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06 July, 2020, 07:34:35 pm
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AoB Special: Adventures of Blue: The Movie (Complete)

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Author Topic: AoB Special: Adventures of Blue: The Movie (Complete)  (Read 808 times)
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« on: 27 July, 2008, 09:26:34 am »

*After the over-the-top transformation sequence, the group reappears in their henshin costumes. Rachel is wearing a lime green shirt and shirt, along with long white boots and gloves, and a lime green helmet with a pink visor*

Rachel: The Lime Liberator: Rachel! *strikes pose*

*ILS is wearing a navy suit, with white boots and gloves, and a navy helmet with a black visor*

ILS: The Navy Negotiator: ILS! *strikes pose*

*Jawo is wearing a brown suit with black boots and gloves, and a brown helmet with a black visor*

Jawo: The Brown Bruiser: Jawo! *strikes pose*

*Lilia is wearing a teal skirt and pants, with white boots and gloves, and a teal helmet with a pink visor*

Lilia: The Teal Tantalizer: Lilia! *strikes pose*

*And lastly, Blue is wearing a blue suit, with white boots and gloves, and a blue helmet with a red visor*

Blue: And I'm the Blue Bringer of Justice: Blue! *strikes pose* ..And together we are...

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: The Blue Henshin Heroes! Protectors of Truth and Righteousness! *explosion in background*

Tobi: *singing* Go go Hen-shin Heroooooooes!

Zeldafan/Link/Mizuna: Yeah!

Agaranok: Hahaha! More like Henshin Zeroes! You chumps remind me of that TV show I watched in my childhood. What was the name...? Power...Super...oh, forget it. They sucked anyway.

Blue: Your days of terrorizing us are over, Agaranok! We, the Henshin Heroes...

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: Will pulverize you! *explosion in background*

Bob: Okay, enough with the speaking in unison. Those explosions cost money you know...

Agaranok: Yes. Let's just get down to the nitty gritty!

*Agaranok draws his sword and approaches the group*

Jawo: He's coming...

Blue: Alright Bob...just what are our powers anyway?

Bob: Oh right! *Ahem* Your henshin abilities are in your weapons.

Lilia: Weapons? Where?

Bob: Just call for them. They'll come.

ILS: Uhm..okay. ...Swords!

*Just then, two rather souped up versions of ILS' swords appear in his hands. As with the rest of the group*

Jawo: *twirls sword* Heh heh, pretty cool.

Blue: But what about us, Bob?

Bob: Huh?

Rachel: Yeah, me and Blue don't use weapons...

Bob: Ah, you are correct. Blue, your magic has been replaced with energy blasts. You can fire them from your gloves.

Blue: I can? Awesome.

Bob: And Rachel, your powerful punches can generate waves of energy upon impact.

Rachel: Alright, now we're talkin!

Bob: Good. Now get in there and give im trouble!

Agaranok: Heheheh, ready to die?

Lilia: Not likely! Hah!

*Lilia jumps out and begins to attack Agaranok with her daggers. He blocks every attempt and gives her an elbow of his own, pushing her back*

Lilia: Uugh! ...Okay, that didn't work. Then let's try this!

*Lilia spins her daggers and holds them on the opposite end. She then uses them as blasters and fires a flurry of shots at Agaranok*

Lilia: Take this!!!

*But the shots have no affect on him*

Agaranok: Hah, is that all you can muster? I didn't feel a thing!

Lilia: Ah! But how!?

Agaranok: Die!!

*Agaranok runs up and slashes Lilia, causing an explosion of sparks upon impact. Lilia then throws herself backwards on the ground*

Lilia: Aaaaaggh!!

Jawo: *gasp* Lilia, no! I'll help you!

ILS: As will I!

*Jawo and ILS spring into action and run toward Agaranok at all speed*

Jawo/ILS: Rrraaagh!!

Agaranok: Come and get me!

*The three exchange blow after blow with neither coming out on top. The struggle ends with Agaranok breaking their weapons pushing them back with an outpour of energy*

Jawo: What!?

ILS: But..that's impossible!

Agaranok: How about this!?

*Agaranok runs up and slashes the two multiple times. He finishes the barrage with an upward slice, that causes an explosion of sparks. Jawo and ILS then throw themselves to the side*

Jawo/ILS: Uuuaaaggh!!!

Agaranok: Ha ha ha! This is too easy.

Rachel: Blue, it looks like it's up to us!

Blue: Yeah, let's get him!

*Blue begins to douse Agaranok in a barrage of energy blasts, and Rachel finishes it up with a ground pound that sends a massive energy wave at him. The two attacks combine, resulting a huge shower of sparks and smoke*

Blue/Rachel: *pumps fist* Alright, we got him!

Agaranok: ...Not really...

Blue/Rachel: !!!

*The smoke clears, revealing Agaranok completely unharmed by the attack*

Blue: But...I don't understand!

Rachel: How can he not be hurt!?

Agaranok: Hmph, and here I thought that your "super" powers would be a significant threat. Hah, you're nothing but a joke.

*Agaranok swings his sword through the air, generating a slicing wave of energy that cuts through Blue and Rachel. The attack causes an explosion of sparks, as Blue and Rachel throw themselves foward*

Blue/Rachel: Aaaggh!!

Agaranok: Hahaha, weaklings...

Lilia: Bob..ungh...what gives?

Bob: Huh?

ILS: Why aren't our attacks doing anything?!

Jawo: Yeah, I thought we were supposed to be super powerful!

Bob: Well gee...uhm...I don't know..*scratches head*

Zeldafan: I'll tell you why!

Blue: Huh?

Zeldafan: Your weapons were made out of plastic and the energy blasts are nothing but cheap special effects!!

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: WHAT!? *glares at Bob*

Bob: Oh dear...

Link: Bob, what do you have to say for yourself!?

Bob: Forgive me. ...I couldn't afford the henshin coins with real super powers! *sobs*

Tobi: There there, it's okay...*pats Bob's back*

Jawo: No it's not! If we don't do something, we're gonna get creamed!

Lilia: Can't we just fight him the regular way?

Blue: Hey, that's right! Bob, how do we take off the suits?

Bob: Uhm...you can't...

ILS: Well why not!?

Bob: Because...there's a 5 hour limit to the transformation time. You can't remove them until that time has passed.

Rachel: Really!? Ugh..just our luck...We'll be dead before then...

Jawo: Damnit! Just great! You screwed us again, Bob!

Blue: No time to pass blame now. We've got to stop Agaranok!

Agaranok: Past your bedtime, kiddies.

*Agaranok advances on the group*

Agaranok: Now to tuck you in!!

Blue: Damn, there has to be something we can do...

Zeldafan: *gasp* Bob, what about the--*whispers*

Bob: Hm? Oh! I almost forgot! Thanks for the reminder.

*Bob digs into his pocket and pulls something out*

Lilia: What are you talking about?

Bob: Here, Blue! Catch!

Blue: Huh?

*Bob throws Blue an ominous whistle*

Blue: What...is this thing?

Bob: It's your last ace in the hole! Blow it to call forth the Blue Mechadroid!

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: Blue Mechadroid!?
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