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10 July, 2020, 06:33:13 pm
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AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)  (Read 2717 times)
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« Reply #60 on: 03 October, 2008, 06:51:40 pm »

*Kovah and his group leave Judd Town, continuing on their journey. It's not long until they come across the end of the Adlam Range and reach the eastern coast*

Kovah: Deke, how far have we come?

Deke: Hmm...I recall that we left the Adlam Range several hours ago. Judging from that, I assume that we're not far off from the coastline.

*Lilia watches a seagull fly overhead*

Lilia: Not far off is right. Look up there!

Deke: Hm?

*Deke looks up into the sky and notices a flock of seagulls flying to the east*

Deke: Seagulls...

Lilia: Yup! Seagulls are only found near the oceans, so that can only mean one thing!

Kovah: We must be close. Let's keep going.

*The group continues onward until arriving at the coastal city of Lismore; known for being the largest port on the continent*

~~Lismore City~~

Kovah: Deke, where is this?

Deke: Hm...if I remember correctly, this is Lismore, the port city.

Kovah: Port City, eh?

Shadow: Yeah. Not only is it a port city, but it's the largest one on the entire continent. This place is pretty well known for that, you know.

Lilia: And since this is a port, that can only mean one thing...!

Kovah: That the ocean is nearby...

Lilia: That's right! Come on, let's go!

Kovah: Hm?

Reese: (...What's she so darn chipper about?)

Lilia: Uhm...what's the matter? Why are you looking at me like that?

Kovah: *shakes head* Hmph. Nevermind. You're right, let's keep moving.

*As the group is about to move forward, a young girl approaches them*

Girl: Hey there!

Kovah: Hunh? Who are you?

Girl: Me? Oh, I'm just a local gal! My name's Millie! Heehee!

Deke: Well then what do you want with us?

Millie: I don't think I've seen you lot in town before. Are you new around here?

Kovah: Hm, well...I suppose we are...

Millie: Cool! Then that must mean you're tourists! Am I right!?

Kovah: Uhm...not really--

Millie: Of course you are!

*Millie grabs a hold of Kovah's hand*

Kovah: What!?

Millie: Come on! What are you waiting for!?

*Millie tries to pull Kovah along*

Kovah: Agh! Stupid girl! Unhand me!

Millie: Ah! But...but--!

Kovah: But nothing! Let go of me before I destroy you!

Millie: *sadly* Ooh...and here I thought you all came here to see the mysterious island...

Kovah: What? Island?

Deke: What is this island do you speak of?

Millie: Ha ha! So you wanna see it afterall! Come on! I'll show it to you!

*Millie grabs a hold of Kovah's hand once again and pulls him along with her*

Kovah: Agh! *grumble* This better be good...

Lilia: Well, we don't wanna fall behind do we? Let's follow!

Deke: Lilia, wait.

Lilia: Huh?

Deke: What are you doing?

Lilia: Eh? What are you talking about?

Deke: Why are you so...eager all of a sudden?

Reese: Yeah. I thought you hated being here?

Lilia: Well yeah...I did. ...But then I thought about what you said earlier, Reese?

Reese: Huh?

Lilia: Don't you remember? You said that since we were going to be in this for the long haul, that we should just try to make the best out of our current situation.

Reese: Uhm..well I guess I did say that...

Lilia: And that's exactly what I'm doing! There's no point in being all hostile about it, so I'm going try and be friends instead! Even if we don't exactly see eye to eye.

Reese: Er...*sweatdrop*

Lilia: So come on! Let's get going!

*Lilia travels ahead*

Reese: Lilia...that's...not quite what I meant by "making the best of our situation"...*sigh*

*The group catches up to Kovah and Millie, who are both standing at the edge of the city pier, gazing outwards into the ocean*

Millie: Look! There it is! Don't you see it!?

Kovah: Hrrm...

*the group looks outwards and soon catches glimpse of the large island off in the distance*

Kovah: Ah! That's...!

Millie: Isn't it the coolest thing you've ever seen!?

Deke: There's no mistaking it. That can be none other than the forbidden island...

Millie: Eh? Forbidden, you say?

Shadow: So, that's the place we're headed, huh?

Kovah: Hm. *nods*

Millie: Wow! You're actually going to go out there!? Awesome!

*Millie grabs Kovah's arm and tugs on it*

Millie: Pleasepleaseplease! Take me with you!

Kovah: Egh!? Let...go of me!

*Kovah shakes away Millie*

Millie: Agh! *sadly* Ooh...

Kovah: Bah...

Millie: Oh...I see how it is. I show you the cool island and you don't even wanna take me along. I guess I'll just go away now...

*Millie begins to walk away with her head down*

Lilia: Ah! Kovah! Did you have to be so rude!?

Kovah: She was being a pest. Just be thankful that I didn't toss that annoyance into the ocean.

Lilia: Hmph!

*Millie walks along the pier, silently crying*

Millie: *sniff* Now I'll never find out what's on that island...

*Suddenly, a sea monster emerges from the ocean and lands directly in front of Millie*

Sea Monster: Rrrraaaagh!!

Millie: Aaaaaaah! A m-m-monster!!!

Kovah: Hm!?

Lilia: Ah! That scream!

Prima: It sounded like that girl...

Reese: We have to help her!

Lilia: Reese is right! Come on, Kovah! Let's--! ...Huh?

Deke: Kovah...?

Shadow: Eh? Where did he run off to...?

*Meanwhile, the monster slowly advances on Millie*

Millie: W-w-wait! You don't wanna eat me! See? I'm all skin and bones! *nervous laugh* Ha ha...!

*The monster backs her into a corner, and prepares to finish her off*

Monster: Grrragh!

Millie: Aaaaaaaah! Somebody help me!

Kovah: Dragon Dance!

Millie: Hunh?

*Kovah quickly steps inbetween Millie and monster, cutting off his attack. He then unleashes a series of roundhouse kicks, ending with a flip kick that knocks that monster back into the ocean from whence it came*


Kovah: Hmph. *smirks*

Millie: Woah...

Kovah: You...are you hurt?

Millie: N-no.

Kovah: Good...

Lilia: Kovah!

Kovah: Hm?

*The rest of the group catches up*

Deke: Kovah...did you...save that girl just now?

Kovah: *turns away* Tsch, it was nothing.

Lilia: Kovah...being modest? Now there's something I never thought I'd see. Heehee!

Kovah: Ungh... What do you know?

*Lilia walks up and wraps her arms around Kovah*

Kovah: Ah! W-what are you--!?

Lilia: I know that there really is a good heart underneath that rough exterior...

*Kovah's face turns bright red*

Kovah: ...Mmph...

Deke: Kovah...you're...

Prima: You're blushing!

Shadow: Well well, take a look at Mr. Sunshine.

Kovah: Shut up, all of you! Idiots!

Lilia: Aw, come on, guys. Don't tease him now...

Kovah: You...why are you...

Lilia: Huh?

Kovah: I...I don't understand you! Stop it! Stop it now!

Lilia: Stop what?

Kovah: Th...that!!! Just...let go of me!

*Kovah pushes himself away from Lilia's grip and seperates himself from the group*

Lilia: Ah! But...!

Deke: Kovah! Where are you going!?

Kovah: To cleanse myself of this idiocy.

*Kovah takes off and leaves the group*

Shadow: Well that was interesting.

Prima: No kidding...

Deke: Lilia...why did you do that?

Reese: Yeah, you act as if you and Kovah have been friends for years! What's up with you?

Lilia: Well...after finding out that his bad attitude really isn't his fault, I decided that I should be a little less bitter towards him and a bit more gentle. Besides, I think he's pretty cute, actually! Heehee!

Reese: Hm..."a bit more" she calls it...*rubs head*

*Meanwhile, Deke looks for Kovah, and eventually discovers him standing with his head down, facing towards the wall of a building*

Deke: Uhm...Kovah?

Kovah: ...

Deke: ...Are you okay?

*Kovah slowly turns toward Deke*

Deke: Hm?

*He then quickly raises his head and shouts out, revealing his face to be still bright red, with exaggerated eyeballs*


Deke: Gah! *hops back*

Kovah: Curse that girl...making a fool of me like that. I should make her pay...

Deke: Oh come now, Kovah. I'm sure she didn't mean any harm.

Kovah: QUIET!

Deke: Uh...

Kovah: Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be going back to hiding my shame now.

*Kovah turns back to the wall and puts his head down*

Deke: *sweatdrop* Oh Kovah... (Heh. It's been such a long time since anyone's shown any affection towards him. I think he's actually...forgotten what it feels like to be appreciated)
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« Reply #61 on: 05 October, 2008, 12:14:28 pm »

*After leaving Kovah to sulk, Deke returns to the rest of the group*

Deke: Hey...

Lilia: Oh, Deke. You're back.

Reese: So how did it go with Kovah?

Deke: Er...he's not feeling too well at the moment...

Lilia: Huh? What do you mean?

Deke: Well...thanks to you, he's having a fit of sullen aloofness and withdrawal.

Lilia: You mean...he's sulking?

Deke: Mhm...

Reese: Wow. Was it really that bad?

Deke: Well, probably not to us, but Kovah is pretty foreign to such feelings as compassion. Especially when considering everything he's been through for the past 16 years.

Lilia: Hm? But Deke...

Deke: Yes?

Lilia: Aren't you pretty close to Kovah?

Deke: Uhm...yes, I suppose I am. But what does that have to do with anything?

Lilia: *fidgets* I mean...surely you've shown Kovah some compassion this whole time you've been with him, right?

Deke: Hmm...I guess. I have expressed concern about his condition from time to time. But he usually scorns me for doing so...

Lilia: Huh? That's not what I meant.

Deke: Then what?

Lilia: I mean...aren't you two...you know, mates?

Deke: What!?

Reese: Lilia!

Lilia: What's the matter, Reese?

Reese: *cough* Lilia...I don't think this is the best thing to bring up right now...

Lilia: But why not?

Reese: Because Lilia, it's...uhm...

Lilia: What? They've been traveling together for 16 years. That's more than enough time for them to become more than just mere friends, don't you think?

Reese: *sweatdrop* Uhm, I think you're asking the wrong guy...*scratches head*

Lilia: Come on, Deke! It's true, isn't it? Don't you have feelings for Kovah?

Deke: Ungh...

Lilia: Huh?

*Reese grabs a hold of Lilia's ear and pulls her away*

Lilia: Owowow! Reese, what are you doing!? Aaah!

Reese: Hmph, I think that's about enough for one day...

Lilia: Wait! But! I still haven't--! Owow!

Reese: Come on, you! Let's go!

Deke: Mmph. Stupid Lilia...

*Deke looks back and takes a small glance at Kovah. He then quickly turns away*

Deke: ...*blushes*

*Meanwhile, Shadow and Prima sit on the pier together, engaged in yet another conversation*

Prima: Hmph! Some city this is. I bet they don't even have a decent place to sleep.

Shadow: Gee, Prima. Do you do anything besides complain?

Prima: All I want is a decent bed and decent food! What's wrong with that!? I never even had to think about things like this back at the mansion.

Shadow: Huh? Did you say mansion?

Prima: Hah, that's right! Back home, I'm stinkin' rich!

Shadow: Well...some people DO have all the luck.

Prima: Eh? What's that supposed to mean?

Shadow: Oh nothing...

Prima: *shrugs* Whatever...

Shadow: Hmm...with the way things are going now, you may not be getting back to your mansion anytime soon. You may not be able to find your kind of meal for quite a while.

Prima: *sigh* Sure. Rub it in, why don't you...

Shadow: But then again...nobody's forcing you to stay here. You could always just quit and go home.

Prima: Hmm...maybe...

Shadow: Huh? Well that was unexpected...

Prima: What are you talking about?

Shadow: I was expecting your usual retort of outbursting in rage and resentment.

Prima: Tsch, what do you know?

Shadow: Well hey, I'm not complaining! In fact, I think you're cute when you're not shouting up a storm, actually. *rubs head*

Prima: Kch!

*Prima freezes up, and her face turns bright red*

Shadow: Geez, what is it with you guys and turning red?

Prima: You...you creep!

*Prima pushes Shadow off the pier and into the water below*

Shadow: Woah!!!


Shadow: *spits* Pfffbbt! Hey! What was that for!?

Prima: Heehee. *blushes*

*Meanwhile, the others stand around the pier as well, patiently waiting*

Reese: Hmm...I guess this means we won't be leaving for a while...

Deke: I guess not.

Lilia: So what should we do until then?

Deke: We will wait here patiently.

Lilia: Aw, but that's no fun!

Deke: In case you haven't noticed, Lilia, we're not here to have "fun".

Lilia: Hmph!

*Just then, Millie comes up to the group*

Millie: Hey guys!

Reese: Hiya, Millie.

Lilia: Oh, Millie. Are you okay now?

Millie: Well yeah, why wouldn't I be?

Lilia: It's just, well, after that thing attacked you, I thought you'd be a little shooken up.

Millie: Oh, that? Nah! It's not the first time I've been attacked by a sea monster, you know.

Deke: So that creature was a sea monster?

Reese: And you say it wasn't the first time one has attacked you?

Millie: That's right. In fact, ever since that island arose from the ocean about a week ago, those sea monsters have been springing up all over the place!

Reese: Hm? Do you think that could have something to do with it, Deke?

Deke: Perhaps. It's only a guess, but I think island's sudden arisal from the sea may've disturbed the habitat of the sea creatures, and angered them.

Lilia: And I imagine it'd only get worse once we get closer to the island...

Deke: Yes, that's a reasonable assumption.

Millie: Wow. That's a pretty scary thought...

Deke: Now do you understand why we say you can't come with us?

Millie: *sigh* Yeah...

Reese: So does that mean you'll quit trying to follow us and stay put?

Millie: Are you kidding me!?

Reese: Huh!?

Millie: If anything, this just makes me want to come along even more! Oooh, I can't wait!

Reese/Lilia/Deke: ~_O *eyes twitch*
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« Reply #62 on: 06 October, 2008, 07:41:13 pm »

*After finally managing to regain his sense, Kovah returns to the group, fully refreshed*

Kovah: Aaaah...*stretches* Much better.

Lilia: Oh! Kovah! Are you feeling better now?

Kovah: Mm, yes indeed. *clenches fist* Now I'm all ready to go.

Lilia: That's great!

Kovah: Oh, and Lilia...

Lilia: Hm?

Kovah: Make me feel uncomfortable like that again...and I'll destroy you...

Lilia: *freezes up* Eep!

Kovah: Ha ha ha...

Deke: So Kovah, I assume you're ready for departure?

Kovah: You're right, Deke. It's time we got on with this. Prima!

Prima: Yeah?

Kovah: Conjure the flying dragons! We're leaving immediately!

Prima: Right!

*Prima concentrates her mana and chants an incoherent incantation. Moments later, 6 flying dragons appear from thin air*

Prima: Alright, they're all ready.

*Prima hops on the first one in sight*

Prima: Climb aboard everyone! And hang on tight!

*Kovah, Deke, and Shadow each hop aboard a dragon*

Lilia: Wow! I never flew on a dragon before! This'll be so much fun! Come on, Reese! Let's grab one!

Reese: Yeah! Haha!

*Both Lilia and Reese hop on a dragon*

Millie: Hey...wait a minute. 1...2...3...4...5...6. 6!

Prima: Hm?

Millie: I think you made a mistake, Prima!

Prima: Eh? What are you babbling about?

Millie: See. There are seven of us, but only six dragons! Where the heck is mine!? *flails arms*

Prima: Uh...*sweatdrop*

Reese: Millie, we already told you, you can't come with us to the island.

Lilia: Yeah, it's too dangerous for you to go. Sorry, Millie...

Millie: What!? Nooooo! This can't be true!

Deke: Well it is. Now run along home. We have business to attend to, and it doesn't involve babysitting annoying brats.

Millie: Hmph! Well then if you won't let come, I'll just tag along anyway!

Lilia: Ah!

*Millie makes an attempt to hop onto Deke's dragon*

Kovah: Deke, deal with this pest, would you?

Deke: *sigh* Fine...

Millie: I'm coming whether you want me to or not!

Deke: Not today. ...Flare Cage!

Millie: Huh!?

*Deke uses Flare Cage on Millie, trapping her in a prison made of rings of fire*

Millie: Wha-!? What is this thing!?

Deke: Consider it a Time Out. You won't be bothering us anymore.

Millie: Aaah! Let me out!

Deke: Don't worry, the Flare Cage will dissolve in a matter of hours. And by then, we'll already be far away from here.

Millie: Noooo! That's not faaaaair!

Deke: Many things in life are not fair, little girl. Accept it.

Kovah: Deke, we've spent enough time dawdling here. Let's go! Now!

Deke: Yes, Kovah.

*The dragons begin to flap their wings, slowly lifting off the ground*

Millie: W-w-w-wait! Lilia! Reese!

Reese/Lilia: Huh?

Millie: W-we're friends, right!? You aren't going to let them do this to me, are you!?

Reese: Of course we're friends, Millie. But...

Lilia: For your own safety, we just can't let you travel with us. Please try to understand.

*Meanwhile, Kovah and the others are high the sky above Reese and Lilia*

Kovah: Reese! Lilia! What are you doing!? Let's get going!

Reese: Lilia, it's time for us to go.

Lilia: Right.

Millie: *sadly* Aww...

Lilia: Sorry, Millie...

*Reese and Lilia order their dragons into the sky as they fly off to catch up with the group. Meanwhile, sometime after Kovah and the others departure, Blue and his friends finally arrive in Lismore City*

~~Lismore City~~

Jawo': Sweet, another town. How far did we make it this time, do you think?

Blue: Hopefully somewhere close to the shore.

Jawo': Yeah, I can't help but feel that we've fallen too far behind Kovah and his goon squad.

Penny: Ha ha! Hey guys! We're in luck!

Blue/Jawo': Huh?

Penny: Get a load of this! We've made it to Lismore City!

Blue: Uh? Lismore City?

Jawo': What's so great about that? *scratches head*

Penny: Huh? You don't know? ...Oh, that's right. You guys aren't from around here. Anyway, Lismore City is home to the largest port on the entire continent!

Jawo': Eh? A port? Aah! Then that means--!

Blue: We've made it to the ocean afterall! Yes!

Penny: Mhm! Now we can finally cross the sea!

Jawo': Well then what are we waiting for, Blue!?

Blue: You're right, Jawo'. Let's try and find a passenger ship that'll take us to the island.

*Blue and the group heads over to the city port*

~~Lismore City, Port~~

Blue: Hmm...looks like there's plenty of passenger ships around. Let's ask around and see which one will give us a ride over to the island.

Jawo'/Penny: Yeah.

*But as the group begins to set off to make their inquiry, Jawo' stops when he hears faint sounds of sobbing nearby*

Jawo': Huh?

Blue: What's the matter, Jawo'?

Penny: Yeah, why did you stop all of a sudden?

Jawo': I...I think I hear something...

Blue: You...hear something?

Penny: Like what?

Jawo': Like...somebody crying...

Blue: Crying?

Jawo': Yeah, it sounds like a little girl crying.

??: *quietly* Hoo hoo hoo...

Penny: Hey...now that you mention it...I can hear it too!

Blue: Hm, so do I. But who could it be?

*The group looks around and eventually discovers Millie sobbing at the edge of the pier*

Penny: Hey! There she is!

Jawo': Should we do something, Blue?

Blue: Eh...*shrugs* How could I refuse?

Jawo': Always gotta play the hero, huh? Alright. Let's do it.

*The group walks up to Millie and addresses her*

Blue: Hey...are you alrigh--

Millie: *sniff* I can't believe...*sniff* that they would...*sniff* leave me here *sniff* like that...

Blue: Huh?

*Millie notices Blue and the others and stops crying*

Millie: Hm? W-who are you?

Blue: Uh, oh, I'm sorry. My name is Blue. And these are my friends, Jawo' and Penny.

Jawo': Hey.

Penny: Hi there.

Millie: Hello. My name's...Millie. It's nice to meet you.

Blue: Likewise. But anyway, we just heard you crying over here and decided to come see if anything was bothering you.

Millie: Heehee. Showing concern for someone you've never met before? You're a strange one.

Blue: Uhm...*rubs head*

Millie: Well, no matter! I find it flattering, to say the least! Heehee!

Blue: Er...well anyway, I overheard you saying earlier that someone had left you behind. Who were you talking about?

Millie: Oh, right. Hmph, that stupid Kovah and his band of yokels! Errgh! I hate them!

Blue: Aah!

Jawo': What!?

Penny: Did you just say Kovah!?

Millie: Er...yeah. Is that a problem or something?

Blue: How do you know, Kovah!?

Millie: Woah woah! Calm down! He and his friends I assume, came through here just a few hours ago.

Blue: They did? Well where are they now!?

Millie: Ah right...well, the girl, Prima was her name, I think. She made some dragons appear and they rode them over to that island just off the coast over there.

Jawo': Hm...that must be the forbidden island.

Penny: That has to be where they've headed!

Blue: Okay, and another thing...

Millie: Hm? What is it?

Blue: Do you remember how many people were with him?

Millie: Hm...let's see... Well, other than Kovah himself, there were five others, I believe.

Blue: Five others, huh? Was one of them a boy with purple hair? And a girl wearing a light blue bandana?

Millie: Oh, you must mean Reese and Lilia. Yeah, they were with him.

Blue: Ah! They were!? Are they alright!? They didn't appear injured or anything, did they!?

Millie: Uhm...yeah. They looked fine to me. But what is this all about? Are you friends with those guys or something?

Blue: That's right. And we need to find them as soon as possible. Let's go, guys!

Jawo'/Penny: Right.

Millie: Ah! Wait! Where are you going!?

Blue: To find a passenger ship that'll take us to the island.

Millie: Huh? Well that won't do you any good...

Jawo': Eh? Well why not?

Millie: Nobody's going to go out in those waters. They're too scared.

Penny: Scared? Of what?

Millie: Of the sea monsters.

Blue: Sea monsters?

Millie: That's right. Ever since the island appeared last week, a giant horde of sea monsters have been roaming the waters near the coastline. Some of them even come up on shore and attack people in the city. That's why nobody wants to leave port. They're afraid that they'll get attacked by the monsters.

Blue: Mmn. Darnit...*clenches fist*

Penny: Blue, what do we do now?

Jawo': Yeah, we have to find a way to the island, somehow. Reese and Lilia need our help!

Blue: I know...

Millie: Well...I might know of a way...

Blue: Hm?

Millie: My big brother has a ship, you know. And I might be able to convince him to give you guys a ride to the island, but only under one condition...

Blue: Er...and that is...?

Millie: You have to take ME with you! Heehee!

Blue/Jawo'/Penny: *blinkblink* O_O -_- O_O
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« Reply #63 on: 12 October, 2008, 03:54:40 pm »

~~Forbidden Island, Inland~~

*As Blue's group seeks passage to the island, Kovah's group has already made their way to the center of the island. We join them as they have just finished dispatching a horde of frenzied sea monsters that've made the ruined landmass their home*

Deke: Hm...that appears to have been the last of them...

Lilia: They're all gone? Phew, Thank goodness...

*Lilia sits on the ground from exhaustion*

Lilia: *panting* Hah...ha...

Reese: I hear ya, Lilia. ...Whoo, I've never had to face so many opponents at once...

*Reese too, collapses to the ground*

Deke: Hm? You two aren't weary, are you?

Reese: *panting* Hah...Gee...what was your first clue, huh?

Deke: ...Perhaps we should take some time to rest and regain your strength.

Lilia: Ah, perfect. I could use a good break after that.

Kovah: Fools, there's no time for rest.

Reese: Huh?

Lilia: But...but--!

Kovah: No buts! We've wasted enough time by having to deal with those meddling scalebags. Deke!

Deke: Yes, Kovah?

Kovah: What's our current standing?

Deke: Hmm...I cannot sense the presence of anymore sea monsters. At least not any that'll pose a significant threat to us. As it stands now, our path is relatively clear.

Kovah: I see... Well then how far are we from the temple?

Deke: If I remember correctly, not very. It should be just over the horizon ahead of us. We should arrive within a few hours time, given that we continue to travel at a steady pace.

Kovah: Heh, great. Alright, you two! On your feet! We're continuing ahead!

Lilia: But...we can barely walk!

Kovah: ...I must've missed the part where that's my problem...

Lilia: What!?

Kovah: Either you get up and walk, or I'll drag your lazy carcass the rest of the way. Your choice.

Lilia: *angrily* Ooooh!

Kovah: Come, Deke! We're leaving...

Deke: Yes, Kovah...

*The group, sans Lilia and Reese, continue onward*

Lilia: *angrily* Oooh! That Kovah! Who does he think he is, talking to me like that!?

Reese: Hah, well isn't this a pleasant change in attitude?

Lilia: Huh? What are you talking about?

Reese: *smirks* Oh, don't act like you don't know. Not too long ago, you said you were going to be nicer to Kovah. A..."bit more gentle", as you put it.

Lilia: Hmph! *crosses arms* I don't see any reason to be nice to a total jerk! Even if it isn't his fault.

Reese: Mhm. And was this before or after you said he was cute?

Lilia: Guh! *sweats*

Reese: Heehee. Wait until I tell Blue and the others about this! They're gonna have a field day!

*Reese walks ahead*

Lilia: Ah! Reese! Wait!

Reese: Come on, Lilia. You don't wanna get left behind, now you do?

Lilia: Y-you aren't really going to tell Blue about this...are you?

Reese: Hm...maaaaaaaybe.

Lilia: Huh? What do you mean maybe!? Reese!!!

Reese: Lilia, you're falling behind...

Lilia: Reese, answer me!!! Aaaaaargh! Ugh, he's such a brat sometimes...

*Lilia runs ahead to catch up. Meanwhile, Blue's group reaches the island shore after recieving a ride in Millie's brother's boat*

~~Forbidden Island, Shore~~

Brother: Well, here we are, guys. Time for landing!

*The group disembarks the boat and sets foot on the island*

Millie: Thanks for the ride, bro!

Brother: Hey, no problem, sis! But I can't help but wonder why you guys would want to come to this place anyway. It's awfully creepy...

Millie: Heehee! That's what makes it so cool! A mysterious island that arose from the ocean depths. It's just gotta have some kind of secret that's just waiting to be discovered! And I'M gonna find it!

Brother: Heh, whatever you say, sis...*rubs head*

Blue: Thanks again for giving us passage to the island. We can't thank you enough.

Brother: Sure thing. Any friend of Millie's is a friend of mine! But are you sure you don't need me to stick around, in case you need a ride back?

Blue: No thanks. When the time comes, I'm sure we'll find our own way back.

Brother: Eh, suit yourself. Just be careful out there, okay? I don't want anything to happen to you or my sister.

Jawo': You don't have to worry about a thing. We'll take good care of your sister. Isn't that right, peewee?

*Jawo' ruffles Millie's hair, much to her disdain*

Millie: Aaagh! Don't call me that! I'm not a peewee! And I can take care of myself!

Jawo': Sure you can...

Millie: Hmph! *crosses arms*

Brother: Hahaha, well I guess I'll just take your word for it. Anyway, I'm shoving out now. Take care, you guys! And I'll see you back at home, sis!

Millie: Okay! So long, big brother! *waves*

*Millie's brother turns the boat around and sets off into the ocean back towards Lismore Port, leaving the group alone on the island*

Jawo': Well, shall we go, Blue?

Blue: Yeah, let's.

Millie: Oh boy!!!

Blue: Huh?

Jawo': What's with you?

Millie: What are we waiting for!? Why, I bet there's just a whole treasure trove of ancient secrets out there just waiting for me to find them! And when I do, I'll become world famous! Haha!

Jawo': Eh? Is she serious?

Millie: Ooooh! Just thinking about it is making me burst with excitement! Come on, Blue! I can't wait any longer! Let's GO!

Jawo': Whoa, hold on there, little missy.

*Jawo's grabs a hold of Millie's arm, restraining her*

Millie: Egh, hey! What's the big idea, you clown!? Let me go!

Jawo': You're not going anywhere.

Millie: Huh!?

Jawo': You are staying put right here until we get back. Is that understood?

Millie: What!? But whyyyyyyy!? *flails arms*

Jawo': Because, it's dangerous. Who knows what kind of terrible monsters could be roaming this island? I gave your brother my word that we wouldn't let you get hurt, and I intend to stay true to it.

Millie: Noooooooo! That's not fair!

Jawo': Hey, shrimp. A promise is a promise. This is the best way to keep you safe from harm.

Millie: Ah! Blue, you don't feel the same way, do you!?

Blue: Uhm...sorry, Millie. But I gotta side with Jawo' on this one. I hate to do it, but it's for your own safety.

Millie: Aww...and after all the trouble I went through the get us here. What a gyp. *kicks dirt*

Jawo': Come on, Blue. Let's get going.

Blue: Right...

*The group begins to trudge ahead, leaving Millie alone at the shore*

Millie: Hmph! Well don't blame me when you come back and find nothing but a pile of bones where I once stood!

*The group stops walking*

Blue/Jawo'/Penny: ?

Millie: *smirks* You never know, those monsters might come looking for a tasty snack. And I hear helpless, sweet, and innocent little girls are their favorite meal!

Blue/Jawo'/Penny: O_O;

~~Scene change~~

*The group is traveling along the mainland of the island...with Millie in tow*

Millie: Heehee! Thanks for letting me come along, you guys!

Blue: Meh...

Jawo': Whatever...
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« Reply #64 on: 12 October, 2008, 08:22:06 pm »

~~Forbidden Island, Inland~~

*Blue's group continues into the center of the island. There, they find a slew of slain sea monsters strewn across the area*

Blue: Ah!

Jawo': Woah...

Penny: What...happened here? And what ARE those things!?

Millie: Th-they're...s-sea monsters!!

Blue: Sea monsters?

Millie: And they've all been wasted!!!

Jawo': Well, I can see that much. But who could've done this?

Blue: ...

*Blue begins to inspect the various remains*

Blue: Hmm...

Jawo': Blue? What are you doing?

Blue: Hey guys, check this out.

Penny: What's up, Blue?

Millie: Yeah, what is it?

Blue: A lot of these sea monsters have been inflicted with different kinds of wounds.

Penny: What does that mean?

Blue: It would mean that one person isn't responsible for slaying these monsters. No...it was a group of people.

Jawo': A group, huh? Do you think...maybe it was...

Blue: That's what it's looking like, Jawo'.

Millie: Hm? What do you mean? Are you saying that Kovah and his gang are the ones who did this?

Blue: Exactly, Millie. There's no other explanation.

Millie: Hmm...are you sure? Those guys never really struck me as being all that strong. At least not capable of doing something like this.

Penny: Well if that didn't convince you...then maybe this will...

Millie: Huh?

Jawo': What is it, Penny?

Penny: Look there, at that sea monster. See anything familiar?

*The group inspects the corpse*

Millie: Hmm...uhm...what exactly am I supposed to be seeing here?

Jawo': ...Ah!

Millie: Uh? What's gotten into you?

Jawo': There... lodged in it's skull.

Millie: Yeah, it's an arrow. So what?

Jawo': *shakes head* But not just any arrow. It's...

Penny: Reese's arrow...

Millie: Ah! You're kidding!

Jawo': I'm afraid not, kiddo. This is the real deal right here.

Blue: And with this, we're certain that Kovah and the other's came through here.

Jawo': And they're probably far ahead of us by now...

Blue: Hm, not necessarily, Jawo'.

Jawo': Huh?

Blue: Having to stop and fend off those sea monsters has at various intervals mostly likely slowed down their progress.

Penny: So what are you saying?

Blue: I'm saying, that we might still have a chance to catch up; But only if we hurry.

Jawo': You're right, Blue. So let's get a move on!

Blue: Right. Let's go, guys.

*The group, sans Millie, advances forward*

Millie: ...

Blue: ...Millie?

Millie: *to herself* All this time...I was fiddling with a group of people capable of doing THIS? Just what have I gotten myself into here...?

Blue: Millie, what's the matter?

Jawo': Yeah, what's taking you?

Millie: Ah uhm, nothing! I-I'm coming!

*Millie moves ahead to catch up. Meanwhile, Kovah and his group finally arrive outside the Asroc Temple; the chosen resting place of the Lunar Monolith*

~~Asroc Temple, Outside~~

Deke: We've arrived.

Prima: This temple...is where the Lunar Monolith is being held?

Deke: That's correct.

Prima: ...

Shadow: So this is it, huh? Didn't think we'd get here so soon.

Kovah: Hahaha, we've arrived at last. I can pratically feel the immense power surging from within...

Lilia: Reese...

Reese: I know, Lilia... (Agh, we're already here, and I still haven't found a good escape opportunity. What do we do now...?)

*Kovah begins to walk ahead of the group, entering the temple*

Deke: Kovah...?

Kovah: Well? What are you waiting for? The monolith isn't going to unseal itself. Come quickly. All of you.

Deke: Yes.

Prima: Right.

Shadow: Yeah yeah...

Lilia: *gulp*

Reese: Mmn...

*The group proceeds into to the temple, past the large stone doors. Once inside, they immediately arrive in a large spacious room, with a single corridor to the north*

~~Asroc Temple, Foyer~~

Deke: What a large room...

Prima: Hmph, talk about a waste of space. There's nothing in here!

Shadow: Hmm, how can you be so sure, Prima?

Prima: What?

Shadow: Come on now, Prima! This is a temple we're talking about! And I've seen enough Indiana Jones movies to know that there's always a trap where you least expect to see one.

Prima: Indiana Jones? What the heck are you talking about, bonehead!?

Shadow: Er...never you mind, Prima. *scratches head*

Deke: Mmph. Despite Shadow's rather inappropriate modern age rhetoric, he has a very good point.

Prima: Oh yeah?

Deke: Yes. We'd best tread lightly. Lest we desire to fall headlong into a deadly trap.

Prima: Fine fine.

*Kovah, having not listened to Deke's warning, continues walking ahead*

Deke: Kovah! Ah! Wait...I-!

Kovah: Be silent, Deke. Save your silly talk about tricks and traps. I'm moving ahead without fear, for the prize I seek awaits me.

*Kovah continues ahead, until the northern corridor mysteriously disappears from sight*

Kovah: Hm? What the-!?

Lilia: Ah! What's going on!?

Reese: The pathway...it...it disappeared...

Deke: Blast! There was a trap afterall!

Prima: Eek! S-so what's going to happen!? Are we...stuck here!?

Deke: I...I don't know...

Shadow: Man, talk about bad luck. Nice going, Kovah. You really blew it this time.

Kovah: Bah, shut up. There has to be a way out of here, somehow. We just have to find it.

Shadow: Yeah...good luck with that...*rubs head*

Kovah: *clenches fist* Damn...

*Suddenly, the entire area fades away to blackness, leaving the group standing on a single platform in the center of an eternal abyss*

Deke: Guh!

Prima: Aaah! Now what's happening!?

Shadow: Looks like we've been strung over an infinite abyss. *nods* Yup.

Prima: Infinite abyss!?!?

Shadow: Yeah uhm...I wouldn't wanna fall into there if I were you.

*In fear, Prima huddles up close to Shadow, pratically embracing him*

Prima: Eep!

Shadow: (Score!) *smirks*

Lilia: Uh...*sweats*

*Lilia backs away from the edge of the platform in fear*

Lilia: R-Reese... What the heck is going on here!?

Reese: Gee, I wish I could tell you, Lilia. I've never seen anything like this before in my life! (But then again, it might not be so bad. At least now this gives Blue and the others a chance to catch up to us.)

Kovah: Damnit! We have to get out!

Deke: Kovah...relax.

Kovah: What?

Deke: I'll get us out of here. Just remain calm.

Kovah: Huh? And how are you going to do that?

*Deke closes his eyes and crosses his arms, as if he's thinking*

Deke: ...

Kovah: ?

*Meanwhile, Blue and the others too, arrive at the entrance of the Asroc Temple*

~~Asroc Temple, Outside~~

Jawo': Hm? Where are we now?

Blue: Well...if I didn't know any better, Jawo', I'd say this is the temple where the monolith is located.

Penny: You really think so, Blue? But how can you tell?

Blue: Because...I can feel an unnatural power enamating from within. Whatever it is, it's powerful. And it feels...dark. Perhaps even evil...

Millie: *gulp* Evil...?

Blue: Yeah...

Jawo': So you think it's the Lunar Monolith giving off that kind of power?

Blue: *nods* At any rate, it's a best guess.

Jawo': Well in this case, the only way to find out is by checking it out firsthand!

Blue: You're right, Jawo'. Let's head in.

*As the group is about the enter the temple, they are halted when the elders' voice is heard from beyond*

Elder1: Blue!

Blue: Hm?

Millie: What the-!? Am I hearing things...or did someone just call out to you, Blue?

Elder2: Blue, can you hear us?

Blue: Elders...is that you?

Millie: Eh? Elders?

Elder3: It is.

Elder4: And we must speak with all of you urgently.

Jawo': Oh yeah? About what?

Elder5: We've contacted you merely to warn you and your company of what lies ahead within the temple we constructed.

Penny: Warn us?

Elder1: Yes. In the first chamber of the temple, there lies a special defensive mechanism in the guise of an elaborate illusion.

Blue: Illusion?

Elder2: Correct. We Elders used our powers to create an illusion to repel any and all intruders that trespass into the temple.

Jawo': Well then, can't you just dispel it or something?

Elder3: I'm afraid we cannot.

Penny: What? Why!?

Elder4: It is not within our power to dispel the illusion, unfortunately.

Elder5: As such, the only way for you to progress, is to break the illusion yourselves using your own wit and cunning.

Jawo': Man, well this bites.

Elder1: Forgive us, young heroes. The only thing we can do is warn you of what's to come. The rest is up to you.

Elder2: But before we go, we shall tell you this...

Blue: Huh?

Elder3: It is an old saying: "Sometimes, the most complex of problems...have the simplest solutions."

Elder4: Remember this well, for it may just be the key to breaking the illusion.

Elder5: Farewell, young heroes. And good luck.

*The elders' voices fade*

Jawo': Hm...the most complex problems have the simplest solutions? What the heck is that supposed to mean?

Penny: Yeah, if you ask me, it just makes things more confusing...

Blue: Well...there's no point in sitting around pondering about it here. We'll just have to deal with it when we get there. Let's go, guys.

Jawo'/Penny: Right.

*The group, san Millie, moves ahead*

Millie: ...

Blue: Millie?

Millie: B-Blue...

Blue: Huh?

Millie: *points up* Are there old people in the sky!?!? O_O

Blue: *facepalm*
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« Reply #65 on: 14 October, 2008, 06:24:02 pm »

*Meanwhile, inside of the Asroc Temple, Kovah and the others remain trapped in the illusion, still unaware of it's true nature*


Kovah: *taps foots impatiently* ...

Prima: *sobbing in fetal position* Oh no...oh no...oh no...oh no...

Shadow: *looks around anxiously*

Deke: *is standing straight with eyes closed* ...

Lilia: *to herself* Ugh...what are they doing? Hmph, I guess it's up to me to find a way out of here!

*Lilia takes a bomb out of her satchel and hurls it out into the darkness. But instead of falling into the abyss, it simply disappears*

Lilia: Huh? Well that's strange. Let's try that again...

*This time, Lilia takes out two bombs and throws them out in the darkness. They too disappear*

Lilia: *scratches head* What could be causing them to disappear like that?

*Lilia walks up to the edge of the platform*

Lilia: Hmm...I wonder...

*Lilia puts her right foot out over the abyss, as if preparing the step off the platform*

Lilia: Maybe...if I...

*But as Lilia looks deeper into the eternal blackness, her heart drops into her stomach*

Lilia: Gah! *shudders*

*And in fear, she quickly retreats back to safety, wrapping herself around Reese's leg*

Lilia: Nooooooo! I can't do it!!

Reese: Hey, relax, Lilia! This isn't as bad as it seems.

Lilia: Huh?

Reese: Just think about it. The longer we stay stuck in this...place, the more time that gives Blue and the others to catch up to us. I consider this a good thing!

Lilia: Reese! What are you saying!?

Reese: Ugh! *sweats*

Lilia: If we can't find a way of this mess, we'll be trapped here forever! Do you really want that!?

Prima: Forever!?!? Nooooo! That can't BE!!!

Shadow: Hm?

Prima: I'm much too rich and pretty to spend the rest of my days in an eternal abyss! Oh woe is me!

Shadow: Prima...don't you think you're overreacting? Just a bit?

Prima: Ooooh! There's so many things I've done yet! But it's all over! This is the end for all us! All is lost! My life is flashing before my very eyes!

Shadow: Eheheh...*sweatdrop*

*Shadow walks up to Prima and places his hand on her shoulder*

Prima: *stops crying* Uh?

Shadow: Don't worry, Prima. I'll get us out of here.

Prima: Y-you will...?

Shadow: Of course. Just leave it to me!

Prima: Shadow...

Shadow: So Deke, how are you gonna get us out of here, huh?

Prima: Uuh...*sweatdrop*

Deke: ...

Shadow: Helloooooo? Anyone in there? Yoohoo! *waves*

Deke: ...

Shadow: Hm, what's gotten into him?

Kovah: Shadow, leave him be.

Shadow: Uh? But--

Kovah: Just do it.

Shadow: Eh, whatever you say. *shrugs*

Lilia: Deke, I don't understand. How can you stay so calm in a situation like this?

Deke: Heh...because, Lilia...

Lilia: ?

Deke: What's the point in worrying, when there's nothing to worry about?

Lilia: What are you talking about!? Do you not see us standing on a platform in the middle of a bottomless pit!?

Deke: Bottomless pit? Hmph. There is no bottomless pit...

Lilia: Huh?

Deke: Watch closely.

*Deke walks to the edge of the platform and prepares to walk off*

Reese: Ah! Wait, Deke! What are you doing!?

Prima: Are you stupid or something!? If you step off of there, you're going to fall!

Deke: Is that what you really think?

Prima: Uh...well...

Deke: Allow me to show you...the REAL truth.

*Deke promptly steps off of the platform and into the darkness. But instead of hurling into the supposed abyss, he continues to stand on solid ground*

Reese: What? He...he didn't fall...

Shadow: But why not? What's going on here?

Kovah: Deke, what is the meaning of this?

Deke: It's simple, Kovah. I did not fall...because there is nothing to fall into.

Lilia: What do you mean, Deke?

Kovah: Explain yourself.

Deke: This is all but a simple illusion. A trick of the mind to make us see and believe that we were actually standing over an eternal abyss. When in fact...

*Suddenly, the scenery itself begins to crack. And like a pane of glass, it shatters. Taking the group back to the first chamber of the Asroc Temple*

Deke: We were in this same room the entire time.

Lilia: Wow...he's right! We're back!

Shadow: Heh, well speak of the devil. I would've never known.

Prima: We're saved! Yay!

Reese: Mmmn...

Kovah: Hahaha, excellent work, Deke. Now we can continuing moving forward.

Deke: Yes.

Kovah: Come, all of you. We've wasted enough time here. Let's get going.

*The group moves onward through the north corridor*

Lilia: Say, Deke...

Deke: Hm?

Lilia: About what happened...back there. ...How did you know that it was just an illusion?

Deke: So you really wanna know?

Lilia: Uhm...yeah, I guess.

Deke: Okay. Remember back when you were trying to figure us a way out our...predicament?

Lilia: Uhm...you mean when I was tossing those bombs? Were you observing me?

Deke: I was actually. You see, I don't think you noticed it yourself, but when you were tossing those bombs, your left foot stepped completely off of the platform.

Lilia: What!? It did!?

Deke: *nods* It was only for a split second, but it was enough to make me realize that the place we were in, was in fact, not real. But just a clever illusion to mystify and throw us off guard.

Lilia: Heehee, wow. So I guess I did figure it out afterall, huh? *rubs head*

Deke: Hm, I'd say so, yes.

*Deke walks ahead. And soon, Lilia notices that Reese is trailing behind, and waits up for him*

Lilia: Hey, Reese.

Reese: ...

Lilia: Huh? What's the matter?

Reese: We're progressing too fast...

Lilia: Reese, you're still going on about that?

Reese: Lilia, this is serious!

Lilia: Ah!

Reese: If Blue and the others don't catch up before we make it to the monolith, I...I don't know what'll happen...

Lilia: ...

Reese: That's why...I have to find a way for you to escape before then. Even if I can't escape too.

Lilia: What? But Reese--!

Reese: It has to be done, Lilia! You know they're going to use you to force me to unseal the monolith! And...and I can't let that happen. I can't let you be endangered because of me! So please, Lilia. If the opportunity arises, you have to escape. Without me...

Lilia: But Reese...what'll you do?

Reese: I don't know...

Lilia: ...
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« Reply #66 on: 15 October, 2008, 07:28:41 pm »

*Meanwhile, Blue and the others continue into the temple, and arrive inside the first chamber. But unlike Kovah's group, they are immediately thrust into an illusion of a different sort before even realizing it*

~~Asroc Temple, Illusion~~

Blue: Huh? Hn?

Millie: Hey, Blue. What's wrong?

Blue: I...take it you don't feel that then?

Millie: Feel what?

Blue: That...strange pressure...

Millie: Huh!? I have no idea what you're talking about, Blue.

Blue: ...Interesting...

Millie: Maybe you're just imagining things...*rubs heads*

Blue: Hm...(This definitely isn't my imagination. There's a high amount of magical pressure in this room. But perhaps I'm the only one who can sense it...)

Penny: Hey, Millie! We need you to tell us if anything unusual happens behind us!

Millie: You can count on me! I got your back!

Jawo': What's with this place anyhow?

Blue/Penny: Hm?

*The group observes their surroundings. They soon realize that they are in a room with 4 exits to each side, all leading to a room that's the exact same as the former, and so on*

Jawo': It seems like the same room just over and over again.

Penny: But...there's no way. Judging from the temple's outside appearance, this place can't be that big.

Jawo': So...which way?

Blue: The best way out of a labyrinth is to advance with your same hand against the wall. And I suggest that we start over there.

*The group then advances through each rightmost room*

Penny: Hmm...doesn't seem like there's anything out of the ordinary...

Jawo': I just noticed something...

Blue: Hm?

Jawo': We've been moving steadily to our right. So the room directly to our right should be the room that we started in. But instead, there's another room to the right.

Blue: It's the same room...

Penny: What's going on?

Millie: Mmm, maybe we should head back the way we came.

Blue: Good idea, Millie. Let's go.

*The group heads back to the room they started in, but they soon discover that the entrance is no longer there*

Penny: Ah!!

Blue: What's wrong?

Penny: The entrance isn't there anymore!!

Jawo': That's impossible!

Penny: Millie, this is your fault!

Millie: My fault!?

Penny: Yeah! I told you to keep your eyes open!

Millie: Hmph! I'll have you know that I've been watching the entire time and there was nothing out of the ordinary!

Jawo': Mmph, I'm about ready to start kicking these walls down...*clenches fist*

Blue: No wait...

Jawo': Hm?

Blue: I don't think you'll accomplish much by doing that.

Jawo': Then what do YOU suggest we do, huh smart guy!?

Blue: I've come to the conclusion that this is in fact, the illusion that the elders warned us about.

Penny: You really think so, Blue?

Blue: I'm not entirely sure, but then again, that would explain the large amount of magical pressure I felt earlier. This is obviously some kind of puzzle meant to send us going in circles, and now it's our job to figure out how to solve it.

Penny: Puzzle?

Blue: Yeah. And just like any old puzzle, there has to be a clue around on how to solve it. If we don't think calmly about it, we haven't got a chance.

Jawo': Okay. In that case, you got any ideas, Blue?

Blue: Hmm...I do, actually.

Jawo': Hm?

*Blue reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ball of string*

Blue: Ah, here we go.

Jawo': Uh, Blue...what's that?

Blue: You don't recognize it, Jawo'? It's the string that Zeldafan gave me as "payment" for my acting in that atrocious movie.

Jawo': *facepalm* Ugh...why did you remind me?

Penny: What are you going to do with that anyway?

*Blue walks to a pillar in the room and ties the string around it*

Blue: We'll base the investigation from here. Hold this, Millie.

*Blue hands the ball of string to Millie*

Millie: And I'm stuck holding this thing, huh?

Blue: Not at all. This is an important job that only you can do. We're depending on you here.

Millie: Heehee. Well then, since you put it that way, I suppose I can help you out!

Jawo': Ugh, she'll believe anything...

Blue: We should start out by moving straight ahead.

*The group continues forward through into the uppermost room*

Jawo': Ah!

Penny: Jawo'!

Jawo': Penny, wait!

Penny: Whoa!

*Jawo' holds out his arm, barring Penny from walking right into a deep chasm in the ground*

Penny: Phew, that was close...

Jawo': The floor just suddenly disappeared.

Blue: Damn...

*The group turns around and proceeds into a different room*

Blue: This doesn't make any sense. It's like an infinite loop, but that's impossible considering the size of this building.

Penny: Well impossible or not...

Jawo': Uh!

Blue: Jawo, what's the matter?

Jawo': You guys had better take a look at this.

*The group hurries into the next room, but soon discovers that it was the room they started in*

Blue: That's the pillar I tied that ball of string to earlier! That can't be!

Penny: Hmm...

*Penny unties the string from the pillar*

Penny: Hey, Millie.

Millie: Huh?

Penny: I'd hold on tight if I were you.

Millie: Huh? But wh--

*Penny tugs on the string, jerking Millie and pulling her through all of the rooms they previously traveled*

Millie: Hey!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

*After the wild ride, Millie ends up back in the room with others, although completely worn out and in a daze*

Millie: *swirly eyes* Uungh...

Blue: Ah! It's like a Mobius Strip! This illusion...it's somehow twisted this building into an unending labyrinth!

Jawo': And that's why we always end up at the same place?

Penny: But wait...that's physically impossible!

Blue: It's the only answer I can come up with. And if we're going to get out of here, we've got to find out how it works.

*Blue reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small notebook and pen. He then begins to draw in it*

Blue: I'm drawing the path we've taken so far. It's like this...

Jawo'/Penny/Millie: ?

Blue: We're ran into traps in this room, and this room here.

Penny: So according to this, if we go in the room ahead of us, there's going to be a trap.

Blue: But if we move in a "L" formation, we shouldn't hit any traps.

Jawo': You've solved the puzzle. Good work, Blue! Now we can end this stupid illusion and get back to more important things, like finding our friends.

Penny: Yeah.

Blue: *to himself* If only it were that easy...

*And so the group proceeds to travel in the proposed "L" formation. As Blue said, they run into no traps, but they advance nowhere as well*

Penny: This sucks!

Blue: We'll find it. The answer must be in here someplace.

*Blue pulls various foreign objects out of his pockets. Among them being an accordion (O_O)?*

Millie: Geez, Blue, how much stuff can you fit in those pockets of yours!? *sweatdrop*

Jawo': I can't take it anymore! We're going in circles and we can't do anything about it!

Penny: Stop running your mouth and start using your head to figure this out! I find it hard to believe that Blue's friends with someone like you.

Jawo': What did you say!?

Blue: Stop it! Both of you!

Penny: Not to mention that you've done nothing but complain and get your butt kicked during this whole journey! We've be better off with Millie than a loser like you!

Jawo': Hah, you're one to talk! You should be thankful that we even let you travel with us in the first place! If it wasn't for us, you'd still be back home scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush!

Penny: Tsch. When are you going to see that this is pointless unless we can solve this puzzle?

Jawo': If you're so smart, why haven't YOU solved it!?

Penny: Why don't you shut up!?

Blue: Stop it, you two! We're all just tired and frustrated right now! We need to calm down!

Jawo': Stay out of this! I'm done! From here on out, I can handle this myself!

Penny: Oh yeah? Well good riddance! Because we're tired of picking up after your dumbass mistakes!

Jawo'/Penny: Kch! Hmph!!

*The two turn and walk away from eachother*

Blue: *sigh* Give me a break...

Millie: You know, friends shouldn't fight like that...

Jawo'/Penny: I wouldn't be her/his friend if she/he was the last girl/guy on Earth!!!

Blue: *annoyed* Whatever. ....Aah?

*Blue begins to see distortions in the illusion*

Blue: What's happening? The space is...twisting...

Millie: Uh...Blue?

Blue: Hm?

Millie: Is he crazy or something? According to your drawing, there should be trap in that room he's going into.

Blue: Ah! Hmm... (Advancing in an "L" shaped route... Mobius Strip... Traps that block our way... This magical pressure when we entered here... It feels like...I've got it!!!)

Millie: Huh?

Blue: Penny!!

Penny: Hm?

Blue: Jawo'!!

Jawo': Eh?

Blue: I've figured out the secret.

*Jawo' and Penny come running back*

Penny: Are you sure!?

Jawo': Really!?

Blue: Listen closely.

*Blue begins to whisper to the group*

Penny: Huh!? Could it really be as simple as that!?

Jawo': You sure you wanna take that chance?

Blue: I'm willing to take that risk. Here I go!

*Blue runs headlong into a room with a trap in it. Once he enters, the floor collapses below him*

Penny: Blue!!!

*But despite this, he doesn't fall into the chasm, but still remains on solid ground*

Blue: (I knew it!)

*With the illusion solved, the scenery begins to crack. And like a pane of glass, it shatters. Sending the group back to the real first chamber of the temple*

Penny: Ah, Blue! Y-you did it! The illusion...it's gone!

Jawo': But how did you figure it out?

Blue: I pieced together the hints. Once I wrote it down, I figured it out. It's like a game that children play. There are nine rooms placed in a 3x3 format. Except that they just looped infinitely. If we were to go three spaces either foward or horizontally, we would win. So whenever it felt that were getting too close to that third room, the illusion created a trap to divert us.

Jawo': Like an illusion within an illusion, right?

Blue: Exactly. We would've never have known the difference. Because it used our fear and insecurity as a way of leading us in the wrong direction. It was all a psychological trick of the mind.

Penny: But how did you figure out that traps weren't real?

Blue: When you and Jawo' had your bout and split apart like that, we took up three spaces simultaneously. When those two were nine spaces apart, that's when the twist in space appeared. So all in all, finding out that clue was just a lucky break.

Millie: Heehee. I guess their pig-headed stubborness was good for something afterall!

Blue: Heh, you can say that again, Millie.

Jawo'/Penny: Hmph! *crosses arms*

Blue: Anyway, we've beaten the illusion, so it's time to move on. Are you ready, guys?

Millie: I am!

Blue: Well, you two?

Jawo': ...Yeah. Let's go save our friends.

Penny: Right.

Blue: Then let's move!

Author's Note: Fans of the Bleach Anime should find this chapter very familiar... ^_^
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*Meanwhile, as Blue and his friends struggle to catch up, Kovah's group reaches the center of the temple, eventually coming across a large gate, marked with many ornate images and runes*

~~Asroc Temple, Center~~

Shadow: Well well, what have we here?

Deke: It appears that we've reached a gate of some sort.

Lilia: It's pretty huge too. I wonder where it leads...

Shadow: *rubs chin* Well, Lilia, a gate as heavily ornate and detailed as this has just gotta have something special behind it. It's an incredibly common cliché.

Lilia: *rubs chin* Hmm...well you don't say...

Kovah: Hmph. Well in the end, there's only one way to find out.

*Kovah walks up to the gate and attempts to force it open. But he soon discovers that it's locked from the inside*

Kovah: *clenches fists* Ergh! Blast it! It's sealed!

Prima: Mm, well darn. Does that mean we can't get in?

Deke: Apparently so, Prima. ...At least for the moment anyway.

Prima: Huh?

Deke: It is true that this seal prevents us from gaining entry. But as with every seal, there must be a way to break it. And all that leaves...is for us to find it.

Prima: Okay...so where do we start?

Deke: I...haven't a clue, unfortunately...

Prima: *sigh* Well so much for THAT. *shrugs*

Deke: Forgive me...

Prima: Hmm...hey. Wait a minute...

Deke: Hm?

*Prima walks up to the gate and observes its surface*

Prima: There's...words carved into this gate. But...it's not in any language I've ever seen. What's the deal?

Deke: Hmm...

*Deke walks up to the gate and observes the carvings alongside her*

Deke: These words...are written in the Old Language.

Prima: Old...Language?

Deke: Yes. It's the early form of our modern language that was spoken and written by our ancient ancestors over 1000 years ago. It's long died out since then, but there remains a handful of people who are still able to speak the languange. ...Myself being one of them.

Prima: Ah! So you're saying you can read this chicken scratch, Deke?

Deke: I can. Just give me a moment to decipher the text...

*Deke begins to translate the ancient text*

Deke: Hmm...alright.

Prima: Have you got it?

Deke: I do.

Shadow: So what's it say?

Deke: The text roughly translates to: "The Eternal Gate."

Shadow: Huh? Is that all? Man, I figured that all of that writing would say more than just that. *rubs head*

Deke: I'm not finished...

Shadow: Oh! Well then, by all means, continue.

Deke: Very well. The remaining text translates to: "Only the destined bearer of the key can release the seal of the gate. But take heed, for all that awaits you beyond is an odious presence."

Prima: Hmm..."destined bearer of the key" ...That's Reese, isn't it?

Reese: Wha-!? M-me!?

Deke: It would appear so.

Kovah: Heheh, so it's settled. Reese. Quickly. Come and unseal this insufferable obstruction.

*Reese slowly backs away while clutching his necklace in his hand*

Kovah: Hrm?

Reese: B-but...I...

Kovah: Reese, what are you doing?

Reese: I...I won't unseal that gate!

Kovah: What!?

Lilia: Reese...

Kovah: Reese, it would be in your best interest to NOT try my patience. Unseal the gate...NOW.

*Reese sternly shakes his head in defiance*

Kovah: So you still insist on playing these games, do you? Fine, have it your way.

*Kovah looks to Deke*

Kovah: Deke, do it.

Deke: Yes, Kovah.

*Deke quickly draws his axe and aims it directly at Lilia's neck*

Lilia: Aah!

Deke: Try to run...and I'll kill you.

Lilia: ...*gulp*

Reese: Lilia!!

Shadow: Deke, what are you doing!?

Deke: Shut up.

Shadow: What!?

Deke: This...has to be done. It is the only way to ensure Reese's cooperation.

Shadow: But...but that's--!

Prima: Shadow, stop!

Shadow: Huh? But Prima...

Prima: I know, Shadow. I-I don't want to see Lilia get hurt either. She's kinda like one of us, you know? But...Deke's right. We have to do this. And I'm sure Deke feels the same way, right?

Deke: *averts gaze* Hm...

Prima: So please, don't interfere. I'm sure Reese'll make the right choice in the end.

Shadow: Tsch, fine. But if Reese doesn't give, I'm not holding anything back. You hear?

Reese: Deke! Let Lilia go, now!

Kovah: I'm afraid he won't be doing that.

Reese: What?

Kovah: Don't even try to play dumb now. You were well aware of our terms before this even began, and you knew what would happen if you went back on your word.

Reese: Ungh...

Kovah: That's right, Reese. If you don't give us your full cooperation, Lilia, your dear friend, will be made to suffer because of it.

*Deke slides his axe closer to Lilia's neck, forcing her to lean her head back slightly*

Lilia: Guh...! Deke...don't do this...

Deke: I'm sorry, Lilia. It's...out of my hands. I will do...as I must...

Kovah: So what's it going to be, Reese? Will you do as you were told, or will we have to take Lilia's life before your very eyes?

*Deke's axe flares up in flames, threatening to engulf Lilia*

Lilia: Aaaah!!

Reese: Lilia! No!

Kovah: My patience is wearing thin, Reese. Make your decision now.

Reese: I...uh...I..

Kovah: Hm?

Reese: ...

Kovah: Still no answer? Fine. Your silence will condemn you! Or rather, it'll condemn your friend. Deke, finish her off!

Deke: Understood.

*Deke raises his axe in preparation to strike*

Lilia: Aaah! Deke!!!

Deke: Lilia...Forgive me for what I'm about to do.

*Deke brings his axe down*

Lilia: Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!


*Before Deke's axe connects, he brings it to a halt just inches from Lilia's neck*

Lilia: ...*sweats*

Kovah: Hm? You've had a change of heart?

Reese: I...I'll do it. I'll unseal the gate for you...

Kovah: Hmph. *smirks* I knew you'd see things my way.

*The flames around Deke's axe fade out as he removes the axe from Lilia's neck area*

Deke: Hmph.

Lilia: *sigh of relief*

Kovah: Now do it.

Reese: A-alright...

*Reese slowly approaches the gate. As he gets closer, his necklace begins to float on its own and glows with a bright light*

Reese: Uh! W-what's happening...?

*The gate then begins to glow in response to Reese's key*

Prima: The gate...it's...it's glowing!

Shadow: It must be reacting to Reese's necklace...

*The key acts on its own, inserting itself into a small engravement in the center of the gate. The gate then slowly opens, loosing a burst of bright light from within. Meanwhile, as Blue and the others continue their pursuit, they too witness the flash of light released from within the gate*

Jawo': Agh! W-what was that light!?

Penny: I don't know, but it's coming from just up ahead!

Blue: That must be where Kovah and his group is! Come on, we're almost there!

*Kovah's group begins to proceed beyond the unsealed gate*

Kovah: Hahahahah! This is it! I'm so close! The monolith...it is within my grasp!!!

Deke: ...Hn!?

Kovah: Deke...what's the matter?

Deke: I'm...sensing something nearby...

Kovah: What? What are you sensing?

Deke: I'm sensing...the presense of someone. It's a group of approximately four people. And they're heading this way.

Prima: Do you think Blue's group managed to follow us here?

Lilia/Reese: Ah! Blue!

Deke: That's a possibility.

Shadow: Wait a minute...that can't be right. Without Lilia and Reese, isn't there supposed to be only three of them?

Deke: I was thinking the same thing. But there's also the possibility that they've recruited another member into their ranks. One that we weren't recently aware of.

Prima: Do you really think that's the case?

Deke: I don't know. But it cannot be ignored. At any rate, we must prepare for the arrival of these unexpected guests.

Kovah: Agreed. Whoever they are, they must not be allowed to become a hinderance. They must be dealt with.

Lilia: (Blue...could it really be him...?)

Reese: (I don't know if those people really are our friends, but if turns out it is, this could be our big chance! ...It's now or never!) Lilia! Now!

Kovah: Hrm!?

Lilia: Right!

*Lilia takes a smoke bomb out of her satchel and tosses it directly to the ground. It then unleashes a thick screen of smoke that fills the entire area*

Deke/Prima/Shadow: *coughcoughcough*

Kovah: *coughcough* Aaah! W-what is the meaning of this!?

*The smoke clears, revealing that Lilia is nowhere to be found*

Prima: The smoke, it's gone.

Shadow: Well gee, that ain't the only thing that's gone...*rubs head*

Deke: What are you talking about?

Shadow: Take a look. Notice someone missing?

*The group looks around, soon noticing that Lilia is no longer among them*

Prima: Ah! Lilia! She's--

Deke: She's gone...

Kovah: What!? She's escaped!? No!!

Reese: *pumps fist* Yes, it worked! Haha! Just like we planned it!

*Kovah abruptly turns to Reese*

Kovah: You...!

*Kovah grabs Reese by the shirt and lifts him into the air*

Reese: Aah!

Kovah: You...little bastard! I'll make you pay for going behind my back...

Reese: Heh. *smirks* If I were you, I'd worry more about Lilia instead of trying to make me pay.

Kovah: What...?

Reese: Because without her, you've got no chips on the table. You may as well pack it up and call it a day.

Kovah: Grrgh! Damnit!

*Kovah throws Reese to the ground*

Reese: Ugh!

Kovah: *to himself* I hate to admit it, but he's right. If I don't get the girl, I'll have no hold over him...

Deke: Kovah, what should we do?

Kovah: Hurry, get the girl! Follow her and bring her back at any cost!

Deke: Got it.

Shadow: Leave it to me! I'll get her back before you can say "Shadow's the most perfect being in the universe!"

Prima: Hah, more like the biggest doofus.

*Shadow attempts to run off in pursuit, but Deke stops him by quickly drawing his axe and using it to pin him up against a nearby wall*

Shadow: Aagh! Urrk!

Deke: You're not going anywhere...

Shadow: What!? Ergh, what's your problem!?

Prima: Ah! Deke, what are you doing!?

Deke: Be silent, Prima!

Prima: But...

Deke: Shadow, you will stay right here. I will go after Lilia myself.

Shadow: Heh...heheheheh...

Deke: What...?

Shadow: Deke...you still don't trust me, do you?

Deke: I don't see any reason why I should. It's been made clear that you're not here to further our goals. In fact, I don't even know why you're still traveling with us. As far as I see it, you're just a waste of space.

Shadow: Hehheh, well...I can't argue with that.

Deke: Hm?

Shadow: It's true. I'm not here to help you out. I couldn't care less about what you're trying to accomplish here.

Deke: *angrily* You...

Shadow: But even so, since YOUR enemies are MY prey, I don't see what difference it makes.

Deke: ...What are you getting at?

Shadow: My my, you still don't get it?

Kovah: Deke!

Deke: Kovah?

Kovah: Let him go.

Deke: What!? But Kovah, I--!

Kovah: Release him, now!

Deke: Mmmn...

*Deke releases his hold on Shadow*

Shadow: *dusts off clothing* Say, thanks boss! I owe you one!

Kovah: Just shut up and go.

Shadow: Heh. It's always just strictly business with you, huh? None of that small talk or any of that fluff inbetween. You know, that's what I've always liked about you. Ah well, I've got a job to do.

*Shadow disappears in a whirlwind of leaves*

Deke: Kovah...why did you let him--?

Kovah: Because he's right.

Deke: What?

Kovah: What difference does it make whether he's on our side or not? So long as he eliminates my foes, I don't care what he does.

Deke: Egh...fine.

Kovah: Now then, we'll let Shadow handle the girl. Let us make haste and proceed through the gate.

Deke: Yes, Kovah...

Kovah: Reese, come.

Reese: ...

*As the group is about to advance through the Eternal Gate, Blue and his friends arrive on the scene in time to stop them*

Blue: Kovah! Stop right there!

Kovah: Hn!?

*Kovah turns around, only to see Blue's group standing before him*

Kovah: *angrily* You...

Prima: *sternly* It's...them...

Deke: So...it was their presence I was sensing afterall...

Reese: *happily* Blue! Guys!!! It's really you!!!

Penny: Reese! Haha!

Blue: Reese, are you okay!?

Reese: *happily nods* Yeah! I'm fine now!

With Blue's group finally managing to tail Kovah, can they succeed in putting an end to his nefarious plot once and for all? The final clash between the two forces approaches. What will be the end result of this last struggle?

End Eternal Illusion Arc
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Millie: Hi, Reese! *waves*

Reese: Huh? *suprised* Millie!? Is that you!? B-but, what are you doing here!?

Millie: Well wouldn't you know it? Blue and his friends were nice enough to let me tag along with them. *crosses arms* And that's more than I can say for you guys! You're a bunch of jerks! Bleh! *blows raspberry*

Kovah: *annoyed* ...Tsch.

Deke: *annoyed* Hm...

Prima: Uh...*sweatdrop*

Reese: *sweatdrop* Erm...but Millie...*rubs head*

Millie: Oh save it! Hah, but it's alright! You can make it up to me after we're done rescuing you. Uhm...for whatever reason...*scratches head*

Reese: Gee, thanks a lot...*sweatdrop*

*Kovah then immediately grabs Reese and jerks him closeby*

Reese: Ungh!

Millie: Uh!?

Kovah: Sorry little girl, but I'm afraid Reese isn't going anywhere...

Millie: Huh?

Kovah: He has yet to fulfill his destiny with me. The Lunar Monolith beckons for Reese to unseal it. Just as I beckon for the immense power from within its confines.

Millie: Eh? *scratches head* What the heck are you talking about?

Kovah: Hmhmhm. *shakes head* Foolish girl. It's obvious that you have no idea what's occuring before you. Do yourself a favor and scurry along home before you get hurt. This sacred place is off limits to sniveling brats.

Milie: Hey! I'm not a sniveling brat! How dare you!

Blue: Millie, that's enough.

Milie: But, Blue--!

Blue: This isn't the time.

Millie: I--! But--! ...Fine.

Blue: Hm?

*Blue looks around, noticing something odd*

Jawo': Blue, what's up? What's the matter?

Blue: Reese! Where is Lilia!?

Penny: Ah, right! She's not here, is she?

Jawo': Hey, you're right! What gives, Reese? Wasn't she with you guys?

Reese: *nods* She was, but I had her escape before you all caught up.

Blue: Huh? She escaped? So I assume she's safe, right?

Reese: Well yeah...but...

Blue: Hm?

Reese: Maybe not for long...

Blue: What? Reese, what are you talking about?

Kovah: Hahahaha. I'll tell you what he's talking about! It's true that your little friend managed to escape our hold, but even now, as we speak, Shadow is hunting her down like an animal.

Blue: What!?

Penny: Shadow's after her!?

Jawo': Oh man...this isn't good!

Kovah: Hmhmhm. I guess their little escape plan wasn't so foolproof afterall! Now it's only a matter of time before Shadow tracks her down and finishes her off for good. Hahahaha!!!

Blue: *clenches fist* Lilia...damnit...

Penny: Blue! What do we do!?

Jawo': Yeah! Lilia can't defeat Shadow on her own! There's just no way!

Blue: I know, but...

Penny/Jawo': Huh?

Blue: I want to help Lilia, but...*shakes head* we've finally got Kovah right where we want him. We can't let him get away, not this time. Lilia will just have to fend off Shadow on her own. At least until we wrap things up here.

Jawo': *sigh* Fine...

Penny: Alright...

Kovah: Heheh, a wise decision, Blue. But in the end, it doesn't matter. I don't plan on letting any of you leave here...alive.

*Kovah tightens his gloves*

Kovah: You worms have meddled in my affairs for the last time. This is the end of the road for you!!!

Blue: Guys! This is it! Are you ready!?

*Penny draws her spinners*

Penny: Ready!

*Jawo grabs the hilt of his sword*

Jawo': Let's do it.

*Deke draws his axe*

Deke: Let us finish this.

*But before the groups engage, Prima steps in front of Kovah of Deke, stopping them*

Prima: Kovah! Deke! Wait!

Deke: Hm?

Kovah: What is the meaning of this, Prima? You better have an explanation...

Prima: *nods* You two go on ahead. I'll take care of Blue and his band of losers.

Deke: What? Prima, do you know what you're saying? If you failed to defeat Blue in your first encounter, what makes you think that this time will be any different?

Kovah: Deke is right. Don't waste your time.

Prima: I'm not! Please, just trust me! You guys have to take Reese and hurry to the monolith! Don't worry about me!

Kovah: Hrrm...

Deke: Kovah...we should go.

Kovah: Hunh?

Deke: For now, we should do as Prima says and place our trust in her. The sooner we reach the monolith, the sooner this'll all be over.

Kovah: *nods* Alright.

*Kovah looks to Prima*

Kovah: Prima...I'm counting on you. Don't botch this one up...or else.

Prima: Yeah yeah. Now go on! Get out of here already!

Kovah: Right.

*Kovah grabs a hold of Reese and takes a huge leap backwards towards the gate*

Reese: Uwah!

Kovah: Deke! Follow me!

Deke: Yes!

*Kovah and Deke begin to dash through the Eternal Gate with Reese in tow, quickly fleeing the scene*

Penny: Ah! What are they--!?

Blue: They're...they're escaping! No!!

*Blue steps forward*

Blue: Kovah! Stop!!!

Kovah: Farewell, Blue! Hahahaha!

Blue: Damnit!

Jawo': Come on, Blue! We can't let them get away! Let's follow them!

Blue: Right! Let's hurry!

*Blue and Jawo' attempt to pursue Kovah and Deke through the gate, but they brought to a halt when Prima attacks with her whip*


Blue: Gah!

Prima: Where do you think YOU'RE going, huh!?

Blue: Mmn...Prima...

Prima: Trying to run out on me so soon? You know, we should really enjoy these little times we have together. Heehee.

Jawo': Tsch, so it's the brat again.

Prima: Hmhmhm. You've come far, gang. But I, Prima, am here to make sure...you don't make it a step further!

*Jawo' grabs the hilt of his sword*

Jawo': Then we'll just have to go through you.

Prima: Oh, you're a brave one. I like that...

Penny: Prima! Ugh! Get out of the way. We don't have time to play games with you.

Prima: Heehee. Sorry, little sister, but I just can't do that. At least...not until I've put you all six feet under!

Jawo': Agh, stupid kid. Was the spanking we gave you last time not good enough for you?

Prima: Haha! Calm down. Form a line if you have to! I'll make sure each one of you gets it! *cracks whip*

Blue: Damn...we don't have the time to deal with this...

Penny: Hah, don't worry, Blue!

Blue: Huh?

Penny: If that's how they wanna go about it, then we'll just show them that two can play that game!

Jawo': What do you mean?

Penny: It's simple. You all go on ahead. And I'll handle Prima by myself. That way, we can still stop Kovah and Deke without having to be held up by the loudmouth over here.

Blue: But Penny...are you sure?

Penny: Sure I'm sure, Blue! If anyone can slap a lid on my sister, it's me!

Blue: A...alright. We're depending on you, Penny. Be careful.

Penny: *smiles* You know you can count on me, Blue! Now hurry up and get going before it's too late! I got your back!

Blue: Right! Jawo'! Millie! Let's go!

*The group, sans Penny, begins to head for the gate*

Prima: Ah! Wait! You can't! Rrrgh! This'll stop you!!

*Prima attempts to attack the group with her whip when Penny knocks his out of her hand with a quick spinner attack*

Prima: Aaagh!! Uungh... *clutches hand*

Penny: Hah!

Prima: Ooooh! Why you...!!!

*Prima looks to her back to notice Blue and the others already passing through the gate*

Prima: Nooooooo! They've gone ahead!!!

Penny: Heh heh, that's right, Prima. Now it's just you and me! *twirls spinners*

Prima: Errgh...

*Prima picks up her whip*

Prima: You...I'll make you pay for this!

Penny: *smirks* Try me.

~~Meanwhile, at the Adventurer's Guild~~

*As Zeldafan and the gang go about their daily routine, Bob studiously reads through various books of unknown origin simultaneously*

Bob: Hrrm...

Zeldafan: *carrying a number of boxes* Bob, you've been reading through those books all day! Just what the heck are you looking for?

Bob: Well, if you must know, I'm looking for any information that we can use to aid Blue in his journey thus far.

Zeldafan: Oh, is that right?

Bob: Yes, and if I recall correctly, the events transpiring as we speak are all centered around an artifact known as the Lunar Monolith.

Zeldafan: Lunar Monolith, huh? Mm, never heard of it.

Bob: I've heard very little about it myself, Zeldafan. And that's precisely why I'm searching through these archives of the supernatural that we've kept stored here. Perhaps there's a record of it somewhere around here...

Zeldafan: I see. So how is that going?

Bob: Mmmn, not so well. I've looked through almost every document in the archive, yet I still haven't discovered anything revelant to the subject. There isn't even any evidence that suggests that this so-called Lunar Monolith even exists.

Zeldafan: Well that's awfully strange.

Bob: Tell me about it. *heavy sigh* It looks like I'm going to be pulling another all-nighter...

*Bob drops his face into the book that he's currently reading. Zeldafan then walks up to him and puts her hands on his shoulders*

Zeldafan: Heehee! Well, don't worry too much, Bob. I'm sure you'll find something eventually!

Bob: *muffled* Yeah...whatever...

*As Bob's face is buried in the book, he catches a quick glance at a short passage within*

Bob: Hm...!?

Zeldafan: Huh? Bob?

Bob: ....AAH!!!

*Surprised by Bob's exclamation, Zeldafan hops up and springs backwards*

Zeldafan: Waaah!!! Bob, don't scare me like that! Geez, you could've given me a heartattack!

Bob: Forgive me, Zeldafan. But I believe I've found what we're looking for.

Zeldafan: Eh? You have?

Bob: Yes...but it's not quite what I was expecting.

Zeldafan: It's...not?

Bob: *shakes head* No. In fact, it's much worse. Much MUCH worse.

Zeldafan: Well gee, how bad could it be? It can't be any worse than the time I caught Tobi playing with my old Barbie dolls. *rubs head*

Bob: Zeldafan, this isn't a joke. Blue and the others have been lead to believe that a source of corrupted energy lies within the monolith, but in fact, it's not that at all.

Zeldafan: Huh? Then...what is it?

Bob: There is no obtainable power to be found. Only a living, breathing entity from beyond.

Zeldafan: Ack! A-A living entity!?

Bob: Zeldafan. Get your gear together. We're leaving immediately.

Zeldafan: What? But why?

Bob: Somebody has to warn them of the true nature of the monolith. And seeing as we're the only ones who're aware of such a thing, the responsibility falls upon us.

Zeldafan: Well...alright. I get that much. But you still haven't told me. What IS this entity anyway? And why is it so terrible?

Bob: I don't have time to divulge into the details. Just know that if this being is allowed to be freed from its prison and roam the planet once more...

Zeldafan: Hm?

Bob: Not only would planet Earth be in grave peril, but the entire galaxy itself would be at risk of total destruction...

Zeldafan: *gulp* Entire...g-galaxy?
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« Reply #69 on: 20 October, 2008, 09:17:06 pm »

*Meanwhile, as Blue and his friends continue their pursuit of Kovah and Deke, Lilia continues to make her escape, until she eventually comes across a dead-end*

Lilia: Ah! What the-!? A...a dead end! But how could this be!?

*Lilia frantically looks around the room in search of an exit*

Lilia: But...but I could've sworn that this was the way we came in from. How could I have made this mistake...?

*Lilia hangs her head in depression*

Lilia: *sigh* I guess I have no choice but to turn back.


Lilia: Hn?


Lilia: That noise. It sounds like...footsteps... And they're coming this way...!

??: Well well...what do we have here?

Lilia: !!! *gasp*

*Shadow slowly steps out from the darkened doorway*

Shadow: Ah ha. I've caught you at last.

Lilia: Ngh...Shadow. It's you...

Shadow: Well, Lilia. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you've gotten yourself lost. Did you take a wrong turn somewhere?

Lilia: Cut it out. Tell me why you're here. Why did you follow me all this way?

Shadow: Come now, Lilia. Must you really ask? I'm sure we both know the answer to that one.

Lilia: Shadow...why are you still so intent on fighting us?

Shadow: Because, Lilia, I've already told you. Challenging strong opponents...it's what I live for.

Lilia: But why!? We're not enemies! Why must we fight!? I don't understand!

Shadow: Hmhmhm. Oh, Lilia, you're so naive. But I guess that's what makes you so charming.

Lilia: What?

Shadow: Don't you get it by now? Friend or foe, good or evil, these things...they mean nothing to me anymore. All I want...is to fight. Nothing else matters.

Lilia: But, Shadow...

Shadow: *shakes head* I care not about your useless struggle, or the fate of this pathetic planet. It was just something that I could take advantage of to seek stronger opponents. So long as I can test my strength and skills against powerful adversaries, I don't care what the end result is, whatever it may be.

Lilia: Shadow! W-what are you saying!?

Shadow: What do you mean, Lilia? You're the one who allowed me to realize this truth.

Lilia: What!?

Shadow: Misty...she was the only thing that mattered to me in this world. And now that she's gone...now that she's been taken from me; this...is all I have left. My desire to fight...is the only thing that makes life worth living for me. It is the only thing that can bring me happiness in this meaningless world! Don't you understand!? Nothing else matters to me!!!

Lilia: Shadow...w-what happened to you? What made you turn this...this madness!? You've gone...insane!!!

Shadow: Hahahah, you call it madness. But I! I call it...freedom! Thanks to you, Lilia, I can finally live this worthless life of mine to the very fullest! Just like Misty would've wanted me to!!!

Lilia: *shakes head* No...you're wrong.

Shadow: Huh?

Lilia: This isn't what Misty would've wanted. She would've wanted you to live a happy life, free of pain and conflict! No...what you're doing, it's the exact opposite of what she wanted!

Shadow: You...what are you saying?

Lilia: I can feel it...deep inside. Your heart is riddled with inner turmoil, anguish and sadness. You're hurting inside, Shadow! Can't you see that!?

Shadow: *looks away* Tsch. You don't know what you're talking about.

Lilia: No, I do. You're so deluded with despair that you can't even recognize your own dolefulness. You insist that without Misty, your life has no meaning, so you resort to fighting and killing others to establish some kind of false existence. But what you don't realize Shadow...is that your life does have meaning.

Shadow: ...?

Lilia: Your life has meaning just by being alive and being there! But if that's not good enough for you, your life has value...because you're my friend...

Shadow: Friend? Did you just say friend? Hmhmhm...ha ha...hahahahahaha!!!

Lilia: W-what..what's so funny!?

Shadow: My my, Lilia. Your naivete knows no bounds.

Lilia: So what are you trying to say, Shadow!? That everything that's happened between us...everything that you said, everything that we've been through...it was all a lie!? Is that what you're saying!?!?

Shadow: No. It wasn't.

Lilia: Huh?

Shadow: You are...my dear friend, Lilia.

Lilia: So then why are you doing this!?

Shadow: Because I've lost all hope for myself.

Lilia: What!? But Shadow!

Shadow: ...

Lilia: Shadow, please! Let me help you! We can get through this!!

Shadow: Enough, Lilia. It's over. Everything.

Lilia: Shadow...

Shadow: Hand yourself over to me. I'm taking you back to Kovah.

Lilia: *closes eyes*

Shadow: ...Well?

Lilia: No!!!

*Lilia takes a small hop backwards*

Lilia: I'll never go with you!

Shadow: Honestly, Lilia. Must we do this? Come now. Be a good little hostage and come back with me.

*Lilia brandishes her daggers*

Lilia: Stay...away from me!

Shadow: Hmph. So this is how it's going to be, is it? Very well then.

*Shadow summons forth his scythe*

Shadow: You know, I was hoping for a more able opponent, but you're not leaving me much of a choice. So I guess I'll just have to make due.

Lilia: Shadow...we don't have to fight.

Shadow: We don't. But we're going to anyway. It was my chosen destiny. This is all that I am. You either accept it...or you don't.

Lilia: Shadow...please...don't do this...

Shadow: Just...stop talking, Lilia. I've heard enough. Now...it's time for one final thrill.

Lilia: Shadow...I'll put you out of your misery!!!

*Lilia throws her dagger directly at Shadow, but he skillfully catches it between his index and middle fingers, just inches away from his face*

Shadow: *smirks* Hmph.

Lilia: Ah!

*Shadow then hurls the dagger back at Lilia. She quickly defends by blocking it with her other dagger, and regains possession of it*

Lilia: Here I come!

*Lilia dashes up to Shadow at breakneck speed and begins to exchange blows with him. Shadow then proceeds to defend against every attack with his scythe. Lilia finds an opening and goes for a stab, but Shadow intercepts with his scythe, locking the two in a fierce power struggle*

Lilia: Ergh...

Shadow: Ungh...

*Meanwhile, Blue's group manages to catch up with Kovah and Deke once again in a chamber past the Eternal Gate*

~~Eternal Depths, First Chamber~~

Blue: Kovah! We've found you!

Jawo': You won't get away again!

Reese: Haha! Guys, you made it!

*Kovah pushes Reese to the side*

Reese: Uuf!

Kovah: Blast it! How did you fools make it here!? Prima was supposed to be keeping you occupied!

Deke: Perhaps she was defeated again.

Kovah: Ergh...damnit. I knew trusting her was a mistake...*clenches fist*

Blue: Heh, well if you must know, we let our friend Penny stay back and deal with her. I'm sure she's more than enough to take her down. She doesn't need our help.

Kovah: Hmph. Well aren't you the confident one? But in the end, such a brash decision will prove to be your downfall. You don't earnestly think that the two of you can defeat the two us?

Blue: Hah, I'd say we have a fair shot, to be quite honest.

Millie: Huh? Two? Hey, wait a minute! What am I, invisible or something!? *stomps*

Blue: Millie, stay out of it.

Millie: *crosses arms* Hmph!

Kovah: Hahahah. You pompous fool. But I must admit, you've got guts if nothing else.

*Kovah tightens his gloves*

Kovah: I think I'll show you just what it means to possess true power. Deke, take Reese and go on ahead. I want the pleasure of disposing of these whelps to be mine and mine alone!

Blue: Jawo', here he comes! Get ready!

Jawo': Got it! *grabs hilt*

Deke: Actually, Kovah...

Kovah: Hm?

Deke: I believe I should fight them myself.

Kovah: What!?

Deke: Please, leave this to me. If you were to somehow lose this fight, all of this would have been for naught.

Kovah: Out of the way, Deke! Or are you suggesting that I would lose?

Deke: No. Not at all. I'd just rather not take any unnecessary risks. You are the embodiment of everything I've been fighting for all this time. I will not allow you to fall here. Please, make the choice to live another day.

Blue: We won't let you get away, Kovah!

Jawo': Your fun and games have come to an end!

Deke: I beseech you, Kovah! Allow me to demonstrate the depth of my faith!

Kovah: Hmm...I can see you are determined. ...Very well, Deke. I leave it to you. Do not fail me.

Deke: Don't worry. I will not falter not here.

*Kovah grabs a hold of Reese and proceeds into the next chamber*

Reese: Aagh! Not again! Blue, hurry!!

Blue: Reese, no! Damnit! He gotta away...again!!

Jawo': Well then, Blue, you know what this means, right?

Blue: Huh?

Jawo': You go on ahead. I'll take care of Deke.

Blue: But...Jawo'! You can't fight him alone! Don't you remember what happened last time!?

Jawo': I do, and I've learned from my past mistakes. I assure you, I won't mess up like that again.

Blue: But...but Jawo'...

Jawo': Blue, please! We don't have time to debate over this! Go now!!!

Blue: A-alright. You...you better not die on me, Jawo'.

Jawo': *smiles* Well, you know what I say...

Blue: *smiles* Yeah, I know, you die hard.

Jawo': Attaboy, Blue. Now go on. Get out of here!

Blue: Right. Come on, Millie. We're going.

Millie: Okay!

*Blue and Millie continue on to pursue Kovah, leaving Jawo' to face Deke alone. As they press on, Deke watches them pass nonchalantly without lifting a finger*

Deke: *smirks* Hmph.

Jawo': What's with that smug look, huh?

Deke: Your friend, he doesn't know what he's getting himself into.

Jawo': Oh does he?

Deke: There's not a force alive that can contend with Kovah. He may as well be digging his own grave.

Jawo': Hah, you don't know anything, do you?

Deke: What?

Jawo': My pal Blue and I have dealt with stuff far worse than anything you could even imagine. In fact, I'd hate to see what he's been through when I wasn't hanging with him. Yup. Blue can handle pretty much anything that guy can dish out. There's no doubt in my mind about it. And speaking of, I'm pretty sure I can take you out too. *clenches fist*

Deke: Hmph. If you're so sure of yourself, then why do you tremble like a newborn pup?

Jawo': Heh...you're mistaken, Deke...

Deke: Hm?

Jawo': I'm not trembling because I'm scared. I'm trembling...because I'm excited!

Deke: What...?

Jawo': Oh yeah. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Ever since our bout at the tower.

Deke: I don't understand.

Jawo': Huh?

Deke: Why are you so eager to die? You know your feeble techniques cannot withstand my flames. So why even try? You're only throwing away your life.

Jawo': Yeah, that'd be the case if you were fighting the same old me. But I'm different than I was before. I won't let myself be clouded by anger, nor will I underestimate you like I once have.

Deke: Hm...you speak the truth. I can see it in your eyes. You have become more mature since our last meeting. But I wonder...will your maturity be enough to ensure your victory over me?

Jawo': Heh, then we'll just have to find out, now won't we?

Deke: Then come...

*Deke draws his axe*

Deke: Fight.

*Jawo' draws his sword*

Jawo': It's time for Round 2! Let's do it!
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*Meanwhile, as Blue's allies face off against Kovah's, Blue, together with Millie, continue their hurried pursuit into the deepest depths of the Ascroc Temple*

Millie: *running* Blue...are you sure they're gonna be alright back there?

Blue: *running* They'll be fine, Millie. I believe in my friends. I know they won't let me down!

Millie: But--

Blue: Millie, stay focused! Reese still needs our help and we haven't a moment to lose!

Millie: A-ah...right!

Blue: ...There! I can see the clearing just up ahead!

*Blue increases his running speed, resulting in Millie trailing behind him*

Millie: Bluuuue! Ugh! Wait!!

Blue: Come on, Millie! We're almost there!

Millie: Agh! No fair! What do you think I am, a track star!?

Blue: There's no time for that now, Millie! Hurry!

Millie: B-but--! I'm just a sweet innocent little girl with no physical ability! Don't leave me aloooooooone! *sobs*

Blue: Ugh... Then grab my hand!

*Blue outstretches his hand behind him*

Millie: O-okay. Here I go...

*Millie reaches out for Blue's hand. She attempts to grab, but comes just short and ends up falling flat on her face, allowing Blue to leave her in the dust*

Millie: Ow! Oof!

Blue: Millie, stop playing around!

Millie: Blue, wait! Ah! You know I can't run as fast as you!

*no response*

Millie: *sigh* He's long gone...

~~Meanwhile, Outside the Temple~~

*Bob and Zeldafan reportedly arrive at the temple entrance, ready to head inside and assist Blue and his friends*

Zeldafan: Well...we're here. But are you sure this is the right place?

Bob: Without a doubt. I can feel the presence of Blue and the others here. This is the definitely the right place.

Zeldafan: Hmm...well that's weird...*scratches head*

Bob: What's the matter?

Zeldafan: Not just this temple, but this entire island isn't marked on many of my maps here. What's the deal?

Bob: Just...how recent are those maps?

Zeldafan: Hmm, pretty recent, I'd say. About a month old. Why do you ask?

Bob: Because, Zeldafan, for sixteen years, this island was submerged beneath the ocean.

Zeldafan: What!? But...what happened!?

Bob: The truth behind what really caused this is uncertain. It remains an unsolved mystery even in historical archives. ...But, I'm willing to bet that this is all tied to Blue's current dilemma somehow.

Zeldafan: Yeah...I had the same feeling.

Bob: Hrrm...perhaps once we catch up with Blue, we can finally get the bottom of all of this.

*Bob steps forward and forces the entrances gates open with a wave of his hand*

Bob: Shall we?

Zeldafan: *nods* Right!

Bob: Then let's go.

*Bob and Zeldafan prepare to advance into the temple when they are halted by a woman's voice*

??: Wait!

Bob/Zeldafan: Huh?

*The two turn around to see Shina approaching them from behind, wearing a new traveling-oriented outfit*

Bob: Well now, it appears we have a guest...

Shina: Hold. I wish to ask something of you.

*Zeldafan draws a bokuto*

Zeldafan: Who are you? ...An enemy of Blue's, perhaps...?

Shina: Ah! Please! I do not wish to start a fight!

Zeldafan: Then what DO you want, huh?

Shina: I will gladly share my tale, if you would just put away your weapon.

Zeldafan: Mmn...

Bob: Zeldafan, do as she says.

Zeldafan: Huh? But Bob!

Bob: It's alright. I can sense no malice from this woman.

Zeldafan: Fine...

*Zeldafan puts away her weapon*

Shina: Thank you.

Bob: So, you were about to tell us who you are?

Shina: Ah, right. As I was saying, my name is Shina.

Bob: Well met, Shina. I am Bob the Omnipotent, but you may call me Bob if you like. And this is my young subordinate, Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: Hello. *waves*

Shina: I see. It's a pleasure to meet the both of you. *bows*

Bob: Likewise, Shina.

Zeldafan: So, Shina, what brings you all the way out here, huh?

Shina: Hm?

Bob: Yes, I don't quite understand what business a girl like you would have in place like this. Please enlighten us, if you may.

Shina: A-alright. I will. ...I came to this place...in search of my friends.

Zeldafan: Your...friends?

Bob: Who are these friends of you speak of?

Shina: Their names are Kovah and Deke, and they're my closest friends.

Bob: Hmm...Kovah and Deke... Can't say I've heard of them.

Zeldafan: Yeah, me neither.

Shina: Maybe you haven't, but I know they're in there! And I have to reach them before it's too late!

Bob: What? What do you mean?

Zeldafan: What'll be 'too late'?

Shina: I don't have much time to explain. But if I don't stop them, they, and another group will end up fighting eachother. And I can't let that happen!

Bob: Huh...?

Shina: Don't you understand? If they're allowed to fight with one another, there's no telling what the end result will be! They could end up seriously injured, or...or even...

Bob: Wait...another group...?

Shina: Huh?

Bob: Could it be...?

Zeldafan: Ah, Bob! It...it has to be Blue's group!

Bob: Yes, that's the most logical assumption.

Shina: What? Do you mean to say that you know of Blue?

Bob: We do, as a matter of fact.

Zeldafan: Blue and his companions are friends of ours as well.

Shina: Ah, you are!? That's astounding!

Bob: Hm. *nods* And as it would appear, Ms. Shina, your goals and our own coincide with eachother.

Shina: Huh? You...you mean--?

Zeldafan: That's right! We've come here to stop the fighting between Blue and your friends too!

Bob: But for a whole different reason...

Shina: What? What are you talking about?

Bob: Ms. Shina, there is much to explain, yet very little time to do so. So I will only say that, despite their differences, regardless of what they believe, the time has come for Blue and his adversaries to pull together and become allies now.

Shina: Allies...?

*Bob and Zeldafan move ahead*

Bob: Well, Ms. Shina?

Shina: Hm?

Bob: If we want to bring an end to the conflict between our friends, we'll need your help.

Shina: Haha! Right! *nods* coming!

*Shina runs to catch up with Bob and Zeldafan. And the three head into the temple together*

~~Meanwhile, in the Temple Depths~~

*Kovah and Reese reach the final room of the Asroc Temple. Upon their arrival, their lies a vast chamber with a single crystal staircase in the center, leading to a platform where the Lunar Monolith rests*

Kovah: This...this is it...

*Kovah slowly steps forward*

Kovah: The power...it's so close. I can feel it! At last I've made it! The Lunar Monolith is HERE!!!

Reese: ...*gulp*

*Reese slowly backs away*

Kovah: Hm!?

*Kovah grabs a hold of Reese's wrist*

Reese: Aagh!

Kovah: Where do you think you're going?

Reese: Ungh! *struggles* L-let me go!

Kovah: Never! Your role isn't done yet. Your destiny has not yet been fulfilled!

Reese: *struggles* I...I won't unseal the monolith! Not...ever! Ergh!

Kovah: *angrily* You... How dare you deny me!?!?

*Kovah lifts Reese into the air*

Kovah: You WILL give me what I desire! For if you don't...I will kill you where you stand...

Reese: Ungh! T-then...you'll just have to kill me then!

Kovah: What!?

Reese: If unsealing the monolith for you means the difference between life and death...then...then I'd rather die...than put the lives of everyone on Earth in danger!!!

Kovah: Aargh! You...you bastard!

*Kovah squeezes Reese's neck tight and balls up his fist*

Reese: Aaaggh!!

Kovah: If I cannot have what I want...then...then I will send you straight to HELL INSTEAD!!!

*Kovah prepares to deal a fatal blow to Reese when Blue arrives on the scene*

Blue: Kovah!!!

Kovah: Hrm!?

Reese: *weakly* Bl-Blue...

Blue: Kovah, it's over! For you, and your plans!

Kovah: Hmph. *smirks* So you've finally come, Blue. I've been waiting for you...

*Kovah takes Reese and throws him to the other side of the chamber. His body, crashing into a wall*

Reese: Uuaagh!!

Blue: Reese!!!

Kovah: Now that I've disposed of the trash, I can focus all of my attention on you.

Blue: *angrily* Why you...

Kovah: If you think you've declawed me by tracking me down here, you're terribly wrong.

Blue: What?

Kovah: Once I've dealt with you, I will force that feeble-hearted Reese into unsealing the monolith for me. Even if I must do so with my bare hands. *clenches fist*

Blue: Not if I have anything to say about it!

Kovah: So then let's cut right to the chase, shall we? This is the end of the line for the both of us, and I have absolutely no intentions of running from this fight.

Blue: Then this...is where it all ends.

Kovah: Exactly.

*Kovah tightens his gloves*

Kovah: Blue...I will make you tremble before my power!!!
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« Reply #71 on: 30 October, 2008, 07:12:17 pm »

~~Penny vs. Prima Pt. 1~~

*Meanwhile, back in the mid levels of the temple, Penny and her older sister, Prima, face off before their final duel*

Prima: Ergh! Penny...stay out of this! This has nothing to do with you!

Penny: Maybe it doesn't. But still...

Prima: Huh?

Penny: I came all this way to bring you back home with me. And I won't stop until I've accomplished that.

Prima: What? Bring me home? Hmph. Why do you even care?

Penny: What do you mean?

Prima: Hah, I thought you hated me? And now you want me to come back all of sudden?

Penny: You're right, Prima. I DO hate your guts. But even so, you're still my sister, and I still care about you. And I won't let you endanger yourself and everyone else by doing this!

Prima: Wha-? P-Penny...I...

Penny: Hm?

Prima: ...

*Prima rapidly shakes her head*

Prima: Hmph! Nice try, Penny. You almost had me going for a second, but you're not gonna fool me that easily!

Penny: Uh...?

Prima: I know what you're trying to do! You're only acting all concerned so you can make me feel bad about what I'm doing and give up. But I know that you really just want me to leave because YOU want the power all for yourself!

Penny: What!?

Prima: Don't try and deny it! You know it's true! But unfortunately for you, I'm too smart and pretty to fall for a lame attempt like that. Haha!

Penny: *clenches fist* Ugh, you're as insufferable as ever...

Prima: Hahahaha! Just run along home, Penny. This is no place for children. *makes a "shoo" gesture*

Penny: Agh! I don't understand! Why are you even doing this!? Even if you did manage to get this...this "power", what then!?

Prima: Heh, wouldn't you like to know...

Penny: Yeah, I would.

Prima: Fine! I'll tell you, little sister. Once Kovah gives me MY share of the power, I'll finally be able to get my revenge on that accursed father of ours! *clenches fist*

Penny: Wha...y-you don't mean...

Prima: Oh yes. Father, and those blasted healers! All of them will be made to suffer terribly for what they did to me! All of those years of torment...locked away in that dark dreadful room...will be paid back in full!!!

Penny: Prima, are you out of your mind!? You can't do that! He's our father!

Prima: Oh, I can, Penny. And I WILL! With the monolith's power in my possession, I'll have Father and those healers on their feeble knees begging for my mercy! Hahahahahaha!!!

Penny:Prima...you're insane!

Prima: And if you don't want to suffer the same fate, little sister, I suggest you stand aside.

Penny: ...No.

Prima: What?

Penny: If you want to harm Father...then you'll have to go through me first!

*Penny draws her spinners*

Prima: So, you really do intend to fight me, do you? Hmph, fine. Have it your way. I'll just have to make it quick...and painful.

Penny: There's no need to pretend. There's no way you can beat me. I know your secret, remember?

Prima: Hmph. *smirks*

Penny: Uh?

Prima: I don't even need my monsters to beat a weakling like you. All I need...is right...here!!! *cracks whip*

Penny: Ergh...

Prima: Come on, little sis. I'm waiting for you. *signals forward*

Penny: Prima...I didn't want it to come to this, but you've left me no choice! I'll bring you home, even if I have to break every bone in your body and drag you back!!!

*Penny takes a few steps forward and thrusts her spinners out directly at Prima*

Prima: What!?!?

Penny: Haaaaah!!!

Prima: Hah, then I'll just dodge it!

*Prima leaps into the air, avoiding the oncoming attack*

Prima: Too easy!

Penny: *smirks* That's what you think!

Prima: What...?

*Penny tugs upwards, sending her spinners up and after Prima*

Prima: Aah! Nooo!!!

Penny: Ha! Gotcha!

*Penny's spinners wrap around Prima, coiling her tight and restraining her within its wires*

Prima: Ungh! *struggles* I...I c-can't move!

Penny: Now you're mine! Haaah!

*Penny then tugs downwards, dragging Prima down and slamming her into the ground below*

Prima: Uuaaagh!!

*With the attack finished, Penny retracts her spinners back to her hand*

Penny: How'd you like that one!?

Prima: Uun...gh...Why...you...ungh...

*Prima struggles to get to her feet*

Prima: I'll make you pay for this!

Penny: Hm!

*Penny rears backwards, preparing for Prima's next move*

Prima: Dimension Whip!

*Prima lashes her whip out at Penny*

Penny: Heh, no problem. I'll just block it!

*Penny crosses her arms in front of her in defense*

Prima: *smirks* Guess again.

Penny: What...?

*Before the attack can hit, a space-time portal opens, allowing Prima's attack to continue going through it*

Penny: What the--? What is that!?

*A moment later, another portal opens behind Penny, and unbeknowst to her, the attack goes out from it, striking her in the shoulder*

Penny: Aah! Aaaagh!!

Prima: Heeheehee. Bet you weren't expecting that, were you? Here! Have some more!

*Prima performs the technique once more, with a portal opening from behind Penny yet again. But this time she manages to dodge the attack by leaping sideways*

Penny: Hah! Thought you had me, didn't you? Once you've seen it before, it becomes that much easier to avoid!

Prima: So, you think you've got me all figured out, huh?

Penny: Huh...?

*As Penny leaps sideways another portal opens in her path. The whip comes out, striking her from the side*

Penny: Ah, no! Aaaagh!!

Prima: Don't think it's over yet! Try these!

*Prima performs the technique a third time. This time, portals open all around Penny, surrounding her. And she is repeatedly struck from all sides*

Prima: Hahahahahaha!!

Penny: Ugh! Aagh! Uagh! Ungh! Gah!

*The attack commences, leaving Penny's body bruised all around*

Penny: *panting* Hah...ha...

Prima: Hmhmhm! What's wrong? Had enough already?

Penny: *panting* *smirks* Hah...ha..are you...kidding me...?

Prima: Wha...?

Penny: I...I'm just getting...started!

Prima: Ergh! *clenches fist* Why you...! I'll make this one hurt!

*Prima issues another technique, beginning to twirl her whip over her head*

Prima: Thousand Whips! Rrragh!!

*Prima lashes out at Penny, striking her a great amount of times in rapid succession*

Penny: Uuuaaagggh!!!

*Penny drops to one knee, her body dripping with blood*

Penny: *panting* Hah...haah...

Prima: Eeheehee!! Guess you're not so tough anymore, huh?

Penny: *panting* Hah...ha...Is that...

Prima: Huh?

Penny: Is that...all you got!?

Prima: Ergh! You...! This time you'll stay down for good!!!

*Prima twirls her whip over her head in preparation*

Prima: Thousand Whips! Haah!

*Prima lashes out once again at Penny, but this time...*

Penny: *smirks* (Ah ha! I gotcha this time!)

*Once the attack closes in, Penny skillfully perceives it and grabs a hold of Prima's whip, stopping the attack*

Prima: What!? Aaah! How could you!?

Penny: I'll give it to you, Prima. Your attacks are tough, but like my own, they almost always strike dead-on, making them easy to counter.

Prima: But...but you were supposed to be injured! How could you have the strenght to both percieve and counter my technique!?

Penny: Oh that? Heh...I just made you believe that I was weakened! I wasn't really out of strenght at all!

Prima: What!? Impossible! How can this be!?

Penny: Hahaha! And you fell for it too! That must mean I'm a pretty good actress! In fact, this is a little trick I picked up from an old friend. And I put emphasis on the old.

Prima: Y-you...! Unhand it! Give me back my whip!

Penny: Not a chance! I've think you've done enough whipping for one day! Huah!

*Penny tugs the whip out of Prima's hand and tosses it far out of her reach*

Prima: Aah! Noooooo! My whip!!!

Penny: Oh no you don't!

*Prima attempts to run after her stolen whip when Penny quickly intercepts and counters with a punch to the face*

Penny: Hyah!

Prima: Aaaggh!! My face! My beautiful face! It's ruined!

Penny: Now to tie you up nice and proper!

*Penny launches her spinners at Prima, entangling her within its wires once more*

Penny: Hmph! That about wraps that up! Heh, get it? Heehee!

Prima: Ergh! Don't think you're going to get away with this! Not after what you've done to my precious face!

Penny: Hah, we'll see about that. Like I said before, I'm just getting started!
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« Reply #72 on: 31 October, 2008, 12:56:09 pm »

~~Lilia vs. Shadow, Pt. 1~~

*Meanwhile, the battle between Lilia and Shadow continues. The two are still locked together in a power struggle, with neither side having the upperhand*

Lilia: Agh...Sha--dow...ergh!

Shadow: ...Hmph. *smirks*

Lilia: Wha--?

*Shadow forcefully pushes forward, shoving Lilia away and ending the struggle*

Lilia: Uah!

*Lilia staggers backwards, but quickly regains her composure*

Lilia: Hm!

Shadow: You...you're really determined, aren't you?

Lilia: ...

Shadow: I can see that you're giving it your all. ...I like that.

Lilia: Quit talking and fight already! Aaagh!

*Lilia makes a mad dash directly towards Shadow*

Shadow: Mm...

*Once approaching, she quickly hops to his right side and goes for an attack*

Lilia: Take this!

*Lilia attempts to stab Shadow, but without making a single move, Shadow reaches out and grabs a hold of Lilia's wrist, stopping her attack*

Lilia: Aah!

Shadow: Nice try.

*Shadow then lifts Lilia into the air and flings her back to her initial position*

Lilia: Uagh! Oof!

*Lilia stands to her feet and rapidly shakes her head*

Lilia: Ungh...

Shadow: Care to try again?

Lilia: You...! I won't miss this time!

*Lilia flings one of her daggers directly at Shadow*

Lilia: Try this!

Shadow: That again? You'll never hit me like that...

*Once the dagger closes in, Shadow quickly knocks it into the air with his scythe. He then catches it with his free hand upon descent*

Shadow: Hmph. ...Whuh?

*Shadow soon notices Lilia rushing towards him while he was distracted*

Shadow: Ah!

Lilia: Here I come!

*Once within range, quickly slides between Shadow's legs to his backside, instead of attacking, throwing him off his guard*

Shadow: !?

Lilia: Now you're open! Take...this!

*Lilia successfully stabs Shadow in the back*

Lilia: Haha! I got you!

Shadow: ...

Lilia: Huh...?

*Shadow's body then disappears, revealing itself to have been a clone*

Lilia: What!? A clone!? No!

Shadow: Over here!

Lilia: !?

*Lilia turns her head in time to see the real Shadow deliver a swift kick to her back, sending her tumbling back to her initial position*

Lilia: Aaargh! Ungh...

Shadow: Tsk tsk tsk.

Lilia: What...?

Shadow: Come now, Lilia. At least put a little effort into it before you die. I don't want this to be too easy.

Lilia: S-shut...up...

Shadow: Huh?

Lilia: Quit talking...like you've already won...

*Lilia struggles to stand up*

Lilia: This is only...the beginning! I've still got many more tricks up my sleeve!

Shadow: Oh, so you do, huh? Well then...why don't you show me these tricks?

Lilia: Fine! You asked for it, pal!

*Lilia opens her satchel and reaches around in it*

Lilia: (Attacking him head-on won't work, and there's nothing in this room for me to take cover behind. In that case...I'll just have to make my own)

*Lilia pulls out a small, white bomb from her satchel*

Lilia: And this should do the trick!

Shadow: Hm?

Lilia: Smoke bomb!

*Lilia tosses the bomb at the ground in front of her. It explodes, covering the area around her in a deep white smokey veil*

Shadow: What the...what is she doing...?

Lilia: *to herself* Heehee. This is perfect! Since Shadow can't see me behind this smoke veil, there's no way that he can anticipate my attacks.

Shadow: Hmm...so she hid herself behind a veil of smoke. But...what could she be plotting?

Lilia: *to herself* Now that I've got the element of surprise on my side, it's about time I pull out some heavy-duty techniques!

*Lilia reaches into her secondary satchel and pulls out four combat knives*

Lilia: Try these, Shadow! Hah!

*Lilia proceeds to launch the four knives at Shadow all at once*

Shadow: Darn...she's not making a move. What could she be doing in there...?

*Suddenly, the four knives emerge from the smoke, heading directly towards Shadow*

Shadow: What!? An attack!?

*With no time to evade, Shadow braces himself by crossing his arms in front of him*

Shadow: There's no time. I have no choice but to guard!

*The knives strike Shadow, lodging themselves in his arms and legs*

Shadow: Errgh! Aaagh...!

Lilia: Ha, alright! *pumps fist* It looks like I nailed him!

*Lilia reaches into her satchels once more and pulls out more materials*

Lilia: Now let's try something with a little more firepower...

*Shadow begins to forcibly remove the knives from his body*

Shadow: Damn...I can't believe I didn't see that coming. But now I see it...She intends to use the smoke veil to keep me from reading her attacks and planning a counter strategy.

*Shadow removes the last knife and throws it to the ground*

Shadow: Ugh! ...Pretty clever, Lilia. But now that I'm aware of the basis behind your strategy, you'll never fool me a second time.

*Suddenly another group of knives emerge from the smoke, heading for Shadow*

Shadow: Ah ha! Another attack. But this time, I can see it!

*Shadow easily dodges the oncoming knives, rendering Lilia's attack useless*

Shadow: Hah. Piece of cake. ...Huh?

*One last knife emerges from the smoke, but Shadow skillfully catches it in his hand*

Shadow: Heh, thought you could fool me with that last one, did you? Well too bad, it's not going to wor--

*At that moment, a faint sizzling sound is heard*

Shadow: Hm? What's that noise...?

*Shadow examines the knife, and soon notices that a bomb was attached to the end of it with wire*

Shadow: What!? A bomb!?

*The bomb explodes, blasting Shadow backwards through the air*

Shadow: Aaaarrggh!!

Lilia: Haha! Yes! It worked! I knew he wouldn't see that coming!

Shadow: D-damnit...I-I was fooled again...

*Shadow struggles to stand*

Shadow: I...I can't let this charade continue. I have to stop it before it becomes a nuisance.

*Shadow dashes toward the smoke veil with the intent of going in*

Shadow: Here I go!

Lilia: Ah! Uh oh! He's going to close in on me! Well I'll put a stop to that...

*Shadow approaches the smoke veil. But once he arrives at the edge, a knife emerges from the smoke, planting itself in the ground near his feet*

Shadow: Huh?

*Shadow examines the knife and notices that it too has a bomb attached to the end of it*

Shadow: Blast it! Another bomb!

*Shadow leaps backwards and avoids the explosion*

Lilia: Hah! I wouldn't get too close, Shadow. The results could be...explosive. *winks*

Shadow: *to himself* Damn...she's not letting me get close. But I have to get in there somehow. ....Hmm...that's it!

*Shadow prepares a technique*

Lilia: Huh? What's he doing...?

Shadow: Clone Technique!

*Shadow uses his clone technique to create several duplicates of himself*

Shadow: (There, this should manuveur work nicely. This way, I'll be able to fish her out without having to put myself in any danger)

Lilia: Darnit, more clones. Is he going to do what I think he is...?

Shadow: Go. Enter the smoke veil and bring her out of hiding!

Shadow Clones: Got it!

*The Shadow clones run forward and leap into the smoke veil all at once*

Lilia: (Ah, no! I can't fend them all off! What do I do!?)

*The Shadow's wander through the smoke in search of Lilia*

Shadow2: Hm...where is she...?

Shadow3: Any signs of her yet?

Shadow4: Nope. Not yet.

Lilia: (They...they can't find me? This is good. Maybe if I just stay put for the time being without making any noise, they'll keep stumbling around)

Shadow5: Have you seen her?

Shadow6: No dice.

Shadow7: She's gotta be in here somewhere.

Shadow: Hey! What's taking you guys!?

Shadow8: We can't find her!

Shadow9: It's like she's disappeared!

Shadow: Agh, damnit. This isn't working. I'll have to think of a different plan... Alright! Come on out!

*The Shadows remove themselves from the smoke veil and regroup*

Lilia: *Whew* I'm safe...for now...

Shadow2: So what's the game plan?

Shadow: *ponders* ...Hmm...okay. We'll try this formation instead. Everyone, quickly! Surround the smoke veil! Form a perimeter around it!

Shadow Clones: Yeah!

Lilia: Huh!?

*The Shadow clones gather and surround the perimeter of the smoke veil, forming a circular formation around it*

Lilia: What...what's going on...?

Shadow: (Heh heh, with this, there's no possible way she can evade us now. She's completely surrounded with no where to go!) Now! One of you, head directly for the center!

Shadow2: Got it!

*The Shadow clone charges into the smoke veil*

Lilia: (Ah! They're coming!)

*Lilia readies her daggers and frantically searches around herself*

Lilia: *sweats* (This isn't good, they're heading right for me!)

Shadow2: Ah ha! I've found you!

Lilia: !?

*The Shadow clone comes up from behind Lilia and slashes her with his scythe before quickly retreating outwards*

Lilia: Aaagh!!

Shadow: *smirks* (Heheh, we've got you now, Lilia...) Now! The next one! Go in and attack!

Shadow3: Right!

*The Shadow clone enters the smoke veil*

Lilia: Ergh...*grasps wound*

Shadow3: Better be careful!

Lilia: Ah!

*The next Shadow clone comes up from Lilia's right side and slashes her once more before retreating outwards*

Lilia: Uaaaggh!

Shadow: Now! Do it again! Keep attacking until she's no more!

*The Shadow clones enter the smoke veil one-by-one, and they all repeat the process of slashing Lilia and then retreating*

Lilia: Agh! Ungh! Gah! Waah! Ergh!

*Lilia kneels down and grasps her wounds, unable to stand*

Lilia: *panting* Hah...ha...ha...(They've...they've got me surrounded. I can't escape. Is this...it for me? Am I...am I done for...?)

Shadow2: Ha ha! We've got her on the ropes now!

Shadow: Alright, now it's time to finish her off. Everyone, go in at once! Deal the finishing blow and wrap this up!

Shadow Clones: Yeah!!!

*Every Shadow clone enters the smoke veil simultaneously*

Shadow: *smirks* (Hmph. Let's face it. You're smart, Lilia, but you could never outsmart the likes of me. It was a nice try, but this is the end for you.)

Lilia: (This is it. They're all coming at once. If...If I want to survive, I have to do something. But...what...?)

*Just as all hope seems lost, Lilia comes up with an idea*

Lilia: !!! (Ah! I got it! ...I just hope this works...)

*The Shadow clones arrive at Lilia's location, intent on striking her down for good*

Shadow2: Alright, Lilia! End of the lin-- ...Huh?

*Lilia is nowhere to be seen*

Shadow3: W-where did she go!?

Shadow4: She's gone!

Shadow6: But...but how!? We had her surrounded!

Shadow7: There's no way she could've--!

*Suddenly, numerous sizzling sounds are heard*

Shadow8: Eh? What's that sound...?

*The clones look downwards only to notice a group of active bombs placed by their feet*

Shadow9: *gasp*

Shadow2: Oh no! It's...it's..!!!

*The bombs detonate, with an explosion large enough to destroy all the Shadow clones and do away with the smoke veil*

Shadow Clones: Aaaaaaaaarrrrrgggh!!!

Shadow: What!? How could this happen!? Did she...did she blow herself up!?

Lilia: Guess again, Shadow!

Shadow: Ah!!

*Shadow looks upwards to see that Lilia had jumped into the air outside of the smoke veil to avoid the onslaught of the Shadow clones*

Shadow: Ergh...you...*clenches fist*

*Lilia lands safely on the ground, free from harm*

Lilia: Heehee. *swipes nose with thumb* Don't ever underestimate me!
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« Reply #73 on: 31 October, 2008, 09:10:17 pm »

~~Jawo' vs. Deke, Pt. 1~~

*Meanwhile, Jawo' and Deke face off, ready to settle their grudge with one final rematch*

Jawo': You better get ready for this! Rrraggh!

Deke: Come with it!

*With their weapons drawn, the two rush towards eachother at full speed*

Jawo': Haaaaaah!!

Deke: Graaaaagh!

*Once closing in, the two take massive swings at eachother. Their weapons clashing together in a storm of steel and crystal. The two are then locked in a fierce power struggle*

Jawo': Errgh...

Deke: Mmmn...

*The two then pull away at the same time, ending the struggle. They then fiercely glare at one another*

Jawo': ...

Deke: ...

*And without saying a word, the two charge at eachother once more*

Jawo': Aaaaagh!!

Deke: Hrraaaagh!!

*They attack at the same time, their weapons clashing together with great intensity. They pull back and continuously strike at one another, clashing repeatedly*

Jawo'/Deke: Haah!


Jawo'/Deke: Aaah!!


Jawo'/Deke: Hyaah!!


Jawo'/Deke: Daaah!


*After clashing several times, the two back off to take a breather, both of them having grown slightly weary from the struggle*

Jawo': *panting* Hah...ha...hah...

Deke: *panting* Hah...ha...Jawo'...

Jawo': Huh...?

Deke: Your swordplay...it is most impressive.

Jawo': Heh...well thanks. You're not so bad yourself...

Deke: Your flattery is most appreciated. But incase you've forgotten...

*Deke readies his axe*

Deke: We have a battle to finish.

Jawo': Right...

*Jawo' readies his sword*

Jawo': Then let's settle this.

Deke: Your skills with the sword may be top-notch, but...

Jawo': Hm?

Deke: Let's see how you do...when I turn up the heat!!!

*The head of Deke's axe bursts into roaring flames*

Jawo: Ah!

Deke: Now, suffer my...Hell Axe!

*Deke issues forth a mighty swing of his axe, sending a wave of flames heading straight for Jawo'*

Jawo': Aah! There's no way I'm gonna dodge that one! I better call up a defense instead...

*Jawo' prepares a technique*

Jawo': Crystal Formation: Crystal Shield!

*The blade of Jawo's sword expands and widens, becoming similar in shape to a knight's shield*

Jawo': Hah! It worked!

Deke: Hmph. Trying to combat my flames with your crystal again, are you? And here I thought you said you had learned your lesson.

Jawo': I'll have you know the strenght of my crystal is nothing to scoff at. Now let's see what this baby can do!

*Deke's flame attack collides with Jawo's shield. And unexpectedly, it manages to stave off Deke's attack*

Deke: What!? It's actually guarding against my flames!? But...but how can this be!?

Jawo': Haha! Maybe you should think twice before you underestimate the power of my crystal, Deke. Now it's time to charge on through!

*With his shield still held up and defending against the flames, Jawo' begins to walk forward, powering through the flames inch by inch*

Deke: Aah! I-Impossible!

*Slowly but surely, Jawo' begins to pick up his pace, until he's eventually running at full speed*

Jawo': Rrrraaagh! Here I come!!!

Deke: *sweats* Grr...

*Deke readies his axe for retaliation. But as Jawo' closes in, a small crack appears on his shield*

Jawo': Huh...?

*The crack grows larger, until the shield finally gives in and shatters to pieces. The flame attack going through and striking Jawo' head on*

Jawo': What!? Aaaaagh!!

*Jawo' is sent tumbling backwards, but he quickly manages to regain his composure*

Deke: *smirks* Hmph. So I guess it wasn't as durable as you once thought.

Jawo': ...Damnit...

Deke: Hmhmhm, you fool.

Jawo': Hey, I wouldn't get too cocky if I were you.

Deke: Hrm?

Jawo': Sure, it wasn't strong enough. But it was still decent for a first attempt. Now let me show you something else I've been working on!

Deke: Oh?

Jawo': Yeah! Watch this!

*Jawo' prepares another technique*

Jawo': Crystal Formation: Crystal Armor!

*Jawo's blade reduces itself to liquid, and forms a puddle around his feet. The liquid crystal then engulfs his entire body and hardens. Moments later, the hardened casing shatters, leaving Jawo' covered from head to toe in armor forged of crystal*

Jawo': Alright! It's a success!

Deke: Hah, crystal armor? Is that the best you can do?

Jawo': Don't criticize it yet! Just wait until you've seen it in action!

*Jawo' draws his sword and rushes toward Deke*

Jawo': Rrragh! Take...this!

*Once within range, Jawo' rears back to swing, but before he can pull it off, Deke reaches out and grabs a hold of Jawo's neck*

Jawo': Guh!

Deke: You know...I think I WILL test the capabilities of this armor.

*Effectively stopping his attack, Deke slowly lifts Jawo' into the air with a single hand*

Jawo': Nngh!

Deke: And I know exactly how to do it...*smirks*

*Deke's hand begins to glow with an intense red light*

Jawo': Wha...! What the-!?

Deke: Flames...of Destruction!!!

Jawo': Aaah!

*Once having gathered enough energy, Deke's hand erupts in a massive explosion of flame energy. With enough sheer power to shatter Jawo's crystal armor to pieces and send him sailing through the sky*

Jawo': Uuaaaagh! Oof!!

Deke: *flexes hand* ...Impressive...

Jawo': Unngh...

*Jawo' struggles to stand*

Jawo': (D-damnit. That attack...it smashed right through my armor in just one shot!)

Deke: Hmph. You should consider yourself lucky, boy...

Jawo': What?

Deke: Had that armor not been protecting you, that attack surely would've reduced you to a pile of ashes.

Jawo': Gah...great...

Deke: At any rate, that armor of yours really did prove its worth. Too bad it was only a one-time deal.

Jawo': Heh, yeah, you're right...

Deke: Hm?

Jawo': I don't think it's really worth my time to be investing in the likes of defensive techniques. Besides, I'm more of an offensive type of guy anyway.

Deke: Hmm...so you are...

Jawo': That's right. And I think this new technique of mine will help reinforce that fact!

Deke: ?

*Jawo' prepares a new technique*

Jawo': Crystal Art: Crystal Stadium!!!

*Jawo' plants his sword deep into ground. And from it, crystal begins to grow outwards, slowly covering the ground*

Deke: W-what...is this...?

Jawo': Heheh...

*Deke watches in awe as the crystal continues to expand, eventually covering the ground past his feet, going up along the walls and up along the ceiling as well. In a matter of minutes, the entire room is covered in a thick sheet of crystal*

Jawo': Yes, it's complete!

Deke: Tsch. So you've covered the room in this eyesore of a mineral. I fail to see what's so spectacular about that.

Jawo': Oh...you'll see...*smirks*

Deke: Huh?

*Jawo' prepares another technique*

Jawo': Crystal Art: Crystal Garden!

Deke: Ah, it's this technique, I see. I can only assume that in a matter of moments, crystal pillars will jut from the ground below me. Very well then. I'll simply just have to avoid it.

Jawo': Heh, think again.

Deke: What...?

*Suddenly, a group of jagged crystal pillars emerge, not from below, but from the crystal laden wall behind Deke*

Deke: Aaah! No!!

Jawo': Haha, gotcha.

*With little time to react, Deke attempts to dodge the oncoming attack. He leaps back, managing to avoid being hit head on, but he is struck in the shoulder by a pillar, inflicting a severe flesh wound*

Deke: Gyah! Nngh...*grasps wound*

Jawo': Yeah! *pumps fist* How did you like my super awesome technique?

Deke: You...how did you do that? I...I don't understand...

Jawo': Alright, fine. I'll let you in on my little secret. See this Crystal Stadium? It allows any and all of my crystal-based attacks to come from any point I wish.

Deke: What? You mean...

Jawo': That's right. So long as my crystal stadium is in effect, I can attack anywhere I please. This entire chamber is one big playground for me! There's nowhere for you to run or hide!

Deke: Ergh...blast it...

Jawo': And now that I've told you, I think it's time I gave you another demonstration.

*Jawo' prepares another technique*

Jawo': Crystal Art: Crysis Sicle!

Deke: Wha...

*Suddenly, numerous crystal pillars begin to protrude from the ceiling, hanging ominously over the two*

Deke: Mmn...

Jawo': Now, let the fun begin!

*Jawo' initiates the attack. The crystal pillar crack at the base, removing themselves from the ceiling and free fall to the ground at a hurdling pace*

Deke: Gah! I must dodge!

*Deke leaps and hops along the room, avoiding the falling crystal pillars*

Jawo': Mmn...not bad. But let's see how you handle this!

*Jawo' prepares yet another technique*

Jawo': Crystal Art: Crystal Graveyard!

*This time, the crystal pillars continously emerge from all around the room, threatening to impale Deke from all sides. He skillfully leaps from pillar to pillar, evading each one as they appear*

Deke: Guh...(This...is troublesome. I can't dodge forever. It won't be long before I'm skewered. I must stop this attack at all costs...)

*Deke sets his sights on Jawo' and begins to leap towards him while still attentively dodging the pillar attack*

Deke: There...I see you now. You won't escape...

*As he closes in, Deke draws his axe and prepares to attack*

Jawo': What? He's...he's coming for me! Well this'll stop him!

*Jawo' manipulates a crystal pillar to jut out in front of him, barring Deke's path to him*

Deke: That won't stop me! Hell Axe!!

*Deke coats his axe in flames and cuts cleanly through the crystal pillar*

Jawo': Aaah! No way!

Deke: I have you now! Rrraaagh!!

*Deke appraoches Jawo' unopposed and delivers a clean slash across his chest*

Jawo': Guaaaaaggh!!!

*Deke's attack breaks Jawo's concentration, thus putting an end to his attack*

Deke: Hmph.

Jawo': Gah! D-damnit! *grasps wound*

Deke: Looks like I've bested your "Ultimate Attack". If that's the best you can put up, then I suggest you give up now.

Jawo': *panting* Hah...ha...hahahaha...

Deke: What? Why are you laughing?

Jawo': Did you really think that was my best attack?

Deke: Mmn?

Jawo': That wasn't even close!

Deke: What!?

Jawo': Oh, I'll show you...

*Jawo' hold his sword horizontally*

Jawo': I've been waiting to use this move...

*Jawo's body begins to overflow with his mana*

Deke: W-what's he doing? His body...it's surging with mana!

*Jawo' prepares another technique*

Jawo': Crisis Art: Legendary Beast Manifest!

Deke: Aah...

Jawo': I call forth, the Crystal Dragon: Hogyokuryuu!!!

*Jawo's blade expands and grows. Soon manifesting into the shape of an enormous snake-like dragon made entirely of crystal*

Hogyokuryuu: Grrrraaaaaaaaoooh!!!

Deke: Gaah!! Wh-what is this...this creature!?

Jawo': This...is my ultimate technique! And you've...just breathed your last breath.
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« Reply #74 on: 01 November, 2008, 05:04:05 pm »

~~Blue vs. Kovah, Pt. 1~~

*In the deepest depths of the Asroc Temple, Blue and Kovah face off with the future of the planet at stake*

Kovah: Blue, you've stood in my way for far too long...

Blue: Kovah...someone must put a stop to you. And as it stands now, I'm the only one who can!

Kovah: Hahaha...

Blue: Huh...?

Kovah: Since you're so sure of yourself, then come! Show me what you're capable of!

*Blue gets into his combat stance*

Blue: Hm!

Kovah: It's time I put an end to these games once...and for all.

Blue: *angrily* Kovah...

Kovah: And once it's over...I will be the one the only one left standing!

*Kovah charges towards Blue head on*

Blue: Gah!

Kovah: Rrraaagh!!

*Kovah throws a punch at Blue, but he leaps backwards, avoiding the attack*

Kovah: Wha--?

Blue: (Now to launch a counterattack!) *prepares spell* Fireball!

*Blue attacks with a fireball spell. He sends numerous fireballs shooting towards Kovah*

Kovah: Hah! You think that pathetic spell will phaze me!?

*As the fireballs approach, Kovah effortlessly swats them away, rendering the attack useless*

Blue: What!?

Kovah: Hahaha! Now you're mine! Aaaah!!

*Kovah quickly advances on Blue and delivers a fierce punch to the face*

Blue: Kch!!

*While he's stunned, Kovah then grabs the back of Blue's head, pulling his face into a devastating knee attack*

Blue: Uaagh!

Kovah: Heaven's Charge!

*The blow forces Blue to stagger backwards. Kovah then quickly sneaks behind Blue and follows up with a powerful elbow to the back*

Blue: Aagh!

*The blow sends Blue falling down to the ground*

Kovah: It's not over yet! Hyaaah!!

Blue: Ah!

*As Blue is lying on the ground, Kovah attempts to stomp on him. But Blue quickly reacts by rolling out of the way in the nick of time*

Kovah: What...?

*Blue then counters with a swift sweep kick, forcing Kovah off his feet*

Kovah: Gah!! What the-!?

*Blue quickly stands to his feet and follows up with a punch to Kovah's face*

Blue: Hyah!

Kovah: Nngh!!

*And then an uppercut to the gut*

Blue: Haah!

Kovah: Guah!

*And a smashing elbow to the face*

Blue: Tah!

Kovah: Kch!!

*And finally, a roundhouse kick to the face that sends him falling on his back*

Blue: Take...this!

Kovah: Aaaagh!!

Blue: I'm not through!

*As Kovah lies on his back, Blue attempts to follow up with a downward punch to his chest, but Kovah quickly reacts by catching Blue's fist before it can connect*

Blue: Ah!

Kovah: Grrr...agh!

*Kovah overpowers Blue and pushes his fist away. Once he's thrown off guard, Kovah follows up with a straight kick to Blue's chest that forces him to stagger backwards*

Blue: Gah!

*Kovah then takes the opportunity to flip backwards into standing position and regain his stance*

Kovah: Hm!

*Blue rapidly shakes his head and regains his composure*

Blue: *panting* Hah...ha...hah...

Kovah: Heh...heheheheh...

Blue: What...?

Kovah: So...*wipes blood from mouth* ...you're not just a flimsy mage afterall. I'm impressed...

Blue: Hmph, save your flattery, Kovah. I don't need it.

Kovah: Oh?

*Blue gets back into this combat stance*

Blue: Just hurry up and fight.

Kovah: Hah, well aren't you the eager one? ...So be it. I will not drag this fight out any longer than I have to.

*Kovah too gets into his combat stance*

Kovah: I won't pull my punches with you any longer!

*Kovah rushes toward Blue at full speed*

Kovah: Rrraaagh! This time I'm not holding anything back!

Blue: Here I come, Kovah! Haaaah!

*Blue too, rushes toward Kovah. And as the two further engage eachother in combat, Reese finally comes to after suffering from his injuries earlier*

Reese: Ungh...M-my head...

*Reese shakes his head and stands to his feet*

Reese: W-what's going on...? What was I doing here...?

*Reese looks around the room in a daze*

Reese: Agh...that last thing I remember...was being thrown into the wall...and...Ah! That's it! Blue...a-and Kovah!

*Reese hurries to the front of the room where he witnesses Blue and Kovah facing off against one another*

Reese: *shocked* Aah...!

*As Kovah approaches, he leaps into the air, high above Blue*

Blue: Hn!?

*Kovah points his feet downwards and dives toward the ground in a rapid descent*

Kovah: Erraagh! Eagle Dive!

Blue: Wah!

*Blue quickly sidesteps before Kovah can connect, causing the attack to miss*

Blue: *to himself* Too close...

Kovah: Hraaagh! Cresent Dark Moon!

*Kovah takes a small hop and delivers 3 consecutive roundhouse kicks in mid-air, but Blue manages to skillfully block each one*

Kovah: Hrmph!

*Kovah then finishes the technique with a flip kick, but Blue evades by slightly twisting his body*

Kovah: Agh...(Damnit, how does he evade my attacks like that!?)

Blue: !!! (He's open! Now's my chance!)

*Blue prepares a spell*

Blue: Freeze Lancer!

*Blue casts a freeze lancer spell, launching numerous lances of ice at Kovah. He puts his arms up in defense, managing to reduce the impact*

Kovah: Aaagh... Ergh...

Reese: (Blue...and Kovah. They're...they're actually...fighting!)

Blue: *prepares a spell* Now! Aqua Edge!

*Blue casts an Aqua Edge spell, sending 3 discs of water pressure spiraling towards Kovah in quick succession*

Kovah: It won't be that easy!

*Kovah swiftly dodges the oncoming water discs while still attentively advancing on Blue*

Blue: Aah!

Kovah: Hahaha! Now, take this!! Wolverine!

*Kovah approaches Blue and attacks with three consecutive roundhouse kicks, following a sweep kick that knocks Blue off his feet, and then a powerful lunging kick that sends Blue tumbling along the ground*

Blue: Guaaagh!!

Kovah: Hm!

*But, Blue quickly plants his hands his feet, allowing him to regain his composure*

Kovah: Huh?

Blue: Try this on for size! *prepares spell* Spiral Flare!!!

*Blue casts a spiral flare spell, sending a spiraling bolt of flame hurdling towards Kovah*

Blue: Let's see you escape from that!

Kovah: *tightens gloves* Alright, fine.

Blue: Huh...?

Kovah: Rrraaaaaaaagh!!!

*Kovah daringly punches the oncoming Spiral Flare at full power, managing to surprisingly cancel out the spell completely*

Blue: A-aah! No way! T-that can't be!

Kovah: Hmph. *smirks*

Blue: *sweats* This is bad...

Kovah: Mmph!

Blue: Ah?

*Kovah goes on the attack and dashes towards Blue*

Blue: Hm!

*Blue braces himself for Kovah's attack by going into a defensive stance*

Kovah: *to himself* Hah, as expected...

*Once Kovah approaches Blue, instead of attacking head on, he seemingly passes directly through him*

Blue: W-what!? H-he...he disappeared!

Kovah: Not quite...

Blue: Huh!?

*Blue turns his head, only to find Kovah standing directly behind him*

Blue: Aah!

Kovah: How did you like my Mirage Technique?

Blue: Mirage Technique? But...but how!?

Kovah: Rising Dragon!

Blue: *gasp* No!

*Kovah unleashes a direct upward kick upon Blue that sends him flying up into the air*

Blue: Ggh! A-aah...!

*Blue then falls to the ground, slamming hard into the stone floor below*

Kovah: Hah, too easy...

*Meanwhile, Reese still watches on in awe*

Reese: (This battle...it's...it's so...so intense! I...I can't believe it!)

Kovah: Heheh, so Blue, it would seem that you've reached your limit. How pathetic...

Blue: *panting* Hah...ha...

*Blue struggles to stand*

Blue: I...I may be down...

Kovah: Hmm?

Blue: But...but I'm not out! This battle isn't over, until I've won!

Kovah: Hmhmhm, you fool. I don't know whether you're incredibly courageous...or just incredibly stupid.

*Blue gets back into his combat stance*

Blue: ...Let's do it.

Kovah: Hmph, fine.

*Kovah gets into his combat stance*

Kovah: If you want to suffer more pain, I'll be happy to accommodate you!

*Blue and Kovah rush towards eachother at the same time*

Blue/Kovah: Rrrraaaaaaagh!!!

*The two forces collide. They clasp hands, issuing forth a struggle of pure power*

Blue/Kovah: E-errgh...

Reese: (W-what should I do? Should I...should I help Blue?) *shakes head* (No, I can't do that. I'll just...get in the way...)

*As the struggle between the two continues, Blue glances over, catching a glimpse of Reese watching the battle from afar*

Blue: (Hn? What the...? Is that...?) Reese!!

Kovah: Hm?

Reese: *gasp* Bl-Blue...

Blue: R-Reese! Ergh...W-What are you doing!?

Reese: Huh?

Blue: Why are you...standing around!? H-help me...help me f-fight!!!

Kovah: Hmn!?

Reese: Aah! B-but I--!

Blue: Do it! ...D-do it now!

Reese: A-alright!

*Reese readies a single arrow in his bow, and aims it directly at Kovah*

Reese: ...

*As Reese aims his shot at him, Kovah looks on in terror, knowing he'll be unable to avoid the shot*

Kovah: (N-no! If...if he fires that arrow...I'm finished!)

Blue: H-hurry, Reese! Fire the shot!!!

*Riddled with hesitation and doubt, Reese holds his bow with shaking hands*

Blue: (Huh...?)

Reese: (C-can I...can I really do this...?)

*Reese recollects his experience with Kovah's group back in Judd Town*

Deke: ...There's another presence inside Kovah's mind.

Reese: Another presence? What do you mean?

Deke: Ever since this all started, I believed, that there was something controlling his actions from within his consciousness. Something that was making him do all of this against his will. Now after what just happened, I'm certain that some kind of entity has a hold over him.


Deke: Believe me, I wish I didn't have to do this, but...I can't allow Kovah to suffer like this any longer. This...this isn't his fault...

Reese: ...

*End flashback*

Reese: (I...I...)

Kovah: (Is he...hesitating?)

Blue: (What's he doing...?) Reese! What are you...waiting for!? There's not...not much time!

*Reese seemingly prepares to fire, but instead he closes his eyes and lowers his bow*

Reese: ...

Blue/Kovah: !!!

Reese: *to himself* I...I can't...

Blue: Aah! Reese!!!

Kovah: Heheheh, this is perfect.

*After becoming aware of Reese's defiance, Kovah promptly ends the struggle, throwing Blue off his guard*

Blue: Wha--!?

Kovah: Rrraaaagh!

*Kovah then unleashes a massive punch upon Blue's abdomen, driving his fist deep into his gut*

Blue: Kch!!! Guuooah...!

*clenching his stomach, Blue falls to his knees, and then on all fours*

Blue: *coughs up blood*

Kovah: Hahahahahaha!

Reese: Blue...no...

Kovah: Haha, at last, I've triumphed over you, Blue. And I have YOU to thank for it, Reese!

Reese: No! I...I didn't!!

Blue: *weakly* Reese...I...I t-trusted...you...

*Reese turns his head, with tears filling his eyes*

Reese: Blue! I-I'm sorry!!!

Kovah: Heheheh, now isn't this a perfect picture? The insignificant whelp groveling at my feet. If it wasn't happening right this minute, I'd think it was too good to be true!

Blue: Ggh...K-Kovah...

Kovah: And now...there's only one thing left to do...

*Kovah charges his fist with mana energy*

Kovah: I regret that you won't live long enough to bear witness to my acquiring the ultimate power, but...then again, life never was very fair...

*Kovah raises his fist in preparation to finish Blue off*

Kovah: Farewell, Blue!

??: STOP!!!

Blue/Kovah/Reese: ??

*Suddenly, before Kovah and deal the finishing blow to Blue, Millie steps in front of him with her arms spread, as if to protect him*

Millie: Kovah, don't you lay another finger on him!

Kovah: W-what...?

Reese: Wha- Millie...?

Blue: M-Millie...
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