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Sonic Z

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Author Topic: Sonic Z  (Read 2312 times)
Marie Rose
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« Reply #60 on: 29 September, 2009, 06:55:33 pm »

Some people say I’m an idea machine, but I just have an overactive imagination.
Avenger Saga: Chapter 49 – Man vs. Machine

At Eggman’s base, Omega and Metanic left an elevator full of robots and continued walking along. “So in my opinion, I consider E-102, known as Gamma, to be a badass. From what I heard, he took on several other E-series robots and owned them all, then took on his supposed superior brother who had become even more powerful and still flat out owned his ass, and then he decided to blow himself up because he had completed his mission. Truly a role model for future heroic robots.”

“Indeed.” Omega agreed.

Back at Tails’ house, Sonic and Crystal were randomly discussing about how they would like to die. Crystal was currently talking. “So if my time were to come real soon, I wouldn’t run in fear and cower, I’d look death right in the face, stand firm, and display a look which says, “Yeah, I’m awesome.” Because I’ve lived for a long time, and I welcome death with open arms, so when it’s my time to go, I want my death to be awesome.”

“It’s like you totally read my mind.” Sonic replied. Afterwards they looked out into the garden again.

Tails moved back as he blocked several punches from Amber, then attempted to trip her but missed as Amber hopped and swung at his head. Tails back flipped and then attacked with a flying kick in the middle of it. Amber grabbed his foot once again, and as she tried to slam him into the ground again, he stopped himself with both hands and flung her forward with his foot. She spun into a ball and then dashed towards Tails as she touched the ground while Tails dashed towards her.

As they reached each other, Tails easily sidestepped a wave of fire and tried to set up his rarely used ultimate move only used during that one tournament, but missed as Amber kicked him to the side. He flipped up and did an unnecessary combat roll which Amber raised an eyebrow at, due to the stupidity of such a move, with enough precision to catch her off-guard. “I’m pinching your face!” he exclaimed as he did so.

She simply grinned and grabbed his head while exclaiming, “I’m crushing your head! I’m crushing your head!” just before attempting to do so, which Tails soon escaped from and fled as he yelled, “I’m running awaaaaay!” followed by Amber yelling, “I’m touching you inappropriately!” As she tackled him.

“Wow, that was pretty awesome.” Sonic commented.

“Yeah, that was amazing! How did you make so much progress so fast?” Crystal asked, completely shocked by this.

“We used a montage. Otherwise this would have taken 2 days.” Amber replied.

“Oh.” Crystal’s expression returned to normal. “Still great, I guess.”

“Yeah. Well Tails, it seems you’re good enough at the moment, compared to me anyway. Do you need any more practice or are you fine now?”

“Well, I guess I could use a bit more another time, but I’m sure I’ll be fine for now. Thank you for taking the time to help me.” Tails said.

“You’d better be thankful. I don’t do this for many people, at least when I was Chaotic Evil I didn’t. I would just kill all my enemies without a second thought, but Crystal soon showed me the error of my ways, and I decided to change my ways, and then we celebrated our newfound friendship with 2 hours of wild nookie.”

“That never happened.” Crystal quickly responded. “Not the turning good thing, the part after that. It never happened...at least I think it didn’t...” She scratched her forehead.

Just then, Sonny, Shade and Mads arrived and entered the garden. Sonny waved as they approached them. “Hey guys, we encountered Virus and his companions earlier.”

“So what happened?” Crystal asked.

“Nothing much, Shade and him talked a little, then we left.”

“You never did anything to finish him? Why?”

“I’d also like to know.” Amber added.

“You know how that guy is.” Shade began. “The minute he starts losing he’ll run, until he finally achieves ‘Final Boss’ status, which is when he’ll fight to the death.”

“It was still foolish to do nothing.” Crystal said. “If it was me, I-” Amber quickly pushed her off screen as she said, “Move aside, Crystal, you already have enough screen time. Everything will work out, and that’s all that matters.”

At the temple, everyone had already left except Team Chaotix and Cherry. Vector was apologizing about the Fujin Gem being stolen. “Well, sorry about losing the gem.”

“It’s okay, sadly it didn’t work anyway.” Cherry replied. “I’ll go see Tails about making me a body in a little bit, but thank you so much for your help, guys.”

“Just doing our job, Cherry.” Vector nodded. The three of them walked towards the exit as a voice began speaking. “If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the C-Team!

Meanwhile, at the newly constructed Eggman base, the Stage 8 theme from Streets of Rage 2 began playing as Omega and Metanic walked along a clear path into a building with windows to the sides. They soon reached a large elevator which slowly moved up as Eggman robots continued to drop down into it, which Omega and Metanic dispatched by performing flashy moves, using random physical weapons dropped into the elevator, and throwing them off the edges. After a long while of destroying robots, they reached the top floor which looked like a manager’s office with the sunset being seen through the windows.

As the music stopped, a giant metal crab suddenly smashed through a wall nearby and tried to grab them, missing by inches and causing the roof to crumble from the crab’s random entry. Eggman could be seen in the cockpit of the giant crab. “This is the end of the line for you troublemakers! Get a load of this!” He exclaimed before firing a large laser beam from its mouth which they both somersaulted out of the way from.

Omega and Metanic moved around, firing at it while it occasionally whacked them aside soon before Metanic noticed the two chaos emeralds powering it on its back. Metanic charged at the crab, which began firing frickin’ laser beams at him. He avoided the beams and sliced off one claw with a spin attack before doing the same to the other.

Omega then hit the crab with an uppercut as he fired a large beam, then flew up a bit and performed a suplex on the crab. He then leaped up into the air and finally finished off the crab with a flying elbow drop, causing it to explode. Metanic quickly caught the two emeralds as they were sent flying. Inside it was revealed that a robot lookalike was controlling the crab, leaving a message behind. “Well done, Omega, but sadly I couldn’t make it. I guess you could consider this a hollow victory. Farewell for now.”

After several moments of silence, Metanic finally said, “If this was a movie, I’d have raged pretty hard, considering he never bothered to show up. Oh well, tough break, man, but at least I got what I came for, and pretty easily too. Later.” He waved goodbye as he headed for the exit. After a few more moments, Omega left as well.

Back at the Egg Cruiser, Eggman Nega had previously returned. Eggman, Eggman Nega, Virus and Rose were all in one room discussing whether or not they should get rid of Lily.

“I personally consider Lily to be a nuisance in our plans.” Eggman started off. “She causes more trouble than is necessary.”

“I’m inclined to agree with that.” Eggman Nega replied.

“I think you’re being a little too harsh.” Virus responded. “She hasn’t outlived her usefulness yet.”

“Let me remind you that she lost the experimental black substance we tried to collect, and you mentioned that she lost the Fujin gem by being careless. Not to the mention the time we attempted to rob a bank, and thanks to her incompetence we got found out and had to flee without the money. Not to mention robbing the bank was her idea.” Eggman finally finished.

“...Well, I can’t think of what to say to that.” Virus said, admitting defeat. “What do you think, Rose?”

“I think she does a great job of being a contrast to the usual serious environment, and I actually like that, but I’d never tell her myself, because then she’d never shut up about it.” Rose replied.

After another 30 seconds of discussing, Lily suddenly walked in, making the room go silent due to her presence. “Uhh, hi guys. I know we haven’t been on good terms recently, but I really have been trying to make the best of this. I don’t know many people I can truly call ‘friends’, it’s just not so easy for me. But this is different, despite the arguments and stuff, I still have fun. I consider you guys like my second family. Eggman, you’re like that one fun popular uncle who visits on special holidays and always comes with gifts. Eggman Nega could be his ‘partner’.”

“What are you implying?” Eggman Nega asked.

Lily ignored him and continued. “Virus is like one of those perverted bishonen dads who’s constantly rejected by women for no apparent reason.”

“I take offense to that.” Virus retorted.

Lily walked towards Rose. “And last of all, Rose. You’re like my Cool Big Sis, and even though you constantly belittle me, ignore me, and occasionally try to kill me, I still like you. You don’t have to say whether you care or not, but I consider you more than just a wandering assassin, I consider you my closest friend.” Lily smiled at her.

After a few moments of being stunned, Rose sighed and slowly hugged her, which Lily welcomed with open arms. Virus looked disoriented as he watched them hug. “Such a heartwarming moment may be bad for my health.”

“Yes, truly unexpected.” Eggman replied.

And so the day ended, with Sally Sue finally ending up with the Fujin gem because the Metallic Council of Maniacal Evil lost her, Metanic returning to the meeting, Team Chaotix going out for pretzels, and Cherry visiting Tails to ask if he could build her a body, which he kindly agreed to. Oh, and SA2 got a refund from his booked holiday, because he’s awesome like that.

There would normally be one of those things here, but I decided not to do it. Anyway, since Halloween is coming up soon, and due to college I’m losing free time, I decided I’d do a Halloween chapter on...well, Halloween, so until next time...
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Marie Rose
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Gender: Male
I'm: 18
Power Level: 3,149,743.69
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« Reply #61 on: 31 October, 2009, 09:07:04 am »

Y’know, these pre-chapter comments have a somewhat similar sense of style in comparison to a certain network which is only shown late at night...
[Adult Swim]

Halloween Special: Chapter 50 – The Most Halloween Party Ever

It was a dark and stormy night...I think. It was early in the evening on October 31st, which was Halloween, don’t ya know. Cherry had decided that since she was technically a ghost, she lived in an abandoned house, and the house is regularly empty, that she would host a halloween party in her house. But a few important questions hadn’t accord to her when she decided this just yesterday, because obviously all cute ghost girls are idiots, but back to the questions: How many people would be coming to the party? Would she be able to get everything ready in time? And would it be the most party ever?

All these questions were very Serious Business, so she put on her kewl face, and then everything was kewl. And then she began to get things ready for the party later that night.

Meanwhile, we arrive at the home of Miles Prower, as usual. The sun was shining, the grass was green, and the birds were frozen, today. Tails was in the living room, packing his outfit into a bag while humming the invincibility theme from Sonic the Hedgehog. Amy walked in through the front door unnoticed and slowly approached him before saying, “Hey Tails, what’s in the bag?”

Tails, who was slightly shocked, jumped back a little before answering. “It’s my costume for the halloween party at Cherry’s house tonight.”

“You’re going as well? That’s great! So what are you going as?”

“It’s a secret for now. What about you?”

“Also a secret. So is S-”

“Yes, Sonic is coming.” Tails replied immediately, interrupting her.

“Okay, I guess I’ll see you guys there, bye!” And with that, she waved and then left Tails’ house. Tails stared at the television where Mads’ fake news show was starting.

Mads cleared his throat, and then looked towards the camera and waved. “Hey, all you people out there.” He greeted them. “Welcome to another one of those things I do. Since today is halloween, we’re going to discuss...halloween, so yeah...first caller, you’re on. What do you think of halloween?”

“Personally I miss when halloween used to be kewl. Now it’s just an excuse to get free candy and dress up like morons.” The caller replied.

“I actually like dressing like a moron, but I’m half robot so that’s besides the point.”

“Are you really?”

“Yup, very long story though. Caller #2, you’re up.”

“Hey Mads, I agree about the costume thing, I think it’s just part of the fun, though it’s more fun if you’re trying to scare someone.”

Mads slammed his hand on his desk and nodded in approval. “Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout! Put your fist to your screen so I can bro fist you through your television.” Mads said before touching the screen with his fist.

“I’m glad you liked that.” The second caller replied as he did so.

“You guys are nuts.” The first caller said before hanging up.

Mads cleared his throat again before talking. “So anyway, I’d better rap this up. Before I go, I’d like to inform people that there’s this halloween party today in that house on Creepy Hill, and it’s totally not haunted by a ghost.”

“Does a ghost live in that house?” The second caller asked.

“I said no, damnit!” Mads yelled, then returned to normal a second later. “So remember to be there, as I’ll also be. You’d be Mads not to go.”

As the segment ended, Tails continued sorting out his bag. “Well, at least more people know now...”

On the Egg Cruiser, Lily was standing in front of a mirror, dressed as Harley Quinn. She checked that her face was painted white enough, and that the hat fit perfectly. After making sure it was fine, she took a step back, which was when Virus walked in, dressed as the Joker. As Lily glanced over at him, there was an awkward silence, followed by Lily saying, “This makes our relationship seem disturbing, Mister J...”

“I honestly have no idea what you’re referring to.”

“Never mind. Nice choice though, but there’s just one question: Can you pull off the laugh?”

“Probably not, but that’s no big deal.”

Lily was so shocked she grabbed a cup of coffee just so she could do a spit-take. “No big deal?!? The laugh is one of things which makes him awesome! You can’t just shrug it off! I want you to do the laugh, Virus!” Lily frowned at him.

“You’re taking this too seriously.”

“Do the laugh, damnit!”

“Oh look, here’s Rose.” Virus pointed behind Lily.

“Don’t try to change the subject!” Lily still turned around to face Rose, who was dressed like Rei Ayanami...with long blue hair, but without the hat. Lily gasped, with excitement, of course. “It’s teh Rei!” She exclaimed.

“Just what were you two discussing?” Rose asked.

“Lily wants me to do the Joker laugh, which I’m not capable to pulling off, and she’s overreacting.” Virus explained.

Rose sighed and shook her head in disbelief. “Virus, I’m disappointed in you...”

“Not you too?!?”

Just then, Eggman was passing by in his Eggmobile, currently working on a new invention. Lily noticed him and said, “Hey Eggman, you coming to that halloween party?”

“Of course not, I’ve got more important matters which I must attend to.”

“I heard Sonic is gonna be there.”

Eggman stopped by a door on the opposite side, with his back to them. “I’ll think about it.” He then left the room.

“Oh, by the way.” Rose began. “I don’t think Cherry wants you to come, Lily.”

“Huh? Why not?” She demanded.

“She says you’re mean, egotistical, annoying, dim-witted and unfunny.”

“U-unfunny?!?” Lily couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I noticed that you didn’t respond to the other comments...”

Unfunny?!?” She repeated.    

Two hours later, it was almost time for the halloween party at Cherry’s house to get started. It was decided to skip two hours because this is only one chapter, so there isn’t much time to add filler, otherwise this would be around 7000 words long...and it’s not. The party was to take place in the living room, which was around the size of a school assembly, believe it or not. SA, SA2, SA3 and SA4 had arrived earlier to help Cherry organize the party, as well as a butler she hired who just so happened to wear a black mask, and had a curly mustache.

Because they were elite ninjas, the four were done in about 20 seconds. That’s right. And they were so fast Cherry never saw them leave. Yup. Just then, someone rang the doorbell, which was the SEGA chime. She rushed towards the door and opened it to see Amy and Cream, who greeted Cherry before walking in. Amy was dressed as Wonder Woman while Cream came as Supergirl, for no real reason.

“Are we the first to arrive?” Amy asked, looking around the area.

“Yeah, everyone else should be here shortly. Nice costumes, guys. You too, Cheese.” Cherry said, looking at Cheese who wore a large piece of plastic cheese.

Shortly after, people were starting to arrive and the living room was ¼ full. SA3 and SA4 were near a punch bowl. They were wearing a Sonic 2 & and Sonic 3 & Knuckles cartridge respectively and commenting on the people who entered the room. Tails was one of the first to walk in, dressed like Bomberman.

SA3 pointed at him and exclaimed, “It’s Bomberman!”

“B-b-b-bomberman?” SA4 replied.

“He’s blowing stuff up from all across the land! Deceive the enemies and leave in its place a big hand grenade that will explode in its face! It’s Bomberman!”

“It’s Bomberman!” She exclaimed.

“B-b-b-blowing up the place, cause he’s the man with the plan! Nobody f***’s with him, ya’ll, cause you know, it’s Bomberman!”

After a few moments of silence, and occasional coughing, SA4 then said, “Oh, there’s Vector, and he’s dressed as...Vectorman...how appropriate.”

“He’s also dancing to the Vectorman theme as well.” SA3 pointed out. “That theme is so awesome.”

“But enough about that, there’s Knuckles, dressed in Wolverine’s traditional yellow outfit, if you can actually picture that.”

“It’s a little hard to do so. And here’s the blue blur himself, Sonic, dressed as Bugs Bunny, which is awesome.” SA3 nodded. “Ahh, there’s Sally Sue herself, who came as...a large ham...how unexpected...”

“Fear my large haminess! Hahahahaha!” Sally Sue yelled as she entered the room.

Sonic walked over to Sonya who was dressed as a Wizard. He was also chewing a carrot as he said, “What’s up, doc?”

“You know, I was considering that costume.” Sonya replied.

“Well we are one in the same after all. I was also wearing this Pikachu costume earlier today, as in; it was like me doing a fusion with Pikachu. Then I called myself Sonichu. It’s as incredibly lame as you could imagine.”

“I’d assume so.”

While Knuckles stood near the table with nachos and a dipping bowl, Cherry floated over to him. “Hi Knuckles, nice costume. I was wondering if I could ask a favour.”

“I’m listening.”

“Well, I don’t want unclean people double dipping in the salsa sauce, because that’s unhygienic and just plain mean! Could you maybe punch the people who try to double dip?”

“That sounds quite unexpected coming from you, and besides, I’m not your butler so I don’t want to stand here all night punching people, regardless of how satisfying it may be.” Knuckles smiled as he thought about punching Eggman through a wall. He scowled moments later as he said, “And don’t you dare do the puppy dog face!”

“Aww...” She sighed. “But I heard Sonic say that you were too much of a knucklehead to do something as simple as stopping others from double dipping.”

“Oh, he did, did he?!?” Knuckles was obviously furious. “Well I’ll show him! Fine, I’ll watch out for double dippers, but only for a little while!”

“Okay, thank you.” Cherry smiled and quickly floated off.

Tails was standing by Amy and Cream, who were eating candy apples. Cream took a bite of hers before saying, “Tails, I thought you made Cherry an artificial body?”

“It still needs a bit of work before I give it to her.” He replied.

Sonic slid across the ground over to them and immediately stood up straight. “What’s up, guys? So, is Shadow around here?”

“He’ll probably be coming soon...” Amy replied.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the streets, there was an obviously reckless driver driving a black 4x4 who ran through red lights, smashed through streetlamps, and caused several traffic accidents. Suddenly, Shadow came out of nowhere wearing a Batman outfit and riding a black motorcycle. He approached the 4x4 at an incredible speed from behind and yelled, “Move your ass, ****!”

“And how do you think you are, ****?” The driver retorted.

Shadow went into hyperdrive and drove straight through the 4x4 as he said, “What, are you stupid? Are you dense or something? I’m the goddamn Batman!” As he drove off at full speed, the 4x4 slowed down and exploded.

Back at the party, Virus, Rose and Lily had arrived, and immediately separated as they entered. As Rose stopped by a table and began eating a cupcake, she ran into Crystal who wore the same outfit, but actually had her wings out. “I see you came as an angel.” She said before taking another bite.

“You always were a smart one.” Crystal responded, happy that she noticed. “I was too lazy to come as some character most people should know, so I decided I’d come as myself, since it still counts as a costume to those who aren’t supernatural. So who are you?”

Lily quickly appeared beside Rose and replied, “She’s teh Rei. I appeared just to say that...excuse me.” Lily quickly left again.

Crystal nodded slowly, followed by silence, and then asked, “So how’s life?”

“Depressing.” Rose replied immediately.

“Cool.” Crystal then slowly backed off.

Blaze finally arrived dressed as NiGHTS (if you can picture that, of course) and approached Sonic and the others. “I see most of you have arrived.”

Amy gasped. “Wow, Blaze! You came as Nights? That’s so kewl!”

“The name is technically spelt as ‘NiGHTS’, not ‘Nights’, please get it right.”

“Is it really that big of a deal? I mean, I only-”

Just don’t.

Just outside, Rouge and Omega were sitting by the door steps. Rouge was dressed as Catwoman, umm...because, and Omega was dressed as a more muscular version of Robocop. Yeah. Shadow arrived shortly on his bike and made his way up the steps.

“Who are you?” Omega asked.

“I’m Batman!” Shadow replied before entering the house.

Back inside, Crystal met up with Sonic and the others. “Hey guys! How’s it going?”

They all greeted her, and then Sonic said. “You came as yourself, quite a way to save time, huh?”

“Yup.” She nodded. “And I’m the only one to think of it.”

Amber landed 10 feet away and slid over to them in her normal attire. “Hey people.”

Crystal gasped. “You stole my idea!”

“It’s not my fault you came as an angel while I came as a demon, it’s DNA which did that.”

Crystal pointed at her, dramatically. “Well I challenge you to Supernatural Kombat! But not now, anyway, my younger sister, Ruby, is coming to this party.”

“Is that so? Well my younger brother, Max is also coming, umm, because.”

Crystal rubbed her chin. “Y’know, it would seem right to pair your brother and my sister together.”

“I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while as well.” Amber nodded.

“I support this couple 100%” Amy exclaimed.

“Me too!” Cream added.

“Uhh, I don’t think it works that way...” Tails said, causing the others besides Sonic to glare at him. “On second thought, I agree as well.”

Sonic waited a moment, and then changed the subject entirely after seeing Shadow. “So I might change costumes in a short bit.”

“’Kay.” Everyone responded as he quickly left.

Meanwhile, Knuckles had punched a majority of the people he thought were likely to double dip, which was about everyone. He then saw his good friend, Bronze, approaching the table dressed as the Hulk. “Hey Knuckles, nice outfit.”

“Same to you.” Knuckles replied as he became calm again. “So why did you come?”

“Free food.”

“Heh, for a golem you sure can eat.”

“Damn straight.” He grabbed a few nachos and used a dip, took a bite and then tried to dip them in again when his arm was grabbed by Knuckles who frowned at him. “If you dip that in again, our fists are gonna do the talking.”

Bronze glared at him, while Knuckles did the same. It was an intense match of awesome glaring, and then eventually, Bronze double dipped anyway and finished the nachos. As he did so, Knuckles punched him across the face, Bronze countered with a punch. They continued to punch each other as they left the room and then went up some stairs. 

In a spot far, far away, Shadow had just encountered Virus, but didn’t seem too surprised by his costume. “What a coincidence...”

“I’d say so too. Great minds think alike.”

“I’ll consider that an insult coming from you.”

“If I had feelings they’d be hurt right now.”

“I don’t care about your damn feelings!”

“Why so serious?” Virus smirked as Shadow scowled at him.

“I hate those words.” Shadow replied.

“Well let’s see if you like this.” Virus pulled out a handgun, which surprisingly fired a large laser beam that Shadow jumped over and threw several chaos spe-I mean, bats. Virus dodged them by doing a barrel roll, then yelled, “Hey Lily, get your ass over here! It’s Batman!”

“I’m coming, Mister J!” She replied, rushing over holding a rocket launcher. She began firing at Shadow who easily dodged them, and surprisingly nobody was being hurt by these missiles.

“I should have come as Robin.” Tails said with a sigh as he watched from across the room.

Just further away, Crystal randomly turned to Blaze and Cream and said, “Blaze, I think you should wear this catgirl outfit a brought, and Cream, you should wear this bunny girl costume.”

“But I’m already a b-”

Crystal quickly interrupted her. “Nonsense! Of course you’ll look good! I’ll get them.” She then rushed off.

Just as she left, Blaze spotted Rose at the corner of her eye, as did Rose.  They glanced at each other in complete silence.

“Nice to meet you again, fire user.” Rose finally said.

“Same to you, by the way, just call me Blaze.”

“My name is Rose. We never got to finish that fight last time, are you ready to get started?”

“Your move.” Blaze responded, getting into a fighting stance. 

Instead of coming back with clothing, Crystal returned with her younger sister Ruby, who pretty much wore the same as her, and had brown hair, tied into pigtails, which are known as twintails in Japan...I think. “Guys, this is my younger sister, Ruby.”

“Nice to meet you all.” Ruby waved to the few characters standing there, while Rose and Blaze were seen in the background blocking each others punches as they moved across the room. “So where’s the blue hedgehog?” Ruby asked.

“Yeah, where is Sonic?” Crystal said as she looked around.

“He said he was gonna change costumes.” Tails replied.

Sonic appeared seconds later, in an outfit similar to the one in Michael Jackson’s Thriller. “Anyone miss me?”

A majority of them looked at him, and then said, “Too soon.” In unison.

“It’s not meant to be offensive, it’s just an affectionate parody as long as I don’t mention those times. You know, the bad times.”

Crystal scratched her forehead. “Has anyone noticed this has been pretty long? And it seems there’s still quite a bit more to come. Why is this so long?”

Sonic suddenly started singing, “Cause this is filler! Filler night!”

“Is this him?” Ruby asked.

“Yup.” Crystal nodded.

“Hi.” She waved.

“Hey.” He waved back.

Suddenly, Amber returned with her younger brother Max, who had black hair and just came wearing a black t-shirt and jeans.  “Hey guys.” Amber began. “This is my younger brother, Max.”

He waved. “Yo.”

“Sup.” Everyone replied in unison.

“Don’t they look cute together?” Crystal randomly said.

“I totally support this couple!” Amy exclaimed.

Max sighed. “Honestly, just because we both happen to look like little kids doesn’t mean we should automatically be a couple. I’ll honestly never understand you women and your stupid shipping ideas.” A majority of the girls in the room immediately glared at him. “Uhh, let me rephrase that...”

Cherry was at the front of the room, on stage, and yes, the room is so big that there is room for a stage. She picked up a microphone and cleared her throat before speaking. “Okay everyone; I think we need a bit of entertainment or something. Who wants to come up here and do a song, or tell a joke, or something?” Nobody replied, and so she left the stage, and searched through the crowd until she found Cream. “Oh, Cream! Can you go on stage and tell jokes or something? Please?”

“Okay!” Cream quickly got onto the stage and waved to some of people who were actually paying attention. “Hi everyone! I just flew in from Green Hill Zone and boy are my ears tired!” After an awkward silence, she then said, “So, airline peanuts, what is the deal with those?”

Meanwhile, a girl who wasn’t exactly a teenager, but a little older than a kid approached Amber as she pointed and yelled, “There you are!” The girl had pink hair which went down to her shoulders, and wore a black leather bodysuit with a pleated belt and a black cape. Oh, and her name was Ivy, by the way.

“Oh, it’s you again.” Amber replied, clearly not happy to see her.

“Of course it’s me! You took my scythe! Which I didn’t realize until about 2 weeks ago but still...”

“You didn’t even notice?” Amber asked, somewhat stunned. “Wow...”

“Shut up! Just give it back!”

Amber did so. “Whatever, I got my own one several weeks ago anyway. Who are you meant to be anyway?”

“Me? I’m myself, fool! I wouldn’t want to be anyone else.”

“Well that outfit is somewhat revealing, you should at least cover your legs.”

“You should cover your chest.” Ivy remarked.

“Even though that’s true, it still hurt me a little...” Amber responded. “So what are you doing these days?”

“Well I’m doing a story about how I will conquer the earth with the help of my servant, Poison. It’s a work in progress, and it shall be awesome! So, umm, check it out sometime.”

“The name?”

“Haven’t thought of one yet. I’ll tell you when I do, so, umm, bye.” Ivy quickly dashed out the door just as quickly as she arrived.

Cream was now wearing cat ears, had put on cat paws, and was singing. “Cat?” She winked at her audience. “I’m a kitty-cat, and a dance, dance, dance and I dance, dance dance!” she said while hoping across the stage several times.

At that moment, Knuckles and Bronze walked in talking about their recent fight. “I think using that table was cheap.” Kunckles complained.

“Yet you used a steel chair.”

“Steel chairs don’t hurt as much.”

“How would you know? I never hit you with a steel chair!”

Cherry quickly flew over to him and began pulling him away, “Good thing you’re here, and we need some entertainment.”

After he got on stage, he nodded to Bronze and took the microphone as Bronze started playing the piano. “You know me, the fighting freak Knuckles, and we’re at Pumpkin Hill, you ready?”

While this was happening, Sonic had somehow got involved with Shadow and Virus’ fight, and was now dodging Lily’s missiles by doing the moonwalker. He dodged another by leaning forward, then spun round and kicked another back at her with stardust. Lily jumped out the way, and surprisingly, nobody was hurt again.

Shortly after, Crystal intervened in Rose and Blaze’s fight to force Rose onto the stage to sing a song with her. As they started singing, the time was immediately fast forwarded a few minutes, at which point they had finished and received a huge applause as they left the stage. Cherry approached them, amazed by their performance. “That was incredible, guys! You sang like angels!”

“We are angels.” They replied in unison.

“You know what I mean...”

A minute later, SA and SA2 entered the room and got onto the stage with their own microphones. SA then spoke to the crowd. “We’re gonna sing our own version of a song done by these two guys called Duane and Brando, check ‘em out on Youtube. You really should.” As he finished speaking, a song from Battletoads started playing.

After a few moments, SA2 randomly yelled, “Haha! Imma hit you in the face with my big ass fist, cause we’re the SA bros, man, and you should know we’re da s***, other games step up and they get knocked the **** out.”

“Pow!” SA exclaimed as he kicked someone wearing a Jazz Jackrabbit t-shirt out a window.

“What the f-, man, what the hell’s up now, put the pad in your face, use a wire as a weapon, use the console as a phone and keep them all guessing.”

“How does he do that?” SA said.

“Do what? Get through that, the place with the barrel.”

“I dunno.” SA shrugged.

“But screw that, we’re coming with the skillz and we’ll be there soon, you can’t stop us, all ya’ll haters, no matter what you do, cause we’re the SA bros.”

“We’re the SA bros.”

“Wh-what-wh-wh-what, we’re the SA bros! Representing, all ya’ll haters, we’re the SA bros! I told all ya’ll haters, better leave us alone!”

They then sang in unison. “Messing with the best, and everyone knows, you never **** around with the SA bros!” SA put on some shades. “Here we go! Round 2, what the hell you gonna do when we take Sonic 2 and kick it’s ass through the roof!” He said while exactly kicking SA3 through the roof unexpectedly. “Yeah see we beat the barrel of doom with precision, surfed through the charts like two games with ignition, destroyed the other games and left them all glitching!”

“If you ain’t played us, you don’t know what you’re missing!” SA2 added.

“Sonic 3 & Knuckles ain’t got **** on this!”

SA4 spun round as she heard him. “Wut.”

“Whooped its ass, introduce it to my fist!” SA said as he punched her unexpectedly. “We may not be old school but we’re made to thrill, better open your eyes, bro, this **** is real! We’re the SA bros!”

“We’re the SA bros.”

“Wh-what-wh-wh-what, we’re the SA bros! Representing, all ya’ll haters, we’re the SA bros! I told all ya’ll haters, better leave us alone!”

They then sang in unison. “Messing with the best, and everyone knows, you never **** around with the SA bros!” As they finished, Cherry pushed them off the stage while saying, “I think you’ve said enough now...”

Since this chapter was pretty damn long, I decided to skip ahead. People were getting ready to go, while remarking that it was indeed the most party ever. Rose met up with Virus and Lily after smiling and nodding towards Blaze, who did the same before leaving. “Eggman never showed up.” Lily said. “This is what happens when you have too much filler.”

Sonic suddenly slid by them as he sang, “Well this is filler! Woo hoo! Filler night!”

“Stop doing that!” Lily yelled.

Virus shrugged at Lily’s comment about Eggman not showing. “It doesn’t matter anyway; this chapter will be considered discontinuity to the rest of the story.”

“But isn’t the story in general considered discontinuity?” Rose responded.

“What’s your point?”

The rest of the guests leaved within a few minutes, with the last person being Mads who Cherry had to wake up. As he got to the door, he turned to her and said, “So, great party, you should do the same next year.”

“Thanks so much, and also for letting others know on your show.”

“Oh, you were watching? Well that’s good to know.”

“You could’ve tried to make it a little more exciting though...”

“It’s hard when you sit in one spot all the time.”

“Yeah but it’s not impossible...”

“Well excuse me for not living up to your expectations.”

“It’s not that you don’t, it’s just that-”

Mads randomly yelled, “I WAS FROZEN, TODAY!” which brought the conversation to a halt. He continued to glare at her while she remained completely confused. He then smiled as he said, “Have a good night.” As he walked down the stairs. Cherry slowly closed the door, still confused, but happy knowing people considered it the most party ever.

By the way, I'll be updating once a week now.
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Things are beginning to get serial, so let’s get started.


Mary Sue Saga: Chapter 51 – All Your Enemies Combined

Jungle Joyride in Adabat 

As Jungle Joyride Day from Sonic Unleashed started playing, it showed scenes of the area from various angles. Sonya was on a wooden bridge over the water, stretching before getting ready. After a few moments, see took off down the bridge, and turned left soon after. She ran along the narrow path, then side-stepped left as more planks appeared. She side-stepped left again, then right, then jumped over a gap and hit two robotic fish, slid under a jumping shark, then hit a ramp and landed on another plank further ahead.

She quickly hit a speed pad and ran through several loops, steep sloping planks, and corkscrew paths at full speed. She soon ran along a straight path which stopped by a forest which she ran through curving left and right slightly before she made it to a spring that sent her up to a small path above. She immediately jumped up and spin attacked two Eggman robots to her left and right then approached a dozen platforms in mid-air, overlooking a large waterfall further down below. She made it across the platforms, spin attacking the flying robotic bats and avoiding spiked balls which swung from side to side.

She hit another spring by a grassy path at the end, made it to a stone path up above, and then hit another speed pad facing right, which she used to get past some spiked gates which tried to quickly close as she sped by. Sonya then hit another speed pad turning left then yet another before hitting a ramp. She hit a spring on the wall close by, which lead to a dozen other springs on the walls. After reaching the top, she flipped and hit another speed pad, leading into a forest where she moved at the speed of sound shortly before a giant robot with a laser cannon started chasing her.

It fired lasers at her as she sped through the forest, while she quickly side-stepped them all. Soon she came towards tons of tree branches in her way. She dodged several of them, and then sped straight through the last dozen towards the sea with the robot still chasing her. She ran along the water, still avoiding the beams soon before drifting round a statue, then sped up again while avoiding the statues which the robot shot down. She ran straight under several which fell in a row, and then back onto a stone path again.
She jumped across platforms in mid-air again, until she made her way around the area in the shape of a square, and then took off again as the song stopped.

Somewhere in China

In the mountains, Sally Sue awoke as she slept on some rocks, wearing a fully black metal armor, with a black cape. She got to her feet and admired the view before smiling. “It’s time.”

Egg Cruiser

Eggman, Eggman Nega, Virus, Rose and Lily were in one large room, by a large computer, discussing what Sally Sue has planned for later on. Lily was talking to no-one in particular when she randomly said, “09:00, Egg Cruiser...waaaaa-ching!”

“What on earth are you doing?” Rose asked.

“That thing they did on Sonic Adventure 2 before you started a new stage, I love that sound. Today will be so awesome! It’ll be the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, good guys, bad guys, and explosions, as far as the eye can see, and only one will survive, I wonder who it will be? It’ll be the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.” She nodded.

“Thanks, now I’ll have that song stuck in my head all day.” Rose groaned. 

“So back to the main topic on hand...” Eggman began. “This unstable individual possesses a rather powerful jewel, as we should already know, and is planning to unleash her supposable almighty elder sister within a tomb somewhere in the desert. Obviously, everyone and their grandmother’s are going to show up and get the Fujin gem off Sally Sue, but I suspect at least 2 other parties will be involved, so this won’t be easy. We only have one try to make sure this Sally Sue character doesn’t succeed, so support our cause any way you can, but don’t fail me!” Eggman left the room, as did Eggman Nega shortly after.

“Things are finally starting to get interesting.” Virus smirked. “We too should get going, should we not?”

Rose nodded. “Lily, are you coming?”

“Nah, I already know what I’m planning to do, so you two take care of yourselves.” Lily replied.

“Yes, you too.” Rose nodded before taking off with Virus.

Somewhere in Adabat

Meanwhile, somewhere in the area of Adabat, in an unknown location, inside a room was a single large rectangular table with four seats on each side and one seat ahead of them. Many torches lit the room and there was a water container in the corner.

Metared entered the room, with the camera focusing on him from a low angle as he said, “Gentlemen!” He walked over to the table and sat down then took out a clipboard. “There is no meeting today, as we have a crucial job to do today. So, gentlemen, let’s get down to business and retrieve the gem from that moronic narcissist.” They all got up and quickly left the room.

Tails’ House

Tails, Amy and Cream met in his living room, as most of the others were off doing their own thing at that particular moment. Tails stood ahead of them and began speaking. “Well, we should all know by now that Sally Sue plans to bring back Mary Sue later today, so I’m sure the others will show up at the chosen location. We should also get moving, as I’ll be doing so in a short while. I would just take you guys with me, but there isn’t much space, and it might be dangerous to travel by air.” Tails left to get into the Tornado a minute later, while Amy and Cream left together.

Up in the Sky

Tails was flying through the sky in the Tornado, on his way towards the ancient pyramids when he began to contact Sonic using a walkie-talkie device. “Sonic, where are you now?”

Sonic was speeding down a highway at the time. “I’m on my way there right now, I should be there shortly. How are things looking up there?”

“It’s fine so far, surprisingly not many aerial assaults. I’ll see you there.” Tails disconnected and then contacted Knuckles. “Hey Knuckles, where are you now?”

Knuckles was gliding through some mountains in a large jungle. “I’m still pretty far from any desert so it’s gonna take a little while.”

“Okay, just try to hurry, as we may need all the help we can get if things turn out for the worst.”

“Yeah, I think I already know the results, should we fail.” Knuckles said bluntly. “Just do what you can until I get there.” Knuckles then disconnected.

Tails tried to contact Shadow next, but was surprised to see that the connection was intercepted by Lily, who then said, “Can’t let you do that, Starfox! I’ve decided to take this opportunity upon myself to play with you for a while, because from what I’m heard, I find you to be quite amusing.”

“Who are you?” Tails asked.

“If you can survive my little game of tag, maybe you’ll find out, but I assure you, it won’t be easy. Anyway, I think I’ve talked enough for now. Here’s a present from me to you, filled with some subtle nostalgia, have fun!” As she finished talking, a satellite from space suddenly fired a giant energy blast, destroying several buildings and knocking the Tornado off balance. Tails sighed and said, “I guess this was the aerial assault I was waiting for...” before speeding off, as the satellite tracked him and continued to fire large energy beams in short bursts.
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So yes, I’m updating once a week now, as I said before, and although Saturday was when I posted the Halloween chapter, I decided I’d update every Friday just because. I’m like one of those manga artists, except that this isn’t time consuming, I can’t write to save my life, and that I’m not being paid for doing this...


Mary Sue Saga: Chapter 52 – To Resurrect a Goddess

Amy’s Apartment...the one from Sonic Battle

Amy stood in front of the house with Cream and whistled. The horse which appeared during the end of the Black Cat Saga showed up shortly afterwards, and Amy and Cream hopped on its back. “Okay, Horsy, we need to find a specific pyramid in the desert.” Amy began. “You’ll know when we’re close once you see a girl who shouts a lot, now let’s go!” The horse nodded, as if it could understand basic English, and then took off down the street.

Up in the Sky Again

Tails was soaring through the sky in the Tornado, with the satellite laser still hot on his tail. Lily was controlling this satellite from a dark room within one of Eggman’s bases, making it look like something out of a video game. Tails was attempting to lure the satellite out of the city in order to avoid unnecessary casualties, and as Lily discovered this, she decreased the range of the beam in order to increase the speed, which slowly began to catch up with the Tornado along the highway.

As Tails was trying to outrun the satellite, Sonya contacted him somehow through his walkie-talkie. “Hey Tails, what’s up? I found this great spot a little while ago; you guys should come check it out.”

“Uhh, Sonya, I’m kinda busy right now...” He said nervously as he glanced behind him at the incoming beam of destruction slowly closing the gap between them. “Where are you right now anyway?”

“Somewhere in Adabat, I guess. Why? What’s all that racket in the background? Is stuff blowing up?”

“A giant laser beam is being guided by a satellite to track me down and kill me.”

“Man, sucks to be you.”

“Guess you could say that. So are you going to help out? We could probably use all the help we can get seeing how I’ve got my hands full.”

“I don’t think I’m cut out for the hero thing, we may be one in the same, but I’m not as motivated as Sonic.”

“Well if you change your mind, the place where this is going to take place is a pyramid close to the one where Sally Sue found the Fujin gem.”

“Well I’ll think about it, and good luck with that satellite problem.” Sonya disconnected seconds later.

Some Random Pyramid

Overlooking the large pyramid ahead of them where the action is most likely to take place, Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads arrived at the chosen area wearing hard leather black spandex similar to Mads’ suit, specifically designed by Tails. They had stripes going down from the shoulders to the leather gloves, with matching stripes from the waist going down to their feet. Around the waist they each had a belt with the Sonicteam symbol on it and on both sides they had two small pouches to put things in.

“Y’know, I really love these suits.” Sonny said. “It’s got that nostalgic feeling to it for some reason; I gotta remember to thank him after this.”

“Yeah well I’m not liking these very much.” Amber replied. “Despite being spandex, there isn’t much freedom of movement to be had in these, and it really rides up in the-”

“I think you should be more thankful of the fact that Tails actually took the time to make these for a group of people he doesn’t even personally know, including someone who’s behaviour towards him would be even more questionable, were you actually stalking him.” Crystal said as she stared at Amber.

“Well maybe you’re right, anyway, I sense something cool is happening so I’m gonna take off. See ya!” And with that, Amber quickly high-tailed it out of there just moments before Shade noticed the Metallic Council of Maniacal Evil who had just recently arrived.

“Gentlemen!” Metared exclaimed, the camera focusing on him from a low angle. “It seems we’ve arrived earlier than expected, which is quite pleasing.”

“So when is that yelling moron gonna show up?” Metal Sonic asked.

“Soon enough, I hope.” Mecha Sonic added. “I’m just aching to kick some ass.”

These inferior insects will regret the day they foolishly decided to oppose me and my loyal associates!” Tails Doll exclaimed, filled with burning rage.

“You’re not the boss of our organisation...” Metal Knuckles pointed out. “Technically, Metared, Metal Sonic, and Mecha Sonic have the most say.”

Silence, peon!

“Just pointing out the facts, man.” He shrugged.

Suddenly, Camerax, hundreds of them! They came from the sky and dropped down in the formation of a square, gaining the attention of the other robots which stared in confusion.

Still Up in the Sky

Tails was still trying to evade the satellite tracking him down, and not doing a very good job of it. The satellite was now firing a large beam as well as occasional energy blasts with a big blast radius. One of these blasts managed to hit the Tornado and cause moderate damage as the laser once again gained on him. From out of nowhere, Amber suddenly showed up and deflected the beam back at the satellite with minimal effort, partly damaging it and causing it to stop firing in order to repair itself. “I hope my entrance was awesome and completely out of nowhere.” Amber grinned as she turned to Tails.

“Thanks for the last minute help. How did you find me?”

“What are you talking about? It’s pretty hard to miss a giant laser beam from space.” She said as she pointed up.

“Oh, right.”

Amber turned back and raised her hand in the direction of the satellite. “Luckily for you, I’ll let you witness my power as I destroy this satellite with ease, now watch closely.” She turned her head to see Tails was still fiddling with his walkie-talkie. “Hey Tails, are you paying attention?!”

“Oh, yeah, I’m looking.” He said, lifting his head.

Just as he finished, the satellite had finished repairing itself and fired another large laser beam, which Amber easily countered with one of her own, quickly overpowering the beam and wiping out the satellite completely. Amber laughed as it blew up. “Yeah! Suck it, you piece of trash!” She turned back to Tails. “Well, I’ll be getting back to the pyramid now, see you soon.” She flew off the same way she came while Tails waved goodbye.

A game over message was displayed on Lily’s computer screen for a few moments before she started typing in something. “It seems that because of an outsider, my game ended prematurely. Luckily, I assumed this would happen so I’ll just move onto phase 2.”

Lily hacked into the private line used by Tails’ walkie-talkie in order to talk to him again. “I see that you had backup. Oh well, it’s not important. I now challenge you to a one-on-one duel in my area of choice, but don’t worry, I’m not gonna make it so cheap that you can’t win. It’s on the other side of town in the sea, you’ll probably see an arrow pointing in the direction halfway there, you can’t miss it. Oh, and if one of your friends happens to call, tell them you’re going to enter my vagoo...many lulz will be had.” She disconnected a second later.

Dat Pyramid

After a while of talking and discovering that the Camerax Crew were created by Eggman Nega, and that their purpose is to stall for time, the Metallic Council of Maniacal Evil charged at them, but stopped when Amy’s horse suddenly entered the fray and sent the leader flying 30 feet by kicking it with its back hooves. Cream flipped off the horse and landed in between two dozen Camerax robots while Amy simply hopped down off the horse. “Let’s kick their asses, Cream!” Amy exclaimed.

“Right!” Cream nodded. As the transformation theme to Excalibur Sonic started playing, Cream quickly equipped herself with her two yo-yo’s, canyons and water balloons, and then attached a belt with the Sonicteam logo, which flashed as she put it on. She got into a kewl stance, at which point a golden ninja suit materialised onto her. She released her two yo-yo’s into the air, at which point they became encrusted with diamonds and razor blades were attached to any free spaces. As she retracted them, she gained a red cape which bellowed in the wind, and gained stares from everyone watching. Cream then swung one yo-yo at a camera to the right, then another to the left before finally displaying a pose so kewl that the Camerax robots within 10 feet exploded from awesomeness.

The moment Cream’s transformation ended, Crystal began speaking to Amy via telepathy. “Hey Amy, glad you could make it.

“Crystal?” Amy looked around. “Where are you?”

On a mountain a little further away, but that’s not important. You do realize those robots are the ones who kidnapped Sonic that one time, right?”

“Now that I think about it, these were the ones!” At this point she was filled with rage, resulting in her developing a glowing purple aura, the same which Shadow had acquired some time before. She picked up her hammer, which was now covered in purple flames and charged at them, smashing through several with one swing, then leaped forward and slammed the ground with her hammer, causing a large shockwave knocking out a dozen robots. Cream had taken out over two dozen just further away, then grabbed one and swung them round repeatedly using her yo-yo’s, knocking out others before throwing the robot to Amy who whacked it into another group of close robots.

Just then, Sally Sue arrived on the scene, causing everyone to stop and focus their attention on her. She projected an aura of confidence and seemed surprisingly carefree as she smashed through anything in her path as she ran by at super speed into the pyramid further away. The Metallic Council of Maniacal Evil were about to follow her when Sonic arrived shortly afterwards and ran into the same pyramid. Without any need for words, they all agreed upon leaving the task of recovering the gem up to Sonic and decided to wait it out.

A few moments after Sonic entered the pyramid, he contacted Tails. “Hey Tails, I just entered the pyramid. I’m not sure how far ahead Sally Sue might be, but I’ll stop her soon enough, even if I have to do it alone. Where are you now?”

“Um, sorry about this, Sonic, but I might not make it. This girl challenged me to meet her at this location, and it would be rude of me not to accept her challenge, so I’ll soon be entering her vagoo.”

“Wow Tails, you’re already at that age?”


“Never mind, it’s better if I don’t explain the joke, but I hope you have fun.”

“It hasn’t been a very fun day so far.”

“So since I still have quite a while to go, could you give me all the need to know info on Mary Sue?”

“Sure. Sally Sue made a surprise broadcast a few days ago to inform others about where she would be summoning Mary Sue, because she believed nobody could stop her.”

Sonic shrugged as he dodged a few falling rocks. “Well, most people can’t stop her.”

“Exactly, but I should get to the actual info now. From what I gathered through the internet and from various library books, Mary Sue is one of the greatest fighters to have ever lived. She had it all: Tons of fans, beauty beyond compare, the power to lift concrete fortresses with a single hand, incredible speed, skin as tough as adamantium, the ability to hypnotise other men into being obedient helpers who will support her, regardless of what they were like before, as well as the ability to copy any special move she happens to see. She’s more broken than a SNK boss! Plus she’s good at everything, even “this and that”, even though she’s never done it...”

“Wow.” Sonic replied, seeming quite amused. “She seems like a fun person to fight.”

“You don’t know the half of it. From the track record I picked up, she’s never lost a fight. Not even one. She’s injured thousands of good and bad guys throughout the universe, but has never killed anyone because it’s just not in her nature. That’s all I have at the moment.”

“So any word on the others progress so far?”

“Well, Knuckles says he’s close now, sadly, Blaze is trying to deal with that black copy of herself right now, and I haven’t been able to contact Shadow yet, but Rouge assured me that G.U.N soldiers are on their way. By the way, be careful in there, Eggman might have already entered through another entrance.”

“I think that’s more than enough I needed to know. Thanks, Tails.”

“You’re welcome.” Tails noticed a rapidly bleeping dot on a radar located in front of him. “Hey Sonic, there’s someone approaching that pyramid, and it’s moving at an incredible pace!”

Sonic smirked as he quickly made the connection. “Heh, he showed up faster than I expected. And here I thought he wouldn’t show. He’s always gotta make some big dramatic entrance...”

Outside, Amy and Cream were still wiping out tons of Camerax robots with ease, and at the current time, Amy had thrown her hammer at one robot, knocking it into the air along with her hammer. Cream grabbed it and whacked the robot to the ground before tossing it back towards Amy who charged straight through half a dozen robots, ran through several to the left and right, then threw Cream who flew straight through half a dozen more with a flying headbutt before knocking back more from a whirlwind created by spinning her yo-yo’s rapidly.

In a bright flash of light, someone ran through a dozen more robots, causing them to explode at once. After the dust cleared, the figure was revealed to be Shadow who got to his feet and looked onward towards the pyramid and the enemies in front of him. “The ultimate lifeform has arrived.”
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It’s once again time for me to suggest a song which you might have known about but I felt the need to mention anyway. This OC remix called Metamorphic Rock, which is a heavy metal combination of Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone, and the final boss theme. The heavy metal remix of the final boss theme is awesome in music form IMO, though you’ll know what part I’m referring to when it comes up.

Mary Sue Saga: Chapter 53 – Storming the Temple

Outside the pyramid

Mecha Sonic watched as Amy and Cream continued to wail on the helpless robots, while the remaining members of the Metallic Council were actually taking part in dispatching them as Shadow ran straight by them. “Y’know, these guys aren’t as tough as they make out to be, considering how fast they’re going down in numbers. They’re down to about 105 robots now.” Mecha Sonic ducked as several flew by him. “Now 101.”

Some Town    

The black organism which now goes by the name Inferno, was standing in the middle of a street, swatting cars out of the way and causing property damage to any buildings which happened to be in its path. The police showed up shortly, which the creature dealt with by impaling and throwing them out of its way. At this point Inferno became quite frustrated as the creature was obviously waiting for something, so it grabbed a young boy as a hostage and continued on its rampage, shortly before Blaze appeared from behind and dropped onto the roof of a car and pointed at the creature. “Let that child alone!”

Inferno spun round to face her. “About time, I was getting bored, and you do know that you-”

“I know what I said.”

“Very well.” Inferno dropped the boy, who quickly ran off, at which point Inferno produced sharp red claws. “I hope you realise that you can’t win.”

“And why is that?”

“Because I am a better version of you, and I know everything there is to know about your combat ability. You may be kewl, but I am badass, and badass always beats kewl, so with the way you fight, this battle should be over in about a minute.”

“Then I guess I’ll have to be a little unpredictable. I hope you don’t mind.” Blaze leaped off the car and dashed towards Inferno. As she reached the creature she spun to the right, flipped over him to the left, then hit Inferno with the downward kick, followed by a sweep kick and a rising kick, knocking Inferno back several feet. Inferno charged at her and tried to claw her face, while Blaze countered by kicking his arm out the way, sliding by the creature, then grabbing its tail from behind and throwing Inferno through a window.

Inferno immediately jumped back through the window and grinned at her. “You’re pretty good at improvising, so let’s take it up a notch.” Inferno shot out three long sharp tentacles from its right hand at Blaze, who evaded them by inches as she charged at him. The same three tentacles which missed Blaze grabbed three cars close by, and threw them at her as Inferno retracted the tentacles. Blaze quickly leaped across two cars on all fours, then grabbed the third and threw it back at Inferno who blasted it to pieces with a fist of fire shortly before blocking a punch by Blaze, then knocked her back several feet.

“Let’s take a stroll around town while we’re here.” Inferno said before running off, with Blaze following close behind.

Probably the last time “Up in the Sky” will be used

Tails was approaching the base where Lily was residing at and spoke into his walkie-talkie as a gate opened up for him. “Okay, I’m entering your vagoo now.”

Lily chuckled as he finished. “Regardless of how inappropriate it is, I still smile when I hear that. The fact that you don’t know what I’m talking about makes it funnier. It’ll take around a minute of flying around to reach the area.”

“A minute? Couldn’t I have just come in through your backdoor?”

“Innocent innuendo is a wonderful thing.” Lily replied as she quickly realised the second meaning.

“I feel like I’m missing out on something here...” Tails said as he scratched his head.

Back outside the pyramid   

Mads was watching the mayhem from the mountains with binoculars. “Man, this is Serious Business. It’s so serious that I don’t wanna get involved.”

“I think that’s just laziness.” Sonny replied.

“Yeah, that too.”

“Well, it’s time for my match with Rose, as I assumed she’s already within the pyramid, since I haven’t seen her yet.” Crystal picked up her spear and flung it into the crowd of Camerax robots, impaling one straight in the head. She dropped down, grabbed her spear and whacked out half a dozen more as she flew towards the pyramid entrance.

Meanwhile, Sonic had reached a large room, with Rose standing on the other side by the exit. Rose glanced over at him as he entered. “The blue hedgehog, Sonic, if I recall correctly.”

“I’m assuming you’re going to stop me.”

“No.” Rose shook her head. “I have business with another person today, so you may go on ahead.” She said before stepping to the side. Sonic shrugged and ran by just shortly before Crystal showed up and waved to her. “Hey Rose, sorry to keep you waiting.”

“It’ll take more than an apology to please me, and I assume you know that there’s a possibility you will die here.”

“Of course, if I wasn’t accepting the fact that you might kill me then I wouldn’t be here...so how are things going for you recently?”

Rose smiled as she spoke. “Quite well I must say, despite some failure in a few villain projects, overall I’ve enjoyed myself over the last few months.”

“Great, so I guess we should get started now.” Crystal said, arming herself with her spear.

“Yes, and please, don’t disappoint me.” Rose replied as she got into a fighting stance.

“Same to you.”

 Just ahead, Sonic stopped very shortly at a concrete wall which seemed to block his path. As he thought about whether he was capable of spin dashing through it, Virus ascended from within the floor behind the unsuspecting hedgehog, ready to make his move, which he did, causing three small claw marks on Sonic’s back that would have been more severe had Sonic not jumped back at the last second. “So who may you be?”

“I guess you are as fast as they mentioned.” Virus began. “Though luckily, not fast enough. My name is Virus, and I’m working alongside Eggman. To be honest, I’m not interested with dealing with you today, so would you happen to know whether Shadow will be coming?”

“As a matter of fact, he should be here any minute now.” As Sonic finished speaking, Shadow smashed through a section of the wall to their right and quickly came to a halt. “Perfect timing.” Sonic nodded. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a loud-mouthed nutcase which I have to stop.” Sonic quickly sped off as the concrete wall mysteriously curved right to make a path for him.

Meanwhile Virus turned his attention to Shadow, who also did the same. “Ahh, Shadow, it’s nice to see you again. Today would be nowhere near as fun if you didn’t show up. I’m eager to see how you’ve changed since the last time we met.”

“I’ve been through quite a few changes, some of these turning out to be in my best interest. But recently any bad things in my way have always led back to you, and that aggravates me.”

“Your aggravation is a potential source of my enjoyment.” Virus said with a smirk.

“Well enough talk! This ends right here!” Shadow braced himself against the creature. “No more talking, no more mind games, no more interruptions.”

“Then show me you’re worthy of being called the ultimate lifeform, Shadow.” Virus replied as his purple aura became visible.

Once again, Sonic was running down a path ahead of him and contacted Tails with his walkie-talkie while he did so. “Hey Tails, where are you now?”

Tails had entered the base and had just parked his ship in an empty space in the dark area. “I’m tired of mentioning the ‘V’ word, so let’s skip that. Anyway, I’m there now. Have you met up with Shadow and Knuckles yet?”

“Well, I haven’t seen Knuckles so far, but I saw Shadow just recently. He stayed behind to fight this thing which called itself Virus.”

“I remember him mentioning something about him. He said coming into contact with his attacks can slowly affect you mind. He didn’t get you, did he?”

“Uhh, yeah, he kinda did...”

“No problem, I’ll sort it out when we get back.”

“Hey Tails, you ever wonder if there’s some sort of subtext behind Shadow and that Virus guy?”

“From what Shadow has told me, Virus seems disturbingly obsessed with Shadow, while Shadow might seem obsessed with besting Virus once and for all, but I don’t believe there’s any suspicious subtext behind it.”

“When two people are obsessed with each other, there’s always subtext, at least that’s what some fangirls think anyway...” Their conversation was cut short as a giant robot dropped down from high above, causing a large crack in the ground beneath its feet and spreading dust as Sonic leaped out of the way. The large robot appeared to be a black copy of final robot used on the Death Egg in Sonic 2. “Ahh, Sonic, what a pleasant surprise to meet you down here.”

“Yeah right, as if you weren’t waiting for yours truly, like what Virus and Rose were doing. I thought you’d be more interested in stopping Sally Sue from achieving her goal.”

“I am, but first I figured I’d rid myself of a constant nuisance in my evil plans.”

“Well I always enjoy a little dangerous jog, so try to keep up.” Sonic said before taking off while Eggman gave chase. Sonic sidestepped the rapid fire coming from behind him, and then jumped as Eggman shot an energy ball at the ground. Sonic spun round while running forward and mocked him, making Eggman furious enough to unload a giant barrage of missiles in Sonic’s direction. Sonic immediately leaped onto the wall to the left and ran along it as the missiles left giant path of destruction in its wake.

Eggman’s mech also shifted sideways, still firing energy blasts at Sonic who dodged them as easily as he did when running on the ground. As the path ahead turned right, he leaped off the wall and ran past tons of pillars before Eggman began blasted them down. Sonic curved around a few while jumping over others, and then spin dashed through a few as he moved on ahead. 

Back in the room with Virus and Shadow, they had already begun their fight. Shadow immediately activated the power boost and flashed purple as he dashed towards the creature and engaged in hand-to-hand combat, with Virus being able to deflect all of his blows. “This is far from satisfactory, Shadow. It truly isn’t worth my full attention. You may have control over your body under that form, but power is useless unless you can actually hit your opponent.” At that moment, Shadow managed to break through his defence and send him flying through a pillar with an elbow to the chest. “Have I got your attention now?”

“Maybe so.” Virus said as he got up, and charged at him. He missed with an uppercut as Shadow jumped back, at which point Shadow teleported with chaos control and kicked him right, then teleported again and kicked Virus towards the ground. Virus opened up a purple portal as he nearly hit the ground and tackled Shadow from behind as he appeared above. They crashed into the ground and created a clear path through the concrete as they moved across the floor, not attempting to shield themselves from the others attacks.

Shadow teleported again as Virus tried to punch him and kicked Virus from behind. Virus opened a portal ahead of him and knocked Shadow right with a roundhouse kick. Shadow teleported again and elbowed him in the face, followed by Virus knocking him back with a head butt. They continued to move around the room, causing damage to anything close by when they clashed, until Shadow punched Virus through one pillar. Virus retaliated by kicking him through another, before Virus was kneed into another close by. Virus then grabbed him from behind and threw him through another pillar before firing a giant wave of energy, causing a massive explosion just as Shadow hit the ground.

Virus slid back as he hit the ground and grinned as he waited for Shadow within the smoke ahead of him. Suddenly, Shadow dashed out of the smoke at an incredible speed and covered by massive glowing purple waves of energy, signifying he had just taken off his power rings. He tackled Virus and hit a wall before flipping back 20 feet and unleashing the full force of his power as he prepared to attack Virus. Virus got to his feet and also went to full power. The two charged at each other again and clashed, the impact creating a large crater and forcing them both back.

They leaped up, where Shadow punched Virus to the ground, who ricocheted off the ground, flipped diagonally and whacked Shadow back with his left arm. Shadow recovered quickly and hit Virus with an uppercut, and then Virus copied his spin attack and hit him with it dragging them both into the ground.

Lily’s Vagoo

As Tails had left the ship in order to find Lily a minute later, he was quite paranoid about any noises he heard. He quickly put on the same suit he wore when infiltrating the Camerax Crew’s private island and put on his serious face, then everything was Serious Business. He continued to look around in the dark damp areas before he suddenly heard a voice cry out, “Flying Machete Attack!” Tails was a master at doing barrel rolls, and therefore was able to avoid it. As he did so, Lily dropped down in a skin tight dark blue leather suit. “We finally meet, Mr. Prower.” She then broke the serious tension when she put one hand to her cheek and said, “And you’re so cute in that little armoured suit!”

“That wasn’t my intention...”

“Anyway, there are some pretty sharp spikes back there.” Lily said, pointing in a room further back. “They could easily impale a person, not that this is foreshadowing or anything...”

“So it is foreshadowing?”


“Are you saying that to lower my guard so when the spikes do come up again, I’ll actually be surprised?”


“So is there any reason behind this at all?”


“You’re confusing me...”

“Yes.” Lily nodded as she crossed her arms.
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Yo, reader, I’m really happy for you and Imma let you read this, but My Immortal is the best fanfiction story of all time!...BEST FANFICTION STORY OF ALL TIME!


Mary Sue Saga: Chapter 54 – The Arrival of Mary Sue

Inside Dat Pyramid

Crystal and Rose had been fighting for over a minute now. Rose had stood in one spot and manipulated layers of ice around her into attacking Crystal, who dodged the ice while trying to get through her defensive ice methods. When Crystal managed to get within 10 feet of Rose, she stomped the ground, creating a giant icicle where Crystal stood, who avoided getting impaled by lifting herself up using her spear. She dropped down, surprising Rose, and punched her hard on the left side of her face, knocking her back a few feet but only managing to make her flinch slightly before Rose regained her balance and looked back at Crystal. “Ow.” She said dully.

“Did that even hurt?” Crystal asked.

“I’ve experienced enough pain in my lifetime.”    

“Then I may be a little in over my head, but then again, I might get lucky and actually survive.”

“Let’s find out.” Without a moment to spare, she immediately punched Crystal, sending her flying back. She dashed forward and with a swing of her hand created a long line of sharp icicles along the ground which Crystal dodged by flipping to the right and charging at her. Crystal attacked with her spear, jabbing wildly at the air as Rose easily dodged her attacks, but was then hit as Crystal whacked it over her head, followed by her whacking Rose across the face with it and kicking her in the chest with both feet which caused minimal damage.

Rose took out her frail as she hopped forward slightly and swung it at Crystal, who ducked and jabbed at her several times; Rose avoided the first two then knocked back her spear with the frail before trying to crush her with it. Crystal sidestepped the attack and charged forward, attempting to stab her but missed as Rose ducked then hit her with an uppercut. Rose swung her frail at Crystal again, who quickly recovered and grabbed it, then kicked Rose into a wall as it returned to her. As Rose ricocheted off the wall, Crystal hit her with a flying kick, with enough force to cause a crack in the wall. Crystal quickly discovered this Rose was a fake as it slowly evaporated, at which point Rose punched her from the side.

Still 09:36
In the City

Blaze was still chasing Inferno down a street, who knocked over things and threw various objects at Blaze. Blaze easily evaded most of the things being thrown at her, but as Inferno threw a car back at her, She hopped onto it then leaped forward, attempting to hit Inferno with a flying kick. Inferno flipped over Blaze a second before being hit and extended its arm to grab Blaze and force her through several objects across the road before throwing her through a window. Inferno ran on ahead and leaped onto a car which was heading towards the highway, with Blaze following who happened to recover in time to see.

The Final Tomb Chamber

Sally Sue finally reached the stairs leading down to the last room within the pyramid, and hummed the Chaos Angel map theme from Sonic Advance 3 as she strolled along. She entered the gigantic brightly lit room below which was purely white with blue stripes along the pillars and floors. There were two floors in the room, pillars around the dimensional gate in the middle of the room, and pillars along the outer edges of the top floor. As Sally Sue approached the middle, Knuckles suddenly jumped up out of the ground and hit her with an uppercut. Sally Sue quickly recovered and dropped back slightly. “Oh, it’s you, the mole.”

“I’m an echidna!” Knuckles yelled.

“So what are you here for, I’m quite busy right now.”

“Well you’ve got some trouble on your hands, because I’m not letting you anywhere near that dimensional gate.” Knuckles said, getting into a fighting stance.

“Heh, you seem pretty cocky.” Sally Sue cracked her knuckles. “Are you ready to die?”
Knuckles wasted no time and began his assault, unleashing tons of punches which Sally Sue blocked while moving back. Sally Sue swung at him a few times, and Knuckles ducked under them before getting in two hits and knocking her back. She slapped away his next punch and hit him in the chest before roundhouse kicking him to the side. She leaped up and stomped the ground where he once stood as he jumped out the way, causing several cracks in the ground.

Still 09:37
That ‘V’ Place

Tails and Lily had begun their fight, which seemed mainly to be laying traps, which were countered with traps. Lily flew higher up and threw 5 small bombs at Tails who ran by, narrowing missing him. As he stopped by the edge of the area, Lily fired a large beam, which Tails dodged by simply ducking under it. Lily punched a wall after witnessing this. “Damn it! I didn’t expect him to duck!” 

Tails winded up a robot mouse bomb and let it go. Lily ran away from it and into a circle of super glue which Tails surprisingly had time to put there. Tails took this opportunity to let loose with missiles and energy blasts, which Lily had assumed he’d do so she included a part in her suit which allowed her to absorb energy attacks. Lily then blasted the glue to pieces and jumped behind a wall while Tails did the same. Tails took out a small ball and activated a robot droid which looked like himself, then sent it in Lily’s direction. As it got nearby, she quickly blasted it to pieces. It became silent again until Tails heard footsteps approaching the wall and fired at Lily, who turned out to be a hologram. By the time he realised this, he was hit by several missiles and sent propelling through a wall.

Lily grabbed her machete which was still lodged in the wall and jumped through the hole in the wall into a room which as similar to the other one before she started swinging madly at Tails who backed up and evaded her attacks before firing another energy beam at Lily who deflected it diagonally. The beam hit a mirror in the top right corner and was sent back at Tails, who somersaulted out the way, but was quickly hit by a blast which Lily fired.

The Highway to Hell (Love that song)

Inferno was riding atop the roof of a car as it began speeding down the highway. Meanwhile, Blaze was trying to catch the car by leaping across the cars close by. Just as Blaze reached the creature she attacked with a roundhouse kick, which Inferno evaded by hopping back, and then tried to impale her. Blaze slid under its attack and hit Inferno with a fiery uppercut, knocking it off the car, as Inferno quickly grabbed Blaze as this happened. Blaze managed to slice off a part of its hand and grab onto the back of another car.

Inferno leaped onto a truck which was speeding by and fired a barrage of fireballs at Blaze who ran towards the truck. The fireballs were powerful enough to cause small explosions upon impact, which they did to the roads and cars nearby. Using the inner source of its full power, Inferno gathered its energy, forming a bright red aura just before throwing a giant wave of fire, which caused a massive explosion as it hit the ground, blowing up the part of the road that it hit and preventing any cars from crossing over. Blaze leaped over the gap and took off after the monster.

Still 09:38
Outside Dat Pyramid

Amy and Cream had just finished taking care of the last few Camerax Crew robots, besides the leader, and promptly high fived each other. As they got ready to finish off the last one, they spotted a hundred more approaching the area, with at least a dozen giant robots accompanying them. As they braced themselves for another large wave of robots, tons of GUN soldiers suddenly rushed by, opening fire on them. As all this went on, Rouge landed beside Amy and Cream. “I think they can take it from here.” She glanced over at the both of them and raised an eyebrow. “Well I certainly missed a lot...”

On the mountain close by, Mads was still observing the action through his binoculars. “Man, just how many robots can one guy make in such a limited time?”

“A lot apparently.” Sonny replied.

Mads then glanced around. “Hey, where did Shade go?”

“He said he had to go check something.”

“And Amber?”

“She said she isn’t coming back. She went to a hot spring instead.”

Mads scratched his forehead. “So it’s just you and me?”

“Yup.” Sonny nodded, followed by an awkward silence. “...Let’s find out who can headshot the most robots.” Sonny said, summoning an icicle.

“You’re on.” Mads replied as he charged his arm cannon.

Still 09:38 Again
Back Inside Dat Pyramid

In the room where Shadow and Virus’ fight was taking place, the battle was slowly coming to an end. Shadow leaped up and threw a chaos spear at Virus who sank in a purple puddle. As the spear hit the ground, dust circled the area. Shadow then quickly slid back as Virus attempted to stab him. Virus flew out of the smoke and separated into five, reducing the copies powers as he did so. They all attacked Shadow head-on, who had the upper hand until one managed to land a hit, at which point they continued to beat him senseless until they finally blasted him into a wall nearby. Virus touched the ground and stood straight before combining again. “Well, it seems I have won. It’s a shame really, but your vitality has diminished to such a point that I could easily kill you as you are.”

“Then why don’t you?”

“Because then I wouldn’t be able to gloat, obviously. If this had gone on another 30 seconds, I most likely would have lost from exceeding the full force of my current power, and Shade even bet me that I’d lose today. Unlucky for him, he now owes me 10 bucks. So, I assume you’ll be fighting Mary Sue soon enough, right?”

“What’s it to you?”

“I just thought I’d remind you that you’re nowhere in the same league as her, considering that you’re having trouble beating me right now.” Virus suddenly pulled over a chalkboard and drew a power level chart on it. “Lets say that my full power right now is around 15-20 out of a hundred...Mary Sue is a hundred.”

“And I’m guessing there’s a reason you want Mary Sue to return?” Shadow said as he recovered and got to his feet.

Virus chuckled for a few seconds. “Well of course, think about it, how do you think that numbskull found out the requirements needed to bring Mary Sue back from that other dimension? I told her, or should I say, one of my siblings did. I simply researched a lot of info on her, and on supernatural summoning rituals. Overall, Sally Sue isn’t of much use to me, but Mary Sue’s achievements and abilities never cease to amaze me, so I must take control of her body and make her my permanent host! With her power, there would be nothing in the galaxy which could hope to stop me!”

“And you possibly think you’ll be able to control Mary Sue so easily?”

Virus smiled as he slowly sank into the concrete floor. “But of course, for you see, I’m a virus.”

Inside the main tomb, Knuckles was still struggling to hold off Sally Sue when Sonic suddenly arrived, spin attacking Sally Sue as he leaped into the room, propelling her past the dimensional gate. He then slid along the ground and came to a halt a few feet away from Knuckles and waved. “Hey there, Knuckles. How did you arrive before me? Well then again, I was stopped a few times...”

“I dug all the way here underground, although I did pop my head up a few times to make sure I wasn’t lost.”

“Well it’s good to know I’ve got backup.”


Just then, Eggman’s robot smashed through the entrance and opened fire upon them just as Sonic pointed and said, “That’s why.” The second Sally Sue got up, she ran straight through all of them, and up to the dimensional gate. “You morons annoy me!” She placed the Fujin gem in a glass bowl right beside it that seemed connected to the machine, and then recited the following words. “From the deepest part of my heart I ask the powers from above, to give back the sister that I truly love, she has the power to do the what the gods can do, so bring back my almighty sister, Mary Sue!”

The whole room started shaking violently and flashed bright colours as Sonic got to his feet and said, “That was a pretty lame speech.”

“You’re telling me.” Knuckles agreed. “But we’ve got bigger problems now.”

“I’m not so sure yet...”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Suddenly, the shaking stopped and there was a flash of lightning which hit the dimensional gate and surrounded the area in smoke, and within the smoke stood a single figure.
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Well, it’s almost time for Mary Sue to actually make an appearance after all this time, but the question is, what kind of personality is this person going to have, and will she be actually likable despite being broken as hell? We’ll see soon enough.

Mary Sue Saga: Chapter 55 – A Suetiful Experience

Previously on Sonic Z, the almighty being, Mary Sue was just released, completely engulfed within the smoke emitting from the dimensional gate. Mary Sue had long radiant golden hair, glimmering so brilliantly that it had its own aura. Glorious golden eyes which could glow in the dark, creamy white skin that felt as smooth as silk, perky C-cups which were firm and surprisingly soft, not that I would know, and other marvellous features not important enough to mention. She wore a thin yellow open sweater, and not just an ordinary sweater, but one of the very best, but below that sweater was a simple yellow t-shirt with a star on the front. She also wore a yellow skirt of medium length with matching yellow shoes, so as you could tell, she really liked yellow. And you could tell this person was Mary Sue, because I actually bothered to spend more than one sentence on describing her, even if it wasn’t enough.

Knuckles turned to Sonic and asked, “So is this exactly a good or a bad thing?”

“Well I haven’t really received enough proof for it to go either way, so I’m not too sure.”

“If I get sucker punched I’m going to assume the worst.” Knuckles said before focusing his attention towards Mary Sue.

“Now you’re just being paranoid.”

Within the smoke, Mary Sue turned her head in their direction and in a flash, dashed towards them and sucker punched Knuckles through several pillars. Sonic, being somewhat surprised, faintly said, “Guess I stand corrected.” Mary Sue quickly spun round and fired a flurry of finger beams towards Sonic who ran around, flipping and jumping over them. Eggman charged at Mary Sue and swung at her but missed as she effortlessly dodged then roundhouse kicked the robot into a wall. Sonic touched the surface of one pillar and leaped off it back towards Mary Sue, curled into a ball. She blocked his attack with one hand then backed away from his hurricane kick.

Mary Sue then sidestepped as Knuckles tried to punch her from behind and tripped him up, and then kicked him into Sonic. She punched the ground, causing a shockwave which knocked them all back and made sharp rocks come up out of the ground, which they avoided. Mary Sue flew after Sonic and Knuckles, who were running back, and threw a large energy ball, which split into dozens of laser beams aiming straight for them. Knuckles dug underground to avoid the incoming blasts while Sonic dodged them again and used some of the environment around him to avoid getting hit.

As he continued running, Mary Sue ran past him while winking, shocking Sonic. “Whoa! She’s actually faster than me...” She tripped him up, and then caught Knuckles’ fist as he jumped out of the ground towards her. She let him go half a second before punching him across the room, then flipping into the air as Eggman fired a laser beam at her. She flew straight through his next blast and through the robot’s left arm, making it explode as she touched the ground.

In one of the earlier rooms, Rose was still trying to impale Crystal with her complete control of the thin layers of ice around the room. Rose formed two rows of icicles heading towards Crystal that soon formed two large Chinese dragons made of ice which crossed over each other and lunged at her. Crystal flew into the air as the two dragons passed by, then spun round towards her. Crystal threw her spear and it curved to the right as it sliced through the bodies of the dragons, allowing Crystal to take control of them with her powers. She threw them towards Rose, who jumped into the air, avoiding one dragon which crashed into the ground. The second was sliced in half as Rose turned her arm into a blade and flew straight through it.

Rose dropped to the ground and reformed her arm before saying, “I feel a far greater presence has just made itself known.”

Crystal then dropped down and shrugged. “Yeah, but that doesn’t really concern us, now does it?

“Of course, so let us continue.”

The Big ‘V’

Tails and Lily were still in a heated battle, involving traps being countered by other traps. Sadly, Tails’ traps were the ones mainly being countered. Tails was currently hiding behind a wall when he noticed Lily running towards the small wall. He fired at her as she tried to sidestep his attack, and though it hit her he realised it was a hologram. Lily then came running towards him from the right, and was also revealed to be a hologram as Tails fired again. Tails continued to keep firing at the holograms, but soon stopped to try and tell the difference between them all. While he stopped to think, another ran up to him, and he poked the figure before discovering she wasn’t a hologram. As he looked up, she nodded at him, “Yes, I’m real.” She fired a large laser beam in his face, blasting him across the room.

She then began firing more energy blasts and then several bombs that Tails avoided until he stopped by a wall. Lily then threw a large bomb at Tails, which he shielded from, but surprisingly, the fuse on the bomb never went off. As Tails lowered his guard to see whether the bomb went off, it suddenly exploded in his face, sending him flying through a wall.

Still 09:39
Back in the City

Inferno reached another random city after leaving the highway, hopped off the car and ran down the street. Blaze was far off in the distance, struggling to keep up with the creature, and decided to use the rooftops to catch up to it. The creature soon approached a construction site and began climbing up the girder’s shortly before Blaze arrived, looked up and sighed. “Why here of all places?”

Just then, Tails contacted her using his walkie-talkie. “Hey Blaze; I kinda need a little advice on something.”

“And you didn’t consider I might be quite busy right now? Not to mention there are several people you could be talking to instead?” She replied as she began to climb the girders.

“Well most of them seem to be busy. Anyway, I’m fighting this girl, who seems to be a lot smarter than I first thought, and it’s like she knows what I’m gonna do before I do it! Like she thinks two steps ahead, and then finds out how to reach that spot. How can I fight this girl when it’s like she can read my brain waves?”

“For someone so smart, you aren’t using that brain much right now. The answer is simple, just stop thinking.”


“Obviously, she must know all about how you would normally act through research and observations, so acting unpredictably with your attacks should throw her off-balance for at least a short while, at which point you should finish the battle before she catches on to what you’re doing. Go with the flow, don’t think about it, just do it.”

“Wow, Blaze, that’s great advice! How did you think that up?”

“Have you forgotten that I’m facing a copy of myself? I figured this out before I even showed up to face that monster, but it’s still trying to make things harder for me...”

“Okay, well good luck, and thanks again.” As Tails disconnected, Blaze climbed up to a girder far above the ground on the construction site. Inferno leaped onto another just further ahead of her. “This is where we shall finish this fight. And although you’re afraid of heights, you have far worse things to fear right now.”

“Well I’m sure kicking your ass will relieve me of my fears, so let’s begin.”

Inferno extended its arms and tried to grab Blaze, who leaped into the air, spun into a ball and attacked with a flying kick. Inferno somersaulted under it and kicked her off before going after her. She grabbed the lower part of a girder and climbed up just before getting kicked towards one girder further back, and then she jumped as Inferno tried to pounce on her. She missed Inferno with a downward punch, but hit the creature as she immediately attacked with a flying kick, followed by a vertical hurricane kick.

Yes, it’s still 09:39
The Final Tomb Chamber

Things weren’t looking so good, as Mary Sue was easily capable of handling Sonic, Knuckles and Eggman with little effort. For the majority of this, Sally Sue stood by, clearly watching her sister and the two times she tried to help her out, Mary Sue quickly appeared beside her and held her back before continuing her fight. Knuckles hit her right in the chest with his Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack, which made her giggle slightly before she backhanded him across the room. She then hopped over Sonic as he spin dashed past her while deflecting a giant energy blast Eggman had fired with her pinkie, knocking Eggman’s robot to the ground.

Sonic spun round, leaped up and activated his light speed attack, managing to surprise her with a spin attack at light speed, knocking Mary Sue into a wall. She quickly got to her feet and copied Sonic, before dashing towards him. They both moved around the room, creating large shockwaves where they clashed and nearly destroying the dimensional gate as they moved around while Sally Sue barely avoided them. They soon clashed once more and hopped back before Sonic tried to spin attack her again, Mary Sue whacked him away and then quickly hit him with a spin attack, with enough force to knock him through several pillars and into a wall. As he bounced off the wall, Mary Sue head butted Sonic into the ground and then took a deep breath.

“So Sally, where am I exactly?” Mary Sue asked, scratching her forehead as she looked around. “And why did you call me back? I was actually having a good time in that other dimension.”

“I called you back so I could see you again, Mary. You don’t seem very happy to see me...” Sally Sue frowned as she finished.

“Well, it’s not that, it’s just that this was unexpected, you know. Though fighting these guys was pretty fun, so it’s not all bad.” Mary Sue noticed Sonic was starting to get up. “Oh, you’re haven’t given up yet? People tend to do that at this point. You’re not even afraid that I might accidently kill you?”

Sonic struggled to stand straight. “Well, you can’t kill me, because I’ve got close friends, rivals, and even a guardian angel on my side.”

In a room close to the entrance of the pyramid, Crystal suddenly blushed for some unknown reason, at which point Rose waved after standing in one spot for more than a few seconds. “Crystal, are you awake?”

“Hmm, oh right.” Crystal returned to normal. “I just had this weird feeling that someone just said something really nice, so where were we?”

Rose pointed below her to a sharp icicle. “Well I was about to impale you through your chin, and I assumed you’d sidestep it and throw your spear at me. Shall we continue?”

“Yeah, of course. I’ll just shut my mind off for a while so I don’t get distracted...”

Back in the main room, Mary Sue chuckled at his response. “I like you, blue hedgehog, so I’m gonna let you get a few hits in, how does that sound?”

“Regardless of how pleasing that may or may not be, could I ask one or two questions?”

“Go ahead.”

“If you’re the great Mary Sue which everyone is talking about, how did you get trapped in another dimension?”

“Ahh, I assumed I would need to answer that. Alright, I’ll explain all the necessary details, but we’ll wait until next time before I do that...”
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That guy

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*posts my once in a blue moon comment to show that I'm still reading*

*Thumbs up*
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*appreciates once in a blue moon that you're still reading*

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Yes, this is the last chapter in the Mary Sue Saga. And as you would guess, this isn’t the end. That’s right, there are still two short sagas before the very end, and one of them contains filler! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Mary Sue Saga: Chapter 56 – The History of Mary Sue

We open to the same scene as before, where Mary Sue was whistling as she looked at her watch. She then cleared her throat before speaking. “So as I was saying before, I’ll explain now. You know what it’s like being a hero, right? Everyone looking up to you, always counting on you in desperate times, enemies being more determined to try and kill you...”

Sonic nodded as Knuckles slowly walked over and stood beside him. “I know the feeling.”

“Well, it’s good and all, but after a long while, it’s nice not to have so much attention just for being awesome. You may think I inherited these godly powers, but I wasn’t always this powerful, I spent decades upon decades pushing my physical limitations to the limit to become better and to help the good people which bad things happen to for no reason. I think my name became know throughout the universe right after the time when I stopped these two guys, Rule 34 and Rule 36, who fused to create Rule 42. After beating Rule 42, who was deemed unbeatable at the time, was when people began to believe I was one of the greatest fighters ever. It all began when Rule 34 sent out a personal challenge to foil his plan...”


In the middle of the desert many, many decades ago, probably somewhere nearby the current pyramid, was an enemy base. Mary Sue made her way across the world towards the base, riding on an atomic bomb. As she approached the base, some robots standing by the entrance recognized her and opened fire while half a dozen of them ran in fear. The bomb landed by the entrance, wiping out all the surrounding robots, and gaining the attention of the robotic boxing lions and the bears which knew kung fu. Mary Sue walked out of the blazing inferno she had created, cracked her knuckles and then charged at the incoming enemies, taking them out with ease as she moved through the crowd and deflected missiles being fired at her from above. She ran up some stairs and through dozens of robots holding RPG’s at light speed, causing them to explode.

As she entered a temple, on the far side of the room stood Rule 34. He wore a black hat, a black mask with the number 34 on it, a black trenchcoat, and a black t-shirt with matching leather jeans. He stuffed his hands in the pockets of his trenchcoat as she entered. “Welcome, Mary Sue, we meet again.”

“What are you planning this time, Rule 34?”

“Planning is too mean of a word, it’s more like inevitable, as it will surely happen soon enough. I will use the power of the Fujin gem to open a portal to another dimension filled with tentacled monsters, making this world subject to constant sexual content and endless fetish fuelled ideas from beyond!”

“That’s sick and wrong!”

“No, Mary, it’s just satisfaction, but if you feel you can stop me, then follow.”

And so began an epic chase scene which had to be slowed down as Rule 34 and Mary Sue were moving at light speed. Rule 34 spun round and fired a dozen tentacles from his chest which Mary Sue easily slashed apart with two fingers. As they ran through a room filled with Rule 34’s custom robots he waved his hand so fast he sent a gust of wind in Mary’s direction, which blew her skirt up. Though she quickly pulled it down, the few robots who had gazed upon Mary’s glorious panties exploded, for such a sight was too much for any being.

She soon followed him into another large room, which became sealed just as Rule 34 slid underneath the exit. Suddenly, 5 ancient dragons appeared, 2 giant mechs made of titanium, and an army of bears appeared on the other side of the room. Mary Sue ripped off her usual outfit, revealing a black suit she wore underneath. She then put on a pair of black shades. “Let’s do this.”


Knuckles interrupted Mary Sue as she went on. “Wait a minute, how can you wear a suit under those clothes? Wouldn’t you clearly be able to see parts of it?”

“That’s not important. Anyway...”

During Knuckles’ interruption, Mary Sue quickly dispatched of the forces flawlessly, changed into her regular clothing and made her way onto the rocket which was taking off. As it reached space, she arrived in a large room overlooking the view of the earth from within space. Rule 34 and Rule 36 stood on the other side, who wore the same outfit. They spun round as Mary Sue arrived, to which Rule 36 nodded at 34, and using the Fujin gem connected to a machine with wires, they fused and drained the gem of most of its power, forming a large demonic figure covered by a large black cloak with the number 42 written on it.

Conveniently, this was somehow being broadcast to all television networks, and Sally Sue was watching. She called Purity Sue to come see, who had brunette hair in a ponytail tied with a bow, her eyes were always shut, and she wore a white dress with glitter along the outlines of it. Sally Sue started biting her nails as she watched. “What can she do?!? There’s no way she can defeat Rule 42, infused with the powers of the Fujin gem! Such a thing has never been heard of!” As she started watching again, she saw Mary Sue hit Rule 42 with a boot to the face, evaded a blast which destroyed most of the space station, and then hit Rule 42 with a shoryuken, causing Rule 42 to explode as it screamed in pain. Sally Sue and Purity Sue couldn’t believe it, so much so that Purity Sue opened her eyes revealing her blue eyes, and she doesn’t do that often.

In the resulting explosion, Mary Sue quickly took off to outrun the explosion and avoid significant damage. It was at this point that, considering the toughest threat was now vanquished, she wondered the earth, exploring vast new locations and saving people who needed it.


Mary Sue nodded. “And that’s that, as far as I remember it. The punch sent Rule 42 to the dimension of bad lemon fanfiction though.”

“But you never explained about how you got trapped in another dimension...” Sally Sue pointed out.

“Oh right, anyway, due to having beaten Rule 42, I couldn’t go many places without people always squealing in my presence, asking for autographs every minute, bugging me whenever I’m eating or shopping, and overall just won’t let me get on with my life. Soon I met these elite ninjas, and one of them happened to be a level 78 Wizard, so he was capable of opening up a portal to the fifth dimension, where I decided I’d fit best where people knew about my achievements, but didn’t make such a big deal.”

“So you stayed in another dimension because you got too much attention?” Sonic asked.

“Yes.” Mary Sue nodded again. “And I’m feeling generous, so I shall answer a few more questions you may have for me.”

Some Construction Site

Blaze and Inferno were still moving across the various girders, attacking each other. Inferno leaped towards Blaze and with a single swing, threw 6 black blades which Blaze avoided by hiding behind one girder, then climbed up it, swung round and hit Inferno in the chest with both feet. Inferno extended its right hand and grabbed Blaze as the creature fell. Blaze missed her attempted kick and was punched then kneed in the chest before hitting Inferno with flip kick then a backhand punch. Inferno kicked Blaze into one girder, which she used to propel herself forward and head butt Inferno in the chest with excessive force. They spun in circles, punching each other and Blaze quickly tried to get Inferno below her to cushion her fall. Inferno smacked Blaze about several times during this, until Blaze managed to elbow Inferno in the chest and drag the creature to the ground, creating a small crater and sending them both bouncing back in opposite directions.

Blaze was knocked unconscious from the last minute recovery and landing, while Inferno was barely awake but incapable of walking, so it slowly crawled away and crept into a sewer.

Also 09:40
‘V’ for Vagoo

Currently, Lily had loaded a rocket launcher and a net suspended in mid-air just ahead of her. As she approached the trap which would spring the net, she stopped and readied the rocket launcher, at which point Tails came running towards her, slid under the rocket, and then hopped over the trap while blowing up the net with a bomb and punching Lily at the same time. As she recovered, Tails flew up and began firing lasers at her as she ran around the room, throwing bombs which he dodged by moving left and right. Tails charged up a wide spread laser and fired it from left to right, while throwing half a dozen bombs that exploded upon being hit by the beam and managed to hit Lily in the process.

As she was getting up, Tails took the opportunity and use the remaining power of the suit to fire one last beam. Lily countered with her own, and though it was quite as big, it slowly became overpowered by Tails’ beam, and she soon was sent flying backwards from the impact of the blast and right into the pit of spikes, getting impaled in various spots all over her body. She cried out in pain for a few moments before saying, “This isn’t good for my complexion!”

Tails walked over and looked into the pit before gasping at the site of her as Lily coughed up a bit of blood. “I guess it really was foreshadowing...”

“Gee, you think? I’ve heard about sharp pains, but this is ridiculous!”

“You’re making jokes even when you’re dying?” Tails asked in amazement.

“It’s kinda my thing. It’s a shame I’m going to die here, and miss the inevitable Super Sonic vs. Mary Sue, but I had a good run.”

“Wait! Don’t give up! I’ll get you to a hospital!” Tails exclaimed, looking for his ship.

“Geez, kid. I just tried to kill you a minute ago, and yet you still try to help. Just leave me be, but tell the bad guys to keep spreading the lulz to keep my spirit alive...and tell Rose she’s a douche.” Lily slowly closed her eyes, and finally passed on. Tails sat nearby, with a depressing look on his face, wondering if this could have ended in a better way, soon before Lily opened her eyes again, wondering when he was asking going to leave her alone.

Suddenly 09, 40 of them
Back in the Final Tomb Chamber

Mary Sue had answered two questions which were never to be mentioned again. Sonic raised his hand and asked, “Have you actually got any flaws?”

“Sadly I have.” A tear rolled down her face and she wiped it as she faintly said, “I’m so beautiful it’s a curse...”

Sonic turned to Knuckles and quietly said, “That’s a flaw?”

“More like a thinly disguised excuse to gloat.” He replied.

Mary Sue immediately glared at them and angrily said, “What was that?”, to which they denied saying anything. As Eggman slowly made his way out of the room without being noticed, Crystal flew in and stopped by Sonic and Knuckles. “Hey guys, I came as soon as I could.”

“Where were you?” Sonic asked.

“Personal business with Rose. Surprisingly I won, though I think she held back a little. Anyway, I showed mercy by not killing her, which she wasn’t too happy about.” She looked over at Mary Sue and gasped. “Is that who I think it is?!?” She flew towards her with a pen and her diary. “Can I get your autograph? I’m a big fan.”

Mary sighed as she took the pen and diary. “Sure, why not. Seems I’m even famous in heaven. Got any more questions?”

“Are your panties the same colour as the rest of your clothes?”

“What do you think?” Mary Sue replied, narrowing her eyes at Crystal.

“What are your measurements?” Crystal asked out of curiosity.

Mary Sue immediately finished and handed back the diary and quickly walked off as she said, “Ooookay, I’m out of here.”

“Hey wait! I haven’t told you mine yet!” Crystal yelled as Mary Sue grabbed Sally Sue and ran through a wall.

Meanwhile, outside the pyramid, Rose walked away from the pyramid and spun round to face it. After a few moments, Virus descended from the sky beside her. “We should get going.”

“How did things go?” Rose asked.

“Not well, sadly, but there’s still more time. Let’s go find the others first.” Rose nodded as Virus created a puddle beneath them which they sank into.

A bit further away, the GUN soldiers had finished wiping out the Camerax Crew at the same time that Sonic, Knuckles and Crystal were leaving the pyramid. Amy ran up to Sonic and hugged him. “Sonic! Thank goodness you made it out safely! You beat up Mary Sue, right? I wish I could have seen it!”

“Actually we got our asses kicked, but whatever. What on earth happened to you?”

“A power boost through controlled anger.”

“Oh, by the way.” Crystal began. “Did anybody happen to say any weird speech or something earlier? As I’m sometimes capable of hearing thoughts and it surprised me.”

“Well I did make a short one on the friends, rivals, and you as my guardian angel while fighting Mary Sue.” Sonic replied.

“Oooh, so that’s what it was!” She breathed a sigh of relief. “Well, I shall now dedicate myself to protecting you as your guardian angel!” She declared proudly.

“Y’know, it was just a lame little speech I came up with on the spot...” Sonic pointed out. “So wait, does that mean you actually like me? When did this happen?”

“Yeah, so? I like a lot of people, and I’m not sure when it happened. Anyway, it’s not like I’d make a move or anything and besides, I’m not gonna follow you around all day, trying to confess my love to you...” She turned round to Amy and said, “No offence.”

“Even though it’s true, that still hurt quite a lot.” Amy said as she frowned.

“Though if I wanted to really have my way, I’d just trap Amy in a cellar and torture her to death while brainwashing Sonic into loving me, but an angel doing something as crazy as that wouldn’t happen right?” She started laughing while Sonic raised an eyebrow and Amy slowly backed up as she said, “Crystal, you’re scaring me...”

“Screw this, I’m outta here. I’ll see you guys some other time.” Knuckles said before leaving.

And so, the Mary Sue Saga ended just a little bit past 09:42, on a somewhat bittersweet note. Mads won the bet by getting the most headshots, Shade helped Shadow out of the pyramid, Amber went to the hot spring Sonya had found and they enjoyed themselves. Mary Sue and Sally Sue went to stay with Purity Sue, who had built an orphanage recently, Tails left the base Lily had died at several minutes before the bad guys got there, and needless to say, it wasn’t a pretty sight for them. Blaze woke up minutes after her fight and slowly limped away from the area, and Metanic met Tails again on his way back to somewhere in Adabat, where they hugged and engaged in conversation. So overall, it was still pretty bittersweet...

So, I’m thinking whether or not I’ll bother making a Christmas chapter, since I already did a Halloween one. I’ll most likely end up doing one, but I’m still thinking about it. Anyway, the next saga is the Future Apocalypse Saga, as there are a few things still left to clear up, and a few extra things to get out of the way.
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So first of all, I was originally going to end this in about 4-5 more chapters, but I extended it a little because there are quite a few things I never even bothered to clear up until this point, like Virus and the five legendary heroes origin, regardless of the fact that no-one cares, but there ya go. I couldn’t upload this on the first because coincidental internet problems at my house.

By the way, look at the date this chapter was posted, and then look back at the first chapter...what about it? Nothing, I just felt like mentioning it.

Future Apocalypse Saga: Chapter 57 – Countdown to Doomsday

It had been about a month since the release of Mary Sue, and as you’d expect, a lot of things can happen in a month. Eggman and the other bad guys left the group and did their own thing. Virus left and began making a new plan, Rose spent most of her remaining time helping others and doing volunteer work, soon before pleading to be sent to prison for the crimes she had committed in the past, but naturally this wasn’t good for the prisoners. Eggman continued trying to crush Sonic and failing constantly, and Tails came to the funeral of Lily Locket secretly, just to pay his respects for killing her accidently. Throughout all this, Mary Sue was rarely seen or heard from, causing Sonic and the others to assume she wants to keep a low profile in order to do sightseeing without people recognizing her.

Earlier, Sonic had defeated one of Eggman’s typical mechs and met Knuckles at that same diner from chapter 3, which was the one in Station Square.

“So Knuckles, how are you these days?” Sonic said after a short period of silence.

“Why did you call me here, Sonic? I have a job guarding the Master Emerald, you know?”

“You rarely do your job anyway...” Sonic said under his breath.

“What was that?”

“Nothing at all. Anyway, I just wanted to catch up, since we haven’t seen each other much at all in the last month.”

“Its fine, I guess...”

“Good, so I’ll see you later.” Sonic quickly got up and left, leaving Knuckles extremely frustrated.

He soon came across Amy, Cream and Sonya who were walking down a street, and
stopped by them. “Hey guys, what you doing?”

“Hi Sonic.” Amy greeted him. “Sonya said she has a beach house somewhere in Adabat, and there’s even a hot spring there! We’re going there now, are you coming?”

“Nah.” Sonic immediately declined the offer.

“Oh, come on, Me.” Sonya responded. “You know you want to, or is it partly because of the water?”

“Maybe a little, and if that was so, why do you have a beach house there?”

“Oh, I can swim now.”

Sonic took a step back, as he was in complete shock. “What?!? How did this happen?!”

“I took swimming classes.”

“That doesn’t sound like something I would do! Are you a faker?”

Sonya backed up and clutched her chest, as if in unbearable pain. “You cut me deep there, Sonic, you cut me real deep.”

“Ok, maybe I was a bit out of line there, but that was pretty unexpected.”

“Whatever. You coming or not?”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Then we’ll be leaving.” The three of them waved goodbye to Sonic and moved on while Sonic did the same.

A little later, Sonic was strolling down a street when an icicle flew by him inches from his face and got stuck to a shop wall. Sonic looked in the direction of the thrown icicle to see Rose slowly approaching him. Considering she had tried to kill Sonic at one point, and Crystal had warned Sonic to stay away from her, he did so by running away. Rose gave chase, firing beams of ice as she did so, which Sonic avoided, until he got far enough to hide in an alleyway. She leaped onto the window ledge of a building nearby and began firing at Sonic again, who ran off. She soon chased him into a dark abandoned building, which seemed to be a large office area.

Rose walked down a narrow path surrounded by walls, as Sonic slowly crept around the room and hid behind one of the walls. At one point Rose suddenly stopped, spun right and fired one icicle, which got stuck in the wall just above Sonic’s head. Before he could move, she smashed through the wall, grabbed Sonic and held him against a wall and then froze his legs to hold him still. As Sonic prepared for the worse to come, he was suddenly handed a chilli dog. He looked at it, then back at Rose. “Huh?”

“I heard you like those. I am a changed person nowadays, and wish to make amends. Please enjoy it.”

“Oh, thanks.” He tried to eat it, but stopped when he saw Rose watching intensively. “Uhh, would you mind not being so interested in me eating?”

“I’m terribly sorry.” She turned around immediately. Sonic shrugged and then ate the chilli dog.

Even a little more later, Sonic and Rose were walking down a street when Sonic said, “So did you really need to chase me down with murderous intent to make amends?”

“I’m sorry about that; I’ve been told I’m not a very approachable person.”

“You sure are polite. So what have you been doing all this time?”

“Volunteer work and spending time in prison, voluntarily. People tend to be quite afraid of me after finding out what I can do. I dropped the soap once in the shower just to find out, and people moved away from me as I did so. I’d forgotten what loneliness felt like again.”

“Yeah but our ways of life isn’t so different, y’know? Just wandering the world, discovering new landmarks and resting wherever you feel like, except that I’ve never experienced the side of evil. If you ever want to talk again then feel free to find me.”

“I’d appreciate that. Thank you, Sonic.”

“No problem, so now I gotta go meet some people at a beach house, so if you’ve really changed your ways then I wish the best for you.” Sonic quickly left as Rose watched for a few moments before leaving herself.

In another area, Amy, Cream and Sonya came across Blaze in a forest as they got closer to Sonya’s beach house. Cream looked up in a tree and saw her sitting on a branch, and then waved. “Hi Blaze, what are you doing out here?”

Blaze hopped off the branch and approached them. “I was simply admiring the scenery.” She quickly turned her head to the right and concentrated. “For some reason I sense a disturbance in the force...s of nature, in that direction.”

“Nice use of a Star Wars quote, Blaze.” Amy commented. “But you shouldn’t worry, it’s probably nothing.”

“Yeah, Amy is right.” Sonya added. “Ignore it and join us at my beach house.”

“Very well since I am not busy at the moment.”

“Good. I’ll also invite some of the other guys while I’m at it, so let’s get going, guys.” Sonya took out a blue cell phone and started dialling as the four of them made their way through the forest.

Outside the town called Hope, Mary Sue wore a large cloak over her and was walking with Purity Sue. “This place has changed quite a lot since I was here. For one, people are more cheerful, but then again, that’s a little hard to notice when I’m with Miss Optimistic.”

Purity Sue chuckled silently. “Oh Mary, though you always make snide remarks at those you’re close to, I know it’s just your way of showing you care and complimenting others, and for that I am thankful.”

“That’s what I mean, with you turning bad comments into some heartwarming or motivational message; you tend to have a thing for it.”

Just then, Sally Sue came running towards them from further back, waving her arms as she yelled, “Guys! Guys! I just heard about this beach house in Adabat from one of the villagers, and there’s also a hot spring there!”

“Which villager?” Mary Sue asked.

“It doesn’t matter!”

“If you’re lying I’ll make you watch Date Movie as punishment!”

Sally Sue gasped as she took a step back. “Noooo! Not that!”

“Anyway, let’s go find it then, it’s been a while since I’ve visited a relaxing hot spring, so let’s move.” The three of them took off into the sky.

Somewhere in the middle of a field, a portal open up and out leaped none other than Silver the Hedgehog, who thankfully won’t be having a very big part in this saga anyway. He took a look around and then ran off to find Sonic and the others as fast as he could, which wasn’t really that fast.
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You may be wondering why Lily was killed off the show. She was threatening to reveal the last parts of the script so she had to be let go. Either that or she left to pursue a career as a Hollywood actress, I forget...


Future Apocalypse Saga: Chapter 58 – Fun at the Beach House

Getting close to the beach house, Sonya and Amy were running through a deeper part of a forest as Misty Lake from Sonic and the Black Knight played in the background. They ran along a grassy path and turned right as a lake actually appeared, and then across an unfinished bridge before leaping ahead and across several rocks in the water. After reaching the other side, they hit a spring and flew over a large tree, and then ran over another bridge, and then through several closing gates shortly before going through a large loop which launched them into the air where Sonya spin attacked several robotic bats before touching the ground. They ran along and then jumped on a rail which went over a river in a ‘C’ shape.

After getting off, Amy whacked away several targets and then two Eggman robots, at which point Sonya jumped up and spin dashed through the rest before grabbing Amy’s hand as they ran down a hill packed with robots at full speed. After reaching the bottom, they hit a ramp, and then two springs before landing on another rail over the river, which curved left and right until the song stopped as they got off and just ahead of them were Blaze and Cream waiting by the beach house.

“You guys got here pretty fast.” Sonya said.

“We took the straight and narrow path.” Blaze replied.

“Ahh, that makes sense.” Sonya quickly whipped out her phone. “Time to go through my contact list. So what’s Tails doing right now?”

“I don’t think he’s doing anything today.” Cream replied.

“Well I’ll just try and find out where he is.”

“I’m right here.” Tails replied as he stood right beside Sonya, making her jump back from the sudden shock. “Whoa! When did you get here?!?”

“I’ve been here for quite a while, I just never said anything.”

“Same here.” Sonic said, sitting by the footsteps.

Knuckles suddenly popped out of the ground nearby, followed by Shadow, Rouge and Omega arriving in a jeep driven by Shadow. Sonya looked to her right and saw Crystal waving from the doorway. “It’s amazing how all you guys arrive at the same time without me actually doing anything…”

“I heard there was a meeting about important things which needed to be discussed.” Shadow said as he hopped out of the jeep.

“Who said that?”

“A certain hedgehog.” He said as he glanced over at Sonic, who casually shrugged.

“Well you never know.” Sonya began. “You should live everyday to the fullest, right?”

“That’s totally something I’d probably say.” Sonic nodded in approval.

Shortly afterwards, most of them got involved in typical beach related activities. Amy and Cream played a game of beach volleyball with Rouge and Blaze, and is was inevitable due to it being a beach. The others were either walking around or sitting in chairs which were conveniently there. Sonya brought out a large table of snacks and drinks and placed it close by the beach house, soon before Amber started drinking quite a bit, with Crystal and Sonya watching from afar.

“If you want this to be a peaceful day, try not to let her drink too much.” Crystal said.

“Why not?” Sonya asked.

“Just try not to let her do it.” She immediately ran off, threw off her robe revealing a purple swimsuit, and then leaped into the water.

Further away from the area, the three Sue’s arrived and placed their towels neatly on the sand before lying down. Purity Sue wore a glittery white swimsuit, Sally Sue wore a red and blue striped one, and Mary Sue’s was yellow, and so bright that the sun couldn’t stare directly at her. Mary Sue soon turned over and let Sally put suntan lotion on her, making her back glow which could be seen as a rainbow from a mile away.

On the other side of the beach where the others were resting, Tails walked over and sat next to Sonic. “Hey Sonic, Crystal has been saying things about how she supports us as a couple.”

“Really? Why would she say something like that?”

Tails shrugged. “I have no idea. It might probably because she saw us sleeping in the same bed once.”

“Well that’s no big deal, it only happened a few times. It’s not like we’re gay or anything.”

“We’re not?”

Shadow interrupted them by saying, “Sonic, shouldn’t we be spending some of this time to control the dark power received from Virus?”

“Maybe later, I just wanna relax right now.”

“That’s moronic.”

“Well you’re a jerk.”

“A majority of your speeches are the equivalent of something a soccer mom would say.”

Sonic sat up. “Oh yeah? Well you’re a faker!”

Shadow immediately turned to face him. “You’re the only faker around here, and far more fake than I’d ever be.”

“I’ll make you eat those words!” Sonic quickly tackled him, and Knuckles soon joined in on their fight due to boredom. Tails sat there and simply watched them.

At this point, Mary, Sally and Purity Sue were coming over to the other side, at which point they stopped fighting and Sonic looked over at them. “Oh, it’s you again.”

“Oh, it’s those guys I beat up a month ago.” Mary Sue replied.

“You get straight to the point, don’t you?”

Sonya ran over to the area and stopped beside them. “New visitors, huh? So, who are you guys?”

“I’m Mary Sue, this is Sally Sue, and this is Purity Sue.” Mary Sue said while gesturing towards Sally and Purity who both waved.

“Oh, so you’re the “Great Goddess.” I heard about.”

“Well I wouldn’t go that far.” Mary Sue nervously laughed over being referred to as a goddess. “So have you really got a hot spring here, because if not…” Mary Sue glared at Sally, who backed away in fear.

“Yeah, I got one. It’s in the house. We were gonna go in shortly anyway so I’ll just tell the others.” Sonya quickly ran off.

In the middle of Station Square, Silver was running down a street and eventually realized he was pretty slow, and so he caught a train, even though he had no idea where they would be at this time but figured one of them would turn up eventually by luck.

Back at the beach house, all the girls were currently in a hot tub, and there was a long period of silence due to the awkwardness of the amount of people in there. After looking around at a majority of the woman in the tub, Blaze calmly said, “My sense of predictability informs me that a conversation on bust size will shortly be taking place. Excuse me.” She immediately got out and walked off.

Just then, Mary Sue said, “If anyone gropes me, I’m punching them through a wall.”

“Well it’s not like girls groping other girls says anything about your sexuality.” Amber said before taking another drink. “And most people think I totally swing that way regardless.”

“People think that about me too, though they aren’t that far off.” Crystal slapped away Amber’s hand as she reached for another drink. “On a related note, I’d totally go gay for Mary Sue.” Everyone else unanimously agreed.

Purity Sue turned to Mary and said, “Isn’t that great, Mary, you’re popular with men and women.”

“And I’m meant to be happy about that?”

Sally Sue fiddled with her fingers as she said, “Well, I wouldn’t normally do things like that, but if it was you then I’d be okay with it.”

“Your love for me has gone farther than it should, Sally.” Mary Sue retorted.

When nobody was looking, Amber drank another drink, and suddenly became a little woozy. “Hey guys, I’m feeling a little hotter than usual, so I’ll be back in a bit.” She got out and walked off.

Close by, Silver was able to see the beach house from the top of a tree in a forest. How he was able find out where the beach house was is entirely irrelevant. 

Back at the hot tub minutes later, Amber came back in with a face on which simply suggested that anyone not wearing clothes should stay away. She leaped into the pool towards Mary Sue, who immediately got out before Amber could grope her. She set her sights on Sally Sue and tackled her while Crystal warned the other girls about Amber going nuts and to run before they get violated. Tons of screams could be heard from outside the beach house, but the others outside chose to ignore it and avoid being called perverts, which would resulting in being kicked through a wall.

After finishing with Sally, Amber took out a list of girls from the hot tub which she has yet to violate, the next on the list being Amy. She managed to find her around the house and chase her down pretty fast, but only managed to grope her for a few moments before Cream her out from underneath Amber and ran off. Amber searched around the house again, but was unable to find them this time, so she went after her next target, which was Crystal. She waited outside, as she knew her turn would come shortly.

“I’m going to violate you, Crystal. You’re going to enjoy this.” Amber said with an evil smile.

“Not unless you enjoy it first!” Crystal yelled as she charged at her.

“I know, I’m going to.” She replied.

After a short battle, which just mainly consisted of Amber trying to have her way with Crystal and Crystal trying to get out of her grasp, Amber finally managed to pin Crystal to the ground and was about to stick her hand down a certain area when Blaze suddenly appeared out of nowhere and kicked her in the face, sending her flying back and landing on her feet. She shook off the attack and frowned at her. “That wasn’t nice, Blaze. Y’know, I didn’t even put you on the list because I thought you were kewl.” She suddenly smiled. “But now I’m gonna take my time playing with your body and making sure you have the most pleasurable experience ever!”

Crystal got to her feet and got into a fighting stance as Blaze did the same. “Thanks for the help, Blaze; now let’s take that depraved demon down!” They both charged at her while Amber did the same, yelling, “Let’s all have the best time ever!”

The others, who weren’t very far from where they were fighting, still chose not to turn around and be labelled as perverts for looking at the wrong time. As he drank a carton of apple juice, Tails noticed Silver approaching the beach house, and as he reached them, he stopped and started panting for quite a bit.

“Hey Silver.” Sonic greeted him. “What brings you here?”

“Serious business. There’s this purple demonic creature which suddenly appeared and is messing up stuff.”

“ Purple demonic creature?” Shadow inquired. “You mean Virus?”

“Yeah, that!”

As they talked, Amber was no longer drunk and realized she was currently hugging Blaze from behind while Crystal was trying to choke her. “I assume I did something crazy, right?”

“Yes.” Blaze replied. “You should also apologize to Sally Sue because she was crying, though she said she secretly loved it.”

“I still got it.” Amber nodded as she let go of Blaze.

Crystal grabbed Amber’s list and looked at the names, but stopped towards the end. “Uhh, if this was a list of girls, why is Tails on the list?”

Amber shrugged. “Why not?”

“You’re a sick, sick, person.”

Just further away, Silver was explaining the situation. “So this thing has tried to mess up my world, and has now come back to this time as well, so I followed it here, similar to those Terminator movies, but I can’t beat it alone, so will you help me?”

“Sure.” Sonic shrugged.

“I’ll come too.” Tails added.

“I guess I’ll help out as well.” Knuckles said.

“I’ll come too.” Shadow said. “Only because I’d rather be doing something than just sitting here.”

Silver ran off with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow following closely, and not bothering to inform anyone else that they were leaving.
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That guy

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*Annual is still here reading, is awesome stuffz post*
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This won’t end as you expect it to. Being genre savvy is just a part of me….probably.


Future Apocalypse Saga: Chapter 59 - A Dark Proposition

Somewhere inside one of Eggman’s brightly lit red bases, Eggmanland Day from Sonic Unleashed started playing as several robot guards with pistols were walking around. After a short bit, Knuckles punched down a wall, knocking out one guard, and ran along a short path before punching out another. He leaped off an edge and clung to the side of Farris wheel shortly before moving across various Farris wheels zigzagging diagonally. He then reached a floor with spikes popping out randomly throughout the area. He glided across and shifted across thin edges containing fire breathing statues. After a short period, he reached a platform with several robots. He punched out one, grabbed another to use as a shield, and then proceeded to fling it into the rest before climbing up to an exit and running in.

In another area, Tails put on a pair of yellow rocket skates and ran down a clear metal path, slowly starting to gain momentum. As he went full speed, he flew off the path and onto a circular tunnel very similar to the bobsled section used in the PS3/360 version which curved left and right endlessly. He quickly moved right, avoided lasers close by the edges, then left shortly before hopping over a few more lasers. He skated down a narrow path, evading more lasers which moved along, hit a ramp and passed through three large rings worth 1000 points. As he landed he hopped across four bottomless pits, and then leaped onto a path high above and knocked out several robots with a twirling attack before running through a door.

In another area close by, Sonic immediately spin dashed through a door and drifted left and sidestepped left and right to avoid fiery pits nearby. He hit a spring leading up to a ramp that he hit, flying across a massive pit where he hit two springs going up diagonally, spin attacked three robotic bats and then spin attacked another spring leading to a door. Meanwhile Shadow reached a massive tunnel leading upwards with platforms and boxes suspended in midair and lasers moving about. He jumped across the various platforms and boxes while hitting an occasional spring to send him up higher.

Just then, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles smashed down a door and ran down a path similar to a small runway. Knuckles punched out a robot ahead, just before Sonic kicked a second one, followed by Knuckles giving another an uppercut, also followed by Sonic spin attacking the next one, and then Tails hit the next with a headbutt. Knuckles punched out the next one while Sonic spin dashed through two, and then they both hopped back at once as Tails took out a laser cannon and wiped out the last wave of robots with a single shot. They continued running along as Tails moved to the left of Sonic and Knuckles moved right. They then hit a ramp which launched them through the window of an office window as the song stopped, and it was a pretty damn long one this time.

After looking around, Knuckles said, “Looks like a base of operations, or just the control room.”

Silver hovered through the window into the room, saying, “Sorry about needing you guys to bust in here.”

“No problem.” Sonic replied. “It’s not like we need an excuse to bust in here anyway.” While they looked around for whatever Silver suggested was around, he looked through some of the papers on the various table, took a few of them and made sure they weren’t looking before hiding them in his hair.

Back at the beach house, all the girls were in a room which looked strangely similar to Tails’ living room. Sally Sue stood ahead of the others, telling extraordinary tales of her older sister, Mary Sue, much to her dismay. “And so, Mary Sue followed the bears as they got onto the plane, so they were bears on a plane! Suddenly, zombified robot dinosaurs attacked, and Mary dispatched them with blistering speed as she rushed to save those unfortunate yet lucky hostages. She reached the front of the plane, where Mary had to finally face the final boss!”

Most of them were on the edge of their seat as Cream asked, “What happened next?”

“She beat him after an epic showdown, and then he revealed the shocking truth: He still had two transformations left!?! Though Mary knocked him unconscious before he could use them sadly…”

“It’s funny when others feel the need to unnecessarily gloat for you…” Mary Sue exclaimed.

Crystal looked around the room. “Is it me, or are there too many girls now?”

“Nah, it’s probably just you.” Amber replied. “And where did those other guys go?”

“They left earlier.” Mary Sue said. “Something about a future disaster or something.”

“How do you even know that? You weren’t even outside at the time!”

“She’s Mary Sue.” Purity Sue said. “So this information comes naturally for her.”

“Why did we assume Mary Sue was going to be evil again?” Amy asked.

“Probably something to do with Sally Sue doing some pretty evil acts herself at various points.” Crystal shrugged.

“Uh huh.” Mary slowly nodded.

“Mary seems to be bored because she doesn’t have strong opponents to fight.” Purity Sue pointed out. “She’s quite a blood knight.”

“H-hey! That’s not true!” Mary protested.

“What’s a blood knight?”Amy asked.

“A person who seeks out strong opponents and lives for the heat of extreme battles, or something like that.” Purity explained.

“That totally sounds like the type of person Mary Sue would be.” Crystal nodded.

“I totally agree.” Amber added.

“I was a little doubtful before whether Mary Sue was that kind of person.” Blaze said.

Mary Sue got up, and looking quite frustrated. “You guys are making a much bigger deal out of this than is necessary. Well screw you guys, I’m out of here. Peace out!” She took off while the others waved goodbye.

A little while later, while walking past a café, she noticed Virus sitting by a round table outside, in an area which had about a dozen tables. Virus waved at her and said, “Ah, Mary Sue, would you care to take a seat?”

She shrugged and did so. “Hey, how’s it going?”

“Quite well. It’s nice to finally meet you, One-Hit-Knockout Girl, Panty Striker, The Great Goddess, Swift Suester, Perky 34C Chick.”

“Those are just some of my unfortunate nicknames I’ve gotten over time, and where did you hear that last one?”

“It’s not important, but back to the point…”

“Right, well you could have met me at any point during the month. Yes, I noticed your presence a long while ago, and was surprised you never chose an opportunity to strike.”

“You are quite observant.”

“Why yes I am.” She nodded.

“Well I have an offer for you, Mary.”

“You mean, “A Dark Proposition”, because if so, then I’m listening.”

“I’ll be honest; I need your power to fully accomplish my plans, which means that I’d actually have to use your body for a bit. How does that sound?”

“Well, I’m not really getting anything out of this, and what is your plan then?”

“Oh come now, with all the originality available nowadays, there isn’t much room for a brilliant master plan because it’s most likely been done. Taking over the world is dull and uncreative, destroying it even more so. Infecting the entire planet would be amusing, but then it might just lead back to world domination. Let’s just keep my main goal unknown for now, shall we?”

“Quite genre savvy I see.”

“Why yes, I am.” Virus smiled as he nodded.

Somewhere else, Silver was leading Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow to an abandoned building, which makes you wonder how many places have been abandoned so far. As they made their way through the building and into an elevator, it suddenly dropped just as Silver flew out the top, though Tails also managed to get out and fly the others to safety. As they finally caught up with Silver in a large dark warehouse, standing beside him they saw none other than…Lily Locket?!? Holy crap, she’s not dead! I like, nearly had a heart attack! Holy crap, I can’t believe it, that was so unexpected! I’m so shocked right now, you don’t even know!

After the others displayed their shock at such a sight, besides Shadow, Lily took out a remote and deactivated Silver, who happened to be a robot, turned to the side and calmly said, “We’ll be right back after this commercial break."
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