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Sonic Z

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Author Topic: Sonic Z  (Read 2312 times)
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« Reply #90 on: 29 May, 2010, 09:55:05 pm »

I was gonna put this up yesterday, but was too lazy to finish writing it.

I’m sure you must have been thinking, “Man, that giant Tails mech was pretty damn random.”, well, remember back at the beginning of the Avenger Saga with that fake previous catch up? Doesn’t seem so random now, does it?
(It seemed like a good excuse to use it, even though its night…)

Doomsday Saga: Chapter 75 - The One Winged Angel

As the saxophone to Skyscraper Scamper started up, Sonya was speeding along a long road going downhill. Moments later as the path stayed level, she sidestepped several cars, then hit a speed pad sending her through three continuous loops before speeding off the unfinished road and into the air. After a bit of flying through the air, she landed on the side of a building and ran along it, soon before hitting a spring and landing on a rail. As it curved downwards, she hopped to a parallel rail on the right and hit another spring, leading to three more close to each other. She landed on top of a building, ran across and hit another spring, launching her across three more again.

She landed on the streets and ran into a tunnel, avoiding the barely noticeable cars on both sides as she jogged down the path, turning left and right when necessary. After coming out, she hopped across cars in her way, then soon back flipped over a large lorry. Approaching an intersection with cars travelling in all four directions, she hopped to the left and then right to avoid two cars, then drifted around a small corner which came up. She encountered a bridge just ahead and followed it, charging through the tons of virus infected creatures she came across and jumping over electric traps.

On another bridge, Lily was waving to no-one in particular. “Hey there! Thank you for taking 5-10 minutes out of your time to join us again. Have a good time!”

Rose, deciding to take advantage of this opening, immediately summoned a large icicle from underneath, impaling her several times with her mastery over ice. She then created more icicles and threw them, impaling Lily several more times, one being straight through the forehead. After a few moments, Lily pulled out the large icicle lodged in her stomach and forehead, then pulled out the smaller ones as she said, “Geez, Rose, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to kill me!” Lily transformed her arm into a chainsaw and dashed towards her, swinging madly as Rose dodged the swings and jumped back. As Rose leapt forward to hit her with an ice axe, Lily blasted her back, cut her across the chest with her chainsaw then smacked her across the face with a nearby car.

She flew into a building wall but quickly got up, at which point Lily grabbed several cars and threw them. Rose summoned a large hand of ice which caught a few of the cars, then morphed it into a shield as Lily began firing beams of energy again. “This is a blast, right, Rose? I don’t remember you being this weak though.” Lily finally blasted down her shield, and discovered Rose wasn’t there, moments before being punched from the side.

“Oww! My hideous face!” Lily exclaimed as she held her cheek, getting to her feet. “Nice move, Rose. It was cool as ice!”

Rose groaned. “Please don’t tell me you’re going to keep talking?”

Lily shrugged as she said, “It’s in my contract.”

Further behind them, Rose saw Tails’ mech crash into a building wall as Moe-chan landed by the side of the road. “Taste the rainbow!” The Loli Rangers said in unison as they fired a giant multicoloured energy beam from their staff. Tails mech, which I will now call Tornadoman, leapt to his feet as it resonated a yellow aura and dashed right, evading the beam and the next few by jumping around then firing 5 missiles in midair. Moe-chan blocked them, but as its vision was blinded by the smoke from them, Tornadoman punched it in the stomach, hopped and hit it with a roundhouse kick, followed by a dropkick from high above as Moe-chan hit the ground.

“Focus, girls!” Loli Red said. “Robot fights are serious business! We need to stay alert!”

“We should also use wrestling moves.” Loli Black suggested.

“I agree.” Loli Green added.

Moe-chan flipped to its feet and charged at Tornadoman, who blocked its attacks and tried to punch her. Moe-chan sidestepped its punch and suplexed the robot, climbed to a tall building and followed up with a flying elbow drop before leaping back. They high fived each other before Loli Red said, “Good work, girls!”

“Yay, carnage!” Loli Blue exclaimed, pumping her fist into the air. Tornadoman charged at them as it got up, while Moe-chan did the same, then they grabbed the others hands as they met, struggling to push the other back. “Yay, let’s crush it!” Loli Blue said once more.

“Increase the power, girls!” Loli Red demanded.

“Yes.” Loli Green said before doing so, as did the others.

“K-kuudere-chan! Where are you touching?!” Loli Red said in shock, furiously blushing.

“My apologies, my hand slipped.” She said, moving it.

“Just as long as we’re clear on that.” 

After a few moments of silence, Loli Green then said, “Did it feel good?”

“Do you just live to torment me and ask awkward questions?” Loli Red asked.

“Yes.” She nodded.

Since the Loli Rangers were busy being comic relief, Tornadoman picked them up and slammed them into the ground, then kicked them across the street. Tails scratched his forehead as he said, “Maybe that was a little too much…” He then blocked a blast which Lily had fired at him, before she was kneed in the stomach.

Moe-chan got up once more, with Loli Red saying, “Let’s take it to the next level, girls!”

“Yes.” Loli Green nodded. “We’ll have to go commando.”

“Uhh, no we don’t, Kuudere-chan.”

“Too late, Tsundere-chan.”

Loli Black shrugged as she said, “Count me in.” before reaching down.

“I love that movie!” Loli Blue said cheerfully before doing the same.

“N-no! Stop that, you guys! It’s wrong!” Loli Red yelled.

Loli Yellow, who had been quiet all this time, held up a sign saying, “What is this, I don’t even.”

Loli Black looked at the board and said, “I think you have a typo in there or something.” Loli Yellow looked at the board, then back at her as she shook her head.

Back at the stadium, Sonya finally arrived, though Knuckles and Amy had taken off. She handed Purity the kit as she asked, “So where did the others go?”

“These other five individuals informed them of black humanoid beings rampaging through the city, and at the same time there was a large group of humanoid monsters with dark purple auras doing the same thing. They left to stop them as soon as possible, and Mary just simply left when no-one noticed. You were awfully fast considering the place was across the city.”

“Yep, it’s partially thanks to my cool clothes like the black Sonicteam t-shirt I’m wearing.” She turned to a camera as she said, “For only $19,99 including shipping and handling, coolness may vary.”

Ignoring what she just said, Purity replied. “He should be healed within a few minutes.”

“Well that’s good news.”

Once again back near the bridge, Lily was launching a successful physical assault against Rose, as she said, “After I kick your ass, I’m literally gonna bite it!” she knocked her back with a kick, then fired a ball of sludge, which wrapped around Rose. “I’ll try to wrap this up shortly.” She leaped up and lengthened her claws to stab her, but Rose rolled away and leaped out of range as Lily jabbed her claws into the ground and tried to impale her with tentacles. “Come to Dr. Claw, Rose.” She thought for a second and then said, “No, wait, that makes no sense…”

“Do you have to something to say about everything?” Rose said as she narrowed her eyes at her.

“Well yeah.” Lily replied, taking out a short list. “I kinda came prepared with around ten lines or so I’d try to say at some point. Mads helped me out with a few too. At some point I have to find a good time to say, “You should have gone to specsavers.”

“Well, will you stop saying stupid things if I stop responding?”

“Nope, in fact I’ll just talk even more.” Rose groaned and rolled her eyes at this. Lily tried attacking while she was distracted, but she immediately blocked the hit and suddenly covered her entire body in ice, turning her right arm into an absurdly sharp blade and her left arm into a cannon as she did so, while sprouting a large ice wing from the middle of her back. She aimed the cannon at Lily and fired a large blast of ice at her, impaling various parts of her body as she went flying. Lily quickly got up and began to claw at her, missing with each swing until Rose eventually sliced her right hand off. She backed away, clutching the arm as she said, “You monster! I need a helping hand here! Could you lend me one?”

Rose raised her foot and fired a barrage of ice from beneath her foot, knocking her down once more. She then dodged a kick and hit Lily with a roundhouse kick of her own. As Rose prepared to end it, Lily suddenly extended her hand and grabbed a little girl running away nearby, which stopped Rose from punching her out. Lily threw the girl up and held onto her using a tentacle sprouted from her back, just as she repeatedly punched Rose in the chest and kicked her to the ground. She held the child in front of her again as Rose tried to slice her in half and clawed her repeatedly before blasting her back. As Rose tried once more, Lily held her up and wagged her finger before kneeing her in the chest, then impaling her through the stomach and firing a large blast.

Lily placed the girl on the ground and walked over to Rose’s body as she lay on the ground, saying, “Seeing how you weren’t making things easy, I had to get a little persuasive, you understand, right?” Rose simply glared at her, just before Lily turned her hand into a chainsaw again. “Well I’d better get moving soon, y’know, chaos and whatnot.”

Just then, she saw something covered in flames falling out of the sky and coming towards her. She jumped back as the person landed, creating a small crater in the road as they did so. Blaze the Cat emerged from the crater, and the first thing she did was help Rose to her feet as she had recovered from Lily impaling her. Lily sighed as she saw this. “Y’know, I knew I should have just finished it 20 seconds earlier, but no! I just had to blab on for several moments! I hate these kind of things where unneeded help shows up at the last second!”

“I see you’ve joined with that creature.” Blaze said.

“Yep, not by choice, mind you. Joining when I was pretty much dead kinda knocked a few screws loose in my brain.”

“They were quite loose in the first place.” Rose remarked.

“Joining with this chaotic and psychotic creature has influenced me to say and do things I normally wouldn’t, like eating brains. They’re kinda chewy though, like mince, but a little more watery.”

“Are you still talking?” Blaze said, clearly annoyed.

“Sorry, I tend to rabble on. Excuse me for not being kewl, and not saying much, and being a cat, and using fire, and other things…”

“Will you stop talking if I-” Rose placed a hand on Blaze’s shoulder, and shook her head as Blaze turned to her.

Once again back at the arena, half the audience had cleared out and Sonic had just recovered, quickly getting to his feet and glancing around the place. “Thanks for healing me, Purity, what happened while I was out?”

“Fights were taken to the streets, and everyone has left to do their own thing, you should get going too.”

“Right.” Sonic nodded. “Thanks again!” He exclaimed as he took off. As he left the place and ran down the street, he noticed another Egg Carrier and tons of ships accompanying it nearby as they sailed across the sky and immediately headed in that direction.

G.U.N had earlier been called in to help with the crazy invasions going on involving all the monsters and machines roaming the city, and Rouge was carrying Shadow out of the water as she flew back to land. “So I heard you fought Virus again, did you two catch up on old times?” Rouge asked.

“Not necessary, but its not as much of an issue right now, since someone else has taken his place.”

“I’ve noticed. That cat and the ice girl and taking care of it, so just let the others take it from here.”

With Lily again, she then said, “Y’know, I hated Virus for quite a while, so killing him myself felt a little satisfying. Unfortunately, he’s already infected part of the city, so there are others out there still subjected to his bidding even though he’s gone. Of course, for the people I don’t devour, they become my loyal subordinates, with powers similar to my own. Sadly, I need to do these things, as I shall die when this organism finally leaves my body.”

“Enough talk.” Blaze charged at her, punching her in the stomach several times. Rose then knocked her back with three kicks in succession, followed by an elbow to the face by Blaze, and a punch across the face from Rose. Blaze roundhouse kicked her, and then Rose grabbed her arm as she prepared  to stab Blaze, giving Blaze time to hit her with an uppercut. Rose hammered her down and Blaze kicked her against a wall. After several more punches and kicks from the two, they then clotheslined her. As Lily struggled to get up, she suddenly pointed up and yelled, “Look out, it’s the plot!” Just then, fiery beams of annihilation were fired down from the ships at random spots in the city, while tanks and mechs operated by G.U.N fired back.

Lily tried to run as they were distracted, and as Rose noticed, she fired ice from the wing on her back, narrowing missing Lily as she kept running. Eggman looked at the monitors on his ship, and noticed Knuckles gliding across the ships, taking out a few of them as he did so, so he prepared to launch missiles at the echidna. Though Sonic was able to keep up with the ships, he still needed a way of reaching them. As if right on cue, Sally Sue flew by him, and yelled, “Hey, hop on you moron!”


“You wanna get up there, right? Then let’s go.” Sonic wasn’t sure why she was helping, but agreed nonetheless and held onto her legs as she flew up. Knuckles saw them coming and jumped to reach them, grabbing onto Sonic’s hand as they flew to the back of the Egg Carrier. Sally created a hole and dropped them off, and as Sonic asked if she was coming, she shook her head and replied, “I can’t stop here, this is egg country.” Sonic and Knuckles glanced at each other, shrugged and ran on ahead.
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