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23 January, 2021, 05:58:32 pm
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SSBB: An Excuse for Violence

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Author Topic: SSBB: An Excuse for Violence  (Read 1013 times)
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The enjoyment being gained from dodging the Pokémons' various attacks was quite high for having only been doing so for such a short time. The combatants had made their way back to the center of the entire plaza. Sonic was loving this. Three against one; against all odds. He was pondering whether or not to actually plan out an attack or just go on instinct; it boiled to which was more fun. Instinct it was.

The Pokémon Trainer almost as close to Sonic as his teammates; he planned to use himself as bait to open his opponent up for attack. The PT was issuing commands, but for the time it took for his Pokémon to carry out his orders, he may as well of been thinking them as they heard him through some psychic link. They were a single entity and the entity had decided to give its foe a false sense of accomplishment and then show him the truth.

Sonic was a fair distance away, but was, of course, closing the gap quickly; his eyes on the Pokémon Trainer himself. Squirtle released a barrage of Water Guns along the ground; Sonic saw the jets of water and leapt into the air where Ivysaur's vines were already extending. The snake-like tendrils quickly tightened as Ivysaur retracted them. Sonic's instinct was seemingly faulty at the moment; his rapid spin-dash proved otherwise, however as Ivysaur was swung around behind Sonic; the vines' grip had been lost.

The grass-type Pokémon landed safely in the claws of a now airborne Charizard who had been merely playing out a practiced scenario along with Squirtle. Sonic, still soaring through the air, chuckled as he turned around to follow through into a homing attack and take out this kid who thought he could step to the Blue-Blur; the turtle Pokémon's shell was far harder than any steel Sonic had ever encountered and the fact that it was crashing into his forehead didn't help the situation. The Pokémon Trainer made a satisfied laugh to himself as the blue speed freak spiraled away from him and into a fruit vendor's stand; the Pianta who had stayed there frozen in fear took this time to leap up and run off. Sonic groaned; maybe he'd have to think about this one.

Zelda had closed her eyes; it was Sheik who opened them again. There were already six long needles jutting from Sheik's fist; she spun out from Zelda's crouching stance and sent the needles directly towards Mario. In a flash of yellow, they were all deflected; each of them flipping off into the world around them, but as the cape passed in front of Mario's face, Sheik disappeared in a puff of smoke. For the shortest of seconds, there was silence. Then the main statue's base, in which a spider's web of cracks had been forming, finally disintegrated from the thrown manhole cover; the Pianta statue slowly tipped and fell over.

At the exact same moment the statue made contact with the ground, Mario's boot came screaming around and hooked itself through the air at the spot where Sheik had been just after having reappeared behind him. She had immediately leapt off the ground upon reappearing and could feel the ridiculous force of the kick as it whipped past her face; her body arcing over it as her hands touch the ground. She was afraid of Mario, but in a different way than Zelda was. Whereas Zelda has people she cares about outside of her connection with Sheik, Sheik was only concerned about Zelda's welfare. And Zelda was no longer here at the moment and Sheik had nothing to tie herself to this world; she wouldn't miss anything.

Mario had fluidly carried the momentum of the kick up through his body, down his arm and into his gloved fist. The punched just barely streaked past the now cart wheeling Sheik who was making her way towards building that arched over the waterway in the center of the plaza; that punch didn't land, yet it left a white streak in the air, a spectator later said. Sheik got up just in time to see an airborne Mario soaring through the air reeling a fist behind him, fire in his eyes. She dodged in time to only catch the veritable shrapnel from his devastating blow; his punch hit the ground, splintering the stone tiling and sending slivers of it in every direction. One of said slivers caught a quickly running Sheik in the hand, cutting it; she wouldn't notice until much later. Mario was far more powerful than she could have ever imagined; she was beginning to understand Zelda's fear.

Sheik had made it past the wreckage of Zelda's potential getaway vehicle; at the moment before they switched places, Zelda had remembered a red cannon near the cafe at which she was taken to. Sheik had no clue as to where it could possibly get them or if it would even safely launch them somewhere, but it was better than trying to fight someone who seemed nigh unbeatable. Sheik stole a glance at Mario; only his upper arm was visible due to the fact the rest had been plunged straight into the ground. He didn't break eye contact with Sheik as his pulled his arm out of the stone and concrete. Mario raised his arm and then shook it downward swiftly causing all the debris to be shaken from him as if it too were afraid of what he could do. He took a step towards Sheik.

Her feet pattered quickly along the tiled floor of the ground near what was left of the statue then thudded against the wooden planks of the small pier next to the still burning boat as she rounded the corner; she could see the red cannon Zelda had seen; a ray of hope reaching out to her. There was water before her but there were also a series of flagpoles jutting from the side of the building which was facing the ocean. Her chain, extending from her hand, quickly wraps itself around the pole just as Sheik pulls herself into the air. She twirls for a moment before latching onto another pole, all the while getting closer to the cannon.

A window breaks. Sheik hears it and ignores it, for the blue stranger and the Pokémon Trainer were battling somewhere; that must be what broke the window. Besides, it was imperative to make it to the cannon; she couldn't afford to focus on anything other than this. It was only the sound of Mario crashing out of the window she had just swung passed that made her realize she should've been more concerned. the yellow cape whips across her back, slicing it open just before it wraps tightly around on of the flagpoles, allowing its wielder to swing up to swing up and around to a still swinging, but stunned Sheik; she manages to contort her body mid-swing enough to glance at Mario, only looking away quickly. She couldn't bear to look for she now shared Zelda's fear.
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