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27 January, 2021, 04:49:47 am
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TARGET: Revenge (A massively-revised rewrite of the classic gorefest)

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Author Topic: TARGET: Revenge (A massively-revised rewrite of the classic gorefest)  (Read 329 times)
« on: 18 August, 2008, 10:46:31 pm »

Chapter 3:

     The Great Fox flew on with no real destination in mind. Inside, its crew attempted to occupy itself during the downtime. Peppy sat at the controls, making slight adjustments every now and then. Slippy was messing around with some new gadget everyone knew would have no use anyway. Falco lay on a couch, bored out of his mind, twirling a blaster around his finger. Fox and Krystal were chatting about past missions among other things.
     “Ugh… this is so booooooooring. Peppy, please tell me we’ve got something on the radar,” Falco sighed.
     “No! Nothing! Shut up and find something to do!” Peppy snapped back.
     An explosion from outside the Great Fox rattles the whole ship, catching everyone off-guard. Slippy dropped his work, Fox ran over to Peppy, followed by Falco (who jumped off the couch with a hearty “Finally! Some action!”).
     “Status report!” Fox demanded.
     Peppy gave a quick “We’re taking heavy structural damage!” while frantically mashing buttons.
     “Well, what’s causing it?” Fox asked impatiently. Another explosion caused Fox to nearly lose his balance.
     Still wailing on the keyboard, Peppy said “There’s some large mass of unidentifiable… stuff out there, and it’s firing at us!”
     Another explosion, much larger than the first two, rocked the ship, this time throwing Fox to the floor. Krystal ran over to help him up. “What is it?!” she yelled at Peppy. “Nothing’s shaken the Great Fox this badly before!”
     “Hold on, let me get a visual of their weapons.” Peppy pressed a few more buttons and an image appeared on the screen. A large target.
     Fox snarled. “The targets?!”
     “You’ve seen these?” Peppy asked, shocked.
     “Yeah, we blew up a ton during that Smash Bros. thing. But I have no idea what they’re doing here now,” Falco said.
     “Well let’s hop in the Arwings and blast them!” Krystal said.
     She started to run off, but Fox stopped her. “No,” he said.
     “They’re after us. We’ll give you time to get out of here,” Falco said. He then ran off.
     “Fox, you need more than the two of you to—”
     “No, this is our mess. I don’t want you getting hurt.” He started to leave.
     He turned around. “Yeah?”
     “…Don’t get yourself killed.”
     Fox gave her a thumbs-up, and chased after Falco to the hangar. They hop into their Arwings and take off. Almost immediately the attack on the Great Fox ceased, switching its pursuit to the retreating Arwings.
     Slippy climbed out from underneath a table, saying “What in the HELL did they do this time?”
     There is an enormous difference between the armor and defense on the Great Fox and her Arwings. Thus, Fox and Falco’s attempt to escape was futile. The targets flew over and tore the Arwings’ armor to shreds like tissue paper, destroyed the weapons, and demolished the engines. Unable to control their machines, they plummeted to the planet below.
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