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TARGET: Revenge (A massively-revised rewrite of the classic gorefest)

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Author Topic: TARGET: Revenge (A massively-revised rewrite of the classic gorefest)  (Read 603 times)
« on: 18 August, 2008, 06:01:45 pm »

I felt like actually working on the sequel, but in order to do that I need a less-sucky prequel.

So I did some heavy revising. No longer is it a transcript, but it also doesn't look like a 6th grader wrote it.
If you have the stomach to read it again, enjoy.


The open-roofed stadium stood six stories high, towering over the houses of the neighboring suburban neighborhood. Normally this late at night, the stadium roof would be closed, especially with such dark clouds hanging overhead. Tonight, however, the stadium was in full use. The entire set of bleachers against the east wall were packed, though with the lights turned off it was just a sea of silhouettes. The air was filled with the scent of anticipation; the excitement in the room was evidenced by the agitation of the audience.
A shadow floated up onto a stage sitting in front of the center seats, stopping in front of a podium. Cheering erupts from the uncolored crowd. The figure behind the podium taps the microphone, causing feedback.
“Quiet!” he shouted. A hush quickly swept over the crowd.
“For nearly five and a half years,” he started. “We’ve been at the mercy of 23 individuals.
A large television screen behind the speaker flickered, and then lit up as images flashed across the screen: photos of Mario, Link, Samus and more. The crowd started to boo, shout, and hiss at the images onscreen.
“Silence!” the speaker demanded again. He was answered.
“Far too long we’ve been the punching bags to these… these monsters! Why should we suffer? What did we do?” The crowd starts to shout again.
“We’ve been mercilessly abused. Fire, swords, lasers, arrows, electricity, missiles... Constant suffering for the sake of their enjoyment!” The shouting increased in volume.
“This is genocide!” The shouting has reached its escalation. The speaker then lowered his voice. “But no more…” the crowd quieted down slightly. “Come tomorrow, you, my brothers, and I… All of us will have our revenge!”
The lights suspended from the ceiling in the stadium suddenly turned on, and the room was flooded with light. Every silhouette was replaced by a white and red target, floating inches over their seats. The speaker onstage was one large target himself. The room was then filled with the evil laughter of hundreds.
“Tomorrow, we strike!”
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« Reply #1 on: 18 August, 2008, 06:52:54 pm »

Chapter 1:

   A single cloud lazily floated across the clear blue sky, and the sand of the beach glittered in the sunlight. Waves lazily washed themselves on the shore before retreating back into the ocean. Mario and Peach sat in their beach chairs, sunbathing, away from the water. Luigi and Yoshi were throwing a Frisbee back and forth, Kirby was burying Bowser in the sand, and DK was out surfing.
   Mario had almost drifted into sleep when he was hit in the back of the head. It bounced off harmlessly to the side, shaking him awake. “HEY! Watch where you’re throwing that thing!” he shouted at Luigi.
   Luigi hurled his Frisbee and then whipped around, calling back “what are you talking about?”
   “Yeah, ours is right here,” Yoshi shouted, leaping in the air to catch it.
   Mario sat up and looked around. There was a red and white disc lying within arm’s reach. He hopped out of his chair and picked it up. “Oh, hey. Luigi, remember these things?”
   “Yeah yeah! Hey, toss it over this way!”
   Mario tossed the target in a tall arc over Luigi, who threw a bright green fireball at it. The target shattered in a blast of flame.
   Luigi sighed and lowered his head. “Good times…”
   As Mario walked back to his chair, the sky darkened. The sand lost its sparkle and the water became less radiant. Looking up, he saw a large black shadow blocking out the cheerful sunshine. DK came in from the water, carrying his surfboard over his head. “Hey, what gives?”
   Kirby finished covering Bowser in sand, leaving only his head poking out. “Yeah, it was supposed to be sunny all day.”
   “Well, the weatherman always lies,” said Bowser, opening one eye. “Deal with it.”
   “Hmm…” said Peach, interrupting the conversation. Everyone looked over. “Those are some odd-looking clouds.”
   They all craned their necks upwards (save Bowser, who comfortably moved his eyes) and saw a solid black cloud. It was small, but large enough to cover most of the sun from the distance it was at. It hovered closer, and Mario heard faint laughter, which slowly grew louder, stronger, more ominous. But it wasn’t until he consciously heard the laughter that the cloud dispelled into many small circular figures. As they drew closer, the shadow that had shrouded the circles gradually faded away, leaving rings of red and white.
   Mario’s eyes widened. “BWAH!! Evil targets!”
   “Are they moving on their own?” Luigi asked, squinting. He took a step forward and tried to get a better view. Immediately noticing that may not have been the best of ideas, he took a tentative step backwards.
   Bowser tried to get up, but he was trapped under the sand. “Uh, guys? A little help?” He managed to say while struggling to free himself. Eight targets floated in front of the rest, sharp spikes poking themselves out from around the outside edge. They immediately dove upon Bowser. “Bwargh! Help me!”
   “Run away!” shouted DK, who proceeded to flee. Everyone followed suit. Half of a large Koopa shell flew through the air and landed in the sand a few feet from the group. It landed with a dull thud, kicking up sand as it made a decent-sized crater. The inside of the shell had a single splash of blood on the side, still wet as it dripped down and collected in the center.
   “EEP!” Peach shrieked.
   “Quick! Run to the castle!” Mario had to shout over the noise of more targets growing spikes, the cracking of shell, the ripping of scales, and Boswer’s pained cries.
   They were trailed only by a handful of targets, but luckily they were slow enough that the group was able to outrun them. They piled into the entryway of Peach’s castle, several collapsing on the floor. Luigi slammed the door shut behind them and quadruple-bolted it.
   “Wha… Wh-what just happened?” Yoshi asked, breathing heavily.
   Sitting in a circle, everyone’s eyes glanced back and forth. Occasionally, a pair of eyes locked, but only for a second. They sat there, confused and terrified, too fearful for their own lives to spare a second thought to Bowser’s fate.
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« Reply #2 on: 18 August, 2008, 08:05:34 pm »

Chapter 2:

Princess Zelda sat outside her castle, leaning against a tree and staring at the countryside. There was something about the vast, empty, rolling fields of Hyrule that hypnotized her, no matter how many times she looked at it. A carefree sigh escaped her lips, and she looked to the left. Link was practicing his swordplay with Roy and Marth. “They never stop…” she said to herself with a small smile. She watched them for a few minutes before turning back to watching the landscape.
“Hm?” she thought. Squinting, she saw someone running up to the castle. He was flailing his arms and pointing up in the air, shouting inaudible shouts. “Is that… Ganon?”
“Look up! Everyone, look up!” Ganon shouted.
Link turned around to see where the shouting was coming from. Noticing a distraught Ganon, he put away his sword and looked up behind him. Roy and Marth did the same. “What is that?” Link said.
Curious, Zelda stood up, brushed the dirt off her dress, and walked around the tree to get a glimpse of what was going on. She saw an F-zero hovercraft falling from the sky, small discs flitting in and out, cutting holes and gashes in the outer shell. Sparks and flames shot out of the many slits in the machine’s armor. A large mass of the discs trailed behind, shooting several out at the hovercraft every few seconds.
“It’s heading for the castle!” Zelda shouted, and started running. She didn’t know why, it wasn’t as if moving her legs back and forth while moving herself closer to the impending crash would stop anything. She got control over herself and stopped.
The hovercraft and the meteor of targets slammed into the side of the castle. The hi-tech machinery being crushed by tons of targets created a massive explosion that leveled nearly the entire structure. Zelda was able to quickly create a shield around the five before the shards of glass and rock propelled from the explosion reached them. They ricocheted off, shattering into tiny pieces as they bounced in every direction. When the smoke had cleared, Zelda dropped her shield and ran into the wreck. Link and the others followed close behind.
Scanning the ruin, Zelda saw not much was left intact. Shards of glass from artisan stained glass windows lay about their bases. Fragments of wood that used to be chairs and thrones were completely shattered. Most of the ground was covered in chunks of gravel, rock, and brick, coupled with collapsed pillars lying on shattered tables and torches. More prevalent than anything else were the targets randomly strewn about. One thing stuck out, however. Off to one side, the figure of a body lay among a mess of blood and metal.
“Oh no!” Roy gasped.
“Captain Falcon!” said Ganon.
Marth ran over to Falcon’s side. “Dude, what happened?” he asked.
He found it difficult to breathe, let alone form words, but Falcon managed to speak. “Ugh… They attacked me. Couldn’t… hold ‘em off…” he said, while coughing up blood.
“Who?” Marth asked, panic-stricken
“The targets…” Falcon responded. “Beware… the tar–” He went limp.
Marth stood up and backed away, looking horrified. “I don’t understand,” he said, shaking his head.
“You will soon,” said a voice behind them.
The five quickly turned around and saw several targets floating. These ones weren’t dead, they weren’t lying on the ground like the rest.
“Why did you do this to Falcon?” demanded Roy.
“It’s quite simple, really,” the target replied. “Revenge. For too long we’ve been at your mercy. Well it’s OUR turn now.”
“Ugh, screw this,” Link said, pulling out his bow. “I’ll make this quick.”
He fires an arrow with dead-on accuracy. It sailed through the air at the lead target… and harmlessly bounced off with a light TINK! Link gasped.
The target laughed. “Link, Link, Link… We’ve developed protection against your puny arrows. There will be no more of that.”
Link glared at the target, wondering if they could see. How did they hear, for that matter?
The target wasn’t finished. “We also developed a bit of a counterattack, if you will.” Several arrows grew from the targets, all pointed forward and aimed at Link. Without warning, they shot out at an alarming speed. Link barely had time to react, but dove out of the way quick enough to avoid getting hit. The arrows sailed harmlessly past.
Directly into Ganondorf.
“Aaaaaahhhh–kkkkhhh!!” Ganon attempted to scream, but the arrows had pierced his stomach and neck. Falling over, dark red liquid oozed from the wounds and formed puddles amongst the gravel and dust.
Roy attempted to run over to Ganon, but Marth held up an arm to stop him. “No,” he said. “Run. I’ll hold them off.”
“But—” Roy started.
“GO!” Marth shouted.
“There’s an old mansion down the road,” Zelda said. “Let’s hide out there.”
Zelda, Link and Roy ran out of the ruins, leaving Marth to fend off the targets. A few rose from the ground, and Marth soon found himself surrounded by at least 15 targets, and that number continued to grow.
“I’ve killed hundreds of you,” Marth said coldly. “This is no different.”
“What makes you so sure?” the lead target asked.
“My blade never fails me.”
Marth let out a war-cry and charged the targets.
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« Reply #3 on: 18 August, 2008, 10:46:31 pm »

Chapter 3:

     The Great Fox flew on with no real destination in mind. Inside, its crew attempted to occupy itself during the downtime. Peppy sat at the controls, making slight adjustments every now and then. Slippy was messing around with some new gadget everyone knew would have no use anyway. Falco lay on a couch, bored out of his mind, twirling a blaster around his finger. Fox and Krystal were chatting about past missions among other things.
     “Ugh… this is so booooooooring. Peppy, please tell me we’ve got something on the radar,” Falco sighed.
     “No! Nothing! Shut up and find something to do!” Peppy snapped back.
     An explosion from outside the Great Fox rattles the whole ship, catching everyone off-guard. Slippy dropped his work, Fox ran over to Peppy, followed by Falco (who jumped off the couch with a hearty “Finally! Some action!”).
     “Status report!” Fox demanded.
     Peppy gave a quick “We’re taking heavy structural damage!” while frantically mashing buttons.
     “Well, what’s causing it?” Fox asked impatiently. Another explosion caused Fox to nearly lose his balance.
     Still wailing on the keyboard, Peppy said “There’s some large mass of unidentifiable… stuff out there, and it’s firing at us!”
     Another explosion, much larger than the first two, rocked the ship, this time throwing Fox to the floor. Krystal ran over to help him up. “What is it?!” she yelled at Peppy. “Nothing’s shaken the Great Fox this badly before!”
     “Hold on, let me get a visual of their weapons.” Peppy pressed a few more buttons and an image appeared on the screen. A large target.
     Fox snarled. “The targets?!”
     “You’ve seen these?” Peppy asked, shocked.
     “Yeah, we blew up a ton during that Smash Bros. thing. But I have no idea what they’re doing here now,” Falco said.
     “Well let’s hop in the Arwings and blast them!” Krystal said.
     She started to run off, but Fox stopped her. “No,” he said.
     “They’re after us. We’ll give you time to get out of here,” Falco said. He then ran off.
     “Fox, you need more than the two of you to—”
     “No, this is our mess. I don’t want you getting hurt.” He started to leave.
     He turned around. “Yeah?”
     “…Don’t get yourself killed.”
     Fox gave her a thumbs-up, and chased after Falco to the hangar. They hop into their Arwings and take off. Almost immediately the attack on the Great Fox ceased, switching its pursuit to the retreating Arwings.
     Slippy climbed out from underneath a table, saying “What in the HELL did they do this time?”
     There is an enormous difference between the armor and defense on the Great Fox and her Arwings. Thus, Fox and Falco’s attempt to escape was futile. The targets flew over and tore the Arwings’ armor to shreds like tissue paper, destroyed the weapons, and demolished the engines. Unable to control their machines, they plummeted to the planet below.
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