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Sonic Z

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Author Topic: Sonic Z  (Read 2312 times)
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« Reply #90 on: 18 June, 2010, 10:20:30 am »

(What really amuses me right now is that the beginning post of this page is where the Doomsday Saga really started)

Previously on Sonic Z…

Things blew up, beams were fired, stuff happened.

Doomsday Saga: Chapter 78 - Demise of a Teenage Psychopath

Tails and the Loli Rangers were still moving at a steady pace with the unaffected Mary Sue miniature blood cell. “So what are you planning to do?” the blood cell asked.

“Well, a long while ago Shadow came to me, talking about something affecting his behaviour, and discovered it was a living virus, so I had to do a bit of research on it to subdue the virus.” Tails explained.

“Umm, what does it do, exactly?” Loli Blue asked.

“Exactly as you’d expect. He infects others by entering their blood stream, copies itself as it alters their body, then moves on to others, continuing to copy itself as it corrupts more people, like a hive mind.”

“So killing the original will kill the others?” Loli Red replied.

“Perhaps, I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, I have a serum which should remove the negative effects of it spiritually connected to the real Virus.”

“Meaning it’s a small power boost.” She finished.

“Pretty much.”

Just then, several more infected Mary’s appeared far behind them, firing at them as they slowly caught up. Their mechs sped up to outrun the Sue’s, who gained more numbers as the chase went on. The white blood cell Mary eventually led most of them down a different path, Tails stayed behind to stop the last few as he handed over the serum to the Loli Rangers. Unfortunately, one Sue managed to get past their defences and continued to follow the Rangers on their way to the brain. Tsundere-chan suddenly got up and said, “You guys, I may have to leave to take care of that nuisance myself. I feel its my duty as the leader.”

“That’s just nuts, Tsundere-chan. We couldn’t beat Mary even with the five of us, I doubt you can beat one of those by yourself.” Loli Black said.

“What she said.” Loli Yellow wrote on a sign.

“Well fighting her and Virus at the same time will just be harder, so I feel this is necessary, good luck, team.” As they entered a dark area of the body with purple veins going across the place, Loli Red leaped out and tackled the miniature Mary, them both landing on one of the veins, which seemed more like a flat bridge. Loli Red drew her sword as Mary got up.

Back outside, the sky was beginning to become dark red as most of the characters attentions were focused entirely on Virus. Mary was slowly moving back, avoiding the punches that Knuckles threw, soon before kicking Blaze into the air as she jumped at her from behind, then she bent back to dodge Knuckles’ next punch and kicked him into the air. Mary hopped backwards over Sonic’s spin dash and hit him with an energy blast while hitting Rouge with the extreme wind of her punch. Amy appeared from a trash heap behind Mary and leaped down, preparing to hit with her hammer. Mary quickly did a backwards uppercut with her foot, hitting her then grabbing her hammer. As Rose and Lily fired at her, she moved at light speed around the shots and whacked Rose across the street with Amy’s hammer, then suddenly appeared behind Lily and hit her with a roundhouse kick so hard it sent her upper torso flying.

As she hit the ground, the lower torso started running away, leading Lily to yell, “Run, lower torso! Run like the wind!” Mary quickly grabbed it and threw the lower half towards Lily, just before Shadow teleported behind Mary and used a chaos blast, which she blocked. She then kicked Shadow across the street as Sonic then hit her with a light speed attack from the side. Mary quickly flipped up and smiled before glowing blue and partially red. She used the light speed attack, moving around the area while perpetually activating chaos blast, injuring half the people who got hit and destroying half the area as he moved around.

Eggman managed to avoid most of the previous attack by flying into the air. He then landed and opened fire on Mary, who simply stood there with the gunfire deflecting off of her. As Eggman punched the ground, sending a shockwave of energy towards her, Mary leaped into the air, and as Mary was about to land, Eggman suddenly threw a small electrical field trap, which caught Virus by surprise. Though he was in pain at first, he overcame it moments later and broke free with willpower, but then Rose froze most of her body in place, at which point Lily took out a remote and pressed a button. The satellite she used in the Mary Sue Saga fired from just above, creating a huge explosion as Rose leaped out of the way.

Lily stood beside Rose and Eggman‘s mech, pumping her fist in the air. “Yeah! High five!” She glanced between the two, who simply ignored her.

Mary shortly emerged from the rubble, unscathed, and clutched her fist as she smiled. “Simply amazing, I am now unbeatable. Your best efforts can only hope to enrage me at best.”

“It’s better than nothing.” Lily shrugged. “Man, I’m so high right now…” she randomly grabbed a piece of the scenery and began chewing it. Mary wasted no time and charged through the three of them, then quickly turned around and kicked Eggman into a building. As Mary turned to the others, Crystal suddenly dropped in and punched her, then Amber dropped down and immediately hit her with an uppercut, Mads then blasted her across the street.

During the next minute or so, Sonic, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads continued to attack Virus as he taunted them, slowly toying with them and tiring them out. Shade had recently gotten to his feet, saying, “I guess he’ll now destroy this planet, just as it destroyed mine.”

“Don’t count on it.” Sonic said, getting to his feet. “This planet has one thing your planet didn’t.”

“And what’s that?”

“Sonic the Hedgehog!” After a few moments, he sighed. “I’m sorry, that was quite corny.”

“Very corny. And how are you going to make a difference?”

“By becoming Super Sonic once again, which I really should have done a bit earlier…”

Mary overheard this, and using Virus’ normal power, opened up a portal behind Sonic and impaled him before speeding over. “I had completely forgotten you had those emeralds. Thank goodness in this body I can hear voices from over two miles away.” She quickly took one of the emeralds from Sonic’s injured body and was shocked he still wasn’t dead. He quickly dodged one of Rose’s punches and continued pummelling them all.

Meanwhile, inside Mary’s body, Loli Red was fighting the infected miniature Sue. She dodged Tsundere-chan’s first slash as she charged at her, dodging the next and trying to hit her with a roundhouse kick, which Loli Red ducked under and hit her with a rising slash. Mary quickly recovered and grabbed the arm with her legs, landing hard on the surface and nearly bruising it. Mary punched her several more times and then kicked her off the edge. She grabbed the side of it, flipped round to the other side and jabbed her sword into the vein to prevent falling as she surprised Mary with a flying kick from the other side, though this affected Virus outside, hurting him for a moment. Mary prepared to poke her with fingers at light speed, but Loli Red quickly stabbed her, then hopped and with a spinning slash sliced her head off, and finally kicking her into the darkness far below.

After a period of silence, she then smiled. “I-I did it! I beat her! I really did it!” Tears came from her eyes before she pumped her fist in the air.

Further ahead, the Loli Rangers entered the area where the brain was, which was basically the same as where Loli Red was, but contained a large purple ball of energy high up in the middle of the area, which dissolved as they arrived. Virus emerged from the ball, slightly taller with a tail and sharp spikes around his wrists, covered in small sparks. “Welcome, old companions. Sadly, I don’t have time to chat, so let’s get to the point.” Moe-chan shot energy blasts at him while Virus held out his hand, summoning a portal which absorbed them and fired them back, soon before he flew right with them following. They moved around firing blasts and throwing spikes until Virus suddenly charged at the robot within a split second, knocking it out the way as he sped by. They soon hit Virus, only for him to vanish into any portal and hit them with a swipe of his claws.

Virus formed a large shield of electricity around himself and charged at them again, though they tried to hold him off with an energy beam, to no avail as he charged through, sending them flying. Loli Green opened a small window inside the ship and started shooting at him while Loli Yellow piloted the ship. After a while of chasing him, Virus stopped and charged up an attack, spreading his arms out and firing dozens of spikes from his body as several dozen portals appeared, sending the spikes flying all over the place. Though Moe-chan was damaged from the attack, at the same time Loli Black threw the syringe, and though Virus saw and slashed it seconds later, a small bit still splashed on him.

He clutched his chest and began generating more electricity, seeming to be in serious pain. He then shot a large number of tentacles at the rangers, which slowly got bigger, so they quickly turned around and sped off as Virus chased them. “Y’know, that reminded me of House of the Dead.” Loli Blue randomly said. The others also agreed to a point. Shortly after, they picked up Loli Red as they sped by, who still happened to be crying tears of joy as she got into the cockpit.

“What happened, Tsundere-chan?” Loli Black asked.

“I finally did it. I beat her.”

Loli Green suddenly walked up to her and hugged her as she literally said, “Hug.”

Loli Red then asked, “So what happened back there?”

“Well,” Loli Black began. “We fought Virus, doing kinda badly in our big robot, until he did this big damaging attack which left him vulnerable. We threw the syringe, which he sliced in half, but bits of it still hit him. He doesn’t seem to be dying though, just simply showing pain and perhaps mutating a little.” She gestured to Virus far behind who had several tentacles poking out of him and appeared as if his spiritual skin was boiling. “In simple terms: This **** be wack, yo!”

“I got it.” She nodded. “I still gotta phone my mom and tell her that I actually won.”

“She wasn’t the real Mary Sue, y’know.” Loli Green replied.

“Please don’t ruin my victory.”

They soon encountered Tails who had managed to defeat the infected blood cells, and he quickly joined them as he saw Virus far behind.

Outside, in the short while Purity had arrived to heal Sonic, and Sally was fighting Mary, and managed to put up a decent fight before Mary eventually punched her out. Lily ran up to her and asked, “Hey, are you okay?”

“Feels good man.” She replied with a smile.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“You’re one to talk.” Rose remarked.

Moments later Tails and the Loli Rangers exited through Mary’s nostrils again, but still had to wait a minute to return to normal size, while Virus also followed, shocking some of the people still standing. As he did so, Lily then said, “Y’know, I don’t think you’d be able to achieve much anyway, because Mary Sue has a vow against killing her opponents, and even after you took over, I think that still couldn’t be changed.”

“It doesn’t matter, regardless of what you throw at me, I’ve still won, and I’ve just about gotten sick of your mouth.” Using the partially infected Mary, he commanded her to fire a beam into the clouds, suddenly making it rain.

Lily looked up as it started raining heavily, smiling as she said, “Well I guess my time’s finally come…” The organism on the other hand was in excruciating pain and attempted to flee, only for Rose to fire an icicle and stick it to a building, then firing several more to keep it there as it suddenly died. Lily dropped to the floor, saying, “Water, my one weakness…and why was that weak to water anyway?” After more silence, she started singing, “I’m dyiiiing in the rain! Just dyiiiing in the rain! What a horrible feeling, I’m, dying again!”

“Even in death you’re still cracking jokes.” Rose said, kneeling beside her.

Virus ignored the two and continued. “I don’t really need Mary any longer. Most of the people who could stop me I have already taken care of, it is time I put an end to this and finish what Rule 34 once started: Opening up a dimensional rift and making this world overrun with tentacled monsters which will regularly be used for Hentai purposes.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad.” Mads said.

“Of course, I’ll kill off all the men while this is happening.”

“You monster!”

Virus raised his hands as he spoke, “Now, return to me, my brethren and followers, and witness the end of this civilization.” Virus called back the rest of the hive mind, and began to merge with all the copies he had created over the months, forming a massive muscular form with no legs, which overshadowed part of the city as he once again opened up dozens of portals and impaled most of the people around, laughing as he did so.

Rose held Lily in her arms as she went on. “We’ve gone through so fun times, right? You trying to kill me, and ignore me, and beat me up, fun times, right?”

“Would you please be serious about this?”

“I really enjoyed the time we spent together though. I wasn’t even forced or anything to take the path in life I did, I was just bored and wanted something more. If I had continued just being a student, I would’ve probably had a long and successful life, but it doesn’t matter. I met some funny people and had fun being a villain, like when we were a team, and if I was given the chance to go back and decide what path I wanted to follow, I’d still do it again, because even though you disliked me, I still considered you my best friend.” And with that, Lily finally closed her eyes, and Rose shed a few tears for her.

The heavy rain continued as Mary flew into Virus, being in the center of the creature as Virus spoke once more over the city. “My friends, look upon you, and accept the future of my omniscient rule. Everyone who could once by considered a threat has been thoroughly beaten and crushed beneath my power. I have outclassed your ultimate life form, I have beaten your blue hedgehog savoir, and I have even corrupted one of the strongest fighters in this universe. My power has no limitations among this planet. I am your dark messiah, I am your god, I am the virus.” Right on cue, lightning stuck in the background. “Rose, as you aided me in the past, I have decided to grant you a quick death.” She quickly put up a ice shield blocking out the tons of tentacles flying at her.

She moved over to Sonic, continuing to deflect the tentacles to Virus’ amusement. He soon noticed an ice hand appearing beside Rose, carrying the chaos emerald he had taken earlier. She threw it back towards Sonic just as Virus impaled her with his tentacles, followed by a dozen more. There was a bright flash of energy, and then Sonic appeared, flashing a purple colour compared to his Super Sonic self and he immediately destroyed the tentacles. “Thanks again, Rose. I’ll take it from here.” He said before giving her a thumbs up and flying into the air.

Rose continued to bleed as she slowly crawled over to Lily and grabbed her hand, coughing as she lay on her back beside her. “I was never cut out for being on the side of good anyway, but I’ve lived long enough. We ride together; we die together.”

“Villains for life.” Lily suddenly added, causing Rose to smile as they lay there, before finally passing on. 

Sonic flew up to Virus’ level, who appeared to be quite amused at the power being witnessed before him. Virus’ subordinates watched in various sections of the city, the dark sky swirled as it continued to rain, and the strikes of lightning continued as they floated in midair.
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