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Sonic Z

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Author Topic: Sonic Z  (Read 2312 times)
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« Reply #90 on: 02 July, 2010, 03:13:11 pm »

Well we’re finally at the end. It’s been a crazy year and a half, but its finally time to rap it up. After reading all the way up to this point, some people may rage a little at this at first, but I honestly don’t care, since when you think of all the random things that‘s happened, this ending makes the most sense, and I figured it was the more satisfying choice, but I had it decided for quite a while. Anyway, enjoy this last chapter, and have a happy summer…though pretty much all of you already are having your summer.

Epilogue: Chapter 80 - Alls Well that Ends Well

It was a few weeks after the events of the last chapter. Places in the city were still being fully rebuilt, the infected people had no memory of the event after returning to normal, and Rose and Lily had a funeral…again. Sonya went to live in Mary’s current dimension, taking her beach house with her. Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads simply waved goodbye at some point to the others and took off to explore the galaxy.

It was a bright summer’s morning as Sonic landed on a clear pavement as Windmill Isle Day started playing. He started jogging shortly before he ran, turning at corners and going over bumps, and leaping over various platforms. He soon reached a bunch of café shops, charging through a lot of tables as well as Eggman robots along the wide path with slowly curved right. 

Sonic went through a downward loop, across a large gap using a ramp, moved on and jumped onto a middle rail overlooking the sea. Sonic flipped back and forth between the three rails to avoid spikes as they curved about, soon before getting off. He leaped across one roof, then another before spin attacking five flying robots in quick succession and going through a loop higher up. After hitting the ground, he drifted round a left corner, then did so once more and hopped over five barrels traveling down the narrow street. He then hit four springs, spin attacked another three and the four sent him flying right through 5 hovering giant rings. Sonic moved on as the song came to a stop.

Two construction workers called Tim and Bob were watching this from far away, and as he sped by, Tim turned to Bob and said, “Hey, just why did we build all those loops and such on the ground, exactly?”

Bob shrugged. “I’m not sure. We were high, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

“Oh right.” He nodded.

A bit later, Sonic arrived at Tails’ house, as Tails and Blaze were in the garden. He waved as he ran over to them. “Hey guys, what’s up?”

“Hi Sonic.” Tails greeted him. “Blaze is going back to her dimension now.”

“Yes. Eggman Nega has stopped crossing over, and now so must I. It was good seeing you again.” Blaze shook hands with Sonic as Tails operated the transporter, teleporting Blaze moments later. Tails then explained to Sonic about Cherry finally passing on and ascending to a higher plane of existence, after finding out where her parents were living and talking with them for a while. Sonic took off to meet Amy at her apartment, who was on a balcony overlooking the city.

“Hey Amy, how are things going?” Sonic said as he approached her.

“Just fine. I’m a little sad about losing that additional power I had with that virus, and at first I was thinking of using it to forcefully make you love me.”

They both laughed until Sonic suddenly stopped and said, “Hey wait, that’s not funny. But you wouldn’t need to do that anyway, because I love you, Amy.”

“You really mean that, Sonic?” She asked, blushing as she turned to him.

“Of course I do.” As Sonic leaned in to kiss her, there was suddenly a knock at the door.


The recent part had apparently just been written by Lily Locket, who was wearing yellow pyjamas and typing it up on her computer.

Her mother yelled from downstairs for her not to be late for school, to which Lily replied, “I won’t! I’m getting ready!” She sighed and saved the word document, and closed it before throwing off her things and leaping into the shower down the hall. Her school uniform constituted of a red typical school uniform with  red outlined on the white skirt, and white stockings. She rushed out of the house with her orange backpack, waving to Cherry who happened to live next door to her. She soon reached the high school, which had the unfortunate name of ‘Get High’, sadly.

Upon reaching her English classroom, she spotted Rose sitting near the window and yelled her name as she ran to hug her. Rose looked up and quickly got to her feet with open arms, but missed each other as Lily leaped and flew out the window, which most people in the room ignored.

A minute later Lily made it back into the classroom, where Rose asked, “So how are you today?”

“Just great, as usual. I haven’t been doing much in a while.”

“Apart from writing people you know into your story.”

“Ahh, so you saw it.”

“Well, the big bad himself told me about it.”

“So what did you think?”

“Well…” Rose took out a checklist. “It was a little random, needed a bit more prose, it was pretty damn long, most of the randomly inserted spots for songs seem unnecessary, it seemed a little rushed, and the final battle felt a little anti-climatic, somewhat stupid and kinda boring.”

“Well what do you expect with all the awesome events leading up to that point?”

“And what was up with our deaths?”

“It was like a meaningful echo, it fit perfectly!”

“And why was it a self insert story?”

Lily shrugged. “I guess me being in it makes it funnier.”

“I also didn’t get the very last bit.”

“Well it was joke based around the end of that one game where Tails says the exact same lines, which, by the look of the city when everything was rapped up, would be a pretty stupid thing to say.”

“It’s not funny when you have to explain the joke.”

“But you just asked me to explain it!”

Just then, Virus, who was called Vinnie in real life, walked into the room and up to the two of them, and of course had dyed his spiky hair purple.

“Hey Vinnie,” Lily began. “I heard you told Rose about my story.”

“Yeah, and you made me look like a sophisticated ****…not that I mind, of course. What gave you the idea for Virus though?”

“Well remember that game you sent me online during the last half term? Yeah, thanks for that.”

“You should really get your computer some protection or something then.”

“And you should stop sending infected files.”

“I got that file from Rose.” He said, gesturing towards her.

“Uhh, yeah, sorry, my bad.” She said, scratching her head. “So how does it end then?”

“Well I couldn’t finish it so I’ll do it sometime soon. Perhaps it was already finished by some higher force.” Lily looked into the sky. “Maybe we don’t even really exist, we’re just some magically created beings in another story…”

“That would be stupid.” Vinnie replied.

“Indeed.” Rose added.

Later that day at lunch, in the green cafeteria room, Lily, Rose and Virus sat together, like they usually do. The Sue Sisters sat at another table further away, and near their table was one where Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads sat. Sonny and Shade were humans, Sonny had blue hair, wore some shades and had a black backwards cap on, while Shade had black hair and was currently in an emo phase. Lily then randomly said after looking around, “Y’know, we stick together so much that some people literally think the three of us are a couple. People just used to think that way about my and Rose.”

Rose, who was eating a piece of chicken, suddenly dropped it as she said, “Wait, what?”

“Not that I have a problem with it.” Vinnie said as he started smoking.

“You should probably stop smoking because here comes your sister.” Rose pointed out.

“Aww crap.” Vinnie put it out as his sister, who was Mary Sue in Lily’s story, approached them.

“Morning, guys. Vinnie, were you doing bad things again?” She said, glaring at him.

“Of course not.”

“He was smoking.” Lily remarked.

“You traitor!”

“Well Vinnie, I’m gonna have to give you detention.” Mary said.

“We’ll see. Oh, and Lily knows that her close friends know about her story now.” Vinnie said.

“Is that so? Well what was the deal with my character? I was so broken I was on the level of Superman when it came to abilities. But I’ve always wanted to meet Superman…”

“Well it makes sense, right?” Lily cleared her throat before continuing. “You’re the class president, popular among girls and boys, with some girls actually being attracted to you like yours truly, you’re the top of the swim team, the track team, you’re a gold belt in karate which they had to create recently, and pretty good at Tae Kwon do. Not to mention your name is Serenity Starlight. I had to make fun of it at some point.”

“She does have a point.” Vinnie agreed.

“Well I guess.” Serenity then looked outside and saw the Loli Rangers surrounding a student. “If you’ll excuse me, I have business to take care of!…Sadly.” She quickly leaped out a glass window.

“So did you actually practice on the song we’re meant to be doing later today, Lily?” Rose asked.

“Of course I did…what song was it anyway?”

“Endless Possibility, remember? You were the one who suggested it like three weeks ago.”

“Oh yeah, Endless Possibilities, I can easily play that.”

“It’s Endless Possibility.” Rose said, glaring at her. “There’s no plural!” She yelled.

Lily backed away slightly. “Okay! Geez, what’s gotten into you?!?”

“Sorry, I just hear it being said wrong a lot and it pisses me off, I mean, I’ve played the game and found the CD, there is no plural! I feel like I could strangle the people who ignorantly say it wrong!”

“You’ve got issues.” Vinnie remarked. “Anyway, we can use one of the classrooms in a bit to practice before performing later. My geometry teacher seems rather fond of me, maybe a little too much.”

As they practiced in an empty classroom, Lily wasn’t doing so well singing as she also played a guitar, which Vinnie pointed out she didn’t need to do both but she didn’t wanna take his advice. Rose was playing the drums and Vinnie was playing another guitar, and during their practice session, the Loli Rangers burst through the door, with Loli Red looking around before saying, “Do you know where Serenity ran off to?”

“No.” They all said in unison.

“I didn’t know you were a drum player, Rose.” Loli Green said.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“It just doesn’t seem like you.”

“I also play piano.”

“That’s what I expected.”

Lily stroked her chin as she said, “Wouldn’t Endless Possibilities sound even better with a piano?”

“Endless Possibility.” Rose angrily corrected her.

Loli Black suddenly stepped ahead of the others as she started rapping. “You know there’s something you should know, so I’m gonna tell you so, don’t sweat it, forget it, enjoy the show!” She threw her hands up in the air.

Vinnie raised an eyebrow as he said, “Umm, Badass-chan, what are you doing?”

“Working all day now its time to unwind, kick back, relax, take a load off your mind!”

“Why are you rapping?” Rose asked.

Loli Black ignored them as she went on. “I’ll be busting the moves and I’ll be busting the rhymes, we’ll be busting up laughing cause its party time!” She said, sliding to the left, then to the right before jumping into the air. Moments later she was thrown out of the room along with the others.

Another little while later, Vinnie and Rose were walking down a path around the outside area of the school towards a fountain as Rose was talking with him. “So you think Lily will actually get this down without screwing it up? How well she can play a guitar while singing tends to vary for some reason, though she usually pulls through.”

“I don’t know, feels bad man. Lily can be rather stubborn about these things.”

“Yeah, but she did play guitar before you joined.”

“I remember when I first met you guys, you two were trying to start a band and had several people leaving your group, so at first I joined mainly so Serenity would get off my back about getting a hobby, and to stop being a delinquent. Since then we’ve hung out a lot, people have wondered whether I regularly have threesomes with you guys, and Lily seemed to dislike me for a long time as if I was destroying your relationship.”

“Yeah, she can get like that sometimes. Things should go well today, though.”

“Yeah! We’re gonna play the crap out of Endless Possibilities!” Lily said, suddenly appearing beside her as she pumped her fist into the air. 

Rose slowly turned to her, with the intent to kill as she said, “What was that last bit you said?”

“Endless Possibilities.” She said with a cheerful smile.

Rose immediately started angrily choking her as she exclaimed, “That’s one of the things I hate about you! I told you to stop saying that! Why must you torment me?!?”

Vinnie in a completely deadpan manner, said, “We should get down to the main hall in a bit.” as he watched Rose choke Lily who was struggling to breathe.

That bit later, Lily, Rose and Vinnie made it to the main hall which was packed with students, as the Sue Sisters just finished playing ‘With Me’ from Sonic and the Black Knight. Sonny threw his hands up into the air as he said, “Duuuuuuude! That was totally awesome!” The others agreed as well.

Lily was coughing a little as they entered, saying, “Geez, you actually tried to kill me back there!”

“You brought it on yourself, Lily. Stop tormenting Rose and say Endless Possibilities for once.” Vinnie replied.

“Say what?” She replied, glaring at him.

“Endless Possibility, that’s what I meant to say.”

A random group of girls were talking about various Sonic songs, one of them saying, “One of my favourites is probably Open Your Heart, I’m not sure if its for nostalgia reasons but I just love it.”

“One of mine is What I’m Made of, sure its kinda cheesy, but its awesomely cheesy!”

“I like I Am All of Me, that one was so ****!”

Serenity appeared among them and said, “My favorite has always been Live and Learn. For years I didn’t get the lyrics, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t crowning music of awesome material.” The others immediately changed their opinions and agreed with her, at which point she said, “Y’know, you guys don’t have to change your opinion just because I said it.”

“No, truly, I had just forgotten that one until now. That was easily the best.” 

“I’m unsure whether you’re making fun of me, or if you’re telling the truth…” She then heard someone shout her name, looking towards the entrance to see the Loli Rangers, and immediately ran as they gave chase.

Somewhere far away, Sonic stood atop a building looking far off into the distance with the clear blue sky above. Meanwhile, Lily, Rose and Vinnie were walking onto the stage and got ready to play as Lily spoke to the crowd. “Hey everyone, we’re going to be playing Endless Possibilities-” She glanced at Rose who was about to take out a knife. “Uhh, I mean Endless Possibility, because its awesome, and I love it. Well, I hope you enjoy it.”

As Lily began playing the guitar, Rose and Vinnie joined in moments later, then it shifted over to Sonic who was jogging across a few rooftops just before leaping off onto the pavement below. Sonic ran along, dodging and leaping over the civilians shortly before sidestepping several cars as he turned to the right along the road. He did the same again, jumping across four cars afterwards. He then passed by Amy and Cream sitting by a fountain in Spagonia, shortly before drifting round a street corner where Team Chaotix were exiting a store. He then leaped over a shop as he moved on, hitting two diagonal springs then landing on a rail and quickly running down a back alley route ahead.

He hit a speed pad and sidestepped left and right between the walls blocking his path, then hit a ramp at the end and landed on another rail in midair, which curved right and launched him into the air shortly after. It cut back to the group, who were obviously still playing. With Sonic, he continued at a steady pace, running up three flights of stairs before hitting a spring on the ground. He flew high into the air, landing on another rail which travelled downwards in a spiral around the incredibly tall building. Reaching a path below he immediately hit an upward ramp, launching him into the air again, above the clouds where the floating island could be seen in the distance before going under again.

As he flew back down, he landed on the side of a building and ran down it into the streets again. He ran along the empty streets, hopping over barrels being thrown by robots ahead. After reaching them, he spin attacked them and hit the springs behind them, flying over the ledges nearby. He then ran along, charging through various Eggman robots in his path then speeding through a large loop before jumping off a ledge nearby and landing on a snowboard going down a long road.

At the hall, Vinnie then suddenly said, “You’re loosing speed, you’re losing your fall!”

Lily replied with, “But inside me’s a power you’ll never know!”

Rose then said, “And when and how, it ships like you!”

“You better all stand left, cause we’re coming through!” They said in unison, just before Vinnie had a guitar solo for a little bit.

Back with Sonic, he had just flew off a downhill road, leaping off the board in slow motion soon before hitting the ground and speeding by the four SA’s at an ice cream shop. He ran along, up the side of a building till he reached the top and hit another ramp, landing on another rail with it curling towards the end. Lily then sang, “I see it, I see it, now! It’s always been inside of meeeeeee! And now I feel so freeeeeeeee!” As she sang the last note, she slid along the stage on her knees while Sonic flew by the window in the background.

Sonic was now leaping left and right across many buildings, soon before Tails showed up in the Tornado beside him. Sonic smiled at him and hopped onto the wing, while Tails gave him a thumbs up as they flew higher up and off into the distance. At the hall, they were now rapping up, with only Lily and Vinnie playing, till it just became Lily in the last few moments as the view zoomed out, and Lily raising her arm into the air as they finished.
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