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AoB Special: Adventures of Blue: The Movie (Complete)

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Author Topic: AoB Special: Adventures of Blue: The Movie (Complete)  (Read 832 times)
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« on: 15 July, 2008, 02:43:14 pm »

This short side story takes place after the 2nd Mephiles incident, and before the start of Lunar Monolith.

We rejoin our favorite magic-wielding hero Blue, and his friends, Lilia and Jawo', as they continue down the road to who knows where. But little do they know that they're about to be thrust into a new adventure of a whole different sort...

~~On the Road: Northern Plains~~

Blue: Hmm...any idea when we'll be coming upon the next town?

Jawo': Lilia, you have a map of this area, right? Check it out for us.

Lilia: Okay!

[lilia pulls out her map and begins to read through it]

Lilia: Ah, let's see... According to this map, the closest town from here is...


Lilia: Wwah!!

[Before Lilia can figure out the group's location, a strong gust rolls in and blows the map out of her hands, far away into the sky]

Blue: No! Our map!

[The map is blown from sight, forever out of reach]

Jawo': It's no good. That map's long gone now.

Lilia: Gee, I'm sorry, guys. *sigh* It looks like I blew it for all of us...

Blue: Don't worry about it, Lilia. We'll get by somehow.

Lilia: But Blue! Without a map to follow, we'll be...!

Jawo': Lost. Again...

Blue: *sigh* Well there's no use fretting about it now. Come on, you two. We'll just have to find our own way for now.

Lilia/Jawo': *discouraged* Right...

[Blue and his friends continue traveling the vast plain without direction in hopes of stumbling upon a new town. Moments later, the wind picks up again, and a single sheet of paper caught in the updraft latches onto Blue's face]

Blue: Mmph! What the--!

[Blue pulls the paper off his face and examines it]

Blue: Huh...?

Jawo': What is that, Blue?

Lilia: Something interesting?

Blue: I'll say. Take a look at this.

[Blue shows the paper to his friends. The paper displays the three in an action style pose with the heading "Adventures of Blue: The Movie" in big bold letters]

Lilia: It's...us!

Jawo': Adventures of Blue...The Movie? What on Earth? Who's responsible for this!?

Blue: Your guess is as good as mine, Jawo'... *scratches head*

Lilia: Hey guys, look. There's more.

Blue/Jawo': Hm?

Lilia: On the bottom of the page, it reads..."A Bob the Omnipotent Production"

Blue: Bob the Omnipotent... So this is his doing, huh?

??: Ah, I see you've discovered my movie flyer...

[Bob makes his entrance, appearing before the group]

Lilia: Bob!

Bob: Hello, Blue, Lilia. Long time no see. I trust you're both doing well.

[Bob looks over and spots Jawo' with them as well]

Bob: Ohh, well if isn't Jawo too...

Jawo': Huh...? I don't remember telling you my name, old man. ...Hey, wait a minute. You look awfully familiar... *rubs chin*

Bob: Hmm?

[Jawo' recollects to his episode in Nandor Town. After putting two and two together, he finally realizes the truth]

Jawo': Wait, now I remember! It's YOU!

[Jawo' hops back and points incriminatingly at Bob, much like when they first met]

Bob: Oh?

Jawo': You were that creep who was stalking me back in Nandor Town! Yeah, that's right. Don't think I forgot about you!

Bob: Ohh, is that so? Ha ha, I was wondering when you'd figure it out. Well met, Jawo'.

Jawo': Uh...huh?

Blue: Ahem. I'd hate to break up this...erm...wonderful reunion, but would you mind telling us what this is all about--

Bob: Ah ah!

Blue: Huh?

Bob: Say no more. All will be explained in time. But for now, you must come with me!

Lilia: To where?

Bob: To Movieland, of course! We have much work to do, so there's no time to waste.

Blue: Wait, what?

Bob: It's showtime, everybody!

[Bob snaps his fingers, and in an instant, he and the group disappear into thin air]
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« Reply #1 on: 15 July, 2008, 04:37:19 pm »

[Shortly after, Bob and the group arrive in an old worn down movie studio. Inside is Bob's crew, buzzing around the building getting things set for the movie to be shot]

~~Hollywood: Abandoned Studio~~

Tobi: *panting/while running* Hah...hah...ha!

Link: Tobi, where are you going!? The light goes over here!

Tobi: Oh, right!

[Tobi quickly turns around and runs in the opposite direction. He then trips and falls, breaking the light in half]

Tobi: Yaaaiiieeee!!


Tobi: Oopsy!

Link: Oh geez. Bob's so gonna freak...

Bob: Tobi, you broke the light! Didn't I tell you be very careful with the equipment!?

Tobi: T-Tobi's sorry, Bob!

Bob: You better be. You KNOW we're on a very strict budget, yet you're smashing the goods before we even start shooting! Now what do you have to say for yourself?

Tobi: *whimpers and hangs head in shame*

Bob: Now go on, get out of here. And no pudding break for today.

Tobi: Nooooooooo!!

Link: Heheh.

Bob: That goes for you too, Link.

Link: What? But why!? ...Hey, wait a minute. I don't even like pudding... *shrugs*

Blue: Bob, what are we doing here? What is this place?

Bob: Oh, sorry about that, Blue. Ahem! *clears throat* Welcome to the set of my grand masterpiece, The Adventures of Blue movie! I've spent many long and agonizing months attempting to get my script accepted by the loathsome producers, and lo and behold--!

Lilia: It worked?

Bob: Ahh...no. They rejected it a grand total of 15 and a half times.

Jawo: Where does the half come from?

Bob: I was going back to try again...but that time they had me removed by security instead...

Jawo: Ah...

Bob: So using the funds we earned with the Adventurer's Guild, I decided to produce the film myself, and here we are. With the aid of all of you, I will make my dream a reality! This production will climb at the box office, and I'll make those awful producers pay for denying me my dream. Curse you, producers! You and your ilk! *shakes fist*

Blue: *cough*

Bob: Oh uhm...yeah. So, let's get on with it, shall we? ...Mizuna! Get over here now!!

Mizuna: Coming!

[Mizuna walks in and stands beside Bob. She's wearing a headset and carrying a clipboard]

Mizuna: Hey Blue! *waves*

Blue: Mizuna, good to see you again.

Bob: No time for that! Mizuna here will be our Stage Manager. She will explain to you all the little details I can't be bothered with and make sure you're prepared to make cinematic gold. Now then, I need to go get ready. Mizuna, I leave it to you.

Mizuna: You can count on me!

Bob: Well I would hope so.

[Bob leaves the room and goes into the back]

Mizuna: Ahem. So, I guess you're all wondering what your role is here, huh?

Blue: Well yeah, that'd be nice to know. But you still haven't told us what a movie is.

Mizuna: Oh yes, of course. How silly of me. Eh ha ha... But before we start, let me introduce you to your two other co-stars.

Lilia: Other co-stars?

Mizuna: Yeah! You can come in now!

[On Mizuna's signal, ILS and Rachel enter the studio together]

Blue: ILS? Rachel? You're the co-stars!? ...Whatever those are...

ILS: Yo! Chief, Lilia! I knew it was only a matter of time before you guys showed up.

Rachel: Jawo', hey!

Jawo: Uhm, Rachel! *blushes and turns away*

Rachel: Aw, don't go all coy on me now. We're going to be co-stars! So let's enjoy it together, okay! ...Uhm...whatever a co-star does...

Jawo: Ah um...r-right.

Lilia: How did you two get stuck here anyway?

[Rachel takes the movie flyer out of her pocket]

Rachel: Me and Mads here were heading out on business for the guild when we stumble across this paper...thingie...

ILS: Yeah, an' the next thing we know, Bob appears an' we end up in this rundown shack of a studio. Tells us we're gonna be actors or somethin'. Whoo boy.

Mizuna: Yup. That about sums it up...

Blue: And you STILL haven't told us what a movie is.

Mizuna: Okay okay. A movie is...uhm...how should I put it... It's a...motion picture!

Lilia: You mean a picture...that moves? How does that work?

Mizuna: Uhm, I'm still a little iffy on all of the details myself, but it's something like that. What you guys'll be doing is acting out this movie.

Jawo: Kinda like a play in a theater, right?

Mizuna: Yeah! Except on a much larger scale. It won't be on a stage, but on location! We'll be going to all kinds of different places to shoot!

Blue: Hmm, I think I understand now. So it's like a play that goes beyond the stage, am I right?

Mizuna: That's right, Blue! You catch on quick.

Rachel: Ooh, this sounds like fun! I can't wait to get started! I've been meaning to touch up on my acting skills.

ILS: Speak for yerself, Rach. This whole thing is a disaster waitin' to happen. None of us have ever acted a day in our lives. Just what the heck is Bob expectin' from us, huh?

Mizuna: Well uhm, he believes that you're the best ones for the job. ...Er, that...and he couldn't afford real actors...

Jawo': Gee, that explains a lot...

ILS: Ooh, how sad. How about ya call me when it comes out on DVD? C'mon, Rach. We're goin'.

[ILS attempts to walk out, but is quickly reigned in by Rachel, who refuses to let him leave]

Rachel: Oh no you don't, Mads! We're staying right here!

ILS: Aw, c'mon, Rach! Ya know we're not cut out fer this kinda thing! If we botch this one up, we'll lose our cred as a guild fer sure!

Rachel: Then we'll just have to do our best! And besides, won't us running away from a job cost us our credibility too? Come on, Mads! Please...?

ILS: *sigh* All right, all right...

Rachel: Yes! It'll be great, you'll see!

Mizuna: So does that mean you two are staying afterall?

ILS: Yeah... I mean, what kinda man would I be if turned down the distress call of a beautiful maiden? It looks like we're in this fer the long haul.

Mizuna: Cool! So then, I guess that's everything! Anybody have any questions before we get started?

Blue: Well actually, I--

Mizuna: Good! Then let's get ready to shoot the first scene!
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« Reply #2 on: 15 July, 2008, 07:40:44 pm »

[Mizuna hands out scripts to Blue and Lilia]

Jawo': Hey! How come only Blue and Lilia get those!?

Mizuna: Because, they're the only two acting in this scene.

Jawo: What!? No fair!

Mizuna: Ugh, just be patient, Jawo'. You'll get your turn before long.

Blue: Hmm...what do I do with this...?

Mizuna: Those are your lines, silly! You read through and memorize them, and when the time comes, you'll be saying them out on the set.

Blue: Uhm...okay. Gotcha.

Mizuna: The scene'll be starting soon, so try and learn your lines as fast as you can. Now then, I've got some work to do, so I need to go. Zeldafan will be here momentarily with your costumes.

[Mizuna walks off]

ILS: Well, since it seems I blew the auditions on this one, I might as well go an' find me a seat an' enjoy the show. Care to join me, Rachel darlin'?

Rachel: Heehee, sure. Why not?

Lilia: We actually have to memorize all of this...?

Blue: Hmm, I guess so. I'm starting to think that this acting thing is a little more than we bargained for...

[Moments later, Zeldafan walks in and greets Blue and Lilia]

Zeldafan: Hi guys!

Blue: Zeldafan, there you are.

Zeldafan: So, are you guys enjoying your new profession?

Blue: I can't say I am... *rubs head*

Zeldafan: Aw, don't be like that, Blue! Just give it some time, you'll get into the spirit!

Lilia: Yeah, Blue. Who knows, this could actually be a lot fun! Heehee!

Zeldafan: See? Lilia's got the right idea! Now then, I've got your costumes ready, so head into the dressing rooms and put them on. Bob wants you suited up and ready to go in 5 minutes, so don't be late. Good luck, and break a leg.

[Zeldafan walks off]

Blue: Well, Lilia. Shall we go?

Lilia: Yeah. Let's do it!

[Blue and Lilia head into the dressing rooms to suit up for the scene. In exactly 7 minutes, they finish up and come out. Blue's wearing a suit of armor, and Lilia is wearing a princess dress]

Blue: Well I feel stupid. Do I really have to wear this piece of trash?

Lilia: Heehee, I think you look dashing, Blue!

Blue: Meh.

Bob: There you two are! Are you trying to make me look bad or something?

Blue: Huh?

[Bob walks in, wearing the typical director's get up with his hair tied into a ponytail and carrying a megaphone]

Lilia: Uhm...what are you wearing...?

Bob: Oh, you mean this? It's my director's outfit. All director's wear this. Do you like?

Blue: No.

Bob: Well it's not for you to like! It's for me to like. And I like it very well. Ha HA!

Blue: Whatever.

Bob: Now let's get on set. We're already running behind schedule thanks to you two.

[Bob snaps his fingers, and instantly, the group, and all of the equipment is transported to a lush green field with a single castle tower in the middle]

Bob: Lilia. You. In the Tower.

[Bob snaps his fingers again, and Lilia is transported to the top of the castle tower]

Lilia: Wow, that was pretty cool.

Bob: Blue. Get out there.

[Bob shoves Blue into the field]

Blue: Egh, hey! No need to push...

Bob: And don't forget your sword!

[Bob tosses Blue an ordinary knight's sword]

Blue: What's this for...?

Bob: Everybody in their places!? Good! Now in this first scene, we begin with the valiant hero Blue on a quest to save the fair maiden Lilia. He has tracked her to the lair of the evil dragon Valgex and prepares to do battle to decide her fate! With his trusty sword, he will slay the evil Valgex and save Lilia.

Blue: Hey, wait a minute! If this movie is supposed to be about me, then why am I using a sword? I weild magic artes!

Bob: Haven't you heard, Blue? Swords are what all the heroes use! It's trendy! People like trendy.

Blue: But--

Bob: Quiet on the set!

Blue: *grumbles*

Bob: Now we've got Tobi on lights...uhm, I mean light.

Tobi: Hello! *waves*

Bob: And Link on camera...

Link: Hup! *does down taunt*

Bob: Now all we need is the dragon.

Zeldafan: Uhm, yeah...about that.

Bob: Hm?

[Zeldafan whispers into Bob's ear]

Bob: Wait! What happened to the dragon?

Zeldafan: *whisper*

Bob: What do you mean it escaped from its cage!?!?

Zeldafan: *whisper*

Bob: You say Tobi let it out to play with it?

Zeldafan: *whisper*

Bob: And then it ran away because it didn't like him?

Zeldafan: *whisper*

Bob: Tobi, you'll pay for this...

[Tobi tries to hide behind the light]

Bob: That dragon cost me 10,000 gold. 10,000 GOLD! Do you KNOW what I could've done with that money!?

Zeldafan: I guess a lot...Eh heh heh...*rubs head*

Bob: Exactly. ...A lot.

Zeldafan: Well what do we do now? We can't do the scene without a dragon.

Bob: Hmm, then I guess I have no choice but to bring in a dragon of my own.

Zeldafan: Wait...you don't mean--

Bob: Yes, I do! I summon: Bahamut!!!

[The King of Summoned Creatures dives in from the sky and lands in front of Blue]


Bob: See, Zeldafan? In order to be a great director, you must learn to improvise.

Blue: *gulp* D-do I really have to fight that thing?

Bob: Yup.

Blue: B-but it's an untamed beast! It'll slaughter me!

Bob: Oh pshaw! Bahamut is very well-mannered, aren't you?


Bob: Then again...maybe not... *rubs head*

Bahamut: *snarls* Why have you summoned me...?

Bob: Well, I kinda in need of your help. You see, the dragon we got to play the role of Valgex ran away--

[Bob glares at Tobi]

Tobi: *sweatdrop*

Bob: And I was wondering if you could...you know...fill in for him? Just for a bit.

Bahamut: So let me get this straight. You want me, the King of Summoned Creatures, to act in your pathetic, second-rate film?

Bob: *under his breath* Hmph. It is NOT second rate...

Bahamut: Very well!

Bob: Huh?

Bahamut: I will do it. I could use a good laugh, anyway. Now, deliver me my lines at once!

Mizuna: Uhm, here you go, Mr. Bahamut.

[Mizuna hands Bahamut a script. He then begins to read through it]

Bahamut: Ah...mhm...yes... There! That should do nicely. I'm ready to go!

Bob: Excellent!

Blue: Hey wait, don't I get a say in this? At least give me a stunt double!

Bob: Oh ho! Don't be silly, Blue. Everyone does their own stunts.

Blue: What!?

Lilia: Don't be a coward, Blue! Save me!

Bahamut: Hahaha! Yes! Why don't you save her!? If you dare...

Blue: Oh man...

Bob: Mizuna, do it!

Mizuna: Right!

[Mizuna walks in with a movie-clipper...thingie]

Mizuna: Blue the Valiant takes on Valgex the Vile: Take 1. ...Action! *snap*
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« Reply #3 on: 16 July, 2008, 06:59:06 pm »

Bahamut: Blue! How dare you trespass into my lair! Prepare to die!

[Blue is too preoccupied trembling in fear of Bahamut to say his lines]

Blue: ...

Bob: *whispers* Psst! Blue!

Blue: H-huh?

Bob: *whispers* Say your lines!

Blue: Oh! R-right!

[Blue stands up straight and tall]

Blue: Y-your d-d-days are n-numbered, Valgex!

Bob: Cut!

Blue: Uhm...what's wrong?

Bob: Heroes do NOT stutter.

Blue: Hey, give me a break, would you!? I am staring down the King of Summoned Creatures afterall.

Bahamut: It's true. I'm quite intimidating.

Bob: I don't care! You're wasting precious film, so get it right this time! Either that, or I'll have Tobi take your place as the hero.

Tobi: Wha--? Me!? Bob, you really mean it!?

Bob: No, not really. Ha ha!

Tobi: Oooh hooo! *cries*

Blue: All right, fine. I'll give it another shot. Happy now?

Bob: That's the spirit! Now get out there! Mizuna, do it!

Mizuna: Okay! Blue the Valiant takes on Valgex the Vile: Take 2. ...Action! *snap*

Bahamut: Blue! How dare you trespass into my lair! Prepare to die where you stand!

Blue: Ahem... *In a manly heroic tone* Your days are numbered, Valgex! I'm taking the fair maiden Lilia back with me!

Lilia: Oh help me! Help!

Bahamut: Lilia is mine! She'll never go back to you! And to show you I mean business, have a taste of my mega flare!

[Bahamut begins to charge up a mega flare attack]

Blue: Uh oh!

Bob: Cut!

Bahamut: *stop charging* What is it now?

Bob: You can't use a mega flare on Blue! You'll fry him!

Bahamut: Oh. ...Well uhm...how about a regular flare?

Bob: Nope.

Bahamut: Erm...Shadow Flare?

Bob: *facepalm* That's even worse.

Bahamut: Hmph. Well I've got nothin'.[/color]

Bob: *smacks forehead* Groan...

Zeldafan: No worries, Bob! I've got it covered!

Bob: Hm? Is that right?

Zeldafan: Yeah! Just leave it to me! *salutes*

Bob: All right then. I'm leaving it to you, Zeldafan. Mizuna, let's get started!

Mizuna: Coming! Blue the Valiant takes on Valgex the Vile: Take 3. ...Action! *snap*

Bahamut: *Ahem* Lilia is mine! She'll never go back to you! And to show you I mean business, have a taste of my deadly Mega Flare attack!

[Instead of allowing Bahamut to fire off an attack, Zeldafan rushes on the set and tosses a handful of party confetti into Blue's face before quickly running off again]

Blue: ...

Bob: Oh no... What was that!?

Zeldafan: *shrugs*

Bob: Ohh, whatever! Get on with it, Blue!

Blue: Oh yeah, right! *Ahem* Ha! Your attack did nothing! Now taste my blade!

[Blue runs up to Bahamut and whacks him several times with his sword, doing nothing to harm his supreme hide]

Bahamut: ...

Blue: Uhm...take this? *whack*

Bob: Bahamut!!

Bahamut: Oh oh! Uhm... Aaaaggh! Gack! *coughwheezehack* I...I am...defeated...

[Bahamut disappears in a puff of smoke]

Blue: Ah ha! I've done it! Valgex hath been slain!

[Blue runs up to the castle tower and climbs to the top]

Blue: Fair Maiden Lilia, I have come for thee!

Lilia: Oh, my hero!

[lilia runs into Blue's arms]

Lilia: Valgex is vanquished and peace has returned to our fair kingdom!

Blue: Now none can stand in the way of our true love.

Lilia: None indeed...

[Blue and Lilia move in for a kiss when...]

Bob: Cut!

Lilia: Hey! Why did you stop!?

Bob: Bring in Rachel!

[Rachel walks on the set wearing the same dress as Lilia]

Rachel: Okay! I'm ready!

Lilia: Wait a minute, what's going on!?

Bob: Rachel will be taking your place in this scene.

Lilia: But why!?

Bob: Because, people just eat up romantic scenes with hot babes in it.

Lilia: B-but aren't I hot...?

Bob: *sigh* No. No you're not.

Lilia: *gasp* I'm...not!? *cries* Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

[lilia runs off the set crying]

Rachel: Ah! Lilia, wait!

Bob: Don't worry about her, she'll get over it. Now get in your places.

[Rachel climbs atop the castle tower and works her way into Blue's arm]

Blue: Rachel!?

Rachel: Don't be afraid, Blue. I don't bite! Heehee.

Bob: Mizuna, start the scene!

Mizuna: Okay! Blue kisses Fair Maiden Lil--uhm..Fair Maiden Rach--wait, that's not right...uhm..Fair Maiden..girl...person..: Take 1. ...Action! *snap*

Bob: Link, get a close up on those two!

[As the camera zooms in, Blue and Rachel move in for the kiss. Rachel then pushes Blue's face against hers and kisses him hard]

Blue: Mmph!? MMM!!!

Jawo': *angrily* Blue!? Ooooooooh!!!

[Seething in anger and jealousy, Jawo' snaps the blade of his sword in half. After several minutes, Rachel forcibly removes Blue's lips from hers and the two take deep breaths]

Bob: Cut and Print! Beautiful, guys!

Rachel: *wipes saliva from lips* Hah...ha...Blue, you dog you. Heehee.

Blue: Ugh...

[Blue stumbles back a bit and then faints, crashing to the floor. Bahamut then reappears]

Bahamut: Sooo...is my part over?

Zeldafan: Yup! You did an excellent job. Here, have a treat!

[Zeldafan takes out a box of dragon treats and throws one to Bahamut]

Bahamut: Mmm, yummy! You call me back whenever you need me, okay?

Zeldafan: Okay! See you later! *waves*

Bob: Stay frosty everyone! There are more scenes where that came from! We're just getting started!
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« Reply #4 on: 18 July, 2008, 04:42:32 pm »

[After wrapping up the first scene, the gang is allowed some time to relax. Walking down the halls of the studio, Blue finds Lilia pleading with Rachel over a matter. Curious, he decides to listen in]

Lilia: Please, Rachel! I want to become your student!

Rachel: Student of what? What are you talking about?

Lilia: I want to become a beautiful woman just like you, Rachel!

Rachel: ...I, I'm not...

Lilia: Oh come on! You heard what Bob said earlier. He said that I...that I wasn't hot...

Rachel: Oh, Lilia. You know that's not true...

Lilia: But it is! How can I be attractive as you? Please, tell me your secrets!

Rachel: Wait a minute, Lilia. I'm glad you hold me in such high esteem, but I'm really not doing anything special.

Lilia: But compared to you, it's like I'm still just a kid. I don't have any charms at all...

Rachel: Oh, don't say that, Lilia. You've got your own special charm. Everyone does!

[Feeling concerned about Lilia's issue, Blue decides to step in and say something]

Blue: Just forget about it, Lilia. Even if you had Rachel's looks, it wouldn't suit you at all.

Lilia: Why not!?

Blue: Look, even if you suddenly magically acquired Rachel's looks, you'd still be the same girl on the inside, right? You'd still be the same old clingy and naive Lilia in the end.



Blue: Ouch! What was that for!?

Lilia: Get out of my face, Blue! I hate you!

[lilia runs off in a tearful fit]

Blue: W-wait a second, Lilia! I'm just trying to say that everyone has their own set of charming qualities! ...*sigh*

Rachel: You won't get anywhere with her like that! Lilia's a very innocent young girl. You should know that better than the rest of us, Blue.

Blue: ...Sorry.

Rachel: I think there's someone else you should be apologizing to.

Blue: R-right...

[Soon after, the time comes to begin shooting the next scene. Mizuna arrives with a handful of scripts for the group]

Mizuna: Okay! Here are your scripts for the next scene. This time you all get one!

[Mizuna hands out scripts to the group]

Mizuna: As with the last scene, read through and memorize your lines carefully. Zeldafan will be here with your costumes in a bit. See you all later.

[Mizuna walks off and the group begins flipping through their lines]

Blue: Blue the kung fu master...what the heck?

Jawo: Well this is...odd. It looks like the rest of us are playing ninjas...

Lilia: *disgusted* Ninjas!? Eck! I hate ninjas!

Tobi: Oh yeah!? Well I hate pirates!

Zeldafan: *gasp* Tobi!

Tobi: Well it's true...

Zeldafan: Apologize to Lilia right now!

Tobi: B-but she started it!

Zeldafan: It doesn't matter. Is it not the shinobi way to be courteous to all living things?

Tobi: *groans* Yes...

Zeldafan: So hop to it!

Tobi: *grumble* Fine. Lilia... I'm sorry...

Lilia: Teehee, I forgive you.

Tobi: ...Now you say it.

Lilia: Pfft! As if!

Tobi: Rrrrr! You bratty pirate!

Zeldafan: Tobi, just let it go!

Tobi: Okay...

[A red light shines from the eye hole in Tobi's mask as he glares fiercely at Lilia]

Tobi: Tobi'll see YOU after pudding break... *points*

[Tobi walks off]

Lilia: Bleh! *raspberry*

Zeldafan: Oh, hey guys. Sorry about that.

Blue: Just what was that all about? What's gotten into him?

Zeldafan: Don't worry about him. Tobi's just caught up in the whole Ninjas vs Pirates craze. He doesn't really hate pirates.

Tobi: *far off* Yes I do!

Zeldafan: *sweatdrop* Eh heh heh...well anyway, I've got your costumes ready, so go to the dressing rooms and get suited up. Once you're done, head over on set so we can get started, okay?

Blue: Got it.

Zeldafan: All right! Good luck, everyone.

[The group goes into the dressing room and puts on their costumes. When they come out, Blue is wearing a blue kung fu gi, Jawo is wearing a suit of samurai armor, Lilia is wearing a japanese princess kimono, and ILS and Rachel are wearing black ninja outfits]

Blue: Hey, this actually feels...pretty comfortable. A big step up from that clunky knight's armor.

Jawo': I guess it's my turn to feel the pain, huh? But then again, it's really not so bad. I could get used to this, actually.

ILS: Heh heh. These ninja threads are pretty dang spiffy, if I do say so myself.

Rachel: Yeah! I feel so...so nimble! So unrestrained!

[ILS and Rachel strike a ninja pose]

ILS/Rachel: Hiyah!

Lilia: And isn't this kimono just the prettiest!? Ooh, I hope they let me keep it after we're done filming!

Bob: Not a chance.

Lilia: Huh?

[Bob walks in]

Bob: Do you know how much all of that gear cost me? It's all going right back to the costume store after the movie's done. I gotta make a living, you know.

Blue/Jawo'/Lilia/ILS/Rachel: Awww....

Bob: No whining! Ahem! *clears throat* Since it seems you're all ready, let's get started!

[Bob snaps his fingers, transporting them to a village in feudal era Japan]

Blue: Eh? Where's this...?

Bob: Everyone, into your places! The scene's about to begin!

[Blue and Lilia get on set and stand beside eachother. Meanwhile, Bob sits in his director chair and shouts through his megaphone]

Bob: All right, in this next scene, Blue, the kung fu champ, and his girlfriend, the feudal princess Lilia--

Blue: Hey wait a minute, what happened to me being a knight in a far off kingdom?

Bob: Well now you're a kung fu champ. Got a problem with that?

Blue: No. It's just totally illogical. I mean, how--

Bob: This is MY movie. MINE! And if I say you're a kung fu champ in Japan, then you're a kung fu champ in Japan! Got it!?

Blue: Mmn...

Bob: Of course you do. Now don't interrupt me again! *clears throat* As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted...

Blue: Oh brother...

Bob: Blue and Lilia are taking a walk through the village when the evil daimyo Jawo arrives and snatches her away!

Jawo': Hey... This is another 'Rescue the Princess' angle, isn't it? Man, that is so cliche!

Bob: What...? You dare criticize MY creative genius!? Another outburst like that and I'll throw you off the set!

Jawo': *shrugs* Well what do I care? I mean, it's not like we're getting paid for this or anything.

ILS: Hey...! He's right! We AREN'T gettin' paid! Where's our dinero, you penny pincher!?

Rachel: Bob, you cheapskate! How dare you exploit us! *cracks knuckles*

Bob: Gah! Uhm...*sweats* Well, I was just...Ooh... Oh gee... *pulls the neck of his sweater*...Ah ha!

[Bob grabs Zeldafan and pulls her forward, using her as a scapegoat]

Bob: Zeldafan! She's responsible for your pay!

Zeldafan: What!? Wait a minute! I can't--!

Bob: *whispers* Come on, Zeldafan! I'm begging ya here! If they walk out on me, my movie's ruined!

Zeldafan: *sigh* Oh fine... But you owe me one!

[Zeldafan digs into her pocket and pulls out a handful of stuff]

Zeldafan: Let's see, I have...a yo-yo. Some string. An old button. A googly eye, and...some pocket lint.

Bob: *facepalm*

Zeldafan: Well hey, at least there's something for each of them.

ILS: *looks around* ...Can I have the pocket lint?

Blue/Lilia/Jawo'/Rachel/Bob/Zeldafan: o_O

ILS: ...What? *shrugs*
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« Reply #5 on: 18 July, 2008, 07:01:36 pm »

Bob: Well then. I trust you are all satisfied with your pay?

Blue: *sarcastically* Oh joy. A piece of string. It's what I've ALWAYS wanted...

Bob: Good! I'm happy for you, Blue! Now let's begin. Mizuna!

Mizuna: Right right. *Ahem* Blue in Feudal Japan: Take 1. ...Action! *snap*

[Blue and Lilia begin walking down the streets of the village]

Lilia: Oh Blue, isn't it just a beautiful day to take a lovely walk?

Blue: Yes. It's just you and me and the afternoon sun. I don't think anything could possibly go wrong!

Jawo': That's what you think!

Blue/Lilia: *gasp*

[Jawo enters the set and snatches up Lilia]

Jawo': Hahahaha! She's all mine!

Lilia: Aaaah! It's the evil daimyo Jawo and he's taken me! Oh help help help!

Blue: Give Lilia back!

Jawo': Never! I will take Princess Lilia and make her my wife! And there's nothing you can do about it! Hahahah!

Blue: Well we'll see about that! Hyah!

Jawo': Oh, not so fast, Blue! If you wish to face me, you must first defeat my personal ninja army! *snaps fingers*

Bob: Aaaaaaand cut!

Lilia: Jawo', let's go get ready!

Jawo': Okay!

[lilia and Jawo run to the dressing room]

Blue: Hm? Where are they going...?

Bob: Alright! Bring in the cut outs!

Zeldafan: Yes!

[Zeldafan begins taking a bunch of cardboard cut-outs of ninjas and placing them on the set]

Zeldafan: Ninjas are in place, Bob!

Bob: Okay, now where are my actual ninjas!?

ILS: Me an' Rach are here.

Bob: But where are Lilia and Jawo'?

[lilia and Jawo' burst out of the dressing room wearing ninja outfits]

Lilia: Sorry we're late!

Jawo': We're good to go now!

Bob: Good, now get in there.

Blue: Wait... Lilia, Jawo'!?

Lilia: Hi Blue! We're ninjas now! Hyah! *strikes a pose*

Blue: But--

Jawo': Yeah, man. Get with it! Hah! *strikes a pose*

Blue: But that doesn't make sense! Lilia's the princess and Jawo's the daimyo! What's going on!?

Bob: Geez, Blue, how dense can you be? We need a ninja ARMY and there's only five of you. Do the math!

Blue: But I'm confused!

Bob: Oh for crying out loud, Blue, just get out there and act!

[Blue and the group get into their places on set]

Bob: Go for it, Mizuna.

Mizuna: Okay! *Ahem* Blue takes on the ninja army: Take 1. ...Action! *snap*

Blue: *gasp* An army of deadly ninja assassins! And they look pretty tough too...

ILS: *feigning a thick Japanese accent* We ah thee eleet neenjas!

Rachel: Sent hyare too destwoy yoo!

Jawo': Dyare eez noh escaype!

Lilia: Yeah! We are going to--uhm...I mean Wee are...uhm--ah going to... Oh darnit!

Bob: *sigh* CUT! Lilia!

Lilia: I'm sorry, Bob! I'll do it right this time, I promise!

Bob: You'd better...

Mizuna: *Ahem* Blue takes on the ninja army: Take 2. ...Action! *snap*

ILS: *feigning a Japanese accent* We ah thee eleet neenjas!

Rachel: Sent hyare too destwoy yoo!

Jawo': Dyare eez noh escaype!

Lilia: Okay...uh...all right! Wee ah goeeng too kill uhm...I mean kill. No wait! I meant keel! Noooooooo!!

Bob: CUT! Lilia! What is the matter with you!?

Lilia: I'm trying! Ooh, why does doing a stupid Japanese accent have to be so hard!? WHY!?

Bob: *grumble*

Zeldafan: Bob...we'll never finish the scene at this rate...

Bob: Hmm. *rubs chin* Okay! I've got an idea!

Zeldafan: Yeah?

Bob: Rachel will take over Lilia's lines!

Rachel: Ah! I will!? Yes! I'm scoring big today!

Lilia: Rachel!? First she steals my kiss and now my lines!? Ooh, why does this keep happening to me!? *cries* Waaaaaaaaaah!!!

[lilia runs off the set crying]

Rachel: Lilia! Not again...

Bob: Forget her! Let's finish this up. Mizuna!

Mizuna: Blue takes on the ninja army: Take 3. ...Action!

ILS: *feigning a Japanese accent* We ah thee eleet neenjas!

Rachel: Sent hyare too destwoy yoo!

Jawo': Dyare eez noh escaype!

Rachel: Wee ah goeeng too keel yoo weeth ah queek mooves!

Blue: Heh. *grins* It looks like it's time to...

[Close up on Blue]

Blue: Nin these jas!

Blue/Jawo'/ILS/Rachel/Zeldafan: Huh!?

[Everyone stops and turns towards Bob]

Blue/Jawo'/ILS/Rachel/Zeldafan: *outraged* Nin these jas!?!?

Bob: Hey, gimme a break. Coming up with ninja-related puns isn't easy. ...It's quite hard...

Jawo': Well it's still lame.

Tobi: Hmph. A scene with ninjas and Tobi isn't even in it. What a crock.

Bob: Sorry, Tobi, but I needed REAL ninjas. Not...Naruto!

Tobi: Aw... But I gots a kunai. See? *takes out kunai*

Bob: No. Just...no.

Tobi: *hangs head in shame*
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« Reply #6 on: 20 July, 2008, 11:03:06 am »

[Several hours after the end of the scene, Link is walking back into the studio carrying a flashy new camera]

Link: *whistles*

[As Link is walking, he passes by Bob going in the opposite direction]

Link: Heya, Bob. What's up?

Bob: Ah, Link. So, are you enjoying yourself so far?

Link: Oh yeah! Being the cameraman is more fun than bombing Dodongos!

Bob: Glad to hear it. Keep up the good work, lad.

[Bob notices the camera Link is holding]

Bob: Hm? What's that?

Link: Oh, you mean this? It's the new camera I bought.

Bob: New camera? What happened to the old one?

Link: *shrugs* Beats me. After we finished shooting the last scene, I left to take a break. But when I came back, it was gone. I think someone stole it.

Bob: Stole!? Who would do such a thing...? ...Tobi!

Link: Nah, It couldn't have been Tobi. He's been hanging out with Zeldafan the whole time.

Bob: Is that so? Then who could've done it?

Link: *shrugs* Maybe someone who wants to sabotage the movie.

Bob: Hmm...sabotage. *rubs chin* That must be it...!

Link: You think we should look into this?

Bob: No, no. We'll wait and see what develops first before taking action.

Link: Righto.

[Afterwards, preparations for the next scene begins. Mizuna arrives and hands out scripts to Blue and ILS]

Mizuna: Here are your scripts for the next scene, guys!

Blue: Thanks, Mizuna.

Jawo': So, is it just Blue and ILS this time?

Mizuna: Yeah, but the rest of you will get your turn later, so don't worry. Anyway, I gotta run. Zeldafan will be back here with your costumes in a bit. See ya!

[Mizuna walks off]

Blue: Hm... Agent 00Blue...

ILS: Whoa-ho! Check this out, chief. You get to be a secret agent! Talk about your lucky day, eh?

Blue: Huh? A secret agent?

ILS: Yeah, man. Dont'cha know that they get all the chicks? Put on that snazzy suit, down a vodka martini or two, and the babes'll be stickin' to ya like glue. Ohoho baby, I could so get into that.

Blue: Sounds more like a pervert's wet dream than a heroic adventure.

[Zeldafan walks in]

Zeldafan: Blue, ILS! Hi!

ILS: Yo, ZF. Ya got our costumes ready for us?

Zeldafan: You betcha! And from the looks of things, you're playing the role of a secret agent, Blue. How cool is that!?

Blue: Huh? I don't get it. Everyone seems to go crazy over the thought of being a secret agent, but I don't see the appeal.

Zeldafan: Blue, you're kidding, right? I mean, have you seen of any of the Bond girls at all? Me-yow!

ILS: Heehee. Told ya.

Blue: *groan*

Zeldafan: Anyway, you guys only have 10 minutes to get suited up, so I'd better not keep you any longer. You guys know what to do from here, so good luck.

Blue: All right. Let's go, ILS.

ILS: Right behind ya, chief.

[Blue and ILS head into the dressing room to get suited up for the next scene. 5 minutes later, the two walk out wearing tuxedos. Blue's is blue, while ILS' is black]

ILS: Hey! Lookin' good, chief!

Blue: Heh, thanks. I haven't worn one of these since the Replica Earth incident. I always did like how they feel.

ILS: Yeah, they do feel awesome, don't they? Now if only I had my cane...

Blue: ...

ILS: ...What? Chicks dig the cane.

[Bob walks in]

Bob: Are you two ready to go?

Blue: I guess.

Bob: Then let's do it!

[Bob snaps his fingers, and they are taken to the middle of a bustling casino]

ILS: Heheh, tres chic. I like.

Blue: Do you know what this place is, ILS?

ILS: Er...not really. *scratches head*

Bob: Ugh... It's a casino, you hicks. People from your world are so out of it, I swear. Now get on the set. The scene's about to begin.

[Blue and ILS walk infront of the camera, while Bob sits in his director's chair]

Bob: *Ahem* In this next scene, Blue will be playing the role of Blues Bond, the secret agent codenamed: 00Blue. He, along with his CIA pal, ILS Leiter, are on the trail of the evil banker, Le Jawouer.

Jawo: At least he's not recusing a princess.

Bob: Anyway! The two have tracked him to Casino Loyale and it's their job to put him out of commission for good! Let's begin.

Mizuna: I'm on it! Agent 00Blue at Casino Loyale: Take 1. ...Action! *snap*

ILS: Is this the place?

Blue: Hmm, Casino Loyale. Looks like it...

ILS: Le Jawoeur has gotta be hiding here! Let's go find him!

Blue: Okay, but first...we get a drink.

[Blue and ILS take a seat at the casino bar, soon after, the bartender walks up to them]

Bartender: What can I get you, sirs?

ILS: I'll have whatever he's having.

Blue: A dry martini. One. In a deep champagne goblet.

Bartender: And how would you like that martini, sir?

[Close up on Blue]

Blue: *looks into camera* Shaken, not stirred. *wink*

Bob: Cut! Awesome, Blue! Nicely done!

Blue: Shaken...not stirred. What does that mean anyway?

Bob: To hell if I know. Now get ready for the opening!

Blue: Oh! Right, let's do it!

[Cue the classic gun barrel sequence. A white dot begins scrolling across the screen. The dot then becomes a gunman's view-to-kill. Blue begins walking, while the gun barrel observes his movements. Blue then quickly turns to the left and fires his gun. Then white dot violently shakes, and the scene reddens with blood, followed by a loud thud]


Zeldafan: *gasp* Link!!

Blue: Uh oh...

Link: *coughcough* I've...been hit...

Zeldafan: Blue, you shot Link! How could you!?

Blue: I-It was an accident! I didn't mean to!

Link: World...growing dark. Is this...the Dark World?

Zeldafan: Link, hang on!

Link: Bl-Blue...

Blue: Link?

Link: D-defeat....G-Ga...non... Urgh...

Dodododododododoooo... Pwink!

[link succumbs to death from his fatal gunshot wound]

Zeldafan: Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink!!!

Tobi: So uh, should Tobi hold in the Reset button or what?

Bob: Well you wouldn't want to damage your save data.

Zeldafan: *angrily* Guys!
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« Reply #7 on: 21 July, 2008, 07:36:50 pm »

[After Link's abrupt funeral, the group returns to the casino in low spirits]

Tobi: *sniff* He was so young...

Zeldafan: It's okay, Tobi. Let it all out.

Tobi: ...but at least he left me his Gale Boomerang!

[Tobi holds the boomerang high over his head in triumph]

Da da da daaaaaaaah!

Zeldafan: Tobi!!

Tobi: D'oh! Sorry, sempai... *rubs head*

[Zeldafan walks up to Bob to recieve some comfort]

Bob: Ah, Zeldafan. Are you feeling okay? I know Link meant the most to you.

Zeldafan: Bob, why do the good die young?

Bob: Uhm...because of high taxes?

Zeldafan: Oooooh hoo hoo hooooo!!

[Zeldafan bursts into tears, as Bob holds her tight in his arms]

Bob: There there. I don't like taxes either. But now I'm almost certain that someone's trying to sabotage us.

Zeldafan: *stops crying* Sabotage us?

Bob: Yeah. First it was the missing camera, and now it's Link's death.

Zeldafan: But wasn't Link's death just a bad accident?

Bob: It couldn't have been. I made sure the gun was loaded with special non harmful VFX bullets. But someone must've pulled a fast one on us, and swapped them with live ammo when our backs were turned.

Zeldafan: You really think so? Hmm...*rubs chin* ...you think it could've been Jack?

Bob: Huh? Jack? Why would my younger brother want to sabotage my movie?

Zeldafan: *shrugs* I don't know. We never finished that scenario, remember?

Bob: Oh yeah, we didn't, did we? Ah well. It's time to move on with the next scene.

Zeldafan: But without Link, who'll be the cameraman?

Bob: Why you, of course.

Zeldafan: Me!? But aren't I the Prop Manager?

Bob: That's true, but I see no reason why you can't do both.

Zeldafan: Okay! I'll do it in honor of Link's memory! *salutes*

Bob: Good for you! Now let me check on my actors.

[Bob walks over to Blue and the group]

Bob: Hey guys, are you all ready?

Blue: Bob... I'm sorry about what happened to Link...

Bob: Ohh, don't you worry about him.

Lilia: How could you say that, Bob? He's dead!

ILS: Yeah man, have you no shame? An' besides, fairy boy's death was job-related, an' if ya ain't careful, his family'll sue the pants offa ya fer every penny ya got.

Bob: Ha ha haaa! That might've been true, if Link had any family to speak of. Nice try, ILS, but I won't be getting caught up in any legal mumbo jumbo today!

ILS: Huh?! Well dang! *snaps fingers*

Bob: Link's untimely death is inconsequential, so hop to it, everyone! The next scene awaits us! As they say, the show must go on!

[Blue and his friends get on set, while Bob takes a seat in his director's chair]

Zeldafan: Hmm, I hope I can work this thing right...

[Just then, Link walks up behind Zeldafan, alive and well]

Link: I'll take that, if you don't mind.

Zeldafan: Sure Link, just lemme-- ...LINK!? W-what are you--!? H-how did you--!?

Link: *shrugs* Bottled fairy.

Zeldafan: Oh...

Bob: *Ahem* In this next scene, the evil terrorist banker Le Jawouer sets up a high-stakes poker tournament at Casino Loyale in order to fund his evil takeover scheme. And thus, Blues Bond, with aid from ILS Leiter and the sexy Rachel Vesper, enters to defeat him at his own game. A game of poker!

Jawo': Poker? All right! Card games are my speciaility! Looks like it's time to bust some heads!

Bob: Hmm, yes, how nice... Well today it's your speciality to lose.

Jawo': What!?!? B-But... I never lose at poker...!

Bob: Well there's a first time for everything. Now get out there! *points*

Jawo': *sadly* Ohhh...

[Jawo' reluctantly walks out on set with his head hanging low]

Bob: Ha haaaa, I love my job... Mizuna! Let's get rolling!

Mizuna: Got it, Bob! Agent 00Blue vs Le Jawoeur: Take 1: ...Action! *snap*

[The scene begins with Blue and Jawo' facing off against each other at the poker table with a large crowd of spectators attentively watching their game]

Bob: *shouting through a megaphone* Alright, Blue! With the hand you've been dealt, there's no possible way you can lose! So play it, win the tournament, and send Jawo' packing!

Zeldafan: ...Huh?

[Zeldafan flips through the scene script in confusion before deciding to confront Bob]

Zeldafan: Bob, what's going on?

Bob: Hm? Zeldafan, can't you see we're in the middle of filming!? This had better be good...

Zeldafan: Well, Bob, it's just, that's not how it really happened...

Bob: Hrm!? What are you getting at...?

Zeldafan: In the real Casino Royale, Le Chiffre tricks Bond into believing his bluff so that he goes all-in and loses his initial stake. It's not until after he buys back into the tournament that he beats Le Chiffre for good. So in reality, Blue really should be losing this game...

Bob: What!? The Villian, beating the Hero!? Not in MY movie!

Zeldafan: But Bob--!

Bob: But nothing! Well will follow the script as written! Blue! Do it!

Zeldafan: *groan*

Blue: Got it.

[Blue looks down at his winning hand, then looks up at Jawo', who's sweating profusely and turning red in the face]

Blue: ... *sweatdrop*

Jawo': *sweating* (N-no... This can't be happening to me. I can't lose my 1000 win streak to the likes of Blue! That's just insane! There must be a way out of this...)

Blue: Uhm... Jawo', are you all right...?

Bob: Blue! No deviating from the script! Now get back in character!

[ILS and Rachel take notice to Jawo's imminent breakdown as well]

Rachel: *whispering* Psst. Hey, Mads. I don't think Jawo's looking too good...

ILS: *whispering* No kidding. He could blow his top at any second! I dunno about you, Rach, but I'm in favor of takin' cover.

Rachel: *whispering* Good idea.

[More concerned about their own safety than Jawo's, ILS and Rachel double take before slowly sinking underneath the poker table. Meanwhile, Jawo's condition worsens as he begins breathing heavily and his veins pop out of his head]

Jawo': *hyperventilating* Heef! Heef! Heef! Heef!

Bob: *to himself* Yes, Jawo'... Sell it... Sell it! Show the camera your fear! Your anxiety!

Zeldafan: Uhm, Bob, it doesn't look like Jawo's putting on a show for the camera...

Mizuna: I think he's really in trouble!

Bob: Nonsense! Who in their right mind would have a mental breakdown over a fake card game? Blue! Play your hand so we can wrap up this scene!

Blue: Erm... Okay...

[Blue prepares to place his cards on the table, driving Jawo' to the edge]

Jawo': (Agh...! There has to be something I can do... Something I can do to turn it around! ...No! I can't! I-It's impossible! I will lose! Game over, man! Game over! It's...too much! I...I can't take it! I have to bail!)

Blue: Well, here goes...

Jawo': Argh!

[Determined to deter his defeat at the hands of Blue, Jawo' gets up from the poker table and begins to stumble away from the scene]

Blue: Huh...?

Bob: What the...! Jawo'! What on Earth are you doing!? How dare you leave the set in the middle of filming! Do you know how much this is going to cost me!?

[Bob's ramblings fall on deaf ears, as Jawo' can hear nothing but his panic-stricken inner thoughts]

Jawo': *panting* Huff...huff... (Have to...get...out!) Huff...

[Jawo's befuddled wandering brings him outside of the casino and into the city at night. As he staggers through the casino parking lot in a daze, he clutches his chest, a signal of heart trauma]

~~Casino Loyale: Parking Lot~~

Jawo': *confused* (Wh-where... Where...am I? Did I... Did I escape him?)

[Completely unaware of his surroundings, Jawo' is unable to avoid the car coming straight towards him. He smashes into the front hood and is knocked to the ground]

Jawo': Aaargh! Ungh...


Jawo': Uunh...

[Jawo' falls unconscious in the middle of the parking lot. Meanwhile, inside the casino, the others can only stare off into space, unsure of what exactly to do next]

~~Casino Loyale: Inside~~

ILS/Rachel: ...

Bob: ...

Zeldafan: ...

Mizuna: ...

Lilia: ...

Tobi: ...

Link: Ohh man, what now...? Uhm...

[Uncertain of how to keep filming, Link focuses the camera directly on Blue]

Link: Blue, say something, would you?

Blue: Erm... I win? *nervous smile*

[After the disaster that took place at the casino, Blue and the others gather together at the local hospital to check up on Jawo', who was taken there shortly after his accident. They stand outside of the emergency room, awaiting the news on his condition]

~~Montenegro Hospital~~

Blue: Mmn...

Lilia: *sadly* Oh Jawo'... Blue, do you think he's going to be okay?

Blue: Of course, Lilia. Jawo' will never go down without a fight. He's going to pull through. You'll see.

ILS: I've got 10 Gold that says he croaks. How about it, Rach? You in?

Rachel: *gasp* Mads! You're terrible!

[Just then, the doctor comes out of the emergency room and greets the group]

Doctor: Hello, all. I'm assuming you're the one's here for Justin?

Blue: Yeah. So...how is he?

Doctor: Well, your friend fell into cardiac arrest back there, and he nearly died from heart failure...

Lilia: Oh no...

Doctor: But luckily, we were able to bring him back.

Lilia: *happily* Ah! So...so he's--!

Doctor: Yes, Justin will be okay. In fact, he'll be able to go home with you all in the morning after he's gotten some rest.

Lilia: Yay!

Rachel: Haha! All right!

Bob: Okay, kids. I'm sure we're all excited about the good news, but it's time we headed back to the studio. We'll be back for Jawo' in the morning.

Blue: All right. Let's go, everyone.

[As the group prepares to leave the hospital, the doctor pulls Bob away for a private discussion]

Doctor: Oh! Excuse me, sir!

Bob: Yes?

Doctor: Are you the parent of the patient?

Bob: Erm, not exactly, but I am accepting responsibility for him for the time being.

Doctor: Is that so? Then you'd might like to know that we found something...peculiar about Justin's test results...

Bob: Hmm...?
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« Reply #8 on: 22 July, 2008, 03:52:52 pm »

[The next morning, Blue and the others return to the studio after taking Jawo' from the hospital. With Jawo' back in their ranks, preparations for shooting the remainder of the film can resume]

~~Hollywood: Abandoned Studio~~

Bob: Hrrm...

Zeldafan: Bob, what's the matter?

Bob: It appears he's struck again.

Zeldafan: You mean the saboteur? But how? What happened last night was just an unfortunate accident, right?

Bob: One would think that, but the truth is, there's more to it...

Zeldafan: What...?

Bob: Last night, Jawo's doctor released these...rather disturbing documents to me. His test results showed that there was Digitalis in his system, which lead to his life-threatening heart condition.

Zeldafan: Digitalis... You mean someone poisoned him!?

Bob: Yes... In fact, after doing a little investigating of my own, I discovered that Jawo's drink was spiked with it. This...was no accident.

Zeldafan: Gee, this is starting to look more like an attempt on our lives than a sabotage.

Bob: Hmm, I wonder...

Zeldafan: Do you think we should investigate this further?

Bob: No. I want to wait a little longer. Maybe then we can find out what's really going on.

Zeldafan: Okay, if you say so.

Bob: Whoever's behind this... I have a feeling it won't be long before he show's his face to the camera...

Zeldafan: Let's just hope he doesn't kill us before that happens...

Bob: Yes, certainly.

[Meanwhile, everyone takes some time off to recuperate after the events that took place last night. Blue rises from his bed, unable to fall asleep]

Blue: Agh, I can't rest now. ...I know, I'll go see what everyone else is up to. That should clear my head a bit.

[Blue wanders the halls of the studio until he hears the sounds of snickering and whispering in another room]

Blue: Hm? What was that...?

[Blue peeks into the room to find ILS and Jawo' with their faces against the wall, apparently listening to something occuring on the other side]

Blue: ILS, Jawo'. What are you guys doing?

Jawo': Eh? Blue? Aw, great. You just had to arrive and spoil our fun, didn't you?

Blue: Huh?

ILS: Ahh, there ya are, chief. C'mere an' listen to this. It'll blow yer mind!

Blue: *rubs head* Eh, well, I guess it can't hurt. Sure, why not?

ILS: Heh heh, excellent.

[Deciding to join ILS and Jawo', Blue places his ear against the wall and begins to listen]

Blue: ...


Lilia: Oooh! Yours looks so nice, Rachel!

Rachel: Woah! Hey, quit touching them so much!

Blue: Huh!?

Lilia: Well, sorry! I'm just amazed how big and poofy yours are, Rachel.

Rachel: That doesn't mean you can--! Ah, ahh! I told you not to touch them like that!

Mizuna: Hee hee! They're just so cute and squishable... I want to eat them right up!

Blue: (What in the name of all that is holy is going on in there!?)

Rachel: Oh, not you too, Mizuna!

Zeldafan: Mizuna's are pretty big, too!

Mizuna: Ah! Hey! Watch what you're touching there! Oh! You're going to ruin their shape!

Lilia: Hee hee! How about I try poking them some more?

Rachel: No! Lilia, I really don't need that right now!

ILS/Jawo': <3

Zeldafan: Ha hah! Gotcha!

Rachel: Ahhh! Why're you guys all picking on me!?

ILS: Well well, I see Ms. Melons is livin' up ta her name. So, chief, whaddya think?

Blue: *fidgets* Well, I... *turns red*

[Blue vigorously shakes his head]

Blue: No! I...I can't believe it! It just can't be what it sounds like! There's just no way!

ILS: C'mon, chief! I heard it, you heard it, we all heard it! Those chicks are totally foolin' around in there!

Jawo': Yeah, Blue! Since you're so sure of yourself then, prove it!

Blue: Hmph! Well maybe I will! I'll charge in there like a man and prove you pervs wrong!

[Blue storms out of the room, intent of uncovering the truth]

Jawo': Huh...? Well dang, I didn't think he'd actually do it. *scratches head*

ILS: *cheers* Go, chief! Take one for the team!

[Blue bursts into the girl's lounging room, demanding an explanation]

Lilia/Rachel/Zeldafan/Mizuna: *gasp*

Blue: What are you girls doing in here!?

Lilia: Blue!?

[Inside the room, he finds the girls not playing with each other, but innocently playing with sheets of bubble wrap]

Blue: ... *sweatdrop*

Mizuna: Awww, he found us.

Lilia: We were just playing with this bubble wrap, Blue. Sorry we didn't tell you.

Zeldafan: Yeah, Blue. The shipments for the new stage props arrived today, so I thought I'd introduce the other girls to the simplistic pleasure of bubble wrap!

Lilia: Who knew packaging material could be so much fun!?

Mizuna: I can't get enough of how cute and squishy these bubbles are!

Rachel: Yeah, and thanks a lot for poking at mine, everyone! Now look at them! They're all deflated...


Blue: *disappointed* ...Oh...

Lilia: Huh? What is it, Blue?

Blue: Guh! N-no...nothing! I-It's nothing!

[The girls begin to catch on to Blue's motives]

Rachel: *playfully* Heh heh. This is something I'd expect from Mads, Blue. I guess you're a pretty virile guy, afterall, huh?

Blue: Rachel!

Zeldafan: *playfully* Oh my! Blue, I didn't know you had a voyeur fetish!

Blue: Z-Zeldafan!

Lilia: What? Voyeur fetish...? *angrily* Blue! What did you think we were doing in here!?

Blue: Ahh! L-Lilia! It's not what you think! L-look! I'm going, okay!? Enjoy your...bubble wrap!

[Mortified, Blue leaves the girls room, shutting the door behind him. When he returns to the other room, he finds ILS and Jawo' eagerly awaiting his report]

Jawo': So, Blue? Spill it.

ILS: Didja see the boobies!?

Blue: There weren't any.

Jawo'/ILS: What!?

Blue: They were playing with...bubble wrap.

Jawo'/ILS: Eh!?

[Jawo' and ILS look at each other in confusion before looking back at Blue]

Jawo'/ILS: Bubble wrap!?!?

Blue: *sigh* Don't ask...

[Several hours later, the group gathers together to prepare for the next scene. As usual, Mizuna arrives with a set of scripts]

Mizuna: Here are your scripts, guys!

Blue: Thanks, Mizuna.

Lilia: Yeah!

ILS: Much abliged, my lilac lovely.

Mizuna: *annoyed* Oh stop!

Jawo': Eh? I don't get one?

Mizuna: That's right, Jawo'. After your episode last night, Bob thought it'd be a good idea if you sat this one out. You may be back with us, but you still have to watch your health.

Jawo': *grumble* Fine...

ILS: Yeah, we wouldn't want ya spazzin' out on us again. Jus' leave this to the professionals, mkay?

Jawo': *angrily* Ohh, why you...!

Blue: *annoyed* Guys...

Mizuna: *nervously* Eh heh heh... Well, you guys know the drill. Zeldafan will be here in a bit with your costumes. I need to go get things ready, so I'll see ya.

[Mizuna leaves to carry out her remaining tasks. Moments later, Zeldafan arrives]

Zeldafan: Hey guys, it's me again!

Blue: Zeldafan.

ILS: So how about it, honey pot? Ya got our threads fixed up fer us?

Zeldafan: Bingo! Oh! And check this out, Blue! You're going to be a treasure hunting archaeologist! How cool is that!?

Blue: Seriously? Heh, now that's more like it. I have to admit, archaeology always was an unexplored interest of mine.

ILS: You wanted to be a rock nerd, chief? Well I ain't suprised one bit.

Blue: What was that?

ILS: Ehh, never you mind, chief... Anyway, let's get this show on the road, huh?

Zeldafan: Oh! Right! I almost forgot! Your costumes are all ready for you in the dressing room, so I'll leave you to it. Good luck with the scene, guys!

[Zeldafan takes off, leaving Blue and ILS to get outfitted into their costumes. Blue walks out of the dressing room wearing khaki pants, a brown leather jacket and fedora to match. While ILS is outfitted in typical youngster's clothing and a Yankees cap]

Blue: ...Hm! Not bad.

ILS: I'll say! An' check out that bullwhip! *playfully* You gonna make me behave, chief?

Blue: *annoyed* Knock it off...

[Bob appears before the two to check on their progress]

Bob: Blue, ILS. Are you two ready to begin?

ILS: Ready when you are, Bob.

Blue: Yeah. I'm pretty anxious to see how this is going to turn out.

Bob: Well I admire your optimism, Blue. Let's begin!

[Eager as usual to begin filming, Bob hops into his director's seat and takes command]

Bob: *clears throat* Ahem! In this next scene, we have the famed archaeologist adventurer, Indiana Blues, on a journey to retrieve three mysterious stones that were stolen by the evil priest Jawola Ram. But the adventure hits a snag when Blues and his companions are captured and seperated by Ram's cronies! Through use of cunning and wit, Blues and his sidekick Short Square are able to escape and reunite. And now it's up to the two of them to save the damsel Lillie and put a stop to Jawola Ram's evil plans for good!

Jawo': Hey, wait a minute! If I'm not acting in this scene, who's going to play my role!?

Bob: Ahh yes, I almost forgot to mention! For this scene, Jawo's character will be portrayed by our recently shipped high-tech animatron, JAW-X.

[The group directs their attention to the glitchy and poorly manufactured android]


Jawo': What!? You replaced me with a rag-tag bucket of bolts!?

Zeldafan: Sorry, Jawo'. It was the best we could do on such short notice... *rubs head*


Bob: *groan* And I had just put a down payment on that thing...

Jawo': Hah! *crosses arms* So much for your "high-tech animatron"! That bolt brain could never hope to be me!

Bob: Bah! We'll see about that! Mizuna! Let's begin, already!

Mizuna: Coming, Bob!

[Mizuna hurries in front of the camera to start the scene]

Mizuna: Indiana Blues and Short Square rescue Willie: Take 1: ...Action! *snap*

[Blue and ILS manage to save Lilia from her fate of being lowered into a pit of boiling lava]

Blue: Lillie, are you okay?

Lilia: I am now! Thanks to you two...

ILS: *gasp* Dr. Blues! Look! Jawola Ram is tryin' ta escape wit' the stones!

JAW-X: ... *sparks*

Blue: We have to stop him! Hurry!

ring ring ring

Blue/Lilia/ILS: ...?

Bob: Hn? What was that?

Zeldafan: It sounded like the telephone. I'll get it!

[Zeldafan hurries to the nearby phone and answers it]

Zeldafan: Hello?

Caller: Hello, sir or madam. I am calling you today with a special offer I'm sure you'll--

Zeldafan: Ack! Telemarketer!!


Bob: So? Who was it?

Zeldafan: Agh, it was one of those annoying telemarketers...

Tobi: *frightened* Aaaiiiyaaah! EVIL!

Zeldafan: Ahh! No! It's okay, Tobi! He's gone now...

Bob: *sweats* Blast... So they can terrorize me even here...?

Zeldafan: Bob, what should we do?

Bob: Hrrm... No. We can't allow this to deter us. We must continue regardless of the obstacles in our way!

Zeldafan: Yes, sir! *salutes*

Bob: Mizuna! We're beginning again!

Mizuna: You got it! Indiana Blues and Short Square rescue Willie: Take 2: ...Action! *snap*

Blue: Lillie, are you okay?

Lilia: I am now! Thanks to you two...

[Meanwhile, ILS is busy with his hands over his crotch, appearing to be in major discomfort]

ILS: *strained* Guh...aa-aaah...!

Bob: ...Eh!? CUT!

Link: Huh?

Bob: ILS, what are you doing!?

ILS: I...I gotta drain the lizard, dude!

Bob: Grrrr... That's it! No more water for him!


Mizuna: Indiana Blues and Short Square rescue Willie: Take 3: ...Action! *snap*

Blue: Lillie, are you okay?

Lilia: I am now! Thanks to you two...

ILS: *gasp* Dr. Blues! Look!

Bob: CUT!

ILS: Aw, c'mon! What gives!?

Zeldafan: What is it, Bob?

Bob: Uhh, let's break! I reeeeeally gotta go.

Blue/Lilia: *sigh*


Mizuna: Indiana Blues and Short Square rescue Willie: Take 4: ...Action! *snap*

Blue: Lillia, are you okay?

Lilia: I am now! Thanks to you two...

ILS: *gasp* Dr. Blues! Look! Jawola Ram is tryin' ta escape wit' the stones!

Blue: We have to stop him! Hurry!

ring ring ring

Bob: *annoyed* Who is it this time!?

Zeldafan: *sigh* I'll get it...

[Zeldafan hurries over to answer the phone]

Zeldafan: Hello?

Telemarketer: Hello again, sir or madam. I am calling you tod--

Zeldafan: Augh! Not again!



Mizuna: Indiana Blues and Short Square rescue Willie: Take 5: ...Action! *snap*

*no response*

Bob: Hm? What the--!? ...Where are my actors!?

[Bob looks around in a frenzy until finding the gang goofing off with Zeldafan on her laptop]

Bob: Ah ah ah! No chatting on the computer!

Blue/Lilia/ILS/Zeldafan/Tobi: Awww...


Mizuna: Indiana Blues and Short Square rescue Willie: Take 6: ...Action! *snap*

Blue: Lillie, are you okay?

Lilia: I am now! Thanks to you two...

ILS: *gasp* Dr. Jones! Look! Jawola Ram is tryin' ta get escape wit' the stones!

Blue: We have to stop him! Hurry!

ring ring ring

Bob: *grumble*

Zeldafan: I guess I'll do it...

Bob: Hey hey! I'll get the phone, you keep working!

Zeldafan: Huh? Well if you say so, Bob.

[Bob storms over to the phone and answers it none too happily]

Bob: *roars* WE DON'T WANT ANY!!!

*incoherent jabber*

Bob: *surprised* M-Mother!?

Blue/Lilia/ILS/Zeldafan: ... *sweatdrop*


Mizuna: Indiana Blues and Short Square rescue Willie: Take 7: ...Action! *snap*

Blue: Lillie, are you okay?

Lilia: I am now! Thanks to you two...

ILS: *gasp* Dr. Jones! Look! Jawola Ram is tryin' ta get escape wit' the stones!

Blue: We have to stop him! Hurry!

ding dong

Bob: What the dickens...!?

Zeldafan: Mmm! Pizza man's here! *rubs hands together*

Blue/Lilia/ILS/Mizuna/Link/Tobi: *excited* Pizza!?!?

[As Zeldafan goes to answer the door, the others follow behind her in a wild frenzy, despite being in the middle of filming]

Bob: Wh-what...? Wait! Y-You can't! We're in the middle of--! What about the--!? Grrrrrraaaaagh!!!

[Fed up with the constant interruptions, Bob tears the scene script to shreds in a fit of rage]

Zeldafan: Wanna slice?

Bob: ...Sure.
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« Reply #9 on: 25 July, 2008, 10:19:22 am »

*The next morning, the group awakens bright and early for the next scene. Mizuna hands out scripts to everyone but ILS*

Mizuna: Here you go, guys.

ILS: Aw, I don't get one?

Mizuna: I'm afraid not, ILS. But don't worry, this isn't your kind of thing anyhow.

ILS: What's that supposed to mean?

Mizuna: You'll see.

*Mizuna walks away*

ILS: Well that was cryptic...

*Blue shuffles through his script*

Blue: Hm...Blueback Mountain. I wonder what that's about.

Jawo: Mm...sounds pretty awkward to me. But hey, at least we get to be cowboys! Woot!

Lilia: Look, Rachel! We get to be their wives!

Rachel: We do? Oh, it says here that I'm Jawo's wife. Cool!

Jawo: Huh!? Uhm...

*Jawo's face turns bright red*

Rachel: Oh calm down, silly! It's just acting. We're not really married. Ha ha! That's just plain ridiculous!

Jawo: Oh...right...*sigh*

*Zeldafan walks in*

Blue: Hey, Zeldafan. You got our costumes, right?

Zeldafan: You guessed it, Blue. They're all ready for you!

Jawo: Didja hear? We get to play cowboys. Isn't that cool?

Zeldafan: *stifles laughter* Y-yeah. Real cool.

Blue: Hm?

Zeldafan: Ahahahahahahahah!!!

Jawo: Hey! What's the big idea, huh?

Zeldafan: *muffles laugh* N-nothing! Heehee. Round em up, cowboys!

*Zeldafan walks off*

Zeldafan: Ahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

Jawo: Mmmn, that girl really chaps my hide...

Blue: Eh, don't worry about it. We should go get dressed.

*Blue and co. head to the dressing rooms and get suited up for the upcoming scene. When they come out, Blue and Jawo are wearing cowboy outfits, while Lilia and Rachel are wearing old western style dresses*

Blue: Well..this isn't as cool as I thought it'd be...

Jawo: What are you talking about Blue? These suits are great! Yeehaa!! Ride em cowboy!

Blue: The only thing riding are these pants into my crotch...Yeesh...

*Blue and co. head out in front of the camera and prepare for the start of the scene. Meanwhile, Bob sits in his directors chair and gets ready to explain the scene to the group*

Bob: *Ahem* So in this scene, a personal favorite of mine, I might add, we have Blue and Jawo, two homosexual lovers--

Blue/Jawo: Two what!?!?

Lilia: Oh dear...

Rachel: Eugh...

ILS: Whew. I'm glad it wasn't me.

Bob: You heard me. I said you're both lovers. Got a problem with that?

Jawo: Well what do you think!? You can't ask us to do this! It's gross! Asinine! I won't do it...

Blue: Jawo, you're not being very respectful...

Jawo: Huh? Last time I checked, you weren't very happy about it either, Blue.

Blue: Yeah, but not for that reason. I'm just outraged because it has nothing to do with anything!

Bob: Oh yes it does!

Blue: Oh yeah? Then what?

Bob: Just like every good story needs a dragon and princess, an epic ninja battle, and an evil mastermind; a good story also needs a controversial scene. It's a secret to making big bucks at the box office.

Jawo: Yeah, well it's stupid. And I'm not doing it. Go get ILS or something.


Bob: ILS isn't doing it! YOU ARE!

Jawo: Oh yeah? Who's going to make me?

Rachel: Jawo...

Jawo: R-R-Rachel!

Rachel: Please do this for us.

Jawo: But Rachel, you know I can't...

Rachel: Please!? For me...?

*Rachel begins to shed tears*

Jawo: Oh geez...Fine! But there better not be any funny business!

Rachel: Yay! I knew you could! Mmwah!

*Rachel kisses Jawo on the cheek*

Jawo: Aye...*smiles*

Bob: Okay, so Blue and Jawo are homosexual--

Zeldafan: Bisexual.

Bob: What?

Zeldafan: They're bisexual lovers. Geez.

Bob: Are you serious?

Zeldafan: Yes.

Bob: Urgh, whatever...

Zeldafan: *sigh* That just goes to show you the invisibility of bisexual experience and the level of biphobia in both the mainstream and gay media.

Bob: Oh shut up. Anyway, as I was saying. Blue and Jawo are bisexual lovers who're keeping their affair a secret from their wives, Lilia and Rachel. One day, Lilia discovers the truth, and decides to confront Blue about it. And that's where we start this scene.

Mizuna: *Ahem* Blueback Mountain: Take 1. ...Action! *snap*

Blue: Honey, I'm about to go fishing with Jawo. I'll be back in time for dinner.

Lilia: Oh no you don't!

Blue: Huh?

Lilia: I know what these fishing trips are all about. You're not really fishing. You're just going to have kissy time with Jawo! Admit it!

Blue: I don't know what you're talking about...

Lilia: Oh stop. I've known this for months, Blue. You've been cheating on me with another man! Hoohoohoo! *cries*

Blue: Lilia, it's not like that! I mean..I..we...

Lilia: Just..get out of here! Go to your..your Jawo!

Blue: Hmph..well fine! I will! At least he doesn't treat me like this!

*Blue storms out of the door. Afterwards, he meets up with Jawo. Blue then runs up and hugs him, much to his chagrin*

Jawo: Egh, hey! Get off me!! *push*

Blue: Oof! Why you...

Bob: JAWO!!!

Jawo: Oh...my bad...

*Blue then hugs Jawo a second time, to which he reluctantly allows*

Jawo: Eugh...

Blue: Are you ready to go?

Jawo: To our special place? Sure.

Bob: Cut! Okay, that could've gone better, but it was alright. Now let's set up for the next scene!

*Bob snaps his fingers, taking the group to the top of a mountain, where there lies a small tent*

Bob: Alright, in this next scene, Blue and Jawo head into that little tent there, where they make sweet sweet love to eachother.

Blue/Jawo: Huh!?!?

Zeldafan: Do they really!? Oh this is better than Naru/Sasu doujin! <3

Jawo: Okay, the hugging was one thing, but this is another. There's no way I'm doing this.

Rachel: But Jawo--

*Jawo howls in Rachel's face*

Jawo: NO!!!!

Rachel: *shooken up* O-okay...

Bob: Oh relax. Trust me, you guys won't be doing a thing. All you have to do is go into the tent and that's all.

Jawo: Are you sure...?

Bob: Yes. Now let's begin!

Mizuna: *Ahem* Blue and Jawo have sex--

Jawo: No we don't!!!

Mizuna: Fine then, Mr. Grumpy. Blue and Jawo...do nothing. Take 1. ...Action!

*Blue and Jawo head inside the small tent and begin to wait patiently*

Blue: Well this is awkward...

Jawo: Tell me about it.

Blue: Oh hey..what's this thing?

*Blue picks up a condom from the tent floor*

Blue: It's kinda stretchy...is it a toy?

Jawo: Blue, you're so dense. That's not what it's for!

Blue: Then what?

Jawo: Uhm...I'll tell you when you're older.

Blue: But I'm 17!

Jawo: When you're older!!! ....Hn?

Blue: What's the matter?

Jawo: Hey, wait a minute!

*Jawo bursts out the tent*

Jawo: Bob!!

Bob: Huh?

Jawo: Who's the wiseguy that poked a hole in the condom!?

Bob: Are you kidding me? Who would d-- The sabotager!!

Zeldafan: Yikes! He's trying to kill us with AIDS!

Bob: Ho ho ho! Silly him. He should know that nobody really does the nasty in these movies. ...Well..unless it's ****...


??: Curses! Argh, that's it! I'm going to destroy them myself next time!
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« Reply #10 on: 26 July, 2008, 10:35:02 am »

*After taking a long break, the group prepares for the final scene of the movie*

Mizuna: Here are your scripts, guys. Everybody gets one!

*Mizuna hands out scripts to the group*

Blue: So, this is the last scene, huh?

Mizuna: That's right! And it's a really big one, so I hope you're ready.

Jawo: Sounds like fun. I can't wait to get started.

Lilia: Same here. It looks like it's gonna be a blast!

Mizuna: I sure hope that you guys can maintain that enthusiasm. This scene is really integral, so we can't have any slipups.

Lilia: No worries, Mizuna. You can count on us!

Mizuna: I know I can, Lilia. Good luck, you guys!

*Mizuna walks out*

ILS: Hmm...Henshin Heroes, eh? Sounds pretty cool to me.

Rachel: Well...it has heroes in it, so it must be good! I wonder what it's like..

*Zeldafan walks in*

Zeldafan: Hiya chums!

ILS: Hey babe, you got our costumes?

Zeldafan: I sure do! And don't call me babe...

ILS: Sorry...

Zeldafan: Anyway, here they are! ...Tada!

*Zeldafan holds out her hands, revealing 5 small coin-like objects*

Blue: Those...are our costumes? ..I don't get it...

Jawo: Yeah, what gives, ZF?

Zeldafan: They are. But don't worry, we'll explain the whole thing later. For now, just take the coin that corresponds with your color.

Blue: Alright...

*The group each take their own personal coin. Afterwards, Bob walks in, looking rather happy*

Bob: Hello gang!

Blue: Bob...

Bob: Are you all ready for this one doozy of a final scene!? EH!?

Jawo: Yeah, whatever. Just what are you so darn chipper about anyway?

Zeldafan: He's been like this ever since we finished the last scene. I guess he's just happy that we're finally at the end. Isn't that right, Bob?

Bob: Yes indeedy! Very soon, my dream will be realized! Come along now, there's no time to waste. Time to make some magic and shoot this scene!

*Bob snaps his fingers, transporting them to the middle of a bustling urban city. He then runs and jumps into his directors chair*

Bob: *Ahem* Okay, so in the final scene, Blue and company will be playing the role of the Blue Henshin Heroes. A group of teenage crime fighters who use special powers gained from their transformation coins to keep the city streets safe and sound. Today, they face off against their archnemesis--

??: ME!!!

Everyone: Huh!?

*From the shadows, the mysterious figures emerges before the group. Revealing himself to be none other than Agaranok, the summoned creature*

Blue: Agaranok!

Agaranok: Ah ha ha! At last, I'm back and here to destroy you, Blue!

Jawo: Him!? Aw man, who blew it this time!?

Bob: *whistles*

ILS: Bob, it was you! You summoned him here!

Lilia: How could you do that!?

Bob: Well you see..I called him here in case we needed some extra help on the set...

Blue: *facepalm* Why would you do such a thing knowing that he's our enemy!?

Bob: Summoned creatures aren't supposed to defy the will of their master. I figured he'd be a good little creature and do as he was told. But I guess I was mistaken...

Blue: *sigh* Oh well. None of that matter right now.

Agaranok: You couldn't be more right, Blue! All that matters is me bringing doom upon you and your friends!

Blue: Do you really think that you can defeat all of us!?

Jawo: Yeah, you're crazy if you think you can take us down!

Agaranok: Ha hah! On the contrary, my power has increased exponentially since our last meeting. That, along with my knowledge of all your abilities will allow me to utterly crush you beneath my heel!

Jawo: Tsch, you're bluffing!

Agaranok: Oh am I? Then have a taste of what I'm all about!

*Agaranok unleashes his power, causing the entire studio to quake*

Jawo: Damn...

Agaranok: Hah. And to think I wasted my time trying to kill you from the shadows.

Rachel: Wait..then that means...

ILS: You were the one behind the sabotaging!

Agaranok: That's right. The camera, the gun, the bomb, the condom, it was all me! But no more scheming and plotting from behind the scenes. Now I'm going to do what I should've done a long time ago!

Zeldafan: I can feel his power! He's means business this time, guys!

Link: Bob...shouldn't we be helping them out right about now?

Bob: Hmm, yes. I guess so.

*Bob changes out of his directors suit and back into his normal clothing*

Bob: Alright, let's get this over with...

Agaranok: Blast! No, you can't interfere!

Bob: I'm afraid it's out of your hands. I can't allow you to interfere with my movie any longer. It's time for you to go now.

Agaranok: Grr...

Blue: Bob...no.

Bob: Hmm?

Blue: Let us handle this.

Zeldafan: Blue! But why!?

Blue: We're still filming a movie, aren't we?

Bob: Hm. *nods*

Blue: Then keep that camera rolling! We're not finished yet! We'll defeat Agaranok on the big screen!

Bob: Ha! I like how you think, Blue! Very well then. I leave it in your hands. ...Tobi! Steady on that light!

Tobi: Yes sir!

Bob: And Link...roll that camera!

Link: Rolling!

Bob: Mizuna, set the stage!

Mizuna: You got it! Blue Henshin Heroes vs Agaranok: Take 1 ...Action! *snap*

Agaranok: Haha! So you want to die on camera, is that it? Then I'll be happy to oblige! And once you're out of the way...I'LL BE THE STAR!!!

Blue: Hey, Bob...

Bob: Blue...

Blue: You said these things give us super powers, right?

Bob: That's correct, yes.

Blue: Then how about telling us how to use them?

Bob: Ah, right. Very well. *Ahem* To use the transformation coins, all you have to do is flip the coin into the air and catch it all cool like. Then you shout your color along with the phrase, "Star Power" and presto!

Blue: That's it?

Bob: That's all there is to it.

Blue: Okay! Then let's do it! Follow my lead, guys.

Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: Yeah!

*The group flips their coins into the air and then catches them. They then shout out their respective phrases, triggering the transformation sequence*

Blue: Blue Star Power!

Lilia: Teal Star Power!

Jawo: Brown Star Power!

ILS: Navy Star Power!

Rachel: Lime Star Power!

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« Reply #11 on: 27 July, 2008, 09:26:34 am »

*After the over-the-top transformation sequence, the group reappears in their henshin costumes. Rachel is wearing a lime green shirt and shirt, along with long white boots and gloves, and a lime green helmet with a pink visor*

Rachel: The Lime Liberator: Rachel! *strikes pose*

*ILS is wearing a navy suit, with white boots and gloves, and a navy helmet with a black visor*

ILS: The Navy Negotiator: ILS! *strikes pose*

*Jawo is wearing a brown suit with black boots and gloves, and a brown helmet with a black visor*

Jawo: The Brown Bruiser: Jawo! *strikes pose*

*Lilia is wearing a teal skirt and pants, with white boots and gloves, and a teal helmet with a pink visor*

Lilia: The Teal Tantalizer: Lilia! *strikes pose*

*And lastly, Blue is wearing a blue suit, with white boots and gloves, and a blue helmet with a red visor*

Blue: And I'm the Blue Bringer of Justice: Blue! *strikes pose* ..And together we are...

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: The Blue Henshin Heroes! Protectors of Truth and Righteousness! *explosion in background*

Tobi: *singing* Go go Hen-shin Heroooooooes!

Zeldafan/Link/Mizuna: Yeah!

Agaranok: Hahaha! More like Henshin Zeroes! You chumps remind me of that TV show I watched in my childhood. What was the name...? Power...Super...oh, forget it. They sucked anyway.

Blue: Your days of terrorizing us are over, Agaranok! We, the Henshin Heroes...

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: Will pulverize you! *explosion in background*

Bob: Okay, enough with the speaking in unison. Those explosions cost money you know...

Agaranok: Yes. Let's just get down to the nitty gritty!

*Agaranok draws his sword and approaches the group*

Jawo: He's coming...

Blue: Alright Bob...just what are our powers anyway?

Bob: Oh right! *Ahem* Your henshin abilities are in your weapons.

Lilia: Weapons? Where?

Bob: Just call for them. They'll come.

ILS: Uhm..okay. ...Swords!

*Just then, two rather souped up versions of ILS' swords appear in his hands. As with the rest of the group*

Jawo: *twirls sword* Heh heh, pretty cool.

Blue: But what about us, Bob?

Bob: Huh?

Rachel: Yeah, me and Blue don't use weapons...

Bob: Ah, you are correct. Blue, your magic has been replaced with energy blasts. You can fire them from your gloves.

Blue: I can? Awesome.

Bob: And Rachel, your powerful punches can generate waves of energy upon impact.

Rachel: Alright, now we're talkin!

Bob: Good. Now get in there and give im trouble!

Agaranok: Heheheh, ready to die?

Lilia: Not likely! Hah!

*Lilia jumps out and begins to attack Agaranok with her daggers. He blocks every attempt and gives her an elbow of his own, pushing her back*

Lilia: Uugh! ...Okay, that didn't work. Then let's try this!

*Lilia spins her daggers and holds them on the opposite end. She then uses them as blasters and fires a flurry of shots at Agaranok*

Lilia: Take this!!!

*But the shots have no affect on him*

Agaranok: Hah, is that all you can muster? I didn't feel a thing!

Lilia: Ah! But how!?

Agaranok: Die!!

*Agaranok runs up and slashes Lilia, causing an explosion of sparks upon impact. Lilia then throws herself backwards on the ground*

Lilia: Aaaaaggh!!

Jawo: *gasp* Lilia, no! I'll help you!

ILS: As will I!

*Jawo and ILS spring into action and run toward Agaranok at all speed*

Jawo/ILS: Rrraaagh!!

Agaranok: Come and get me!

*The three exchange blow after blow with neither coming out on top. The struggle ends with Agaranok breaking their weapons pushing them back with an outpour of energy*

Jawo: What!?

ILS: But..that's impossible!

Agaranok: How about this!?

*Agaranok runs up and slashes the two multiple times. He finishes the barrage with an upward slice, that causes an explosion of sparks. Jawo and ILS then throw themselves to the side*

Jawo/ILS: Uuuaaaggh!!!

Agaranok: Ha ha ha! This is too easy.

Rachel: Blue, it looks like it's up to us!

Blue: Yeah, let's get him!

*Blue begins to douse Agaranok in a barrage of energy blasts, and Rachel finishes it up with a ground pound that sends a massive energy wave at him. The two attacks combine, resulting a huge shower of sparks and smoke*

Blue/Rachel: *pumps fist* Alright, we got him!

Agaranok: ...Not really...

Blue/Rachel: !!!

*The smoke clears, revealing Agaranok completely unharmed by the attack*

Blue: But...I don't understand!

Rachel: How can he not be hurt!?

Agaranok: Hmph, and here I thought that your "super" powers would be a significant threat. Hah, you're nothing but a joke.

*Agaranok swings his sword through the air, generating a slicing wave of energy that cuts through Blue and Rachel. The attack causes an explosion of sparks, as Blue and Rachel throw themselves foward*

Blue/Rachel: Aaaggh!!

Agaranok: Hahaha, weaklings...

Lilia: Bob..ungh...what gives?

Bob: Huh?

ILS: Why aren't our attacks doing anything?!

Jawo: Yeah, I thought we were supposed to be super powerful!

Bob: Well gee...uhm...I don't know..*scratches head*

Zeldafan: I'll tell you why!

Blue: Huh?

Zeldafan: Your weapons were made out of plastic and the energy blasts are nothing but cheap special effects!!

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: WHAT!? *glares at Bob*

Bob: Oh dear...

Link: Bob, what do you have to say for yourself!?

Bob: Forgive me. ...I couldn't afford the henshin coins with real super powers! *sobs*

Tobi: There there, it's okay...*pats Bob's back*

Jawo: No it's not! If we don't do something, we're gonna get creamed!

Lilia: Can't we just fight him the regular way?

Blue: Hey, that's right! Bob, how do we take off the suits?

Bob: Uhm...you can't...

ILS: Well why not!?

Bob: Because...there's a 5 hour limit to the transformation time. You can't remove them until that time has passed.

Rachel: Really!? Ugh..just our luck...We'll be dead before then...

Jawo: Damnit! Just great! You screwed us again, Bob!

Blue: No time to pass blame now. We've got to stop Agaranok!

Agaranok: Past your bedtime, kiddies.

*Agaranok advances on the group*

Agaranok: Now to tuck you in!!

Blue: Damn, there has to be something we can do...

Zeldafan: *gasp* Bob, what about the--*whispers*

Bob: Hm? Oh! I almost forgot! Thanks for the reminder.

*Bob digs into his pocket and pulls something out*

Lilia: What are you talking about?

Bob: Here, Blue! Catch!

Blue: Huh?

*Bob throws Blue an ominous whistle*

Blue: What...is this thing?

Bob: It's your last ace in the hole! Blow it to call forth the Blue Mechadroid!

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: Blue Mechadroid!?
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« Reply #12 on: 28 July, 2008, 07:08:05 pm »

Blue: What's a Blue Mechadroid?

Bob: You'll see. Now hurry! Blow the whistle!

Blue: Ah, right!

*Blue blows as hard as he can into the whistle. Moments later, the entire city begins to rumble*

Jawo: What's..going on here?

Zeldafan: Uh..is this supposed to happen, Bob?

Bob: *nods* Watch closely...

*In a matter of seconds, a massive Blue robot flies in over the city and lands in front of the crew*

Agaranok: Hm?

Lilia: Whoa!

ILS: What is that thing!? It's huge!

Bob: Why it's the Blue Mechadroid! The most powerful mech in existance!

Mechadroid: *mechanical voice* Hello Blue.

Blue: Yikes! It spoke!

Zeldafan: Ah! It can talk!?

Bob: Well yeah. BM here is a sentient being. Capable of abstract thought just like you and me.

Mechadroid: How are you, Blue? Feeling well?

Blue: Uhm..yeah, I guess so.

Mechadroid: Cool. Then it's time to kick some butt! Come on!

*BM opens his hands and lowers it to the ground, as if inviting Blue over*

Blue: Uh?

Bob: Don't be afraid, Blue. Go on.

Blue: A-alright.

*Blue walks onto BM's hand*

Mechadroid: Well what are you waiting for!?

Jawo: Eh? You talkin to us?

Mechadroid: Yeah yeah! Come on, already!

Rachel: You heard the uh..robot thing. Let's go!

*The rest of the group climbs aboard BM's hand as he lifts them up towards his chest. His chest then opens up, revealing an entrance to the inside*

Mechadroid: Climb in!

*The group boards the Mechadroid and sits down in the five personalized seats*

Blue: Okay, we're in. What do we do now?

Mechadroid: See that console in front of you?

Blue: Con-sole? *scratches head*

Mechadroid: Oy, I forgot. You're a bumpkin. Well uhm...you see the thingie with the flashing lights and gizmos?

Blue: Oh yeah! I see it!

Mechadroid: Okay, now look to your left. You should see 5 circular slots there.

Blue: I see them. But what about it?

Mechadroid: Now then, I need the five of you to stick your henshin coins in those slots. Doing so will activate my battle mode!

Blue: Alright, got it. Did you hear that, guys?

*The group nods in agreement*

Blue: Then let's do it!

*The group does as ordered and places their henshin coins into the 5 slots. Upon doing so, BM's mechanical body erupts with energy*

Mechadroid: Yeah! I'm all powered up! Thanks, team!

Jawo: You can count on us, robo guy. We've got everything, don't we, Blue?

Blue: That's right!

Mechadroid: Now it's time to rock! I hope you're ready for a pounding, little guy!

*Meanwhile, Agaranok is filing his fingernails, completely oblivious to BM's shouts and threats*

Agaranok: *humming* Hm hm hm hmhm hm hmmm. Oh, did you say something?

Mechadroid: Yah! The nerve of this guy! That's it, you're going down, pal!

*BM attempts to stomp on Agaranok, but he flies out of the way and avoids the attack*

Agaranok: Ha! Missed!

Lilia: Uhm, I think he might be too small of a target...

Jawo: Damn, now what do we do?

Mechadroid: No worries, gang. Even if we can't hit him, he can't hit us either! Ha ha!

Agaranok: Oh, is that what you think?

Mechadroid: Eh?

Agaranok: I think it's time I showed you my REAL power!

Blue: Real power!?

ILS: Well that doesn't sound good...

*Agaranok's body begins to gather his strength. His body overflows with mana as it spills into the streets*

Agaranok: Eeeraaaaaaaagggh!!! Metamorph!!

Zeldafan: Metamorph!?

*Agaranok's body expands and grows, increasing in mass until it's the same size as BM*

Zeldafan: *gasp* No way!

Bob: Can't say I was expecting that...

Agaranok: Eh ha ha ha! I bet you don't feel so big now, do you?

Blue: BM, this isn't looking so good...

Mechadroid: Relax, Blue! He's still no match for me!

Jawo: You think you can still take him, big guy?

Mechadroid: Of course I can! Just watch me!

*BM dashes forward and punches Agaranok in the face, knocking him back through several buildings*

Mechadroid: Hah! How was that!?

Agaranok: Urgh! *wipes mouth* ...Lucky shot...

Link: Yow! Bob, that building fell awfully close to us...

Mizuna: I'm with Link! It's too dangerous to stay here!

Bob: Hmmm, okay. We'll move. But keep that camera rolling! We'll film on the go! Come along, crew!

Link: Alrighty!

Mizuna: Affirmative!

*Bob and his group pack up and begin to move to safety*
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« Reply #13 on: 29 July, 2008, 10:21:20 am »

*BM and Agaranok exchange blow after blow. Their struggle laying waste to the city with each hit*

Agaranok: Hmph. You're tougher than you look.

Mechadroid: Heh, I can say the same about you.

Agaranok: But even so, I will be the victor today.

Mechadroid: Hey! That's my line!

*BM and Agaranok continue their struggle. Meanwhile, Bob and the crew are busy scurrying out of the way of falling buildings and debris*

Link: Bob, we're running out of places to hide here...

Mizuna: If this goes on, we'll be left out in the open!

Bob: Then we'll just have to accept that fact.

Link/Mizuna: What!?

Bob: Dearest subordinates, as the movie crew it is your duty to make sure that this film is successfully shot, in either rain or shine, sleet or snow...or giant deadly robot battle. Have I made myself clear? ....Hm?

*As Bob was talking, Link and Mizuna have already begun fleeing*

Bob: Oh no you don't!!

*Bob reaches out and pull the two back*

Link: Aw, come on, Bob! Cut us some slack!

Mizuna: Yeah, we're too pretty to die!

Bob: No buts. Besides, you signed the contract. You're not leaving until this movie is over. Period! And if you perish...well...I'll be sure to notify your next of kin.

Link/Mizuna: *sobs*

*Back to the battle, BM and Agaranok's struggle grows fiercer, but neither appears to be letting up*

Mechadroid: Man, that's some resilence he's got.

Blue: BM, I don't think punching and kicking's going to do the job. We need something stronger!

Mechadroid: You're right, Blue. Lilia! Activate my finger blasters!

Lilia: Finger blasters?

Mechdroid: See that red button to your right?

Lilia: Uhm...you mean this one?

Mechadroid: Yeah, that's the one! Now I need you to press it.

Lilia: Okay!

*Lilia presses the button. Afterwards, BM's fingertips open up, turning his fingers into gun barrels*

Mechadroid: Thanks, Lilia. Now leave it to me! Finger Blasters!

Agaranok: Hm!?

*BM begins firing a multitude of lasers at Agaranok*

Agaranok: Better defend...

*In defense, Agaranok takes his sword and slashes at the lasers, successfully cancelling out the attack*

Rachel: *gasp* Oh no!

Mechadroid: Grr...

Jawo: What now, BM? That wasn't good enough!

Mechadroid: Alright, then we'll bring out the heavier guns! Hey, ILS!

ILS: Yo!

Mechadroid: See that button right by your leg?

ILS: You mean that one?

Mechadroid: Mhmm! Now press it good!

ILS: Got it!

*ILS presses the button. Afterwards, BM's hands disappear, changing his arms into potent cannons*

ILS: Heh, pretty cool.

Mechadroid: Now it's time to really rock and roll!

*BM begins firing large rounds from his arm cannons. But as heavy and slow as they are, Agaranok has no problem dodging the blasts*

Mechadroid: Damn.

Agaranok: Hah, too easy.

ILS: Oh man, we're so boned.

Agaranok: Now, let me show you a real attack!

*Agaranok dashes forward and delivers a powerful slash right across BM's chest. Sparks fly as BM is sent falling backwards to the ground*

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: Waaah!!

Mechadroid: Oof! Oh...that's smarts...

Agaranok: I'm not done yet!

*Agaranok leaps into the air and begins raining down dark energy blasts on BM and crew*

Mechadroid: Ooh! Aagh! Ergh! Ungh!

Agaranok: Hahahahaha!!!

Blue: BM! You have to do something!

Mechadroid: Urgh..it's not use, Blue. Look...

Blue: Huh?

*The group looks over to see a gauge with a bar decreasing in size*

Lilia: What's happening?

Mechadroid: It's my power guage. The more damage I take...the weaker I become.

Blue: No!

*Meanwhile, Bob and the others are watching the devastation*

Link: Bob, they're getting pretty roughed up over there.

Mizuna: I don't think they can hold out much longer.

Bob: Hrrm...

Zeldafan: Isn't there anything they can do? I mean, there has to be something they haven't tried yet!

Bob: Perhaps, Zeldafan, but not even I know what options they have. It's up to them to figure it out...

*Back to the battle, BM's power level is rapidly decreasing as an emergency alarm begins to blare*

Jawo: That can't be good. What's going on?

Lilia: 70%...65%...60%...

ILS: He's going down!

Blue: Come on...don't give up on us now. ....Huh?

*Blue looks over to see a strange lever concealed behind a casing*

Blue: "Overdrive Function"...Can..can we use this...?

Mechadroid: No, Blue! You mustn't touch that!

Blue: What? Why?

Mechadroid: That's my overdrive function. It gives me an enormous boost of energy, but it also causes my energy cell to decrease to near 0. It's too dangerous!

Blue: But what choice do we have!? If we don't try something, Agaranok is going to finish us anyway!

Rachel: Blue is right, BM. The Overdrive is our only chance!

Mechadroid: Mmmn...

Agaranok: Ha ha ha! Out of juice already? What a shame. Oh well, I guess it's time to end it.

*Agaranok descends to the ground and begins to walk towards BM*

Jawo: He's coming. If we're gonna do something, we better do it fast!

Lilia: BM, please! We can't do it without you!

Blue: Please, BM...

Mechadroid: ....Okay...

Blue: You mean...

Mechadroid: We can use the Overdrive...

ILS: Alright! I knew you'd come through for us!

Mechadroid: Hurry! There's no time left!

Blue: Okay, I'm on it!

*Blue removes the casing and places his hand on the lever. He tugs, but he can't budge it with his strength alone*

Blue: Ergh! It..won't...budge!

Jawo: Blue, what's the matter!?

Blue: The lever..it..it won't move! It must be stuck!

*Agaranok closes in on BM and prepares for the final strike*

Agaranok: Nighty night! Hahahahaha!

Mechadroid: Blue!!!

Blue: I'm trying!

Rachel: Come on, let's help him!

*The others run over and place their hands on the lever. With their combined strength they are able to pull the lever down, activating the Overdrive*

Agaranok: Take this!!! Hyah!!

*Agaranok strikes, but at the last moment, BM raises his hand and grabs Agaranok's sword, stopping the attack*

Agaranok: What!? But how can this be!?

Mechadroid: Hehehe, let me introduce you to my Overdrive Mode!

Agaranok: Overdrive Mode!? Is..is that where this power is coming from!?

*BM's body glows with a golden light. The bar on his energy guage runs off the scale, causing it to shatter*

Lilia: 90%...100%...120%...200%!

Rachel: It just keeps going up!

Blue: We did it! Now let's finish the job!

Mechadroid: Okay! Activate my super saber and leave the rest to me!

Blue: Super Saber?

Mechadroid: The button right over top of you.

Blue: Hmm...this one?

Mechadroid: That's the one! Now press it!

Blue: You got it! Activating Super Saber!

*Blue presses the button. Afterwards, a long blue beam saber appears in BM's hand*

Mechadroid: Thanks, Blue!

Agaranok: What...what kind of blade is that!?

Mechadroid: It's the blade of your justice, Agaranok! It's time to send you packing! Do it, gang!

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: Destroy our enemy! Super Saber Strike!

Agaranok: Nooooo!!

*BM dashes forward and slashes clean through Agaranok. The attack causes several explosions as Agaranok falls in defeat*

Agaranok: Aaaaaaaaaaggggggh!!!

Mechadroid: Yeah!!!

*After the long battle, the group leaves Mechadroid and returns to the ground. There they find Agaranok, back at regular size, collapsed on the ground in a daze*

Agaranok: *swirly eyes* Eugh...

Jawo: And that's what happens when you mess with...

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: The Blue Henshin Heroes! Yeah!

*The group shares a 5-man high five*

Bob: Cut and print! It's a wrap!!!

Zeldafan: Alright! They did it!

Link: And we still have our limbs intact.

Mizuna: Thank goodness for that!

*Bob walks over to Agaranok*

Bob: You've caused us a lot of trouble, you know.

Agaranok: Mmph. So what? Are you gonna send me back to the land of summoned creatures now?

Bob: I am. But not without thanking you first.

Agaranok: Huh? What for?

Bob: For this! Your begrudging struggle made the perfect finisher for my movie. Way greater than the one I had scripted. And for that, I thank you.

Agaranok: Heh, I was pretty good, wasn't I?

Bob: You were.

Agaranok: Good enough to let me stay and get my revenge on Blue and his friends?

Bob: Not likely. *snap*

*Bob snaps his fingers, opening a portal that sucks Agaranok in*

Agaranok: Argh! I'll get you yet, Blue and crew! I'll get you ye--

*The portal closes*

Bob: Well done, young heroes!

Blue: So how did we do, Bob? Be honest.

Bob: I must say, you greatly exceeded my expectations. I had thought Agaranok would get the better of you, but am I glad I was wrong. This could quite possibly be the most epic battle in movie history!

Jawo: And that's because we're...

Blue/Lilia/Jawo/ILS/Rachel: The Blue Henshin Heroes!!

Tobi: *singing* Go Go Hen-shin Herooooooooooooes!

Zeldafan/Mizuna/Link: Yeah!!!
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« Reply #14 on: 29 July, 2008, 05:33:38 pm »

*Several days after the completion of the filming, Blue and his friends return for the opening night of the movie's first showing*

Blue: This is the place, isn't it?

Lilia: The Glamming Theater? This is it alright!

Rachel: Heehee, I can't wait another moment! Let's go in!

ILS: But where are Bob and the others? Shouldn't they be here too?

*Just then, a white limo rides up to the theater. The door opens, and out walks Zeldafan and Bob. Followed by the screams and cheers of the spectators and flashing of the cameras*

Bob: Thank you! Thank you! I love you all! *blows kisses*

Blue: Zeldafan!

Zeldafan: Blue! I'm glad you guys could make it!

Jawo: Where are the others, ZF? Didn't they come with you?

Zeldafan: Oh yeah, they're still in the limo.

*At that moment, Tobi, Link, and Mizuna burst out of the limo and make a mad dash for the theather*

Tobi/Link/Mizuna: Movie Time! Yay!!

Lilia: Well they sure are excited.

Zeldafan: Can you blame them? All of us have worked really hard on this movie! It's only natural that they'd be psyched about it.

Lilia: I guess you're right.

Zeldafan: You guys should be excited too. We couldn't have done it without you, you know.

Blue: Aw..we didn't do so great...

Zeldafan: Don't be modest, Blue! You guys did awesome! And I'm sure all of the fans will think so too. Just think, once this is over, all of you will be big stars! Isn't that cool!?

Blue: Hmm, I don't know. I mean, I'm not sure if the life of fame and luxury is the life for me. I'm content with just travelling the world.

Jawo: You better be kidding, Blue.

Blue: Huh?

ILS: Who in their right mind doesn't want to be rich and famous?! Just imagine, you'll live in a huge house, with pretty much anything your heart desires! ...Like a pool full of sexy babes who cater to your every need. *drools*

*Lilia and Rachel grab ILS' ears and tug on them*

Lilia: Alright, that's enough for one day.

Rachel: Yeah, we don't want any accidents.

ILS: Ow ow ow! Only one ear at a time!

Blue: Really? Anything my heart desires?

Jawo: Well yeah! Money can do that, you know! Heh heh.

Lilia: But the one thing it can't buy is happiness.

Jawo: That's true, Lilia. But it can buy everything that makes you happy!

Blue: *to himself* But can it buy me a family...?

Jawo: Huh? You say something, Blue?

Blue: Ah uh..no. Nothing. Uhm, let's get going, shall we?

Jawo: Yeah, let's go see that movie!

ILS: Woot!

*The group walks into the theater. All except for Blue, who stops when he hears someone whisper to him*

??: Psst. Hey Blue..

Blue: Huh? Who said that?

??: Over here. By the bushes.

*Blue walks over to the bushes to see BM crouched by the side of the theater*

Blue: BM! Is that you!?

Mechadroid: Yeah, it's me alright. How are you doing, Blue?

Blue: Me? I'm doing great. But I should be asking you that question.

Mechadroid: Hm?

Blue: After we defeated Agaranok the other day, you just kinda disappeared. So I didn't get to see if you were alright or not.

Mechadroid: Oh yeah, that.

Blue: So, how is your power cell anyway?

Mechadroid: It's feeling fine now. Not quite back up to 100%, but it's getting there. Thanks for asking.

Blue: No problem. ...What are you doing here anyway?

Mechadroid: Why, I'm here to see the movie!

Blue: You are? That's great!

Mechadroid: Yeah, but there's one little problem.

Blue: Oh?

Mechadroid: I'm...too big to get into the theater...

Blue: *sadly* Oh yeah...

Mechadroid: But it's okay! Just make sure you tell me what happens, okay?

Blue: Okay!

Mechadroid: Now go on. You don't wanna be late.

Blue: You're right. See you later, BM.

Mechadroid: Bye, Blue! Have fun! *waves*

*Blue walks into the theater. It's pitch black inside, so he can't see where he's going*

Blue: Ouch!!

Man: Hey, watch it!

Blue: Oh, sorry sir...


Woman: Watch where you're going!

Blue: Excuse me, ma'am.

Lilia: Psst! Blue!

Blue: Lilia?

*Blue looks over to the front row to see Lilia waving at him*

Lilia: Blue! Come over here with us!

Blue: Alright!

*Blue runs down to the front row and takes a seat beside Lilia*

Lilia: Glad you're finally here.

Jawo: And just in time. The movie's about to start.

ILS: Psst, Rach. Pass the popcorn.

Rachel: Here you go!

*The movie begins. Before the title screen, an image of Bob riding a bicycle through the air in the light of the moon shows up on screen. Followed by the words, "A Bob the Omnipotent Production". After that, the title "Adventures of Blue: The Movie" appear on screen in flashy lettering. Afterwards, the first scene opens. Blue and Bahamut face off as the audience watches attentively*

~~The Blue Knight~~

Bahamut: Blue! How dare you tresspass into my lair!

Bahamut: Oh boy. This is my favorite part. *munches on popcorn*

Blue: Hm?

*Blue looks to his left to see Bahamut sitting in the seat next to him*

Blue: Bahamut!?

Audience: SSSSSHHHHH!!!!

Blue: Oops...*quietly* Bahamut, what are you doing here?

Bahamut: Oh, hello Blue. Didn't you know? I was invited to the opening night as well.

Blue: So you were, huh?

Bahamut: Mhm. And I must say, I look positively dashing on camera.

Blue: *sweatdrop*

~~Crouching Tiger, Hidden Blue~~

*The next scene plays. As Blue takes on the ninja army, some of the crowd begins to yawn*

Zeldafan: Uh oh! Bob, we're losing them...

Bob: *gasp* How can this be? I thought everyone loved epic ninja battles!?

Zeldafan: I guess nobody likes ninjas anymore...

*Tobi lowers his head as a single tear rolls down his mask*

~~Blue Bonds: Agent 00Blue~~

*The next scene begins to play. A Blue does his opening take, some of the audience begins to leave the theater*

Zeldafan: Aaah! They're leaving!

Bob: *grumble*


Man: Hm? Was that a gunshot I heard?

Boy: Look, blood and violence! That's pretty cool!

Woman: Mmm, I think I'll stay a little longer...

*The fleeing audience sits back in their seats*

Zeldafan: A ha! They're coming back!

Link: Ooh, I can't believe you guys left that scene in there...

Bob: Oh hush. We're scoring big with the audience now! Rejoice!

~~Blueback Mountain~~

*The next scene begins to play. Blue wraps up his argument with Lilia and storms out of the house*

Blue: Hmph..well fine! I will! At least he doesn't treat me like this!


Jawo: Oh man...this is it!

*In the movie, Blue runs up to Jawo and hugs him. As he watches the scene, Jawo sinks in his seat in embarassment*

Jawo: Eugh...

Rachel: Aw, what are you so embarassed about, Jawo?

Jawo: You just saw what I did, Rachel. That totally goes against my mantra.

Rachel: Oh stop. I thought it was kinda cute. *giggles*

Jawo: You're not helping...

*Now the part where Blue and Jawo go into the tent plays. But as it turns out, the part where Jawo presents the busted condom to Bob wasn't cut out*

Jawo: Bob!!

Bob: Huh?

Jawo: Who's the wiseguy that poked a hole in the condom!?color]

Zeldafan: Yikes! He's trying to kill us with AIDS!

Bob: Ho ho ho! Silly him. He should know that nobody really does the nasty in these movies. ...Well..unless it's ****...

Audience: *GASP*

Link: Oops.

Zeldafan: Oh no! Someone forgot to edit that part out!

Bob: Argh!! Link!! *rips out hair*

Link: ...My bad...

*Just then, a large chunk of the audience begins to walk out of the theater in disgust*

Man: Completely distasteful.

Boy: Ew! Nobody wants to see that!

Woman: I am both shocked and appalled.

Man2: Pathetic. Simply pathetic.

Bob: Wait! Come back! *facepalm* Ooh...

~~Blue Henshin Heroes~~

*The final scene of the movie begins to play. As Blue and co. battle Agaranok, the remainder of the audience watches in confusion*

Bob: Okay, this is the part that'll surely hook em. It just has to!

*Midway through the battle, the last of the audience begins to leave the theater*

Zeldafan: Bob! They're bailing!

Bob: Aaah! Wait! Where are you going!?

Man: You know, I just..I just don't understand this movie.

Woman: We'ren't those two guys just hugging eachother?

Girl: Why are they battling a monster with their ex wives? And who's that...weird perverted looking guy?

Boy: I could've sworn that Blue dude was a knight.

Man2: No way, he was totally a secret agent.

Woman2: But I thought he was kung fu master?

Girl2: Nuh uh. Gay guy. I saw it.

Boy2: I'm confused! This movie sucks!

Man3: You're right, kid. What an awful movie.

Girl3: Let's get out of here!

Woman3: I'm with you!

*The audience leaves the theater in disappointment*

Bob: No! Stop! Wait! The movie's not even over yet...

Zeldafan: *sigh* It's over, Bob. It's over.

Bob: My dream! Shattered in an instant! Why!? WHY!? *sobs*

*Bob begins to cry in Zeldafan's arms*

Zeldafan: Lean on me, friend. I'll take care of you.

*Meanwhile, outside the theater, Blue and the gang watch the workers slap a CANCELLED sign over the title of the movie*

ILS: Well, so much for fame and fortune...

Jawo: Isn't that grand? All of that work, and for what? Nothing!

Blue: *sigh* Let's get out of here.

*As the group walks away from the disaster area, A menacing Agaranok stands atop the theater in triumph*

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