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08 February, 2023, 09:18:38 pm
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Playthrough Topic (Hades)

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Author Topic: Playthrough Topic (Hades)  (Read 33583 times)
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« Reply #1530 on: 24 May, 2020, 01:33:33 am »

Beat it today.

I grinded to level 95 in an attempt to get Metatron, then saw how much of a pain in the ass it was to get him and just decided to go with my party as it was. I didn't want to have to level up a demon just to evolve him and do a bunch of sacrificial fusion bullshit. So I took on Kagatsuchi, who turned out to be pretty straightforward. Lucifer ended up being more of a challenge. I was doing fine until he got a bunch of crits and brought Demifiend's health down super low. At some point he killed two of my demons in literally one turn with all the crits he was getting. I summoned two more demons after that, but literally on the next turn I took him down with Freikugal.

My main party for those two fights consisted of Pixie, Futomomi, and Atropos. Pixie and Atropos was almost exclusively on support duty. Futomomi actually did good work against Lucifer without Pierce. I needed to use Demifiend for some support in restoring MP with items, so I would occasionally use Futomomi's Focus + Lunge combo. It wasn't much, but it would occasionally do 600-900 damage, which added up a good amount. Demifiend was otherwise doing anywhere between 2000 to 9000 damage depending on if I would get a crit, if the boss used Dekunda or Dekaja, etc. Thankfully I didn't die despite the close calls. I was left with just Demifiend and Pixie and had to summon Amaterasu and Parvati as backups, but they didn't do anything other than steal experience from Futomomi and Atropos, who actually put in work.

Also special shout-out to Pisaca, the unsung hero of this game for me.

I was actually deeply worried I would encounter some more frustrating bosses like Beelzebub, but I'm starting to think I just didn't have the ideal setup for my party with that fight. I enjoyed every other fight in the endgame except for Noah, who was just really boring.

Overall this game was so, so good. I have certain nitpicks with it of course. The inability to select which skills transfer over to a fused demon was very frustrating at times. The encounter rate was also rather high in certain dungeons. This worked out okay in most dungeons, because it helped me level up naturally as I progressed through the game. But there were times when it just became annoying. Estoma only seemed to work well on lower-leveled dungeons. I also hated the entirety of the fourth Kalpa, and I think I was at a low point in that game after I defeated Beelzebub.

Thankfully my opinion totally bounced back shortly after. This game is so surreal and is just dripping with atmosphere. I enjoyed the minimalist storyline, and although I can't say the characters are extremely well-developed, their arcs are pretty interesting to see nonetheless. Music is just so good too. Dante's theme, Lucifer's theme, the town battle, all of it. The game was challenging, but once you discover its mechanics and manipulate your own party, it becomes very doable, minus getting bad RNG at times. It was satisfying to play. Definitely ranks among my favorite JRPGs.

I will miss playing this game, but it's time to move on. I will probably return to it in the future, but it will be several years down the line. Unfortunately physical copies of other SMT games are scarce, so I will have to rely on digital copies for all of the 3DS ones.
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