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TARGET: Revenge (A massively-revised rewrite of the classic gorefest)

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Author Topic: TARGET: Revenge (A massively-revised rewrite of the classic gorefest)  (Read 329 times)
« on: 18 August, 2008, 06:52:54 pm »

Chapter 1:

   A single cloud lazily floated across the clear blue sky, and the sand of the beach glittered in the sunlight. Waves lazily washed themselves on the shore before retreating back into the ocean. Mario and Peach sat in their beach chairs, sunbathing, away from the water. Luigi and Yoshi were throwing a Frisbee back and forth, Kirby was burying Bowser in the sand, and DK was out surfing.
   Mario had almost drifted into sleep when he was hit in the back of the head. It bounced off harmlessly to the side, shaking him awake. “HEY! Watch where you’re throwing that thing!” he shouted at Luigi.
   Luigi hurled his Frisbee and then whipped around, calling back “what are you talking about?”
   “Yeah, ours is right here,” Yoshi shouted, leaping in the air to catch it.
   Mario sat up and looked around. There was a red and white disc lying within arm’s reach. He hopped out of his chair and picked it up. “Oh, hey. Luigi, remember these things?”
   “Yeah yeah! Hey, toss it over this way!”
   Mario tossed the target in a tall arc over Luigi, who threw a bright green fireball at it. The target shattered in a blast of flame.
   Luigi sighed and lowered his head. “Good times…”
   As Mario walked back to his chair, the sky darkened. The sand lost its sparkle and the water became less radiant. Looking up, he saw a large black shadow blocking out the cheerful sunshine. DK came in from the water, carrying his surfboard over his head. “Hey, what gives?”
   Kirby finished covering Bowser in sand, leaving only his head poking out. “Yeah, it was supposed to be sunny all day.”
   “Well, the weatherman always lies,” said Bowser, opening one eye. “Deal with it.”
   “Hmm…” said Peach, interrupting the conversation. Everyone looked over. “Those are some odd-looking clouds.”
   They all craned their necks upwards (save Bowser, who comfortably moved his eyes) and saw a solid black cloud. It was small, but large enough to cover most of the sun from the distance it was at. It hovered closer, and Mario heard faint laughter, which slowly grew louder, stronger, more ominous. But it wasn’t until he consciously heard the laughter that the cloud dispelled into many small circular figures. As they drew closer, the shadow that had shrouded the circles gradually faded away, leaving rings of red and white.
   Mario’s eyes widened. “BWAH!! Evil targets!”
   “Are they moving on their own?” Luigi asked, squinting. He took a step forward and tried to get a better view. Immediately noticing that may not have been the best of ideas, he took a tentative step backwards.
   Bowser tried to get up, but he was trapped under the sand. “Uh, guys? A little help?” He managed to say while struggling to free himself. Eight targets floated in front of the rest, sharp spikes poking themselves out from around the outside edge. They immediately dove upon Bowser. “Bwargh! Help me!”
   “Run away!” shouted DK, who proceeded to flee. Everyone followed suit. Half of a large Koopa shell flew through the air and landed in the sand a few feet from the group. It landed with a dull thud, kicking up sand as it made a decent-sized crater. The inside of the shell had a single splash of blood on the side, still wet as it dripped down and collected in the center.
   “EEP!” Peach shrieked.
   “Quick! Run to the castle!” Mario had to shout over the noise of more targets growing spikes, the cracking of shell, the ripping of scales, and Boswer’s pained cries.
   They were trailed only by a handful of targets, but luckily they were slow enough that the group was able to outrun them. They piled into the entryway of Peach’s castle, several collapsing on the floor. Luigi slammed the door shut behind them and quadruple-bolted it.
   “Wha… Wh-what just happened?” Yoshi asked, breathing heavily.
   Sitting in a circle, everyone’s eyes glanced back and forth. Occasionally, a pair of eyes locked, but only for a second. They sat there, confused and terrified, too fearful for their own lives to spare a second thought to Bowser’s fate.
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