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SSBB: An Excuse for Violence

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Author Topic: SSBB: An Excuse for Violence  (Read 1013 times)
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The icy air of the early morning stings his lungs as he rushes from the steps of the mansion toward his kart in the garage across the grounds. Luigi did not know why this behemoth of a man was after him nor did he care; he was not about to wait around to find out; he had an idea, however. The only problem with that idea was that there was no way Mario could have known he was still alive; why else would someone be after him? He heard a noise from behind him that sounded like wood splintering and glass breaking. He continued to run; the strain brought about by his inactivity from being in hiding became more evident with every step.

It was through pure luck he had stunned that dark stranger back inside the mansion; Luigi quickly opened up the garage doors and jumped onto his kart immediately gunning it for the main road. The massive figure's equally massive blade ripped through the air and traveled through Luigi's head rest as if it were made of aluminum foil; it barely made any noise.

Breathing quickly, Luigi continued down the drive towards the gates. Had he not ducked down to check if the zipper of his pants was open he would most assuredly been dead. He wiped his brow wildly causing him to swerve slightly. He reached for the Ray Gun which had its own place next to the seat in case of emergencies like this. Luigi zoomed out by the gates; he looked down at his weapon, knowing that this was going to end badly.

Ganondorf was not amused. Chasing after scrawny plumbers that he had never heard of before had no place in his schedule for taking complete control over all existence. However, it was part of Zelda's message to find this person and the urgency he felt through his Triforce when it was connected to hers made it evident that this Luigi was the only key to stopping Mario. Ganondorf was aware of what Mario had become; he had to admit, he was impressed.

Ganondorf's blade turned to a dark color and vanished into his own body; his bloodshot eyes followed the tiny, yet fast kart zipping towards the gates. He whistled and from out of seemingly nowhere, his dark, powerful steed galloped up behind him. Without looking, Ganondorf snatched the reins and swung himself upon his great black horse. As his cape whipped through the chilly morning air, he leaned forward and whispered a command to his horse; the beast whinnied loudly and began to gain impossible speed, almost matching that of the kart which they were in pursuit of.

Luigi was tore down the small country road; sure of himself that he'd lost his pursuer. Unless the foe had some form of transportation, he was safe.

The king of evil's transportation had reached a blistering speed for that of a horse. It still wouldn't be enough, thought Ganondorf. He spurred the beast; she whinnied and leapt forward through the air. Ganondorf spurred her once more; she had gained tremendous hangtime on this jump. This continued on until with every gallop, the horse propelled herself and her rider hundreds of feet forward. The target was in sight.

A strange sound entered Luigi's ears. At first, he thought nothing of it, but it seemed to become louder and louder with every passing second. He glanced back and let out a stifled scream. He gunned the engine and instead of heading along his planned destination of Dream Land, he wrenched the steering wheel and swerved off of the off-ramp onto Toad's Turnpike. If his pursuer was as powerful as he looked, Luigi was going to pray for the other motorists.

Luigi powerslides out of the off-ramp just in front of a Mushroom 16-wheeler; the roar of its engine is almost deafening to him as he swings on past it into the lane next to it. He turns around in his seat to glance backward at the truck driver to make an apologetic gesture only to the stranger rip straight through the truck's trailer with his massive blade; the two halves of the truck, along with its cargo of Meteor Meals and frozen Shroom Steaks, skid sideways, trip and flip into the air smashing myriad other vehicles on the road. Luigi pushes his gas pedal as far as it will go as he hears and feels the tremendous explosion behind him.

Ganondorf's horse gallops forward as if hell hadn't broken loose all around her. The cars that aren't moving out of his way become halved and fourthed by his mighty blade. He spots Luigi weaving in and out of traffic ahead of him. Ganondorf was annoyed beyond belief at having to even go through this much trouble to capture this person, but he knew that Zelda had been quite serious. If only she had said that Luigi had to die; he could at least enjoy himself with that. Ganondorf spurs his horse and pulls back on her reins; she leaps and they both soar through the air; the shockwave of dark energy pulsates outward from their launch point pushing aside a few innocent motorists.

Between the sweat rolling down his forehead and the air rushing past him from the modified 400cc engine's speed, Luigi is almost blinded. He squints against the wind as he weaves in and out of the crowded lanes; he ignores the angry honks of the other motorists and resists the urge to signal as he merges in front of a four-door luxury-class Mushroom car and up next to a pickup truck. By pure chance, he feels a shadow fall over him; he looks up into the sky behind him to see the dark wizard and his steed plummeting towards him.

Luigi screams and wrenches the steering wheel back over in front of the luxury sedan as the steel-like hooves of the massive horse crush the four-door into the very highway itself. The dark duo rebounds from their massive jump and leap a little bit in the air; Ganondorf's eyes are fixed upon the green-hat-wearing  plumber as the shredded remains of the unfortunate sedan spiral through the air behind him. The shockwave of the landing forces Luigi up onto his two right wheels; he manages to keep control of the unintentional stunt as his eyes meet with the wizard's. Luigi was on the verge of wetting himself, but he still whipped the Ray Gun from its holster with the intent of using it to its fullest.

The plumber's eyes are understandably wide in fear, but there is something else within them that cause Ganondorf to hesitate long enough for Luigi to fire off a few shots. The king of evil sees the blasts coming from a mile away; his disproportionately quick, yet huge blade causes the beams to split into mini showers of sparks as he swings it to and fro with awe-inspiring power. The few cars that are unlucky enough to pass inside the veritable gauntlet of lasers and spinning blades litter the road behind them; the Mushroom Kingdom authorities are called to the scene as a flock of News Lakitu converges on the fighters’ position. Ganondorf takes advantage of a break in the gunfire and he along with his steed lunge sideways; his sword temporarily disappears into his body as his massive hand glows darkly.

Luigi's kart falls back onto all four wheels. Just as the wheels touch the ground; his face looses the cowardly fear it had displayed mere moments before. He sees Ganondorf galloping towards him. His free hand begins to crackle with electricity as he stands up upon his speeding kart.

    As Ganondorf merged closer to Luigi’s position across the road, he noticed that he could feel an indescribable power surging from him. This was no longer the little man who cowered in fear upon seeing Ganondorf at his doorstep. This was the brother to the tyrant of Mushroom Kingdom; just as vicious and just as ruthless. Ganondorf was no longer annoyed. He lunges and attempts to grab the plumber as more and more traffic pours in around them from nowhere despite the wreckages left in their wake; two mushroom semi-trucks pull in closer behind them.

With one foot carefully balanced on top of the steering wheel and the other in the seat, Luigi stares at the king of evil careening towards him with cold fury. Just as Ganondorf's darkly glowing hand flies towards him, he kicks the steering wheel forcing the kart to spin sideways straight along the road at his pursuer ; he simultaneously leaps off the seat, spinning counterclockwise along with his spiraling kart which had just passed underneath the horse's thundering hooves. Soaring over both Ganondorf's arm and his furiously galloping steed, Luigi uses the spin's power and carries it into a devastating kick to the surprised king's face. The kart spins over to the other side of the horse where Luigi lands in the seat.

Ganondorf is sent spiraling from his ride; the blow was both unexpected and powerful; a painful, yet exciting combination. As Ganondorf's body slams into the trailer of one of the 16-wheelers, he smiles a smile that can only be described as "evil". What had been a chore only minutes before was now a privilege; a privilege to not have a chance not to hold back. Ganondorf's powerful fingers stab into the side of the trailer, holding him there and allowing him to keep Luigi in his sights. However, Luigi had seen this as an opportunity to keep Ganondorf in his sights as well. The roar of the cavalcade of vehicles surrounds them both.

The wheels skid slightly as he corrects the steering and pulls his Ray Gun from out of its holster. Without hesitation, Luigi turns all the way around in his seat and, upon seeing the wizard clutching into the side of the trailer, begins to fire rapidly at him. The shots barely miss; each blast leaves small craters in the trailer where they hit. A shot passes through Ganondorf's cape just before he begins punching into the trailer and pulls himself sideways across it, barely dodging the hail of gunfire. He stops at the very back of the trailer and looks up at Luigi who is still up ahead of him driving right along side his still galloping horse.

Luigi closes an eye and takes aim; he'd come too far to let anyone hand him back over to Mario. The huge man clinging to the side of the truck whistles. Having forgotten about his pursuer's steed, Luigi starts as the horse whinnies and swings her great, red-mane bearing head into him sending him up into the air between the truck Ganondorf has been clinging to and another one in the lane next to it.  Luigi is quick to recover; as he soars, he rights himself in midair and fires a flurry of shots at the king of evil. Ganondorf leaps from his current trailer to the one opposite him; he kicks off of that one's trailer to see that Luigi had done the same off of the other.

Having both kicked off from the truck trailers, the two combatants fly towards each other over the blurred street lines along the road. In what feels like slowed motion, Ganondorf yells as he summons his sword from his palm; the long blade slides out of his glowing hand until he's clutching the handle of it, lunging forward with his singed cape billowing in the biting air. Luigi's hands loosen their grip from around the now empty Ray Gun; it falls towards the road as said hands crackle with electricity. The glinting of the sword plays off of the flashes from the electrified fists. Luigi front flips over Ganondorf and his formidable blade as he Thunder Slaps the Great King of Evil at the base of his neck; sparks shower over the road as Ganondorf's massive frame slams into the opposite trailer.

The blade of his sword stabs into the trailer and slices its way further down bring Ganondorf uncomfortably close the road; his feet dangle for a moment mere inches from it. The force of his body causes the entire truck to swerve slightly alerting its driver and a few other motorists that something was up. Luigi had leaped high enough to grasp onto the top of the other truck. They both look back at one another as the drivers of their respective perches look into their rear-view mirrors and gasp simultaneously.
As they fly back at one another, they both realize that this is far from over.
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