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Sonic Z

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Author Topic: Sonic Z  (Read 2335 times)
Marie Rose
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« on: 01 January, 2009, 08:30:15 am »

With a story from me, those who have read my Sonny and Shade story (or at least part of it) should know what to expect, as I aim to do the unexpected.

Sonic the Hedgehog and all its characters are the property of Sega.

Chapter 1 – The Gathering (I don’t know why I chose it, I just didn’t have a good name)

On a clear summer’s day, Sonic was peacefully laying under a tree on a field, having a monologue running in his head. “The name’s Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog. Some call me “The Blue Blur”, “The fastest thing alive”, “That short dude with the blue spikes”, or the ever popular “Sonikku.

Suddenly, as if right on queue, Tails arrived by the tree in his Tornado II and stopped.

Sonic looked over at Tails and continued his inner monologue. “This is my pal, Miles “Tails” Prower. He’s also my sidekick and best friend, and has two tails. People like to know if he has two of anything else, but he never likes to answer that question.

“Sonic! Hurry and get in!” Tails yelled. “I’ve got a trace on the ship, and I’m making my way there now.”

Sonic quickly got up and hopped in the tornado. “Alright, let’s get going!”

And with that, Tails started up the engine and they took off. As they made their way towards the ship, Sonic continued his monologue. “So these Metallix robots have been robbing various places for a while now, and by getting aboard this ship, we may gain some more info to help us take them down.

A short time later, they were slowly gaining on the enemy ship which was shaped like Metal Sonic’s head. As they approached the ship in the tornado, the ship began firing a barrage of missiles which Tails evaded by flying over them to the right. He blasted the missiles from the right while slowly ascending as he flew by. He flew up to the back of the head (of which it’s modelled after) and fired a laser cannon, blowing a hole through the ship which they entered.

They travelled down several corridors, blasting grey humanoid robots to pieces as they changed direction every few moments before coming to a stop near a metal door. As they hopped out of the tornado, Tails examined the door for a few moments. He then reached into his seat and pulled out a rocket launcher, just before blowing up the door.

“So where is Knuckles?” Sonic asked, looking around. “Didn’t you say he was on the ship?”

“He’s probably further down here somewhere; he said he followed that Metallix member on board the ship.”

And so, they continued along the newly opened path in the tornado, so the other robots wouldn’t steal it. After blowing up dozens of elite robots of the same variety, they came to a door which had a note on it saying, “Poker game in progress, do not disturb.”

Sonic and Tails examined the note in complete silence for a few moments. Sonic then turned to Tails and said, “Let’s knock it down.”

“Agreed.” Tails replied with a nod.

Behind the door, several generic robots were sitting round a table playing poker. The room was lit with neon green lights. One of the robots swapped one of its cards before saying, “Sonic and Tails must be nearby with all that ruckus going on outside.”

“Don’t worry about them, the elite robots will take care of them.” Another robot replied.

“Yeah but times like this is when they bust down the door, and walk in ready to kick ass, you know?”

“Well that won’t happen this time. They’ve probably been taken care of by now.”

Just then, a big explosion blew up the door and Sonic and Tails walked in, ready to kick ass.

One robot put down its cards. “I hate it when that happens…”

Sonic looked around the room. “Okay fella’s, party’s over. Surrender now and your asses won’t be kicked as hard as they should be.”

One robot stood up. “Sorry, we’re not being paid enough to get our asses kicked, but we’ll do it anyway.” With that, the robot charged at them.

Tails randomly took out a wrench and threw it, hitting the robot and knocking it out. Sonic spin dashed through another, knocking it to the ground. The third one fired several shots at Tails who blocked them with his wrench, then after getting close enough he whacked it in the back of its head, knocking it out.

“This fight scene is pretty lame.” Tails randomly said.

Sonic shrugged. “They’re random robots, it’s not meant to be decent.”

Knuckles suddenly came out of nowhere and punched the last robot through a wall then turned to Sonic and Tails. “Hey guys, about time you got here.”

Sonic, once again, continued his monologue. “That there is Knuckles the Echidna, the last of his kind…maybe. Former rival, and partly my second sidekick, though he doesn’t like to be called that…So Knuckles, what have you been doing while waiting?” 

“Punching things and finding keys, what else?”

“Alright, now we can go through that door we’ll eventually find which needs three keys to get past.”

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles continued on past the room and down more corridors, blowing up more robots then opening a door which required three keys. After the door opened, they walked down a short corridor and into the control room where a Metal Sonic clone was sitting in a metal chair behind a row of consoles above some stairs.

Sonic pointed at the robot. “Give it up, it’s over!”

“Blasphemy!” He yelled, slamming his hand on the console. “Never before have I heard such generic words!”

“You’ll be hearing even more generic words after we spend around 25 seconds punching you around the room!”

He hit a self destruct button on the console. “Then I will run away instead!” He said, as he obviously ran out a backdoor.

Tails pointed at the door and yelled, “After him! He’s running away!” the three of them chased the robot out the door and down the corridor which soon split into four tunnelled paths.

The robot turned its head and yelled, “You’ll never find me down tunnel four!”

Tails pointed again and yelled, “After him! He’s going down tunnel four!”

“Tails, stop pointing out the obvious.” Knuckles responded.

“I can’t help it…”

“Let’s speed up after going down tunnel four!” Sonic yelled. They ran down the tunnel and it soon split into two paths. “How can there be two paths in tunnel four?!”

Knuckles shrugged. “Who said there had to be one path in tunnel four?”

“I just assumed tunnel four had one path.”

“Tunnel four is pretty long.” Tails said.

“I’ll take the second path in tunnel four.” Knuckles said before going down the second path, as he just said.

“Let’s continue down tunnel four.” Sonic said with a nod.

And so they did, and Sonic and Tails soon spotted the Metal Sonic look-alike run past them. Tails then contacted Knuckles using a walkie-talkie. “Knuckles, we found him in tunnel four.”

“Okay, I’m making my way to that tunnel four.”

“We’ll see you at that tunnel four.”

“Something something tunnel four.” Knuckles said before ending the conversation.

They soon cornered the robot, and then Knuckles pointed at him and said, “We’ve trapped you in tunnel four!”

“Blasted, I never thought it could happen in tunnel four, time for plan B.” he turned to a wall and fired a missile as he yelled, “Tunnel fo-I mean, standard missile attack!” he said before blowing up a wall next to him, leading outside. He jumped out of the ship and flew off ahead while slowly descending.

“To the tornado!” Tails yelled before running back. Sonic and Knuckles quickly followed. After they got to the tornado and flew off the ship with Sonic sitting on the right wing, the large ship finally blew up 20 seconds later while Tails tried to pinpoint where the robot flew off to. “Guys, I think I may have found out where he is, though he’s pretty far from here, it seems.”

“So where is he?” Knuckles asked.

“Some forest area.”

“And the name?”

“How should I know? Let’s just follow it but talk a little bit more because there isn’t anything going on at the moment.”

“We’ll talk more when we get there.”

“Fine. But first just one question, just how did you get aboard the ship, Knuckles?”

“Well, I was just minding my own business, looking after the master emerald as usual when suddenly I saw that ship travelling in the distance. Obviously, it was one of those Metallix members, so I followed them to this cargo area where they were loading something onto the ship. They soon spotted me, and I had no choice but to punch out any of the attacking robots in my way and get onto the ship before it took off.”

“And what were they stealing?” Sonic asked.

“I have no idea, but we’ll soon find out.”

A few minutes later, they arrived in a tropical forest with dozens of villagers around and several shops around the area, as well as a large number of huts. Tails parked the tornado by the shore next to several other boats and the three of them hopped onto dry land and walked through the village.

“So which way now, Tails?” Sonic asked.

“Just straight ahead.” He pointed further past a gate.

Suddenly, a person in a black ninja outfit with the Sonic Adventure 2 logo on his chest approached them. “Down there are the ruins of Legendary Heroes.”

“Legendary Heroes?” Knuckles inquired.

“Yep, heroes from another world, or universe, or even dimension!”

“Isn’t a universe bigger than a dimension? Therefore shouldn’t it really have been the last example in your sentence?” Tails asked.

“Whatever, good luck.” He said before walking off.

“Bye, random ninja guy, and thanks.” Sonic waved. “Alright guys, let’s make our way there and find that guy.”

“You’re gonna have to speed through this part, right?” Knuckles asked.

“Looks like it.” Sonic said with a shrug.

“As I figured.”

“So I’ll see you guys there.” Sonic said before running on ahead and jumping over the gate, then speeding down the clear trail straight ahead.

Tails looked at Knuckles and said, “Sonic will most likely take the longest route there, so we should take the shortcut and get there a bit before him.”


Tails and Knuckles jumped over the gate and went to the left instead of straight ahead.
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Marie Rose
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« Reply #1 on: 06 January, 2009, 05:25:15 pm »

It’s just light-hearted fun, folks. Don’t take it too seriously.

Chapter 2 – The Five Legendary Heroes

Deep in the tropical forest, Sonic drifted to the left around some palm trees then ran on ahead. There were randomly placed spikes along the path which he dodged by quickly moving left and right while keeping his speed. He soon hit a spring and flew over a waterfall before reaching the other side and speeding down a trail which slowly descended to the right. A few Eggman robots appeared, which Sonic ran straight through as he continued down the path, eventually coming to the sea. He grinded along a rail before leaping off it and landing on the side of a white pillar in the sea, jumped across several other pillars then ran to the top of the last one and grinded along yet another rail.

As he went along he back flipped onto a right rail as he reached the end of the previous one, then flipped onto a left rail as spikes appeared. He then flipped left, then to the right as the rail passed some trees, curled downwards and ended by another clear trail. Sonic then hit a speed pad and ran at full speed shortly before three big robotic bees slowly caught up with Sonic and began firing small lasers from their stingers. Sonic sped up, as the path occasionally curved left and right slightly as he picked up rocks he ran past and threw them at the bees, slowly damaging them enough to slow them down and explode.

Sonic continued on at full speed after the three bees had fallen, hit a ramp and spin attacked two flying robots before going through an air loop and shortly ending up at a large temple where Tails and Knuckles were waiting. “I’m assuming you guys took the shortcut?”

“Of course.” Tails replied.

“Let’s hurry and find this guy so we can get out of here.” Knuckles said before walking in.

The three of them explored the temple, with Tails leading the way using his tracing device. As the Metallix member spotted them, he made a run for it seconds before Sonic saw him and gave chase. The robot fired a few missiles at pillars down one hallway as he passed them while Sonic ran under them and jumped over a few. As the robot turned the corner, Knuckles hit him with a nearby rock cube and knocked him into a wall. “Thanks goodness for that conveniently placed cube.”

Tails flew over to them seconds later and the three approached the Metallix member.

“So what were you stealing back at that cargo area?” Knuckles said.

“I’m forbidden to tell you.”

“Tell it to my fist!” Knuckles said, getting ready to punch him.

Tails placed a hand on Knuckles shoulder. “Hold on Knuckles, let’s not resort to violence…yet.” Tails turned to the robot. “So your superiors will kill you if you tell us information, huh?”

“Pretty much.”

“How about we promise that we’ll keep you protected until we beat these guys? You know, the kind of negotiation things they do in those cop programmes and such, like CSI.”

The robot shook his head. “There’s no stopping them, and my loyalty to them can never be undone. I’d rather die than tell you their plans.”

Suddenly, a bomb flew out from nowhere and landed next to the robot. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles quickly jumped back before it blew up, causing a big explosion and blowing the robot to bits.

Sonic saw a figure run off from the corner of his right eye and quickly ran after him. He soon lost the figure as he arrived in a big hallway lit with torches.

“I see that you lost him.” Sonic heard a familiar voice from above say. Shadow dropped down a moment later.

Yet again, Sonic continued his inner monologue. “This guy here is Shadow the Hedgehog. He’s a rival and an ally when the time calls for it. We don’t fight much these days, and seem to have a case of mutual respect for each other, without really having to point it out...Shadow? What are you doing here?” Sonic asked just before Tails and Knuckles caught up with them.

“The real question is, what are you guys doing here?”

“Chasing down this Metallix member to find out more about these guys.”

Sonic and Shadow eyed each other suspiciously for a few moments before Shadow finally said, “Yeah, the Metallix thing, I’m doing that too.”

“While we’re here, let’s look around these legendary hero ruins.” Tails said as he walked along the corridor, looking at the walls with a flashlight. He stopped at one wall and gasped. “Guys, look at this one!”

Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow walked over and looked up at the mural which displayed an ancient painting of a massive muscular beast with only a ghostly tail where its legs should be, and a spiky forehead destroying a city with a river completely evaporated in the background.

“So what’s this mural about?” Knuckles asked.

“There doesn’t seem to be any information anywhere here on the wall.” Shadow said, looking around.

As Tails, Knuckles and Shadow continued looking at the mural; Sonic walked on a bit ahead and saw a message written on a wall near the end of the path. He read it out loud which said, “Blue, Black, Purple, Red, Green...what does that mean?”

“Hey Sonic!” Tails waved at him. “We should get going.”

“Right.” Sonic said before glancing at the wall once more and then leaving the ruins with them.

As they left the ruins and walked down the stairs, Sonic said, “So Shadow, what are you planning to do now?”

“Do a little more research, because I’ve got nothing better to do.”

Tails took out a card with his two tails on it and handed it to Shadow. “Remember, you can drop by my recently built base whenever you feel like it.”

“I’ll consider it.” Shadow said, placing it in that place where characters keep the chaos emeralds when they aren’t holding them. “Good luck to you guys.” Shadow said before taking out an emerald and teleported using chaos control.

“Well, time to get back to the base.” Tails said, while Sonic and Knuckles nodded.

A few minutes later after getting to the tornado, they took off and arrived in Station Square sometime later, despite the fact it should be underwater but was perfectly fine in Sonic Adventure 2. They flew to a quiet area of the city where there was a big white and red house and the garage door opened as they approached it. Tails flew the tornado in and the garage door closed.

As Tails landed the tornado, a robotic voice said, “Welcome back, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Did your mission go as planned?”

“Not necessarily.” Tails said with a sigh as he got out of the ship. Tails looked on ahead and said, “This here is an assistant type robot to look after this house I built, I named it P.A.L. He’s really just a security camera built in areas around the house with a voice.”

“Tails, who are you talking to?” Sonic asked.

Tails shrugged. “I have no idea. So as I was saying, I built this place about a few months ago, and we usually meet up here now for dealing with evildoers and such, and I also live here, and occasionally with other people, if they wanna stay round.”

Sonic looked around. “Is there someone else here I‘m not aware of?”

“Oh, just so you know, Sonic, this girl came here looking for you earlier, so I let here stay here until you came back.” P.A.L said.

“You don’t mean...”

Amy suddenly came through a wall and hugged Sonic from behind. “Sonic, there you are! I was waiting ages for you!”

“It was only 10 minutes.” P.A.L replied.

Sonic, yet again, continued his inner monologue. “This energetic girl here is Amy Rose. She seems to have a thing for stalking me and trying to hit me with her Piko Piko hammer if I somehow tick her off. I should really get one of those restraining orders...So how did you find this place, Amy?” Sonic inquired.

“I followed you here yesterday, silly.”

“You’ve gotta stop doing that...”

Knuckles who was still sitting in the tornado with a dull look on his face said, “So, are we getting something to eat in the meantime before investigating this Metallix thing further?”

“Well I’m pretty hungry myself.” Tails said as he got back in the drivers seat.

Sonic slipped out of Amy’s grasp and onto the right wing. “Let’s go!”

“I’ll come with you guys!” Amy said before grabbing onto the back.

“Have fun, you four.” P.A.L said.

“I’ll bring back some metallic food of some kind, P.A.L.” Tails said, starting up the engine.

“Would you? I’d be ever so grateful.”

And with that, the tornado soared into the sky moments after the garage door opened.

In a mysterious location, surrounded with gas and steam, the figure from within the ruins entered a dark room where someone else was waiting. “Did you complete your mission?” The second figure asked.

“Yes, it went just as planned.”

“I love it when a plan comes together.”

“As do I, boss, as do I...”

Back in Station Square, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy were still flying across the city in the tornado and eventually flew past SA2 riding a flying unicycle.

“Tails, how long till we get there?” Amy asked.

“About five minutes or so, you won’t have to hold on a lot longer.”

Sonic looked down from the right wing. “You’d think you would’ve sped up the engine speed on this thing with all the free time you have.”

“I work with what I’ve got.” Tails replied.

When Sonic looked up, in front of him he saw a young teenage girl with angel wings and long black hair, tied into pigtails. She was about 5’8”, had purple eyes and wore a white robe with three black stripes at the end of the sleeves for her arms and legs. She wore purple shoes and had a golden pendant, which was shaped like a thin, long crystal. “You know, you could have just ran there instead.”

“Whoa!” Sonic said in shock, moving back slightly, which got the others attention. “Who are you?”

“Excuse my manners, I am the Psychic Angel, it’s just the alias I go by. You’re probably wondering why your friends can’t see me, but that’s a secret.”

“And why are you here? Did you come to drag me off on an adventure in another world? That seems to happen a lot.”

“No, nothing like that, I came to thank you because you freed me.”

“Freed you? How?”

“Remember that message on the wall about the colours? That’s how. My friends and I were sealed away there for ages, until you came along and read that out. My friends are off doing…um…something, I don’t really know.”

“You mean to free you guys I only had to read out five colours in connection to each other?”

The angel shrugged. “Pretty much.”

“That’s stupid.”

She shrugged again. “Pretty much.”

“Why is Sonic talking to himself?” Amy said, turning her attention to Knuckles.

Knuckles shrugged. “If Sonic wants to talk to himself, that’s his decision.”

Sonic continued his conversation with the angel. “So what do you plan to do now?”

“Well, I just have this feeling something bad is going to happen soon, I just know it. Or it could just be gas, I’m not entirely sure.”

“Bad things happen here at least once a week, that’s why we usually take care of that.”

“I mean something worse, something powerful enough to destroy the earth.”

“That just gives me another reason to find the emeralds and go Super Sonic on its ass.”

“So I was thinking I could follow you guys until I find out what I should do about this problem...”

Sonic shook his head. “Sorry, we’ve got important business at the moment, and I’d feel responsible if you got hurt because of me.”

“I’m a legendary hero; I can take care of myself, trust me.”

“It still wouldn’t feel right...”

“Aren’t you Sonic the Hedgehog, the guy who’s willing to help out anyone who has a problem as long as it’s possible to do so?”

“Of course I’ll help you, but right after we take care of a few things. Maybe this Metallix thing is somehow connected to what you’re suggesting.”

“I’d be shocked if it somehow wasn’t.”

“Though I’m kinda busy, so it’ll have to wait quite a while.”

“C’mon! Help a girl out, please?” She pleaded.

“Tails, can you speed it up?” Sonic asked nervously.

“Only if you stop talking to yourself.” Tails replied, keeping his eyes ahead.


Tails hit a button on the tornado and the ship flew off twice as fast, quickly getting away from the angel girl. When Sonic looked back, he saw that she had mysteriously vanished.
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« Reply #2 on: 06 January, 2009, 09:20:36 pm »

(b '_')b
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Marie Rose
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« Reply #3 on: 10 January, 2009, 04:25:09 pm »

Tu all the haterz out thar, her nam iz nut Marie Sue, OK? Jus liek my caraeter isn’t tu…I make light-hearted fun of most things, it’s what I do.

Chapter 3 – Further Investigation

A while after the angel girl had disappeared; Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy were still flying across the city in the Tornado II. After a short period of silence, Tails turned to Sonic and said, “So why were you talking to yourself earlier?”

“No particular reason, it’s nothing to worry about.”

“If you say so…”

“I wonder what Shadow is busy doing right now…”

In the middle of a wasteland, Shadow was crouching down behind a large rock, looking ahead at two robots standing right outside a large factory. He took out a walkie-talkie device and spoke into it. “Rouge, are you inside the factory yet?”

Rouge came out of an elevator moments later wearing a spy cat suit, there were robot parts all over the floor inside the elevator. “Yeah, I’m in. You should make your way to the nearest entrance and meet me at floor 3B.”

“Understood.” Shadow replied with a nod. He then leapt over the rock and charged at the robots as they turned to him.

“Hey, isn’t that Shadow the Hedgehog?” One of them said.

“Who?” The other asked.

“You know, the ultimate lifeform?”

“Nah, it can’t be him.”

Shadow ran straight through the robots, smashing them to pieces as he ran in.

“See, I told you it was him!” The first one said.

“Well, I guess I lay corrected.” The second replied.

“Don’t you mean stand co-oh wait, I just got that.”

Shadow ran down one narrow corridor and jumped up and clung to the ceiling as one guard robot walked down. Shadow continued down the tall narrow hallways and kicked one robot’s head off as it turned a corner. He soon entered a dark room with several platforms higher up in the air and a space next to the area. He wall jumped up to the platforms, hopped across them and then somersaulted under a small space by a wall.

He ran down another corridor and fly kicked a few robots before reaching an elevator and taking it to floor 3B. On the way up, at floor 2C, the elevator doors opened and two robots appeared. They took one look at Shadow, then stepped back and waited for the door to close. After Shadow reached floor 3B and left the elevator, he saw Rouge waving at him from a banister further away.

He walked up to her and said, “Alright, let’s do this.”

Suddenly, the alarms went off and the room began flashing red. Rouge turned to Shadow and said, “You let them see you, right?”

“It just makes my job more amusing.” Shadow leapt off the banister to the ground below and ran down a corridor towards a door which was guarded by two armed robots. They began firing as they saw Shadow, who jumped into the air then teleported using chaos control. He reappeared beside the left robot and kicked its head off, then teleported in front of the right one and threw it at the wall. He then spin dashed through the door and into a big room where there was several robots on a path to the left firing at him.

Rouge spiral kicked the robots as Shadow ran by then quickly followed him. As they entered a large room, the door closed behind them and a big robot samurai wielding a katana dropped down and charged at them. As the samurai attempted to slice them in half with his blade, they jumped out the way. Shadow countered with a roundhouse kick which the samurai blocked with his sword meanwhile Rouge kicked him with both feet from behind, knocking the samurai to the ground.

The robot quickly flipped up and fired wide orange energy waves from his katana which sent them flying back moments before the samurai charged at them again. As the samurai was seconds away from them, Rouge touched Shadow’s shoulder as he pulled out a chaos emerald and used chaos control to slow down the samurai. Shadow then grabbed the sword and ripped it out of his hands, and then Rouge stuck her foot right through the samurai’s stomach just before Shadow chopped its head off with his own blade.

Rouge then removed her foot before the samurai’s lifeless body fell to pieces. Suddenly, the door ahead opened up and Shadow and Rouge walked on ahead to the next room where a green chaos emerald was held in a glass container. Shadow punched through the glass and grabbed the emerald before saying, “Well, I got what I came for, so we should get going.”

“You only came for the chaos emerald? Don’t you already have one?”

“Yeah but these guys stole my standard emerald I carry with me, the green one, when it’s not being used to achieve super form status. So I came to take it back and beat up a bunch of robots while doing so. I’ve been using that grey emerald as a replacement for a few days. So, did you happen to find any leads on that Metallix thing?”

“Nothing so far.”

“So, are you gonna make your own way out, or would you like my assistance?”

“I guess a little chaos control would be nice.”

“It’s just transportation the easy way.” Shadow said before him and Rouge teleported out of the base.

Meanwhile, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy had recently arrived at Station Square diner and were sitting round a rectangular table. Sonic and Knuckles sat opposite each other, Tails sat on Knuckles side and Amy insisted on sitting next to Sonic and invading his personal space.

Knuckles randomly started sniffing moments before he said, “I smell self insertion…” as he looked around suspiciously.

“You’re just being paranoid, Knuckles.” Amy replied moments before SA2 walked up to a table nearby with some fries.

“So what does everyone want?” Tails asked as he picked up the menu. “My treat.”

“The usual.” Sonic replied.

“What’s that?”

“A chilli dog and a nice cold drink of orange soda.”


“I’ll have a knuckle sandwich.” Knuckles said.

“Is that new?”

“Yeah, by about a few weeks.”

“I need a sandwich named after myself...so Amy, what do you want?”

“Just radical fries and a salad, please.”

“Okay, now to order.” Tails waved at one waitress from further away. As she approached the table, Sonic noticed it was the angel girl from before wearing a white blouse and a long black skirt. “May I take your order?” She asked as she reached the table.

“Yes.” Tails replied before handing her a note. “It saves me having to say it all out again.” 

“Okay, I’ll be on that right after I take in those menus.” As she started collecting them, Sonic leaned next to her ear and whispered, “You’re going to keep following me until I agree to let you keep following me, right?”

“Pretty much.”

“Regardless of the little difference it makes, I guess haven’t got much of a choice in the matter.”

“Damn right you haven’t.” And with that, she finished collecting the menus and left. Their food soon arrived and they began eating. When Tails was full from eating a plate full of chicken (well, it seemed like a good idea at the time), Sonic and Knuckles noticed there was one left. They quickly glanced at each other then made a grab for the last piece. Sonic whacked Knuckles hand away just before Knuckles used his second hand to shove Sonic’s out the way.

This carried on for a few moments before Sonic finally managed to grab the chicken drumstick and as he raised it to his mouth, Knuckles punched it out of his hand and onto Amy’s plate, who then proceeded to quickly eat it as Sonic and Knuckles sighed.

Shortly afterwards, the angel girl in her original white robe hovered down next to Sonic and said, “I just heard your friend, Cream is being held hostage by some villain in the downtown area.”

“And where did you hear this?” Sonic asked quietly.


“Well thanks for the information.” He then spoke up. “Guys, I just received word that there’s some villain in the downtown area holding Cream hostage…speaking of which, it’s been quite a while since we saw a certain mad scientist around…”

“Who is that?” Tails asked.

“You know, the guy I’ve beaten countless times before…”

“The guy in the black trench coat we beat up last week?”

“No! I’m talking about Eggman! Remember Eggman?”

“Oh yeah…what’s he doing these days?”

“Probably building another Eggmanland to torment me. But enough of that, let’s hurry and get down there.”

“Don’t forget to leave the money, guys.” Knuckles reminded them.

“Waiter!” Tails yelled. As one walked over, he handed him a bag of rings. The waiter looked up and said, “Sorry Sir, we don’t take rings.”

Tails sighed. “Do you take Visa?”

While this was going on, Sonic turned to Amy and said, “Its best if you don’t get involved, since we don’t know what we’re dealing with here.”

“But if Cream is in trouble then I wanna help too!”

“I’ll make sure Cream isn’t harmed…if it’s possible anyway.”

After Tails finished paying, the three of them quickly left the diner, hopped into the tornado and flew off to the downtown area. A few moments after they were far above the ground, the angel girl appeared next to Sonic. “So you have more enemies than just Eggman?”

“Only recently really, they just sort of come out of nowhere to be honest. And when are you going to show yourself so my friends don’t think I’m crazy, talking to myself?”

“Maybe soon, but I prefer it this way.”


“Because then no-one can focus most of their attention on me, with me being the subject of almost every conversation, being liked by most characters and Amy won’t have to accuse me of trying to steal you away from her. I also won’t be accused of being over powered and overshadowing the main cast.”

“Um…okay.” Sonic replied while scratching his forehead. “So you said you’re one of the five legendary heroes, right?”

“That’s right.” She said with a nod.

“So where are the other four?”

“Oh, you’ll probably see them around sometime soon I’m guessing.”

“Well that’s fine, maybe one of your friends will turn up in the downtown area to confront this villain.”

“So what’s this villain’s name?” She asked, leaning in slightly closer which made Sonic back away slightly.

“I don’t know yet, I’ll find out when we get there, so until then, nothing is certain.”

“I’ll shut up then.”

“Just do what you wanna do.”

While facing forward, Knuckles said, “Sonic, how much longer are you gonna keep talking to yourself?”

“I’m not entirely certain yet.”

Back at Tails’ house, Amy walked in carrying a bag and placed it on a table. “Here P.A.L, Tails said to give you this.”

“Oh, wonderful!” P.A.L said as he looked into the bag.

Amy walked into the living room, sat down on the sofa in front of the television and switched it on. She then turned it to the news which showed the action taking place downtown.

Meanwhile, Shadow was walking through a park when G.U.N HQ contacted him. Shadow pushed a button on the communicator. “What is it, Commander?”

“We’ve received a bit more information on the Metallix project from a group of anthropomorphic animals, when you have the time, you should take a look yourself.”

“Thanks for the info, now if you would excuse me, I have to wish one of my fangirls a happy birthday.” He said before disconnecting and carried on walking.


Tails was putting up a sign which read, “Sonic Says.” And nodded in approval at his work. Sonic ran up to Tails and painted over it so it said, “Sonic Sez.” Then nodded while Tails rolled his eyes at it.

Sonic quickly spun around and began talking. “Kids, there’s nothing cooler than sharing your cookies with people you like, but when someone tries to put their filthy hands in your cookie jar, that’s NO good! They’re your cookies; no-one has the right to take one if you don’t want them to. So what do you do? First, you slap the fool, then you say, “Keep your hands to yourself, cheapskate!”

“That’s not very helpful advice.” Tails responded.

“Well it worked on Knuckles.”

“Yeah…just before he punched you in the gut and took the cookies anyway.”

“Don’t you worry, I’ll find him soon, and then he’ll pay.” Sonic nodded in a serious manner.
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It’s a bit longer than the previous ones, but not much really…I like parodying things.

Chapter 4 – The Power of Sally Sue

In downtown Station Square, outside a tall sky scraper a teenage girl had Cream and Cheese held hostage and had a gun pointed at them while several police officers further away had their guns pointed at the girl. She had long elegant blonde hair, golden eyes; she wore a white dress which sparkled and shoes to match.

As Sonic, Tails and Knuckles approached the area, Tails set it to auto-pilot and the three of them hopped out and landed right in front of the officers a moment before Sonic said, “We’ll take it from here, guys. We’re gonna need some room to sort this out, health and safety reasons, of course.”

Cream cheerfully smiled as they arrived. “Sonic, Tails, Knuckles! Thank goodness you’re here!”

“We’ll take her down in no time, Cream.” Knuckles said before cracking his knuckles.

As the officers backed up quite a bit towards safe spots further away, the Psychic Angel looked at the teenage girl holding Cream hostage and asked, “So who’s this?”

“That there is Sally Sue, she’s related to the original Mary Sue, and that spells trouble.”

“So she’s really good at pulling off crap which she really shouldn’t be able to do?”

“Sadly, yes. We’ve beaten her once before but it was quite difficult.”

“Well then, this shouldn’t take too long, you guys will get beat up for about five minutes, then due to sheer willpower, you’ll keep trying and she’ll become shocked by your efforts, back down slightly and eventually lose.”

“That actually sounds pretty accurate.” Sonic said, nodding briefly.

“So when you said she could pull off things she shouldn’t be able to do, what did you mean by that?” she asked, turning to Sonic.

Sonic looked over at Sally Sue to see she was holding two cars in both hands. “Pretty much that.”

A moment later, Sally threw the cars at the three of them who ran off in different directions towards her while the angel girl landed on a pavement nearby and yelled, “I’ll just yell random things from a great distance away!”

Sally punched down a lamppost as Sonic approached her and attempted to whack him with it as he jumped up and tried to spin attack her. She hit him with the steel pole and sent Sonic flying through a store window. Tails randomly took out a wrench and threw it at her, which she blocked with her arm and knocked it into the air. Tails jumped up and kicked it at her again, which she whacked out the way.

Meanwhile, Knuckles ran towards her from behind and as he threw a punch, she quickly turned around and grabbed his fist. She then threw a punch which Knuckles whacked out the way then countered with another punch which she dodged before attacking with a kick which Knuckles ducked under. While this was going on, Tails dropped down, took out an orange laser cannon and charged it up then fired a moment after Sally punched Knuckles across the street.

It was a direct hit and she went flying, hit the ground twice and slammed through a wall. As Knuckles got back up, he said, “We’re gonna catch hell for that one.”

“Why?” Tails asked.

“Violence against girls, even if they’re evil.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

As this was going on, Sonic finally climbed out of the window a moment before the angel said, “Well you sure took your time.”

“Being hit by a steel pole hurts quite a lot, you know.” He said while slowly walking towards Tails and Knuckles.

While Tails and Knuckles were busy discussing the stupidity of double standards and occasional swearing and Cream and Cheese were left clueless, Sally Sue quickly appeared with a wreaking ball, aiming straight for Tails.

After seeing the wreaking ball, Sonic frantically yelled, “Tails! Bend over!”

Tails scratched his forehead in confusion. “Bend over? Am I in a slash fic again?”

Knuckles quickly ducked and Tails was hit by the wreaking ball, Sonic then yelled, “Sorry! I meant duck, not bend over! I have no idea why I said that…”

Knuckles walked over to Sonic and said, “Honesty, bend over?”

Sonic shrugged. “Duck, bend over, same thing.”

“Except one is used in sexual subtext.”

As Sonic and Knuckles continued arguing, Sally Sue transformed her right arm into a minigun and aimed at the two of them shortly after Tails had recovered. Sonic and Knuckles noticed her a moment before she fired and quickly jumped out the way as she randomly fired around the area.

Tails ran back, frantically waving his arms and yelling, “Run awaaaaay!” before jumping behind a car. He then popped his head out seconds later and said, “To devise a plan!” before hiding again.

Sally Sue continued firing at the three of them while any civilians who happened to be around continued to stand there while Cream and Cheese stood near a building watching. Sally Sue soon stopped to reload, and Tails then took the opportunity to throw a wrench at her head, hitting her and knocking her to the ground.

She got up, rubbing her forehead in frustration and started yelling at them. “That’s it! Now I’m mad! That was totally cheap!”

“Seemed like the perfect attack then.” Sonic replied.

“I’ll let you have that one, Sonic…and may I say, that comeback was pretty lame.”

“There wasn’t much to work with there, give me a break.”

“Well let’s see you work with this!” And with that, she fired angelic laser beams around the area, blowing up random things as the civilians fled the scene while Cream and Cheese ducked.

Tails soon popped up from the car and fired a laser beam from his cannon which Sally Sue dodged. Knuckles jumped out and tried to punch her but missed as she jumped back. Sonic then slide tackled her and knocked her back, then flipped and spin attacked her towards Tails who grabbed her feet and spun her round twice before throwing her towards Knuckles. Knuckles quickly jumped up and punched her out of the city, but before flying off she yelled, “I’ve signed on for at least 30 more chapters so you haven’t seen the last of me!”

After a few moments of looking up into the sky, Knuckles turned to Sonic and said, “What did she mean by that?”

He shrugged. “Beats me.”

Psychic Angel floated over to Sonic and said, “The “not getting what you’re talking about” thing is starting to get old.”

“I honestly don’t know.”

“Well you should.”

Cream and Cheese quickly rushed over to the four of them and she curtsied. “Thank you for saving me again, guys. You all fought very bravery.”

“Very bravery?” Psychic Angel inquired. “You guys were getting your asses kicked!”

“It’s called being supportive.” Sonic replied as he turned to her.

“Well I’m just being honest.”

“I thought you said your friends would turn up anyway?”

“Actually, you said that, and I’m surprised they haven’t.”

Knuckles suddenly said, “I should probably get back to the floating island before the Master Emerald ends up getting taken again. I’ll see you guys round.” He waved from behind as he walked off.

“Nice seeing ya, Knuckles.” Sonic shouted back. He then turned to Cream and continued his inner monologue which was long forgotten. “So this polite and sugary sweet bunny here is Cream the Rabbit, who is personally too nice for her own good, but then again she’s only six...or so I heard.

“So Cream, what are you doing here?” Tails asked.

“I was just coming out of the shopping mall as that girl was being fired at by police.”

“Oh, well let’s get back to my base.” Tails said before running off and jumping in the tornado. Sonic, Cream and Cheese slowly made their way there and hopped in also.

Meanwhile, Shadow was busying chasing two figures atop a train as they came out of a tunnel. As the two figures reached the end of the train they spun around. The first was a hedgehog made of ice, being dark blue while the tips of his spikes and the centre of his stomach was light blue, and his eyes were green. The second was a hedgehog completely made of black mist and his eyes were white. The hedgehog made of ice was called Sonny the Hedgehog while the black hedgehog was called Shade the Hedgehog.

As Shadow reached them, Sonny saluted him then flipped off the edge while Shade stayed.

“So who are you?” Shadow asked.

“Shade the Hedgehog, one of those legendary hero types. I’m like, totally mysterious and dark.”

Shadow quirked an eyebrow. “Are you making fun of me?”

“No, I’m totally serious.”

“So how did you get the information on the Metallix thing?”

“Because as heroes, it’s what we do. I’ve gotta get going, I look forward to seeing you again sometime soon.” He said before flipping off the edge.

Sonic, Tails, Cream and Cheese soon arrived at the base and entered through the garage. P.A.L greeted the three as they arrived. “Welcome back, Sonic, Tails and Cream. Oh, and Cheese too.”

“Hey P.A.L.” Tails said as he got out. “Is everything fine?”

“Perfectly fine. A shame about you guys getting slapped about.”

Psychic Angel crossed her arms. “See, even he says it.”

“I’d like to see you do any better.” Sonic said as he rolled his eyes.

A moment later, Amy ran into the garage and hugged Sonic, which is to be expected. “Sonic! Thank goodness you’re safe! You should have let me help out against that mean old Sue. You had a really tough time beating her.”

“It would have been hard either way, but thanks for caring.” He then slipped out of her grasp and moved back a few feet. “So when are you going to make others aware of your presence and not make it seem like I’m talking to myself?” He said quietly to the angel.

“I don’t know, sometime soon I guess. I’m a little hesitant on the idea.”

“Why?” Sonic asked.

“Well, Amy for one thing, considering anyone who happens to be female and talk to you once in a while is considered a threat…”

“Amy’s not so bad; you guys will get along just fine.”

“We are talking about the same pink hedgehog, right?”

“At least I hope so.”

Suddenly, the doorbell was heard. Tails ran off to answer it as he said, “I’ll get it!”

“Don’t worry, Tails.” P.A.L began. “I can ea-“

NO! I’ll get it!” Tails yelled.

“Okay, okay, you get it.”

“You bet I will.” He said before answering the door. He saw Blaze the Cat right before his eyes standing on the welcome mat. “Oh, Blaze! Come on in!” he said before grabbing her hand and pulling her inside the house. “So what brings you here?”

“Well, one minute I was fighting Eggman Nega in this high revolutionary space station, and then some reaction from the Sol emeralds caused me to appear on this planet. Then I soon saw this black hedgehog who was challenging this robot to a breakdancing contest. He showed me to this house, where I’m telling you all this now.”

“Well that okay, I could work on a way to get you back tomorrow, but in the meantime you can stay here.”

“In other words, it’ll probably be like several months before you do finally come up with a way, right?”

“Most likely.” Tails said with a shrug. “So before you ask, this place is like a base which Sonic, Knuckles and I usually meet up from time to time to take down evil and such.”

“Like a superhero team style thing?”

“How so?” asked an intrigued Tails.

“Like this.”


Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were sitting round a table in a basement eating a pizza and had special leather outfits on. The leather outfits were fully black and they all had a different symbol on the front of their suits. Sonic had a blue circled space on the front and in the middle was the Sonicteam logo which was also blue. He had a blue line going from his shoulders to his hands. He also had a blue line going from his waist down to his feet. Around his waist he had a blue belt with the Sonicteam symbol on it and on both sides he has two small pouches to put things in.

The top half of the gloves were black with the Sonicteam symbol while the bottom half was blue. Around the fingers were three blue lines. His shoes matched his gloves. Tails and Knuckles outfits were also the same, but slightly different. Tails lines were orange and he had a picture of his two tail’s on his suit while Knuckles one had red lines and had a picture of his fist on the suit.

To the right of them was a large widescreen which suddenly switched on and the president appeared. Tails quickly pointed at the screen and yelled, “Holy fish paste! It’s the president!”

“Hello, boys.” He greeted them. “Eggman is up to his old tricks again.”

“Just tell us where.” Sonic said with a nod while Knuckles pounded his fists together.

“He’s outside Casinopolis right now. I look forward to hearing good news from you three.” The president said before disconnecting.

Tails quickly stood up and yelled, “To the tornadomobile!” he then stroked his chin and said, “Nah, that sounds stupid...to the shipmobile!...nah, that sounds lame. Oh screw it, to the tornado!” he yelled before running off five feet to the right and jumping in, while Sonic and Knuckles were there waiting for him.

Tails turned on the engine and blasted through a wall, going at 100 miles an hour on a path towards Casinopolis.


“I should probably just leave it there.” After a few moments of silence, Blaze then said, “I’ve been told I have a wild imagination at times.”

“I suggested we should have done that, but Sonic and Knuckles disagreed.”

“Regardless of how unnecessary and lame the concept of the idea is, it does seem quite amusing.”

“I know!” Tails replied in agreement.

Sonic walked in seconds later and saw Blaze and continued his ongoing inner monologue. “Well look at that, it’s Blaze the Cat. She’s as dedicated to her job as Knuckles is, and probably as stubborn as Shadow to match. Though she softened up a bit overtime...Oh, hey Blaze, did you come to visit?”

“Not intentionally, anyway. It’s a long story.”

“You can tell it after I show you around.” Tails said before grabbing her hand and heading towards the exit.

“Its fine, Tails, I don’t want to be too much of a hassle for you.” Blaze said.

“Nonsense! I like to show people around.” Tails replied before they left the room.

Psychic Angel appeared next to Sonic and then said, “He sure likes to show people around.”

“It’s his house so it’s totally fine.” Sonic replied.

“By the way, the name is Crystal, just for your convenience.”

“Thanks for the info.”


SA2 walked onto the right side of a set with some notes. In the middle of the set was a red curtain which opened to reveal a picture of Metal Sonic leading hundreds of robots. SA2 began to read out the notes. “So after those few chapters of…whatever, we move on to the real story. Since it’s a Sonic story, obviously, we’ll start with Sonic’s part…you’ll see what I’m talking about eventually. So stay tuned for the Metallix Saga…” SA2 looked up. “We really didn’t have a good name for it.”
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Now begins the first of the short ‘Sagas’, each one focusing on a particular character…sort of.

Updated once every five days, don’t cha’ know.


Metallix Saga: Chapter 5 – The Doctor’s New Base (And he seems to have a lot)

It was the next morning within the house. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the description was pretty basic, and the grass was green. We join Tails in the living room, lying on the couch and watching television. He looked bored as he flicked through the channels. Blaze walked into the room moments later, yawned and then saw down on the couch seconds after Tails sat up.

“Good morning, Tails.” Blaze said.

“Good morning, Blaze, how was your sleep?” Tails asked.

“Perfectly fine. So where is Sonic right now?” She asked, looking around.

“He’s out speeding down the streets.”

Somewhere downtown, Sonic was atop a downhill road with a skateboard as City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2 began playing. He jumped on the board and went down the hill at blistering speed as he yelled, “Wooo!” After several moments he turned to the right at an intersection and dodged a few cars ahead before turning right and going down another road and hitting a ramp. Sonic slowly flipped while spinning several times, then after landing he dodged cars going down the left and right sides of the road.

He soon approached a gate and flipped off his skateboard and over the gate before touching the ground at 00:42. He ran on ahead and slide tackled a robot while going over a hump then spin attacked another before swiftly moving left and right through a park as he dodged trees in his path. He then hit a speed pad which faced left, and then he hit another just before spin dashing through more robots then going down a hill. He hit a spring which sent him diagonally left, and then hit a few more before landing on the streets again at 01:14.

He began jumping across cars for a short while before bouncing higher up using a spring, spin attacking several flying robots then going through an air hoop and hitting a few more springs before running along the side of a building at 01:29. He made it to the top at 01:43 and jumped across the rooftops then jumped onto a rail at 02:07, and started flipping to the left and right rails before jumping off moments later, moved left and right around cars and came to a halt at Tails’ house.

Sonic entered the house and into the living room. As Tails noticed him, he got up and said, “Sonic, I know what we gotta do now.”

“What?” Sonic asked.

“Go visit Eggman’s base.”

“Because he’s behind almost everything that happens?”

“Yeah, that. And I know where it is.”


“I’ll explain on the way there.”

Knuckles walked in seconds later, looking a lot angrier than usual. “The Master Emerald was stolen again. I left it for like 10 minutes just to get something to eat, and then someone made off with it. I’m really in the mood to punch something right now.”

“Good.” Sonic replied. “Keep that attitude for when we arrive at Eggman’s base. Let’s go, guys!” Sonic said before running off.

“Good luck, and let me know if you see Eggman Nega or something.” Blaze said before they left.

The news suddenly came on with some sounds being heard in the background. Moments later, a young teenage boy with grey pupils and brown hair with three long sharp strands of hair sticking up slightly walked on screen and sat down. He wore a black suit of armor with several spaces with neon green lights flowing around it and he had a titanium arm cannon attached to his right arm. He picked up some cards and read them out. “Hello, kind viewers, I’m now your host on this news network. Just call me Animan.”

“I wonder if this kind of thing happens often…” Blaze said to herself.

Sometime later, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles approached Eggman’s base in the middle of a forest. Tails landed the tornado near some trees and the three of them climbed out.

“So Tails, how did you know where Eggman’s base was, all of a sudden?” Knuckles asked.

“With our help, of course.” The trio heard a familiar voice reply. Shadow and Rouge dropped down from a tree nearby seconds later and walked up to them.

“Shadow, still showing up at the most appropriate times, I see.” Sonic said with a nod.

Knuckles turned to Rouge and said, “Hey, did you steal the Master Emerald again?”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I haven’t tried to steal it recently.”

“Yeah, I’m sure…”

“Well, talk all you want out here, I’m going in.” Sonic said before running on ahead and into the base as the steel door opened. Knuckles ran in seconds later.

“So how did you find his base, Shadow?” Tails asked as he turned to him.

“By looking around, of course. By the way, have you seen any other hedgehogs running around at the moment?”

“More hedgehogs? Not really. So anyway, I should catch up with those guys, take care.” Tails waved as he ran off.

In Eggman’s control room, he watched Sonic and Knuckles speeding through his base with Sonic spin attacking robots, flying off ramps and using springs while Knuckles beat up robots, pulled levers, climbed walls and unlocked doors as they proceeded. Eggman switched off the screen and waited a few moments. After a few explosions, the door flew off its hinges and Sonic and Knuckles walked in.

“It’s been a while, Sonic.” Eggman said as he spun round.

“So what have you been up to these days, Eggman? Has Metal Sonic turned against you again recently?”

“Indeed he has.”

“Well you don’t seem too bothered.” Knuckles replied.

“I’ve been quite busy recently, so as long as he doesn’t interfere with my plans, he’s free to do what he chooses.”

“One more thing, did you take the Master Emerald again?”

“I can assure you I haven’t been anywhere near it in sometime now, after all, there are others besides me.”

“But you cause most of the problems.”

“True, now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to work.” Eggman said before spinning round again.

Sonic looked left and right before saying, “That’s it? No ambush of robots? No gargantuan robot with your face on it? Not even a witty remark making fun of me?”

“I wasn’t exactly prepared for your arrival, so you’ll have to forgive me for not living up to your expectations.”

“Whatever, you keep making robots and I’ll keep knocking ‘em down.” Sonic said as he slowly walked towards the exit.

Knuckles glanced over at Sonic, and then looked over at Eggman. “So, where is Metal Sonic right now and why is he smuggling things with an army of robots?”

“I know nothing of his methods, nor does it concern me. The exit is behind you.”

“I’ve still got my eyes on you.” Knuckles said as he walked backwards towards the exit while pointing at Eggman.

As Sonic slowly walked back, Tails came towards him and stopped. “Sonic! Did you see all those Eggman’s robots? There were like, dozens of them!”

“I know. Let’s get outta here.”


Back at Tails’ house, Blaze was still watching the television when she heard Amy rush down the stairs and into the living room.

“Where’s Sonic?” She asked.

“Sonic, Tails and Knuckles went to Eggman’s new base...so, um, yeah.”

“Well he’ll most likely be back in a few hours; in the meantime, you could come shopping with me.”

“Sure, why not, I was getting bored of the news anyway. Do all news reports last an hour?”

“Not the ones I’ve seen.”

Back in the forest, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles made it back to the tornado within a few minutes and flew off into the sky. Shortly after the plane took off, Crystal appeared beside Sonic.

“Good morning, Sonic.” Crystal greeted him. “How are you this pleasant morning?”

“A little confused with all this weirdness going on. So where were you earlier today?”

“Well I stayed up late last night, so I didn’t wake up early and earlier, I had a long shower, and did some hero stuff this morning.”

“That’s great...I guess.”

Tails and Knuckles glanced at each other, and then continued with what they were doing.

“So I found a chaos emerald.” Crystal said before taking out a purple one and giving it to Sonic. “Those Metallix guys had one.”

“You beat them up by yourself? I’m curious to find out how good you are, I assume you’ll most likely be overpowered.”

“I’m not overpowered; I’m just cool like that.”

Tails looked over the edge and saw something glowing red within the dozens of trees in the forest. Tails landed the plane near the light and the three hopped out while Crystal watched. The red sparkling light quickly became a circle of fire as psychotic laughing was heard which Crystal recognized as she floated down to Sonic. “Well, we seem to have found one of my friends.”

“Your friends are weird.” Sonic glanced over at Tails and Knuckles. “But then again...”

The fire suddenly disappeared and there stood a figure. In the form of a young teenage girl, she had red hair which she tied with a blue bow at the back of her neck, and red eyes. She covered herself with a black cloak with flames painted on at the bottom. She also had red demon wings and a long tail and underneath the cloak she had a standard black attire which covered the necessary parts...and flames. She had a scythe which had a blue point at the bottom, the rest of the stick was red and the blade at the end was blue.

“Haaaaaahahahaha! How dares to challenge the great demon lord, Wildfire?” She said with a grin.

“Wildfire?” Sonic asked, looking at Crystal.

“She couldn’t think of anything good. Her real name is Amber.”

“She has a pretty cool scythe.”

“She stole it from some demon princess who looks like a little girl. Amber isn’t really evil; she just does nonsense like this to scare people, but it never works.”

Sonic turned to Tails and asked, “Hey Tails, you scared?”

“Not really.”

“Told ya.” Crystal said with a nod.

Amber pointed at her. “Hey! Shut up, Crystal!”

While Tails and Knuckles were totally confused, Crystal pointed at Amber and responded with, “No, you shut up!”

“Let’s take our business to another area.”

“Fine by me.” The two of them left, while Sonic, Tails and Knuckles stood in silence.

“Let’s just forget this happened.” Knuckles suggested.

“Agreed.” Tails nodded.

In some random city centre, Amy, Cream and Blaze were travelling down a row of shops, with Blaze carrying half a dozen of Amy’s bags while she continued to keep buying things. She ran over to a Sonic plushie stand and said, “Oh my gosh, look at that!”  She then ran over to one shop with a blue Piko Piko hammer with the Sonicteam logo on it in the window and yelled, “Look at that!” She then ran over to SA2 who was selling kunai and yelled, “Look at that!”

“Buy something or go away.” SA2 replied.

“Amy, can we please go?” Blaze asked. “You’re buying too much.”

“Oh, this is nothing; you should see her on Sunday’s.” Cream replied.

At Tails’ house, the trio soon arrived and found Shadow and Rouge waiting there for them.

“What’re you guys doing here?” Tails asked.

Shadow cleared his throat. “If I recall correctly, you invited me yesterday.”

“Oh, right.”

“But that’s not really why we’re here.”

Rouge threw them a card as she said, “We found this.”

Knuckles picked it up. “Da hood of Metallix?”

“It’s a secret organization where those Metallix members meet up, discuss things in meetings, and plan out their world domination tactics. Team Chaotix helped out with this research, though I still have to pay them...”

“You’ll think of a way.” Shadow replied.

Tails stroked his chin as Knuckles handed him the card. “So now that we know the name of this place.” He then turned it over. “And the location, apparently, so how do we find out more?”

As the five of them were in a deep state of concentration, Blaze walked in and up to Sonic. “What’s going on here?”

“Some evil business as usual, where did you go?”

“Shopping with Amy, it wasn’t that bad but it was sure tiring. The next thing you know, I’ve gonna start asking if my usual outfit makes me look fat.”

“Let’s hope that day never comes.”

Shadow stood next to Tails before saying, “I think someone needs to build a robot, complete with decent voice acting and camera, then we sneak it into the base among its fellow robots, then learn what we can about this organization.”

The others nodded in agreement.

“Now we just need someone capable of building a highly advanced and convincing robot.” He then nudged Tails. “I repeat, we need someone with good machinery skills.” He nudged him a few more times, much to Tails’ annoyance. “We need a-”

“Alright!” Tails yelled as he threw his hands up. “I get it! Fine, I’ll go waste hours building it right now for you impatient guys who don’t take me seriously!” Tails sighed as he walked away.

“That’s our Tails.” Sonic said as he gave him a thumbs up.

Thought I’d try something new...


It was late at night and Sonic was wide awake, lying down in bed as the song started. He slowly got up and rubbed some sleep from his eyes, then left the room and slowly walked down the hallway, down the stairs, got his gloves and shoes on and then left the house. He closed the door, spun around and took off at 00:39, running along a straight path for a few seconds before bouncing off large rocks then leaping off the last one.

Seconds later he moved through traffic so fast he knocked cars out the way before hitting three springs, flipping then speeding along a rail. He flipped off and ran along a tall building, towards the ground then through the streets again as he picked up speed at 01:05, leaping as he spun into a ball and bounced across several cars. He quickly drifted round a corner and jumped over cars coming his way, then grabbed a lamppost and spun round another corner and ran past a woman at such a speed her dress flipped up. Sonic quickly ran back seconds later and handed her a note before quickly taking off again at 01:22.

Sonic leapt up onto a rooftop and ran along it, jumping across two others then hit a ramp at 01:30 as he closed his eyes and sang along moments before slamming right into a brick wall.

Sonic limped into Tails’ house a bit later and up to his room. As he walked down the hallway, Tails opened his door and saw Sonic. “You got stopped, huh?”

“I still had a good time, either way.”
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That guy

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*Clap clap*


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I know what you’re thinking...it doesn’t make any sense at all right now...that wasn’t what you were thinking? My apologies then.

Metallix Saga: Chapter 6 – Doing the Robot

It had been five minutes since Tails left the others, went down to the basement and began working on the robot for their plan in a small laboratory area. He was designing the robot on a computer program at the time.

Upstairs in the living room, Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Rouge and Cream were sitting down, facing Blaze who was speaking. “Well, since some of you want to know what happened, and because nothing better is happening right now, I’ll explain fully. Listen carefully now, because I don’t want to go over it a second time.”

Amy raised her hand. “Doesn’t Tails want to hear this too?”

“I’m recording it right now.”

“Oh, okay.”

“So, now I’ll begin…”


It was quite late at night in the middle of a forest, the stars were shining and a gentle breeze filled the air. Ahead was Eggman Nega’s base, being a tall red tower with his face on it and green lights going along the outline of his face. There were dozens of Eggman robots wondering outside the base and a gate further back.

Blaze appeared beyond the horizon, running towards the base at an average pace as she thought to herself. “Now that he’s gotten his hands on all seven Sol Emeralds, I must stop him before he finishes charging his secret weapon, whatever it is. I have no idea what awaits me, maybe a massive beast capable of ripping steel apart with his hands, or a ferocious rabbit who can bite his way through steel, or maybe that dog from Duck Hunt who would mock you every time you missed...I hated that dog.

Blaze stopped thinking to herself seconds before flipping over the gate, triggering an alarm as one of the robots contacted Eggman Nega. “Doctor, the cat is in the facility!”

“What? Already? Then just hurry up and shoot her, or at least stall her.”

“Yes, Doctor.” The robot cut off the connection and begin firing at Blaze as she charged at him. The second he started firing, she leapt over the robot and shoved her foot through the robot, then quickly took off before it dropped to the ground and exploded.

She ran past any other robots that fired at her and straight into the base. He entered a long and wide white corridor, with a yellow line along the middle of the floor and paths to the left and right. A white jeep, driven by two Eggman robots came out from the left path and began chasing Blaze, firing randomly for a few moments and then they began huddling bombs at her which she quickly avoided.

She turned right at the end of the path and along a corkscrew path as the jeep followed but the robots ran out of ammo as they reached the top. Blaze then hopped back and onto the roof, spun around and punched through the glass and straight through the driver. She then flipped off the jeep before it crashed into a wall and exploded, because that’s what jeeps do, they explode.


Knuckles raised his hand. “Yeah, I don’t mean to be rude and all, but this part seems kinda dull. I mean, the rush in and kick ass part where you know any generic enemy is just fodder. Could we get to the good bits, please?”

“Very well.”


After a few more floors of kicking ass and taking names, Blaze approached the final floor. Upon entering a room, just further ahead stood a giant robot dinosaur, equipped with rocket launchers on its back.


Sonic raised his hand.

Blaze sighed. “Yes, Sonic?”

“You know, you don’t have to make up awesome stuff to make us pay attention.”

“I’m not, this really happened.”

“Oh, then may I say, that’s pretty awesome…please continue.”

Rouge then quickly said, “Did you guys know dinosaurs make everything better?” After a moment of silence, she said, “Because they do.”

“Dinosaurs scare me.” Cream replied. “Especially robot ones.”


The dinosaur roared seconds before firing dozens of rockets at Blaze who ran around the room, flipping and somersaulting as she dodged them. She leapt up towards the robot as it fired another rocket; she landed on the rocket with one foot and then leapt off it, covered her arm in fire and then elbowed the dinosaur in the chest, knocking it back a few feet.

As the robot regained its balance, it swung its tail at Blaze who jumped on it and ran along it as the robot stopped moving. She climbed along the spikes on its back to the robot’s head, then with her claws she slashed at the wires connecting the rocket launchers to the dinosaur, and then hopped off the robot as it tried to squash her.

As she touched the ground she slid a great distance away before firing a barrage of rockets at the dinosaur, completely obliterating it in a flash of lights. After most of the smoke had cleared, Blaze ran on ahead and through a few more rooms before getting to the highest room where Eggman Nega awaited. The Sol Emeralds were visible in a tube reacting with static electricity nearby.

“It’s over, Nega, now hand back the Sol Emeralds.” Blaze said as she walked into the room.

“I wasn’t expecting you for another few minutes, but I guess I have no choice...” Eggman Nega pressed a button on a control console near him, which opened a hatch, revealing a big robot with his clothes design and holes along its chest to shoot missiles. He jumped into the robot and charged at Blaze, trying to squash her with its fists and feet as Blaze hopped back. She then leapt forward and covered her knee in fire before hitting the glass screen protecting Nega. Though the robot was damaged, it quickly whacked Blaze aside.

As Blaze was getting up, the robot fired a wide laser beam which she flipped over as she charged at the robot. She threw several punches before jumping as it tried to kick her, then she threw several more before sliding underneath the robot as Nega tried to crush her with its fist. Blaze then roundhouse kicked the robot and sent it flying into the control panel, causing more static electricity to flow within the tube. Seconds later there was a bright flash and the two of them vanished.


Back at the present time, Blaze nodded. “And that’s how it happened.”

P.A.L suddenly came to life. “I have a question.”

“Yes, computer programmed helper I haven’t been introduced to?”

“Oh, pardon my behaviour, my name is P.A.L, as you said, a computer programmed helper created by Tails to help take care of necessary things in the house. But back to my point, do you have no Sol Emeralds on you at all?”

“Nope, not at all.”

Shadow raised his hand. “Wouldn’t you being here technically mess up the planet somehow?”

“Well, it hasn’t done so yet, anyway, and Tails is working on my problem...I think.”

“Smooth.” Sonic said in a dull and exaggerated tone moments before he left as he said, “Speaking of which, I’m going to check on how Tails is getting on.”

Sonic entered the basement and walked up to Tails as he said, “Hey Tails, how ya doing?”

“It’s going fine, I guess.” Tails replied before turning round. “Though there are still some problems I may have to fix. You see, the battery which was going to be used to power the robot was originally going to be a negatively charged node, but since an AAA battery contains quite a lot of kinetic energy combining both would make more sense, and I noticed this quite quickly and I-”

As Tails went on, all Sonic could hear from him was “Blah blah blabidy blah.” As Crystal appeared beside him, he thought to himself. “Technobabble, I’ll soon understand it fully one day without falling asleep...

“Tails is meant to be eight years old, right?” Crystal asked.

“Yeah, though he might be older now, I haven’t been paying much attention. So where did you go?”

“Just to have a little sparring match with my best friend, it’s all for fun really.”

“A demon lord is your best friend? The irony amazes me.”

“Yeah, she’s the idiotic, egotistical, obscene type while I’m the cynical, graceful and polite type.”

“Then why do you act like her?”

“I’ve just mellowed out quite a bit, that’s all.”

As Sonic began listening to Tails again, he placed a hand on his shoulder. “Tails, you’re doing the over complicated explanation thing again.”

“Oh, sorry. So anyway, the robot will be fully finished in about an hour.”

An hour later...

Everyone else was sitting down in the living room upstairs, waiting for Tails to finish. Crystal turned to Sonic and said, “Hey, I just noticed you haven’t done your monologue thing on Miss Fanservice yet.”

“There’s no need.”

“...I see...”


“Why is Sonic talking to himself?” Blaze asked Knuckles.

“He’s been doing that for a while now, we just try to ignore it.”

“I’m ready, guys!” They all heard Tails shout seconds before entering the room, followed by his Metal Sonic look-alike. The robot was a darker shade of blue, had red eyes, a red stripe going down its forehead, and big black fingers capable of shooting out little missiles.

Tails cleared his throat before speaking. “Its name shall be Metanic, and I now it’s kind of a stupid name, but I don’t care. Now, just because I can...”

Tails pressed a button on a remote he had just taken out and Metanic began doing the robot which Tails giggled at. “Heh, I love that, the joke was obvious but I decided to go along with it. So, we’ll start this plan tomorrow morning, until then, just do what you wanna do, or you could stay over for the night...since people don’t stay over often.”

“He’s quite eager for more people to stay over.” P.A.L added.

Meanwhile, Eggman was sitting in the same dark room, contacting Metal Sonic on his high-tech widescreen monitor. “So Metal Sonic, who are things going down there?”

“Perfectly according to plan, operation “Generic plot to take over the world.” Is in progress and will be completed within a few short days.”

“Excellent, and just so you know, Sonic isn’t aware yet.”

“I wouldn’t care if he was aware. Let him come, I’ve show him who the better Sonic truly is.” Metal Sonic said before the connection cut. A wide devilish grin slowly spread across Eggman’s face.



As the song started, the scene took place at Tails’ workshop in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 which was never mentioned. The sun slowly rose up over the horizon, brightening up the sky. By the window inside the workshop was a blue flicky with a bent wing, recalling events of Tails saving him from drowning and flying with a pack of flickies including a pink bird among the pack.

It then cut to another scene of Tails flying around the bird, and then he tried to imitate him by failed to do so. It then cut to the present time as the flicky approached the open window with a look of determination in his eyes. As the chorus began, he took off, struggling to stay afloat at first before getting the hang of it seconds later as he flew higher and chirped happily.

Tails heard the chirping and ran outside in time to see the bird and waved goodbye as the bird did the same shortly before joining up with some other flickies. Late that night, Tails was in a small room designing the Tornado on a sheet moments before hanging his head as he sighed. He raised his head a moment later, took out a pen and began carefully drawing along the sheet with beads of sweat dripping down his forehead.

As the chorus started, he dreamt about flying over the six zones from the first Sonic the Hedgehog game in a metal grey prototype of the Tornado. After a while of flying, he looked over the edge to see himself down below, looking up at him and mouthing the words, “Hey, because I believe in yooooou!”

Tails awoke moments later with his head resting on the sheet and sat up before beginning work on the Tornado, such as checking the wheels, adding the wings, fixing the engine and adding the red design with his signature two tails symbol on it. Tails then hopped into the plane and turned on the engine as the chorus started.

A “Woo!” was heard as the Tornado travelled out of the workshop and down the runway in slow motion. The plane picked up speed before taking off and soared to the right with dozens of black and white birds following the plane. As the plane flew across the city, SA2 ran outside his front door to see the plane fly by.

“I can fly!” Tails enthusiastically proclaimed moments later.

“He can fly!” Dozens of civilians yelled seconds later. 

The birds then sang, “The plane can fly!”

He caught up to the Death Egg which had recently exploded, and as Super Sonic flew down towards the plane, he said, “Whoa! It can fly!”

“I can fly!” Tails yelled again. The birds did the same seconds later and carried on for a long while. As they flew over an island, dozens of animals raised their hands up and yelled, “Fly, fly, flyyyyyyy!” as they flew off over the sea in the direction of the sun.
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Darn it, it was meant to be “chuckled.”, not “giggled.”, I knew it didn’t feel right…imagining Tails giggling makes me cringe a bit for some unknown reason…I hope you know what I’m referring to.

Metallix Saga: Chapter 7 – In Da Hood

It was early at Tails’ house, the next morning. Crystal sat on a bed in an empty room, jotting down notes in a purple diary she had bought a short while ago.

*January, something, something

Hey Diary, it’s your owner, Crystal.

Well, it’s been a few days since I woke up in that old tomb and I’ve been staying at Miles Prower’s house and with several others of his friends, though I only communicate with Sonic at this particular time. I’m not really sure what my other friends are doing or where they are at the moment, but I’ll seek them out at some point. I’m sure certain people have been wondering where I’ve been for the last few decades or so...

And that’s about it for now.

Crystal closed the book and flew out of the room and down the clear corridor. In the living room, Sonic and Shadow were sitting down on the couch watching television while Tails was adjusting a few bolts on Metanic.

“So Tails, you ready to get started?” Sonic asked.

“Pretty much.” Tails replied before standing up straight. “Where’s Knuckles anyway?”

“He’s at the gym across town.” Rouge replied as she flew into the room and sat down on the couch.

“Again? After what happened last time?”

“What happened last time?” Shadow asked.



It was two weeks before the present time and Knuckles was at the gym. It was pretty big and only had one floor, with dozens of weights, equipment and accessories all on one floor. The carpets were light blue and the walls were white. There was barely anyone around as Knuckles was practicing his jabs on a punching bag.

There was an anthropomorphic lion further away lifting weights when he turned in Knuckles’ direction and said, “Hey shorty, you done with that bag yet?”

“My name is not shorty.” He said calmly as he carried on.

“Well I need to use the bag for a bit, shorty, so you’re gonna have to step aside.”

“I’m busy, and my name is Knuckles, don’t make me show you why, Fluffy.”

The lion pointed at Knuckles and furiously yelled, “Don’t make me have to come kick your ass!”

Knuckles suddenly stopped. “Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? I don’t see anyone else around here so you must be talking to me!”

“I’m here.” Big the Cat responded as he raised his hand from further away.

“You’re always here!” Knuckles yelled as he threw his hands up.

“RAWR!” The lion yelled as he charged at Knuckles.

“Let’s see what you got!” Knuckles yelled before charging at the lion.


“Long story short, after a short while, Knuckles kicked his ass.” Tails said.

“I need to go check out that gym.” Shadow replied.

Seconds later, a baseball smashed through a window nearby, followed by Amy yelling, “Sorry about that, Tails!”


“I’ll get right on that just as soon as my battery power recharges.” PA.L said before switching himself off.

Tails cleared his throat before saying, “Well, let’s get started!” He placed a microchip inside the robot then placed another within his computer which allowed him to fully control its body. Metanic made his way out of the house and towards the designated area.

While this went on, the news appeared on the television, hosted by Animan. “Hello again, people, and welcome to the news. It’s not really news; it’s just a way to throw off the producers. Today’s subject of discussion is spoof movies, why do they suck these days? Ahh, here’s our first caller, you’re on the air.”

A posh woman’s voice was heard. “I believe the creators of some of those spoof movies have simply ran out of ideas, or are just incompetent imbeciles in general.”

“This is the first time I’ve totally agreed with a posh woman.” Animan replied.

“Quite.” She responded as she sipped tea before hanging up.

“Ahh, we have another caller, you’re on the air.”

Sonny the Hedgehog’s voice was heard. “Hey Mads, how’s it going?”

“Hey Sonny, it’s going just fine, though you’re gonna have to say something about spoof movies.”

“Oh yeah, well I think these guys just need to do more research on what is funny and what isn’t.”

“Good point, oh look, we have another caller.”

Shade the Hedgehog’s voice was heard. “Sonny, what are you doing?”

“Calling in to talk to Mads, what else?”

“We have more important things we should be doing right now...no offence, Mads.”

“None taken.” Mads said as he narrowed his eyes at the camera.

Shade then cleared his throat. “And just for the record, I feel that there are only a certain number of spoofs you can do before they get lame. Then again, it’s possible to laugh at almost anything as long as it’s done right and you’re awake enough to laugh at the joke in general.”

“Excellent point, Shade, well that’s all we have time for, take care, as you’d be Mads not to.” He said as he waved.

Sonic turned to Shadow and asked, “Are those the two hedgehogs you were talking about?”

“Yeah, their plans are as mysterious as I used to be, when I still cared anyway.”

Meanwhile, Metanic had recently arrived at the organization on a private island. It looked like a big black abandoned factory as Metanic stopped at the door and knocked.

“Who is it?” He heard a voice on the other side reply.

“My name is Metanic; I’ve come to join your robot facility.” Tails replied in a muffled voice.

“The password?”

“Uhh...Metal Sonic is the real Sonic?”

After a short period of silence, he said, “Correct, you may enter.” Seconds before the door opened up and Metanic cautiously walked in.

SA2 walked up to Metanic and said, “Just ahead is the leisure centre, to chill out and relax, to your right is the cafeteria, and to your left are the sleeping chambers, you’ll have to see one of the boss’ to be assigned to your correct room. Try not to wonder into any secret places now...” He said before leaving.

At Tails’ house, Sonic, Shadow, Rouge, and Blaze were gathering round Tails on his computer, watching as they saw the inside of the factory using the robot. Knuckles walked in, scratching his head and walked up to the others. “Hey, what’s going on here?”

“We’re inside their base now.” Tails replied. “So did you start any fights?”

“Well, that lion apologized for being rude, and I didn’t, and he got mad and one thing led to another...”

“I sometimes think you like starting fights.” Sonic said.

“It’s just in his nature; he’s all brawn and no brains.” Rouge added.

“Why you...” Knuckles said as he shook his fist.

“Save it for later, guys.” Shadow said as he crossed his arms.

“Let’s get back to the main objective now.” Tails said as he pressed a few buttons.

Within the factory, Metanic wondered around, passing several robots chatting as they looked at Metanic suspiciously and the leisure centre where he saw several exercise machines, a snooker table, a Sega Genesis and a television broadcasting a robot soap opera.

After a short while, Metanic entered the cafeteria where the walls were grey, the floor, tables and chairs were green and there were eight seats at each table. Metanic got a silver metal tray and joined a small queue where hey served metal versions of average food.

At that moment in Tails’ house, Amy walked into the room and up to the others. “Hey, what’re you guys looking at?”

“Just business.” Shadow replied.

“Since when do robots need to eat?” She asked.

“It’s best not to question it.” Blaze replied.


“Just don’t.”

Meanwhile, Metanic got metal fries, two pieces of metal chicken, and a metal shake before sitting at one table with six other robots, while two of them had feminine voices.

“Hey Tails, ask what they think of me.” Sonic suggested.

Tails shrugged. “Sure, why not.”

Metanic looked around before saying, “Hey, what do you guys think of that guy, Sonic the Hedgehog?”

Everyone in the facility dropped their cutlery and focused their attention on Metanic.

“He’s troublesome!” One robot finally yelled out.

“He’s annoying!” A second yelled.

“I think he’s a pretty cool guy.” A third said before being hit by a pan.

“When we see that guy, we’ll pulverize him!” Another robot yelled at the top of his lungs as the others cheered.

One of the feminine robots sitting by Metanic leaned in and said, “I don’t really hate Sonic, I love him dearly, I’m just playing along.”

“Me too, he’s so dreamy...” The second feminine robot replied.

At Tails’ house, Sonic grinned as he scratched his forehead while the others watched Amy who looked surprisingly calm.

“What?” Amy responded.

“You seem really calm about this.” Shadow replied. “It disturbs me...”

“I’m taking new medication.”

“Ahh.” The others responded.

As Metanic ate one of his fries, he asked, “So where is Metal Sonic right now so I can discuss my sleeping arrangements, since I’m new here.”

“There hasn’t been anyone new here in quite a while.” The feminine robot replied. “He’s in one of those meetings right now, a bunch of robots and him hold them once a week in a room on the second floor.”

“Second floor, huh? Thanks for your help.”

“Your welcome.” She said before Metanic took off.

And so, Metanic made his way down the corridors and up some stairs towards a big room on the right and stopped by the wall and looked through a hole in the wall. Inside the room was a single large rectangular table with four seats on each side and one seat ahead of them. Many torches lit the room and there was a water container in the corner.

A dark red robot that was three times the size of Metal Sonic and looked like him too entered the room, the camera focusing on him from a low angle as he said, “Gentlemen!” He walked over and sat down in the chair at the end of the table and took out a clipboard. “Welcome to the very first annual Metallic Council of Maniacal Evil week meetings…of doom! I am known as Metared, for no reason. I have assembled a number of robotic characters here for one reason, to take down Sonic the Hedgehog and stick his spikes right up his ass! Now for the Robot role call! Metal Sonic!”

Metal Sonic who was sitting to the right of him, raised his hand and shrugged as he said, “Meh.”

“Mecha Sonic from Sonic and Knuckles!” He called out.

“Right here.” He replied as he sat in the chair to Metared’s left.

“Tails Doll!”

Tails doll who sat right next to Metal Sonic, raised his hand and the red dot on his antenna flashed.

“Metal Knuckles!”

Metal Knuckles sat next to Tails Doll and held a fist up as he said, “Always a pleasure.”


Eggrobo sat on the last seat in Metal Sonic’s row by Metal Knuckles; he raised his gun and fired in midair.

“Egg Pawn #37 from Sonic Heroes!”

The Egg Pawn sat next to Mecha Sonic and made a few beeping noises.

“Egg Fighter, also known as ED-MF1999 from Sonic Unleashed.”

“Hi there.” He said as he waved.

“Now let’s get down to business.” Metared said, looking up from his clipboard.

“Hold on, what about the last seat?” Mecha Sonic asked.

“It was decided eight robots were enough, that space is reserved for another time. Now to business, who has an idea on how to beat Sonic?”

Egg Pawn raised his hand. *Beep beep, beep beep beep, beep, beep*

“Someone translate that.” Metared said.

ED-MF1999 then said, “He says we should create a level which doesn’t have a goal ring.”


“It wouldn’t work.” Metal Sonic said.

“And why not?”

“Because game physics don’t work that way.”

“I agree.” Metal Knuckles said as he raised his hand.

*Beep beep beep beep beep* Egg Pawn replied.

“What did he say?” Mecha asked.

“He said we could trap Sonic in a place where the place slowly caves in and crushes him.” ED-MF1999 replied.

“That’s stupid.” Metal Sonic responded.

*Beep beep beep* Egg Pawn replied.

Everyone looked at ED-MF1999 moments before he said, “He says you’re stupid.”

Metal Sonic shrugged. “At least I don’t get taken out quickly.”

“Don’t get me started on that.” Mecha Sonic responded.

Metared slammed his fist on the table. “Enough bickering! We must discuss a plan!”

“Why is Tails Doll even here?” Mecha asked. “He isn’t even a robot!”

“He’s here for being a pretty cool guy.” Metared replied.

Eggrobo fired his pistol into the air.

“I agree.” Metal Knuckles said with a brief nod.

“Shut up and stop agreeing, Knuckles.” Mecha Sonic replied.

“No, you shut up.”

“I agree with Knuckles.” Metal Sonic added.

Mecha shook his head. “You’re just saying that because you hate me.”

“I hate everyone, but I’m not gonna lie, I dislike you more.”

Shut the hell up, you insolent imbeciles!” Tails Doll randomly said, causing everyone to stop.

That is why Tails Doll is here, because he gets things done, and doesn’t flaunt his evilness.” Metared replied.

Metal Sonic sat up. “Look, to beat Sonic, we must think of something which isn’t about platforming levels.”

“Sonic without platforming levels? That’s insane! But then again, it has happened a few times…and people hated those times.”

ED-MF1999 raised his hand.

“Go ahead, generic Eggman robot.” Metared said, looking in his direction.

“Maybe we should create a convincing robot of Tails, after kidnapping him, and then lead Sonic to a dark area where we’ll ambush him.”

“That’s the dumbest plan I’ve ever heard, you officially fail.”

“Aww man…” ED-MF1999 said as he hung his head in shame.

“Screw you guys, your plans suck, that guy at Jonathanc316@hotmail.com should be able to help.”

*Beep beep beep* Egg Pawn added.

“Indeed.” Metared replied.

Your foolish bodies will burn in the pits of robot hell!” Tails Doll randomly said.

“You bet your ass they will.” Metared nodded. “Now, our meeting is adjured.” As the eight of them began leaving, Metanic who was still watching outside quickly run off and down the stairs. (I decided to make a short story of these particular segments, the link is in the next post)

Metanic leaned against a wall next to the stairs and waited for a short while until Metal Sonic came down, then Metanic approached him. “Hello, it is an honour to meet you, I’m new here and I need a room.”

“I see…” Metal Sonic replied, eyeing Metanic suspiciously before taking out an ID card with the number #147 on it. “Here’s your room, now get lost.” Metal Sonic said as he walked past him.

Metanic watched him walk around a corner before leaving in the other direction.


As the song started, the scene started outside Casinopolis in Station Square. There were six Eggman robots holding dozens of people hostage around the area. Knuckles came walking down the street, and as he approached the robots, everyone focused their attention on him one at a time.

One Eggman robot pointed at Knuckles and the other five charged at him from three directions before the chorus started. Knuckles spun around and punched one robot in the face, knocking it to the ground. He then hit one with the back of his fist, before tripping another and then elbowing the fourth one. As the fifth swung at him, he ducked then punched its head off before pointing at the last one as he said, “Hey!”

As the robot pointed at himself, Knuckles said, “I’m gonna get you too!” just before it tried to run off. Knuckles threw a rock which hit the robot and knocked it out.

It the cut to a scene of dozens of Eggman robots stealing the Master Emerald in the Egg Carrier and taking over the floating island, while Knuckles climbed up the floating island and made it to the top as the chorus started. Knuckles kicked one robot into several others, then spun round and punched one in the chest into a few others. He whacked two more robots out the way and threw three punches at the last one, then hopped over it and glided towards the Egg Carrier as the last robot spontaneously combusted.

Knuckles spent a short while gliding over rocks before making it onto the Egg Carrier. He ran past all the robots and picked up the Master Emerald before making his way to the exit until he ran into Metal Knuckles who punched him in the stomach, stole 10 rings from him then slapped him with a spatula. As he walked off, Knuckles slowly stood up, followed by Metal Knuckles turning round seconds later.

They charged at each other as the chorus started, followed by Metal Knuckles punching Knuckles across the face, then Knuckles punching him in the stomach, then MK head butting him before Knuckles countered with a kick, then blocked his next punch followed by him punching MK several times before knocking him into a wall and taking off with the Master Emerald. He made it back to the floating island and placed the Emerald on the shrine before sitting by the steps.
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Teh link:

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I wish there were some medicine pills just titled, “Laughter.”, that’d be hilarious awesome. It makes sense when you get the message.

Metallix Saga: Chapter 8 – Infiltrating the Metallic Base

For the remainder of the evening, Metanic was in the leisure centre, playing Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis, for nostalgia reasons, of course. Late that night, Metanic left the area after being one of the last robots in the room, and went to sleep in his chamber. During this point, Tails shut his computer off, yawned and then went to sleep. Just then, Metal Sonic crept round the corner and into Metanic’s chamber. “Hmm…”

Early the next morning, Metal Sonic contacted Eggman. “Hey Eggman, there was some new robot which arrived yesterday. I don’t trust the guy.”

“As you shouldn’t. He’s a robot created by Tails to get in there and learn of your plans.”

“…Well, that’s what I expected, but how did you know that so fast?”

“After having my plans foiled too many times to count, it’s easier to spot those things.”

“Well, now that I’m totally certain, I’ll take care of it personally. It seems we’ll be moving the plan ahead of time.”

“I’ll inform the enemy.” Eggman replied before disconnecting.

At Tails’ house, Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Amy, Blaze, Cream, and Rouge were all around the couch, watching a show as Tails came down the stairs rubbing sleep from his eyes.

“Good morning, everyone.” Tails said before sitting on a chair nearby.

“Morning.” The others replied in unison.

Suddenly, the show being shown on the television was interrupted by an important news broadcast. A male news reporter, who had suave black hair, and wore a grey suit with a black tie was interviewing the five legendary heroes in the middle of a street where a large green eyed alien made of slime had just been beaten up and was left unconscious.

“So, just who are you five, where do you come from, and what are you doing here?” The news reporter asked.

“I’ll take that.” Amber said before grabbing the microphone from him. “We are the five legendary heroes, because we’re quite old, but we’re not saying how old. We come from different places entirely, but meet up on occasions because we’re a team, and we’re here to protect the city from evildoers!” She said before raising her fist in the air.

Crystal took the microphone. “And you know you can count on me because I’m an angel, I’ll always be there when people need me.”

Sonic rolled his eyes at the sight. “Oh, now she wants to be seen…

As more news reporters arrived, Sonny said, “We’d better be getting out of here.” before the five of them ran off.

Shadow crossed his arms. “More allies, huh?”

Sonic sighed. “This is nuts, we were already doing a good job of protecting the city, we don’t need help. It also lowers my occasional fun time.”

Amy hugged Sonic. “I think having those guys around would be a good idea, besides, now we can spend more time together.”

“I need to negotiate the details with these guys as soon as possible…”

As the doorbell rang, Rouge got up to answer the door but was pushed back onto the couch by Tails who rushed by and quickly answered the door. SA2 stood outside and handed Tails a videotape. “Special delivery from a friend, I’ve been told.”

Tails closed the door, walked up to the television and placed the videotape in the slot underneath and pressed play. As the video played, Eggman appeared on the screen. “Ohohohoho!”

“It’s Eggman!” Tails exclaimed.

“We know.” Everyone replied in unison.

“Well I just wanted to make sure everyone knew, is all.”

“Hello, my unbearable nuisances.” Eggman greeted them. “I’m sure Tails just pointed out the obvious a moment ago.”

“Hey!” Tails responded.

“But that’s enough of mocking a former adversary who is a friend of my main adversary. The purpose of this video is to inform you of Da Hood of Metallix, and their plan which they will be executing this afternoon within a flying fortress.”

Several of them gasped before Eggman continued. “They’ll be travelling across the Mystic Ruins area at 3:00pm today. They’ve already gathered four emeralds for their purposes; do you think you have what it takes to stop them, Sonic? We’ll both find out later today.” The video tape ended seconds later. 

After a few seconds, Sonic stood up and said, “Well, I know Eggman is most likely planning something, but we don’t have much of a choice than to put a stop to their plans.”

“I bet they’re the ones who took the Master Emerald too.” Knuckles said as he stood up. “I’ll get them good for that.”

Sonic turned to Shadow and said, “Hey Shadow, I’m gonna need your standard green chaos emerald.”

“Well since it’s for super form purposes, just take them.” Shadow said before handing Sonic the green and grey emeralds.

Sonic and Shadow nodded at each other seconds before he said, “Alright guys, let’s go take down that army of robots!”

“Hold on!” Cream responded. “It’s only 1:50pm.”

“Ahh…” Sonic, Tails and Knuckles replied in unison.

“So what are we gonna do for another hour?” Knuckles asked.

“Chill out, I guess.” Sonic said before hopping back onto the couch.

Tails sat by Blaze and said, “Hey Blaze, remember that story you was making up about Sonic, Knuckles and I as a cliché superhero team? While we’re waiting, could you maybe tell me the rest?”

“I’d be happy to.”


Outside the Casinopolis area on the streets, Eggman wore a cape and a top hat as he had Amy who wore a red dress, tied to a log on a conveyer belt, slowly moving towards a saw as he laughed maniacally. Around a dozen people within the area watched, some gasped while some others didn’t care very much.

Suddenly, the Tornado smashed through a hotel window and stopped near Eggman, and then Sonic, Tails and Knuckles jumped out. “Not so fast, Eggcellent Gentleman!” Sonic exclaimed.

“Curses! Not you! Well, how about you get a load of this!” Eggman said before taking out an umbrella.

“Look out! He’s got an umbrella!” Tails cried.

“I’ll handle this!” Knuckles said before rushing in and quickly whacking it out of his hand.

“Egg fighters, get them!” Eggman said with a click of his fingers.

A dozen of them suddenly appeared and charged at the three of them. Sonic spin attacked one as a “Sweet!” sound effect appeared. Tails kicked one as an “Alright!” appeared. Knuckles punched through one as a “Yeah!” appeared.

“Sonic, help!” Amy cried.

“I’ll be right there!” Sonic said as he ran over, knocking a few more robots out the way and pressed the off switch on the machine just as Tails and Knuckles had finished off the remaining robots.

“You’ll pay for this!” Eggman said as he ran off, while everyone else cheered.

Sonic and Amy then embraced a passionate kiss as everyone watched.


“And that’s all I really had.”

“You were just making that up as you went along, weren’t you?”

“It was made up in the first place.” Blaze replied.

Crystal appeared beside Sonic as he sat on the couch. “Goooood morning, Sonic. How’s it going?”

“I saw your hero antics this morning.”

“Oh, yeah. Well, it’s just what I do.”

“Well couldn’t you do the same here?”

“And ruin our one-to-one conversations? Blasphemy! That’s what makes it good, your friends thinking you’re talking to yourself is just a bonus. At least there are no gay overtones involved.”

“If you’re referring to what I think you are, Tails and I are not gay.”

Everyone had their attention focused on Sonic, then carried on with what they were previous doing. Rouge suddenly said, “Did you guys know with the safety feature turned off, and typing in “Sonic and Tails” on Google, the very first image is rather unpleasant to some fans?” After moments of silence, she said, “You heard it, you can’t unhear it.”

After a rather confusing look at Rouge, Tails turned to Sonic and said, “Hey Sonic, the wings are slightly bent after a crash landing sometime yesterday, so we’re gonna have to share a seat when we get going.”

“No gay overtones?” Crystal asked with a smile.

“Oh whatever.” Sonic replied.

“While you guys do that, I’m gonna go hunt down more gems.” Rouge said before getting up and walking out the door.

Shadow got up and said, “I’ll be back later to get my chaos emerald.” before rushing out the door.

“I’ll be visiting my mother in the meantime.” Cream said before her and Cheese flew through a hole in the roof.

“Has that hole always been there?” Crystal asked as she looked up.

“I have no idea.” Sonic replied.

“I’ll be continuing my boxercise sessions at the gym and wait for you guys to get back.” Amy said before grabbing some red boxing gloves and running out the door.

Blaze took a deep breath before saying, “If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a garden to water.” She then grabbed a water pot, a shovel, and a green cap and jumped out the window.

Knuckles scratched his forehead. “Gardening?”

“Apparently.” Tails responded.

“A pyrokinetic cat who water’s gardens?”

“Let’s try not to think about it.”

Soon afterwards, the three of them hopped in the Tornado and took off towards the Mystic Ruins area where a large standard ship with the shape of Metal Sonic’s head in the centre flew across the section. The design was grey with stripes of blue going across. Tails began firing at some of the turrets on the side as they approached the ship, while they fired back.

After they were taken care of, the Tornado moved a bit higher and began to take out some bigger turrets atop the ship while taking a hit with minimal damage as they got closer. From the back of the ship suddenly came dozens of small white planes which began firing at the Tornado, with Tails dodging too much to get some shots in.

Crystal dropped down onto the Tornado and said, “I got this.” She jumped into the air, charged up a ball of purple energy in both hands and then fired a wide psychokinetic beam which vaporized all the ships in a bright flash of light while Tails and Knuckles wondered where it came from.

“You really are overpowered.” Sonic said quietly.

“Just doing my job.” She said, saluting him.

Tails fired a laser beam at the back of the ship and entered through the hole while Crystal followed them in. The areas inside the ship were brightly lit and there were two paths just ahead of where they landed. Sonic hopped out and said, “You guys just do what you need to do.”

“What are you going to do?” Tails asked.

“I’m going to have some fun with a few old enemies.” Sonic replied before speeding off. Crystal looked around for a second, and then flew after him. As Tails turned around, Knuckles had already taken off in the other direction, causing Tails to sigh before trying to catch up with him.

(Major thanks to LittleKuriboh for the idea)

In a nightclub where the corridors were lit by green lights, the music began playing as Shadow sat in a dark room watching a movie. Shadow switched off the widescreen television and walked out of the room and down the corridor as he started singing. “I’m bringing emoback, you other emo’s don’t know how to angst, It’s a special trait that you just seem to lack.” As he passed one guy, two girls joined Shadow as he said, “I’ll take your fangirls, I won’t give them back.”

Omega, who sat in a chair reading a newspaper further away, lowered it and said, “Take it to the crib!”

As they walked down, Shadow said, “Crazy babes...”

“Uh-huh.” They nodded.

“You think these gold bracelets are just a phase...”


“They’re more for style than for what it pays...”


“If you saw my portraits you would be amazed...”

As they entered a bigger area, Shadow yelled, “Take it to the chorus!”

Sonic who sat by a bar with shades on said, “Go head, girl!”

“Go work on it!” Shadow replied.

“Look round the back.”

“Go work on it!”

“Trace it out!”

“Go work on it!”

“Colour it in!”

“Go work on it!”

“Upload to the computer!”

“Go work on it!”

“Edit the picture!”

“Go work on it!”

“Upload your work!”

“Go work on it!”

“Print a pile!” Sonic said before finishing his drink. “And...Advertise your stuff!” They repeated for a short while until Shadow and the girls left.

“I’m bringing emoback.” Shadow said as they walked down another hallway. “Those other haters don’t know how to angst, you need emotion and to look badass, without those two it really gets old fast.”

“Take it to the writers!” a robot yelled.

“Crazy babes...”

“Uh-huh.” They nodded.

“These rocket shoes are really tailor made...”


“Some think I’m the greatest hedgehog ever made...”


“I feel quite thirsty for some Gatorade...” As they entered a lift with Knuckles, Shadow said, “Take it to the chorus!” which they repeated before reaching the fifth floor.

As Shadow and the two girls exited the elevator and began walking down, Shadow said, “I’m bringing emoback; my coolness sometimes gives girls heart attacks.” As they passed another guy and his girlfriend, he said, “If that’s your girl you’d better watch your back, she’ll be my fangirl in five minutes flat.” They then walked on as Shadow said; “Take it to the chorus!” before walking past Tails playing an accordion.

After they repeated the chorus, they were joined by Sonic, Knuckles, and two dozen Eggman robots that did the robot with them as they travelled down the hallway.

Shadow woke up seconds later in the middle of a field, covered in cold water. Standing over him was Rouge with an empty bucket. “You ate the shrimp, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Food poisoning.” Rouge replied.

“Umm, how?”

Rouge shrugged. “Who knows?”

“I never want to eat shrimp again...”
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Let’s be honest, the reason you keep coming back is for the lulz. Well, if it’s not, then I’m sure it’s one of the main reasons.

Metallix Saga: Chapter 9 – Metallic Mania

Sonic was speeding down one corridor with a huge pit just ahead. He hit four springs going diagonally up, and then hit four more ahead before landing on a path and running ahead. He hit a speed pad and ran right then hit another before turning right again, jumped over a hole then spin dashed through three robots before turning right, then turned left at the next intersection.

Sonic dodged big steel containers in his path before hitting a ramp and landing on a path higher above in a slightly foggy room, filled with traps. He jumped over some spikes, moved along moving platforms, slid under fiery traps and avoided falling stone blocks as he ran down the curling path and moved around the bottom of the room like a pinball as he ricocheted off a dozen robots in the area.

He exited the room, and ran down the left path towards three armed robots. As they fired, Sonic quickly jumped up and spin dashed through them before picking up speed and hitting a ramp which launched him towards a spring which then sent him flying towards a wall. He ran along the side of the wall evading a few placed fiery traps before reaching a room at the end. Sonic flipped off the wall and ran down the path.

He eventually ended up along a bridge with dozens of robots ahead which he spin attacked as he moved along. To the far right were glass windows where Tails and Knuckles were running by. Sonic entered a massive area with steel pillars scattered throughout the room and robots ahead. Within the mass of robots was a giant humanoid robot being operated by Mecha Sonic. A machine gun appeared on its arm and began firing at Sonic as he sped around the robot, destroying the smaller ones instead.

As Mecha fired one of the arms at him, Sonic flipped over it and slid under the robot as it tried to crush him. Mecha spun around and fired a wide laser which Sonic dodged by hiding behind a pillar just before running off down the long room with Mecha following in the giant robot. Many holes appeared over the robot’s body and began firing dozens of mini-missiles which aimed for everything in sight, while Sonic sped up and evaded the falling pillars.

When Mecha’s eyesight was clear again, Sonic was nowhere to be seen moments before he spin attacked the robot from the side and knocked him out of the machine. As Sonic charged at him, he was kicked from the side by Metal Sonic and flew into a wall. Metal Sonic joined Mecha Sonic and they gave each other a brief nod before turning to Sonic. 

Sonic slowly got up before saying, “It’s not much of a warm welcome, but it’s good enough.”

Mecha Sonic curled into a ball and charged at Sonic who jumped up and blocked a kick from Metal Sonic a second later. As Sonic flew back he spun around and attempted to kick Mecha who grabbed his foot and kneed him in the stomach, then Metal elbowed him in the face before Mecha punched him to the ground. Sonic quickly got up and charged at them again before having a fist fight with Metal Sonic, with him getting in a few more blows than Metal.

Mecha then kneed him in the back, followed by Metal uppercutting him, then Mecha spin attacking him, then Metal roundhouse kicked him, then Mecha head butted him before Metal hammered him down to the ground. As Sonic struggled to get up, Mecha charged at him again but was then whacked to the side by Crystal who was using a white staff with a large white, sharp gem attached to the end of each side. “I figured you could use some help.”

“And just who are you?” Metal asked.

“Well, you could say I’m his guardian angel, except I’m not.”

“Why can they see you?” Sonic asked.

“Because I’m allowing them to.”

“Well that’s informative.” Sonic said with a sigh.

“So that’s Metal Sonic, huh?”

“Yeah, he thinks he’s the real Sonic, even though he acknowledges the fact he was created to kill me and that he has “Metal” in his name, while I don’t.”


“Straaaange, isn’t it?” Sonic said with a smirk.

“Indeed.” Crystal flew towards Metal and tried to whack him with her staff which he somersaulted under and tried to stab her with his fingertips. She flipped over him as she said, “Woo! Feelin’ good!” before sending him flying forward with a kick.

“Hey! That’s my line!” Sonic responded.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help but use it.”

Sonic was hit by Mecha Sonic seconds later in his ball form, but held him back with his hands until he stopped. Mecha then head butted Sonic and attempted to kick him but Sonic ducked and spin attacked him, then leapt forward and hit him with a back flipping kick.

In another area, Knuckles was whacking several robots out of his path then hopped forward and did a spiral claw attack through three robots before seeing Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles making their way out. Tails noticed them acting suspiciously but carried on whacking robots out of the way with a spinning tails attack.

Back in the giant room, Sonic and Metal Sonic were in a struggle hold before Crystal punched him out the way just before Mecha kicked her out the way, followed by Sonic spin attacking Mecha then Metal elbowing Sonic out the way. Crystal attacked Metal with her staff which he blocked, and then she blocked an attacked from Mecha before Sonic hit them both with a slide tackle.

Metal and Mecha got up quickly. “We’ll handle this another time, that is, if you survive long enough.” Metal said before they made their way out. Sonic and Crystal spun round and ran out the other exit.

Higher up at the top, they entered a large circular room, composed of crystallized black screens and a few clear glass screens among the bunch. Four chaos emeralds and the Master Emerald were seen within one of the glass screens. There was a large hole in the middle of the room, covering half of the space. On the other side of the room stood Metared with his arms crossed.

“You must be Sonic.” Metared said as they arrived. “And just who are you?” Metared asked, focusing his attention on Crystal.

“Just a friend, don’t mind me.”

“So you must be behind this whole thing.” Sonic said. “What exactly were you smuggling this whole time?”

“It wouldn’t be right to tell you at this particular moment. I assume you’re holding the last three chaos emeralds, as we have four, and I have the power to transform using the Master Emerald.” Metared said before revealing some wires on his arms and he was covered in a golden aura as his metallic skin turned gold. He then flew high up into the air as Crystal broke the glass holding the emeralds.

Sonic closed his eyes as seven small lights appeared and the seven emeralds circled around him moments before a bright flash and he became Super Sonic. Crystal gave him a thumbs up seconds before he flew up as he said, “It’s Super Sonic time!” Metared looked down and was then hit by Sonic who dragged him all the way up to the ceiling before they separated.

Metared threw several needles which Sonic evaded by flying round then attempted to punch Metared who flew up and elbowed Sonic downwards. He quickly recovered, curled into a ball and hit Metared from behind. As Metared crashed into the wall, he jumped up before Sonic spin dashed through the glass.

Meanwhile, Tails and Knuckles had taken out a dozen robots in a control room and reached a computer which had the Master Emerald hooked up to it. Near the computer was a timer which had three minutes left on the clock. Tails gasped and quickly reached for a microphone.

In the other room, Sonic and Metared flew at blazing speeds throughout the air, creating bright flashes of light where they clashed before they heard Tails’ voice. “Sonic! This whole thing is a trap! These guys were only trying to stall us until the silent timer ended and this place exploded! We have to get out of here in three minutes! So to put it simply…run awaaaaay!”

“What?!” Sonic responded, which threw him off guard, allowing Metared to kick him through a glass screen. Metared then shot an energy blast which Sonic dodged by flying up. Metared then created six electric balls of energy around him and threw them at Sonic who zigzagged around them, curled into a ball and blasted right through Metared, creating a big gapping hole as Metared fell through the floor of the room below.

(The second one, hey, you try finding a vid alone with it)

The Boss Stage Clear theme from Sonic Unleashed played as Sonic spin dashed towards the screen, uncurled and spun around, then crossed his arms and grinned as he got an S rank. After a few moments of posing, Sonic flew down and Sonic and Crystal left the room. Tails had gathered the four emeralds and Knuckles held the Master Emerald as they made it back to the Tornado with one minute left and awaited Sonic’s arrival.

The power from the chaos emeralds had already worn off on Sonic as he ran down a hallway which was caved in as there were thirty seconds left. Sonic sighed. “Well, I guess this is it, it was good while it lasted.”

“Not yet anyway.” Crystal replied. “My psychic shield will protect you.”


“My alias isn’t the Psychic Angel for nothing.” She said before covering them both in a psychokinetic shield.

At the back of the ship, as Tails saw there were only 15 seconds left, he started the ship and said “I hope Sonic found another way out.” before they flew out the back. When the timer ended, there were dozens of big explosions throughout the ship then one massive explosion which destroyed the ship. Crystal flew out of the dust carrying Sonic and landed on the Tornado.

Tails gasped. “Sonic, how did you get out?”

“You’d never believe me if I told ya.” Sonic turned to Crystal and said, “Thanks.”

“No problem.” Crystal said before taking a deep breath and flying off.

“Hey Tails, so what happened to Metanic?” Knuckles asked.

“Well, I tried giving him instructions before we left, but it seems something happened too him.”

Down below on some plains,    Metal Sonic and Metared stood, watching the Tornado fly off in the distance. “It seems the plan failed.” Metal Sonic said.

“Yes, so it’s back to the drawing board, which we’ll do in about a week.”

“What are we going to do next week, Metared?” Metal inquired.

“The same thing we’ll be doing every week, Metal, trying to take over the world!” He replied, raising his fist into the air.

Later that day, everyone was back at Tails’ house just casually watching television when Crystal appeared beside Sonic. “Hey Sonic, we did pretty well today, huh?”

“You bet. You helped quite a bit out there.”

A white van suddenly appeared outside the house and knocked on the door. Tails opened the door and two men in white uniforms came in. “We’re here for Sonic the Hedgehog.” One said before they grabbed him and tied him up in a stray jacket.

“Hey! What’s going on here?”

“It’s your condition.” Knuckles said. “This thing you’ve been doing is getting a bit too much so we had to get you help.”

“What? What thing?”

“You’ve been talking to yourself a lot.” Shadow said. “This is for your own good.”

“Okay guys, I’ll tell you the truth. You see, since we visited that one tomb, this angel girl has been following me around. She’s cynical, and occasionally takes jabs at me, and only I can see her for some reason.” He turned to Crystal. “C’mon, tell them, please?”

Crystal just smiled and shrugged.

“Take him away, boys.” Rouge said.

They nodded as they did so and threw him in the back of the van. “You guys are wrong, I’m not crazy!” Sonic yelled.

“Denial will get you nowhere.” Blaze replied.

“Take care, Sonic!” Crystal said as she waved while the men closed the back and started the engine.

As they took off, Tails sighed. “The stress this week must have gotten to him, though there wasn’t much to be had.”

“I just hope he gets better soon.” Amy replied.

Meanwhile, Eggman explored the temple of the five legendary heroes and came across a room with a small flight of stairs leading to a platform with candles lit in each corner. Eggman blew out the candles which let out purple smoke. The purple smoke then slowly combined with each other and started to form something. There floated a creature with a small ghostly purple body, with purple flames on its head and blue eyes, it had purple sharp claws and a ghostly purple tail.

“You must be the ancient monster, a being of destruction.” Eggman said. “So, what’s your name?”

“My name? They call me, Virus.”

SA2 walked onto the right side of a set with some notes. In the middle of the set was a red curtain which opened to reveal a picture of a video camera with many metallic tentacles causing chaos in the streets. SA2 began to read out the notes. “So, now it’s onto Tails’ short story next, as I’m sure certain people have been waiting for...but maybe not. So stay tuned for the Camerax Saga.” SA2 looked up. “Amazing how you can make a typical name by just adding an ‘x’, huh?”
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And now it’s onto Tails’ short saga…and that’s all I have to say, so yeah.

Camerax Saga: Chapter 10 – When Fire’s Go Wild

It had been a week since Da Hood of Metallix was brought down. Sonic and Tails were engaged in combat with another team in a virtual reality game. They wore neon blue suits as they hid in bushes on opposite sides in the middle of a jungle. Tails spoke to Sonic using a walkie-talkie. “Hey Sonic, what’s your position?”

“The bushes five feet away, you saw me duck behind them.”

“I’m just making light conversation.”

“Be careful with those light conversations, Tails, you may start talking to yourself.” Sonic said sarcastically.

“You’re still mad about that? It’s all in the past, let it go.”

“I was confined to a small room! Barely any walking space at all, barely anything at all!”

Tails poked his head out and saw a big dummy coming towards the area. “Hold on Sonic, someone’s coming, get ready!”

Sonic and Tails jumped out moments later and blasted the dummy. As they realized it wasn’t one of the enemy team members, six black ninjas jumped out and yelled, “Zergling rush! Kekeke!” before charging at them.

Tails quickly sprinted past Sonic as he yelled, “Run awaaaaay!” while Sonic caught up seconds later. They ran past Knuckles who hid in a bush and as the ninjas approached Knuckles’ area, he pulled a lever which caught the ninjas in a net.

“Nice job, Knuckles.” Sonic said.

“Thanks, it reminds me of the good old days when I hated you guys because I thought you were bad, so I became an ass and set booby traps everywhere.”

“Good times.” Sonic said as he thought about those days.

A bit later, Tails and Blaze were sitting on the couch in the living room, watching the news presented by Animan. “Hello everyone, and welcome to another news segment, except it’s not really news. Today’s topic will be on breast implants and your views on it, and I know what you’re thinking, “Whoa, isn’t that stepping into unwanted territory here?” and maybe it is, but I wanna see if I can get away with it. And the phones are open! Caller #1, you’re on the air!”

A middle aged man voice was heard. “I think I may watch these shows more often. Anyway, I’m okay with any size, but there’s gotta be something there at least.”

“I see.” Mads stroked his chin. “We have another caller, you’re on the air.”

Amber’s voice was heard. “Hey Mads, I didn’t know you hosted this news thing.”

“Only recently, and you’re gonna have to talk about the subject at hand.”

“Oh right, well seeing how I’m an egotistical flirtatious demon, I’m gonna say certain people may need them to feel better about themselves, some may need them for an ego boost, or just to attract more male attention, but then again, going around **** attracts enough attention. Though I’m only an average C cup and I’m fine with that, as I attract twice as much male attention as Crystal.”

“Hey!” Crystal responded as she called in.

Mads sighed. “Crystal, you’re supposed to wait until I draw attention to you.”

“Sorry, I just had to shut this egomaniac up. She so doesn’t attract more male attention.”

“Yeah I do.” She said with a nod.

“Well I’m a beautiful teenaged angel girl, which means I automatically get a lot of male attention.”

“Maybe so, but my attributes are quite a bit better than yours.”

“And what have you got that I haven’t, besides soft, ample breasts being one cup size bigger than me, silky smooth and firm legs, beautiful long red hair, and a constant come hither look.”

“Don’t forget my round and firm ass.”

“I personally think its more jui-”

Mads raised a finger. “I really hate to interrupt, and I’m sure many people out there are too, but are you going to discuss the breast implant thing?”

“No.” They replied in unison.

“I thought so.” Mads sat back, crossed his legs and opened a can of Chaos Cola. “Please continue.”

Tails shook his head in disbelief. “I really shouldn’t be watching this, but I can’t find the remote.”

“Then just don’t.” Blaze replied.

Cream walked into the room holding a letter and handed it to Tails as she said, “Tails, you received a letter earlier this morning from Team Choatix.”

“Oh thank goodness, my innocence is saved! Thanks Cream.” He said before taking the letter. He then looked up with a serious look on his face. “You didn’t answer the door, did you?”

“No, I just got the letter.”

Tails opened the letter which said, “Hey there, Vector the Crocodile here. I just wanted to say that we heard about your victory over Da Hood of Metallix. You guys did great, so we thought we’d inform of a new criminal group which have been gaining a bit of publicity lately. You see, about two days ago, we had word that one of these guys would be breaking into a bank...”


In a big bank, with around 20 civilians within the building, Team Chaotix waited in different areas for the target to show up. Vector wore a beige trench coat as he leaned against a wall, Espio blended in with the walls by wearing dark green and Charmy hide in a chandelier above.

At one point, a creature that looked like a television with long metallic arms and legs walked in and slowly made its way to one of the desks as Vector nodded at Espio. As it raised a tentacle, Charmy quickly rushed in and hit the robot with his stinger as he said, “Yahoo! Two points!” followed by a few more tentacled robots appearing and attacking Charmy.

“You charged in a bit too early, Charmy.” Vector said before rushing in and shoulder barging one robot before being hit by the second one’s arm.

Espio flipped and landed 10 feet away before taking out some shuriken. He then said, “Behold, ninja power!” before tossing them at the robots.

SA2 appeared beside him and said, “Double ninja power!” as he joined in.

Espio turned to him and said, “Who are you?”

“That’s not important.”

The three tentacled robots fled the scene shortly after as Team Chaotix considered their efforts necessary but incomplete.


Long story short, we soon saw them talking to this red haired demon girl who wielded a scythe. She must know something about these guys, so if you happen to see her, be careful.” Tails closed the letter. “Quite informative.”

“So what are you planning to do now?” Blaze asked.

“We have to find a red haired demon girl apparently; I should ask Sonic and Knuckles about this.” Tails said as he got up.

“I hope you find her, Tails.” Cream said as he left.

Sonic and Knuckles were outside the house, leaning against a wall as they stared up at the clear sky. After a little while, Sonic randomly said, “Great taste.”

Knuckles coughed before responding with, “Less filling.”

Sonic turned his head and glared at him. “Great taste.”

Knuckles turned to Sonic and said, “Less filling.”

“Great taste!” Sonic yelled.

“Less filling!” Knuckles retorted.

Just then, Tails approached them. “Hey guys, I just found out something important.”

Knuckles turned to Tails and said, “Hey Tails, great taste or less filling?”

“I’m not falling for that again, I almost got shot the last time a group of people asked me that question. So anyway, Vector sent a letter on this other robotic organisation of walking televisions.”

“Man, what’s with all these independent robot organisations these days?”

Sonic shrugged. “At least it gives us something to do in the meantime. So Tails, did it say anything else?”

“Yeah.” Tails nodded. “Vector said some of these robots were discussing something with a red haired demon girl so it’s the only lead we have right now.”

“Red haired demon girl…” Sonic said as he thought for a few moments. “Could he mean that Wildfire girl?”

“Of course! I should have seen it before! But how do we find her?”

Sonic shrugged. “Maybe we should go back to that forest and call her out.”

“Well I’m game.” Knuckles replied.

“Let’s get going then.” Tails said before the three of them hurried off and hopped in the Tornado.

They soon arrived in the middle of a forest where they met her the first time. After they hopped out, Sonic took a look around before shouting, “Hey Wildfire, we challenge you to a fight!”

A circle of fire appeared ahead of them moments later, and then Amber rose from the fiery circle as she said, “Who dares to challenge me?” She then saw the three of them. “Oh, it’s the hedgehog, the fox, and the mole.”

“I’m an echinda!” Knuckles yelled.

“He’s really a spiky mole.” Sonic said with a smirk.

“Don’t make me punch you.” Knuckles said, raising a fist.

Amber covered her hands in fire before saying, “Well, shall we get started?” She threw three large fireballs which they jumped over as they ran towards her. Amber charged forward unexpectedly and kneed Sonic in the stomach, sending him flying back. As Knuckles attempted to punch her, she dodged it and tripped him up then as Tails tried to kick her she flipped over him and ran towards Sonic as he got up.

Sonic charged at her then started running circles round her as she stood in one spot watching. “You’re just prolonging your defeat.” Just then, the rocks in front of Amber rumbled and Knuckles burst out from underneath and gave her an uppercut then knocked her back with a punch.

“Lucky shot.” Amber said as she got up. She then saw Tails coming at her from the corner of her eye and flipped out the way as he rushed past. Tails spun round seconds later with an extending boxing glove in his hand and shot it at her. She grabbed the fist and pulled Tails over to her, then kissed him before throwing him into a tree.

Sonic spin dashed at her whom she dodged by jumping into the air then landed next to Knuckles, blocked some of his punches then threw him into Sonic who came up from behind. Amber then covered herself in fire and ricocheted off the trees, bashing into Sonic and Knuckles several times while missing Tails who flew over it. When she eventually came close to hitting Tails, she stopped, hugged him and spun round several times before throwing him to the ground as Tails laid there confused.

After another minute, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were hiding behind a large rock, Sonic and Knuckles were quite exhausted while Tails was perfectly fine.

“I’ve noticed we’ve been getting our asses kicked quite a bit lately.” Sonic said.

“Yeah, we underestimated this girl a lot.” Knuckles replied. “We’ll need you to distract her, Tails.”

“Me? Why?”

“Haven’t you noticed she’s been trying not to hurt you? She hasn’t shown any mercy towards me and Sonic.”

“I have a better idea.” Tails said before hopping over the rock and walking towards Amber who stood in one spot. Tails waved as she spotted him, she then quickly charged at him and stopped in midair before saying, “So little fox, you still wanna play with the big bad demon lord, hmm?”

“Not particularly.” He said before taking out a can and spraying her with it, which quickly put her to sleep.

Sonic and Knuckles walked over as she was knocked out.

“Sleeping gas?” Knuckles inquired.

“Yep.” Tails nodded.

“And you never used this before because…?”

“It didn’t seem necessary. Let’s just do the victory thing now.”

Sonic and Knuckles turned to each other and shook hands, then Tails jumped on their hands and with both their effort, they flipped Tails into the air, Sonic then did the splits while pointing one finger forward, Knuckles held a fist up to his face and Tails hovered in between the two holding two thumbs up.

“So why are we doing this anyway?” Sonic asked.

“Let’s just roll with it.” Knuckles replied.

Meanwhile, at Eggman’s base, Virus sat on a desk as Eggman continued work on his high-tech screen. “So Eggman, what do you expect of me?”

“Right now I expect you to keep a low profile until the right opportunity arrives.”

“And when will this be?”

“After we find out if the current plan goes down as expected, until then, we wait.”

“So why did you awaken me if I wasn’t needed yet?”

“You will be needed, but for something different. You’ll see…”

(Also known as that one song from Spongebob)

As the song started, she was walking down a street, cheerfully singing, “I’m so happy, ha-ha! Happy go lucky me, I just go my way, living every day. I don’t worry, worrying don’t agree, things that bother you, never bother me.” She then quickly noticed Sonic and ran towards him while he ran in the other direction.

She happily chased him through the streets and eventually over a hill with the sun shining in the background, then back over the same hill later that night, then chased him through a loop earlier that morning. Sonic turned a corner in a street, and then they ran past someone selling coffee as he said, “Coffee’s only a dime!” He entered Casinopolis at day and ran out at night with Amy following him.

Amy eventually started chasing him down Green Hill Zone, with her whacking badniks out of the way with her hammer. Sonic hid behind a turquoise rock just before Amy appeared as she said, “I’m right here to say, when I’m old and grey, I’ll be right in my prime.” She began chasing him over hills again before they ran past a checkpoint.

As Sonic ran right, Amy began hopping while humming, and then as he ran left; she followed while doing the monkey, then as he ran right again, she followed while doing the worm.

It then cut to a scene of Sonic tip toeing across a rocky ledge with Amy following closely behind. After a short while, the sun had come up and Amy was chasing Sonic through the streets again. They soon ran past Tails walking down the street, and then ran past Cream who as walking across the street, then Sonic jumped over several cars. He looked back and saw he’d lost Amy, then seconds later as he came around a corner, Amy jumped out, grabbed him and pinned in to the ground as the song ended.

Amy then woke up. “That was kinda weird compared to my usual dreams…which usually involve two Sonic’s…”
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I hope everyone had a happy valentines day, as it’s that one day which makes you feel bad if you don’t have someone, but lulz can easily take care of that if you don’t care much.

Camerax Saga: Chapter 11 – The Interrogation

In a research lab in the outskirts of the city, several scientists were in a lab room examining a colourless serum being created. Half the lights suddenly went out one by one and a puddle of darkness appeared behind them. Virus rose from the puddle as he said, “Hello gentlemen, I’ve come for your souls.”

“W-what are you?” One scientist stammered as he took a few feet back.

“I’m a virus.” He said before firing purple flames from his fingertips which hit the scientist and knocked him to the ground. The others ran off as Virus stood over him. Virus placed his hand over his face and began absorbing the life force out of him, which he had finished 10 seconds later. He left the room and moved through the hallways, causing unnecessary destruction in his path until he reached a room where the other scientists were pointing sub machine guns at him.

“We’re not just scientists, we’re scientists with guns!” One said before they began firing at the creature. The bullets went straight through him like a cloud as he laughed and slowly floated over to the five before forming a grin as his claws lengthened.

At Tails’ house, Amber was beginning to wake up. Her vision was still blurry at first then it became clear moments later as she saw Tails standing in front of her who waved. She looked around and noticed she was in a big brightly lit white room and was tied to a chair with steel rope, but then again, it’s Tails so he can invent almost anything.

“Sonic, Knuckles, she’s awake!” Tails called.

Amber looked down. “Steel rope? You know, I could break out of this if I felt like it.”

Just then, Sonic and Knuckles turned up with three chairs, Knuckles gave one to Tails and the three of them sat down.

“Before we begin, could you tell me why I’m here?” Amber asked.

“Oh, we assumed you already knew.” Sonic began. “Well, we got a tip that you knew something about a certain robotic organisation.”

“Da Ho-”

“Not that one.”

“Oh, the ones with the tentacles and such?”

“Yeah, that’s the one.”

“Well maybe I do know something, maybe I don’t, you’ll never know.”

“Is that right?” Knuckles smiled.

“That’s right.” She nodded. “And don’t bother with the good cop, bad cop deal, which just doesn’t work.”

“We’ll just discuss a few things outside.” Sonic said before getting up and walking out while Tails and Knuckles did the same.

“So how are we going to do this?” Knuckles asked.

“Maybe we could try our own separate methods one at a time.” Tails suggested.

“Alright, let’s try that.” Sonic replied while Knuckles nodded.

Back at the unknown research lab, there were police barricades around the area as half a dozen people inspected the scene. Shadow stepped over the barricades and walked up to the police officer taking down some notes. “So what happened here, officer?”

“There were reports of five scientists here being murdered. Their bodies were cold as ice when we arrived and their eyes were completely grey. It’s a strange one compared to some of the other cases we’ve witnessed.”

“I’ll get to the bottom of it.” Shadow said as he walked off. “Mainly because I’m got nothing better to do.”

At Tails’ house, Sonic entered the white room and slammed the door behind him. He sat down and quickly said, “Where were you on Saturday night?!”

“Taking a steaming hot bath at a friend’s house.”

“What kind of person are you?!”

“Chaotic Good.”

“Why are you so flirtatious?!”

She shrugged. “I don’t know, its fun, I guess.”

“How old are you?!”

“That’s personal information.”

“What do you know about that robot organisation?!”

“That they don’t like you, that’s all.”

In the living room, Knuckles sat on the couch watching a television show. SA2 was in a bank, holding a gun to a piece of paper while a few policemen had their guns pointed at him. “Okay SA2, what are your demands?”

SA2 poked at the paper with his magnum. “I want some positive reviews, or the story gets it!”

Knuckles sighed. “Lame.” He switched over the channel.

On the next show, SA2 had a secret agent strapped to an operating table and a small laser was slowly moving towards his chair as SA2 sat in a chair nearby.

“So, you expect me to talk?”

“No, Agent 47, I expect you to review my story.” SA2 said as he took out a book a pen.

Knuckles sighed again. “Lame.” He switched over the channel.

On the next show, SA2 was incredibly muscular and was a giant as he went around causing chaos in the streets. “Foolish human give me bad review, I find puny human and then I smash!”

Knuckles sighed once more. Sonic walked in seconds later and said, “Hey Knuckles, you’re up.”

“So what happened?”

“I got nothing.” He said before hopping onto the couch. As Knuckles got up and left, Sonic switched over the channel then sighed moments later.

Knuckles entered the white room, shut the door and sat down. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

“I always prefer hard if there’s an option.”

“Your comments don’t have any effect on me, as I already put up with a certain bat on occasions.”

“Is that so, spiky mole rat?”

“You’re testing my patience...”

“I enjoy doing so.”

Meanwhile, Sonic was watching television when Tails entered the room and sat down. “What are you watching?”

“Some show called ‘Sonny and Shade’, the names seemed familiar. It’s alright so far.”

“I heard it gets better.”

“I see...”

“You see well.”

Knuckles suddenly entered the room, muttering several words under his breath.

“So how’d it go, Knuckles?” Sonic asked.

“No process. I punched her up a bit but she just seemed to enjoy it. She’s also a masochist apparently.”

“What’s that?” Tails asked.

“I’ll tell you when you’re older.”

“I’ll just look it up on Google in my spare time.” Tails said before getting up. “Well, I guess it’s my turn now.” He said before leaving.

A minute later, he entered the white room holding a large cardboard box and placed it by the chair; he then took a television out and plugged it in before turning to Amber. “Before we start, I just wanna ask, why were you going easy on me earlier?”

“Because I just couldn’t bare to harm your cute little face.” She said in a patronizing tone.

“Umm, okay. So, could you please tell us what you know?”

“Wow, I didn’t think you’d ask politely, but I still gonna have to say no.”

Tails sighed. “I usually don’t like cruel and unusual punishment, but I’ve got no choice.”

“And what can you do, little fox?” She asked, tilting her head.

Tails took a Nintendo 64 out of the box and hooked it up, followed by Amber raising an eyebrow and saying, “Hey, what’re you doing?” Tails then took Superman 64 out of the box, followed by Amber saying, “You’re bluffing.” Tails opened the case and placed the game disc in the N64, followed by Amber nervously saying, “You’re joking, right?” As the title screen came up, Tails placed the controller in her hands and super glued her hands to it. “You’re a sick twisted little fox...and I’d like that if this game wasn’t so bad.”

Sonic and Knuckles were listening at the door at this particular time, hearing Amber cry over something to do with rings.

“Why does most of the gameplay consist of flying through stupid rings?! Who in their right mind would enjoy this?!?” She whined.

“It hurts me as much as it hurts you.” Tails replied. “But that’s only because I wasted 10 bucks on this game.”

“Then let’s play a game I’ll enjoy.” She said with a smile before breaking out of the steel rope. “I told you I could break it.” She said before slowly moving towards Tails as he backed up.

“Hey, what are yo-AHHHH!”

Sonic and Knuckles heard a few sounds on the other side, followed by, “Hey! What are you doing with that? No, not there!”

“C’mon Tails, I won’t bite...much.”

“I’m not that kind of fox!”

“You will be in a short while.”

“I don’t want to play this game!”

“It’ll get better, trust me.”

“No wait, not that space! Noooooo!”

On the other side of the room, it was revealed they were playing Battleship. Tails had his hands on the sides of his face while Amber laughed. “Noooooo! You sunk my battleship!” Tails cried out.

Sonic and Knuckles then rolled their eyes and left. After a long period of sunken battleships, Tails and Amber left the room. Tails offered her a handshake, but Amber slapped his hand away and hugged him for a few moments. As she let go, she created a fiery tornado around herself and disappeared.

“So Tails, what’s the news?” Sonic asked.

“Well, she said those robots have some Utopia very high in the sky!” He said as he pointed up.

“Where in the sky?”

“Far above Scrap Brain Zone.”

“Ahh, Scrap Brain Zone...how I hated that place...”

“I’m sure you weren’t the only one.” Knuckles added.

“So, we leave in the morning.” Tails said. “P.A.L, could you take care of the necessaries?”

“It’s what I was created for.” He replied.

Meanwhile, Shadow was hopping across rooftops when he saw Shade sitting by the side of a rooftop just ahead and he stopped near him.

“Need some help?” Shade asked as he turned to him.

“No thanks, I’m fine working alone.”

“At least let me know of the situation…”

“I don’t know much myself right now, all I know is some creature killed a few scientists just earlier and their bodies were cold and grey.”

“I see…well, thanks for the info.”

“Don’t mention it.” He replied before taking off.

At Eggman’s base, Eggman spun round in his chair as Virus entered the room. “I saw your display earlier. Simply marvellous.”

“Why thank you, I appreciate your positive feedback.”

“So, you still haven’t informed me of your potential abilities yet.”

Virus created a puddle of darkness and slowly sank into it as he said, “In due time, Eggman, in due time…” before vanishing.

(You probably saw it coming…)

As the song started, Blaze was walking down a street at night. She wore red shades, a purple top hat, a fuzzy purple jacket, and walked with a purple pimp cane. After a long while, as she came towards a club, people were chanting, “Burn baby burn!” She entered the club shortly after, which was packed with people dancing as a disco ball was high above. Blaze causally strolled across the wide room to the middle of the dance floor.

As the chorus started, she slid to the left, then to the right seconds later, and then flipped to the left twice before somersaulting then flipping up straight. She looked to her right towards several people doing the moonwalker and joined in seconds later. Blaze then started breakdancing using her cane then spun in circles on her head as several people watched.

Sonic who was the DJ then yelled, “Burn baby burn!” as others joined in. Blaze then took off the jacket and covered her body in fire as she carried on while others watched. It then cut to Eggman Nega underground who sang, “Up above my heaaaaaad I hear music in the air! I hear music! That makes me know there’s a party somewhere…”

Back at the club, Blaze was standing by Sonic bobbing her head to the beat when suddenly one of her ears twitched as she turned to Sonic and said, “Do you hear?” Moments later, some Eggman robots, followed by a bigger one carrying a hammer entered the club and noticed Blaze straight away. Blaze back flipped and landed in the middle of the dance floor as the robots rushed towards her.

Blaze hit one robot with the palm of her fiery fist, sending it flying into a wall and exploding. Blaze spun and hit another with a fiery kick, the robot then exploded in midair. Blaze gave the third an uppercut then dodged the hammer of the fourth and punched it in the face, knocking it down. Blaze then used her cane to whack the last several Eggman robots out the way before kicking through the last one.

As it dropped and exploded, Blaze put on her jacket again, and casually walked out the exit and strolled down the streets again.


Tails was standing up, explaining this to Blaze who was sitting on the couch. “And that’s the idea for my story, what did you think?”

“I thought it was incredibly out of character.”

“That’s the point.”

“I still dislike it, regardless.”
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