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06 July, 2020, 05:53:22 pm
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AoB Special: Adventures of Blue: The Movie (Complete)

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Author Topic: AoB Special: Adventures of Blue: The Movie (Complete)  (Read 808 times)
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« on: 22 July, 2008, 03:52:52 pm »

[The next morning, Blue and the others return to the studio after taking Jawo' from the hospital. With Jawo' back in their ranks, preparations for shooting the remainder of the film can resume]

~~Hollywood: Abandoned Studio~~

Bob: Hrrm...

Zeldafan: Bob, what's the matter?

Bob: It appears he's struck again.

Zeldafan: You mean the saboteur? But how? What happened last night was just an unfortunate accident, right?

Bob: One would think that, but the truth is, there's more to it...

Zeldafan: What...?

Bob: Last night, Jawo's doctor released these...rather disturbing documents to me. His test results showed that there was Digitalis in his system, which lead to his life-threatening heart condition.

Zeldafan: Digitalis... You mean someone poisoned him!?

Bob: Yes... In fact, after doing a little investigating of my own, I discovered that Jawo's drink was spiked with it. This...was no accident.

Zeldafan: Gee, this is starting to look more like an attempt on our lives than a sabotage.

Bob: Hmm, I wonder...

Zeldafan: Do you think we should investigate this further?

Bob: No. I want to wait a little longer. Maybe then we can find out what's really going on.

Zeldafan: Okay, if you say so.

Bob: Whoever's behind this... I have a feeling it won't be long before he show's his face to the camera...

Zeldafan: Let's just hope he doesn't kill us before that happens...

Bob: Yes, certainly.

[Meanwhile, everyone takes some time off to recuperate after the events that took place last night. Blue rises from his bed, unable to fall asleep]

Blue: Agh, I can't rest now. ...I know, I'll go see what everyone else is up to. That should clear my head a bit.

[Blue wanders the halls of the studio until he hears the sounds of snickering and whispering in another room]

Blue: Hm? What was that...?

[Blue peeks into the room to find ILS and Jawo' with their faces against the wall, apparently listening to something occuring on the other side]

Blue: ILS, Jawo'. What are you guys doing?

Jawo': Eh? Blue? Aw, great. You just had to arrive and spoil our fun, didn't you?

Blue: Huh?

ILS: Ahh, there ya are, chief. C'mere an' listen to this. It'll blow yer mind!

Blue: *rubs head* Eh, well, I guess it can't hurt. Sure, why not?

ILS: Heh heh, excellent.

[Deciding to join ILS and Jawo', Blue places his ear against the wall and begins to listen]

Blue: ...


Lilia: Oooh! Yours looks so nice, Rachel!

Rachel: Woah! Hey, quit touching them so much!

Blue: Huh!?

Lilia: Well, sorry! I'm just amazed how big and poofy yours are, Rachel.

Rachel: That doesn't mean you can--! Ah, ahh! I told you not to touch them like that!

Mizuna: Hee hee! They're just so cute and squishable... I want to eat them right up!

Blue: (What in the name of all that is holy is going on in there!?)

Rachel: Oh, not you too, Mizuna!

Zeldafan: Mizuna's are pretty big, too!

Mizuna: Ah! Hey! Watch what you're touching there! Oh! You're going to ruin their shape!

Lilia: Hee hee! How about I try poking them some more?

Rachel: No! Lilia, I really don't need that right now!

ILS/Jawo': <3

Zeldafan: Ha hah! Gotcha!

Rachel: Ahhh! Why're you guys all picking on me!?

ILS: Well well, I see Ms. Melons is livin' up ta her name. So, chief, whaddya think?

Blue: *fidgets* Well, I... *turns red*

[Blue vigorously shakes his head]

Blue: No! I...I can't believe it! It just can't be what it sounds like! There's just no way!

ILS: C'mon, chief! I heard it, you heard it, we all heard it! Those chicks are totally foolin' around in there!

Jawo': Yeah, Blue! Since you're so sure of yourself then, prove it!

Blue: Hmph! Well maybe I will! I'll charge in there like a man and prove you pervs wrong!

[Blue storms out of the room, intent of uncovering the truth]

Jawo': Huh...? Well dang, I didn't think he'd actually do it. *scratches head*

ILS: *cheers* Go, chief! Take one for the team!

[Blue bursts into the girl's lounging room, demanding an explanation]

Lilia/Rachel/Zeldafan/Mizuna: *gasp*

Blue: What are you girls doing in here!?

Lilia: Blue!?

[Inside the room, he finds the girls not playing with each other, but innocently playing with sheets of bubble wrap]

Blue: ... *sweatdrop*

Mizuna: Awww, he found us.

Lilia: We were just playing with this bubble wrap, Blue. Sorry we didn't tell you.

Zeldafan: Yeah, Blue. The shipments for the new stage props arrived today, so I thought I'd introduce the other girls to the simplistic pleasure of bubble wrap!

Lilia: Who knew packaging material could be so much fun!?

Mizuna: I can't get enough of how cute and squishy these bubbles are!

Rachel: Yeah, and thanks a lot for poking at mine, everyone! Now look at them! They're all deflated...


Blue: *disappointed* ...Oh...

Lilia: Huh? What is it, Blue?

Blue: Guh! N-no...nothing! I-It's nothing!

[The girls begin to catch on to Blue's motives]

Rachel: *playfully* Heh heh. This is something I'd expect from Mads, Blue. I guess you're a pretty virile guy, afterall, huh?

Blue: Rachel!

Zeldafan: *playfully* Oh my! Blue, I didn't know you had a voyeur fetish!

Blue: Z-Zeldafan!

Lilia: What? Voyeur fetish...? *angrily* Blue! What did you think we were doing in here!?

Blue: Ahh! L-Lilia! It's not what you think! L-look! I'm going, okay!? Enjoy your...bubble wrap!

[Mortified, Blue leaves the girls room, shutting the door behind him. When he returns to the other room, he finds ILS and Jawo' eagerly awaiting his report]

Jawo': So, Blue? Spill it.

ILS: Didja see the boobies!?

Blue: There weren't any.

Jawo'/ILS: What!?

Blue: They were playing with...bubble wrap.

Jawo'/ILS: Eh!?

[Jawo' and ILS look at each other in confusion before looking back at Blue]

Jawo'/ILS: Bubble wrap!?!?

Blue: *sigh* Don't ask...

[Several hours later, the group gathers together to prepare for the next scene. As usual, Mizuna arrives with a set of scripts]

Mizuna: Here are your scripts, guys!

Blue: Thanks, Mizuna.

Lilia: Yeah!

ILS: Much abliged, my lilac lovely.

Mizuna: *annoyed* Oh stop!

Jawo': Eh? I don't get one?

Mizuna: That's right, Jawo'. After your episode last night, Bob thought it'd be a good idea if you sat this one out. You may be back with us, but you still have to watch your health.

Jawo': *grumble* Fine...

ILS: Yeah, we wouldn't want ya spazzin' out on us again. Jus' leave this to the professionals, mkay?

Jawo': *angrily* Ohh, why you...!

Blue: *annoyed* Guys...

Mizuna: *nervously* Eh heh heh... Well, you guys know the drill. Zeldafan will be here in a bit with your costumes. I need to go get things ready, so I'll see ya.

[Mizuna leaves to carry out her remaining tasks. Moments later, Zeldafan arrives]

Zeldafan: Hey guys, it's me again!

Blue: Zeldafan.

ILS: So how about it, honey pot? Ya got our threads fixed up fer us?

Zeldafan: Bingo! Oh! And check this out, Blue! You're going to be a treasure hunting archaeologist! How cool is that!?

Blue: Seriously? Heh, now that's more like it. I have to admit, archaeology always was an unexplored interest of mine.

ILS: You wanted to be a rock nerd, chief? Well I ain't suprised one bit.

Blue: What was that?

ILS: Ehh, never you mind, chief... Anyway, let's get this show on the road, huh?

Zeldafan: Oh! Right! I almost forgot! Your costumes are all ready for you in the dressing room, so I'll leave you to it. Good luck with the scene, guys!

[Zeldafan takes off, leaving Blue and ILS to get outfitted into their costumes. Blue walks out of the dressing room wearing khaki pants, a brown leather jacket and fedora to match. While ILS is outfitted in typical youngster's clothing and a Yankees cap]

Blue: ...Hm! Not bad.

ILS: I'll say! An' check out that bullwhip! *playfully* You gonna make me behave, chief?

Blue: *annoyed* Knock it off...

[Bob appears before the two to check on their progress]

Bob: Blue, ILS. Are you two ready to begin?

ILS: Ready when you are, Bob.

Blue: Yeah. I'm pretty anxious to see how this is going to turn out.

Bob: Well I admire your optimism, Blue. Let's begin!

[Eager as usual to begin filming, Bob hops into his director's seat and takes command]

Bob: *clears throat* Ahem! In this next scene, we have the famed archaeologist adventurer, Indiana Blues, on a journey to retrieve three mysterious stones that were stolen by the evil priest Jawola Ram. But the adventure hits a snag when Blues and his companions are captured and seperated by Ram's cronies! Through use of cunning and wit, Blues and his sidekick Short Square are able to escape and reunite. And now it's up to the two of them to save the damsel Lillie and put a stop to Jawola Ram's evil plans for good!

Jawo': Hey, wait a minute! If I'm not acting in this scene, who's going to play my role!?

Bob: Ahh yes, I almost forgot to mention! For this scene, Jawo's character will be portrayed by our recently shipped high-tech animatron, JAW-X.

[The group directs their attention to the glitchy and poorly manufactured android]


Jawo': What!? You replaced me with a rag-tag bucket of bolts!?

Zeldafan: Sorry, Jawo'. It was the best we could do on such short notice... *rubs head*


Bob: *groan* And I had just put a down payment on that thing...

Jawo': Hah! *crosses arms* So much for your "high-tech animatron"! That bolt brain could never hope to be me!

Bob: Bah! We'll see about that! Mizuna! Let's begin, already!

Mizuna: Coming, Bob!

[Mizuna hurries in front of the camera to start the scene]

Mizuna: Indiana Blues and Short Square rescue Willie: Take 1: ...Action! *snap*

[Blue and ILS manage to save Lilia from her fate of being lowered into a pit of boiling lava]

Blue: Lillie, are you okay?

Lilia: I am now! Thanks to you two...

ILS: *gasp* Dr. Blues! Look! Jawola Ram is tryin' ta escape wit' the stones!

JAW-X: ... *sparks*

Blue: We have to stop him! Hurry!

ring ring ring

Blue/Lilia/ILS: ...?

Bob: Hn? What was that?

Zeldafan: It sounded like the telephone. I'll get it!

[Zeldafan hurries to the nearby phone and answers it]

Zeldafan: Hello?

Caller: Hello, sir or madam. I am calling you today with a special offer I'm sure you'll--

Zeldafan: Ack! Telemarketer!!


Bob: So? Who was it?

Zeldafan: Agh, it was one of those annoying telemarketers...

Tobi: *frightened* Aaaiiiyaaah! EVIL!

Zeldafan: Ahh! No! It's okay, Tobi! He's gone now...

Bob: *sweats* Blast... So they can terrorize me even here...?

Zeldafan: Bob, what should we do?

Bob: Hrrm... No. We can't allow this to deter us. We must continue regardless of the obstacles in our way!

Zeldafan: Yes, sir! *salutes*

Bob: Mizuna! We're beginning again!

Mizuna: You got it! Indiana Blues and Short Square rescue Willie: Take 2: ...Action! *snap*

Blue: Lillie, are you okay?

Lilia: I am now! Thanks to you two...

[Meanwhile, ILS is busy with his hands over his crotch, appearing to be in major discomfort]

ILS: *strained* Guh...aa-aaah...!

Bob: ...Eh!? CUT!

Link: Huh?

Bob: ILS, what are you doing!?

ILS: I...I gotta drain the lizard, dude!

Bob: Grrrr... That's it! No more water for him!


Mizuna: Indiana Blues and Short Square rescue Willie: Take 3: ...Action! *snap*

Blue: Lillie, are you okay?

Lilia: I am now! Thanks to you two...

ILS: *gasp* Dr. Blues! Look!

Bob: CUT!

ILS: Aw, c'mon! What gives!?

Zeldafan: What is it, Bob?

Bob: Uhh, let's break! I reeeeeally gotta go.

Blue/Lilia: *sigh*


Mizuna: Indiana Blues and Short Square rescue Willie: Take 4: ...Action! *snap*

Blue: Lillia, are you okay?

Lilia: I am now! Thanks to you two...

ILS: *gasp* Dr. Blues! Look! Jawola Ram is tryin' ta escape wit' the stones!

Blue: We have to stop him! Hurry!

ring ring ring

Bob: *annoyed* Who is it this time!?

Zeldafan: *sigh* I'll get it...

[Zeldafan hurries over to answer the phone]

Zeldafan: Hello?

Telemarketer: Hello again, sir or madam. I am calling you tod--

Zeldafan: Augh! Not again!



Mizuna: Indiana Blues and Short Square rescue Willie: Take 5: ...Action! *snap*

*no response*

Bob: Hm? What the--!? ...Where are my actors!?

[Bob looks around in a frenzy until finding the gang goofing off with Zeldafan on her laptop]

Bob: Ah ah ah! No chatting on the computer!

Blue/Lilia/ILS/Zeldafan/Tobi: Awww...


Mizuna: Indiana Blues and Short Square rescue Willie: Take 6: ...Action! *snap*

Blue: Lillie, are you okay?

Lilia: I am now! Thanks to you two...

ILS: *gasp* Dr. Jones! Look! Jawola Ram is tryin' ta get escape wit' the stones!

Blue: We have to stop him! Hurry!

ring ring ring

Bob: *grumble*

Zeldafan: I guess I'll do it...

Bob: Hey hey! I'll get the phone, you keep working!

Zeldafan: Huh? Well if you say so, Bob.

[Bob storms over to the phone and answers it none too happily]

Bob: *roars* WE DON'T WANT ANY!!!

*incoherent jabber*

Bob: *surprised* M-Mother!?

Blue/Lilia/ILS/Zeldafan: ... *sweatdrop*


Mizuna: Indiana Blues and Short Square rescue Willie: Take 7: ...Action! *snap*

Blue: Lillie, are you okay?

Lilia: I am now! Thanks to you two...

ILS: *gasp* Dr. Jones! Look! Jawola Ram is tryin' ta get escape wit' the stones!

Blue: We have to stop him! Hurry!

ding dong

Bob: What the dickens...!?

Zeldafan: Mmm! Pizza man's here! *rubs hands together*

Blue/Lilia/ILS/Mizuna/Link/Tobi: *excited* Pizza!?!?

[As Zeldafan goes to answer the door, the others follow behind her in a wild frenzy, despite being in the middle of filming]

Bob: Wh-what...? Wait! Y-You can't! We're in the middle of--! What about the--!? Grrrrrraaaaagh!!!

[Fed up with the constant interruptions, Bob tears the scene script to shreds in a fit of rage]

Zeldafan: Wanna slice?

Bob: ...Sure.
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