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02 July, 2020, 05:32:58 pm
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AoB Special: Adventures of Blue: The Movie (Complete)

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Author Topic: AoB Special: Adventures of Blue: The Movie (Complete)  (Read 808 times)
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« on: 29 July, 2008, 10:21:20 am »

*BM and Agaranok exchange blow after blow. Their struggle laying waste to the city with each hit*

Agaranok: Hmph. You're tougher than you look.

Mechadroid: Heh, I can say the same about you.

Agaranok: But even so, I will be the victor today.

Mechadroid: Hey! That's my line!

*BM and Agaranok continue their struggle. Meanwhile, Bob and the crew are busy scurrying out of the way of falling buildings and debris*

Link: Bob, we're running out of places to hide here...

Mizuna: If this goes on, we'll be left out in the open!

Bob: Then we'll just have to accept that fact.

Link/Mizuna: What!?

Bob: Dearest subordinates, as the movie crew it is your duty to make sure that this film is successfully shot, in either rain or shine, sleet or snow...or giant deadly robot battle. Have I made myself clear? ....Hm?

*As Bob was talking, Link and Mizuna have already begun fleeing*

Bob: Oh no you don't!!

*Bob reaches out and pull the two back*

Link: Aw, come on, Bob! Cut us some slack!

Mizuna: Yeah, we're too pretty to die!

Bob: No buts. Besides, you signed the contract. You're not leaving until this movie is over. Period! And if you perish...well...I'll be sure to notify your next of kin.

Link/Mizuna: *sobs*

*Back to the battle, BM and Agaranok's struggle grows fiercer, but neither appears to be letting up*

Mechadroid: Man, that's some resilence he's got.

Blue: BM, I don't think punching and kicking's going to do the job. We need something stronger!

Mechadroid: You're right, Blue. Lilia! Activate my finger blasters!

Lilia: Finger blasters?

Mechdroid: See that red button to your right?

Lilia: Uhm...you mean this one?

Mechadroid: Yeah, that's the one! Now I need you to press it.

Lilia: Okay!

*Lilia presses the button. Afterwards, BM's fingertips open up, turning his fingers into gun barrels*

Mechadroid: Thanks, Lilia. Now leave it to me! Finger Blasters!

Agaranok: Hm!?

*BM begins firing a multitude of lasers at Agaranok*

Agaranok: Better defend...

*In defense, Agaranok takes his sword and slashes at the lasers, successfully cancelling out the attack*

Rachel: *gasp* Oh no!

Mechadroid: Grr...

Jawo: What now, BM? That wasn't good enough!

Mechadroid: Alright, then we'll bring out the heavier guns! Hey, ILS!

ILS: Yo!

Mechadroid: See that button right by your leg?

ILS: You mean that one?

Mechadroid: Mhmm! Now press it good!

ILS: Got it!

*ILS presses the button. Afterwards, BM's hands disappear, changing his arms into potent cannons*

ILS: Heh, pretty cool.

Mechadroid: Now it's time to really rock and roll!

*BM begins firing large rounds from his arm cannons. But as heavy and slow as they are, Agaranok has no problem dodging the blasts*

Mechadroid: Damn.

Agaranok: Hah, too easy.

ILS: Oh man, we're so boned.

Agaranok: Now, let me show you a real attack!

*Agaranok dashes forward and delivers a powerful slash right across BM's chest. Sparks fly as BM is sent falling backwards to the ground*

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: Waaah!!

Mechadroid: Oof! Oh...that's smarts...

Agaranok: I'm not done yet!

*Agaranok leaps into the air and begins raining down dark energy blasts on BM and crew*

Mechadroid: Ooh! Aagh! Ergh! Ungh!

Agaranok: Hahahahaha!!!

Blue: BM! You have to do something!

Mechadroid: Urgh..it's not use, Blue. Look...

Blue: Huh?

*The group looks over to see a gauge with a bar decreasing in size*

Lilia: What's happening?

Mechadroid: It's my power guage. The more damage I take...the weaker I become.

Blue: No!

*Meanwhile, Bob and the others are watching the devastation*

Link: Bob, they're getting pretty roughed up over there.

Mizuna: I don't think they can hold out much longer.

Bob: Hrrm...

Zeldafan: Isn't there anything they can do? I mean, there has to be something they haven't tried yet!

Bob: Perhaps, Zeldafan, but not even I know what options they have. It's up to them to figure it out...

*Back to the battle, BM's power level is rapidly decreasing as an emergency alarm begins to blare*

Jawo: That can't be good. What's going on?

Lilia: 70%...65%...60%...

ILS: He's going down!

Blue: Come on...don't give up on us now. ....Huh?

*Blue looks over to see a strange lever concealed behind a casing*

Blue: "Overdrive Function"...Can..can we use this...?

Mechadroid: No, Blue! You mustn't touch that!

Blue: What? Why?

Mechadroid: That's my overdrive function. It gives me an enormous boost of energy, but it also causes my energy cell to decrease to near 0. It's too dangerous!

Blue: But what choice do we have!? If we don't try something, Agaranok is going to finish us anyway!

Rachel: Blue is right, BM. The Overdrive is our only chance!

Mechadroid: Mmmn...

Agaranok: Ha ha ha! Out of juice already? What a shame. Oh well, I guess it's time to end it.

*Agaranok descends to the ground and begins to walk towards BM*

Jawo: He's coming. If we're gonna do something, we better do it fast!

Lilia: BM, please! We can't do it without you!

Blue: Please, BM...

Mechadroid: ....Okay...

Blue: You mean...

Mechadroid: We can use the Overdrive...

ILS: Alright! I knew you'd come through for us!

Mechadroid: Hurry! There's no time left!

Blue: Okay, I'm on it!

*Blue removes the casing and places his hand on the lever. He tugs, but he can't budge it with his strength alone*

Blue: Ergh! It..won't...budge!

Jawo: Blue, what's the matter!?

Blue: The lever..it..it won't move! It must be stuck!

*Agaranok closes in on BM and prepares for the final strike*

Agaranok: Nighty night! Hahahahaha!

Mechadroid: Blue!!!

Blue: I'm trying!

Rachel: Come on, let's help him!

*The others run over and place their hands on the lever. With their combined strength they are able to pull the lever down, activating the Overdrive*

Agaranok: Take this!!! Hyah!!

*Agaranok strikes, but at the last moment, BM raises his hand and grabs Agaranok's sword, stopping the attack*

Agaranok: What!? But how can this be!?

Mechadroid: Hehehe, let me introduce you to my Overdrive Mode!

Agaranok: Overdrive Mode!? Is..is that where this power is coming from!?

*BM's body glows with a golden light. The bar on his energy guage runs off the scale, causing it to shatter*

Lilia: 90%...100%...120%...200%!

Rachel: It just keeps going up!

Blue: We did it! Now let's finish the job!

Mechadroid: Okay! Activate my super saber and leave the rest to me!

Blue: Super Saber?

Mechadroid: The button right over top of you.

Blue: Hmm...this one?

Mechadroid: That's the one! Now press it!

Blue: You got it! Activating Super Saber!

*Blue presses the button. Afterwards, a long blue beam saber appears in BM's hand*

Mechadroid: Thanks, Blue!

Agaranok: What...what kind of blade is that!?

Mechadroid: It's the blade of your justice, Agaranok! It's time to send you packing! Do it, gang!

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: Destroy our enemy! Super Saber Strike!

Agaranok: Nooooo!!

*BM dashes forward and slashes clean through Agaranok. The attack causes several explosions as Agaranok falls in defeat*

Agaranok: Aaaaaaaaaaggggggh!!!

Mechadroid: Yeah!!!

*After the long battle, the group leaves Mechadroid and returns to the ground. There they find Agaranok, back at regular size, collapsed on the ground in a daze*

Agaranok: *swirly eyes* Eugh...

Jawo: And that's what happens when you mess with...

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: The Blue Henshin Heroes! Yeah!

*The group shares a 5-man high five*

Bob: Cut and print! It's a wrap!!!

Zeldafan: Alright! They did it!

Link: And we still have our limbs intact.

Mizuna: Thank goodness for that!

*Bob walks over to Agaranok*

Bob: You've caused us a lot of trouble, you know.

Agaranok: Mmph. So what? Are you gonna send me back to the land of summoned creatures now?

Bob: I am. But not without thanking you first.

Agaranok: Huh? What for?

Bob: For this! Your begrudging struggle made the perfect finisher for my movie. Way greater than the one I had scripted. And for that, I thank you.

Agaranok: Heh, I was pretty good, wasn't I?

Bob: You were.

Agaranok: Good enough to let me stay and get my revenge on Blue and his friends?

Bob: Not likely. *snap*

*Bob snaps his fingers, opening a portal that sucks Agaranok in*

Agaranok: Argh! I'll get you yet, Blue and crew! I'll get you ye--

*The portal closes*

Bob: Well done, young heroes!

Blue: So how did we do, Bob? Be honest.

Bob: I must say, you greatly exceeded my expectations. I had thought Agaranok would get the better of you, but am I glad I was wrong. This could quite possibly be the most epic battle in movie history!

Jawo: And that's because we're...

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: The Blue Henshin Heroes!!

Tobi: *singing* Go Go Hen-shin Herooooooooooooes!

Zeldafan/Mizuna/Link: Yeah!!!
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