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02 July, 2020, 05:19:53 pm
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AoB Special: Adventures of Blue: The Movie (Complete)

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Author Topic: AoB Special: Adventures of Blue: The Movie (Complete)  (Read 808 times)
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« on: 16 July, 2008, 06:59:06 pm »

Bahamut: Blue! How dare you trespass into my lair! Prepare to die!

[Blue is too preoccupied trembling in fear of Bahamut to say his lines]

Blue: ...

Bob: *whispers* Psst! Blue!

Blue: H-huh?

Bob: *whispers* Say your lines!

Blue: Oh! R-right!

[Blue stands up straight and tall]

Blue: Y-your d-d-days are n-numbered, Valgex!

Bob: Cut!

Blue: Uhm...what's wrong?

Bob: Heroes do NOT stutter.

Blue: Hey, give me a break, would you!? I am staring down the King of Summoned Creatures afterall.

Bahamut: It's true. I'm quite intimidating.

Bob: I don't care! You're wasting precious film, so get it right this time! Either that, or I'll have Tobi take your place as the hero.

Tobi: Wha--? Me!? Bob, you really mean it!?

Bob: No, not really. Ha ha!

Tobi: Oooh hooo! *cries*

Blue: All right, fine. I'll give it another shot. Happy now?

Bob: That's the spirit! Now get out there! Mizuna, do it!

Mizuna: Okay! Blue the Valiant takes on Valgex the Vile: Take 2. ...Action! *snap*

Bahamut: Blue! How dare you trespass into my lair! Prepare to die where you stand!

Blue: Ahem... *In a manly heroic tone* Your days are numbered, Valgex! I'm taking the fair maiden Lilia back with me!

Lilia: Oh help me! Help!

Bahamut: Lilia is mine! She'll never go back to you! And to show you I mean business, have a taste of my mega flare!

[Bahamut begins to charge up a mega flare attack]

Blue: Uh oh!

Bob: Cut!

Bahamut: *stop charging* What is it now?

Bob: You can't use a mega flare on Blue! You'll fry him!

Bahamut: Oh. ...Well uhm...how about a regular flare?

Bob: Nope.

Bahamut: Erm...Shadow Flare?

Bob: *facepalm* That's even worse.

Bahamut: Hmph. Well I've got nothin'.[/color]

Bob: *smacks forehead* Groan...

Zeldafan: No worries, Bob! I've got it covered!

Bob: Hm? Is that right?

Zeldafan: Yeah! Just leave it to me! *salutes*

Bob: All right then. I'm leaving it to you, Zeldafan. Mizuna, let's get started!

Mizuna: Coming! Blue the Valiant takes on Valgex the Vile: Take 3. ...Action! *snap*

Bahamut: *Ahem* Lilia is mine! She'll never go back to you! And to show you I mean business, have a taste of my deadly Mega Flare attack!

[Instead of allowing Bahamut to fire off an attack, Zeldafan rushes on the set and tosses a handful of party confetti into Blue's face before quickly running off again]

Blue: ...

Bob: Oh no... What was that!?

Zeldafan: *shrugs*

Bob: Ohh, whatever! Get on with it, Blue!

Blue: Oh yeah, right! *Ahem* Ha! Your attack did nothing! Now taste my blade!

[Blue runs up to Bahamut and whacks him several times with his sword, doing nothing to harm his supreme hide]

Bahamut: ...

Blue: Uhm...take this? *whack*

Bob: Bahamut!!

Bahamut: Oh oh! Uhm... Aaaaggh! Gack! *coughwheezehack* I...I am...defeated...

[Bahamut disappears in a puff of smoke]

Blue: Ah ha! I've done it! Valgex hath been slain!

[Blue runs up to the castle tower and climbs to the top]

Blue: Fair Maiden Lilia, I have come for thee!

Lilia: Oh, my hero!

[lilia runs into Blue's arms]

Lilia: Valgex is vanquished and peace has returned to our fair kingdom!

Blue: Now none can stand in the way of our true love.

Lilia: None indeed...

[Blue and Lilia move in for a kiss when...]

Bob: Cut!

Lilia: Hey! Why did you stop!?

Bob: Bring in Rachel!

[Rachel walks on the set wearing the same dress as Lilia]

Rachel: Okay! I'm ready!

Lilia: Wait a minute, what's going on!?

Bob: Rachel will be taking your place in this scene.

Lilia: But why!?

Bob: Because, people just eat up romantic scenes with hot babes in it.

Lilia: B-but aren't I hot...?

Bob: *sigh* No. No you're not.

Lilia: *gasp* I'm...not!? *cries* Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

[lilia runs off the set crying]

Rachel: Ah! Lilia, wait!

Bob: Don't worry about her, she'll get over it. Now get in your places.

[Rachel climbs atop the castle tower and works her way into Blue's arm]

Blue: Rachel!?

Rachel: Don't be afraid, Blue. I don't bite! Heehee.

Bob: Mizuna, start the scene!

Mizuna: Okay! Blue kisses Fair Maiden Lil--uhm..Fair Maiden Rach--wait, that's not right...uhm..Fair Maiden..girl...person..: Take 1. ...Action! *snap*

Bob: Link, get a close up on those two!

[As the camera zooms in, Blue and Rachel move in for the kiss. Rachel then pushes Blue's face against hers and kisses him hard]

Blue: Mmph!? MMM!!!

Jawo': *angrily* Blue!? Ooooooooh!!!

[Seething in anger and jealousy, Jawo' snaps the blade of his sword in half. After several minutes, Rachel forcibly removes Blue's lips from hers and the two take deep breaths]

Bob: Cut and Print! Beautiful, guys!

Rachel: *wipes saliva from lips* Hah...ha...Blue, you dog you. Heehee.

Blue: Ugh...

[Blue stumbles back a bit and then faints, crashing to the floor. Bahamut then reappears]

Bahamut: Sooo...is my part over?

Zeldafan: Yup! You did an excellent job. Here, have a treat!

[Zeldafan takes out a box of dragon treats and throws one to Bahamut]

Bahamut: Mmm, yummy! You call me back whenever you need me, okay?

Zeldafan: Okay! See you later! *waves*

Bob: Stay frosty everyone! There are more scenes where that came from! We're just getting started!
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