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Sonic Z

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Author Topic: Sonic Z  (Read 2312 times)
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You may have noticed I haven’t been trying hard enough to make these pre-chapter comments funny recently. Sadly that is because I am low on material, and forgot a few jokes I was planning to save for this point. Just don’t start sweating me when I dish it out. Haters gonna hate, holmes.

Doomsday Saga: Chapter 76 - Attack on the Eggman Fleet

Aboard the Egg Carrier, Knuckles punched down a wall as Sonic and Knuckles ran down a green lit dark machinery path. Knuckles pounded the ground, sending a shockwave of rocks ahead, knocking several robots into the air. Sonic leaped up and used the flying robots to take out more ahead with a few spin attacks. Knuckles then punched Sonic ahead, smashing through a dozen more robots still curled into a ball. He stopped by a giant black version of his egg pawns, and leaped out the way as Knuckles leapt up at it and punched it through the metal door just ahead. 

They entered and split up, Sonic taking an upper left path while Knuckles ran downwards. Knuckles punched out several combat based robots, then grabbed one and ran ahead using it as a shield as more fired at him. He charged through several more then threw it at the last batch by the door, while Sonic spin attacked several robots and spin dashed through more on the path in the background. In the next room it was an arena styled area and brightly lit as robots suddenly began entering from each side. One robot appeared to be a somewhat muscular red ninja robot, which said, “I come free with every Egg Carrier purchase.”

Sonic and Knuckles nodded to each other, with Sonic deciding to take out the fodder robots while Knuckles handled the ninja. The ninja blocked one of Knuckles’ punches and fly kicked him as it said, “My flying kicks are for limited purchases.” Knuckles punched him in the chest, then as he aimed for the head, the robot caught his fist and said, “I now come with kung fu grip.” before kicking him to the ground. “My mercy is sold separately, ****.” the robot said as he hit Knuckles with a dropkick. Knuckles quickly got up and punched it into a wall, then followed through with a punch to the gut, tearing through its metal. “We don’t take refunds.” the robot said as it collapsed. As more robots arrived, Knuckles gestured for Sonic to move on while he took care of them, which he did so.

Sonic arrived in the centre of the Egg Carrier, which was an exact replica of the original inside. Eggman was waiting, already inside of his mech that he used during the Mary Sue Saga. “Welcome, Sonic. I’ve made a few changes since the last time we met. Let’s see how you fair against my upgraded creation!” Eggman promptly charged at him, swinging immediately while Sonic jumped over the machine. Eggman quickly turned and fired half a dozen missiles as Sonic ran, leaping and ducking as they hit the walls and glass floors. The blast radius of the last missile flung Sonic into the air, at which point Eggman punched him into a wall then held him there with the mech’s hand.

Sonic suddenly began to glow and resonate a vibrate purple aura as it broke free from its grasp and punched the mech across the room. Sonic dashed towards it and slid under the robot, then as it turned around, hit it with an upward spining attack, and then a roundhouse kick, knocking it to the ground. It then turned on its thrusters, hitting Sonic using the engines within its feet. The mech leaped up and tried to crush Sonic with its feet, though Sonic jumped to the right but was quickly hit by an energy blast that Eggman fired.

Outside near a junkyard, Lily was running away as Rose, connecting her chopped off hand as she continued firing ice at her. She continued to dodge and turn corners as she sang, “I raaaan…I ran so far awaaaaay!” She immediately stopped as Blaze jumped out of a corner and tried to punch her, but missed by inches. Rose eventually managed to cut off her other hand, but Lily quickly picked it up and continued running. Rose threw a wave of icicles, which Blaze covered in fire as they flew by, turning it into a small wave of water, which Lily narrowing avoided as it startled her. They did it again, with Lily jumping behind a building. Rose caught her running out of an alleyway and froze her legs, moments before planning to fire a beam of ice, with Blaze ready to burn it.

“Hey Rose,” Lily began with a smile. “What killed the dinosaurs?”

Rose simply groaned at her and fired, with Blaze burning it to cause a beam of water. Lily quickly turned her arms into hammers and smashed the ice before leaping behind another building. After a few moments, she poked her head out and yelled, “You guys should go easier on me, I was frozen today!” Rose and Blaze followed as she took off, looking around for half a minute until they spotted a silhouette by a tree which Blaze blasted. Lily poked her head out from behind another building wall and said, “Fortunately, even a figure made out of black goo can fool people at night. You should have gone to specsavers, Blaze.” She then pumped her fist in the air. “Yes! I finally found a good chance to say it!” Blaze promptly punched her out as Rose caught up.

Lily got to her feet, and said, “Don’t we make great Boke and Tsukkomi routines? I have a knack for that sort of thing. But unlike you guys, this creature connected to my biological structure makes me almost invincible. I even managed to connect my hand with my arm again. This thing is like a permanent black latex jumpsuit, with even a death styled logo on the front, and I don’t even have to bathe since I’m technically dead!”

“So that’s what that smell was…” Blaze said to no-one in particular.

“Hey Rose, you didn’t mention to my parents that I came back to life, did you?”

“No, I did not.”

“Good, they don’t need to know whatever I’d been doing. Anyway, I should get back to kicking your asses.” Lily’s left hand suddenly detached itself and fell to the ground, making her sigh. As she tried to pick it up, her right hand dropped as well, at which point she then asked, “Could somebody get those?” Blaze faceplamed while Rose groaned again.

Moe-chan was firing a beam of energy from its staff at TM (Tornadoman) who was doing the same, but without a staff. Loli Red turned to the others while this was going on and said, “More power, girls, we need more power!”

“More cowbell?” Loli Black said.

“No, not cowbell!”

“But we gotta have more cowbell, Tsundere-chan!” Loli Blue argued.

“We must also construct additional pylons.” Loli Green added.

Loli Yellow took out her board and began writing, with sweat dripping down her forehead and focusing intensively for around 30 seconds as she wrote out her message. Revealing the board, she had simply written, “Yes.”

Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads were currently roaming the city streets and running across bridges, taking out the Virus and Lily infected civilians while trying not to outright kill them using physical attacks. With the numbers increasing as they moved along further, Ivy and a large group of demons came to help them out. Amber waved as she said, “Nice of you to help out.”

“I was bored, that’s all.”

“So what happened to that thing you said you were doing?”

“It made more money on DVD.”


“Just drop it, it’s long to explain.”

The Metallic Council of Maniacal Evil looked on from the roof of a tall building, glancing around at the unwanted destruction of the environment with all the commotion going on. “So are we going to finally take part in this?” Mecha Sonic asked.

“We’ll do the decent thing and wait until everyone else is done.” Metal Sonic replied.

Metared got to his feet, the camera focusing on him from a low angle as he said, “Gentlemen! Forget the ridiculous scene in front of us! It is not worth participating in!”

“Why the hell not? Isn’t this the best opportunity?”

“Perhaps, but not right now. I’ll take my time robbing some stores before doing anything else.” Metared said as he left, but the others continued watching. 

Some of G.U.N’s forces were firing at the Egg Carrier and its fleet until a bright light suddenly appeared high in the sky, which turned out to be a massive beam of green energy as it hit one of the overseas bridges, wiping out a large chunk of the G.U.N forces nearby and nearly hitting Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads. Tails, being somewhat distracted due to this, gave Moe-chan ample time to punch him out.

The beam seemed to come from the Space Colony Ark, which was being operated by Eggman Nega using an alternative power source that won’t be mentioned. As he prepared to fire again, Sally Sue got in the way of the others and deflected the blast back, heavily damaging its cannon. Mary Sue, who had shortly arrived, overlooked all the madness and chaos going on in the city below and let out a tiring sigh.

Meanwhile, Sonya went back to her beach house, as she had helped out enough and figured they didn’t need her help any longer. Upon entering the beach house, she discovered none other than Virus, sitting on her couch watching TV. He slowly turned towards her, gesturing to a space on the couch beside him. “Hello there, I’ve been watching you for a while. Please, take a seat, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is on.”
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