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31 May, 2020, 08:50:18 am
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Playthrough Topic (Nocturne)

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Author Topic: Playthrough Topic (Nocturne)  (Read 16852 times)
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« Reply #1440 on: 01 August, 2019, 11:48:06 am »

That boulder has ruined me.

Anyways here is my ranking of the bosses.

15. Folding Screen Monkeys

More of a nuisance than anything. I guess I felt bad killing them the first time, but after that I just wanted to get it over with on subsequent playthroughs.

14. Headless + Guardian Ape

I donít really like being ganked, although this fight actually took fewer tries than the single ape fight. It was an alright fight, but I consistently avoided it on subsequent playthroughs. Just didnít feel like doing it again I guess.

13. Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa

I actually have nothing against him. Heís just very easy. There are minibosses that are leagues ahead of him in difficulty. Very cool concept though.

12. Great Shinobi Owl

I donít actually dislike this fight at all. Thematically and aesthetically, itís beautiful. The music is cool, and even though Owl is kind of a piece of shit person, there is something to be said about fighting your adoptive father. However, I thought this fight kind of just dragged on. He never really did many attack that I could punish, so I had to slowly chip away at his health until I could reasonably fill his posture bar. Maybe there was a better way, but I didnít really feel the need to try to find it. Also, there were times where he literally flooded the arena with poisonous shit after doing that attack twice in a row, and that was not my jam.

11. Genichiro Ashina

I fought him so many times over four playthroughs (tutorial, Ashina castle, and right before Isshin), so Iím kind of over this guy. He otherwise wouldnít be this low, because I remember really liking his first fight atop Ashina Castle when I first did it. Felt like one of my first skill checkpoints In the game.

10. Genichiro, Way of Tomoe

See above. Heís only slightly higher because heís part of the Isshin gauntlet of health bars.

9. Lady Butterfly

Stylistically, sheís very cool. This was my first skill checkpoint in the game, and sheís the one boss responsible for me finally understanding how to play Sekiro. Prior to her, I wasnít feeling the game, so I have to give this boss some credit where itís due. Plus, it was really fun playing her again on NG+2.

8. Demon of Hatred

As said before, this is basically a Soulsborne boss. Heís like Manus or the Flamelurker, and I always liked those bosses. Some say he doesnít really have a place in a game like Sekiro, but I disagree. I think defeating him required a similar  type of learning as any other boss. I also just feel really bad for the Sculptor.

7. Divine Dragon

This fight was very easy, but I just thought it was stunningly beautiful. Itís such a lore-heavy fight, and itís where **** starts to go down. The music is incredible too. When I talked about wanting From to try new things with bosses, this is what I meant (not Micolash, Matosis).

6. Corrupted Monk (+Illusion)

I love fighting her. The deflects are so satisfying to nail. I also didnít realize that Snap Seeds destroyed her illusion form. Firecrackers also makes it easy to cheese, but even without those, I always thought this fight was super dope.

5. Guardian Ape

A total classic. I love fighting this guy so much. He also just always finds a way to surprise you on your first playthrough. First, itís with his initial fakeout death. Then he shows up with his wife. Granted I didnít care about the last fight, but the shock of encountering it has stayed with me. Regardless, the original one is always super fun. I suppose if there was a spectrum with Souls bosses on one end and Sekiro on the other, Demon of Hatred would be much closer to the Souls side, while this guy would be a healthy balance of both types of games. He requires to rely on deflects more so than DoH, but I think some of my Souls instincts also paid off here.

4. Emma, the Gentle Blade

She isnít too difficult in my opinion, but the emotions run high in this fight. Almost gives me Maiden Astraea vibes, except sheís a legitimate challenge. The song that plays is among my favorites in the game as well. I love that her style is akin to Isshin, which makes sense since he trained her. Sheís just a better warmup to Isshin Ashina than Genichiro was to Isshin SS.

3. Isshin Ashina

I love this old man. Definitely the best fight on top of Ashina Castle. Heís similar enough to the Sword Saint so that your skills transfer over if you fought SS first, but he has new tricks up his sleeve that you need to learn and master, keeping it completely fresh. If I didnít fight SS first, I think Isshin Ashina wouldíve totally thrashed me around. He also made me feel like a piece of shit for killing Emma, so thereís that.

2. Owl (Father)

In a way, itís kind of fitting that this was my last fight. I had so much fun with this guy. He constantly keeps you on your toes, and thereís so much action that it never really felt like it dragged as much as the other fight. Learning and mastering his moveset was immensely satisfying. Music was also incredible.

1. Isshin, the Sword Saint

Defeating this guy was when I actually started to master Sekiro. Prior to that point, I was just playing the game, but after I beat him, my subsequent playthroughs were very easy. The second time I fought him in the Purification route, I beat him after maybe 4 or 5 tries. But the final route took me about 2 tries, and at that point I could confidently say that I knew his moveset well enough to deflect most of his attacks, and being able to reach that point is so satisfying. Such an amazing fight, easily among my favorites in a video game. I would at least tie him with Ludwig.
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