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24 January, 2021, 01:03:06 pm
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AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)  (Read 2750 times)
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« Reply #45 on: 06 September, 2008, 11:24:53 am »

Penny: Okay! I'll make the first move!

*Penny launches both her spinners at Deke, wrapping them around both his wrists, restraining him*

Penny: Ha! Got you!

Deke: Mmph, meddlesome brat...

Penny: Now, come...here!

*Penny tugs back on her spinners, attempting to reel in Deke like a fish. As she pulls, Deke begins to slide towards her*

Deke: Hm? It won't be that easy!

*Deke plants his feet into the ground, and rears back in the opposite direction, effectively resisting Penny's pull*

Penny: Oh, so you think you're clever, huh? Well try this!

*Penny tugs even harder, pulling Deke towards her inch by inch*

Deke: Not a chance...

*Deke steps backwards and pulls his arms back, slowly pulling Penny towards him instead*

Penny: Aaah! Why you...!

Reese: Penny!

Penny: Reese...*struggles* Ergh...what are you doing!?

Reese: Huh?

Penny: What are you...standing around for!? Hurry...and..attack him! While I have him distracted!

Reese: Ah! Right!

*While Penny and Deke are trapped in a power struggle, Reese takes the opportunity to quickly sneak behind Deke*

Reese: Alright, he didn't see me. Now I got a perfect shot!

*Reese loads a single arrow into his bow. Meanwhile, Deke gets the upper hand on Penny and mananges to gain total control*

Penny: Aagh! *to herself* He's...too strong! I can't hold him!

Deke: Looks like the tables have turned in my favor. Now you're finished.

*Deke uses Penny's attack against her, grabbing hold of the ropes and using them to launch Penny into the air*

Penny: Uwah!!

Deke: Haaaah!!

*Deke then tugs downwards, pulling Penny down and causing her to smash into the ground below*

Penny: Uugh!!

Deke: Hah. You were a fool to think that you could overpower me.

Penny: Ungh...Now Reese! Do it!

Reese: Ice Fang!

Deke: Hm!?

*Deke turns behind him only to see an arrow laced in ice heading straight for him*

Deke: Gah!

*With no time to evade, Deke simply puts up his arm to defend. The arrow strikes his arm, completely covering it in ice*

Deke: Agh! No! Ergh...

Reese: Yeah! I got him!

*The weight of Deke's ice-laden arm drags him to the ground, dropping him on one knee*

Penny: Haha! How did you like our little plan, Deke!? Was it cool enough for you!?

Deke: So...that struggle was just a ploy to throw me off guard. Tricky...

Penny: Now I'm going to put an end to you!

*Penny dashes towards Deke at full speed, twirling her spinners rapidly*

Deke: You think...I'm finished? ...No. This is only the beginning!

Penny: Huh!?

Deke: Fire Dome!!!

*Deke raises his free arm into the air, generating a hemisphere of fire that spreads outwards toward Penny and Reese*

Penny: Ah! What the--!?

Reese: Penny! Look out!!

*Reese runs up to Penny and embraces her, as if trying to protect her. But in the end, the two are struck by the fire dome and sent flying backwards*

Reese/Penny: Uaaaggggh!!

Deke: Hmph, pathetic. You two are no match for my strength.

Penny: Ungh...darnit. We couldn't...do it...

Reese: Guys...forgive us. We tried...

Deke: Hmm...that's four down. So that only leaves...one more.

*Deke looks towards Lilia*

Lilia: Ah!

Blue: (Oh no, he's going for Lilia! I have to break out of this cage and help her!)

*Deke slowly walks towards Lilia*

Deke: Are you ready to face me?

Lilia: Ungh...

*Lilia draws her daggers and gets into combat stance*

Blue: Lilia? No! Don't fight him alone!

Lilia: I have no choice, Blue. If I give in now, he'll kill us all. I have to fight for our sake!

Blue: But...

Lilia: Blue, I have to do this!

Blue: ...Fine. But I'm not going to leave you alone! I'll find a way out of this cage and help you fight!

Lilia: Okay, I'll hold him off until then!

*Lilia runs off to meet Deke in battle, as Blue tries to figured out a way to escape the Flare Cage*

Blue: *to himself* Now...what can I do? Could a spell work? But...which one...?

*Lilia and Deke exchange blow after blow with eachother, but unsurprisingly, Deke once again gains the upper hand, knocking away a weakened Lilia*

Lilia: Uagh!!

Deke: Hmph. Is that all you can muster up? If so, then you are by far the weakest member of this group.

Lilia: *panting* Hah...ha...

Deke: It would suit you to disappear...

*Deke walks up to Lilia and grabs her by the neck*

Lilia: Aagh!

Blue: Lilia!!!

Jawo': Lilia...ugh...no...

Lilia: L-let me...go!! *struggles*

Blue: Urgh! (This is bad! I have to do something fast!) *to himself* Think, Blue! Think! ...Ah! I got it!

*Deke then lifts Lilia into the air*

Deke: I think you know this move quite well.

Lilia: Ungh...

*Deke's hand gripped in Lilia's neck begins to glow a fiery red*

Deke: Flames...of Destruct--!

Blue: Form a torrential vortex, and engulf the evils spirts!

Deke: Hm? What...?

Blue: Tidal Wave!!!

*As is from nowhere, water begins to flood the inside of the cage, submerging Blue*

Blue: (I only hope this works. Alright...let's see what you can do!)

*The water continues to fill inside of the cage, eventually surpassing its capacity*

Deke: W-what is he...doing...?

Blue: (Come on! Almost...got it!)

*Not being able to contain the high volume of water, the cage gives in and explodes, releasing Blue along with the mass of water he created*

Deke: Aah! Impossible! He broke my Flare Cage!

Lilia: Ah! Blue! You did it!

Blue: Let her go, Deke.

Deke: Never. She will suffer my raging inferno.

Jawo': Oh, I don't think she will...

Deke: Hn!?

Jawo': Crystal Formation: Duster Trap!

*Jawo's blade explodes, causing a flurry of crystal powder to spread around Deke's feet. The powder then reforms and hardens around his legs, trapping him in place*

Deke: What!? It's trapped me! Hmph. No matter. I'll do away with it shortly...

Jawo': Now, Blue! Before he gets away!!

Blue: Right!

*Blue prepares a spell*

Blue: Aqua Laser!!

*A high-pressure bolt of water fires from Blue's hand and heads straight towards Deke. The laser strikes Deke, freeing Lilia from his grip while carrying him all the way the other side of the room, where the laser smashes him against a wall*

Deke: Uuuaaaaagggh!!

Jawo': Haha! Yes, Blue! We got him!

Blue: Jawo'! Are you feeling okay?

Jawo': Of course! I told you I just needed a little time to rest, didn't I? Now I'm back at 100% and ready to fight!

Blue: Yeah!

*Blue turns to Lilia and addresses her*

Blue: Lilia...are you alright?

Lilia: I'm...I'm fine. He didn't hurt me too badly...

Blue: Okay. But even still, I want you to leave this to me and Jawo'. Let us handle it.

Lilia: Hm. *nods* Just be careful.

*Afterwards, Deke rises from the ground to face the group again, although severly injured*

Deke: You...*panting* Hah...hah...

Jawo': Back for more, huh? Haven't you had enough yet?

Deke: This fight...is far from over. Playtime has ended. This time I'm not holding back!
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« Reply #46 on: 06 September, 2008, 10:49:16 pm »

Jawo': He can still fight after an attack like that...?

Blue: Stay diligent, Jawo'. It's not over yet.

Jawo': Right. Let's take him down.

Deke: You, take me down? No. I cannot be beaten by the likes of you! Haaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

*Deke releases his energy, generating a blast of intense heat that blows past Blue and Jawo'*

Blue: Ugh! What...what is this?!

Jawo': Such...heat... It's like I'm in an oven!

*The heat wave fades, managing to force the two off their feet and onto the ground*

Blue: That was a lot of energy he just released. There was more energy in that attack than in most of my body...

Jawo': What? Are you serious!? Man, just how powerful is this guy!?

Deke: I'll show you!

*Deke rushes in on the two and slams down his axe between them*

Deke: Aaargh!!

Blue: Ah! Jawo', look out!

Jawo': Alright! Split!

*The two evade the attack by leaping in opposite directions*

Deke: You won't get away that easy! Burst Fall!!

*Deke slams his fist onto the ground, generating a sudden burst of flame energy that spreads outwards and strikes Blue and Jawo'*

Blue/Jawo': Uugh!!

*The two manage to flip backwards and perform a safe landing*

Blue: That was too close...

Jawo': Yeah. If we had gotten hit by the full blunt of that attack, well, it wouldn't have been pretty...

Deke: Drat. My aim was a little off.

Jawo': So Blue, how are we going to nail him this time?

Blue: Hmm...maybe...I could cast another spell. But I'll need you to set him up for me, Jawo'.

Jawo': Ah, the ol' fixer-upper, eh? Alright, just leave it to me!

*Jawo' steps forward to meet Deke in battle alone*

Deke: Hm, it's you again. Didn't you learn anything from our last encounter?

Jawo': Yeah. I learned that you're a moron who doesn't realize how pathetic he is!

Deke: What!?

*a vein comically pops out from Deke's head*

Deke: (Calm yourself, Deke. Don't let your enemy lead break your focus with taunts) *cough* Insults will get you nowhere...

Jawo': Maybe so, but this sure will!

*Jawo' prepares a technique*

Jawo': Crystal Art: Ground Spikes!

*Jawo' swings his sword horizontally, unleashing a mass of miniature crystal spikes around Deke's feet*

Jawo': Let's see you get out of that!

Deke: Hmph. Trying to trap me again? Well it won't work!

*Deke kneels down and places his hands on the ground*

Deke: Super Heat!

*Deke increases his body temperature to several hundred degrees, placing his hands on the floor allows him to transfer the heat through the ground, which heats it up enough to melt the spikes surrounding him*

Deke: Hahaha, you should've known that this would happen. It's useless to try and fight with me with that crystal.

Jawo': Heh, yeah, you're right. I did know you would try that. And that's why I'm doing this!

*Jawo' uses his hand to guide the molten crystal up Deke's body*

Deke: What!? You can control it still!?

Jawo': Haha, I gotcha now! Harden!

*The molten crystal hardens around Deke's body, leaving everything but his head encased in a crystallized cast*

Jawo': And now you're trapped again! That was a piece of cake!

Deke: Ergh, if you think this is going to hold me, you're wrong...

Jawo': It'll hold you long enough for this.

*Jawo' looks towards Blue and addresses him*

Jawo': Alright, Blue! He's all yours now!

Blue: Got it.

*Blue begins preparing a spell*

Jawo': Heh, now it's only a matter of time before you'r--Uh!?

*Jawo' turns around to see nothing but a puddle of liquid crystal where Deke once stood*

Jawo': What!? But how...where did--!?

Deke: Hell Hound!

Jawo': Ah!

*Deke stands behind Jawo' with a Hell Hound attack aimed directly at his back. The fireball explodes, sending Jawo' flying forwards*

Jawo': Gyaaaaaaaagh! Not again!!

*The attack renders Jawo' unconscious and unable to fight*

Lilia: Ah! Jawo'! Hang on!

Blue: Lilia, don't!

Deke: Where do you think you're going...?

*As Lilia runs towards Jawo', Deke intercepts by hurling his battle axe like a boomerang, striking her dead on*

Lilia: Uaaagh!!

Blue: Lilia!!

*Like Jawo', Lilia is left unconscious by the attack*

Lilia: *softly* Ungh...Blue...

Blue: No!!

Deke: And now...

*Deke gears up his axe for another attack*

Deke: For you, Blue. ...Arch Wind!!!

*Deke spins around with his axe, tearing at the sky. This time generating a flaming whirlwind that spins towards Blue*

Blue: Urgh!

Deke: It's no use trying to resist.

*Blue tries to resist being pulled up into the whirlwind, but it's too powerful for him to handle. Blue is pulled in, and his body is tossed about and burned by the searing gales*

Blue: Guaaaaaaaaagggh!!

*The Arch Wind disperses, dropping a mortally wounded Blue to the ground*

Blue: Ungh...no...I-I failed...*panting* Hah...ha...

Deke: Hmhmhm. So this is how it ends. In the end, there was no way that you could best me.

*Deke walks towards Blue to deal the finishing blow, but stops in his tracks once he suffers a sudden jolt of pain*

Deke: Gyah!!

Blue: Hunh...?

Deke: *hyperventilates* Hah...I...I used too much power...ha...

*Deke falls to one knee*

Deke: *continues hyperventilating*

Blue: W-what's he...?

Deke: *to himself* If...if I use any more mana...I could deplete my supply, and...lose my life. I can't allow that to happen. I must live. I must restore Kovah to his true self...

*Deke addresses Blue*

Deke: Blue...

Blue: Hm?

Deke: ...It appears I've run low on mana, and can no longer fight. And I see that you too cannot continue.

Blue: Mmn...

Deke: So I think it'd be in both our best interests if I take my leave.

Blue: What?

Deke: I'd hate to leave our battle unfinished, but at any rate, my task is fulfilled, so it is of little consequence. Farewell, Blue...

Blue: Deke! Stop!

*Blue tries to stop Deke from fleeing, but he too is held back by his wounds*

Blue: Ergh! Ugh...*grasps wounds*

Deke: For your sake, I may we never meet again.

*Deke disappears*

Blue: He...got away...

*Safe from further harm, Blue collapses to the floor*

Blue: I guess...I should be glad. But...what do we do from here...?

Blue's battle with the flame-wielding powerhouse Deke ends in a stalemate, as he flees the scene to live and fight another day. Though despite managing to drive their foe away, the group has failed in protecting the final Guardian Statue from being destroyed. Now that the forbidden island has arisen from the ocean, and the way to the Lunar Monolith is uncovered, will Blue and his friends be able to stop Kovah from unlocking the monolith? Or will the evil be brought into the world, plunging it into eternal darkness forever?

End Vs. Deke Arc
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« Reply #47 on: 07 September, 2008, 03:13:23 pm »

Jawo': Ugh...my head...

Blue: Uh? Jawo', is that you? Hang on!

*Blue runs over to Jawo' and helps him to his feet*

Blue: Are you alright?

Jawo': Yeah...I think so... The last thing I remember was him knocking me out with that annoying move of his...

Penny: Hey, are you two guys okay?

Blue: Penny? You've come to.

Reese: They seem fine to me.

Blue: Ah, and Reese too.

Penny: Yeah, we saw everything that was going on, but we couldn't do anything at the time.

Reese: Our injuries were a little overwhelming. Sorry for not being there to lend a hand, Blue...

Blue: No, it's okay. You did your best, that's all that matters.

Penny: Rrrgh, I hate to admit it, but that Deke...he was one tough opponent.

Reese: Hey, speaking of Deke, where has he gotten off to?

Blue: He fled...

Jawo': What? You mean he ran away!? Damnit.

Blue: *sigh* You're telling me. Not only did we fail to protect the Guardian Statue, we failed to stop Deke as well.

Reese: Oh, right. The Guardian Statues! I had almost forgotten! ...So, since they've all been destroyed now, I guess that means the island has arisen from the sea.

Blue: Well, according to the elders, that's what's supposed to happen.

Penny: So I guess that's what all of that shaking was for earlier, huh?

Blue: Most likely, yes.

Jawo': So now that the island is back from the ocean, that means the Lunar Monolith has come with it. Damn! Now there's nothing stopping them from getting their dirty hands on it!

Lilia: Wait, Jawo'! That's not true!

Jawo': Huh?

Blue: Lilia, you're okay...

Lilia: I am. But that's beside the point! We can't quit now! Not after we've come so far!

Reese: But Lilia, all of the statues are gone. We've failed in our mission...

Lilia: So what!?

Reese: Hunh?

Lilia: It's true that we weren't able to protect the statues, but Kovah still has yet to get to the Monolith! And so long as that's true, we still have a chance, right!?

Blue: ...Yeah, you're right, Lilia. It's not over...until it's over. And as long as I draw breath, I'll never give up.

Lilia: Yes! That's the spirit, Blue! Never give in!

Jawo': Heh, way to give a pep talk, Lilia. You sure got my blood pumping again.

Penny: Yeah! let's find that Kovah and bring him down.

Reese: I'm all for it! But...where do we go now, Blue?

Blue: Hmm...I'm not sure, Reese. But for now, let's just get out of this desert.

Jawo': Sounds good to me. Let's do it.

Blue: Alright. Let's go, everyone.

*As Blue and the others are making their way out of the tower, they are instantly whisked away into thin air. Seconds later, they reappear at Asroc City, in the hall of the elders*

~~Elders Hall~~

Blue: Whoa! What the...what happened?

Jawo': Uhm...I think we were just teleported...

Lilia: But, if that's true, then...where are we now?

Elder1: You are in the hall of the elders.

Penny: Huh? The elders?

Reese: So you brought us here...

*The five elders appear in front of the group*

Elder2: Indeed we did.

Blue: What's the meaning of this, elders?

Jawo': Yeah, why did you bring up back here?

Elder3: Oh, I think you should know...

Blue: Huh?

Elder4: We elders entrusted you with the task of protecting the four Guardian Statues from Kovah and his minions.

Elder5: But just recently, all four of them have been destroyed.

Elder1: You've failed in the task we placed upon you.

Elder2: And now thanks to you, the world...is at even greater risk than ever before.

Jawo': Hey! Cut us some slack, would you!?

Lilia: We tried our very best to protect the Guardian Statues!

Elder3: That may be. But in the end, your best...was not good enough.

Elder4: The destruction of the statues has allowed the condemned island below the waves to surface once again.

Elder5: Giving Kovah immediate access to the forbidden monolith that lies within.

Elder1: And it was your misaction that led to this tragedy that we now face.

Penny: Hmph. Do you old dodards ever get tired of putting us down?

Reese: That's no way to thank us for putting our lives on the line.

Jawo': I think maybe we should just quit and go home. Maybe then they'll know what it feels like to have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Lilia: That's right! We traveled down a long and harsh road! How dare you make light of the hardships we've endured!

Blue: Guys, that's enough.

Jawo': What!?

Lilia: But Blue!

Blue: It's true. The elders trusted us with a task, and we failed at it.

Penny: Well don't you think we know that, Blue?

Reese: That doesn't mean we deserve all of this flack we're getting.

Blue: Maybe not, Reese. But we still have to accept the responsibility for our failure. And instead of standing here and complaining, we need to work to fix this. There's still time. We have to stop Kovah from reaching the monolith at all costs.

Elder2: You are quite right, Blue. At any rate, we did not bring you here to pass blame.

Elder3: But to warn you instead.

Jawo': Warn us?

Lilia: Of what?

Elder4: Of impending danger.

Elder5: For Reese in particular.

Reese: Huh? Me?

Elder1: That's correct. Even though the way to the monolith has opened once more...

Elder2: The monolith itself can only be unlocked by Reese and his key.

Penny: And Kovah has neither of those.

Jawo': If that's the case, then what exactly is the problem? Reese is right here with us. Safe and sound.

Elder3: I don't think you understand, young one.

Elder4: Reese is the only obstacle between himself and the Lunar Monolith.

Elder5: Meaning the he will do all in his power to get his hands on him.

Jawo': Well I understand that part. But even if Kovah somehow got Reese, what good would that do him? It's not like he could force Reese to unlock the monolith for him. Hah, that's just stupid.

Elder1: Hmm...you may have a point. But at any rate, Reese must be kept safe from Kovah's grip.

Elder2: And the only way to do that, is for you to defeat Kovah once and for all.

Blue: So, this is where we put an end to it, huh?

Elder3: Very much so.

Elder4: The time has come for you to face off against Kovah in one final battle.

Elder5: To determine the fate of the world itself.

Jawo': Heheh, the final showdown. Sounds like fun. I can't wait to show that creep what for.

Lilia: Uhm, but don't you think we should rest up first before we head out?

Blue: Yeah, after a battle like we just had, we could really use it.

Reese: So where should we go to rest?

Elder1: You could stay here and rest, if you like.

Penny: What!? On those hard wooden planks you call beds!? We'll be in even worse shape if we slept on those! Thanks, but no thanks.

Blue: Then what do you have in mind, Penny?

Penny: Hm...Oh! I know! We could go to my house!

Reese: Your house, Penny? But...what about your dad?

Blue: Yeah, I don't imagine he'll be too happy to see us.

Penny: Aw, don't worry about him. It'll be fine! Trust me!

Blue: Alright, if you say so.

Elder2: So, you wish to go to Ackland Town?

Blue: Hm. *nods* If you could send us there, that'd be great.

Elder3: Very well. It shall be done.

*The elders gather their energy together in preparation*

Elders: Teleport!!!

*The elders use their combined power to whisk the group away, sending them back to Penny's hometown of Ackland in a flash*

~~Meanwhile, in ??~~

*Deke returns to the dark palace after his confrontation with Blue's group. Grasping his wounds, he appears to be severly wounded*

Deke: *panting* Hah...ha....

Kovah: Hm?

Deke: Kovah...I've returned...

Kovah: Deke, what happened to you? Why are you so badly injured?

Deke: It was Blue...

Kovah: You ran into Blue's group as well?

Deke: Yes. And it appears that I underestimated their power...

Kovah: What do you mean? Are you saying that they are indeed formidable adversaries?

Deke: Unfortunately...this is true. Had I not made the decision to retreat, I surely would not have made it back here...

Kovah: Grr...blast. I had thought Prima was just inefficient, but it seems that they are a significant threat afterall. Curse you, Blue...

Deke: Although, on the brighter side of things...I did manage to destroy the final Guardian Statue.

Kovah: You did? Hah, excellent work, Deke.

Deke: And now the path to the monolith is yours to walk along. I know how you've long for this moment to come.

Kovah: It's true, I have been awaiting this moment. But our preparations are not yet complete. We are still lacking the most integral piece.

Deke: What is this 'integral piece' that you speak of?

Kovah: The boy. ...Reese...

Deke: Ah...I understand now. Without him, we cannot unlock the monolith, correct?

Kovah: And that is why we must acquire him as soon as possible.

Deke: Very well. I will apprehend him immediately.

Kovah: Deke, wait!

Deke: Hm?

Kovah: I cannot let you do that. Not in your condition.

Deke: Then what will you have us do, Kovah? Surely you cannot send Prima to handle such an important task.

Kovah: I know that. Hrrm...if only Shadow was here. Rrgh! Where has that lout run off to!?

Shadow: Did somebody call for me?

Kovah: Bwah?

*Shadow appears from behind a nearby pillar*

Kovah: Shadow!

Shadow: Your friendly neighborhood mercenary at your service!

Kovah: Shadow, you lousy sellsword! Where have you been all this time!?

Shadow: Eh, *shrugs* I've been around.

Kovah: *sternly* Wrong answer, mercenary...

Shadow: Oh come on, I couldn't have missed that much, could I?

Kovah: In your absense, we managed to do away with the remaining Guardian Statues.

Shadow: Already, huh? Wow! You guys must've been busy!

Kovah: Hmph. And no thanks to you.

Shadow: Hey hey. If I recall correctly, wasn't it me who took out half of those statues in under a week?

Kovah: Rrrrrgggggh!!! *clenches fist*

Shadow: *sweats* Eh heh heh...shutting up now.

*Shadow looks towards Deke*

Shadow: Whoa, hey buddy. What happened to you?

Deke: ...

Shadow: What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?

Deke: ...

Shadow: Oh...I get it. You got your butt whooped by Blue, didn't you?

Deke: Mmn...open your big mouth again, and I'll burn you to ashes.

*Deke engulfs his fist in flames*

Shadow: Yow! Calm down! I was only kidding!

Deke: Tsch.

Shadow: Sheesh, you bad guys really are a tough crowd. *rubs head*

Kovah: Enough lollygagging, Shadow. I have a task for you.

Shadow: A new gig? Woot! What is it this time?

Kovah: I need you...to locate and retrieve Reese. Bring him back here to me, alive.

Shadow: Hmm...sounds simple enough.

Kovah: Also, I want you to eliminate Blue's group once and for all. They must no be allowed to pursue us any further.

Shadow: Oh, that again, huh?

Kovah: Are there any problems?

Shadow: No! Not at all! Heck, I love going up against Blue and friends! It's my favorite past-time!

Kovah: Well it's about time you found a new hobby. Because this is the last time you'll ever face them.

Shadow: Really? Darn! *snaps fingers*

Kovah: Get going!!!

Shadow: Alright alright! Geez. No respect I tell ya.

*Shadow disappears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Deke: Well I see he's just as whimsical as ever...

Kovah: I don't care how flamboyant he is, so long as he fulfills my wishes without fail.

*Kovah looks upwards at the sky*

Kovah: Soon...very soon...
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« Reply #48 on: 08 September, 2008, 10:41:06 pm »

*The group arrives at their destination in Ackland Town. They head over to Penny's house, which is a large mansion on the eastern edge of the town*

~~Ackland, Penny's House~~

Penny: Well guys, here we are! Let's go in.

*Penny opens the double doors, allowing the group inside the abode. Within the dwelling, they are treated to a feast for the eyes. A vast, expansive room full of golden chandeliers, expensive pottery and sculptures, foreign rugs and drappery, along with many other elegant displays*

Lilia: Wow! Fancy digs, Penny!

Reese: Yeah, I don't remember your house being this big...

Penny: Eh? And why not? You used to come and see me all the time!

Reese: That's true, but I haven't actually been in your house for a long time. I always used to come to healer's hall, since you were always there studying. Or uhm...pretending to study.

Penny: Oh. Eh heh heh...*rubs head*

Reese: You guys must've did some heavy renovating, huh?

Penny: More than you could imagine, Reese!

Reese: Huh?

Penny: This is actually a brand new house that my dad bought after he became the Great Healer of Ackland.

Reese: Oh, so that would explain why I didn't know about it. That was the same time that your dad went all anti-violence on us.

Penny: Ugh, don't remind me...

Blue: Hmm, so I guess doing your part for the community really does have its rewards.

Penny: You said it, Blue. At first, we were living just above the poverty line, and the next thing I know, we're filthy rich! Haha!

Lilia: I guess life really does throw you a bone every now and then, huh?

Penny: I couldn't have said it better myself, Lilia!

Jawo': Hah, how appropriate you should say that, Lilia.

Lilia: Huh?

Jawo': Dogs like bones, right? And it just so happens that Penny here is the mangiest, flea-ridden mu--

*Lilia interrupts Jawo' mid-sentence by grabbing his ear and tugging on it*

Lilia: That's enough out of you, Fido!

Jawo': Ah! Ow ow ow ow!!

Blue: *sigh* What am I going to do with you guys...?

??: You can start by having them tell me what you're doing in my house.

Blue: Huh?

Reese: Penny! It's your...your...!

Penny: Heh, well look what the cat dragged in...

*Penny's father, Mel, enters the main room from the first floor stairway*

Mel: Penelope...

Penny: Dad...

Reese: Mr. Bancroft! Uhm...*gulp* hello...*waves slowly*

Mel: Reese, why must I be constantly burdened with seeing your face?

Reese: *sadly* Ooh...

Blue: I see you haven't changed a bit, Mel.

Mel: You, I remember you. You're that brat of a magician that dared to suggest I was a bad parent.

Blue: Heh, well I'm glad to see I made an impression...*rubs head*

*Mel looks at Lilia and Jawo'*

Mel: Hmm...but I don't remember seeing these two before. You. Tell me your names.

Lilia: Uh, well uhm, my name is Lilia.

Mel: Lilia, eh? ...Your odd garb suggests that you're a seafarer. A...pirate perhaps?

Lilia: Erm...I used to be a pirate, yes.

Mel: Hmph. I knew it. You're nothing but a rogue. A threat to modern society as we know it.

Lilia: Ugh! How rude!

Mel: And you, the boy.

Jawo': The name's Jawo', pops.

Mel: Pops? Well I never! Your use of informal slang shows your lack of etiquette, and proves that you are of the lowest class of human being.

Jawo': What!? Oh, that's it! You're cruisin' for a bruisin', pal! *pounds fist*

Blue: Jawo', that's enough.

Jawo': Tsch. *crosses arms*

Mel: What is the meaning of this, Penelope? Why have you brought these...people...into my home?

Penny: They're my friends, and I brought them over to stay the night. Got a problem with that?

Mel: As a matter of fact, I DO have a problem with that, little lady. Those who abide by the ways of violence are not allowed into the sanctity of my home. They will leave at once.

Penny: What?! That's not fair!

Mel: My house, my rules, Penelope. Deal with it.

Penny: Well I've had it with your rules! My friends are staying, so there! *crosses arms* Hmph!

Mel: *grumble* Why you disobedient...mmph. Lucky for you, I have an urgent meeting to attend, so I don't have time to stand here and argue this with you.

Penny: So...that means they can stay?

Mel: ...Yes, but ONLY for tonight! Come tomorrow morning, they're out of here! Is that understood, Penelope?

Penny: Yeah, sure.

Mel: Very well. It's time for me to be going, so I'll leave the house under your care. See to it that these ragamuffins don't make a mess of my home.

Penny: Whatever.

*Mel leaves the mansion, slamming the door shut behind him*

Reese: Phew. I'm sure glad that's over.

Jawo': Rrggh, that guy really chaps my hide, you know that?

Lilia: Mine too! I've never met anyone so rude in my life!

Penny: *sigh* I know, he's got issues. I've heard it all before. Now can we please just relax for once?

Reese: Now we're talkin'! How about you show me where the fridge is, huh? I'm starved!

Lilia: Ooh! And show me where the bathroom is, Penny. I haven't had a nice hot shower in ages!

Blue: The bedrooms for me. All I want is to a lie down and get some rest.

Jawo': Same here. My eyes are killing me.

Penny: Yeah uhm...about that...

Reese: Huh? What's wrong?

Penny: Well, it's been so long since I've been home and all...that I...kinda forgot where everything is...*twiddles thumbs*

Blue/Lilia/Jawo'/Reese: Ugh! *group facepalm*

Penny: Sorry guys...eh heh heh...*rubs head*

Reese: Now what do we do!? I'll die if I don't get some food in my tummy!

Lilia: And there's no way I'm leaving without a shower!

Blue: Hey, calm down, guys. We'll be alright.

Jawo': Yeah, all we have to do is find it ourselves. I mean, how hard could it be?

*Jawo's voice echoes through the mansion*

I mean, how hard could it be...how hard could it be...how hard could it be...

Jawo': ...Uh oh...

Penny: Well, at any rate, make yourselves at home, alright? Remember, my house is your house! ...At least until my dad gets home...

*And so the group sets out about their own personal agendas. The first day the group has had to kick back and relax since this all began goes on peacefully*

~~Later that afternoon~~

*After a nice nap, Jawo' awakens and heads out to the roof of the mansion. There he sits alone, gazing outwards at the crisp blue sky*

Jawo': Mmn...

Blue: Jawo'...?

Jawo': Huh? Blue?

Blue: Jawo', are you up here?

Jawo': Yeah, I am.

Blue: Ah, there you are. I've been looking for you.

Jawo': You have? What do you need?

Blue: Actually, I was wondering if you had seen Lilia anywhere.

Jawo': She's not around?

Blue: *shakes head* Nope. I've looked all over the mansion and I couldn't find her. So I decided the ask the others if they'd seen her, but they haven't either.

Jawo': Oh. Well, last I heard, she was going out shopping.

Blue: Shopping? Oh no...*annoyed* It's not for clothes, is it?

Jawo': Heh, nah. She told me that she was going to stock up on supplies for the trip tomorrow. "Always be prepared" is what she kept saying.

Blue: Hah, that sure sounds like Lilia. Ah well, I guess I'll just wait til she gets back.

Jawo': Alright, see ya around.

Blue: Yeah...

*Blue goes to descend the roof, but turns around and addresses Jawo'*

Blue: Hey, Jawo'...

Jawo': Hm?

Blue: What are you doing up here by yourself anyway?

Jawo': Oh...just thinking about stuff...

Blue: What kind of stuff?

Jawo': Well...if you must know, it's...that fight earlier.

Blue: You mean the battle with Deke?

Jawo': Yeah, that's right. It...it made me realize the glaring weakness in my crystal techniques.

Blue: You're talking about how it was easily subdued by fire-based attacks, right?

Jawo': *nods* Mhmm. I know now, that if I want to fare better against stronger opponents, I have to find a way to cover my weaknesses. Especially if were to face off against Deke again.

Blue: Hmm...well, you know, your Crystal Sword isn't the only weapon in your arsenal.

Jawo': Huh?

Blue: There's that Water Blue ring you always carry as well.

Jawo': Yeah, I know. I was going to use that against Deke, that is until he said that water alone isn't enough to defeat him.

Blue: Oh, right. You have a point there...

Jawo': And now I don't know what to do. I mean, it's not like I can make my crystals resistant to fire. Or the water from the ring super effective against it.

Blue: Hmm...maybe not, Jawo'. But then again, have you thought about combining the two together?

Jawo': What? Are you serious?

Blue: Well yeah. If the two elements alone aren't proving effective enough, then combining them together should give you the kind of results you're looking for. Take my magic for instance. Sure, each element is powerful on it's own, but I also have spells that utilize the power of two combined elements at my disposal, just in case I need that extra kick.

Jawo': Do you...do you really think I could? Do you really think I could combine the powers of the sword and the ring?

Blue: Hmm...well it's not exactly the same as combination magic, but it's the same general concept. So in theory, I suppose it's possible.

*Jawo' looks at both the Crystal Sword and Water Blue ring comparatively*

Jawo': The Crystal Sword...and...the Water Blue ring...

Blue: Heheheh, but..don't get your hopes up too high. It's only conjecture on my part.

Jawo': Hmm...(Conjecture or not...it's worth a try...)

??: Knock knock...

Jawo': Huh!?

Blue: Who was that!?

??: Can Blue and Jawo' come out to play?

Blue: What? Where is that voice coming from!? Who is--

*Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a unseen force blows Blue and Jawo' off the top of the mansion roof*

Blue/Jawo': Waaaah!!!

*At the last second, Jawo' grabs hold of the edge of the mansion roof*

Jawo': Errgh!!

Blue: Aah!!

*As Blue falls past, Jawo' reaches out his free hand and grabs hold of Blue, saving him*

Jawo': Nngh! I gotcha, buddy! I won't let you fall!

Blue: Phew...that was close. Thanks, Jawo'.

Jawo': No problem. But...who was that voice...?

Blue: I don't know...

*Just then, Shadow appears standing at the edge of the roof where Jawo' is holding on*

Shadow: Hello, boys. Didja miss me? Hehehe.

Jawo': Gah! It's you!

Blue: Shadow!
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« Reply #49 on: 09 September, 2008, 06:55:09 pm »

Blue: Jawo'! To the ground!

Jawo': Right!

*Jawo' release the roof edge, allowing the two to fall to the ground and perform a safe landing. Soon after, Shadow intercepts by reappearing in front of them*

Blue: Uh!?

Shadow: Well well, sorry to drop in...unannounced...

Jawo': Agh! You just don't know when to quit, do you!?

Shadow: Huh? Aw man, is this a bad time? *rubs head*

Blue: Shadow...what do you want? We don't have time to play games.

Shadow: Well, if you must know, since Kovah has reached the final stages of his "grand scheme", I was sent here to secure the final piece of the puzzle.

Jawo': Final piece?

Blue: Hmph. He has to be talking about Reese...

Shadow: You got it, Blue!

Jawo': Then if that's the case, then why confront us? Why not just grab Reese and split from the get go?

Shadow: *sigh* Haven't you learned anything, Jawo'? I'm not interesting in capturing Reese at all!

Jawo': What?

Blue: I knew it. You're just using this as an excuse to fight us again. Am I right, Shadow?

Shadow: Ding ding ding! Right again! Man, you're on a roll today, Blue!

Blue: Mmph. Please. Spare me your empty flattery.

Shadow: Hah, fine. And since you figured that out so quickly, I wager you can tell me what's coming next...

Blue: Ergh...

Shadow: Hm, judging from your reaction, I think you know that...yes! It's time to battle!!

Jawo': Heh, so it's a fight you want, huh? Then it'll be my pleasure! *grabs hilt*

*Jawo' steps forward, but Blue stops him by putting out his arm*

Blue: Jawo'...wait.

Jawo': Huh?

Blue: Shadow, we're not going to fight you.

Shadow: Eh?

Jawo': What!? Blue, what are you talking about!? If he wants a butt-kicking, then I say we should give him one!

Blue: We won't. Shadow may be an idiot, but he's not our enemy. It wouldn't be right for us to waste our energy fighting him off.

Jawo': *grumble* Fine...

*Just then, Mel walks out from the front door of the mansion, and witnesses Blue and Jawo' facing off with Shadow*

Mel: Eh? What's going on about here?

Jawo': Huh?

Blue: Mel?

Mel: I thought I heard some noise up on the roof earlier. Is everything okay?

Blue: Everything's fine, Mel.

Jawo': Yeah. We're just having a little..."chat"...with our buddy, Shadow.

Mel: Hrm? Shadow?

Shadow: Over here.

Mel: Mmph, Shadow. What a distasteful alias. Tell me, boy, what is your real name?

Shadow: Oh? My real name, you ask? Why, it's Matt.

Mel: Matt? Tsch. *smirks*

Shadow: Uh?

Mel: Such a common birthname will never allow you the elegance and prestige to make a significant impact in this ever expanding society of ours. So much so that you and all the other Matts of this world are destined for nothing more than insipid mediocrity.

Blue/Jawo': *sweatdrop*

Shadow: Oh my. Well you're quite rude. *rubs chin*

Mel: Sometimes the truth hurts, lad. This is a lesson you are sure to learn.

Shadow: Truth or no...I don't believe you have the right to speak to me that way. In fact...I think maybe I should teach you a lesson in proper respect.

Mel: Eh? What are you babbling about?

Shadow: Hm...So Blue, you say I'm not your enemy, right?

Blue: What?

Shadow: ...Then I wonder if this will make you change your mind!!!

Blue: Aah!!

*Shadow fires a streak of lightning at Mel. Electricity courses through his body as he falls to the ground unconscious*

Mel: Uaaagh!! ...Ungh...

Blue: Mel!

Jawo': Pops!

Shadow: Heheheh, now who's mediocre?

Blue: Shadow! How could you do that!?

Jawo': Rrggh! What's wrong with you!? He had nothing to do with this!

Shadow: Hey, don't look at me. This only happened because YOU didn't accept my challenge to fight.

Blue: Shadow...*clenches fist*

Shadow: So what do you say? Will you fight me now?

Blue: Not a chance.

Shadow: Really? You still say no? Bummer. *rubs head*

*Shadow looks around*

Shadow: Hmm...now let's see...

Jawo': Huh? What's he--

Shadow: Who else do I have to fry before it'll convince you to fight?

Blue: What!?

Shadow: There's a whole plethora of townspeople to choose from! Heh, if I get lucky, maybe I'll find a little girl to blast. Or perhaps a sweet old granny. Hahahah.

Jawo': You...monster...!

Shadow: Time's a tickin', boys. I suggest you make a decision before I grow restless.

Blue: ...

Shadow: Still no answer? Fine. You have until the count of three before heads start flying.

Blue: Mnn...

Shadow: 1...

Blue: ...

Shadow: 2...

Jawo': Blue...

Shadow: ...Thr--!

Blue: ...Alright.

Shadow: Oh?

Blue: We'll...fight you...

Shadow: Really? Fantastic!

Blue: ...Icicle!!

Shadow: Huh!?

*Blue casts an icicle spell. Icicles rise up from the ground beneath Shadow, coating his feet in ice and trapping him in place*

Shadow: Ugh! What's--! I can't get free!

Blue: We'll fight you alright, but I never said we'll fight here!

Jawo': Blue, what are you--?

Blue: Jawo', we have to get away from here, now!

Jawo': But...shouldn't we get the others first?

Blue: There's no time! That ice won't hold him forever! We need to take this fight away from town so that no innocent people will get hurt in the crossfire!

Jawo': Alright.

Blue: Okay, let's head to the northern gate! Hurry!

Jawo': Right!

*Blue and Jawo' begin to make their way towards to northern gate in an effort to lead Shadow away from town*

Shadow: Gah! miserable ice!

*Shadow uses his scythe to cut away the ice, freeing himself from entrapment*

Shadow: Blue...that sneaky devil. How could I let him trick me like that? ...But no matter. This only makes things more interesting! Hahahah!
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« Reply #50 on: 12 September, 2008, 11:21:45 pm »

*Blue and Jawo' flee together to a forest clearing in the northern outskirts of Ackland Town*

~~Forest Clearing~~

Blue: *looks around* Hmm, so far so good. There's no Shadow around.

Jawo': Yeah, but knowing him, it won't be long before he's on our tail again...

Shadow: My ears are burning! You talking about me?

Blue: Huh?

*Blue looks over to see Shadow standing atop a branch in a nearby tree*

Blue: Shadow!

Shadow: You know, we just HAVE to stop running into eachother like this.

Blue: *annoyed* You took the words right out of my mouth...

Jawo': Shadow. Heh, and not a moment too soon. You're right on cue!

Shadow: Oh, were you expecting me? How thoughtful.

*Shadow leaps from the tree branch and down to the ground*

Shadow: Blue, should've known that your icicle wouldn't keep me away forever.

Blue: Of course I knew. But it did draw you away from town, which was my plan from the start.

Shadow: Ah, I see now. Pretty clever, Blue. But don't think you'll get away from me again. I won't fall for the same trick twice.

Blue: Heh, there's no need. We don't plan on running away.

Shadow: Oh? Well that's just great! ...But wait! Don't you want to gather your posse first?

Blue: Nah, that won't be necessary. Me and Jawo' are more than enough to handle you. Isn't that right, Jawo'?

Jawo': You said it, Blue! Let's give him a run for his money!

Shadow: Hmm, well this is certainly a nice change in attitude. Let's see just how well that optimism will hold up.

*Shadow summons forth his scythe*

Shadow: *signals forward* Come. Let's get this started.

Jawo': Okay! Let's go for it!

*Jawo' draws his sword and dashes straight towards Shadow. Once within range, he slashes overhead, which Shadow guards against with the pole of his scythe*

Shadow: Hmph. *smirks*

Jawo': Ergh...I'm not finished yet!

*Jawo' pulls his sword away and continuously slashes at Shadow. Shadow blocks each blow, taking a small step back with each attempt. But Jawo' doesn't let up, advancing and continuing his assault*

Shadow: *sweats* (Ugh...he's relentless. It's like he's a wild beast!)

Jawo': Heh, what's the matter, Shadow? Running out of juice already?

Shadow: How nice of you to be concerned about my health. But I'm a big boy now. I can take care of myself.

*Shadow performs a counter manuveur, breaking Jawo's attack and knocking him off balance*

Jawo': Guh!

Shadow: Ha! You're open!

*Shadow moves in to attack when Blue intercepts by punching Shadow in the face. The force of the punch sends him tumbling along the ground, but he manages to regain his stance*

Shadow: Ngh...Blue. I had almost forgotten you were there...

Blue: Better keep your eyes open, Shadow. This isn't a game, you know. You could get hurt.

Shadow: Hmm, such an error on my account could prove to be costly. I won't make such a mistake again...

Blue: Hm?

*Shadow instantly teleports right in front of Blue*

Blue: Aah!

Shadow: So long!

*Shadow swings horizontally, but Blue manages to dodge by ducking underneath the attack*

Shadow: What!? He dodged it!?

*Blue then quickly springs up and delivers three quick punches, followed by an upwards kick that forces Shadow into the air*

Blue: Haah!!

Shadow: Gyah!! (Ugh...he's grown faster. Almost as fast as I am...)

Blue: Now, Jawo'! It's your turn!!

Jawo': Alright!

*Jawo' gathers his energy in preparation*

Jawo': Chaos...Control!!

*Jawo' uses Chaos Control to warp from the ground, to up in the air just below Shadow*

Shadow: What!?

*Jawo' then grabs a hold of Shadow's ankles*

Jawo': Time for a spin cycle, Shadow!

*Jawo' uses his forward momentum to pull Shadow, spinning him around vertically through the air. Once gathering sufficient momentum, he hurls Shadow by his ankles, sending him spiraling towards the ground*

Jawo': Hyaaaah!

Shadow: Uaaaaaaaaggh!

*Shadow plows into the ground below, with enough force to crack the earth beneath him*

Jawo': Yeah! We got him!

Blue: Nice going, Jawo'! Awesome move!

*Jawo' walks up to Shadow's body and lightly kicks him*

Jawo': Yup. I don't think he's going to be moving anytime soon.

Shadow: Oh? You wanna bet on that?

Jawo': What!?

Blue: Jawo', behind you!

*Jawo' quickly turns around to see Shadow standing a fair distance behind him, in near perfect condition*

Jawo': Agh! But...but how!? I trashed you!

Shadow: *sigh* Oh, Jawo'. You should be familiar with the concept of my clones by now.

Jawo': Uh?

*Jawo' looks over to the other Shadow, only to see it disappear, revealing itself to have been a clone*

Jawo': Ergh...so it was just a clone...

Shadow: Hahahahaha! You honestly thought you got me with that move, didn't you!? Grapple manuveurs will never work on the likes of me!

Jawo': Damnit...*clenches fist*

Shadow: Although, I must admit, that was one pretty sweet move. But...not as sweet as that other one...

Jawo': What...?

Shadow: Hmm...what did you call it before? ...Oh, that's right. Chaos Control!

Jawo': Heh, so you liked it, huh? Well I'm not surprised. It is pretty awesome.

Shadow: Oh yes, I liked it. In fact, I liked it SO much, that I think I'll take it!

Jawo': Huh...?

Shadow: Chaos Control!!

Jawo': What!?!?

*Shadow uses Chaos Control to warp directly in front of Jawo'. He delivers two successive punches and then follows up with an elbow that sends Jawo' sliding backwards*

Jawo': Guah! *winces*

Shadow: Hmm...so that's Chaos Control, huh? Heheheh, I could get used to this. *smirks*

Blue: Ah, Jawo'! Mmph, you're not gonna get away with that, Shadow!

*Blue begins to prepare a spell when Jawo' stops him*

Blue: Jawo'...?

Jawo': Don't even think about it, Blue.

Blue: But...

Jawo': I said no! He stole my technique, so now he's gotta answer to me. Before this is over, I'll show him the true power of Chaos Control!
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« Reply #51 on: 14 September, 2008, 03:10:27 pm »

Shadow: Heh. True power, huh? You think your Chaos Control is better than mine?

Jawo': No doubt.

Shadow: Well then...we shall see!

Jawo': Go for it!

*Jawo' and Shadow both run towards eachother at full speed*

Shadow/Jawo': Chaos...Control!

*Right before clashing, the two disappear, as if vanishing from existence*

Blue: Huh? They disappeared...

*Suddenly, Jawo' and Shadow reappear for a split second before fading from sight again*

Blue: What...?

*Jawo' and Shadow reappear once again in a different place, and then fades from sight. Then once more in a different spot, then again in another, and so on*

Blue: What's going on? Could it be that they're fighting at a speed I can't comprehend? ...No, that can't be it. Then...it must mean that everything else in this space has been slowed down, including myself...

*Meanwhile, back in Ackland, Penny and Reese walk out of the mansion, only to find Mel on all fours, struggling to stand*

~~Ackland, Penny's House~~

Reese: Penny...isn't that...

Penny: Ah! Dad!

*Reese and Penny hurry over to Mel, and they both help him to his feet*

Reese: Mr. Bancroft, are you alright?

Mel: Grrrgh...

Penny: Dad, what happened?

Mel: I...I was struck...

Penny: You were attacked? By who!?

Mel: Matt..ngh, you lowly commoner...

Penny: Huh? Matt?

Reese: ...You mean Shadow?

Mel: Yes, I believe that's the name by which he called himself...

Penny: Agh, so Shadow's behind this, is he!? Man, that creep never gives up!

Reese: But what's he doing here in Ackland...?

Penny: Hmph, if I know Shadow, he's here to pick another fight with us.

Reese: What do we do, Penny?

Penny: Well...if it's a fight he wants, then we're gonna give it to him!

*Back to the battle at hand, Jawo' and Shadow continue their clash of Chaos Control. As the clash goes it, it grows more and more fierce. Their blows knocking over nearby trees in their path*

Blue: Ngh! This is...unreal! Just what kind of power is Chaos Control!?

*From the perspective of Jawo' and Shadow, the entire area is grayed out in a distortion of time and space. Absorbed in their own world, they engage in a power struggle of sword and scythe*

Shadow: Hah, I gotta admit, I didn't expect you to last this long.

Jawo': What are you babbling about, huh?

Shadow: You must know that Chaos Control requires a large amount of energy to maintain. As such, it puts immense stress on the user's body. Why, without proper control over your mana output, you'll be drained within seconds!

Jawo': Yeah, I know. So what are you getting at?

Shadow: Oh, I'm just saying. I realized your mana control isn't quite up to par. It's no question that you'll give out before I do.

Jawo': What!?

Shadow: Don't pretend! You and I both know it! Now it's only a matter of when...

Jawo': Agh! Shut up!

*Jawo' and Shadow continue their struggle. As it goes on, the stress of Chaos Control begins to take its toll on Jawo'*

Jawo': Ugh...(Damnit, he's right. I...I'm losing it. I don't know how much longer I can hold up...)

Shadow: Hahahah! What's the matter, Jawo'!? Out of juice already!?

Jawo': Hey...ungh...that's my line...

Shadow: Now you're through! Haah!

*Shadow ends the struggle by blowing Jawo' away with swing from his scythe. The Chaos Control disperses, as Jawo' is sent flying backwards in plain sight*

Jawo': Aaaaaggggh! Oof!

Blue: Ah! Jawo'!

Shadow: Tsch. I knew you couldn't hack it. I guess I AM better with Chaos Control afterall!!

Jawo': D-damn...how...how can he...be so good...?

Shadow: You know, in that short time, I've learned quite a bit about that there Chaos Control. In fact, I think I can take the power of Chaos to a whole new level!

Jawo': *panting* Hah...ha...what are you...talking about..?

Shadow: Allow me to show you!

*Shadow prepares a new technique*

Shadow: Chaos Spear!!!

Jawo': What!?

*Suddenly, a group of yellow energy spears appear floating in the air, surrounding Jawo'. Shadow then points down, sending the spears downwards. With no energy left to avoid, Jawo' can only stand there as the spears impale him all around his body*

Jawo': Uuaaggggh!!

Blue: Jawo', no!!

*With the spears still jutting out of his body, Jawo' falls to his knees with his head hanging down. Blue then runs up to him*

Blue: Jawo'! Are you alright? Say something!

Jawo': *quietly* How...?

Blue: What?

Jawo': It...it took me months to learn how to use Chaos Control. Tell me...tell me how could Shadow learn it...and take it to a new level in just a few minutes!?

Blue: Jawo', what are you talking about? You're wounded! You need medical attention!

Shadow: Wow, it took you months to learn Chaos Control? Heh, and you can barely do that right. Damn, I must be a genius!

Jawo': Shut...up...

*Jawo' slowly stands to his feet and begins to forcibly remove the spears from his body, leaving gaping pierce wounds in their wake*

Blue: Jawo'! Look at all that blood... Stop or you'll bleed to death!

Jawo': I...I won't stand here...and be mocked...like this!

Blue: Jawo'...

Jawo': Shadow...you're going down!!!

*Jawo' draws his sword and begins to run toward Shadow at full speed, despite his injuries*

Shadow: Gah! W-what is he doing!? How can he still be fighting like this!?

Jawo': Aaaaarrrrrrr--ugh...

Shadow: Huh?

*Midway to Shadow, Jawo' stops in his track and collapses to the ground*

Jawo': *to himself* Damnit! Move, body! Move!

Shadow: *sweats* Such resolve...where does it come from...?

*Blue runs up to Jawo' and holds his body*

Blue: Jawo'...you idiot...

Jawo': Blue...you have to do it.

Blue: Huh?

Jawo': It's up to you...to beat Shadow now. I can't fight anymore...

Blue: ...Fine. Just leave him to me.

Jawo': You can do it...

Blue: I will.

*Blue carefully lies Jawo's body down and glares at Shadow*

Blue: Shadow...

Shadow: Hm...?

Blue: You won't get away with this!

*Blue sprints foward at a blinding speed towards Shadow*

Shadow: *smirks* (Heh, you're fast, Blue. But not faster than me. I'll just counter your wild attack)

*Blue approaches Shadow and gears up a punch. But instead of attacking, slips to Shadow's left side*

Shadow: Ah!?

*Before he knew what hit him, Blue avoids Shadow's anticipated counter and delivers a powerful punch to his face, sending him sailing into a nearby lake*

Shadow: Aaagh!!

*Shadow's body bounces along the water like a skipping rock until he manages to regain his positioning. He then stands atop the surface of the water*

Blue: Here I come!

*Blue runs fowards and jumps into the lake after Shadow, sliding along the water before coming to a stop. He too then stands atop the surface of the water*

Shadow: *to himself* Ungh...*wipes blood from mouth* ...that hurt...

*Blue gets into a dynamic fighting pose*

Blue: Hmm!!
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« Reply #52 on: 15 September, 2008, 05:58:40 pm »

Jawo': *to himself* Am...Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? Are they really...standing on water!?

*Meanwhile, Blue and Shadow stand in center of the lake, waiting for one another to make the first move*

Blue: ...

Shadow: (Hm, what's he doing...just standing there like that. Is he trying to psyche me out? Keep me on edge? Well it's not going to work! I'll just stay put.)

Blue: ...

Shadow: (He's still not coming. What's he waiting for? Is he...maybe...he WANTS me to wait here, so he can catch me off guard!)

Blue: ...

Shadow: (Yeah, that must be it! Heh, well that's not going to work either! I'll just attack him before he gets the chance!)

*Shadow moves in to attack...*

Blue: Hmph!!

*But at that very second, Blue retaliates by swiping his hand, sending a wave of water surging in Shadow's direction*

Shadow: What!? (No! He was anticipating it!)

*As the wave approaches Shadow, he holds his arms up in defense to avoid being washed away. Once it passes through him, he opens his eyes and observes his surroundings, soon noticing Blue quickly closing in on him*

Blue: Rraaaaaagh!!

Shadow: Gah!!

*Blue catches Shadow off guard, running in and bashing him in the face with his forearm*

Shadow: Ungh!

*The force of the blow causes Shadow to stagger backwards. Blue then grabs him by the shirt and pulls him foward into a crushing knee to the gut. Forcing blood from his mouth*

Shadow: Guaaagckh!

Blue: I'm not done yet! Huaagh!

*While Shadow is hunched over, Blue delivers a powerful two-handed overhead blow to Shadow's head. He's struck with enough force to send him spiraling down into the depths of the lake, resulting in an enormous splash*

Jawo': *to himself*...Woah...that was...amazing...

Blue: *panting* Hah...ha...hah...

Jawo': Is this really...the same Blue...?

*Enter Jawo's flashback to the first story, back during their fight their fight on the Eastern Shore*

Jawo': Now, Ring of the Water, I call forth a MIGHTY STORM!!!!

Blue: No! He knows their weakness! Well don't think I'm just gonna sit here and let you do this. *Casts a Fireball spell*

*Still weilding the Water Ring, Jawo' summons water bolts to counter the fire spell*

Jawo': Hah!

Blue: *softly* Rrgh...

Jawo': The same dork that could only cast measly fire magic, and hit behind his Ifrits like a brazen coward...?

*Jawo's flashback switches to a scene from the first Gaiden story, after the bandit battle*

Lilia: What was that move you did? You know, the one that slowed down that bandit? That was amazing!

Jawo': Chaos Control. Using it, I can slow down the passage of time in a closed area, or warp instantaneously. It's a nifty trick, but I can't use it often.

Lilia: Awesome! Blue's magic can't do anything like that!

Blue: *steams* Oooooh....

Jawo': The same Blue...that was envious and spiteful of my technique because he couldn't do better?

*End flashback*

Jawo': But now look at him. Despite it all, he's fighting on even with Shadow of all people now. ...H-how far have you come, Blue? How much have you grown...?

~~Meanwhile, in Ackland Town~~

*Off in the distance, Penny and Reese witness the splash of water resulting from Blue's attack on Shadow*

Reese: Woah! What was that!?

Penny: I don't know, but it looks like something's going on over there...

Mel: It...It could be Blue...

Reese: Blue?

Penny: What are you talking about, Dad?

Mel: Before I fell unconscious, I overheard Blue saying that he was going to lead Matt away from Ackland, to take their fight away from civilians.

Reese: So...Blue was here too?

Mel: Correct.

Penny: And you say he's fighting with Shadow right now?

Mel: Yes, from what I gather, Blue and that Jawo' fellow are confronting him as we speak.

Reese: What!? Just the two of them alone!? Penny!

Penny: I know, Reese! We have to go!

Mel: Wait, go where? ...Ah! You're not thinking of--!

Penny: I am! We have to help our friends before it's too late!

Mel: What!? But Penelope!!!

Penny: There's no time! Dad, you stay here! Come on, Reese! We're going!

Reese: Right!

*Penny and Reese run off in pursuit of Shadow*

Mel: Penelope! Reese! Stop!

*Mel tries to follow them, but his wounds from earlier hold him back*

Mel: Urk! ...It's no use, I can't stop them in this condition. ...*sigh* I just pray that they remain safe...

*Back to the battle, Blue still stands atop the lake, having not moved since Shadow went under*

Blue: Hrrm...

Jawo': Hey...what's he--?

*Jawo' calls out to Blue*

Jawo': Blue! What's up!? Is everything alright out there!?

Blue: *shakes head*

Jawo': Huh?

Blue: He's still there...

Jawo': What are you talking about? I saw him go under! We both did! He's gone! You beat him!

Blue: He's not.

Jawo': What? Are you serious?

*At that moment, the water below Blue's feet begins to bubble*

Blue: Hunh?

*Suddenly, a purple lightning bolt thunders up from the water, but Blue flips backwards, avoiding the attack*

Blue: Eugh!

*The water below Blue begins to bubble once more*

Blue: Gah!

*Another lightning bolt strikes from beneath him, but he manages to dodge once again*

Blue: Ugh!

*Yet again, the water beneath Blue begins to bubble, but this time, the bubbling occurs across a wider area*

Blue: Aah!

Jawo': Blue! Get out of there!

*lightning continuously strikes from underwater as Blue runs along the lake to avoid them. Before long, the attacks come to a halt, and Blue stops to rest*

Blue: *wipes forehead* Phew...that was a close one...

??: ...Or was it...?

Blue: What!?

*Just as Blue thinks he's safe, Shadow quickly emerges from the water behind Blue and wraps his arms around him*

Shadow: Guess who!

Blue: Urk! *struggles* Shadow!!!

Shadow: Haha! You win! Now for your prize!!!

*Shadow hurls Blue into the air and prepares a technique*

Shadow: Chaos...Control!!

*Shadow uses to slow down the area around him. He then grabs his scythe and teleports up to Blue*

Shadow: Hehehe, time to go to work!

*From Blue's perspective, the only thing that can be seen is a multitude of invisible slashes cutting and tearing at Blue's body*

Blue: Guaaaaagggh!!!

*The attack ceases and the Chaos Control is released, allowing Blue's lifeless body to fall. Shadow then catches Blue as he falls, and holds him up by his shirt*

Shadow: Hah, how did you like it? I call that move....Chaos Reaper!

Jawo': No! Blue!!

Blue: Nngh...

Shadow: Heh, I gotta say, Blue, you really had me going there for a second. I would've never thought that you had what it takes to psyche me out like that. You really messed with my head, you know that?

Blue: ...

Shadow: And that was sure one HELL of a pounding you gave me back there. Boy, I'll be feeling that one tomorrow!

Blue: J-just...get on with it...

Shadow: Hah, if you insist...

*Shadow takes his scythe and aims it at Blue's neck*

Jawo': (No! If I don't stop him, Blue's a goner! But...but what can I do in this condition!?)

Shadow: Say goodnight, Blue.

Blue: ...

*Blue closes his eyes and prepares for the worst when...*

Jawo': Water Blue Ring!!

Shadow: What?

*Jawo' uses the Water Blue Ring to manipulate the water in the lake. A wave of water seperates Blue from Shadow's grip and pulls him back to onto dry land beside Jawo'*

Jawo': ...Hm...he's out cold. But even still...you did well, Blue. That's all any of us could ask for.

Shadow: Tsch, so it was you. You're just full of surprises, aren't you? I didn't think you'd survive that Chaos Spear.

Jawo': Heh, well you know what I always say. I die hard.

Shadow: So you do, huh? Well then...I wonder if this is die hard enough for you!

*A translucent red aura forms around Shadow*

Jawo': *sweats* No! It can't be!

Shadow: Chaos....BLAS--

*But before Shadow can pull off his attack, he is impaled in the shoulder by an arrow*

Shadow: Gyah! Ergh...what was--!?

*Shadow removes the arrow from his shoulder*

Shadow: An arrow!? What the--!

Reese: We won't let you lay another finger on our friends, Shadow!

Shadow: Hunh? ...Rrgh...it's you...

Jawo': "You"? What...?

*Jawo' turns around to see Reese and Penny standing behind him*

Jawo': Guys! You came!

Reese: Jawo'! Blue! What happened!?

Penny: Are you two alright!?

Jawo': I'm fine, but Blue got roughed up pretty bad...

Reese: Hm, let me see...

*Reese checks out Blue's vital signs*

Reese: You're right, he's badly hurt...but he'll be okay.

Jawo': That's a relief. But...how did you two find us? I mean, how did you know we were here?

Reese: How we found you isn't important, Jawo'.

Penny: Yeah, what's really important is us tearing that Shadow a new hole!

Reese: You two earned a good rest. We'll do the fighting from here on!

Shadow: Shoot! And I was having so much fun too...
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« Reply #53 on: 18 September, 2008, 04:32:58 pm »

Penny: Reese, I'll go in first! You be my backup, alright!?

Reese: You got it, Penny!

Jawo': Be careful, you two...

Penny: You don't have to worry about us, Jawo'. We know what we're doing. Let's go, Reese!

Reese: Yeah!

Shadow: *sigh* Oh bother... *rubs head*

Penny: Let's see how you handle this, Shadow!

Shadow: Oh Penny, you and those yo-yo's of yours.

Penny: They're not yo-yo's! They're spinners!

Shadow: Yeah..right...spinners. Anyway, what are you going to do? Throw them at me again? Perhaps try another tie up trick like last time?

Penny: What!? Are you trying to say that I'm predictable!?

Shadow: I'm not saying anything, Penny. But if the shoe fits... *shrugs*

Penny: Well then, I guess it's time I showed you what I can really do!

Shadow: Oh?

Penny: Yeah! Watch this!

*Penny enfuses her spinners with mana and launches them both at an angle towards the ground. The powered up spinners then tunnel deep into the earth*

Shadow: *attentively* Hmm...(What's she plotting...)

Penny: Alright, let's do it!

*With a slight movement of her finger, one of the spinners rapidly emerges from the ground at an angle, straight towards Shadow*

Shadow: Guh!

*Shadow sidesteps just in time to avoid the attack. The spinner then retreats back underground with another movement of Penny's finger*

Shadow: Tricky...

Penny: Hmph, so I missed. Oh well, let's try again!

*Penny nudges her finger again, causing the spinner to emerge from the ground at an angle, this time from behind Shadow*

Shadow: Hm!

*Shadow leaps to the side, avoiding the attack*

Penny: Now I got you!

*Penny nudges her finger on the opposite hand, causing the other spinner to rapidly emerge and strike Shadow from the side while his focus is split*

Shadow: Ngh!! (Lucky shot...)

Penny: Ah ha!

*With the attack successful, the two spinners retreat back underground and back up to Penny's hand*

Penny: How did you like that? I call it..."Snake in the grass"! Heehee!

Shadow: Heh, I'll admit, it's pretty good. ...For you, anyway.

Penny: Ooooh! I'll teach you to make fun of me!

*Penny launches her spinners to each side of her. Wrapping one around the tree, and the other around a second tree.*

Penny: Errrggh!!

*She then tugs with all her might, slowly uprooting the trees and pulling them from the ground*

Shadow: Mama mia...

~~Meanwhile, in Ackland Town~~

*Lilia leaves the item shop after completing her shopping*

Lilia: Hm...I think this should be enough for our trip. Yup! We're all set! Now to get back to the mansion.

*As Lilia walks down the streets of the town, she spies far off in the distance the two trees that Penny has a hold of falling towards the ground*

Lilia: Hunh? Trees falling? I don't remember there being any lumberjacks in this area. ...What could be going on?

Mel: Lilia!

Lilia: Huh? Who said that? Did someone call me?

*Mel runs up to Lilia and stops before her to catch his breath*

Mel: *panting* Lilia...hah...ha...

Lilia: Oh, it's Penny's father. What are you doing here?

Mel: Lilia, your friends, they need you...

Lilia: Uh? What are you talking about? What's happened?

Mel: I assume that you know the one by the name of Shadow, correct?

Lilia: Shadow? Yeah, I do. What about him?

Mel: There's not much time, so I'll get straight to the point. This Shadow character has engaged a battle with Blue and the others.

Lilia: What!?

Mel: It's true. They're off fighting now even as we speak. I haven't the strength to aid due to a slight...mishap, so I came to find you instead. If this Shadow is as strong as I felt he was, they won't last much longer without help...

Lilia: Well then tell me! Where are they now!?

Mel: They're at the forest clearing just north of town.

Lilia: Alright, I'll go help them right away!

Mel: Lilia...be careful...

Lilia: I will! And thank you!

*Without a moment's delay, Lilia runs off in pursuit of Shadow, to aid her fallen friends*

Lilia: *panting while running* Hah..ha...(Shadow...why are you doing this...?)

*Meanwhile, back at the battle, Penny uses her unnatural strength to hurl the entire uprooted tree at Shadow*

Penny: Haaaaaaah!

Shadow: Gyah!

Penny: And here's number two! Uaaaaagh!

*Penny slings the second tree at Shadow*

Shadow: Yow! That's some throwing arm you got there! But still...

*Shadow summons his scythe*

Shadow: It's nothing I can't handle!

*As the trees near Shadow, he takes his scythe and slices them clean in half, nullifying Penny's attack*

Shadow: Hah, that wasn't too bad. In fact, I'd even say it was fun! It's not everyday that I get trees thrown at me.

Penny: Ungh! Why you...!

*Meanwhile, Reese sits atop a nearby tree. With a clear shot at Shadow's back, he loads three arrows into his bow*

Reese: *to himself* Nice job keeping him distracted, Penny. Now I've got a perfect shot! I can't possibly miss!

Shadow: Well well...is that it? No more off-the-wall attacks?

Penny: Tsch...

Shadow: Not even a typical hot-headed retort? Tsk tsk. I'm disappointed in you, Penny. Ah well...then I guess it's my turn...

*Shadow begins to run towards Penny with his scythe ready when...*

Reese: Triple Shot!

Shadow: Huh?

*Shadow looks behind himself to see three arrows quickly advancing on him*

Penny: Ha! Let's see you get away from those!

Shadow: Hmm...okay!

Penny: What?

*Shadow takes a nearby log from the sliced tree from earlier and kicks it up into the arrow's path, causing them to lodge into the log instead*

Reese: Gah! No! There's no way he could've responded so fast!

Shadow: *winces* Ssssss! Oh, so close!

Penny: Rrragh! We're not done with you yet, Shadow!

Shadow: That may be true, but I'm quite finished with you. So why don't you take a little nap for me?

*Shadow prepares a magic spell*

Shadow: Temptation to Sleep!

*Shadow fires an ominous glowing ray from his hands at Penny*

Penny: Noooo! Aaaaaah!

Reese: Penny! No!

*The ray collides with Penny, sending an unknown frequency to her brain that forces her to fall asleep on her feet*

Reese: ...Penny?

Penny: *snoring* Zzzzzzzzz...

Reese: Yah! She's asleep!

Shadow: Heh, yeah. I wasn't really in the mood for a flashy attack. Besides, that was more than enough to shut her up.

Reese: Ggh! (Yikes! I'm all alone now! W-w-what do I do?!)

*Shadow turns to Reese*

Shadow: Oh Reeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Reese: Waaaah!

*Reese flails about in a panic, causing himself to fall from the tree and crash to the ground*

Reese: Woah! Oof!! ...Ouch... *rubs head*

Shadow: Looks like it's just you and me now, little buddy.

Reese: ...*gulp*

Shadow: You and me, we're gonna have SO much fun. I can TELL!

Reese: Uhm...no thanks! Er...didn't you know? I'm allergic to fun! Yeah, that's right! It makes me break out in a nasty rash.

Shadow: Now now, Reese. Don't be coy! Everybody has to die sometime...

Reese: Aaaaaaaaaaagh!

Jawo': Reese! No!

*Shadow starts towards Reese when a sudden explosion is engaged upon his right arm*

Shadow: Nngh!! My arm...!

Reese: ...Huh?

Jawo': What...was that?

Shadow: Rgh! Who...who did this!?

Lilia: Back off, Shadow!

Shadow: Rgh...that voice...

*Just then, Lilia leaps out of a nearby tree, in front of Shadow*

Jawo'/Reese: Lilia!

Lilia: Jawo', Reese. Are you two okay? You're not hurt, are you?

Reese: I'm fine now, thanks to you.

Jawo': Lilia...you shouldn't have come...

Lilia: And why not?

Jawo': Shadow...he's too strong for you to handle alone. Just get out of here! While you still can!

Lilia: Are you crazy? I'm not doing that!

Jawo': What?!

Lilia: I won't abandon my friends. Not ever.

Jawo': But Lilia...

Lilia: I said I won't do it! And besides...I can take care of Shadow.

Jawo': Huh?

Lilia: Just trust in me. Okay? *winks*

Jawo': ...Fine...
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« Reply #54 on: 19 September, 2008, 04:48:21 pm »

Lilia: Shadow!

Shadow: Hey, well if it isn't Lilia. What a pleasant surprise.

Lilia: Shadow, I can't believe you're up to your old tricks again!

Shadow: Eh?

Lilia: After everything I've done to try and help you, you come back and do this to us? How could you!?

Shadow: What are you...Oh...that. Hey, let's leave Misty out of this, ok? She's got nothing to do with anything.

Lilia: What?

Shadow: I'm here because my thirst for an epic battle still remains.

Lilia: Epic battle? Are you insane!? This isn't the time nor the place for you to be seeking cheap thrills!

Shadow: Heheh. Oh Lilia...

Lilia: Huh?

Shadow: See, this little game of good and evil you got going on here, I don't care two figs about it all. All I care about...is the conflict...

Lilia: Conflict? What are you babbling about!?

Shadow: Hmph, I didn't think you'd understand. Not that I have to explain myself to you anyway. Now then, would you kindly move aside? You're not the one I want to fight.

Lilia: ...Shadow...*clenches fist*

Shadow: Hm?

Lilia: I won't do it!

Shadow: What?

Lilia: I kept thinking, hoping that you might have changed! But you haven't...

Shadow: I would think that was obvious at this point.

Lilia: Shadow...I won't let you! I won't let you do this! If you want to stand in our way, then I'll have no choice but to fight you myself!

Shadow: You, fight me? Hah, well, beggars can't be choosers I suppose.

*Shadow draws his scythe*

Shadow: Let's get this over with, shall we, Lilia?

Lilia: ...Now!

Shadow: Huh?

*Suddenly, a faint crackling noise is heard. And then, a blast is engaged upon Shadow's back*

Shadow: Guoh! Agh...it happened again... What is that!?

Lilia: How did you like that paper bomb, Shadow? I made it just for you!

Shadow: What? A paper bomb!? But, I...when--!?

Lilia: While you were so busy picking on my friends, I was here stealthily attaching these paper bombs to your clothing.

Shadow: Ugh! No!

Lilia: Hah, and you didn't even notice a thing, did you? Your arrogance really shows alright.

Shadow: Lilia...why you...!

Lilia: *waggles finger* Ah ah ah!

Shadow: Hn?

Lilia: Those paper bombs are still plenty active, I'll have you know. One wrong move and kaboom! You're blown to bits!

Shadow: Tsch, not a problem! I'll just get rid of them!

Lilia: You really think you can?

Shadow: Well I don't see why not. All I have to do is take it and--

*Shadow reaches out for a paper bomb on his shoulder. But when his hand draws near, it explodes*

Shadow: Gyaaagh! Uugh!! W-why!?

Lilia: *sigh* I tried to tell you. Try to remove a paper bomb manually by hand and it'll detonate anyway.

Shadow: What...?

Lilia: And even if you don't, I can set them out with just a snap of my fingers. Face it, Shadow. You're done.

Shadow: Heheheh...

Lilia: Huh?

Shadow: Well done, Lilia! It appears you've forced me into a corner! Now I have no choice but to concede defeat.

Lilia: Does that mean you'll finally give up chasing up now?

Shadow: Are you kidding me? No way!

Lilia: What?

Shadow: If anything, this just makes me wanna come back for another round! You guys have definitely gotten better since our last meeting! If you continue to progress like this...well...I'll have one hell of a fight on my hands! Hehehe, I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Lilia: Shadow...but--!

Shadow: Until next time, Blue and friends! Toodles!

*Shadow happily waves to the group as he disappears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Lilia: Shadow! Wait! ...He's gone...

Jawo': Tsch, he's finally pissed off. Good riddance, I say.

Lilia: But...Jawo', I...

Jawo': Huh? What's up?

Lilia: Uhm...nothing. It's not important.

Jawo': Alright, if you say so...

Reese: Phew! I'm sure glad that's over! Let's say we get out of here, huh?

Lilia: *nods* Mhmm.

Jawo': Yeah. I guess I'll carry the sleeping beauties over here.

*Jawo' grabs Blue and Penny and slings them both over his shoulders. The group then returns to the mansion and inquires the healing services of Mel*

~~Mel's Mansion~~

*Back at the mansion, Mel heals the groups various wounds one after another. Finishing up with Jawo'. He then wraps gauze around his chest and back area*

Mel: There, that should do it. You're all better now.

Jawo': Thanks, I really owe you one.

Mel: On the contrary, lad, you don't owe me anything. It is my duty as the Great Healer to restore and maintain the health of those in need.

Jawo': Oh, is that right? Well, thanks anyway.

Penny: *angrily* Mmn...

Reese: Penny, is something the matter?

Penny: I'll say! Damn that Shadow! Who does he think he is, using a cheap trick like a sleep spell!?

Reese: Uh...*rubs head*

Penny: Hah! I'll bet he did it because he was afraid of what I'd do to him! Tsch, figures that he didn't wanna fight me for real! Haha!

Reese: Erm...sure. Whatever makes you happy, Penny...*sweatdrop*

Mel: Speaking of Shadow, there's something I want to know...

Lilia: Hm? What is it?

Blue: I think I might know.

Lilia: Blue?

Blue: You want to know who he is, and why he's after us, right?

Mel: Exactly right, Blue. I find it odd that this strange character would just appears from out of nowhere and attack without provocation. You kids have been up to something, and I want you all to explain yourselves right now.

Blue: *sigh* Alright. Shadow is a mercenary...hired by a man named Ko--

Penny: Uhm...hold that thought!

Mel: Eh?

Blue: Penny, is something up?

Penny: Blue, can we talk in private for a quick second?

Blue: Uhm...sure. Why not?

Penny: Good! Let's go!

*Penny drags Blue to another so that they can talk alone*

Blue: Now then, what is this all about?

Penny: Blue! You can't!

Blue: What?

Penny: You can't tell my dad about this!

Blue: Uh? But why?

Penny: Isn't it obvious!? You know how my dad is! Blue, if my dad finds out about what I've been up to all this time, he'll never let me keep traveling with you guys!

Blue: But Penny, I--

Penny: If I'm forced to stay behind tomorrow, I'll never be able to save my sister!

Blue: Penny, what are you talking about?

Penny: Blue, don't you remember what Deke said to us?

Blue: I...

Deke: Once she's not longer useful to us, she will be killed. Hopefully I will be able to do the honors.

Blue: Penny...

Penny: Don't you understand now!? She doesn't know what she's getting into! They'll kill her if she's allowed to stay with them! Can't you see that!? I can't let that happen! I just can't!

Blue: Hmm...

Penny: So please, Blue. Please! I'm begging you...don't tell my dad...

Blue: ...Alright.

Penny: Huh?

Blue: For you, Penny, and for Prima, I won't tell him anything. You have my word.

Penny: Ah! Thank you, Blue!

*Penny hugs Blue and squeezes him tight*

Penny: Mmmmm!! <3

Blue: Ungh! *strained voice* P-Penny! You're crushing me!

~~Meanwhile, in ??~~

*Shadow returns after yet another unsuccessful attempt (or lack thereof) at capturing Reese*

Shadow: *whistling*

Kovah: Shadow...

Shadow: Oh, hey boss! What's shaking?

Kovah: Where is he!?

Shadow: Who?

Kovah: Don't feign ignorance, you lout! Where is Reese!? I thought I told you to retrieve him!

Shadow: Oh, right, that. Well you see, I kinda got sidetracked and...

Kovah: You didn't get him....

Shadow: Well...no. Eheheh, sorry... *rubs head*


*Kovah slams his fist into a nearby pillar, punching right through it*

Shadow: Woah!! Calm down!

Kovah: Grah! Useless! Every one of you!

Deke: Kovah...

Kovah: Silence, Deke. It's just one blunder after another with you simpletons. I've had enough of your constant failures!!

Deke: Then allow me to go, Kovah! I assure you that I am much more reliable than that mercenary.

Shadow: Hey, I'm right here, you know...

Kovah: No, Deke. Not this time.

Deke: Hm?

Kovah: As they say, if you want something done right...you have to do it yourself. *clenches fist*

Deke: But Kovah! I...we--!

Kovah: What? Do you mean to say that I'm not capable of handling this task? Or perhaps you mean to suggest that I would lose to Blue and his companions. Is that it?

Deke: N-no. Not at all...

Kovah: Good. Remain here. I will return shortly with my prize.

*Kovah disappears*

Deke: Mmn...*glares at Shadow*

Shadow: Phew. Who put a bee in his trousers, huh?

*Without provocation, Deke swings his axe at Shadow, pointing it directly in his face*

Shadow: Yow!!!

Deke: *coarsely* Shadow...

Shadow: Watch where you're swinging that thing, huh! You could put an eye out!

Deke: Kovah may not be able to see through your veil, but fortunately for us, that doesn't apply to myself.

Shadow: What are you talking about?

Deke: Don't play dumb with me, mercenary. I know very well that you have the strength and ability to easily secure Reese if you so wished it. So why didn't you do it?

Shadow: Mmn...

Deke: You didn't even try to capture him, did you?

Shadow: Tsch. So what if I didn't?

Deke: Hmph, I knew it. So what are you true motives, mercenary? What really brought you here? Because I know full well that it isn't to further our goals. *shakes head* No. You filthy sellswords are always playing some kind of crooked angle.

Shadow: As if it's any of your business.

Deke: Fool.

*Deke quickly returns his axe to a standing position. Afterwards, a small slash mark appears on Shadow's cheek and begins to bleed*

Shadow: Guh...

Deke: I don't know what kind of game you're playing, what kind of scheme you're pulling. But if you think that you can keep pulling the blanket over Kovah's eyes and continue to hinder our plans, then I'm afraid you're sadly mistaken.

Shadow: ...

Deke: Heed my warning, whelp. If you even think of betraying Kovah, I'll spare no effort in reducing you to a miserable pile of ashes.

*Deke turns his back and slowly walks away. Afterwards, Shadow lightly touches his wound and stares in disbelief*

Shadow: ...*averts gaze*
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~~Later that night~~

*Lilia stands outside on the mansion front balcony alone, pondering about recent events*

Lilia: *to herself* Shadow...

Blue: Hey, there you are...

Lilia: Huh? Oh, it's you, Blue.

Blue: I've been looking for you, you know.

Lilia: You have?

Blue: Yeah, don't you know how late it is? We should be resting up for tomorrow.

Lilia: Oh...

Blue: Honestly, Lilia. Aren't you usually the one who stresses the importance of a good night's rest?

Lilia: I...I'm sorry, Blue...

Blue: Eh, don't worry about it. But next time, let us know where you are, okay? Or else you'll make us worry about you.

Lilia: Right, I promise.

Blue: Good. ...Oh, and another thing...

Lilia: What is it?

Blue: What are you doing out here anyway?

Lilia: Ah..uhm...just thinking...

Blue: About what?

Lilia: ...Things...

Blue: *skeptically* Hm...is that right?

Lilia: Yeah...

Blue: Well...if I didn't know any better, I'd say you were thinking about a certain smug mercenary.

Lilia: Eep!

Blue: And from your reaction, I'd say I'm right on the money.

Lilia: *sigh* Oh fine. Yes, I am thinking about Shadow...

Blue: I knew it. Lilia, why do you insist on thinking that he's our friend?

Lilia: It's just...I...I can see the good inside of him, Blue...

Blue: Lilia...

Lilia: He has a good heart. He's not our enemy, so why do we have to fight him? I just don't understand!

Blue: I know what you're saying, Lilia. I feel the same way, but...

Lilia: Hm?

Blue: *shakes head* We can't let our feelings cloud our judgment. We have an obligation to the people of this world to put a stop to Kovah and his evil plans. And despite all appearances, Shadow is trying to stop us from doing that.

Lilia: I know, but...I don't know if I can. How can I bring myself to defeat someone who should be on our side?

Blue: That's simple, Lilia.

Lilia: Huh?

Blue: Shadow's not our enemy, but if he persists on being our opponent, then we'll just have to fight fire with fire.

Lilia: Blue, what do you mean?

Blue: What I mean is, the only way to subdue an ego-maniac like Shadow...is to beat him at his own game.

Lilia: Ah!

Blue: Now do you get what I'm saying? If we accept his challenge and win, we'll send Shadow and his inflated ego packing for good!

Lilia: I see now! I understand clearly!

Blue: Hahah, excellent. Oh, and speaking of sending him packing, how did you do it, Lilia?

Lilia: Huh? Oh, I just stuck a few paper bombs in the right places. Nothing too special.

Blue: Paper bombs?

Lilia: Right, they're a special type of bomb crafted from an unique brand of flammable parchment paper. It's pretty nifty for setting up elaborate traps.

Blue: Hey, that sounds pretty cool! Hehehe. Where did you learn how to make something like that?

Lilia: Eh, it's a trick I picked up from Tobi, actually.

Blue: Tobi? *scratches head*

Lilia: Yeah, you're telling me. Apparently paper bombs are common tools that shinobi often make use of. Hah, I guess that knuckleheaded ninja is good for something afterall.

Blue: Heh, I'll say. *rubs head*

Lilia: Heehee. So Blue, anything else you wanted to know?

Blue: Hmm, not really. All I need from you, Lilia, is to promise that next time we face Shadow, you won't hold anything back.

Lilia: Mhm! I promise, Blue! You can count on me!

Blue: Great. Together, we can do it! And once he's out of the way, we'll move on and defeat Kovah next!

??: You...defeat me? Don't make me laugh...

Blue: Huh!?

Lilia: Who's there? Who said that!?

*Suddenly, Kovah appears floating in the air before Blue and Lilia*

Lilia: Aah!

Kovah: So you're the one who's been meddling in my affairs. At last we meet face to face...

Blue: What are you talking about? Who are you!?

Kovah: Hmph, I am Kovah Reynard, the successor of limitless power.

Lilia: What!?

Blue: Agh, so you're Kovah...

Kovah: Blue...I've been waiting so long to finally confront you. I want nothing more than to rip your little body limb from limb.

Blue: You took the words right out of my mouth!

*Blue's body glows with exerted mana*

Blue: Kovah! Today we finish this!

Kovah: Hmhmhm, so anxious to die. But fortunately for you, I didn't come here to seek a duel.

Blue: Tsch, so then why ARE you here!?

Kovah: I think you should know. In order for my plans to truly succeed, I require the key...

Blue: The...key...?

Lilia: Ah, you must mean Reese!

Kovah: That's correct, little girl. If I want to acquire the ultimate power, I need the boy. So...hand him over to me. Now.

Blue: You think we're just going to do what you tell us to, huh!? Not a chance! You'll never get your dirty hands on Reese!

Kovah: Hmhmhmhmhm...

Blue: Huh? What's so funny!?

Kovah: I knew you would say that. Now we'll have to do things the hard way...

*Kovah sharply gazes at Lilia*

Lilia: Guh!

*In an instant, Kovah snatches up Lilia and restrains her tightly in his arm*

Lilia: Aaaaaaaah!! Blue!!

Blue: Lilia!!!

Kovah: Since you wouldn't hand over Reese quietly, I've decided to take a little...collateral... Hahaha.

Lilia: Ngh! Let...go of me!

Blue: Kovah! Let her go! Now!

Kovah: That, I cannot do. At least, not until we've made an exchange...

Blue: What?

Kovah: Hand over Reese to me! And I promise that I won't hurt your little girlfriend here.

Blue: You're crazy! I'll never do that!

Kovah: Hmph, what a shame. Then I guess you don't care about what happens to the girl!!!

*Kovah tighten his grip around Lilia's neck, crushing her throat*

Lilia: Aaaaaaaaagh!!

Blue: Lilia! Stop it! You're hurting her!

Kovah: Then give me what I desire! Give me Reese right now!!!

Blue: I...I won't!

Kovah: Then she WILL die!!!

*Kovah applies further pressure to his choke hold*

Lilia: Nnnngh!!

Blue: No! Lilia, hang on! I'll save you!

*Blue leaps from the balcony and lunges at Kovah with a punch. But he counters with a punch of his own. Striking Blue and knocking him down to the ground*

Blue: Guuaagh!

Lilia: Aah! Blue!!!

Kovah: Hmhmhm, pathetic.

*Kovah descends to the ground with Lilia, standing in front of Blue as he lies in pain*

Lilia: Blue! Are you okay!? Get up!

Blue: Ergh...

*Blue struggles, but manages to rise to his feet*

Blue: *panting* Hah...ha...

Kovah: Blue, it was foolish of you try and attack me. Very foolish...

Blue: Grgh...Kovah!! I won't let get away with this!

*Blue prepares to hurl a fireball at Kovah!

Kovah: Not so fast, Blue. I wouldn't do that if I were you...

Blue: Hunh?

Kovah: You wouldn't want to risk accidently harming the girl, now would you? Hmhmhm...

*Blue dissipates the fireball*

Blue: Damnit...
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« Reply #56 on: 20 September, 2008, 06:38:18 pm »

Kovah: So Blue...what's it going to be...?

Blue: ...(Damn, I don't know what to do. I can't let Lilia get hurt, but if I let him take Reese, everything we've done, everything we've fought for...would've been for nothing!)

Kovah: Well? I'm waiting. Give me your answer...now.

Blue: I...I...

Reese: Blue!

Blue: Huh?

*Reese storms out of the mansion after hearing the commotion outside*

Blue: Reese...

Reese: I...I thought I heard someone scream? What's going on out here?

Blue: Reese! You shouldn't be here!

Reese: What?

Lilia: Ungh, Blue's right, Reese! Get away from here!

Reese: Ah! Lilia! What's happening!? I don't understand!

Blue: We don't have time to explain it now. Just do as we say!

Reese: Ah, but...

Blue: Now!!!

Reese: A-alright!

Kovah: Hold it right there, Reese!

Reese: Aah!

Kovah: You're not going anywhere. Unless it's with me...

Reese: W-who are you...?

Blue: He's Kovah...

Reese: What!? K-K-Kovah!?

Kovah: Yes, Reese. It is I. And you and me are about to get very well acquainted with each other. Hmhmhm...

Reese: Ugh...

*Reese takes several steps back*

Reese: What are you...talking about...?

Lilia: Ngh! He's here for you, Reese! He wants the key!

Reese: The key!? You mean...my necklace?

Kovah: Reese, you and your necklace are essential in allowing me to retrieve the ultimate power. You are the only living soul that can unlock that accursed slab!

Reese: The Lunar Monolith...

Kovah: Yes. Now come with me...

Reese: N-no! I'll never do that!

Kovah: Are you sure...?

*Kovah applies even more pressure, forcing Lilia to gasp for air as her windpipe is slowly crushed*

Lilia: *silently* Aaaaah....

Reese: Lilia! W-what are you doing!? Stop it!

Kovah: Then surrender yourself to me!

Reese: What?

Kovah: Hand yourself over to me, Reese. And then, and only then, will I spare her life.

Reese: But...but that's...

Kovah: Oh, you don't have to, of course. You could always refuse my proposal and forget this meeting ever happened. ...But then you'd be sacrificing the life of your dear friend. And I don't think you want that.

Reese: Ergh...*clenches fists*

Kovah: Lilia's life rests in your hands, Reese. Only you can decided whether she lives...or dies...

Blue: Reese...

Kovah: So...what will you do?

Reese: I...I...

Kovah: Hm?

Reese: I'll...I'll do it...

Blue: Aah!!

Reese: I'll come with you, Kovah...

Kovah: Hahahaha, perfect...

Reese: But only if Lilia remains safe from harm!

Kovah: No worries. You have my word.

Lilia: Ungh! Reese! No! Don't do it!!

Reese: Huh?

Kovah: What?

Lilia: Reese! Think about what you're doing! Think about what'll happen if the dark energy within the Monolith is released upon the world!

Reese: Lilia...

Lilia: The entire planet will be in peril! Everybody...everybody you care about...they'll all be consumed by the darkness! Nobody'll be safe!

Reese: But...But Lilia...

Lilia: Reese! Weren't you the one who said...that you wanted to protect everyone!?

Reese: Ah!

Lilia: Weren't you the one who...who promised that you'd do your best to save the world, no matter what!?

Reese: I...I was...

Lilia: You can't go back on your word now! You have to keep fighting! Keep fighting for what you believe is ri--Aaaagh!!

*Kovah delivers a blow to Lilia's back, knocking her unconscious*

Lilia: Uungh...

Kovah: Hmph. That was getting annoying...

Blue: Kovah! Why you...!

Kovah: Relax. She'll be fine. That is...so long as Reese does as he's told.

Reese: ...Alright...

Blue: But Reese! What about--!?

Reese: Please, Blue! I know what I'm doing!

Blue: Huh?

Reese: Lilia...was right. I promised that I'd fight to protect everyone I care for. And that includes her as well. I won't let her be sacrificed because of my inaction.

Blue: Reese...

Reese: So that's why...I'm going to do this. I'll protect everyone! Even if I have to take matters into my own hands!

Kovah: Hahahahah! So, you've finally realized it, Reese. You've finally realized that your true destiny is with me!

Blue: Reese, you...you can't do this...

Reese: I'm sorry, Blue. But I have no choice.

*Reese walks over to Kovah and stands beside him*

Reese: Alright, Kovah. You've got what you wanted. Now release Lilia.

Kovah: Release her? Whatever are you talking about?

Reese: Ah!

Blue: Kovah!! You promised!!

Kovah: That's right, I did promise. I promised that I wouldn't harm her. I never promised that I'd let her go back to you!

Lilia: Aaagh!

Blue: Lilia!!

Kovah: Lilia's going to stay with me...as a little insurance policy. Hmhmhm...

Reese: Kovah, you snake! You lied to us!

Kovah: Hahahah, I didn't lie! It's not my fault that you misinterpreted my words. Now come, Reese. It's time for us to go.

Reese: Ergh...

Kovah: ...But if you intend to go back on our deal, I'll snap her neck like a twig.

Reese: Mmn...fine...

Kovah: Hmhmhm. Excellent. *smirks*

Blue: Kovah! Stop!

Kovah: Farewell, Blue! The ultimate power is but a stones throw away from being my own! There's nothing that can stop me now! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

Lilia: Blue! Bluuuuuuuuuuuu--!!

*Kovah, along with Reese and Lilia disappear*

Blue: Nooooooooooooo!!!

*Blue falls to his knees and bangs the ground in anger*

Blue: Damnit!! *quietly* What have I done...?

*Moments later, Jawo' and Penny come out of the mansion after hearing the noise*

Jawo': What's going on out here?

Penny: I could've sworn I heard people yelling...

Blue: *sobs* I should've stopped them!!

Jawo': Blue...?

Penny: What's wrong?

Blue: *sobs* I should've did something! I should've...I should've...

Penny: Blue, what are you talking about? What's gotten into you?

Jawo': Snap out of it, Blue!

*Blue wipes his tears and stands to his feet*

Blue: I...I'm sorry...

Penny: Nevermind that. Tell us what happened out here.

Jawo': Yeah, and what happened to Lilia and Reese? They're not in their beds.

Blue: They're...they're gone...

Penny: Gone?

Jawo': Gone where?

Blue: They were taken...

Penny: What? By who!?

Blue: By...Kovah...

Jawo': Ah! Kovah!?

Penny: He was here!?

Blue: *nods*

Jawo': Blue! Tell us what happened! Why did he take them!?

Blue: ...

Jawo': Hey! Did you hear me!?

Blue: ...*averts gaze*

Jawo': Agh! Blast it!

*Jawo' grabs Blue by and lifts him up by his shirt*

Penny: Jawo'! What are you doing!?

Jawo': Wake up already! You're going to tell me what happened to our friends, right now! Do you hear me, Blue!?

Blue: I...I couldn't save them...

Jawo': Huh?

Blue: Kovah...he appeared and he...he...took Lilia. He said he'd kill her if we didn't hand over Reese to him.

Jawo': What?

Blue: Then...then Reese came. He said he would give himself over if...if Kovah would release Lilia.

Penny: Huh? Reese said that?

Blue: *nods* He willingly went over to Kovah's side, but in the end, Kovah took both of them anyway! I...I didn't know what to do. I didn't know which choice was right or wrong. I couldn't save them!!!

Penny: Blue...

Blue: I was powerless to stop him! It's my fault that they're gone!!!

Jawo': Blue...I...

*Jawo' lowers Blue to the ground and puts his hand on his shoulder*

Jawo': Blue, it's okay. It's not your fault.

Blue: *sniff*

Jawo': Reese did what he had to do to try and keep everyone safe. You can't blame yourself for that.

Penny: But now that Kovah has both Reese and Lilia hostage, what do we do? They could be in danger!

Jawo': Not necessarily, Penny.

Penny: Huh?

Jawo': All I know is, Kovah can't harm Reese, because he needs him to unlock the monolith. And so long as he needs Reese, Lilia should be safe from harm as well.

Penny: Hey, yeah. You're right! So whatever happens, they're both okay.

Jawo': Right. Now all that leaves is for us to go find them and get 'em back.

Penny: Yeah! We still have a chance! Right, Blue?

*Meanwhile, Blue is standing idle with his head lowered, completely zoned out*

Penny: Blue...?

Jawo': Leave him be, Penny.

Penny: But--

Jawo': Don't worry, he'll come around in time. After what just happened here, I really think he needs some time to himself.

Penny: Right...I getcha...

*Jawo' and Penny begin to head back into the mansion, leaving Blue to reflect by his lonesome*

Jawo': (Blue...I know it hurts, but you have to pull yourself together. Lilia and Reese...they need you to be strong. We all do. Now more than ever...)

After a surprise encounter with the mastermind himself, Kovah, the young Reese is forced to surrender himself to Kovah in order to save Lilia from certain doom. But in a twisted turn of events, Kovah snatches them both away, and retreats with his hostages in tow. With the group severly handicapped in both fighting strength and morale, will they have the manpower to rescue their friends from Kovah's dark hand? Moreover, with his goal in clear sight, will they be able to stop him from finally unlocking the monolith? Or will all be lost in a torrent of darkness and misery?

End The Deciding Factor Arc
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« Reply #57 on: 23 September, 2008, 04:09:20 pm »

~~Meanwhile, in ??~~

*Kovah returns to the abandoned palace hideout with Reese and Lilia in tow*

Deke: Kovah, you've returned...

Kovah: Yes, and with a few "guests" as well.

Reese/Lilia: ...

Deke: Hmm, I understand Reese...but why the girl? What use could she possibly be to us?

Kovah: More than you know, Deke.

Deke: Hm?

Kovah: As you must know, only Reese can use the key to unseal the monolith. And as such, we'll need the proper...persuasion...method in order to convince him to do so.

Deke: Ah, I see now. You intend to use the girl as a means of ensuring his cooperation with us. A cunning plan, Kovah.

Kovah: Heh, exactly. With the life of his dear friend hanging in the balance, he'll have no choice but do as we tell him. Isn't that right, Reese?

Reese: Mmn...

Kovah: That is...unless you want her to die...

Reese: I...I...

Lilia: Reese...you don't have to do this for me.

Reese: But Lilia...

Lilia: Please, Reese! Just leave me! Get as far away from here as you can!

Reese: ...No! I can't do that!

Lilia: Ah!

Reese: I...I won't leave you here, Lilia. It's because of me that you got captured in the first place. It's my fault that you're here...

Lilia: But...

Reese: And that's why...I won't let anything happen to you! I'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe!

Lilia: Oh Reese...

Kovah: Heh heh, sorry Lilia. But I do believe his mind is made up. Reese...is on my side now.

Lilia: Kovah...you won't get away with this!

Kovah: Oh?

Lilia: That's right! Blue will stop you! You'll see!

Kovah: Blue? Hmph, if you say so.

Lilia: Huh?

Kovah: Even if Blue somehow managed to catch up to us, there's no way that he'd be able to defeat us in his current state. Without the two of you, he's both outnumbered and outmatched.

Lilia: Urgh...

Kovah: It's somewhat endearing how you believe that you and your friends still have a shimmer of hope, but it's time to wake up now. You've lost...and I've won. Deal with it.

Lilia: *under her breath* That's what you think, creep.

Kovah: Come, Deke. Let us go. We still have some preparations to make before our final departure.

Deke: Yes, Kovah.

*Kovah and Deke exit the room, leaving Lilia and Reese alone*

Reese: They're gone...

Lilia: And they actually left the room unguarded! Talk about lucky!

Reese: Huh?

Lilia: Not very smart of them, but hey, their loss is our gain! Let's escape, Reese!

Reese: Ah! Lilia!

*As Lilia tries to run ahead, Reese grabs a hold of her arm and stops her*

Lilia: Ungh! Reese, what are you doing!? Let me go!

Reese: Urgh! No! I can't do that! We have to stay here!

Lilia: Reese, how could you!?

Reese: Huh? What are you talking about?

Lilia: How could you give in to Kovah after everything we've done!?

Reese: But Lilia, it's not...

Lilia: I don't care if it is for me! What you're doing is putting the entire world at risk! Don't you see that!?

Reese: Lilia, I'm not going to help Kovah.

Lilia: What? But you said...

Reese: Ever heard of a thing called lying? You should try it sometime.

Lilia: Uh...*sweatdrop*

Reese: I have no intention of unsealing the monolith for Kovah's gain. I'm just biding our time, until we can find a way to escape from here.

Lilia: Reese...

Reese: The only thing I ask of you, Lilia, is to not be so restless.

Lilia: Huh?

Reese: We're probably going to be Kovah's prisoners for a while, so it'd be in our best interest to just make the best of our current situation until our opporunity arises. Can you do that, Lilia?

Lilia: *nods* Yeah! Sure I'll do it!

Reese: Great! Just you wait and see, Lilia. We'll be out of here and back with Blue and the others in no time!

~~Meanwhile, in Ackland Town~~

*The next morning, Jawo' and Penny awaken and head outside of the mansion. There, they find Blue still standing the same spot as he was last night*

Penny: Uhm, Blue? ...Is that you?

Jawo': Blue...did you stand out here all night...?

Blue: Yeah...I did. I..I just needed some time to think.

Penny: Well...are you okay now?

Blue: I am.

Penny: Phew, well that's a relief. Seeing you in pain like that had me really worried...

Jawo': Yeah, no kidding. I hope I never have to witness that again...

Blue: I'm...I'm sorry for worrying the both of you. But I'm fine now. Really.

Penny: Okay, that's good enough for me! So what's our next plan of action?

Blue: What else? We have to go rescue Lilia and Reese.

Jawo': That's great and all, but how do we do that, Blue? We don't even know where they are!

Blue: Are you sure about that, Jawo'?

Jawo': Huh?

Blue: At this point, there's only one place they could possibly be heading to.

Penny: Blue, what are you getting at, huh?

Blue: It's simple, Penny. The monolith isn't going to hand-deliver itself to Kovah. If he wants it, he's going to have to travel to the place where it's being held.

Penny: And that's the forbidden island, right?

Blue: Exactly.

Jawo': Oh, I see what you're saying now. We may not know where they are now, but we do know where they will be.

Blue: That's right. And all that leaves is for us to follow after them.

Penny: Well then what are we standing around here for!? Let's go save our friends!

*As Penny is about to leave with Blue and Jawo', Mel suddenly comes up from behind and grabs a hold of her arm*

Mel: Not so fast, young lady!

Penny: Ah! Dad!!

Mel: And just where do you think you're going? Hmm?

Penny: I...uhm...I...

Mel: Well?

Penny: I-I can't tell you!

Mel: And why not?

Penny: Because I...I just can't!

Mel: Hmph, I've had just about enough of your games, Penelope. I've been lenient with you and your lolly-gagging in the past, but it's now it's time for you to come back to reality.

Penny: Ungh! *struggles* No! Not now!

Blue: But Mel, Penny is...

Mel: Silence, boy. It's about time that Penelope returned home and continued her studies. She won't be cavorting with you ruffians any longer.

Penny: Ah! No! Not that!

Mel: Don't struggle, Penny! You're only making it harder on yourself.

Jawo': Argh! This is pointless!

Blue: Jawo'?

Jawo': Blue, do something about this, would you!?

Blue: Uhm...like what? *scratches head*

Jawo': Oh, I don't know! Cast a spell or something!

Blue: Er...alright.

*Blue prepares a spell*

Blue: Icicle!

*Blue casts an icicle spell on Mel, coating most of his body in solid ice*

Mel: Urggh! What's the meaning of this!?

Blue: Sorry, Mel, but we don't have time for this right now. Our friends need us.

Jawo': And so does the rest of the world.

Mel: What? The world? What are you talking about?

Penny: Uhm...it's a long story, dad.

Mel: Penelope! Where are you going!?

Penny: I'm going...to save my sister. To bring her back home...

Mel: Your...sister? Prima...you meant to say that...that you've found her!?

Penny: Like I said, dad, it's a long story. But don't worry! We'll take care of it!

Blue: Penny, are you ready to go?

Penny: Yeah, Blue! Let's do it!

*The group begins to make their way out of town*

Mel: Penelope! Wait! Stop!

*Mel struggles to free himself from his icy prison, but instead ends up toppling over to the ground*

Mel: Oof! Hey! Get me out of here!

*no response*

Mel: *grumble* Damn kids...
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« Reply #58 on: 24 September, 2008, 09:15:20 pm »

*Later that day, after finishing their preparations, Kovah's group comes together and gets set for departure*

Shadow: Well well, imagine that. Everyone's here! What's the occasion, boss man? We havin' a party or something?

Kovah: No, you dunderhead. We've finally acquired the key to the monolith, so the time has come for us to set out.

Shadow: Oh, you don't say?

*Shadow looks towards Reese and Lilia*

Shadow: Hey, there you are!

*Shadow walks up to Reese and Lilia and puts his arms around them both*

Shadow: Glad you could finally make it! Welcome to the team!

Lilia: *angrily* Grr...Shadow...

Reese: We are NOT apart of this team...

Shadow: Huh? But--

Lilia: That's right, so get your hands off me!

*Lilia takes Shadow's arm and slams him to the ground*

Shadow: Gah! Sheesh...so much for team spirit...

Lilia: Hmph! *crosses arms*

Prima: *facepalm* Ugh, Shadow, will you EVER grow up?

Shadow: Well excuuuuuuuuse me, Princess!

*Kovah slams his fist into the wall*

Kovah: Enough!!!

Reese/Lilia/Shadow/Prima: ...

Kovah: Much better... Now then, Deke, where are we headed first?

Deke: According to the geological makeup of this area, we are surrounded by mountains on all sides, expect for the south. So it would be wise for us to travel through the Adlam Range first, before trying to make our way to the coast. The closest town from here is Judd Town, so it'd be in our best interest to head there first.

Kovah: Hmm, fine. Let's go. We're leaving now.

Deke: Yes.

*Kovah and Deke move ahead*

Shadow: That's our cue! Let's go, amigos!

Prima: Ah shut up.

*Shadow and Prima follow after*

Reese: Well...shall we go, Lilia?

Lilia: Yeah...

*Together, the group leaves the abandoned palace and begins their trek across the Adlam Range. It's not long until they reach the nearby town of Judd, a small community nestled in the center of the Adlam Range*

~~Judd Town~~

Shadow: *stretches* Aaaaah! Finally I can get out and spread my wings again! Let's say we kick back a little, huh?

Prima: Yeah, my feet are killing me! What's it take for a girl to get some rest?

Kovah: Bah, idiots. There's no time to rest. We must keep going.

Shadow: And what exactly is the rush?

Kovah: Hm?

Shadow: I mean, what's the worst that could happen? It's not like Blue's group is going to get there ahead of us. And even if they did, what could they do? Thanks to you, we have them outnumbered 3 to 4! All the cards are in our hand, boss man. We've got nothing to lose!

Kovah: Well...I suppose you do have a point...

Shadow: Yeah, of course! Of course!

Deke: So, Kovah?

Kovah: ...Alright. We'll rest here for a while.

Shadow/Prima: Yes!!

Kovah: But don't get too comfortable. We'll be setting out again before sunset.

*And so the group splits off to enjoy their much needed, although limited, relaxation period. Shadow and Prima are walking together throughout the town, engaged in small talk*

Shadow: Hrrm...

Prima: Huh? What's bugging you?

Shadow: Oh nothing...

Prima: Meh *shrugs* fine.

Shadow: ...Well you're no fun...

Prima: Then just tell me! Geez.

Shadow: There's no need to be rude, Prima...

Prima: You're starting to get on my nerves...

Shadow: Alright alright, I'll just get on with it.

Prima: So, what is it?

Shadow: Do you ever think...that we're being underappreciated?

Prima: Huh? What are you babbling about?

Shadow: Oh come on! You know! Even though we're the ones who did most of the work on this journey, we still get all of the flak from Kovah and that personal slave of his! It's just not fair I tell you!

Prima: Hah, what do you mean "we"!?

Shadow: Uh?

Prima: Heehee. The only person who gets any flak is you, Shadow.

Shadow: Ooh...*hangs head*

Prima: Hahah, you're such a goofball.

Shadow: *springs up* But still! I think it's time I got some more respect around here! Aren't you with me, Prima!?

Prima: You're kidding, right?

Shadow: Eh?

Prima: Hah, mercenaries don't deserve any respect. They're the kind of people who'd wax their own mothers if they're paid enough. Heh, you should consider yourself lucky that we were even willing to let you tag along with us in the first place.

*glass shatters*

Shadow: Bwaaah!? But...but--!

Prima: Tsch, I'm outta here. Later, Shadow dweeb.

*Prima gets up and walks away*

Shadow: Hey! Wait! You come back here, Prima! How dare you suggest that my mother is hairy by saying I'd wax her! Why, I'll have you know her skin is quite supple and creamy!

*Meanwhile, Lilia and Reese were watching the two carry their conversation from afar*

Reese: Man, those two sure are weird...

Lilia: Heehee, aw come on, Reese. I think it's kinda cute, in a way.

Reese: Cute!? Sheesh, Blue was right. I really don't understand women...*scratches head*

Lilia: ...Oh! Reese!

Reese: Huh?

Lilia: Isn't that Deke and Kovah over there?

Reese: Hmm...you're right. It is them.

Lilia: I wonder what they're talking about...

*Kovah and Deke are standing together, gazing out into a nearby pond*

Deke: ...Kovah...

Kovah: What is it?

Deke: I...I was just thinking...about Shina...

Kovah: Hm? Shina?

Deke: Yes. You know, it's been 16 years from the day we left her at Asroc...

Kovah: What's your point?

Deke: We haven't seen her since then. And...well...I was just wondering if she was okay...

Kovah: Hmph, useless sentiments.

Deke: Huh?

Kovah: Shina...she means nothing to me anymore.

Deke: But...you mean everything to her...

Kovah: What?

Deke: She, just like I, are your friends. And we want nothing more than to see you returned to your true self. That's why we're doing this. This is why we've come so far...

Kovah: ...Deke...I..Nnngh!!

Deke: Kovah?

Kovah: Uuuaaaaggh!!

Deke: Kovah!? What...!?

*Kovah grasps his head, as if experiencing trauma. Inside his mind, various images of himself with Deke and Shina flash through his eyes*

Kovah: Guaagh!

Deke: What's the matter with you!? What's happened!?

Kovah: *straining* G...g...

Deke: Huh...?

Kovah: *straining* Get...out of me! Get....out of my...body!!! Uuaaaagh!!!

*Kovah leans over in pain, as Deke walks up to and places his arm around him*

Deke: Kovah, are you okay? Please, say something...

Kovah: Get...off!!!!

*Kovah pushes Deke away*

Deke: Gah!

Kovah: *panting heavily* Hah....haah....haa...

Deke: Kovah...is...is...

Kovah: *panting* Deke...hah...get everyone together. Hah...ha...we're leaving...

Deke: But...

Kovah: NOW!!!

Deke: Aah!

*Kovah moves ahead. Meanwhile, Lilia and Reese walk down to the pond to consult Deke*

Reese: Deke!

Deke: Huh? Oh...it's you two.

Lilia: What happened to Kovah? Is he okay?

Deke: I'm...not so sure...

Reese: Hm?

Deke: But now...I'm certain...

Lilia: Certain...of what?

Deke: That there's another presence inside Kovah's mind.

Reese: Another presence? What do you mean?

Deke: Ever since this all started, I believed, that there was something controlling his actions from within his consciousness. Something that was making him do all of this against his will. Now after what just happened, I'm certain that some kind of entity has a hold over him.

Lilia: What exactly happened just now?

Deke: For a split moment...Kovah's true self resurfaced.

Reese: Ah! Is that true?

Deke: Yes. I witnessed it myself. I also realized, that Kovah is having an inner struggle with whatever has possessed him.

Lilia: You mean...he...

Deke: That's right. This whole time, Kovah...and the entity, are battling for control of his body. But, Kovah doesn't seem able to take control on his own.

Reese: Hm...now that you mention it...that girl, Shina, she said the same thing to us...

Deke: Ah, I remember now. You said that you've spoken with Shina, correct?

Lilia: Mhm. When we arrived in Asroc some time ago, we met with her and she told us about everything that happened to you three those 16 years ago.

Reese: And among those was how Kovah was supposedly possessed after touching the monolith.

Deke: So...Shina was aware of this as well...

Lilia: Deke, what do you intend to do?

Deke: There's only one thing I can do.

Reese: And that means...using me to unseal the monolith...

Deke: *shakes head* I have no choice. I have to help Kovah in any way I can.

Lilia: But Deke, that's--

Deke: I know, Lilia. I know what unsealing the monolith could potentially bring, but...what other option is there for me? Kovah is suffering too...

Reese: But there has to be another way to do this! There just has to be!

Deke: Hm?

Reese: Didn't you say...that Kovah's true self resurfaced? Just for a split moment?

Deke: That's right, I did.

Reese: Then that must mean that there's a way to help Kovah take full control again! We just have to find it somehow!

Deke: If only it was that easy, Reese...

Reese: Huh?

Deke: If there is another way to help Kovah, then I'd be more than happy to try it. But as it stands now, no such alternate method exists. And time won't allow us to search for one.

Lilia: But--

Deke: Believe me, I wish I didn't have to do this, but...I can't allow Kovah to suffer like this any longer. This...this isn't his fault...

Lilia: Deke...

Deke: Please, let us save this discussion for another time. We must be going.

Lilia: Alright...
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*After leaving Ackland Town, Blue's group travels eastward. It's not long until they come across the town of Kilburne, a community on the edge of the eastern Adlam Range*

~~Kilburne Town~~

Penny: Hey Blue...

Blue: Yeah, Penny? What's up?

Penny: Are you sure we're going the right way? I don't recognize this place at all.

Blue: Uhm...not really. No. *scratches head*

Penny: What!?

Blue: *sigh* Sorry, Penny. Without Lilia here to navigate for us, we kinda have no choice but to wing it...

Penny: Hmph! Just great! At this rate, we'll never catch up to them in time!

Jawo': Well we're definitely not going to catch up if we keep standing around yapping about it.

Blue: Jawo's right. Let's keep moving.

*The group continues through town. Meanwhile, at the same time, our old friend Rachel is busy sweeping the ground outside the local general store*

~~Kilburne Town, General Store~~

Rachel: *humming while sweeping* Hm hm hm hmhm hm hmmmm!

Manager: Hey, Rachel!

Rachel: Huh?

*Rachel's manager walks out of the store*

Manager: Guess what today is!

Rachel: Ah! Is it--!?

Manager: That's right! It's payday! Here are your earnings for the week.

*The manager hands Rachel a pouch full of gold coins*

Rachel: Ah! Oh wow! This is more than usual. Are you sure you didn't over pay me? I mean, not that I'm complaining or anything! Haha!

Manager: Ha ha, oh no. It's not an overpayment. I just thought that...since you do such good work around here, I should give you a nice little bonus. Just to show my appreciation.

Rachel: *gasp* Really!? A bonus!? Are you serious!?

Manager: I sure am! Keep up the good work, Rachel. You've earned every bit.

*The manager walks back into the store*

Rachel: Yay! A bonus! If I keep getting paid like this, I'll be able to go back home in no time! Heehee, Rachel ole gal, you're moving up in the world!

*Rachel goes back to sweeping when Blue and the others approach the store*

Rachel: *humming* Hm hmhmhm hm hm hmmm!

Jawo': Hey Blue, look.

Blue: Huh?

Jawo': It's a general store. Think we should stock up on more supplies before heading out?

Blue: Well gee, I'd love to, Jawo'. Expect for one thing...

Jawo': What's that?

Blue: Lilia was in charge of our funds, so she has all of our money too...

Jawo'/Blue: *sigh*

Rachel: Oh, hey! Customers!

*Rachel bows to greet them*

Rachel: Welcome to Grey's General Store. Where we have all of your general needs to make your life easier.

Penny: Sorry lady, but we're not customers.

Rachel: Oh?

Jawo': Yeah. We're flat broke...

*Rachel returns to a standing position*

Rachel: Well drat! *snaps fingers* It's my job to bring in paying customers. You can't pay if you don't have any money!

Blue: Huh? What the-- Wait a second... Rachel...is that you!?

Rachel: Hm? Blue? ...Ah! Blue, it IS you! Fancy meeting you here!

Jawo': Gah! R-R-Rachel!!!

*Jawo' flails about and retreats behind a fruit stand outside the store*

Rachel: Heehee, well if it isn't Jawo' too.

Blue: Rachel, what are you doing here?

Rachel: What do you mean?

Blue: I thought you were working as a waitress at the Everard City Cafe?

Penny: Hey, yeah! I remember that! Whatever happened to that job?

Rachel: Oh, I still work there.

Blue/Penny: Huh?

Rachel: Oh, right. I didn't tell you, didn't I? This is my second job. During the week, I'm working at the cafe. And on the weekends, I'm here at the general store.

Blue: Hmm, is that so?

Rachel: Yup! I realized that my wages from the cafe alone wasn't cutting it, so I got the job at the general store to make a little extra cash. And boy, did it pay off! Because now, I almost have enough money raised up!

Penny: You do? That's awesome!

Rachel: You're telling me, Penny! In just another week, I'll finally be able to quit and go back home!

Blue: Well I'm glad to hear it, Rachel.

Rachel: Yeah, I can't wait to get back. I really wonder how Mads is doing back at the Guild. I miss him...

Blue: I'm sure he's carrying on just fine. And things'll be even better once you return with the money.

Rachel: You're right, Blue! And until then, I'm gonna keep raking in that dough!

Blue: Keep it up, Rachel. You're doing a great job.

Rachel: Heehee! Will do!

*Rachel continues sweeping*

Blue: Well guys, I think we should let Rachel get back to work now. Let's go.

Penny: Right.

*Blue and Penny walk ahead, although Jawo' is still standing there, sweaty and trembling in place with his head down*

Jawo': Eeeugh...

Blue: Huh? Jawo'? What's the matter?

Penny: Hey, what's taking you, huh? Get your buns in gear!

Jawo': I...I-I-

Blue: Hm?

Jawo': I...

*Jawo quickly raises his head*


Blue: Hmph. *crosses arms* Well why not?

Jawo': Because, I...I...I s-still haven't...

Blue: ...Haven't what?

Penny: *smirks* Oh...I see...

Jawo': Huh?

Penny: Little Jawo' is still too chicken to talk to Rachel!

Jawo': *angers* What'd you say!?

Penny: Don't play dumb! It's just like what happened back at the cafe! Everytime Rachel is around, you always choke up like a big baby! You're so pathetic, I swear!

Jawo': Gragh, you take that back, you little brat!

Penny: Hah, too bad I can't take back the truth!

*Jawo' and Penny fiercely glare at one another in the face, with the "clash of electricity" surging from their eyes*


Jawo'/Penny: Grrrgggh...!

Blue: Hey, guys! Come on! Don't do this...

*Blue steps in and tries to break them apart*

Blue: Guys, now isn't the time for us to be fighting eachother. We need to be cooperating to--

Jawo'/Penny: *roars* STAY OUT OF IT!!!

Blue: Gah! *hangs head* Ooh...

Rachel: Blue, are those two at it again?

Blue: *sigh* Yeah...and I don't know how to stop them. If only Lilia was here. She usually prevents this from happening in the first place...

Rachel: Hmm...(I think I've got it) *smirks*

Blue: Rachel...?

Rachel: Gee, those two must be close, huh Blue?

Blue: Uhm, Rachel, what are you--?

Rachel: I saaaaid, those two must be really be close, right Blue? *wink*

Blue: Uh? *smiles* Ah, I get it now. Yeah, I really think so.

Jawo'/Penny: Grrgg-- Huh?

Blue: As a matter of fact, I read that the more two people argue, the closer they are.

Jawo'/Penny: *puzzled stare*

Rachel: Is that right? What was the name of the book, Blue?

Blue: Hmm, if I recall correctly, it was..."The Trials of Marriage"!

Jawo'/Penny: What!? The Trials of Marriage!?!?

*Jawo' and Penny look at eachother*

Jawo'/Penny: Me? Marry her/him!? No way!!

*The two turn away from eachother and cross their arms*

Jawo'/Penny: Hmph!

Rachel: Heehee! Mission Accomplished, Blue! You can thank me later!

Blue: Wow...that actually worked! Phew, you're a lifesaver, Rachel. I don't know what I would've done without you.

Rachel: Thank goodness you don't have to find out, huh? Ha ha! But on a related note, you mentioned earlier that Lilia wasn't here. Where is she, Blue?

Blue: Oh...right. She...she was kidnapped...

Rachel: Aah! Kidnapped!?

Blue: Yeah, she...and Reese, they were both taken. And now it's up to us to rescue them before it's too late.

Rachel: Ah! That's terrible, Blue! How could this happen!?

Blue: I'm sorry, Rachel, but we don't have time to explain the details.

Rachel: Huh?

Blue: The more time we waste standing around here, the closer Kovah and his group comes to getting their hands on the monolith. We have to get going immediately.

Rachel: *nods* Right, I understand. I won't keep you any longer.

Blue: Thanks, Rachel. Let's go, guys.

Jawo'/Penny: Yeah yeah...

*Jawo' and Penny walk ahead to catch up with Blue. But Rachel grabs Jawo' by the arm, stopping him*

Rachel: Jawo', wait a second!

Jawo': Huh?

*Suddenly, Rachel pulls Jawo' forward, giving him a long wet kiss right on the lips*

Blue/Penny: *blank stare*

Rachel: Mmmwhaw! Heehee! I just couldn't let you leave without giving you one of those!

Jawo': *swirly eyes* Uuuggh....

*Jawo' stumbles about in a daze until falling flat on the ground*

Rachel: *sigh* Oh Jawo'. You're so funny! <3

Penny: *facepalm* Ugh, nice going, Rachel. Now we're gonna have to carry him the whole way!

Rachel: Uh, gee. Sorry guys...*scratches head*

*After a second friendly encounter with the lovely Rachel, Blue and his friends pass through Kilburne Town and progress on their way through the Adlam Range. Continuing their pursuit of Kovah, and their kidnapped friends*
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