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23 January, 2021, 05:48:07 pm
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SSBB: An Excuse for Violence

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Author Topic: SSBB: An Excuse for Violence  (Read 1013 times)
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Sonic's feet were a blur as he dipped away from Charizard's Flamethrower; if it had not been for Ivysaur’s Leech Seeds scattered across the ground, he would have been able to attack the PT head-on. He sighs and thinks about his mission; he came here to save that princess from Mario. He'd gotten so caught up in messing around with this kid that he'd just left her behind. Of course, she was basically safe; the Pokémon Trainer was preoccupied with him and if he was here to kill the girl, why would this Mario guy need to come too? Yeah, this Trainer was the only threat here; he could divert all attention to him...

Sonic feinted to the right of the Flamethrower causing Charizard to follow, thus creating an opening for Sonic's kick; the flames were put to a stop and Charizard reeled only slightly which was enough time for Sonic to dash around to see the wild vines of Ivysaur whipping around violently around him. He leapt, side-stepped and dodged them all successfully until he was right at the Pokémon; he sweep-kicked all four legs sending Ivysaur airborne slightly. Sonic saw Squirtle faithfully guarding his master, leapt into the air over the Leech Seeds and was prepared for inevitable Hydro Pumps he was going to be forced to deal with.

Squirtle fired; the Pokémon Trainer looked up at the blue one silhouetted against the sun. The PT grinned knowing Sonic had just opened himself up to a world of pain; on the ground he was untouchable, but in the air he was vulnerable. The powerful jet of water hurtled towards Sonic and made contact. The PT let out a satisfied 'hmph' just before he realized that Sonic had spun with the current sending him up towards the top of the Shine Gate. The PT didn't hesitate, he snapped his fingers as he recalled Ivysaur and Squirtle into their respective Pokéballs; he leapt off the ground. In moments, he was up in the air on Charizard's back; both their sets of eyes focused on the blue figure disappearing on top of the Gate.

Movement to his right caught his eye; Sonic was preparing an attack when he noticed a blue-clothed figure flying up over the top of one of the buildings at the edge of the Plaza. He didn't recognize who it was, but it was the figure that was flying up after the first that shocked him. It was Mario. He was here. Sonic had been warned about this guy previously and that he was responsible for many deaths, even outside of his Mushroom Kingdom. Whoever he was after was in trouble, and so was the princess. Sonic couldn't let them down, and not just because he would have to answer to the ones who had sent him here. The figures fell back behind the buildings as Charizard's claws moved across the side of Sonic's head; Sonic flipped backwards and landed at the edge of the Shine Gate, waving his arms around wildly in order to regain his balance.

The Pokémon Trainer looked down at the blue one as he hurtled past him. Ordering for Charizard to go back around, he threw two Pokéballs that landed on top of the Gate. Ivysaur and Squirtle were already out and leaping at Sonic. Sonic spun around at the Gate's edge and managed to deflect Squirtle's Skull Bash. The attack had quickly been followed by Ivysaur's Leaf Blades, which Sonic Spin Dashed through; he had to get back to the princess and save her from Mario. He'd been stupid to leave her behind; his specific orders were to get her out of there. Now that Mario was here......but first things first.

Sonic stopped at the edge of the Shine Gate knowing that the Pokémon must be right behind him. He leapt backward just as Charizard came rushing beneath him. Sonic's feet caught the Pokémon Trainer in the chest, knocking him from his steed. Ivysaur was quick to lash out and grab onto him. By the time Charizard had made it back to him and he'd been pulled back up, Sonic had ran back down the side of the Shine Gate and was dashing around the Plaza to where he had glimpsed Mario. The Pokémon trainer grimaced as he recalled Charizard and Ivysaur while leaping atop Squirtle; the water-type retracted into his shell and flew off the gate down to the water. The PT, now riding atop a now Surfing Squirtle, cut thought the waterway to intercept Sonic.

There was hope in the form of a red cannon not far from her; Sheik was going to put all of her effort into reaching so that she just might escape his clutches. The cut from Mario's cape stretched its way across her back allowing droplets of blood to leave her body; she embraced the pain unknowingly in the same way as the Pokémon Trainer embraced his own. The fact that she could feel anything meant that she was alive; she could still fight and if it came down to it, she would stand her ground and do so. Zelda would have to call upon a certain someone in the event she had to fight Mario, but if she had the choice, she would die first. Of course, that was probably going to happen.
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