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15 October, 2021, 04:20:15 pm
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AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)  (Read 2780 times)
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« Reply #75 on: 07 November, 2008, 05:10:08 pm »

~~Penny vs. Prima, Pt. 2~~

*After managing to fool Prima making use of a cunningly deceitful tactic, Penny has her tied up tightly within her spinner's wires, and it would seem that the battle is closing in her favor*

Prima: Ergh...agh...

Penny: Hah, what's the matter, Prima? You look like you're about to give up.

Prima: Why...you...*struggles*

Penny: Oh, and don't bother struggling. You'll only make my grip on you even tighter.

Prima: *angrily* P...Pennyyyyyyyy....!

Penny: You know, I'd like to think you're smart enough to know when you're beaten. This could all be over if you'd just give in.

Prima: I'll...

Penny: Hm?

Prima: I'll...never...surrender to the likes of you!!!

*Prima's eyes begin to shimmer with a faint light*

Penny: Huh...?

Prima: Pow Hammer!

Penny: !!!

*Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a small toy hammer appears in the air above Penny's head*

Penny: Ah! What the-!?

Prima: Hmph. *smirks*

*The hammer descends, cracking Penny in the skull with a surprising amount of force*

Penny: Nngh! O-ow!!

Prima: I'm not finished yet!

*Prima prepares another spell*

Prima: Pow Pow Hammer!

*This time, numerous toy hammers appear over Penny's head*

Penny: What!?

*The hammers descend, pummeling Penny's head in rapid succession*

Penny: Aaaagh! ...O-ooowwww!!!

*Penny grasps her head in pain, forcing herself to release her grapple hold on Prima*

Penny: Wha...what the heck!? H-how did you--!?

Prima: Hahaha, I hope you didn't think conjuring was all I could do!

Penny: But...I...I don't understand. That technique... Pow Hammer is an attack arte that only clerics can use! So how did...

Prima: Hmhmhm. Oh Penny...

Penny: Huh?

Prima: Sure, I was never very fond of the healing arts. In fact, I hated every minute of it. But you can't deny...that its abilities are indeed quite useful.

Penny: What are you trying to say...?

Prima: Haven't you figured it out? Before making my flight from that accursed healers hall, and thusly abandoning my studies, I managed to pick up a few of these techniques. And Pow Hammer is just one of the many I've successfully mastered!

Penny: Ah! You're kidding!

Prima: Hahaha. Unfortunately for you, Penny, I'm not. You know, maybe if you weren't such a bumbling tomboy, you could've added these techniques to your repetoire as well.

Penny: *irritated* Mmn...

Prima: But no. You insist on playing with those silly toddler toys you always carry around. I figured you would've grown out of that by now, but alas, I've underestimated that underdeveloped mind of yours.

Penny: Heh, well these "toddler toys" can whoop your monsters any day of the week!

Prima: Well we shall soon see!

Penny: Hm?

*Prima's body begins to overflow with her own mana*

Prima: Oh wicked beasts of the abyss; I invocate thee! Come forth and do my bidding!

*Suddenly, a single glowing pentagram appears on the ground in front of Prima. And from it, a Chimera appears*

Chimera: Rrroooooaaaarrr!!!

Penny: Hah, A Chimera? Are you serious? A wimpy monster like that'll be a piece of cake!

Prima: *smirks* Oh...I'm not done yet...

Penny: Huh?

*Just then, two more pentagrams appear on the ground in front of Prima*

Penny: Ah...!

*And from the newly formed pentagrams emerge a fearsome Gryphon and a beastly Cerberus*

Gryphon: Skraaaaaaaaah!!

Cerberus: Grrraaaagh!!

Prima: Heeheehee! How do you like me now, Penny!?

Penny: Tsch.

Prima: Huh?

Penny: So you have three lousy scalebags instead of one. They're still no match for me.

Prima: Hmph, arrogant brat. My beasts will break your disgusting confidence, along with all of your bones!

*Prima cracks her whip*

Prima: Go! All of you! Make her suffer!

*On Prima's order, the three beasts leap out and attack Penny all at once*

Penny: (Hah, this'll be easy. All I have to do is whack Prima, and those monsters of hers will drop like flies!)

*Penny rushes forward, avoiding the monster's oncoming attacks. She sets her sights on an idle Prima and goes in for the strike*

Penny: You're mine, Prima! Haaaaah!!

Prima: Oh, is that right?

Penny: Huh?

*But before Penny can pull off her attack, the Chimera leaps in front of her, blocking her path*

Chimera: Grrrroooaaaarr!!

Penny: Ah! What!?

Prima: Heehee!

*The Chimera counters with a swipe of its claw, but Penny manages to dodge, opting to strike Prima from a different blindspot*

Penny: Now I got you!

Prima: Ah ah aaaah! *waggles finger*

Penny: Uh...?

*Penny soon notices the Cerberus rushing at her from her side*

Penny: Ah! No way!

*And before she can defend herself, the Cerberus attacks with a crushing tackle that sends Penny flying*

Penny: Uuaaaagh!!

*It is then followed up by a swooping dash attack from the Gryphon, knocking Penny to the ground with a powerful blow*

Penny: Aaaagh! Ooof!!

Prima: Hahahahaha!! Well done, my pets! Heehee!

Penny: Ungh...!

*Penny struggles to stand*

Penny: But...how? It should've taken them down...no sweat...

Prima: Hahaha! Did you think I didn't know what you were up to?

Penny: Huh?

Prima: I'm well aware that you know of the flaw in my conjurings. And I also knew that you'd try and exploit it from the get go! So that's why, instead of conjuring one powerful beast like Kokuryuu, I conjured three lesser beasts instead. They may not be powerful, but even so, they can cover me from all sides to ensure that I don't get surprised attacked. What they lack in raw strength, they make up for in efficiency! Hahaha!!!

Penny: Ergh...damnit...*clenches fist*

Prima: Ahahahahaha! And you thought you had me all figured out! Well TOO bad, Penny! Don't underestimate the power of pretty! *winks*

Penny: ...Ha ha...

Prima: Huh?

Penny: Hahaha!

Prima: Uh? What's so funny!? I demand you tell me this instant!

Penny: It's just...I'm impressed!

Prima: What?

Penny: To think of such a battle strategy. Covering your own weaknesses while still being able to attack at your fullest. It turns out...you actually DO have brain in that blond head of yours.

Prima: *suprised* Ah...? Well gee, I guess you're right! *rubs head*

Penny: And that's why, it's going to be that much more satisfying...when I kick your butt!!!

Prima: Aaah!!

*glass shatters*

Prima: *angers* What did you say!?!?

Penny: You heard me! You're going down! *thumbs down*

Prima: *angrily* Ooooooooooh!!!

*Prima's face turns bright red*

Prima: Why you...! You're the one who's going to get their butt kicked!

*Prima cracks her whip multiple times in a frenzy*

Prima: Attack now, you louts! Crush Penny once and for all!!!

*All three of Prima's beasts rush towards Penny together*

Penny: (Here they come. Now all I have to do is concentrate...)

*As the monsters approach, Penny seeks out an opening and attacks*

Penny: (There!) Haaaah!!

*Penny thrusts out a single spinner at the oncoming Chimera, but it still manages to dodge and continue its advance*

Penny: What!? There's no way!

*The Chimera quickly counters with a fierce ram attack*

Penny: Aaagh!!

*The blow is then followed up by a slash attack from the Cerberus from behind*

Penny: Uungh!!

*The Gryphon then joins in by flapping its wings, raining down razor sharp feathers on Penny from above*

Penny: Kch! Aaaagh...!

*The assault ends, leaving Penny weary and severly wounded*

Penny: *panting* Hah....ha....

Prima: What are you doing!? She's not dead yet! Attack attack ATTACK!!!

Penny: Ah!

*And on Prima's order, the monsters rush in and continue their assault on Penny. Continuously slashing and battering her from all sides*

Penny: Ngh! Uah! Aah! Ungh! Gah!

*The assault finishes with a double tackle attack from both the Chimera and the Cerberus, sending Penny rolling along the ground*

Penny: Uuuuuaaaagh! Oof!

Prima: Hahahaaaaaa! Excellent work, my pets!

Penny: Ungh...

Prima: Well well...so much for kicking my butt. You're just way out of your league!

*Penny struggles to stand*

Penny: *panting* Hah...It's...

Prima: Huh...?

Penny: It's...not over...yet...

Prima: What? What are you babbling about? You can hardly stand! Just what do you think you can do to me now?

Penny: As long as I'm...still breathing...I'll...keep on...fighting.

Prima: Hah, still breathing, huh? Then I'll just have to make you stop!

*Prima cracks her whip*

Prima: Chimera! Finish her off!

Chimera: Rrrroooooooarrrr!!!

*The Chimera hurriedly dashes toward Penny to deliver the final blow*

Prima: Heehee...

*The Chimera swipes, but Penny quickly and unexpectedly leaps up over the Chimera, avoiding the attack*

Prima: Ah! No!!

Chimera: *looks around*

Prima: Argh! What are you doing!? She's above you, you idiot!

Chimera: ?

*The Chimera looks up to see Penny descending directly over his head*

Chimera: !!!

*Penny lands feet first on the Chimera's head, plowing it into the ground, disabling it*

Penny: Hah!

Prima: What!? Rrrrggh! Cerberus! Hurry and destroy her! Now!

*The Cerberus quickly leaps into action, charging towards Penny from behind*

Cerberus: Grrrraaaaaaaar!!

*Cerberus goes in for a tackle, but Penny sidesteps and dodges, and promptly lassoes her spinner around its neck*

Cerberus: ?

Penny: Hah, gotcha!

*Penny then uses her strength to lift the Cerberus into the air, spinning it around multiple times before flinging it across the room*

Penny: Huuuuuunnggh!!!

*The Cerberus flies through the air, crashing into a nearby wall*

Prima: Aah! Ooooooh, you'll pay for that, Penny! Gryphon! Go! And don't mess this up, or else!

Gryphon: Skrraaaaaaaaah!!

*The Gryphon swoops in and attempts to strike Penny with a dash attack, but once again, she sees it coming and dodges effortlessly*

Gryphon: Skraah?

*Penny then counters by lassoing her spinner around the Gryphon's talon*

Penny: Heh, that was too easy. Now down you go! Huah!

*Penny tugs downwards, pulling the Gryphon down and slamming it to the ground with tremendous force*

Penny: Hmph! *dusts off hands* Well that takes care of that!

Prima: Aaaaaiiiiiiiiie! This is impossible! No no no! This is all wrong! Wrong wrong wrong!

*Prima repeatedly whips the monster's stunned bodies in an attempt to wake them up*

Prima: Argh! Useless mongrels! Get up!

*continues whipping*

Prima: Obey me! Do as I say and stand! I will NOT lose to Penny, do you hear me!?!?

*Prima's continuous whipping begins to enrage the monsters under her command*

Prima: My patience is wearing thin! You better get up now, or else I'll--

Chimera/Cerberus: Grrrrrrr...!

Prima: *sweatdrop* ...Huh?

*Having grown restless of Prima's abuse, the Gryphon rebels by swooping down on her*

Gryphon: Skrraaaaaaaaah!!

Prima: What!? Uwaaaah!

*The Gryphon strikes Prima with dash attack. Sending her rolling backwards into a wall*

Prima: Uwoahwoahwoahwoahwoahwoah!!! Ooof!!

Penny: What the...

Prima: *swirly eyes* Ugh...

*Prima rapidly shakes her head*

Prima: *angrily* You...you bird brain! Ungrateful bag of feathers! How dare you attack your master!?

Penny: *blank stare* Uh... o_o
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« Reply #76 on: 13 November, 2008, 08:44:50 pm »

~~Lilia vs. Shadow, Pt. 2~~

*Back to the fight, Lilia managed to outwit Shadow and his team of clones using deceptive manuveurs and a well-placed offensive, but the battle is nowhere near over. The two stand against eachother, ready to face off once more*

Lilia: So Shadow, what do you have to say to that, huh?

Shadow: ...

*Without saying a word, Shadow cracks a smile and begins to clap slowly*

Lilia: Huh?

Shadow: Well done, Lilia. VERY impressive!

Lilia: You...what are you so happy about!?

Shadow: Oh nothing! It's just...I was expecting a rather poor performance out of you, you know? But after this...this magnificent display of wit and fortitude, I can say that I was sorely mistaken, to say the least.

Lilia: Hmph. Well maybe that'll teach you not to look down on me just because I'm a girl. I can fight too, you know!

Shadow: Oh oh, most assuredly! You've proven to me that even one who lacks considerable strength and skill can be a competent fighter with a little cunning and ingeninuity. And now I know...that if I want to win this battle, I cannot...hold back.

*Shadow summons his scythe and holds it at the ready*

Shadow: So, let's get back to business, shall we?

Lilia: Mm...

*Lilia draws her daggers and positions herself*

Lilia: Hm!

Shadow: ...Here I come!

*Without a moment's delay, Shadow dashes off, with such speed that he seemingly vanishes from sight*

Lilia: What!?

*Lilia looks around in a panic, but in what seems like an instant, Shadow reappears directly in front of Lilia, in position to attack*

Lilia: !!!

Shadow: Surprise.

Lilia: Ah! But how--!?

*Shadow then quickly grasps his sycthe by the opposite end and strikes Lilia directly in the chin with the tip of the handle*

Lilia: Ungh! (He's...he's too fast! It's as if my eyes can't even keep up with him!)

Shadow: Heheh. Prey often gets so worked up that they miss their chance to escape.

*Lilia staggers backwards in a daze, but quickly regains her composure by shaking it off*

Lilia: Oonh... That hurt...

Shadow: If you don't wanna lose your head...

Lilia: Uh...?

*Using her brief moment of stun against her, Shadow rushes toward Lilia, intent on attacking again*

Shadow: You better not drop your guard!!

Lilia: Uwah!

*Shadow approaches and swings, but in the last second, Lilia swiftly sidesteps and counters with a sweep kick*

Lilia: Hah!

Shadow: Ergh!

*Lilia's kick knocks Shadow off his feet, but with quick thinking, he stops his fall with his hand, and bounces back on his feet*

Shadow: Not bad...

Lilia: Now's my chance!

*Lilia reaches into her bag and pulls out a bomb*

Lilia: Smoke bomb!

*Lilia tosses the bomb to the ground, unleashing yet another thick veil of smoke*

Shadow: That again, huh? Well it's not going to work this time!

*Shadow recites an...incantation(?)*

Shadow: C'mon wind! Knock 'em around and cut 'em down!

Lilia: *flustered* Uh!? What kind of incantation was that!?

Shadow: Wind Blade!

*Shadow casts a wind blade spell, unleashing roaring gusts of wind that cut through and blow away the smoke veil in an instant*

Lilia: Ungh! (N...no!)

Shadow: Heh heh. *smirks*

*Shadow steps into the area where the smoke once resided*

Shadow: Now you've got nowhere to hide, Lil-- Uh?

*Despite having stripped Lilia of her cover, she is nowhere to be found*

Shadow: What!? She's gone!? But...but how can this be!? That's impossible!

*Shadow looks around the room frantically, aware that he's lost his advantage*

Shadow: *to himself* There's no way she could've escaped! She has to be in here somewhere. But where...?

*Shadow looks around the room until catching a small glimpse of a figure quickly sneaking behind a nearby pillar*

Shadow: Hm...?

*Meanwhile, Lilia is taking cover behind the pillar, contemplating her next move in complete silence*

Lilia: (Phew, that was a close call...)

*Shadow examines the pillar further to see another shadow extending from it*

Shadow: *to himself* Hmhm, now I see... *smiles*

*Full of confidence, Shadow addresses Lilia directly*

Shadow: Think you can hide from me, eh Lilia?

Lilia: *gasp*

Shadow: It's not use trying. I know you're there, so just come on out.

Lilia: Mmn...

Shadow: ...Still not going to show yourself, huh? Fine! We'll just have to do this the hard way...

*Shadow runs toward the pillar, intent on exposing Lilia*

Shadow: You've had your chance! And now it's over!

*Shadow approaches, and he eagerly peeks behind the pillar with his scythe held high, ready to attack*

Shadow: Ah ha! Gotcha! ...Huh...?

*But when he looks, Lilia is no longer there. And an expression of shock appears on his face*

Shadow: What!? I-Impossible! I could've sworn she was just here!

*Suddenly, a faint sizzling sound is heard nearby*

Shadow: Hn? That noise...it couldn't be...

*Shadow examines the pillar further, eventually finding a paper bomb attached to it, ready to ignite*

Shadow: Agh! An explosive!

*The paper bomb detonates, taking out the center portion of the pillar along with it. But Shadow bounds back, managing to avoid the explosion unharmed*

Shadow: (Damnit...it was a set-up this whole time. She tricked me into believing she was hiding back there...)

*Meanwhile, Lilia is still hiding, but this time, behind a different pillar*

Lilia: (Darn, I almost had him that time!)

Shadow: Lilia...that was a sly move you just pulled...

Lilia: ...

Shadow: *smirks* But I wonder...how long can you keep that up...?

Lilia: (Hm?)

Shadow: You know, there's only so many of these pillar in this room for you to cower behind.

Lilia: Ah...!

Shadow: And once they're all gone...it's game over. Heheheh.

Lilia: (Agh, he's right. If I don't make a move soon, I'm done for!)

*With the pressure of her situation weighing heavily on her shoulders, Lilia begins to worry*

Lilia: (But...but what do I do? What do I have that can beat him...?)

Shadow: Alright, let's continue this game, shall we?

Lilia: !!! (He's coming! I better think of something, fast...)

*Shadow quickly dashes up to the next pillar. And as he expects, Lilia isn't there*

Shadow: Hmm...no Lilia. What a shame. But still, let's see what surprise she's left for me...

*Shadow examines the pillar for any signs of paper bombs or the like, but he finds nothing*

Shadow: Oh? No bombs? Now what could this mean...? *rubs head*

Lilia: *smirks* (Hah.)

Shadow: Hm?

*Lilia draws her dagger and cuts an unseen wire, triggering a trap. Multiple small knives are then launched directly towards Shadow*

Shadow: Oh, so that's how you wanna play it, huh?

*Shadow uses his scythe to knock away the oncoming knives with ease*

Lilia: Ah!

Shadow: Well, that was...boring. Your first attempt was much better than that. Don't tell me you're running out of tricks already, Lilia.

Lilia: Mmn...(It's true, I didn't intend for that attack to be very effective. But he doesn't know the real reason behind why I did it. And that's all the really matters in the end.)

Shadow: *sigh* Oh well. I guess there's nothing left to do but keep going. ...Oh, but wait...

Lilia: (Huh...?)

Shadow: In all this excitement..., you'd forgotten to mark out the ol' pillar here.

Lilia: *gasp* (No! He couldn't have!)

Shadow: Oh, but never you worry! I'll do it for you!

*Shadow slashes the second pillar multiple times, reducing it to rubble*

Shadow: There! All done! No need to thank me.

Lilia: (Ergh...)

Shadow: Ha ha, I wouldn't want you re-using that pillar now, would I? I don't know whether that was your intent from the start, but...I took good care of that.

Lilia: (Darnit, it's like he's reading my thoughts. Everything I try, he has an elaborate strategy to counteract it...)

Shadow: Phew. Alright. Two pillars down, two more to go. Let's get this show on the road!

*Shadow quickly approaches the third pillar, soon discovering that Lilia is not behind it*

Shadow: No Lilia? Oh, like that was a surprise. Anyway...let's see what goodies she dropped.

*Shadow examines the pillar, but once again, he finds nothing*

Shadow: Hm, nothing here, huh? Well then I guess I can be expecting another lackluster trigger trap soon...

Lilia: (I...I'm running out of time...)

*Lilia ruffles through her bag*

Lilia: (If I don't figure out a plan of attack soon, I won't have a chance of winning this fight!)

Shadow: Huh? Nothing? Hmph. Well now you're just not trying anymore! *crosses arms* Ah well, I guess it can't be helped...

*Shadow slashes the pillar to pieces, reducing the number to one*

Shadow: Hahaha. Well lookie here. It looks like we're finally down to the last pillar. ...And you know what that means...

*Lilia continues shuffling through her bag*

Lilia: (Come on...come on...)

*As Lilia searches through her belongings, Shadow draws ever closer*

Shadow: Ready or not, Lilia, here I come!

Lilia: !!! (Ugh! No! I'm out of time! ...I guess I no longer have a choice...)

*Lilia reaches into her bag, pulling out a single bomb*

Lilia: (I'll finish it with this...)

*As Shadow approaches, Lilia conceals the bomb and prepares to head out into the open*

Lilia: (The only way I can pull this off is by getting close enough to Shadow. It won't be easy...but this is my only chance...)

*Shadow dashes toward the final pillar*

Shadow: Hahaha. What's wrong, Lilia? You're not afraid of little old me, are you?

Lilia: (Alright! This it it! Time to put this plan to work!)

*Lilia leaps out from hiding and confronts Shadow head-on*

Shadow: *stops moving* Huh? Heh, so you've finally decided to come out and fight, eh? Well then, bring it on! *clenches fist*

Lilia: (This doesn't look good... Close combat isn't my strong suit. But...it's all or nothing now! I have to be strong!)

*Lilia slowly reaches into her bag*

Lilia: (Well...here goes nothing...) Try some of these! Ha!

*Lilia pulls out multiple bombs from her bag and quickly throws them at Shadow*

Shadow: Hah, is that it? Ah well. Beggars can't be choosers, as they say.

*Shadow prepares a spell*

Shadow: *whispers* Gravity Free...

*Shadow casts Gravity Free, taking full control of the gravity in the area. Before Lilia's bombs can reach him, they are stopped, floating in mid-air*

Lilia: Ah! How did he--!?

Shadow: Come on, Lilia. I know you can do better than that. Put some backbone into it, why don't you.

Lilia: Mmn...

Shadow: But...I regress. Here, I think these belong to you.

Lilia: Huh?

*Shadow uses his gravity control to fling Lilia's bombs back at her*

Lilia: Aah! No!

*Lilia futilly puts her arms up in defense. The bombs ignite, the following explosion blasting her to the ground*

Lilia: Aaaaaaah! Ungh!!

Shadow: Heh, it's gotta be pretty embarassing to be struck by your own attack like that.

*While in severe pain, Lilia struggles, but manages to stand to her feet*

Lilia: Agh...

Shadow: Hmph.

Lilia: ...I'm...

*Lilia draws her daggers and readies herself to attack*

Shadow: Hn?

Lilia: ...not going to lose here!!!

*Without any sort of tactic or strategy, Lilia charges toward Shadow head-on with reckless abandon*

Shadow: Tsch. (What's she doing? The fool. She knows she'll never be able to defeat me that way...)

Lilia: *fiercely* Aaaaaah!!

*Lilia approaches and strikes with a quick thrusting jab. But Shadow, easily seeing through her attack, blocks it with the pole of his sycthe*

Lilia: Aah!

Shadow: Now just what did you think you would accomplish by doing that?

Lilia: Ungh...aaah!

*Lilia bounces back, and then charges toward Shadow once more in the same fashion*

Lilia: I won't miss this ti--!

*She approaches and makes another attempt to strike, but this time, she is stopped abruptly when Shadow counters with a swift blow to the gut with the blunt side of his sycthe*

Lilia: *out of breath* A-aah-aaah...

Shadow: You were too slow...

*Shadow then follows up the assault with a powerful uppercut that knocks Lilia straight up into the air*

Lilia: Unngh!!

*Lilia then flips backwards and performs a safe landing the on ground. Regaining her composure, she takes up arms and dashes towards Shadow again, as if unphazed by his attacks*

Shadow: Again? Lilia, when will you learn...?

Lilia: (I have to keep going...for just a while longer...)

*Lilia advances and makes yet another attempt to strike Shadow, but this time he sidesteps, causing her attack to miss its mark entirely. He then counters by swatting her back with his scythe, knocking her to the ground*

Lilia: Aaagh! Ungh!

Shadow: Humph. How sad.

*Lilia slowly hoists herself up on her hands and knees, and begins coughing up spurts of blood*

Lilia: *cough* Uuhagk! *cough*

Shadow: Lilia, just give up. I'd really rather not have to hurt you anymore.

Lilia: *quietly* N...No...

Shadow: What?

Lilia: I...I said...!

*In an act of enduring resolve and tenacity, Lilia rises to her feet and charges toward Shadow once more*

Shadow: You...

*Shadow angrily tightens his fist*

Lilia: NO! Haaah!

*Lilia attempts a lunging stab at Shadow, but Shadow, having lost his patience, intercepts her attack by striking her directly in the jaw with a fierce back knuckle*

Shadow: Hrah!

Lilia: Uh! Uuaaagh!!

*The blow connects with enough force behind it to send Lilia spiraling through the air, until smashing face down into the ground*

Shadow: I told you, Lilia. Just give up. There's no point in you going on with this fight.

Lilia: ...

Shadow: It's obvious that you're no match for me. So why even try? Why throw your life away?

*With her face still buried in the ground, Lilia's hand slowly begins to move*

Shadow: Huh?

Lilia: (The pain...it...it hurts. But...I can't give up)

*Lilia reaches out for her dagger beside her, and grips it tightly in her hand*

Lilia: (It's...it's not ever yet. ...I won't give up here...)

*Lilia struggles, but she slowly manages to stand to her feet, much to Shadow's surprise*

Shadow: W-what are you--?

*Her body badly bruised and bloodied, Lilia wobbles as she stands, holding a single dagger in her limp arm. But despite her injuries, she stands strong with confidence*

Lilia: *panting* Hah...hah...ha...(This pain, it's nearly unbearable. And I...I can barely see straight. But I just have to hold out a little longer...)

Shadow: You...why are you--?

Lilia: *panting* Hah...ha...Shadow...

Shadow: Hm?

Lilia: You asked me...why I still bother to keep fighting...

Shadow: ...

Lilia: I'm doing it...not for my sake, or for the others. But...for your sake, Shadow.

Shadow: What...?

Lilia: You're my...friend, Shadow. And I'll do whatever it takes to help you. Even if it means defeating you here.

Shadow: Heheheh...

Lilia: ?

*In an instant, Shadow rushes directly up to Lilia and grabs a tight hold of her shirt*

Lilia: Aah!

*He then lifts her up and drives her back into a nearby wall, pressing her up against it with crushing force*

Shadow: You, defeat me!? Haha! What a joke!

Lilia: U-ungh! S-Shadow...!
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~~Jawo' vs Deke, Pt. 2~~

*The ongoing battle between the two warriors reaches its peak, as Jawo' pulls out all the stops and unleashes his ultimate technique, the mighty Crystal Dragon, Hogyokuryuu*

Deke: You...

*Deke cautiously takes a few steps backwards*

Deke: H-How is this...possible?

*Deke looks up at a menacing Hogyokuryuu*

Deke: *to himself* ...To have the power to bring about such a creature...

*Deke then glares at a cocky Jawo'*

Deke: *to himself* ...Has...has he been capable of such feats this entire time...?

Jawo': Hey, what's the matter over there?

Deke: Huh?

Jawo': Well well. You're looking a little flushed, Deke. You're not, scared...are you? Heheh.

Deke: Me? Afraid? Hmph. Surely you jest, boy.

Jawo': Hah, well then since you're so tough, why don't you come and fight me?

Deke: Mmn...

*Jawo' does a "come here" hand gesture*

Deke: Uh...?

Jawo': Come on, I'm ready for ya! And to make it fair for you, I'll even let you have the first move.

Deke: Hmph, self-righteous fool...

*Deke grips his axe*

Deke: I'll wipe that smug look off your face!

*Deke runs toward to the two at full speed, intent to attack*

Deke: Once I've obliterated that foul beast, I'll silence you once and for all!

Jawo': Agh, he's coming. Brace yourself, Ho'ryu.

Hogyokuryuu: Grrr...

*Once approaching, Deke leaps into the air straight towards Hogyokuryuu*

Deke: Now...

*Deke coats his axe in flames and closes in*

Deke: This is the end! Hell Axe!

Jawo': Ngh...

Deke: Rrrraaaagh!

*Deke slams his flaming axe into Hogyokuryuu's head, full force. But...*

Deke: Hn!?

*His axe bounces right off of the dragon's impervious hide, the attack having no effect at all, despite its composition*

Deke: What!? I-Impossible!

Jawo': Hah! Alright, Ho'ryu! Now then, let's show him who's boss!

Hogyokuryuu: *roars* Grrraaaaaoooh!!!

Deke: Gah!

*The dragon rears back and lunges out, smashing its steely head into Deke with tremendous force*

Deke: Guuaaagh!!

*The blow sends Deke rolling along the ground. But he plants his axe, skidding to a halt, and regains his composure*

Deke: *panting* Hah...ha...hah...

Jawo': Haha! Yeah, we nailed him! *pumps fist* How'd you like that, Deke!?

Deke: *panting* Hah...(How? How can this...be? My axe...it should've cleaved its head in two...)

*Deke observes the dragon's head from afar to notice not a single scratch where his attack landed*

Deke: Aah! (N...not even a scratch! This is...inconceivable!)

*Deke looks upon the two with crushing unease*

Deke: (To have resisted my flames so effortlessly... That creature...is composed of no ordinary crystal...)

Jawo': So Deke, do you realize now...that my dragon won't be so easily defeated?

Deke: Hmph.

Jawo': Huh?

Deke: You talk...as if you've already won. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but...

*Deke slowly stands to his feet and readies his axe*

Deke: This fight...is far from being concluded!

Jawo': Well then, I guess we'll just have to change that, won't we!? Ho'ryu, let's go!

Hogyokuryuu: Grrraaaaaooooh!!

Deke: Hm!

*Deke braces himself*

Jawo': Let's show him our Crystal Fangs!

*On Jawo's command, the dragon opens its gaping mouth, revealing its razor sharp fangs. They then grow and elongate, becoming more menacing*

Deke: Aagh...

Jawo': Now! Rend him to pieces!

*Jawo' lashes his sword's hilt, ordering the dragon to zero in on Deke with his mouth wide open*

Hogyokuryuu: Grraaaaaaagh!!

Deke: Mmph! (If that dragon is allowed to strike me with those fangs, I'm finished)

*Once in range, the dragon attempts to clamp down on Deke with its fearsome jaws, but Deke leaps to the side, dodging the attack*

Deke: Ha! (Seeing as it would be futile to try and retaliate, it would be in my best interest to simply avoid its attacks for now. At least until I can concoct a sound plan of action)

*The dragon promptly wraps its body around and attempts to attack Deke from behind*

Hogyokuryuu: Graaaooggh!!

Deke: Hmph! You'll not find me an easy mark!

*Without turning around, Deke leaps up and onto the dragon's back, avoiding its attack once more*

Jawo': What!?

Deke: Hmm, this should provide me with adequate cover for the time being...

Jawo': *clenches fist* Ugh, damnit. He's faster than I thought... But it's not over yet! There's still more where that came from!

*Jawo' calls out to Hogyokuryuu*

Jawo': Ho'ryu, unleash your Towering Spines!

Hogyokuryuu: Graaaaoh!!

Deke: *attentively* Hn?

*Suddenly, a single vertebrae protrudes upwards from the dragon's back where Deke is standing*

Deke: What!? Urk!

*The razor sharp vertebrae slashes Deke's shoulder before he's allowed the chance to dodge it, inflicting a terrible flesh wound*

Deke: *winces* Ungh...*grasps wound* (Blast it! Where did that...come from...?)

*But just as he thinks he's safe, another vertebrae protrudes from the dragon's back, coming just inches away from striking Deke*

Deke: Aah! (What the--!? Can it...use its body as a weapon!?)

*And once again, another vertebrae protrudes, but Deke manages to avoid it*

Deke: (Agh, it's too dangerous to stay in this spot. I must head to safety)

*Deke runs along the dragon's back to the opposite end, all the while its vertebrae are protruding subsequently in an attempt to subdue him*

Deke: *panting* Hah...ha...(I see now. It's using its own bone structure to attack me. It's no use, I won't be able to escape. I have no choice but to--) A-aagh!!

*Just then, the final vertebrae rises up from the dragon's back and startles Deke, forcing him to lose his footing and fall from its back. He tries to hang on, but his hand his slashed by its rugged hide*

Deke: Ungh!

*His wound forces him to release his grip, and he lands safely on the ground*

Deke: *panting* Hah...ha...That was...arduous...

Jawo': Agh, not bad, Deke... (Damnit, he's too crafty. If I want to hit him hard enough to take him out, I'm gonna have to try something else)

Deke: (Hmm...what's he up too...?)

*Deke stares at Jawo' cautiously*

Jawo': (All of this strength won't mean a thing if I can't hit him with it! There has to be something that I haven't thought of yet. But what...?)

*Jawo' intuitively scans his surroundings*

Jawo': *happily* (Ah! That's it! I've got it!)

Deke: (Hrrm...he's plotting something. I had better keep my guard up, just in case)

*Deke readies himself for Jawo's next move*

Jawo': Hah! Alright, Deke, I hope you're ready for this one! Because I guarantee, it'll be the move that ends the fight!

Deke: Oh?

Jawo': Yeah! Better pay attention, because you'll only see it once! Ho'ryu, let's do it!

Hogyokuryuu: Grraaaaaaoooh!!!

*The dragon zeroes in on Deke in an attempt to attack, but Deke stands still, not moving a muscle*

Deke: ...

Jawo': Huh? What the--? What's he...doing? He's not moving an inch...

*As the dragon gets closer and closer, Deke stares him down with in an intense glare*

Deke: ... (Just a little more...)

Jawo': Mmnn...(I don't know what's he's planning, but I won't give him the luxury!) Ho'ryu! Now's your chance!

*As the dragon closes in, it opens its mouth, barring its rending crystal fangs*

Deke: Hrrrm....NOW!

Jawo': Uh!?

*The dragon goes in for the attack and attempts to clamp down on Deke. But at the last second, he swiftly sidesteps the attack, and continues to rush forward, directly towards Jawo', who's been left completely open*

Jawo': Aah! No way!

Deke: Here I come!

*Deke coats his axe in flames and continues to close in on Jawo'*

Deke: Time to finish this! Hell--!!!

Jawo': ...Hmph. *smirks*

Deke: Wah--!?

*Just as Deke comes within range of Jawo', Hogyokuryuu rises from the ground inbetween the two*

Deke: What!?

Jawo': Now, Ho'ryu! Show him your Crystal Binding!

Hogyokuryuu: Graaoooooaaah!!

*The dragon quickly circles around Deke, wrapping him tightly in its snake-like body*

Deke: U-urk! N-no!!

Jawo': I told you, this would be the move that ends the fight.

Deke: Ungh...h-how did you...

Jawo': *shakes head* Did you forget already, Deke?

Deke: U...uh?

Jawo': Just take a look around you.

*Deke takes a quick glance around the room, and soon notices the key behind Jawo's plan of attack*

Deke: A-ah! I-It's...!

Jawo': Heh, do you remember now?

Deke: Ergh...that...that infernal Crystal Stadium technique of yours...it's still in full effect...

Jawo': You got it! I know, it's primary use is for allowing me to attack anywhere and everywhere with my other crystal techniques. But then I thought, what if I was to try to same thing with my Crystal Dragon? In theory, it should work because despite being a living organism, it's still composed of crystal. So I decided to put my theory to the ultimate test!

Deke: And you used it...to allow your dragon to pass through one side of the chamber and come out from another... With such a tactic, you had the element of surprise on your side...

Jawo': Heh, and lucky for me, you didn't expect a thing! It worked exactly as I thought it would. Pretty clever of me, huh?

Deke: D...Damnit... I...failed to take every detail into account. I...blundered...

Jawo': Hah, well, as they say, you can't win em all. *shrugs* Any last words before I steal the win?

Deke: N-no. I...I accept my fate...

Jawo': ...So be it then. Ho'ryu, do it.

Hogyokuryuu: Grrrrr....!

*The dragon tightens its hold on Deke, completely engulfing and slowly crushing him in its constricting grip*

Deke: Aaa..ungh...(S-Shina. Kovah. F-forgive me...my friends. I can continue no longer. I...I've failed you both...)

*As Deke's life is mercilessly squeezed from his body, he has a flashback to 16 years ago, just before his departure*

Shina: Deke! Deke, wait!

Deke: Hm?

Shina: Deke...Please. Please save Kovah! Bring him back...to me. Back...back to us. I beg of you!

Deke: Shina, don't worry. I intend to.

Shina: You...you really mean it?

Deke: I promise...

Deke: (Shina...)

Kovah: Shina...she means nothing to me anymore.

Deke: But...you mean everything to her...

Kovah: What?

Deke: She, just like I, are your friends. And we want nothing more than to see you returned to your true self. That's why we're doing this. This is why we've come so far...

Kovah: Tsch...

Deke: *to himself* Kovah, I promise, I will save you...my friend...

Deke: (Kovah...)

*End flashback*

Deke: (...N...NO!)

*A slight movement is seen from within the dragon's constricted body*

Jawo': Huh...?

Deke: (No! I cannot give up! My friends...they're...they're counting on ME! I...will not...GIVE UP!!!)

*Deke's eyes open wide as he springs back to life*

Deke: (I never thought...that I would have to make use of this power. But to keep the hopes of my friends alive...I will!!!)

*Deke begins to chant an incantation*

Deke: *straining* O gathering flames of darkness...rise from the deepest depths...and consume my will!!!

Jawo': What...?

*As Deke concludes his incantation, he immediately breaks the dragon's crushing hold on his body, blowing it away with a sudden burst of intense fury*


Hogyokuryuu: Grragh!

Jawo': Aagh! W-what's going on!? W-what is that!? Ungh!

*Deke reappears, with his cloak and shirt torn completely off, and his entire body covered in a deep shroud of black fire*

Jawo': Aah! It's you!

Deke: *quietly* I'm the only one...

Jawo': ...?

Deke: *yelling* WHO CAN SAVE HIM!!!

*Deke's shroud bursts outwards, blasting Jawo' back and slamming him into a nearby wall*

Jawo': Uuaaaaaaggh! Augh!!

*Deke then sets his gaze on an incapacitated Hogyokuryuu*

Deke: ...

Jawo': Ungh...H...Ho'ry..u...


*Deke's eyes glow with a demonic black light. Seconds later, Hogyokuryuu's entire being bursts into black flames, melting it away on the spot, destroying it*

Jawo': Aa-aaaaagh!! Ho'ryu!!! No!!!

*With Hogyokuryuu destroyed, Jawo's sword returns to normal. Deke then sets his gaze back on Jawo'*

Deke: ...

Jawo': *grasps wound* Ungh...Deke. He...he destroyed Ho'ryu...with one attack. W..what..IS he...?
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~~Blue vs. Kovah, Pt. 2~~

*As the fight between the two forces reaches its turning point, Kovah gains the upper hand on Blue and drives him to his limit. But in an unexpected turn of events, however, Millie arrives on the scene, stopping Kovah from dealing the finishing blow to Blue*

Kovah: W-what!? You!?

Millie: I won't let you put your dirty hands on Blue, Kovah! Not a chance!

Blue: *in pain* M...Millie! What are you...doing here!?

Millie: What's it look like? I'm saving your butt!

Blue: Wha--!?

Millie: You think I'm just going to stand by and watch this happen!? *shakes head* No way!

Blue: Aah...

Millie: I still don't know what's going on...but it doesn't matter! I won't let you get hurt, Blue! Even if I have to fight Kovah myself!

Blue: Millie! What are you saying!? You can't possibly fight Kovah by yourself! You're not even armed! You'll only get yourself killed!

Millie: So I'm not armed, am I...?

Blue: Hm...?

Millie: Watch this! Come on out! Mega Magic Mallet!

*And suddenly, from out of thin air, a giant mallet appears in Millie's hand. Despite being nearly twice her size, she can handle it without any trouble*

Millie: Ha HAAAAA!!! *strikes pose*

Blue/Kovah: *in disbelief* Bwah!? o_O

Reese: Uuuuuh...*sweatdrop* o_o

Blue: What...is THAT!?

Millie: You like it? It's my super powerful Magic Mallet!

Blue: But...but it's huge! How are you able to wield such a thing!?

Millie: *winks* Heehee! That's a secret!

Blue: Uh...

Millie: Now then...!

*Millie turns towards Kovah, gripping her mallet tightly*

Millie: I hope you've said your prayers, Kovah! Because you're about to get Mega Magic Squashed!

Kovah: ...Ha ha ha...

Millie: What?

Kovah: Hahahahahahahah!!!

Millie: Hey! What's so funny, you jerk!?

Kovah: You little twerp...

Millie: Huh...?

Kovah: You, a weak little girl, dare to challenge me? The very thought of it is laughable.

Millie: *angrily* Ooooh!

Kovah: It won't even be worth my time to dispose of a little pest like you. *makes a "shoo" gesture* Run along home, girl. If you leave now, I may just let you live.

Millie: *trembles in anger* Grrr...!

Blue: Millie...

Kovah: Hahaha! What's the matter, girl!? Trembling in fear of me already!? You fool. You could never defeat me. Now run. Run away! Before I change my mind and crus--

Millie: Ultimate Divine Destruction!!!

Kovah: Wha-!?

*Millie lifts her mallet high over her head and quickly drives it into the ground with all her might, pounding Kovah's foot to pieces*


Kovah: *howls in pain* Yaaaaaaaaaggggh!!!

Millie: Take that!

Blue: *surprised* M...Millie...

Millie: I'm not running away, Blue! Not ever! Because we're all in this together, aren't we!?

Blue: But, but I...

Millie: You guys are all doing your best to fight, and now it's my turn to do the same! You did your part, Blue! Now leave everything to me! I can do this!

Blue: *smiles* Millie...

*Kovah hops up and down while clutching his injured foot*

Kovah: *winces* You...you miserable little...! Aaagh...!

Millie: I'm nowhere near done!

Kovah: Aah!?

Millie: Havoc Break!!!

*Millie jumps into the air and attempts to smash Kovah's head from above, but before the blow can connect, Kovah leaps backwards, avoiding the attack despite his injury*

Millie: You won't get away! Destruction Street!!!

*Millie charges forward, smashing at the ground in a series of attempts to strike Kovah, but he avoids every hit by taking small steps backwards. Ending with a giant leap that puts him far out of range of her continuous attacks*

Millie: Shoot! I missed again...

*Once out of range, Kovah kneels down and pants from exhaustion*

Kovah: *panting* Ha...hah...(Curse this injury. I can't even move without feeling such terrible pain...)

*Kovah glares at Millie, gritting his teeth in anger*

Kovah: (You won't get away with this. Mark my words...)

Millie: *happily* D-Did...did you just see what I did!?

Blue: Millie, don't overexert yourself. Look for any opening and strike when the time is right. Also, remember to keep an eye on his movements and never drop your guard, no matter what. Is that understood?

Millie: *rubs head* Uhm...I have no idea what you just said, Blue. But I guess I should go smack him with my mallet again, right!?

Blue: Uhh...*annoyed* Sure, Millie. *hangs head* I don't even care anymore...*sweatdrop*

Millie: Yay! Then let's gooooooooo!!!

*Millie charges off with her mallet gripped tightly in hand*

Blue: *to himself* Heh, seems to me like she's grown a lot in such a short time. Thanks for giving us hope, Millie.

*Millie quickly advances on Kovah once more and prepares to dish out another attack*

Millie: Punishing Smash!!!

Kovah: Ungh...(With this injury, I won't be able to dodge in time. I have no choice but to--)

*Millie attacks by swinging her mallet horizontally towards Kovah's face. Unable to dodge, Kovah blocks the blow with his forearm instead, staving off the attack*

Millie: What!?

Kovah: *smirks* Hmph. Pathetic...

*Kovah thrusts his forearm out, knocking Millie off balance, causing her to stumble backwards*

Millie: Woah...woah...woah!!

*The weight of her mallet pulls her back, forcing her to fall backwards to the ground*

Millie: Ouch!

*She then sits upright and rubs the bump on her head with a tear in her eye*

Millie: *winces* Ow...that huuuuuurrrt...

Kovah: Aw, you poor thing.

Millie: What...?

*Millie looks up to see to Kovah slowly walking towards her*

Millie: Aaaaaah! K-K-Kovah! But...your foo--!

Kovah: Is feeling just fine.

Millie: But...but how!? My Magic Magic Mallet--!

Kovah: Is only as strong as the one weilding it. One with no physical ability to speak of could never bring out the fullest potential of that weapon.

Millie: Yaaaaaah! S-somebody heeeeelp!!

*Kovah grabs Millie by her shirt and lifts her into the air*

Blue/Reese: Aah! Millie!

Kovah: You're just a frail, weak little girl hiding behind a large weapon, and nothing more.

Millie: Ungh! *struggles* L-Let me...go!

Blue: Aah! *to himself* I have to save her!

*Blue attempts to stand, but is stinted by his wounds receieved from earlier*

Blue: Ungh! *grasps wound* It's no use! I...I still can't move! But...but what do I do!? I can let this happen to Millie!

*Blue looks around the room, until noticing Reese far off, standing in fear of the spectacle before his eyes*

Blue: Reese...

Reese: *to himself* N-no...not again...

*Reese turns his head and closes his eyes tightly*

Kovah: So, you think that bump to the noggin' hurt, did you...?

*Kovah tightly clenches his fist*

Kovah: Well allow me to let you in on something...

Millie: ...*gulp*

Kovah: That was nothing...compared to what I'm about do to you!!!

Millie: Eep! Uhm! H-H-Hey! Surely you don't mean that! I mean, c-can't we talk about this or s-something!?

Kovah: Heh, it's too late to beg for your life now! I gave you fair warning, but you insisted on playing hero instead. Now I'm going to do what I should've done back in Lismore!

Millie: Aah!

Kovah: Now...DIE!!!

Blue: Milliiiiiiiiie!!!

Millie: Nngh...!

*As Kovah gears up to deal the finishing blow, Millie closes her eyes and prepares for the worst, when...*

Reese: Piercing Line!

Blue/Millie/Kovah: !!!

*Kovah stops his attack and looks over his shoulder, just in time to witness an arrow pierce straight through it*

Kovah: Guh!

Blue: T-That was...an arrow!

*Blue looks over to see Reese, with an arrow loaded into his bow and the look of determination shining in his eyes*

Blue: *happily* Reese!

*The sudden shock from his inflicted wound forces Kovah to release his hold on Millie*

Millie: Ungh!

Kovah: Nngh! D-Damnit...

*Kovah looks towards Reese in anger in disbelief, clutching his bleeding shoulder*

Kovah: Ergh! Reese...why you...

Reese: Kovah...I won't let you do it! I will never let you hurt...my friends!

Kovah: *in pain* Reese...you...you fool... Aaugh...ugh...

Millie: *happily* Reese! Haha! You did it!

Reese: Millie, are you okay? You're not hurt, are you?

Millie: Hmm...*checks for injuries* Nope! I'm just fine!

Reese: Hah, good!

*Reese runs over and rejoins Blue and Millie*

Reese: Guys, I'm here now. Let's fight together.

Millie: Reese, thank you...for saving me.

Blue: Yeah, you really helped us out back there.

Reese: Of course. Like you said, we're all in this together, right?

Blue/Millie: *nods* Right.

Reese: I...I won't run away anymore. I won't turn the other cheek while my friends are risking their lives! From now...I'm going to face my destiny. I'm going to stand strong, and do my part as well!

Millie: Well good for you, Reese!

Blue: It's...good to have you back...

Kovah: *panting* Hah....ha....

Blue/Millie/Reese: ?

Kovah: Don't think you've won, you fools. This fight...isn't over yet!

Reese: Oh is it? You're outmatched three-to-one, Kovah. There's no way you can still beat us.

Kovah: Rrragh! That's what you thin--!!

Reese: Piercing Line!

Kovah: Hn!?

*Kovah attempts to go on the attack, but Reese quickly responds by firing an arrow through his arm, stopping him in his tracks*

Kovah: Kkch!

Reese: Blue, now's your chance! Put an end to this once and for all!

Blue: Hm! *nods* Right!

*Blue gathers his strength and begins to chant an incantation*

Blue: *chants* "I, who stand in the full light of the heavens command thee, who opens the gates of Hell, come forth divine lightning!"

Kovah: *in pain* What...? Urgh...what's he doing...?

Blue: This ends now! Indignation!!!

*Blue raises his hand into the air, as a purple beam shoots from it, blasting through the ceiling of the temple and tearing a rift through the skies*

Blue: Prepare yourself, Kovah!

Millie: *astonished* Woah...

*As the sky above runs gray with ominous storm clouds, a glyph appears below Kovah, signifying where the attack is meant to strike*

Kovah: Hunh? ...Hah...

Blue: What...?

Kovah: Do you really believe that I'm just going to sit here and let myself be struck? While very powerful, even in my condition I can easily evade this attack with no effort at all!

Blue: Heh...well, obviously...

Kovah: Huh...?

*At that moment, Blue dashes up to Kovah and wraps his arms tightly around his body, restraining him*

Blue: And that's why, I won't be giving you that opportunity!

Kovah: What!? What are you doing!? Let go of me!

Blue: Sorry, but I can't do that! If I do, you'll just evade my attack. Isn't that what you said?

Kovah: But! You...you idiot! If you keep me here, you'll be struck too!

Blue: That's the idea.

Kovah: What!?!?

Reese: Aah! Blue, what are you thinking!? You can't do that!

Blue: Reese, relax. I'll be fine...

Reese: Uh...?

Blue: Sure, I'll take a nasty hit, but my natural magic resistance will allow me to withstand it relatively well. But Kovah, on the other hand...

Kovah: *sweats* Ngh! No!

Blue: You'll be in for a terrible shock!

Reese: But Blue! A-are you sure about this...?

Blue: Positive! Now hurry and clear the area! The spell is about to hit!

Reese: Blue...I...

Blue: Do it now!!!

Reese: Ah, right! I'm sorry!

*Reese backs away from the glyph, leaving Blue and Kovah to suffer their imminent fate together*

Blue: Well Kovah, I feel a storm brewing. How about you?

Kovah: Blue...you...curse you!

*Mere moments later, an emormous bolt of lightning descends from the sky above the two*

Blue: This is it!!!

Kovah: Aah! Nooooooooooooooo!!!

*The lightning strikes within the glyph, engulfing the two in a giant blast of electrical power, filling the area with a blinding white light*

Kovah: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaggggh!!

Blue: Nnngh...! Aa--aaaaaagh!!

Millie: Blue!

Reese: Blue! No!

*When the spell's duration commences, both Blue and Kovah are launched back in opposite directions*

Kovah: Uungh...ugh...

Blue: Aaagh...

Reese: Blue! Hang on, I got you!

*Reese runs forward and catches Blue before he can hit the ground*

Reese: Blue...c-can you hear me...? Are you okay...?

Blue: ... *no response*

Reese: Blue...?

Millie: *gasp* I...Is he...!?

Reese: No...Blue, you can't--!

Blue: *straining* I...I'm alright...

Reese: *happily* Ah! Blue!

Blue: That Indignation...was a little stronger than I thought...

Millie: Blue, you stupid idiot!

Blue: Huh?

Millie: Don't you ever scare us like that again! I almost thought you were dead!

Blue: Heh heh...I apologize, Millie...

Millie: Just promise me that you won't ever pull a stunt like that again, okay!?

Blue: A-alright. I'm promise...

Reese: So...I guess that's the end of Kovah, isn't it?

*The group looks over at Kovah's lifeless body, still coursing with electricity*

Blue: *nods* Yeah...he's done. There's no way he's getting up from that attack.

Millie: Phew! Then I guess all's well that ends well!

Reese: Uhm...but...

Blue: Hm? What's the matter, Reese?

Reese: *shakes head* Uh, it's nothing.

Blue: Alright then. I think it's about time we got out of her--Aaagh!!

*Blue attempts to stand on his own, but is dragged down by his injuries*

Reese: Blue! W-what's wrong!?

Blue: Ungh...I...I'm fine. But...it doesn't look like I'll be able to walk on my own with these injuries...

Reese: It's alright. I'll help you. Just lean on me, okay?

Blue: Right. Thanks, Reese.

Millie: Wait...guys!

Reese: Huh?

Blue: Millie, what's up?

Millie: I think...I think I saw him...move...

Reese: Him? You mean Kovah?

Blue: Don't be silly, Millie. That's impossible.

Reese: Heh, yeah. Your eyes are probably just playing tricks on you, Millie.

Millie: Oh, uhm...right.

*As the three turn their backs and begin to walk out of the chamber, Millie is suddenly struck in the back and sent flying by an unseen attack*

Millie: Uwaaaaah!!

Blue/Reese: Aah! Millie!!!

*Millie hits the ground with a thud, falling unconscious on the spot. Blue and Reese thereby run after her to check on her status*

Blue: Millie!

Reese: Are you okay!?

Millie: *"X" eyes* Uuunngh...

Blue: Damn, she's out cold...

Reese: But who could've...

Blue/Reese: !!!

*The two immediately look over their shoulders to see Kovah standing tall with his hand stretched out, although his head is hanging down*

Blue: What!? Kovah!? But...how!?

Reese: But...but that's impossible! He can't be--!

Kovah: Hmmhmmhmm...

Reese: Wait...what's...

Blue: Reese, what is it?

Reese: There's...something covering his body. It looks like...some kind of energy...

Blue: Energy?

*Blue observes Kovah closely and soon notices a semblance of dark energy circulating through his body*

Blue: You're right, that definitely wasn't there earlier. But what could be the meaning of-- ...Huh?

*Kovah slowly raises his head, revealing his eyes, now glowing with a malevolent purple hue*

Blue: What? His...his eyes. They're...different...

Reese: *gasp* (No! C-could it be!?)

Blue: Hn?

*Reese slowly backs away in fear*

Reese: Aaah...aah...aaaaah...

Blue: Reese! W-what's wrong!? What's the matter with you!?

Reese: (I-Is this...the...the other presence...that Deke spoke of...!?)

Blue: Mmmn...

*Blue looks to Kovah and addresses him*

Blue: Kovah!

Kovah: Hmmhmmhmm...

Blue: How are you still conscious after that attack!? You shouldn't even be able to move, moreorless stand!

Kovah: Hmhmhmhmhm...

Blue: Rrrgh...Stop laughing and answer me!!!

Reese: Blue...

Blue: Huh?

Reese: Blue...*shakes head* t-that's not Kovah!!!

Blue: What!? Reese, what are you talking about!?

Kovah(?): Hahahaha...

Blue: ?

Kovah(?): ...You're pretty sharp, boy. ...For a Lunisian.

Reese: *to himself* A...A...Lunisian?
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« Reply #79 on: 24 December, 2008, 01:24:40 pm »

~~Penny vs. Prima, Pt. 3~~

*The battle between the sisters takes a rather unexpected turn, as Prima's own conjured beasts turn against her. Can Penny somehow use this boon to her advantage?*

Prima: Huh...? Aah! Look what you've done, you...you cracker-eating twit! You've made me break a nail!

Penny: ...*sweatdrop*

Prima: I'll...I'll never forgive you for that!

*Prima cracks her whip furiously*

Prima: You'll be eating bird seed through a straw once I'm through with you!

*Prima prepares a technique*

Prima: Take this, you featherbrain! Thousand Whi--!

*But, before Prima can strike, the Chimera intercepts by quickly lashing her hand with its tail, stopping her attack*

Prima: Ouch!

*The resulting attack knocks Prima's whip out of her grip, and far away from reach*

Prima: N-Noooo! My whip!

*Prima attempts to scramble over and retrieve her weapon, when the Cerberus pounces down in front of her, blocking her path*

Cerberus: Grrraaaagh!!

Prima: *startled* Aaah! Y-Yikes!

*With the three beasts completely surrounding her, they slowly advance on Prima until backing her into a wall*

Prima: No! Shoo! Back! Back, I say!

*Prima desperately hurls rocks in a futile attempt to quell the beasts hunger for her blood. They remain unphazed, and continue to advance on her with rage welling in their eyes*

Beasts: Grrraaaaaaaaaah!!!

Prima: *trembling* Aaa--aaaaaaah...!

*Prima huddles tightly up against the wall. And just as death seems imminent for her, an idea pops into her head at the last second*

Prima: *happily* Ah! Aha!

*Prima forcefully stretches her hand out before her, making a "stop" gesture*

Prima: Stop!

Beasts: ??

Prima: Heeheeheeee. So you dumb monsters think you can just off me and be done with it, huh? Well you're sadly mistaken!

*With a wicked sneer on her face, Prima's body begins to glow with her mana. The beasts then begin to back away in fear of her*

Beasts: ...

Penny: Huh? They're...backing away? But I don't get it! They were just about to rip her head off a second ago! What gives!?

Prima: Heeheehee. Oh, I think they know...

Penny: What?

Prima: Just as we conjurers have the ability to summon forth these creatures, we also have the ablility to send them back to where they came from at the blink of an eye!

Penny: Uh!

Prima: Hahaha! That's right! You've defied your master, stupid beasts! You've lost your right to serve in this realm under me!

*Taking a place of dominance once more, Prima stands to her feet and begins to write a strange symbol in the air with her hands, as the beasts stand there, helplessly lamenting their fate*

Prima: It's back to the Netherworld you go! Heehee!

*As Prima prepares to bid a final farewell to her traitorous spawns, Penny looks on at the spectacle in awe*

Penny: Ah...

*After coming to a realization, Penny rapidly shakes her head and regains her senses*

Penny: Aah! Penny, what are you doing!? This could be your big chance!

Prima: Haha! This is it! It's all finished! Now...say goodnight you worthless--Hunh!?

*But just as Prima is about to launch her condemning gate summoning, Penny intervenes by lassoing her wrist with her spinner*

Prima: What!?

*Penny then launches her second spinner at Prima, lassoing her other wrist and restraining her completely*

Penny: Not so fast!

Prima: W-what the--!? Ergh! P-Penny!

Penny: That'll have to wait! You've still got me to worry about, remember!?

Prima: Ungh...Penny! W-What are you doing!? Release me this instant! I must teach those disgusting curs a lesson!

Penny: No can do, Prima.

Prima: What!? And why not!? Answer me, you!

Penny: Because, did it ever occur to you that those monsters had a good reason for turning their backs on you?

Prima: Huh!?

Penny: They only attacked you because YOU didn't treat them with the respect they deserve!

Prima: Hah, respect!? Don't make me laugh!

Penny: What...?

Prima: What could those brainless oafs possibly know about respect anyway!? They're just slaves! They serve only me!

Penny: *trembles in anger* Mmmn...

Prima: Besides, who cares about the feelings of a bunch of mindless meatbags anyway? They exist only to do as I, Prima, tell them to. It is their birthright to kneel before me at all times! Because only I matter!

*Penny's anger grows*

Penny: Why...why you...

Prima: Hahaha! Respect, yeah right! The only thing these slobbering beasts deserve is an eternal banishment to the Netherworld from whence they came!

Penny: *under her breath* Prima...you're the true monster here...

Prima: Hahahahahaha!!!

*Prima's heartless words and maddening cackle drives Penny's anger to its peak*

Penny: That's...IT!!!

Prima: Wah--!?

*Penny plants her feet into the ground and tugs back with all her might, lifting Prima off her feet and sending her hurdling towards Penny*

Prima: Uwaaaaaaaaaah!

Penny: I think it's time someone taught YOU a lesson in respect, Prima!

Prima: W-what are you--!?

*As Prima draws closer, Penny gears up for her finishing move*

Penny: Penny's......Ultra.....

Prima: Oh nooooooooooooooo!!!

Penny: IMPACT!!!

*Once with range, Penny unleashes a devastatingly powerful headbutt upon Prima's forehead*

Penny: Nnngh!

Prima: Aaaaaaaaagh!!!

*The sheer power of the blow sends Prima blazing backwards until slamming full force into the wall. The impact of her body cracking the brick behind her*

Prima: Uuh...uuunngggh...

*Prima loses consciousness and promptly falls to the floor, flat on her face. Thusly bringing the fight to an end*

Penny: Yeah! Haha! And Daddy said being hardheaded was a bad thing! *swipes nose with thumb*

*With Prima rendered unconscious and no longer able to support the link between her and her monsters, they disappear back into the Netherworld*

Penny: Hmm, well I guess that about takes care of that. Better for them to return to the Netherworld than before forced into my sister's servitude. That's a fate no one deserves...

*Penny walks up to Prima's unconscious body and hunches down over her*

Penny: Okay, sleeping beauty, time to wake up.

Prima: ...

*no response*

Penny: Huh? Mmmnn... *annoyed* C'mon, Prima...

*Penny lightly nudges Prima's head with her foot, but still no response*

Penny: Humph. Guess she really is out cold.

*Penny turns Prima's body over and bears witness to a terrible red bump on her forehead where she was struck, forcing a startled yelp out of Penny*

Penny: *startled* Woah!

Prima: ...

Penny: *sweatdrop* Heh heh, I...guess I might've overdid it a bit... *rubs head*

Prima: ...

Penny: Well dang. What do I do now? *scratches head* The others might need my help, but I can't just leave her here either... *heavy sigh*

*After taking a moment to explore her options, and solution pops into Penny's head*

Penny: *snaps fingers* Ah! I know! I'll just use healing artes! That's sure to do the trick! ...Oh, but wait a minute. I don't know any healing artes... *rubs chin*

Prima: ...

Penny: Buuuut...then again, I guess I could always try my hand at it. But...what if I mess up like last time...?

*Penny has a rather disdainful flashback to Ackland Town*

Penny: *sigh* Alright.

*Penny attempts to heal Blue's wound, but instead...*

Blue: OUCH!!! What was that all about!?

Penny: I'm sorry!

Blue: You were supposed to heal my wound, not make it worse! Geez!

Penny: I tried to tell you! I...don't really know any healing spells...

Reese: Oy, well I can't say I'm surprised. You never study, Penny. Ah well, at least we still have our medicines...

Blue: Great. A healer who can't heal. Now I've seen everything.

Penny: Eheheh...*sweatdrop*

*end flashback*

Penny: *vein pops* Mmn...stupid Blue. Thinking I can't heal... But I'll show him! Just watch me!

*Now pumped up, Penny gets into position by placing her hands over Prima's body*

Penny: *takes a deep breath* I know I might regret this later, but...

*Her body glows with mana*

Penny: I just have to...give it all I got!

*Penny begins to recite the incantation*

Penny: "Holy power, come to me!"

*The mana from her body gathers into her hands*

Penny: Here goes nothing! First Aid!

*Penny casts First Aid, releasing the mana from her hands in the form of a glowing light that envelopes Prima's body. The light soon fades, but still no response*

Prima: ...

Penny: Did...did it work?

??: Heeeeeeeeeeeey! Pennnnnnnnyyy!

Penny: Hunh?

*Called out to by a familiar voice, Penny looks over her shoulder to see Zeldafan, along with Bob and Shina entering the chamber*

Zeldafan: Penny! Haha!

Penny: Zeldafan!? Is...Is that you!?

Zeldafan: Yup! It sure is! Man, am I glad we ran into you!

Penny: But...but what are you--

Bob: Hmm, I see we meet again, Penny. I trust you're holding up well.

Penny: Old man!

Shina: Penny, it's been a while. It's a pleasure to see you again. *bows*

Penny: A-And Shina! W-What are you all doing here?

Zeldafan: *winks* We're here to lend a hand, as usual.

Penny: Help?

Bob: That's correct, Penny. We feel that our assistance is required at this point.

Penny: But, what are you talking about...?

Bob: This conflict, it cannot be allowed to go on.

Penny: Huh?

Shina: Hm. *nods* He's right. We've come here to put a stop to this senseless fighting. We can't allow all of you to continue fighting amongst one another like this!

Penny: Uhm...but...

Shina: Don't you understand, Penny? This has to stop, or else someone could end up gravely injured, or even worse!

Penny: *shakes head* I do understand, but...

Shina: Hm?

Penny: ...If...If that's why you're really here, then I think you might be a little...

Shina: Uh...?

*Penny takes a short glance over at Prima, alerting the others to her condition*

Shina: *gasp* Oh no!

*Shina runs over to Prima's body and kneels beside her*

Shina: Prima! Are you okay!?

Prima: *no response* ...

Shina: Prima, please! Speak to me!

Bob: Hrrm...

Zeldafan: H-How could this have happened...?

Shina: Are we...are we too late...?

Penny: I...I tried using healing artes. But...I don't think it worked...

Bob: Hmm, is that so? Then perhaps I should take a look...

Penny: Hunh?

*Bob approaches Prima, kneels down next to her, and places his hand over her body*

Bob: ...

Zeldafan: So, Bob? How is she?

Shina: ...Will she be alright?

*Bob sits in silence for a moment, before turning to the group and giving a hearty smile*

Bob: She'll be just fine.

Penny: What? Really!?

Bob: Of course.

*Bob walks up to Penny and pats her head*

Penny: Egh, hey! What's the big idea!?

Bob: It seems our little Penny has finally learned her first healing arte. Well done.

Penny: Wha-? You...you mean I...I really did it?

Bob: Hm. *nods* Given a few moments, Prima will awaken as good as new.

Penny: Haha! Great!

Bob: Yes. But for now, Penny, I need you to tell us where Blue and the others are. It's urgent that we reach them before matters escalate.

Penny: Ah...uhm, right! From what I recall, they should be just up ahead.

Bob: Hmm, can you show us the way then?

Penny: *nods* I can.

Bob: Excellent. Then we shall follow your lead.

Penny: You got it.

Bob: Zeldafan! Shina! Let us follow Penny.

Zeldafan/Shina: Hm. *nods*

*Unaware to the rest of the group, Prima begins to come to*

Prima: Uhn...ugh...W-What just happened? My head... It feels like I was hit by a... Wait! Now I remember!

Bob/Penny/Zeldafan/Shina: ?

*Prima abruptly springs to her feet and points menancingly at Penny, her finger trembling*

Prima: Penny!

Penny: Prima! You're okay!

Prima: Huh...? ...Well yeah I'm okay! With no thanks to you! You're the one who did this to me! And I'll make sure you pay for it!

Penny: Uh...*sweatdrop*

Prima: Don't even try and run away! This time you're mine!

*Bob leans towards Penny and begins to whisper in her ear*

Bob: *whispers* Psst, Penny. Do we really have time for this right now...?

Penny: *whispers back* You're right. Let's just ditch her.

Bob: *whispers* Good plan.

Prima: Oooh! Just wait until I get my hands on you, Penny Bancroft! I'll...I'll--!

*Prima stops her bantering when she realizes that the others have ceased paying attention and continue ahead without her*

Prima: Huh!? Hey! Get back here! I'm not done threatening you yet! *stomps*

Penny: *in the distance* Yeah, uhm...you do that. I'll just be busy not listening.

Prima: *flustered* What!? You...you can't do this to me! D-Do you know who I am!?

*no response*

Prima: Grrrr! Hmph! *turns away and crosses arms* Well fine! I didn't wanna kill you anyway!

*still no response*

Prima: ...Hm?

*No response yet again*

Prima: Uhm...Penny...?

*Uh huh...*

Prima: ...W-Wait! D-Don't leave me here all alone! Wait for meeeeeeeee!

*Finally abandoning her pride, Prima stumbles ahead in a panic to catch up with the group as they proceed through the temple*
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« Reply #80 on: 01 February, 2009, 02:59:14 pm »

~~Lilia vs. Shadow, Pt. 3~~

*Lilia's resolve runs short as Shadow's combat prowess proves to be too much for her to stand against. With her back driven against a wall, unable to fight back, it would appear that Shadow has gained the absolute advantage. But what of Lilia's plan? Will she still be able to pull it off...?*

Lilia: S-Shadow...!

Shadow: Lilia, I've had it with your interfering. Why do you continue to concern yourself with me? Why couldn't you have just stayed...AWAY!?

Lilia: B...Because, Shadow...

*Lilia places her hand on Shadow's*

Shadow: Hunh...?

Lilia: I've said it before. You're...You're my friend.

Shadow: What...?

Lilia: And I never abandon my friends, no matter what.

Shadow: Lilia...

Lilia: Whatever pain you're going through...you don't have to endure it alone...

*Shadow closes his eyes and frowns, as if he's annoyed*

Lilia: Shadow, please! You don't have to suffer anymore!

Shadow: ...

Lilia: Shadow, listen to me!

Shadow: *quietly* That's enough...

Lilia: Huh?

Shadow: *loudly* ...I said that's ENOUGH!

*Shadow clenches his fist and drives it straight into the wall, just mere inches away from Lilia's face*

Lilia: Aaah!

Shadow: Quit spewing your nonsense... I'm sick of it!

Lilia: But...but Shadow...I...

Shadow: I've heard enough of your babbling. I'm not in pain. I'm not suffering. I'm not anything. All I want...is to fight.

Lilia: But Shadow! There's so much more to life than just these pointless battles! Let me show you! Please, just let me help you!

Shadow: ...No one can help me, Lilia. Not...anymore...

*Shadow draws his scythe*

Lilia: *gasp* Ah!

Shadow: Now... My blade. It aches to kill something.

Lilia: Shadow...you don't have to do this...

Shadow: I'm done talking, Lilia. You won't hold me back any longer. I will finish this...so I can continue with my existance.

Lilia: Sh-Shadow...

*Lilia closes her eyes tightly and bows her head, as if she's given up*

Shadow: I won't ask you to forgive me...

*Shadow positions his sycthe in preparation to dealing the killing strike*

Shadow: ...But I'll do what I must.

Lilia: S...So...

Shadow: Hn?

Lilia: So this is how you want it to end, huh? N-No matter what I do or say, your mind is made up?

Shadow: ...

*Shadow continues to stare at Lilia, his expression not changing at all*

Lilia: Then...then you leave me no choice...

*Lilia opens her mouth, revealing a bomb wedged between her teeth*

Shadow: What...?

Lilia: If you won't come to your senses, Shadow, then I'll just have to destroy us both!

Shadow: Destroy us both? ...Humph. You're bluffing. *smiles* You don't have the guts...

Lilia: I wouldn't bet on that if I were you.

Shadow: Huh?

Lilia: Like you, I'm determined to see this all the way through to the end. And at this point, you're nothing more than my enemy. And like all my enemies, they have to go down!

Shadow: So you would sacrifice yourself...to see me defeated?

Lilia: If that's what it takes...then I will do it! I'm not afraid to put my life on the line for a cause!

Shadow: *surprised* Aah...

Lilia: And unlike you, Shadow... I know what it means to fight for a purpose other than self-gratification. Traveling with Blue...fighting alongside him and my friends, that has taught me these values. Unlike you, I won't hide! And I won't run away! I'm prepared to risk it all, for the sake of my friends and everyone that matters to me!

Shadow: Guh...! Ergh...*sweats*

*Becoming cautious of Lilia's threat, Shadow begins to loosen his grip on Lilia, lowering her to the ground and signifying his reluctant submission, to which Lilia promptly takes notice*

Lilia: *smiles* (Alright, it worked! Now I make my move!)

Shadow: Hunh? What are you...?

*In an act of pure cunning, Lilia spits the bomb in her mouth directly at Shadow, and it attaches to his clothing*

Shadow: Ah! W-what the--!?

Lilia: Take this, Shadow! Rrrraagh!

*Lilia then bites down into Shadow's hand, digging her teeth into his skin and drawing blood*

Shadow: Aaaaaagh!!

*The resulting injury forces Shadow to remove his hold on Lilia, as he reels back in pain, clutching his injured hand*

Shadow: Ungh! D-Damnit! Why you son of a...

*Lilia uses that opportunity to rush a safe distance away from Shadow, making her plan a success*

Lilia: (Yes, I made it out in one piece. I just love when a plan comes together)

*Lilia turns her gaze towards Shadow*

Lilia: *to herself* Now it's time I put an end to this...

Shadow: *angrily* Lilia...!

Lilia: ...

*Shadow draws his sycthe and dashes toward Lilia in a fit of rage*

Shadow: This is the last time you pull a fast one on me!!!

Lilia: Shadow...

*Shadow charges on, but Lilia doesn't move an inch. Instead, she turns her head away. This act stops Shadow in his tracks*

Shadow: Uh?

Lilia: I...I'm sorry.

*As Shadow ponders the meaning of Lilia's words, the bomb that she placed on his clothing begins to flash with a white light, drawing Shadow's attention to it instead*

Shadow: Aah!? What?!

Lilia: ...

Shadow: Noooooooooooooo!!!

~~Asroc Temple, Central Hall~~

*Meanwhile, amidst the conflict at hand, Bob and the others rush through the temple in pursuit of their clashing companions*

Bob: Penny! How far is it til we reach them?

Penny: I'm sure we're close. If we keep going straight ahead, it should be only a matter of time before we catch up to them!

Bob: Right! Then let us hurry! Let's hang in there, everyone!

Penny/Zeldafan/Shina/Prima: Hm! *nods*

*The group presses onward, maintaining a hurried pace. A short while later, they come to a stop when they reach a split in the hall*

Bob: Hm?

Penny: Huh? Hey, Bob! What's the matter?

Zeldafan: Yeah, why did we stop here? Is something up?

Bob: There's another corridor to the left here...

Shina: Hm, you're right...

Prima: So spill it, Penny. Which way do we go from here? Left, or straight ahead?

Penny: Hmm...*scratches head*

Prima: Well?

Penny: Uhm...to be honest, I'm not really su--

*Suddenly, from far off in the distance, a thunderous blast is heard*


Shina: Aaaaah!

Zeldafan: Ugh, what's going on!? What was that!?

Bob: It sounded like...an explosion...

Zeldafan: An explosion!? That can't be good...

Bob: Yes. And from the sound of it, it came from that corridor to the left.

Prima: To the left, huh? Should we go check it out?

Bob: Hm. *nods* I think so.

Shina: Yes, he's right! One of our friends may be in serious danger!

Penny: In that case, let's not waste anymore time gawking about it.

Bob: Well said, Penny. Let's go, everyone.

*Alerting themselves to the explosion caused by Lilia's bomb, the group changes course and sets off down the left corridor. Meanwhile...*

~~Asroc Temple, Left Chamber~~

*Lilia is met with blood splattering on her face. After the dust settles, Shadow is left standing in shock of a grave wound inflicted upon his chest. Blood spilling from his wound and mouth*

Shadow: *in shock* Ah...aah...aha...

*With his body drained of energy, Shadow drops his scythe, falling to the floor with a clang*


Lilia: Shadow...

Shadow: Uuuuuuhh...

*No longer able to sustain himself, Shadow falls backwards, slamming into the ground with a harsh thud*


Lilia: Ah, no! Shadow!

*Overwhelmed with compassion and remorse, Lilia drops her weapons and hurries to Shadow's side, kneeling beside his lifeless body*

Lilia: Shadow! Shadow, are you okay!?

Shadow: *struggling to speak* D-Damn...heh heh...Beaten...by a girl. This won't look good...on my resume...

Lilia: What...? Shadow, this is no time for jokes! You're seriously hurt! Here, let me apply some first aid...

*Lilia lifts her hand up to reach into her bag, but in defiance, Shadow uses what little strength he has left to grab hold of her hand and stop her*

Lilia: Huh? Shadow, what are you doing!? Let go of me!

Shadow: I...can't let you...do that...Lilia...

Lilia: Ah! Are you insane!? That wound is terrible! If you're not given some help soon, you'll--

Shadow: ...Die...?

Lilia: I...

Shadow: But Lilia...that's...what I want...

Lilia: What!? You...You can't be serious! Why do you want to die!? I don't understand that! I CAN'T understand th--

Shadow: Lilia...hear me out...

Lilia: Uh...?

Shadow: I've wanted it all to end...for so long...

Lilia: Shadow...what do you mean?

Shadow: Ever since that day...for all these years...my life's been nothing but a sham... A wasteful existance...

Lilia: No! Don't say things like that! That's not true!

Shadow: But it is. When Misty was killed, I couldn't take it. I was so distraught a-and heartbroken. But most of all...I was angry. So angry...that I sought revenge on the ones who took her from me.

Lilia: ...

Shadow: To accomplish this...I became a mercenary, a sellsword, a hired killer... But to tell you the truth, Lilia...it wasn't long...before I eventually gave up all hope of ever avenging her.

Lilia: Shadow...

Shadow: I felt...useless. Like there was no reason for me to go on living. Realizing this...that there was nothing I could do, no way to ever remove the pain buried deep in my heart...I wanted to run away. Run away from the suffering, torment, and heartache. Away...from the shadows of my past. So I did...the only thing I knew how. I fought. I fought, and I kept fighting. The pure exhilaration I felt when cutting down my opponents allowed me to cope with my despair, if only for an instant. And for a while, I felt...fulfilled.

Lilia: But Shadow...all of this...I don't understand it! When you were with us, you were always so happy, so spirited and carefree. What was all of that, Shadow? Was all of that...a lie?

Shadow: It was.

Lilia: But...why?

Shadow: It was all a front. A way to hide the true nature of my feelings from the world.

Lilia: Why would you do something like that?

Shadow: Because...I didn't want to drag anyone else into my affairs. I refused to take my own pain and force it on others. It's mine and mine alone, and I will be the one to shoulder the burden...

Lilia: So...so that's why...

Shadow: Hunh...?

Lilia: You...You've suffered for so long. All this time, without a shoulder to lean on, you've hid your suffering deep in your heart, and always kept a smile on your face. It's no wonder that you've turned out this way.

Shadow: Unh...

Lilia: *shakes head* You didn't have to do this. You didn't have to hide your suffering so much. It's okay...to let your true feelings show. It's okay to cry. To feel sad or angry. Just don't feel you have to do it alone! You...You've lead such a difficult life, Shadow. I feel...so sorry for you.

Shadow: D-Don't...worry about it. It's not like it's your fault. You couldn't have prevented this from happening. Nobody could've. My own decisions are what lead me to this end, and I'm ready to accept my fate. Maybe...once I die...I can finally be free of this pain...

Lilia: Shadow!

Shadow: Aaaah...Misty...how I long to see your smiling face again. But sadly...where you've gone...I cannot follow...

*Shadow begins to close his eyes*

Lilia: Shadow! No! Don't talk like that! It's not going to end here!

*Lilia's eyes well up with tears*

Lilia: I...I don't want you...to die...

Shadow: Lilia...

*Shadow slowly raises his hand and places it on Lilia's cheek*

Lilia: *wipes tears* Huh...?

Shadow: You're...You're so...good to me. After all the trouble I've caused for you and your friends, you'd still...forgive me...?

Lilia: Of course I would! None of that matters anymore! There are so many things you can do before you die. I don't think everything has to be forgiven, but no matter how painful things may be, you just can't dwell on the past.

Shadow: Don't...dwell on the past...

Lilia: Yes! It's not too late, Shadow! Who you were in the past doesn't matter! You can make a new start, right now! You deserve a second chance at life! A chance...to be happy.

Shadow: A chance...to be happy...

Lilia: And then...then we can be friends again...

Shadow: Friends. Yeah, that sounds nice...

Lilia: Yes, that's right.

*Lilia grabs Shadow's hand and places it in hers. He then responds by clasping it*

Lilia: We'll be friends, always.

Shadow: Ungh...Lilia, you're my...best friend. Always...a-and...for...

*Shadow's grip loosens*

Lilia: *gasp* Shadow...?

Shadow: ...e--ever...Uun..Uunh...

*Shadow's grip fails, as his hand falls limp, and his head turns to the side. He departs from the world, with a smile on his face*

Lilia: Ah! Shadow!

Shadow: ...

Lilia: Shadow! No! Not here! Not like this!

Shadow: ...

Lilia: Please, Shadow! I beg you! Open your eyes! Don't...

*Lilia fights to hold back her tears, but can't any longer. She bows her head as tears flow from her eyes*

Lilia: *sniff* Don't...leave me... Shadooooow!!!

*Unable to contain her sadness, Lilia weeps loudly over Shadow's dead body. Her cries echoing through the chamber. A short while later, Bob's group hurries into the chamber, coming to a stop when they notice before their eyes*

Bob: Hm?

Shina: Huh? What's going on up there...? Who is that?

Penny: It looks like...Lilia!

Zeldafan: Lilia? Really!? But...who is that on the ground next to her?

Prima: *gasp*

Zeldafan: ?

Prima: That's...Shadow!

Zeldafan: Shadow?

*Fearful of what's taken place, Prima runs ahead to confirm her suspicions*

Zeldafan: Prima, wait! Where are you going!?

Bob: Let's follow her.

Zeldafan: Ah...right. *nods*

*The group proceeds after Prima, who approaches upon Lilia, still in a vulnerable state*

Lilia: *sniff* Shadow...why...?

Prima: Ah! No!

Lilia: Hunh!? Who--

*Alerted by Prima's cry, Lilia ceases her mourning and turns to meet her*

Lilia: Prima...

Prima: Shadow! W-What happened to you!?

*Prima kneels next to Shadow's body and futily checks for signs of life*

Prima: H-His body...it's...cold. H-He's not...DEAD, is he!?

Lilia: ...

Prima: ...He is dead... And you! You did this to him, didn't you!?

Lilia: *averts gaze*

Prima: *angers* Mmnnnn!

*In anger, Prima rushes up to Lilia and shakes her by her shoulders*

Prima: Why!? Why did you do this!? Why did you kill him!?

Lilia: ...

Prima: Answer me!!!

Penny: Prima, stop! W-What are you doing!?

Prima: I...I'm sorry...

*Prima releases Lilia and turns away*

Prima: Oh...Oh Shadow...

Penny: Lilia, tell us! What went on here!?

Lilia: ...

Penny: Lilia...?

Bob: Penny, I think you already know...

Penny: I know, but...but...

Shina: *shakes head* This...This is so tragic. I regret that I wasn't able to prevent it.

Zeldafan: I share your sentiments, Shina.

*Bob walks over to Lilia and attempts to console her*

Bob: Lilia...how are you feeling?

Lilia: *sniff* Why, Bob...?

Bob: What do you mean?

Lilia: I...I'm so stupid! I thought...I thought I understood him. How much he was suffering... We spent all that time together. Why couldn't I save him...?

Bob: ...I think he was saved.

Lilia: But how!?

Bob: Did he not tell you? In the end, this...is what he wanted. He wanted to die, to be free from his anguish.

Lilia: But...it's just not right! He could've stayed with us! He could've lived! He could've been happy! So...so why--!?

Bob: Lilia, you may not agree with the path he chose, but he did what he felt he had to do. We do not reserve the right to tell others how to live their lives.

Lilia: But...

Bob: He lived how he wanted to live, and we must learn to accept that fact.

Lilia: I...

Bob: Lilia...there's something I think you should see.

Lilia: Hm?

*Bob and Lilia direct their gazes toward Shadow's body*

Lilia: I don't get it. What am I supposed to be seeing?

Bob: Look there. At his face...

Lilia: Uh? ...Ah! He's--!

Bob: Yes. He's smiling.

Lilia: Shadow...I...

*Bob walks ahead, preparing to leave the chamber*

Lilia: Uh? Wait, where are you--

Bob: We must be going.

Lilia: Huh? But...

Bob: Lilia, I understand that this must be hard for you, but you mustn't forget why we're here. Blue, Jawo', and Reese. Have you forgotten about them...?

Lilia: Ah!

Bob: Dire straits are ahead, and right now, we all must pull ourselves together. For their sake, as well as that of the world.

Lilia: ...Yeah...you're right!

*Lilia regains her composure and stands to her feet, ready to move on*

Lilia: It hurts...but I can't lose sight of what I'm fighting for! I'll keep fighting. And I'll keep Shadow's memory alive, inside of me! I'll fight for him too!

Bob: Well put, Lilia. You're showing more and more growth every time I see you.

Lilia: Hm! *nods* Now let's help our friends!

Bob: Stay sharp, everyone. We still have a job to do.

Shina/Zeldafan/Penny: Yeah.

Prima: ...

Lilia: Prima...are you coming with us?

Prima: Ah! Uh...y-yeah. Coming...

Lilia: Prima, I...I'm sorry about what to Shad--

Prima: What are you talking about? Don't worry about it. I'm fine. Really!

*Prima walks ahead, and rejoins the group*

Prima: We were going to meet up with the others, right?

Lilia: Uhm...yeah, that's right.

Prima: Then let's go.

Lilia: *nods* Okay.

Bob: Lilia, wait...

Lilia: ?

Bob: There's one last thing...I wanted to say...

Lilia: W-what is it...?

Bob: Lilia, whatever you said to Shadow in his last moments, I believe it has brought him greater joy than either of us could possibly comprehend. Despite everything, I believe you allowed him to truly find happiness. That's what his smile represents. That was his way of trusting you.

Lilia: ...Then what kind of trust should I respond with? No matter what I do...he won't come back...

Bob: I think...what you should do is not forget him.

Lilia: Not forget?

Bob: The way he lived, his friendship, the things he left us...

Lilia: ...I'll never forget. I can't forget! I'll always remember him. He was...my dear friend.

Bob: I'm sure he feels the same way, Lilia...
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~~Jawo' vs. Deke, Pt. 3~~

*With his life hanging in the balance, Deke pulls out all the stops and unleashes the full extent of his power. Deke's darkness flames overwhelm both Jawo' and his crystal dragon with little effort, leaving him without a means to defend himself. With his back against the wall, and seemingly no way to counter Deke's enhancement, can Jawo' survive this predicament and still come out on top?*

*From across the room, Deke continues to glare at Jawo' with fiery passion burning in his eyes*

Jawo': Ungh...(Damnit, Jawo'. You really went and did it this time. You pissed him off and now look where you are. Ho'ryu's been waxed and you sit here against a wall, just waiting to die! What the HELL do you do now!?)

*Deke slowly marches towards Jawo', his flame shroud flaring outwards*

Jawo': (Crap, he's coming! Look's like I've got no choice...)

*As Deke inches toward him, Jawo' grabs his sword and struggles to stand to his feet. As he stands, he wobbles side to side, struggling to maintain a pose. Ready to fight again, he handles his sword in a flismy reverse grip due to injuries sustained*

Jawo': *panting* Hah...ha...ha...(Urgh...this is no good. I feel...so weak. And it's so damn hot in here that...that I can barely see straight! Ungh...)

*Jawo' grabs his sword with both hands, and holds it upright*

Jawo': *smirks* (Heh, well, no use complaining about it now. What's life without a challenge anyway? I've still got some mana left. I'll just have to kill him before he kills me!)

*Without any sort of strategy, Jawo' dashes toward Deke, intent on striking him down with one blow*

Jawo': Haaaaaaaaah!

Deke: *to himself* What? Is he really--? Tsch. The fool...

Jawo': Take this! Yaah!

*Jawo' approaches and swings, but as was expected, his blade melts before even coming in contact with Deke's body, rendering the attack useless*

Jawo': What!? Aagh!

Deke: Simpleton. Have you learned nothing?

Jawo': Huh!?

Deke: Tah!

*Without a moment of hesitation, Deke looses a quick, yet powerful punch to Jawo's face. Packing enough force to end up flying off his feet and to the ground*

Jawo': Huaaaaagh! Ungh!

Deke: *flexes hand* ...Hmph.

*Jawo' sits himself upright, and scopes out his wounds*

Jawo': Agh...that punch. It...it burned. Like somebody just smacked me with a ton of red hot coal...

*Jawo' stands to his feet, ready to attack again*

Jawo': *to himself* Heh heh. Let's see how you like this, Deke. *smiles*

*Jawo' slams his sword into the ground, preparing a technique*

Jawo': Crystal Arte: Giant Crystal Spear!

*On Jawo's command, an enormous jagged peak of crystal juts from the wall behind Deke with the aid of the Crystal Stadium*

Deke: ...

Jawo': Huh?

*Although aware of the attack, Deke stands still, allowing the crystal spear to approach him. And as it does, it too, melts when coming within close proximity of his body*

Jawo': Agh! There's just no way!

Deke: You didn't really think that would work, did you?

Jawo': Damnit...

Deke: Now I think it's time I eliminated this nuisance...

Jawo': What...?

Deke: Huuuuuuuuaaaaaaah!!!

*Deke unleashes his power, his flame shroud flaring out and towering upwards, engulfing most of the room in an intense hellfire. Jawo' shields himself with his arms, trying to avoid being torched*

Jawo': Ungh! W-What...is this!? What's he doing!? A-agh...

Deke: "Burn this life to punish my enemy"! Blast...Heaaaaaarrrt!!!

*Deke's shroud focuses at a center and explodes, launching numerous blasts of roaring heat in every direction*

Jawo': Aaagh...this heat...it's too...much! I...can't--!

*The attack spreads around the chamber, shattering Jawo's Crystal Stadium as intended*

Jawo': What!? No! M-My Crystal Stadium! (So that's what he was trying to do. Damn him...)

*After the attack ceases, Deke is left clutching his chest as if he had a heart attack*

Deke: *panting* Hah....ha...hah...*to himself* So I managed to survive...

Jawo': My Crystal Stadium is toast, and my mana in nearly depleted. Heh. Heh heh... So much for not biting off more than I can chew. I blew it. Again...

Deke: My...my body. I can feel it...getting weaker. If I want to live long enough to see the end of this fight, I must finish this quickly.

*Deke marches towards Jawo' once more. But with his strength nearly gone, Jawo' can do naught but look on with blurred and obscured vision and await his imminent fate*

Jawo': *panting* Hah...so...so hot. I feel like I'm...about to faint. Ungh...I hate to say it, but...it looks like I'm about to bite the big one...

*Deke approaches Jawo' and stands before him*

Deke: ...

Jawo': Heh...so..a-are you satisfied...?

Deke: Hm?

Jawo': If you want to finish me off...now's your chance. I don't have any strength left to fight...

Deke: ...I will.

*Deke reaches down and grabs Jawo' by his neck, lifting him into the air*

Jawo': Guaaaghck!

*Steam rises from Deke's hand, showing evidence of his burning grip*

Deke: This power...

Jawo': Nngh...uh...uh?

Deke: Utilizing this power...will eventually destroy my body from the inside out.

Jawo': ...!

Deke: In time, these flames of darkness will consume both my mind and body, reducing me to a state of nothingness. But I care not...

Jawo': W...What!?

Deke: Because in choosing this path, I will ensure the survival of my friends! So long as they remain safe, my fate is irrelevant! I will do whatever it takes, even if it means sacrificing my body!

Jawo': *straining* Ungh! Y...You...!

*Deke grips his axe and holds it up in preparation to attack*

Deke: Now...for the sake of my friends, you will feel my power!

*Deke channels his power into his axe head, causing it to flare up in flames*

Deke: Brimstone...

Jawo': Ergh, you...fool!!!

Deke: Tempeeeeeeest!

*Deke swings his axe, issuing forth a massive pillar of flames that consumes Jawo's entire body in its confines*

Deke: ...Hmph.

*Meanwhile, within the raging pillar, Jawo' struggles with all his might to withstand the intense blaze, his body scalded and his clothes scorched*

Jawo': Urrrgh! (I...It's now...or n-never! I have to...do it!!)

*Fighting back the flames, slowly reaches into his pocket, pulling out his Water Blue Ring. As he does so, he engages in a flashback*

Jawo': And now I don't know what to do. I mean, it's not like I can make my crystals resistant to fire. Or the water from the ring super effective against it.

Blue: Hmm...maybe not, Jawo'. But then again, have you thought about combining the two together?

Jawo': What? Are you serious?

Blue: Well yeah. If the two elements alone aren't proving effective enough, then combining them together should give you the kind of results you're looking for. Take my magic for instance. Sure, each element is powerful on it's own, but I also have spells that utilize the power of two combined elements at my disposal, just in case I need that extra kick.

Jawo': Do you...do you really think I could? Do you really think I could combine the powers of the sword and the ring?

Blue: Hmm...well it's not exactly the same as combination magic, but it's the same general concept. So in theory, I suppose it's possible.

*Jawo' looks at both the Crystal Sword and Water Blue ring comparatively*

Jawo': The Crystal Sword...and...the Water Blue ring...

Blue: Heheheh, but..don't get your hopes up too high. It's only conjecture on my part.

Jawo': Hmm...(Conjecture or not...it's worth a try...)

*end flashback*

Jawo': (And now...is the time! I'm going to follow your advice, Blue!)

*Holding the Crystal Sword in one hand and the Water Blue Ring in the other, Jawo' brings the two together, hoping to create an amalgamation*

Jawo': Haaaaaaaaa! This is it!

*Jawo' combines the two ores, which generates a shining blue light that fills the area*

Deke: Wh...What? What is this!?

*The strong light pierces the flame pillar, shining brightly throughout the entire chamber*

Deke: Aagh! *shields eyes* Th-That light! Where is it...coming from!? Ergh!

*The light fades, and although burned and beaten, Jawo' appears standing strong and tall, carrying a new, blue-bladed and dripping wet sword in hand. With his experiment a success, he gazes upon it with a grin on his face*

Jawo': *to himself* Heh, so it worked afterall. Thanks, Blue. You're a lifesaver...

Deke: Ah! You! Y-You're...still alive? But how!?

Jawo': That's none of your business. I have nothing to say to a creep who'd put the throw his own life away, or even put the very planet at risk for a cause.

Deke: What...?

Jawo': I'll show you what it really means to be a friend!

*Without skipping a beat, Jawo' dashes toward Deke at full speed*

Jawo': Aaaaagh!!

Deke: !?

*Jawo' quickly approaches and slashes overhead, forcing Deke to defend by guarding the blow with his axe, locking the two in a power struggle*

Deke: Eerrgh!

Jawo': I won't let you do this! I won't let you do this...to your friends! Haaah!

*Jawo' pushes forward, slowly moving Deke off-center*

Deke: Ungh! (M-My body...it's...too weak. I...I c-can't...h-hold him off!) Aaagh!

*Jawo' succeeds in breaking Deke's guard, knocking his axe out of his hands to the far end of the chamber*

Deke: No!

Jawo': Now take this! Hyah!

*Blood spurts outwards as Jawo' delivers a clean cut across Deke's chest*

Deke: Guaaagh!

*Deke staggers backwards, clutching his bleeding flesh wound*

Deke: *panting heavily* Hah...haah...ha...Too...strong...ungh...

Jawo': Aaaaaah, it's not over yet!

*Jawo' holds up his sword, as its consumed with rushing water*

Deke: *panting* Hah...ha...(His sword...it's taken on the properties of water now. Even at the peak of my strength, he still manages to find a way to thwart my flames. This boy...he never ceases to amaze me...)

Jawo': Now, let's see what this sword can really do!

*Jawo' swings his sword, loosing a massive wave of water that travels towards Deke at a high velocity*

Deke: Uu-uagh... (It's...no use. My body is sapped of strength, and my consciousness is fading. I...I cannot avoid it...)

*Lacking the energy necessary to dodge, Deke can do naught but allow himself to be caught by the rushing wave*

Deke: Eerugh!

Jawo': Haa!

*With Deke submerged under the crushing wave, Jawo' focuses his mana, forming the wave into a sphere of water that floats in midair, sealing Deke within*

Deke: *struggling to hold breath* (Ugh, I...I'm prepared...to accept my fate...)

*Jawo' leaps into the air after the water sphere, with his sword held high over his head*

Jawo': "A flood of drops bursts forth!" Haaaaaaah! Midnight...Floooooooood!!!

*Gripping his sword with both hands, Jawo' stabs it downwards deep into the sphere, causing it to explode in a torrential rush*

Deke: Uuuuaaaaaagh!!!

*Deke's battered body plummets to the ground. Though still barely conscious, he is unable to fight any longer, ending the fight in Jawo's favor*

Deke: *under his breath* K--Kovah...

*Upon landing, Jawo' seperates the Aqua Brand, returning both the Crystal Sword and Water Blue Ring to their original states*

Jawo': *sheathes sword* It's over, Deke. You lost this fight...

Deke: ...S--So this is how it ends...

Jawo': Hm?

Deke: I will die...a failure...

Jawo': Deke...

Deke: In the end...I...I couldn't save him afterall. Kovah...Shina, I'm sorry. I...could not fulfill my promise...to you...

Jawo': *shakes head* No, that's not true.

Deke: Uh...?

Jawo': Deke, your heart is in the right place, but your methods are foolish.

Deke: What...?

Jawo': I...I refuse to accept that's it okay to sacrifice people for a cause.

Deke: ...

Jawo': If you sacrifice yourself, your friends...your friends who love and care about you, they'll be left without you. It'll be the same as sacrificing them. Don't you understand that?

Deke: I...

Jawo': I won't let you sacrifice the world or yourself to save Kovah, do you hear me?

Deke: But then...then what should I do? What choice do I have...?

Jawo': Don't. Give. Up.

Deke: Hunh?

Jawo': Don't EVER give up. We'll find a way to save Kovah without having to sacrifice anyone. And we'll do it...together.

Deke: T--Together...?

*Deke looks up to see Jawo' extending his hand out towards him, as a sign of friendship*

Deke: Ah...

Jawo': ...

Deke: You...my enemy. You would offer your hand...to me?

Jawo': Yes, I would. Except for one thing...

Deke: ?

Jawo': We're not enemies. Not anymore. From this point on, we're going to fight together for a common goal. We're going to save both Kovah AND the world. And we're not giving up until we find a way for EVERYONE to live. Is that clear?

Deke: Ye...

Jawo': Hm?

Deke: Yes...

*Deke's expression shifts to a warm smile as he grabs hold of Jawo's hand*

Deke: I...accept this way.

Jawo': Good.

*Jawo' takes Deke's hand and pulls him into an upright position*

Bob: Well said, Jawo'.

Jawo'/Deke: Hn?

*Jawo' and Deke look over to see Bob's group approaching them*

Deke: Who...who are--?

Jawo': Bob! A-And Zeldafan!? But what are you--!?

Zeldafan: Heehee! We heard everything you said just now!

Jawo': Huh?

Zeldafan: I didn't know you had it in ya, Jawo', but you can sound pretty darn heroic at times!

Jawo': Uuh...*rubs head and blushes*

Zeldafan: Aw, you're blushing. How cute! Heehee, I think Blue might have himself some competition.

Jawo': Hmph. *crosses arms* Well hey, he's not the only one who can dish out the heroic monologues.

Zeldafan: Hah, you said it. I can see that you're every bit of a hero as he is.

Shina: Deke!

Deke: Wha-- T...That voice...

Shina: Deke! Deke!

Deke: S-Shina...is that--

*But before Deke can finish his sentence, Shina rushes up and throws her arms around him, holding him tight*

Shina: *sniff* Deke...

Deke: Shina...

Shina: I thought...

Deke: Hn?

Shina: I thought...that'd I'd never see you again after you left those 15 years ago. I'm so glad that you're okay...

Deke: ...I was a fool...

Shina: Huh? What do you mean?

Deke: All this time...I was so focused on bringing Kovah back to his true self...that, I didn't care what I had to do to accomplish it. I was willing to throw my own life away, and even plunge the entire planet into chaos to do so...

Shina: What!? But...but that's insane!

Deke: ...

Shina: How...how could you even think of sacrificing yourself like that!? Yes, it's true that I want Kovah back, but...not if it means losing you in the process!

Deke: Shina...

Shina: I...I don't know what I'd do if I lost you, Deke...*sniff*

Deke: Somewhere in my heart, I felt that if I managed to rescue Kovah and end his suffering, even at the cost of my life, that everything would still turn out okay in the end. Even though I knew that I'd be leaving the both of you alone. I...I was foolish for believing this. And that's why...

Shina: Huh?

Deke: That's why I've made a vow. A vow to never again risk abandoning my friends. I will not sacrifice this world or myself to save Kovah, but instead, we shall venture forth together. To find a means of saving both our friend and the planet without sacrificing anyone.

*Upon hearing Deke's words, Shina dries her tears and warms up to a smile*

Shina: *sniff* ...

Deke: And we will do so, with the aid of our friends...

Jawo': *grins* Heh heh, you talkin' about me, big guy?

Deke: *nods* Yes. You, and everyone else as well.

Shina: *nods* Yes...! We're all friends...

Lilia: Heehee, that's right!

Jawo': Ah! Lilia!

Lilia: Jawo'...

Jawo': Lilia, you're here! A--are you okay!? Are you alright!? What happened!? You fought Shadow, didn't you? Where is he!?

Lilia: Aah!

*Upon mention of Shadow, Lilia's expression turns to sadness*

Lilia: ...

Jawo': Wait...you don't mean...

Deke: Hrrm... *lowers head*

Jawo': Then...then...!

Deke: ?

Lilia: Huh?

Jawo': We'll just have to fight on Shadow's behalf too!

Lilia: Jawo'...thank you. *smiles*

Bob: Ahem!

Jawo': Huh?

Bob: Sorry to have to cut this pep rally short, but don't we have a job to do?

Jawo': Hm! *nods* You're right, Bob! Blue and Reese...and Kovah too. They need our help!

Lilia: And Millie as well!

Jawo': Oh...right...*scratches head* her...

Lilia: *annoyed* Jawo'!

Jawo': Hey hey, I was only kidding! Sheesh...*sweatdrop*

*Bitter adversaries turn to friends and fierce allies, as Deke abandons his self-sacrificing ways in favor of more complacent methods. Bob's group, joined now by Jawo' and a reformed Deke, travel into the deepest depths of the Asroc Temple, hurrying to the aid of Blue and Kovah, who even now, struggle in a bout riddled with misunderstanding*
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« Reply #82 on: 02 March, 2009, 02:40:11 pm »

~~Blue vs. Kovah, Pt. 3~~

*Refusing to stand by and watch as his friends fall before Kovah's might, Reese overcomes his fear and uncertainty and joins in the fight, rescuing Millie from an untimely demise. Reese's sudden interventions leaves Kovah cornered, allowing Blue to seal his fate with a destructive Indignation spell. But the victory is short-lived, as Kovah rises back to battle, despite serious injuries inflicted. But...is it really Kovah? Or another, more dangerous force, as Reese suspects?*

Reese: *to himself* He...He said I was a...a Lunisian... But what does--

Blue: Reese.

Reese: Huh? Blue?

Blue: Reese, you said that...that's not Kovah. ...What did you mean by that?

Reese: Hm. Well, it came up while Lilia and I were traveling with Kovah's group as his hostages.

Blue: Uh?

Reese: ...There's a another being...inhabiting Kovah's mind.

Blue: What!? Another being!?

Reese: Hm. *nods*

Blue: But...But how is that possible!? The Asrocian Elders told us that Kovah's mind was corrupted by the evil power enamating from the monolith!

Reese: And that's what we all believed to be true at first...

Blue: Huh?

Reese: That is...until we saw Kovah's true self remerge.

Blue: What? Is that true?

Reese: Yeah. *nods* It was only for a moment, but it allowed us to draw the conclusion that Kovah's really struggling on the inside.

Blue: What...?

Reese: Kovah and this...this presence, they're both struggling for control over his body. But he can't succeed on his own. It's hold is just...too strong.

Blue: So...you're saying that...all this time, another presense from within Kovah's consciousness...has been manipulating his actions, and forcing him to do all of this against his will?

Reese: ...

Blue: *to himself* Destroying the Guardian Statues, bringing this island back from the ocean depths, and kidnapping Lilia and Reese, all while hurting countless innocent people... All of it was being orchestrated by someone from behind the scenes this entire time, and we didn't even suspect a thing!

Reese: That's right, Blue. Lilia and I, we wanted to find a way...to free him. A way that wouldn't resort to anyone getting hurt. It's why...I...I couldn't bring myself to fire upon him earlier...

Blue: Reese...

Reese: I'm sorry, I just couldn't do it. This...isn't his fault, Blue...

Blue: It's alright, Reese. I...understand now...

Reese: Huh?

*With his anger ablaze, Blue sets his gazes upon the possessed Kovah*

Blue: Damnit. *clenches fist* (Shina...she was right all along. Kovah...really was possessed by another force after coming in contact with the monolith. But if this is true, then I get the feeling we're not dealing with an evil power anymore. No... Something's going on here, something a lot bigger than just a maniac's lust for power)

Kovah(?): Hmhmhmhm...

Blue: Mmmn... (And he's the one behind it all!)

Kovah(?): Hahahaha!

Blue: *angrily* You...this is all your doing!

Kovah(?): So, you've finally figured it out, have you? Well it's about time...

Blue: Huh?

Kovah(?): Yes! I was the one, who put it all into place! From the very beginning, I manipulated the foolish human you call "Kovah" into doing my bidding. With him under my influence, I was finally able to succeed in uncovering the long lost seal containing my body!

Blue: What!?

Reese: Y-Your...body!?

Blue: Damn...so that's what this was all about. This was all just a plot...to get your body back...

Kovah(?): Hahaha! Yes! And you pathetic humans are what made it all possible! And to think, you actually believed that there was a "Great Power" lying within the seal. Pah, what rubbish. The only power to be found is my own! Power that will soon be limitless!

Blue: Ergh...no! Damnit! This was all...just a set-up! We were all being duped right from the start!

Kovah(?): Ha ha ha...I guess you could say that. But I really must thank you for doing away with this pesky human body.

Blue: What...?

Kovah(?): Ah yes...defeating this fool...made it possible for me to achieve my goal! With his consciousness subdued, I've at last taken full control of his body! No longer will his feeble human mind interfere with me!

Blue: You...You used him...like a puppet!

Kovah(?): Haha! Correct! It was for my ideal! For eternal power!

Reese: W-Who are you? What are you!?

Kovah(?): Hrmph, wouldn't you like to know, Lunisian?

Reese: Ah! (Lunisian...he said it again. What...is that?)

Kovah(?): Don't worry...

Reese: Huh?

Kovah(?): You will know firsthand just who I am!!!

Reese: Aah!

*Suddenly, the energy surrounding Kovah begins to flee his body, taking an ominous form*

Blue: !? Get ready...he's up to something!

Reese: Hm!

*The energy manifests into physical and somewhat ethereal form outside of Kovah's body. Without an inhabitation residing in his will, Kovah falls helplessly to the ground, unconscious once more*

Reese: Aaah! W-W-What is that thing!?

Blue: Stay alert, Reese! This could get rough...

??: And now...

Blue: Wha--

??: To acquire a new vessel...

Blue: What? A new vessel? ...Aah! No! He can't mean--!

??: Haa!

Blue: Reese!

*Without hesistation, the ethereal being soars directly towards Reese, intent on taking his body as his own*

??: You're mine, Lunisian!

Blue: No! Reese, look out! He's coming for you!

Reese: Aaah!

??: It's too late!

*But before Reese has a chance to escape, the being's energy engulfs Reese's body, occupying him within the depths of his cognizance*

Blue: Reese! No!

Reese: Aaah! Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Blue: Reese, fight it! Don't let him take control of you!

Reese: I...ugh...I...

*Reese's body tremors and shakes, showing proof of his inward struggle to maintain control of his body movements*

Blue: Reese...?

??: Hahaha! It's no use!

Blue: What!?

*The being projects his voice from within Reese's subconscious*

??: What you say is impossible. The Lunisian will never be able to overpower the likes of me. He is much too weak and frail...

Reese: Ungh...aagh!

Blue: Come on, Reese! I know you're stronger than this!

Reese: Aah...Blue! I-I...I'm t-trying!

Blue: Damn!

??: Hahahaha! Like I said, it's a futile effort. From within the Lunisian's subconscious, I will take control of his body, and force him to release the seal on my body against every fiber of his will!

Reese: U-ungh! N-no! You...You can't!

Blue: Damnit! You think I'm just going to let you get away with this!?

??: Hmph. And just what do you intend to do to me?

Blue: What?

??: Attack me, and you'll be attacking the boy as well...

Blue: Aah!

??: The only way to stop me, is to kill the boy! But you don't want to do that, do you!? Hahahah!

Blue: Urgh! *clenches fist*

??: Foolish human sentiments...

Blue: (Damn! W-What do I do now!?)

??: We all have a role to play, and yours is by far the most crucial, Lunisian.

Reese: N...No! I...I won't do it!

??: You have no choice!

*Against his will, Reese begins to walk towards the monolith*

Reese: Aagh! No! I...I can't...stop it!

Blue: Reese! You have to snap out of it! There's too much on the line for you to give in now!

Reese: I...I can't, Blue! I can't...move my body! He's...he's t-too...strong! Aaagh!

Blue: Reese! Don't do this!

Reese: Blue...I-I'm sorry!

Blue: Damn it!

Kovah: Ungh...Bl...

Blue: Hn?

*Blue looks over to notice Kovah regained consciousness, yet still severely weak*

Blue: Kovah!

Kovah: Blu...ue...

Blue: Kovah, it's you. H-Have you...returned to your true self?

Kovah: I have...but...that's not what's important right now...

Blue: Huh?

Kovah: Blue...you...you have to stop Reese!

Blue: What!? But...I--!

Kovah: You must!

Blue: Ah!

Kovah: Because...if you don't, then...that...that monster, he'll return, and...and destroy everything...and everyone we hold dear...

Blue: But...I can't! I can't hurt him!

Kovah: I know. It must be hard...to have to turn your blade against a friend. But if you don't do this, many more innocent people will suffer!

Blue: ...

Kovah: Blue, please...

Blue: I...understand.

Kovah: Huh?

Blue: I really don't want to do this. But, I will if I have to...

Kovah: Blue...thanks...

Blue: Just...leave it to me.

*Blue turns and faces Reese, intent on striking him down*

Blue: *to himself* Ungh! That damn monster! But...I guess I don't have a choice...

*Blue begins to focus his mana towards casting a spell. Though unbeknownst to him, the being takes notice of this*

??: What...? What's he doing...?

Blue: Reese...I'm sorry I have to do this...

??: Argh! He would dare!? The fool! ...Hunh. Well no matter. I will simply dispose of him.

*Reese is forced to draw an arrow and load it into his bow*

Reese: Aah! What--!

??: Silence! We will eliminate that nuisance before he eliminates you!

Reese: No! D-don't!

*Reese pulls the arrow back and prepares to fire. Meanwhile, Blue chants an incantation*

Blue: *chanting* "O sharpened rage, run through that which blocks our future"!

Reese: Blue! Aaa-aaagh! I can't...hold it back!

??: Now! Die!

Blue: Stalag--huh!?

Kovah: Aah! Blue! Look out!

*As Blue finishes his incantation, he looks over just in time to witness an arrow pierce straight through his chest*

Blue: Ree...aaarrggh!!

Kovah: Blue! No!

Reese: Blue!

*With a bleeding hole in chest just above his heart depleting him of his energy, Blue falls backwards helplessly to the ground*

Blue: ...

??: Hmm, perhaps that was not enough power. Yet still, it is of little consequence. He won't be bothering us...anymore.

Kovah: Blue! No, this can't be happening!

Reese: Aaaaaaaah! W-What have I done!? Blue!

??: Hahaha. Thanks to you, Reese, there's no one left who can stand in my way!

Reese: No...

??: And as a show of my appreciation, I will allow you to witness the fruition of my glorious re-emergence!

Reese: What!?

??: ...The reawakening of the Supreme Ruler of the Universe!!!

*Upon approaching the monolith, Reese is forced to insert his necklace key into an indentation on the monolith, breaking the seal*

Kovah: Aaah!

Reese: N-Noooooo!

??: Hahaha! Yes!!!

*Upon the breaking of the seal, the chamber is filled with a blinding white light, to which Bob's group witnesses as well*

Deke: Urgh! Ungh! What in the world!?

Jawo': Hey! W-What's that light!?

Lilia: It's coming from up ahead!

Zeldafan: Up ahead... But isn't that where... Bob! You don't think--!?

Bob: That could very well be the case, Zeldafan. But for our sake, I pray that is it not...

*The light dissipates, and upon the crumbled remains of the monolith stands a human-like demon, with pale grey skin and long white hair. He stands menacingly before Reese carrying a knights sword, decked out in heavy black armor and wrapped in a large white cape*

??: Heh heh...hah hah hah... Success! At last...at last I have done it!!

Reese: *trembling* Aaah...aaah...aa...

??: Hrmph. Well now, you look like you've just seen a ghost.

*Reese slowly backs away in fear of the tyrant before him*

Reese: N-n-no! Th-This can't be real!

??: Hah, pathetic Lunisian. How dare you deny what you can see before your very eyes.

Reese: This...this isn't happening!

??: Now that you've fulfilled your only useful, I have no more need for the likes of you...

Reese: *gulp*

??: You are not worthy to live for my judgment! Now peer into the eyes of your executioner! Begone!

Reese: Aaaaah!!

*The mysterious man quickly draws his sword and delivers a deadly slash across Reese's chest, spilling his blood*

Reese: Uuuuaaaagh!

*Reese falls to the ground unconscious after suffering a grave wound*

Kovah: Reese!

??: Hahahaha! Looks like the sands have run from the hourglass. What a pity... *sheathes sword*

Kovah: *angrily* You...you monster...!

*Although too late to put a stop to the catastrophe at hand, Bob and the remainder of Blue's companions arrive at the chamber. And what they witness before them leaves them in shock*

Lilia: *gasp* Ah! Blue!!

Kovah: Hn?

Penny: Reese! No!

*Seeing their friend's injured bodies lying the ground, Lilia and Penny rush to their aid*

Lilia: Blue! Blue, can you hear me!? Say something!

Blue: ...

Penny: Reese, come on! Snap out of it!

Reese: ...

Jawo': ...This is bad. They're both seriously injured. Ergh, damnit! What the hell happened here!?

Zeldafan: *gasp* Bob! Look!

Bob: Blast...we were too late to stop it...

Shina: Wh-Who is that man...?

Zeldafan: Bob, is...is he...

Bob: *disturbed* Hrrm...

??: Hmph. More annoying flies, it would appear.

Jawo': Hey!!

??: Hrm? You would dare address me in that barbarous tone?

Jawo': You're damn right, I would! Who are you!? Are you the one who did this to my friends!? Because if you did...

*Jawo' grabs the hilt of his sword*

Jawo': You're gonna pay...

??: Hah, well, since you're going to die anyway, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to tell you.

Jawo': What!?

??: Behold, worthless humans! I am the Great Emperor Odexxia!

Deke: What? Odexxia?

Odexxia: The man who once seized the inner power of 1000 celestial bodies! And obliterated many a galaxy, leaving them a withered wasteland in my wake.

Prima: Seized the power of 1000 planets!?

Odexxia: I am...the most powerful warrior in all the cosmos, and soon to be the Supreme Ruler of the entire Universe! Hahahaha!!

Zeldafan: Universe!? Is this guy serious!?

Odexxia: Heh heh, now that you've failed in every possible way, the whole world awaits execution at my hands! There is...no escape.

The worst has come to pass, and the Lunar Monolith's seal has finally been shattered. With the reawakening of Mighty Galactic Emperor, Odexxia, a dark cloud looms over the horizon once more. With both Blue and Reese incapacitated and on the verge of death, do our heroes have with it takes to bring down this new threat and succeed in stopping his plans for Universal Domination?

End Eternal Gate Arc
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« Reply #83 on: 12 March, 2009, 11:22:14 pm »

*With piercing gazes, the group looks on with contempt and unease at the new foe standing before them*

Bob: Odexxia... So you're the one who was spoken of in my Historical Records...

Odexxia: Historical Records, hm? Well yes! I am Odexxia. The very same Odexxia that was buried and left a cursed memory. And yet, I now live again! Hahahaha!

Bob: Mmmn...(If what those records say are indeed true...this...could bode ill for us...)

Odexxia: Ha ha ha. I must say, I'm impressed with your cunning and resolve. I didn't think you lot would make it this far! And here I was banking on you all killing eachother...

*Blue, still suffering from his previous injury, struggles to sit upwards*

Blue: Uu-urgh...Y-You...

Lilia: Ah! Blue!

Odexxia: Hmph, but no matter... Before long, the world will once again be mine on a delicious half-shelf. And there's nothing you can do to stop me.

Kovah: O...Odexxia...!

Odexxia: Hm?

Kovah: There's no way I'm...going to let you...get away with this!

Odexxia: Ah, so the puppet speaks...

Kovah: Wh-What!?

Odexxia: Yes, you were merely a puppet...dancing at the end of my strings. A lowly pawn in my grand scheme!

Kovah: Ungh...

Shina: Don't talk about Kovah like he's just some...thing!!

Odexxia: Oh, but Kovah was a tool most crucial to my plans. As was the Lunisian boy.

Reese: ...

Odexxia: Oh yes. You've both played your parts exceedingly well!

Kovah: You...You damn bastard. How dare you use me like that!

Odexxia: Be silent, you fool. You have outlived your usefulness to me. Now die like the puppet you are!

Kovah: Uh!?

*Odexxia fires a bolt of lightning at Kovah in an attempt to kill him*

Blue/Jawo'/Lilia/Penny/Reese/Prima/Zeldafan: !!!

Deke: Kovah!

Shina: Kovah, no!

Kovah: Aaah!

Bob: Guardian Field!!

*Bob quickly steps in front of Kovah and thrusts his rapier into the ground, summoning a field of light around him that blocks the oncoming lightning bolt*

Odexxia: What...!?

*The strain of fending off the powerful attack leaves Bob in a state of extreme fatigue*

Bob: Urgh...(He's...strong...)

Zeldafan: Bob!

*Zeldafan hurries to Bob's side, grabbing hold of him as he stumbles over*

Zeldafan: Bob...a-are you okay...?

Bob: *panting* Hah...hah...I-I'm fine. Never you worry.

Kovah: You...

Bob: Hrm?

Kovah: You...saved me. Uh...I..uhm..th-thanks...

Bob: Think nothing of it.

Zeldafan: ...(I...I can't believe it! One attack from that guy...reduced Bob to this!? I think we're in some deep trouble here...!)

Odexxia: Hmm...so you humans aren't as weak as I thought you were. This could prove interesting...

Jawo': Damnit! You...You son of--!! *clenches fist*

Odexxia: Hm?

Jawo': Odexxia! How dare you harm my friends!

*With fiery anticipation, Jawo' grabs the hilt of his sword, ready to fight*

Odexxia: Hm hm hm.... My my, it seems that we have quite the firebrand in our presence.

Jawo': You'll pay for this!

Odexxia: Ohmmm...how delightful. A little twerp tete-a-tete, mmm? I'm up for it if you are, boy!

Jawo': Hm!

Odexxia: However, for your sake, your bite had better be worse than your pathetic bark.

Jawo': Agh, I'll show you who's the pathetic one...

Lilia: *gasp* Jawo'! Don't!

Jawo': Here I come!

*Jawo' attempts to charge towards Odexxia when he feels a force restraining him from behind*

Jawo': Wh-What...?

*Jawo' turns his head to see Prima having wrangled his waist with her whip to keep him from going further*

Jawo': Prima! Ugh, what are you doing!?

Prima: What's it look like!? I'm saving your butt, that's what!

Jawo': What!?

Prima: Ugh, do you ever think before you act!? I'm beginning to wonder if there's a brain in that oversized head of yours!

Jawo': I don't have time for this! Let me go so I can pound him into the ground!

Prima: And just how are you going to do that, huh!?

Jawo': I...

Prima: Don't be stupid! After what we just witnessed, there's no way you can take that guy. Not by yourself. You can't just go running off like that, you bonehead! You'll only get yourself killed!

Jawo': I...uungh, fine...

Odexxia: Hm hm hm hm hm... You humans really are amusing creatures...

Jawo': Damnit...

Odexxia: But as much as I'd love to do you all the favor of seperating your heads from your bodies, I have a much more...important task at hand.

Prima: Wha--?

Odexxia: Ah haa...

*Odexxia looks upwards at the sky, gazing into the heavens*

Odexxia: ...The world of Deir Lunisia. How long it's been since I've last laid eyes upon it.

Reese: D-Deir...L...Lunis-ia...?

Penny: Reese...?

Odexxia: The show, I'm afraid, is over. It's time for the final curtain! Deir Lunisia's power will at last become my own, and once that happens, I shall become...a God!

Penny: What!? A...A God!?

Odexxia: But don't worry. For when I return, I will make sure to grind you AND this worthless planet...INTO THE GROUND!!

Blue: N...N-No!

Odexxia: Farewell! Hahahahahaha!!

Jawo': Damn you, Odexxia, wait!

*Jawo' breaks free from his restraints and rushes towards Odexxia*

Jawo': Get back here!

*He attempts to strike with his blade, but Odexxia disappears from sight, rendering his assault useless*

Jawo': ...

Prima: He...got away...

Jawo': Damn... We have to follow him!

Prima: Jawo'! Just hold it for a second!

Jawo': Argh, what is it this time!?

Prima: Just look at the state we're in! We're in no kind of shape to be tailing that guy right now.

*Jawo' looks around, taking in the sight of his friends injured and impaired*

Jawo': Aah...

Bob: Prima's...right. We should take time to regroup first...before deciding our next course of action.

Jawo': Ah, uhm...r-right...

Penny: Yeah, I'll do my best to heal their wounds.

*And so the group does as such. With their wounds mended, and their strength fully recuperated, they all come together. Although still in a state of befuddlement*

Penny: *healing Kovah* Ah ha! And that's the last of 'em!

Kovah: Aaah...much better. *flexes hand* Thank you...Penny.

Penny: Don't thank me. It's not like I did it for you. I still don't trust you, you know.

Shina: Ah! But...But Pen--

Kovah: No, Shina. It's...it's okay.

Shina: But Kovah! None of this was your fault! It's not right to hold you accountable!

Kovah: No...I think it is.

Shina: What...?

Kovah: It's true, I wasn't in my right state of mind. But that still won't change the fact that I did terrible things. So I can understand their feelings. This is something...that I'll just have to bear.

Shina: Oh Kovah...

Jawo': Well this is one fine mess we're all in! What do we do now, Blue!?

Blue: I...don't know. But first thing's first. We need to find out just what kind of opponent we're dealing with here.

*Blue looks towards Bob*

Blue: Bob, I trust that you came here with that intel.

Bob: And you would be correct, Blue.

Blue: So tell us. Who is this Odexxia, and what exactly does he intend to do?

Bob: Hmm... Well, the Historical Records description of him is very limited, but I'll tell you what I can. Alright, now where to begin...? ...Odexxia, is an ancient demon lord, and widely known across the demon world as the most powerful Demonic Emperor ever. He is evil incarnate, and to a degree, insane. His only motivation being to acquire limitless power and rule over not only the demon world, but the entire Universe as well. He's both cruel and ruthless, and will use and manipulate everyone around him to achieve his goals.

Lilia: But, this...Deir Lunisia that he spoke of...what does that have to do with achieving his goal?

Bob: Odexxia is also known as, the Core Assimilator.

Lilia: Core...Assimilator?

Bob: He acquires greater power by assimilating the planet hearts, adding their power to his own.

Jawo': Planet Hearts... What are those?

Bob: Planet Hearts are portions of celestial bodies located in the very center, and are responsible for maintaining the life and stability of said planet. All planet hearts are made up of an extremely high concentration of mana. When Odexxia absorbs these, he is adding this immense power to his own being, becoming even more dangerous as a result.

Lilia: But...I still don't get it. What is it about Deir Lunisia that makes it so special? Odexxia seemed pretty focused on heading there, as if there's something that puts it above other planets.

Zeldafan: Hey! There's something I've been wondering about that!

Bob: Hm?

Zeldafan: What IS Deir Lunisia, anyway!? I've never heard of that before in my life!

Bob: Ah, Zeldafan. Deir Lunisia...is this world's equivalent of the Moon.

Zeldafan: What? The Moon!?

Bob: Yes, also known as "The Silver Star", it was once inhabited by humans many centuries ago.

Zeldafan: Wha--!? You're telling me that humans used to live on the Moon!? There's no way!

Bob: Ah, but it's true. In fact, 1000 years ago, Odexxia himself descended unto Deir Lunisia, most likely in hopes of absorbing its planet heart. But oddly enough, that was the last time he was heard from. That is, until now of course.

Lilia: What...happened?

Bob: Well apparently he was sealed away and yet somehow found his way to Earth. But the details of this untold encounter still remain a mystery to this day...

Reese: But...But--!

Bob: Hm?

Blue: What is it, Reese?

Reese: Odexxia...he...he kept referring to me as a Lunisian. Does this mean that...I'm...one of these people? Am I really from Deir Lunisia!?

Bob: ...I cannot tell you for sure, Reese...

Blue: But at the very least, it would make sense.

Reese: Huh?

Penny: What do you mean, Blue?

Blue: Well, think about it for a second. The mystery surrounding the origins of Reese's birth, the fact that he was the only one capable of unsealing the monolith, and now...this. Don't you think it all adds up?

Bob: Hrm...now that you mention it, that's a very astute deduction, Blue. Such would do to explain Reese's obvious ties to the monolithic seal. A very plausible theory indeed...

Blue: But in the end, the only way we'll know for sure...is for us to go to the world of Deir Lunisia ourselves.

Lilia: Blue! A-Are we really--?

Blue: We are. We can't let Odexxia succeed with his twisted plan. He must be stopped at all costs!

Jawo': So we're finally going, huh? Well it's about time!

Blue: Yeah. I just need to know if...you all would lend me your support.

Jawo': Huh?

Blue: We're venturing to a completely new world, and there's no telling what could lie in store for us there. There's a chance...that we may not come back alive...

Jawo': Hah, is that all!?

Blue: What?

Jawo': In case you haven't noticed, Blue, we've been risking our butts on this journey since day one!

Lilia: Jawo's right, Blue! We've come this far, there's no way we're going to call it quits now!

Jawo': No stupid planet is going to scare me off! I say bring it on! There's too much riding on this one to leave it all in your hands.

Lilia: And the possibility of death will never steer me from your side, Blue. I'm with you all the way!

Blue: Guys...thanks. And what about you, Penny? Reese? I'd understand if this is all too much for you.

Penny: Well what do you think, Blue!?

Blue: Ah?

Penny: You think I'm going to turn tail and run away while everyone else is out risking their lives? I thought you knew me better than that, Blue! I'm no coward!

Blue: But--

Penny: Hey! Don't be like that! I intend to stick with you, Blue! And there's no way you can talk me out of helping you, kay? *winks*

Blue: Oh Penny...

Reese: Blue...I...I wanna come too!

Blue: Huh?

Reese: I know...that this'll be more dangerous than anything we've ever faced together, but I have to do this! I feel like...like I'm so close, to finding my true destiny! And I think I'll find it...on Deir Lunisia.

Blue: Reese...

Reese: I also know that this journey isn't all about me. I want to come, not only to find my destiny, but to help you all save the world too! Like I said, we're all in this together, right? I'm not going to abandon everyone after coming this far.

Blue: Hm. *nods* You're right, Reese. Thank you...for everything.

Bob: So, I trust everything is settled, Blue? If so, we should prepare for departure.

Blue: Yeah. We should get going.

Kovah: Blue, wait!

Bob: Hm?

Blue: Huh?

*Kovah boldy steps forward with a proclamation*

Kovah: If...If it's not too much to ask, Blue...I'd like to join you...and your companions in the fight against Odexxia.

Blue: Kovah...

Kovah: I know, up until now, I've caused you and your friends a lot of grief. But now, I want to work to try and make things right. Even if...I can never be truly forgiven for what I've done.

Blue: I'd be happy...to have you join us.

Kovah: !?

Blue: But just know one thing.

Kovah: What...is it?

Blue: This is neither about revenge, nor redemption for your past crimes. I'm allowing you to join us, because we are all fighting for one common cause: To defeat Odexxia, and save Earth. That's the only thing that matters at this point.

Kovah: You're...You're right, Blue. Thank you, for placing your trust in me.

Blue: Hm. *nods*

Shina: Don't forget about me, Blue!

Blue: Shina?

Shina: If Kovah's going, then I am too! I may not be very strong, but I want to help you as best as I can!

Deke: And if both Kovah and Shina wish to accompany you, then I will as well. In hopes of achieving a brighter future, I shall lend you all of my strength.

Blue: And Prima...

Prima: Uh?

Blue: What about you? Will you be joining us in our fight?

Prima: *apathetically* Mm? Oh, yeah, okay, sure. *fans hand*

Blue: Heh, well that's as good of an answer as any, I guess. *rubs head*

Lilia: Well, I'd say that's everyone, right?

Jawo': Yeah! With all of us fighting together like this, there's no way we can lose! Heh, Odexxia may as well just beg us for mercy!

Bob: Blue, preparations are complete. The Gateway to Deir Lunisia is ready whenever you are.

Blue: Alright...this is it. From this point onward, there's no turning back.

Kovah: We're all prepared for whatever lies ahead, Blue.

Blue: Then it's time for us to go. Last stop, Deir Lunisia, The Silver Star.
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« Reply #84 on: 02 April, 2009, 10:12:26 pm »

*On Blue's order, Bob opens a gate which the group uses as a means to travel to Deir Lunisia. Once arriving on the other side, they stumble into a frozen wasteland of a planet, entirely devoid of life. Dark, swirling clouds blanket the sky as a chilling wind scours the land*

~~The Desolate Planet: Deir Lunisia~~

Lilia: ...*gasp*

Jawo': What the--? What is this...?

Blue: This is Deir Lunisia!?

Bob: I was aware of this earlier, but it sure isn't a very hospitable place to live.

Deke: Agreed. Upon first glance, most of it appears to be wasteland, really.

Zeldafan: But Bob, didn't you say that this planet was once inhabited by a race of people?

Bob: Yes, that is true. But that was many centuries ago.

Kovah: So that would mean, anything could've happened between then and now...

Shina: But what could've occured here that was so devastating as to destroy a race of people, and reduce an entire planet to...this?

Prima: Well, Bob also said that Odexxia arrived here 1000 years ago, right? Maybe he had something to do with all this.

Jawo': Humph, no doubt this was his doing.

Bob: Perhaps. But you can never be too certain...

Jawo': Huh?

Reese: Hold on a minute!

Penny: What's up, Reese?

Reese: If the people of this planet we're wiped out a long time ago, then, how was it that I was sent from here to Earth just 15 years ago?

Blue: Reese...you may just be on to something. Assuming you really are one of these Lunisians, something about this doesn't quite add up.

Lilia: So what are you trying to say, Blue? That the stories about what happened here aren't true?

Blue: No. What I'm saying is, we don't really know the full story behind it all.

Bob: Right. So instead of trying to make sense of what we cannot fathom, it would be wise for us to just move on with our objective.

Jawo': Which is to hunt down Odexxia and kick his demonic ass!

Bob: Hmmm crude, but true, nonetheless.

Blue: Then in that case, let's get going. Maybe if we travel further, we can find someone who'll explain all of this to us.

*Meanwhile, far ahead of Blue and his group, Odexxia confronts an unknown man in front of the entrance to a rather transcendent tower. The man appears to be only slightly older than Deke, has short purple hair, and wears a large black trench coat. Also carries a sword*

~~Silver Spire, Entrance~~

Man: Ah! It's...it's...

Odexxia: Hahahahaha...

Man: It's you! Odexxia!

Odexxia: Ha ha... What's wrong? You don't look too happy to see me.

Man: So that immense power I felt earlier...was not merely a hallucination. The seal, it truly has been broken...!

Odexxia: It's been a long time, Guardian of the Silver Star. Too long, in fact. I'd love to do some catching up, but you'll have to forgive me, for I'm in a bit of a hurry...

Man: What...?

Odexxia: As yes, the Lunar Heart awaits. Its power calls out to me!

Man: Aah! No!

*The man draws his large broadsword and assumes a battle stance*

Man: Odexxia, I will not allow you to corrupt this world any further! I will kill you once and for all!

Odexxia: You want to kill me? Heh, go ahead and try...

*Odexxia draws his sword and begins to slowly inch towards the man*

Man: Urgh...

*As Odexxia walks forward, the man backs away, hesitant to strike*

Odexxia: What's the matter? Your mission is to preserve and protect the Lunar Heart, is it not? Why do you hesitate to abolish me and complete it? The goal is within your feeble grasp. Take it!

Man: Mmmn...

Odexxia: Just as I foretold... You're not fit to carry out your assigned task!

Man: Liar! That's not true!

Odexxia: Then destroy me, and accomplish your mission.

Man: ...

Odexxia: Yes... Destroy me with the Lunisian's power and decimate this world in the process once again! Just like you did 15 years ago!

Man: !!! ...Mmmn!

Odexxia: Hahahahahaha!

Man: ...Haaaaaaah!!

*The man approaches and attempts to attack Odexxia head-on. He strikes, but Odexxia swiftly parries the blow with an attack of his own, knocking the man's sword from his grip and out of reach*

Man: Aaah! No!

Odexxia: Hmph.

Man: Th-This is...impossible!

Odexxia: Well, that was...unimpressive. Allow me to show you a real attack!

*Odexxia retaliates with a quick slash across the chest, felling the man in one blow*

Man: Hurraaaagh!

Odexxia: *sheathes sword* Hah. How terribly weak.

Man: Nn..unngh...

Odexxia: Just as I expected, you no longer possess the power to defeat me. The power of the Lunisians.

Man: *panting* Hah...hah...ah...

Odexxia: I remember...you already relinquished it by using it to defeat my monster horde. Ah, but after you saved your precious planet, it was reduced to nothing more than a cinder, all while destroying every single person you've come to know and love!

Man: A-aagh...

Odexxia: And for what? For the hope that one day you could return humans to it and live peacefully? Have you forgotten that those same humans were the ones who enabled my conquest of your world? The same humans who allowed my revival with the power of their dark side!?

Man: O...Odexxi..a....

Odexxia: Face it. That power was your only hope. And now that you've been stripped of your power...you are nothing more than a helpless bug, waiting to be crushed.

Man: I...

Odexxia: Hm?

Man: I...I won't let you...get away with this, Odexxia!

Odexxia: Heh, I'm afraid I've already have! There's no one alive who can stop me now! The power of the Lunar Heart will be mine, and I WILL become the supreme ruler of the Universe!

Man: Ungh...N-no...you...c...an't!

Odexxia: Hahahahahaha!!

*Odexxia casually walks past the man, entering through the doors of the Silver Spire*

Man: Urgh...I...have to...stop...him...b-before...uuungh....

*Meanwhile, Blue and his friends continue through the frigid terrain, with no destination in sight*

Zeldafan: *sigh* Bluuuuuue...

Blue: What is it, Zeldafan?

Zeldafan: Do you think we could take a little break now? My back is killing me!

Blue: No, we can't. It's only a matter of time before Odexxia gets his hands on the Planet Heart, and if that happens, we're all dead. So we've got no time to waste.

Zeldafan: Oh poo, I guess you're right... But if I have to carry this girl any longer, I'm gonna collapse!

Blue: Hm? Girl? What girl?

Zeldafan: Oh? This girl! See!?

*Zeldafan turns her back, revealing that she's been carrying an unconscious Millie the entire time*

Millie: ...

Zeldafan: It's strange, but I found her lying in a corner back at the Asroc Temple. I don't know how she got there, but I would've felt bad just leaving her behind like that, so I scooped her up and took her with us!

Lilia: Ah! Blue...that's Millie!

Blue: What!? Millie!

Jawo': Heeey...what's the half-pint doing here, huh?

Zeldafan: Wha? So her name's Millie? Wait, that must mean you guys know her! Am I right?

Blue: Hrrm...yes, unfortunately...

Zeldafan: Huh?

Blue: *cough* Nevermind...*sweatdrop*

Lilia: Blue, what should we do with her?

Zeldafan: Yeah...I don't think I'll be much help to you guys in a fight with a girl latched to my back. *rubs head*

Blue: Hmm...huh?

*At that moment, Millie begins to come to*

Millie: Uuhh...Oh..oh?

Zeldafan: ?

Millie: W-What's going? Where am I?

Zeldafan: Ah ha! She's awake!

Millie: Hunh? ...Who are you!? What is this!?

*Millie looks around, taking notice that Blue's group and Kovah's have united*

Millie: Aagh! It's you!

Kovah: Huh?

*Alerted by Kovah's apparently sinister presence, Millie springs from Zeldafan's back and summons her mallet, ready to fight*

Millie: So, you're still alive, huh!? Well not for long! Prepare to die!

Kovah: *annoyed* Millie, what are you doing?

Millie: Shut up! I'm going to pulverize you!

Lilia: Millie, don't! Stop!

Millie: Death Quake Spark!!

Kovah: *sigh*

*Millie attempts to attack, when Kovah slips to the side and pokes out his leg, causing her to trip over his foot and fall flat on her face*

Millie: Whoa! ...Oof!

Blue: This is almost too embarassing to watch...

Jawo': Almost...

Millie: *nervously* Ah ha ha ha... *rubs head*


Millie: Sooooo let me get this straight, Kovah's...NOT our enemy anymore?

Blue: No. We've figured out that somebody else was behind everything, and we're here now to fight him.

Millie: So the bad guy was Kovah...but isn't really Kovah, but a badder bad guy? *rubs head* Geez, this is one weird game we're playing.

*At that moment, Blue stops walking*

Blue: ...

Millie: Huh?

Lilia: Blue?

*Blue slowly turns his head towards Millie with a movement reminiscent of that of a water sprinkler, revealing a rather grim expression on his face*

Millie: Hey, what's with you?

Blue: ...You thought...this was...a GAME!?!?

Millie: Tsch, well duh! Did you really expect me to believe that some kook was out to take over the world? I mean, what kind of idiot do you take me for? I wasn't born yesterday, Blue!

Lilia/Jawo'/Reese/Penny/Kovah/Shina/Deke/Prima/Zeldafan: Waaah! *falls over comically*

Blue: *eye twitches* ~_o

Bob: Ah, never a dull moment with you, eh Millie? (Ho ho, this is like my own little sideshow...)

*The group continues to travel forward together, until eventually, the Spiral Tower comes into view just over the horizon*

Lilia: Hey guys...look!

Blue: What is it, Lilia? What do you see?

Lilia: There's some kind of structure coming into view just up north.

Blue: Huh? Really?

Deke: Hmm...it looks to be a tower of some sort.

Jawo': Well how about it, Blue? Should we check it out or not?

Blue: Yeah. As of now, it's our only lead. It'd be foolish not to.

Jawo': Heh, well that sounds like a plan to me.

Blue: Right. Let's get going.

Penny: Yeah, and who knows? Maybe we'll find someone there?

Blue: At any rate, we can hope...

*Following their instincts, Blue and the group proceeds to the entrance of the Silver Spire. Once arriving, they find the mysterious man that Odexxia had confronted earlier, lying mortally wounded near the entrance. They quickly rush to his aid*

~~Silver Spire, Entrance~~

Blue: Hey! Are you alright!? Can you hear me!?

Lilia: He doesn't appear to be conscious. This is bad...

Jawo': Penny, can't you heal him or something!?

Penny: Right. I'll give it my best shot. Just stand back!

*Blue and Lilia clear the way, allowing Penny to get positioned in front of the man*

Penny: Alright, here goes nothing. *chanting* "Holy power, come to me!" ...First Aid!

*Penny casts First Aid on the man, wrapping his body in a golden light that heals him of his injuries. Before long, he regains consciousness*

Shina: Ah! He's coming to! Penny, you did it!

Penny: Heh, it was nothin'! *rubs nose*

*Fully rejuvenated, the man stands to his feet and begins to speak*

Man: Who are you people? Where are you fro--

Millie: *stamps foot* Stay where you are!

Blue: Uh?

Man: Hm? Look, you don't have to be so--

Millie: *angrily* Who are you!? Where're you from!? You're dressed really weird! And I don't trust yooooooou!!

Man: A-ah...*sweatdrop*

Kovah: *facepalm* Millie...

Blue: Erm, please, excuse her...

Man: Hrmm, no. It's quite alright. I suppose I should introduce myself first. It is the least I could do after you all saved me. Ahem. Anyway, my name is Silas Zapheris.

Blue: Right. My name is Blue, and these are my friends.

Silas: You...don't look like Lunisians... Did you all come here...from Earth?

Blue: Oh...yes. We traveled here from Planet Earth to defeat Odexxia.

Silas: What!? You came here...to defeat Odexxia!?

Blue: Yeah, that's right.

Silas: Aah...if only such a thing were possible...

Jawo': Oh yeah? And what makes you say that, huh!?

Silas: Odexxia possesses powers far beyond that of any mere mortal. He cannot be struck down by normal means. Why, even the power of the Lunisians is barely enough to subdue him...

Reese: The...Lunisians...

Silas: Oh? Hmmm...

Reese: Huh?

*Silas sets his gazes upon Reese, appearing to have taken an interest in him*

Silas: You...

Reese: Wha-- M-Me?

Silas: Yes, you. Who are you...?

Reese: Uhm, my name's Reese. Reese Eytinge.

Silas: Reese...Eytinge. Tell me Reese, are you...from Earth too?

Reese: Ah, yes, I am. ...Well, actually...

Silas: Hm?

Reese: I'm not really sure myself...

Silas: What do you mean?

Reese: For as long as I can remember, nobody's ever known where I really came from, or who my true parents were. In fact, all the details surrounding my birth are a complete mystery.

Silas: ...

Reese: I came to this planet...in hopes that maybe I could find these answers. But I guess I was wrong...

Silas. I see... Reese, was your name, was it?

Reese: Ah...yes.

Silas: Reese, how old are you?

Reese: Uhm, I'm 16 years old.

Silas: 16... And tell me, Reese, would you, by any chance, happen to be wearing a rather odd necklace?

Reese: An...odd necklace? You mean...like this one?

*Reese reaches into his shirt and pulls out his necklace, holding it out towards Silas. He grabs it and begins to observe it with great intrigue*

Silas: Ah...this necklace...could it be...?

Reese: Huh?

Blue: Silas, do you...know Reese?

Silas: Yes...now I'm certain...

Blue/Reese: ?

Silas: There's no doubt about it. This necklace proves it. You...are indeed my son...Asvel.

Blue: !!!

Reese: Aah! I'm your...s-son!?
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« Reply #85 on: 05 April, 2009, 02:17:07 am »

Reese: Is that...is that true? Are you...really...my father!?

Silas: Yes, Asvel. I couldn't believe it at first...but you truly are the son...that I sent to Earth 15 years ago.

Reese: ...So it's true. I really am one of the Lunisians. I'm...I'm really not alone in the world afterall...

Blue: Reese...

Silas: Asvel...my beloved son. It's like a miracle. When Odexxia made no mention of you, I had feared the worst...

Blue: Odexxia... Then I can only assume that's already passed through here.

Silas: Yes. We had confronted one another, and engaged in battle. And that's how you came to find me in such a...critical state. I...wasn't a match for him.

Blue: Silas...

Silas: Hm?

Blue: Sorry to have to interupt you, but there's something that I want to know.

Silas: ...What is it, Blue?

Blue: We've heard stories about how this planet became uninhabitable for humans. But, what could have possibly happened to cause this much destruction?

Bob: Blue has raised an important issue, Silas. I've come to gather that Reese was able to survive by being sent to Earth by you. But how is it that everyone else was destroyed, yet you live still?

Silas: *troubled* Hrrm...

Blue/Bob: Huh?

Silas: ...Alright. I will tell you everything I know. About Odexxia's arrival, Deir Lunisia's destruction, and about the true purpose of Asvel's departure...

Reese: *to himself* True...purpose?

Silas: Long ago, Odexxia, the Demonic Overlord, came to Deir Lunisia. He had arrived with the intention of absorbing the Lunar Heart into his being, adding its power to his own. But of course, our people would not allow this, as if he was to succeed, the planet would wither and die as a result. Bearing witness to their defiance, Odexxia decided that he would take matters into his own hands. He preyed on mankind's greed for wealth and power, creating anarchy and chaos where there once was peace and love. Mankind fought one another with furious anger, spilling the blood of others without thought of consequence. Feeding on the dark desire within the hearts of humans, Odexxia's power grew exponentially. He used that power to pervert mankind further. Humans wild with bloodlust, were transformed into hideous beasts. After a series of long and harsh battles, those who were able to pervade Odexxia's influence succeeded in defeating the beasts, and using their power, sealed Odexxia away inside of the monolith where he would never threathen another soul with his dark grasp again. Though many were lost in the battle, we were able to slowly recover over time. And so this peace continued for 1000 years.

Lilia: Then...what happened next?

Silas: That peace was short-lived, as only 1000 years later, catastrophe once again struck the people of our world. A horde of ravenous monsters that resided in the depths of the planet, rose up to the surface and began an indiscriminate assualt on our cities. Such a thing was unheard of to us, as these creatures are known to never attack unless provoked. And as such, we were ill-prepared for the events taking place before us...

Jawo': The monsters attacked without provocation? What could've caused something like that?

Silas: Coincidentally, we discovered that on the very same day, the monolith that contained the imprisoned Odexxia, had a single piece chipped off from one of its corners.

Zeldafan: A piece had chipped away? What did that mean?

Silas: It was evidence that the seal was beginning to weaken at its foundation. Apparently, the cause of this phenomenon was that, due to Odexxia's previous ravaging of the planet, the mana balance became unstable, and there wasn't enough of it for the seal to sustain its foundation. And it wasn't long until we discovered it was Odexxia who was controlling the monsters...

Kovah: What!? Controlling them!?

Silas: *nods* Yes. The weakening of the seal allowed his power to seep through, as he urged the creatures indescribable actions with his dark grip, much like how he tainted our people 1000 years prior.

Kovah: Ergh...! (It's the same thing...that happened to me!) *clenches fist*

Shina: Kovah...?

Silas: We realized that Odexxia had returned to exact revenge on us for imprisoning him, but there was little that we could do. We fought our hardest against the creatures ever-enduring forces. But they had us outmatched in both numbers and strength, and it was only a matter of time until they overwhelmed us. The terrible battle raged on, as the people of our planet cried out for solace. With no other options left, we were faced with the decision to unleash the power of the Lunisians. The only power we thought capable of bringing an end to Odexxia's threat.

Reese: Uhm, sorry to interupt, Father, but...

Silas: Hm, yes? What is it, son?

Reese: Where do I come into all of this? And...and what about Mother?

Silas: Ah, Asvel. You were merely an infant at the time all of this was occuring. But unfortunately, your mother...had passed away just moments after giving birth to you.

Reese: Aah! *sadly* ...Mother...

Silas: But it's alright, for I would've preferred it this way...

Reese: Huh?

Silas: I'd rather she had died peacefully before this whole tragedy began, than to have destroyed her along with the rest of the people on the planet.

Reese: Wh-What do you mean!?

Silas: The creatures under Odexxia's control had permeated every corner of Deir Lunisia, but all hope was not lost. In order to put a stop to Odexxia's evil ambitions, we took measures to ensure that future generations would be spared from his terror. First, the decision was made to transport you, Asvel, and the monolith, to the planet Earth.

Deke: Hmm...for what reason was this decided?

Silas: The seal would never hold if it was to be left on Deir Lunisia. Sending it to Earth, where the mana balance is stable, would give the seal a firm foundation to sustain itself. As for Asvel...he was...my only child, and I wanted him, more than anything else, to be spared from what was soon to follow.

Reese: ...

Silas: With both Asvel and the monolith having been transported to Earth, we were finally set to initiate the final phase of the plan: Unleashing the power of the Lunisians.

Blue: You've mentioned it several times, but we still haven't learned. What is the power of the Lunisians?
Silas: The Lunisians power...is the power of creation. And as such, there can be no new creation without destroying the old.

Jawo': What? Destroying the old...?

Penny: Wait...you don't mean...!

Silas: I do. Unleashing the Lunisians power would reduce the entire world to ash.

Lilia: *gasp*

Prima: Ah!

Silas: I was chosen to carry out this task, while those remaining on the planet prepared to accept their cruel fate, for the sake of future generations. With no more time to waste...I did as was instructed of me...

Reese: No... Father...you didn't!!

Silas: It was the only way to stop Odexxia from destroying everything!!

Reese: But...but there had to have been another way! There just had to have been!

Silas: You only wish there was, my son. I did what I had to do. Don't delude yourself into believing in a happy ending. Nothing that convenient exists in the real world!

Reese: *sadly* I...but...but I...

Silas: Every monster was annihilated, along with every human. And in the end, I was the only survivor.

Lilia: That's...that's terrible!

Silas: I remained on the now devastated Deir Lunisia, waiting in solitude for the purpose of safeguarding the Lunar Heart until the planet is reborn. But that rebirth would not take place quickly, for the world had been damaged greatly. And I vowed, as the guardian of the Lunar Heart, to see this world reborn. So that, one day, the humans could return to the world they loved so dearly.

Reese: I still can scarcely believe it's true...

Silas: Asvel, my son, suspend your disbelief. As the last of our race, you and I accepted the hopes and dreams of our people who departed that day.

Reese: Their...hopes and dreams...? (But how could I? ...When I'm the one who caused Odexxia's revival in the first place?)

Silas: But unfortunately, I'm afraid it matters not any longer...

Reese: Huh?

Blue: What do you mean?

Silas: I've already said it before. Odexxia is a being far too powerful to be defeated by mortal hands. Without the power of the Lunisians, there is no hope of destroying him. The Lunar Heart will fall into his grasp, and once that happens, all will be lost...

*Blue steps forward and speaks out in defiance*

Blue: We're not gonna let that happen!

Silas: Ah!?

Lilia: Blue?

Silas: You... Even after everything I've told you, you still believe that you can defeat Odexxia!?

Jawo': Yep. No doubt about it. This has got to be a bazillion-to-one longshot. Hah, only a mental midget would take it. But hey, I've been called much worse. It's all or nothing, and I never settle for nothing!

Lilia: Our fight for the soul of this world isn't over yet. If we all join together as one, we can grow even stronger than Odexxia!

Shina: All it takes, is a little luck, and the power to believe in ourselves.

Penny: Odexxia will be a piece of cake. I'll wipe the floor with his mangy butt!

Deke: Blue, justice lies with us! In the face of impossible odds, we can secure a victory if we strive for it.

Kovah: Right. Remember, we wield a power even stronger than the Lunisians. The power...of humanity. And with that, anything becomes possible.

Zeldafan: Listen to them, Blue. They're right! We'll stick Odexxia's butt in a sling!

Silas: Hrmph...your endless resolve never ceases to amaze me. When it appears to be the darkest and most hopeless hour...you pull together and fight toward the light. ...The time has come, my son...

Reese: Wha--?

Silas: Darkness rushes forth. Unleash your power and save this desperate land.

Reese: *sadly* Mmmn...

*Blue steps up to Reese and places his hand on his shoulder*

Blue: We will, Silas. Bet on it. Isn't that right, Reese?

Reese: Blue, I...

Blue: Reese? Is something wrong? I know it might seem overwhelming, but we can do it. Don't lose heart now.

Reese: ...*looks away*

Blue: Reese, weren't you the one who told me you weren't going to run away anymore? That you wouldn't turn the other cheek while your friends are risking their lives?

Reese: ...Aah!

Blue: Now that's time, Reese! Stand strong and face your destiny! We can't win this fight without you!

*Blue's words reach Reese's heart, as a once-lost determination continues to fuel his drive yet again*

Reese: You...You're right, Blue! I will! I will do it!

Silas: Asvel...

Reese: It's like you said, Father. I accepted the hopes and dreams of our people who couldn't be here with us today. And for their sake, I'm going to do my part to keep those dreams alive. I have the utmost faith in my friends, and I believe that we can accomplish anything together.

Bob: Beautifully spoken, Reese.

Silas: Ah, Asvel-- No...Reese. You've grown up to become so strong. Your father is proud of you...

Blue: Reese, are you ready?

Reese: Hm, yeah! *nods* Let's do it, Blue!

Millie: Yay! I'm so excited! Let's gooooo--Wah!!

*Millie attempts to join the group, but is subsequently restrained by Bob*

Bob: And where do you think you're going, young lady?

Millie: Awww...! Hmph! *crosses arms*

Blue: Bob, you're not coming with us?

Bob: Oh no no, I'm sure you can handle things just fine without us. We'll be staying behind with Reese's father to await your safe return, as will Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: Whaa--!?

Bob: *sternly* Zeldafan...

Zeldafan: Ah! But but but--! ...Aw, dang. *snaps fingers* I guess I'm forever doomed to watch from the sidelines...

Silas: Blue, under the Silver Spire is a pathway that leads deep into the center of the planet where the Lunar Heart resides. Odexxia is already on his way there, so time is of the essence. But take heed, as dangerous and powerful creatures also reside in the subterrane, and will attack given the slightest provocation.

Blue: Got it.

Silas: Reese...

Reese: Yes, Father?

Silas: I've chosen to place my faith in the power of humanity. I believe in the strength of the bond that you and your friends share. Fight hard, my son. Believe in your friends. The final test...lies before you.

Reese: Hm! *nods* Right!

Blue: Reese, it's time to move.

Reese: Right, Blue. We can do this!

Silas: ...(Reese...I refrained from telling you this, but I sent you to Earth, not only so that you could live out the life that I could not provide for you, but also that you would defeat Odexxia should he ever escape his inprisonment. Even if it meant destroying Earth in the process. But I realize now that this was not the way. Total destruction is not the only means to an end, and it was your friends who've taught me that. Reese...you and your companions are our only hope now. The fate of this world...no...the fate of the entire Universe...rests on your shoulders. I can only pray that you may succeed)

Reese joins Blue's group as they head into the Silver Spire together. With their spirits high, they move forward towards the final encounter with Odexxia. An encounter that'll decide the fate of the Universe itself.

End Deir Lunisia Arc
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« Reply #86 on: 30 April, 2009, 10:47:36 pm »

[Setting off in pursuit of the evil Odexxia, Blue and his group enters the Silver Spire. Steadfast and unwavering, they march down the spiraling pathway leading deeper into the planet. The group continues downwards until eventually, the infrastructure of the tower gives way to a more organic ambiance as the group transitions from traveling a constructed stairway to walking along an enormous earthen stalagcite]

~~Deir Lunisia: Subterrain~~

[Once inside, the group is treated to the sight of a boundless hypogeal world unlike any other. Resplendent rock formations adorn the landscape as mysterious orbs of light float around bathing the area with a green radiance, giving it something of a mystical appearance]

Jawo': Wow...

Penny: So this is what it looks like below the planet's surface...

Lilia: It's so quiet...and the air is so clear. It feels...almost holy.

Blue: Never would have thought that all of this could exist inside the planet.

Deke: It garners a restful and sedate appearance. As if it's been untampered with for aeons.

Prima: Oh, hey...

Kovah: Hm?

Prima: What are these...green...light things floating through the air? They're everywhere!

Kovah: ...This is mana.

Prima: What? Mana?

Deke: Yes, he's right. But to be precise, that's mana in a semi-concentrated state.

Jawo': So this...stuff...is the very same mana that exists in our bodies, and is scattered through the atmosphere around us?

Blue: Yeah. Normally mana is invisible to the naked eye, but in high densities, like those found below a planets surface, the mana condenses, thus allowing it to take a physical form and become visible.

Deke: And it's this same phenomenon that creates the Planet Hearts. At the center of every planet, where the density is the highest, mana continuously gathers and compresses completely, eventually forming into a large crystalline formation which in turn becomes that planet's wellspring of life and sustainment. It's also a colossal source of raw energy, which would explain why Odexxia wants to get his hands on it.

Shina: But isn't dense mana bad for the body?

Blue: Yes... High-density mana can occasionally have very negative effects on the human body. Once exposed, it renders your body weak and debilitated. Absorb too much and you could fall unconscious for hours or even days at a time, and in a worst case scenario, die...

Jawo': ...Really? Wow.

Shina: I guess this means we had better be careful when traveling further into the planet...

Blue: There's no point in worrying about it now. Let's keep moving.

[Blue's party continues deeper into the dark depths of the planet. They traverse the jagged terrain of the esoteric underground until reaching a fork in the road before them. Unsure of how to proceed, they halt their advance to make a decision]

~~Subterrain: 2nd Level~~

Kovah: The road splits into two here...

Jawo': Well, Blue, it's your call. Which way do we go?

Blue: Hmm...

[Blue looks around, examining each road thoroughly]

Blue: The road to the left leads downwards, so it's the obvious choice.

Jawo': So, left it is then! Let's get going!

[But as the group begins to make their way, they are alerted to a defeaning roar that echoes through the underground]

??: Grrrooooaaaaaaoohh!!

Lilia: *gasp*

Prima: What in the world--!?

Reese: It sounded like...some kind of creature. ...Ah! Do you think--!?

Jawo': Damn, it's gotta be! The monsters that Silas warned us about! And they don't sound too happy either...

Blue: Damnit, not now...

Lilia: Blue, what should we do!?

Penny: What do you think, Lilia? We have to stay and fight! C'mon, Blue! We can take 'em!

Blue: *shakes head* No! We can't do that!

Penny: Huh?

Blue: We can't be allowed to be hung-up here! The more time we spend dawdling here, the less time we have to stop Odexxia from absorbing the Lunar Heart. We have to take another approach to this.

Jawo': Then what do you suggest we do, Blue?

Blue: *sigh* I don't know...

[Blue struggles to come up with a course of action when Deke interjects]

Deke: Blue, if I may?

Blue: Hm? What is it, Deke?

Deke: Might I suggest that we split up for now?

Blue: Huh? Split up?

Deke: Yes. Some of us will stay behind and fend against the oncoming creatures, while the rest will proceed onwards and continue the pursuit of Odexxia. I believe this to be the most efficient way to lessen any...potential casualties.

Kovah: Deke's right. And like you said, it won't do us any good with everyone grouped back here. Blue, you take your friends and follow the path leading to Odexxia. The rest of us will catch up with you all later after taking care of the monsters.

Blue: Deke...are you sure about this?

Deke: *nods* Yes.

Kovah: Sure he's sure! And I am too! We've got this covered! Just trust in us, Blue!

Blue: ...All right.

[At that moment, the monsters roar echoes even louder, signifying their rapid approach]

Creatures: Grrroooooaaaaaooooh!!

Shina: That doesn't sound good! They're already on the level next to us!

Kovah: Damn! There's no more time to waste! Blue! Take your party and go! Leave this to us!

Blue: ...Don't die on me. Any of you.

Kovah: Eh? What are you talking about, Blue!? You should know better than anyone else just how strong we are! This is nothing!

Deke: Well said, Kovah. Hmm, actually, this might be fun to pass time.

Shina: Ohh, you guys... Anyway, Blue, I'm more concerned about you and your friends. Let's all go back alive, okay?

Blue: Hm. *nods*

Jawo': No worries, Shina. There's no way we're gonna lose to Odexxia.

Kovah: Well if that's so, then let's stop gawking and get this show on the road!

Blue: Right. We'll rendevous at this point when everything's said and done. Take care, and be sure not to overexert yourselves.

Kovah: Got it.

Blue: Guys...let's move out!

Lilia/Jawo'/Reese/Penny: Hm! *nods*

[Blue's party nods in agreement as they separate from Kovah's group and take down the rightwards pathway. Going deeper into the planet's center, they enter the third level of the subterrain. There, the density of the mana grows to even higher levels as the entire area is filled a flourescent green light]

~~Subterrain: 3rd Level~~

Reese: Blue...do you think they'll be okay back there?

Blue: Huh?

Reese: I mean...Kovah, and the others...

Blue: ...I don't know. But there's nothing we can do. It's in their hands now. All we can do now is try our best to complete our mission.

Reese: Yeah...

[As the group continues on, the mana grows thicker, and the effects begin to take its toll on them...]

Jawo': Wh-what's up? I feel kinda sick all of a sudden.

Penny: Even someone as dense as you can feel it?

Jawo': What!? Who are you calling--!? Wait, does that mean you can feel it too?

Blue: Ugh, what a feeling...

Jawo': Blue...Lilia, too?

Lilia: I'm f-fine.

Blue: ...This isn't good. This is getting dangerous, but we don't have time to rest...

Penny: Seriously, what's going on? Ever since we got here...

Jawo': Damn. I hate to say it, but...if we had to fight Odexxia right now, I don't think I'd be up to it.

Blue: Saying things like that is the best way to ensure defeat. Let's stay strong and keep pressing on.

Lilia: ...

Blue: ?

[lilia collapses under the stress, but Blue quickly catches her]

Blue: Lilia!

Lilia: Blue...!

Blue: Lilia, please, try to keep up. I can't be expected to be there to catch you every time you keel over.

Lilia: Y-yes, thank you. I'm still doing okay.

Blue: ...The mana is causing this.

Jawo': What? But, I thought--

Penny: Wait, Blue, weren't you saying something about that earlier? That dense mana is bad for the body.

Blue: Yes. I believe I said that high-density mana does have negative effects on the body. ...But I didn't think it would become a nuisance so soon...

Jawo': Well, there's no turning back now, is there?

Blue: No. We have to keep moving.

Jawo': Right...

Reese: ... (That's...strange. Everyone else is being affected by the mana, but...I don't feel anything at all...)

[Further on, the group comes across what appears to be a spring filled with an odd glowing liquid]

Lilia: Wow...what is this?

Penny: It looks like...like a freshwater spring. But what would something like that be doing here?

Jawo': I'm gonna go check it out.

[Jawo' approaches the spring, but is stopped when Blue calls out to him]

Jawo': ...

Blue: Watch it.

Jawo': Huh?

Blue: That's mana, not water. It's really dense. You shouldn't go near it.

Jawo': Wah!? Really!? Phew, that was a close one...

??: You've come...

Blue: !!

Jawo': Hey, that's--!!

[The group looks before them to see none other than Odexxia standing menacingly before them]

Odexxia: So...you've followed me all the way to Deir Lunisia, have you? My my, you're all as stubborn as cockroaches.

Reese: I-it's you! ...Odexxia!!

Odexxia: Hmm? Ohh...what's the matter, boy?

Reese: Huh?

Odexxia: Mmmm...are you sad? Are you...down? Oh, that's so...delicious. Have you come to your senses and decided to beg for your life? It really is the only course of action left to you now, boy.

Blue: *angrily* Mmnn...hold your tongue, Odexxia--!! Hn?

[Reese steps forward, taking a defiant stand against Odexxia]

Reese: You're wrong, Odexxia! I'm not afraid to fight you! What stops me from fighting is that I can't forgive myself. For all these years, I never understood how my people had suffered, and I still don't think I do. That's...unforgivable.

Blue: Reese...

Odexxia: What an embarassing display of self-pity, Reese. Have you no respect for yourself?

Reese: What?

Odexxia: And I find it hard to believe that, despite your incredible amount of naivete...you don't understand that you should consider yourself LUCKY that you were spared from suffering the same fate as your pathetic kin. ...But it doesn't matter. Your end will be at my hand!

Reese: You're the one who's wrong, Odexxia, and I'll prove it to you now...

Odexxia: You poor, delusional soul. Feel my fury!

[Odexxia strikes Reese with a powerful lightening bolt, blowing him away with the force of thunder]

Reese: Aaagh!!

Blue: Reese!

Lilia: Reese, no!

Penny: Hang on, Reese!

Reese: Ungh...

Jawo': Odexxia...you won't get away with that!

Lilia: We won't abandon our friend in his time of need!

Penny: We will stop you...cold!

Odexxia: Hahahahaha! What can you possibly hope to accomplish now? You know as well as I that the dense mana of this environment has rendered you frail and powerless. You have nothing left to fight for. Just give it up.

Blue: That's where we're different. We won't give up until it's ALL over.

Jawo': And this battle isn't close to being finished!

Odexxia: I will be the one to decide whether it's over or not! Die!!

[Odexxia raises his hand, causing dark lightning to strike the group from above, felling them instantly]

Blue/Jawo'/Lilia/Penny: Aaaaaaggggh!!

Odexxia: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. It amazes me that they thought they ever had a chance at all. What a worthless waste of life. It seems the only power they weild is the power to die and fade away on a moments notice.

Blue: Nn...uungh...

Odexxia: Tsch, I'm through wasting my time on you weaklings. The Lunar Heart awaits me. And once I acquire its power, obliterating you all will become as easy as crushing an ant beneath my heel. Ha ha ha ha!!

Blue: *weakily* Odexxia...s-stop...

[Odexxia turns his back on the group and walks off, heading towards the center of the planet, and the Lunar Heart]

Jawo': Uurgh! No!

[Jawo' stands to his feet and chases after Odexxia, intent on stopping his advance]

Jawo': You're not getting away--!!

Blue: Jawo', don't!

Jawo': What is it now, Blue!?

Blue: The mana past this area is far too dense! If you try to follow Odexxia to the center of the planet, your body will become over-exposed with mana and you'll die within a matter of seconds!

Jawo': !!!

Blue: We...we have to find another way...

Jawo': But...damn. *clenches fist* There isn't any other way...

Reese: There...there might be...

Blue/Jawo': ?

[Reese recovers from his injuries and stands to his feet]

Blue: Reese...

Jawo': Reese, what are you talking about?

Reese: ...I'll go after Odexxia.

Lilia: What!?

Penny: Reese, have you gone insane!? What are you thinking!?

Reese: You don't understand! I'm the only one who can do it now!

Blue: What do you mean?

Reese: The high-density mana...it doesn't affect my body. Even now, I feel perfectly fine. You said it yourself, Blue, if anyone was to follow Odexxia past this point, they'd die.

Blue: Hrrm...

Reese: That's why, it has to be me. I'm our only chance.

Blue: ...All right.

Jawo': What!? Blue!

Lilia: Blue, you can't mean that!

Penny: You can't send Reese to fight Odexxia by himself! That's suicide!

Blue: I know...I don't like it either. But what other choice do we have? If we don't...this world...Earth...and the entire Universe, will all be forfeit. Don't you understand that?

Jawo'/Lilia/Penny: ...

Blue: And that's why...I'm leaving it to you, Reese. It's all in your hands now.

Reese: Blue...thanks!

Blue: Just...don't die.

Reese: Hm! *nods* Don't worry! I don't intend to!

[With their final words said, Reese turns his back on the group and continues the pursuit of Odexxia alone, being the only one unaffected by the dangerous high-density mana. As he marches towards the center of the planet, his eyes are filled with bravery and a determination unlike any he's ever had before]
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[Meanwhile, back on the surface, Bob, Zeldafan, and Milly keep a watchful eye on the group's progress through the omniscient view of Zeldafan's trusty crystal ball]

~~Deir Lunisia, Surface~~

Zeldafan: ...Hey, what's the deal? Why is Reese going off by himself like that?

Bob: *rubs chin* So...it's come to this...

Zeldafan: What? What do you mean, Bob?

Bob: An unfortunate circumstance has forced Blue and the others to remain behind...leaving Reese as the only one capable of carrying on the fight.

Zeldafan: *outraged* What!? You're not serious, are you!? Reese can't take on Odexxia alone! He'll--!!

Bob: Calm yourself, Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: Huh...?

Bob: You mustn't submerge yourself in doubt. As long as we uphold our faith in Reese, he will succeed.

Zeldafan: But...

Millie: Aaarrgh! This is BORING!!

Bob/Zeldafan: Hm?

[Millie's impatience gets the better of her as she stands, and in anger, punts Zeldafan's crystal ball, effectively demolishing it]


Millie: Take that!

Zeldafan: *shrieks* Aaaaaaaiiiee!! My crystal ball!!

[Zeldafan makes a frantic dash to her precious possession, only to find it shattered far beyond repair]

Zeldafan: Noooooo! It's totaled! ...Cut down in its prime... Millie, what have you DONE!?

Millie: Hmph! Who cares about that stupid thing? *crosses arms* And I was sick of watching, anyway! A game's no fun when you have to sit around and watch everyone else play!

Zeldafan: But...but now what do we do...?

Millie: Huh? ...Ohh! I know! We'll play a new game!

Zeldafan: A new game?

Millie: Yeah! C'mon, Z-Girl! Don't you have something we can play with?

Zeldafan: Hmmm...well...

[Zeldafan shuffles through her bag of belongings, tossing out items that have no business being in there at all]

Zeldafan: Uhhh... Bag of moldy french fries, no...*toss* ...Feminine Care Products, no...*toss* ...Tobi's extra mask, no...*toss*

Millie: Oooh! Cool!

[Millie picks up the tosses mask and puts it over her face]

Millie: *feigning a gruff voice* Aaarrr! I'm a pirate!

Zeldafan: No, Millie, Tobi's a...eh, whatever. Anyway... Ocarina of Time, no...*toss* ...The BlueXJawo' yaoi that Shadow chick wrote, no...*toss*

Millie: Oooh! Neat!

[Millie reaches out for the morally suggestive writings when...]

Bob: *gasp* Millie, NO!!

[Bob makes a dive for the writings, securing it before Millie could get her hands on it]

Bob: Phew...

Millie: Ah! Hey, old man! What gives!?

Bob: Now, I'll dispose of this promptly.

[Bob rolls up the writings and stuffs it into his back pocket. Meanwhile, Zeldafan finally makes a discovery]

Zeldafan: Aha! I got it!

Millie: Ohh! What is it!? C'mon, show me!

Zeldafan: It's a deck of playing cards! I had forgotten all about these!

Millie: All right! Let's play!

Zeldafan: Yeah! You can join in too, Bob.

Bob: Hm? Me? Well...I suppose I could show you youngin's a thing or two.

[And thus, Bob, Millie, and Zeldafan gather in a circle to play a round of card games in their leisure]

Zeldafan: All right, boys and girls! The name of the game is Go Fish!

Millie: Hey, wait!

Zeldafan: Huh? What's the matter?

Millie: Something doesn't feel right is all... Ohh, that's it! We need another player!

Zeldafan: Another player? But who?

Millie: Hmmm...*rubs chin* ...I know!

Zeldafan: Hm?

Millie: Him!

[Millie points to Silas, who stands off in the distance alone, staring into space]

Zeldafan: Oh, good idea, Millie! *yells out* Hey, Silas!!

Silas: Uh?

Zeldafan: Come over here!!

[And so the circle now consists of Bob, Millie, Zeldafan, and Silas]

Silas: Zeldafan, I don't get it. Why did you call me over here? And explain to me why we're sitting in a circular formation.

Zeldafan: We're playing a round of Go Fish, Silas.

Silas: Go Fish? That's nonsense. There's not a single aquateous animal to be found on this planet.

Millie: Geez, and here I thought Bob was supposed to be the geezer.

Bob: *angrily* Harrmph...

Millie: Someone give this guy a clue, huh?

Zeldafan: Uhm...we'll just explain it as we go...

Silas: Tsch, don't bother. I do not intend to play.

Millie: What!? Why!?

Silas: Millie, I am not even surprised that you would deign to partake in this. But you, Bob! How could you even think to participate in such tomfoolery when a struggle for the very Universe is at hand just below us?

Bob: Hmm. *shrugs* I just ignore it.

Silas: What!? And you, Zeldafan!?

Zeldafan: Hm? Struggle? What struggle?

Silas: *facepalm* Urrgh...

[Surrounded by nothing but a chasm of heavily dense mana, Reese descends deeper into the abysmal depths of Deir Lunisia. As he comes closer to the center, he bears witness to a shining red light off in the distance]

Reese: That light... Could it be...the Lunar Heart...?

[Undeterred, Reese progresses toward the source of the radiance. Once within close proximity, the light is revealed to be none other than the Lunar Heart, a mountainous red crystal floating undisturbed amidst the unbounded surroundings]

~~Center of the Planet, Lunar Heart~~

Reese: Aah! That's--!

Odexxia: It's astounding, isn't it?

Reese: What...?

[Reese looks on to notice Odexxia standing before the Lunar Heart, taken in by its placid glamor]

Reese: *to himself* Mmmn...Odexxia...

Odexxia: What a wonderous gem. So...potent, so full of vigor. It will shine even brighter once it becomes a part of me...

Reese: *to himself* Not if I have anything to say about it.

[Reese boldy approaches Odexxia, determined to put a stop to him once and for all]

Reese: Your twisted schemes are all gonna end here! Now I'm gonna take you down, for the sake of our galaxy, and to avenge my people!

Odexxia: ...

Reese: I will defeat you...for the sake of everybody in the universe--especially for Earth!

[Reese loads an arrow into his bow and fires it at Odexxia, who still has his back turned]

Reese: Hm!

[The arrow draws near Odexxia, but falls when it collides with an electrical pulse surging from his body, rendering the attack useless]

Odexxia: Well, you talk a good game, anyway.

Reese: Ugh...it didn't work...

[He turns his head towards Reese]

Odexxia: However, I'm afraid you're far too late. My plan has already reached its pinnacle, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop me now.

Reese: Stop what you're doing now and give up immediately! You can't win; your evil will never triumph over the power that I wield!

Odexxia: You think I'll just give up? After coming so far?

[Odexxia turns and faces Reese, raising a single finger]

Reese: Uh...?

Odexxia: And why would I do something like that?

[Odexxia generates an orb of blue energy over his finger. It then grows larger and larger until fitting into the palm of his hand, at which he then hurls it at Reese]

Reese: Gah!

[Reese guards against the oncoming orb with his bow]

Reese: *struggling* Errgh...

[The blast proves to be too powerful for Reese to fend off as it breaks his guard and knocks him off his feet, sending him rolling along the ground]

Reese: Uuaagh!

Odexxia: Hmhmhmhmhm... Oh, give it up, boy. You've already lost. Your destiny and that of the universe is no longer in your control.

Reese: *panting* Hah...hah...

Odexxia: Hmm?

[Reese rises to his feet, fighting past his sustained injuries]

Reese: ...Your words...won't stop me! I will not give up!

Odexxia: Hmmm, well...perhaps I underestimated you at little. But unfortunately for you, only a little. The end result will still be exactly as I expected.

Reese: It's not over yet, Odexxia!

Odexxia: So you still intend to fight a hopeless battle, do you? Well then, I guess I could allow you to humor me for a while.

Reese: Hunh...?

[Odexxia uses his power to create a mass of clones that completely encircle Reese]

Reese: W-what!?

Odexxia: Ha ha ha. Let's have a little fun before you die, shall we? If you can manage to defeat my dopplegangers, then I'll assume you can provide me with a challenge worthy of my skill.

[The clones surrounding Reese all draw their swords simultaneously. Reese then responds by reading an arrow in his bow]

Reese: ...

Odexxia: Now let's begin...with your life at stake!!

[Odexxia takes a hop backwards, leaping out of the impending fray in favor of spectating as the clones stand at the ready with swords drawn, eager for Reese to make a move]

Reese: ... (All right, here we go...)

[Reese lifts his bow and aims it at one of the clones]

Reese: (Of course, I could fire at the clone. ...But why do that...when I can shoot the real one instead...?)

Odexxia: (Hmmm...what will you do, boy?) ...Huh?

[Reese pulls his bow string to fire, when he quickly changes direction, aiming his bow at the real Odexxia instead]

Odexxia: Hrrm...?

Reese: Rain! Haa!

[Reese fires an arrow of light directly at Odexxia, choosing instead to bypass the clones. But it proves to be a wasted effort when the arrow collides with a force field erected around him]

Reese: What!?

Odexxia: Ah ah ahhh... You know the rules, Reese. You cannot go after me until every one of my clones has been defeated.

Reese: *frustrated* Mmmnn...

Odexxia: Now then, for breaking the rules, I think a little...punishment is in order.

[Odexxia raises his hand, signaling the clones to go on the offensive. One of the clones approaches, beginning the attack]

Reese: Aah!

Clone1: Hrraaah!

[The first clone attacks, slashing overhead at Reese with his sword, but Reese leaps back, avoiding the strike. He then immediately counters with Rain, firing a light arrow straight through the clone's chest. The clone fades away upon impact]

Reese: *to himself* That's one down...

[But before Reese can even get a moment to breathe, another clone approaches from behind to take Reese by surprise]

Clone2: Hyaaaaaaah!

Reese: !?!

[The second clone looses a horizontal slash aimed at Reese's back, but he instinctively rolls under the attack, avoiding being struck]

Reese: Better watch out! Violent Snake!

[Taking advantage of his positioning, Reese counters the attack with Violent Snake, crouching to the ground and firing an arrow at the clone. The arrow causes the clone to stumble about, having lost its balance]

Clone2: Urgh!

Reese: Now to finish it! Rain!

[Having made an opening, Reese fires a light arrow at the clone, thoroughly eliminating it]

Reese: *to himself* And another. Gotta stay focused...

[With the second clone defeated, the remaining three clones zero in on Reese all at once]

Clones: Haaaaa!!

Reese: Not so fast! Spread out!

[Reese attacks with The Growing World, firing three seperate arrows at once that fan out, each individual arrow striking a clone, effectively dispatching them simultaneously]

Reese: *sigh of relief* Hah...I managed to do it...

Odexxia: *disappointed* Hrmph, not bad...

[With all the clones defeated, Reese turns his attention back towards Odexxia]

Reese: Now...It's over, Odexxia! You have no more clones to hide behind!

Odexxia: Hmph, so you say.

Reese: What...?

[Odexxia calls forth another wave of clones to surround Reese]

Reese: Aah! More clones!?

Odexxia: I'm not finished with you yet, Reese! The fun is just getting started!

Reese: *distressed* Ergh!!

Odexxia: Ha ha ha!!

[Drawing their swords, the clones prepare to begin another assault on Reese. He then responds by reading his bow to fire]

Reese: (I can't pull any punches now. This time I won't give them the chance to strike!)

[The clones begin their charge while Reese takes the initiative and goes on the offensive. He fires a continuous barrage of Rain shots all around, downing any and every clone that approaches]

Reese: Rain! Huaa! Haa! Yah!

[Reese continues to take down the clones in his path, but for every clone he destroys, another one appears to take its place. With this, Reese soon begins to grow exhausted as he's overwhelmed by the sheer number of clones]

Reese: *panting* Hah...haa...ha...

Odexxia: *laughing* Hm hm hm hmmmmm...

Reese: *panting* Haa...(I...I don't get it. No matter how many clones I take down, they just keep coming back! And now my mana's being exhausted, I can't keep this up...)

Odexxia: Haa!

Reese: Huh?

Odexxia: What's the matter, Reese? You're not tuckered out already, are you? What a shame, and we were just starting to have some fun!

Reese: *panting* Hah...It's...hah..it's not over...

Odexxia: Ohh, I think it is...

Reese: Ah...?

[Without notice, one of the clones advances on Reese and delivers a swift sword strike. With fatigue slowing him down, Reese only barely manages to dodge by twisting his body, the slash cutting his clothing instead]


Reese: Aaah!!

[Reese avoids the deadly attack, but almost instantly, another clone approaches from his side and strikes again. This time he isn't so lucky, as he's slashed in the arm, drawing blood]

Reese: Gah! *grasps arm*

[And now yet another clone advances on Reese from behind, striking him with a powerful blow that knocks him to ground]

Reese: Uungh!! Aagh...!

Odexxia: Hmhmhmhmhm... Hahahahah!!

Reese: Urgh...(This...isn't going to work. If I'm to have any hope of winning this fight, I'll have to kill all the clones at once. But with what...?)

Odexxia: Now then, Reese, I believe playtime has come to an end. Now it's time for you to die, so I can claim my title as ruler of the Universe!!

[The clones launch one final assault on the weakened Reese, this time aiming to take his life in the process]

Odexxia: Ha ha haaaa! Goodbye, Reese!!

[As the clones advance on him, Reese slowly rises to his feet, preparing one last attack]

Reese: (This...is my last chance. If this doesn't work...nothing will)

[Reese grips a group of arrows, pulling them all out of his quiver]

Reese: (Now...let's do it!)

[Reese loads the group of arrows into his bow all at once, readying to fire]

Reese: Haaa! Get out of here! Cyan Instant!!

[And with a full swing of his bow, Reese fires arrows around him in every direction, attacking and eliminating all clones in his way simultaneously]

Odexxia: What!?

Reese: *panting* Hah....ha...(I...did it...)

Odexxia: *clenches fist* Grrrr...I can't believe it. That little brat defeated all of my dopplegangers with a single attack!

Reese: *to himself* But it's not over yet. There's still him...

[Reese pulls an arrow and loads it into his bow, ready to fire again]

Odexxia: What? Now what is he up to...?

Reese: Rain...

Odexxia: Hrrm?

Reese: ...song!! Haa!!

[Reese fires a single light arrow directly at Odexxia. As expected, the arrow collides with his force field, but this time the arrow manages to pierce the field, resulting in a fracture]

Odexxia: Uh? What is this!? My barrier...it's....

Reese: Now!

[Having pierced his defenses, the light arrow shines and explodes, shattering Odexxia's force field to pieces around him, rendering him completely vulnerable to attack]

Odexxia: Aaargh!! M-My guard has been broken!? But...how can this be!?

Reese: Ha! There's an opening! I'll attack while he's distracted!

[Reese pulls an arrow from his quiver and runs toward Odexxia at full speed, gripping it like a knife. Meanwhile, Odexxia is left confounded and in a state of panic at the destruction of his barrier, as the broken fragments continue to fall around him]

Odexxia: Errgh! Reese, when I get my hands on you, I'll--!!

Reese: Here I come, Odexxia!!

Odexxia: Wh-what!?!?

[Using his state of confusion and anger against him, Reese approaches Odexxia head on and plunges his arrow deep into his chest, dealing him a heavy wound]

Reese: Aaaaaaaaah!!

Odexxia: Eurrgh!! Wh-why yoooouu--aaaaaaarrrgggh!!
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[Meanwhile, back on the surface, Bob and friends continue with their leisurely game of Go Fish. Zeldafan and Silas contend as the only remaining players, while both Bob and Millie sit bored and silent in defeat]

~~Deir Lunisia, Surface~~

Silas: Hrrrm... Got any 4's?

Zeldafan: *sigh*...

[Zeldafan reluctantly hands over her final card to Silas, allowing him to complete another book to win the game. He then celebrates, throwing his arms up in triumph]

Silas: Ha ha! Victory!!

Zeldafan: *wistfully* Another loss...

Bob: This would be the 16th game in a row that Silas has won.

Millie: *irately* Huff! It's not fair! Silas always wins!!

Bob: Maybe Silas is just an exceptional Go Fish player, Millie...

Millie: Tsch, I bet! He probably used the *mockingly* Power of Lunisians to cheat or something.

Silas: What!?

Millie: You heard me! I said you cheated, you big cheater!!

Silas: *angrily* H-How dare you! Grrr! You take that back! I would never cheat!!

Millie: You're full of it!

[Silas and Millie stare eachother down with malice intent flaring in their eyes. Fearing the worst, Zeldafan steps inbetween the two in an attempt to quell an impending conflict]

Zeldafan: *nervously* Eh heh heh... Hey, come on guys. Can't we settle this in a calm peaceful manner? *sweatdrop*

[Zeldafan whispers in Bob's ear, inquiring his aid]

Zeldafan: Boooob, say something...

Bob: ...Huh? Oh, right. *clears throat* Ahem! Ehh, Zeldafan's right, you know. Violence has never solved anything. ...But then again... *rubs chin*

Zeldafan: Uh?

Bob: We ARE participating in a narrative where brutally slaying your enemies in a tremendous act of violence is the key to solving all the world's problems. In fact, it's rather rare to find such an instance where a conflict isn't resolved by beating the canoli out of someone. So...yeah. I've got nothing. *scratches head*

Zeldafan: Bob, who's side are you on anyway!?

[Despite Bob's questionable interjection, Silas takes Zeldafan's words to heart, choosing instead to step down]

Silas: Hrmph. Perhaps you two are right afterall. Violence...is not the way... Instead, we shall settle this score in a contest of skill and--!!

Millie: Ehh, whatever. I'm done playing. You'd just cheat again anyway.

Silas: *outraged* What!? Why you...!!

Millie: And besides, I want to look at...this!!

Silas: Huh?

Bob: Hm?

[Millie quickly sneaks behind Bob undetected and snatches the shameless script from his back pocket]

Millie: Heehee! I got it!

Bob: Bwah!? Ahh! Give that back, you...!

Millie: No! I wanna read it!

Zeldafan: What? What are you guys talking about? What is th--aaaaaaahhh!!!

Millie: Huh? What's wrong, Z-Girl?

Zeldafan: *flustered* M-Millie! W-What are you doing with my BlueXJawo' yaoi!?

Millie: "Yah-oy"? You mean this story? I found it on the ground after you tossed it.

Zeldafan: Tossed it!? On the ground!?

Bob: Yes. After YOU so carelessly tossed it out of your bag, curious Millie stumbled across it and procured it for herself. Why, had it not been for my quick reflexes and sharp instincts, sweet innocent little Millie's virgin mind would've been destroyed by this...this...dissertation of debauchery!

Zeldafan: *turns red* Ohh...Ohh gee... *tugs on collar*

Silas: Hmm...excuse my ignorance, but what is this..."Yah-Oh-Ee"? And why is it so unscrupulous?

Millie: Yeah! Tell us!

Zeldafan: *blushing* Ohh, Bob, you really don't have to. I'll just take that back and--

Bob: Silence! I will read to them these...raunchy records, but ONLY to make aware how lascivious and vile they are.

Zeldafan: Eeep!! N-n-n-noooo!!

Millie: All right, it's story time!!

Silas: *rubs chin* This should be interesting.

Bob: Now then, gather around, everyone.

Zeldafan: *gulp* E-Even me...?

Bob: *dismally* Especially you...

[And so, Millie, Silas, and a mortified Zeldafan gather close to Bob, as he opens the pages of the nefarious novel]

Bob: *clears throat* Ahem! Now then! Let's begin, hmmm?

[As Bob skims through the tasteless text, his expression shifts from that of unyielding disgust, to modest intrigue, and finally, to whimsical euphoria represented by narrowed eyes and odius laughter]

Bob: Eehee...eeheehee...eeheeheehee...

[Baffled by Bob's sudden change in attitude, the three look back and forth at one another with puzzled expressions adorning their faces]

Zeldafan/Millie/Silas: ....Huh?

[Meanwhile, below the planet, having combined nimble movements with a clever use of artes, Reese manages to overcome Odexxia's barrage of clones and shatter his defensive barrier, plunging an arrow deep into the tyrant's chest. But it's not over yet. Despite Reese's efforts, the true battle is just about to begin]

~~Center of the Planet, Lunar Heart~~

[Reese continues to stand firm with his grip tight on the arrow, attempting to drive it further into Odexxia's wound. Meanwhile, Odexxia also grabs hold of the arrow, resisting him]

Reese: Ergh...

Odexxia: *in pain* Aaagh... You...curse you! Get...away!!

[Odexxia thrusts out his free arm, knocking Reese away and sending him rolling backwards along the ground until he comes to an abrupt stop when colliding with a rock formation]

Reese: Uh--aagggh!! Uwoah hungh agh!

[Without any resistance, Odexxia forcefully removes the arrow from his body and grasps his wound, wincing from the sudden surge of pain]

Odexxia: *growling* Yaagh! Grrrrrr--ahhhh!!

[Reese recovers from his fall, just in time to see a streak of lightning strike past his head]

Reese: Huh! Ahh!

[Odexxia sends another bolt heading his way, but this time, Reese staves off the attack with his bow, taking the opportunity to stand and counter by firing an arrow]

Odexxia: Hah! Not this time!

[As the arrow nears, Odexxia swats it away with ease, nullifying his counterattack]

Reese: Ungh...

Odexxia: Mmm, well now, that's better. I hate to say it, but you've impressed me, Reese! You defeated my clones, destroyed my barrier, AND you've actually wounded me! Yes...very impressive. Now I'm afraid I'll have to increase the effort a notch...

Reese: Ahh! ...Hm!

[Anticipating Odexxia's next move, Reese holds an arrow ready in his bow, maintaining a firm stance]

Odexxia: All right, Reese! Let's make this meaningful, shall we!?

Reese: ...

[Going on the attack, Odexxia strides towards Reese but then wanes from sight in a blur, throwing Reese into a state of confusion]

Reese: What!?

[Reese frantically looks around for any traces of Odexxia, but he can't be found]

Reese: He...disappeared!? But...but that's--! ...Huh!?

[Reese turns his head forward only to see Odexxia positioned directly in front of him, ready to launch an attack]

Odexxia: Haa!!

[Odexxia then looses a potent blow to Reese's face, causing him to stagger backwards]

Reese: Ungh!! (I...I didn't even see it coming!)

[Reese manages to regain his balance, as Odexxia dashes toward Reese again to follow up with another attack]

Odexxia: Yaah!!

Reese: Ahh!

[Odexxia attempts to strike with another punch, but Reese leaps backwards and dodges the attack, resulting in the blow impacting the ground instead with enough velocity to break away the earth beneath him]

Odexxia: Hrrrh!!

Reese: (Now! While he's open!)

[Reese takes advantage of the opportunity and tries to fire an arrow at the vulnerable Odexxia. But is stopped when he's struck with a spin kick to the side, knocking him to the ground]

Reese: Ahhh! Ungh!!

Odexxia: You're much too slow, Reese!!

Reese: Urr--gh...Uhh!?

[Odexxia now descends toward the ground at a rapid pace, intending to crush Reese as he lays wounded and weakened]

Odexxia: Now!! Die here!! Aaaahhhh!!

Reese: *injured* Ungh...Not...today...

[Despite his pain, Reese stands to his feet, aiming an arrow upwards at Odexxia]

Reese: ...

Odexxia: Wh-What...?

Reese: Glimmer of Heaven!!

[Reese shoots an arrow to the sky, forcing Odexxia to halt his descent to dodge in midair]

Odexxia: Huuh! Hmph. That was close, Reese, but not close eno--

Reese: It's not over yet! Dark Chase!!

Odexxia: Hrm!?

[Reese follows up by firing a series of dark arrows into the air that slowly soar towards Odexxia]

Odexxia: These arrows...are somehow different from the others... But no matter. They're just as easily avoided as the rest.

[Odexxia descends from the air to the ground, seemingly dodging the arrows as they ascend past]

Odexxia: Hmph. *smirks* Too easy...

Reese: Are you sure about that?

Odexxia: Hm...?

[Odexxia turns his head only to notice the very same arrows from before, slowly chasing after him from behind]

Odexxia: What!? This can't be!!

[Unable to dodge, the dark arrows imbed themselves into Odexxia's back, causing him to recieve heavy damage]

Odexxia: Urrgh!!

Reese: (All right! Now to pull out the combo and do some real damage!)

[Reese readies an arrow in his bow, preparing for another arte]

Reese: ...Falling Stars!

[Having stunned Odexxia with a well-placed attack, Reese continues his assault by firing a glowing arrow in his direction]

Odexxia: Fool! Hah!!

[As the arrow approaches, Odexxia attempts to stave it off by blocking it with a single hand]

Reese: Huh!?

Odexxia: Did you really think it would be that easy? Even in this injured state, your power is no match for mine...

[Odexxia appears to have gained the advantage, overpowering Reese's attack with minimal effort. That is, until gradually, the arrow increases in both speed and power]

Odexxia: Aaagh! Wh-What is this!? It's...becoming more difficult to restrain! This shouldn't be happening!

Reese: (Yeah! Just like I expected! Now it's time to finish it with one last attack!)

[As Reese prepares for his final assault, the arrow finally disperses, but not without rendering Odexxia's hand battered and scarred]

Odexxia: *panting* Hah...aargh....Reese, you pathetic worm. I will make you pay for this...

Reese: *from up high* Flying!!

Odexxia: What!?!?

[As Odexxia was recovering from his last attack, Reese uses the window of opportunity to launch yet another. Reese dives head-first from the air, heading directly towards Odexxia]

Odexxia: Bwah!!

Reese: Haaaaah!!

[Reese then shifts his momentum, diving towards Odexxia with his leg pointed outwards. He strikes head-on with a devastating kick, dealing Odexxia a heavy blow and knocking him to the ground]

Odexxia: Urraagh!!

Reese: Hm!

[But it's not long before Odexxia rises to his feet once again, although severely injured from Reese's barrage of attacks]

Odexxia: *panting* Hah...ha...haa...you....

Reese: Had enough yet!?

Odexxia: ...Now...now you've done it....

Reese: Huh...?

Odexxia: Reese, you've pushed me too far! No more games! Now I'm going to obliterate you!!

[Odexxia's anger shows, as his body begins to overflow with a staggering amount of mana]

Reese: *to himself* Ahh! This power! This...this surge of mana. Is it all coming...from him!?

Odexxia: And now...dear Reese. I am going to crush you like an insect, and revel in your anguish!!

Reese: Ergh...!

Odexxia: *chants* "Immortal Tempest...!

[Odexxia's incantation invokes a fierce thunderstorm to strike all throughout the area. Reese can only look on, bracing himself for whatever may occur]

Reese: ...

Odexxia: *chants* "Unbrideled storms, drag them into your pummeling depths!"

[His invocation conjures forth a destructive whirling mass of water that pulls Reese in]

Reese: Ahhhhhhhh!!

Odexxia: Ah ha ha ha ha!! Now DIE!!

[The mass ruptures and bursts, releasing a large stockpile of energy that demolishes Reese's body considerably. He falls to the ground, beaten and unable to move]

Reese: *quietly* I'm sorry, everyone...I...can't...do it...Uuhh...

Odexxia: Hmm, so he managed to survive the attack. ...Well I shall soon fix that.

[Odexxia walks over to Reese, grabbing hold of him by the shirt and stringing him up high]

Reese: N-ngh...ungh...

Odexxia: Hah. Did you honestly expect to challenge me when you are so embarassingly weak?

Reese: *weakily* Y-You...

Odexxia: Mm?

Reese: You...h-haven't seen a fraction...of what I can do, Odexxia...!

Odexxia: There's no point in trying to talk big now. You've lost. You are nothing to me, Reese...

[Odexxia's free hand crackles with electric power as he prepares to finish off Reese with one final blow]

Reese: A-aah...

Odexxia: ...and you shall die alone!!

Reese: Nngh!!

[Reese closes his eyes and prepares for the worst as Odexxia goes in for the kill. But suddenly...]

Reese: Nn--huh...?

[Reese opens his eyes to see his death been delayed by a single arrow that's pierced through Odexxia's hand]

Odexxia: Guh! G--yaaaaaah!!

Reese: Ah! (An...an arrow! But...where did it--? Ahh! That's it!!)

[Reese recollects to a moment earlier in the fight]

Reese: Glimmer of Heaven!!

[Reese shoots an arrow to the sky, forcing Odexxia to halt his descent to dodge in midair]

Odexxia: Huuh! Hmph. That was close, Reese, but not close enough!

[End flashback]

Reese: (So the Glimmer of Heaven really did come through afterall! This is great! Now I've got one more chance to finish this fight, so I better not waste it!)

[After escaping almost certain death, Reese's resolve is restored as he's inspired to fight again. He delivers a swift kick to Odexxia, forcing him to release his grip]

Reese: Yah!

Odexxia: Uurngh!!

[Reese then retreats a fair distance away from Odexxia, set to begin preparation for his last attack]

Reese: (This is it... It's now or never, Reese! This...will decide everything!)

[Meanwhile, Odexxia looks on in both anger and bewilderment at what just occured, cluthing his wounded hand]

Odexxia: *growls* Grrrr... R-Reese...how did...why...why won't you...die...? This isn't over... I...I will... *clenches fist*

Reese: Now, scatter!!

Odexxia: ...W-what!?!?

[Reese initiates his final attack, striking Odexxia consecutively with a barrage of arrows while charging up]

Odexxia: Gaah! Urngh! Aaah! Aargh!

Reese: (Focus...)

[Reese uses the charged energy to launch a finishing blow, firing a large arrow of pure energy straight for Odexxia]

Reese: This time I'll finish you off for good! Fury Blast!!

Odexxia: Ahhhhh! Noooooooo!!

[The shining arrow slams into Odexxia, penetrating his body and running him through in one clean stroke]

Odexxia: Wuaaaaaaaaaarrrggh!!!

Reese: ...

[Left with his energy drained and a gaping hole in his mid-section, Odexxia stumbles and staggers backwards, his eyes wide with disbelief]

Odexxia: *to himself* H-How...? This is...impossible. I...I am...Odexxia...the Demonic Overlord...

[Odexxia continues to falter and sway disoriented, until he is met with the edge of the ground he stands on, nothing behind him but a seemingly endless chasm of dense mana]

Odexxia: I...I cannot be beaten...by...a child... Uurrrrgggh....

[Unable to sustain his own weight, Odexxia topples over, his lifeless body plunging deep into the abyss of mana below, bringing a fitting end to the archfiend's cruel ambitions]

Reese: ...You're finished, Odexxia. You will never harm anyone...ever again...
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[In one decisive act of tenacity and heroism, Reese defeats the tyrannical overlord Odexxia, sending his body plummeting into the infernal depths of Deir Lunisia's core. With his zeal for power silenced forever, Reese lets out a sigh of relief, aware that his and the party's struggles have come to an end]

Reese: I did it... He's gone... *sigh* ...Now we can all return home and leave this nightmare behind us.

[With his mission complete and his journey over, Reese takes one last glance at the Lunar Heart, the life he fought to preserve]

Reese: ...Hm.

[Reese puts on a contented smile, assured that all is well and peace is restored. He begins to make his way back to his friends and family with his head held high]

Reese: ...!!!

[Though all too soon, that peace is shattered when Reese is suddenly struck from behind by a streak of red lightning]

Reese: Ahhhh!!

[His eyes grow blank, as his body falls helplessly to the ground. All the while, a familiar laugh echoes malevolently in the background]

??: Hm hm hm hm hm...

Reese: Uh--ungh... N-No... It...can't be...

[Unprecendently, Odexxia returns once again, having survived both the fall and Reese's most powerful attack. Though not without consequence, as both his body and spirit are severely damaged from the previous bout]

Odexxia: *breathing heavily* You...pathetic Lunisian...

Reese: O...Odexxia! But how...? I...defeated you...

Odexxia: Fool... A supreme being such as myself could never be defeated by the likes of you! Rahhh!

[Odexxia angrily kicks Reese while he's grounded, his defenseless body rolling along the ground]

Reese: Uaagh!

Odexxia: Ha ha ha... You know, if you die without crying, I just might be persuaded to tell your father that you died bravely.

Reese: F-Father...

Odexxia: But first, I'll let you watch as I kill every one of your friends. There's really no pleasure in doing it if you're, well...dead.

Reese: Ahh...! No!

Odexxia: Ha ha ha ha! What's the matter, Reese? Do you fear for their lives? Well you should! None shall be spared from my wrath.

Reese: I...I won't let you get away with this, Odexxia!

Odexxia: Reese, haven't you realized yet? You haven't the slightest chance of stopping me now.

Reese: Urgh...! (I...can't! I can't let this happen! I have to do something!)

Odexxia: Though I must admit, your power is undeniable. But...it doesn't matter. Whatever power you hold will fail before the power of the Supreme Overlord. I now hold the winning hand, and the time has come to play my trump card!

Reese: ...!?

[Odexxia quickly turns his attention towards the Lunar Heart; a devilish grin settling upon his face as he anxiously approaches]

Odexxia: Hah hah hah... Watch now as the world you once knew crumbles to nothing...

Reese: Ah!! (No! He's going to absorb the Lunar Heart!)

[In a desperate attempt to stop Odexxia, Reese struggles to move along the ground, dragging himself forward with his arms]

Reese: Ergh...ungh...! (I have to...stop him somehow...!)

Odexxia: ...and my New Age of Surpreme Darkness begins!!

[Odexxia places his hand upon the surface of the Lunar Heart, initiating his long-awaited absorption]

Odexxia: Haaaaaaa!!

Reese: Noooooo...!

[Odexxia's body can be seen changing shape, as the entire area is filled with a blinding white light enamating from the Lunar Heart, engulfing them both. The sudden removal of the power source causes a great disruption in the planet. A series of quakes and tremors can be felt all throughout the world as it grows more and more unstable with each passing second]

~~Subterrain: 3rd Level~~

[Blue's party continues to stand their ground as close as they can to the battle, tensely awaiting Reese's safe return]

Blue: *taps arm* Mmmn...

Jawo': *impatiently* Rrggh... How long are we gonna keep standing around like this, Blue? I can't stand it!

Blue: Settle down. You know we can't go any further. All we can do now is lend Reese our support.

Jawo': Rgh. I know...I know... (C'mon, Reese...don't let us down...)

Lilia: (Reese, please come back okay...)

[Meanwhile, Penny stands further away from the rest of the group, unusually quiet]

Penny: (Reese, you idiot... How could you run off and leave me to worry like this? You're...You're my best friend. I don't want you...to die...)

[Penny shuts her eyes tights and grits her teeth, struggling to fight back her tears when Jawo' comes up from behind, placing a comforting arm around her]

Penny: Huh?

Jawo': Hey, it'll be alright. Reese isn't going to die on us. He'll kick Odexxia's butt and come back to us in one piece, you'll see!

[Jawo's words succeed only in angering Penny, as she's responds by smacking his arm away in disgust]

Penny: Don't touch me!

Jawo': Uh!? *angrily* Grrr! Why you...!


[Jawo' gears up to respond in kind, when a sudden tremor breaks out, tossing the party to the ground]

Blue/Jawo'/Lilia/Penny: Ahhhhhh!!


[In the aftermath of the tremor, Lilia regains her consciousness and hurries to the aid of her fallen companions]

Lilia: Blue! Come on, Blue!

Blue: L...Lilia...?

[Blue rises to his feet and proceeds to call out to the others to assure their safety]

Blue: Are you okay, everybody? Talk to me!

Penny: Ungh...ugh...

Blue: Penny, that bump on your head looks pretty nasty. Are you okay?

Penny: It'll take more than a bump on the head to stop me, Blue. I'll be fine.

Blue: Jawo'! Are you alright!?

Jawo': Mmmm...unghh...ahhh... Y...yeah, Blue...I'm okay. But something's not right here...

Blue: ...So you could feel it too, huh?

Jawo': Yeah. That...was no ordinary earthquake.

Penny: Huh? So what? Are you trying to say that there's something else involved?

Jawo': I don't know... But I do know that something bad's about to go down here. And it's not gonna be pretty...

Lilia: Mmm... (Reese, please be alright...)

[Meanwhile, in the upper reaches of the subterrain, Kovah and his group resume their on-going battle against the swarm of enraged creatures]

~~Subterrain: 2nd Level~~

Kovah: Shishisenkou!!

[Kovah comes face to face with a ferocious enemy dragon. He boldly slams it with a massive concentration of battle energy, felling the dragon and blasting it away in a single blow]

Kovah: Heh. Not bad, if I say so myself. Anyway, it looks like that was the last of them. Is everyone holding up okay?

Deke: I'm well.

Shina: Yeah, I'm fine.

Prima: *panting* Hah...ha... Right...

Kovah: Hah. What's the matter, Prima?

Deke: Hmm... Looks like the princess doesn't pass muster in our little morality play.

Prima: Ohh...Ohh whatever. Can we just get out of here now, please?

Kovah: All right, all right... But dang! I was still up for some more fighting!

Deke: And I as well.

Prima: Ugh! Speak for yourselves!


[But just as the party is about to set out on their way, another tremor occurs, throwing the group off their feet]

Kovah/Deke/Shina/Prima: Ahhhhhh!!


[The earthquake subsides, leaving the party in a state of disarray. Prima is the first to recover from her fall, rubbing her aching backside]

Prima: Ooongh...that's smarts... Shina, what the heck was that?

Shina: Uungh..uuh... It...it felt like...like an earthquake...

Kovah: An earthquake? But why?

[Prima jumps up and brushes the dirty and debris off her clothing with her hands]

Prima: *annoyed* Great, now my clothes are all dirty!

Shina: Kovah, what do you mean?

Kovah: Well, if an earthquake was to happen, don't you think we would've...you know, seen it happen?

Shina: Huh...?

Deke: Hmm... Kovah's right. An Earthquake is correctly defined as a sudden tremor or movement of a planet's crust. And being so deep below the surface, we should have been able to witness the shifting of rock along a break surface firsthand, but no such thing occured. Instead, every plate shifted in tandem all at once.

Shina: What? So you're saying that the entire planet moved?

Deke: That's right. It's almost as if it's struggling to hold itself together. Something's happened to put it under a tremendous amount of stress, and whatever it is, it isn't natural...


Kovah: Aagh! And whatever it is, it's about to happen again! Brace yourselves, everyone!

[The party prepares themselves for the onset of another quake, that is until Deke realizes something peculiar about it]

Deke: Hmm? (...No, this isn't an earthquake. This sounds like...!)

Shina: Deke, is something the matter?

Deke: Careful! There are enemies afoot!

Prima: What!?

Kovah: Heh. So it's another round of scalebags, is it? Well I'm game!

[Putting a confident smirk on his face, Kovah tightens his gloves in anticipation and makes a pass at Deke]

Kovah: How about you, Deke?

Deke: What?

Kovah: Let's make this fun. Whoever puts down the most monsters wins! Whaddya say!? Surely the Master of Flames is up for a little contest? That is, unless you're all burnt out.

Deke: Hmph. Very well then. I accept your challenge!

Kovah: Good... Now come on! And don't go getting yourself ripped apart either!

Deke: I believe that's my line...

[Without wasting any time, Kovah and Deke charge head-first into the fray, eager to test their mettle in friendly competition]

Shina: Ahh! Kovah! Deke! Wait! Why can't you guys be serious for once? We're not fighting to defeat the monsters, we're fighting to buy time for Blue and the others...

[Shina's words quickly fall on deaf ears, as both Kovah and Deke are already knee deep in a horde of vicious beasts. Amidst the sounds of battle, their trivial prattle can be heard]

Kovah: *injured* Ugh! Agh!

Deke: You'll get yourself killed if you don't keep your head in the battle!

Kovah: *flustered* Sh-Shut up!!

Deke: This isn't the time to get worked up.

Kovah: I am not worked up!

Shina: Ah well... I guess I better go and help out. Who knows what kind of trouble those two'll get into. Come on, Prima!

Prima: *sigh*

[Shina marches into the impending melee to assist her comrades, with Prima following grudgingly after]

~~Center of the Planet~~

[While back in the planet's center, Reese's battle moves to its final stages. The burst of light diminishes, revealing Odexxia now in the form of an gigantic indeterminate mass of darkness, with a multitude of tentacles flailing wildly from every point. And in the center of that mass lies two piercing red eyes, giving off an ominous glare. Though unsteady and intimidated, Reese continues to stand against the monstrous behemoth, with his bow at the ready]

Reese: *to himself* Th-That thing... Could that really be Odexxia...?

Odexxia: Wah ha ha ha ha ha! Now that I have seized the power of the Lunar Heart, my return is complete! I am the absolute ruler of the universe! You're all doomed...

Reese: The Lunar Heart's power or not, you cannot win here, Odexxia! I'll stop you, and save my world using a power you could never comprehend!

Odexxia: What...? What utter nonsense. Perhaps you should demonstrate the power that gives you such confidence. Then we will see who is fit to be supreme ruler, and who...is DEAD!!!

Reese: Ahh!?

[Odexxia begins his assault, sending a swarm of dark tentacles rushing straight for Reese. He frantically dodges in an attempt to escape the violent attack, but he is soon overwhelmed by their sheer numbers, suffering multiple direct hits]

Reese: *injured* Uungh...aagh...

Odexxia: Ha ha haaaaa. You still stand? You fool...

[Odexxia deals a crushing blow to Reese, brutally swiping him with a massive tentacle. The hit strikes with enough force to send him sailing through the air]

Reese: Uuaaagh! Ungh!

[Reese lands on the ground with a thud, the impact forcing him to lose hold of his bow, which slides out of reach]

Reese: Ah! My...My bow...!

[Severly battered and wounded, Reese wills himself to stand as he slowly drags his injured body to retrieve his bow]

Reese: *panting* Hah...haah...ah...

[Though as he's about to recover his bow, Odexxia's tentacle descends from above, slamming down on Reese and pinning his body to the ground. He tries desperately to reach out for the bow which is mere inches from his fingertips, but he cannot grasp it]

Reese: Ahhhhhh! N-No...! Nnngh...!

Odexxia: Awww, too bad. And you were so close! Ha ha ha ha!!

Reese: (Ungh... He's...too powerful. I can feel myself...losing consciousness. Is...is this the end? Am I going to fail...?)

[As the crushing weight of Odexxia's tentacle presses down on him, Reese seemingly blacks out, leaving himself at the mercy of the malicious fiend]

Reese: ...

[Meanwhile, atop the surface, Zeldafan, Millie, and Silas continue to gawk and stare at Bob, who's head remains to be buried deep in the profligate print]

~~Deir Lunisia: Surface~~

Bob: Eeheeheehee...

Millie: *whispers* Zeldafan...he's been looking at that "Ya-Oh-blegh" for hours now...

Silas: *whispers* Isn't someone going to stop him...?

Zeldafan: Stop him!? Are you crazy!? Trying to pry Bob away from something he enjoys is like having a dwarf-tossing contest: You never do it a second time...

Silas: Ah... Wait. ...You had a dwarf-tossing contest?

Zeldafan: Uuh...moving on! *sweatdrop*

Silas: *skeptically* Hmm...

Zeldafan: Anyway, I don't think anything short of an earthquake will stop Bob from reading that book now...

[Meanwhile, Bob is lost in his own world, completely oblivious to the comments of the others. In an almost trance-like state, he mutters amongst himself in pure self-indulgence]

Bob: Eeheeheehee... Oh Jawo', you naughty boy. Now you've gone and done it. You got it...*orgamsically* everywheeeeeeeere...

Zeldafan/Silas: *eye twitches* ~_O

Millie: *confused* ...Huh?

Bob: Oh oh! What's this? Back for more are you, Blue? You just can't get enough, can you?


[Yet another earthquake gives way, flinging the group to the ground with its destructive might]

Zeldafan/Silas/Millie/Bob: Ahhhhhhhh!!!


[Afterwards, the earthquake recedes, and Zeldafan pulls herself to her feet, although disoriented]

Zeldafan: Ungh... Me and my big mouth...

Millie: *swirly eyes* Oongh...aagh...oooh...

[Millie sways back and forth in a daze, until stumbling into Zeldafan's arms]

Zeldafan: Millie! Are you okay!?

Millie: Am...am I alive...?

[Millie vigorously shakes her head, regaining her stability]

Millie: Oh! Uhh... Yeah. I'm fine. But what the heck was that!?

Bob: An earthquake, I would assume.

Millie: Ah! Hey! Old man!

Zeldafan: Bob, are you...feeling okay?

Bob: Hm? Me? Well let's see... Arms are still attached... Legs are working fine, too. Yes! I'm fine!

Zeldafan: Wait, you mean you don't remember the...

Bob: Hmm? Remember what?

Zeldafan: Uhm...nevermind! It's good to have you back, Bob! *nervously* Eh he hehe... *sweatdrop*

[Zeldafan forces a smile as she discretely tucks the yaoi behind her back, safe from Bob's grasp once more. At the same time, Silas cries out, alarming the group]

Silas: No! It...it can't be!!

Zeldafan: Huh?

Millie: Silas, what's wrong?

Silas: It's...the Lunar Heart. It's been...absorbed!

Zeldafan/Millie: Aah!!

Bob: Silas, are you certain of this?

Silas: Yes. I...can no longer sense its emanations. We're too late...

Zeldafan: But then...what's going to happen to the planet without the Lunar Heart!? And what happened to Reese!?

Silas: Without the Lunar Heart, this world will eventually fall into ruin, as the land withers and die. That last earthquake was proof of this decline. As for Reese, I...I don't know...

Millie: Reese...

Silas: ...Wait!

Millie: Hn?

Silas: I can still sense Reese's life force, but it's very faint...

Zeldafan: So that means...he's still alive, right!?

Silas: Yes, but at this rate, he won't be for much longer...

Bob: Silas, is there a way to recover the Lunar Heart? Surely Odexxia couldn't have completely siphoned its power as of yet.

Silas: Hm. *nods* You're right. The Lunar Heart has not yet been entirely absorbed, but that still doesn't leave us enough time to act. Why, the only one among us now who even has a chance of putting a stop to Odexxia is...

Bob: Reese...

Silas: Hmm...

Zeldafan: Bob, what do we do now?

Bob: (So long as Reese is alive, there is still hope...)

Millie: Old man...?

Bob: Relax, everyone. Reese will not allow Odexxia to pervert this world any longer. Of that, I assure you.

Zeldafan: But Bob, what do you mean?

Bob: Just leave this to me, okay?

Zeldafan: ...? A...all right...

Bob: Now then...

[Bob shuts his eyes and begins to concentrate, increasing his mental focus]

Bob: (Come on, Reese, I know you're still with us. Open your heart and heed my words...)

[Meanwhile, at the planet's center, Reese continues to have the life crushed out of him by Odexxia's bulky tentacle. As his life slips away, Reese laments his encroaching fate]

~~Center of the Planet~~

Reese: Nnnghh! Uungh! (Blue...Penny...Father...everyone...I...I'm sorry...)

Odexxia: Ha ha ha ha ha! What's the matter, Reese!? Why don't you call on the "power" you so covet? That is, if it even exists!

Reese: (I...I tried my best, but in the end...I let you all down...)

[Convinced that there is no hope of defeating the empowered giant, a demoralized Reese prepares to give in to despair when a voice calls out to him from within his consciousness]

Bob: Reese!

Reese: Hn...huh?

Bob: Reese, can you hear me!?

Reese: (Bob... Is...is that you?)

Bob: Reese, you must listen to me! I know the situation looks bleak, but you mustn't give up! Not now!

Reese: ...

Bob: From the very beginning, you've fought alongside Blue and his companions and shared in their struggles to make it this far. You know that they have the will to fight. They're never going to surrender this world to the likes of Odexxia. They believe in the power of eachother, and have the will to overcome anything. And you as well, Reese.

Reese: ...!?

Bob: But if you forget to believe in yourself, this world will truly be lost. None of us wants that to happen.

Reese: (But...Bob...I...)

Bob: You are what we need right now, Reese. You are the only one left who can put a stop to Odexxia and his corrupt designs.

Reese: (But...how? I...don't have what it takes to defeat him. I'm not strong enough...)

Bob: No, you're wrong. You have the power to bring down Odexxia, and you've had it all along. The power...lies inside of you.

Reese: (What...?)

Bob: The power of your will, Reese. Your will to protect all of us... Blue, Penny, everyone, and myself as well. We all believe in you. We believe that you can put an end to Odexxia and save our world. That...is your true strength.

Reese: (Ahh...!)

Bob: Do you understand now, Reese? Now is the time to relinquish your doubts and unleash the true power from inside your heart! The Lunar Heart and this planet can still be saved! You're our only hope now...!

[Bob's voice trails off and fades, ending his communication with Reese. His words of encouragement echoing through Reese's mind as he's instilled with new hope]

Reese: (Bob...you're right... My friends, my family, and everyone else on Earth. They're all counting on me to win this fight! For their sake...I will not lose!!)

Odexxia: Ha ha haaaaa. Franky, I was hoping that you'd put up a better fight. But it cannot be helped when you're all-powerful like me! And now I will end your miserable existence for good, Reese...

[Odexxia raises his tentacle high, preparing to finish off Reese with one deadly blow when...]

Reese: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Odexxia: Wh-what!?!?

[Reese cries out as his body erupts with a surge of unfathomable power]

Odexxia: What...what is this...this power!?!? Aaugh!

Reese: I...I will not give up until this world and everyone are safe!!

Odexxia: You...You would still deign to challenge my ultimate power? You are nothing but a fool, Reese! Lie down before me and await your destruction! There is nothing left to save you now!

Reese: Those who underestimate the power of the human spirit are destined to fail. And that means you...Odexxia.

Odexxia: I am Odexxia, supreme ruler of the universe! You will never defeat me!

Reese: My will to protect is stronger than any power you could ever seize. It's over. I'm taking my world back right now!

[Reese calls upon his power, a glowing golden glyph appearing around him as he's encircled by shining spheres of light]

Reese: *chants* "O fragments of the universe, heed my call and become power incarnate...!"

Odexxia: What is this...!?

[Reese outstretches his hand, as the spheres of light morph into a spear-like shape and launch themselves at Odexxia, penetrating the dark mass that is his body all at once]

Odexxia: Graaaaaagh!!

[The spheres then come back around and surround him, piercing through him countless times and rendering him stunned and disabled]

Odexxia: Urraaaagh!! But how!? How could I have been damaged by your feeble attacks!? The power...of your pathetic will should not have been this strong...this real!

Reese: But it is! And it's dealt you a fatal blow! Fade to a twisted memory, Odexxia! The world will not mourn your passing!

Odexxia: Nooooooooooo!!

[Reese resumes his attack. He pulls back on his bowstring as a glyph forms in front of him]

Reese: I will finish you! Noble Roar!!!

[Reese summons the remainder of his power, using it to fire a devastatingly powerful golden arrow at Odexxia. The arrow tears through his body, forming a hole that consumes him as it increases in size]

Odexxia: Wh-What's...happening!? M-My body...My body is falling apart!! No...no...this is impossible! I cannot be defeated again! Not like this!! Why~~~~~~!?!? Grroooooaaaggh!!!

[Odexxia's entire being crumbles and disintegrates, reducing him to a state of nothingness for the rest of eternity. And where he once stood lies the Lunar Heart, restored to its rightful condition where it belongs]

Reese: *panting* Hah...haa...ha...phew...


[The resulting clash put much undue stress on the ground that Reese stands on. It collaspes, sending Reese spiraling helplessly into the depths below. Though despite his impaired condition, he still looks on with a smile, his mind now at ease]

Reese: *to himself* Odexxia...is finally history. He's gone for good...and it's all thanks to you, my friends. I couldn't have done it without your faith in me. And even if...I have to die here, at least I can be content with knowing that I gave it my all for you...

[Accepting his fate, Reese slowly blacks out. A hand can be seen reaching out to him as his eyes close...]


~~Subterrain: 3rd Level~~

[Blue and his party stand gathered around Reese's unconscious body, which they managed to recover from the mana stream. Saddened and worried by their friend's condition, they fear the worst for him]

Lilia: Blue... Will...will he make it?

Blue: *shakes head* I don't know. He was exposed to a very high amount of dense mana for an extended period of time. Even with his inherent resilience, that's far too dangerous...

Jawo': ...

Penny: Oh Reese...this...this just isn't right...

[Convinced that Reese will never open his eyes again, Penny is overcome with grief as her eyes fill with tears]

Penny: Reese, you...you can't die... You can't leave me alone...

Reese: ...

Penny: Reese! Noooooooooo!!

[Letting go of her restraints, Penny buries her face into Jawo's chest, crying uncontrollably in his arms. He responds by wrapping his arms around her, joining her in this moment of sorrow]

Jawo': Reese... Dumb kid. Why'd you take the risk...?

[Jawo' quickly turns his head to hide his tears from the group]

Blue: Reese sacrificed his life to save this world from destruction. We own him...a great debt...

Lilia: *to herself* Reese...not you too... Do I have to lose...another friend?

Penny: No no no!!! This just isn't right! We...we were all supposed to go back together! Reese can't be dead! He just can't be! *sobs*

Blue/Jawo'/Lilia: ...

Penny: Reese, you were my best friend... I'll do anything...to bring you back to me...

[Jawo' taps Penny's shoulder]

Jawo': Hey squirt...

Penny: Huh...?

Jawo': Don't look now, but...

Penny: Wh-What...?

[Penny turns her head, only to see Reese alive and well, sitting upright and smiling cheerfully back at her]

Penny: !!!

Reese: ...Hiya, Penny. Did you miss me? *waves*

Penny: *squeals* Only a whole lot!

[Unable to contain her happiness, Penny joyfully throws herself into Reese's arms and hugs him tight in a heartwarming act of compassion]

Penny: Oh Reese...I'm just...so happy to see you!

Reese: Penny, it's okay now... You don't have to cry anymore...

Lilia: We were so worried about you...

Reese: Blue, everyone, we did it. It's over...

Blue: Hm. *thumbs up* I knew you could do it. We never lost faith in you.

Jawo': *wipes away a tear* Well done, Reese. Well done... *sniff*

Penny: Reese...

Reese: Penny...?

Penny: ...I'm going to...KILL YOU!!!

Reese: What!?

[Reverting back to her usual self, Penny grabs a hold of Reese's shirt and violently shakes him back and forth]

Penny: How dare you make me worry like that! Don't you know how sad I was!? I thought you were dead! You insensitive jerk! I should kill you!

Reese: Aieeeiyaeiiiieeayay! I-I-I'm soooooorrrryyy!

Blue/Lilia/Jawo': Ha ha ha ha ha!!

At long last, darkness has been lifted from the recovering world of Deir Lunisia. Utilizing the power of his friends belief in him, Reese sends the evil Odexxia to his ultimate demise, ridding the universe of his terror forever. After enduring a series of harsh battles and endless struggles, the party's journey is complete, as they prepare to return home to their beloved planet Earth. In the end, the happy ending they all believed in having come true at last.

End Final Encounter Arc
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