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22 October, 2021, 01:46:03 am
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The Boston Bartender

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Author Topic: The Boston Bartender  (Read 229 times)
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« on: 22 September, 2008, 06:17:48 pm »

I was bored one night, so I wrote this as creepypasta for 4chan. Tell me what you think!

If you drive around the streets of Boston on a late Saturday night, with a little luck, you'll find a small pub with a dim green light in the window. This light will always only fill the top-left pane of the window. If you have nothing to do that night, and are relatively brave, by all means, enter the bar. If not, just keep driving.

Now, if you decide to enter the bar, here's where things get tricky. Before you move on, you must remember one very important thing. DO NOT BE SCARED. I cannot stress this enough. If you have an ounce of fear at any point in this encounter, it could be fatal. Now, after you enter the pub, DO NOT look over to the bar. Keep your eyes focused on a table and walk directly to it. The man behind the bar with drop his glass. Do not look at him. The man will scream at you. This scream will sound like the howling of a thousand souls trying to kill you, but do not be scared. Do not look at him. Just try your hardest to ignore the scream and still down at a table. Make sure to pick a seat facing away from the bar.

After you still down, you will hear the sound of a knife being pulled out of the sink. Do not be afraid. After that, you'll hear a shotgun being cocked right next to your ear. Do not look over your shoulder. If the man hasn't killed you yet, congratulations. You've gotten father than most have. But it's not over yet. Now, the man behind the bar will speak with a normal voice. He will ask you "What brings a man like you to the this pub?" You must reply "To have the drink that robs a man of his childhood." If you reply differently, the man will kill you instantly. If you answered correctly, he'll say "Well, sit at the bar to see the angels." Now you must stand up and take a sit at the bar. The seat doesn't matter, it just has to be at the bar. Now you get to watch the bartender make his special drink.

He'll have his back to you, but you'll still be able to obverse the whole process. You must be silent throughout the whole process, First, he'll pull out a large glass. Then he'll pull out a full bottle of whiskey and pour the whole contents into the glass. Then he'll pull out a jar with a strange black powder in it. He'll take a spoon, and dump a spoonful of the black powder into your drink. After that, he'll pull out a flask. It's a very distinct flask, rounded out at the bottom with a long, narrow neck leading up to the mouth. The mouth will be corked. He'll pop off the cork and pour the contents of the flask into your drink. The contents is said to be a creamy-looking fluid, thick and rich. After he pours the fluid, he''ll stir the contents. "Here, drink up and let it flow," he'll say. "Because every man should drink like it's his last". You must reply with "I'll savor every drop." After you make this statement, the bartender will finally turn around.

The bartender will have no eyes, with marks that they've been clawed out. His teeth will be razor sharp and pointed. You must not react to this. Just ignore it and take your drink. You must not be scared. If you're scared, the drink will taste of rotten meat and kill you. But if you haven't been scared at all throughout this whole encounter, the drink will taste sweet and you'll instantly fall in love with it. You must drink the whole drink in one shot. You must not stop, or it will offend the bartender. If you can manage to drink the drink, the bartender will say "Well, it's obvious you left your childhood ages ago." After he finishes the sentence, stand up and walk out of the pub. The next time you wake up, you'll know the recipe to the drink you drank that night and you'll be well liked by any bartender you meet. But be careful. No one has ever tried to recreate the drink.
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