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Sonic Z

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Author Topic: Sonic Z  (Read 2312 times)
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« Reply #45 on: 26 June, 2009, 06:11:33 pm »

A cake isn’t that great without the filling.

Ninja World Saga: Chapter 36 – To Be a Ninja

Just a minute after the previous chapter, Cream was running down a large field upon the mountains where Knuckles communicated with her telepathically. “Cream, I’ll be speaking to you telepathically from here on out and inform you of the basics in the meantime.
“How can you do that?” Cream asked as she whacked one robot across the face with her yo-yo.

Elite ninjas can do a lot of things. Now, as you’ll obviously know, your yo-yo is used for standard attacks, and you can chain up a variety of combo attacks using different buttons. It can also be used to evade attacks as well as throwing objects from nearby at enemies, try it out on the group ahead.” Knuckles said as Cream came to a well with six pillars around it and a dozen enemies nearby.

Cream dodged all the attacks by somersaulting out the way before counterattacking from behind. She knocked half of them unconscious, clung onto a pillar using both yo-yo’s and swung it at the others, knocking out three. She then kicked one into another and then accidentally knocked the last one down the well before running off.

Nice work. Part of your abilities include the power to temporarily slow down time to evade attacks easily and shock your foes with your spectacular speed. It’s mainly a trait for elite ninjas.

“Then why didn’t you have it?”

I wasn’t fighting you seriously. Now the guys coming up carrying long swords are dangerous, slow motion is recommended.

Cream ran down a circular mountain and towards the few heavily armoured knights under a bridge. Cream blocked as they swung, then attacked the second they became vulnerable, while only activating slow motion during unblockable attacks. She ducked under one sword swing, then jumped over another from behind before creating a tornado by rapidly spinning with her yo-yo’s, sending them all flying as she sped off again.

Good job once again, you’ll be approaching some small cliffs leading to a castle gate where various towns lay, as well as the emperor’s castle. Press A to jump, then again in the air to double jump.

Cream quickly came to three cliffs just ahead of her. She jumped onto the first two, then double jumped onto the third, leading to a wooden gate just ahead with two archers above the gate, aiming at Cream.

Remember that you can deflect the arrows, give it a shot.

And Cream did, defeating the two archers within 15 seconds and opening to gate by hitting a switch through the wooden gate using her yo-yo. She ran on ahead to a concrete bridge with statues on the sides when suddenly six soldiers appeared from across the bridge. One held a rocket launcher and fired it at the middle of the bridge, blasting the rubble into the air.

As it came towards her, Knuckles then said, “During quick time events, press the correct buttons shown on-screen to survive.

Cream nodded before jumping up and clinging to one large piece with her hands, flipping and landing on a circular piece. After gaining momentum she leaped to a long square piece, ran along it, and grabbed another using her yo-yo as she flipped and landed on the other side of the bridge, then threw the large rock at the enemies ahead, knocking them out as more showed up.

Use your…crayons? To get hits from a distance.

Cream took out her pack of crayons and threw one at a time, making them curve a little to hit their intended targets, and managed to get a headshot, which triggered an achievement in the top left corner. It read, “Your Head Asplode – Cause a robot’s head to explode due to the awesomeness of your headshot.”

Cream ran across the reminder of the bridge and came to a circular arena where Amy was waiting. She wore traditional pink ninja clothing, though her signature Piko Piko hammer remained unchanged. Amy pointed at her and yelled, “Your presence is unrecognized! Licence and registration please!”

“Hi Amy!” Cream waved. “Knuckles, do I have to fight her?”

"Most likely.

“And why haven’t you all got ninja-like names?”

We had a limited budget. Be on guard, Amy’s hammer hurts a lot, but it’s easy to avoid.” As he finished talking, Amy charged at her. Cream spent the majority of the battle, rolling out the way of her swings, and then attacking when an opening presented itself. Amy soon changed tactics and spun round in circles with her hammer as she chased Cream round the area. She eventually stopped when she became dizzy, allowing Cream to perform a 20-hit yo-yo combo then give her an uppercut with the last hit, causing enough damage to destroy a hidden device on her outfit.

Amy got up slowly, rubbing her forehead before noticing Cream. “Thanks for destroying that thing…hey, you’re the chosen one! I knew this day would come! Go ahead through the deep woods, but beware, Blaze the Cat roams that area.”

“Thanks Amy!” Cream said before running off.

“Good luck!” Amy yelled back.

Seems you’ve unlocked Elite Ninja Amy for multiplayer and co-op mode. Also, there are ninja scrolls ahead, as their purpose is to heal you. There are 20 golden scrolls hidden in secret locations, find all twenty for something special…” Knuckles said before Cream entered the woods further up ahead.

Cream ran through the dark and sheltered woods, knocking robots unconscious, running by an area of mines attached to ropes which swung from left to right, and taking out archers from high up in the trees with crayons. Cream threw a very sharp purple crayon at the last archer, which curved as she controlled it with an analog stick, and lodged itself in the archer’s eye, making him cry out, “ARRaHH, That’s mildly annoying!” as he fell out of the tree.

Tails was still currently watching this from multiple screens in the same room, and monitoring it while taking down notes. “The archer’s need a bit more health…” Tails placed the clipboard he held on the table and left the basement. As he entered the living room, he saw a table in the middle of the room with Amy, Sonny, Shade and Mads sitting round the table, and Sonic who arrived a second later. “What’s going on here?”

“Hey Tails.” Amy greeted him. “These guys wanted somewhere to hang out so I suggested they come here.”

“Nice house, dude.” Sonny said with a thumbs up.

“Indeed.” Shade added.

“That’s fine I guess, but you could have asked first.” Tails looked around. “Weren’t there five of you?”

“Crystal and Amber should be here shortly.” Mads said.

Just then, Amber kicked down the door and stormed in, looking fairly agitated. Tails, displaying a mix of shock and fear, hid behind the couch nearby. “Ahh! Amber! I haven’t finished level 10 yet, I’m sorry! Level 9 is hard so please don’t hurt me!”

“Huh? I just-”

“Ahhh! Run awaaaaay!” He yelled as he did so while waving his arms frantically.

“What did you say to him?” Sonny asked.

“You said that thing again, didn’t you?” Shade questioned her.

“She’s said it to me a few times too; she’s only gone through with it once though.” Crystal added, suddenly sitting beside Sonic and dropping two lumps of sugar in her tea. Half the table only noticed her seconds later and were shocked by her sudden appearance.

“You’ve gotta stop doing that.” Sonic replied.

“The random appearances or the random information?”


“Anyway Amber,” Mads began. “You shouldn’t threaten to **** people, its wrong. You may think I’m being funny, but I’m not, I’m serious. **** isn’t funny.”

“It’s funny when it’s female on male.” Amber replied.

“That depends on whether it’s a surprise or just unwanted. If it’s a surprise then it’s always funny. If it isn’t…not so much.”

“Can’t it be both?”


“The half robot guy is right.” Amy interrupted. “Tails is my friend, so I don’t care whether you’re a demon lord and could blow this place up if you felt like it, you shouldn’t threaten him with that, even for laughs.”

“But I-”

Amy slammed her fist on the table. “Just don’t.

Somewhere in China, Blaze was strolling down a high street with a shopping list and a grocery bag. She suddenly looked up and said, “It feels like something was just stolen from me…”

Back in the video game world, Cream slid down a slope in the woods on a discarded robot’s body and came to a small empty village where Blaze was waiting just ahead, who wore purple ninja clothing. “You are trespassing on these grounds. I command you to state your name and rank.”

“Hi other Blaze, my name is Cream, and I’m the chosen one.”

“The chosen one?” Blaze drew a katana and ignited it in flames. “I shall end your life here so my beloved emperor need not worry. Prepare yourself!”

She’s got good strength and speed, but doesn’t really excel in any areas. Though she’s pyrokinetic, so it’s all good, just keep your guard up at all times.” Knuckles said telepathically.

Blaze charged at her, swinging the blade wildly as Cream evaded the attacks and countered while Blaze blocked them. Blaze caused a large number of cuts around Cream’s body and to her outfit as she attacked from behind, just before Cream managed to duck under her last swing, grab the blade using one yo-yo, and fling it across the village before hitting the electronic control device somewhere on her chest.

Blaze dropped to her knees as she was freed from its control. “Thank you, Cream. You fought bravely to save me, so I will assist you if you choose to accept me.”

“Of course you can help me, Blaze. Do you know which way to the emperor’s castle?” Cream asked.

“Just ahead is a town, I do not fully remember the way so you’ll be better off asking the civilians there. Good luck, young ninja.”

Cream waved goodbye and journeyed onto the next area further ahead, as Knuckles spoke, “Elite Ninja Blaze is now available for Multiplayer and co-op.

Back at Tails’ house, Amber went in search for Tails, and eventually found him in a closet in a room upstairs.

“Tails, you can come out of the closet, I’m not gonna hurt you.” Amber said as she sat on the bed.


“Totally. I tend to take things a bit too far sometimes, and besides, I always hear that kind of stuff in those anime shows and such.”

“What kind of shows are you watching?” Tails asked in confusion as he came out.

“I think I’ve got the wrong genre…”

In the game world a bit later, Cream had travelled around a small town called, “Some Town.” Asking the various civilians on directions towards the emperor’s castle, but none aided her, and then she spoke to SA2 who’s only response was to give her 50 silver ninja scrolls to spend at shops and 1,000 experience points. As Cream was running out of options, Rouge the Bat, who wore a brown cowboy hat, a brown coat, and stood by a wall, called out to Cream who was ten feet away. “Hey kid, I hear you’re looking for the emperor?”

Cream approached her and waved. “Ahh! Hi Rouge! Yes, I’m looking for the emperor’s castle.”

“Maybe I could help you out with that, for a favour. There’s this mining area containing various jewels, such as crystals, rubies, and diamonds.” Rouge threw her a black bag. “If you could get me some of these gems, maybe I could offer you a ride to the castle.”

“Really? Which way is the mining area?”

“Just keep going west; it’s in a large cave so you can’t miss it.”

“I’ll be back shortly.” Cream said before taking off in that direction. On her way there, she ran past a weapons stand where Tails was once again running it.

As you should know, you can buy more weapons here, and upgrade any weapons you already own. Silver scrolls which you can find or receive can go towards this.

Cream continued on ahead and soon reached the cave, then quickly entered after taking a deep breath.
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Filler. It brings in the money.

Ninja World Saga: Chapter 37 – Pirate’s ‘n Ninja’s

Continuing shortly after where the previous chapter left off, Cream was speeding through a large cave filled with tons of treasure and plastic multi-coloured crystals on the sides for decoration. Cream jumped across several gaps and solid ground which crumbled beneath her feet while whacking any robot knights out of her way. Cream went into elite ninja mode as she ran at blazing speed down a path which continuously curved right as stone pillars fell from the ceiling.

As she reached the bottom, she hit a ramp and landed on one of two platforms after flipping, and by them were two weights. “Place your water balloons on one weight to reach the floor above.” Knuckles said. Cream then did so, and reached down to collect them before jumping and grabbing the ledge above. Half a dozen rocks appeared ahead while several knights approached them, throwing bombs as Cream jumped behind a rock.

“I dislike violence!” Cream yelled as she threw a water balloon which hit one robot in the face, and the splash radius caused the robot to explode and knock the remaining ones off the edge, while giving Cream an achievement. ‘Splash Attack! – Own five knights with one water balloon.’

After a minute or so, she arrived in a room with a treasure chest just ahead, and heaps of treasure and jewels to the sides, with SA2 gathering some of them. Suddenly, Sonic, who was wearing a standard blue ninja outfit, spun into a ball and landed on the tall tower of treasure before raising his arms in the air. “The main event has arrived!”

Typical Sonic, always showing off and thinking highly of himself. He’s pretty fast, but not that great in terms of strength. Slow motion is a must.

As Knuckles finished speaking, Sonic leaped off the treasure and aimed at Cream with a spin attack. Cream quickly flipped sideways and threw several crayons which Sonic deflected before charging at her. He knocked her into the air with a spin dash, and then leaped up and roundhouse kicked her. Cream quickly recovered and landed on both feet as Sonic charged at her again. She sidestepped his next attack and grabbed his arm with one yo-yo; she then flipped over him and slammed him into the ground just ahead of her, conveniently causing enough damage to break the control device.

“Nice moves there.” Sonic said as he came to his senses and gave her a thumbs up. “I’ll be up in no time; you just go about your business.”

Cream did so and collected the treasure chest, then placed a health ninja scroll by Sonic before leaving, with Knuckles once again reminding her that Elite Ninja Sonic is available for multiplayer and co-op mode.

Back at Tails’ house, everybody was sitting around the table again. Most of them were watching a show about something unimportant and uninteresting while Crystal got another cup of tea.

“So how was your day, Crystal?” Sonic asked.

“Okay. I killed some bad guys, and then came here, so it’s all good.”

“And do you like killing bad guys?”

“I only kill them if I have to. I don’t necessarily like killing them; it’s just part of my job. Our angels are different, as you know with Rose.”

Sonic raised a finger, besides the middle one. “Speaking of which, Rose doesn’t seem that bad…”


A few days ago, Sonic was strolling down a quiet yet lively road on a bright summer’s day looking kewl and whatnot. As he turned a corner, he spotted Rose picking up some litter and placing it in a dustbin nearby. He hid behind a wall as she spun round. “Hopefully she didn’t see me, but maybe I can follow her and find out something useful.” And so, Sonic spent the next hour or so following Rose around the town, as she helped get a balloon back to a child, help a kitten get down from a tree, and help an old lady across the street, while secretly killing a truck driver with an icicle for insulting them both. Throughout this period, Rose continued to look back, unsure if someone was following her.


Sonic continued, “She eventually got a massage and then went to the sauna, which was strange what with how she’s an ice type angel…”

“You’re wrong, Sonic.” Crystal poked him. “Rose is evil, pure evil.

“It sounds like your personal feelings are getting in the way.”

“It sounds like-”

Shade spun round and said, “Would you guys shut up, please? We’re trying to watch cartoons here.”

“Sorry.” They both replied in unison.

Meanwhile, in the gaming world, on the way out of the cave Cream took down a tentacled monster, in a scene which didn’t need to be seen, and arrived in Some Town where Rouge started up the engine to an operational version of the Sega Hang-On (from Sonic Riders).

Cream was in shock and amazement. “I’m in shock and amazement over the amazing appearance and shocking functionality. Where did you get this amazing and shocking vehicle?”

“You could say that I ‘borrowed’ it.” Rouge replied with a devious grin.

“Oh okay.” Cream said as she hopped on, and then pointed forward. “Let’s go!”

The two took off and out into the open fields. After a short while of complete silence, Rouge turned her head and said, “So why did you need to get to the emperor’s castle?”

“Because I need stop the emperor and save all the ninja’s from his evilness! Only I can do this, because I’m the chosen one!” Cream said, clenching her fist.

“The chosen one? That must mean you’re-” Rouge was quickly cut off by a typical robot pirate speaking from a megaphone as half a dozen dirt buggies approached them. “Arr! Foolish scallywags! Ye be in private territory, and we would have let ya go, but we like your ride. Surrender your vehicle, or prepare to walk the plank…even though there isn’t one.”

Rouge quickly sped up, resulting in a high speed chase as the robot pirates also did so. “Take care of them.” Rouge said as the pirates caught up with them. Cream nodded back at her, then stood her ground as the pirates on both sides began to cling to the vehicle. Cream knocked them back with her yo-yo’s, but eventually two climbed on. Cream quickly threw one into the other, and then threw a water balloon at an approaching buggy, which hit it and made the driver crash.

Just then, a large ship floating just off the ground approached them from the right side and began firing, causing heavy damage before Cream leaped up and landed in the middle of the ship, causing the remaining pirates to charge at her.

She hit one in the face with her yo-yo, knocking him out before throwing a banana peel to her right. One pirate slipped on it, and past Cream as she sidestepped, before flying off the edge. She quickly spun round and hit one pirate directly with a crayon. Then two robots approached her, one from both sides. She jumped over a sweep kick and grabbed its leg with her yo-yo, then ducked under the other’s punch and grabbed it with her second yo-yo. She sent the other pirates flying as she spun in circles with the two pirates, and then leaped up and slammed them into the ground, creating a shockwave which knocked out the remaining ones besides the captain.

“Wiping out my whole crew using only a pair of yo-yo’s and inferior items without breaking a sweat? Blasphemy! But I’ve gotta admit, lass, you’ve got mad skills, and maybe one day we’ll meet again.” The captain, who looked like the Eggman pirate robot in Sonic Rush Adventure, jumped off the ship, as did Cream who landed in Rouge’s vehicle again.

“Nice moves, kid, now let’s get going.” Rouge said as they sped off again.

Ten minutes later, they came to a halt near some woods by a building up ahead. “If I recall, the emperor’s castle should be up ahead. It’s a five minute walk or so.” Rouge said.

“Couldn’t you have dropped me off there?”Cream responded.

“I could have, but I sense something troublesome coming up. Anyway, you should be able to handle it, good luck, chosen one.” She waved goodbye before performing a u-turn and driving off. Cream journeyed on, being quite cautious along the way until she approached the clear building, where a yellow kunai was flung at her, and missed by an inch as Cream jumped back.

Shadow dropped down in a black ninja outfit and took out three more kunai. “You must be the chosen one. I assume you’ve taken care of the other ninja’s, but your journey ends here. I am the ultimate ninja; now allow me to show you why.”

As Shadow charged at her, Cream tried to communicate with Knuckles. “Knuckles, are you there? Hello?” She quickly jumped over Shadow as he swung with a fist charged with chaos energy. She threw several crayons which Shadow easily deflected as he spun round and charged at her again. Cream somersaulted to the side, out of the way before Shadow leapt up and threw three yellow kunai, one of which managed to hit her foot. As Cream almost stumbled from the sudden shock of pain, Shadow dropped down and kneed her in the stomach, then kicked her across the ground.

Cream slowly got up and threw a water balloon in Shadow’s face as he approached her. Cream quickly tackled him with a head butt and then hammered him to the ground in midair, destroying the control device on his chest. Shadow slowly got to his feet moments later. “The castle is just up ahead as you should probably know. If you really are the chosen one, then only you can free the ones being held as prisoners, and stop the emperor for good.”

Cream nodded. “Right! Wish me luck!” She waved goodbye as she ran off ahead.

After a minute of running, as Cream saw the tall average looking black castle over the horizon, Knuckles communicated with her once more. “Sorry about earlier, this golem threw a kunai at me, and when our eyes meet, we both knew it was ON! By the way, the ninja sanctuary burnt down, but don’t worry, we’re fixing it. You’ve unlocked Elite Ninja Shadow for multiplayer and co-op mode. Now for the final level at the emperor’s castle.

“Already? Shouldn’t there be a few more levels?”

There was going to be, but this is a beta, so it’s not fully decided yet. Anyway, good luck, and be sure to give them an extra ass kicking for me.” As Knuckles finished speaking, Cream came to a halt close to the castle and filled her weapon inventory again from a weapons stand close to the castle, run once again by Tails. Cream then ran on inside the castle using the front entrance.
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Insert filler comment here.

Ninja World Saga: Chapter 38 – Supreme Ninja Cream

As Cream entered the castle, she immediately noticed how cliché it was with the stone pillars, the royal carpets with lions wearing crowns on them, lit torches around the large room, and a dozen knights wondering around the areas up ahead. After taking a look around, Knuckles contacted her via telepathic communication. “As you can see, it’s much to be expected. You can either just fight your way through all the guards, or you can sneak past them all, and there’s an achievement for sneaking through the first half of this level in under 2 minutes without the guards seeing you.

“How do I know when I’ve reached halfway?” Cream asked.

When you get there, you’ll know.” Cream nodded and put on her serious face, as well as her ninja face, and proceeded to speed through the level by only moving by when knights weren’t facing her direction. After a minute and 45 seconds of running through near identical rooms, she made it to a tunnel just before the achievement, ‘Way of the Ninja’ popped up in the top left corner.

At Tails’ house, the others were still currently sitting in the living room doing entirely unimportant things. After a short while of thinking, Sonic suddenly said, “Hey guys, what’s your character alignment?”

“Character alignment?” Amy repeated.

“Yeah, what kind of person are you in terms of good and evil. Before I begin…” He turned to Sonny and yelled, “You’re a copycat! You’re totally stealing my gimmick! Get out of my house!” he said before pointing at the door.

“That’s cold bro!” Sonny replied.

“Cold as ice.” Sonic said as he put on black shades…and then quickly took them off. “Anyway, I seem to be listed as Chaotic Good.”

“Hey, I’m also Chaotic Good!” Amber exclaimed. “High five!” she said before high fiving Sonic.

“I must also be Chaotic Good in that case.” Sonny said.

“Copycat.” Sonic retorted.

“I would probably be Neutral Good if Chaotic Good means to cause unnecessary destruction for fun regardless of who you’re fighting against.” Crystal said, in her opinion.

“I guess so too.” Tails added.

“Same here.” Amy chipped in.

“I’d probably qualify for that too.” Mads said with a shrug.

“I’m somewhere between Chaotic Good and Neutral Good.” Shade said. “Depending on the situation.”

Tails got to his feet. “Even though everything is cool and all at the moment, there are still quite a number of things which need to be answered. Why have I never seen that pyramid before where you guys sealed away some ancient evil and yourselves along with it? Why haven’t we been informed on more than just your names and little info about where you come from? How are you guys vital to the plot? How did Amber beat me, Sonic and Knuckles so easily? And when does this story actually get down to serious business?”

Amber sat up. “We’ll answer the first sometime in the future. The same with the second one. I looked up all about you guy’s moves and such on Wikipedia, ya silly goose. And this really gets down to serious business in about two short sagas. ”

“For serial?” Tails asked.

Amber nodded. “For serial.”

Back in the gaming world, Cream was running down the tunnel as Shrouded Forest from Sonic and the Black Knight played in the background. She whacked several knights out the way as she charged through the narrow path. Near the exit, two knights carrying long swords in both hands appeared. She knocked the swords out of the first one’s hand and then flipped over him, then did the same to the second before throwing the knight through the rock wall ahead.

Cream ran outside, which seemed to be a small trail along a grassy path with a waterfall and rocky cliffs nearby. Along the path, as she went up a hill, she kicked a knight in the face as it spun round and jumped over a ledge. Cream then moved through a valley where archer’s above shot arrows at her, soon before taking down more knights and dodging more arrows. She then spotted a trail of platforms to her right by a rock wall and hopped onto the first one. She jumped to the next, then wall jumped between two walls to another high above.

She leaped and landed on the top of the wall where the archer’s were, and then made her way across, deflecting arrows with her yo-yo’s and proceeding to knock them off the wall. Afterwards, she jumped on a wooden log going down a river nearby which sped up rapidly. After several moments Cream approached the waterfall and jumped onto a rail nearby which curved from left to right as it ascended over the scenery. She soon jumped off at a bridge containing a dozen knights and a few archers, and she moved along, bringing the pain and deflecting arrows with the waterfall in the background. After getting across the bridge, she ran along a clear and narrow path to a second castle further ahead as the song stopped. She cautiously entered the castle, and immediately noticed the carpet in front of her was rumpled, so she straightened it. After a while of emptiness, she reached a force field with five spaces nearby and was left utterly confused.

Just then, Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Amy and Blaze showed up and they each stood on one point, deactivating the force field. “Looks like we got here just in time.” Knuckles said.

“Did you guys also come through the long way?” Cream asked.

“No, Sonic noticed the backdoor was open after you made it here, so we could just pass by and reach this point without having to go the long way again.”

“Just like a video game…” Cream said to no-one in particular. “So I’ll go on ahead and stop the emperor, wish me luck!” She ran on ahead a second later as the other’s wished her luck. She arrived in a large dark chapel with half a dozen lights shining through the glass windows around the room. The emperor stood near the end of the room with his back turned. He wore a black cloak and a red and black helmet over his face. “However cliché it may sound, I really have been expecting you. Word spreads pretty fast on the internet.”


The emperor logged onto a internet forum and looked at a topic titled, “Our day has come!” posted by FastestDoucheAlive. He clicked on it and looked through the comments.

FastestDoucheAlive: Gaiz, I just got word dat the chosen one is here, now it’s only a matter of time before we’re all free!
Original Username: Pics or it didn’t happen.
FourtyTwo: Hold on, I heard the same thing, so he might be right about this.
YesMan: I agree with FourtyTwo.
Unoriginal Username: hey shut yo mouth original. This **** is serious man. We don’t need that smugness.
SA2: I say we go help her blow **** up.
SA3: Hell yes! SA2 has the right idea, and I totally don’t know him in real life!
FastestDoucheAlive: Hey, are you two brothers?
SA2: Nah, only me and SA are related, SA3 and SA4 are just people we know quite personally.
FastestDoucheAlive: Ahh.
SA3: Totally.
Unoriginal Username: then why you guys not get with dat hawt ninja chick? You guys must be pansies or sumthing.
SA3: I’ve tried dude.
YesMan: I agree, about SA4 being hot that is. Why isn’t she on today?
SA2: Time of the month.
YesMan: That don’t make no sense.
FourtyTwo: I think it makes perfect sense, therefore it does.
SA: Hey guys, I just logged on to say that I’m going to cheer on the chosen one, so Unoriginal Username, I can’t come to your party.
SA2. What he said.
SA3: Same here.
SA4: What those douchebags said.
FourtyTwo: Sadly I can’t come as well.
FastestDoucheAlive: Watching my soap opera.
Original Username: Dude.
Unoriginal Username: gawd you all suk. Stupid ass ***gots.
SA4: No you suck! Crazy dumbass!


“So as you can tell, I was looking forward to this.”

“But why are you controlling some of the ninjas and trying to eliminate them all?” Cream asked.

“Ninja’s are overrated. So are Pirates, but not quite as much. I want to show this world that ninja’s aren’t as awesome as everyone thinks, and to fully accomplish that I’d need the chosen one under my control. So let’s end it here!” the emperor charged at Cream and pulled off a three punch combo, knocking her back with the third. Over a minute, the emperor effortlessly evaded all of Cream’s attacks, while inflicting damage whenever possible, until Cream eventually dropped to her knees.

“Are you giving up?” the emperor asked.

“Not yet.” Cream quickly got to her feet and threw three crayons which the emperor easily deflected before noticing one of Cream’s yo-yo’s was ‘walking the dog’ as it approached her, then suddenly rose up and knocked the emperor’s helmet off. Gasps were heard from Cream and the other five elite ninja who were able to see as the emperor was revealed to be none other than Vanilla the Rabbit.

Sonic shrugged shortly afterwards. “Makes sense really, what with Cream being the chosen one and all.”

Cream was so shocked that 100,000 volts couldn’t even measure up. “Mom?!? You’re the emperor?!?”

“Yes, it is true, but the time for talking is over! I’ll still pound you into the ground!” Vanilla charged at her.

“Since I have no other choice, I’ll use the seven legendary ninja scrolls I secretly collected.” Cream did so and went through a transformation sequence where she received a gold ninja outfit, a red cape, and her yo-yo’s were slightly bigger, encrusted with diamonds, and had razor blades attached to any free spaces. After some audible gasps, Vanilla took out a long stick, and the two flipped about the area, dodging each other’s moves before Cream finally kicked Vanilla’s stick in half and knocked her to the ground.

“It seems you win, chosen one.” Vanilla said with a sigh.

“No.” Cream shook her head. “Nobody needs to win or lose. Ninjas should be able to leave peaceful lives without being considered overrated.”

“Thank you for beating me up, Cream.”

“Your welcome.”

The five elite ninja approached one, and then Knuckles said. “You should probably be getting back now…and you’ve unlocked Uber Emperor Vanilla for multiplayer and co-op mode.”

“Right, but how do I get back?” Suddenly a portal opened up further ahead. Cream ran over to it and looked back. “It was great meeting all of you, and I hope you all get along in the future. Take care!” she waved while the others waved back, and then she jumped in the portal.

Cream awoke back in the real world moments later, with Tails taking down more notes. Cream removed the helmet from her head while Tails asked, “So how was it?”

“It was amazing!” Cream replied. “But why was my mom the final boss?”

“It made sense at the time.”


SA2 walked onto the right side of a set with some notes. In the middle of the set was a red curtain which opened to reveal a box of treasure. SA2 began to read out the notes. “Ladies and gentlemen, we all like to have a good laugh, but sometimes that can cross the line, and that usually happens when someone dies (R.I.P MJ) or when the R word is used. I’d like to apologize for my insensitive behaviour…also, the next one is Rouge’s saga, the Fujin Gem Saga.” SA2 looked up. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…”
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As surprising as it may seem, this one actually does have quite some plot involved. So, that’s all I really have to say right now. Enjoy.


Fujin Gem Saga: Chapter 39 – The Priceless Jewel

It was just a day after Tails had created that ninja video game, and certain other random things which happened that day. Somewhere in a town in the middle of Egypt, Sonic was currently female and wearing the black and blue clothes from before. As Arid Sands Day from Sonic Unleashed began playing, he ran through a large pile of boxes in the middle of the street, before spin attacking two robots a few moments later. Sonic drifted round a corner and approached an area surrounded with egg fighters holding up shields. Sonic smirked as he/she/it sped up, curled into a ball and went straight through them before leaping up onto a balcony just ahead.

Sonic ran across the balcony’s straight ahead for a few moments before leaping down and speeding off again, running right through dozens of obstacles in his path, making a U-turn from right to left before hitting a speed pad going up, then another going right. He quickly reached a few civilians being held at gunpoint by three Eggman robots. Sonic quickly spin attacked the three of them in quick succession, and then posed for a picture before speeding off again. Sonic ran out of the town and around some quicksand traps in the desert soon before hitting a spring and landing on a rail. The rail curled horizontally three times before Sonic jumped off and hit a speed pad, sending him flying off the platform and to a path a little below.

Sonic made his way across the desert area, dodging falling pillars and using nearby ramps whenever possible and he passed by more robots and ran through several of them. Sonic soon went through a large loop and entered an underground area. Sonic ran along the long path which continuously curved left, as parts of the rock fell below. Sonic soon reached outside and grinded along another rail for a short amount of time, and then jumped off and towards four randomly placed walls, ran down a corkscrew path and through another load of boxes as the song stopped.

Meanwhile, in the downtown area of Station Square, Rouge was flying over buildings to pass the time when she suddenly received a phone call. She answered the call and the Commander’s voice was heard on the other end. “Rouge, we’ve got some Serious Business.”

“Is that so?”

“Sally Sue has escaped recently...again. During her escape she kept mumbling something about a temple where a jewel of amazing power is held.”

“I know. I was chasing her, remember?”

“I see. Well, your mission is to bring back Sally Sue, but not before finding out what makes this sacred jewel so important. Be sure to take Shadow with you if you can hope to find him.”

“Understood, I’ll leave soon after, and finding Shadow should be quite easy for me anyway.” She hung up and soared off into the sky.

At Tails’ house, Tails and Amy were playing Pure Ownage, because getting past level 9 is easier with two players, and because Sonic wasn’t around.

“Look out for that pit of flaming needles, and that electronically charged chainsaw on the right.” Tails pointed out.

“You know the layout of this level really well.” Amy replied as she evaded them.

“That’s what happens when you keep dying during the chainsaw part.”

“Chainsaw part?” before Tails could reply, they moved along a fast conveyor belt to area ahead filled with moving chainsaws, which killed them within moments. “Oh I see.”

“Now you can understand my pain.” Tails said with a frown, but then he quickly smiled. “Oh well, lets try again.”

“I’m ready when you are.” Amy said as she pushed start.

After a short period of furious button bashing, Cream walked into the room. “Good morning, Tails and Amy.” She then looked at the screen. “Is this battletoads?” she asked after seeing them whack a giant fly with sticks and then kick it off-screen in unison.

“Not even close.” Tails replied.

In a park very far away, Shadow sat on a bench, staring off into the sky as he thought about his battle with Virus. “Hmm…as long as there is hatred and sin…that doesn’t make any sense…”

Suddenly, Rouge dropped down beside him. “There you are! What are you doing out here?”

“Just getting some peace and quiet, same as usual.”

“Well Sally Sue escaped and is said to have left to find a jewel called the Fujin Gem. I was quite intrigued by this information and have decided to also set out and catch this treasure before that walking bringer of destruction can get her paws on it! I got the map from this shady guy in the city.”


Just a little while earlier, Rouge dropped down on a street near Casinopolis and approached a man in a black cloak near an alleyway. “Hi there, a certain someone mentioned that you knew something about the Fujin Gem, if I recall.”

“You heard right. You must be Rogue the Bat.”

Rouge the Bat, and yes, you are correct.”

“I have several maps leading to the temple where the treasure is held, but I’ll just need my fee…”

“And how do I know you aren’t lying?”

“Look, I may be a con artist, a black market dealer, an elite ninja, or even an amateur fanfiction writer, but I ain’t no liar. Now you want it or not?”

“Fine.” Rouge handed him a small bag of jewels. “It’s worth 2,500 rings, or $1,000, or somewhere around £2,000.”

The masked man handed her one of the maps. “Good luck, Rogue.”

“It’s Rouge, please, get it right.”


Shadow sighed. “Do you really need this one? Can’t you just go steal some jewels from the nearest store or something?”

“That’s not good enough, Shadow. I want this gem since it’s much more rare and valuable. I need my fix! Plus we should probably bring Sally Sue back.”

“Let’s not and say we did.” Shadow got to his feet. “I’m only coming because I’d rather go explore ruins in Egypt than sit on a bench all day. I honestly don’t care much about Sally Sue right now.”

“So what are you going to tell the Commander?” Rouge inquired.

“I’m gonna tell him to go suck a lemon.” Shadow replied as they walked off.

Back at Tails’ house, Amy and Cream were sitting on the couch, watching the television while Tails was working in his mini laboratory again.

“So what’s Tails working on now?” Cream asked.

“Tails is making improvements on that interactive game he made, since the final boss sucked, due to him getting lazy towards the end. So he’s gonna make the battle slightly easier, and add some epic music in the background. The ending also seemed rushed.”

“Oh okay.”

On the television screen, Mads appeared once again and cleared his throat before speaking. “Okay, now for my usual segment. Today, we’re going to be talking about things that make you rage. Not just normal rage, but things that really tick you off. Let’s get some callers. And…go, caller #1.”

“Yeah, hey Mads. One thing which makes me rage are unfunny fads. Mainly the ones which are overused.”

“I can see your point there. Depends on the fad though.”

Sonny suddenly called in. “I think you’re going overboard dude. But one thing which makes me rage is the weather.”

Mads and the first caller also agreed. “The weather sucks now.” Mads said. “It’s either too hot or too cold, make up your mind! We got another caller.”

Shade cleared his throat before saying, “Airline peanuts.” The others instantly agreed.

“What is the deal with those?!” The first caller responded.

“Those are so lame!” Sonny replied.

Another man called in and said, “One thing which makes me rage is when I say something which could be taken the wrong way or be offensive when it wasn’t my intention.”

“I totally agree.” Mads said with a nod. “Like one time I actually said that this girl’s ass did look fat in this dress, and I meant it in the good way, but she just didn’t care.”

“I got one.” Shade interrupted. “The credit crunch.”

“Makes me RAGE.” Mads replied.

“GRR, RAGE.” Sonny added.

RAAAAAAAGGGGGEEEEE!” The first caller chipped in.

“Makes me RAGE so hard!” Sonny said again.

While a lot more raging was going on, Amy and Cream glanced at each other before switching the channel.

In Lily’s room, which was entirely red with a poster of the character she usually cosplay’s as during villainous schemes on her wall, she was sleeping. She wore red pyjamas and rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she suddenly woke up before picking up the phone on her desk a bit further from the bed. Lily phoned Rose and waited until she picked up. “Hey Rose, what’s up?”

Rose was currently walking down a street in her usual attire. “Not much.”

“Wanna go shopping today?”


Lily picked up a piece of paper. “Well, that’s what it says in my script. Besides, you could use more clothes. How can you stand walking around like that in this heat? Oh wait; I forgot who I was talking to…”

“Fine, what time, and what place?”

“The usual, and what are the other members of our evil team doing today? How’s Eggman?”

Just ahead of her, Eggman was piloting a large black oval machine which stood on four legs that shot laser beams. “Get a load of this!” Eggman yelled as he fired two laser beams at Sonic who was approaching the area, and who was still a girl. Sonic jumped over the first, flipped to the left and leaped off a car, then curled into a ball and smashed through the robot, and then ran on ahead as he touched the ground, while Eggman shouted, “You’ll pay for this!” before the machine exploded.

Moments later, Rose calmly replied, “He’s fine.”

In a place far, far away, at the Chaotix Detective Agency, Charmy was eating a bowl of sugar as he watched TV when Vector and Espio suddenly walked in. “Great news, Charmy.” Vector began. “Due to Espio’s abilities to eavesdrop on conversations without being seen…” Vector waited for a nod before continuing, “We got this treasure map, leading to a temple in Egypt where the Fujin Gem is kept. Now let’s get going while there’s still time.”

“But how come we haven’t heard of this priceless gem before and why is it in Egypt and where did the get the map and couldn’t someone have gotten the treasure already?! Well whatever treasure is awesome and this trip might be awesome so let’s GOGOGO!” Charmy responded as he flew around in circles.

“Please lay off the sugar, Charmy.” Espio replied.

Meanwhile, near the park, Shadow and Rouge met Omega and had just recently explained the situation to him.

“Your chances of locating the sacred jewel are estimated at 43.07%.” Omega stated.

“Then we’ll just have to look harder than you’re suggesting.” Rouge replied.

“I’ll get our transport.” Shadow took out a remote and pressed a button. Seconds later a black jeep arrived, though it looked greatly damaged. “Get in.” Shadow said as he got in the driver’s seat.

“That doesn’t look safe…” Rouge said.

“Vehicle functionality is stated to be 34%.” Omega added. “Chances of unexpected explosion are estimated at 67%.”

“Stop worrying, it’ll get us there, now let’s go.” Shadow started up the engine seconds before it turned itself off. “Just give it a minute…” Shadow continued to try and start the engine again while Rouge and Omega just watched.
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I got teh 666th view of this topic...


Cool 'n stuff.
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Ya’ll don’t understand. I coulda had prose. I coulda been a writer. I coulda been noteworthy, instead of an amateur, which is what I am.

Fujin Gem Saga: Chapter 40 – An Old Foe Appears!

After a long while of continuous engine breakdowns, Shadow, Rouge and Omega made their way towards a pyramid in Egypt as “I am…all of me.” played on the radio. Shadow parked beside two cars by the side of the pyramid and hopped out. “Remember where we parked, guys.”

As the three of them walked off, the jeep immediately exploded, prompting Rouge to say, “Told you that thing was dangerous.”

“Well it got us here and that’s all that matters.” Shadow replied.

“Tomb exploration mode engaged.” Omega announced as they entered the pyramid.

Outside a shopping mall far, far away, Rose sat by a fountain, eating a snow cone. Lily showed up moments later wearing a long sleeved, thin red jumper, a black shirt with black stockings, and blue shoes. And above all, her hair was in pigtails. “They’re known as twintails in Japan.” She said to no-one in particular. “I-it’s not like I’m telling you this just to be random, stupid no-nonsense girl!” She crossed her arms and turned her head to the side.

“Let’s just go.” Rose said before getting up and leaving.

Back at Tails’ house, Amy and Cream were playing Pure Ownage, since Tails wasn’t around and there was nothing on TV. Cream was picking up health items around the screen while Amy kicked a boxing tiger in the crotch, just before being interrupted by a news broadcast.

“Hey, I wasn’t done yet!” Amy cried. “And how did that happen?”

“We bring you news, live from downtown! Just minutes ago, this beast from the east began reeking havoc in the city streets. The police can’t seem to faze this being of destruction.” SA2’s camera zoomed in to show the black organism, in the form of Blaze, swatting cars across the streets and impaling various policemen as it caused more senseless destruction.

“That’s the evil creature!” Cream exclaimed. “How did it come back?”

“No idea, but I’m sure Sonic will stop that thing! He should hopefully show up soon!”

The creature continued to swat cars out the way with its extended limbs, knocking one car in the path of a little girl. As the girl was a second away from being crushed, something sped by and grabbed her. When she opened her eyes, she noticed she was ten feet away and in the arms of Sonic the Hedgehog…who was still a girl. Sonic put her down and said, “That was great. Sorry about that, kid, but I was waiting for the right moment. Y’know, to save someone right in the nick of time and look awesome as a result, and I achieved that.” Sonic nodded twice.

“I think I remember someone like you…” The organism said.

“You should, no exceptions.” Sonic replied. “So who are you?”

“I could go by many names. Inferno, Corruption, or my personal favorite, Death.” The organism said with a grin.

“I’ll go with Inferno for $200!” Sonic quickly yelled.

“Foolish hedgehog.” The creature which now went by the name Inferno, produced sharp claws and fired three thin waves of fire at Sonic with a swipe. Sonic moved around the area, easily evading the waves.

“If Sonic remembers correctly, attacking that thing head-on is a pretty bad idea.” Amy said as she watched on TV.

After a short while, Sonic flipped over a car which was thrown at him and charged at Inferno. Inferno quickly elbowed him in the face, bringing Sonic to a halt, and then kicked Sonic into a building further away. As Sonic leaped out from the building, Inferno dragged him back in with a downward kick.

“It seems Sonic doesn’t remember.” Amy said with a sigh.

P.A.L suddenly came to life and said, “If I recall correctly, it isn’t entirely Sonic’s fault, since he isn’t really himself at the moment.”

“What does that mean?”

“Tails seemed to mention that the Sonic currently fighting now had developed some form of personality for itself recently, so in other words, this Sonic and the regular one are like two separate entities, with similar traits.”

“Is that why Sonic doesn’t remember that creature?”

“Precisely.” P.A.L nodded.

Back at the scene, Sonic slowly got up after being hurled 20 feet across the ground in the street. Sonic charged at the creature once more, and then spin dashed in circles around Inferno as Sonic approached him. After a long while of doing so, Sonic hit Inferno in the face with a spin attack, sending him flying back and landing on his feet. “Nice shot there.” Inferno said, rubbing his face.

A double bladed spear suddenly landed right beside Inferno, catching him off-guard long enough for Crystal to swoop in and kick him in the face, sending him flying further before Amber punched him to the right as she arrived.

“Who are you guys?” Sonic asked.

“It’s Crystal, remember?” She said as she picked up her spear.

“Nope, guess you’re a friend of the other me.”

“Other yo-oh right, I don’t notice a lot these days…” Crystal replied, scratching the back of her head.

“I’ve probably noticed…” Sonic replied.

“So anyway, my name is Crystal Clear, and I’m an angel assassin. My measurements are 77-63-88.” She said as she felt her chest, turned to the side, and then spun around. “That’s in millimetres, according to anime, I think.”

“Sure, whatever.”

As Inferno got to his feet, he unleashed his claws. “I don’t care how many people get involved; I’ll tear you all to shreds!”

“Well, let’s do this, guys.” Sonic began. “Try not to suck, okay?” Sonic looked beside him to see Crystal and Amber lying on the ground.

“We’ll be up in a few minutes, we’re just tired.” Amber said with no expression whatsoever.

“Already?! You just got here!”

“We were fighting for about an hour, so we’re really tired.” Crystal replied.

While this was going on, Inferno sighed and turned his back to them. “Forget it, you guys are boring. I’ll be back to trash this place some other day.” And with that he began leaping over buildings throughout the city.

“I feel insulted…” Sonic said as he stood there.

Meanwhile, in the Egyptian pyramid, Shadow, Rouge and Omega had been walking down a clear narrow path cluttered with cobwebs for two minutes.

“I wonder how long ago Sally Sue got here…” Rouge said.

“Hopefully she shouldn’t be very far ahead, besides, if there’s any puzzles, she would have solved them anyway.” Shadow replied.

“Well that’s true.”

Omega scanned the floor with his thermal vision, which he just so happens to have. “The footprints appear to still be warm. Sally Sue should be ahead by a few minutes.”

Moments later, they came to an intersection with four paths. While Shadow and Omega wondered which way to go, Rouge put on a cowboy hat, boots, and a brown coat before raising her hat. “Looks to me like we gots ourselves some trouble, but this here map will lighten the load.” She said before pulling it out.

“What’s with that accent?” Shadow asked, but got no response.

Rouge looked up. “This here map says we should take that there right path.”

“How do we know its right?” Shadow asked.

“I also agree about following the right path.” Omega said.

“Good on ya, partner.” Rouge gave him a thumbs up.

“That poor accent is quite offensive…” Shadow said, narrowing his eyes at her.

“Ya’ll just need to lighten up.” Rouge replied.

The three of them travelled along the right path, with Rouge jumping over spiked pits, avoiding spears which came out of walls, and crawling under beams of fire, while Shadow and Omega calmly sidestepped almost everything. They made it to a small room with a golden statue of the Sega logo on a pedestal.

“Wow, we actually made it, and here I thought the map was fake…” Rouge said quietly.

“If a giant boulder shows up, I’m outta here.” Shadow said as Rouge approached the pedestal. She touched the back of the logo, which opened a door just ahead. They continued along the path, and soon hid as they reached a large room where Sally Sue was reading a message on a wall using a torch. After reading the message, she thought for a few moments, and then punched down the wall and walked on ahead. The others followed close behind as Sally Sue entered another room with a large chess board in the centre and stone blocks around the board.

There were four doors around the room, and a message on the fifth door saying that she would need to spell out the secret word with the blocks in order to enter, and that clues were hidden throughout the four doors. Sally Sue immediately tried to punch down the door, which sadly didn’t work, so she spent minutes trying to solve the puzzle but ended up nowhere. In the end she angrily stomped down the diagonally left path to look for one of the clues.

“It seems not even the overpowered might of Sally Sue is enough to break down that door. What a shame.” Rouge said as they came out of hiding.

“Yeah, but we’ve gotta get the remaining clues.” Shadow began. “We’ll get the other three in the meantime, and solve the puzzle after Sally Sue finds the last one for us.”

They all nodded and each ran along one of the last three remaining paths.

Back at Tails’ house, Amy and Cream were still watching TV when Knuckles walked in as he said, “Hey guys, where’s Sonic and Tails?”

“Tails is downstairs.” Amy replied. “And my Sonic sense tells me Sonic is running along a beach. Speaking of which, I wonder why we haven’t taken a break just to go to the beach…”

“I’m sure we’ll get around to it in the future, Amy.” Cream responded.

Knuckles suspiciously looked around. “Yeah…I guess that’s fine…”

“Is that golem still after you?” Amy asked.

“I never know when he’s gonna strike, so I’ve gotta be on guard at all times.”

“It’s really starting to get old…”
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So this guy pulled me over once, but I wasn’t having that, so I put on my kewl face, then everything was kewl.

Fujin Gem Saga: Chapter 41 – Like a Virus, Infecting for the Very First Time

At the shopping mall, Lily and Rose walked along the second floor. There was a fountain in the middle of the area and dozens of shops on either side. Lily pumped her fist in the air as she yelled, “Hell yeah! Villains out shopping!” which got weird looks from half the people around them.

“Must you say everything that pops into your head?” Rose asked.

“Of course, since it increases my likeability.” Lily nodded several times. 

“If you say so.” After thinking for a few moments, Rose then said, “How about we get some ice cream?”

“Now you’re talking!”

In one section of the pyramid, Omega walked down a few steps and changed his right arm to a machine gun before going on ahead. Mummies suddenly came out from spaces on the left and right, which he blasted through as he moved on. There were a few balconies up ahead with two mummies on each, throwing down pots, though Omega took them out quickly. Omega entered a small room shortly afterwards and began rapidly firing at mummies which armed themselves with swords and shields, dispatching them at a regular pace.

In another area, Sally Sue was travelling down several narrow paths filled with giant demonic spiders which came out of the walls and repeatedly attempted to attack her in groups. Sally Sue punched them out as she moved along, while she yelled, “Stupid insects! You probably thought I’d run off, but don’t count on it! I am Sally Sue, from the almighty and all powerful family in existence; now wet yourselves in fear as I punch you all to death!” She then continued to do so.

At the same time, Shadow was making his way through an obstacle course shaped like a ‘Z’ with things such as quicksand pits, floating spiked blocks, and arrows hidden in walls, as the ceiling slowly descended over time. Shadow made it to the end moments before he was crushed by the ceiling and arrived in a large clear room with dozens of pillars around and a parchment on a pedestal just ahead. As Shadow picked it up, Virus slowly rose up out of a puddle far behind him. “Well if it isn’t Shadow the Hedgehog…”

Shadow spun round and sighed. “It’s you again…”

“Hey old buddy, you see the game last night? The intensity was amazing.”

“Cut the crap, Virus, what do you want?”

“Bah, you’re no fun. Besides, what I’m after isn’t that high of a priority. I might be after that gem I’ve been hearing about, but I’ve got quite some time to spare.”

“If you came here for a fight then I’ll be happy to beat your face into the ground.”

“I should warn you, I’ve improved and become stronger since we last fought, so you may wanna consider using a certain power of yours.” Virus said with a smile. “Now, let’s begin.”

Shadow quickly fired a chaos spear which Virus deflected before summoning a dozen purple balls of fire which appeared to have faces. They charged at Shadow, who evaded all of them as they continuously tried to hit him. Shadow flipped over one fireball and caused it to slam into another, exploding upon impact. Shadow then blew up the rest using chaos blast and charged at Virus who lengthened his claws.

Virus sank into a puddle of darkness as Shadow attempted to spin attack him, and then came to a halt as he noticed there were dozens of puddles on the floor, ceiling and random spots in midair. Virus moved around the room using the puddles, occasionally slashing at Shadow and causing a few cuts.

“I came up with this one just a week ago, you like it?” Virus continued to gloat as he launched his assault. Shadow eventually took out a chaos emerald and attempted to activate chaos control, but the emerald was quickly knocked out of his hand as he did so. “That technique is cheap.” Virus said as he did so.

“And this technique isn’t?” Shadow retorted.

“I see your point.”

Seconds later, several sharp purple tentacles shot out from one puddle, trying to stab Shadow from behind just as he jumped to the right. Virus landed in front of Shadow and tried to stab him, only for Shadow to grab his arm, stopping him by a few inches as Shadow tried to hold him back.

“What’s the matter?” Virus asked. “I haven’t even transformed into a hideous form of my choosing yet. If you need me to push your buttons by insulting your precious deceased friend, then I’ll kindly do so. You’re overrated, you’re typical, and you hog the spotlight too much.”

Shadow’s body suddenly became covered in a dark purple fiery aura and his eyes glowed purple as he looked up.

Virus expressed curiosity over this discovery. “It seems its taken effect faster than I had expected during the level of power at the time.” Just as Virus finished, Shadow kneed him in the stomach, knocking him further back. As Virus looked ahead, Shadow appeared behind him and kicked him into one pillar before grabbing his head and slamming him into the ground.

Virus coughed a little as he got up. “Well, it seems my work is done, so I’ll be seeing you quite soon, Shadow the Hedgehog.” He said before sinking into another puddle, which made the others vanish as well. Shadow, who was still covered in the dark purple aura, ran down a path to the right.

In other part of the tomb, Rouge, who had just made her way through a massive room containing a waterfall of sand, puzzles involving stone blocks, and slowly moving along edges as well as jumping across platforms, reached the parchment. As she picked it up, a giant boulder suddenly came out of nowhere as a stone door opened up. Rouge quickly ran down the path, and grabbed a rope moving over a pit, then flew by an area of fiery arrows. She approached the exit where a stone door was slowly closing, and slid under the door, dropping her hat in the process. She reached in and grabbed it a moment before the door closed.

It took her a few moments to realize Team Chaotix were there, and had already solved the puzzle. Rouge got to her feet, shocked and amazed. “How did you manage to solve this without the clues?”

“We didn’t.” Espio replied. “Charmy did.”

“Turns out the secret word was ‘Pretzels’.” Vector added.

“Pretzels?” Rouge raised an eyebrow. “Seriously?”

“That’s exactly what I said.” Espio said.

“Pretzels are awesome!” Charmy exclaimed. “They got pretzels here, right?”

“I don’t think so, Charmy, we’ll get some on the way back.” Vector replied.

“Awesome.” The four of them entered through the fifth door just as Omega appeared, who also followed them in.

At the shopping mall far, far away, Rose was sitting by the fountain eating a vanilla ice cream cone. Lily, who had just bought one, walked over to her and sat on her lap. After a few moments of silence, Rose finally asked, “Are you going to sit on my lap all day?”

“Is that an invitation, Rose?” Lily smirked.

“Don’t make me push you into the fountain.”

Lily quickly got up and sat beside her instead. “Okay, just calm down, geez. You’re too uptight, you gotta relax. Just go with the flow, and make stupid jokes about everything to relieve stress and tension.”

“I thought you made stupid jokes because you were secretly stupid.” Rose said bluntly.

“Go ahead and insult me as much as you want, Rose, because I’ve gotten enough of that as it is.”

Rose turned to Lily. “Hmm? Does that have to do with your past? What was your life like?”

“Well I usually don’t like to discuss it, but I’ll tell you.” Lily cleared her throat. “When I was born, despite how good I was and what I did, I was constantly shunned because my parents secretly wanted a son, and they were non-believers. Even my classmates shunned me for being a know-it-all. A group of boys soon decided to put their thingies in my thingy, and I was hit by a car soon after. I woke up in hospital, with a disease called the lulz. It was incurable and seemed to hurt me when I laughed. I then died on the toilet weeks later.”

Rose frowned and morphed her right arm into a large sharp icicle. “You’re making fun of my fanfiction story, aren’t you?”

“N-no! I’d never do that!” Lily protested as she moved further away. “Okay, the real story is, as you know, I have a genius level IQ and capable of making basic robots. When these gifts started to manifest, my parents took advantage of this by having me make bizarre inventions and whatnot out of ordinary items, MacGyver style. I was soon somewhat famous, and rarely got to have some fun without people bugging me constantly. Now I can have all the fun I want.”

“And your idea of fun is blowing up things and attempting to kill people?”

“Well when you say it like that then it just sounds evil…”

“I guess I’ll tell you mine, but if I tell anyone else, I’ll kill you.” Rose said.

“Got it.”

“My dad pushed me an awful lot when I was little; in order to be one of the best assassins I could be, because his time had passed. We trained vigorously, and he showed no mercy during our training. Regularly would I end up with bruises and broken bones, so much so that I couldn’t feel the pain soon enough. I soon made a friend who gave me confidence to try harder, but that friendship was short lived, as my dad killed her, seeing her kind-hearted spirit as a sign of weakness which would misguide me.”

“Your dad sounds like a real douche.” Lily commented.

“Very much so. Anyway, we continued training, even though I was torn apart inside. I soon found out that it was my dad who murdered my closest friend a few weeks later and went to confront him. After a fierce battle, I managed to kill him, but he was happy to know I was able to do so at my age. My mother had watched me kill him, so I froze her in a block of ice.”

“But isn’t your mom also a-”

“So I froze her in a block of ice and learned to take care of myself which worked fairly well, since angels don’t normally keep track of others whereabouts sadly, and tend to keep out of others business.”

“…I don’t really know what to say to that.”

“There’s no need to say anything.”

After a short period of awkward silence, Lily finally said, “Well you’ve got a friend right here, and I’m not going anywhere. C’mon, let’s go buy some clothes!” Lily rushed off.

“Sure, why not.” Rose said as she got up and followed her.

Meanwhile at Tails’ house, Amy, Cream and Knuckles were sitting on the couch, watching TV when Knuckles suddenly looked out the window and saw Bronze standing there, who squinted at him. Knuckles squinted back. “Bronze…” Bronze jumped in through the window and tackled Knuckles. As they got up, they punched each other while knocking things over as Amy rolled her eyes at them.

“I’d appreciate if you gentlemen would kindly take your fight outside.” P.A.L said while Sonic ran by them into Tails’ laboratory unnoticed.

They nodded and did so while P.A.L thanked them. As they got outside, Bronze called for a taxi and hopped in. As another taxi came down the street, Knuckles leaped in through the window and pointed ahead. “Follow that taxi!” SA2 who happened to be the driver, did so and there was suddenly an epic chase scene as the two taxis crashed through someone’s garden, knocked down several trees, and drifted 360 degrees around several corners. They then came towards people carrying mirrors across the street.

“Mirrors in my way, I MUST PUNCH THEM!” Knuckles yelled as the taxi charged forward, he punched them out the way. The two taxis avoided civilians walking through the streets, and then Knuckles suddenly pointed right. “Quick! The fruit cart!” SA2 nodded and turned right, smashing through the fruit cart where SA3 happened to be standing. “I’ve gotta stop selling fruit during car chases…”

As they passed a red car, a mother pointed out the window at the two taxis. “Look Timmy, it’s a red mole and a golem in a high speed chase!”

“Just shut up and drive, mom.” He responded, clearly showing that he no longer cared.

The two taxis hit a ramp and flew over a building, just as Knuckles leaped out of the taxi and onto the one in front moments before it crashed near an underground entrance to a train station. Knuckles and Bronze tumbled down the stairs and got on the train. They moved along the train, punching each other, occasional slapping, Bronze kicking Knuckles in the crotch, and Knuckles jabbing Bronze’s eyes out. They reached the front where SA4 was driving and their punches and kicks messed up the controls as they missed their target.

The back of the train flipped up slightly and onto the second set of train tracks as it curved around the corner at full speed. SA, who was reading a newspaper and waited for the train, stood at the next stop. As the train passed by him, he looked up in awe and exclaimed, “Multi-track drifting!”

The train soon reached the countryside and fell off the tracks, hit several rocks on the way down and exploded before touching the ground, igniting the train in flames. Knuckles and Bronze jumped out, unharmed, while everyone else was also perfectly fine. Bronze slowly approached Knuckles, and instead of throwing a punch, offered him a handshake.

“Huh?” Knuckles asked, utterly confused.

“I’m tired of this now. We’ve fought four times now, let’s just put it to rest now.”

Knuckles shook his head. “Hey, you’re the one starting these fights.”

“It was mainly about honour. Anyway, let’s go eat; thank goodness no real damage was caused.” Bronze said as the two walked away from a burning train.
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All the cool kids are doing it.

« Reply #52 on: 25 July, 2009, 09:41:09 pm »

This is most amusing. I must punch them!
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42. it’s the answer to everything. Why wasn’t Espio in the Ninja World Saga, considering he’s the only real ninja out of the Sonic characters? 42. Why did the chicken cross the road? 42 told him to. The Number 23? More like The Number 42.

Fujin Gem Saga: Chapter 42 – Show Me the Treasure

In a place pretty close by, Sonic was in Tails’ laboratory, telling him about the wide amount of things he did earlier. “So I did some of those, and ran into Metal Sonic again. Maybe I’m thinking too much, but he seems to be following me around more…and the rest is kinda a blur. I somewhat remember beating Eggman as usual, but, well, it wasn’t me.”

“I have just the solution to this problem.” Tails said, raising a finger. He then pulled back a curtain, revealing an operating table and two high tech transporter devices near it. “Behold! I came up with it yesterday, didn’t take very long.”

“Just what are you planning to do?” Sonic asked.

“You’ll lie on the operating table, and using an x-ray injection with mini magnabots hooked up to a computer, they’ll explore inside you and find the pill.”

“But how can they find it after it was digested so long ago?”

“They just can. Once they find it and remove it, the problem should be solved.”

“Then what are those for?” Sonic asked, pointing at the two transporter devices near by.

“We’ll see, now let’s begin.” Tails said as he put some commands into a computer.

“I’m not gonna like this very much…”

Back in the pyramid, Rouge, Omega and Team Chaotix entered the final room to see a somewhat long staircase leading to the Fujin Gem which was platinum, covered in tiny gold pieces, and was shaped like a small replica of the number 42. They all looked up in awe at the gem; expect Omega, since he doesn’t have that function.

“It really does exist…” Vector said.

Espio nodded. “Seems the legends were true…”

“Then how come we never heard of these legends until this morning?” Charmy asked.

“He’s pointing out valid plot points, get him!” Vector yelled, just seconds before he and Espio both tackled him.

Rouge ran past them and towards the gem as she said, “Well thanks for solving the puzzle, boys, but this ones mine.”

Suddenly, the room shook, knocking Rouge back down the stairs as dozens of rock pieces began to form until a large Egyptian golem appeared. “Those who seek treasure will find only…”

“Only what?” Charmy asked.


“That makes no sense!”

Omega began firing at the golem while it tried so swat him, missing with each swing. While this happened, Rouge kicked the golem in random places all over its body, knocking it off balance occasionally. Espio began chucking shuriken at it, while Vector shoulder barged the golem. After performing a spinning spiral kick to the face, Rouge soon made the golem fall and explode for no reason. As the Boss Stage Clear theme from Sonic Unleashed played, Rouge hopped up the stairs, and then flipped multiple times before landing beside the Fujin gem and raising it into the air.

As she did so, Sally Sue suddenly flew by and grabbed it before landing. “Even though I should be angry, I’m not. Thanks for saving me the trouble, losers. Now I’ll be taking this, and you’ll go about your business.” As she began to walk off, the five of them attacked her from all sides, which seemed to make no difference, just before Shadow managed to kick her across the room as he appeared.

“Glad you could finally show up, Shadow.” Rouge began. “It doesn’t usually take you so long.”

Shadow growled for a second before announcing, “All hail Virus!” confusing pretty much everyone in the room.

“The hell?” Rouge said in response.

“That makes even less sense!” Charmy exclaimed.

“Mind equals blown.” Omega added.

“I honestly have no idea what’s going on.” Vector said. “This is what happens when we’re only in it for the money…”

“Technically, only you’re in it for the money.” Espio pointed out.

“Well someone’s gotta be.”

Sally Sue got to her feet and approached Shadow in a surprisingly calm manner. “I really don’t know what you’re saying, but that’s no excuse for what you just did. I’m going to kill you, and I’d prefer it if you didn’t have that purple aura…it’s weird.”

“I’ll make you suffer, non-believer!” Shadow yelled.

“No! That’s my line!”

“This might be weird, but I’ll just sit and watch for the moment.” Rouge said as she continued watching.

Meanwhile, in the mall far, far away, Lily and Rose were now at a clothing store. They were in one aisle looking at a range of clothing when Lily picked up a red sparkling dress and turned to Rose. “Hey Rose, I think this would suit you.”

“Not for walking down a street, it wouldn’t.”

“Sure it would. Just add a red rose to your hair, and there you go! A meaningful name and you look good. But you’d have to remove that red hat, which most people would have forgotten had I not just mentioned it. Plus, it fits your body type quite well; miss tall, dark, and snarky. What’s your cup size?”

“You’ll never know.” Rose replied as she kept looking around.

“Well you seem just a little bigger than me…”

“If you ‘glomp’ me then I’ll stab you.”

“You’re being uptight again…”

Rose turned around. “You’re being annoying again…”

“C’mon! Just let me grope you, just for a few moments.”


“It’ll feel good, I promise!”


Back at the pyramid, Shadow and Sally Sue had began fighting, matching each other blow for blow fairly quickly. Sally Sue hit Shadow with a flying kick, only for Shadow to recover in midair, land on one hand, then flip up as Sally Sue swung at him and throw three chaos spears which ricocheted off the walls. While she avoided them, Shadow hit her in the stomach, then sent her flying by kneeing her in the face. Shadow chased her and performed a sliding kick, only for Sally Sue to jump over it and attack with a roundhouse kick which Shadow jumped above, then a ground pound attack that Shadow jumped over.

Shadow rushed over and performed a series of attacks which Sally Sue blocked before jumping back. They both charged at each other and punched the other in the face with all their strength that they both knocked each other out, while the others were left confused and stunned. As they had finished, the area began shaking again, causing the Fujin Gem in Sally Sue’s pocket to fall down a small crack in the floor nearby.

“Well isn’t that convenient…” Rouge said with a sigh.

“Well there goes the money…” Vector sighed.

“I can get it with my drill!” Charmy exclaimed.

“Charmy, your stinger definitely wasn’t made for that purpose.” Espio said as Charmy got ready. “We should probably cut before Charmy really hurts himself.” Espio said as the pyramid was slowly coming down, while Rouge and Omega carried Shadow and Sally Sue as they left.

At the shopping mall, Lily and Rose had finished. Rose was at the till SA2 stood at, paying for her clothes while Lily passed by on the back of a wheelchair yelling, “Woo! Villains out shopping!”

Rose turned to SA2 and said, “I don’t know her.” before handing him the money.

In Tails’ laboratory, Tails had recently extracted the remains of the pill from inside Sonic, and used an unknown source of power from one transporter machine to bring back the female Sonic, so there were now two Sonic’s in the room.

“Wait, Tails, how did you just do that?” Sonic asked.

“To be honest, I just don’t know.” Tails shrugged. “Just smile and nod.”

“Awesome!” the female Sonic exclaimed. “My own body…” she thought for a second, then felt her chest and ass. “Yep, it’s all there! Nice shirt by the way.” She said, looking over at Sonic.

“You’re wearing the same clothes.”

“I am?” She looked down. “Awesome. I’m gonna need a name now…yeah, Sonya will do, because I just remove two letters and replace them.”

“Cool ‘n stuff.” Sonic replied. “Man, I look good as a girl…”

“I also look good as a guy…” Sonya replied. “Nice to meet you, Me.” She shook his hand.

“The pleasure is all mine, other Me.” Sonic said with a smile.

“I may not have made the right decision…” Tails said.

“What’s with him, Me?” Sonya asked.

“He’s just jealous, Me.” Sonic replied.

“Makes sense, Me. I’d be jealous of having two really cool Me’s going about as well.”

“Great minds think alike, Me.” Sonic nodded.

“Definitely made the wrong decision…” Tails said with a sigh.

Lily and Rose were now currently outside the shopping mall, with a few bags of clothing. As they walked, Lily began talking, “Y’know, today was quite good, wouldn’t you say so?”

“Surprisingly yes, I had my doubts but it turned out well.”

“And now we share a sacred bond and you’ll be my BFF.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Suit yourself, Rose, but remember.” Lily stopped and paused. “We ride together; we die together, Villains for life.”

Rose smiled as she spoke, “I’ll consider it.”

Lily suddenly gasped. “So it’s true, it is possible for you to smile! Virus said you also laughed at Disneyland, but my first thought was ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ because I thought such a stuck-up assassin was incapable of such a thing. It feels my heart with joy! Do it again, please?”

“No.” Rose said, returning to her normal expression.

“C’mon, just once more!”

“No, I don’t want to.”

“Your tsundere is showing…” Lily said with a smirk.

“I’m leaving.” Rose said as she walked off in the opposite direction.

“It was a joke, don’t take it personally!” Lily yelled as she chased after her.

Meanwhile, Virus returned to a dark room where Eggman Nega was researching information on a computer screen.

“My progress is running smoothly.” Virus informed him. “I’ve already infected two hedgehogs recently, but I need more. What’s that one Eggman seems to talk about a lot? Sonic the Hedgehog was it?”

“That would be correct.”

“Then that’s all I needed to know.”

Out in the middle of Emerald Hill Zone, Shadow woke up on the grass with Rouge sitting next to him, while Omega blasted badniks in the background.

“How long was I out?” Shadow asked.

“About ten minutes. So what happened back there?”

“I fought one of those typical villain monsters which somehow took control of my senses. I’ll get it checked out later. So what happened during that time?”

“Sally Sue stole the gem, you beat her up 1-on-1, the gem fell down a crack and I was unable to find it. Sally Sue was disappointed that I didn’t have it when she woke up, and complained about not being able to bring her back without the necessary items.”

“Bring her back?” Shadow arched an eyebrow. “Bring back who?”

“Her older sister, Mary Sue. She required a number of items to bring Mary Sue back from a void she’s currently trapped in, for unknown reasons. As you can guess, it’s in our best interest to make sure this doesn’t happen.”

“Mary Sue, huh? I’ve heard about her…”

“Pretty much everyone has. Oh, by the way, the Commander said they ran out of lemons, so we should get our asses back to HQ.”

“Right.” Shadow got to his feet. “Let’s get going then.” The two walked off, followed by Omega who joined them several moments later.

SA2 walked onto the right side of a set with some notes. In the middle of the set was a red curtain which opened to reveal Team Chaotix in the middle of a wasteland, about to take on robot monkey ninjas. SA2 began to read out the notes. “The next one is to do with Team Chaotix, because I said so, and for another reason I won’t mention. So stay tuned for the Escort Saga.” SA2 looked up. “Lame name, but I didn’t have much to work with.”

This is all for now since I’ll be going to Egypt for the majority of August, so I’ll probably update when I get back, at some point within the last week or so of August. So take care until then.
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I’m back, and this time it’s serial. The original draft of this was deleted when my PC decided it didn’t feel like working the day when I got back, and I had to type this all up again, so I may have missed a few things due to this rage inducing convenience which happens to me regularly.

I’ve also experienced some depressing personal news recently, which won’t be leaving me very cheerful for quite a while, but it shouldn’t affect my ability to spread lulz...hopefully.


Escort Saga: Chapter 43 – An S-Ranked Escort Mission

It was a few days after the Fujin Gem disappeared, along with a random pyramid, even though it seemed more like a month than a few days, but obviously don’t know what I’m talking about. Sonic and Sonya were somewhere in the middle of Africa, running through a village as Savannah Citadel Day from Sonic Unleashed began playing in the background.  After a long while, they passed by a group who were playing the beat on drums.

They ran through the area, evading civilians who walked by and then soon drifted round a corner and down a clear path with grass on both sides. They approached an area with more buildings and hopped over a gap, sidestepped to the left and hit a spring going up, then on the path above they slid under a tight space, then went through a loop before smashing through several Eggman robots in their path ahead of them.

They ran across a long bridge, and then hit three springs in succession before landing on a rail which slid downward like a corkscrew before they smashed through some more robots. And this is where the music stopped, because coming up with stuff for this one is a lot harder than you’d think.

At Team Chaotix’s Detective Agency, Espio had his back to a wall as he tried to hit a target on the wall using his ninja powers, while Charmy watched TV as he ate a bowl of sugar. On the screen was SA3 who was driving a buggy down a hill with two robot ninjas chasing him on motorbikes. He jumped out and fired at the two bikes, causing them to explode as a voice exclaimed, “Extreme!

It then showed SA3 fighting underwater with a boxing shark, and giving the shark an uppercut so extreme it wiped out everything within 30 feet as a voice exclaimed, “Awesome!

It then showed SA3 driving a pink tricycle in an epic chase scene as he tried to keep up with an ice cream truck which was going at 20 mph with the police hot on their tails, and struggling to keep up with them. As SA3 approached the truck, he leaped onto it, causing the tricycle to crash and explode, hitting the police cars and ultimately causing everything else to explode in the background. A voice then said, “Look out for this Awesome and Extreme show, Pure Ownage: The Game: The Animated Series, coming to a channel near you. Be there, or be suxxorz.”

“That sounds awesome!” Charmy exclaimed before having a mouthful of sugar.

Suddenly, Vector kicked down the door and walked in. “Get off your asses, boys, because we’ve got work. Also, no more sugar for you, Charmy.”

“Why its not like it makes a difference and sugar is good for you and it tastes good and makes me feel good its really good stuff you can’t do this I won’t let you!”

Vector grabbed the bowl as Charmy finished, then held him back as Charmy tried to take it back. Espio stopped what he was doing and said, “So what’s this job about?”

“Well, we have to go meet our client, so we’ll know when we get there, and then we’ll go for pretzels afterwards.”

Charmy pumped his fist in the air. “Pretzels are awesome; they’re awesome, right Espio?”

“Sure, why not.” Espio said as he followed them out the door.

Twenty minutes later, Team Chaotix arrived in the middle of some woods which seemed somewhat familiar.

“Hey Vector, these woods seem somewhat familiar...” Espio said as they arrived.

“I thought the same thing. Anyway, our client should be meeting us here any minute now.”

They then heard a voice from behind a tree ten feet away say, “Hey, over here!” they approached the tree to find none other than Cherry, the ghost girl from the end of the Haunted House Saga. “Hey guys, I bet you didn’t expect little ol’ me, huh?”

“Don’t ghosts die in sunlight?” Charmy asked.

“Why did you call us out here?” Espio asked.

“How much are you willing to pay us?” Vector asked.

Cherry cleared her throat. “Ghosts don’t die in sunlight, Charmy, those are vampires. I called you guys out here because I found something special and I need protecting for a while. And I’m willing to  pay you 2,500 rings.”

“Then you’ve got a deal.” Vector reassured her.

“You don’t even know the details yet.” Espio replied.

“Who cares? The details aren’t important.”

“So anyway, guys, I found this recently...” Cherry said before revealing the Fujin Gem she had behind her back. As they gasped, she continued. “This one night two days ago, this car broke down outside my house so the people stayed there, thinking it was abandoned, as most visitors do. I usually get 6 or 7 a month so I’m not that lonely, and I’ve been dead for around 3 years or so, but I’m a big girl so I’m totally fine.”

“Sorry to interrupt, but could you get to the point?” Espio asked.    

“Oh right, sorry. Anyway, they mentioned this rare treasure, so I left to go find it. It took a while, but I finally did. But recently there have been a lot of people out to get this gem, like this mean girl who was really strong, and I once saw a whole pack of robots! Back in a temple within my hometown, there’s this spiritual magic book, and with it, I could probably transfer my spirit back into my body...or you could use the gem to open up a weird dimensional rift, but most people wouldn’t do that. I need you guys to protect me and the gem until we get there.”

“This is one of the weirdest jobs we’ve had so far...” Espio commented.

“Well you can count on us, little lady. Let’s get to work, boys. Lead the way, Cherry.” Vector said as the four of them walked on ahead.

On the Egg Cruiser, Eggman, Virus, Rose and Lily met in a large room by a large computer as Eggman did his usual laugh. “Oh hohohohoho! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen...and Virus.”

“The only gentleman here is you, and it would be weird to address yourself.” Virus pointed out.

“I see your point. So, I called you three here today because I discovered something interesting. A ghost has found a rare jewel called the Fujin Gem, and having this jewel of miraculous power could be of use to me, so I want you to find out where the ghost is and retrieve the gem.”

Lily raised her hand. “Why hasn’t the ghost died from walking around in the sun?”

“Those are vampires, genius.” Rose retorted.

“So just how will we find this ghost?” Virus asked.

“That’s your problem, as I also have business to attend to.” Eggman said before getting in his eggmobile. “By the way, if you happen to see Eggman Nega, tell him to get down here immediately.” He said as he left the room.

“Guess we’d better get started. Rose, are you ready?” Virus asked as he turned to her.

“I always am.” She said with a nod.

The two then walked to the exit just as they heard Lily say, “So who’s this guy?”

Rose spun round and approached her as she looked at the screen. “That is Miles “Tails” Prower, one of Sonic’s closest companions. He has a knack for building high tech gadgets and weaponry, and can fly using his two tails. You should ask for more info later.”

“Perhaps I will.” Lily replied before leaving the room with Virus and Rose.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the area of Adabat, in an unknown location, inside a room was a single large rectangular table with four seats on each side and one seat ahead of them. Many torches lit the room and there was a water container in the corner.

Metared entered the room, with the camera focusing on him from a low angle as he said, “Gentlemen!” He walked over to the table and sat down then took out a clipboard. “Welcome to another annual Metallic Council of Maniacal Evil week meeting...of doom! You already know me as Metared, and we’re here for one reason, to take down Sonic the Hedgehog and secure our position in the plot! Now for the robot roll call! Metal Sonic!”

Metal Sonic who was sitting to the right of him, raised his hand and said, “Well it’s about damn time.”

“Mecha Sonic from Sonic and Knuckles!”

“Right here to help out.” He replied as he sat in the chair to Metared’s left.

“Tails Doll!”

The sunshine feels no pain!” said Tails Doll who sat right next to Metal Sonic.

“Metal Knuckles!”

Metal Knuckles sat next to Tails Doll and held up a fist as he said, “I’m looking forward to this.”


Eggrobo sat on the last seat in Metal Sonic’s row next to Metal Knuckles; he raised his gun and fired in midair.

“Egg Pawn #37 from Sonic Heroes!”

The Egg Pawn sat next to Mecha Sonic and made a few beeping noises.

“Egg Fighter, also known as ED-MF1999 from Sonic Unleashed.”

“With enough teamwork, anything is possible!” He said with a nod.

 Metared looked up at the last seat before reading the last name, but then stopped. “Hey, where’s that other guy who joined a long while ago?”

“Oh, that guy?” Mecha Sonic said. “Yeah, I forgot his name too. He said he had some business to take care of earlier today, so he wouldn’t be able to make it.”

“I see, well let’s get started.” Metared said as he put down the clipboard. “Now, usually we’d spend several minutes constantly bickering at one another, coming up with absurd and stupid ideas, and adding as much filler as possible, but we sadly won’t have time for that today.”

“Aww...” Metal Knuckles sighed.

I also am quite disappointed.” Tails Doll replied.

Metared continued. “So, rumour has it, this ghost girl has found a rare jewel called the Fujin Gem. This gem could prove quite useful to our plans, so we will find the ghost and steal the gem, and that shall be all for today. This meeting is adjourned.”

Back near the haunted house, the four of them had left the woods and were walking along a straight path when they encountered someone standing by the broken down jeep. The person turned around, turning out to be Rouge who wore a grey suit with a red tie, a moustache, a top hat, and wore a grey wig and glasses as she held a cane. “Excuse me, fine fellows. My transport seems to have broken down, so would you mind if I joined you on your journey to wherever you happen to be going?”

“Nice try, Rouge, we know it’s you.” Vector said with a smirk.

“Rouge? You must be mistaken. My name is Stelin Fings, and I’m honoured to make your acquaintance.”

“Isn’t that a chaos emerald?” Espio said as he looked right.

“Nice try, but I won’t fall for th-”

“Hey look! Two emeralds!” Charmy yelled as he pointed left.

“Where?!?” Rouge quickly turned left and looked around but saw nothing. “Hey! I didn’t see any...” She then noticed they were gone. “They sure can move along pretty fast...”
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Don’t you just hate it when you think something is all fine and good, and then you go back and notice you missed several typos? That really grinds my gears, for serial.

Escort Saga: Chapter 44 – Taking on All Challengers

At Tails’ house, which surprisingly never was used as a primary location in chapter 43, Shadow was sitting on a table in Tails’ laboratory while Tails looked at a small chart close by.

“So what did you find out?” Shadow asked, as Tails looked deep in thought.

“It seems it’s a virus.” Tails said as he looked up.

“Yeah, I think I’ve noticed.” Shadow replied as he narrowed his eyes at him. “Can you tell me anything more?”

“Well, it looks like something made its way into your body from these three somewhat glowing marks on the inside of your chest. It somehow replicated and transferred a copy of some of the biological DNA it had into your bloodstream and slowly grew over time. Then when it felt it was strong enough, and gained a mind of its own, it made it’s way to your brain, and it was able to control your body and powers, while providing you with its additional power. Quite fascinating if I do say so myself.” He rubbed his chin as he finished.

“...Well is there anything you can do?”

“Well, I could use these magnabots which I created for the very purpose of exploring the insides of people’s bodies. I could find the problem and neutralize it with a self-made injection from yours truly, which will make the virus work with you, instead of against you. Luckily, I came prepared for such an occasion.” Tails walked over to another table and pulled back a sheet, revealing a variety of injection needles, antibiotics, unnamed containers with multi-coloured liquids in them, and scans of a giant dancing robot.

Shadow smiled. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you saw this coming.”

“Nah, I’m just Crazy Prepared.” Tails replied as he picked up one of the injections.

Back in the middle of nowhere, Team Chaotix and Cherry were still walking through the woods when they saw a large crab speed by some bushes to their right. Espio noticed but chose to ignore it. He then saw another crab move by from the left. “Hey guys, I think some crabs are coming after us...”

“Really?!” Charmy replied. “Are they giant ones?”

Suddenly, the two crabs leaped out of the bushes and into the air. Espio grabbed Charmy and jumped out the way while Vector grabbed the Fujin Gem and shoulder barged one into a tree. Cherry promptly hid in a tree and then yelled, “Mess ‘em up, guys! You can do it!”

“Behold, ninja power!” Espio began chucking shuriken at one crab, who caught them all easily, and then giggled.

“Your ninja power sucks!” Charmy yelled, seconds before Espio punched him.

“That’s mean of you, Charmy.” Cherry said, poking her head out.

While this was going on, Vector ducked under a crab which tried to claw his face, then shoulder barged it again, just before whacking the second with his tail as it came from behind. As the crab was getting up, Vector grabbed a rope nearby and stomped his foot repeatedly, and then as the crab spun round, he gave it a big kick to the face, which made the crowd roar in excitement as a voice yelled, “Sweet chin music! Vector just showed that crab his collection of sweet chin music!”

As this happened, Espio charged at the second crab and launched a high speed illusion attack, continuing to knock the crab further back with blazing martial arts kicks and uppercuts.  As it landed on its back, and couldn’t get up, Charmy dropped down from the sky with his stinger and hit him in his weak spot, dealing massive damage as the words, “Ultra Combo Finish!” flashed on a yellow and orange screen.

Cherry then came out from the tree and thanked them. “You guys were awesome! And Charmy, shouldn’t you be dead?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“You used your stinger...”

“Oh, well neither heaven nor hell want me, so I’m allowed to do that as much as possible.”

“It’s probably possible.” Espio added. “So it’s most likely justified.”

“I still say ghosts should die in the sun.” Charmy randomly said.

“I still say bees should die after they sting their stingers, regardless if neither places want you.” Cherry retorted.

At Tails’ house a little later, Tails had finished operating on Shadow, since he had mad skillz at playing the game ‘Operation’. “Well, it should be more of a power up now, instead of a Superpowered Evil Side.”

“I appreciate the help.” Shadow said. “And why were there capital lett-”

Just then, Sonic and Sonya arrived and greeted Tails and Shadow as they came in.

“Hey Tails.” Sonic said, while Sonya just waved.

“Hey Sonic, have you guys heard about this awesome website called TV Tropes? It’s got all these tropes about TV shows, and games, and movies, and fanfiction. It’s so cool, it’s awesome.”

“You’ve been using a lot of those lines recently...”

“Hey Sonic.” Sonya nudged him. “Who’s the black hedgehog?”

“That’s Shadow. You’d better not become one of his fangirls, otherwise I’ll disown you as being my opposite sex clone.”

“Of course not! Have you forgotten who I was cloned from? I’m a fangirl for no-one, I keep it real!”

“You said it, Me! Show them haters how we do!”

“You know it, Me!” Sonic and Sonya then touched fists.

“...Am I really seeing two Sonic’s?” Shadow asked, raising an eyebrow.

“It’s a long story.” Tails replied. “The others are fine with it, though Amy wasn’t too happy with those two spending so much time together...and having a better figure than her...and then asked for some of those female hormone pills...”

Meanwhile, back at the woods, Team Chaotix and Cherry were walking along quite casually, once again, when Cherry suddenly noticed the Noid running right towards her from behind. Cherry took off running as she yelled, “AHHHH! It’s the Noid!”

“What?” The three said in unison, just before the Noid ran by them. Vector tried to tackle him, but missed.

“Cherry! You’ve got to avoid the Noid!” Espio yelled.

“But I can’t!” Cherry yelled back as the Noid began to slowly catch up.

“Run diagonally! GOGOGO!” Charmy yelled randomly after eating a sugar bar.

Cherry did so, which didn’t prove to be very useful. “He’s still catching up, guys! I can’t avoid him!” She then started running in circles, which gave Espio enough time to sneak up on him and knock him out with an elbow to his forehead. Cherry sighed in relief as he did so. “Thanks Espio. The Noid almost got me! I’m sorry that I couldn’t avoid the noid...” She frowned.

“Don’t worry, Cherry, most people find it hard to avoid the noid when he shows up.” Vector said as he and Charmy caught up. “Now let’s get going again.”

“Right!” Cherry nodded. The four of them moved on once more.

In an area far away, but not really so far, Virus, Rose and Lily were walking through the same forest. Lily was currently dressed as Hatsume Miku from Vocaloid for some reason. Virus and Rose were ahead of Lily as she began talking. “So, we’re doing evil stuff once again, and it sure feels good. We’re like a villain team. Virus is like the Big Bad/ Magnificant Ba-”

“What on earth are you talking about?” Rose interrupted her.

“Rose is like the Dragon/Tall, Dark and Snarky, and I’m like the Plucky Comic Relief/Perky Female Minion, but not in that way, if you know what I mean...just give me another few months, then I’ll be perkier...”

“You seem to have a lot of free time on your hands.” Virus commented. “And a very perverted mind.”

“Why thank you. You know, my boyfriend broke up with me a long time ago because I had an overactive imagination. Men are such jerks.” She crossed her arms and then nodded. “That’s why I went back to women.”

“Wait, are you serious?” Rose asked. “If so, those comments you made in your sleep earlier really disturb me...”

“Well I lie a lot, so it’s hard to tell if I’m kidding or not.” Lily said with a cheerful smile.

“Your evilness impresses me, Lily.” Virus smirked.

“Thank you, Virus.”

“Are you done with the stupid jokes now?” Rose asked.

“Actually, yes, because I can’t use too much, otherwise I’d run out awfully quickly, and if that happened, my popularity would go down! And that would be horrible!”

“You seem to have a knack for stealing almost every scene you’re in...”

Meanwhile, Sally Sue was watching Team Chaotix and Cherry through a pair of binoculars as she stood on a mountain in a deserted canyon area. “These four won’t get by me! I shall show them what happens when you mess with one of the most glorious, magnificent, strongest, and most beautiful girls in all existence! Sally Sue, hahahahaha! Robot monkey ninjas, attack!” she pointed ahead, and the monkeys made their way down the mountain towards Team Chaotix who were slowly approaching the area.
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You must avoid the noid. No exceptions.

Escort Saga: Chapter 45 - Crossing the Valley of Death

Somewhere in the area of the woods, the Metallic Council of Maniacal Evil were making their way towards the canyon at a regular pace. The camera focused on Metared from a low angle as he said, “Gentlemen! How are things looking over there, Metal Sonic and Mecha Sonic?”

Metal Sonic, who was ahead of the others, said, “We still can’t see them yet.”

“What he said.” Added Mecha Sonic, who walked beside Metal Sonic.

“I can already feel the rush of adrenaline!” Metal Knuckles exclaimed.

Those who dare trifle in our affairs will feel the full wrath of the sunshine!” Tails Doll said.

“Yes, yes, the sunshine, we get it.” Metared groaned.

Meanwhile, Team Chaotix and Cherry had now reached the canyon when Espio began talking. “With our luck, they’ll probably be more bad guys we have to beat down.”

“Well it’s what we’re good at, isn’t it?” Vector replied.

“Yeah, but that’s not the point.”

Charmy quickly interrupted the two by pointing at one mountain and yelling, “Heads up, guys! Robot monkey ninjas!”

Cherry pulled out a hand puppet of Tails and moved its mouth as she made it yell, “Run awaaaaay!” in a squeaky voice.

“Let’s bust some heads, boys!” Vector yelled as he charged at the oncoming monkey ninjas. Espio and Charmy were right behind him.

At Tails’ house, Sonic and Tails were now in the living room, while Sonya sat on the sofa, flicking through the channels. Tails was explaining to Sonic about the weird things going on, and why Shadow was there. After he had finished explaining things, his only response was, “Why is it I’m usually the last one to find out important things like this?”

“Because you’re usually running about and doing your own thing when crazy stuff like this happens.”

“Oh right.”

Just then, Blaze opened the front door and walked in with several bags. Tails turned his attention to her before saying, “Hi Blaze, where did you go to?”

“I spent several days in China.”

“Why?” Sonic asked.

“Eggman Nega caused some commotion down there, and then I stayed a while afterwards, and then did some souvenir shopping. By the way, what does ‘Kewl’ mean?”

“It means people like you.”

“I see...”

Back with our villains, Virus, Rose and Lily were approaching the canyon themselves when Lily started talking again. “So Lily, are you sure ghosts don’t die when exposed to sunlight and that vampires are the ones that should fear the sun?”


“But I read this book once, and it said that vampires sparkle in the sun.”

“...They what?” Rose said in confusion.

“Sparkle in the sun.” Lily repeated.

“I suggest you throw that book away as soon as possible.”

“Hey, hold on, you two.” Virus said as they entered the canyon area. He then pointed ahead at Team Chaotix who had finished disposing of the robot monkey ninjas. “We may have found our targets. I suggest we wait a little before jumping right in.”

“All in a days work.” Vector said as he dropped down from a pile of broken robots beside Espio, Charmy and Cherry.

“I enjoyed that more than I should have.” Espio said. “You surprised me with those moves, Cherry. I didn’t know you knew kung fu.”

“Well I figured I might as well learn while I had all the time in the world.” Cherry shrugged. “But Charmy, that 360 spinning atomic stinger was amazing! My mind was blown!”

“Thanks, but I thought Vector’s move when he did that spinning kick which knocked four shuriken in different directions was awesome!”

As Virus, Rose and Lily continued to watch, Lily sighed as she said, “Seems it was a Missed Moment of Awesome.”

“I still have no idea what you’re talking about.” Rose replied.

“You’ll understand in time.”

At the top of the mountain nearby, Sally Sue was furious by this point and threw the binoculars to the side. “Blasphemy! They dispatched my uber awesome robot monkey ninjas with ease! Well, it seems I’ll have to do this myself!” As her four targets were still discussing their recent battle, Sally Sue dropped down from a high height, making a small crater, while the ground cracked beneath her feet. “So, you think you guys are so great? Hah! You still have to take on the goddess herself, Sally Sue!”

“Aww, it’s that really strong mean girl again...” Cherry frowned as she hid behind Vector.

“I’m asking you guys nicely; hand over the Fujin Gem, before I have to kill you! I need it so I can bring my sister back!”

Espio stepped forward. “If you’re who I think you are, then I’m gonna say it. Well, you do realize your sister will probably kill you the minute you bring her back, right?”

“Nonsense! Your attempts to persuade me won’t work! I’m done talking to you morons, prepare to die!” Sally Sue said before getting into a battle stance.

“It really is a good thing we didn’t decide to jump in too early.” Virus said, as the three of them kept watching. “As you’d expect, we’ll wait until either side goes down and then we’ll strike, reducing the risk of casualties and increasing the rate of success.”

Sally Sue charged forward and reached Espio before throwing two punches and one kick, which he blocked. Sally Sue followed through with a shockwave, knocking Espio further back. Sally Sue then elbowed Vector in the chest as he tried to grab her from behind, slapped Charmy out the way, and then flipped over Vector as he tried to trip her up with his tail. She grabbed his tail and threw him into Espio as he was getting up. Sally Sue then effortlessly dodged Charmy’s stinger and then flicked him further away.

Sally Sue grinned and slowly made her towards Cherry, smiling triumphantly as the cute ghost girl was too afraid to move. The three bystanders saw this as the perfect opportunity to strike, as Rose froze Sally Sue’s feet, while Lily fired a rocket at her which she blocked. Virus, Rose and Lily then stood in front of Cherry, much to the ghost girl’s surprise.

“And just how are you people?” Sally Sue asked as she broke the ice immediately.

“I don’t know about Virus, but my name is Lily, and my sister is Rose, and together, we are the Super Flower Sisters!” Lily pumped her fist in the air.

“Please ignore the Genki Girl.” Rose added.

“I don’t care who you guys are, I’m still gonna kill you.” Sally Sue said.

“Your skills intrigue me; I wish to test my strength against the full extent of your powers.” Rose said before morphing her arms into long claws of ice.

“Can you shapeshift any part of your body into weapons?” Lily asked.

“Yes. Any part.”

“Rule of Cool in my book.”

Just then, they all saw the Metallic Council of Maniacal Evil making their way across the canyon and stopped at their location. Virus glanced over at them, and smiled. “Seems we have company. Situations like this are always more fun with extra players.”

“Holy crap! Too many dynamic entries!” Charmy exclaimed.

“This is really getting out of hand...” Espio said after noticing the situation.

At Tails’ house, Sonic and Tails were standing in the same spots when Amber suddenly kicked down the door and pointed at Tails. “Tails! Are you ready!”

“I’ve been ready all day!” He replied.

“Let’s get started on your Training From Hell!” The two of them left and went to the garden while Sonic just watched.

“Somewhat odd, wouldn’t you say?” Crystal commented, floating right next to Sonic.

“Very.” Seconds later he finally noticed her. “When did you get here?”

“I’ve been here for 20 minutes, you guys just never noticed. You even sat in my lap about 10 minutes ago.”

“That was you? I thought that was just a new chair Tails got...”

“Nope, just me. Me and the guys have been training quite a bit, because I got some vision telling me that the end is approaching, and that can only mean one thing.”

“...It’s probably gas?” Sonic guessed.

“I just noticed what I was saying was a good setup for a joke, but that’s not it. It means Mary Sue is going to be released, and she’s a force like no other, so we gotta be ready.”

“No problem, I’m always ready.”

Back at the canyon, Knuckles and Bronze were having a conversation as they noticed the large group of people fighting in the distance. Knuckles sighed as he watched. “It’s sad. Why can’t people just work out their problems by asking questions instead of throwing fists? Not all solutions can be reached with violence. People need to cool down on the Hot-Blooded influences and talk things out.”

Bronze nodded. “I totally agree.”
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I haet typos, like serially

Escort Saga: Chapter 46 – The Town Called Hope

Shortly after the events of chapter 45, the random fight in the canyon was still going on. Cherry was still currently carrying the Fujin Gem as she flew by the random explosions and people being knocked across the area. She then jumped up and fly kicked ED-MF1999 as he lunged at her from the side. Metal Sonic sped by and grabbed the gem, and then dodged several rockets which were fired by Lily. Egg Pawn #37 and Eggrobo attacked while she did this. She managed to blast Egg Pawn #37 to pieces, but Eggrobo flipped over the rocket and began firing at her. Virus opened up a portal beside Eggrobo and slammed him into the ground a second later.

As Metal Sonic avoided Team Chaotix, Sally Sue shoulder barged him out the way and grabbed the gem. She then charged through the area towards Team Chaotix who did the same. She punched Vector back a second before Charmy stung her from the side. Espio grabbed Vector’s tail and spun him round before throwing him back. Vector kicked Sally Sue in the face and then grabbed the gem before she got up. Rose threw an icicle and hit the gem perfectly, knocking it out of Vector’s hands and into Mecha Sonic’s who jumped by him. Rose then fired a beam of ice which froze his feet and then grabbed the gem as she flew by.

Metared entered the fray, the camera focusing on him from a low angle as he said, “Gentlemen! Attack the non-believer!” Eggrobo, and Tails Doll charged at her, at which point Rose decided to use her frail, which she swung at the people which got nearby. She hit Eggrobo and sent him flying into Charmy. As Tails Doll reached her, she threw the frail into the air and exchanged punches and kicks, while managing to avoid the sunshine. Sally Sue dropped in and tried to tackle them both, but missed as they jumped out the way. Tails Doll moved across the ground towards Sally Sue at warp speed as a sunshine symbol glowed on his back and used his ultimate move, which while it did inflict some damage, she proved to be completely immune to the sunshine.

As Virus hit ED-MF1999 with a hurricane kick, then a triple punch combo, Lily turned around and said, “We’ll get back to this in a bit.”

Back at Tails’ house, Tails and Amber were in the garden, about to start training.

“Okay, Tails.” Amber began. “I’m just letting you know that I’m only here for your benefit, because you asked me to help you become stronger.”

“Yeah, since you beat us last time, and you’re a demon lord, and I admire how strong you are.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere today, but thanks for the kind words. Now, let’s begin!” Amber removed her cloak and flung it behind her, revealing the flame patterned bra and panties.

“Do you always wear that? Don’t you ever get cold?” Tails asked.

“I’m a fire demon lord. That means I can do what I feel like.” Amber fired a wave of fire which Tails somersaulted out of the way from. Amber grabbed her scythe and charged at Tails, randomly slashing at him as he ran away. Sonic groaned at the sight.

Back at the extreme and random brawl, Mecha Sonic was currently holding the Fujin Gem and had just spin dashed through Rose and Sally Sue before being clawed at by Virus who flew out of the ground. Lily waved from 20 feet away, signalling for Virus to pass it to her. While she did this, Cherry flew up to her and tried to scare her by being a typical ghost. “Booga booga booga!”

Lily simply put one hand on her hip and raised an eyebrow. “Geez kid, you’re the worst ghost I’ve ever seen, and I’ve only seen one.”

“T-that was really mean!” Cherry replied, holding back her tears.

Rose approached Cherry and cuddled her as she said, “There, there, the mean girl won’t bother you anymore.”

“Thank you, miss...” Cherry said as Rose took a step back.

“Just call me Oniichan.”

“O-oniichan?” Cherry held out her arms, asking for a hug again, which Rose gave her, with a smile.

“Tastes Like Diabetes.” Lily commented, as all she could do was watch. “You never hug me like that...lucky ghost...”

At the moment, Sally Sue was holding the gem, and punched out Metal Sonic and Mecha Sonic who attempted to steal it. Metared leaped into the air from behind her, curled into a ball and tried to spin attack her. Sally Sue spun round a second before it hit, and stopped him with her hands, at which point Espio tackled her from the side, knocking the gem to the floor.

Lily flew by on a jetpack and grabbed the gem as Sally Sue chased her across the area, smashing through anything in her path as she continued to chase Lily. “Regardless of how much you run, there is no place you can hide from me! I shall kill your dreams and haunt your nightmares! You’ll regret the day you ever messed with the great Sally Sue!”

Lily flipped 180 degrees so she was flying backwards and facing Sally Sue. “Must you really yell a majority of the things you say? Where’s your indoor voice?”

“I HAVE NO INDOOR VOICE!” Sally Sue yelled before kicking a giant rock at her, which Lily blasted to pieces with her rocket launcher.

While all this went on, Vector was whispering something to Espio and Cherry as Charmy stung Eggrobo. After they were done talking, the three of them nodded, and Espio and Cherry left. As the fight went on, Tails Doll flew right into Sally Sue and head butted her in the chest, sending her flying back. While Lily smiled at her misfortune, Vector kicked her in the back of her head, causing her to hit the ground hard and drop the gem in the process.

Lily slowly got to her feet, with several scratches and a bleeding nose. Rose rushed over to see if she was okay. As she approached her, Lily held out her hands and whimpered, “O-oniichan?”

“No.” Rose said bluntly.

“Fine, be a douche.” Lily replied.

An invisible force took off with the gem, running away from all the mayhem somewhat unnoticed until 15 seconds later. Espio had activated a skill which allowed him to sneak by unseen for a short while, and was now following Cherry back to her hometown, who was far ahead. The others took off after them, attempting to find them despite being hard to see.

At Tails’ house once again, Sonya was still flicking over channels in the living room while Blaze sat nearby, quietly watching. After tons of awkward silence, Sonya finally asked, “So Blaze, did you happen to see that black creature who looks like you?”

“As a matter of a fact, I did. We ended by destroying\several buildings and vehicles because it found me on my way back here. It would have probably finished me off had we continued, but it said that “The time isn’t right.” I’m not sure what it meant.”

“You’ll probably understand in time.”

“Also, if you don’t mind me asking, why are there two Sonic’s?”

“Tails cloned Me using a blood sample and some genetically enhanced female hormone pills.”

“I see...”

Meanwhile, in a place far, far away, Espio and Cherry stopped near the edge of a cliff and looked onwards to a sight of a small city, with several layers of buildings and a waterfall close by. Further away from the houses was a clear stone rectangular area right before the temple. The two of them jumped down and ran through the area towards the temple. All the others caught up soon afterwards and made their way to the temple.

At that moment, Sonny, Shade and Mads were watching from a shop store in that city. Shade sipped a can of Chaos Soda before saying, “Hey guys, I think something unusual is going on, and I haven’t done anything in quite a while. You guys gonna do something?”

“I’m up for that.” Sonny replied.

“Well I guess it could turn out better I hope.” Mads shrugged, seconds before the three of them left.

At Tails’ house, Sonic was still watching Tails and Amber when Crystal floated up to him with two chilli dogs and handed him one. “How’s it going?”

“Not so great.” Sonic said just as Tails missed with his extended boxing glove and was punched into a tree, then somersaulted out the way as Amber sliced it in half with her scythe. “At this rate he’s gonna get hurt.”

“Well, it’ll work out...I think.”

Meanwhile, on a private island, where dozens of chao, including Cheese, were playing by a beach, SA2 sat in a hammock, because he was obviously on vacation.

SA2 walked onto the right side of a set with some notes. In the middle of the set was a red curtain which opened to reveal Omega going head-to-head against a giant robot crab with several explosions in the background. “Now we’re on the final part of these character sagas, and the reason for this is because this one takes place on the very same day. So stay tuned for the Avenger Saga.” SA2 looked up. “He’s gonna strike, with a vengeance!”
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Previously on Sonic Z...

Tails was wearing his turbo suit as an alarm sounded within his house. Robots frantically ran up and down as Tails stood up and proudly announced, “$#!£ must be serious. It’s time for my ultimate creation!” Tails pressed a button on the wall and dropped down a hole into the cockpit of a 50 foot tall robot version of himself. He turned on the thrusters and drove out the garage and flew off into the sky.

Cream and Vanilla stood on a plain field. Cream was wearing her supreme ninja outfit while Vanilla wore a yellow version. Their ears and clothing bellowed in the easily noticeable dramatic wind as their battle auras appeared. Vanilla got into a battle stance and finally said, “My Kung Fu is Stronger Than Yours.”

SA4 sat in a pink room, typing on a pink computer, and sat on a pink chair. She had just finished typing out the latest chapter of her uber epic dramatic fanfiction story and submitted it to fanfiction.net. She then placed her hands on the pink desk and leaned in. “Now we wait...”

Dozens of people were in a large room as Knuckles stood by a table with an empty cookie jar on top of it. The crowd was in complete silence as he examined their facial expressions one-by-one. “Whodunit then? Who took the last cookie from the cookie jar?”

A mysterious individual entered the room. The individual stood firm, as if they were going to war. “It was I.” Everyone spun round to face this mysterious person. “I took the cookie from the cookie jar.” There was a mix of responses among the crowd. Some gasped, some gossiped, and some shook their heads in disbelief.

And now, for the conclusion...

Avenger Saga: Chapter 47 – Last of the E-Series

While all the random commotion was going on in other parts of the world at the current time, Eggman was starting to fix up a new base he had recently built. Near the entrance, there was a long wide corridor, with a steel door displaying the Eggman symbol on it, preventing intruders from entering. Suddenly, a dozen shots pierced the metal door, which caught the attention of a few Eggman robots. Then a large laser beam blew down the door and Omega stepped through, and then reloaded. “Beginning annihilation program.”

Omega rushed forward and began blasting the robots just ahead, and then blasting the ones which appeared from the doors to the left and right as he sped through. He soon entered a room to the right which appeared to be a large cargo room where half a  dozen robots were working to put away machinery parts, with one robot using a crane to do so. Omega blasted the two that immediately charged at him, and then ran right while firing at one robot who did the same.

Omega blasted a gas tank nearby and blew up the robot as the robot controlling the crane swung a large metal crate at him. He moved out the way, causing a robot approaching him to get hit. As the crate came back at him, Omega jumped on, leaped forward and punched the robot through the glass shield. Omega used the crane to smash through a wall a little up above, and then flew into the above room. As he entered through a large hole, a dozen Eggman robots surrounded him, armed with orange rocket launchers.

Omega was about to wipe them out when someone suddenly blasted through a wall just further ahead and immediately eliminated the surrounding robots with a dozen missiles before hitting the ground. This person was revealed to be Metanic, that one robot Tails built during the Metallix Saga who’s fate was left unknown. “Remember me?”

“My scanners indicate we’ve never met.” Omega replied.

“Oh right, well I was created by Tails. I’m here to get something, so I guess I could use the company.”

Omega nodded and ran on ahead, followed by Metanic seconds later.

At Tails’ house, Tails and Amber were still going through the training from hell, which had been going on for 20 minutes so far. Tails looked pretty exhausted compared to Amber who sat with her arms crossed. “Well, I guess we should actually start now.” She said as she got up.

“Start? Then what were we doing all this time?”

Amber shrugged. “I was just having fun I guess. I mean, I am doing this for free after all, I gotta get my fee somewhere.”

“I guess you have a point...”

“Good, now since you just plain suck at hand-to-hand combat, let’s go through that first, and no weapons.”

“Huh? Why not?”

“Think about it, if the enemy gets you alone and off-guard, there’s a chance your weapons will be almost useless, or you’ll be separated from them. If that happens, you’ll have to get by using your own skills. If you suck, you may as well kiss your ass goodbye when things get serious, which is why this is necessary.”

“That actually makes sense.” Sonic commented.

“Well of course.” Crystal replied.

Amber uncrossed her arms. “So are you ready to get started, Tails?”

“Well, could you maybe give me a few minutes? I’m still a little tired, and also, maybe you could change into something a little more...appropriate...in the meantime.” 

“What’s wrong with this?” Amber looked herself over.

“Well you could get hurt or something.”

“You make it sound like you can actually compete with me, but fine, I’ll put something on.” She shrugged.

“There are some clothes which I bought just earlier today in the living room.” Tails said, pointing inside.

“Crazy Prepared as usual.” Amber smiled as she entered.

“It’s what I do.”

Meanwhile, Cherry and Espio were now in the temple standing by the altar. Espio was holding the black book which Cherry assumed to believe was magical, and told him the things to say, which shall not be mentioned. Vector and Charmy arrived by smashing through a wall, Charmy yelling, “Dynamic Entry!” as he flew in carrying Cherry’s deceased body. He placed it on the ground where Cherry floated, and she flew into the body as Espio began to read out the incantation. When he finished, the room dimmed as the only light visible was the candles around the room and the circle of light surrounding the body.

After a short while, the light faded and the room lightened up again, but nothing happened, and Cherry was still a ghost. Cherry scratched her forehead. “How come it didn’t work? My soul should be connected with my body again...Espio, are you sure you did it right?”

“I did it just as you said.”

Cherry frowned as he finished. “I guess it really can’t bring people back to life, so it seems I’ll be stuck like this forever.”

“Well you could always complete your unfinished business and finally go onto the afterlife.” Charmy replied.

“Unfinished business?” Cherry raised her head. “I’ve read things like that, but what would that mean to me?”

Just then, Sally Sue charged into the temple, leaped up, and tried to hit them with a flying kick, missing them all by a second. The Metallic Council of Maniacal Evil entered shortly after as well as Virus, Rose and Lily who were discussing trivial things.

“So Rose, I heard you used the term oniichan earlier.” Virus said.

“Yes. What about it?”

“That’s the term for older brother, which means it’s practically incorrect...don’t ask me how I know this.”

“I guess I made a mistake.”

Lily shook her head. “This isn’t your fault, Rose, this is the writer’s fault because he didn’t check his facts when writing that! Though I should probably cut him some slack, because he doesn’t have much time to write this crap, so it’s understandable.”

Sonny, Shade and Mads ran in moments later and saw the rest of them all. Shade glanced around the room. “Well this is certainly unusual...”

“Why are you three here?” Virus asked.

Mads stepped forward. “I can answer that, but it’ll require a flashback.” As most of the others groaned, he said, “It’s happening regardless.”

4 hours earlier...

Mads was hosting his show as usual and cleared his throat before he began speaking. “Hello all and welcome to another show where I discuss stuff. Today we will be discussing video games which push the boundaries of awesome, speed right by epic standards with so much impact it lands straight in the silly section. First caller, you’re on!”

Cherry phoned in, where she was seen on TV. “I played a game once called, “Barbie’s Demolition Derby.” It was pretty extreme for a kids game.”

“That’s nice, but are you a ghost?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“You’re on TV.”

“Really?” Cherry put the tip of her hand in her mouth as she said, “Am I cute? Uguu~”

“Enough to cause a “HNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG!” which basically means it might be cute enough to give me extreme chest pains. I tend to like a lot of games; RPG’s being one of my favourite genres. Oh, hold on, caller no.2, you’re on the air.”

SA2 interrupted Mads immediately. “I’m really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but Pure Ownage has gotta be the best video game of all time!” He waited for the random applause. “THE BEST VIDEO GAME OF ALL TIME!”

“Yeah, I liked it too.” Mads replied. “Hey Cherry, isn’t that the Fujin Gem in the background? That one gem besides the chaos emeralds said to contain tremendous power?”

“Don’t announce that! I don’t want people to know!” Cherry exclaimed, waving her arms.

“Sorry, my bad.”

“She’s probably gonna have a very difficult time on her hands now...” SA2 said.

Present time...

Mads nodded. “That’s probably the reason most of you are here now.” A majority of them shook their heads. “Really? Then who here watches it?”

“I do!” Lily raised her hand.


“No, I just haven’t had much attention in a while. That flashback also seemed kinda unimportant.”

“Except that it had a point.”
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I know this is early than usual, but I’m going to a funeral tomorrow, and then staying round a family member’s house for two days, so Imma post this one day earlier, but the regular schedule still sticks.

Your main screen turns on, and you suddenly exclaim, “It’s you!” and then I calmly and magnificently reply, “How are you, Gentlemen?” and then...


Avenger Saga: Chapter 48 – All Your Base

Back at Eggman’s base, Omega and Metanic were currently fighting through a wave of robots as they went up left and right paths going up diagonally. As the two were busy blasting the packs of robots, Metanic tried to start a conversation. “So you’re probably wondering where I was, what I was doing, and what I’m looking for down here, huh?”

“I have never met you; therefore the first two explanations have minimal effect on my part, but explaining why you’re here would be necessary information.” Omega said before blasting the head off one Eggman robot.

“Well basically, I’ve been with the Metallic Council of Maniacal Evil for quite a long time. Metal Sonic believed I was working for the good guys, but he eventually dropped the issue and I became part of their annual week meetings. Those guys are pretty fun to be around, believe it or not. One of them mentioned that Eggman has been trying to search for the chaos emeralds recently and already has two. I’m here to steal them, and that’s pretty much it.” As he finished speaking, he kicked one robot into a wall.

They arrived in a massive room shaped like a regular construction site. They rushed forward, whacking a few robots out the way. Just then, an Eggman robot driving a large bulldozer smashed through a wall nearby and came after them. Omega and Metanic approached a set of stone walls in their way and started blasting them down, while fly kicking the bulldozer to knock it back every few moments. They soon finished blasting through all the walls and entered another room, just before the bulldozer stopped due to it being too large to get through the door.

They arrived in a large mechanical room with flashing red and yellow lights, and then suddenly the boss theme from Streets of Rage started playing in the background. Metanic looked around before saying, “Sounds like this is Serious Business.” Moments later, a tall red robot with a boomerang on its head entered the room and began circling it while having its back to them.

As Metanic got close, the robot threw its boomerang and knocked him to the ground, giving Omega enough time to grab him from behind and slam him into the ground. As the robot got up, Metanic hit it with a flying kick, and then a dashing spin attack before the robot kicked him to the ground, and then quickly hit Omega with his boomerang as it returned to him.

As the red robot circled the room again, Omega hit him with a laser beam, stopping him long enough for Metanic to grab him, knee him in the chest twice, then throw him backwards towards Omega who grabbed his face and shoved him into the ground again before blowing its face off, causing the music to suddenly stop.

Meanwhile, at the temple, the Metallic Council of Maniacal Evil were standing around, Virus, Rose and Lily were standing around, Team Chaotix was standing around, Sonny, Shade and Mads were bored, Cherry looked somewhat worried, and Sally Sue looked quite agitated. After some period of silence, she finally yelled, “That’s it! Somebody better make a move before a blow this place up! Why isn’t anybody doing anything?”

Metared moved forward, the camera focusing on him from a low angle as he said, “She’s right, gentlemen! We came for the Fujin gem, and nothing shall stand in our way! Except of course if a chaos emerald happens to be here.”

In a house very far away, Tails and finished recovering and Amber had put some clothes on. She wore a thin red hooded, long sleeved top with jeans which were blue and her shoes were blue and red. The red part curved around the outside area of the shoe while the middle area was blue. She stretched a little. “Hmm, these clothes feel somewhat nostalgic in a way...but I’m probably thinking too much. Okay, we’ll start now. We’re gonna fight only using hand-to-hand, I’m going to beat you into the ground, and then I’m going to tell you why.”

“That seems quite unnecessary.” Tails replied. “Can’t you do it without the random beating?”

“No I can’t, you can only truly learn from mistakes when they’re beaten into you, and inflicting serious pain on you really excites me.”

“I didn’t need to know that. Fine, let’s get started.”

Just as he finished, Amber rushed towards him and appeared to his right, then kicked him in the stomach before flipping over him and kicking him in the back of his head as he stumbled back. Amber flipped again, created a large ball of fire in her right hand and then fired a wave of fire which Tails flew over. He attacked with a downward kick, but his foot was caught by Amber who immediately slammed him into the ground then kicked him while he was down. She then turned him over and began punching him for a few moments and then stopped. “Now, do you know why you got beaten so pathetically?”

“Because you didn’t hold back?”

“It’s because you aren’t following my movements. You gotta block out everything else so you can try to anticipate anything your opponent is capable of throwing at you. Otherwise you’ll lose just as badly as you did, now let’s go again.”

“Could I clean up first, because I’m kinda bleeding here...” Tails said, pointing at a cut on his forehead.

“No problem, I’ll lick it clean for you.”

“I’d prefer using a towel if you don’t mind.”

“Once we’re done with hand-to-hand, which would go by faster if you knew kung fu, we’ll go through basic dodging and evasion, and then coming up with special attacks and most importantly, making them look cool. And we’re going through all of it today!” Amber yelled as Tails left to get a towel.

At the temple again, various people were just randomly discussing things instead of fighting, leaving Sally Sue utterly dumbfounded.

“By the way, guys.” Cherry began, looking at Team Chaotix. “Why is my body covered in dirt?”

“Because you’re naked, so it’s a way of Getting Crap Past the Radar.”

“Oh I see.”

“Hey Cherry, maybe you could get Tails to make you an artificial body?” Charmy suggested.

“That would be great!” She exclaimed. “Would he really do that?”

“Of course he would!”

While this was going on, and Virus and Shade were having a pointless argument, Sally Sue stole the Fujin gem from Espio and took off, left the temple and then flew off while the robots tried to follow her. Rose watched as this happened and turned to Virus. “Shouldn’t we be doing something?”

“No matter, everything will work out in the end.”

Lily rubbed her chin as she eyed Virus suspiciously. “It seems to me like you’re planning something, and that you wanted her to end up with that gem...”

“I believe you’re thinking too much, Lily.”

“I haven’t been thinking enough recently.”

“We should get going.” He turned to Sonny, Shade and Mads. “I’ll see you guys later.” The three of them left, shortly followed by Sonny, Shade and Mads.

Back at Eggman’s base, Omega and Metanic climbed up to a metal path outside with the sun in the background which was soon going to set as the stage 7.2 theme from Streets of Rage 2 began playing in the background. They ran along the path, Metanic barging one egg fighter out the way then kicking another off the edge. Omega blasted one to bits, and then avoided the seconds punch before throwing him into one robot approaching from behind. Two Eggman jets passed by from opposite sides and dropped down more egg fighters, and suddenly an Eggrobo copy appeared from the right just above the others.

While the two were busy handling the other robots, Eggrobo flew up and hit Omega with a downward kick as he flew by then flew up again as Metanic tried to fly kick him. Omega got up and started firing at him, as did Metanic, eventually hitting him and giving Omega the opportunity to perform a suplex on him, which he did, wiping out the last few remaining robots nearby. They jumped on a moving platform going right, and then started knocking off the robots that landed on the platform. After a short while, the platform went down diagonally and stopped by another which they entered.

The boss theme from Streets of Rage 2 started playing as they entered a large mechanical room with sparks flying around the place. They approached a larger blue boxing robot who was waiting for them. Metanic attacked with a flying kick and was immediately hit by an uppercut. Omega and the robot exchanged a few blows, and then it eventually broke Omega’s combo by charging forward and hitting Omega with three electrical punches. The robot was then hit by a barrage of missiles fired by Metanic and then a knee to the face. He dodged a punch, then stepped aside as Omega hit him in the stomach, followed by Omega and Metanic uppercuting the robot together.

As the robot stumbled over and hit the ground, Omega and Metanic moved on, getting much closer to their goal.
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