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08 February, 2023, 09:38:02 pm
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Playthrough Topic (Hades)

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Author Topic: Playthrough Topic (Hades)  (Read 33583 times)
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« Reply #1530 on: 23 May, 2020, 01:01:58 am »

Alright, made a lot of progress today. Getting very close to the end now.

Yesterday I finished the fifth kalpa, which proved to be less taxing than the fourth kalpa. I neglected to ingest a Magatama with anti-expel properties, so I clenched every time he casted Mahamaon, but I managed to get lucky each time. I don't remember what strategy I employed, but I believe he took down a few of my demons. Still managed to get him nonetheless with my backups.

Today I took care of entire Tower of Kagatsuchi. I first fought Ahriman (Maniac do you know what happened to our Ahriman?). He was a fun fight, and the forbidden mechanics gimmick wasn't too much of a hassle to work around. I accidentally used focus on Futomomi when he forbade spells though, so he died shortly after. The second phase was actually much more straightforward. The buffs and debuffs remained, so it didn't take long for me to take him down, especially without that gimmick he enforced.

Next I took care of Noah. I fought the first phase thinking it was fine, just like any other fight. Then the second phase started and this turned into such a snoozefest. He wasn't hard at all, but it just took so damn long to kill him. Definitely my least favorite fight in the game. I wasn't crazy about the design either, although Isamu's transplanted face was pretty creepy.

I took a short break from Kagatsuchi and decided to get the final magatama: Masakados. I fought the four devas, each of whom were really fun. Bishamon in particular was pretty dangerous, and I'm thankful I had Dekaja on Atropos. They eventually went down with a few close calls.

Then I returned to the Tower and grinded a bit to get Freikugal. During the process, I got Makarakarn on Demifiend, a skill I had been sorely lacking the entire game. This ability single-handedly got me through the Baal fight. I usually delegate Demifiend as the hard hitter, but I opted to use Futomomi, since he also has the focus skill. Actually, Demifiend with the Masakados magatama and Futomomi totally void curse, but my other party members didn't. She barely hit me with Makarakarn + buffing, but she still kept me on my toes. I finished her off with Futomomi, which felt appropriate given what Chiaki did to him and the manikins.

For reference, I'm level 90. My main party consists of Futomomi, Uber Pixie, and Atropos, who are all in the 80s. Back-ups include Amaterasu, Parvati, Dante, and Daisoujou. I originally didn't plan to get Metatron, but I'm strongly considering grinding to 95 just to get a Metatron with Pierce. I imagine it will be quite useful in the final battle against Lucifer, though I'm told I won't necessarily need Pierce on a demon as long as I have it on Demifiend. Metatron looks cool though and I have nothing better to do so maybe I'll go for it.

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