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23 January, 2021, 05:41:25 pm
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SSBB: An Excuse for Violence

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Author Topic: SSBB: An Excuse for Violence  (Read 1013 times)
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Just as a warning to the people who aren't reading this: This chapter was sub par when I originally wrote it, so it must be even worse now...


The wind rushing past Pit's face shook him from his temporary state of unconsciousness. Lucas' blow was far more powerful than he could've ever expected. The fact that he could fly by using his telekinesis was not going to help matters. There was hardly any time left; if Pit were to get back to the Halberd to warn Meta Knight of Mario's treachery, he'd have to keep himself from smashing into the violent seas below. He activated his wings, slowed his decent and began flying back up to the airship. His doe-eyes widened.

Lucas, burning with psychic fury was hurtling straight through the air towards Pit to follow up his previous attack. Pit manages to create a barrier just as Lucas' PK Fire smashes into him. The flash of flames spreads through the air briefly as the combatants spiral away from one another in the red clouds. Pit shook away the daze and pulled his bow string taut. Here goes everything

The arc of the Palutena Arrow stabs through the thick reddish clouds directly towards Lucas' position. Lucas, now in an almost trance-like state performs PSI Magnet and absorbs the arrow nanoseconds before it would've found its mark. He showed no relish in canceling out the attack or any exhilaration from almost having a heavenly arrow pierce his forehead; all that seemed to be of his concern was Pit's destruction. His yellow hair and clothes billow violently in the air as he continues to free-fall.

Lucas scans the sky around him attempting to peer through the oppressive clouds. From literally nowhere, Pit's spinning blades cut through a nimbus creating a veritable vortex of red vapors in his wake; Pit rushes his opponent only to have the blades be stopped telekinetically within an inch of Lucas' face. Lucas pulls Pit closer to him in an attempt to use Paralysis on him on to catch Pit's feet in the pit of his stomach.

Pit flips back flips away from his foe and quickly rights himself in the air to unleash a flurry of arrows which streak across the sky directly towards and now electrified Lucas. His eyes closed in concentration and the hail of arrows quickly spiraling towards him; Lucas unleashes a notably more powerful than usual PK Thunder. The multiple electrical orbs of this attack intertwine themselves amongst the cloud of Palutena Arrows; this somehow gives Lucas control over them as made evident by the arcing of the tails of the arrows straight towards a now diving Pit.

If he were to live though this, he would have to fly as he'd never flown before. They were still hundreds of yards above the water, yet it was the water that would save Pit's life if he could reach it in time. Lucas had reached a tremendous level of power ever since the incident with Ness. Pit didn't care about that at the moment however. He was a white, glowing bullet amongst the red clouds through which the whirling vortex of arrows and electrical orbs cut through and drilled just behind Pit. Lucas still showed no signs of stopping as he continued to free fall.

Pit could finally see the surface of the water; he streaked at it with ridiculous speed as he could hear the electrify crackle just behind him. Just as it seemed he would crash into the waves below, Pit feinted and pulled upwards; the arrow/orb cloud pierced the surface of the sea and lit up the water around. The electricity dispersed itself in among the waves.

Pit used his gained speed to propel himself back up toward Lucas. The sound of the arrows which were not affected by the water startled him briefly, but he figured he could use them to his advantage. He and Lucas were hurtling towards one another; Lucas falling and Pit flying upwards. The arrows were still being steered psychokinetically at a deadly velocity. Pit's eyes were watering from the wind, but he could still see Lucas' eerie glow through the clouds.

Their bodies met; the resounding cracking sound reverberated through the empty airspace above the sea. Pit had attempted to form another barrier only to have Lucas' PK Freeze shatter it. The icy claw that was wrapped around Pit's body that was connected to Lucas' outstretched hand chilled him to his very soul, but he could not let up just yet. With his limbs and wings still free, Pit wrestled Lucas around so that he would be above him. Lucas raised his free hand to and said the name of his PK Love attack just as he sensed something coming up behind him.

It wouldn't matter if he had noticed in time; the arrows of which he had forgotten about all found their mark. His instinctual psychic power only shielded him enough to prevent him from being ripped to shreds. As the arrows were reflected from Lucas' softly glowing body, Pit grabbed him by the throat. The psychic boy was his now.

Pit rose one of his blades to Lucas' neck prepared to finish him. Something was different about him however. His face showed fear, as if he had just awoken to find himself falling though the sky. Pit slowed his descent and hovered in the air. Lucas stared at him, his eyes wide in fear. Pit's face showed wariness, but he still lowered his blade and flew back to the Halberd far above the both of them.

Upon landing atop the ship, Pit dragged Lucas inside where made his way for the cockpit; he'd still have time to tell Meta Knight just how Mario was going to not only kill those that rebelled against him, but also how Mario manipulated them into doing so. His information was precious as well as the time he had. Perhaps Mario had brainwashed Lucas to go after him; at this point it hardly mattered as long as Meta Knight was informed.

Pit burst through the door to the bridge. It was strange; Pit hadn't though about it, but had seen no other crew members onboard on his way though the ship. As he looked around for some clue as to what was going on, Lucas let out a small, stifled scream.

Mario casually turned the captain's seat around to face Pit and Lucas; his eyes were fixed upon a photo he was studying intently. Pit couldn't stop blinking as if he were trying to get this hallucination to go away. Mario sighed sadly as Lucas wrestled free of Pit's grip and ran back for the exit.

The photo was of all of them, they were smiling and cheerful which told how old the photo was. However, some of their faces were crossed out with x's; Luigi's was one of them. Zelda's face was still uncrossed as well as Ike's. Mario sighed once more as he lifted his pen and crossed out Pit's face before standing up slowly.
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