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16 January, 2021, 06:50:10 pm
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Sonic Z

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Author Topic: Sonic Z  (Read 2312 times)
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« Reply #90 on: 21 May, 2010, 05:26:56 pm »

Enjoy the padding, but please ignore the clear reference to Sonic 2006. Nothing to see there, people.

Doomsday Saga: Chapter 75 - Sorting Alignment of Chaos

At the arena, it was a little while after all the previous commotion, and the sky appeared to be slightly darker. Sonya ran into the centre of the arena as this went on, as Mary Sue had now fully recovered and looked as if nothing had happened, Purity was sitting beside Sonic as she slowly healed him, Tails and Knuckles watched her, and Sally held Amy back from running off to kill Virus herself.

“What happened here?” Sonya asked.

“Someone tried to kill Sonic.” Knuckles replied. “It feels like something similar has happened before, but Purity says he should recover soon enough.”

“Sadly, it may take quite a while.” Purity added. “Unless you can find my medical kit at my hospital across town. Though there may be monsters roaming the streets.”

“No problem, leave it to me.” Sonya replied.

“I’m coming too!” Amy exclaimed.

Sonya shook her head. “It’ll be faster if I just speed in and out of the area.” After Purity told her where to find it, she nodded and immediately took off.

Rose floated down towards them right after and said, “The Loli Rangers have left the area, along with Lily. It would be wise to tail them.”

“Right.” Tails nodded. “I’ll get my giant mech and find them.” He said before rushing off.

“Where does he find the time to build all these things?” Knuckles said to no-one in particular.

Meanwhile, Virus was flying through the dark sky, trying to make it back to somewhere when he was suddenly tackled by Shadow and they crashed through a building wall. Virus kicked Shadow off and threw him across the room before firing a single wave at him. Shadow redirected his fall using the thrusters beneath his shoe by propelling himself right. Virus leaped backwards into a portal, but was then hit by a rising kick from Shadow as he appeared behind the hedgehog. They both backed up a little as Virus smiled.

“Ahh, Shadow, it’s always nice to catch up with you.” Virus said.

“A shame I can’t say the same.”

“I’m glad we get to do this one more time before I’m through with everyone here.”

“Don’t count on that. Sonic isn’t the type to die just from that, he’ll probably only be mostly dead.”

Virus sighed. “I figured. You know, it’s really frustrating when you plan things and yet your targets just refuse to die, even when they should. It probably isn’t that big a deal, but illogical stuff like that really makes me wanna strangle someone, y’know?”

“Sadly I do not. Let’s just fight and get this over with.”

“Ahh, of course. How many times has it been now? Three I think it was, you won the first, the second you could say was your victory because my job was done, and the third was mine. If I win this then we should be even.”

“Don’t count on it.” Shadow said, getting into a fighting stance.

Virus summoned various black holes with a wave of his hand, which Shadow quickly evaded as he dashed right, leaped up to avoid being impaled by one spike and tried to spin attack him. Virus opened another portal as he did and fired a large energy beam which Shadow blocked moments before Virus punched him through another wall nearby. Shadow quickly recovered and threw several chaos spears. Virus zigzagged in-between them and charged at Shadow as he split into three copies, though Shadow simply hit all three with a chaos blast, knocking him back. As Virus got to his feet, Shadow hit him in the chest, followed by several more punches, then a short hop as he roundhouse kicked him across the face.

Shadow charged at him, covering himself in a purple aura as Virus did the same. Virus summoned a purple portal in front of him at the last moment and vanished before Shadow could hit him, but then appeared from below and hit him with an uppercut, then blasted him towards another wall. Shadow quickly recovered, touched the wall with his feet and propelled himself back towards Virus who fired another beam. Shadow teleported using chaos control and appeared beside Virus a second before shoulder barging him and knocking him into a wall. 

Shadow teleported various times, knocking him around in the air until Virus managed to counterattack and hit him with a downward kick, dragging him down through the floorboard of some random building and into an indoor car parking lot, dragging him along the ground for a few moments before Shadow hit him with a chaos spear and kicked him into one of the pillars.

Virus began to glow brightly as he summoned several black holes behind him, sinking various vehicles into the holes and opening them up nearby to fling them at Shadow. He leaped across them towards Virus, who promptly punched him in the face, with Shadow countering with a kick to the stomach, followed by hitting Shadow’s chin upwards with his elbow, then with Shadow hitting Virus with an elbow drop to the chest before grabbing and throwing him outside.

Virus flipped and landed on one car, with Shadow following him as he leaped out the same window. Virus threw more spikes, which scratched him slightly as he tried to avoid them and then jumped towards Virus who hopped back onto another car as he did so. This continued for a short while until they got near a motorway, where Virus leaped ahead and punched Shadow, sending him flying. He then lifted a lorry and threw it, but Shadow suddenly charged through it, covered it waves of purple energy and tackled Virus.

Virus summoned a giant purple decaying hand to stop Shadow but he simply spun round and charged through him once more. The third time Virus leaped up, and Shadow followed, but Virus thought he would do so and summoned a portal beneath him, grabbing Shadow’s legs with tentacles, and then hammered him into the ground. As Shadow broke free he kneed Virus in the face, knocking him back and to his knees.

The Loli Rangers were watching with binoculars from far away. Fearing the worst, Loli Red said, “This looks bad, guys, we gotta help him, or else we won’t get paid!”

“Oh no!” Loli Blue exclaimed as she put her hands to her cheeks.

“That means we can’t do fun stuff.” Loli Black said.

“And that’s terrible.” Loli Green finished, with a nod.

Loli Yellow held up a sign saying, “I think not helping is a better idea at the moment.”

As usual, the others ignored her and decided to summon their giant mech: Magical Girl Moe-chan to lend a helping hand. Before they could do anything, they saw another giant robot approaching them at blistering speed, when he suddenly stopped and landed on the building. The giant robot was piloted by Tails, which was basically a large robotic version of himself, with the blue and yellow design of the second Tornado. The yellow parts of Tails fur were blue on the robot, and the white parts were yellow, though the fingers and outline of the robot’s ears were also yellow, and it had green eyes. “I wasn’t expecting to use this today, but I’ll have to stop you if you’re working with Virus!”

“That’s so awesome.” Loli Black said as she shed a tear, concerning Tails’ mech.

“Very well, fox, we shall battle!” Loli Red replied.

Back on the motorway streets, as Shadow and Virus stared at each other, out of breath and clearly tired, with cars evading them as they drove past, Virus was suddenly impaled by a black hand. Lily suddenly appeared behind him, who smirked as she lifted him off the ground, also shocking Tails, the Loli Rangers and startling Shadow. “Sorry about this, Virus, but its my turn now.” She flung him off the bridge towards the sea and then fired a large green energy beam, powerful enough to vaporise him. She laughed maniacally as she did so. “It looks like I’m the main villain now.” Lily saw Rose land on the bridge far behind her but turned her attention to Shadow. “You look a little tired. Maybe you should lay down…for good.” Lily tried to trip him with a tentacle but he jumped, and get caught by one Lily fired above. She then charged up another blast and knocked him off the bridge with it.

After a deep breath, she spun round to face Rose as she said, “So let’s continue where we left off last time…”

Eggman was watching this from the safety of a newly constructed base, and upon seeing Virus taken out, sported a devilish grin and got up, as he proceeded to take action.
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