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Sonic Z

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Author Topic: Sonic Z  (Read 2337 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 22 February, 2009, 05:17:31 pm »

Spellchecking, good punctuation, vocabulary and purple prose are for pansies. Real men write out crap that’s so bad it makes you cry tears of laughter.

Camerax Saga: Chapter 12 – When Camera’s Flash Back

It was the day after yesterday (and not tomorrow). The sun was shining brightly over the peaceful city, the birds sang their hearts out at the beautiful morning before them, the description was pretty self explanatory, and the clear cut grass was a heavenly green, and rich in flavour, not that anyone would know. We join Tails as he walked through the living room to the front door and picked up a package seconds before opening it. “Hey, my fourth wall alarm is here!” Tails said before placing the item which looked exactly like a fire alarm on the wall. “Perfect!” He said with a nod. He then attached a small alarm watch to his arm.

P.A.L suddenly came to life and examined the alarm. “Tails, if you may be so kind, would you mind telling me what that thing is?”

“It’s my fourth wall alarm.”

“And what does it do?”

“The description said it sounds when we cross over the line and say or reference something which could cause the universe to implode…whatever that means…”

“So isn’t today the day you visit that robotized utopia you mentioned? Where are Sonic and Knuckles?”

“Knuckles is on Angel Island as usual, he’ll meet us up later, and Sonic is out on the streets somewhere. Amy came by a little earlier looking for Sonic, and when she couldn’t find him, she went on a picnic with Cream and Blaze instead. Blaze went because she said she was bored.”

In the outskirts of the city, Sonic was speeding down a road as he sidestepped the cars which were trying to move out of Sonic’s way but in the process were just causing more trouble. Sonic soon began running downhill and as he did so, he looked to his right and saw Sonny the Hedgehog who looked back at him. They both sped by and jumped over a few cars before turning into an alleyway on the right. They jumped over a dumpster, sidestepped out of the path of a steel ladder, hopped off a ledge and then Sonic jumped on a rail going down the middle of some stairs and grinded along it while Sonny ran down the stairs and ended up a second ahead.

As they exited the alleyway, Sonny froze part of the pavement as he turned right, causing Sonic to slip on the icy area and run into a wall across the street. As Sonny disappeared further ahead, Sonic got to his feet. “That cheater, here I thought the ice was just a new look. I’ll beat him in a race at some point...”

At Eggman’s base, Virus stood on a banister in a large room, with small amounts of steam seeping into the room. There were dozens of Egg fighters below, some standing guard, some carrying around spare parts, some trying to fix a leak in some pipes, and a few practicing their dance moves for some unexplained reason.

Eggman hovered over to Virus in his eggmobile. “Quite an amusing sight, wouldn’t you say?”

“Indeed. So how many robots have you created exactly?”

“I lost count a long time ago, maybe a thousand, maybe ten thousand, I have no idea. That pesky blue hedgehog is the main cause of the unlimited number of robots.”

“Blue hedgehog?”

“That’s a discussion for another time.”

“I see.” Virus looked over at the few robots to the right. One had placed a boom box nearby as two robots watched the third break-dance near them. “Is that normal?”

“I may have to make a few modifications...”

A little later, in an empty and clear forest, Amy, Cream and Blaze were walking across a field. Amy carried a picnic basket and Cream admired the breathtaking small pools of random water, SA2 rollerblading in thin air, and beautiful butterflies which floated by, as well as the clear blue sky.

“This forest is amazing!” Cream said with glee. “Isn’t it amazing, Cheese?” The chao nodded. 

“So how much further is it, Amy?” Blaze asked.

“Maybe another two minutes or so, I just want to find the perfect spot to eat.”

“Fine by me.”

At Tails’ place, Sonic had recently arrived and sat on the right wing of the Tornado while Tails was already in the driver’s seat. Amber showed up seconds later and casually walked over to the plane as she yawned. “Sorry I’m late, had some personal problems to take care of. Well, let’s get going.”

“Took the words right out of my mouth.” Sonic replied.

And with that, they took off. Tails followed Amber in the Tornado as they flew towards the robotic utopia. Soon afterwards, they stopped by Angel Island where Knuckles sat at the top of the stairs where the Master Emerald stood. After seeing them, he got up and glided towards the Tornado then landed in the second seat. “Hey guys, what told you so long?”

“Miss demon lord over there.” Sonic said, gesturing towards her.

“If you’re gonna say stuff like that, it’d be wise to say it when I’m gone. Do you want my help or not?”

“Fine, sorry, could we just get going?”

“Yeah, yeah, just try to keep up.” She said before quickly spinning round and flying off ahead while the Tornado closely followed.

Back in the forest, Amy, Cream and Blaze soon approached a robot standing in one spot. It looked like a larger shiny black refrigerator with arms and legs, with large shoulder pads and turrets on its arms.

“What’s this robot doing here?” Blaze asked.

“It’s probably an Eggman robot.” Amy replied.

“Hello Mr. Robot.” Cream greeted him. “Are you having a nice day?”

The robot looked over the three of them and scanned them. “Enemy targets detected. Combat mode engaged.”

“Doesn’t look like he wants to chat.” Blaze said as she got into a fighting stance. “Don’t drop your guard, guys, just don’t.”

“Blaze, why do you keep saying that phrase?” Cream asked.

“I’m not sure, maybe if I say it a few more times I can make it a catchphrase.”

“It already seems like one now.”

“I’m ready to go.” Amy said before placing the basket further back and taking out her Piko Piko hammer.

“Where do you keep that thing?” Blaze asked.

“My hammerspace compartment.”

“Let’s go, Cheese!” Cream said, pumping her fist into the air as the chao also did so.

Meanwhile, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amber had successfully reached the utopia. The area was quite futuristic with floating widescreens in the streets, flying cars and tentacled television screens wondering about across the massive area. The four of them were a short distance away from the floating city.

“So how do we land without being noticed?” Knuckles asked.

“Sadly I didn’t think that far ahead.” Tails said, scratching the back of his head.

“How about I take your plane around the block a few times?” Amber suggested. “Don’t worry though, I’ll return it.”

“I guess I don’t have much of a choice.”

The four of them came towards the massive futuristic city from below and then Sonic, Tails and Knuckles jumped onto it from behind a large building. Amber then sat in Tails’ seat and said, “What you’re looking for is that beige research factory in the south-west part of the city. Good luck, and make sure no-one sees you.”

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles then took off towards the factory, hiding behind trashcans, fountains, futuristic screens, in the shade and occasionally in other buildings as they slowly made their way around the large city avoiding robots which wondered about. The three of them climbed in through the window on the side of the factory and ended up in a dark room with dozens of different robot parts, as well as scraps of previous tentacled robots.

Knuckles glanced at a few of the parts. “I see where this is going…”

Back at the forest, the robot charged at the three of them who jumped out the way. Cream commanded Cheese to attack the fridge as it turned around. Cheese slapped it twice, then kicked it in the face and knocked it into a rock which shocked Blaze. “Wow…”

Amy nodded in agreement. “It’s hard to believe but that Cheese is a major hax.”

As the robot got up, Blaze charged at it, covered in fire. She jumped and hit the robot with a roundhouse kick before being knocked back with a punch. Amy whacked it with her hammer from behind, sending it flying forward. Blaze landed on one hand, flipped and kicked the robot as it flew towards her. As the robot flew towards Cream, it pounded the ground, causing some rocks to rise from beneath the ground and hit Cream. Cheese sped towards the robot as it got up and hit it in the chest, knocking it towards Blaze who punched it towards Amy. Amy pulled back her hammer and hit the robot hard with her hammer, knocking it far back.

When it finally got up, it quickly ran off shortly before Amy put her hammer away.

At the factory, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were walking down the clear hallways which had several doors on each side, disguised as one of the tentacled robots. Though they got weird looks from half of the other robots which passed them, they didn’t notice anything really suspicious. After a minute or two walking, they entered a darkly lit room with a large computer monitor just ahead. Tails switched it on while Knuckles looked out for any robots around the corners.

After around 30 seconds of searching, Sonic finally asked, “Tails, have you found anything out about their plans yet?”

“Only a little, there’s some information about a weapon they’re planning to use called the Camera Cannon. There isn’t anything here to suggest what it actually does and how it’s operated. I guess I could take the data disk and analyze it later.” He said before ejecting the disk.

Suddenly an alarm went off and the rooms and corridors began flashing red. “Looks like we got company.” Knuckles said as he turned to them.

“Well, we at least got something here, so let’s get out of here while we can.” Sonic replied.

“Right.” Tails said before the three of them left the room and began making their way towards the exit.


As the song started, Tails popped a videotape into the slot below the television in the living room and pressed play. Cream was walking down the corridor on the second floor of the house and passed three doors, hopped down the stairs and sat on the couch as she began playing a DS game. She used the stylus to play as she memorized some numbers. After a short while, she got up and went to the fridge, then came back with some ice cream.

As she placed it next to her, Cheese quickly flew by, grabbing her DS and out the door. Cream quickly ran out the front door and chased him down the street, after a few moments, she came to a hero chao who pointed right. She ran right for a short bit until a dark chao pointed left. She ran down the left path for a few moments then turned left again as she saw Cheese do so.

She then ran past a running chao, flying chao, power chao and swimming chao, then past three hero chao standing beside a dark chao. Then pasted seven screens, one with Sonic running across from the right, Tails flying from the left, Knuckles gliding from the right, Shadow teleporting using chaos control, Amy hitting the screen with her hammer, Blaze lighting the screen with fire, and Rouge flying up with a chaos emerald within a few seconds.

It then cut to a scene of Cream flying in the sky, diagonally going up, and then going back down a second later while dodging dozens of chao flying together as a pack. Cream dodged two planes which passed by, then landed on a tall building and hopped across the edges before leaping into the air as she said, “Why why why why don’t I miss you a lot, forever?”

Cream grinded along a rainbow and slide past Blaze who was going in the opposite direction, then soon passed Amy also going in the other direction before landing back on the ground a second before Cheese flew by her again. She ran down the streets after him again, eventually jumping over several boxes in her path. She then grinded along a rail placed in midair. As the chorus started again, they entered a park, and Cream dodged three trees in her path.

She hit a ramp and flipped before landing on a small white bridge and hit a speed pad, sending her to the left before going over three bumps along the path. She went through a loop and hit another ramp, flipped and landed back on the streets before chasing Cheese again. They ran past a neutral chao playing a keyboard, then ran past a hero chao playing the trumpet and a dark chao playing a violin seconds later.

They soon ended up in a jungle area where Cream bounced across giant drums, with each jump getting smaller as she went along. After a short while, the video froze and had white lines covering half the screen. Tails whacked the television before it began working again, which it then cut to a scene of Cream chasing Cheese through a city again until he eventually stopped at a games store, which confused Cream but she entered anyway.

Tails shook his head in disbelief. “I’ve watched this video quite a few times, and I still don’t get it…”
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Marie Rose
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« Reply #16 on: 27 February, 2009, 06:06:14 pm »

Can you tell that my writing has improved a little? Well you shouldn’t be able to, because it hasn’t.

(I know I've used it once before, but it seemed right to use it again)

Camerax Saga: Chapter 13 – Turbo Tails

Amy, Cream, Cheese and Blaze were sitting in the middle of a field, eating sandwiches from the picnic basket.

“Everyday is a great day, just like usual.” Cream said.

“It’s a shame Sonic couldn’t be here...” Amy said with a sigh.

“Those three should be fine.” Blaze replied.

“I sure hope so.”

Back in the research factory, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles ran down the wide hallways, with Knuckles a bit ahead of the others as he punched the tentacled robots which came round the corners and out of rooms on the right and left. As they left the factory, half a dozen robots waited outside, which began firing at them. Sonic spin dashed through a few of them while Knuckles jumped and pounded the ground, knocking back the last three with a shockwave.

Tails knocked out a few with a rapid spinning tails attack as they ran across the city and behind the building where they arrived. They hopped into the Tornado which was left there, Tails started up the engine and they quickly took off.

In one room within the factory, one tentacle robot wearing black shades was contacted. “Hey, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles just made off with something important, take them out.”

“Easily done.” He said before running out the room.

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were now at least half a mile away from the floating city. Sonic then scratched his forehead. “Man, that was easier than expected.”

Knuckles looked behind him to see a tentacled robot coming towards them in a small red plane with missiles on both sides and a laser cannon in the middle. “It’s not over yet, Tails, you may need to speed up.”

Tails took a look back at the ship before speeding off at max speed. The tentacled robot fired a large heat seeking missile at the ship, which Tails tried dodging for a few moments before realizing it was a heat seeking missile. As the missile got close, he spun round and threw a smoke bomb, which hit the missile and made it explode a second later. The robot then fired the second missile, which at this point Knuckles got up. “This is most likely his last missile. I’ll take care of it, so you’ll be able to get away.”

“You sure you’ll be alright, Knuckles?” Sonic asked.

“Yeah, I don’t think it’s anything I haven’t experienced before. Good luck, guys.” Knuckles jumped off the Tornado as the missile approached it and punched the missile with a right hook, knocking it back before it exploded a second later, hitting Knuckles slightly in the explosion.

“Is Knuckles okay?” Tails asked as he turned around.

“Looked like it was a minor hit.” Sonic replied. “He’s taken worse going up against me; no average rocket would take him out. Come on Tails; let’s get back to the base.”

“Right!” Tails said with a nod as he spun round.

Suddenly, the ship which the tentacled robot piloted began glowing neon red and then fired a large solar cannon, which blew off the back of the Tornado, to Sonic and Tails’ surprise.

“We’re hit! We’re going down!” Tails yelled.

“This reminds me of that one time in Sonic Adve-” Just then the ship plummeted, taking Sonic and Tails with it.

Knuckles regained consciousness and saw them pass him on the way down. “Seems my effort was unnecessary...”

Meanwhile, the robot resembling a refrigerator ran through a forest and eventually ran into Shadow. “Hmm, you must be Shadow the Hedgehog, are you not?”

“Do I happen to know you?”

“We’ve never met but I know enough to get by. It would be pointless to fight you in this body, nor was it my purpose to use this body for fighting. I know you’re looking for me, but you’re not what I’m looking for. Goodbye Shadow.” The robot said before shutting himself off.

Shadow sighed. “What’s with all these mysterious beings I’ve been saying lately, is it asking too much to get more answers than questions?”

“Apparently so.” Shadow looked up and saw Rouge who landed by him. “That wasn’t the robot speaking, but another being controlling the robot.”

“And how do you know this?”

“Woman’s intuition.”

“What’s the real reason?”

“I looked it up.”

“On Google?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

Rouge shrugged. “Sure, let’s go with that.”

A bit later, Tails woke up near the sewer area outside Twinkle Park in Station Square. He slowly opened his eyes, sat up and looked around before rubbing his forehead. “Man, my aching head...” He looked at his hand and saw blood. “That was some fall; I hope Sonic is okay, he’s probably waiting for me right now.” Tails slowly got to his feet and ran for a bit before flying off.

Knuckles appeared moving towards the Mystic Ruins area as he glided and landed in the upper area near the waterfall. Big the Cat was fishing in the background. He then began walking back to the Angel Island area. “I ought to check on those guys but I’m sure they’ll be fine, things always work out for those two, for now I should get back to the Master Emerald before it ends up stolen again.”

Tails arrived back at his house to see Amber there waiting for him. “Hey there, Tails, here you go.” She said before handing him a letter.

Tails opened the letter and read it. “Hello there, if you’re reading this you should now know your friend, Sonic has been captured by us, the Camerax Crew. You may think you can do a lot with that data disk, but it’s pretty worthless. We knew that demon girl was actually good, we knew you’d get information from her, and we knew you’d come. Don’t bother coming back, your presence would make me laugh, what can you do? Nothing. Have a bad day, Miles Prower.” Tails closed the letter and sighed. “He’s right, I can’t do it.”

Amber slapped him. “Get a hold of yourself, Tails! You can do it!”

“I’m not sure...”

Amber slapped him again. “Though if you need cheering up, we can play a certain game of my choice...”

“No thanks.” He said with a sigh.

Amber slapped him again. “Don’t give up! Think of all the good times you and Sonic had! Let that be your motivation! Now man up!”

Tails suddenly thought about the time he and Sonic ordered pizza, and then ate it as they watched The Incredible Hulk, he then recalled the time he and Sonic took down a robot DJ by performing a breakdancing routine. He then remembered the time he and Sonic took a bubble bath together as he sat in Sonic’s lap. He then cringed at the thought. “I honestly don’t remember that happening, nor do I want it too.”

Amber pumped her fist into the air. “You can do it!”

Tails turned to the television as a parade was going on, with several dozens of civilians chanting, “You can do it!”

SA2 appeared outside the window and yelled, “You can do it!” before walking off.

Tails raised his fist into the air. “Yeah! I can do it! I’ll show them! I’ll reveal something I’ve been saving for this moment which I saw coming for some unexplained reason!” Tails ran off into his laboratory in the basement. When he came back up a minute later he was wearing a metal suit of armor. The suit was a shiny orange-brown color, with a brown utility belt around his waist with two pockets on each side, he had an orange jetpack on, and orange gloves with his signature two tails icon on it. “I’m ready to do this.” He said with a look of determination in his eyes.

“Good for you, Tails.” Amber smiled at him.

“Y’know, you’re not as bad as you seem.”

“That means a lot coming from you.”

Crystal showed up seconds later with a blue rucksack on her back. “Hello? Sonic, you here?” She entered the living room and saw Amber. “What are you doing here?”

“I could ask the same of you.”

“Just seeing a friend.”

“I see...”

While Tails remained a little confused, Amy walked in the front door and saw Tails. “Huh? Tails, why are you all dressed up like that, did something happen?”

“Sonic’s been kidnapped by some robots, I’m going to save him.”

“Then I’m coming too!”

Tails shrugged. “I guess I could use the company.” Tails said before he and Amy left the house.

Amber turned to Crystal, who gestured towards the door. “After you.” Amber flew out the door a moment before Crystal did.

Somewhere in the depths of the factory, Sonic woke up, chained to a wall in a massive room of darkness. Something ahead of him within the darkness began speaking. “You’re awake, Sonic the Hedgehog.”

“Who are you, and where’s Tails?”

“He should be fine; he’s no threat to us. Eggman will be pleased with us.”

“So you’re working for Eggman, what a surprise...”

“Eggman didn’t create us, but we’re working with him for now. Our plan shall commence soon enough, and you’ll have a front row seat for the event.”

“That’s what you think. Well you’re wrong; Tails will beat you guys easily. He’ll be back, and maybe Knuckles, and maybe in some case, Amy, and in a much rarer case, maybe Shadow.”

Outside, Tails, Amy, Crystal and Amber were approaching the floating city. Amber carried Amy while Tails flew at a steady pace using his jetpack. Tails turned to Amy and said, “Just in case, take this.” Before giving her a device to place on the right side of her face and had a green lens covering her eye.

“This looks like one of those scouters...” She replied.

“I know...”

“I’ll handle everything outside.” Amber said. “You guys know where to go, right?”

“Yeah, the tall steel one with the cannon high above.” Tails replied.

They arrived at the city shortly after, then Tails and Amy ran on ahead avoiding the robots coming at them while Crystal and Amber took out the ones which got near them. As Tails and Amy entered the large building, they went two different directions while Crystal and Amber continued to take out the robots trying to enter the building.

As Prison Lane from Sonic Adventure 2 started, Tails travelled down a long and narrow path and blasted one robot as he turned a corner; he then carried on and whacked the next with a wrench as he turned another corner before arriving in a large room with massive gears suspended in midair with tentacled robots working on them.

He leaped onto one and began running across it, knocking two robots out of the way with his wrench before hitting a spring and landed on another further to the right. He ran along the next one, blasting at the few robots working on them with an arm cannon before flying onto a path a bit higher up. He ran along a narrow corridor and through a neon blue section with lasers about as Tails dodged them. He then went through a loop and passed five robots which fired cannons at him, with the last hitting a glass screen.

He came to a small room with two walls and a path much higher up. He used his jetpack to fly further up and landed on the path. The dozen enemies along the path suddenly turned their attention towards him before he charged at them. Tails went through the robots, whacking them about with his wrench before blasting two of them. He hopped on one and flipped off the robot before knocking several more out the way with a spinning tails attack. He then threw three bombs which blew up more robots before he ran on ahead and entered an elevator.

After exiting ten seconds later, he jumped down a tunnel ahead and slid down the circular path as it curved in several directions and lasted around 25 seconds. He arrived at the end of a hallway by a steel door with four lights unlit. He then contacted Amy who was running down a long corridor, then hid behind a wall and hit two robots with her hammer as they came round the corner.

Amy continued down the path then as she reached a large gap, she flipped high into the air using her hammer and onto a small area ahead with the switches ahead. She somersaulted out the way of one robot’s attack and whacked it twice before walking up to the switches. She pulled the four switches, and then suddenly the steel door in Tails’ path flashed and opened up.

Tails rushed in and jumped over an electrical field which came towards him, then slid under the second, he then avoided flames of fire coming from the ceiling, he then ran past spears coming out of the walls then flew over a few pits which opened up before reached the end of the corridor. He then flew far up the area ahead using his jetpack as the song ended.


At GUN HQ, the Commander sat at a desk reading a paper when Sonic, Tails and Knuckles suddenly walked in wearing tuxes as Sonic said, “Yeah!” The three causally walked up to the desk then Sonic slammed his hand on it.

It then cut to a scene of Rouge drawing a route from Kiev to Carolina, then carrying a bag of jewels from Berlin to Belize, and then slowly floated across a river on a boat in China. It then cut back to Sonic as he said, “Tell me, where in the world is-”

Knuckles quickly interrupted as he said, “Carmen Sandiego.”

Rouge eventually passed through South Korea, Antarctica, and past a group of singers singing the blues from Red Sea to Greenland. She soon passes through Arkansas and Mekong carrying several chaos emeralds. It then cut to Sonic again as he said, “Tell me, where in the world is-”

“Carmen Sandiego.” Tails and Knuckles said in unison.

Sonic began sliding around the room as he pop locked while saying, “She go from Nashville to Norway, Bonaire to Zimbabwe, Chicago to Czechoslovakia and back!”

Rouge ran off with a lorry in Pakistan, then stole a gem in Scandinavia, then flew to Perth in Australia and stole another jewel there, then stole some magic beans in Lima. It then cut to Sonic again as he said, “Tell me, where in the world is-”

Shadow suddenly walked in and said, “Carmen Sandiego.”

“Oh tell me where in the world is, oh tell me where can she be?”

Sonic began pop locking again as he said, “Ooh, Botswana to Thailand, Milan via Amsterdam, Mali to Bali, Ohio, Oahu!” The others clicked their fingers and nodded along.

Shadow then cleared his throat. “Well she flies around the globe and she’ll flipflam every nation, she’s a double-dealing diva with a taste for thievery, her itinerary’s loaded up with moving violations.”

Sonic pointed at him. “Tell me, where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” This carried on as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles randomly danced around the room while Shadow and the commander were left utterly confused.
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Is anyone getting tired of these pre-chapter comments? Because I’m not.


Camerax Saga: Chapter 14 – The Most Obvious Culprit

Sonic and the mysterious figure watched Tails and Amy make their way through the base. On one screen, Tails ran past a surveillance camera, then quickly spun around with the extending boxing glove in his hand and shot it at the camera, damaging it.

“Impressive.” The figure responded. “He’s better than I expected.”

“Always expect the unexpected.” Sonic replied.

“Quite. Well, as he gets closer, I too should get closer, for I must greet him soon.”

Back in another area of the base, Amy ran down a hallway towards several tentacled robots firing tiny laser beams. She threw her hammer which hit one in the face, then she slid under the beams, grabbed her hammer and hit the three of them as she swung it 360 degrees. She then ran on ahead and climbed a ladder.

Outside, Crystal and Amber were still wiping out hordes of tentacled robots. Amber brought out the scythe she stole as she said, “I got my scythe!”

Crystal brought out her weapon as she said, “I got my...uhh...staff thing with sharp diamonds on each end.”

Back inside, Tails entered a massive circular room. Far ahead of him was the mysterious figure that wasn’t quite visible.

“Who are you?!” Tails yelled. “And what did you do with Sonic?!?”

“He’s fine right now, maybe a little hurt but still in good condition, none the less.”

“You never answered my first question.” Tails retorted.

“Very well, since you’ve come so far, it wouldn’t hurt to reveal myself before I put an end to your efforts.” He walked into the light, revealing himself as a large television screen with six large tentacles connected to him.

“What are you?” Tails asked, backing up a few feet.

“Don’t you see? I am Camerax, I am the main camera!”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Have you ever played a game with an atrocious camera? I am the cause of that; I am the cause of all those horrible cameras!”

“But why?”

“Because people don’t appreciate good quality anymore. All some people care about are voice actors, so I had to take extra measures. I created the Camera Cannon. A weapon capable of ruining the gaming experience for millions of people! With the power of the chaos emeralds, we’ll fire the cannon which won’t inflict damage upon any living beings, but video games themselves, and make the camera in all video games totally unbearable for players! Then, they will acknowledge awful camera angles and fear us!”

“You’re insane!” Tails yelled. “If you mess with video games, then you mess with me!”

“Pfft, as if. What can you do? You made it this far by luck, but compared to me, you’re dirt beneath my feet.”

Tails stepped forward. “At times like this, I would normally run awaaaaay...but not today. I may not be as fast as Sonic, or as strong as Knuckles, but there is one aspect which I possess.”

“And what may that be?”

“The power of superior intellectual intelligence compared to a majority of people I know!”

“You’d better not have included me in that list already, boy, you have yet to witness my power.”

“I can take anything you can dish out.”

“Excellent.” Camerax fired a large laser beam from one tentacle at the floor, blowing it to bits as Tails and Camerax fell with the broken floor as Egg Dragoon from Sonic Unleashed began playing. They both fell for a short while and landed on metal pieces falling down, facing each other. Camerax shot one tentacle at Tails, who quickly jumped up and threw a bomb which Camerax whacked away. Tails landed on a steel bar shaped piece and shot a cable which Camerax avoided by jumping from piece to piece while Tails followed him.

Tails landed on the same piece as him and threw two fists which Camerax backed away from, and then Tails ducked as Camerax swung at him. He threw two more punches then flipped over Camerax and blasted him from behind. Camerax flipped in midair and fired a laser beam which sliced the piece in half as he missed Tails. He landed on one piece further below, grabbed another and threw it at the one which Tails stood on. Tails flipped off as Camerax did so, shot a cable which connected to one piece, swung round and fly kicked Camerax from behind, and through a door to the right.

Camerax flew further back down the path, trying to stab Tails with his tentacles while Tails blasted a few out the way and dodged the others. Camerax soon turned around and fired a wide laser beam at the last door, blowing it to bits and jumping on one piece of the door while Tails jumped on another. Tails jumped up and fired a blast at Camerax which missed before Camerax wrapped one tentacle around his foot. He then swung Tails into several other things in the area, causing minimal damage from the blows before he let go.

Tails cautiously made his way around the area, avoiding Camerax’s attacks, and then as Camerax charged at him, he jumped out from behind one piece and kicked him. Camerax flew into a bomb planted on one of the pieces and flew right before hitting another bomb. This continued a few more times before Tails flipped several times, and hit Camerax in the stomach with a spinning head butt and dragged him down to the ground far below, causing a big explosion as they hit the ground.

As the Boss Stage Clear theme from Sonic Unleashed began playing, Tails flew off diagonally to the right, then flew to the left, then quickly jumped back and spun in a circle several times on his tails, then jumped and front flipped before landing and pumping his fist into the air before getting an S rank.

“Great job, Tails.” Sonic said. Tails looked to see he was chained to the wall and ran over to him. Tails blasted off the chains, Sonic then stretched for a few moments before they walked towards a door further away.

Camerax suddenly came to life. “You may have won, but I still have the Camera Cannon!”

“Not anymore.” Tails replied. “I came here with others, and they’ve most likely shut down the cannon.”

“Well, time for plan B then.” The area began flashing red as they were warned of the place blowing up in a few short minutes.

Sonic and Tails sighed. “Not again…” They said in unison. They left in a hurry while Camerax continued to lay there.

Outside, everyone had their attention focused on the main base, which rumbled violently. Crystal then Amber then concentrated and whacking robots out the way again moments before Amy ran out carrying the seven chaos emeralds and yelling, “This place is gonna blow!”

The tentacled robots fled to ships while some just jumped off the floating city in a hurry. Amy turned to Amber and said, “Where’s Sonic and Tails? We have to get out of here!”

“Relax; they’ll be out in a minute.” Sonic and Tails ran out of the building moments later. “Right on time.”

Crystal and Amber quickly teleported out of the area as Sonic transformed into Super Sonic then grabbed Tails and Amy as the pavement floor began rumbling. Sonic took off as the various places in the city began to explode one by one until the entire city blew up like an array of fireworks as Super Sonic flew off into the distance at light speed.

Meanwhile, Virus had recently flown through the forest where he had previously met Shadow and stopped by a river with stepping stones going across. Shade the Hedgehog floated down to Virus shortly after he had stopped.

“Shade the Hedgehog, nice of you to pay me a visit.” Virus said without turning his back.

“I see you’re free again.”

“Yes, thanks to Eggman, so I owe him many thanks.”

“In the end you’ll just betray him; I’m sure he can see that too.”

“I just want to have some fun, is that so wrong?” He asked as he turned to face Shade. “Haven’t you guys been having fun?”

“What are you up to this time, Virus?”

“It would be too early for me to reveal my plans to you, Shade, wait another 15 chapters or so, and then we’ll talk.” He said before opening up a puddle of darkness beneath him and sinking into it.

Meanwhile, Shadow and Rouge were continuing to walk along a field and ran into Omega who had just blown up an Eggman robot with his machine gun arm. “Worthless consumer models!”

“Hey, big guy.” Rouge waved.

Omega turned around. “Rouge and Shadow. What brings you here?”

“I had a run in with some robot.” Shadow replied. “Before that I was researching a case of some scientists being murdered by a mysterious creature, and got nowhere.”

Rouge held up a finger. “It’d be faster if you tried some CSI tactics, such as taking blood samples or just observing the crime scene. You heard it, you can’t unhear it.”

“The more you know.” Omega replied.

“Exactly.” Rouge nodded.

“Whatever, let’s get out of here.” Shadow said before walking off. “Take care, Omega.” Rouge flew after him while Omega left in the opposite direction.

Back at Eggman’s base, one Eggman robot entered Eggman’s control centre. “I’m sorry to inform you, but the Camerax Crew have recently been defeated, apparently by Tails.”

“No matter, I didn’t have confidence in that bunch anyway, though I am disappointed because they promised me front row seats to see the misery of **** gamers.” Eggman sighed. “To be denied such a treat is quite cruel indeed. But that was only a stepping stone; I haven’t begun to get serious yet! Now leave me while I do my evil laugh!”

“Yes sir.” The robot said before leaving.

Sonic, Tails and Amy had recently arrived at Tails’ house and Cream and Blaze were there to greet them.

“So how did it go?” Blaze asked.

“Awesome.” Tails replied.

“Smooth.” Sonic replied in an exaggerated tone.

“Wonderful.” Amy replied. “I also got to help rescue Sonic, which means you owe me, Sonic!”

“I don’t like the sound of that...” Sonic said quietly.

Knuckles suddenly came through the floor, creating a big hole in the carpet. “Hey guys, I see you’ve taken those guys out.”

“Tails did most of the work.” Sonic replied. “So Tails...” Sonic began, turning to him. “What’s with the suit?”

“I made it a long time ago, slowly working out the joints over time. For times like this, when I’d need to invade a base without backup.”

“Oh, well that’s helpful. You think Camerax is still alive?”

“Most likely, villains always find a way to come back, and until 4Kids go out of business, no-one is allowed to die.” Tails shook his head.

“But didn’t Cos-”


Amber suddenly jumped in through the window. “Hey people! I see you’re back, good job, Tails!” She said, giving him a thumbs up. “The kid had a big confidence boost after remembering the good memories you two shared. You owe me for my help, Tails.”

“Maybe so. Not Battleship though, I swear you cheat at that game.” Tails turned to Sonic. “Hey Sonic, you still got that decoder ring?”

“You bet!” He said as he took it out. They then brought the two rings together as they said, “Decoder ring powers, activate!”

“You guys are so childish...” Knuckles said, shaking his head in disbelief.

“You’re just jealous that we’ve got decoder rings.” Sonic retorted.

“You wish.” Knuckles crossed his arms. “I’ll get one of those rings one day, and then we’ll see whose is more awesome, Sonic.

Crystal suddenly appeared beside Sonic and said, “Good to see you’re back.”

“I still don’t forgive you.” He said quietly.

“I’m sorry, okay? I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. What will it take for you to forgive me?”

“Letting me know your true age? Getting me a crate of chilli dogs? Getting Amy to stop chasing me? Experiencing being locked up for three days? Any of the four?”

“I’ll think about it.” She replied.

 Tails stroked his chin for a moment. “There’s two things I don’t get.”

“What’s that?” Cream asked.

“How did Camerax send that letter so quickly?”

Amber shrugged. “Maybe he thought ahead of time.”

“Also, we’ve triggered the fourth wall alarm at least half a dozen times already with all the mentioning of other stuff, yet nothing bad has happened, like the universe imploding. Normally when you mention something you shouldn’t know, the universe would be forced to-” Before Tails could finish his sentence; the entire universe imploded and was erased from existence.

SA2 walked onto the right side of a set with some notes. In the middle of the set was a red curtain which opened to reveal a picture of an arena on a large planet with several others far off in the distance. SA2 began to read out the notes. “So, now Knuckles’ short story saga is up next, but it’s not necessary focused on Knuckles. This ain’t your average tournament, that’s for sure. So stay tuned for the Intergalactic Tournament Saga.” SA2 looked up. “It’s like an excuse for tons of **** action.”
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Now onto Knuckles’ short story saga, which will be a typical tournament style one, but better. It shall be awesome, or I shall stop writing this...and I won’t.

Intergalactic Tournament Saga: Chapter 15 – From All Corners of the Universe

It was a month after the Camerax Crew were defeated and their utopia was destroyed. Knuckles sat atop the stairs leading up to the Master Emerald over on Angel Island. He had his eyes closed and was in deep thought. “Here I am again, guarding the Master Emerald, since I’m the last of my kind, and someone’s gotta do it. I do occasionally see Sonic and the others, but I just don’t have much time to spend down there before I have to get back and protect this emerald before someone steals it again. Of course, I leave for a short while because, hey, a guy’s gotta eat.

Shadow was driving down the city on a black motorbike and punched a robber in the face who came down the other side of the street then passed a jeep which suddenly exploded, because that’s what they do. Cream sat by a table at her mom’s house, playing cards with Cheese. Omega was chasing a couple of beetle badniks down a sewer tunnel as he fired at them. Vector and Espio were relaxing on the beach while Charmy kept on running up to the water, then away from it again as the tide came in. Eggman and Virus were playing a game of chess in a brightly lit room.

At Tails’ house, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Blaze and Rouge were all in the living room. Blaze and Rouge stood by a background with a ship sailing across the sea as they wore standard pirate gear and were readying to attack each other with swords while Tails was capturing this on film.

“Arr! Ye shall walk the plank once I’m done with ya!” Rouge said.

“Don’t betcha money on it, ya yellow bellied tyrant!” Blaze replied.

“Arr!” Rouge said, raising her sword into the air.

“Arr!” Blaze said as she did the same.

After a few moments of silence, Rouge turned to Tails. “Line?”

Tails stopped rolling. “You’re not supposed to look at the camera! Just like we all shouldn’t look at the one behind us...” Everyone turned around a second before Tails said, “Stop, guys! You’re setting off the fourth wall alarm!” They all turned to face Tails again. “So anyway, Rouge, you’re meant to cut Blaze, and Blaze falls down, then when you drop your guard-”

“Excuse me.” Blaze raised her hand.

“Yes, Blaze?”

“Do I have to get cut? Couldn’t you just use ketchup or something instead?”

“But then it wouldn’t be real!”

“This isn’t real in the first place.”

“But it’s for the movie!”

“What’s this movie even called?” Amy asked.

“Catfights on the Caribbean.” Tails nodded cheerfully. Everyone else groaned, besides Sonic. “What? I thought it was a good name...”

Sonic stroked his chin. “Y’know, we should make a story, which consists of nothing but parodies of the thousands of things out there.” (I’ll most likely do this at some point)

“That’s a great idea, Sonic.” Amy replied. “And I’ll be happy to help in any way possible. Any way.”

Sonic took a step back. “Thanks for the positive feedback.”

Tails then said, “So are we continuing this movie? We’re almost done; I just need a little more footage.”

“Sure.” Blaze shrugged.

Rouge raised her hand.

Tails sighed. “Yes, Rouge, we’ll still have time for your 5 minute outfit changing scene.”

“Just as long as we’re clear on that.”

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, which Tails quickly answered. On the footsteps was a green leaflet. Back on Angel Island, a plane flew by the island and dropped a leaflet by Knuckles’ feet. He picked it up and heard a typical announcer’s voice coming from the card. “Hello there, you have been considered to take part in this years Intergalactic Tournament! All your application are belong to us!”

“What you say???” Knuckles said in shock.

“You have an hour to prepare, make your time.” The leaflet then switched itself off.

“A tournament, huh?”

Back at Tails’ house...

“A tournament, huh?” Sonic said, crossing his arms. “Sounds like an invitation to party...and I’m sure I’ve used that line before.”

“I assume most people will take part in this.” Rouge said.

“I’d better get ready.” Tails said before running off.

At Cream’s house, Cream looked up from the leaflet. “Sounds like fun, don’t you think, Cheese?”

Cheese took out a sign which said, “I don’t think so, Cream.”

As Eggman and Virus were still playing a game of chess, Virus suddenly smirked. “Heh, a tournament, that sounds interesting.”

“Indeed.” Eggman said before moving a piece.

“Do you mind if I use one of your discarded robots again?” Virus said before moving a piece.

“By all means.” Eggman said before moving his. “Checkmate.”

Virus sighed. “Well played.”

An hour later, floating space ships were sent to collect the applicants taking part in the tournament. Those entered for the tournament boarded the ships, which headed straight to its designated area. Knuckles exited his ship and arrived in a futuristic white circular area, in the middle of the place was a 3D map. Knuckles followed its directions, as others did and eventually arrived outside the dome. The planet outside looked quite similar to earth. Far ahead were hundreds of people talking to one another on a concrete path and an arena was further ahead.

Knuckles walked towards the massive crowd of people and eventually found Sonic and Tails among them. “Hey guys, I see you were invited too.” Knuckles said as he approached them.

“They would be crazy not to invite us.” Sonic replied.

“I wonder why I was invited...” Tails said.

“They probably saw your encounter with the Camerax Crew.” Sonic replied.

“Sonic!” He heard a voice call from behind. As he spun round, Amy came to a screeching halt beside him. “Thank goodness I found you.”

“We’d best be careful, since we don’t know what to expect from these guys.” Sonic said, looking around at the other contestants.

“Right!” Tails, Knuckles and Amy responded in unison.

Shadow, Rouge and Omega met up with them shortly after. “Glad you guys could make it.” Shadow said as they approached them.

Blaze and Cream approached them seconds later, with Cream looking around the area.

“This should be quite interesting.” Blaze said as she crossed her arms.

Silver the Hedgehog ran over to them as he waved while saying, “Hey, it’s you guys again!” He stopped by Sonic. “I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Yeah, nice seeing you too.”

Silver and Blaze stared at each other for a few moments, before Charmy the Bee landed down in between them and shouted, “You guys are all here! Awesome! This will be the most tournament ever!”

“But that sentence doesn’t make sense…” Cream replied, scratching her head.

“So where are Vector and Espio?” Knuckles asked.

“Looking around and stuff, you know, the basics and all that.” Charmy replied.

Crystal flew over to Sonic and landed beside him before saying, “Hey Sonic, I thought I’d see you around here.”

“Right back at ya.”

“Well you seem to be quite popular…” She said, looking around.

“What, do you like me in that way too?”

“No, you’re not my type.”

“Not your type? I’m everyone’s type. I’m caring, cool, determined, and funny.”

“Yeah, but you’re a hedgehog.”

“That’s pretty harsh, you know.”

“Just pointing it out.” She said with a shrug.

“Excuse me but could you tell us who you are?” Shadow asked.

“I might as well while I’m here.” Crystal cleared her throat. “I’m an angel assassin from another planet populated by other angels and go by the alias, Psychic Angel, but just call me Crystal. I shall not mention my age, but I have a younger sister who’s called Ruby. My measurements are 77-63-88.” She said as she felt her chest, turned to the side, and then spun around. “That’s in centimetres, I think. I hope I can get along with all of you.”

“Some of that really wasn’t needed…” Knuckles commented.

“I’ll say…” Sonic added.

Charmy raised his hand. “Where are you wings?”

“I’d rather now have them out.”

Amy cheerfully shook her hand. “Nice to meet you, Crystal. As long as you stay away from Sonic, we’ll be friends for life.”

“That’s okay; he’s not my type anyway.”

“What does that mean?”

“He’s a hedgehog.”

“That’s kinda harsh.”

Sonny the Hedgehog, Shade the Hedgehog, Amber and Mads walked over to Crystal as Mads said, “Hey Crystal, so who are these guys?”

“I’ll introduce them.” She cleared her throat. “This guy here is the supposed fastest thing alive, he moves at the speed of sound, and apparently is quite a ladies man too. You know him, you love him, he’s Sonic the Hedgehog!”

Sonic bowed before she continued. “This two tailed fox here is the smart guy of the group with a super high IQ…apparently, and has the ability to fly using his two tails. He could give Batman a run for his money with his vast intellectual inventions. He goes by the name “Tails”, but his real name is Miles Prower.”

“Well I don’t like to brag…” Tails said as he turned away slightly.

“The tough guy there can cleave stones in half with a punch. The last of his kind makes him determined to protect the Master Emerald from all thieves, and he has a few skills such as gliding and the ability to climb up surfaces. He’s Knuckles the Echidna.”

“That’s me alright.” He nodded.

“The black hedgehog is the final product of an experimental project to create a being with the power to never age and save humanity. By default he’s one of the strongest characters, but distances himself from most people due to unfortunate circumstances. He’s the ultimate life form, Shadow the Hedgehog.”

“Unfortunate circumstances is an understatement.”

“The happy go lucky pink hedgehog there carries around a big Piko Piko hammer regularly. Where she puts it? We’ll probably never know. She loves Sonic to an amusing degree, while Sonic doesn’t exactly feel the same way. Her name is Amy Rose.”

“He’ll feel that way eventually.” Amy replied. Sonic just shrugged it off.

“The cute rabbit there is normally always seen with her chao, Cheese. She’s unnecessarily kind to pretty much almost everyone, due to her youthful personality. Her name is Cream the Rabbit.”

“Thank you very much, Miss Crystal.” She replied.

“The flirtatious bat there is a devious jewel thief, who steals jewels, obviously. Her main job is working as a government spy for an organization called G.U.N. She occasionally uses her looks to get what she wants at times. Her name is Rouge the Bat.”

“You sure know your facts…” Rouge replied.

“The strong looking robot is E-123 Omega, the last of the E-series robots created by Eggman. He was sealed away and was eventually reawakened by Shadow and Rouge. Since then, he has made it his goal to destroy any robots serving under Eggman and to kill Eggman himself.”

“And I shall achieve my goal in due time.” Omega replied.

“The purple cat there is a princess from an alternate dimension, and she’s pyrokinetic to boot. She protects the sol emeralds in her world from the evil Eggman Nega. She tends to keep to herself half the time and just talks when necessary, though she can be quite knowledgeable. Her name is Blaze the Cat. And that’s about it for now.”

“What about me?” Silver waved.

“Maybe later.”

SA2 then started speaking through the speakers surrounding the outside of the arena. “Hello contestants! Now that everyone is here we can finally start the first stage of the tournament! We’ve invited 250 of you, but only 200 will get through to stage two. There shall be three stages, the first is a written exam, the second is one-on-one fights and the third…we’ll leave that for later. You’ll now be free to follow the right path to start the first stage. Get comfy because you’ll be here for three days!”

“Three days!?!” Knuckles said in shock. “Who will protect the master emerald during that time!?”

“Settle down, Knucklehead.” Knuckles looked to the right and saw Eggman who then said, “Those who would have stolen it are probably here.”

“You’re behind this tournament, aren’t you, Eggman?” Sonic said.

“I see you’re still pinning the blame for anything that happens on me, my spiky blue friend.”

“Well this seems like something you’d do.”

“I assure you that I am but a contestant, but I look forward to facing you.” Eggman said, smiling at him.

Sonic turned to Knuckles, who also smiled and gave him a thumbs up. Sonic then turned to Shadow who nodded at him. He then turned to Silver, who glanced back. He looked further behind him and saw Metal Sonic who gave him the finger. Sonic then looked at Blaze who turned to him and said, “Sonic, I’ve never been a rival of yours.”

“Oh right.”

“Though if you consider me one I’d be fine with that.”

“Sure, why not.” He glanced over at Sonny who waved at him, then looked at Crystal who held up a picture of Jet the Hawk. “…I just noticed I have too many rivals…”

“Just the perks of being the main character.” Crystal replied.


Team Chaotix were at Tails’ house. Espio and Vector sat on the couch in the living room while Charmy had just taken a plate out of the cupboards in the kitchen. Cream walked into the kitchen seconds later and up to Charmy. “Excuse me, Charmy, but would you happen to know what time it is?”

Charmy took a deep breath. “Well…it’s peanut jelly time!”

“It’s what?” Espio and Vector replied.

“Peanut better jelly time!”

“It’s what?” Cream asked.

“Peanut butter jelly time!” He then looked through the cupboards as he said, “Now where he at?” After finding the peanut butter, he put it on some toast with jelly as he said, “Now there he go!” a few times before shoving the toast in Cream’s mouth.

He then hopped to the right as he said, “Peanut butter jelly!” then hopped to the left as he repeated it. He then took out maracas as he said, “Do the peanut butter jelly! Peanut butter jelly!” Then took out a baseball bat and threw it out the window.

Charmy began looking through cupboards as he said, “Now where he at?” before finding the washing up liquid and washing the plate as he said, “Now there he go!” 

He then slid to the right as he said, “Now peanut butter jelly!” Then slid to the left and did the same a few times. He then hopped and froze in one spot as he said, “Now break it down and freeze!” several times. As Charmy carried on dancing, Cream slowly backed out the room.
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Sonic Z. It’s like Sonic Adventure in story form, but not really.

Intergalactic Tournament Saga: Chapter 16 – The Written Exam

Shortly after the announcer’s announcement, all the contestants were walking down a path towards the place where the written exam would take place. Sonic sighed as they walked. “Man, why did it have to be a test? I’m going to fail for sure.”

“Relax Sonic; I’m sure it won’t be that hard.” Tails replied.

“Easy for you to say, you make inventions on a daily basis.” Sonic looked to his right to see Amber giving Tails a piggyback ride. “Uhh…”

“She offered…”

Blaze looked around as she continued walking. “Seeing how Eggman is here, I’m sure I’ll see Eggman Nega soon enough…”

Virus was using a purple palette swapped robot of E-102 as he walked down the path with Eggman. “I’m sure this first part will be quite straight forward for you.”

“I’m just hoping certain others are capable of passing this test.”

“I wouldn’t be too worried about that.”

The contestants arrived at a large wooden brown hut and entered. There were 250 desks set up throughout the massive room, with names written on each of them indicating their assigned seats. Within a minute they had all sat in their seats. Virus sat next to a young teenaged girl with long black hair curling downwards and icy blue eyes. She wore a red hat and a black top with a rose on it and grey pants. Virus glanced at the girl for a few moments before she turned to him.

“Good luck.” Virus said.

“Thank you.” She said before facing forward as Virus did the same.

Another ninja wearing a blue variation of SA2’s outfit entered the room and stood at the front by a board. “Hello fellow contestants, my name is SA, and I shall be explaining the rules of this exam. There are 99 questions in this exam, and there’s a total of 150 points to get. Just writing your name is worth 50 points, and you need 100 to pass.”

Espio spoke up. “Excuse me, if they’re 150 points, why are there only 99 questions?”

“The last one is worth two points, though nobody ever gets that one right. There’s no point cheating since the questions are entirely random for everyone, with questions such as, “Why do kids love cinnamon toast crunch?”, “Is it possible to beat Battletoads without a cheat device?”, and, “Did you expect a Jinjo question?”, you have an hour and a half to finish, you may start now.”

And they did. As Sonic looked at the first question, he began thinking to himself. “Why did the chicken cross the road? How am I meant to know? There could be any answer here!

Tails was going through the questions at a steady pace. Knuckles took a few moments before attempting each question. “Heh, these don’t seem that hard, but then again, not all these papers are the same…or maybe that’s what they want me to think.

Meanwhile, Virus observed the girl who sat next to him. Without looking in his direction, she said, “It’d be in your best interest not to cheat.” as she continuing writing.

“Of course.” Virus said as he began writing. “I see you’re quite full of yourself.”

“No. I felt it necessary to inform you of your own well being.”

“I’m not sure whether to thank you or insult you.”

“Neither is fine.”

An hour and a half later…

SA cleared his throat before saying, “The test is now over, we’ll be collecting the papers in shortly. Those who’ve passed will be assigned rooms for the night, while the others will return safely home.”

Another ninja wearing a green version of SA’s outfit suddenly burst in through the wall and came to a halt by SA, then turned towards the others. “Hey guys, I’m SA3 and I’ll be the guy hosting the second part.”

“You’re early.” SA said as he glared at him. “Way too early.”

“Oh, I see. I’ll be outside then.” He said before jumping out the hole he created.

Five minutes later, everyone had left the hut and quite a few were stretching outside while there was a commotion of noise between all the contestants. Sonic yawned as he approached Tails outside.

“So Sonic, how do you think you did?” Tails asked.

“Alright I guess, considering the questions were random it wasn’t so bad.”

“That’s good news.”

Knuckles approached them seconds later. “Hey guys, here’s to hoping for the best.”

Vector the Crocodile walked out the hut seconds later with a list. “Hey, I have the list of scores for you guys here.” Most of them crowded around Vector moments later. “Okay, Sonic, you got 108 points.” As Sonic pumped his fist into the air, he continued reading. “Tails, you got 148 points, Knuckles got 111 points, Amy got 110, and Shadow got 130.”

“Typical.” Sonic said, rolling his eyes.

“Silver got 114 points, Cream got 137 points.”

Blaze raised an eyebrow as she turned to Cream. “How did you get so many points?”

“Cheese helped me out with quite a lot of the questions.”

“I see…”

Amy leaned next to her as she said, “Told you Cheese was a major hax.”

Vector continued seconds later. “Rouge got 119 points; Omega got 118 points, Blaze got 128 points, Charmy just about got 100.”

“Yahoo!” Charmy rejoiced. “Right on the dot! Let’s party!” He yelled, throwing his hands up.

Shadow slapped him round the back of his head. “Let’s not and say we did.”

Vector continued once more. “I got 119 points while Espio got 125 points. Metal Sonic appears to have gotten 117 points, and Eggman also got 148 points.”

“So nobody got all 150 points?” Espio asked.

“Doesn’t seem like it, Tails, Eggman and Eggman Nega seemed to have gotten all questions right except the last, which was the same for each paper.”

“I knew it!” Blaze exclaimed as she quickly looked around. “He is here! He can’t escape me!” She said before running off.

Knuckles looked in Tails’ direction. “So Tails, what was the only question you couldn’t answer?”

“Well, the last question was, “Who is the guy in the black elite ninja outfit?” and I had no clue.”

“Ahh, same here, seems no-one got that question right…”

While everyone else was busy discussing the questions, Crystal dragged Sonic further away from them. “So Sonic, how’d you do? Did you pass?”

“You bet! 108 points!”

“That’s great, I got 128, Amber got 125 and she’s mad at me, even though the questions are random. The two hedgehogs both got 127, while Mads got 130.”

“Well that’s good news.” Sonic stared at Crystal strangely for a few moments before randomly saying, “It was the golden crystal necklace, wasn’t it?”


“The reason only I could see you. I just realized you’re not wearing it anymore.”

“Very observant.” She nodded. “Though that’s only part of the reason. Since you read the message on that wall, I can allow you to see me, but not others.”


“An example of my powers. May I now ask a question?”


“So, do you like Amy?”

“…Well that was unexpected…”

“So is that a yes?”

“I never said yes.”

“Well I’m not hearing a no.”

“You don’t have anything better to do, do you?”

“I’ll assume that was a yes.”

Virus, in the robot armor, was standing by Eggman and Eggman Nega as they were talking.

“Well what a pleasant surprise to meet you here.” Eggman Nega said.

“Indeed, we ought to catch up on old times.” Eggman replied.

“There you are!” They heard a familiar voice shout. Blaze ran at them and came to a halt beside them before pointing at Eggman Nega. “I knew you’d be here! Where are the Sol Emeralds?!”

“I honestly haven’t laid eyes on them in several weeks, though just so you know, I’ve also been living in Sonic’s world for a while.” He replied.

Blaze was shocked but kept the same expression on her face. “Fine, we’ll settle this another time.”

“I look forward to it.” He replied before she walked off.

Virus looked far to the right to see Shade staring back at him. After a few moments, Shade moved from his position and sat next to Shadow on a stone wall. “Hey.”

“You’re here too…”

“Of course.”

“You’d better not lose your match.”

“I’m a legendary hero, I won’t lose, and I offer the same advice to you.”

“Well I’m the ultimate lifeform, so I’ll be just fine.”

Without saying another word, Shade got up and left. Shadow looked back at him, and then looked further ahead at Virus who examined the black haired girl who sat next to him in the exam before raising an eyebrow. “Hmm…”

SA suddenly appeared high in the sky and front flipped twice, twirled while spinning 360 degrees then landing on his feet. “Okay, those who got over 100 points proceed to your rooms, those who didn’t will be asked to leave. Have a good night’s sleep, for tomorrow you’ll have one-on-one fights before going onto the final part of the tournament.”

Knuckles crossed his arms. “Finally we get to the real thing, and I think I could take on most of these guys. As long as the Master Emerald is fine, I shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

The contestants proceeded to their assigned rooms while the unfortunate individuals were transported back to their respective planets in the meantime.

The next morning…

Sonic awoke to the sound of laughter and celebration outside the rooms. Tails awoke seconds later and sat up before rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Is it time already?”

“I guess so. I really don’t see why they couldn’t afford two beds either…”

Sonic and Tails left their room to see dozens of animals from different species wondering around the tons of shops around. They walked down the path towards the circular arena which was populated with thousands of people and in the middle was a grassy area with a large squared white platform atop the centre of the grass. There was a large black screen above the other side of the entrance to the arena.

Sonic and Tails saw the others in the audience and quickly made their way to them before sitting down.

“This is a pretty big crowd.” Knuckles said.

“I hope I’m up first.” Sonic said. “I’m ready to get started!”

Down in the middle of the arena, a puff of smoke suddenly appeared and SA3 walked out of it, told out a microphone and spoke into it. “Hello ladies and gentlemen!” He paused during the audience’s cheers before continuing. “Welcome to this year’s Intergalactic Tournament, and we have some interesting contestants this year if I do say so myself. I’ve been informed that everyone is here now, so we’ll begin! The rules are simple, one-on-one fighting, you lose if you forfeit, are knocked unconscious or if you die, obviously. Now we’ll start the first round, pay attention to the screen, people.”

After a few moments, the screen displayed the words, “Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Sheeva the Cheetah.” Within seconds, Sonic hopped from the audience onto the platform while Sheeva did the same and landed on all fours. She was a typical anthropomorphic Cheetah who wore black and blue jogging gear.

SA3 stepped off the platform and by a computer console. “Now to pick the destination, good luck to both of you.” Within a few moments, the two of them vanished.


In a large stadium stood a single Eggman robot reading out tasks to be done later that day with hundreds of robots and Metal Sonic in the audience. After a few moments, Metal Sonic stood up and said, “Fellas, I’m ready to get up and do my thing!” He received positive responses as he slowly made his way to the stage. “I wanna get into it man, you know.” Once again, he received positive responses. “Like a-like a sex machine, man.” Once again they agreed. “Moving it, doing it, you know?”

As he arrived on the stage he turned to the other robot and said, “Can I count it off?” The robot nodded and quickly moved out the way before Metal Sonic said, “One, two, three, four!”

Six lights then lit up the spot where Metal Sonic stood before he said, “Get up ah!” as he did the wave while another Mecha Sonic replied with “Get on up!” Metal Sonic then said, “Stay on the scene.” As he slid to the right, then spun and held out his right arm while having the other over his crotch as he said, “Like a sex machine!”

After a short while, he held out his hand as he said, “Now wait a minute! Shake your arm, and use your form!” as he did so. He then slid left, spun and did the moonwalker as he said, “Stay on the scene…like a sex machine. You got to have the feeling…sure as you’re born…get it together…right on, right on.”

After a few minutes, he pointed at one robot wearing sunglasses who began playing a piano for a bit, then looked at Metal Sonic who nodded before he began playing again.

Eggman was watching this on a widescreen monitor. “Modifications are definitely in order…”
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Sonic Z. You’ve read it, you can’t unread it…well actually you could.

Intergalactic Tournament Saga: Chapter 17 – The Second Stage, Part 1

Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads were outside, slowly making their way to the arena as they talked.

“So this should be pretty fun, huh?” Sonny said.

“Most likely.” Amber replied. “Mainly the third part of this though. I’m looking forward to that, though I hope I’m up against a strong opponent, or maybe Crystal.”

“Going up against me would be more bad than good for you.” She replied.

“You wish. You can’t handle my uber demon lord skills. Just remember who’s currently in the lead of all our fights…”

“Of all our fights, you’re only ahead by 1, and we’ve had over 30 fights. Besides, you got lucky, since there were civilians around.”

“Yeah, yeah, excuses…”

As they approached the gate, a large golem blocked their path. “May I see your passes?”

“We’re the five legendary heroes, so I think that qualifies.” Mads replied.

“No, I don’t think it does.”

“Well I’m that half robot guy who hosts a news show which isn’t about news, don’t you watch the show? It had Crystal and Amber on it once about random things most people wouldn’t need to know…”

The golem put his palm to his forehead before shaking his hand. “Oh! The anime guy! I love that show, go on in!”

As Mads went in, the golem turned to Sonny and Shade who then said, “We’re both hedgehogs.” in unison. The golem let them past as he replied. “Hedgehogs are win, go on in.”

Amber took out a picture and handed it to him. “It’s a signed autograph of myself, do with it as you wish.”

He shrugged and let her go in, then turned to Crystal. “Just one question, how old are you?”

Crystal sighed. “Why does everyone ask me that?”

Back at the arena, Sonic and Sheeva found themselves in a field with a few trees around and a few pools of water. After a few moments, they charged at each other then when they reached each other, Sheeva started throwing several dozen punches which Sonic swiftly dodged as he slowly moved back. Sonic blocked one of her punches and countered with a kick which Sheeva dodged. Sonic then continued attacking her with a mix of punches and kicks as she also avoided them.

Sheeva hopped back a few feet, and then lunged forward just as Sonic slid under her and grabbed her tail. Sheeva glanced behind her then did a backflip kick, knocking Sonic further back into a tree. Sonic took his time getting up, rubbed his nose and then said, “Smooth...as expected.”

“You’re pretty fast.” Sheeva said.

“It’s what I’m known for.” Sonic replied.

“Well I came 6th in the last tournament, so I won’t lose here!” She said before charging at him.

“We’ll see about that!” Sonic said as he charged at her.

Sheeva leapt over Sonic and hit him in the face with a kick before landing. As she turned around, Sonic sped towards her in spindash form and hit her in the chest, knocking her back several feet. Sheeva ran towards him on all fours after regaining her balance and attacked with a swift kick which Sonic dodged by an inch. Sonic then kneed her in the chest, knocking her back slightly, then a kick to the face which knocked her back a few feet, then hit her with a spin attack, knocking her into a small pool of water.

As Sheeva came up from beneath the water, she sighed. “Fine, I give, you win.”

As the crowd in the arena cheered, Sonic helped her to her feet. “You were quite good. If you ever want a rematch, you know where to find me, and if you don’t, the planet is Earth.”

“I’ll think about it.”

In the audience, Knuckles crossed his arms as he watched. “Sonic won his match, not that I was worried.”

“I had full faith in Sonic winning his match.” Amy nodded.

“Of course.”

Sonic ran up to the part of the audience where Tails, Knuckles and Amy were sitting and sat down by them. “Hey guys, pretty cool fight, huh?”

“Yeah.” Tails replied. “I wonder who’s next.”

Moments later, SA3 spoke into his microphone. “Now onto match 2!” as he pointed at the screen. After a few moments, the screen displayed the words, “Tails “Miles” Prower vs. Were the Wolf.”

Sonic nudged him. “Looks like you’re up, Tails!”

“I wasn’t hoping to go up this early...” Tails got up. “Wish me luck, guys.” He said before flying down to the platform.

SA2 stood up from within the crowded audience and pointed ahead as he said, “It’s that two-tailed fox with those fly ass moves!”

“Good luck, Tails!” Amber shouted from the audience as she waved.

Tails waved back seconds before his opponent landed down on the platform. He was a white wolf with a scar above his eye and he wore a grey gi with sneakers. SA3 stood by the computer console, pressed a few buttons and the two of them vanished.

They arrived in the middle of a forest with a few rays of light shining through. Seconds later, Were charged at him but missed as Tails flew up. Were jumped back as he did a spinning kick and hit Tails, knocking him into a tree. Tails then rolled out the way before Were put his hand through the tree. Tails hopped back a few feet as he threw a small bomb at him, which Were blocked. Tails then threw another which separated into small needles and caused little cuts on Were’s arms as he blocked them and continued running towards Tails.

Were sped up and leapt at Tails just as Tails hopped further back. Tails quickly took out his extending boxing glove and hit Were in the face with it, sending him flying back before Tails ran deeper into the forest. Were quickly caught up and followed him in the trees before tackling him then kicking him further back before jumping and hiding within the trees again.

Tails slowly glanced around the area with the only sound being made was a bird whistling. He soon heard a noise from behind him and turned as Were charged at him. Were attempted a jump kick with his right leg which Tails grabbed. “Gotcha!”

“Not quite.” Were said before turning the opposite direction and kicking Tails across the face with his left leg. Tails slid across the ground and stopped by a tree. As he slowly got up, he threw a smoke bomb on the ground.

Were waited for a few moments for Tails to show up, then quickly turned right and punched another smoke bomb Tails threw from further away. “You’ll have to try harder.” He then saw a figure of Tails flying towards the smoke and dodged it before noticing it was carved out of wood. “Where is that fox?”

Were suddenly felt two tails wrapped around his throat from behind. “Right here!” Tails yelled before leaping up and twirling several times before slamming Were into the ground and landing on his chest hard with his shoes, then hopping off him and pumping his fist into the air as Were stopped moving.

The crowd began to cheer as Tails arrived back at the arena, then a group of mammals picked him up and carried him off as they cheered.

“Well Tails seems quite popular…” Sonic said.

“I’ll most likely be up next.” Knuckles said.

After looking over at Tails, Espio turned to Vector and said, “I won the bet, you owe me 100 rings.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have bet on the wolf…”

Charmy waved his arms frantically. “Did you see that, guys? With the spinning and the slamming and the pounding? That was totally awesome; the awesomeness slapped me across the face!”

“I’m sure it did.” Espio replied.

Shadow crossed his arms. “Hmm, seems we’ll all be getting through at this rate.”

“Or maybe there’s something bigger here behind the scenes.” Rouge replied. “You heard it, you can’t unhear it.”

The blank screen in the middle of the arena then displayed the words, “Silver the Hedgehog vs. Random Guy #8” (It’s like I’m not even trying!)

Knuckles sat up. “Hey, shouldn’t I be up now?”

“Relax.” Sonic said. “Silver will finish this quick if the guy doesn’t know his moves.”

Silver and the person wearing a white shirt and black pants were transported to a karate dojo. As the person ran towards Silver, he froze him in place using his psychokinesis. “It’s no use! Take this!” Silver yelled before throwing him up. As he hit the ceiling and came back down, Silver caught him again. “It’s no use! Take this!” Silver knocked him into a wall, knocking him out completely.

“Told ya.” Sonic said as he sat back.

A minute later, it was Knuckles’ turn and he landed upon the platform moments afterwards. SA3 then said, “Your opponent is already waiting for you, you’ll know him when you see him.” Before pulling a switch, transporting Knuckles to a deserted valley. He was atop a large mountain with several large rocks around the area. Knuckles casually walked across the area but quickly jumped back when one rock attempted to attack him. The rock then revealed itself to be a large golem named Brass.

“No fooling around.” Knuckles said as he got into a fighting stance. “Let’s end this quick.”

Brass charged at Knuckles and pounded the ground where Knuckles stood as he jumped up and punched Brass in the face. Brass tried to whack Knuckles with his arm who ducked and attempted to punch Brass again who dodged it and kicked Knuckles back. Brass then picked up a rock and threw it at Knuckles who punched it in half as he charged at him.

“Woo! Go giant rock!” One member in the audience yelled before being hit by a flying pan.

Brass curled into a ball and quickly smashed into Knuckles as he sped by. Knuckles shook off the attack as he got up, around the same time Brass spun round and charged at him again. Knuckles dug underground before Brass passed by him again. As Brass stopped, Knuckles came back up and began glowing red as he concentrated. “Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack!” Knuckles yelled as he charged at him.

Knuckles punched him in the chest twice, and then blocked Brass’ punch before punching his legs, performing a flurry of punches all across Brass’ body, then finishing with an uppercut, knocking Brass unconscious.

“That’s another victory for the good guys.” Blaze said as she approached Sonic and sat down by him.

“Hey Blaze, where were you?” Sonic asked.

“It’s not important.”

“I hate how they only had enough for one bed in each of our rooms.”

“I shared a bed with Silver, not that it means anything.”

“Tell that to the shippers.”


As Knuckles came up the stairs, scooted past Sonic and Blaze then sat down, Tails showed up moments later carrying two barbequed fish popsicles and sat by them. “Hey guys. Oh, and Blaze, here.” He said before handing her one Popsicle.

“What is it?” She asked, looking at it suspiciously.

“It’s a fried fish on a stick, which is covered in a layer of barbeque sauce, it’s quite nice.”

“Hmm…” Blaze took a bite seconds later.

“So what happened, Tails?” Sonic asked.

“People think I was pretty cool out there, and also adorable, but mainly cool.”

“Smooth.” Sonic replied as he nodded briefly. “So what was with that finishing move earlier?”

“Something I came up with at the last minute, I guess I’ll call it the Twirling Tornado Attack. Though I’ll most likely never use it again.”


“It’s too awesome.”


It’s too awesome!

SA3 then cleared his throat before he started speaking. “Now for the next match!” After a few moments, the screen displayed the words, “Amy Rose vs. E-106”

Virus got up after hearing the name. “It looks like I’m finally up.”

“Are you looking forward to gathering more data?” Eggman asked.

“That’s my only purpose at the moment.” He said before making his way to the platform.

Amy jumped up as she said, “Finally! I’m going to give it my best!”

“Good luck, Amy.” Sonic said, giving her a thumbs up.

“I’ll make sure I win this!” She said before charging off down and stairs and jumped onto the platform then the two of them vanished seconds later.

Blaze then turned to Tails. “Hey Tails, where did you get this?”

“There was some guy outside the arena who looked quite similar to Big the Cat, he had tons of them.” Tails turned to face her seconds later and saw she had already left. “Well that was fast…”


On a bright sunny day, Cheese the Chao played the theme on a xylophone in the middle of a park. After several moments, in the background were an army of Eggman robots charging towards the middle of the city while G.U.N robots did the same. They soon both stopped in the middle of the city, with the Eggman robots being led by Eggman and Eggman Nega in a giant armoured robot powered by the seven emeralds.

The G.U.N Commander pointed at them and said, “This is your time to pay, this is your judgment day, we made a sacrifice, and now we get to take your life.”

Eggman replied with, “We shoot without a gun, we’ll take on anyone, It’s really nothing new, it’s just the thing we like to do.”

Seconds later, two armies of robots of robots charged at each other, tearing into each member of the opposing side and using anything in the environment to their advantage while the two Eggman’s wiped out more robots in their giant robot as the chorus started.

After the chaos had ended, the two Eggman’s stood over the G.U.N commander; Eggman with a gun in his hand as he said, “Your life is over now, your life is running out, when your time is at an end, then it’s time to kill again!” before shooting him in the chest. “We cut without a knife, we live in black and white, you’re just a parasite, now close your eyes and say good-night.” He continued before firing a second shot at his head.

The army of Eggman robots continued rampaging across the city and wiped out any characters which got in their way before crushing Tails’ house as the song ended.
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Sonic Z. Imagine Sonic X with no Chris Thorndyke, and being a lot more based on the games. Imagine a big story, composed of at least a dozen small story arcs, with each focusing on a certain character in particular. Imagine adding loads of lulz and more references than you can shake a stick at. That’s basically what it is.

Intergalactic Tournament Saga: Chapter 18 – The Second Stage, Part 2

Amy and Virus arrived in another typical tournament stage. Amy looked around before saying, “There was really no point to move us, oh well.” She then took out her hammer. “Get ready because here I come!” she said before charging at the robot. E-106 moved to the side as she attacked and continued to avoid her hammer swings for a short while before punching her back. Amy charged at him again, doing a spinning hammer attack which E-106 avoided by backing up, then sending Amy flying back near the edge with a small missile.

Amy got up moments later. “I’ve got to win this one, because Sonic is watching and I can’t disappoint him.

In the arena, Sonic walked up to SA2 sitting behind a stand and placed a bag of rings on the table. “100 rings on E-106.”

Amy put away her hammer for a second. “Okay, it’s time to get serious.” She said with a nod before revealing she was wearing weights on her arms and legs.

Cream sighed as she watched. “Not the weights again…”

Amy took them off then stretched a little before taking out her red boxing gloves. “Alright, now I should be twice as fast, so get ready!”

Amy charged at him again, now moving twice as fast and punched E-106 in the chest, knocking the robot back several feet and surprising quite a number of people in the audience. Amy continued to attack certain areas of its body as she unpredictably moved around the stage. E-106 meanwhile tried to lock on to her and fired small energy shots which repeatedly missed.

Tails stroked his chin before saying, “I guess I can see how she keeps stalking you…”

“Maybe I let her stalk me.” Sonic replied.

“But what if you don’t.”

“But I most certainly do.”

“But you probably don’t.”

“I’m sure I do.”

“I’m totally certain you don’t.”

Amy was across the stage as she took out her hammer and said, “Here I go!” before speeding off towards E-106. E-106 took a step back and fired five missiles which blew up part of the stage and surrounded it in smoke. E-106 then felt a slight breeze from the left side, and as he turned he felt something speed by from the right. As E-106 turned around, Amy hit him with her hammer, sending him flying. As E-106 flew back, Amy leapt at him, spinning several times before hammering the robot into the ground.

“Well this is awfully surprisingly.” Rouge said.

“Maybe a little.” Shadow replied. “Hey Omega, what’s your opinion?”

“She crushed an Eggman robot; therefore I will consider her an ally.”

“Yes, now what’s your opinion on the match?”

Virus struggled to get up a little within the robot suit. “It’s quite hard to move around in this thing, but I guess I’ve got the information I needed, so I’ll end this.

As E-106 stood up, Amy got ready to attack again. “If you want more, you’d better keep your guard up!” as she charged at him, E-106 raised a white flag which stopped Amy in her tracks.

“I give up.” Virus said.

Sonic grinned. “Seems I’ll be getting 200 rings.”

“But didn’t you bet on the robot?” Knuckles questioned him.

“Yeah, that the robot would lose…thank god I read the script ahead of time…”

Meanwhile, outside the arena were random people wondering about the area, checking out different shops and the like. Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads were walking down the path with a quarter of them staring and making comments because they obviously don’t have much better to do.

Blaze had just bought another barbequed fish Popsicle and as she walked off, two anthropomorphic tigers were watching.

“Hey, there’s Blaze the Cat!” One said.

“Really? She’s so kewl!” The second replied.

Nearby, Mads was firing at flying targets and won a prize and Sonny and Shade played Daytona at a randomly placed arcade to pass the time. Crystal and Amber posed for photographs in one section. They stood back to back for one photo, had their wings and weapons out as they got into a fighting stance for the second photo, Amber then glomped Crystal from behind as they took a third photo, then the fourth photo showed Crystal punching Amber in the face.

Back at the arena, Cream and Cheese were up next and made their way to the centre stage where their opponent was the girl Virus sat next to in the exam.

“I hope Cream will be alright.” Amy said. She then put her palm to her forehead. “Oh right, she has Cheese so she’ll be fine.”

Before SA3 could decide the location, Cream suddenly raised her hand. “I forfeit.” Her opponent was shocked while most others groaned in response. Cream cheerfully hopped back down the path and past the others as she said, “Good luck in the third round, guys.”

“I wonder why she even bothered coming…” Amy responded.

“Maybe she just wanted to join in.” Tails said.

“Or see the action.” Sonic added.

“Or probably just for laughs.” Knuckles replied.

Shadow was up shortly after, against an opponent who used the codename Dirty Dodger who looked like a smaller silver transformer. After they were both in the middle of the stage, SA3 transported them to a lake covered in ice and far to the sides were trees covered in snow.

Shadow looked around before saying, “Thank goodness my air shoes make this easier.”

As Shadow looked ahead, he saw DD skating towards him and jumped up as DD punched the ice. Shadow flipped then spun round and threw three chaos spears which DD dodged by moving left and right as he skated after him. As Shadow landed he quickly slid under DD as he attempted to punch him, then as DD spun around, Shadow jumped up and roundhouse kicked him across the face.

DD slid back a few feet and regained his balance, then cut out a circular section of the ice and threw it like a blade at Shadow. Shadow leapt forward and hopped onto it then aimed at him with a downward kick. DD caught his foot and threw him across the ice.  A second later DD jumped up and landed where Shadow stood seconds before moving, cracking half of the ice in the area from the impact of the jump.

Shadow got to his feet before taking out a chaos emerald. “Behold the power of chaos control!” He vanished a moment later, then appeared in front of DD and roundhouse kicked him before vanishing again and elbowing him in the back, then giving him an uppercut, followed by a kick to the back of his legs, and a spin attack to the chest, knocking DD back and onto his knees.

“Time to put an end to this, you second rate transformer.” Shadow said.

“Actually I’m not a transformer.” DD replied as he got up. “I’m the physical hatred of Black Doom, transferred into a robot body, here to get reven-”

“That makes no sense at all; I surely don’t believe it and I know you don’t either. Do you even know what you are?”

“Not really…”

“Exactly, now disappear!” He said before throwing several chaos spears, blowing the robot to bits.

“That was kind of harsh.” Amy said in response.

“He knew the rules.” Knuckles replied.

Due to certain events being overdue, a montage was in order, showing scenes such as Metal Sonic charging through a robotic bear, Eggman blasting an anthropomorphic raccoon in his eggmobile, and Omega eliminating a shark with a large laser beam. It was soon approaching the last few matches. SA3 pointed up at the screen as he said, “Now for the next one.” After a few moments, the screen displayed the words, “Rouge the Bat vs. Blaze the Cat.”

Rouge smiled as she leaned forward. “Well, well, this is an amusing match-up.” She then flew down to the stage. Blaze appeared seconds later on a rail bar higher up still eating a fish popsicle, she flipped and landed on the stage, then took one more bite of the popsicle before throwing the stick in a bin 30 feet behind her.

“She’s so kewl!” One audience member said in response.

SA3 transported them to the inside of a stone temple moments later. Rouge got into a fighting stance before saying, “You’d better be on guard, kitty-cat.”

“Same to you, big boobed woman.” Blaze replied as she also got into a fighting stance.

Sonic stroked his chin for a few seconds before saying, “Y’know, there was this song once which I thought was awesome, called Dark Chest of Wonders, I loved the first half.”

“I thought it was alright.” Tails replied.

“Not really my thing, but it was cool.” Knuckles responded.

Back at the temple, Blaze held out a finger as she said, “Once…I had a dream…and this is it.”

Rouge threw three bombs, causing a small explosion and some smoke. She came charging out of the smoke towards Blaze who blocked her right kick, then her second before attacking with a punch which Rouge whacked out the way then ducked under a kick and tried to sweep kick Blaze who hopped over it and tried to punch Rouge who flipped up and landed behind her. As they spun round to face each other, they kicked the other in the chest and were both sent flying back several feet.

Rouge smiled before charging at her again. As they met, they moved back in Blaze’s direction, with Rouge attacking with a chop which Blaze blocked with her arm before trying to kick Rouge in her stomach which she dodged by moving right, then Rouge attacked with two kicks, Blaze blocked one and ducked under the second. Blaze then threw several punches which Rouge dodged and blocked before getting in a kick which grazed Blaze’s face and blocked a second kick with her hand before they stopped for a second.

As Rouge attacked with a chop, Blaze grabbed her arm and flipped over her. Rouge flew up and avoided a punch. Then attacked with several kicks which Blaze blocked, then a secret spear which Blaze avoided by leaping back several feet then getting a punch in. Blaze then did the same covered in fire while Rouge flew back. As she stopped she attacked with a kick which Rouge ducked under, then another that Rouge flipped over before trying to punch her but tackling her instead.

“Hold on a minute!” SA3 suddenly said as he saw Blaze lying on top of Rouge. “I’ve decided to let you both through, besides it was starting to get boring, the fighting that is, not the position you’re in.”

A large turtle put up his hand. “Hey wait, I thought you needed 100 people, then how can they both go on?”

“I’m changing the rules, deal with it.”

After a few more matches, the second part of the tournament was over and SA3 stepped onto the centre stage with a microphone. “Man, it’s been a long day, but it’s finally done, and tomorrow will be the final part. What’s that, you ask? You’ll find out tomorrow. For now, have fun, but not too much fun.” Most of the audience left very shortly afterwards and the contestants went back to their rooms.

The next morning…

Sonic once again awoke to the sound of laughter and celebration outside the rooms. Tails was clinging to him as he looked down. He then rolled his eyes. “I wish we would have had two beds…”

Soon afterwards, everybody had gathered in the arena, sat down in the audience and eagerly awaited for SA3 to arrive. He showed up a minute later with a microphone. “Hello again, ladies and gentlemen, I would normally talk today, but it’s not my place for now.”

Up in the sky was another elite ninja who wore a pink version of the suit and had a rather large bust. She came towards the arena on a han glider, flipped and twirled as she spun 360 degrees and landed in the centre of the stage before taking the microphone off SA3. “Hello people, I’m SA4, and I’ll be your host for this evening. This last part is what I like to call the team survival challenge! Basically, you’ll pick a piece of paper out of a box which will decide who’s team you’re on, and they’ll be three per team, so lets get started!”

As she finished some other black ninja stood by the stage with boxes, moments before contestants began lining up by them.

In the middle of nowhere, a building stood with music playing from the inside but was heavily muffled. SA2 exited the building and by Omega as approached him.

“Hey.” SA2 began. “Some guys are dancing to this one robot techno song I really can’t remember the name of.”

“Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto?”

“Yeah, that’s it.” SA2 walked off.

“Commencing breakdance mode.” Omega said before entering the building.
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Sonic Z. It’s totally not related to Dragonball Z in any way, shape, or form.

Intergalactic Tournament Saga: Chapter 19 – The Real Superpower of Teamwork (I was given the opportunity, so I took the chance to use it)

A minute after the events of the previous chapter, around a third of the contestants had picked out a piece of paper from one of the chosen boxes and were minding their own business. Sonic stood among the large crowded area in the midst of the remaining contestants when Sonny the hedgehog approached him. “Hey there, true blue, so you’re Sonic, huh?”

“The one and only.” Sonic replied. “So what exactly gives you the status of ‘Legendary hero’?”

“I forget, being cool ‘n stuff, I guess.” Sonny shrugged.

“Cool ‘n stuff is now my catchphrase, I called it.” Sonic quickly responded.

“Whatever.” Sonny shrugged off his comment.

A moment later, they heard a cry of, “Sonic! I finally found you!” before Amy appeared and hugged Sonny. “It was hard to see you with all these people around.”

Sonny turned to Sonic and said, “This sort of thing happens quite a bit, huh?”


In a different area of the arena, Eggman was having a conversation with Eggman Nega. “So, Nega, what have you been up to recently?”

“Nothing much, besides designing those Camerax robots.”

Virus approached the two of them in the robot suit and stood by Eggman. “Hey Eggman, I managed to rearrange some of the papers to fit my purposes. There’s this one girl I need to talk to, so I’ll be busy doing that to achieve my goal.”

“Then good luck with that.” Eggman replied.

After another minute, Team Chaotix had called a majority of them over as Victor held a list in his hand. “So anyway, while you guys were off talking and whatnot, Espio snuck by the area undetected and looked at all your numbers, so we know who’s on what team.”

Espio nodded in agreement before Victor read out the names. “Sonic, Shadow and Amy are surprisingly on one team. Tails, Rouge and Omega are on another, Knuckles, Blaze and Silver are on the third. Ironically me, Espio and Charmy are on the same team.”

“Yeah!” Charmy rejoiced. “Now let’s go out there and get some ass! I mean, kick some ass! Yeah, that’s what I meant!”

Shadow stood by Vector seconds later. “So Vector, you found that computer room yet?”

Vector put his palm to his forehead and sighed. “Honestly, it’s ridiculous now; I said it like 2-3 times at most. Sure, it was a little funny at first, but it’s been repeated too many times. When a phrase is used way too many times, it. Gets. Old.” Vector sighed again as he shook his head and walked off.

Shadow looked at Espio who then said, “We’re having some financial problems right now.”

“I see…”

SA4 took out her microphone and cleared her throat before speaking into it. “Okay! Enough wasting time, let’s get this third part started! Every minute I’ll transfer about 25 contestants to random spots in the battlefield, which will be separated by portals leading to five different zones. You’ll be in teams, but in the end the last person standing gets a free wish, which they may use to have anything they desire…and no, I’m not available.”

Knuckles tuned out everything else around him. “A free wish? I wonder what I could do with that…as long as I play it safe, I should be able to outlast most of these guys.

Several minutes later, the last 100 contestants were all now in one of the chosen battlefields, with most of them finding areas to hide and setting up traps for any unlucky trespassers. Knuckles had recently run off from Blaze and Silver as they snuck through some bushes in a partly clear forest. Soon afterwards, they spotted Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads in the midst of the forest and quietly watched them.

Sonny stretched a bit before saying, “Okay, let’s get started.”

“Is it really wise to attack each other?” Shade asked.

Mads shrugged. “We didn’t really come here to win anyway.”

“I did.” Amber raised her hand.

“Nobody cares.” Crystal replied.

Shade sighed. “Fine, we’ll randomly fight each other for fun.”

Sonny started by spin dashing towards Mads, creating a row of ice shards as he did so while Mads flew up over Sonic and fired a large beam cannon which Sonny and Shade dodged by moving left and right. Amber charged at Crystal with her scythe and spun in circles while swinging it, Crystal flipped backwards and fired two psychic waves which Amber flipped over and attempted to slash Mads who fired back at her. Amber deflected the blasts and one hit Sonny from behind as he blocked an attack from Shade.

Crystal then hit Shade from the side as she charged forward with her spear, then turned to Sonny and jabbed him several times as he blocked then landed a few hits with a long ice blade. Crystal then punched through the blade and jumped out the way as Amber fired several fireballs which Sonny blocked with an ice shield before being tackled by Shade.

Mads sped up to them and threw a bomb which they both dodged, then Shade attacked with a downward kick that Mads blocked before firing two small shots Shade avoided by vanishing then reappearing to the side of Mads and tried to punch him as he jumped back. Crystal and Amber then fly kicked him, then attacking each other while Shade missed Amber with a spin dash by a few inches and as Shade uncurled, Sonny appeared and kneed him in the face.

As Mads was sent flying, he shot a cable which connected to a tree and swung him round. As he was over Crystal and Amber, he fired five beams in a star pattern, with one hitting Crystal and knocking her back while Amber fired back at Mads. Sonny then threw an ice shard which Amber dodged by bending back. As Shade returned, Crystal flew up, and then jammed her spear into the ground, causing a semi-earthquake as everyone jumped out the way.

Blaze and Silver were still watching at this point.

“Wow…” Silver commented, as he kept watching. “It’s like that game, Mugen, but it’s right in front of me, and it’s not as cheap.”

“I wonder how long it’ll be before they get tired…” Blaze said to herself.

Meanwhile Sonic, Shadow and Amy were walking through a forest. Sonic occasionally glanced at Shadow and Amy but remained carefree, Amy walked beside Sonic and had her Piko Piko hammer in her right hand, and Shadow walked a bit ahead of them constantly looking about the path ahead for traps. After a short while, Shadow held out his hand signalling a trap ahead. He then used chaos control and a few moments later an anthropomorphic owl fell out of a tree.

“We could have taken him.” Sonic said.

Shadow dropped down from the tree. “Yeah but we need to conserve our strength.”

“Maybe you do but I’ll be perfectly fine doing it my way.”

Amy sighed. “Shouldn’t we be trying to work together on this?”

Suddenly, robot ninjas came out of nowhere and surrounded them from all sides. Shadow fly kicked one to his left while Sonic spin dashed through two. Amy then knocked out a few with a spinning hammer attack. Shadow spin attacked another, then spun and blasted the next with a chaos spear. After a short while, Sonic ran towards the last one and ducked as it swung. Amy then whacked off its head with her hammer.

“Well that was a pretty good warm-up.” Sonic said, looking at the scattered robot remains. “Seems Eggman knows where we are.”

“Then it’d be a shame to keep him waiting.” Shadow replied.

Sonic and Shadow ran off ahead while Amy ran after them. “Hey! Slow down a little, guys!”

Tails, Rouge and Omega were strolling across a beach as Rouge was talking with Omega. “So, a wish…I wonder what I could get with that. I could have probably just lost my match and stole the Master Emerald when I got to Earth. Oh well, I guess I got lost in the moment, but I have another chance here.”

Suddenly, two alligators jumped out of the sea and landed ten feet in front of them. Tails, being completely shocked, pointed ahead and said, “Holy smokes! Two alligators!”

“We know.” Rouge and Omega replied in unison.

Omega then fired a missile which the alligator whacked back. As Omega jumped up, he transformed his right arm into a machine gun and fired at the second which curled into a ball to protect itself while Rouge kicked the first one across its face.

As Rouge turned around, Tails ran off in the opposite direction as he yelled, “Run awaaaaay!”

“That’s either cowardly or quite wise for the appropriate situation, though it’s probably both.”

In a location very far away, Knuckles journeyed across a wide area of the battlefield and came to an open field where three grey anthropomorphic rats were standing by, talking to each other. Knuckles stopped and then said, “Anthropomorphic rats in my way, I MUST PUNCH THEM!” within seconds, he charged forward and punched through the three of them, knocking them unconscious as he passed through the field.

Eggman, Eggman Nega and Metal Sonic were travelling along a rocky path, with more rocks to the sides. Metal Sonic walked on ahead while Eggman and Eggman Nega blasted any contestants they happened to spot along the way as they laughed maniacally. Metal Sonic eventually ran off while they were busy and went in search for Sonic.

Virus, in his normal form, rose from a puddle of darkness out of the ground near a waterfall where the black haired girl took a rest. Virus turned to her while she glanced back. “What happened to your team-mates?”

“They’re unconscious. So who are you, and why do you keep following me? Are you a paedophile or something? Not that it’d matter, since I’m far older.”

“No, I’m not into that.” He rolled his eyes which were nonexistent. “I’m here to invite you to join me.”

“Join you?” She raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, my name is Virus, a creature of darkness. One day soon, Dr. Eggman and I will launch a plan to take over the earth, or perhaps destroy it, whichever is easier, and with your help we can accomplish it faster.”

“I’ll keep your offer in mind.”

“Please do.” Virus said before sinking back into the puddle and vanishing.

“That seems like a rather amusing ability.” She said, adjusting her hat.

Back at the arena, SA4 stood at the centre stage, watching the widescreen monitor which showed random things going on in all of the five areas. She then turned around and spoke into her microphone. “Well we’ll be taking a break now, be sure to come back as there’s a lot more to come…and we need the money.”


As the song started, Vector and Espio sat by a table at Tails’ house. Vector dealt out the cards and they began playing extreme blackjack, with them slamming down cards as the camera epically caught the action from several different angles. Vector then lifted his head and said, “If you like to ****, I tell you I’m your man, you win some, lose some; it’s all the same to me!”

They continued slamming down cards and picking up before Espio said, “The pleasure is to play, it makes no difference what you say!” after more card slamming, Espio picked up a card and gasped then turned to Vector. “I don’t share your greed, the only card I need is the ace of spades!” He said as he revealed the card while Vector gasped. He then slammed it down as he said, “The ace of spades!”

Espio and Vector smirked at each other as they continued playing. It then cut to a scene of Espio climbing up a ladder as he said, “Playing for the high one.” Then cut to a scene of him poplocking with a Devil chao as he said, “Dancing with the Devil.” He then nodded. “Going with the flow, it’s all a game to me!”

Vector got ready to slam down a card. “Seven or eleven, snake eyes watching you!” he said, pointing to a snake by the window.

“Double up or quit, double stakes or splits! The Ace of Spades! The Ace of Spades!”

Vector looked up and grinned. “You know I’m going to lose, and gambling’s for fool’s! But that’s the way I like it baby, I don’t wanna live forever!”

Charmy came out with an electric guitar wearing a joker hat as he yelled, “And don’t forget the joker!” He then epically began playing the guitar, hopping around the room and dancing while he did so.

After a short while they continued the game. Vector got ready to place down a few cards and said, “Pushing up the ante, I know you’ve got to see me, read ‘em and weep, the dead man’s hand again!” He said before placing two red jacks and a black jack down.

Espio squinted. “I see it in your eyes, take one look and die!” he said before placing down the last back jack. “The only thing you see, you know it’s gonna be, the Ace of Spades!” he said as he took it out. “The Ace of Spades!” he said again just before slamming his last card down.

Charmy hopped around the room playing the guitar again and by the time he finished, Espio and Charmy had already left the room.
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Sonic Z. Feel free to come up with your own comment.

Intergalactic Tournament Saga: Chapter 20 – Every Contestant for Themselves

Back in the midst of one of the few battlefields available, one humanoid robot sat by some trees on a field with a picnic basket beside him. He took out a ham sandwich and held it in both hands. “I’d better take a quick break to eat.”

Some rustling was heard from some bushes nearby, Knuckles then came charging out, yelling, “Eat my fist!” before knocking him unconscious as he ran off. 

Meanwhile Sonic, Shadow and Amy were running through a forest area when suddenly a gigantic boulder came huddling towards them from the right. They quickly stopped and backed up as it rolled past. Sally Sue then flipped and landed on the path in front of them. “Not so fast, Sonic, I still have to get you back for that time in the city, as well as the other two.”

“I’ll take care of her.” Amy said, approaching her as she drew her hammer.

“Uhh, Amy, I don’t think you can beat her one-on-one.” Sonic replied.

“Let’s finish her quickly and get moving.” Shadow said.

Sally Sue smiled as she got into a fighting stance. “Let’s go, hedgehogs.”

Just then, Sally Sue quickly spun right and blocked a spin attack from Metal Sonic with her arm. Metal Sonic slid back before charging at her. Sally Sure cart wheeled out the way, then as Sonic and Shadow came at her from opposite directions, she crouched before quickly performing a spinning kick sending them both flying, then blasting Amy with a small laser beam as she was caught off guard.

Near a rocky canvas area, Team Chaotix walked through the area, passing several unconscious bodies which they glanced at as they passed by.

“I wonder who took out all these guys?” Vector said. “We’d better keep our guard up, boys.”

Charmy frantically waved his arms. “Oh! Oh! Maybe a shark did this! Or a bear! Or a tyrannosaurus rex!”

“None of the above.” Espio responded.

Back in the forest area, Metal Sonic had begun attacking Sonic while Shadow was left to fight Sally Sue. Sonic and Metal Sonic used the trees to ricochet themselves at each other, where as Shadow had used up most of his moves on Sally Sue, to no avail.

“Hey Sonic, what’s this girl’s weakness?” Shadow asked.

Sonic swiftly dodged a spin attack from Metal Sonic as he charged through a tree. “Sadly, she doesn’t have one, she cheats, a lot.”

“Well that sucks.”

Sally Sue changed her arm into a machine gun and fired. Shadow hid behind a tree before using chaos control and spin attacking her in the face before jumping back. Suddenly, a large metal crate landed on her, and then Eggman and Eggman Nega floated down.

“Well, I seem to have a hedgehog problem.” Eggman commented.

Amy got up moments later, just before Knuckles arrived as he punched down a tree.

“I’m sure more friendly faces will be arriving shortly, though we could always cause some destruction to draw their attention here.” Eggman Nega suggested.

“I’m game for that.” Sonic said as he stretched. “Come on, Eggman, let’s play.”

“Very well, Sonic.” Eggman deployed two missile launchers and began firing them at Sonic as he ran off. Metal Sonic then tackled him and kicked him into a tree. Eggman took the opportunity to fire a dozen missiles targeted towards Sonic who jumped up as they hit the ground, causing a big explosion and sending parts of the ground into the air. Sonic jumped across the pieces, and then tilted one piece upwards to block another missile sent by Eggman. He then jumped and spin attacked him before landing.

Eggman looked at a counter on his eggmobile which displayed the number seven. “I’d better be careful, seven more hits and I’m finished!”

Blaze and Silver saw the explosion from half a mile away and came rushing across and empty field towards the area while Silver sat on a tree and used his psychokinesis. Rouge and Omega had recently taken care of the alligators, briefly nodded at each other, and then made their way towards the area. Tails was approaching the area as he flew through the trees and looked ahead using some binoculars.

Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads were sitting in the area where they fought, sharing a cake at the present time.

“Hey, shouldn’t we check out that area?” Amber asked.

“Nah, that’s a major attention grabber, let’s just stay here and chill.” Sonny replied.

“Besides, we’re just here for fun.” Shade added.

“But the fun’s over there.” Amber retorted.

“Well, I’m gonna check out a few things, see you guys soon.” Crystal said before taking off.

Amber stood up as she said, “Well, I’m joining in, you’re welcome to join if you want.” Before flying off. Mads shrugged and followed her shortly after.

Back at the main area, everyone was going after random targets, with the exception of Eggman and Metal Sonic, who’s main objective was to beat Sonic. Shadow was fighting Eggman Nega, who fired missiles which Shadow jumped across before roundhouse kicking the eggmobile. Amy then jumped up and whacked it with her hammer.

Eggman had fired a laser beam out of a hole in his eggmobile, and chased Sonic, slicing off trees in his path. While distracted, Knuckles jumped up and punched Eggman into a tree, before looking to his right to see Sonic charging at him. Knuckles attempted to punch him, which Sonic slid under, flipped up and as Sonic tried to spin attack him, Knuckles punched him and Sonic stopped by a tree. Knuckles pounded the ground several times as he tried to catch Sonic who then attacked with a spin dash which Knuckles somersaulted out the way of.   

Several others such as Tails, Blaze, Silver, Rouge and Omega such up shortly afterwards. As Silver arrived, he jumped and threw the tree he was sitting on at Knuckles using his psychokinesis, which Knuckles punched through as he leapt at him. Silver jumped up as Knuckles punched the ground where he once stood, then as Knuckles looked up, Blaze charged forward and fly kicked him in the face.

Amy flipped using her hammer over a missile, then whacked Eggman with her hammer while Tails landed right behind her and punched Rouge with his extending boxing glove before being hit by a missile fired by Omega who was then punched to the side by Metal Sonic. Blaze jumped up before coming down towards Rouge with a kick covered in fire, which she dodged by flying up then performed a leg drop which Blaze avoided by jumping to the right while Rouge followed.

Amber hid in some trees, charged up an attack, then fired two massive fireballs that circled over each other as they moved along the field, which most people avoided, while Silver attempted to block and ended up draining his energy. As Espio, Vector and Charmy came rushing into the area, Vector and Espio avoided the attack while Charmy was hit and ran around on fire. “Whoa! I’m burning up! Like a barbeque, but I’m on the menu!”

“Yeah, good for you, Charmy.” Vector replied.

Eggman and Eggman Nega blasted several others out the way as they moved forward, they then fired missiles at Sonic and as they exploded, Tails came flying out of the smoke carrying Sonic, who then flipped and went through both of them just before Blaze hit Eggman Nega with a spinning kick and Silver sent him flying with his psychokinesis.

Meanwhile, Crystal met the other black haired girl by the waterfall. “Nice to see you again, Rose.”

“Ahh, Crystal, here I thought you were dead.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that a lot lately. So, you still up to no good?”

“Not recently. Was there anything else you wanted? If you want to fight me, forget it, I’ve learned some new moves, and you surely haven’t, so I’m willing to wait for you to get back on track and keep up with me.”

“Thanks for caring, but don’t get overconfident.” Crystal said before vanishing again.

Several minutes later, almost everyone had been knocked out by one another, and Sonic and Shadow were taken out by the eggmobile which exploded as they approached it, while Eggman quickly avoided the blast and Knuckles quickly dug underground. Eggman opened the metal crate from earlier to reveal a larger version of the robot Eggman Nega used against Blaze (Chapter 6) and climbed into the machine. “Well Knucklehead, it’s just you and me. Once I get that wish, I can finally create my Eggman Empire and take over the earth!”

“Don’t count on it.” Knuckles replied before charging at him. “Maximum Heat Knuc-” before he could finish he was easily whacked aside.

Eggman laughed maniacally as he charged at him. “This victory is mine!” Eggman attempted to squash him, but he was shocked to learn Knuckles was holding back the hand from crushing him. He managed to push it off, and then tried the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack again, causing minimal damage while he continued to dodge Eggman’s attacks. With all his might Knuckles gave the robot an uppercut, knocking it high into the air. Knuckles then crouched before jumping higher than the robot, then performed a downward spiral claw attack on its chest and dragged it down to the ground where it blew into several dozen machine parts.

As the Boss Stage Clear theme from Sonic Unleashed began playing, Knuckles approached the screen from underground, spin jumped back onto land, did a punch combo consisting of two right jabs, one left jab, then a spiralling uppercut before crossing his arms and smiling a second before getting an S rank.

SA4 was watching this. “Hmm…it seems a little too easy to get an S rank.”

Shadow, who was now back at the arena along with the other contestants, said, “This last match was pretty cheap…”

A minute later, Knuckles arrived on the stage and shook SA4’s hand. “This Intergalactic Tournament’s winner is Knuckles the Echidna! Partly due to brides I’m sure, but whatever. So Knuckles, what is your wish? I’m not available by the way.” She said before handing him a crystal ball.

“Is it possible for you to revive my echidna clan?”

“Umm, sorry, but that’s beyond our power.”

“I see…” Knuckles thought for a few moments before making another choice. “Okay, I’m done.”

“So what did you wish for?”

“I wished for a peaceful life.”

“Don’t you already have that? Well whatever, give it up for Knuckles!”

A majority of the audience cheered as Crystal approached Sonic. “Hey Sonic, a shame about you losing.”

“Yeah, but I did an awesome job.” Sonic said before giving her a thumbs up and winking.

“You were totally radical.” Crystal replied as she did the same.

“I know.” Sonic nodded while keeping the same pose.

After several moments, Crystal stopped and frowned slightly. “I’m being sarcastic.”

“Way past cool.” Sonic replied, once again keeping the same pose. Crystal then wondered off in the opposite direction.

Tails turned to Blaze and said, “Oh, by the way, I came up with the answer how to get back to your dimension. Well, I had it about two weeks ago, but I forget to mention it…”

“That’s no excuse.”

“I know but I ju-”

“Just don’t.”

Eggman took a seat next to Eggman Nega, who turned to him and said, “Better luck next time, Eggman.”

“Don’t you worry, I will eventually build my Eggman Empire, and then they’ll see!”

SA4 began speaking again as the audience calmed down. “Well, that’s all we have time for, I’d like to thank you all for taking part in this tournament, and the audience for watching, spaceships will arrive shortly to take you back to your home planets. I wish you all good luck in the future and so do SA, SA2, and SA3 who are probably getting a takeaway or something...those jerks...”

Everyone made their way out of the arena seconds later as the spaceships began to arrive.

Blaze and Silver stood in silence near one ship, moments later Silver randomly said, “Awkward silence...”

“Indeed...” Blaze replied.

“So, nice working with you.”

“Right, same to you.”

They nodded then both departed and boarded separate ships. Team Chaotix were boarding one ship as Vector sighed. “We could have used that wish for more money; well that’s always next time...”

“Or candy!” Charmy yelled. “I love candy! Woo candy!”

“Yeah, I think we got it, Charmy.” Espio replied.

All the ships took off moments later towards their home planets and respectful locations at any point in time. Ten minutes later, everyone had arrived on their home planets and were doing what they previously did before coming to the tournament.

Knuckles sat atop the stairs leading up to the Master Emerald again as he was in deep thought. “Once again, here I am, protecting the Master Emerald.

It cut to Tails’ house where Tails had just finished his film with the help of Blaze and Rouge, while Sonic and Amy stood by. “I occasionally envy Sonic, since he has so much freedom to roam the world without anything holding him back, same as Tails and Amy.

Shadow had just stopped a train robbery by knocking the thugs unconscious. “Seeing how I’m the last of my kind, it’s within my duty to protect the Master Emerald with my life, to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Omega had just blasted through a train holding a dozen Eggman robots, which then exploded as he was far off in the distance. “Considering how it has the power to neutralize the chaos emeralds, it’d be safer with me.

Team Chaotix were relaxing on the beach once more. “Sacrificing my free will is a small price to pay in this case, but it’s not all bad...

Cream and Cheese were watching cartoons at her house as they ate ice cream. “I’ve made a few friends over the years who tend to turn up when trouble starts, which I see occasionally and it’s always a welcome surprise.

Eggman and Virus were playing a game of chess again. Eggman had won quite a few times, causing Virus to tip over the table in frustration and storm off. “Being alone makes it harder for me to trust people these days. Though I know that thieving bat is trouble, and that Eggman will almost always be the bad guy.

Silver was back in his own time, he sat atop a building and stared off into the sky. “Even though I’ll likely never see my echidna clan again...

It cut back to Knuckles at Angel Island. “I’ve gotten used to this lifestyle, and I think I’m where I need to be...

SA2 walked onto the right side of a set with some notes. In the middle of the set was a red curtain which opened to reveal a picture of a large haunted house atop a hill with a flash of lightning in the background. SA2 began to read out the notes. “So, that was pretty awesome, right? Yes, of course it was. So, Shadow’s short story saga is up next, and there’s a reason for that, but I’m not saying. So stay tuned for the Haunted House Saga.” SA2 looked up. “Ghostbusters are pretty cool guys, tehy capture them and doesn’t afraid of them.”
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Now it’s onto Shadow’s short story saga, involving ghosts because, why not? Yes, the title is a reference; if you don’t know what the reference is, then too bad because I’m surely not gonna mention it.

Haunted House Saga: Chapter 21 – The House of the Deceased

It was three days after the events of the Intergalactic Tournament. It would have normally been a dark and stormy night, but the weather wasn’t feeling it today. At the top of a misty hill stood a three-story dark house; a blue minivan drove through the forest and passed decaying trees on the way to the house. Within the minivan, Sonic the Hedgehog entered took out a stereo and placed it on a box next to his seat before pressing a button. He then looked ahead, nodded and said, “Let’s get it going!”

Tails then said, “Mama packed a sack lunch.” Followed by Knuckles saying, “Papa gave a juice box.”

They then sang, “Work it out on the Floor!” as they bobbed their heads to the beat, before pointing at the door.

Tails turned to Sonic and said, “I wanna play with your girlfriend! Roll with your poolboy!”

Knuckles shook his head. “Freaks can’t come, let’s get it going!”

They then moved from side to side as they sang, “Work it out on the Floor!” again. Knuckles then slowly took out a microphone and put on a pair of shades before speaking into it. “Back again it’s the Robeast digger, and my dog is bigger, come to blast the trigger! School’s in session ‘cause you gonna get an education, child in with allura doing ****!”

“Bounce!” Sonic and Tails said in unison, point at Knuckles.

“Planet Doom put a hurt on a robot; shame on a witch gave a spank to a robot! Kicking ducats in buckets with a ruckus for King Alfor, never win a battle till you pulling out the blazing sword!”

Tails suddenly awoke on the couch in the living room at his house, and then scratched his forehead before sitting up. “That was one messed up dream…” Tails suddenly heard a knock at the door and got up to answer it. There stood Sonic with a letter in his hand which he handed Tails. “Hey Tails, big news.”

After a few moments of reading the letter, Tails looked up. “A haunted house?”

“That’s right.” Sonic said with a nod. “We’ll be taking a trip down to this area, because if we stay the night and get rid of the ghosts the guy will pay us 2,000 rings, and I could use that.”

“Do I really have to go? Couldn’t you just go do it?”

Sonic smirked. “Why? You’re not scared, are you?”

“Of course not. I’m just speaking figuratively.” Tails whistled a little.

“Relax, we’ll be fine. I’ll be back later, see ya!” Sonic said before speeding off again down the road. Tails sighed as he closed the door, then sat on the couch and switched on the television.

Mads appeared on screen, doing his news program which wasn’t really news. “Hey there, and welcome to the news, which isn’t really the news.” Mads said. “I’ve got a special guest on today’s show, go ahead, SA2.”

The camera cut to SA2 sitting behind a desk in another area. “Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I’m that elite ninja who does things for lulz, and I’m here to tell you how to come up with a story which is an excuse for lulz.”

“But how do I do a story which is for the lulz?” One audience member asked.

“I’m glad you asked, random person, so let’s get to the main points, regardless of plagiarism.”

Step 1: Plot

SA2 cleared his throat. “When doing a story for the lulz, the plot comes second, so it’s okay to put 60% more filler as long as the plot is still partly there, then the viewers will be forced to read it all to understand it, so who cares if it doesn’t make much sense.”

Step 2: Lulz

“Obviously, the lulz should be the reason you’re writing it in the first place, and you’ve gotta work your ass off if you want it to be funny. Use any funny moments to waste time and add tons of filler so your story is twice as long as it should be, but save some lulz for another day, because you never know when you’ll need the filler.”

One audience member raised his hand. “So what type of lulz would you suggest?”

“The type which is easy, and you’ll get no ideas from me.”


“Shut up, random person, I’m not done yet.”

Step 3: References

“There’s nothing like funny references to something else, or self-deprecation as well.”

“But what’s self-deprecation?” Someone asked.

“Self-deprecation is the method of poking fun at yourself, such as making fun of your writing style, your somewhat cliché characters, and your incredibly stupid plot. This can be quite amusing if it’s unexpected or if it points out something which most viewers know is stupid as well. The same with references, that if you happen to know where it’s from, it could possibly get a quick chuckle, or you could subvert it by also pointing out something others have noticed.”

“Wow, that sounds interesting.”

“You bet your ass it is.”

Step 4: Writing Style

“This really isn’t that important, but it depends occasionally. But if it’s for the lulz it’s not that big of a deal to not use a lot of prose, which may also be purple.”

“So the writing style doesn’t really matter?” One audience member asked.

“Of course not! Any idiot with a computer can write down crap and make it fairly popular; it just takes a little effort.”

“Wow, I sure learned a lot here today.”

“Yes, now **** off.”

The camera switched back to Mads. “Wasn’t that great, folks? Well see you some other time; just remember to come back, because you’ll be Mads not to.”

Tails thought for a few seconds. “I should probably write one myself…”

At G.U.N HQ, Shadow and Rouge entered the central control room and up to the Commander. “So what’s the problem, Commander?” Shadow asked as they arrived.

“There’s been something eerie going on Creepy Hill. A resident who has lived in his house for years has reported dozens of ghosts suddenly appearing, and it seems they’re under control of someone. I’ll need you two to go check it out.”

“We’re on it.” Shadow said before walking off.

“I’ll most likely find something valuable at this ghost infested place.” Rouge said, flying after Shadow.

Shortly after, Shadow and Rouge slowly made their way to the house by walking. After ten minutes of walking, Shadow then said, “It’ll be best to contact Omega and bring him with us before we check out this house.”

“Way ahead of you. Since he’s a robotic powerhouse, I’d already considered it, so he’s already making his own way there.”

“That’s good to know.”

Rouge nodded. “The more you know, I always say.”

“Except that you never say that.”

At Team Chaotix’s place, Vector sat at his desk listening to his music as usual while Espio threw kunai at a target on the wall. Charmy suddenly burst in through the door holding a letter. “Guys! There’s a letter!” he threw the letter which smacked Vector in his face. “Gah! Darn it, Charmy!”

“Open it, Vector! GOGOGO!”

He opened the letter and read it for a few moments before looking up and grinning. “Well boys, it seems we’ve got work.”

“So what’s the job?” Espio asked, turning to Vector.

“There’s a house invested with ghosts, and we’re gonna clear ‘em out for 2,000 rings.”

“Doesn’t that sound a little suspicious?”

“You know the rules, Espio, we never turn down a job that pays, and we need the money right now.”

“Yeah, I know.” He replied, rolling his eyes.

“Then let’s get to work!” Vector said before rushing out the door, followed by Charmy and Espio.

Later that day, Sonic and Tails were travelling in the Tornado towards the house on top of the Creepy Hill. Sonic took out a stereo on the way up, then shrugged and placed it in the back of the ship. When they arrived, Tails landed the Tornado by the side of the house and they both got out. Sonic causally walked in while Tails shivered as he glanced around before running in.

There were various torches lit around the house and several corridors on the three floors. Just ahead of them past the stairs was an intersection with three different paths, one going up, one to the right and the last going left. They heard the sound of the front door opening moments later, followed by Shadow, Rouge and Omega walking in.

“Well, it seems we’re not the only ones who were invited.” Shadow said after spotting Sonic and Tails.

“Hey Shadow, it’s becoming less of a surprise whenever I see you nowadays.” Sonic replied.

“I assume you boys are after the 2,000 rings, hmm?” Rouge asked.

“You bet.”

“We have no time to waste.” Omega began. “We must find the solution to the problem.”

“The solution?” Tails inquired.

Shadow crossed his arms. “We were sent specifically for a different reason, to take out the one commanding these so called ghosts. We’ll handle our business and you handle yours.” Shadow said before going down the right path.

“We’ll see you boys later.” Rouge said, winking at them as she followed Shadow. Omega followed her quickly afterwards.

Sonic watched on for a few moments before turning to Tails. “Well, we’d better get started.” Sonic sped off down the path ahead, while Tails sighed and gave chase.

(I really hate WMG...)

Somewhere in a massive abandoned factory were dozens of Eggman robots wondering the various banisters and staircases. Sonic zoomed by a small area, wiping out one robot at a time. He ran circles around the last one for a few seconds before running through him, and as he hit the ground, another appeared and gasped before saying. “Oh my lord!”

Sonic continued speeding through the factory, with robots chasing him before he suddenly spun round and slammed through them before stopping and smirked. “This is a beat, you can’t touch.”

One robot appeared and fired at him, which he avoided and quickly moved right. “I told you, homeboy! You can’t touch this!” He suddenly moved behind him. “Yeah, that’s how I live it and you know…you can’t touch this!” Sonic then stopped in front of him. “Look at my eyes, man! You can’t touch this!” Sonic jumped up before the robot fired. “Yo, let me bust the funky lyrics!” Sonic kicked the robot through a wall before moving on to a room where the robot flipped and threw his chair at Sonic.

Sonic spin dashed and went through him before drifting right and running along a banister with more robots firing at him. He hit a spring and flew up then spin attacked two and landing before saying, “This is a beat, you can’t touch.” Sonic slowly got to his feet. “Yo, I told you, you can’t touch this!” Sonic spun round to the last robot. “Why you standing there, man? You can’t touch this!” Sonic put on some shades. “Yo, sound the bell, school’s in, sucker!” Sonic kneed him in the chest before moving on to another room, spin attacking several robots before speeding off.

Sonic eventually hit another spring and flew far to the right, and then hit another and landed in the middle of a massive room filled with robots who charged at him as he said, “Break it down!” Sonic swiftly dodged every physical attack and ranged attacks which destroyed others around him until there was one left. As the last charged at him, it was then flattened by a giant hammer. Sonic entered the next room and jumped on a rollercoaster, turning several corners and soon driving through four robots towards the exit where he turned off the jukebox midway through.
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That guy

« Reply #25 on: 09 April, 2009, 08:49:35 pm »

Reading the 4 steps to epic lulz made me want to shout out "Now I know! And knowing is half the battle!"
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That guy

« Reply #27 on: 10 April, 2009, 05:06:40 am »

XD exactly, first thought that went through my head.

Good chapter as well, BTW
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« Reply #28 on: 10 April, 2009, 11:08:44 am »

Thanks 'n stuff.
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You know those stories a lot of people seem to read but rarely comment? This is one of those, well, that’s what my views seem to suggest anyway…

Haunted House Saga: Chapter 22 – No Hosts But Ghosts

Shadow, Rouge and Omega were once again walking along the right path on the first floor of the ghost infested house. They had not yet seen any ghosts since they entered, but it hasn’t been long since they entered anyway. Shadow walked ahead of the other two, with Omega following close behind and Rouge sitting on his right shoulder.

“So Shadow…” Rouge began. “Do you have any idea where this leader of the ghosts may be? Or who it is?”

“Not a clue at all.” He replied without hesitation. “So to make it easier, it’d be best to split up and each look on one floor, and then meet up in an hour or two to see if we find anything important.” He nodded.

“I am in full agreement with that plan.” Omega responded, while Rouge shrugged.

“Then it’s settled. Omega, you should probably check this floor, Rouge, you check the second floor, and I’ll take the third floor, because it’ll probably be more interesting.”

Rouge got to her feet before saying, “You do know I’ll just look around for anything valuable in this place, right?”

“Yes, but I thought for once you could actually try to not be self-centred and help us out.”

“Well don’t count on it much. Maybe you guys could help me search this place for valuable items after you’re done.”

“Let’s not and say we did.”

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails were currently strolling along the middle path and passed a few rooms along the way before Tails began talking. “So Sonic, how are we going to rid this place of the ghosts anyway?”

Sonic shrugged as he looked at the rooms they passed. “I don’t know, I figured you could build some ghost tracer and trapper machine, or something.”

Tails stared at Sonic with a serious look on his face, the kind of look which dignified serious business. “It doesn’t work like that, Sonic, these things take time.”

“So what do we do now?”

“Maybe we could find a big room and I could build it at some point…maybe an hour or so.”

“Sure thing.”

On the second floor of the large house, Omega transformed his right hand into a machine gun as walked along the long corridors. From his visor displayed a first-person shooter look as dark purple ghosts similar to the ones from Sonic Adventure 2 came out through the walls and opened doors, which Omega blasted thoroughly as he moved on, then blasted a few on a chandelier high above before entering a room to look around. A ghost jumped out from behind a black stereo which Omega immediately fired at before the ghost disappeared.

Omega scanned the room before leaving and searching some of the others on the same floor while continuing to blast any nearby ghosts at the same time. Omega picked up some machine gun bullets in a cabinet located in the next dark room, then proceeded to blast three ghosts waiting outside before looking through the next room on the floor.

Meanwhile, Rouge slowly wondered down the same path on the first floor and sighed as she looked around. “Now, if I was the owner of this house, where would I keep my valuables…probably some cabinet somewhere, or maybe a basement.”

In an area nearby, Sonic and Tails had found the living room, complete with a red leather couch, a fireplace, various paintings such as the Sega logo, Sonic’s old soap shoes, and a portrait of SA2 giving a grizzly bear an uppercut. Tails was busy working on his new invention while Sonic sat back on the couch and looked around. “This is quite a nice place.”

“Sure is.” Tails replied.

“I wonder why none of those ghosts have shown up here yet.”

“I just hope they can wait until I finish working on this.” He said, not looking away from his work.

Suddenly, as if right on queue, one ghost came in through the wall opposite of Tails and slowly approached the unsuspecting fox. Sonic noticed the ghost seconds later and said, “Tails, there’s a ghost behind you.”

“Huh?” Tails spun round and glanced at the ghost, and then ran off a moment later. “Run awaaaaay!” He jumped behind the couch seconds later.

At that point, Amy ran into the room carrying her hammer as she exclaimed, “Have no fear, Amy Rose is here!” Before the ghost had a chance to react, she whacked it from the right side of its face, sending it flying back out through the wall. “That oughta show ‘em!” She said with a nod.

“Hey Amy.” Sonic waved.

Amy spun round and waved back. “Hey Sonic.”

Tails came out from behind the chair, looked around, then got to his feet. “Amy? What are you doing here?”

“Well I came here with Cream…”


Amy and Cream were approaching the house on top of Creepy Hill as they walked through the forest of decaying trees. Amy concentrated on something else in mind which pushed her forward while Cream and Cheese seemed worried as they glanced at the trees within the area.

“Amy, are you sure this is the place?” Cream asked.

“Of course I’m sure, my Sonic sense is never wrong.” As they reached the house, Amy took a quick sniff. “Hold on, my Sonic sense is tingling again, so he must be here. Let’s go!” she said before rushing in while Cream and Cheese quickly followed and shut the door behind them.


“And that’s about it.” Amy shrugged. “I don’t know where Cream has gone to though; I just hope she’s alright. That chao of hers may be quite a haxer but I don’t think Cheese has ever dealt with ghosts.”

Sonic got to his feet and stretched for a few moments. “Well, I guess we’d better look for her, huh?”

“Thanks Sonic.” Amy replied. “Oh, and Tails, what happened to Blaze? I haven’t seen her recently.”

“I told her that three emeralds would be needed to activate a portal leading to other dimensions, so she set off with an emerald radar I built the next day, to find the seven Sol emeralds before attempting to go back to her dimension. She’s been gone for about two days now, so something must be up…”

“Oh, alright.”

“Cool ‘n stuff.” Sonic responded.

On the third floor of the house, Shadow proceeded slowly, looking out for any sudden signs of movement. As one ghost popped out from beneath the floor, Shadow quickly hit it with a chaos spear then performed a chaos blast as several surrounded him. Shadow entered a room shortly afterwards to the right and found a small map presenting all the areas in the large house. “Why on earth would this place need a map?” Shadow took the map with him and left the room. He then took out a walkie-talkie like device and contacted Rouge. “Rouge, have you found anything?”

“I haven’t had any luck, I found a pearl necklace but it’s a fake, can you believe that?”

Shadow rolled his eyes. “Is it asking too much for you to help us out first?”

“Yes. Yes it is.”

“I’ll get back to you later.” Shadow disconnected and continued down the slightly twisted path ahead of him. Further ahead of the path Shadow found a dark blue top lying on the ground. He approached it with caution as he looked out for ghosts nearby and then picked it up.

Back on the first floor, Sonic, Tails and Amy walked along a short corridor and suddenly stopped. Sonic then said, “We should start from the first floor.”

Tails quickly interrupted him. “Just a moment!” Tails said with his hand held out.

“What is it?” Amy asked.

“Jibble sandwich.”

Sonic and Amy groaned as they walked on while Tails followed as he said, “Well I thought it was funny…”

Outside the large house, Team Chaotix finally arrived at the top of the hill and entered. They then looked around for a few moments.

“Whoa! Huge place is huge!” Charmy exclaimed as he spun round in circles.

“Well we’d better put together the ghost catching machine and get to work!” Vector said seconds before they walked on ahead.

A while later, Shadow, Rouge and Omega met up in one area on the second floor. “So did you guys find anything?” Shadow asked.

“Nothing of importance.” Omega replied.

“Well I found a fake pearl necklace, a fake gold bar, and a fake ruby encrusted with fake diamonds. It’s not a good day at all.” Rouge said with a deep sigh.

“Could you at least try to care?” Shadow asked.

“I’ll consider it.”

“Alright, let’s continue.” Shadow, Rouge and Omega left the area in different directions and went back to their chosen floors.


Tails bought a silver computer from a shop and brought it back to his laboratory. He broke it after a short while, then fixed it back up, realized it still didn’t work and threw it away and replaced it with a gold one. After upgrading it he began work on designing a robotic version of himself, using various tools in the process. After he was done he appeared to be wearing goggles as he faxed it to someone, and then changed the file name to ‘Technologic.’ The design of the robot turned to the screen and then said, “Technologic.” Tails then removed the goggles and turned to the screen before nodding. “Technologic.”
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