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02 July, 2020, 04:12:31 pm
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AoB Special: Adventures of Blue: The Movie (Complete)

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Author Topic: AoB Special: Adventures of Blue: The Movie (Complete)  (Read 808 times)
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« on: 15 July, 2008, 04:37:19 pm »

[Shortly after, Bob and the group arrive in an old worn down movie studio. Inside is Bob's crew, buzzing around the building getting things set for the movie to be shot]

~~Hollywood: Abandoned Studio~~

Tobi: *panting/while running* Hah...hah...ha!

Link: Tobi, where are you going!? The light goes over here!

Tobi: Oh, right!

[Tobi quickly turns around and runs in the opposite direction. He then trips and falls, breaking the light in half]

Tobi: Yaaaiiieeee!!


Tobi: Oopsy!

Link: Oh geez. Bob's so gonna freak...

Bob: Tobi, you broke the light! Didn't I tell you be very careful with the equipment!?

Tobi: T-Tobi's sorry, Bob!

Bob: You better be. You KNOW we're on a very strict budget, yet you're smashing the goods before we even start shooting! Now what do you have to say for yourself?

Tobi: *whimpers and hangs head in shame*

Bob: Now go on, get out of here. And no pudding break for today.

Tobi: Nooooooooo!!

Link: Heheh.

Bob: That goes for you too, Link.

Link: What? But why!? ...Hey, wait a minute. I don't even like pudding... *shrugs*

Blue: Bob, what are we doing here? What is this place?

Bob: Oh, sorry about that, Blue. Ahem! *clears throat* Welcome to the set of my grand masterpiece, The Adventures of Blue movie! I've spent many long and agonizing months attempting to get my script accepted by the loathsome producers, and lo and behold--!

Lilia: It worked?

Bob: Ahh...no. They rejected it a grand total of 15 and a half times.

Jawo: Where does the half come from?

Bob: I was going back to try again...but that time they had me removed by security instead...

Jawo: Ah...

Bob: So using the funds we earned with the Adventurer's Guild, I decided to produce the film myself, and here we are. With the aid of all of you, I will make my dream a reality! This production will climb at the box office, and I'll make those awful producers pay for denying me my dream. Curse you, producers! You and your ilk! *shakes fist*

Blue: *cough*

Bob: Oh uhm...yeah. So, let's get on with it, shall we? ...Mizuna! Get over here now!!

Mizuna: Coming!

[Mizuna walks in and stands beside Bob. She's wearing a headset and carrying a clipboard]

Mizuna: Hey Blue! *waves*

Blue: Mizuna, good to see you again.

Bob: No time for that! Mizuna here will be our Stage Manager. She will explain to you all the little details I can't be bothered with and make sure you're prepared to make cinematic gold. Now then, I need to go get ready. Mizuna, I leave it to you.

Mizuna: You can count on me!

Bob: Well I would hope so.

[Bob leaves the room and goes into the back]

Mizuna: Ahem. So, I guess you're all wondering what your role is here, huh?

Blue: Well yeah, that'd be nice to know. But you still haven't told us what a movie is.

Mizuna: Oh yes, of course. How silly of me. Eh ha ha... But before we start, let me introduce you to your two other co-stars.

Lilia: Other co-stars?

Mizuna: Yeah! You can come in now!

[On Mizuna's signal, ILS and Rachel enter the studio together]

Blue: ILS? Rachel? You're the co-stars!? ...Whatever those are...

ILS: Yo! Chief, Lilia! I knew it was only a matter of time before you guys showed up.

Rachel: Jawo', hey!

Jawo: Uhm, Rachel! *blushes and turns away*

Rachel: Aw, don't go all coy on me now. We're going to be co-stars! So let's enjoy it together, okay! ...Uhm...whatever a co-star does...

Jawo: Ah um...r-right.

Lilia: How did you two get stuck here anyway?

[Rachel takes the movie flyer out of her pocket]

Rachel: Me and Mads here were heading out on business for the guild when we stumble across this paper...thingie...

ILS: Yeah, an' the next thing we know, Bob appears an' we end up in this rundown shack of a studio. Tells us we're gonna be actors or somethin'. Whoo boy.

Mizuna: Yup. That about sums it up...

Blue: And you STILL haven't told us what a movie is.

Mizuna: Okay okay. A movie is...uhm...how should I put it... It's a...motion picture!

Lilia: You mean a picture...that moves? How does that work?

Mizuna: Uhm, I'm still a little iffy on all of the details myself, but it's something like that. What you guys'll be doing is acting out this movie.

Jawo: Kinda like a play in a theater, right?

Mizuna: Yeah! Except on a much larger scale. It won't be on a stage, but on location! We'll be going to all kinds of different places to shoot!

Blue: Hmm, I think I understand now. So it's like a play that goes beyond the stage, am I right?

Mizuna: That's right, Blue! You catch on quick.

Rachel: Ooh, this sounds like fun! I can't wait to get started! I've been meaning to touch up on my acting skills.

ILS: Speak for yerself, Rach. This whole thing is a disaster waitin' to happen. None of us have ever acted a day in our lives. Just what the heck is Bob expectin' from us, huh?

Mizuna: Well uhm, he believes that you're the best ones for the job. ...Er, that...and he couldn't afford real actors...

Jawo': Gee, that explains a lot...

ILS: Ooh, how sad. How about ya call me when it comes out on DVD? C'mon, Rach. We're goin'.

[ILS attempts to walk out, but is quickly reigned in by Rachel, who refuses to let him leave]

Rachel: Oh no you don't, Mads! We're staying right here!

ILS: Aw, c'mon, Rach! Ya know we're not cut out fer this kinda thing! If we botch this one up, we'll lose our cred as a guild fer sure!

Rachel: Then we'll just have to do our best! And besides, won't us running away from a job cost us our credibility too? Come on, Mads! Please...?

ILS: *sigh* All right, all right...

Rachel: Yes! It'll be great, you'll see!

Mizuna: So does that mean you two are staying afterall?

ILS: Yeah... I mean, what kinda man would I be if turned down the distress call of a beautiful maiden? It looks like we're in this fer the long haul.

Mizuna: Cool! So then, I guess that's everything! Anybody have any questions before we get started?

Blue: Well actually, I--

Mizuna: Good! Then let's get ready to shoot the first scene!
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