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Author Topic: Dissension  (Read 510 times)
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Don't follow me...

« on: 19 September, 2008, 10:21:38 pm »

Chapter 2: The Strange Gets Stranger -------------------

  [character]: What is this? This isn't 'our.' If anything i'm more 'in' than i was before. Well, at least i don't have to worry about that weirdo anymore.... [checks closest door to find it locked] there's gotta be some way out of here....

[character walks around the entire room trying each door he comes too. after passing the 12th door he stops]

    [character]: ok, now i know i've passed this door before. or...  hmm.... [character scratches a large 'X' into the door with his fingernail]  Ok, now lets see.

[character continues walking along the wall. every door now has the same 'X' he put on the first one]

    [character]: Alright, what the hell is going on here?

[character turns as a loud clanking sound is coming from one of the doors on the other side of the room. he moves to try and reach the other side but the table seems to stretch out till infinity. Suddenly, the door on the other side bursts open and an army of chefs comes flooding out putting food on the table and setting everything up for a big feast. In the hustle, character gets shoved by someone into a seat. As soon as the table is set perfectly, all fo the chefs retreat leaving character alone in the dining room]

    [character]: W-what the hell...? [turns as another door down from where he is sitting bursts open]

[a man in full French military garb briskly walks in and sits at the head of the table. quickly, he is surrounded by a large number of men carrying maps and talking quickly in French. the man in military garb waves them off]

    [millitary man]: [starts eating while the other men continue to talk to him and point at maps] [looks up to see character sitting at the table] And who, sir, are you?

    [character]: uh, i'm... uh--

    [military man]: Uh, what? don't you know your own name? Come on man, speak! What are you doing here?

    [character]: uh, my name is James. Sir. James, Sir! And i'm not exactly 100% on how i got here.

    [military man]: What do you mean,  'don't know how you got here,'? Everyone has to know how they got someplace. Otherwise, how would they have know how to get there in the first place?

    [French man]: maybe if the person were drugged and taken somewhere while they slept? [is quickly shooed away by the military man]

    [james]: i wasn't drugged. I just...showed up here.... wherever 'here' is....

    [French man]: Fool! Do you not know who you are talking too? This is the great conquerer, Napoleon Bonaparte. How dare you break into his majesty's private summer home and ask where you are! Why he could have your head on a plater if he wished i-- [gets pushed back by Napoleon]

    [Napoleon]: Thats enough. i can talk for myself. You may leave us. all of you. [other Frenchmen leave] Why don't you eat? there is more than i can eat by myself.

    [James]: wow. thank you. [starts eating. looks up with mouth full of food] You know, you're not as bad as people make you out to be.

    [Napoleon]: Yes, well, i tend to strike an imposing figure. [stands up revealing he is actually shorter than James first thought]

    [James]: Uh, sure. Very impressive. [shoves turkey leg in his mouth]

    [Other voice]: Really? looks kinda short to me....

    [Napoleon]: [looks around angrily] Who said that!?

[james and napoleon look to the far corner of the table. Abraham Lincoln is leaning back in his chair drinking a can of beer]

    [James]: There are so many things wrong with this right now. I'm dreaming right? Because this can't be happening. Yep, just a really weird, really vivid dream. Should be waking up anytime now. yep, uh huh. [starts rocking chair back and forth]

    [Abe Lincoln]: [stands up and joins the other two sitting at the far end] I'm afraid not son.

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