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Forum Rules

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Author Topic: Forum Rules  (Read 4465 times)
« on: 05 August, 2008, 04:03:30 pm »

Hello there. Welcome to Brawler's Paradise, or as many of the users refer to it, BP. We hope you enjoy your stay here.

Thank you for taking the time to read our rules. By following them, you're helping out us mods and admins so we don't have to be policing you (and no, you don't want that). They aren't too strict; most of it is common sense that one would follow at any forum. Still, we ask that you read carefully, as we have a few other things you must know. We wouldn't want you breaking a rule accidentally and looking foolish, now would we?


Your staff:


These people are in charge of monitoring the boards, making sure people are following the rules, getting along, not posting things deemed inappropriate, etc... All in all, making the site more enjoyable for everyone.


In addition to playing the roles of the GMs, Admins also take care of site/forum issues, such as layout, content and design, along with a few other things that don't happen quite as often.

sasori1122 is the creator of our site. That would make him the lead admin.

These GMs and Admins, along with the numerous Local Mods (whose job is to moderate a specific forum), make up our staff. You don't have to treat us like gods; more often than not, we interact and socialize with the general userbase, so treat us like any other user.

Just note that we do hold the power to modify and delete messages, even suspend you if the need arises. But don’t worry; just follow the rules and you won't have to roam the forums with a bounty on your head, or something to that effect.
If a GM or Admin asks you do to something, please follow their request. It won't be something extraneously out of the question, I can promise you that. If it is, than he's probably just joking around. But if he isn't, and you think it's insane, feel free to contact another GM or admin, preferably one who is online at the time so the issue can get straightened out quickly.


~~Picture/Sig/Post content~~
In general, anything “R” rated is not allowed. You will be punished for that, usually via suspension for a day at least, unless it's obvious you're trying to get yourself kicked out. Don’t post something and claim you didn’t know how bad it was; use your judgment.
PG-13 is usually allowed. However, it's somewhat borderline, as we do allow users as young as 13 on the board. If your "PG-13" picture is deemed inappropriate, we will either ask you to take it down or take it down ourselves. It depends on the severity. In either case, you won't be suspended (as you would be with the more severe R-pictures), but we will give you a verbal warning not to do it again.

Please, use your judgment on this.

In your signature, you are allowed pictures. However, in the past we have had people load their sigs with enormous pictures which end up getting larger than the post itself. Not only does it slow down users without high-end computers and internet connections, gigantic sigs also annoy people a great deal. It doesn't matter how many kick-ass pics you have or how cool you think they are, everyone will come to hate them if they're constantly scrolling past them in an attempt to read a topic.

Additionally, since Youtube links are automatically embedded, we ask that if you must put a Youtube vid in your sig, you add spaces to the link so as to prevent the auto-embed. If you really want people to see it, follow up with a line asking people to copy-paste into their address bar and remove the spaces.

Right now, our limit on sigs is that on the average monitor, a post (text, sig, and all) with one line of text must not be larger than the screen. Be warned, if you have a higher-res monitor, you may end up pushing it if you're using your monitor to measure your screen-height post. If your sig grows exceedingly large, chances are a staff member (mostly likely me) will contact you via PM, asking you to shrink it. You can do this by either removing larger pictures or scaling them down. If you care about your pic that much, then I'm sure you'll be able to find the time to find a pic-resizer online. If you ask nicely, I'm sure anyone would be kind enough to help you (provided you ask the right people  Wink )
You can also use this code to try to resize your pictures directly. I personally don't think it's as effective unless you spend a bit of time working out the ratios to prevent pixelation and/or stretching, but whatever you prefer:
[img width=48 height=48]

We're currently trying to figure out what would be best, so just co-operate with us on this for now until we work out a better limit.

Stupid, idiotic posts that hardly anyone will care about. Unless you're in Random Junk, please try to make your posts semi-meaningful. Spam will often be deleted, unless you fix it yourself first. If you would like to be insane and post your spam, go ahead and do so at Random Junk. Note: posts are not counted there, so please don't make a topic asking why (it will be counted as spam): It's because it's random junk there, silly.

Controversial things which would likely spark debates should be posted in our “Heavy Stuff” board. The ground rules for it are posted at that board.

~Post content~
Pictures of “R” rating will likely earn you a suspension, as has been said.

As of now we are no longer censoring basic curse words. We trust that the quality of conversation will not suffer. Racial slurs are still prohibited. We also ask that you keep topic titles free of profanity.

Do not quote posts that contain censor bypassing without censoring the word first.
Do not insult other users to any degree. This is supposed to be a place to talk of conversation, not argument.
Do not call people gay unless you know for a fact that they are. Do not abuse the word either. Using it as an insult is just sad.

Keep them in the Random Junk board.

Do NOT expose your password, no matter what. It DOES cause trouble, even if you think it doesn't. In fact, we had a problem here once with this. It led to chaos. One of our staff spent 3 hours working it out, and he's NOT going to do so again. Be careful with what you post. Do not reveal your security question either. If you believe you've been hacked or think someone else is using your account, PM a moderator immediately.
As with every other forum, staff members will never ask you for your password, so don't fall for it.

~Illegal Activities~
Do NOT provide links to illegal content or discuss in-depth methods of circumventing Copyright Laws.  This includes ROMs, Wares, Cracks, Pirated Music/Movies/Software...etc.

~Account Impersonation~
This should never be done.  Not even as a joke that involves the impersonated account. We grant you the ability to change your screen name to fit with a theme in your av/sig, or whatever other reason you feel like changing. Don't abuse it.
Any offense will result in suspension and if repeated, banning.

~Other Profile information~
As mentioned before, we do give you the option of changing your name. However, we did have a case in the past where it was extremely popular to change your name, and it was being done every day by many users, sometimes several times a day. It became very hard to figure out who was who, as everyone was going by a different name.
Though we continue to allow you to change your name, we ask that either in your personal text, custom title, signature, or somewhere else in your profile, that you include your original account name, or whatever name you're known by. This helps not only us, but every other user, keep track of who you are.

~Alternate Account~
You are allowed one account. That is all. Any alternate accounts you attempt to create will be rejected.

As previously mentioned, break the rules, and there will be consequences.

  • For very minor instances, such as a giant sig or lack of a name in your profile, you will be contacted by a staff member (usually in a kind manner) to address the concern. No one's going get mad at you over this, so don't freak out over it.
  • For minor (but still important) instances, such as censor-bypassing, spam, over-the-line PG-13 pics, insults/flaming, trolling, or otherwise inappropriate against-the-rules post content, we will give you a verbal warning. We will correct the wrong by either modifying or deleting your post. We will be strict about it, but we just want to make sure you don't do it again.
  • For major instances, such as overly inappropriate pictures, repeated infractions of minor instances, etc, you will be suspended.
    • For a first offense - suspensions will last a day or two, giving you time to cool down, get a clear head, and come back. Most likely, you will be welcomed back in a friendly manner.
    • For a second offense - suspensions will last three or four days. You're obviously doing something wrong, so you'd better straighten up, as you're pushing it quite a but.
    • For a third offense - suspensions will last a week or longer, depending on what we want to do with you. By now, it's pretty clear you don't care what happens to you, and you don't care about the site. This may end up turning into a ban. NOTE: we hardly ever ban our users, and it's only been done so far to newbs who have been on the site less than a week. If you care about the site, and are even halfway careful about following the rules, you don't need to worry about being banned.
  • When you are suspended, you will have access to only one board: Mt. Purgatory. In Mt. Purgatory, you will have one chance to explain yourself. Whether you would like to apologize to possibly reduce your sentence or argue how what you did wasn't suspension worthy is your call. Just be careful. If you are suspended, you're already looked at with a downcast glare, so refrain from arguing with the moderators. They don't have to be there to talk to you, and their patience grows thin very easily. **** them off and you'll be looking at a higher punishment than you would have expected.

~The Site Rules and FAQs board~
It seems that with recent events in the Rules/FAQ board, I'm going to have to write up an addendum to the intent of this particular board.
The Site Rules and FAQs board houses the forum rules. The board also serves the purpose of user concerns. This is the primary board where users can make suggestions, ask questions, or make requests in the purpose of improving or otherwise positively altering the forum.
This board is taken seriously. Moderators and Admins will put thought into your request, work together to make something happen if it's a good idea. However, we ask that you do not suggest anything overly ridiculous that you already know the answer to (No), or make a topic you know will serve no serious intention in improving the forums. Don't waste our time.
Additionally, as soon as a successful (or less than successful) topic has achieved (or failed) its purpose, please know well enough to stop posting in the topic. It has served its purpose, it no longer needs to be posted in. The staff constantly checks this board. When one of us pops in seeing a new post, only to find it's a bunch of pointless flim flam... well, it gets rather annoying. Users should be smart enough to know when a thread has served its purpose and any additional posts not related to the subject at hand should be moved to RJ. Topics do not have to be locked, but they will be if they degenerate into spam.

We ask that you also take a look at the SMF Terms of Service, which are mandated by the server we operate on. Please follow these as well.



Q: Can I be a mod?
A: If you're asking about being a GM or admin, most likely the answer will be no. We will recruit more GMs and admins if the need arises, but we have a good number of staff members for the amount of users on the site right now.
However, if you want to be the moderator of a single board (local mod), consider these. Do you visit that board often enough? Post there often enough? Know it inside and out? If you think you are qualified, go ahead and ask, it may be considered.

Q: I want to write a story! Can I have a board?
A: Start it up on the main story board, user, game, or non-specific. If you continue it, and people become interested, then it is possible you will have yourself a board.

Q: Is this picture too bad to post?
A: Use your judgment. If you think it might be, don’t post it.

Q: Let’s change the theme/layout/moderators!
A: Go suggest it in the "Site Rules & FAQs" board. Check if the topic is there already. If not, suggest it. Just be aware: that board is taken seriously, so don't suggest anything ridiculous.

Q: Why aren’t my posts counting in Random Junk?
A: Even though we've asked not to ask this, think about the name. This is basically a board meant for spam, so we don’t count the posts.
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