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Sonic Z

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Author Topic: Sonic Z  (Read 2312 times)
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« Reply #90 on: 15 May, 2010, 06:45:25 pm »

Sorry about the late update again, I’m getting quite lazy nowadays. With what was going on in the last chapters, you could basically separate this and the last three chapters into a different saga, which was what I was originally gonna do, but I didn’t. So let’s get to the main part of this saga, eh?

Doomsday Saga: Chapter 73 – When Legends Collide

It was an hour later, where the fights were said to take place. Upon seeing the Sue sisters crush the first group so easily, some of them began to forfeit. We cut to Cherry and Ivy at the commentators table, where Cherry was smoking as they watched. “This **** ain’t easy, y’know? I mean, seriously, who talks like this? It’s ****ing stupid what I do!”

“Chill out, you fool, we’re on camera.” Ivy replied, pointing ahead. “If you don’t calm down the studio is gonna fire you.”

“**** the studio!” Cherry threw a chair at the camera, tipping it over.

Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads took their seats in the middle of the audience, as Mads carried a tub of popcorn. Amber spotted Sally in the middle of the clear desert styled arena with various pillars around and waved as she yelled, “Do your best, Sally!”

“Thanks, Amber!” Sally replied, cheerfully waving back.

At that point, Sonic and the others had recently arrived and were walking towards the arena as Sonic was talking with Sonya. “So thanks again for helping us out with finding the remaining emeralds in such a short time, and participating in that jet fighter battle on the way here.”

“It was the least I could do.” As she looked ahead towards Sally, she then asked, “How do you guys know her anyway?”

Tails immediately responded, “Well one of Eggman’s created nukes which was targeted for Sonic was directed into space, towards another planet Sally lived on. She got mad and came down here, causing trouble at a mall until Sonic, Knuckles and I stepped in to stop her. She left and announced she’d be back to defeat us, and here we are.”

“I see you’re speaking gibberish again.”

“But it’s true! It really happened!”

“Right, well good luck, you guys!” Sonya quickly took off as the others walked onto the battlefield and towards the Sue sisters where Shadow was currently waiting.

Upon starting, Amy immediately accessed the dark power from Virus and charged at Sally, punching her right and speeding off after her while Shadow quickly followed using chaos control. Sonic spin dashed towards Mary, who quickly hopped and ran backwards on top of Sonic as he rolled, while blocking several of Knuckles punches, kicked him and then flipped before roundhouse kicking Sonic further away. Tails fired at her repeatedly, with her easily evading the shots at super speed as she slowly got closer. She then grabbed his tails and threw him at Knuckles from behind while kicking Sonic into the air at the same time.

Close by, Amy still continued her assault against Sally, who soon managed to break away from her and do a huge leap into the sky. Amy looked up and Shadow dropped down nearby, and eventually saw Sally slowly descending towards the arena on a flaming meteor. Amy and Shadow leaped out of the way as it landed, causing an explosion and leaving a giant crater where she landed.

Amber turned to a random group of civilians and gloated as she said, “I taught her that, you know.”

During the period between landing the meteorite and seeing the crater, she snuck up behind Amy and punched her in the chest repeatedly as she spun round, hit her with several kicks and knocked her to the ground with a headbutt. Shadow slid by her as she jumped and fired an energy beam, though Shadow quickly jumped and spin attacked her, which she blocked. She then flew back as he threw several chaos spears at her.

Back with Mary Sue, Tails was currently having tea with Purity while Mary easily evaded all of Sonic and Knuckles attacks without countering. She soon slapped Knuckles into a pillar and then kicked Sonic into the air. Sonic quickly recovered and tried to hit her with a bounce attack, but she simply blocked it with an arm and threw him 30 feet ahead of her before yawning. Mary leaped up high and landed on a pillar behind just shortly before pointing her finger at Sonic and firing a searing hot laser, which chased him around the map till she stopped as he ran up another pillar, jumped and turned to face Mary as he stood at the top.

Figuring that it really was hopeless at this point, Sonic harnessed the energy of the chaos emeralds to transform into Super Sonic, causing a smile to spread across Mary’s face, a look of confusion on Sally’s face, disinterest from Shadow and a mix of smiling and cheers from others. Sonic smirked seconds before charging at Mary at the speed of light, but unfortunately, she punched him right in his stomach, with enough force to send him flying into another pillar, creating a large hole and depowering him.

The audience was stunned, as were the Loli Rangers who happened to be watching. Loli Red, her eyes wide in shock, turned to Loli Green and said, “Hey Kuudere-chan, did Mary Sue just punch out Super Sonic? With one blow?

“It seems so, Tsundere-chan.” Green immediately replied.

“That’s so messed up.”

Mary sighed, discovering that she had gone to full power too fast to have some fun. Just then, Sonic awakened, flipped up and promptly transformed into Super Sonic again as a fiery yellow aura resonated around him. He charged at her once more, punching her as she was caught off guard. She stopped herself moments before crashing into the audience. She dodged a punch as Sonic came at her and kicked him into the commentator’s box. She quickly crashed through the window and the both of them started hitting each other with chairs while Cherry was crying over her personal problems as she continued smoking. Sonic tackled them out another window and they twisted multiple times before separating as they hit the ground.

Mary stomped the ground, summoning a large blast of energy from underground, which Sonic avoided as she flew back into the air. Mary threw a large energy ball which split into more beams, though Sonic easily zigzagged between them as he dashed at her and they exchanged blows while ascending into the air. Sonic dodged one of her punches and hit her with an elbow to the face, followed by a series of punches and kicks. He then moved at light speed around the area, scoring several more hits as he sped by in different directions while charging a light speed attack. He then ran into her from above and dragged her to the ground, leaped and spun into a ball as he landed 15 feet away from her. As she got up, Sonic hit her with his light speed attack, going straight through her stomach as he did so.

Most of the audience were in shock, but Sonic didn’t worry, as he knew what was to come. Just as he expected, Mary leapt to her feet moments later and closed the gaping hole in her stomach before taking a deep breath. She glanced at her yellow top which now had a large hole in the middle and glared at Sonic, who slowly backed away. Mary fired a small wave of energy which Sonic jumped over, but was then immediately kicked into the air as Mary leaped at him. She missed an uppercut as she flew after him and Sonic tackled her through a pillar. She then quickly grabbed him and slammed him down into the ground with a piledriver.

Sonic quickly got to his feet and hopped back slightly, ready to go once more. Everyone else around the arena had their attention focused on them, besides Purity still drinking tea, and Sally who had been beaten and tied up by Shadow and Amy when she stopped to cheer on Mary. Mary suddenly dropped her battle stance and held out her hand, waiting for a handshake. Though Sonic was cautious at first, he eventually shook her hand, deciding to end the match in a draw as Sonic reverted back to normal and the crowd cheered once more.

Ivy sat up, looking into the centre of the arena and nudged Cherry who was still smoking. “Hey, it’s over, do your thing, Cherry.”

“Cherry’s not here, man.” She replied spinning round in her chair as she giggled.

“Wake up, fool!” Ivy yelled as she slapped her, bringing her back to her senses briefly.

“Huh? What happened? Is it over?” She looked around.

“Yeah, you can finish up.” Ivy got up. “Screw these guys, I’m going home.”

“But don’t you have to be here with me?” Cherry asked.

Ivy shook her head and pointed to the door. “Nononononono! Screw you guys, home.” She immediately left.

Back outside, as Sonic and Mary had a heartwarming moment concerning their fight, Sonic was suddenly impaled by a long purple spike, followed by several more. As this shocked almost everyone present, Mary was also impaled a dozen times, had a large purple beam blast a hole through her and had acid thrown on her from a purple portal nearby, which slowly burned off her skin as she dropped to the ground. Shadow looked in the direction of the attack to see Virus very far off in the distance and glared before taking off after him as Virus flew off.

Purity rushed over to Sonic, as did the others while Sally wriggled over as she asked, “Mary, are you okay? You’re okay, right?”

“I’m...not sure if I’ll make it.” She spoke softly.

“B-but of course you can, you’re Mary Sue! You can’t die!”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine in a short while, I have faith in my sister” Purity replied.

“You’re just saying that as an excuse not to heal me.” Mary retorted.

“Thankfully, Sonic is okay, he’s just mostly dead. It’ll take a little while for him to recover though.” Purity said.

Lily, who was sitting in the crowd, smirked as she excused herself and headed for the exit. The Loli Rangers, fully aware of what she’s capable of doing, followed her shortly after.
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