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Sonic Z

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Author Topic: Sonic Z  (Read 2312 times)
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« Reply #90 on: 11 June, 2010, 09:24:18 am »

Previously on Sonic Z…

Sonic wore a black trench coat and shades as he stood in a park, waiting for someone, when he heard the sound of crows scattering and turned to see Metal Sonic slowly walking towards him, in a cold tone saying, “Mr. Blue Hedgehog.” He stood a few feet away as he said, “Is my cameo surprising?”

“Somewhat. What are you doing here anyway?”

“I am here because it is my purpose to be here. After all, without purpose, we would have no reason for living.”

“It is purpose that created us.” Mecha Sonic said as he approached them from the right.

“Purpose that connects us.” Silver Sonic added, floating down towards them.

“Purpose that pulls us.” Metared said, coming from behind a tree.

“That guides us.” Sonny said from a bench, followed by Sonya adding, “That drives us.” Both of them clearly infected by Virus.

“It is purpose that defines us.” Jet the Hawk added, walking out of a pond nearby.

Finally, Shadow finished by saying, “It is purpose that binds us.” As he approached Sonic from behind.

Metal Sonic stepped forward as he continued. “We’re all here because of you, Sonic. We’re here to take from you what you stole from all of us: Screentime.” He then stabbed Sonic.


On some other day, the big man, Tails, was chilling in the hood with his girls, wearing a leather jacket and smoking cigars as they cuddled in bed when the phone suddenly rang. Tails answered it, realising it was Sonic, with a greeting of, “Yo, this your boy, Miles, what’s happening, bro?”

“Hey man, there’s some major beef going down. Eggman’s been player hating and is challenging us to a dance off in an hour. You in?”

“Course, man. You know I got your back, bros before hoes, init?” He looked back at the girls. “No offence, girls.”

“Alright, meet me at Casinopolis in 30 minutes, peace out, holmes.” Sonic hung up.

Tails quickly phoned Loli Black, and began talking as she picked up. “Yo, homie, Eggman’s tripping and is trying to get me and my boy, Sonic, served. You down for this?”

“Yeah, boi! You know how I do! I’ll round up my crew and we’ll show Eggman what happens to haters who hate.”


Amy had cornered Tails in a dark corner of his room where the only light around was his computer. Tails laughed before saying, “You’re too late, Amy, I’ve spread the word of TV Tropes online  on websites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Now everyone will be aware of the tropes, and spend endless hours circling the site.”

“That’s insane!” Amy exclaimed.

“Of course! You don’t know what it was like, Amy. You enter like a newbie, just curious about one or two links. The next thing you know, you’ve spent over two hours going from page to page, reading random crap when you should be doing work! But the disease can’t be stopped, once TV Tropes gets you it never lets you go! Not until it sucks out hours upon hours of your free time! And soon, you too shall experience it and welcome tropes as an everyday activity.”

“Never! Not everyone will succumb to the tropes, and I could hit you right now but I won’t. I must find Cream before TV Tropes ruins her life.” Amy took off as Tails laughed maniacally.

As Amy burst into her house, she found Cream sitting silently at her computer, the TV Tropes homepage on the screen. She gasped before slowly approaching her. “C-Cream, are you okay?

“No, Amy. I-I found this website, and now I’ve got…” Cream spun round and pointed to her eyes, having the TV Tropes logo in her eyes. “Troper’s eyes!”

And now, the conclusion…

Doomsday Saga: Chapter 77 – To Corrupt a Proclaimed Goddess

Sonya was sitting in the house, chuckling as she watched the TV. “I always did love this episode.”

Virus tapped her from the side as he said, “Umm, you do remember I’m still here, right?”

“Hmm? Oh right. So why are you here?”

“Well I’ve been waiting for someone to return so I could make a suspenseful return. I got bored waiting and began watching TV.”

“I’m sorry for being late then.”

Virus got to his feet. “Easily forgiven. So I wish to inform you that everything is easily going to plan. The conflicting sides, the chaos in the streets, the various unmentioned killings, my greatest threats wearing themselves down in my absence. I’ve been here the whole time, since, if you could create copies of yourself, it would be stupid to show up unprepared. To be honest, Shadow’s surprise attack wasn’t calculated, but it led to getting one of my main threats involved earlier than she would have been. I applaud her method of waiting until my copy was warn out before vaporizing it, which I could sense as our minds are linked.”

Sonya raised her hand. “Umm, could you get to the point?”

“Of course. You see, getting to Mary Sue was my ultimate objective, and I achieved it quite a while back just for today. I simply manipulated Sally’s actions without her noticing to arrange that tournament with Mary, with the rules and making her suggest sparring. Making Mary get a cut from the training session was all that was needed, so investing one of my copies within Sally was beneficially after all. It’s now time to bring Mary over to my side and rid the city of my enemies, and you’ll sit there, wondering how I did all of it.”

“But you just told me...” Sonya responded. “Plus I could just rush back and warn the others.”

“Sadly, you’re already too late.” Virus said with a smirk, summoning a portal behind him which he slowly slid back into.

Back on the Egg Carrier, Knuckles had finished the robot fodder in the previous room and ran to the centre room of the Egg Carrier, where Sonic and Eggman’s fight was still going on. Knuckles hopped back as Sonic sped by him, running backwards, facing Eggman as he evaded the missiles Eggman fired. Eggman then fired a large energy beam as he charged at Sonic, who leaped to the right and charged at him, jumping left as Eggman tried to punch him then leaping up to avoid Eggman’s roundhouse before spin attacking the robot. Knocking it back, Sonic leaped at the robot but missed as the robot dropped to the floor and fired a energy blast, knocking Sonic into the air. The place rumbled slightly leading Eggman to believe G.U.N were attacking again, so he contacted Eggman Nega to fire the ARK cannon again, but he replied that its been damaged and he needs time to repair it.

Knuckles punched the mech as Eggman was doing so, then spent a bit evading its attacks when Sonic hit Eggman with a full force light speed attack, knocking the mech through a wall to the outside along with himself, landing in the middle of the streets. Eggman immediately blasted half of the forces around him then smacked Sonic with a car, sending him flying though he quickly recovered as Knuckles dropped down from the ship. Eggman fired one of the mech’s hands, which Knuckles punched into the air, then Sonic knocked it back with a spin attack, sending Eggman flying back into a building.

In another area nearby, Lily fired several tentacles from her hands at Blaze and Rose, who ducked and slid by them, just before Blaze elbowed her in the face, then Rose kicked her further away and to the ground. She fired more, which Blaze and Rose leaped over and then they both punched her into a car. Lily began to run as she knew she stood no chance, and soon ran right as the Loli Rangers came after her, firing laser beams as they were still mad about her killing Virus.

“This has gone on far enough!” Most of the people in the area heard a voice yell, making them stop in their tracks. Just then, Mary dropped down from the sky, landing on a broken down bus, dressed in purple and resonating a similar aura, to show the change. As they turned to face her, Mary quickly appeared behind Lily and impaled her, then threw her to the side as she said, “Thanks for covering for me while I was away, but your turn is over.” As Rose and Blaze immediately attacked, Mary simply sent them flying with a swift kick, just as Moe-chan ran up to Virus, clearly overjoyed.

“You’re alive!” Tsundere-chan exclaimed. “Can we have our payment now?”

“But of course.” Mary pulled a large bag of money from nowhere and gave it to them. “Sadly, your assistance is no longer needed as I now have all the power I need, so I’ll now wipe you all out.”

“What?!?” All the rangers said in unison.

Mary immediately punched the large robot out, and then deflected the missiles TM fired as Sonic, Knuckles and Eggman arrived shortly. Eggman fired a large energy beam from the Egg Carrier by remote, but Mary easily blocked it and sent it back, blowing the ship to pieces.

“I totally never saw Virus’ betrayal coming.” Loli Red said.

The others agreed with her while Loli Yellow suddenly said, “You guys are idiots.”, which no-one heard.

Just then, Shadow and Rouge arrived, landing beside Sonic and Knuckles as Shadow said, “It seems he’s returned. Sadly, I’m not surprised at all.”

“Who exactly is this guy controlling Mary anyway?” Sonic asked.

“His name is Virus, and its an awfully long story. You seem to always be out of the loop when important things are transpiring.”

“Yeah, I’m quite unfortunate in that way…”

After a minute or so of Virus flawlessly beating up everyone who attempted to attack him, Tails was talking with Sonic, Knuckles and the Loli Rangers about needing to cure Mary of Virus’ influence by suggesting going inside her and locating where the original Virus is. Lily came running up to him as she overheard and said, “I figured you were in need of a shrinking machine, and I just happened to have a working one about a minute away.”

“It seems Tails isn’t the only one who’s crazy prepared…” Knuckles remarked.

“Right, let’s go.” Tails said.

“Hey, wait up, we’re going too!” Loli Red said, following them.

During the next few minutes, Mary continued to pummel the others and was currently punching Shadow then kicked him into a car. Tails and the Loli Rangers had arrived in their mechs, but had to wait for Mary to open her mouth before going inside, which came when Mary powered up and prepared to launch a massive energy beam at Lily, but Rose quickly kicked her out of the way. As Lily got up, she ran towards Rose and hugged her as she exclaimed, “Rose, you saved me!”

“You’re rather affectionate considering you tried to kill me earlier.”

Lily moved back a little as she said, “Hey, technically you attacked me first.”

“But your unstable attitude would result in you attacking me anyway.”

“I’m not unstable! You have no idea what I’m like!”

“Well you never give people their personal space.”

“Personal space? You’re just an ****! You kept neglecting me when I wanted us to be friends! I know its clichéd for an anti-social aloof person to be around a cheerful active person but that’s not the point!”

“You know it’s not easy for me to do that after so long. You‘ve never gone through any troubles.”

“HEY! I WAS FROZEN, TODAY!” Lily randomly shouted as she glared at Rose, while she narrowed her eyes at Lily. There was a long period of awkward silence until Rose eventually walked off, with Lily continuing to stare at her.

Meanwhile, Tails and the Loli Rangers were travelling down Mary’s throat with their mechs, with Tails explaining to them what they’re going to do. “Okay, Virus is most likely to be in the brain, which shouldn’t be that difficult to make it there, hopefully. We’ll have to look out for white blood cells, as since Mary is infected, they’ll most likely think we’re the enemy.”

“And seeing how overpowered Mary is, the blood cells shouldn’t be taken lightly. I just hope your analysis of paths within the body is accurate…” Loli Black said.

“Well I’m just hoping we don’t see any of those infected white blood cells then.” Loli Red replied.

“Are you scared, Tsundere-chan?” Loli Green asked.

“No, I’m not scared.” she replied, somewhat annoyed.

Both of their mechs suddenly stopped, as they spotted  two infected white blood cell up ahead, being miniature versions of Mary also wearing purple, and smiled as their hands glowed purple. Loli Yellow held up a sign saying, “Aw crap.” while Loli Red screamed upon seeing her, until Loli Green said once more, “Are you scared, Tsundere-chan?”

“I-I’m not scared!” She yelled.

The two Mary’s charged at them, but they moved to the sides and fired back as they flew off. They blocked the hits while advancing on them until they eventually lost the blood cells going towards the nostrils. As they headed towards their destination, they quickly encountered a miniature version of Mary wearing white. “Hey, you’re unaffected.” Tails said as he saw her.

“Yeah, but only around half of the blood cells actually have free will, so its not that hopeless.”

“If that’s so then where are all the other white blood cells?” Loli Green asked.

“They’re all busy watching Gilmore Girls.” She said, rolling her eyes. “I honestly don’t see the appeal of it.”

“Could you lead us to the source of the problem?” Tails asked.

“Sure, he’s in the brain, but I figure you knew that. Follow me.” The miniature Mary took off, with Tails and the Loli Rangers following close behind.
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