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15 October, 2021, 03:10:17 pm
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AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 2: The Lunar Monolith (Editing Continues!)  (Read 2780 times)
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« Reply #90 on: 16 June, 2009, 01:09:45 am »

~~Deir Lunisia: Surface~~

[The dark clouds that once loomed high over the world of Deir Lunisia begin to break apart at last, revealing a clear sky brilliant with blue elegance. The cold ice melting away under the warm embrace of the sun, showing first signs of the bright green grass sprouting from underneath. The entire planet begins to breathe life anew, symbolic of the end of Odexxia's dark influence]

Millie: Ah! Get a load of this, guys! The sun's coming out! And the snow...it's starting to melt!

[Overexcited, Millie dashes out into the expanding green fields, running around in circles under the light of the blue sky]

Millie: Yaay! Ha ha! Spring is here! Spring is here!

Zeldafan: But...what does it all mean?

[Bob walks up from behind, placing his hand on Zeldafan's shoulder]

Zeldafan: Huh?

Bob: It means...that Reese has succeeded.

Zeldafan: *gasp* You mean...he...he--

Bob: Hm. *nods*

Zeldafan: ...He won!! Yes! Reese did it! He defeated Odexxia!

[like Millie, Zeldafan expresses her joy and excitement by gamboling into the fields, prancing around carelessly]

Zeldafan: Wheeeeee! Ha ha!!

Silas: After so long, Deir Lunisia can finally begin a peaceful road to recovery...

Bob: Hm?

Silas: I owe every one of you a great debt. For had you not descended upon this world, none of this would have been possible. My son, especially. But alas, this means I must now take my leave of you...

Zeldafan: What...?

[Worried by Silas' words, Zeldafan hurries to confront him]

Zeldafan: Silas, what are you talking about? What do you mean you have to leave?

Silas: Have you forgotten so soon? It is my sworn duty to remain on Deir Lunisia until it is fully reborn. Even in this time of peace, that still remains true.

Zeldafan: But...

Silas: Even though I must now return to the Silver Spire to safeguard the planet in solitude, I have no regrets, for I will return far richer than when I left. For you see, I now know that one day, when it is restored, I can safely entrust it to the humans. And thanks to all of you, I know that day...will eventually come.

Zeldafan: But what about Reese...? You're the only family he has left...

Silas: Ah, but you are mistaken, Zeldafan...

Zeldafan: Huh?

Silas: Reese...has all of you, his friends. You're his family now. He...doesn't need me. He never has.

Zeldafan: I...I still can't believe you're just going to leave like this. You haven't seen Reese since he was a child. Aren't you at least going to say goodbye?

Silas: I...couldn't do that.

Zeldafan: What...?

Silas: It'll...be too hard on him, and myself as well. It's for the best that I just disappear from his life.

Zeldafan: But Silas...

Silas: It's okay though. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to see my son grow up to be the valiant young man that he is. So full of bravery and righteousness. My only regret now is...that I couldn't teach him these values myself. And that's why, I have a favor to ask of you, Bob.

Bob: Hmm? What is it?

[Silas hands Bob a folded letter from his pocket]

Bob: It's...a letter...

Silas: When you return to Earth, can you give this to Reese? I want him to know that...even though we may never see eachother again, that his father will always love him.

Bob: Yes, I will.

Silas: Thank you. ...Now, I must be going. Deir Lunisia still needs me.

[Saddened by Silas' inevitable departure, Zeldafan begins to shed tears]

Zeldafan: *sniff* Silas...I'll never forget you.

Silas: And neither will I, Zeldafan.

Zeldafan: From now on, whenever we play a game of Go Fish, I'll always think of you. *sniff*

Bob: Take care, Silas.

Silas: And you as well, Bob. Thank you for helping my son. I can be happy knowing that you'll be there to watch over him in my absence. I'm honored to have met such amazing people, and I promise I'll never forget the time we spent together.

[A column of blue light encircles Silas, dematerializing his body for transport]

Silas: Farewell...

[The column fades along with his body, as he's sent back to the top of the Silver Spire]

Zeldafan: He's...gone.

Bob: ...

[Finishing her frolic through the fields, Millie returns to the group, only to wind up confused by their gloomy expressions]

Millie: Huh...? Why are you guys so sad? And what happened to Silas?

Bob: Silas...had to go home.

Millie: Aww, he went home already? Well I hope we get to play with him again someday.

Zeldafan: *wipes tears* I do too, Millie.

~~Subterrain: 2nd Level~~

[Meanwhile, Kovah and his group dispatches the last of the underground dwelling monsters]

Kovah: *panting* Huff...huff... Pretty good, Deke.

Deke: You're not too bad either...

Prima: Hey, the monsters...they've stopped coming.

Shina: Huh...? Oh! You're right, Prima! I think we've taken them all out.

Kovah: Great. Then that means we've done all we can do now. The rest is up to Blue and the others.

Deke: Might I suggest we head back then?

Kovah: Yeah...

Shina: I just hope they're still hanging in there...

[With the monster horde subdued and their designated task complete, Kovah's group begins to make their way back up to the surface, when...]

Prima: ...Huh? Look! Over there!

Kovah/Deke/Shina: ?

[Prima alerts everyone's attention to the sight of Blue's party, appearing from the left pathway where they once descended earlier]

Shina: Blue!

Deke: Heh, so they made it afterall.

Kovah: Yeah! I knew they wouldn't go down without a fight!

[Kovah steps forward and signals to them with a wave]

Kovah: Heeeey! Over here, guys! Ha ha!

[After reuniting with Kovah's group, they all return the surface of the planet together, where the party prepares for the return trip back to Earth]

~~Deir Lunisia: Surface~~

[With everyone reunited again, Bob opens a portal leading back to Earth]

Bob: The gateway is ready, Blue. Earth is just a few steps away now.

Blue: Right. Let's get going.

Lilia: Finally, we get to go home again.

Jawo': We've been away for so long that I almost forgot what we came here for.

Penny: Well there's no point in standing around here, is there? Let's head back already!

Jawo': You're right, pipsqueak. C'mon! Let's go back to our world.

Lilia: Yeah. Back to everyone.

[The three pass through the gateway together]

Kovah: *troubled* Mmmn...

Shina: Huh? What's the matter, Kovah?

Kovah: Oh, Shina, it's just...even though the world's safe and all, I don't feel quite fulfilled, you know?

Shina: What do you mean?

Kovah: Agh. For the all the trouble he's caused for us over the years, I'm just disappointed that I didn't get to tear Odexxia's head off myself.

Shina: Kovah... None of that matters anymore.

Kovah: What...?

Shina: Odexxia is gone, and you finally have your soul back. Isn't that enough?

Kovah: Hmph. I suppose...

Shina: Good! Now let's go. After what happened, we've sure got a lot of catching up to do.

Kovah: Hmm...all right. Come on, Deke. It's time we went home...

Deke: Right behind you, Kovah.

Kovah: And you too, Prima! Move it!

Prima: *annoyed* All right already...

[Kovah, Shina, Deke, and Prima enter the gateway]

Zeldafan: ...I guess there's nothing left to do but go, right?

Millie: Hm! *nods* I wonder how my big brother's doing...

Zeldafan: Well we won't know til we find out!

Millie: Yeah!

[Zeldafan and Millie enter the gateway, leaving just Blue and Bob left]

Bob: Well, Blue, that looks like everyone. Shall we be off?

Blue: Yeah, let's.

[Bob and Blue proceed to enter the gateway, but come to a stop when they realize Reese is trailing behind]

Bob: Reese?

Blue: Hey, Reese. Aren't you coming?

Reese: Uhm...

Bob: What's wrong, Reese?

Reese: Oh, I don't know. It just wouldn't feel right to leave without at least saying goodbye to my father. But I couldn't find him anywhere...

Bob: Reese, Silas-- I mean, your father...thought it best that he left without seeing you.

Reese: What...!? But...why? I'm just now getting to know my real father...and he's already going to disappear from my life...? It's...just not fair.

Bob: Please understand, Reese. Silas knew that it would eventually come to this, so he left without a word to avoid putting any unneeded stress on you. I know it's not the nicest thing, but he only had your best interest in mind.

Reese: But...that won't make my memory of him disappear. I don't know about you, but I'll never forget him...

Blue: ...

Bob: Deep down, we all know that. And I'm sure Silas does as well.

Reese: ...

Blue: ...Reese, we should get going.

Reese: R-Right...

[Blue, Bob, and Reese enter the gateway as it closes behind them. Meanwhile, Silas looks down with a silent grin on the flourishing world from atop the Silver Spire, having witnessed his son's forlorn departure]

Silas: (Thanks to you, my son, this planet will survive. ...Are you watching in secret, my wife? Our child carries your strong spirit...)

[Having left behind the now peaceful world of Deir Lunisia, the party returns to Earth, arriving once again in the bustling port city of Lismore. The crisp sea breeze rejuvenates their spirits as they reacquaint themselves with the lands they call home]

~~Earth: Lismore City~~

Lilia: It's so nice being back in Lismore after so long, Blue! It's so wonderful to be able to smell the ocean on the breeze again...

Blue: Yeah, it really was a long journey... But we're back. With you, and everyone.

Jawo': Right! So let's say we get to the nearest bar and celebrate with a couple dozen rounds of Sprite, huh?

Lilia: *amused* Oh, Jawo'!

Blue: *annoyed* Hmph. Nice to see you have your priorities straight, Jawo'.

Lilia/Penny/Reese: Ha ha ha ha!

Jawo': Ugh, you guys. Why are you laughing!? It's not that funny!

Reese: Ah, sorry Jawo', but it's been so long since we've laughed so hard.

Penny: Yeah! Relax, bonehead! We're not laughing at you! We're laughing 'cause it feels good!

Lilia: Right. It really is nice to laugh together like this.

Jawo': Hmph! *crosses arms*

[Meanwhile, Millie leaves the group on her own and ventures into the city pier, until discovering her older brother tending to his boat. Overjoyed, she runs up to him and hugs him from behind]

~~Lismore City: Pier~~

Millie: Big brother!!

Brother: Whoa! H-Hey! What the--!?

Millie: Big brother, I'm so glad to see you again!

Brother: Oh! Millie, you made it back! I was worried about you, you know. So worried in fact, that I was going to take the ol' boat out and come looking for you myself.

Millie: Don't worry, bro. I can take care of myself now!

Brother: Huh, is that right?

Millie: Uh huh, and I went on the greatest adventure too! First, we went to the scary island and found gnarly sea monsters, then old people from the sky talked to us, and then we went into this temple and got trapped in this crazy puzzle, but Blue got us out of it, and then I smashed Kovah's foot and saved him, and then we ended up on another planet, and then we found Reese's dad, but I had to stay behind which was boring, but it's okay because then I got to play Go Fish with him, and then a huuuuuuge earthquake happened and then Spring came, and then we jumped through this portal, and now we're back here!!!

Brother: Uhm...wow sis, it sounds like you had, er...quite the time while you were away...*sweatdrop* (She always did have a wild imagination...)

Millie: Yeah! And I can't wait to do it all again.

Brother: Well sis, I know you had fun, but it's time to say goodbye to your friends and come home.

Millie: *sigh* Okay...

[As Millie is about to head home with her brother, Bob and Zeldafan approach the two on the pier]

Bob: Ah, Ms. Millie, there you are.

Zeldafan: Yeah, we've been looking for you. After we arrived in the city, you just took off without saying anything. Where've you been?

Millie: ...

Zeldafan: Huh?

Brother: So, I take it you two are friends of Millie's? Me and her were just about to head on home.

Bob: Oh, is that so? Hmm, I suppose you'll be leaving us then, won't you?

Zeldafan: Aw, that's too bad. And we were starting to become such good friends.

Millie: *sniff* It's not like I want to leave or anything... *rubs eyes*

Brother: Sis...

[Bob steps up to Millie and kneels down in on one knee, placing a hand on her shoulder and comforting her with a warm smile]

Bob: Don't fret, Millie. Our time together may be coming to an end, but it shall not be our last. You'll see. Next time, we'll go on an even bigger and better adventure.

Millie: R-Really...?

Bob: That's right. And maybe someday, I'll even let you join our little group.

Millie: *beaming* W-wow! You really mean it!?

Bob: Hm. *nods* And as a little parting gift, you can even keep the hammer I gave you. *wink*

Millie: Thanks, old man! You're the best!

Brother: Uhm...hammer? *scratches head*

Millie: Here! Let me show you! C'mon, Mega Magic Mallet!

[Millie calls on her giant mallet, making it appear in her hands from thin air. Taken aback by its sudden appearance, Millie's brother flounders backwards in pure shock]

Brother: *stupefied* Yaaaaaaagh!! What is that thing!? *points*

Millie: It's my Mega Magic Mallet! Pretty cool, huh?

Brother: B...But it's over twice your size! How can you even lift it!?!?

Bob/Millie: Shh! That's...a secret.

Brother: *blank stare* ...

[Back in the main area of the city, the party says their farewells, as Kovah's group prepares to part ways with Blue's]

~~Lismore City: Streets~~

Blue: I suppose...this gonna be goodbye for good, then.

Kovah: Yeah...but you never know. We may run into eachother again someday.

Blue: Hm...maybe...

Jawo': What do you mean "maybe", Blue? Of course we will! Right, Lilia?

Lilia: Right! *nods*

Deke: Let's just hope it's on friendlier terms next time.

Lilia: But I do hope we'll meet up with eachother again soon... Maybe then we can start traveling together again.

Shina: That sounds like a wonderful idea, Lilia.

Blue: Considering everything that's happened between us, I think it's best that we put this past experience behind us. There was nothing at all positive about it.

Lilia: Agreed.

Kovah: Oh, I think there is.

Blue/Lilia: Huh?

Kovah: Well for one, we wouldn't have had the chance to meet you guys, and we wouldn't have gone on this amazing adventure either.

Deke: We may have started out as adversaries, but we put our differences behind us in the end and came together as one. I believe that's what matters the most.

Shina: They're both right. I'm glad I had the opportunity to work with all of you. This has been one of the most valuable experiences I've ever had.

Kovah: I mean, sure, we almost killed eachother. But I think it was worth it, don't you? Heh heh.

Jawo': Heh, you've got a point there. Fighting with all of you was pretty exciting, I gotta admit.

Blue: I suppose you're right. In the end, we all made it out okay. That's what's really important.

Lilia: Ahh...! Mmn... (Shadow...)

Blue: Huh?

[lilia runs off unexpectedly, attempting to hide her lingering pain from the rest of the group]

Blue: Hey! Wait a second! ...What did I do?

Jawo': Lilia...

[As Bob returns from the pier, he takes notice to Lilia as she runs past him]

Bob: Hm...?

Blue: Bob, you came back.

Bob: Yes, just taking care of a little unfinished business was all. But is there something wrong with Lilia? She seemed to be upset about something.

Blue: Yeah... But I don't know what it could be...

Bob: Hmm... *rubs chin* It might just be a hunch, but I believe Lilia may have some deep-rooted guilt that she needs to overcome.

Blue: Guilt...?

Bob: Will you come? I'll explain along the way.

Blue: Uh? Ah, uhm...right. *nods*

Shina: Ohh...I see...

Kovah: ...Shina?

Shina: Blue, wait!

Blue: Hm? What is it, Shina?

Shina: Blue, if you're going where I think you're going, then may we accompany you there? That is, if it's not too much trouble...

Blue: Well, sure, I don't see a problem with that. I'm not sure where we're going exactly, but we can all go there together.

Shina: Hah, great! Thank you so much, Blue.

[Leaving Millie back in the care of her older brother, the party bids her a final farewell and sets out on their way. Continuing their post-journey adventure, the party backtracks to Holbech Town to visit an old friend...]

~~Holbech Town: Cemetery~~

[Returning to the town cemetery, Lilia crafts a burial site for the departed Shadow, planting his ownerless scythe in the middle in place of a headstone. Meanwhile, the rest of the party watches on in complete silence, leaving Lilia to mourn amongst herself]

Lilia: There. This is the only thing left I can do for you, Shadow. Now you and Misty can rest in peace together...

Blue: So...this is where is he ended up...

Lilia: Huh?

Blue: In all my wildest dreams, I would've never thought that someone as strong as Shadow would wind up here.

Lilia: *shakes head* Shadow may have seemed invincible on the outside, but inside, he felt more pain than any of us could ever know.

Blue: ...You were...really attached to him, weren't you?

Lilia: Hm. *nods* I trusted him. He was my friend. I knew deep down that he really wasn't a bad person. He was just...misunderstood.

Blue: I wonder... Did we ever really think about the true meaning of the things he said?

Lilia: ...What do you mean?

Blue: I mean, maybe we never realized the true feelings behind the way he joked around with us all the time. Perhaps...we should have trusted in him more. Like you did, Lilia. Maybe then we could've avoided all of this...

Lilia: ...I see what you mean. It's too late now, though... ...Huh?

[Blue kneels down in front of Shadow's grave, and begins to speak as if he's standing right in front of him]

Blue: You know, Shadow, I never had the chance to thank you for helping us find our friend. Had it not been for you, we may have arrived too late to save him... So... Thank you. For everything. ...If only we had met in another time and place, maybe we could've been...friends.

Lilia: Blue...

Blue: Come on, Lilia. I think it's time we left Shadow to rest.

Lilia: Right.

[After paying their last respects to Shadow, the party moves on once again. But before leaving, Blue stops to pass on his final thoughts]

Blue: All this time, I wondered in the back of my head whether you were friend or foe. But now, I think I've finally realized the truth...
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« Reply #91 on: 13 December, 2009, 08:38:42 pm »

[Leaving the cemetery, the group gathers to contemplate their next destination]

~~Holbech Town~~

Jawo': So, where are we headed next, Blue?

Blue: Hmm...

Penny: Hey, Blue, we still need to go see my dad!

Blue: Huh? Oh, right, Mel...

Penny: Yeah, I just have to tell him about everything that's happened, and he's probably worried sick about me too.

Jawo': So, it's to Ackland Town then?

Blue: Looks like it.

Jawo': Well, then, let's stop talkin' and start walkin'!

Blue: Right. Let's settle up, everyone. We have a long road ahead of us.

[After departing from Holbech Town, the group makes the long trip back to the town of Ackland, the hometown of Penny and Prima, and the first place visited in their journey]

~~Ackland Town~~

Penny: Ah, home sweet home!

Blue: It feels good to be back after so long, doesn't it?

Penny: You betcha, Blue! Heh heh! But it's kinda weird, considering why I left in the first place, I'd never expect to be saying that. I really have changed, huh?

Lilia: Well, I think we've all matured a little bit on this journey. Isn't that right, Blue?

Blue: Exactly, Lilia.

Penny: Yeah! Haha! Ehh...except for Jawo', that is.

Jawo': *annoyed* Hey...!

Penny: Oh, lighten up! I'm just teasing.

Deke: Hmm... So that would mean this is your hometown as well, Prima.

Prima: Tsch. So what?

Deke: Huh...?

Shina: Prima, is something wrong?

Kovah: Yeah, we figured you'd be excited to be home after being away for as long as you have. I mean, when you were with us, all you'd ever do is complain about how much you missed your huge mansion and mountains of cash.

Prima: Uh!? Hmph! *crosses arms*

Penny: All right, it's time to head to the mansion! I can't wait to see Dad again!

Reese: And, uh, I think I'll just be heading off myself...

[Reese attempts to quietly sneak away, but is stopped in his tracks when Penny quickly takes notice]

Penny: ...And where do you think YOU'RE going, Reese?

Reese: Eee! I-I'm not sneaking off or anything! H-Honest!

Penny: Hmmm...I know you're up to something...but I don't have time to figure out what it is! C'mon! Hurry up! You're coming too!

Reese: What!? B-B-But Penny...!

Penny: Come see us after you've gotten some rest, you guys. We'll be waiting for you, so don't be late!

Blue: You got it, Penny.

Lilia: Heehee. Take your time.

Penny: Okay. Let's go, Reese!

Reese: Hold on! Wait a sec! I-Is my hair okay!? Do I look decent!?

[Penny grabs a hold of Reese by his shirt collar and drags him along with her in the direction of the mansion]

Kovah: What are you, daft or something, Prima?

[Kovah gives Prima a light swat to the back, pushing her small frame forward]

Prima: Oof!

Kovah: Get going! Your father's waiting for you!

Prima: *rubs back* Fine! Fine! ...Ow...

[Prima begrudgingly follows after the two towards the mansion]

Kovah: Hah. Now that's more like it. ...Say, Blue!

Blue: What is it, Kovah?

Kovah: Why don't you go along with them to make sure everything's okay?

Blue: Hmm, well now that you mention it, I wouldn't mind seeing Mel myself... Okay, sure!

Lilia: So we're heading to the mansion, Blue?

Blue: That's the plan. Let's go. We'll be back soon, guys.

Kovah: Great. The rest of us will be waiting right here for you, then.

Bob: Take care, everyone.

[Following Kovah's advice, Blue, along with Lilia and Jawo', head into the Bancroft Mansion. Upon entering, they shortly encounter Penny and Reese, standing eagerly outside of Mel's quarters]

~~Bancroft Mansion, 2nd Floor~~

Jawo': Penny, Reese. What's up?

Lilia: I thought you two were going to meet with Mel?

Penny: Well, we WOULD, if Reese wasn't being such an idiot about it... He's too afraid of my dad to go in there with me! How typical of him!

Reese: H-Hey! That's not true! It's just...I don't want to be the cause of any weird vibes, you know, what with me intruding on such an emotional moment and all. Besides, you know Mel and I have never exactly been the best of friends.

Penny: Ugh, Reese! You're just being silly! When we explain what a hero you've become, he'll welcome you with open arms! Now come on and hurry up!

Reese: Wait! P-Penny!

[Taking matters into her own hands, Penny bursts through the door leading into her father's office, dragging Reese along inside behind her. Meanwhile, Prima stands distant from the others, still reluctant to follow through]

Prima: ...

Jawo': Hey Prima, now's your chance. Aren't you gonna go with?

Prima: Buzz off!

Jawo': Huh!?

Lilia: But Prima, you haven't seen your family in years, and you're finally home again! Aren't you the least bit excited?

Prima: *looks away* Hmph.

Lilia: Prima...

Blue: You're right, Lilia. She hasn't seen her father in a long time. I'd imagine that a long time apart can raise a lot of tension, even among family. I get the feeling that...Prima's just not ready to face her father yet. Isn't that right?

Prima: Well...well I...

Blue: There's no need to explain yourself. You take all the time you need. There's no rush at all.

Prima: Th-thanks...

~~Bancroft Mansion, Mel's Quarters~~

[Meanwhile, inside his quarters, Mel is busy at work tending to his duties, until he is alerted by the sound of his chamber doors opening and a joyous shout from Penny]

Penny: Ah!

Mel: Hunh...?

Penny: Daddy!

Mel: P...Penelope! Haha!

[Overcome with joy, Penny shoves Reese aside and rushes into her father's arms, and the two come together in a warm embrace]

Mel: Oh Penny...my sweet precious daughther! Thank the stars you're all right! I never thought I'd hold you in my arms again...

Penny: *tearing up* Dad... Oh daddy, I missed you so much!

[Meanwhile, Blue, Lilia, and Jawo' watch the happy reunion from just outside the doors]

Jawo': Heh. *grins*

Lilia: Isn't this just a wonderful moment, Blue?

Blue: I'm only glad we were able to help make it happen. With all the squabbling they've been doing, I would've never thought they'd be so happy to see eachother. I guess in the end, there really is nothing more important than family...

Mel: My assistant informed me of everything that was going on while you all were gone. I'm so proud of you, Penelope! Can you believe it!? My little girl's the savior of the world!

Penny: Aw, Daddy, don't give me all the credit. I didn't do it by myself, you know!

[Reese, hiding behind a potted shrub, pokes his head out to interject]

Reese: Don't be so modest, Penny. We couldn't have done it without you...

Penny: Reese...

Mel: Eh? Is that you, Reese?

Reese: Gah...!

[Reese hides behind the shrub again to avoid being spotted by Mel]

Mel: You don't have to hide away from me, Reese! Come here!

Reese: *groan*

[Reese reluctantly approaches]

Mel: Reese...I know how much you care about my daughter, and I know how happy it makes her when she's with you... So promise me that you'll always take care of her.

Reese: Huh? ...I...I promise!

Mel: And I would be honored...if you were to take my daughter's hand in marriage.

Reese: Sure! Of course I--! Wait, what!?!?

Penny: Whaaaaaaat!?

Blue/Lilia/Jawo': Huh!?

Reese: *blushing* But..but...but I--

Mel: Now now, I won't take no for an answer! I didn't want to admit it, but I always knew that you and Penelope belonged together. You were always the one to make her smile when she threw you into the mud.

Reese: *fidgeting* Gee, I...I don't know what to say... I guess this means I should call you Dad now, huh?

Penny: *surprised* What...? Reese...

Mel: Hold it. It's much too soon for you to call me that. First you have to grow into a man strong enough to tame this wild filly of a daughter of mine.

Penny: Eh!? I'm a what!?

[At that moment, Blue and the others enter Mel's chamber to give their praise to the new couple]

Reese: Oh, hey guys.

Lilia: Ah, I'm so happy for you two! Make sure you invite us to the wedding, okay!?

Reese: *nervously* Ahh...heheh, sure.

Jawo': Oh man, can't say I saw that one coming. If you need anything, Reese, let me know. I even got a few extra leashes for Cerberus over there.

Penny: *angrily* Ooh! Shove it, or I'll punch you so hard, your brains'll go inside out!

Blue: So Mel, you knew about what we were up to all this time, huh?

Mel: Yes. It's strange, but, my assistant claimed that he was approached by a group of elderly folks and was told to relay to me that you all were out there doing your best to save this planet.

Blue: The Elders...

Mel: At first I thought he was crazy, but then, I remembered what you had said to me before you left that day...

[Mel recollects to the day just before Blue's party set out to rescue their kidnapped friends]

Mel: Urggh! What's the meaning of this!?

Blue: Sorry, Mel, but we don't have time for this right now. Our friends need us.

Jawo': And so does the rest of the world.

Mel: What? The world? What are you talking about?

Penny: Uhm...it's a long story, dad.

Mel: Penelope! Where are you going!?

Penny: I'm going...to save my sister. To bring her back home...

Mel: Your...sister? Prima...you meant to say that...that you've found her!?

Penny: Like I said, dad, it's a long story. But don't worry! We'll take care of it!

Blue: Penny, are you ready to go?

Penny: Yeah, Blue! Let's do it!

[End flashback]

Mel: After recalling that previous exchange, I became certain that my assistant was indeed telling the truth, and that somehow, someway, the whole lot of you had become caught in a struggle to decide the fate of our world. Knowing this, I did the only thing I could: I prayed everyday for your safe return. And it seems now, my prayers have been answered.

Penny: Dad, I...I'm sorry I worried you...

[Mel kneels down in front of Penny and places a comforting hand on her shoulder]

Mel: There is no need for apologies, Penelope. You were merely doing what you had to do. In fact, it is I who should apologize to you. For a number of reasons...

Penny: Huh...?

Mel: It was my fault that you and your sister wound up in this whole situation. If only I hadn't been so stupidly obstinate, you two would've never ran away from home and put yourselves into harms way.

Penny: But Dad...

Mel: Not only did I put the two of you at risk of being killed, I broke the promise I made to your mother. My promise...to protect you, and Prima. My stubborness nearly resulted in me losing you both. Blue was right, I'm...a terrible father...

Blue: Ungh. Mel...

[Tears immediately flow from Mel's eyes as Prima listens to his heartbreaking confession from outside the room]

Prima: ...(Dad...)

Penny: Daddy, you're...crying...

Mel: *sobbing* I've brought shame to our family, and to the way of the healer. I do not deserve to hold the title of Grand Healer. Not anymore...

Penny: Ugh...

Mel: Please, Penelope. Can you ever forgive your fool of a father? Is there...Is there anything I can do...to make it up to you?

Prima: ...Heh, well you can start by quitting your blubbering.

Mel: Wh-What...?

Blue/Lilia/Jawo'/Reese: Huh?

Penny: Hunh...?

[Choosing to no longer remain hidden, Prima enters the room and finally confronts her father]

Mel: *sniff* P...Prima...? You're--!

Prima: You heard me. Stop your sniveling. Here we are, back home, alive and well, and all you can do is cry buckets on your knees! Inexcusable! That's no way for a Bancroft to behave!

Mel: *wipes tears* Hahahaaa! Prima!

Prima: Wah!? Whoa!

[Mel wraps his arms around both his daughters, pulling the three of them together into a heartwarming family hug]

Mel: My two beautiful daughters... I regret not being able to have fought alongside you.

Prima: Hey hey, enough of that!

Penny: Yeah, you're gonna spoil the moment!

Mel: Yes, you're right... *sigh* If only your mother could see the two of you now. She would be so very proud.

Prima: But she can see us, Dad.

Mel: Huh...?

Penny: That's right. She's been watching over us this whole time. She protected us, while we were out there fighting for everyone. And it was her guidance that brought us back here to you alive.

Mel: I...I see. Yes! I believe you're right! And it will be her love...that keeps us united as a family. In the name of my dear beloved, I promise that, from this day forward, nothing shall seperate us again!

Prima/Penny: Right!

[After a happy reunion between the Bancroft family, the group returns to the center of town where they meet up with Kovah and the others]

~~Ackland Town: Town Center~~

Bob: Ah, welcome back, everyone.

Kovah: Hey! There you all are! And not a moment too soon I see. ...Huh?

[Kovah takes notice to Prima smiling unlike usual]

Kovah: Well Prima, you sure look happy. I'm guessing you're daddy's little girl again, am I right?

Prima: *flustered* Wh-what...!? W-W-What's it to you, huh!?

Kovah: Ha hah, knowing you, Prima, I'll take that as a yes. *rubs head*

Prima: Hmph! *blushes*

Kovah: So Blue, where's this little journey taking us next?

Blue: Well, there's only one place to go from here, right Reese?

Reese: Huh?

Penny: Ugh, Reese, how could you forget!? We still have to go back to the Academy, remember!?

Reese: Ah! The Academy...! You're right!

Penny: Of course I'm right! Now let's get you back home, Reese. Everyone's probably worried sick about you by now!

Reese: Yeah, I hope everyone's doing okay...

Jawo': I'm sure they're just fine, kiddo. Now then, we don't wanna keep them waiting, do we? Let's hit the road! How about it, Blue!?

Blue: Right. Let's get going, everybody.

[After finishing their business in Ackland Town, Blue and his friends continue on their way; this time to Kinnear Academy, the starting point of Blue and Reese's journey]

~~On the Road: Countryside~~

Reese: You know, walking down this road again...reminds me of when it was just you and me, Blue.

Blue: Oh yeah? Hm... A lot's happened since then, huh?

Reese: Mhm. *nods* I feel like I've changed a lot since this journey first began.

[Wearing a sly grin, Jawo' inserts himself into the conversation]

Jawo': Hehehe, and just wait til Cassidy gets a load of the new you, Reese.

Reese: Huh...?

Blue: *suggestively* Hmm...yeah, what about Cassidy, Reese?

Reese: Wh-Wha--? Blue, Jawo', what are you--?

[Penny angrily butts in]

Penny: Yeah, Reese! What about Cassidy, hmmm!?

Reese: *nervously* What!? P-Penny! I-I don't know what they're talking about! Honest!

Bob: Hn...!?

Blue: Uh? Bob, what's the matter?

Bob: I...sense someone nearby...

Lilia: Someone nearby? ...Who could it be?

Deke: Hmm, we'll find out soon enough...

??: No need to fear, young ones. It is only us.

Blue/Lilia/Jawo'/Reese/Penny/Prima/Kovah/Deke/Shina/Bob/Zeldafan: ?

[The Asrocian Elders arrive to greet the party]

Elder1: Greetings.

Blue: Ah, Elders. You've come.

Kovah: Hah. *crosses arms* Well if isn't the five fossils.

Shina: Kovah!

Elder1: Hrrm... It is good to see that you've finally returned to your true self, Kovah.

Elder2: But it seems that the experience has not matured you at all. You're still the same unruly brat that you were 15 years ago.

Kovah: Agh, what do you know.

Elder2: Mmph.

Elder3: My fellow elders, let's not get carried away. We mustn't forget why we came here.

Blue: You have business with us?

Elder4: As a matter of fact, we do. First, let us begin by congratulating you and your friends on your recent success. We knew that we had made the right choice when we chose you to protect our world.

Jawo': Heh heh, it's all in a day's work for us, right Blue?

Blue: Yeah. We did only what we had to do. No more, no less.

Elder5: Well regardless, we are grateful for everything that you have done. Now at last these old bones of ours can rest easy.

Shina: That reminds me; what do you intend to do now that this is all over?

Elder1: Ah, Shina. Perhaps it would interest you to know that we have decided to return Asroc and its people to the surface.

Shina: Down to the surface? Really?

Elder2: There is no longer any need for us to remain in the skies. With nothing left to safeguard, we have no qualms with returning from whence we came and rejoining society.

Elder3: It may be difficult to for the people to readjust after spending so long in isolation, but we feel that this is for the best.

Shina: Yes, you're right. I hope everything goes well.

Elder4: Thank you, Shina. It pains us to have to see you go, but just know that you will always be welcome into our city.

Elder5: And that goes for Blue and his friends as well.

Shina: Thank you so much. I promise I'll come back and visit someday.

Elder1: And we will be looking forward to such an occassion.

Elder2: Oh, and Reese...

Reese: Hm? What is it?

Elder2: You were on your way back to the academy, were you not?

Reese: Yeah, that's right. But...what about it?

Elder3: Well, we thought you'd might like to know that, at this very moment, your friends and family are waiting for your safe return.

Elder4: And with a pleasant surprise.

Elder5: See to it that you're not late! Ho ho!

Reese: Huh...?

Bob: Well isn't that interesting? Come, Reese! We must make haste!

Reese: Aah...uhh...r-right!

Elder1: Oh ho ho ho! Splendid! We'll leave you to it, then.

Elder2: Be safe in your travels, everyone.

Elder3: And Kovah, please try to stay out of trouble, would you?

Kovah: Blagh...

[The Elders return to Asroc to carry out their plans, leaving Blue and the others to continue their travels]

Blue: Well, shall we get going, Reese?

Reese: Yeah. I can't wait to see everyone again.

[The party continues down the country road until finally reaching the gates of Kinnear Academy at sundown]

~~Kinnear Academy: Foyer~~

[Upon entering the front doors of the school, the party is instantly greeted by the entire student body, whose been awaiting Reese's return since daybreak]

Student Body: WELCOME BACK, REESE!!!

Cassidy: Reese! Haha!

[Bursting with happiness, Cassidy rushes forward and throws herself at Reese, wrapping her arms tightly around him]

Reese: C-Cassidy!?

Cassidy: Reese, you're finally home! We were all so worried about you!

Reese: But Cassidy, what's going on!? Wh-What is all of this!?

Cassidy: It's a celebration, silly! A party to commemorate your safe return!

Reese: A-A party...? For...for me? But...

Blue: Well, Reese, I'd say you earned it after everything you've done.

Cassidy: Yeah, Blue's right! And we can't start the party without you, so let's get going!

Reese: Uh! W-wait! I-I'm not so sure about--!

[Eager to begin the festivities, Cassidy grabs a hold of Reese's hand and drags him along]

Reese: Waaah!

[Soon, night falls, and thus begins the celebration to honor Reese's heroism on his long journey from home]

~~Kinnear Academy: Auditorium~~

[Inside the academy's auditorium, the students cavort and mingle amongst eachother while dancing to classical music. Blue and his friends also participate in the fun, as they take this time to relax and do so much-needed catching up]

Shina: *sigh* Kovah...

Kovah: Hm? What's up, Shina?

Shina: It's just...it's been so long since we've been together like this. And for a while, I thought...that we'd never we'd never share this kind of moment again.

Kovah: Hey, buck up, Shina. That's all in the past now. We should be enjoying ourselves right now! I'm here, you're here, and Deke's here too. And nothing's going to seperate the three of us again, got it?

Shina: Heehee, yeah. You're...you're right, Kovah. You always did know how to cheer me up.

Kovah: But of course!

[Kovah grabs a hold of Shina's hand]

Shina: Hm?

Kovah: Shina, would you...care to dance?

Shina: It'll...it'll be my pleasure!

[Kovah and Shina walk hand-in-hand into the center of the auditorium to dance. Meanwhile, Deke has been observing the two with a somewhat solemn expression on his face]

Deke: Hrrm...

Prima: Well what's bugging you, huh?

Deke: Hm? No...it's...it's nothing.

Prima: Aw, come on! You can tell me! ...Ohh, I get it. With Shina and Kovah getting closer, you're starting to feel left out, am I right!?

Deke: *sigh*

Prima: Ah ha! I knew that was it! Well it's your lucky day, buster! Because I, Prima, will honor you with my presence!

Deke: Wh-what...?

Prima: See, aren't you glad that you have a kind, caring, and selfless friend like me around?

Deke: *sarcastically* I'm so happy that I can hardly contain myself.

[Meanwhile, Reese stands alone in an isolated corner of the auditorium, his mind completely elsewhere]

Reese: ...

Bob: Reese...

Reese: Huh? Oh, Bob. I didn't notice you there.

Bob: I...get that a lot. Anywho, what are you doing here by yourself? You should be having fun like everyone else. This party IS for you, afterall.

Reese: I know, but...I...I just...

Bob: You're still upset about your father, aren't you?

Reese: Ah! But...how did you know...?

Bob: Hah hah, I have my ways. Oh, and I have something for you...

Reese: Hm?

[Bob reaches into his pocket, pulling out the letter that Silas entrusted to him earlier]

Bob: Maybe this will ease your troubled mind.

Reese: A...A letter? For me?

[Reese takes the letter and carefully opens it]

Reese: I wonder what it says...

[Reese begins to read the letter aloud to himself]

Reese: "Reese, forgive me for not being able to tell you this in person, but if you are reading this now, then you must have already learned of my fate, and why I left you without a word.

I wanted nothing more than to be with you throughout your life. To teach you all about warmth, love, and kindness...but that chance has slipped beyond my grasp. I cannot free myself from my servitude on Deir Lunisia.

But when I think of how strong and righteous a man you've become, my heart is at ease. Your friends are amazing people for having made you the person you are today, and there's no one else I'd rather you have by your side.

So please, do not worry yourself over me any longer. I want you to be happy. To continue living your life on Earth in peace, with your friends...your family. Do it or yourself, for me...and for love.

Silas Zepharil"

[Upon finishing the letter, a single tear trickles down Reese's smiling face]

Reese: My father...wrote this...

Bob: Are you okay, Reese?

Reese: Yes, Bob. I'm...I'm going to be okay. No longer will I let my mind be clouded by doubt and uncertainty. I'm going to live my life alongside my friends and family, and be happy like my father wanted.

Bob: Well said, Reese. I'm glad to hear it.

Reese: And I'm going to start by enjoying myself at this party.

Bob: Are you going to rejoin the others?

Reese: Hm. *nods*

[Reese heads to the other side of the auditorium to catch up with his friends. He finds them sitting together at a table]

Reese: Hey, guys! Wait up!

Blue: Reese, there you are.

Penny: Yeah, where've you been!? We were looking for you, you know.

Reese: Sorry, I was just...clearing my head is all. But I'm fine now, really.

Lilia: Well, if you say so...

Jawo': Well don't just stand there! Grab a seat!

Reese: Alright!

[Reese grabs a chair and joins his friends at their table. Throughout the night, they spend their time reflecting upon their journey past and the time they've spent together]

Reese: ...We've all been together for a long time now, huh?

Blue: Huh? Well, now that you mention it... Yes. I'd say we've really come to trust and rely on each other.

Penny: Yeah. I mean, even the idiot found a way to be useful. *jerks thumb towards Jawo'*

Jawo': *angrily* And just who are you talking about, dog breath!?

Penny: *angrily* Take a guess, Einstein!

Jawo': Grrrrgh! That's it! You and me! Eating contest! Right now!

Penny: You're on!

Lilia: I know it's strange, but...I've really gotten used to their fighting.

Blue: *sigh* I'm just amazed they haven't grown tired of it yet.

Lilia: I'm guessing they really like each other a lot.

Reese: Heh heh, yeah. I'm glad we all became friends.

Headmaster Bringas: Gather around, everyone!

Blue/Lilia/Reese: Hm?

[The group turns around, taking notice to everyone standing in front of a camera, getting into position for a shot]

Headmaster: This night just wouldn't be complete without a group photo to remember this wonderful occassion!

Shina: And it won't be a group photo without everyone in it!

Kovah: Yeah, so get over here, already!

Lilia: Ah, Blue! We'd better hurry!

Blue: Yeah, you're right.

[Blue calls out to Jawo' and Penny, who are busy playing tug of war over a piece of steak like a couple of stray dogs]

Blue: Jawo'! Penny! Stop goofing off and come join us!

Jawo'/Penny: *growling* Grrrrrrrrrgh--Huh? Yeah! Right!


Jawo': I'll race ya over.

Penny: Go for it!

[In competition, Jawo' and Penny speed over to join up with the others. Meanwhile, everyone else is already in place, and the camera is nearly ready to shoot]

Headmaster: Okay, the flash is all set! Are you ready, everybody!?

Blue/Lilia/Reese/Kovah/Shina/Deke/Bob/Zeldafan/Cassidy/etc.: Mhm! *nods*

Penny: I'm gonna make it!

Jawo': Not if I have anything to say about it!

Headmaster: Alright, here we go! Say chee--Huh!?!?

Blue/Lilia/Reese/Kovah/Shina/Deke/Bob/Zeldafan/Cassidy/etc.: !!!

Jawo'/Penny: Aaaaaaaah!!


[The next morning, Blue, Lilia, and Jawo' have packed up their belongings and set out for the nearest pier, ready to board the ship for the return trip home]


Blue: Well, I guess this is it. Are you ready, you two?

Jawo': Yup. All set.

Lilia: *troubled* Hmm...

Blue: Hm? Lilia, what's wrong?

Lilia: It's just...do we really have to leave like this? ...without saying goodbye to everyone?

Blue: I know how you feel, Lilia, but what else can we do? If we don't get on this ship now, it'll be another few months before we can get back to Meliore.

Lilia: *sigh* I suppose you're right...

Blue: Let's get going.

[As Blue and the others prepare to board, Reese comes running down in a hurry, attempting to stop their departure]

Reese: Blue! Lilia! Jawo'! Wait!

Blue: Huh?

Jawo': Is that...Reese?

[Reese manages to catch up with the group, stopping to catch his breath]

Reese: *panting* Huff...huff... So here you guys are. I finally caught up with you.

Lilia: Reese, what are you doing here?

Reese: What do you mean? I came to see you off, of course. What kind of friend would I be if I let you all go without saying my farewells?

Lilia: Heehee, well I'm glad you came. It just wouldn't feel right to leave without saying anything.

Blue: By the way, Reese, where's Penny?

Reese: Oh, Penny should be following soon. We left together, but I ran ahead because I was really worried.

Penny: *yelling out* Reese!

Reese: Hm? Ah, there you are!

[Penny catches up with the rest of the group]

Penny: Hah, so you caught them afterall. Good work!

Reese: Yeah, but they're not gonna be here for long. Some friends, eh?

Penny: Huh? Is that true? You guys were seriously planning on leaving without saying goodbye? What gives!? If we didn't come rushing down here to stop you, we would've never saw you again!

Blue: Sorry, Penny. It's just...we didn't have much of a choice.

Penny: Hmph. Yeah, yeah...

Jawo': Say, Reese, what's with that get-up?

Reese: What? You mean these clothes? My graduation ceremony is being held today, and they make all of the students wear these suits for the duration. Formal dress is so stiff, I can't stand it.

Jawo': Wait a minute, you're graduating? Already? But you only just returned home yesterday!

Reese: Yeah, it's crazy, isn't it? I missed all of my tests and field exams, but Headmaster Bringas said that saving the world was more than enough to give me a pass. Funny, huh?

Jawo': Heh, I'll say... *rubs head*

Reese: *sadly* Blue, you... Do you guys really have to go?

Blue/Lilia/Jawo': ... *looks away*

Penny: Reese...

Reese: No, I...I understand. I'm sure that you all have things that you must do, and I have to accept that. But...I want to thank you, for supporting me in everything.

Blue: Of course, Reese. You don't have to thank me for that. We're friends, remember?

Reese: Yes, but, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't... This world wouldn't be here. I know it was me who defeated Odexxia, but I couldn't have accomplished that without you guiding me every step of the way.

Blue: Reese, I...

Reese: My father's final request to me, was for me to live my life without regret, and to be happy. But the truth is, I...I don't know if I can do that without you, Blue. *sniff*

Blue: Hey now, I thought you weren't going to say things like that anymore?

Reese: H-huh?

Blue: You said it yourself, Reese. You've changed a lot since you first began this journey with me. You're not the same meek and compliant person that you used to be. You CAN walk on your own two feet from here on, without looking back. You just...have to believe that you can.

Reese: Blue... *sniff* I...I...

Blue: So face forward, Reese! Come on!!!

Reese: I...

Blue: ...

Reese: I... *wipes tears* I will!!!

Blue: Good...

[One of the sailors aboard the passenger ship calls out]

Sailor: The ship setting sail for the continent of Meliore will be departing in three minutes!!

Jawo': Blue, that's our cue.

Lilia: If we don't board now, we'll miss our ride.

Blue: Hm. *nods*

Reese: So, Blue, I guess this is farewell.

Blue: Yeah... But don't worry, this isn't the last time we'll see each other. Someday, we will meet up again.

Reese: Definitely.

Lilia: Goodbye, Reese, Penny! Be safe, okay!?

Reese: Thanks, Lilia. We sure will.

Penny: See ya again, Blue! Lilia!

Blue: So long, Penny.

Jawo': Take care of yourself, Reese. And you too, squir--er, I mean, Penny.

Penny: Heh, later days...Jawo'.

[With their goodbyes said, Blue, Lilia, and Jawo' board the passenger ship. It then leaves the pier and sets off towards their homeland of Meliore]

Reese: *to himself* Blue... I'll see you again. It's a promise...

[Meanwhile, aboard the ship, Blue and his two companions relax and deliberate after the end of a long journey]

~~Passenger Ship~~

[Blue disappointedly looks at the group photo taken at last night's party. The shot captured Jawo' and Penny stumbling over one another with everyone else focused on their antics in shock, effectively ruining it]

Blue: *to himself* *sigh* What a waste...

[Blue puts the photo back into his pocket]

Jawo': *exhales* Man, that was some trip, huh? I would've never expected a whole mess like that to go down.

Blue: Yeah, but it wasn't all bad, was it? At least we had the opportunity to meet some amazing people.

Lilia: You're right, Blue, and I'll never forget any of them. I just wish it didn't have to end so soon...

Jawo': Hey, whaddya mean? We may be going home, but our journey ain't over yet! Not even close!

Blue: You said it, Jawo'. The real adventure for us...is only just beginning...

And thus, the tale of Blue and his friends venture into a new land draws to a close. Though they now must return to their homeland, they do so with their heads held high, as the bonds they've created and the memories they shared will last a lifetime.

Now, an all new adventure awaits Blue and his companions just over the horizon. And a lot sooner than they may realize...

Coming next: The Adventures of Blue Gaiden 3: The Circle of Fate
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