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AoB Special: Adventures of Blue: The Movie (Complete)

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Author Topic: AoB Special: Adventures of Blue: The Movie (Complete)  (Read 815 times)
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*After the movie fiasco, the group leaves modern Earth and returns to their own era. The next morning, the group is at the docks, preparing to board a passenger ship to another land*

Blue: Well guys, this is it.

ILS: So, you're really leaving, huh?

Blue: Yeah. It's time we set out to explore new lands. The world is a big place and there's more to it than just Meloria.

Rachel: I understand, but...we're gonna miss you...

ILS: It's gonna be so boring without you guys around.

Lilia: Aw, we'll miss you guys too.

Jawo: You don't have to worry though. We'll come back someday.

Rachel: You promise?

Blue: I promise.

Attendee: All aboard! The passenger ship will be leaving shortly!

Blue: Well, I guess it's time we left. We don't wanna miss our ride.

ILS: ...I suppose this is goodbye again, Blue.

Blue: Yeah. For now.

*Blue and ILS clapse hands*

ILS: Check you later.

Blue: Right.

Lilia: Take care!

Jawo: Be safe out there.

Rachel: We will. And remember, we'll meet again. You promised.

Blue: Certainly.

*ILS and Rachel depart from the group and go their seperate ways*

Lilia: *sigh* There they go.

Jawo: We should get going, Blue.

Blue: Yeah, let's go.

*The group heads out to board the ship when a voice calls out to them*

??: Blue! Wait!!

Blue: Who-- ...Oh no...

Jawo: *annoyed* Bob...

*Bob and Zeldafan run up to Blue and co. and stop to catch their breath*

Bob: *panting* Hah...Blue...ha..don't go...yet...

Blue: *annoyed* What do you want?

Lilia: Here to waste our time again?

Jawo: Or maybe you came back for the beating I owe you? *cracks knuckles*

Zeldafan: Wait guys! Please, don't be mad at him. None of us thought that it'd turn out as badly as it did...

Blue: Yeah, well it still doesn't change the fact that he pulled us away for nothing. Not only was the movie a disaster, we got embarassed in front of all those people.

Bob: You're right, Blue. The movie was a failure at the box office. It grossed at approximately 0 dollars and 0 cents.

Lilia: What? But what about all of those people that were there? Didn't they pay to see the movie?

Zeldafan: *sigh* No. The opening night was...ugh...free.

Blue/Lilia/Jawo: *facepalm*

Bob: So that's why, I've come up with another plan to rake in the dough and make up for my recent failure.

Blue: Oh yeah? And what's that?

Bob: We're going to make a sequel!

Blue/Lilia/Jawo: A sequel!?!?

Bob: Yeah yeah! Just picture it. The Adventures of Blue: The Movie....2!! Trust me, they'll love it! Everybody likes sequels!

Blue: Ugh...

Bob: So whaddya say? Will you do it? Huh huh huh?

Blue: Thanks, but no thanks.

Bob: What!?

Lilia: That's right! We've had it with your schemes.

Bob: But..

Jawo: Make your own damn movie. We're outta here.

*The group cuts the conversation short and heads on their way to the ship*

Bob: Wait! Come back! Oh..oh...uhm..I'll give you stunt doubles this time! You'll never get hurt!

Jawo: We're not listening.

Bob: Not good enough? Okay! Then I'll double...no, triple your pay!

Blue: The last thing I want is more pieces of string.

Bob: Didn't cut it? Fine! Then I'll give you...make up artists! Uhm...personal trailers? Okay..anything you want! Just please! Come back!!

*The group boards the passenger ship as it leaves the docks and heads out into the open sea*

And thus ends the story of Blue's big movie adventure. Though ending in utter failure, Blue and his friends learned many valuable lessons that will stay with them through the remainder of their journey. One of them being....if Bob has an idea...RUN! RUN AND DON'T LOOK BACK!

Bob: They're gone... Why!? Why must my dreams always die!? Why must I always fail at life!?

Zeldafan: *sigh* I told you we should've used CG...

Bob: *sobs*

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