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02 July, 2020, 04:58:04 pm
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AoB Special: Adventures of Blue: The Movie (Complete)

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Author Topic: AoB Special: Adventures of Blue: The Movie (Complete)  (Read 808 times)
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« on: 15 July, 2008, 07:40:44 pm »

[Mizuna hands out scripts to Blue and Lilia]

Jawo': Hey! How come only Blue and Lilia get those!?

Mizuna: Because, they're the only two acting in this scene.

Jawo: What!? No fair!

Mizuna: Ugh, just be patient, Jawo'. You'll get your turn before long.

Blue: Hmm...what do I do with this...?

Mizuna: Those are your lines, silly! You read through and memorize them, and when the time comes, you'll be saying them out on the set.

Blue: Uhm...okay. Gotcha.

Mizuna: The scene'll be starting soon, so try and learn your lines as fast as you can. Now then, I've got some work to do, so I need to go. Zeldafan will be here momentarily with your costumes.

[Mizuna walks off]

ILS: Well, since it seems I blew the auditions on this one, I might as well go an' find me a seat an' enjoy the show. Care to join me, Rachel darlin'?

Rachel: Heehee, sure. Why not?

Lilia: We actually have to memorize all of this...?

Blue: Hmm, I guess so. I'm starting to think that this acting thing is a little more than we bargained for...

[Moments later, Zeldafan walks in and greets Blue and Lilia]

Zeldafan: Hi guys!

Blue: Zeldafan, there you are.

Zeldafan: So, are you guys enjoying your new profession?

Blue: I can't say I am... *rubs head*

Zeldafan: Aw, don't be like that, Blue! Just give it some time, you'll get into the spirit!

Lilia: Yeah, Blue. Who knows, this could actually be a lot fun! Heehee!

Zeldafan: See? Lilia's got the right idea! Now then, I've got your costumes ready, so head into the dressing rooms and put them on. Bob wants you suited up and ready to go in 5 minutes, so don't be late. Good luck, and break a leg.

[Zeldafan walks off]

Blue: Well, Lilia. Shall we go?

Lilia: Yeah. Let's do it!

[Blue and Lilia head into the dressing rooms to suit up for the scene. In exactly 7 minutes, they finish up and come out. Blue's wearing a suit of armor, and Lilia is wearing a princess dress]

Blue: Well I feel stupid. Do I really have to wear this piece of trash?

Lilia: Heehee, I think you look dashing, Blue!

Blue: Meh.

Bob: There you two are! Are you trying to make me look bad or something?

Blue: Huh?

[Bob walks in, wearing the typical director's get up with his hair tied into a ponytail and carrying a megaphone]

Lilia: Uhm...what are you wearing...?

Bob: Oh, you mean this? It's my director's outfit. All director's wear this. Do you like?

Blue: No.

Bob: Well it's not for you to like! It's for me to like. And I like it very well. Ha HA!

Blue: Whatever.

Bob: Now let's get on set. We're already running behind schedule thanks to you two.

[Bob snaps his fingers, and instantly, the group, and all of the equipment is transported to a lush green field with a single castle tower in the middle]

Bob: Lilia. You. In the Tower.

[Bob snaps his fingers again, and Lilia is transported to the top of the castle tower]

Lilia: Wow, that was pretty cool.

Bob: Blue. Get out there.

[Bob shoves Blue into the field]

Blue: Egh, hey! No need to push...

Bob: And don't forget your sword!

[Bob tosses Blue an ordinary knight's sword]

Blue: What's this for...?

Bob: Everybody in their places!? Good! Now in this first scene, we begin with the valiant hero Blue on a quest to save the fair maiden Lilia. He has tracked her to the lair of the evil dragon Valgex and prepares to do battle to decide her fate! With his trusty sword, he will slay the evil Valgex and save Lilia.

Blue: Hey, wait a minute! If this movie is supposed to be about me, then why am I using a sword? I weild magic artes!

Bob: Haven't you heard, Blue? Swords are what all the heroes use! It's trendy! People like trendy.

Blue: But--

Bob: Quiet on the set!

Blue: *grumbles*

Bob: Now we've got Tobi on lights...uhm, I mean light.

Tobi: Hello! *waves*

Bob: And Link on camera...

Link: Hup! *does down taunt*

Bob: Now all we need is the dragon.

Zeldafan: Uhm, yeah...about that.

Bob: Hm?

[Zeldafan whispers into Bob's ear]

Bob: Wait! What happened to the dragon?

Zeldafan: *whisper*

Bob: What do you mean it escaped from its cage!?!?

Zeldafan: *whisper*

Bob: You say Tobi let it out to play with it?

Zeldafan: *whisper*

Bob: And then it ran away because it didn't like him?

Zeldafan: *whisper*

Bob: Tobi, you'll pay for this...

[Tobi tries to hide behind the light]

Bob: That dragon cost me 10,000 gold. 10,000 GOLD! Do you KNOW what I could've done with that money!?

Zeldafan: I guess a lot...Eh heh heh...*rubs head*

Bob: Exactly. ...A lot.

Zeldafan: Well what do we do now? We can't do the scene without a dragon.

Bob: Hmm, then I guess I have no choice but to bring in a dragon of my own.

Zeldafan: Wait...you don't mean--

Bob: Yes, I do! I summon: Bahamut!!!

[The King of Summoned Creatures dives in from the sky and lands in front of Blue]


Bob: See, Zeldafan? In order to be a great director, you must learn to improvise.

Blue: *gulp* D-do I really have to fight that thing?

Bob: Yup.

Blue: B-but it's an untamed beast! It'll slaughter me!

Bob: Oh pshaw! Bahamut is very well-mannered, aren't you?


Bob: Then again...maybe not... *rubs head*

Bahamut: *snarls* Why have you summoned me...?

Bob: Well, I kinda in need of your help. You see, the dragon we got to play the role of Valgex ran away--

[Bob glares at Tobi]

Tobi: *sweatdrop*

Bob: And I was wondering if you could...you know...fill in for him? Just for a bit.

Bahamut: So let me get this straight. You want me, the King of Summoned Creatures, to act in your pathetic, second-rate film?

Bob: *under his breath* Hmph. It is NOT second rate...

Bahamut: Very well!

Bob: Huh?

Bahamut: I will do it. I could use a good laugh, anyway. Now, deliver me my lines at once!

Mizuna: Uhm, here you go, Mr. Bahamut.

[Mizuna hands Bahamut a script. He then begins to read through it]

Bahamut: Ah...mhm...yes... There! That should do nicely. I'm ready to go!

Bob: Excellent!

Blue: Hey wait, don't I get a say in this? At least give me a stunt double!

Bob: Oh ho! Don't be silly, Blue. Everyone does their own stunts.

Blue: What!?

Lilia: Don't be a coward, Blue! Save me!

Bahamut: Hahaha! Yes! Why don't you save her!? If you dare...

Blue: Oh man...

Bob: Mizuna, do it!

Mizuna: Right!

[Mizuna walks in with a movie-clipper...thingie]

Mizuna: Blue the Valiant takes on Valgex the Vile: Take 1. ...Action! *snap*
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