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02 July, 2020, 06:46:03 pm
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AoB Gaiden 1.5: A Troubled Past (Complete)

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Author Topic: AoB Gaiden 1.5: A Troubled Past (Complete)  (Read 702 times)
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« on: 31 July, 2008, 08:08:10 pm »

Blue: I ventured into the forest by my lonesome. I knew of the dangers the lied within, but I couldn't turn back. I had no choice but to keep going and hope for the best.

*The young Blue walks through the dark forest, keeping a constant lookout for anything lurking out in the dense woods*

Blue: Gee..it sure is dark here. I can hardly see anything...

*As Blue continues deeper into the forest, he hears the rattling of a bush*


Blue: Huh? What was that?


Blue: Is...someone in there?


Blue: Alright, no more games. Come out, now!

*Blue engulfs his fists in flames*

*The rattling stops. And after a few moments, a wild wolf leaps from the bush and pounces on Blue*

Blue: Aaagh!!

*Blue falls to the ground with the wolf standing on top of him, trying to gnaw his face off. Blue fights back and manages to kick the wolf off of him*

Wolf: Grrrrrrrr!!!

Blue: Alright, stay calm. I can do this...

*The wolf leans closer to the ground in preparation to pounce once again*

Blue: Watch him...

*The wolf lunges at Blue, but he sidesteps and dodges the attack. He then takes the opportunity and hurls a fireball at the wolf, killing it in one shot*

Wolf: Aroooooww! *dies*

Blue: Phew. That was a close one. If I don't watch myself, I could wind up as some wild animal's next meal...

Blue: And despite all odds against me, I managed to defeat the fearsome beast of the woods! Wounded and battle worn, I courageously braved on. I knew I had to keep moving, or else--

Lilia: Blue...

Blue: Huh?

Jawo: ...Are you boasting?

Blue: *looks around* Erm...moving on!

Lilia/Jawo: *sweatdrop*

*Blue continues cautiously through the forest. As he nears the clearing, a voice calls out from behind him*

??: Hey...

Blue: Hm? Who's there?

Blue: So suddenly, this strange man appears in front of me. He was wearing a purple robe, and he appeared to be in his late 20's. Though he looked very sickly and frail. Like he was on his death bed.

??: My name...is Yashu.

Blue: Well what do you want, huh?

Yashu: I've been watching you very closely for some time now, child. And I saw with you did back at that village.

Blue: You did? So I'm guessing you're going to try and get rid of me too. Well if that's the case, I'm not going down without a fight!

*Blue engulfs his fists in flames*

Yashu: Calm yourself, young one. I'm not your enemy.

Blue: You...aren't?

Yashu: Oh no. In fact, I'm just like you.

Blue: What do you mean?

Yashu: I too bear the Runic Symbol. See?

*Yashu reveals the symbol on his body to Blue*

Blue: Ah! So it's true. You are like me...

Yashu: That's right. We are people born of an ancient bloodline. We possess a very unique and special gift.

Blue: Yeah, it's real special alright. Everyone hates me because of it. I'm not accepted anywhere...

Yashu: Oh, I know. And they haven't the right to treat you in such a disgusting manner.

Blue: They called me a freak...a monster....

Yashu: And you are none of those things. In fact, compared to you, they are the freaks. The monsters...

Blue: What...do you mean?

Yashu: Don't you see, child? We were born with a powerful gift. A power that makes us better than the average man.

Blue: We're...better?

Yashu: Yes! You and I, we possess great power! See that fireball you wield? It's but only a fraction of the true power of the magic arts!

Blue: A fraction? You mean...there's more to it?

Yashu: Absolutely! Why, with the right amount of training, you can conjure great storms, unleash mighty earthquakes, summon forth swirling vortexes, and even bring down meteors from the heavens above!

Blue: Wow..I can do all of that...?

Yashu: Yes, and I can teach you, little one! If you come with me, I will teach you all of this and more! With my training, you'll become one of the most powerful magicians in all the land!

Blue: *to himself* The most powerful...

Yashu: I sense great potential within you. With the power you'll possess, no man would dare stand against the likes of you! With your birthright, you could triumph over all!

Blue: *to himself* Truimph over all...

Yashu: So what say you, child? Will you come with me? Will you behold the true legacy of magic?

Blue: *nods* I will!

Yashu: Then come! We have much to do! There's no time to waste!

*Blue and Yashu walk out of the forest together*

Blue: So in the end, I went along with him. With everything he promised me, I just couldn't refuse him. But I was happy. Happy, because I finally found someone that shared my pain. I finally found somewhere..that I belong. And I knew, that if I stayed with him, things would only get better for me.
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