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Sonic Z

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Author Topic: Sonic Z  (Read 2312 times)
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« Reply #30 on: 20 April, 2009, 05:39:24 pm »


Haunted House Saga: Chapter 23 – A Distant Memory

Back on the third floor, Shadow continued to look around a bit more for any clues. From further behind him, he heard a familiar voice cry out. “Shadow! It’s so great to see you!”

Shadow spun around to see none other than Maria Robotnik there to greet him. Shadow was stunned, wondering how this was possible, because obviously, Maria is dead. “Just who are you?” Shadow replied, backing up a little.

“I’m Maria, remember? From the Space Colony ARK. I managed to survive since a doctor treated my wounds.”

“So then why haven’t you aged?”

“I was put in a cryogenic chamber where I was put to sleep until they could find a cure for my illness, and they did.” Maria cautiously approached Shadow, preparing to hug him. “And it was all thanks to you, Shadow.”

“I want you to take me to the place where the leader of these ghosts is.”


Shadow didn’t put up any resistance as Maria hugged him, but thought to himself. “I don’t believe this for a second, but I’ll play along for now…

Omega was once again charging through many rooms, blasting any ghosts in sight, knocking tables, chairs and various other objects into them, and chasing them into several other rooms. While he did this, he soon passed by Team Chaotix who were doing the same using a vacuum cleaner in a large portrait room full of ghosts.

“The presence of those ghosts seems quite strange…” Espio said as he glanced around. Vector continued to suck up the ghosts as he said, “We can worry about that later.” While Charmy scratched his forehead before saying, “They should see a dentist about those sharp teeth.”

“You also don’t see a dentist, Charmy.” Espio responded.

“Yeah but I don’t wanna.”

Meanwhile, Sonic, Tails and Amy continued walking down one of the corridors until they came to an intersection just before hearing a scream. Amy quickly pointed right as she said, “That way!” before running off with Sonic close behind. Tails spun round and chased them, yelling, “Hey, wait up, guys! We gotta stick together!”

After a short while, they ran past several ghosts fleeing in the opposite direction and encountered Knuckles the Echidna who was protecting Cream and Cheese.

“Thank you for saving us.” Cream said.

“No problem.” He replied back. “Nice to see you guys too.” He said, looking over at Sonic, Tails and Amy.

“So what brings you here, Knuckles?” Sonic asked.

“Well, it’s quite a long story…”


Knuckles sat atop the stairs leading up to the Master Emerald over on Angel Island. He had his eyes closed once again. A golem, slightly bigger than Knuckles arrived on the island and pointed at Knuckles from further away before yelling, “You!”

Knuckles opened his eyes before looking up at him. “Who are you?”

“I’m the son of Brass, Bronze, who you beat at the tournament. I have come to get revenge and take you down!” Bronze quickly leapt up and pounded the ground where Knuckles once stood moments before moving. Bronze blocked two of Knuckles’ punches as he moved back then was hit in the stomach before countering with two kicks to his face. Knuckles kicked Brass in the face, then missed with his second punch as Bronze, ducked, luckily stopping himself before hitting the Master Emerald. Bronze kicked Knuckles near the edge, who quickly flipped up and head butted Bronze.

Bronze took this opportunity to grab the Master Emerald and flee towards the islands edge as Knuckles gave chase. Knuckles tackled Bronze and they flew off the edge, rolling around in midair as they punched and kicked each other, slowly hurdling towards the ground. They miraculously landed on top of an aeroplane being piloted by SA2 and continued to duke it out while Knuckles still tried to protect the Master Emerald.

One boy inside the aeroplane could somehow see the two figures fighting and turned to his mother. “Mom! There’s a golem and this red mole fighting on the plane!”

“It’s just your imagination, honey, go back to sleep.”

Bronze managed to kick Knuckles off of the plane as he grabbed the emerald and followed. They landed on a large mountain side going diagonally downwards. Knuckles clang to the surface and began climbing up moments before Bronze grabbed his leg. Bronze performed a judo chop on Knuckles’ back repeatedly before Knuckles spun round and punched him. Suddenly large boulders came rolling down the slope and hit the two of them, sending the Master Emerald flying.

As they tumbled down the slope with the boulders, the two grabbed a boulder each and swung at each other, blocking their attacks while counter attacking. At the bottom of the slope was a mountain side road where a coach was passing up and was hit by the boulders, forcing it off the edge along with Knuckles and Bronze. Bronze grabbed another boulder and hit Knuckles with it repeatedly before Knuckles finally punched it into his face, then punched him into the falling coach which then exploded due to sheer awesomeness.

Knuckles landed in a small lake within an unknown forest and looked ahead to see the Master Emerald in pieces. Knuckles sighed before picking up half the remaining pieces, and then set out to find the remaining half of them. As Knuckles wondered off, Bronze crawled out from the coach and glared at Knuckles, signalling that it was far from over.


Sonic scratched his forehead before saying, “That’s kinda random, and seems like a reference.”

“Tell me about it. I found the other pieces, but there’s one last piece I need, and it happens to be here.”

“So where is it around here?”

“I’m not entirely sure yet.”

“Well in the meantime, we should go back to that living room.” Tails suggested. The others agreed and they all proceeded back to the room.

In another location, Shadow and Maria were walking side by side down a secret hallway. As they walked, Maria turned to Shadow and said, “So how have you been lately, Shadow?”

“How far are we?” Shadow said, trying to ignore her.

“We’ll soon be there, just be a little patient, Shadow.”

“That’s easy for you to say, impostor, you have no idea how much I want to beat you senseless right now.”

“That’s not a very nice thing to say to a friend.”

They soon ended up in the basement after a few minutes of walking, travelled down some short dark pathways and then ended up in a brightly lit massive cellar where there were four pillars around a stage far ahead. Shadow calmly approached the stage as he noticed Virus who now had feet, sitting on top of one of the pillars. The Maria impostor suddenly collapsed as Virus looked up at Shadow. “Ahh, thank you for coming, I am Virus, the embodiment of darkness. You must be Shadow the Hedgehog.” Virus leapt up and landed a few feet away from Shadow. “Now, show me the power of the ultimate lifeform!” he said before spreading his arms.

“I assume you’re the one who killed those scientists mysteriously. What do you want?”

“I want the best for you. Shouldn’t you deserve that? To rule among the scum of this planet, to-”

“Shut up.” Shadow said bluntly. “I’ve heard this speech several times and it has no effect on me anymore so you’re wasting your time. I deal with scum like you on a regular basis so be prepared because your fun ends here.”

Virus chuckled slightly. “Very well, have it your way. This just makes it more fun.” His hands glowed purple as he raised them into the air and said, “I hope you can entertain me.” as dozens of purple ghosts suddenly appeared further behind him.

“I’m not here for your amusement; I just have a job to do.” Shadow replied before charging at him. Virus summoned a puddle of darkness beneath his feet which he sank into a second before Shadow could punch him. The ghosts then started circling around Shadow who jumped up as they launched themselves at him and began spin attacking them one by one. As Shadow threw chaos spears at a few of them, Virus rose from behind him and lengthened his claws as Shadow suddenly noticed. Virus slashed at him, causing three diagonal scratches across his chest as Shadow jumped back.

Shadow quickly threw a chaos spear which Virus avoided by sinking back into the puddle. Shadow hit many of the ghosts nearby before saying, “Come out and fight me.”

Virus laughed loudly at his comment. “Fight you head on? I know some of what you can do and you’re already overpowered.”

“Then what does that make you?”

“That surely depends on the circumstances.”

As the ghosts surrounded him again, he quickly unleashed a chaos blast, sending them all flying as he leapt forward and kneed Virus in the face as he was caught off guard, then roundhouse kicked him into a pillar. Virus slowly got to his feet and stood in silence for a few seconds before finally saying, “Well, I think it’s time I showed off something special. The girl over there may get hurt but that’s of no concern to me.”

“Who is she?”

“Just a random girl I brought here, but the clothes and wig obviously aren’t hers. Either way, she could probably be as useless, insignificant and laughable as your precious Maria was.” He said with a smirk.

But Shadow wasn’t having any of that. Shadow displayed a look so horrid it would make babies cry and grown men weep, a look so scary Tails Doll would back off. “I don’t know who you are or what your problem with me is, but I’ll make sure you pay for all that you’ve said and done.”

Back in the living room were Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Cream. Tails had recently finished his ghost trapper machine which was basically a high tech white and orange vacuum cleaner. “Okay guys, now I can go catch some ghosts.”

“Better look out before they catch you first.” Sonic replied.

Knuckles coughed before saying, “Yeah, well I don’t have much time to sit around and chat so we can either move along or I’ll look around myself.”

Tails picked up the vacuum cleaner before saying, “Let’s go do some ghost busting! They don’t scare me!”

Amber suddenly appeared beside Tails as she jumped up through a circle of fire while she responded with, “You sure you’re not scared?” Her sudden appearance shocked Tails, causing him to jump back behind the couch before coming out a second later. “Please don’t do that.” He stood by a basket before saying, “It’s partly made with Ionic crystallized rock pieces, and therefore it’s highly efficient for some reason.”

Crystal suddenly poked her head out of the basket a second later. “Someone call my name?” Once again, this startled Tails and made him leap up into the air and hang onto the chandelier. “I hate it when that happens…”

“What are you doing in there?” Sonic asked.

“I was sleeping, because I was doing my job earlier and I got tired.”

“And what about the couch?”

“I thought the ghosts might try something, with me being an angel and all.”

“Of course.” Sonic rolled his eyes.

Crystal then turned her attention to Amy. “Oh, hey Amy, what’s up?”

“I’m fine, I just got here earlier.”


“Excuse me.” Knuckles interrupted them, causing everyone to turn their attention towards him. “Are you guys coming or not?”

Tails dropped down and picked up the vacuum cleaner once again. “I am!”

Crystal hopped out of the basket and stood beside Amber before quietly saying, “He’s scared of the ghosts, isn’t he?”

“Most likely.” She replied.

Tails walked up to the two of them and pointed at them. “Maybe I’m a little nervous right now, but you’ll see, one day I’ll be a grown up fox. Tough, and strong, and incredibly brave!”

After a few moments of silence, Amber turned to Crystal and smiled. “Isn’t it cute how he thinks he’ll be a tough fox one day?”

“It is.” She said with a nod while Tails displayed a look of annoyance.


As the theme started the camera slowly moved towards a house in the middle of a street late at night. As the main beat started, Knuckles kicked down a door on the inside, leading to a room where Sonic, Tails and Knuckles suited up with ghostbusting gear before hopping into the tornado and taking off down the road. 

It then cut to a scene of a kid in his garden noticing a ghost gardening next door. It then cut to another scene of a middle aged man noticing two ghosts on a park bench making out. The three of them finally arrived at the kid’s garden shortly after, and then Knuckles got out of the Tornado and zapped the ghost before saying, “I ain’t fraid of no ghost!” They then arrived at the park where Knuckles punched the two ghosts before lighting up a cigar as he said, “I ain’t fraid of no ghosts!”

It then cut to a scene of Charmy getting high on sugar and seeing ghosts playing a game of poker in his head. It then cut to another scene of a ghost sleeping in Cream the Rabbit’s bed as it grinned. The three of them arrived shortly and Knuckles slapped Charmy upside the head, stopping the sugar rush before getting back in the car and putting on shades as he said, “I ain’t fraid of no ghosts!” Knuckles arrived in Cream’s room shortly after and punched the ghost through a wall as he said, “I ain’t fraid of no ghosts!”

It then cut to a scene of a civilian who was all alone at home, with a ghost in his house who then picked up a phone and pressed a button labelled, “Ghostbusters.” As Sonic, Tails and Knuckles travelled to the house, Knuckles laid back and looked up at the moon as he said, “I ain’t fraid of no ghosts!”

Sonic then picked up a vacuum cleaner and said, “I here it likes the ghost.”

Knuckles then repeated himself before the three of them chanted, “Yeah yeah yeah yeah!”

It soon cut to a scene of a ghost wearing a tux who winked at a girl on the street then began following her as she ran off. She soon ran down an alley where the ghost followed and was then punched out by Knuckles as he said, “Lemme tell ya something, busting makes me feel good!” Knuckles proceeded back to the Tornado and they took off, blasting random ghosts as Knuckles said, “I ain’t fraid of no ghosts!”

It then cut to a scene of several ghosts flying into a house through the door when they suddenly turned around and saw Knuckles kick down the door, followed by the three of them entering. After they captured the ghosts they hopped in the Tornado and drove off, looking for more ghosts to bust.
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Marie Rose
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Gender: Male
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« Reply #31 on: 25 April, 2009, 07:10:05 pm »

The padding is becoming more and more noticeable each chapter…’n stuff. And also, the song 'Welcome to the Black Parade' seems to have lyrics which kinda match up with Shadow's character (a majority of it, anyway), just thought I'd point that out.

Haunted House Saga: Chapter 24 – Vanquishing the Nightmare Fuel

Shadow and Virus were once again stood in the same spots in complete silence. After a few seconds, Virus then said, “Now, witness the power of darkness!” Which at this point he began to mutate into another grotesque being as he laughed maniacally and Shadow watching intently at his transformation. When Virus was finished there stood a large blob of a fleshing purple substance, combined with a large deformed purple head of Maria, with teeth sharp enough to rip metal in half, and had tears of blood slowly pouring out of her eyes. From within the blob were four tentacles which cried out to Shadow as they imitated Maria’s voice. “This would be quite disturbing if described in greater detail, wouldn’t it?”

“Scum like you make me sick.” Shadow replied as he got ready to attack.

Back in the living room, after a few events such as Blaze turning up out of nowhere, Sonny and Shade passing by unexpectedly, and Big the Cat wondering around looking for Froggy, Tails was currently hiding in a closet nearby with Sonic persuading him to come out. “Tails, would you come out of there already?”

“I don’t wanna.” Tails whined.

“There’s nothing left to startle you anymore.”

While the others watched or talked to each other out of boredom, Cream turned to Blaze and said, “Hi Blaze, I thought you were trying to find the Sol emeralds?”

“I was. Eggman Nega seemed to also know where they were so I ran into him quite a few times. I almost have all of them, and one appears to be here.”

“Well that’s good news.”

Tails was still stood in the closet when he heard Sonic say, “Hey Tails, check this out.” Tails poked his head out to see Sonic attach red triangular pieces of paper to parts of his forehead, put on some boxing gloves and growl at Tails. “GRRR, Imma punch you!”

Tails burst out laughing at his imitation of Knuckles while Sonic ran off as Knuckles chased him yelling, “Get back here!”

Meanwhile in the cellar, Shadow had been avoiding the large tentacles which repeatedly attacked him, while looking for any openings which wasn’t going so well. As Virus attempted to squash Shadow with one of his tentacles, Shadow jumped up and ran along it before using chaos control before he reached the head. He reappeared behind Virus and was immediately hit by one tentacle and hit the ground hard. “I hope you’re not done yet, Shadow.”

Shadow quickly got up and replied with, “Of course not.” Shadow then fired several chaos spears which blew up parts of two tentacles and as he leapt up to grab one, a third tentacle which appeared to have a solid surface began firing icicles at him, which he barely dodged by using his air shoes. He then slid along one tentacle and flipped over Virus’s head as he tried to attack. Shadow then spun round and hit Virus with multiple chaos spears which did moderate damage.

A little later, Team Chaotix were taking a rest in one room, after capturing around thirty ghosts throughout the house. Knuckles passed by the door and came to a halt when he saw a path to the left. Down the path ahead were a dozen ghosts wondering about. “A dozen ghosts in my way, I MUST PUNCH THEM!” within seconds, he charged forward and punched through the dozen ghosts blocking his path as he followed his instinct towards the last Master Emerald pieces.

Blaze was currently exploring a hall of mirrors, looking for one of the last Sol emeralds. As she passed by the mirrors on the right side, they reflected different movements, and then she stopped at one which looked surprisingly normal. She crossed her arms as she stared at it, while her reflection also did so. She then uncrossed her arms and placed her left hand on her waist. Blaze’s reflection suddenly put on a pair of shades, crossed her arms and raised her head to the right as she said, “I’m so kewl!” Blaze moved on shortly afterwards.

Meanwhile, two ghosts were briefly having a conversation in the middle of a hallway. “Hey, let’s go scare that fox kid.” The first ghost said.

“Sure, why not.” The second replied. Just then, a third ghost sped by them as he yelled, “Get outta here! That fox has a ghostbusters style vacuum cleaner!”

“Vacuum cleaner?” The first ghost replied. “What the fu-” before he could finish, he was sucked into the vacuum cleaner as Tails came round the corner.

The second ghost took one look at Tails before speeding off in the other direction, yelling, “Run awaaaaay!” while Tails gave chase as he yelled, “Yeah, you better run!”

Back in the cellar once again, Virus continued to mess around and eventually began throwing the pillars nearby as Shadow dodged them. As one of the pillars aimed for the girl unconscious in the corner, Shadow teleported to the area, picked her up and flipped over the pillar.

“Are you having any fun yet, Shadow?” Virus said as continued laughing then proceeded to try and squash them. Shadow dodged the attacks just as they shot out half a dozen icicles which Shadow protected the girl from by being hit by them in his back. A thin layer of tomato ketchup oozed out of his back like a preschooler who had wet himself in fear, for some reason. “Some annoyances tend to cause back pain, just so you know.”

“Whatever you’re trying to do, it’s not working.” He said as he shrugged off the pain of the six icicles in his back.

“Then maybe this will.” Virus replied before keeping Shadow and the unconscious girl stuck in one spot by freezing Shadow’s shoes to the ground. Two of his tentacles then produced dozens of sharp spikes along them. “We’ll end this game here.”

As Virus moved in for the kill, Shadow began to remove his arm bracelets. “I guess I’ll show you my true power then.” A moment later there was a bright flash of yellow energy, followed by Shadow charging through the two spiked tentacles, vaporizing them before stopping just above Virus. He then curled up into a ball and blasted right through Virus’ deformed head, resulting in an explosion similar to an array of fireworks.

Several moments later, Virus reverted to a purple Maria clone with a demonic expression on his face. Before he could react, Shadow punched him across his face, kicked him in the face twice, kneed him in the chest, and then tossed him to the ground ten feet away. As he lay on his back, he laughed once again. “Very impressive. I may have said this once before but know this; no matter how much you try, as long as there is hatred and sin, I will always exist…” he continued laughing as he dissolved into a puddle which slowly disappeared.

As the Boss Stage Clear theme from Sonic Unleashed began playing, Shadow quickly put on his arm bracelets one at a time, flipped forward, and spun 360 degrees on the spot as he landed, then crossed his arms and turned his face to the right as he had his back to the camera. Shadow looked around to make sure no-one saw that before picking up the unconscious girl and then leaving the cellar as he carried her.

On the second floor, Omega had just finished blasting all of the ghosts in his sight, moments before Rouge showed up and approached him. “Hey, seems I didn’t find much, have you seen Shadow?”

“My scanners haven’t detected him recently.” Omega replied, looking around.

Shadow showed up moments later and stopped by them before saying, “I took care of the problem, let’s get out of here.”

“Why does that girl look like…” Rouge trailed off.

“It’s a long story.” He replied before walking off, followed by Rouge and Omega shortly afterwards.

A bit later, Knuckles entered a room packed with a dozen ghosts, one of them wearing shades who also held a Sol emerald and a master emerald shard in his possession. “I suggest you hand over that shard you have there.” Knuckles said as he entered the room.

The ghosts wearing shades turned to him. “No way, I’ve got orders.”

As they were distracted, Blaze dropped down from the right side and hit the regular ghosts with a flaming tornado attack which the ghost wearing shades saw moments later. “If that’s the way you wanna play, then so be it. First I’ll take care of the mole.” He said before sinking into the floorboards. The ghost quickly flew all over the room, going through walls around Knuckles who stood firm, waiting for his attack. As the ghost grinned and came up from behind him, Knuckles spun round and punched him into the ground before grabbing the Master Emerald shard and the Sol emerald. “The name is Knuckles the Echidna, remember it.” Knuckles then handed Blaze the Sol emerald as she approached him.

Meanwhile, Team Chaotix had finished taking care of the ghosts within the area and were sitting in a small room, watching television where Mads was on the screen. “Welcome back to this show which isn’t news, continuing his steps to lulz is our guest, SA2. Take it away, man.”

The camera then cut to SA2 who nodded. “Thanks Mads. So I’ll continue a little, but without the boldness. I’ll also be brief to save time. Be sure to poke fun at almost everything, because it gives you more material to work with.”

“Even other people?” One man asked.

“Especially other people, and inform them that it’s a light-hearted joke when you’re actually being serious, since it’s funnier. You’ll also want to try and make a few little jokes in your description, as that tends to work occasionally, unless you actually are going for horror, then don’t bother. And be sure to use stupid things like dream sequences, since it gives you a good excuse to have people act wildly out of character, though out of character moments tend to happen sometimes anyway. So yeah, I’m done.”

“Thanks man.”

“Anytime, now **** off.”

The camera cut back to Mads who then said, “So that’s all we have time for, you’ll be Mads not to come back…I’m getting tired of saying that…”

A short while afterwards, Crystal and Amber had left with Sonny and Shade, while Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Espio, Vector and Charmy met up near the entrance to the house, and were discussing some of the things which happened earlier that night. As Shadow, Rouge and Omega met up with the rest of them, a ghostly little girl with green eyes and long hair flew out of a wall and looked around before approaching them and gasping. “Wow, did you guys get rid of all the other ghosts?”

“We did our best.” Vector replied.

“We helped too.” Amy said.

“I took care of the main problem.” Shadow added.

“You guys are the best!” The ghost said enthusiastically. “I’m Cherry, and I live here. These ghosts just started turning up out of nowhere, and they were really mean! So I had to get help because I couldn’t take care of them myself.”

“I know!” Tails agreed. “With the sharp teeth and such.”

“Right!” Cherry nodded. “And them trying to get cheap scares by appearing out of nowhere!”

“I totally agree.”

“Well as promised, I have 2,000 rings for helping me. I’ll have to split it in between you guys though.”

After a short discussion period, it was decided that Team Chaotix would get half, and Sonic and the others would get the other half, due to Shadow not wanting any of it and Rouge being happy with a gem she happened to find.

“So, where did you find the problem, Shadow?” Sonic asked.

“The basement. So I guess I’ll take my leave, see you around, Sonic.” He said before walking off with Omega as ‘All Hail Shadow’ suddenly played in the background.

Rouge turned to Knuckles and said, “I’ll be back to steal your Master Emerald sometime later.”

“Don’t count on it.”

As she flew off to catch up with the other two, Tails whispered something in Sonic’s ear shortly before he nodded. Sonic leaned in beside Knuckles and whispered something else in his ear shortly before he shook his head. “No way, I’m not doing that.”

“Come on, Knuckles, just this once.” Sonic replied.

Knuckles sighed before taking out a pair of shades and putting them on. “Alright, let’s hurry it up.”

Sonic smiled before saying, “Let’s get it going!” Sonic, Tails and Knuckles then proceeded to the exit as Tails said, “Mama packed a sack lunch!” Followed by Knuckles saying, “Papa gave a juice box!” Shortly behind them were Amy and Cream who waved back to the ghost before shutting the door.

Meanwhile at Eggman’s base, in a brightly lit red and white room control room were Eggman, Eggman Nega and Rose. Virus arrived shortly after through a dark puddle. Eggman turned to him before saying, “So Virus, how did it go?”

“A little unexpected to be honest, I used up more energy than I thought I would. I’m currently down to zero again, but it won’t take very long to gather energy again, and your help was most appreciated, Rose.” He said, giving her a brief nod while she did the same. “I did this to collect necessary data, because there’s a part of me which can do that.” He continued, pointing at his head.

“It’s called the brain.” Eggman Nega responded.

“Very funny. This information can be stored within my body for a number of purposes, but I may go into detail sometime in the future…”

SA2 walked onto the right side of a set with some notes. In the middle of the set was a red curtain which opened to reveal a carnival, just a basic carnival. “SA2 began to read out the notes. “Now to the next one is Amy’s short story saga, so you know what that means…more lulz, of course. So stay tuned for the Crazy Carnival Saga.” SA2 looked up. “Umm…uhh…so yeah…”
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« Reply #32 on: 30 April, 2009, 06:03:57 pm »

Now we move onto Amy’s short story saga, where the plot actually moves along quite a bit. Yes, there’s more to it than filler, so let’s dig in…or don’t and say you did.

(Yeah, I use quite a bit of these)

Crazy Carnival Saga: Chapter 25 – Day of the Carnival (Because I ran out of decent titles)

It had been a few weeks since the weird things going on at the house on top of Creepy Hill, which wasn’t actually that creepy to be honest. The sun shined brightly in the cloudless sky as Sonic got to his feet on top of a rooftop as Rooftop Run Day from Sonic Unleashed began playing. “Ready…GO!” Sonic yelled before hopping across three rooftops then jumping off and grinding along a rail before hitting the ground. He took off at blazing speed, running through various things in his way soon before drifting round to the right, then drifting to the left moments later.

After dodging a few civilians which he came across, he jumped on a nearby spring, hit two more and landed in an apartment building high above. He slid under the table in the middle of the room and ran out the door; spin attacked an Eggman robot which suddenly appeared, then jumped out the window and ran along the balcony before leaping off and landing on a straight path. He took off again, avoiding walls and oil drums placed along the path by sidestepping to the left and right without losing speed.

After a short while, Sonic ran up a wall as he reached a dead end and ran around it using the wall. He continued down the new path, dodging obstacles once again before hitting a spring sending him flying left, and then he hit another and finally landed on a rail which spun round several times before he hopped onto another which appeared on the right. It twirled as it bended to the right, before Sonic flipped and landed on a left rail which soon became a loop which he went through before jumping onto another to the right. He sped up and was sent flying high into the sky.

He flipped several times and curled into a ball before landing on the pavement ahead with both feet, then sped off a second later, knocking several robots and obstacles out the way while avoiding any civilians. He encountered a dozen Eggman robots huddled together just ahead, which he proceeded to speed right through, knocking them all out of the way as he made his out of the area.

In the wide open area of who knows where, stood Amy’s house at this particular time. Amy awoke to the sound of music in her ears, and then noticed that she’d left the television on. After a few moments, she flipped up out of bed and got ready for the day ahead of her. A long while later, she was ready and checked her calendar which hung from a wall by her bed.

A majority of the dates in the calendar had something to do with Sonic, the most distinguishable case being to stalk him, but today’s date was different. Today was the day of the carnival, and Amy was looking forward to this day so her and Sonic could go together, just because. Amy packed a bag of unknown things and ran out the front door, shutting it behind her.

As Amy made her way to Tails’ house, Crystal soon flew up to her from behind and waved. “Hey Amy, what’s up?”

“Oh, hi Crystal, I’m going over to Tails’ house. By the way, how do you do that thing where you disappear and reappear so randomly?”

“A few gifts from family, friends, whatever.”

“That sounds great. Well, today is the day of the carnival, so are you going?”

“I didn’t know there was a carnival until you just mentioned it, but I guess I’ll go.” Crystal rubbed her chin as she said, “I have this strange feeling something bad is going to happen there, but it’s probably just gas.” She shrugged a second later. “I assume you’re gonna ask Sonic, who’ll probably say no, but you’ll still keep trying?”

“How do you know he’ll say no?”

“Because this kind of thing’s just not his style. But I understand what you see in him though.”

“You do?”

“No. I’m just saying what you wanna hear.”

“I’m not sure if you’re trying to be nice or not.” Amy said, scratching her forehead.

“Somewhere in the middle to be totally honest.” Crystal took out her purple diary and then said, “You know what you should do? You should try to be a little less clingy, that’s bound to work.”

“Less clingy? What are you trying to say?”

“Well…” Crystal paused for a few seconds, and then backed up slightly as Amy took out her Piko Piko hammer. “Hey, let’s not get carried away here…”

Meanwhile, at Eggman’s base, Eggman was currently updating some files on a computer, Eggman Nega was fixing a robot, and Rose was reading a book in a corner as Virus walked in, who now had feet once again. Virus cleared his throat before speaking, “Fellow associates, I have recently found us a new member to help speed up the process of the plan.” He then glanced over to the door where a mysterious teenaged figure walked in right on cue as Eggman, Eggman Nega and Rose all looked over.

The girl had long brunette hair with blue eyes; she wore a thin black hoodie with a black and red skull on the front, and dark blue jeans to match, as well as yellow shoes. She walked up to Eggman and shook his hand. “Hi, my name is Lily Locket, nice to meet you guys.”

“Likewise, so what special skills can you offer us, Miss Locket?”

“You’ll see soon enough, just give me a task, any task.”

At Tails’ house, he was currently fixing up P.A.L who’s wires had been damaged for weeks when he suddenly heard Sonic yell, “Tails, you’d better have a good explanation for this!” As Sonic ran into the living room, Tails looked up at him. Sonic was a lighter shade of blue, and wore a black t-shirt with the Sonicteam logo on it, with black pants which had two stripes going down the side. But besides those small details, Tails noticed that Sonic was now female. After a few seconds of silence, Tails then said, “Nice shirt.”

“Thanks, Big was selling them for some reason, but that’s not the point! Why am I like this? And how?”

“You ate that chilli dog in the fridge, didn’t you?”

“Of course, why?”

“There was some pill I made which contained quite a large dose of female hormones, you know, for T&A.”

“T&A? Are you suddenly developing hormones?” Sonic questioned him.

“Moving on…if my guess is correct, you should revert back if you sneeze.” Tails grabbed a can of pepper. “So here you go.”

“Geez, it’s like something out of a bad fanfiction story…” Sonic whined as he took the can and walked off.

Knuckles climbed in through the window moments after Sonic left and walked up to Tails. “Hey, what was it you wanted to see me about?”

Tails got to his feet and handed Knuckles a wireless controller and a scouter. “Okay, Amber’s gonna come over in a bit with a copy of that new game, Pure Ownage, and we’re gonna play co-op story mode, which can be done with four people. That scouter will be able to clearly see the screen while you can join us using that pad.”

“But how does that work exactly from that kind of distance?”

“It just does, okay? So it’s taken care of.”

Meanwhile, on the roof of the house, Sonic who was now back to normal, was lying down and looking up at the sky.

“Hey Sonic!” He heard Amy call from below. “The carnival is in town, you wanna go?”

Sonic saw Crystal from within some bushes to the right hold up a sign which said, “Say yes.”

Sonic held up a sign saying, “Why?”

Crystal turned over her sign which said, “Why not?”

Sonic spun his sign round which said, “I dislike that remark.” He then put the sign down and yelled, “Alright Amy, since Tails and Knuckles are also busy doing something.”

“Well the carnival is already on right now, in Central City…”

“It is?” Sonic hopped off the roof and landed beside Amy. “Well then, let’s breeze!” he said before running on ahead. After a few seconds, Crystal quickly passed him, causing him to speed up and pass her, which caused her to spread her wings and fly past, followed by Sonic speeding up and shooting by once again. Seconds later Crystal passed by him on a rocket, which made Sonic speed up once again and fly by as Crystal sighed, “That’s cheap…”

Meanwhile, Lily and Rose had arrived at the entrance of the carnival area and were talking to Virus through communicators. SA2 ran a shop near the entrance where he sold guns, for some strange reason. As they entered the area, Virus spoke to them. “Okay, I hope you two are clear on the basics of this, because we’ll start soon enough. Until that time, have fun.” He then disconnected.

As he did so, Lily turned to Rose. “So, this place seems more like an amusement park than a carnival. What do you wanna check out first?”

“Anything you aren’t checking out.” She replied before walking off.

“You’ll warm up to me eventually, because us two gotta work together!” Lily yelled back.

“I won’t be doing any warming up for a long while.” She said as she kept walking.

(but only a bit for certain reasons)

As the song started, Shadow was running through the streets at a fast pace with an iPod in his hand. As he passed a police car, the driver quickly gave chase. Shadow turned around, then looked ahead as he began singing, “They see me skatin’, they hatin’, patrolling they tryin to catch goin’ over thirty! Tryin to catch me over thirty! Tryin to catch me over thirty! Tryin to catch me over thirty! Tryin to catch me over thirty!”

He then drifted round a corner as he continued. “My skates are so cool! Their awesome! They’re waiting for me to go right over thirty! Tryin to catch me over thirty! Tryin to catch me over thirty! Tryin to catch me over thirty! Tryin to catch me over thirty!” He managed to escape the police moments later and hopped into a car near an alleyway where Rouge and Omega were waiting.

As he got in, he heard the song playing in the car. “What is this I don’t even.” He punched the radio which damaged it. “That’s just ridiculous.”
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“Geez, it’s like something out of a bad fanfiction story…”

Said a certain disgruntled blue hedgehog, who felt that the script had wronged him in some way.

But enough about that nonsense, on to the story.

Crazy Carnival Saga: Chapter 26 – A Date in the Limelight (obligatory TVtropes reference)

Soon after the events of the previous chapter, Sonic and Crystal arrived by the entrance of the carnival, and Amy caught up shortly after. Crystal looked around before saying, “This seems more like an amusement park than a carnival…”

“A lot of people tend to think that when the day comes.” Amy replied.

“So Sonic, what’s with the blue backpack?” Crystal asked as she noticed it seconds later.

“It’s not important, so don’t worry about it.”

“Alright, well I’m gonna leave so people don’t accuse me of being in the way.” Crystal said, glancing left and right while doing so.

“Who thinks you’re in the way?” Sonic asked.

“I do.”



“That’s a lame retort.” He said, narrowing his eyes at her.

“Yeah well…” Crystal slowly trailed off, then quickly flew away, leaving Sonic and Amy utterly confused.

At Tails’ house, he had finished fixing up P.A.L and turned him on to full power. As P.A.L’s vision returned to normal, he then said, “Oh, good morning, Tails! How nice it is to see you again. It just suddenly went dark and I thought it was the end of this robot’s limited lifespan, but it’s a welcome surprise to see you again. I thought you had forgotten all about me.”

“Well I did a little because I was busy doing some things…”

“What things are these you speak of?”

Tails shrugged. “You know, ‘things’.”

As if right on cue, Amber jumped in through the window and held up a copy of Pure Ownage as she yelled, “I got the game!”

Tails got up and turned on the television then rushed into the kitchen as he yelled, “I got the console!”

Amber hopped onto the couch, placed the game disk in the console and grabbed a pad as she yelled, “I got teh ph1r3.”

Tails ran out of the kitchen carrying various foods and drink as he yelled, “I got the snacks!” then he placed them on a table and jumped on the couch before picking up a pad.

“I got protection!” Amber yelled as they both started playing.



“Ahh, ‘things’, I see.” P.A.L said with a nod.

“Hey Knuckles, you ready to get started?” Tails asked, speaking into his walkie-talkie.

“Not yet, getting to the floating island takes quite a bit of time normally, you know.”

“Well try to hurry or we’ll start without you.”

Back at the carnival, very shortly after Crystal left, Sonic and Amy were strolling down a path in complete silence besides the sound of laughter, someone being shot followed by some screams, and something taking a dump in a conveniently placed toilet nearby.

After a few moments, Amy broke the ice…with her hammer, and then she turned to Sonic. “So Sonic, what do you wanna do first?”

Sonic shrugged. “You know, fun stuff. It’s what I’m about, fun stuff. Let’s skip all this nonsense and just have fun without the need of personal feelings.”

“Umm, what does that mean, exactly?”

“Allow me to demonstrate.” Sonic said before speeding off. He came back moments later wearing the same dress as Amy, three pink pieces of paper attached to his forehead, and a toy hammer. He then dropped to his knees and he said, “Oh Sonikku, please marry me!” Sonic then removed the various items and stood further to the right before saying, “No way.” He put them all back on and moved left. “Fine! Then I’ll stalk you and bug you persistently until you give in, regardless of how much you say no! Blah blah blah!”

“Hey, I don’t talk like that!” Amy responded, shaking her fist at him. “And where did you get that dress?”

“It’s not important.” Sonic then turned to the screen and said, “This would have been more amusing if I supposable sneezed first.” Amy looked over at the floating video camera and raised an eyebrow.

Sonic removed all the clothing within seconds and then said, “Anyway, let’s go have fun.”

“Lets.” Amy said as she nodded in agreement.

And so they did, with some kind of montage music playing. They go round carnival and have fun time and everyone have very good time. First they checked out a large circus tent where a show was being put on, and Sonic eventually helped with one of the stunts because he felt like it. Afterwards they stopped by a food stand where Sonic got two chilli dogs while Amy got one without the uber chilli’s, and some candy floss. Next they tried out a few rides in an area made especially for rides, from the typical rollercoaster to the haunted house ride, which they both disliked for different reasons.

After an hour or two of very good time, Lily who was sitting on a bench managed to spot the two of them as they exited a house of mirrors together and contacted Virus. “Hey Virus, when you said we were gonna get a blue hedgehog, you weren’t talking about Sonic, were you?”

“Yes, of course I was, so you know what to do.”

“Yeah, but the guy saved my life once…”

“If you want to just go, there’s nothing stopping you, but if you want to go to the next step, you know what you must do.”

Lily sighed. “Alright, but they’d better be cake when I’m done.”

“Must you make a reference at this point?”

“Yes, Virus, yes I must.”

As she cut off, the sound of beeping was heard from a microwave, which caused Eggman to get up. As he did so, Eggman Nega looked at Virus. “So Virus, how did you and this girl meet?”

“Well it wasn’t that long ago to be honest. At first, I only watched her secretly from afar for almost a week seeing how there was something about her that intrigued me. Then one day I saw it clearly.”

“Saw what clearly?”

“She’s a gifted troublemaker, and she acts somewhat scatterbrained to lower certain adversary’s guards in order to surprise them more easily.”

At the carnival, Lily ran into an empty tent to change. She put on an orange wig with a large ahoge on top of it. She then changed into a red jersey top and red flare chess pants with a black belt around her pants with and also put on blue shoes. She left the tent carrying a small rucksack, looked around and then walked off. “Man, I can’t believe I’m really doing this…it feels like it was just yesterday, and it probably was but I can’t remember very well.”


After a regular day at college, Lily was walking home, occasionally looking behind her as Virus followed using portals to remain unseen from her and others on the streets. After a long while of walking, Lily soon turned into an alleyway and down a path where no-one else could see her before saying, “You can come out now.”

“It seems you’ve caught me.” Virus said as he came out of a wall. “But then again, most people would after a short while.”

“So then, what’s your deal with me? Are you some alien who’s come to inflict tentacle **** on me? Not that I’d resist, mind you…”

“I don’t have any interest in that. I just found your talent to be amusing as I continued to watch you.”

“You’re an evil guy?!” Lily said in shock, and then put her palm to her forehead. “Of course. Well I’d like to join you.”

“Really? Are you sure? After all, I’m a being of destruction, I take cookies from cookie jars, and I punch babies.”

“Punching babies sounds kinda funny.”

“Is that so? Then you’re welcome to join me.”


“Oh wait, now I remember, it was a few days ago…”

Meanwhile, Sonic and Amy were at a stand where for 30 rings they were given a gun and allowed three shots to hit moving targets and win a prize. Sonic easily hit three targets, one of them being with his eyes closed just to show off. He then picked a big teddy bear, a big blue stuffed dolphin, and a goldfish for kicks. They then encountered a whack-a-mole game which Amy decided to try, and used her hammer instead of the one offered to her.

As she repeatedly hammered the moles which popped out of the various spaces, Crystal ran up to the two of them waving and stopped beside them. “Hey guys, so how’s your day so far?”

“Cool ‘n stuff.” Sonic replied.

“I’ll get back to you in a minute.” She said while concentrating on the moles. Minutes later she scored high enough to get a pink dolphin which she thought went perfectly with the blue one. Further ahead on a stage stood Lily who had a microphone in her hand and dozens of people watching, including Sonic, Amy and Crystal as they approached the area.

Lily cleared her throat before saying, “Okay, I’m gonna sing a favorite song of mine, but I’ll need a partner.” She looked into the crowd and spotted the three of them, then grinned slightly before pointing at them. “You there, the pink hedgehog!”

After a bit of shock and applause, Amy made her way to the stage where she was handed a second microphone as ‘With Me’ began to play with SA2 being the guitarist.

Lily cleared her throat before she started singing. “You know…every world will have its end.”

“Have its end.” Amy repeated.

“I’m here…to prove it all, to you!”

Amy then took over as she said, “I am…who you don’t think I am.”

“Think I am.” Lily repeated. “All wrapped up…in my evil plan! I can taste the day!” she said while eating a piece of pie with the word ‘Day’ written on it.

“Taste the day!” Amy repeated. “Savor night!” she said before drinking from a golden cup.

“Savor night!” Lily repeated. “Spells beyond you as I watch you craaaaawl!”

“Do you dare to find?” Amy said. “Evil’s mind?”

“I’ll be the last one standing. In. The. Flash. Of. Liiiiight!” The two of them sang in unison before stomping three times as they shook their heads to the beat.

“My eyes…are filled with curiosity!” The two of them sang in unison.

Amy then pointed at her as she said, “You think!”

Lily pointed back. “You think!” they then sang in unison, “That you have power over me!”

“In this life!” Amy said, raising her hand to the crowd.

“This life!” Lily repeated, just before they both sang, “There’s no room for you and me!” They slowly moved their hands from left to right as they yelled, “So turn. Away. Or. Face. This. Day. With meeeeee!” while they stomped and shook their heads once again.

While this was going on, Sonic turned to Crystal and said, “Hey, I just noticed that girl’s outfit reminds me of this show, and there was someone on that called Crystal Clear…”

“Yeah, I get that quite a bit, but there’s no connection.”

“She was also somewhat of a tsundere.”

“Some people won’t know what that means…and no she wasn’t. You shouldn’t think like that.”

“And why don’t you want me to think like that?”

“Umm…uhh…s-shut up, that’s why! It’s not like I care what you think, stupid hedgehog!” She said as she blushed profusely and looked away.

“You’re pretty good at that tsundere thing.”

“Thanks, I’ve had some practice.” She replied as she turned back.

“You know, I saw Sonny earlier around here, it’s like you guys are secretly stalking me or something.”

“That’s because we secretly are.”

“Ahh, alright then.”

And since I couldn’t come up with much this time round, the part further up is all I’m doing.
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That guy

« Reply #34 on: 07 May, 2009, 03:24:36 pm »

*writes the once in a blue moon comment signafying I still read*

Good stuff, like always. For some reason

“You know, I saw Sonny earlier around here, it’s like you guys are secretly stalking me or something.”

“That’s because we secretly are.”

“Ahh, alright then.”

Was hilarious to me.
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Just thought I'd point out the obvious turn up's out of nowhere.
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Did you know there’s a real place called ‘Intercourse’? Seriously. Feel free to let others know.

Crazy Carnival Saga: Chapter 27 – Cold As Ice

Shortly after the random singing from out of nowhere, Sonic, Amy and Lily were now walking down a path and Amy was currently talking to Lily who was still cosplaying as a certain popular character from a certain popular show.

“So what’s your name?” Amy asked.

“A name...hmm...” Lily scratched her forehead for a few moments before raising a finger. “Oh right! My name is Summer Faycasion.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you, Summer.” Amy said as she shook her hand.

“Summer Faycasion...yeah, I also remember that from the show...” Sonic said to no-one in particular.

“So do you guys mind if I hang out with you for a while?” Lily asked.

Sonic shrugged. “Sure, why not.”

“I’d be fine with that.” Amy added.

“Thanks.” Lily said with a smile, and then she turned away slightly. “Hehehe, now that these fools have welcomed me, achieving the next step of the plan will be easier than I expected.”

“Umm, we can still hear you.” Amy pointed out seconds later.

“Oh...” after a few more moments of silence she then said, “Forget what you just heard then.”

“Easier said then done.” Sonic replied.

In another area of the carnival, Rose, who now wore a dark blue trenchcoat, walked up to a food stand SA2 was running and dropped a bag of coins on the counter. “Three bowls of ice.”

“You mean snow cones?” SA2 asked.

“No, just ice. Crushed please, and with an ice straw, and some ice on the rocks, with some ice on the side.”

“Would you like some ice with that?” SA2 said before just staring at her.

“...” Rose stared back, not blinking once for several moments.


“...Yes please.”

Back at Tails’ house, Tails and Amber had started playing Pure Ownage as they waited for Knuckles to get back to the floating island.

After a few moments of silence, Tails suddenly shouted, “Look out! There’s a samurai shooting bullets out of an axe!”

“Thanks.” She said as she dodged the attack. “friggin’ laser beams at six o’clock!”

“Whoa!” Tails responded before nearly being hit by one. “The over-the-top ridiculousness of this game makes it much more awesome.”

“I know, right?”

Tails spoke into his walkie-talkie again. “Hey Knuckles, you there yet?”

Knuckles was currently climbing up a slope to the floating island. “Yeah, I’m nearly there.” He said moments before reaching the island. As he looked ahead, he saw the Master Emerald was gone and clutched his fists. “Bronze...” He then spoke into his walkie-talkie. “Hey Tails, I won’t be able to join you, there’s some business I need to take care of, and I know just the place...”

As Knuckles disconnected, Tails and Amber carried on playing for 15 seconds before Amber finally said, “Seems Knuckles is gonna go start an over-the-top fight with that guy...”


“...Wanna go watch?”

“Of course.” They both pressed start and left the house as P.A.L said, “I’d be very grateful if you could bring back a souvenir.”

Back at the carnival, Sonic and Amy were on a bumper cars ride while Lily was speaking to Rose using her communicator. “Hey Rose, I found him, so get your fat ass over here!”

“Well for starters, where are you?...and I’m not fat.”

“At the rides area, near the bumper cars, but sadly he’s with this other pink hedgehog and some angel girl.”

“...An angel you say?”

“I sense some concern judging by your delayed reaction. I assume you have some personal business with this angel, huh?” Lily said with a smile.

“It’s a little more than just that...but it’s nothing. I’ll be there as soon as possible, just get rid of the pink hedgehog for the time being.”

“How? You mean kill her?”

 “No, there is no need for unnecessary bloodshed, just get her out of the way for the time being.” She said before disconnecting.

Lily sighed. “A shame I can’t do this the fun way...”

A bit later, while Amy and Lily were off in another area, Sonic encountered none other than Shadow the Hedgehog leaning against a wall and casually approached him. “Hey Shadow, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Neither did I.” He replied.

“Business as usual?”

“Actually, I’m here with Rouge and Omega to relax and ‘chill out’.”

“...” After moments of silence, Sonic scratched his forehead.

“For your information, yes, I do like to occasionally have fun with the few friends I’ll willingly spend time with.”

“...Alright, see ya, Shadow.” Sonic waved as he walked off while Shadow nodded back at him.

As Amy and Lily were walking by a restroom, Lily decided to go in for, you know, personal business and Amy followed. When Amy had completely lowered her guard, Lily yelled, “Judo chop!” before hitting her right in the back of her head, knocking her unconscious. She then dragged Amy into one of the toilets and locked the door before climbing out, somehow.

In another area, Sonic continued walking around the carnival by himself for a bit, and then quickly jumped back before a large icicle hit the ground where he once stood. He looked further ahead to see Rose standing high up on a pole. “So you must be Sonic the Hedgehog.”

“Yep, you found him.”

Both her hands suddenly froze over and became ice cold. “Then I must kill you, no hard feelings though.”

“Well I don’t go down easy, so you’d better look out when I start attacking.”

Rose dropped down and focused her attention on Sonic while he did the same, both of them completely ignoring and small amount of people who walked by the area. “Foolish.” Rose said faintly. “You know nothing of what I’m capable of, therefore you stand no chance, but I know some of what you can do. But I guess I’ll humor you for a little while.”

Sonic, feeling insulted by this mysterious girl, began to approach her but was quickly stopped by Crystal who dropped down beside Sonic seconds later. “Hold on, Sonic. It’s in your best interest not to face her.”

“It’s wise to listen to the single-minded annoyance.” Rose replied as she glared at Crystal.

“Okay, that’s it.”

As Crystal began to charge at her, Sonic held her back. “Hey, shouldn’t you follow your own advice?”

“Ahh, right. So anyway, before you ask, this unemotional **** is Rose Rivers, because puns seem popular on our planet. She’s an angel assassin like I am, but she has evil tendencies and I don’t.”

“I’m guessing you two have a bit of a history, right?” Sonic asked.

Rose answered before Crystal could say anything. “I was banished from heaven for attempting to conquer the land for my own personal reasons, and cursed with black wings instead of the regular ones, even though it doesn’t really make a difference.”

“What she said.” Crystal responded.

“And just what is your reason for accompanying this hedgehog, Crystal?” Rose asked.

“I’m his guardian angel.” She said with a nod.

“Still using that line as much as used tissue paper, I see.”

“She’s gotcha there.” Sonic added.

“Anyway, where’s Amy?” Crystal said as she looked around.

“My partner should have taken care of Amy by now and will be here shortly.”

“Your partner?” Sonic raised an eyebrow. “Hey Crystal, can you take care of her while I find Amy?”

“Yeah, I can handle it.”

Sonic gave her a thumbs up and then ran off while Crystal braced herself. Rose cracked her knuckles and then got into a fighting stance.

(Certain people may remember this)

Outside Tails’ house was Blaze the Cat digging up holes in the garden. Blaze then heard someone say, “DIIIIIIG!” and looked up. She then saw Amy and Cream with Cheese who was wearing sunglasses all walk towards her. Amy then shook her head and said, “Gardening girl, I told ya...”

Blaze then said, “Hey, I got a new dance for ya’ll, I call it the gardening girl.”

Cheese then pointed at her and said, “DIIIIIIG!

“You gotta grab a shovel and dig three times from left to right.” They then did the dance as Blaze started singing, “Gardening girl keeping it loooow! Watch me plant it, watch it groooow! Watch me grab a shovel, then start digging up that hole! Can ya dig it TOOOOO!

“Dig that, gardening girl!”

“Can ya dig it TOOOOO!

“Dig that, gardening girl!”

“Can ya dig it TOOOOO!

“Dig that, gardening girl!”

“Can ya dig it TOOOOO!

“Dig that, gardening girl!”

After repeating the chorus again, Blaze then sang, “Gardening girl keeping it looooow! Watch it move and watch it grow, garden hose that hooooole! Yeah watch me plant the extra crop! Uber fresh now watch it pop, hatin’ on my Gatorade, when I do the gardening I find a hole and dump that **** in tooooo! I’m punchin’ ya, I’m punchin’ ya, and if we get to fight then I’m owning ya, I’m owning ya, you catch me in your neighbour’s yard, yes I hose it everyday, haters get mad cause the boys have always gotta pay.”

After they sang the chorus, she continued, “I’m breaking it down on the floor! Man, you messing up my floooow! This is Serious Business, man, ya’ll don’t even knooooow! Haters wanna know me, Blaze the Cat, I’m the ****, they be looking at my skills, saying there’s nothing she can’t dooooo! Dooo! You know it! You know it! Damn! Damn! She’s so kewl! She’s so kewl! No. You can’t run like me. Wat. You ain’t cool like me. Wut. I see you tryin’ to hang with me, ***** must be craaaazy!”

Once again after the chorus, she went on. “I’m too smooth for garden hooooles! Watch me spray you with my hose! Watch me twist the handle well and spray you with my hose! Spray you with my hose!” After three more repeats she then said, “My water makes plants flourish too! Watch me spin and backflip too! Watch me spray the flowers while looking cooool!” she said as she put on black shades. After they finished singing the chorus, the four of them causally strolled down the street, rocking out the glasses.
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‘Kay, gaiz, no moar gaems nao. Lets git down to da bsns.

Crazy Carnival Saga: Chapter 28 – Carny Chaos

Previously on ‘who gives a damn’, Crystal and Rose were close to engaging in Angel Kombat, Lily, cosplaying as someone else, had locked Amy in a restroom, and Sonic was currently making his way there. He was travelling at a speed of 40 mph around the carnival until he saw something which caught his eye. He then spun round and stopped by a food stand. “Two chilli dogs please.”

In the other area where Crystal was still waiting for Rose to attack, several civilians still watched as they walked by.

“So what’s with the look?” Crystal asked. “Aren’t we supposed to wear, you know, angel stuff?”

“I’m not, and shall never again be associated with such garbage.”

“You probably just think it makes you look cool and more intimidating...” Crystal said as she rolled her eyes.

“It does. And it’s shameful that you still walk around with that ridiculous hairstyle. Seriously, how old are you?”

“I like it that way, okay? Regardless if it’s a kiddie hairstyle. Now let’s stop talking so I can finally punch you in the face.”

Rose slid towards Crystal using a trail of ice stuck to her shoes and attempted hit her in the stomach with a dozen thin icicles coming from the palm of her hand, which Crystal countered by grabbing her arm and hitting her with her feet as she back flipped. Rose flew back and landed in one tent, then quickly flew out in the same direction Sonic left while Crystal quickly followed her.

As Sonic was running around while eating his chilli dogs, he came across Cream who sat on a bench nearby eating candy floss with Cheese as Sonic walked over.

“Hi Sonic.” Cream waved as she noticed him. “Are you having fun?”

“Well sort of...”

“Is Blaze here too?”

“Blaze is back in her own dimension at the moment.”

“Aww, she was so kewl!” Cream said enthusiastically.

“Why does everyone keep doing that?” Sonic suddenly moved left and avoided a sharp icicle which landed where he was previously standing. He looked further ahead to see Rose standing on another pole who then sighed and said, “It’s shameful that I’ve missed twice with my icicles...”

“It’s not that bad, after all, I’ve got pretty fast reaction time.” He said with a smile.

“Yes, now let’s get back to business.” She said as she morphed her left arm into a large sharp icicle. At that moment, Crystal flew down and fly kicked her in the face with enough force to create a large crater in the concrete floor. As Crystal did so, Sonic ran off, leaving Cream and Cheese utterly confused over the situation.

Rose climbed out of the hole seconds later, partly scratched, then she turned to Crystal and fired dozens of icicles which Crystal dodged as she moved around then hid behind a wall before throwing an umbrella using her psychokinesis which Rose blocked.

Sonic soon stopped behind an abandoned food stand and looked around before ducking. “I’m sure that wasn’t enough to stop...whatever she is.” Sonic thought for a second then snapped his fingers. “Ahh, right! She doesn’t know about the other me, it’s ironic that I could use it for a situation such as this.” Sonic looked in the backpack he was wearing for the can of pepper given to him earlier that morning by Tails. After finding it, he grinned before putting on the black shirt and pants.

He jumped out from behind the stand moments later, and was now female again. “This should be enough to avoid what’s-her-name, now to find her partner.” He said before spending off.

Back at Eggman’s base, Eggman, Eggman Nega and Virus were still watching the current situation.

“Well this is certainly interesting...” Virus said.

“Indeed, though a little strange.” Eggman replied.

“So does anyone think those two will actually succeed in eliminating Sonic the Hedgehog?” Eggman Nega asked.

“I’m sure they won’t, Sonic always tends to find some way out of difficult situations at the last minute.” Eggman replied.

“Well we’ll see soon enough...” Virus said as he looked on.

Shortly after, Sonic dodged yet another icicle aimed at him before spotting Rose on yet another pole. “Again? How did you know it was me?”

“How many anthropomorphic hedgehogs do you see running around here?”

Sonic scratched his forehead and then said, “Well, there’s this hedgehog of ice over there...”

“Enough of these shenanigans! Prepare to die!” She yelled before charging at Sonic, who ran off in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, Lily was stood outside the women’s restrooms waiting for someone in particular to turn up. She then saw Sonic running towards the area far ahead with Rose chasing him, and Crystal far behind her. Sonic grabbed her as he passed by while saying, “It’s really not safe around here.”

“Hey wait, are you the same hedgehog from before? How did you...? And why did you...? And why have you got those...?”

“It’s a long story...well actually it’s a short story but I don’t wanna talk about it. So where did you leave Amy?”

“By the time you find out you’ll already be dead.” Lily then coughed. “I’d normally laugh but you’ll have to put me down first...”

Rose soon managed to freeze part of the floor on the path ahead, making Sonic slip and resulting in Sonic and Lily crashing into a wall. As Rose stopped by the wall, Crystal attacked her from the side, which she blocked before moving back.

Meanwhile, in another area stood Bronze by one food stand, carrying the Master Emerald over his shoulder. Knuckles approached the area from far behind him and stopped ten feet away then squinted at him. “Bronze...”

Bronze spun round and squinted back at him. “Knuckles...” Bronze placed the Master Emerald on a box beside the stand then charged at Knuckles while he did the same. When they met, Knuckles punched him across the face twice before being hit in the stomach with a kick, then avoiding his next punch before elbowing Bronze in the face. They moved backwards in Knuckles’ direction as they continued attacking each other, soon before Bronze ducked under one of Knuckles’ punches and tackled him into a tent.

A bunch of clowns were putting on a show while Knuckles and Bronze wondered round the stage, continuing their fight. Knuckles ran up to a clown rolling around on a large beach ball and punched it at Bronze who whacked it aside then quickly grabbed three pins which a clown nearby was juggling. He threw the three in quick succession, Knuckles whacked the first two aside then punched the third in half before leaping towards Bronze then pounded his fist into the ground as Bronze jumped back.

A clown driving a small car approached the two and hit them, causing them to land on the bumper as they continuously punched each other, and occasionally the clown as he watched. The ridiculousness caused the clown to drive out the tent, and hit several people walking around the area before the clown lost control and drove the car into a gasoline tank nearby. The result produced a massive explosion, sending Knuckles and Bronze flying as they continued once more.

Knuckles and Bronze conveniently landed in the seat of a rollercoaster ride as it was moving. While they attacked each other yet again, the boy from the aeroplane turned around and saw them. “Mom! Look, it’s the golem and that red mole again!” He said, pointing behind him.

“Stop making these ridiculous lies, Timmy.” She scolded him.

Just then, Knuckles managed to hit Bronze with an uppercut, knocking out two teeth; one wedged itself in the control panel far below where SA, SA2, SA3 and SA4 were drinking Chaos Cola instead of watching, and the second lodged itself in a wheel on the ride, causing the ride to speed up and fly off course, missing random pedestrians in the streets as Knuckles’ and Bronze’s kart kept bouncing ahead. They came towards a jeep in the kart but missed it by inches, and while they avoided it, Bronze’s tooth touched the jeep slightly.

“Run fools! That crazy ass jeep is gonna blow, because that’s what they do!” Mads yelled as he came running towards the area.

Seconds later, half of the people panicked and ran moments before the jeep blew up, resulting in an explosion so devastating it could not fully be described. Knuckles and Bronze ended up being caught in the explosion and were once again sent flying, and so were a ton of civilians who got up shortly after and received no injuries whatsoever. Knuckles and Bronze were somewhat dizzy as they landed on the concrete and got to their feet.

Bronze picked up a crowbar and slowly approached Knuckles. Knuckles looked around desperately to find one, to no prevail. “Hey Knuckles!” Mads yelled, getting Knuckles’ attention before he threw him a crowbar. Knuckles gave him a thumbs up while Mads smiled and nodded back. The two continued their fight, moving back in Bronze’s direction and they countered each others swings while knocking over a few barrels of gunpowder while they passed a ferris wheel.

Bronze soon knocked Knuckles’ crowbar out of his hand, then swung twice as Knuckles ducked before tackling him into the bumper cars area. Knuckles ran far to the right and jumped in a red bumper car and was then bashed out of the area by Bronze in an orange bumper car. The two collided several times as they raced through the streets, and then their bumpers slipped and tripped over some water. The ridiculous action from the bumper cars lit the gunpowder which blew up the ferris wheel.

A bit further away, Bronze stood over Knuckles who was now slowly getting to his feet. Knuckles looked up to suddenly see the ferris wheel coming towards them and fled the area, while Bronze spun round. He didn’t even have time to scream before being crushed under the gigantic wheel. Knuckles dusted himself off while Rouge flew by with the Master Emerald in the background. Knuckles gave chase as he followed her out of the carnival. As he left, an iron fist emerged from the wheel, signifying Bronze was far from dead.

As their fight had finished, Sonic, Crystal, Lily and Rose who were watching intensively finally turned to one another. “See Rose? If I brought my video camera I could have recorded that, but you said it was unnecessary!”

“Relax; someone will put it on Youtube or something.” Rose reassured her.

“Also, am I the only one who noticed that fight scene took up half of the whole chapter? The padding is ridiculous!”

Crystal shrugged. “It was pretty cool though.”

“What she said.” Sonic added.

“I’m finding it hard to disagree.” Rose replied.

“Well, I guess we’ll wait until the next chapter to start then.” Lily said.

“I guess so.” Sonic replied.

“...I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t get that.” Rose said with a sigh.

Amber and Tails sat on top of a rooftop further away. After a few seconds, Amber turned to Tails and said, “You got it?”

Tails nodded. “Yep, I got it.”

I honestly didn’t feel like doing the whole thing, but it leaves enough for the imagination.


Espio and Charmy were sat in their detective agency when Vector suddenly walked in with a letter and placed it on the table as he said, “Yo, yo, yo!” Espio and Charmy gasped at the letter and the three of them left.

They began walking the streets, occasionally smashing Eggman robots as Vector began singing, “Sucka tried to play me, but you never paid me, never...”

“Oh no you didn’t!” Espio and Charmy sang in unison.

“Payback is a coming, you will be running for ever...”

“Oh no you didn't!”

“Until I get my vengeance, I will never end this mayhem...”

“Oh No you didn't!”

“I'm a mercenary, you ain’t got a prayer, you owe meeee!”

“Oh no you didn’t!” The three of them began singing the chorus as they hopped in a 4x4 and made their way to Eggman’s base.
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I absolutely love the chorus of the song ‘Kioku No Umi’ (Mainly the second chorus), it’s tragically beautiful...so check it out if you’re into that sort of thing.

Crazy Carnival Saga: Chapter 29 – Fight for the Right (To party)

A few minutes after the previous chapter, Rose was currently sitting down nearby reading a book, Crystal was buying a hotdog nearby and Sonic and Lily were having a conversation.

“Hey, you ever get annoyed when there are 4 or 5 people in front of you in a queue when you only wanna get one thing quickly?” Lily asked.

Sonic nodded. “Yes. I can totally relate to that.” He then looked ahead. “Oh hey, we’re back on.”

The others noticed seconds later and they quickly got back into position.

“Okay, let’s get started.” Lily said as she stretched a little.

After a few moments of complete silence as Lily stretched, Sonic turned to her and said, “So who are you really?”

“That’s for me to know and for you to never find out, since I still need to go to college.”

“You just gave them a little hint.” Rose replied, narrowing her eyes at her.

“Whoops, oh well, at least they don’t know the name of my college w-” Rose quickly covered Lily’s mouth and sighed. “Why did Virus think you’d be useful to us...?”

Lily removed her hand. “Yeah, yeah, I got it. So who are you then?” Lily asked as she looked at Crystal.

Crystal stepped forward and cleared her throat. “My name is Crystal Clear, and I’m an angel assassin. My measurements are 77-63-88.” She said as she felt her chest, turned to the side, and then spun around. “That’s in centimetres, in Japan, I think.” She said before staring off into the sky and scratching her forehead.

“You honestly just don’t care, do you?” Sonic said with a smirk.

“Enough chitchat.” Rose said as she took out a steel ball with icicles in certain areas around it, connected to a long steel chain. “I shall finish what I came here to do.”

Crystal took out her weapon and then glanced at Rose’s. “I see you’ve had an upgrade...”

“I see that you haven’t.” She replied as she swung it at Sonic and Crystal. Sonic slid under it while Crystal flipped over, the frail trashing several stands in the process while Lily ducked. Crystal attacked with her spear which Rose blocked seconds before Sonic hit her with a spin attack from behind, knocking her further back as the two followed. Lily meanwhile took out a suitcase and placed it on the ground before opening it. “I’ll catch up with you guys shortly; just don’t have too much fun now.”

Rose flipped back and hit Sonic with a flying kick as she flew back, then blocked several punches from Crystal aimed around her chest before knocking her back by elbowing her in the face. She then fired half a dozen icicles which Sonic and Crystal dodged once again. As they came close to harming civilians nearby, she quickly threw a few more from a different angle to destroy the previous ones.

“What was that about?” asked Sonic, who was currently standing by a food stand further away, buying two chilli dogs.

“Rose has this thing where she’ll only kill her intended targets and those who willingly challenge her, though if she really dislikes someone she’ll kill them indirectly and try to make it look like an accident.” Crystal replied, a bit away as she bought some popcorn.

As they both turned around, Rose charged at them again and swung her frail at them, they both ducked seconds before Rose kicked Sonic across the ground then spun round and hit Crystal with the back of her fist, then had her second punch blocked as Crystal kicked her in the face. Lily, who was now holding a rocket launcher, fired at Crystal, who stopped the missile with her psychokinesis, and then flung it back at her.

“Oh right, I forgot she could do that...” Lily said, somewhat disappointed. The missile exploded moments before it hit her, and then she saw Rose standing ten feet away who then sighed at her. “Please be more careful...”

“Right, I’ll take care of Sonic and you handle your business.” Lily exclaimed before running off towards him as she took out a machete.

“It’s that time of the year, because Amy Rose is here!” She exclaimed as she ran into the area and whacked Lily out of the way with her hammer. “That’s for locking me in that stall!”

“You? How did you get out?” She then glanced at her hammer. “Ahh, I really should have taken that with me...” She then got to her feet. “Well I tried to do it the boring way, but since you turned up here; I can now have all the fun I want.” She then looked over at Rose and yelled, “I got this, Rose, don’t worry about it!”

As Lily was distracted, Amy whacked the machete out of her hand and raised the hammer above her head. “Let’s see how you like two large lumps on your forehead!”

Lily ran off, yelling, “Rose! Help! I don’t got this!” while Amy gave chase.

Rose sighed once again, then turned to Crystal who said, “We should take this somewhere else.” Rose nodded and followed her out of the area, just as Sonic got to his feet and watched them leave.

After several moments of running in circles and covering her head from Amy’s hammer, she picked up her machete, spun round and swung at her, catching Amy off guard and causing a large cut on her arm, regardless of how small anthropomorphic hedgehog arms actually are.

Lily laughed maniacally for a few seconds. “Sorry there, my hand slipped.” Lily continued her attack, slashing repeatedly at the air as Amy moved back, shortly before looking at the thin layer of tomato ketchup trickling down her arm, which was actually blood but tomato ketchup sounds more amusing.

Amy rushed forward and began to attack her, with Lily blocking and attempting to counter her attacks until Lily eventually knocked the hammer out of Amy’s hand and attempted to gloat, which was quickly interrupted as Amy punched her to the ground and put on boxing gloves. Lily got up and swung at her again, which Amy ducked under and hit her with an uppercut, across the face and then in the stomach. This carried on for a little while with Amy countering most of her attacks, until Lily was short of breath and hunched over. “Fine, forget this, I’ll be back to kill you soon. You got lucky somehow, that’s all.”

“Why are you doing this?” Amy asked as she took off the boxing gloves.

“Why? What do you mean?”

“What are your reasons for attacking us?”

“I have no reason.” Lily said after recovering her breath.

“But you must have a real reason!”

“Well I don’t, and when I see you again, prepare to die.” Lily said as she turned her back to Amy and ran off.

“Well that was somewhat anti-climatic...” Amy said, astounded at how fast Lily ran off.

Sonic, still in female form, ran up to her seconds later. “Hey Amy, are you alright? That cut looks quite deep; I should get you some help.”

“I appreciate the help, but who are you?”

“Do you honestly not know? It’s Sonic, with a sex change.”

Amy gasped. “Is that really you?”

“The one and only.” He replied with a nod.

“But how? And why?”

“I can answer that.” Came the voice of a certain two-tailed fox who stood a few feet ahead of them.

“Hey Tails, where did you come from?” Sonic said as he waved.

“That roof over there.” He said, pointing at a randomly placed garage further away. “So anyway, I created this pill containing a large dose of female hormones, mainly because Charmy bet me I wouldn’t look any different as a girl, so after making the pill I needed someone to test it on just to see if it worked, so...”

“That’s cruel, Tails.” Sonic said, frowning upon him. “Besides, you’re girlish enough already...”

“Hey!” He responded.

Amy looked at Sonic and shrugged. “Well, I guess I could learn to swing that way...”

“What are you even implying?!” Sonic replied in confusion.

Crystal floated over to them moments later. “Hey guys, it’s taken care of now, they’re gone.”

“The other one left too? How did you accomplish that?” Sonic asked.

“I beat her in a DDR contest, and she always keeps her word so she left afterwards.”

“Ahh, cool. Well, we still have another hour or so before this carnival ends, so we should get back to having fun.” Everyone else nodded in agreement.

“I still need to see someone about my arm first though.” Amy said as she pointed at the cut.

Just then, SA2 walked over and handed Sonic a flyer. “Remember to come back next year for the Sega carnival!” He said before walking off.

“Who was that man?” Amy asked.

“I don’t know but he keeps following us...” Sonic replied. “And what on earth is Sega? Just give me a minute while I sneeze.” Sonic said as he walked off.

Meanwhile, Rose and Lily were on their way back to the base using an underground route while Lily talked to her machete. “So Virus, I did exactly as you expected, so now what?”

“Now we wait just a little longer...” Replied the machete which produced a small purple aura.

SA3 was currently watching this on a television set while SA4 was in the bathroom. “Hey, the carnival saga is over!” SA3 yelled.

“Already?” She called back. “That makes me as mad as when I found out Shadow’s arc was only four episodes!”

“There also wasn’t a Sonamy moment.”

She poked her head out of the bathroom. “No Sonamy momemt?!? FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!”

SA2 walked onto the right side of a set with some notes. In the middle of the set was a red curtain which opened to reveal a beautiful night sky. SA2 began to read out the notes. “Now the next one is Blaze’s short story saga, because I felt like it. So stay tuned for the Black Cat saga.” SA2 looked up. “The kewlness of this will be upped to the maximum!”
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So now we move onto Blaze’s short story saga, which is mainly a reference to two things, and it’s quite obvious to guess what they are at some point, but one won’t be referenced this early.

Black Cat Saga: Chapter 30 – The Mysterious Substance

It was two days after all the commotion at the carnival, which is a little surprising considering how spaced out the other sagas are. Eggman, Eggman Nega, Virus, Rose and Lily were travelling towards the scientific lab where Virus had once killed several scientists. The lab was currently packed with dozens of people working on an experimental liquid. Just then, there was an explosion which came from the ceiling, and seconds later Rose and Lily dropped down.

Lily, who was still cosplaying as the same character at the carnival, got to her feet and clapped as she walked forward. “Okay people, you’re gonna need to clear out, we need your extra stuff for progress.”

“You and what army?” One scientist retorted.

Lily spun round and gestured towards the wall. “Well, this guy has a robot army...”

Right on queue, Eggman blasted down the wall nearby and walked in with two dozen armed egg fighters close behind. One scientist wearing a black cap with the Sonicteam logo on it pointed ahead and said, “Hey, it’s a talking egg.”

SA2, who was standing beside him, slapped him upside the head and said, “Crazy fool, that’s the Eggman!”

“Indeed I am.” Eggman replied. “Now, if you’d all be so kind, please proceed to the exits so my fellow associates and I can get down to business.” Eggman continued before Virus rose up from a spot a few feet away from Eggman, shocking a few scientists who recognized him.

“Associates?” The black capped scientist repeated. “What, the air-headed cosplay girl, the emotionless loner who thinks she looks good in a trenchcoat, a little purple demon who looks more like a plushie, and a recolored version of yourself?”

“Hey!” Lily yelled as she shook her fist at him. “That’s cosplay genius girl, get it right!” Rose frowned at him, and then looked at Virus who nodded back as he smiled. Eggman Nega noticed the exchange between Rose and Virus while Eggman stroked his moustache. “Well, we have quite a problem here.”

Eggman clicked his fingers, ordering the robots to point their guns at the scientists and push the reluctant ones towards the exit. While this was happening, Rose threw several icicles at several containers high above the exit, and as the scientist wearing the black cap was leaving, the glass from above hit him in various spots all over his body, killing him moments later.

Lily, Eggman, and Eggman Nega turned their attention towards Rose, who looked away from them and said, “I won’t tell if you don’t...”

Soon afterwards, Eggman was ordering his robots around the large lab as they collected various experiments and projects they were working on, Eggman Nega was waiting outside, Rose was reading a book on a wooden box, Lily was holding and examining a small tube of black liquid, and Virus stood against a wall, looking around at the current events.

“Egg fighters, move faster!” Eggman ordered them. “Lily, be less annoying!” Eggman said.

“No u!” She replied before turning back to the tube. “You know, this stuff is amazing, regardless of the side effects. I’d like to try it someday.”

“Only a crazy person such as yourself would say that.” Virus retorted.

“I’m not crazy.” Lily said, turning to Virus instantly as her smile faded.

“Maybe not right now but it just takes a little push in the wrong direction.”

“Foreshadowing is a wonderful thing.” Rose added, still focusing on her book.

“But maybe it’s not.” Lily replied.

Just then, there was an explosion farther away and the wall fell down. As it did, in walked Blaze, Amy and Cream. Amy then ran ahead of Blaze, budging her out the way as she exclaimed, “Your fate is clear, because Amy Rose is here!”

“I wish you’d stop doing that.” Blaze said, narrowing her eyes at her.

“But I just-”

Just don’t.

“Hmm, I was expecting Sonic to turn up…” Eggman said, expressing disappointment.

“He’s a little busy right now, so he asked me to take care of business.”

Meanwhile at Tails’ house…

“So are you sure you’ve fixed this thing?” Sonic asked as the two left Tails’ basement lab and entered he living room.

“Well the side effect shouldn’t come up again, but if it does…” Tails shrugged. “At least I tried.”

“At least I tried.” Isn’t good enough, Tails.”

Back at the lab, Eggman proceeded to the exit as he said, “I’ve got business to attend to, so I’ll leave you all to get acquainted with one another.”

“Hey, you’re that girl with the machete!” Amy exclaimed as she pointed at her.

“Yeah, and I’d finish you off if I didn’t have to get this stuff to another location.” She said before picking up a big black bag. “Cover me, robo guys.” She said before running past the egg fighters and to the exit.

“Cream and I will go after her, and by the way, look out for the black haired one, she uses ice attacks.” Amy said. Blaze nodded at her before she took off with Cream.

“I’ve got my own agenda to take care of, excuse me, ladies.” Virus said before sinking into a puddle of darkness.

Seconds after he left, Rose morphed her right arm into a large sharp icicle and fired four in quick succession at Blaze. She dodged two by moving left and right, flipped over the third and slip under the fourth before hitting her with an upward kick which Rose blocked before trying to kick her. Blaze flipped over Rose and attacked with a roundhouse kick which Rose ducked under.

Rose then slashed Blaze twice with her large icicle then as she tried to stab her in the heart; Blaze deflected the attack and hit her with a fiery spinning kick which ascended into the air and sent Rose flying back ten feet. “I see you’re a fire user.” Rose said before standing up straight.

“You are correct.”

“I am finished fighting with you for today, I will allow you to leave for now.”

Blaze raised an eyebrow at her, and slowly took off while watching her movements until she ran out the exit. Far ahead, Amy was chasing Lily through the remainder of the lab as robots fired at her, and missed a lot due to their bad aim. Amy and Cream soon came to dark room filled with large test tubes which were only visible thanks to a lamp lit in the corner. As they slowly explored the room, a small bomb was thrown at them from the right, which bounced once before exploding, sending them both flying back as Lily came out from within the shadows. “Let’s continue where we left off.”

Amy turned away from her to see if Cream was alright, but was unable to see her properly due to the dark room. As she turned back to face Lily, she had already withdrawn her machete and was preparing to slice Amy’s head off, and would have succeeded had Amy not jumped back a split second sooner. Amy called Cream’s name out as she tried to avoid contact with Lily, the fear of her closest friend dying overwhelmed her consciousness, like the attempts to be funny overwhelming the plot of this story.

Lily threw three more bombs which she had kept within a backpack, the blast radius being bigger managed to hit Amy and knock her into a wall as Lily put on night vision goggles. “Good thing I brought these just in case.” She then saw Cream unconscious by a broken glass tube and carried her over her shoulder. “I should probably take the rabbit as insurance, for...stuff.” She took out a rocket launcher and blasted through a wall further ahead then waved goodbye to Amy before leaving the laboratory.

Blaze turned up moments later as she slid by the room. She looked around before running over to Amy. “Hey, are you alright? What happened here?”

“She took Cream...for insurance. You go, I’ll be fine.” Amy said as she struggled to sit up. Blaze took her advice and took off after Lily. Outside the lab, Lily was getting onto a helicopter flown by one of Eggman’s robots. As Blaze jumped out through the hole in the wall, she saw the helicopter take off by the edge of the building and ran after it. Once Lily was safely abroad the helicopter, she took out her rocket launcher and fired at Blaze as she jumped across a few rooftops and knocked out several robots in her path.

Lily continued to keep reloading and firing, with Blaze avoiding the missiles completely soon before jumping up, grabbing the end of one missile and throwing it back at the helicopter. “Aww crap...” was all Lily uttered before quickly taking off with Cream using a jetpack while the Eggman robot died in the explosion. The size of the explosion caused Lily to drop the black liquid test tube as she flew off.

Blaze could do nothing but watch as the two flew higher and further away but managed to catch the small test tube Lily dropped. She then spun round and proceeded back to the lab to help Amy.

Later that day, at Tails’ house, Sonic and Tails were currently playing Pure Ownage.

“Hey, isn’t that the Loch ness monster?” Sonic said as he looked at the screen strangely.

“It is, and he’s tripping on acid!” Tails yelled.

“That’s awesome. Pure awesome.”

“Pure Ownage.” Tails corrected him.

Amy and Blaze walked in moments later, looking completely exhausted. Without looking at them, Sonic asked, “So how’d it go?”

“They got away and Cream got kidnapped.” Blaze replied.

“Ahh, that sucks.”

“Indeed. I can’t help but think this is my fault.”

“You shouldn’t blame yourself, Blaze.” Amy tried to comfort her. “Because after all I thought it was okay for Cream to accompany us, and I couldn’t find Cream fast enough after she was hit by that bomb…and I should stop right about now.”

“Yes, you should. Well I’m going to find her, and before you ask, I’d prefer to go alone.” Blaze said before taking off.

“I hope you find her.” Tails replied a second later.

Many hours later as it was getting dark, Blaze returned to find Sonic and Tails in the exact same positions as when she left.

“Did you find her?” Sonic asked.

“No luck. Besides, shouldn’t you two be helping?”

“We did try. Amy’s also been looking for quite a while.” Tails replied. “We looked all around Eggman’s current base, she wasn’t there, and neither was Eggman. You can have the second room upstairs if you want, Sonic and I will share a bed.”

“Thank you, Tails.” She said before leaving the room.

Sonic and Tails continued playing for a little while, then Sonic suddenly turned to him and said, “No snuggling this time though, okay?”

“When have I ever done that?”

“You’d be surprised…”

Upstairs in a dark room, overlooking the night sky, Blaze sat down on a bed and looked out the window. “I haven’t been as good at what I do lately. If only I was stronger…” Conveniently, the test tube containing the black liquid fell out of her pocket and the substance managed to get out as it heard Blaze. It waited a little while after Blaze had finally fallen asleep, and then slowly made its way along the bed and onto her right hand. From there the mysterious substance slowly began to grow.

There will be no extra stuff here, as I just didn’t feel like doing it.
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In real life, some people call me Jonny, Harry, Billy, and various other names with Y, and then some people call me Bob, because they think for some reason it’s funny. Those people are idiots. And I could be lying about this, your call.

Black Cat Saga: Chapter 31 – Wrapped in Black, Part 1 (I’m sure you knew I’d use it at some point)

A few hours before the present time, Lily arrived at a large ship, with the same design as the Egg Carrier, codenamed the Egg Cruiser. Lily entered through a hole which opened up from the roof, and slowly descended as she looked around the area, which also resembled the Egg Carrier. As she landed, she dropped Cream, who was still unconscious, and the black bag before yelling, “Honey, I’m home! Nice place you got here…”

Eggman entered the room seconds later in his eggmobile and floated up to her. “You got here sooner than expected. So, it all went according to plan?”

“Just as planned?” Lily said with a smirk. “Maybe so, but you see, the thing is, I kinda lost the black experimental organism…” She backed up a little as she spoke.

“What!? You lost the very thing I wasted my time getting?!?” Eggman was obviously furious over the news.

“But what about the other stuff they had?” Lily replied, pointing at the bag.

“Well yes, that’s also helpful, but what you lost was quite valuable.”

“Well don’t worry, because I planned ahead so I’ll find it in no time.” Lily slid over to the left and pulled out poster, which displayed nine boxes, three on each row. The box in the middle of the poster displayed a red and blue circle with a SB symbol on it, while the other eight boxes around it displayed various robots with slight differences and names displayed under their pictures. “I’ve created eight robot guardians to find this black substance, which that cat probably has.”

“Quite impressive.” Eggman said with a nod as he examined the poster.

“It should be, since I borrowed parts off you to make them.”

“Then I will expect to see results.”

Back at the present time, Blaze awoke to find herself on the roof of a city building in Station Square. Dazed and confused, she looked around her surroundings, shortly before glancing at her hands, which were now completely black, as well as the rest of her body. Blaze seemed to be somewhat intrigued by this, instead of being quite concerned. After looking over the rest of her body, a dark raspy voice spoke to her. “So, do you like what you see?”

“What are you, and how did I get here?”

“I’m just a pet who needs a home, such as purple needs prose. Endurance, agility, power, you want it? It’s yours, my friend, as long as you have enough determination. I’m like a frickin’ cheat code! Go on, take me out for a test spin, go nuts.”

“If you insist.” Blaze crouched before taking off and leaping across from one building to another 20 feet away, then she flipped and twirled across a dozen more with ease.

“You seem to have natural talent, we’ll be sure to bond quite well.” The black substance commented.

“Don’t get too attached, this isn’t permanent.”

“While going through this free trial, I’ll make all your special abilities easier to activate, and introduce you to new ones. Try running on all fours.”

“I could already do that, I just choose not to, because it’s unnecessary.”

“If you say so.”

As Blaze ran along a rooftop a bit further ahead, she managed to see three little bombs drop down and quickly jumped, avoiding a large explosion. As she landed, she looked to the roof north-west to see a humanoid grey robot with a bomb fuse on its head, a jacket with bombs placed over it, and the word ‘Stuff’ written on its chest. “I finally found you. I’m Mini-Boss Guy, and I need that black thing you’re wearing.”

“Get lost, I’m busy.”

“Fine, we’ll do it the hard way.” He said, removing a few bombs from his chest.

“Let’s try and finish this quick.” The black substance said.

A second later, Mini-Boss Guy threw the three bombs, which Blaze dodged by moving left and right. She jumped towards him and attacked with a flying kick, which missed as Mini-Boss Guy ran to another rooftop and threw several bombs towards her at once. The blast blew up the roof of the building and sent her flying before she recovered in mid-air and landed perfectly on a rail by a balcony. She moved as Mini-Boss Guy threw another bomb, somersaulted in the middle of the city, grabbed a streetlamp and spun round it three times before flipping up towards the roof Mini-Boss Guy was at.

As Blaze soared over the rooftop, Mini-Boss Guy threw several more bombs, which Blaze dodged in midair as she swerved around the building, spun into a ball and landed behind Mini-Boss Guy. As the robot turned around, Blaze kicked the bombs out of his hand and knocked him to the ground with a punch. “Now tell me, why are you here and who do you work for?”

“I’d never tell you, but I will direct you to this guy I hate.” He said, reaching into his chest and pulling out a note. “You’re pretty good, so I hope you kick his ass.”

“Thanks.” Blaze replied before turning her back to him and walking off. Mini-Boss Guy, thinking she’d dropped her guard, threw one last bomb at her, which she deflected back at him with a kick as she spun round a second later, resulting in Mini-Boss Guy dying in a huge explosion by his own lame weapon.

An hour later, in Lily’s room, her mobile rang as she was sleeping, causing her to wake up and answer it drowsily as she yawned. “Hello? I was sleeping, you know…What? She beat one? So, the game begins…and I love games.”

The next morning…

As with most usual mornings, the sun was shining brightly, the birds were singing beautifully, all the cake was gone, and the grass was silky green. On the second floor of Tails’ house, he and Sonic walked out of one room as they both yawned.

“Man, I feel fantastically invigorated!” Tails said enthusiastically.

“It was alright.” Sonic said with a shrug. “So what caused you to buy that Pure Ownage game?”

“Well, after Amber brought it round, and we got to level six which featured a zombiefied dinosaur chasing us across lava in a buggy as we fought Vikings who also chased us in buggy’s, I knew I just had to get the game.” Tails paused for a moment before saying, “Plus Amber said she’d hurt me if I didn’t buy it.”

“That’s harsh.”

“It was in my best interest.”

“I’m sure.”

They arrived in the living room shortly afterwards, looking to continue Pure Ownage where they left off, but instead they encountered Blaze in her original attire sleeping on the couch. After a moment of silence, Sonic walked into the kitchen. After a few more seconds, Tails turned on the television and sat down on the left arm of the couch. Mads was on the screen once again, who then said, “I had some different things to discuss today but that’ll be saved for another time, due to this important update.”

On the screen it began showing footage of Blaze and Mini-Boss Guy’s fight as Mads continued talking. “According to various sources, around midnight yesterday at downtown Station Square a somewhat strange fight broke out, involving a black cat with amazing reflexes and a robot who threw bombs, and the footage was recorded by some black ninja person, apparently. We’ll have more on that later, so you’d be Mads not to come back…seriously.”

Tails stroked his chin as the segment ended. “Fascinating…”

Amy suddenly kicked in the door moments later and yelled, “Come on, guys! I’m all set to go!”

“Well I’m ready.” Tails replied.

Sonic exited the kitchen eating a sandwich as he said, “I’m cool.”

“Then let’s go! I know where we have to go, so let’s hurry! And what about Blaze?” Amy asked.

“Just leave her to sleep; we can handle it, no problem.” Sonic replied. The three of them left shortly afterwards, and as they did so, Blaze finally got up. She yawned before rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“Good morning, Blaze, are you ready for more action?” A fragment of the black substance asked.

“I’m not fully awake at the moment, but I’m capable of easily doing this.”

“Good, now just remember the code…”

“Up, up, down, down, up, up, up, up.”

After saying the code out loud, as if by magic, the black substance grew to a miraculous extent and covered her body completely, now imprinting a signature fire symbol on the back of her hands. She quickly jumped out the window and hopped over the fence in the garden before taking off down the street. She soon arrived at an abandoned mechanical factory, using the directions given to her in a note. She looked around the area to see no-one outside, and then proceeded to enter the factory.

Shortly after entering, Blaze encountered robot clowns in a massive room with collections of old toys to the sides. She punched and kicked them out the way as she ran through the room, up some stairs and then across several platforms with robot clowns on them until she came to another massive room. There were assembly belts throughout the area with hacksaws occasionally dropping down, which were originally designed to cut wooden trees, and there was no floor far below. Blaze ran across the multiple assembly belts, sliding under the hacksaws and running on all fours to reach one assembly belt far from her.

She soon spotted four robot clowns from a window to the right who threw bombs on her path. Instead of continuing to move on, Blaze spent half a minute kicking them back and blowing them to bits before leaving. After entering the next room, she began climbing a tall ladder with platforms on both sides, with robot clowns who shot proton lasers. Blaze causally climbed the ladder and avoided them, and then as she reached the top she leaped across various platforms and hid in small spaces to avoid hacksaws which came down from the ceiling. After reaching the end of the room, she encountered a steel door, which opened to reveal her target.

The generic robot looked the same as Mini-Boss Guy, but was yellow and wore a joker hat. He cheerfully greeted her. “Welcome! My name is Crazy Guy! Thanks for coming!”

“I need information, so you’ll either tell me or I’ll beat it out of you, your choice.”

“I’d rather have some fun first!” He quickly threw a bomb which Blaze slid under as she charged at him. Crazy Guy quickly took out a remote control and pressed a button, sending tiny clown cars after her. Blaze rolled her eyes as she crushed them instantly, then crouched and pulled back her right arm before charging forward and punching Crazy Guy right through his chest. She pulled out a piece of paper, and then kicked Crazy Guy to the ground. “Thanks for your help, and pleasant dreams.” She said before jumping up and then hitting Crazy Guy directly with a downward kick to the robot’s skull, crushing his head instantly.

In a location somewhere aboard the Egg Cruiser, Lily had Cream tied up to a chair in a neon green room. She was lying against a wall and tilted her head as Cream finally woke up. “Well it’s about time you woke up; your cat friend has started her assault. She’s taken down one of my fighters so far.”

“Blaze will defeat all of your fighters, and you too, because she’s kewl!”

“Maybe so, but I’m awesome so that’s not gonna happen.”

“May I ask a question?”

Lily shrugged. “Well, okay.”

“Why are you working with Eggman? You could be using your gifts for good things, and make the world a more peaceful place.”

“Yeah, but that would be boring. I’ll be back later, so continue to stay sugary sweet.” Lily quickly left and shut the door behind her.
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These pre-chapter comments are harder to come up with than you’d think. Some are planned ahead, some are made up on the spot, and some are disguised as pre-chapter comments in itself…

Black Cat Saga: Chapter 32 – Wrapped in Black, Part 2

A short while after the previous chapter, Sonic, Tails and Amy were walking back from the abandoned factory, feeling confused and in need of answers.

Amy sighed. “Sorry guys, seems someone beat us to it…”

“But who could have beaten us here?” Tails asked.

Sonic shrugged. “Maybe Knuckles thought he’d help out, or maybe Shadow.”

“Actually I saw them earlier outside the gym.” Amy replied. “Then they went to that diner place.”

“Well that’s strange…” Sonic said. “I’m gonna check it out.” Sonic ran off as Tails and Amy followed close behind.

Blaze was currently travelling along an underground path which was fortunately silent. The black substance spoke soon afterwards. “So, are we done for the day?”

“I’ll do one more, and then take a break.”

“That’s what I like to hear. We could be awfully good friends, Blaze.”

“I doubt it.” She reached a gate minutes later and kicked it down, travelled along a few more paths and then went through a sewer waterfall on a giant box. As she touched down and was drenched in sewer water before reaching land, she shook it off and growled. “I hate water…” Suddenly, robot sharks with boxing gloves jumped out along the sewer river and launched an assault against Blaze, which proved to be futile as Blaze easily smashed them to bits from every side as she travelled down the river.

She soon arrived by a large boat where one generic robot was sailing. The robot was light blue with a watering pot attached to his head. As Blaze jumped onto the boat, he began talking. “It looks like the target came to me. My name is Lame Guy.”

“Lame Guy?” Blaze raised an eyebrow. “Seriously?”

“Seriously, now let’s get started.” Lame Guy began chucking water balloons which bounced up and down. Blaze quickly jumped between the first two balloons and punched his head off before taking the note from within his chest. “I’m starting to get the hang of this.” Blaze said as she walked off.

“There wasn’t much to hang from with me.” The black substance replied.

Meanwhile, at the Station Square diner, Shadow and Knuckles were at a table, having a conversation about who knows what. Soon enough, Rouge approached the table. “Okay, after some exploration, I stole a purse from an old woman, candy from a baby, and a person’s brakes.” She said before pulling out a brake pedal.

Somewhere far away, SA3 was driving a jeep across the countryside. He soon came to a conveniently placed area where a train was approaching. SA3 immediately tried to apply the brakes, as he was travelling at 65 mph before reaching the area. SA3 realized the brakes weren’t working, and then he looked down and saw they were gone. He looked up with a look of pure terror written across his face before ending up in the middle of the train tracks and uttering, “Oh shi-” before being immediately hit.

Back at the diner, Knuckles calmly said, “You didn’t try to steal the Master Emerald too, did you?”

“Of course not, you silly goose.” She hand waved his comment. “Besides, it wasn’t there…”

“And you’ll never know where it is.”

“Alright, see you round, boys.” She said before leaving.

Shortly afterwards, Sonic, Tails and Amy arrived and sat by the two.

“Hey guys.” Sonic said as he sat down.

“What are you doing here?” Shadow asked.

“Geez, no “hello” or anything? That’s cold, even for you.”

“Anyway…” Tails interrupted. “There are these robots which came up on the news, and we found out one was at this factory thanks to Amy, but by the time we got there the robot had been destroyed. We were wondering if you guys know anything about that.”

“Well If I’d known I would have taken care of it.” Knuckles replied.

“I’ve beaten one recently.” Shadow said. “Her name was Girl Guy, and it was pathetically easy.”

“That’s good to know.” Sonic replied. “So what could you two honestly have in common?” Sonic asked.

“For one, we both find you annoying a majority of the time.” Knuckles retorted.

“Whatever you say.” Sonic said with a shrug.

In an unknown location within the Egg Cruiser, Lily entered Cream’s holding cell with a plate of carrots and a mini TV. She placed the TV just ahead of the chair and then placed the plate by the chair before untying Cream. “Okay, I brought you a TV to watch in the meantime and some carrots in case you’re hungry, because, y’know, you’re a rabbit, and I saw it on a cartoon once…”

“Thank you for your kind thoughts, Lily, you’re being awfully nice.”

“Should you really be thanking your kidnapper?”

“Even though you claim you’re evil, I know there is some good in everyone as long as they’re given a chance.”

Lily narrowed her eyes at her. “You’re making it hard for me to hate you. Anyway, there’s your food and TV, go nuts.” She said before leaving.

A while later, Blaze had reached an area at an airport, after evading many moving planes, and smashing dozens of Eggman robots. She went through a gate located in a small corridor, which led to a large room where a generic robot high up ahead of her was waiting. “What’s that in the sky, is it a bird? Is it a plane?” the robot then proceeded to drop down from far ahead. He was dark blue and wore dark shades as he continued, “No, it’s a badass, fool, and he’s bringing the pain! Arm cannon on the fly, his name is Awesome Guy, he’s gonna blow this cat straight off the map, goodbye!”

Awesome Guy then quickly fired a wide spread pattern of proton shots which Blaze jumped over, then performed a spiralling downward kick just as Awesome Guy jumped back. They moved back in Awesome Guy’s direction as he swiftly dodged her attacks but was sent flying back to the ground by a kick to the chest. Awesome Guy quickly jumped up and fired dozens of shots at her again as she flipped around the area. As he landed by a few cars, he quickly tossed one at her. She hopped onto it, but was then hit by a second car before clinging to the back and leaping over it.

Awesome Guy fired several more shots which Blaze easily evaded in midair before flinging part of the black substance at his arm cannon, jamming it completely. He looked down at the cannon and said, “Crap, now I’m as useless as Lame Guy.”
Blaze landed in front of him and said, “You’ll be the only one here to say goodbye.” Before punching him left and right across the face, two spinning kicks to the chest and then finally punching through him, causing him to explode before she pulled out the note. “I guess that’s enough for today…”

Back at the diner, Sonny and Shade arrived and sat by a table near Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow.

“Hey, you guys.” Sonny waved. “How’s it going?”

“It’s alright.” Sonic replied.

“I’m just not going to say anything in the meantime.” Shade said. “Though I’d just like to inform people that I got Pure Ownage yesterday. Amber recommended it…”

“Same here.” Shadow replied. “By that, I mean I got it yesterday too. I’m now on level 7.”

“Level 7?!” Tails said in shock. “I only got it a few days ago, and the last level I reached was 6, which was awesome.”

“I’m at level 5 right now, you know, the one where you infiltrate the laboratory of robotic dinosaurs wielding flaming chainsaws. It was ridiculous to the point of awesomeness. I-” before he could finish, he was suddenly tackled by Bronze. As they hit the floor, Knuckles looked up and squinted. “Bronze…” They both got to their feet and began their fight, with them moving back towards the exit as they smashed tables, and Bronze lit one on fire by tipping a candle.

They soon reached the exit and fought along the streets, causing many cars to swerve out the way and crash, while one hit a ramp and flew over the two before crashing into another car and exploding in the background. The two entered a toy store just as Bronze quickly fled down a left aisle with Knuckles close behind. Down one corridor, he threw several toys, one of them being a tickle me Elmo which promptly slapped Knuckles across the face before he charged at Bronze. As Bronze fled again, Knuckles picked up a remote control to a toy plane, which he used to bug Bronze until he got close enough to punch him.

As Bronze got up, he kicked one toy shelf towards Knuckles, who jumped out the way at the last second as the other shelves tumbled over like dominos. Seconds later Knuckles gave chase as Bronze climbed out a window in the toilet, then down the street to a multi-story business. As Knuckles entered, they began punching each other in the face as they waited by the lift. As they entered, they stopped fighting and waited for it to reach the top floor in complete silence, which was shortly interrupted.

“So you got Pure Ownage?” Knuckles asked.

“Yeah, great game, I’m at level 5 right now.”

“You too? So what’s your current level, character wise?”

“Oh, well m-” The second the lift opened, Knuckles punched Bronze in the face. The two continued their fight through a large office, flinging papers and using desks as weapons as they passed SA and SA2 sitting at one desk. They soon exited the office and arrived on a balcony with a bunch of ladders leading up to the roof. Bronze quickly climbed the ladder before Knuckles and began chucking barrels down, which Knuckles proceeded to jump over as he gave chase. When they reached the top, Bronze tackled him, knocking them both off the roof.

After a violent struggle, Knuckles managed to avoid hitting the ground first. Assuming Bronze was dead; he got to his feet, took a deep breath, and then walked off into the sunset. As he did, Bronze suddenly opened his eyes and squinted, revealing yet again that he was far from dead.

Knuckles arrived back at the diner where some staff were putting out the fire. He appeared bruised and incredibly tired, and sat back down at the table. “Sorry about that.”

Amy scratched her forehead while Shadow raised an eyebrow and said, “Should I ask?”

“It’s better if you don’t.”
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Action, almost non-existant plot, lulz? You want it? It’s yours, my friend, as long as you have enough ru-uhh, free time.

Black Cat Saga: Chapter 33 – Fearing the Power of the Flames (yes, reference)

Two days afterwards, several events had passed, including Mads rescuing two models from a generic robot called Otaku Guy that he destroyed, which pained him to do so, but he felt it was necessary. Other details crucial to the plot was a trap designed to detonate a building which the note Blaze picked up led to, but she was luckily warned by the black organism’s senses, but was left with no further directions.

Lily was currently typing in commands on a control system in one room aboard the Egg Carrier when Eggman suddenly entered the room. “So Lily, what progress have you made so far?” He said as he walked across the room.

Lily scratched the back of her forehead as she turned around. “Well...none. Most of my robots have been destroyed recently, but hold on! The last ones will surely finish the job, and if not, they’ll lead her to me and I’ll use a devious scheme to kill her.” She then nodded.

“Very well, have you heard from Nega recently?”

“He’s on vacation in Florida. I told him about the current situation, but he said he’d kill Blaze when his vacation is over. I also haven’t heard from Virus and Rose in a long while.”

“I see, well I’ve got important matters to attend to, I’ll see you soon.” He replied before leaving the room.

Meanwhile, at Tails’ house, Tails once again sat on the arm of the couch, watching the television as Blaze slept there. On the screen was Mads who began to read out some notes. “Hello again, people, as I’m back once again, but this is about the same thing I was reporting on a few days ago. Seems that black cat has been pretty busy.” He said as he showed scenes of Blaze catching criminals, saving people, and signing autographs. “We will now hear from Shade. Hey Shade, you’re on.”

Shade was standing outside a large mall with dozens of civilians passing by, as he held a microphone and spoke into it. “Thanks, Mads. I’m here in Downtown Station Square, where I will now get some feedback from the people here.” He approached SA4 before saying, “Hey you, the pink ninja, what’s your impression on the black cat?”

“She’s aight.” SA4 said with a shrug.

“Thanks for the feedback.” Shade quickly moved on to a mother and her young son to the right. “What are your opinions on this?”

“I think she’s awesome! Just like that fight between the red mole and the golem that I saw two days ago.” The kid replied.

“I already told you to stop lying, Timmy.” The mom scolded him.

“But it really happened! Anyway, I like the black cat, she’s so badass!”

The mother slapped the son, knocking him to the ground. “No Timmy, she’s kewl, not badass, get it right.”

“Yes mom...” he said, rubbing his cheek.

Shade slowly backed away from the area before turning to the camera. “And there you have it folks, back to you, Mads.”

“Thanks, Shade. So that’s all we have time for, yadda, yadda, yadda, come back soon.”

Tails looked over at Blaze, then back at the screen, then at Blaze again before shaking his head. “Nah, that’s just absurd...but then again…”

Later that day, Lily was still in the control room, watching an unknown sitcom as Rose walked in. Lily quickly noticed her and got back to what she was previously doing just as Rose walked up to her.

“So where have you been?” Lily asked.

“I had some assassination assignments one day, then the next day I had a date, then yesterday I went to Disneyland with Virus.”

“Aww, you guys went Disneyland? Why didn’t you invite me?”

“Because you’re annoying.” Rose said bluntly.

“Well fine then, but you’re really uptight. I’ve been busy building robots to get something from Blaze, which hasn’t proven very successful…”

“The fire user?” She asked, displaying concern.

“Yeah, you seem awfully interested.” Lily replied, rubbing her chin.

“As I should be, since I’m eager to face her without interruptions.” Rose crossed her arms and nodded.

“You take your fights very seriously…”

“Very much so.”

“So anyway, using a robot bug, I’ll be monitoring the progress of my feline friend. I set up something in order to lure her towards one of my best robots.” She said before typing on the computer in front of her.

Meanwhile, Blaze, fully covered by the black substance which now displayed a glowing red flaming skull on her chest and back, was running through the empty streets at night to where the robot held a few civilians hostage, along the way smashing robots apart and climbing over certain areas. She soon arrived at the location to see several people tied up against a tree, with a generic gold robot with the number’s “1337.” written across its chest in gold standing next to it. The robot stepped forward. “You must be the cat I’ve heard so much about. My name is Leet Guy, nice suit by the way.”

“Let them go.” Blaze said, ignoring the robot completely.

“Well I suppose you’d like to get started.” And with that, he jumped forward and pounded the ground as Blaze jumped back, causing a semi-earthquake from the impact. Blaze quickly leaped forward and hit Leet Guy with a spinning burning kick in midair, then kicked Lee Guy through a window as she touched the ground. The people tied up applauded the move as Blaze bowed, regardless of the fact that they were tied up.

Leet Guy jumped back out the window moments later and pursed Blaze around the area, trying to hit her with semi-earthquakes and only succeeding with one punch. Soon, as Leet Guy leaped up and prepared to pound the ground, Blaze hit him with a rising kick as he was coming down, causing him to explode into a dozen pieces as he hit the ground.

“Wow, she’s good.” Lily said, watching the action from the control room. “Man, my robots suck…”

“She’s just quite skilled at this particular thing.” Rose replied.

“Thanks Rose, I didn’t think you-”

“But your robots obviously still suck, there’s no denying it.”

“I hate you, Rose, I really do.” Lily narrowed her eyes at her as Rose left.

Meanwhile, at Tails’ house, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow and Rouge were gathered in the living room, with Tails standing ahead of them. As everyone’s attention was focused on him, he began. “Maybe this is just me, but I’ve noticed Blaze has been acting really weird lately…”

“I can agree with that.” Knuckles nodded. “Just yesterday, I came in to change the channel as Blaze was watching something, and I said “bite me.” In response to her reply, and then she bit me, and I was like, “Arrrgh! You bit me!”

Amy, who was holding back tears, then said, “S-she called me, “Delusional Stalker Extraordinaire!” she began sobbing uncontrollably. Sonic burst in laughter, which caused Amy to whip out her hammer and whack him through a wall.

Shadow raised his hand. “She called me an emo angsty loner, so I called her a flat-chested furball, we haven’t spoken since.”

“So Rouge, why are you here?” Tails asked.

“For kicks, I guess.” She said with a shrug.

SA2, who sat behind them, raised his hand. “I heard there was cake, is-”

“Sorry, the cake was a lie…” Big the Cat, who just walked into the room, put up his hand, but was quickly interrupted as Tails continued. “There’s no pie either…”

P.A.L suddenly switched on. “In case you’ve all forgotten, I always frequent this house and know what happens during the times of the day.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot all about you, P.A.L.” Tails replied.

“You always do, Master Prower…”


P.A.L spent the next two minutes explaining everything in great detail to the others, and Sonic who limped back in halfway through. After he was done, Tails thanked him before he went back to sleep, then turned to the others. “Well that’s insightful. I remember this kind of thing from a comic I read once, and a movie which wasn’t that great, and a 90’s cartoon, which was awesome. Also this other new cartoon, which is also awesome…”

“So what’s the full story here?” Shadow asked.

“Well, as we know now, Blaze has bonded with this black organism, and that’s bad. Considering it’s an experimental lifeform, it could only cause harm, seeing how it needs to bond with living tissue in order to survive, and replenish its life force. By bonding with someone, it would slowly drain their vitality, making them feel a little more tired, but not draining so much too fast so the host isn’t aware of this. Plus, it offers boosts to all current abilities, such as like fusing two martial artists together, and the more you fight, the stronger you’ll become. It seems to also affect your personality; slowly changing your current views into what the organism wants you to act like.”

“So in other words…” Sonic replied.

Tails sighed. “Black suit is bad, and we need to separate Blaze from it as soon as possible. So let’s find her and stop it now!”

“So you want to find Blaze, gang up on her and beat her up until the organism decides Blaze isn’t a suitable host?” Shadow questioned him.

“Well when you say it like that then it just sounds mean…” Tails frowned. “Also, this organism doesn’t like water, so that helps.”

“Why doesn’t it like water?” Knuckles asked.

Tails shrugged. “I honestly don’t know.”

A bit later, Blaze was fighting the last robot guardian on a large bridge. His name was ThatOneGuy and he was red and had fists made of titanium as well as super speed. The robot was able to dodge most of Blaze’s attacks and counter with his super speed, but was soon caught by her glowing red claws and then he was closelined, which Blaze saw on the Wrestling channel. ThatOneGuy jumped back and fired shockwaves using his fists, which Blaze dodged as she charged at him. She ducked as he swung and hit him with a spiralling, flaming uppercut which caused him to explode moments before she picked on the last note. “That one was a little tough.”

“Yes, if we’d have faced him first, it would have been very difficult.” The black substance agreed. “I sense obstacles nearby…”

“Time for some practice then.”

Just then, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy arrived at the far end of the bridge behind Blaze, while Shadow leaned against the side.

“We know it’s you, Blaze! We’re here to get that thing off you!” Sonic yelled as he pointed at her.

Blaze turned her head to the side. “You want a piece of me?” She turned round and flipped into the air, rolled into a ball as she spun rapidly, and then slid back a few feet as she touched the ground before getting to her feet and assuming a fighting stance. “Then come and get it!”

“Well that was unnecessary…” Tails said while Sonic, Knuckles and Amy charged at Blaze.

Blaze flipped over Sonic, surprising him and startling Knuckles as she landed in front of him, kneed him in the chest and threw him over her shoulder into Sonic. Blaze then ducked as Amy swung at her with her hammer, and tripped her up before somersaulting as Tails fired an arm cannon at her. Blaze quickly charged at him as he continued to fire, missing with each shot. As Blaze approached him, he covered his head, waiting for the inevitable hit, which never came. Tails put his hands down, and turned around to see Blaze who knocked him to the ground with a kick.

Sonic suddenly performed a spin attack on her, which she tried to hold back long enough for Knuckles to punch her across the ground. She flipped up and pounded the ground, causing a semi-earthquake which hit the four of them as they approached her. She charged at Sonic and kicked him across the ground, then continued her assault as he got to his feet. Tails aimed at her and fired, though Blaze jumped over the blast which damaged a small part of the bridge and spread smoke around the area.  Conveniently, the smoke made Sonic sneeze, and then he looked down. “Damn it, Tails! I thought you fixed this!” Sonic said as he ran off before the smoke cleared.

“Well I thought I did…”

Blaze was currently sitting down with her back turned, eating a fish popsicle as Tails turned to her and fired again. Blaze side flipped and landed on one hand, hit Knuckles with her feet then flipped again and landed in front of Tails before hitting him with a rising kick. She then effortlessly dodged Amy’s swings, kicked the hammer out of her hands and slapped her several feet back. Blaze then took the opportunity and ran off towards her next target.

Sonic came back moments later, now wearing the black shirt and pants, but still a girl. “What’d I miss?”

“She got away.” Shadow replied.

“And why didn’t you help?”

“Because right now she’s better than all of you.” Shadow said, pointing at the others on the ground. He then noticed the obvious as he looked down. “…I’m not gonna ask…”

“Good choice.”

After a while of travelling down empty streets, Blaze suddenly stopped and said, “Since I now know where that girl will be and where she’s going to, I don’t need you any longer.”

“What are you saying? I thought we were friends?” The black organism said in confusion.

“Friends don’t cause a serious strain on your health.”

Blaze pulled off part of the black suit, which slowly reformed and voiced its anger. “I’ve had enough of your mouth! It’s too late; all your body are belong to me!”

“My determination is more than you can possibly comprehend.” And with that, she surrounded herself with a fiery glowing aura.

The black substance laughed for a few moments which quickly came to a halt. “What’s this? I should be immune to her flames! Wait, these aren’t flames, this is the spirit of her kewlness!” The organism leaped off of Blaze seconds later, with steam rising from it. “You got lucky! One day you won’t be so kewl, and then I’ll be back…but in the meantime I’ll pay someone a visit…” the organism took off and crawled into a drain.

A bit later, in a secluded mining site populated by Eggman robots, Lily was loading some boxes onto the back of a train outside where Cream was still tied up. “Where are we going, Miss Kidnapper?”

“We’re delivering this stuff to somewhere, and hopefully we’ll do it before a certain cat shows up.”

Close by, Blaze was charging through some mines as fast as possible and came to a halt facing right as the path turned. She charged ahead, slashing at one robot, grabbing the head of another and hitting the third with it, then performing a rapidly spinning, flaming tornado attack which knocked out several robots in her path before she stopped and punched through a rock wall just in time to see the train in the distance take off. Blaze then took off along the trail after the train.
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I make light-hearted fun of most things, it’s what I do.


Black Cat Saga: Chapter 34 – Fights on a Train

Surprisingly, this chapter continues right after the previous one, with Blaze currently chasing the train using the paths provided ahead as Molten Mine from Sonic and the Black Knight played in the background. She reached full speed before jumping across a large gap and then going through a loop as she landed on the path further ahead. She then hit three speed pads which formed three quarters of a square pattern, then hit a ramp and flipped over a large rock before landing.

She moved along the straight path, slashing through the half a dozen Eggman robots with ease before leaping over another gap. She continued along the path which curved right slightly, while glancing over at the train on one path to the far right. She looked ahead and leaped onto a small cliff ahead, then quickly to another, then finally onto a path further right.

Seconds later she run up a steep hill where boulders were tumbling down towards her. She hopped across small gaps and sidestepped the boulders as she moved along, and then as she reached the top, she jumped down a hole leading inside. As she hit the ground, she immediately touched a speed pad and took off, the path curved right, then left as she passed a diamond mining area, she hit a ramp and twirled in the air, then ran up a wall and wall jumped to a path higher above.

As she moved on to the next room, several Eggman robots were firing at her from down below, so she swung round a pillar, landed in the middle of them and took them out with various punches and kicks before heading for the exit. She found herself outside running full speed along a path going up like a corkscrew, with over a dozen lava pits which rose up as she avoided them, soon entering another indoor mining area above.

Blaze ran along the empty trails, occasionally destroying random robots before soon finding a mining cart which she hopped into. She pulled a switch and it began to take off, leading outside moments later where it travelled along a path before jumping across to another set of train tracks over a pit, did a U-turn and flew over another pit, then went up a hill, and quickly came down again and stopped by the last set of tracks before Blaze hopped out and ran on ahead.

Back at an area near the bridge, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow were walking back, with Sonic still being a girl.

“Man, that was depressing…” Sonic sighed.

“Tell me about it.” Knuckles agreed.

“You should have brought a high powered super hose, Tails.” Amy said.

“I thought we didn’t really need it, turns out I was wrong.”

“You’ve been wrong about a lot of things lately…” Sonic replied.

“Well I’ll see you guys again when I feel like wasting some time.” Shadow said before walking off to the right as the others waved.

Suddenly, a young horse appeared ahead of them and came rushing up to Amy as it tried to tell her something. “Huh? What is it, Horsy?” Amy said. After a few moments, she gasped then climbed onto the horse’s back. “Okay, lead the way, horsy! Bye guys!” And with that, the horse took off and was out of sight moments later.

After a few more moments, Knuckles then said, “It’s best not to question it.”

“I whole heartedly agree.” Tails replied with a nod.

On the train, Cream looked out a conveniently placed nearby window to see Blaze slowly approaching the train. “Ahh, there’s Blaze!” She exclaimed.

Lily, who was sitting nearby, got to her feet. “I saw this coming, and when she arrives I’ll know what t-”

Just then, Blaze broke into the back with a flying kick, then punched Lily as she landed, knocking her into the wall. “I’ll say this once. The Slasha Blaid Saga is overrated.”

“No, you’re overrated!” Lily retorted as she got up. “You think you’re so kewl, but you’re not!”

Suddenly, Rose dropped down ahead of Lily through the roof, got to her feet and bowed. “I am grateful to see you again at this time.”

“Rose, about time you got here!” Lily yelled.

“Shut up, Lily.” Rose responded, and then turned back to Blaze. “I have no interest in regards to this, but I have been rather bored lately.” She suddenly covered her arms in ice, complete with sharp icicles for fingers. “Please don’t disappoint me.” Rose charged forward and attacked with a punch which Blaze deflected with her arm before being hit by the back of her second fist, and then knocked back from an elbow to her chest.

Blaze leaped forward and attacked with two punches Rose dodged, and then Blaze blocked a kick before punching her. Rose dodged the next two kicks and punched her twice in the chest and then missed Blaze as she swiped at her chest, only for Blaze to jump over it and kick her in the face. As she landed and attacked, Rose blocked two attacks before immediately trying to stab Blaze, who deflected it with one hand and preformed a fiery spinning kick which ascended into the air, knocking Rose back ten feet before she landed on two feet and immediately fired a dozen icicles at Blaze.

Blaze dodged them by zigzagging as she charged at her, and then preformed a fiery tornado which Rose dodged before a beeper went off. Rose reached into her pocket and pulled it out, and then spoke moments later. “Excuse me; I have a massage appointment in 10 minutes. I wish you the best of luck.”

Rose then took off into the sky as Lily yelled, “Hey! Who’s side are you on!” As she noticed Blaze was looking over at her, she coughed before speaking. “Well no matter, I have a friend who’d like to see you.” From behind Lily, appeared a black copy of Blaze.

“You again…” Blaze said. “And here I thought you’d bond with that creature…”

“Hey! I’m not that desperate for power!” Lily responded.

The black organism charged at Blaze and the two began their fight in one spot. The black organism managed to get in three times as much hits, bringing Blaze to her knees before saying, “It’s futile, Blaze, I know everything. All your moves are belong to me. You can’t win.”

Blaze slowly got to her feet in a kewl way, much to the amazement of the other three in the area, and then got into a fighting stance. Blaze hopped over a sweep kick and hit the creature in the face, then performed an uppercut before hitting the creature with a second fiery uppercut as it came towards the ground, then jumping up, grabbing the creature’s head and slamming it into the ground. As it slowly got up, it looked extremely aggravated by this, but the feeling quickly turned to shock as Amy jumped in riding the horse and head-butted the black creature out the window, knocking it into the deep dark pits below.

Seconds later, as the Groove Rush 2 theme from Sonic Rush began playing, Blaze somersaulted backwards twice, flipped while twirling 360 degrees, then spun round with her back to the camera before igniting her right hand. As she finished, the Boss Stage Clear theme from Sonic Unleashed played while Amy hopped off the horse, took out boxing gloves and punched right, then left, somersaulted and stopped a few feet away from Blaze, then took out her hammer and spun round several times before stopping and carrying it over her shoulder.

“What was that about?” Blaze asked.

“I never got to do it last time…” Amy replied.

“Well you guys can go anytime you’re ready.” Lily said as she waved from further away.

Blaze ignored her and untied Cream while Amy chased Lily around the back with her hammer. When Blaze finished, she asked whether Lily had hurt her, but Cream shook her head. “She was really nice to me, and even played games with me.”

“Well that’s comforting to hear.”

Amy stopped chasing Lily as Blaze and Cream headed for the back of the train. Before leaving, Cream turned to Lily and said, “I enjoyed the time we shared, and if you ever change your mind and decide not to work for Eggman, you’re always welcome round my house.”

As Cream smiled, Lily looked as if she was about to cry. “Cream…”


Lily suddenly expressed little emotion. “You’re an idiot.” As Cream frowned, Lily continued. “I don’t hate you though. Now you guys get off my train!” as the three quickly left on Amy’s horse, Lily entered the front and sat down.  “This was one crazy week…” Lily contacted Eggman moments later. “Hey, uhh, the rest of the cargo is fine, but the black experimental organism kinda fell into a pit and died…”

After a long period of silence, he finally said, “Hmm, I see, well no matter. Just make sure the rest of the things are in good condition and get here as soon as possible.”

“Aye, aye, cap’n!” Lily saluted before disconnecting, and then put her hand down. “That went better than I expected…I’d better get some life insurance…”

Later, Amy, Cream and Blaze met Sonic, Tails and Knuckles as they were walking back to Tails’ house.

Blaze cleared her throat before speaking. “I was fully aware of what I was doing, but I had limited control over my actions and personal insults. I am terribly sorry for hurting you all, be it emotionally, or physically. Though there were some things which I did entirely for fun, without realizing…”

“It’s okay; we all do crazy things sometimes.” Tails replied. “…It’s like she enjoyed beating us up…”

As the others were discussing certain things, a white dove appeared and dropped a little beside Sonic, which he picked up. He opened the letter, which read the following, “Dear Sonic, yours truly was too busy this week to show up out of nowhere and confuse you for the fun of it, but I should have some free time during the next saga, so bye until then.” Sonic closed the letter and looked up. “Huh, I thought something was missing recently…”

“So what’s with the horse?” Knuckles randomly asked Amy.

“I rescued it from a bear trap, and then beat up the bear. So Knuckles, shouldn’t you be guarding the Master Emerald?”

“I am, it’s in my pocket.” He replied before revealing it.

“How do you do that?”

“I’ve done it once before.”

“Then why don’t you do it more often?”

“Because you don’t shut up.”

Sonic stood by Blaze as the other two argued, and said, “If it wasn’t for the bad points, you should have kept that black thing around, as it was cool.”

“Maybe so, I’m just going to miss feeling as light as a feather, and like everything moves in slow-motion while wearing titanium gloves.”

“Rule of cool.” Sonic nodded.

“Indeed. And for a short while, that creature was the main thing I was wearing, so for two days, I was technically wearing no clothes. I just thought I’d let you know.”

“Cool ‘n stuff.” Sonic replied as he was no longer paying attention.

SA2 walked onto the right side of a set with some notes. In the middle of the set was a red curtain which opened to reveal an orange question mark. SA2 began to read out the notes. “Now onto the next one which is Cream’s short story saga, and I’m gonna go ahead and tell you now that it’s pretty much entirely filler. You’re probably wondering what on earth I’m gonna try and do with this one, and even I didn’t know until a few days ago. But I’m not gonna mention it yet.” SA2 looked up. “The sugary sweetness may give you diabetes, you’ve been warned…”
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If you looked at the title and went “Wat?” then I fulfilled my mission. If you went “Okay, cool.” Then it still counts anyway.


Ninja World Saga: Chapter 35 – Cream and the Ninja Nation

It was two days after Blaze had gotten rid of the black experimental organism and the events which followed afterwards. In the middle of the Antarctic, early in the morning, Sonic and Tails were speeding along a wide trail of snow in the Tornado which was recently customized into a bobsled, as Cool Edge Day from Sonic Unleashed played in the background.

As the camera panned out, a few penguins were making a snowman. Sonic and Tails sped by and went right through it moments later as they went down heaps of snow on the straight path. Tails soon turned right before he smashed into a wall, and continued going. Sonic spotted a cave to his right soon after, hopped out of the bobsled and ran in. He ran along a narrow path with multi-coloured crystals on the sides, which quickly went southwest, before it went east again.

Sonic then ran through three Eggman robots along the very same path which soon curved right, then to the left, before he evaded three randomly placed giant ice cubes. He then hit a speed pad and ran along a falling ice bridge, hit another speed pad and ran along one to the right, and then he jumped over a pit and hit a spring, launching him over three Eggman robots which he quickly eliminated with three consecutive spin attacks. As he left the cave, he jumped into the bobsled as Tails quickly sped past.

Just then, several giant icicles landed in the snow, which Tails avoided as they passed by them, and then they hit a ramp and flipped twice before landing. They then went down two small hills, through a loop and eventually drove right through four Eggman robots before Tails turned left and ejected the wings as they drove to the sea. 

A bit later that morning, Sally Sue was causing random destruction in a city, and was able to take a free television just by asking the store manager nicely. As she walked out, the television was hit by a chaos spear, busting it. Sally angrily looked far ahead to see Shadow sitting on a red car, while Omega stood next to it. Rouge floated down a second later and sat on the hood. (Just so you know, Sally isn’t referencing a certain character from a certain show. I honestly have nothing against her whatsoever.)

Sally Sue tossed the television at the car, just before Shadow leaped off it and charged at her. Omega fired a missile which she caught with one hand, then sent Shadow flying back with a solarbeam from her other hand. She threw the missile at Rouge, which she easily avoided and attacked Sally from midair. Sally Sue soon grabbed her foot and slammed her into the ground. As she did so, Shadow hit Sally with a spin attack, then jumped out the way as Omega hit her with a dozen missiles and finally a large beam.

Sally Sue got to her feet, seeming unharmed and laughing maniacally. “Silly fools! I am almighty! I cannot be beaten!” Suddenly, she tripped on a nearby rock and hit her head on the pavement, knocking her unconscious.

Shadow breathed a sigh of relief. “The people I have to deal with these days…”

Meanwhile, at Tails’ house, Tails was in his basement laboratory constructing something special. Cream entered the basement and waved to Tails as she spotted him. “Hi Tails! Are you making something special?”

“I guess you could say that.” Tails raised his head. “Something happened recently, and it got me thinking…”


An hour earlier, Tails sat in the living room, watching TV when Amber suddenly kicked in the door and stormed in. “Tails! What level are you at?!” she yelled.

“On Pure Ownage? I’ve just recently gotten to level 8, where you fight radioactive robot ghosts on a flaming meteor while you have to deactivate a series of bombs in 69 seconds. Amazing stuff.”

“That’s not good enough, Tails! I want you to reach level 10 by tomorrow, or I’ll **** you!”

“That doesn’t sound very nice…” Tails replied as he frowned. “And was totally uncalled for. You shouldn’t joke about those things.”

“Fine, sorry. Just hurry and get there.” She quickly left seconds later.


“And so, after that, I got the idea to create my own game! I’m putting a lot of effort in, and it’ll eventually reach the awesomeness of Pure Ownage in no time!”

“So did you get to level 10?” Cream asked.

“Not exactly, level 9 is pretty hard.” He said, scratching his forehead. “So anyway, you want to try out my virtual reality video game I finished making? I’m sure you’ll love it.”

“If you need someone to test it then I’d be happy to help.” Cream said as she picked up a metal helmet with wires attached to it, placed it on her head and sat in a chair nearby before Tails switched it on.

After a short period of darkness of multi-coloured dots in random spots, Cream opened her eyes and found herself on a stone pavement in the middle of a mountain area with a ninja sanctuary just further ahead. She walked along the path in front of her, admiring the peaceful and breathtaking scenery, complete with a waterfall in the background. But, as if right on queue, this was interrupted by robotic knights who exited the sanctuary further ahead before one pointed at Cream. “A witness! Get her!”

As they charged at her, she noticed part of the sanctuary was on the fire and fled in the opposite direction. After a few moments, she heard a mysterious voice in her head. “Young rabbit, we ninjas may be in need of your service to help against the robot knights. If you wish to help us, meet me on the other side of the sanctuary.” Cream thought for a second, then spun round and head butted one robot in the crotch and ran past as she yelled, “Terribly sorry!” In the sanctuary were several dozens of knights and ninjas who were engaged in combat throughout the area as buildings burned around them, including SA and SA2 who were easily taking on a dozen at once with their eyes closed. 

Cream continued on, avoiding the knights that attempted to attack her. She soon reached a building near the end which remained untouched, and by it stood Knuckles who wore a red ninja suit and had a fist symbol on his chest. He got into a fighting stance as she arrived. “You’ve proved your courageousness by coming here, but it takes more than that to be a supreme ninja. Now come at me!” Knuckles charged at her and swung as she rolled under his fist.

“Knuckles, what are you doing here? And why are we fighting?” Knuckles ignored her as he continued to attack, with Cream choosing to dodge his punches. Knuckles soon punched her, knocking her into a wall.

“Why don’t you fight back?” Knuckles asked in confusion.

“Because there is no reason for us to fight.”

“For you to progress, you need to show me your potential!” Knuckles swung again, hitting Cream and knocking her to the ground. As he jumped up and attempted a downward punch, Cream leapt up and head butted him in the face, causing him to land face first in the ground. Knuckles got up and shook off the hit before saying, “Very well, decent but there’s room for improvement. For now, we need to get your wardrobe up to date.” Knuckles threw her a golden bracelet. “Now, we’ll visit a shop so you can get your signature weapon.”

The two walked across the field outside and quickly came to a weapon stand run by Tails. Knuckles approached the stand and said, “Hey Tails, I’m gonna need a weapon for our new visitor here.”

“Sure thing.” He said as he brought out a collection of various weapons by flicking a switch. “We got cutlass swords for the easygoing types; we got katanas, because they’re better. We got machetes, because they’re more fun. We got kunai for standard throwing knifes, smoke bombs for strategy and getaway opportunities, an-”

Tails was quickly interrupted as Cream pointed at a particular item and yelled, “I’ll take that one!”

Knuckles raised an eyebrow. “The yo-yo? Seriously?”

Cream nodded.

“Are you really sure about this?”

Cream nodded twice.

SA4, who stood beside Tails, then said, “Now, say the words, “Yo-yo!”

Cream nodded and raised her red yo-yo high above her head as she said, “Yo-yo a go-go, lady!” a transformation scene suddenly came out of nowhere as the golden bracelet flashed and gave Cream orange ninja clothing with a red ribbon on her forehead, a black belt with water balloons and crayons on the sides, and the 1-up icon of her face from Sonic Advance 2 on her chest. Cream retracted one yo-yo to each hand and looked over herself. “Wow!” She then looked at Knuckles. “Could I also have a cape?”

“No. It’s against the way of the ninja. Plus, it’s for your own good, enforced by what happened to Charmy…”

“What happened to Charmy?”

“He got his cape caught in a plane engine.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.” She said with a frown.

“Don’t be, he was a douche, always annoying people and whatnot.”

“So what exactly happened here?” 

“I’ll explain this.” Tails replied. “This nation was quite peaceful once upon a time, where ninjas were actually ninjas, stuff got blown up, and pirates were friendly neighbours…but one day, this uber emperor showed up and tried to take the land by force! He would have succeeded, had not four brave elite ninja chose to follow the dark emperor if he spared this land. This was many years ago, and there has not been one ninja since who could match the level of uberness which the emperor represents.”

Knuckles placed a hand on Cream’s shoulder. “But now we have hope, if the prophecy Amy spoke of is true, then you may have the strength to defeat this menace. I was to originally surrender as well, along with my fellow elite ninjas, but Sonic suggested I stay to protect it in case of future threats. Cream, you are our only hope to free the emperor’s grasp over this nation and insure future peace. Do you accept this mission?”

“I’ll do it!” Cream said enthusiastically. “Just point me in the right direction!”

SA2 stepped up to them and pointed ahead. “Just keep running ahead through the mountains, which happens to be the second level.”

“Okay! I’ll be back soon!” She yelled as she ran off, over the horizon.
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