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12 July, 2020, 03:08:08 pm
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Author Topic: Dissension  (Read 510 times)
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Don't follow me...

« on: 25 September, 2008, 08:34:15 pm »

Chapter 3: Say 'Hi' to Alice if you See Her... ------------

     [Abe]: [looking at James] Now, what can we do for you?

     [Napoleon]: What do you mean? I'm letting him eat my food out of the goodness of my heart. What have you done today? [turns to James] Just ignore him. Now, what can I do for you?

     [Abe]: I assume he wants to get back home. Its fairly clear he does not belong here.

     [james]: Uh, i may still be a little dazed, but i'm pretty sure you don't belong here either.

     [Abe]: [gives james a disappointed look] You must be confused. I'm here because of you. I'm here to help return home.

     [Napoleon]: You are nothing but a dimwitted giant. He is here because he has some important news from the front. [turns to James] Now tell me, how are the troops fairing? have we conquered the Egyptians yet? TELL ME!

[doors burst open around the room as hundreds of chefs rush in and take all of the dishes away. As they are all leaving small, plump man dressed in a field officer's uniform rushes in]

     [field officer]: SIR! REPORT FROM THE FRONT LINES!

     [Napoleon]: W-what? Oh yes, what do you have to report? [looks sideways at James]

     [field officer]: Sir, we have breached their lines. the city shall be ours soon. We request you presence for the final push. [gives a salute and stands at attention]

     [Napoleon]: [looks back from James to the field officer] Very good. we will leave at once.

[field officer gives a final salute and quickly leaves]

     [Abe]: [bursts out laughing] HA! Told you so.

     [Napoleon]: [considers Abe and James for a few minutes] Then he must be a spy sent to kill me. GUARDS!

     [Abe]: A spy? really? Look at him. the poor boy has no idea what is even going on. [guards enter room] How could he even think of killing you?

[guards draw sabers and advance on James]

     [James]: Woah! hey, wait! i don't even know what i'm doing here. Some guy just told me to start walking in a direction and next thing i know here i am. I'M NOT A SPY!

     [Napoleon]: Thats exactly the kind of thing a spy would say. GUARDS!

[guards move closer to James. James jumps out of chair and starts running. the room stretches again so he is being continuously chased]

     [Abe]: [finally gets up] Alright thats enough. [walks over and sits next to Napoleon. The engage in a whispered conversation] I told you: not a spy.

     [Napoleon]: [thinks for a minute] Hmm... ok, but i'm still not sure about you. Either of you. [looks at Abe] So you will accompany me to the front lines. I don't trust you to be left alone. You will remain under my (and my guards') constant supervision. GUARDS!

[room snaps back to initial form. James falls on his face to find he is lying next to his chair. Guards walk back and stand behind Napoleon's Chair as he stands up to leave]

     [James]: [rubs neck] Ugh... whats happening?

     [Abe]: looks like we're going to war. [replaces top hat with French Foreign legion hat. Puts one on James' head] gonna need this.

     [James]: but i don't want to go to war! people die in wars.

[Napoleon walks to the closest door to his chair and opens it. Everyone walks through it. They appear in the middle of a large battle taking place in and among ancient stone ruins in the desert. Shots are fired and everyone runs for cover]

     [Napoleon]: THIS SHALL BE OUR DAY, MEN! FOR FRANCE! CHARGE! [Napoleon, guards, and Abe run from cover leaving James alone]

     [James]: [crosses himself. proceeds to run out into the ensuing battle]
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