden to me.

Bob: Ah, that may be true, Blue, but up until now, your trials have not been so great. An even harsher road lies ahead of you all and I must see to it that you, Blue, are ready to traverse it.

Jawo': But then...what are you going to do to them?

Bob: Oh. Nothing much. Just...a battle between me and them!

Lilia: A battle!?

Bob: That's right! To test the mettle of these newcomers, I will face them in battle myself!

Blue: But Bob...are you sure this is--

Bob: Be silent, Blue! Leave it to me!

Penny: Heh, so it's a fight you want, huh? Then I'll be happy to accomodate you!

Reese: Uhm, Penny. I'm not so sure about this. I mean...he looks pretty strong...

Bob: Reese, I have no doubts that you're integral to this quest and that you will continue to accompany Blue not matter the outcome. But YOU, Miss Penny. Should you prove incapable, you will leave Blue's company and return to your home where it is safe for you.

Penny: What!? Ooh, there's no way I'm going back home! Not now! I just can't!

Bob: Then I suggest that you try your best against me. Now...for a more...fitting environment.
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« Reply #39 on: 01 September, 2008, 07:43:44 pm »

*Bob snaps his fingers, teleporting to group to a strange dimension. The dimension is a large open void where there is only a field of earth in the middle where the group stands*

Penny: Whoa! Where are we!?

Bob: This...is the place for battle.

Penny: Battle? Okay! Let's go!

*Penny draws her spinners and twirls them in anticipation*

Bob: Ah, so you wield spinners, I see. An interesting weapon. Now allow me to show you my weapon of choice.

Zeldafan: So what are you going to do, Bob? Huh?

Tobi: Are you gonna summon Trogdor to burninate her!?

Zeldafan: Or maybe you'll summon Optimus Prime to blast her! Blasting is cool.

Bob: Oh no. If I utilize my wide arsenal of summons, it'll be over in a twinkling. I think I'll go with a more...subtle..approach.

*Bob holds out his hand, materializing a rapier with which to wield*

Bob: Ah, I haven't used the ol' rapier in a while. I wonder if I still know my old techniques...

Tobi: Hey! It's Bob's rapier! Sweet!

Zeldafan: He hasn't used that in forever! Oooh! This is gonna be so cool to watch!

Lilia: Huh...I didn't know Bob knew how to use rapiers...*scratches head*

Blue: Me neither. But regardless, he's still gonna be a tough opponent. Penny! Be careful!

Penny: Don't worry about me, Blue! I can handle pops here. No sweat!

Blue: Penny...

Jawo': Don't bother, Blue. Maybe Bob will finally knock some sense into that rock head of hers! Go Bob! Get her!

Reese: Jawo'!

Bob: So, young Penny. Are you ready to face me?

Penny: I was born ready!

Tobi: Knock her block off, Bob! Make her pay for stealing my font color!

Penny: Why you...Another word out of you and I'll make you eat that mask!

Zeldafan: Hey! You can't talk to Tobi like that!

Penny: I can do whatever I want, prissy miss!

Zeldafan: Yeesh. Blue where did you find this one, huh? A dog kennel?

Blue: *grumble* No...

Jawo': Told you.

Bob: Now now, settle down, you two. My goal isn't to defeat Penny. It's merely to test her ability.

Jawo': But that doesn't mean you can't rough her up a bit, right?

Lilia: Jawo', that's enough!

*Lilia grabs Jawo's ear and tugs on it*

Jawo': Ow ow ow! Hey! Who do you think I am? ILS!? Oow!

Lilia: Well you certainly act as childish as he does! Now pipe down!

Penny: Hey hey hey! Are we going to stand here and talk all day or are we going to throw down!?

Bob: Very well. Let it begin now!

Penny: Hunh!?

*Without a moments delay, Bob quickly rushes in and lunges at Penny*

Bob: Sonic Thrust!

*Bob delivers a powerful forward thrust with his rapier. It strikes, sending Penny flying backwards*

Penny: Uwaaah!

*Before hitting the ground, Penny flips back and performs a safe landing*

Penny: *to herself* Sheesh, he sure is fast for an old guy. I better watch myself.

Bob: Ha ha! It looks like I still got it!

Zeldafan: Nice one, Bob!

Tobi: Yeah! You showed her!

Blue: Penny, stay on your toes! If you don't watch his movements, you won't be able to win!

Penny: Be quiet, Blue! I can do it myself!

Blue: But Penny...

Bob: Hmm, you might wanna listen to Blue, Penny. He's giving you helpful advice.

Penny: Rrrgh, I don't need any advice! Just shut up and fight me!

Bob: *sigh* If you insist. Then here I come!

*Bob dashes toward Penny once more*

Penny: You're not gonna get me this time! Try this! Double Thrust!

*Penny launches both her spinners at Bob in an attempt to halt his advance*

Bob: That's not going to work! I'll counter it with Double Demon Fang!

*Bob slashes twice on the run, generating two waves of energy that collide with Penny's oncoming spinners. The attack knocks her spinners away, allowing Bob to continue his advancement*

Penny: Aaah! No!!

Bob: Now you're open for attack! Sword Rain!

*Once within range, Bob unleashes a barrage of rapid thrusts upon Penny. Finishing the attack with a lunging stab that knocks Penny down*

Penny: Ungh!

Bob: Penny, that's no good. At this rate, you'll never defeat me.

Penny: Urk...shut up...you...ugh...

*Penny struggles, but is able to slowly rise to her feet*

Penny: I'm...not done yet!

Bob: Oh?

Penny: Yeah! Hah!!

*Penny begins to rapidly twirl her spinners over her head, creating an updraft of wind*

Bob: Hm? What's this...?

Penny: Haaaaah! Spinning Tornado!

*The updraft soon turns into a powerful whirling gust of wind that spreads outwards and engulfs Bob*

Bob: Urgh! You're not going to...get me so easily! Ha!

*Bob leaps into the air, jumping over and out of range of Penny's tornado attack*

Penny: What!? That can't be!

Bob: Now it's time for Eagle Dive!

*Bob stops in mid-air and descends from the sky at a rapid speed, feet first*

Bob: Here I go!

Penny: Ah! Oh no!

Blue: Penny! Get away! Hurry!

*But before Penny can evade, Bob lands and stomps the ground with tremendous force, generating a shockwave at blows Penny off of her feet*

Penny: Waaaaah! Oof!

Reese: Ah! Penny, are you okay!?

Penny: Ungh...leave...me alone!

Reese: But--

*Penny stands to her feet, although badly battered*

Penny: Just...stay...out of it! I can handle this myself!

Bob: Penny, can I ask you something?

Penny: What?

Bob: Why are you here?

Penny: Uh? What are you going on about?

Bob: Why is that you are on this journey? What is your purpose for traveling with Blue?

Penny: Oh yeah? I'll tell ya why! To get away from my father and that awful Healer's Hall. And to finally be able to battle tough opponents and polish my own skills as a fighter!

Bob: Hmm, a lofty goal...but petty.

Penny: What did you say!?

Bob: You'll never be able to defeat me with a heart driven by selfish desires.

Penny: Ooh, what do you know, huh!?

Bob: Quite a bit, actually. Penny, you have the potential to learn, but if you can tap into that potential is what really matters here.

Penny: What the--! I don't know what you're babbling about!

Bob: My my. Well until you can realize what you lack, dear Penny, I'm afraid your fate is sealed.

Penny: Hmph! You don't know anything about me! I'm tired of listening to you talk, old man! It's time I ended this battle!

*In addition to her two spinners, Penny reaches into her pockets and pulls out two more*

Penny: I think I'll show you my ultimate attack!

Bob: Very well then. Show me what you can do!
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« Reply #40 on: 01 September, 2008, 08:02:18 pm »

Penny: Okay! You asked for it!

*Penny's body begins to glow with her own mana*

Penny: Spinner Assault: Finite Destroyer!

*Now wielding 4 spinners at once, Penny launches them all into the air and infuses the ropes with mana. The powered-up spinners then begin to flail out of control as if they have a mind of their own*

Penny: Ha ha! Let's see how tough you are now! Go!!

Bob: Mmph!

*On Penny's command, the spinners lash out towards Bob and attempt to attack him*

Bob: This could be cumbersome...

Zeldafan: Ah! Bob, they're coming right for you! Look out!

Bob: You needn't fret over me, Zeldafan. I'll be just fine. You'll see.

Penny: That's what you think! Go! Pound him into the ground!

*The spinners dive down towards Bob. Bob leaps backwards, dodging the oncoming attacks. This causes the spinners to smash into the ground instead, suprisingly cratering the ground upon impact*

Lilia: Whoa! Did you see that attack!?

Jawo': Yeah... Man, that's some power it's packing. I'd hate to get hit by that...

Bob: Bwah! *to himself* I can't afford to get struck by those spinners. One hit and it could be over...

Penny: Hahaha! Don't think it's over yet! The fun's just getting started!

*The spinners continue their relentless assault on Bob. Every attempt they make at striking him is avoided, but they cease to let up*

Bob: *to himself* I must admit...she's more formidable than I first percieved. If I want Penny's lesson to be learned, then I must quickly end this battle in my favor!

Penny: So, 4 spinners isn't enough for you, is it? Okay, then how about 6!?

*Penny reaches into her pocket and pulls out 2 more spinners. She then adds them to the 4, putting further pressure on Bob*

Penny: Any chance you just had of winning is gone! Time to say goodnight!

Reese: Penny! Please! Don't you think you're overdoing it!?

Penny: No way! Nobody calls me selfish and gets away with it! I'll show the old man that I can beat him! Even if it takes everything I've got!

Reese: Penny, wait! Ugh...Blue, can't you stop her somehow!?

Blue: I could, but I won't.

Reese: What? Why!?

Blue: Because Reese, it's not our place to interfere. This is Penny's trial, and she has to overcome it on her own.

Reese: I know that, but...*sigh* It's just I've never seen her act so cynical before. It's...frightening...

*The spinners make attempt after attempt to strike down Bob, but even with 6, they cannot keep up with his swift movements. Though after a while, he begins to tire and move slower*

Bob: *panting* Hah...ha...hah...

Zeldafan: Hunh?

Tobi: Sempai, is something the matter?

Zeldafan: It's Bob. I think...he's growing fatigued.

Tobi: Fatigued? From just that attack? No way! Tobi could dodge that in his sleep!

Zeldafan: Sheesh, not everybody can use the Sharingan like you can, Tobi. Avoiding attacks isn't as easy for him as it is for you. And I'd say it's starting to take its toll.

Tobi: But then...what should he do, sempai?

Zeldafan: Well if you ask me, I think he'd better end this fight now, before it ends for him.

*Bob stops moving*

Bob: *panting* Hah...ha...darnit. I've wasted too much energy avoiding her attacks. I cannot be allowed to waste anymore. I must...try a different approach...

Zeldafan: Bob, he...he stopped! He can't go on anymore! No!

Penny: Heh! So you're all tuckered out, are you? Good! There's nothing better than a still target! Now I can finish you off easily!

*Penny pulls her spinners back and thrusts all 6 of them foward straight at Bob for one final attack*

Zeldafan: Bob! You have to do something!

Tobi: Aieeeeee! He's gonna get creamed! I can't look! *covers eye hole*

Lilia: Is this it? Could Bob really lose this fight?

Jawo': Heh, Penny beating Bob? There's just no way. He's gotta have something up his sleeve. I just know it.

Bob: This is it. It's all or nothing now!

*As the spinners approach, Bob gathers the last of his energy to leap past the inital attack. He jumps on top of one of the spinner's mana-infused ropes and run along it*

Zeldafan: Ah! Bob! He...he...!

Lilia: Wow! How did he do that!?

Jawo': Hey, that's a pretty awesome move he just pulled.

Blue: And a smart one.

Lilia: Can you explain that, Blue?

Blue: Sure. I can only wager a guess, but Bob must've known that the mana-infused ropes would allow for ample weight support. So instead of trying to dodge his way past Penny's spinners, he tricked her into believing that he didn't have enough energy left to avoid her attacks. Thus making her believe that there would be no risk in attacking him directly.

Jawo': Oh! I see what you're saying now! That lead to Penny attacking in a straight line, which allowed Bob the perfect walking path straight to Penny's undefended face!

Lilia: Ah! That's genius!

Blue: Yeah, you're telling me. It takes a really experienced combatant to be able to both conceive and utilize such an astute strategy in the heat of battle.

Jawo': Heh, that Bob. He really is something else. And here I thought he was just an annoying director...

*Bob continues running along the rope and advances on Penny*

Bob: Here I come, Penny!

Penny: Waaah! Nooo! How can this be!? It's impossible!

*Penny's spinners lose their mana infusion and fall lifeless to the ground. Bob then continues his advance on solid ground*

Bob: I hope you're ready for this!!

Penny: No! I can't lose now!

Bob: Haaaaaaaaah!

Penny: Aaaaaaaaaagh!!

*Once within range, Bob rears back to strike, but instead of delivering a full frontal attack, he gently plucks Penny on her nose*

Penny: Ugh! Hey! *rubs nose*

Bob: I win. *smiles*

*With the battle won in Bob's favor, the group departs from the strange dimension and returns to the center of Ingraham City where they once were*

Lilia: Hey, we're back now.

Jawo': I guess that means the fight is over.

Reese: So...Penny lost...?

Blue: It looks like it, Reese.

Bob: Well, Miss Penny. It appears that I claim victory today.

Penny: Tsch! I just can't believe it...

Zeldafan: Bob...did it? He won?

Tobi: He won! Bob won! Huzzah!

Zeldafan: Yay! I knew he could do it! You know what this calls for, don't ya, Tobi?


*Zeldafan and Tobi initiate in a congratulatory happy dance*

Penny: *sadly* Hmph...so I guess this means I have to go home now...right?

Reese: Penny...

Bob: Well, that depends.

Penny: Huh?

Bob: What did you learn from our fight? If you can tell me what it is that you lack, then I will permit you to remain in Blue's company.

Penny: Uhm...*scratches head*

Bob: *sigh* Very well. I will give you a freebie, but JUST this once. Penny, the will to fight burns brightly within you, I can see that clearly. But what you lack...is the will to protect.

Penny: The will...to protect?

Bob: Yes. Our power grows stronger and stronger as we think of the ones we want to protect. Take Blue for example. He fights not for personal gain...

Blue: But for all of you, my friends. As well as everyone else on Earth. I want to protect everyone's lives. Because everybody has a right to live and I fight...to preserve that right.

Bob: Spoken like a true hero, Blue.

Blue: *nods* Thank you.

Bob: And I'm certain that all of his friends share his sentiments. Is that correct, Lilia and Jawo'?

Lilia: That's right! I'll stick by Blue, always! His goals...his dreams...they are my own. And I'll fight with him...to help him acheive it.

Jawo': Blue already said it well enough, I think. I fight for the sake of my friends. To protect the planet, and the lives of all of those caught inbetween. That is why I'll continue to stay by Blue's side. ...Having kickass adventures is a plus too. Heheh.

Bob: Well, Reese? How about you?

Reese: Hmm, uhm...I've never known what it meant to fight to protect those close to me. But after meeting Blue, I now know what it means. The lives of everyone that I care about, Headmaster Bringas, Nurse Underwood, Cassidy, everyone at the academy, and even all of you! They're all counting on me to do my part to help save the world. And I promise I'll try my best no matter what!

Bob: Well said, young Reese. And as you must know, we too share Blue's ideals. That is why we are always there to lend him our aid, under any circumstance.

Zeldafan: Yeah! We want to protect the planet just as much as Blue does!

Tobi: And so long as that remains true, I'll always be sure to give the bad guys a taste of my jutsu!

Bob: Now do you see, Penny? All of us, we all have a reason to fight. A purpose to protect. Isn't there someone that you wish to protect?

Penny: ...*sniff*

Bob: Penny?

*Tears begin to falls from Penny's eyes*

Penny: I...I want to protect...my family...

Bob: Oh?

Penny: My father. I know, that he can be a big pain sometimes, but he's still my dad. And I don't want to see anything bad happen to him. And my sister...Prima. I know that she's on the wrong side, that's why I want to continue on. I want to save her from Kovah's grip, and bring her back home with me. So..so we can be a family again!

Bob: Ah, that's very admirable...

Penny: But...but that's not all. I want to protect my friends as well! I know, I may not show it very well. I may be rude and a little obnoxious...

Jawo': A little? How about a hell of a lo--

Lilia: Jawo'!

*Lilia elbows Jawo' in the gut*

Jawo': Oof!!

Penny: But, you guys...you're all my best friends! I want to keep all of you safe from harm! ...And yes, even the cheesehead Jawo'.

Jawo': *grumble*

Bob: *claps* Bravo, Penny. In such a short time, you've already come so far. I'm glad to hear it.

Penny: So...*sniff* I don't have to go home now...?

Bob: *shakes head* No. I think you're more than earned your right to stay in Blue's company.

Penny: I-I did!? *wipes tears* Yes!

Bob: Haha! Just promise me that you'll be a little nicer to your companions from now on, okay?

Penny: Heehee, I promise!

Jawo': Hah, let's see how long that'll last, huh?

Penny: Agh! You jerk!

*Penny punches Jawo' in the head*

Jawo': Youch! Ugh...why do I keep getting hurt today...? *rubs head*

Bob: Hahaha! I guess some things need a little more work than others. *sigh* Ah well. Blue...it's about time we got going.

Blue: Huh? You're leaving already?

Bob: I'm afraid so. But do not worry, for if you inquire any need of our help, all you have to do is call.

Zeldafan: Mhm! We'll come running lickety-split!

Tobi: And then Tobi'll give em a Great Fireball Jutsu!

Blue: Heheh, I'll be sure to keep that in mind.

Bob: Take care, Blue and friends. You've been through this many a time before, so I'm sure you know what you need to do.

Blue: *nods* Hm.

Bob: Zeldafan! Tobi! Come! We're leaving.

Zeldafan:*nods* Alrighty. Bye Blue-kun! Everyone! See you all again soon, I hope!

Tobi: So long! Bye-bye!

*After saying their farewells to Blue and his group, the trio parts ways with them and continues through the city*

Lilia: Well...it looks like they're gone.

Jawo': So we should get going too, right?

Blue: Yeah. Let's go, everyone.

Reese: Alright.

Penny: Okay. Let's do it.

Blue: ...Hey...Penny, just a second.

Penny: Huh? Yeah, Blue?

Blue: *winks and gives a thumbs up* I'm proud of you.

Penny: Ah! You are!? *blushes* Oh honey!

Blue: Uwah!

*Penny rushes up and hugs Blue tight*

Penny: Mmm! I knew you loved me! <3

Blue: Yeesh. Me and my big mouth...

After a fateful encounter with Blue's old companions, Bob, Zeldafan, and Tobi, a misguided Penny learns anew the value of having a righteous purpose. With the will to protect burning brightly in her heart, Penny rejoins Blue not as a petty brawler, but as a true protector of the innocent. With this revelation, she will undoubtedly have the power to overcome any future trials that may stand in her path

End Trial of the Omnipotent SubArc
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~~Meanwhile, in ??~~

*Prima returns to the dark palace hideout after the episode at the Swigis Temple*

Prima: Well, I'm back.

Kovah: So you have. I trust that everything went as planned?

Prima: Yeah...except...

Kovah: Hm?

Prima: I managed to destroy the Guardian Statue...but just barely.

Kovah: What do you mean, Prima?

Prima: At the temple, I ran into Blue and his pesky friends.

Kovah: You...fought with Blue and his companions?

Prima: That's right. Not holding anything back, I conjured Kokuryuu, my most powerful beast, to battle them. I thought I had them on the ropes. I was certain that I would win! But...agh! They defeated him!

Kovah: They...defeated Kokuryuu? But how!?

Prima: They uncovered my weakness...and exploited it. Blast it! Blue and his band of rats are tougher than I thought...

Deke: ...Or maybe...you're just weak.

Prima: What!? What did you say to me, Deke!?

Deke: You understood me very well. You're just a lowly conjurer with a loud mouth and no talent. Heh, it's no wonder that Blue's group was able to defeat you so easily.

Prima: Rrrrrggh! I'll make you regret opening that mouth of yours! *cracks whip* You're mine!

Deke: Try me.

*Prima and Deke stare eachother down and prepare to fight when Kovah interrupts*

Kovah: That's enough. Now isn't the time for us to bicker amongst one another.

Deke: Mmph, fine.

Prima: Hmph!

Kovah: Despite Prima's loss at the hands of Blue, she still managed to destroy the 3rd Guardian Statue. That is all that matters to me.

Prima: Huh? But Kovah! What about me!? I barely escaped with my life!

Kovah: Then that is YOUR problem, Prima. If you could be so pathetic as to lose your life at the hands of your opponent, then you are not worthy to obtain the power of the Lunar Monolith.

Prima: But...but--!

Kovah: Be silent!!!

Prima: Eep!

Kovah: Relieve yourself from my sight, Prima. Your presence sickens me.

Prima: But Kovah, I--!

Kovah: Go now!!! Or else I'll save Blue the trouble and kill you myself.

Prima: Aah! Mmmn...

*Prima tightly clenches her in anger and slowly walks away in shame until leaving the room*

Deke: So, what will you do with her?

Kovah: She still has some use to me for the time being, so I will use her. But once she's outlived that usefulness...I will dispose of her promptly. I trust you have no objections, Deke?

Deke: None at all.

Kovah: Very well. Now that just leaves the issue of the 4th and final Guardian Statue.

Deke: You mean the one hidden within the Yule Desert?

Kovah: Precisely. I was going to have Shadow go, but since he is currently...unavailable...I will have to leave the task to you, Deke.

Deke: As you wish, my colleague.

Kovah: Now go. Hurry. You mustn't allow Blue and his companions to arrive before you do. And if you should happen to face them in combat, annihilate them.

Deke: Understood. If they should confront me, I will utterly decimate them with my raging inferno.

Kovah: Hehehe, I'd expect no less from you, Deke.

Deke: And once they and the statue are out of the way, the island will rise again, and the path to the monolith will open. And at last, I will be able to purge you from the darkness that controls you.

Kovah: What? You're still babbling about this "evil" and "darkness"? I told you, I am fine.

Deke: But Kovah, my friend, you are not...

Kovah: I've heard enough of your nonsense, Deke! Head for the desert at once!

Deke: *sigh* Understood.

*Deke disappears, leaving the hideout. Soon after, he reappears in the Yule Desert*

~~Yule Desert~~

Deke: Hmm...so this is the place. Now I must seek out the Vaughan Tower in the center of the desert. That shouldn't be too difficult for me.

*Deke's power over fire provides him with a promising resistance against the harsh desert heat. He continues onward at a steady pace, until he begins to hear a slight rumbling sound in front of him*

Deke: Hn? I hear something. In front of me...

*The rumbling noise grows louder*

Deke: Hunh? And behind me as well...

*The rumbling grows even louder*

Deke: And now to my left also. This...is odd.

*Several moments later, 3 giant serpents, like the one that Blue and co. fought in the Yanju Wastelands, burst from the sands, immediately surrounding Deke*


Deke: Hmm...these appear to be Yule Serpents. A subspecies of serpent native to the Yule Desert, and cousin to the Yanju Serpent variety. Interesting...

*Without hesitating, the three serpents spew a stream of flames from their mouths at Deke*

Deke: *smirks* Hmph.

*Deke makes no attempt to evade, allowing himself to be engulfed by the serpents deadly flames. When the flames clear, Deke reappears completely unharmed, being resistant to fire-based attacks*

Deke: It's futile. I cannot be beaten by my own element.

*Realizing that their attack was ineffective, one of the serpents lunges forward and coils its long body around Deke, binding him. It then begins to squeeze him tightly, yet Deke shows no signs of pain*

Deke: Foolish creature. Now burn! Super heat!

*Deke's body begins to glow bright red, increasing his body temperature to several hundred degrees. The serpent's body starts to sizzle and burn*

Serpent1: Hss ss ss ss ss!!!

*The serpent immediately uncoils Deke and retreats backwards, licking its burn with its slithering tongue*

Deke: ...Is that all? Or might I have a go now?

Serpent2: Hsssssssssssss!

Deke: No? Fine. Have it your way. But be aware that this is your last try.

*Another serpent lunges at Deke with its mouth gaping wide open, attempting to swallow him alive*

Deke: So...it's a meal you want, is it? ...Very well! I'll give you one!

*Deke summons forth his large battle ax from thin air. Once the serpent comes within range, Deke shoves the ax in its mouth, standing upwards. Halting the serpents attack and barring it from closing its mouth*

Deke: Well well...I believe that was your last attempt, wasn't it? Now...it's my turn to attack.

*Deke's eyes glow bright red*

Deke: Prepare....to feel the Flames of Destruction! *clenches fist*
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« Reply #42 on: 04 September, 2008, 06:32:50 pm »

*Meanwhile, some time after Deke had come through, Blue and the others arrive at the Yule Desert*

Blue: Man, just our luck. It just had to be another desert...

Jawo': No kidding. Could those old crones pick a worse spot to hide a statue?

Lilia: Well, it can't be helped now. Let's just try to make the best of it, okay?

Reese: Yeah! I bet it's not even all that bad.

Jawo': Oh is that right, huh? Well you'll see, Reese. Maybe you'll change your mind once you're burning in agony.

Reese: *gulp* Agony...?

Jawo': That's right. The scorching desert sun casting its deadly rays upon your back, slowly searing your skin as if you were a slab of meat on the skillet. Oh, and you can't forget the blazing sands that eat through your shoe soles like a wild pirahna feeding on its next meal.

Reese: Aaaaah! Nooooooo! I don't wanna burn up!

Penny: Tsch. Oh whatever, Jawo'! You're full of it!

Jawo': Am I, Penny? You might wanna take it from someone's who's been through it before.

Penny: Hmph. I'd sooner listen to a cactus than I would you. Let's go, Reese.

Reese: Uh huh...

Jawo': Okay...don't say I didn't warn you...

*The group continues through the desert. But as time goes on, the heat starts to get to them as their walking pace gradually decreases to a sluggish crawl*

Reese: *panting* Hah...So...hot...ha...

Penny: *panting* Must...Hah...have water...ugh...

*Reese falls to his knees and then flat on his face*

Lilia: Ah! Reese!

*Lilia picks up Reese and gently shakes him*

Lilia: Reese! Reese, can you hear me!?

Reese: I'm burning....in agony...

Lilia: No! We're losing him!

Jawo': Meh, if only you would've listened to me. You should've took initiative and came prepared! Heheheh.

*Jawo' takes out a ice cold can of Sprite and opens it*

Jawo': Now all you can do is watch as I obey my thirst and partake in limoney refreshment.

*Jawo' lifts his can up to drink when Penny snatches it away at the last second*

Jawo': Uh!?

Penny: Gimme!

Jawo': Hey! Give that back, you thief! That's mine!

Penny: Heh, are you kidding me? No way! Maybe this'll teach you not to taunt us like that.

*Penny lifts up the can to drink, when Lilia snatches it away*

Penny: Hey! What gives!?

Lilia: How could you two be so selfish!? Reese needs this more than the both of you!

*Lilia opens Reese's mouth and pours the entire can down his throat. He then slowly opens his eyes*

Lilia: Reese, are you alright?

Reese: *relieved sigh* That's just what I needed! Thanks, Lilia.

Lilia: Sure!

Jawo': That was my drink, you know. *sigh* And my last one...

*The group goes even farther into the desert, but they halt their advance when they feel a rumbling beneath the sand, much like the kind that Deke experienced*

Jawo': Hey...does anyone else feel that?

Lilia: You mean...that rumbling?

Jawo': Yeah, that's it, alright. Sounds like trouble...

Reese: What do you think it is?

Blue: I don't know, but...something about it seems...familiar...

*Moments later, a single Yule Serpent emerges from the sand and immediately spews a stream of fire at the group*

Reese: Aah! It's a desert monster!

Blue: It's coming! Watch out!

*The group leaps to the side, managing to avoid the serpent's attack. After realizing its failure, the serpent retreats back into the sand*

Blue: Phew...that was close. Is everyone alright?

Jawo': I'm good.

Lilia: Me too.

Reese: So am I. But...what was that thing?

Penny: *enamored* Wow!!

Reese: Huh? Penny?

Penny: It...it was...a...a Yule Serpent!

Blue: A...Yule Serpent?

Penny: Yes yes yes! It's a powerful creature indigenous to this desert region! To actually be confronted by one of those here and now! It's like a dream!

Lilia: Penny, you DO realize that it's a dangerous and volatile monster, don't you? *scratches head*

Jawo': *facepalm* Only someone like Penny would be excited to meet a giant snake in the middle of a scorching desert.

Blue: Hmm, well now I know why it was so familiar. We fought a snake just like that one back in the Yanju Wastelands.

Jawo': Oh right, I'm remember that thing...

Penny: *gasp* You guys fought a Yanju Serpent!? No fair! I've always wanted to take one of those down!

Lilia: *sweatdrop* Heh heh, Penny, you're one odd gal.

*Just then, the rumbling commences once again*

Lilia: Ugh! It's happening again!

Jawo': The serpent! It must be coming back!

Blue: Stay alert, everyone! It could come from anywhere!

*The serpent suddenly remerges from the ground right between the group*

Serpent: Hssssssssssssss!!!

Reese: It's here!

Blue: Now's our chance! Let's get him!

Penny: Alright! Leave it to me!

*Penny launches her spinners at the serpent, wrapping them tightly around its body*

Penny: Ah ha! Now I got you!

*Penny attempts to restrain the serpent, but it's too large for her to handle. It trashes around, loosing her grip and flinging her into the air*

Penny: Ah! Uwaaaaaaaaah!!

Lilia: No! Penny!

*Penny plummets towards the ground and plows into the sand below. The impact knocking her unconscious*

Penny: Ugh, rats...

Lilia: Penny! Hang on!

Serpent: Hsssssssss!

*Lilia attempts to run over to Penny, but the serpent spots her and intercepts with a fire stream attack aimed straight for her*

Jawo': Lilia! Behind you!

Lilia: Uh? ...Aaaah!!

Blue: She won't dodge it in time! I have to help her!

*Blue prepares a spell*

Blue: Spread!!!

*A geyser of compressed water shoots upwards from the sand in front of Lilia, causing the fire stream to collide with it instead. The spell acts as a shield and fizzles out the attack, protecting Lilia*

Lilia: Blue! Thanks!

Blue: Heh! *thumbs up*

Reese: Now it's my turn!

*Reese plucks two arrows from his quiver and loads them into his bow*

Reese: Double Shot!

*Reese fires the two arrows at the serpent landing them both in each of its eyes, effectively blinding it*


*In desperation, the serpent spews fire streams in all directions, none of them striking anywhere near the group*

Jawo': Alright, Reese! You did it! The serpent's completely helpless now!

Blue: Okay, Jawo'! Set me up!

Jawo': You got it, Blue!

*Jawo holds up his sword and prepares a technique*

Jawo': Crystal Art: Meltdown!

*Jawo's blade melts down into a liquid, which then slides its way towards the blind serpent and attaches to it. It then spreads, until the serpents entire body is covered in the molten crystal. It finally hardens, ensnaring and encasing the serpent entirely*

Blue: Good work, Jawo'.

Jawo': Now it's all you, Blue! Go for it!

Blue: Yeah.

*Blue prepares another spell*

Blue: Flame Lance!

*A giant spear of flames plunges from the sky and pierces the serpent's now crystallized body*

Blue: And now to finish it! Hmph!

*Blue pulls back his hand, causing the flame lance to explode with a fiery blast. The explosion shatters the serpent completely, sending its crystallized remains scattering everywhere*

Jawo': Yes! We did it! Now that's what I call teamwork. That serpent never knew what hit em! Ha ha!

Lilia: Blue! Guys! You did it!

Blue: Lilia! Penny!

*Lilia rejoins the group, carrying a conscious Penny around her shoulder*

Reese: Penny, are you alright? You're not hurt, are you?

Penny: I'm fine, Reese. That stupid snake was stronger than it looks...

Lilia: You should be more careful from now on, Penny. Next time you might get worse than just a bump and a scratch!

Penny: You're right...

Blue: I'm glad to see you're okay, Penny; But we should keep going. We don't wanna run into any more of those things.

Jawo': Right. Who knows how many more of those snakes are lurking out there? We'd best hurry to the tower.

Blue: Let's go, guys. The tower can't be far off now.

*The group continues further ahead into the central reaches of the desert. But they soon come across something the blows their minds*

Penny: Euck! What...are those?

Blue: They're...they're skeletons...

Lilia: But...not just any skeletons. They're Yule Serpent skeletons! three of them!

Jawo': So they're old dusty bones. What's the big deal?

Lilia: *shakes head* Jawo', these bones are too fresh to be those of long-dead serpents...

Reese: Lilia, what are you getting at?

Lilia: Penny...do you know if the Yule Serpents have any natural predators? You know, any other animals that might've done this?

Penny: Hmm...nope. Not that I know of. I'm pretty certain that the serpent is at the top of the food chain in its particular ecosystem.

Lilia: Then that can only mean one thing...

Blue: Someone...a person, had to have done this to them. And whoever did it burned the flesh right off their bones.

Lilia: And fairly recently, I might add. Judging from the tinture of the bones, there was flesh on them just a few hours ago.

Jawo': But I don't get it. What does that have to do with us?

Blue: Think about it for a second, Jawo'. If the serpent has no predators, and the time of death was only a few hours ago, that could only mean that our enemy got here ahead of us. And that he's the one responsible for this.

Reese: Huh? Are you serious, Blue?

Jawo': Wait a minute, don't you think you're jumping to conclusions, here? I mean, heh, it took all five of us to take down one serpent. And you're trying to tell me that one of them could take down three all by himself?

Blue: That's exactly what I'm saying, Jawo'.

Jawo': What!?

Lilia: That's the only logical explanation. Nothing else makes sense...

Jawo': What!? But...that's insane! Not even Shadow could do that! Who could be powerful enough to do something like that!?

Blue: *shakes head* I don't know. But if it turns out...that it really is our enemy who's behind this...

Jawo': Then...we're going to have one hell of a fight on our hands...

*Meanwhile, at the Vaughan Tower entrance, Deke arrives*

~~Vaughan Tower Entrance~~

Deke: This must be the Vaughan Tower. It seems I've arrived sooner than I imagined.

*Deke prepares to walk in, when he senses something nearby and stops*

Deke: Hn? What's this...presense...I feel? There are five of them. ...Now I see. It could be none other than Blue's group. Heheh, so they've come afterall. Well, if the desert heat doesn't kill them, I will make certain to give them an intensely warm welcome...

As the group continues on their way to towards the Vaughan Tower, they stumble across Deke's battle spoils. The group gazes upon the incinerated remains in both astonishment and fear, realizing just how powerful of a force they're dealing with. Do Blue and his friends have what it takes to quell Deke's Flames of Destruction? Or will they share the same fate as the three serpents before them?

End Road to the Tower Arc
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« Reply #43 on: 05 September, 2008, 08:41:50 am »

*Deke enters the haven of Vaughan Tower. And it's not long before he reaches the summit, coming face to face with the 4th and final Guardian Statue*

~~Vaughan Tower, Summit~~

Deke: Could this be...the Guardian Statue?

*Deke walks up to the statue and observes it closely*

Deke: Yes...this must be it. This statue...is the final obstacle that stands between us and the Lunar Monolith. With it out of the way, I will be one step closer to saving Kovah. One step closer...to bringing him back.

*Deke summons forth his battle ax and prepares to strike*

Deke: You will bar my path no longer! Fall, Guardian Statue! Hrraggh!

*Deke takes a giant swing at the statue, cutting it directly in half. The top half slides away from the bottom, falling to the ground and shattering to pieces*

Deke: And now...none remain...

*Afterwards, the entire area begins to rumble and shake*

Deke: I wonder...is this shaking being caused by the island's resurfacing...?

*Meanwhile, Blue and the others enter the Vaughan Tower and are quickly ascending. They too feel the effects of shaking*

Lilia: Ugh! What's this shaking!?

Jawo': Is it another serpent!?

Blue: No, it can't be. Something else has to be causing it!

Reese: But what, Blue?

Blue: I don't know, Reese. But...perhaps... Ah!! (The Guardian Statue!)

Penny: Blue, what's the matter!?

Blue: There's no time to explain! We have to hurry!

Lilia: Blue...you think the last statue was destroyed, don't you?

Blue: I do, Lilia.

Reese: What!? That can't be true! ...Can it?

Blue: *shakes head* We don't have time to sit here and ponder it.

Jawo': You're right! The only way to find out to go up there and see for ourselves!

Blue: Let's go!

*Blue and his friends continue to ascend the tower. Meanwhile, at the Elder's Hall in Asroc City, The Elders too know of what has just occured*

Elder1: No! This can't be!

Elder2: How could this happen!?

Shina: What? Elders, what's happening!? Tell me!

Elder3: Blue...and his companions, they've...failed.

Shina: Huh? What are you talking about? What do you mean they've failed?

Elder4: All of the Guardian Statues...have been destroyed.

Shina: Ah!

Elder5: Now...nothing will stop the island from resurfacing. And the path to the Lunar Monolith will open once again...

Shina: No...Deke...Kovah...

*Meanwhile, back at the tower summit, the shaking ceases*

Deke: The island, it has remerged. Now, all that remains...

*The group arrives at the tower summit, only to see Deke standing amongst the ruins of the final Guardian Statue*

Deke: ...is to annihilate Blue and his friends.

Lilia: Ah! Look! The statue!

Reese: No! We were too late!

Blue: Damnit! So my hunch was correct afterall. The last statue really is gone...

Deke: Hmm, Blue and friends. So you've come. I must commend you.

Blue: Huh? For what...?

Deke: For putting that little brat Prima in her place.

Penny: Prima? How do you know my sister?

Deke: That meddlesome child. Ever since the day she first approached us, she's been nothing but an annoying and pretentious thorn in my side.

Penny: What?

Deke: What a pathetic excuse for a living creature. Just the sight of her makes me want to cringe in utter disgust.

Penny: Hey! Shut up! You can't talk about my sister like that!

Deke: Hm? I'm only telling the truth. And what difference does it make to you? I thought you two hated eachother.

Penny: Well...well..maybe...but she's still my sister! And nobody but me can say things like that about her! You hear!? So I suggest you hold your tongue before I rip it out of your mouth!

Deke: Heh, no matter. She'll be disposed of soon anyhow.

Penny: What did you say!?

Deke: Once she's not longer useful to us, she will be killed. Hopefully I will be able to do the honors.

Penny: You...why you!!

*Penny tries to rush towards Deke, but Blue puts out his arm and holds her back*

Blue: No, Penny! You can't attack him! Not yet!

Penny: But Blue! He--!

Blue: I know...

Lilia: So, if you know Prima, then that must mean you're working for Kovah too!

Deke: You're wrong in assuming that. I am not working for Kovah.

Lilia: Huh?

Deke: I fight...to save him. That is my only goal.

Jawo': Save him? What are you talking about? Who are you...?

Deke: My name...is Deke.

Lilia: Deke? That name sounds familiar...

Reese: Deke...isn't he the one Shina told us about?

Lilia: Oh! Now I remember! He and Shina are Kovah's former companions!

Jawo': *angrily* So it's him. He's the one...that abandonned his friends...

Blue: Jawo'?

*Jawo steps forward and addresses Deke*

Jawo': You! How dare you do this! How dare you do that to your friends!

Deke: What? How do you know of Shina?

Jawo': We've been to Asroc. She told us everything, about what happened 16 years ago. You betrayed your friend's hope!

Deke: I did no such thing.

Jawo': Liar!!!

Blue: Jawo'! Calm yourself! What are you--

Jawo': Just shut up, Blue! Stay out of it!

Blue: Guh!

Lilia: Jawo'...

Deke: I don't know what you're talking about. If Shina indeed told you everything, then you would know that I left to follow Kovah. To find a way to save him.

Jawo': And some good that's doing, huh!? You've followed him, leaving Shina alone for 16 long years! And for what!? Just to end up helping him doing what you were meant to prevent!?

Deke: You don't understand.

Jawo': What don't I understand!?

Deke: I had no choice. This...this was all I could do. The only way I could think of...to save Kovah...

Jawo': Your way of saving him is by unleashing an evil power upon the world!? Is that what you're saying!?

Deke: It...is not...like that.

Jawo': Then tell me! What is it!?

Deke: Hmph...

Jawo': Don't you realize the harm of what you're doing!? Even if unleashing the power frees Kovah's mind, the entire world'll crumble due to your efforts! You wouldn't have saved anything. You would've only succeeded in bringing an end to all that you and everyone else holds dear! Where's the sense in that? Where's the justification!?

Deke: Shut. Up.

Jawo': What!?

Deke: This is the only way I can save Kovah. The only way that I know how. I will do whatever it takes to save my friend, even if it means destroying the entire planet.

Jawo': Are you insane!?

Deke: No...I'm dedicated.

Jawo': You...you blackheart!!

Blue: Jawo', that's enough!

Jawo': But Blue!

Blue: Stop it! Nothing you say will change his mind! Can't you see that!?

Jawo': But...but I...

Lilia: Blue's right, Jawo'! We have no choice but to fight him!

Jawo': ...Hm! Alright! If words won't work, then I'll let my sword do the talking!

Deke: Hah hah, so you've finally come to your senses, have you?

Jawo': Yeah, I have. But I can't say the same for you.

Deke: Hmph, on the contrary, I have a very firm hold of my senses. And I know that I follow the right path.

Jawo': You wish, you creep.

Deke: The time for talk has passed. Now it's time for you to die.

Blue: Sorry to say pal, but we don't plan on dying just yet.

Deke: But of course. Nobody plans to die. It just...happens. Like now, for example. You're about to suffer an unforunate accident.

Jawo': Ergh! I've heard enough out of you! You're going down now!

Deke: So be it. Once I'm through with you, there won't even be any ashes left to scatter in the wind.

Blue: What...?

Deke: My scorching flames will consume you!!!
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« Reply #44 on: 05 September, 2008, 08:08:52 pm »

Jawo': I'm going in first! Cover me!

Blue: Jawo', wait! Don't!

Jawo': Hrragh!

*Not heeding Blue's warning, Jawo' draws his sword and dashes directly towards Deke*

Jawo': You're mine!!!

Deke: Hmph, fool.

Jawo: Ha!!

Deke: Super heat...

*Jawo' prepares to strike as Deke's body temperature greatly increases. He swings, but once the blade comes within close proximity of Deke's heated body, it melts away in mid-attack, making it ineffective*

Jawo': What!? I-Impossible! How did he--!

Lilia: Jawo's sword! It...it..

Reese: It melted! Just like that!

Deke: Hm? Well that was unexpected. I don't think I became hot enough to melt metal...

Blue: Mmn, I thought that would happen. Crystal can't stand up to such intense heat.

Deke: Oh, so it's crystal, you say? Ha ha...hahahahaha!!!

Jawo': Ergh...what's so funny!?

Deke: You actually wield a blade forged from crystal? Hah, I couldn't ask for a better matchup. Defeating you will be a breeze.

Jawo': That's what you think!

*Jawo's blade instantly reforms. He then holds it up and prepares a technique*

Blue: Jawo'! What are you doing!? Stop! You can't fight him like that!

Jawo': Crystal Formation: Crystal Peak!

*Jawo' jams his sword into the ground, causing a pillar of crystal to jut from the ground below Deke. ...Except, that didn't happen...*

Jawo': Huh? W-what's going on? Why isn't it working!?

Penny: Look. By his feet.

Jawo': Uh? Aaah!

*The group looks down at Deke's feet to see the supposed crystal attack reduced to nothing but a molten puddle of liquid*

Jawo': Ergh! Not again!

Deke: Ah, I see now. So it's not just your average sword. It has to ability to manipulate the growth of crystal formations. Hmph, but still, it makes no difference. Crystal...is still crystal afterall. And it will never able to withstand my flames.

Jawo': *sweats* Ngh...what do I do now...?

Deke: You perish...

Jawo': Gah!

*In an instant, Deke dashes forward and grabs a hold of Jawo's wrist, restraining him under his tight grip*

Jawo': Agh! *struggles* Damnit! I can't...get away!

Deke: Now...Hell Hound!!!

*Deke takes his free hand and places it near Jawo's abdomen area, forming a focused ball of fire. It then explodes in a powerful blast of heat, sending Jawo' flying backwards*

Jawo': Huuaaaaaaggh!!!

Lilia: Jawo'! No!!

Blue: I got you!!

*Blue catches Jawo' on the rebound, saving him from incurring further damage*

Blue: Jawo'...are you alright?

Jawo': *winces* Urgh...

Blue: *shakes head* I tried to tell you. You can't just go blindly charging in like that. Not until you've studied your enemy first.

Jawo': S-save it...Blue...

*Jawo' pushes himself away from Blue and tries to stand on his own, but he can't, and ends up falling to one knee*

Jawo': *panting* Hah...ha...

Reese: Jawo'...

Jawo': I just need a little time to rest. Go on ahead and fight, I'll be fine.

Blue: Okay.

*Blue looks towards Deke and addresses him*

Blue: So, I understand that you have power over flames, am I right?

Deke: I do. What of it?

Blue: On the way over here, we saw three serpents. And all three of them had the flesh burned right off of their bones.

Deke: So what are you playing at? Do you mean to ask if I was the one behind it?

Blue: Yeah, that's right.

Deke: Okay, fair enough. Yes, I was the one reponsible for incinerating those pesky serpents. They had the nerve to attack me, so I saw it fit to give them a taste of my Flames of Destruction. Does that answer your question?

Blue: It does. Thanks.

Lilia: Blue...if he's telling the truth...then...then...

Reese: How could we ever hope to beat something that powerful?

Blue: Guys, relax.

Penny: Huh? What are you plotting, Blue...?

Blue: Just leave it to me.

Deke: So tell me, Blue. Why do you ask? Wondering if you were going to share the same fate as those serpents perhaps?

Blue: No...not that...

Deke: Hm?

Blue: Because Deke...now I know exactly what to expect out of you!!

Deke: Hmn!?

*Blue prepares a spell*

Blue: Aqua Edge!!!

*Blue's spell creates three disks of pressurized water that spiral outwards towards Deke*

Deke: Mmph! Hell Axe!!!

*Deke swings his axe horizontally, leaving a trail of fire in it's wake. The aqua edges collide with the fire, instantly reducing them to steam*

Blue: What!? No!!

Deke: I must admit, that was a well-placed attempt, Blue. But you were wrong for thinking you could thwart my flames with just mere water.

Blue: Urgh...

Deke: And now, you will be made to pay for your folley.

Blue: Huh!?

*In an instant, Deke immediately rushes up to Blue*

Blue: Ngh!

Lilia: Ah! Blue, watch out! He's about to attack!

Deke: Beast!!!

*At close range, Deke spins around with his axe, tearing at the sky with a mighty swing. He strikes Blue with a blow powerful enough to send him smashing into a nearby wall*

Blue: Gaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Reese: Blue!!!

Deke: I'm not done just yet. Flare Cage!!!

*Several large rings of fire manifest around Blue and intertwine, forming a cage. The rings then shrink around him, effectively trapping him in a flaming prison*

Blue: Nngh...wh-what is this...?

Deke: Welcome to the confinement of your doom, Blue. Say goodbye.

*Deke slowly closes his fist, causing the cage to grow smaller and smaller. The closer it gets, the more Blue's body burns*

Blue: Aagh! Aaaaaagh!!!

Lilia: Ah! Blue! What are you doing to him!? Stop it!

Deke: That, I cannot do. This is the price you pay for meddling in my affairs. The only thing that awaits you now...is death.

*Deke closes his fist further, making the cage grow even smaller than before. Now the cage is making contact with Blue's body, burning him severly*

Blue: Ugh! Uwaaaaaaaaaggggh!!

Lilia: Blue, no!!!

Penny: We have to stop him before it's too late!

Reese: No! I won't allow you to do this! I won't let you hurt him anymore!

*Reese pulls and arrow from his quivers and loads in into his bow*

Reese: Giga Fang!!!

*Reese infuses the single arrow with mana, causing it to grow exponentially in size. Reese then fires the enlarged arrow directly at Deke*

Reese: Haah!

*The arrow strikes a distracted Deke, momentarily stunning him and forcing him to loosen his grip on the flare cage*

Deke: Gyah!!

*The cage re-expands, saving Blue from being burned further*

Blue: *panting* Hah...ha...hah...

*Lilia runs over to the encaged Blue*

Lilia: Blue, are you okay!?

Blue: I-I'm fine, Lilia. It's nothing...I can't handle...

Lilia: Don't worry! We'll get you out of there!

Blue: I'm counting on you...

*Deke grasps the wound inflicted upon him by the Giga Fang*

Deke: So...you managed to harm me.

Penny: Nice going, Reese! Now let's take him down together!

Reese: Yeah...

Deke: I...I was careless. It shall not happen again! This time I will burn you to cinders!!!
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