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Sonic Z

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Author Topic: Sonic Z  (Read 2312 times)
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We’re finally here. This is it. The big one. The Climax. The Grand Finale. The final battle. Coming to a website near you!…Right now. (This isn’t the final chapter, just in case someone didn’t realise)


Doomsday Saga: Chapter 79 - The Light in the Darkness

As the Perfect Dark Gaia theme started, it showed the broken down surroundings of the city, Ivy’s group of demons who had finished clearing the streets, Purity who was still healing people, and the people still infected by Virus who were watching Super Sonic and Virus as they floated in the air. Sonya was running towards the area, and looked up to see the moon which looked a dark red colour. Back at the scene, Sonic quickly took off, flying at a steady pace towards Virus, dodging his small blasts, then jumping across several tentacles before leaping into the air.

Sonic flew down towards Virus, easily evading the tentacles coming at him and hitting him in the forehead with a spin attack, propelling him back from the impact. Virus immediately opening up a dozen portals, firing a barrage of tentacles at Sonic as he flew back and moved around in the air trying to evade them. He was eventually hit by one and crashed through a window. He leapt out quickly and onto the roof of the building, with Virus following as he clawed at the surface and punched the roof while Sonic flew across them.

Sonic flipped and landed on Virus’ large arm, running along it as Virus swiped at him but missed by inches. Virus shot beams from his eyes but missed as Sonic jumped and hit him in the forehead again before backing up. He continuously evaded Virus’ repeated swings but was then sent flying with an energy blast. Sonic dodged one tentacle as he regained himself, then another before hopping across several and destroying a few by spinning in midair. Sonic then charged at full speed towards Virus, incinerating anything he could throw at him, until he charged right through his body, pulling out Mary Sue as he did so and making Virus explode into thousands of tiny particles as the song stopped.

Sonic laid her on one of the buildings nearby and tried to wake her up, but unfortunately Virus wasn’t dead yet, he had simply reverted to an earlier form, complete with a tail and wings. Virus noticed he was busy and tried to kill him with a sneak attack, but Sonic dodged it and turned to face him. Sonic flew up again and stopped 10 feet from him. “Heh, normally the evil beings I face would be finished at this point.”

“Well I’m far from done, so don’t count me out yet. Should we find a spot to do battle?”

“Sure.” Sonic gestured behind him and took off with Virus following close behind.

As they dropped down, Virus summoned two portals beside Sonic, trying to crush him with two disembodied hands, but Sonic jumped and launched a spin attack, which Virus blocked before hitting him with a roundhouse kick. Virus jumped at him but missed trying to punch him, before Sonic hit him in the face, Virus’ kick then missed as Sonic punched him again, ducked under his tail, but was then hit but several claw swipes by Virus before knocking them both into a building. Virus kicked Sonic off him and got to his feet, saying, “So just how exactly did you guys take advantage of my talents?”

“Hmm? You mean this aura I have, right? That’s not really important, but its funny how I’ll be using some of your own power to take you down.”

Virus smiled as he spoke. “I doubt it. When I was recalling the countless copies of myself, I noticed some were a little hard to convince, as if they’d been altered in some way. I chose not to look into it further, but this doesn’t mean its no longer under my control. I could simply vanquish useless copies just like that.” With a click of his fingers, the additional purple aura Sonic had suddenly vanished, at which point Virus tackled  him out the window as he was distracted. He then grabbed him and threw Sonic at another building. Sonic landed on the side and leaped up as Virus hit it with an energy beam, quickly charging back and punching him as he did so.

Virus quickly moved around Sonic, with Sonic attacking as he got close but discovering they were fakes until Virus hit him from behind with a downward kick, causing a small crater from the impact as Sonic hit the ground. As Sonic got up, he saw Virus lift several flaming lorries and throw them at him, exploding as they hit the ground and continuing to travel along the streets for another 100 feet before exploding again. Sonic appeared to be standing beside Virus, looking ahead and exclaiming, “That might’ve actually hurt a little if it hit me.”

“I’d assume so.” Virus replied. Virus quickly threw a punch, but missed as Sonic ducked and kicked him. After a bit more air combat, seeming pretty even, Virus managed to impale Sonic with his tail, followed by several more from his hands, he then dragged Sonic down with a dropkick and continued to pummel him as they moved down the streets, shortly before holding him up against a building wall. “You put up a good fight, but it sadly wasn’t enough.” Virus suddenly summoned several more tentacles behind him.

“Hey, aren’t you at least going to gloat or something?” Sonic asked weakly.

“Of course not, I’d rather finish you off immediately, so I’ll shut u-” Before he could finish, something suddenly flew into the area and hit Virus, with enough force to send him flying and through a building far away. Sonic then discovered it was Sonya, who had recently used the chaos emeralds to obtain a super form.

“That was awesome!” She exclaimed. “This feeling is amazing! Its like I’m on fire, but in a good way!”

“Thanks for coming slightly earlier than expected, me.” Sonic said, injured but still in his super form.

“No problem, also Purity will be over shortly to heal you, since I pointed out where you guys were. I’ll hold off Virus for a while as you heal up.” She said before flying into the air.

“I appreciate it.” Sonic replied.

As she floated into the air, Virus pushed some of rubble from the building out of the way and floated over to her, clearly not happy. “I guess it was pretty stupid of me to tell you anything, considering you’re also a hedgehog.”

“I’m actually a female clone of my friend over there.” Pointing back towards Sonic.

“The absurdity leaves me with so many questions I’d rather not say. But with your friend out of the action, my only problem is you, so this shouldn’t take very long.” Virus charged at her, who evaded his attack as she flew to the side of him. Virus spun round and whacked her with his tail, sending her twirling till she landed on a building window. She jumped as Virus landed nearby, then began doing flips and sidesteps as Virus emitted energy waves from his claw swipes, eventually managing to hit him with a spin attack to the face.

Meanwhile, close by Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, and the Loli Rangers had fully recovered due to Purity healing everyone. Tails was speaking with the others about once again stopping Virus, and started explaining about his research. “So as we all know, Viruses are pretty much small germs which get inside living organisms and replicate itself within the living cells. The serums I had created were pretty much anti-vaccines to counteract the dormant spread of the effects, to which it would override the bodily functions and the mind would be spiritually linked with the leader, adding additional power as a result of joining, like becoming a member of a big clan in an MMORPG.

For example, you could say Virus is the leader of a country, but he wants to rule another, so he moves there and populates the place with his spawn and commoners of his own town. Everyone following so far?” They all nodded somewhat, then he continued. “From what the rangers have told me, it seems Virus may have evolved over time, possibly from sharing bits of DNA from its host every time it produces another copy, linking back to the original, though I’m not sure. I believe he have been a-” All they could now hear was Tails rambling on about the subject, then going onto Trojans. He eventually stopped and sighed. “We’ll simply catch Virus off guard and inject him with the additional vaccine I have, which should stop him.” The others nodded in response, understanding the situation.

Sonya and Virus were still moving at light speed through the air, with Virus managing to easily counter most of her attacks and eventually hammer her into the ground. As she got up, Virus opened up several portals around him and fired large beams of energy, which Sonya leaped back to avoid, while the others trailed her as she kept dodging. Virus then appeared behind her, coming out of a portal and trying to impale her, but she suddenly leaped over him and grabbed his tail, swinging him round several times then throwing him across the street. “Seriously, what’s up with you trying to impale everyone the first chance you get?” As Virus got up, his aura began to glow brighter, seemingly charging up an attack, but stopped when someone tapped his shoulder from behind.

He turned to see Mary Sue, back to normal, who punched Virus so hard he flew through 3 tall buildings and landed in the sea by the bridge. She turned to Sonya and said, “Well you can take it from here, I just had to get out a little frustration.” Virus quickly returned, but before he could attack he was hit by a chaos spear from behind, followed by Tails and the Loli Rangers assaulting him in their mechs. Since he was capable of taking down supers, he easily beat them, at which point the Eclipse Cannon fired again, but Virus simply moved to the side, and then Mary kicked it into the air, hitting Virus and weakening him.

Shadow charged at him with another sample of the vaccine, so Virus launched half a dozen tentacles at him, which he dodged by teleporting, but was soon hit, at which point he threw it to Sonic who was speeding past and immediately jabbed it into Virus’ forehead. Virus began writhing in pain on the ground, boiling and emitting smoke and within the last few moments he began laughing. “Viruses will always exist, friends. Disease exists on, regardless of whether I’m the one to cause it, remember that…” Virus then simply evaporated, following a period of silence.

Mary suddenly generated a bright white aura as she rose into the air, as if she were a true goddess. “Well done, people of this universe. You have defeated this villain without me having to help at all…besides that one punch I threw. Now that everything is cleared up, I feel it is time I moved on, possibly going back to the dimension I was in before, since they’re probably still wondering where I am…I will also erase everyone’s memories so no-one remembers this tragic event.”

“You can do that?” Sonic asked.

“But of course. Maybe tomorrow though, since I’m kinda tired. You guys probably won’t notice though. In the meantime, farewell, everyone. It was nice getting to know you all.” There was a bright flash of light and then Mary vanished into thin air.

Sally Sue shed a tear as she did so. “It pains me to see you leave, but I understand your reasons. Perhaps she just was…too good for this sinful earth.”

“Now, now, Sally. Even Mary has said herself that she isn’t perfect.” Purity replied.

Loli Red pouted as she crossed her arms. “Stupid Mary Sue! We never got to have our final battle! Now I’ll never defeat her! I hate her so much!”

“Hey Tsundere-chan, there’s a note on your skirt.” Loli Black pointed.

“Huh?” Loli Red removed it and looked at the note, which said, “Dear Tsundere-chan, you’re probably mad that I left without us settling things, even though I won every time we fought, but whatever. You may not beat me now, but most people can’t. The fact that you keep trying is somewhat inspiring, and I like that, despite you wasting my time. Maybe we’ll fight again in the future, but for now, keep trying and show me how strong you are when we do meet again.” Tsundere-chan began to cry upon reading it, but covered her face so no-one could see.

Eggman left the scene in his mech as the others were busy staring at where Mary just was. “Seems things didn’t go to plan again. Perhaps another approach is in order…I’ll check up on this god of evil I read up about recently…”

Amy glanced around, also noticing a blank white spot in the background, and asked, “Where did Blaze go?”

“Oh, she went to meet Eggman Nega at the Space Colony ARK.” Knuckles said. “How she’ll get there, I have no idea.”

“So its finally over, huh?” Sonic said, walking up to Shadow.

“I guess so.” He replied.

Tails then said, “Well, alls well that ends well, right?” most of the others immediately glared at him. “Uhh, sorry…”


Mary Sue walked onto the side of a screen, the area being pitch black apart from a monitor behind her showing various Mary Sues in fanfiction. “Hello everyone, my name is Mary Sue, but I’m here today to talk to you about a problem plaguing a lot of fanfiction: Sueitis. Sueitis can affect a lot of characters in today society of fictional stories. It doesn’t care how much backstory you have, it will make you overpowered, an attention ****, and overall disliked by readers.

If you notice some symptoms in the characters of your loved ones or your own, consult a decent writer as soon as possible. Perhaps in the coming future we can help to reduce the number of characters who ruin a story as if they were a black hole, and in turn have more unique and creative ideas. Don’t be like me, please, think of your original characters…think of the readers. Thank you.” She curtsied before walking off the screen.
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