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SSBB: An Excuse for Violence

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Author Topic: SSBB: An Excuse for Violence  (Read 1013 times)
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Sheik had been swinging from the flagpole for what seemed to be an eternity; Mario was not going to miss a step, therefore she couldn't afford to either. At the apex of her swing she pulled the chain loose and soared into the air up above the building; whipping her chain backwards towards a similarly swinging Mario whose yellow cape effortlessly deflected the blow. She immediately directed her chain to the next in the series of poles as she began to fall back towards earth.

Mario had matched her path perfectly and was now gaining. She swung from the final pole and flipped wildly through the air; her back screaming from the pain brought about by the gash down her fine back. Sheik landed in a crouching position feet away from the cannon; 12 needles were already held tightly between every finger on each of her hands. Dashing for the cannon, Sheik hurled them all at the crashing sound of the concentrated rage that was Mario landing behind her. If they found their mark, she would not know for before realizing it herself, she was already slipping inside the cannon as it activated; the mechanical whirring drowning out all other noise including the ominous ticking sound that didn't match with the other noises within the cannon. It fires and sends her hurtling at a blistering pace through the air towards an unknown, but assuredly safer place.

Sonic made the hasty decision to take the long way around the plaza to get to where he'd seen Mario not only to perhaps catch a glance of where the princess had run off to but also to build up speed, for he was probably going to need it. He cut past the destroyed base of the fallen statue and the smoldering ruins of the boat, darting in between the still panicked locals. He was finally in view of Mario and his prey; the person being pursued had landed and threw a flurry of something behind themselves which Mario caught; he let whatever it was fall to the ground. The unknown figure had slipped into what looked like a red cannon; it fired moments later. Sonic had been getting closer and closer to Mario's location the entire time; he had gained enough speed to perhaps body check Mario and slow him down; Sonic didn't know who he was after, but anyone Mario wanted dead probably was someone innocent and worth saving.

Sonic was coming up to the mouth of the waterway which passed underneath the building with the flagpoles jutting from the side just as the Pokémon Trainer darted out of it atop Squirtle; the Trainer allowed an already released Ivysaur to unleash a Razor Leaf combined with a Bullet Seed barrage directly at Sonic's predicted position. Sonic was one of the fastest creatures alive and was not about to allow this surprise attack get the drop of him. He focused his momentum into the wall of the flagpole-building and began running along side it; the almost unnaturally sharp leave passed him innocently cutting into the brick underneath his feet; the seeds pulverizing what were left of it.

The Pokémon Trainer zoomed away across the top of the water, recalling Ivysaur. He had not expected that. This would make the speed-demon's death that much more sweet when it finally happened. He willed Squirtle to go back around and make another pass; their opponent was headed back towards the cannon which was a potential dead-end.

Sonic dismounted from the wall having run along side it all the way to a couple meters short of the cannon. The mystery figure had launched to safety; the only soul there was Mario, if you can say someone like him had a soul. With one leg in the mouth of the red, glistening cannon, Mario looked up at Sonic. Sonic was kneeling in a three-point stance on the ground after his landing; he was looking at Mario.

Sonic gave a faint chuckle, but there was no humor in it; it was brought about only as a result of his conflicting emotions: Here was a somewhat short, stocky, mustachioed Italian plumber wearing a Hawaiian shirt patterned with Shine Sprites over his overalls and who happened to be on top of a cannon. The problem for Sonic was that he could only view Mario as a threat; not being at the utmost level of caution in Mario's vicinity seemed absurd, let alone just seeing him merely as a short plumber. There was no question in Sonic's mind that Mario would kill without hesitation; without mercy.

It was oddly silent, except for that ominous ticking sound coming from within the cannon which Mario appeared to have just noticed for he looked down inside of it. He looked back up at a still crouched Sonic's face just before the flames of the tremendous explosion enveloped him and threw a still captivated Sonic straight into the building behind him.

The sand kicked up by Sheik's coughing got into her eyes. The irritation cut through her daze and brought her back to consciousness. Sheik was lying on a beach of an adjacent island. She looked up and could see the tops of roller-coaster tracks; she could hear the cheering of children and parents alike. The explosion caused her to jump slightly, but upon looking back to where it came from, she sighed in relief. The cannon's explosion was clear even from such a great distance.

The smoke billowed upward into a veritable column and acted a source of comfort for Sheik; Mario would only be able to get to this island by boat, by which time she and Zelda would be long gone. Why the cannon had exploded was of little importance. She and Zelda were safe; she could hardly believe it. Zelda would call for help and perhaps Samus could fly her out of there. Sheik transformed back into Zelda.

She took a quick, yet deep breath. She was alive. But there was work to be done. Previously, Zelda had only fled to protect herself; her friendship with Peach being the only reason she was alive this long. But, now that she knew that Mario was planning to kill everyone and not only those that sided with Ike, she had to warn them all. Once she contacted Samus, Zelda would warn all of them that Mario had basically pitted them all against each other. She took out the phone that Peach had given her for emergencies. She looked up into the wild blue sky and smiled as the phone rang; the figure soaring through the air in that same sky tore the smile from her face as quickly as it had appeared.

Sonic shook his debris covered head sending a few singed quills flying from it. He got up slowly; all that could be heard was a ringing noise. He staggered up to his feet to see the destroyed remains of the cannon where Mario had been moments before. Sonic walked forward towards the flames to perhaps find some evidence as to what caused the explosion. Not only was there no discernable clues amongst the burned components and inner-workings of the cannon, but there was no sign of Mario. Upon closer inspection, Sonic saw a shred of the Hawaiian shirt Mario had been wearing and a few shards of grey metal that didn't match the red metal of the cannon, but that was all he could see. Sonic's headache was not going to get better anytime soon.

The flames within the remnants of the cannon became accented by the Flamethrower being shot our of Charizard's mouth; he had flown from the Pokémon Trainer's position a ways away on top of the water. Sonic turned around, ran up the wall behind him as fire licked his heels, and leapt away from the wall to have his foot meet Charizard's face in midair; Sonic was tired of messing around. He had to find the princess and help that mystery person whom Mario was after. He'd wasted enough time by fighting with the Trainer, time that he didn't really have.

Sonic began spin-dashing into Charizard's body sending him back into the cannon wreckage. Sonic dropped to his hands and knees on the ground as the fire Pokémon rose again within the fire. Sonic's spin charge swept up some of the debris from the explosion and caused it to swirl around him. At this moment, the Pokémon Trainer had ordered Ivysaur to release another flurry of Razor Leafs at their opponent; the smokescreen of debris prevented the Pokémon Trainer from knowing if their attack found their mark. The blue-blur shooting out from the cloud and along the top of the blue water let the Trainer know that the fight wasn't over. He didn't bother recalling his other two Pokémon as he whistled for Squirtle to go into pursuit mode, zooming on the water towards the amusement park island that the blue-one was headed for; Ivysaur latched onto Charizard's feet with Vine Whip and the entire team made their way to the island.

Sonic was still quite fast as he ran on the water (he had to be to stay afloat), but the Pokémon Trainer's Squirtle was still keeping up with him and he would be able to change direction in case of an emergency. He had to make it to that island; something told him that he had to save that person Mario was after. Sonic didn't think for a second that Mario was dead; something in Mario's eyes told him that he wouldn’t' have died from something as simple as an explosion. Sonic continued on his dash to the amusement park; something in his gut telling him to go faster.

At first, it seemed like a mortar had landed on the beach; a tremendous column of sand had shot up into the air upon the figure's landing. Zelda dropped her phone and held her left hand close to her face as the column of sand fell back to the ground to reveal Mario standing there, his eyes fixed upon Zelda unblinkingly despite the sand. She had to make a different call; to call someone to pick her up would be a waste of time since she was going to die shortly.

Zelda muttered inaudible words before raising her hand with the Triforce on the back of it towards the sky; light shone around her hand momentarily before a beam of light shot from her into the sky. Mario let out a slightly annoyed sound as he began walking towards Zelda. She hadn't wanted to do it, but it was already done.

Mario pulled his Hawaiian shirt from his shoulders now that it had been burned from the explosion; he let it fall to the ground. The shirt was slowly blown threw the air by a soft wind. That same wind blew across Zelda's now stoic face; it dried the lone tear rolling down her face. They stared at one another as Mario closed the distance between them; the tide slowly reaching for them and slowly retreating underneath the bright sun.

It began; Mario, without warning, hurled a stream of fireballs at Zelda who cast her Nayru's Love spell. The brightly burning spheres of flame were being deflected in every direction of the world around the two combatants. Zelda continued spinning as Mario continued walking calmly towards her as if he was taking an afternoon walk; he was releasing fireball after fireball directly at the princess who had just disappeared inside what looked like a yellow ribbon.

Mario turned around to see Sheik's foot strike him in the face; he recoiled slightly giving Sheik enough time to perform an axe kick into Mario's shoulder, forcing him to the ground. Zelda was standing before him before he could even react, her hands glowing brightly as she used her magic to spin him around, hurling him across the beach into the wall of the amusement park. Sheik teleported right in front of a rebounding Mario; she stabbed a handful of needles into his right arm. However, it was his left arm that had quickly achieved a stranglehold around her neck; Sheik and Zelda had accepted this as the end. Mario, on the other hand, was not finished by a long shot.

Sonic was close enough to the island for his unexplainable worry to be clarified. Mario had survived the explosion and was viciously beating his prey along the beach; with every blow he dealt to the poor soul that was being pounded into the beach, sand would fly up into the air, hiding them. Sonic sped up; that feeling within him screaming for him to go faster.

Sonic was now on the beach and was forced to slow down for he had to compensate his speed for the sand he was now on. It was then that he realized what was happening; the figure being beaten by Mario was the princess. With every hit, she would change into someone else and back again. Sonic gritted his teeth and prepared to dash at that maniac; he was going to save that girl and make Mario pay for all of his crimes. Just as he was about to attack, Sonic was Tackled into the sand by Ivysaur.

Sonic was in no mood to mess around further; this had gone on for long enough. Ivysaur was already attempting to Bite him; Sonic grabbed the vine that were going for him and attempted to spin Ivysaur loose. This would have worked had Charizard not been right there to deliver a Headbutt unto Sonic which allowed the vines to tighten around his every limb. Sonic's hearing was beginning to come back gradually and he noticed the sound of the Pokémon Trainer dismounting from his Squirtle. Sonic was at the Trainer's mercy. His moment of weakness brought about by the realization of his failure to protect the princess was the reason for his capture.

Finally, this fight would come to an end. The Pokémon Trainer walked up to a struggling Sonic to give the order to finally kill him. Just as the Trainer was right before his prey, he noticed his employer was just down the beach destroying the target he had failed to kill. The Trainer turned back to see the frustration and helplessness in Sonic's eyes as they were fixed upon the princess; the Trainer smiled. This fool had so wanted to save her and he had failed. Having failed at trying to kill her himself, the Pokémon Trainer decided to share that feeling of failure with his helpless prey.

After taking off his cap and running his hand through his hair, the Trainer motioned for Ivysaur to turn Sonic so that he could get the best possible view of the violent death of the princess; this fool would be able to do nothing except watch every horrible moment just before his own death. He would regret having ever laid a hand on the Trainer.

Zelda couldn't hear anything. All that her nervous system could detect was immense pain and the occasional flash of Mario's face which was twisted by bloodlust. His knee caught her in the stomach sending blood spurting from her mouth and nose. His right elbow caught her in the back of her neck shooting her down into the ground again. Her arm was broken as well as multiple ribs, but it didn't matter and she knew it. Mario tossed her limp body into the air, spun and kicked her into the base of a palm tree. The joyous sounds emanating from within the amusement park contrasted greatly with the carnage taking place just outside.

Mario was already at Zelda before she could fall to the ground; he hurled her back to the sand, curled is fist into a veritable rock and began striking her. Every time his fist rose into the air, it was covered with more and more blood. Sonic closed his eyes; he couldn't bear to watch. The Pokémon Trainer grabbed the back of his head and forced him to look at what he let happen; the Trainer's eyes glowing maliciously at Sonic's sorry state.

Mario lifted Zelda up by the throat and stared into her eyes. She wasn't going to scream and fulfill some sick desire of his by doing so. She stared at him even as blood poured down her cut and bloody face. Her eyes said to Mario "They all know now"; Mario's told her "Good."

His white, yet bloodied gloved hand reaches into his overalls and pulls out an ominous, glowing orb. Zelda's eyes widen upon seeing it; she can feel its immense power along with the pain in the rest of her body. In his left hand, Mario holds Zelda by the throat; in his right, this orb. His eyes never leave hers, even after crushing the orb in right palm. His body begins to glow with what appears to be bright orange flames; Zelda can feel his death grip become hotter around her throat as the world around them begins to darken slightly. She takes one final look into Mario's now glowing eyes and then closes hers; she takes solace in knowing that she will be with Nayru shortly.

Sonic, still bound by the vines, feels the power surging from Mario even from such a great distance away. He and the Pokémon Trainer notice the darkness begin to fall as well as the powerful glow emanating from Mario and Zelda's position. He could still save her; that fact alone is all he needed to do what he felt he had to do.

Sonic grits his teeth as his body vibrates; the friction of his movement creates so much heat the Ivysaur, being weak to fire, instinctually released the grip of the vines, which was all that Sonic needed. The Pokémon Trainer, so caught up with his enjoyment being derived from Sonic's suffering, becomes startled by Sonic's jumping free of his bindings. The Trainer quickly orders for Charizard to incinerate their captive; Sonic, with ridiculous speed, grabs onto Ivysaur and uses the Pokémon as a shield to the Flamethrower. Ivysaur's scream matched the same pitch as the Trainer's yelling command for Charizard to halt the attack and for Squirtle to incapacitate Sonic.

Squirtle dashes at Sonic just as the hedgehog ducks causing the turtle Pokémon to crash head long into Charizard's face; Sonic immediately spins into a momentarily stunned Squirtle as he come out of his shell. The blow sends the Pokémon skidding across the beach unconscious. Charizard is dazed; Sonic takes advantage of this and by using the Pokémon momentum, hurls the Charizard to the water at the edge of the beach. Sonic forces the beast's face into the water as it struggles helplessly; Sonic would make the Pokémon Trainer watch the death of his friend as he was about to be forced to do. His eyes were glowing with unbridled fury.

Sonic looked back at the Trainer; there was no longer any coldness in his eyes, only tears. The sound of his pleading caused Sonic to lift Charizard's face from the water. Sonic back away as he looked at the burned Ivysaur struggle back up and crawl towards Squirtle to check to see if he was okay. Sonic glanced back at the Pokémon Trainer to see him cradling a now coughing and puttering Charizard in his arms. Sonic backed away from the four people now huddled together; they were no longer a threat. This was no cold-blooded killer; this was a child that had been manipulated by Mario to do his dirty work, or maybe just to amuse him.

Mario. Sonic turned around and dashed towards him; perhaps there was still time. Mario was holding Zelda by the throat; he was still glowing with that horrible glow. Cloud of sand kicked up by Sonic was far behind him for he was moving so fast. He had to save her, but he wouldn't.

The spiraling vortex of hellfire shot upwards into the heavens. Later, residents from various places on Delfino Island would recount seeing the pillar of flame rise into the air; they would believe it was a mark of the end of the world. They would be close. The flames seemed to stretch across the entire sky.

The force of Mario's unholy attack stopped Sonic dead in his tracks. After what seemed like ages, the fire stopped and something fell a ways away from Sonic. It was the princess. Sonic walked up to her body and kneeled down beside her. The girl whose name he would never know but whose burned, yet still impossibly beautiful face he would never forget lay before him.

It was his fault. He had no excuse for allowing this to happen. He chose to fight the child instead of getting the princess to safety. When he moved his hand across her still open eyes to close them, he felt her speak to him from beyond, telling him that it was not his fault. Whether this was imagined or not, he still told himself that she was dead because of his mistake. But there was some truth to what she had or had not said: someone else was partly responsible for all this pain and suffering and they were standing a few meters down the beach.

Mario had his eyes closed he was facing the ocean calmly. Sonic laid Zelda's body carefully down on the sand and he turned to Mario. Sonic waited for him to look at him; Mario continued to stare out over the sea. Sonic yelled, but Mario didn't move. The fury building up inside of him to a boiling point forced Sonic to stagger forward towards Mario.

It didn't matter if anyone saw him now. The bomb didn't stop the Pokémon Trainer; that was somewhat surprising. The mine hadn't killed Mario or even slowed him down; that was expected. Sonic had failed to save Zelda; that was unfortunate. A faint beep signified that the battery power had run out. Snake's active-camouflage deactivated as he lit a cigarette while he crouched atop the bell tower. The situation was interesting enough already and it was only going to get better.

Miles away at the top of a dark tower, a flash of light resembling a Triforce envelopes a dark figure and Ganondorf is overcome with a rush of emotions and thoughts alien to his own. After a brief period of unconsciousness, he came to, fully alert and as powerful as ever. There were three things now knew for certain: Zelda was dead, everyone was in danger and he would have to find someone named Luigi.
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