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25 January, 2022, 11:16:44 pm
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One month after the incident at Saint Manuel-Florentino Children's Hospital

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Author Topic: One month after the incident at Saint Manuel-Florentino Children's Hospital  (Read 661 times)
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« on: 26 November, 2008, 10:53:56 pm »

"You know what I do in times such as these?"

"N-.....no...I don't."

"It's okay; you shouldn't know. You're new and if you had known, I'd have been real creeped out."

"......I'm sorry...."

"That was a joke."

"Oh......heh....ha ha..."

"Yes, I'm hilarious. So, what I do to cope with stuff like this is....play this."

".....a PSP? Okay.....what game is that? Lumines?....Ah, alright. So that's why the other guys call you that...."

"That's quite clever of you; you should become a detective."


"Ouch. I guess I'm not that funny."

"....hm? No, no....it's not you....it's just.....I just spoke to him yesterday. He has family; he told me about his younger brother's softball team making it to the finals....now he's....oh God...."

"I'll be straight with you; you'll never get over seeing things like this by letting it get to you. Find something that will take your mind off of it if you can't deal with it head on."

"......I'll try."

Blood still drips off of Kevin's unrecognizable, upside-down corpse and creates ripples in the small puddle below as the forensics team attempts to find anything at all that can tie this murder to the countless others previous. Almost the entire precinct stands around within the warehouse now lit-up by the morning sun, all staring in the direction of what was left of Kevin with mixed expressions of fury and horror or looking anywhere else, holding back tears for their friend. Lieutenant 'Lumines' and the trench-coat wearing detective stand stand a few meters away; one of the CSI members waves for Lumines to come closer.

"By going on what we've gathered here, it's definitely our guy; the wounding is as jagged as the ones on the other victims. The killer used a serrated knife on this guy just like the others.....we do some more tests, perhaps DNA. We can do some cross referencing with any possible suspects that you guys have...."

"We don't have any, miss," Lumines replies calmly. "I know I'm not supposed to divulge any of this, but we simply have no clue who this man is. All that we can do is try to find a motive that could point us in the right direction....I'm sorry, I'm rambling. Thanks miss....."

"Zelda. That's what I go by, anyways....I'm....sorry for your friend. We're all doing our best to help catch this guy."

The CSI goes back to her work; Lumines walks outside, the detective follows him out with a note pad in hand.

"Alright.....what cases had Kevin.....had the victim been involved in lately?"

Lumines sighs, "He had said something last week about the children's hospital case; you know the one, right?"

The detective nods somberly.

"Well, he spoke about it as if he was assigned to the case and then some; he talked about how we 'let it happen' and that there would be a reckoning for it. I didn't think anything of it, mainly because everyone was torn up to some degree by what happened."

"Hm.....'k; do you know who his partner was?"

"Yes. Lieutenant Guy. He's.....not here today. I'm not sure why."

"Do you think I could visit him at his house?" the detective inquires, "I'd like to speak with him."

"Of course you can.....you think he has some connection to all of this?"

"I think everything is connect to some degree..." the detective replies.

"Sound thinking. So, are you okay?"

"I'll be okay once this guy goes down."

Lumines smiles humorlessly as Zelda yells "HEY! You guys may want to take a look at this!!"

Every last one of the officers quit whatever each of them were doing, be it questioning people who worked nearby at the time of the murder or just contemplating what they were going to do to the one responsible, and ran towards where Kevin still hanged from the support beam.

"At the base of his neck....you'll have to lift his head away from the beam..."

Lumines places on a pair of latex gloves and carefully moves Kevin's head so that they can see the message that carries much more weight than any letter could.



"Is it.... a warning?" the CSI asks.

"No; a promise," says Lumines, "call dispatch, we need people at Lieutenant Guy's house immediately!"

Miles away, two suitcases slam down onto a table in a bustling diner, a gun smuggler smiles, and Inspector Gaffit's fingers tighten around the pearl handle of his custom .475 Wildey Magnum of which he's sure will be used to it's fullest this evening.
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