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27 November, 2020, 08:36:49 am
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Playthrough Topic (Hades)

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Author Topic: Playthrough Topic (Hades)  (Read 19382 times)
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« Reply #1500 on: 06 December, 2019, 12:57:31 am »

Taking a break from FF14 to avoid burnout. I bought Star Wars on a whim the other day, and Iíve made some significant progress with it. Overall, itís not bad. It plays like a much clumsier version of Sekiro with its parry mechanic and level design. The Souls influences are obvious, but it also takes inspiration from Uncharted with general character movement and platforming.

I have to emphasize the word clumsy though. Itís definitely not the smoothest game. I feel like Iíve fallen off cliffs far too many times than I can count, and thatís just because the gameís mechanics arenít tight. Jumping while climbing is awful, and sometimes Cal just does some strange things during these platforming segments.  Unfortunately the gameís controls just arenít as tight as they need to be. It takes too many cues from Uncharted in basic movement, which I donít think works well for a game like this.

The level design is good, but itís slightly marred with an awful 3D map. I rarely use it, but in moments when I need to, itís more of a hindrance than it is a helpful tool. That said, it is satisfying to unlock shortcuts.

Iím also worried that this game lacks variety. Iím not sure how far I am into it, but I would venture a guess and say Iím at around the halfway mark. I think thereís just one more planet to actually explore, and that doesnít really bode well for me. Of the three planets that Iíve been to, I donít think I could tell you the difference between two of them. Everything just looks the same, and thatís a bit disappointing. The enemy variety has been fine though. I mean, most of them are Stormtroopers, but itís not so bad.

The boss encounters have been subpar as well. Like, theyíre okay, but they always end up being relegated to normal enemies afterwards. I know Souls does this too, but it literally happens right after I fight them in this game. Like, Iíll fight the Security Drone ďboss,Ē but then the game throws another one at me and gives it a normal enemy health bar, but with the same amount of health. Also, Iíd like to fight less drone robots and more Sith Lords and inquisitors. I get so excited when I encounter the Second Sister, but the game frequently interrupts that fight for story reasons. Itís the one boss that actually feels ďepicĒ to me, for lack of a better word, and I really want to finish it up.

The story has been pretty decent so far. I encountered a major plot development that took me by slight surprise, though in retrospect, Iím not shocked given the nature of this franchiseís story. Cal is a very boring character though, and his character model looks really derpy to me. Itís not the actor thatís based off of him, but the actual character model. Sometimes he looks cross-eyed, or heíll just be staring at the distance. Nothing serious, but it is kind of amusing. The Second Sister seems like a great character, and I hope they can maintain her arc at a good pace.

Overall, itís a fine game. Iím actually more impressed with it than anything else, despite my innumerable critiques. I donít expect Star Wars games to be good these days, so it actually exceeded my expectations. Itís not the best, but it gets the job done.
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