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Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame

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Author Topic: Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame  (Read 1070 times)
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« on: 12 September, 2011, 11:41:43 pm »

[Following the trail of the conniving knights, Blue and the young boy venture deep into the scorching sands of the Nandor Desert]

~~Nandor Desert~~

[As they travel forward, Blue continues on at a brisk pace, unfazed by the sweltering heat. Meanwhile, the boy is barely slogging along, beaten down by the suns rays]

Boy: *panting*  Hot... It's so...hot... !

Blue: So stop bellyaching and drink some more water.

Boy: But, we ran out of water hours ago! There hasn't been any fresh cacti for miles!

Blue: If you keep your mind focused on the objective, you'll forget all about the temperature.

Boy: But...that's impossible. ...Oh! I know!

Blue: Hm?

Boy: Say, Blue, since you're a mage and all, why don't you conjure up some water for us, huh?

Blue: Are you kidding? Like I would ever waste my mana for such a stupid reason.

Boy: Keeping us alive is a stupid reason!?

Blue: I'll survive just fine without water. You, on the other hand, will be the only one to die.

Boy: W-What!? You can't be serious!

[Blue continues his march, unconcerned about the boy's well-being]

Blue: Now let's go. If we're going to catch up to those knights we'll need to keep moving. Try to keep up, would you?

Boy: B-But Blue--! You wouldn't really let me die, would you!?

Blue: ...

Boy: H-Hey! Are you listening to me!? Hey! ...Blue, you're such a jerk! I can't believe you would--!!

Blue: *angrily* Argh! Put a lid on it, already! Here!

[Annoyed by the boy's incessant whining, Blue pulls out his own personal canteen full of water and tosses it to him]

Boy: Huh...? This is...

Blue: It's water. Drink it.

Boy: Haha! Alright! Thanks, Blue!

[The boy happily gulps down a large portion of the water]

Blue: I had to do something to shut you up. Getting mad was making me hot too. Anyway, are you good to keep going?

Boy: Mhm! *nods*

Blue: Alright, we shouldn't be far now. Let's bag us some crooks.

[Now fully hydrated, Blue and the boy resume their pursuit of the knights and their getaway caravan. Following the tracks they've left in the sand, the duo closes in on their target]

Boy: Blue! Look! It's them!

[The boy points straight ahead to the caravan having entered their line of sight]

Blue: We've got 'em! Hurry now!

Boy: Right!

[The duo increases their pace to a sprint. After closing the distance, Blue leaps up and over to the front of the caravan, cutting off the knight's escape]

Blue: End of the line, creeps!

[The caravan screechs to a halt and topples over, spilling the thieving knights out into the sand of the desert]

Knight1: Grr...! Damn! We were so close! H-How did you catch us!?

Blue: You have something that belongs to my partner here. Hand it over and I'll promise not to hurt you...much.

Boy: Yeah! You tell 'em, Blue!

Knight1: Wh-Who do you think you are, huh!? You're just a kid! You can't order us around!

Knight2: Enough talk! We'll beat the both of you to a bloody pulp and let the desert heat handle the rest!

Blue: Fine! Have it your way!

[The first knight advances on Blue with his blade drawn and held high]

Knight1: Eat this, punk! Yaaaargh!

Blue: Hmph!

[Blue responds by getting into a stance, a red glyph appearing below his feet]

Blue: *chants* O flickering blaze, burn... Fireball!

[Blue casts a Fireball spell, hurling three spheres of flame towards the knight]

Knight2: Aah!

Knight1: Wh-What...!?

[The spell connects, blowing the knight off his feet with a powerful fiery impact]

Knight1: Aaagh!!

Knight2: You...! Y-You're a...m-mage!

Blue: You're next!

[After seeing his partner easily dispatched, the knight's cocky determination quickly  turns to fear as he slowly backs away from an advancing Blue]

Knight2: N-No! Stay back!

Blue: Haa!

[Blue delivers a swift right hook to the knight's face]

Knight2: Ungh!

[Blue then grabs the knight by his arm, and tosses him over his shoulder]

Blue: Say goodbye!

Knight2: Aaaaaaagh...! Oof!

[With that, the two Knights are easily defeated, sealing the victory for Blue]

Boy: Blue... You did it! I knew you could! You really showed those creeps what for!

Blue: Of course. Those guys were just a couple of amateurs.

[Blue walks over to the broken down caravan and sifts through its contents]

Blue: Hey! Present for ya!

[Blue pulls out the recovered crystal and tosses it to the boy]

Boy: Awesome! It's finally mine again! Haha!

[Reunited with his stolen possession, the boy happily caress his crystal tightly]

~~Meanwhile, In Nandor City~~

[Back in town, we rejoin Jawo' as he continues his tenacious pursuit of the elusive Blue. He comes across Zeldafan's tent and decides to check it out for clues]

~~Zeldafan's House of Fortune~~

Jawo': Hm... Doesn't look like anyone's here...

[Jawo' looks around befuddled at the odd decorations set in place around the tent]

Jawo': Ugh... What's with all this crud?

[He then brings his attention to the crystal ball placed atop the table, examining it with distaste]

Jawo': Heh, a crystal ball? Are you serious? What a piece of junk.

[Jawo' leans in and lightly taps the object when a voice angrily calls out from within the back of the tent]

??: Hey! Hands off the merchandise, pal!
Jawo': Huh?

[Out from the darkness of the tent comes Zeldafan in her fortune-telling garb, angered by Jawo's insensitivity]

Zeldafan: Give that to me!

[Zeldafan swipes up her crystal ball and holds it close, turning her back towards Jawo' as if to protect it from him]

Zeldafan: Didn't your mother ever teach you not to touch what's not yours!?

Jawo':  Geeze, sorry. Look, I'm not interested in your cheap paperweight, okay?

Zeldafan: Oh! How dare you! It was on sale, thank you very much!

Jawo': *sigh* Whatever, lady. I only stumbled in here because I was looking for somebody. You're clearly not him, so I'll just be on my way.

[Having spotted an opportunity, Zeldafan's eye twinkles with ambition]

Zeldafan: So... You're looking for someone, eh...?

Jawo': Yeah, but that's my business, not yours. Check ya later.

[Jawo' turns to make his exit, to which Zeldafan quickly objects]

Zeldafan: Hey hey! Don't be so hasty! If there's someone you need to find, I may just be able to help you out. ...For a small fee, of course.

Jawo': Hmm... I'm listening...

Zeldafan: It'll be a cinch! See, all you have to do is tell me the person's name. Then, I'll work my hocus-pocus and the crystal ball will lead you to your destiny!

[Amused by the proposition, Jawo' decides to play along]

Jawo': Heh, is that so? Well then, I guess it's worth a shot. Alright, girlie, let's see your paperweight handle this one. I want you to find me a chump named Blue.

Zeldafan: Heehee, alright. Let's get this magic worki--Wait... Blue? You mean Blue the mage Blue?

Jawo': Eh...? That's right... But how did you know that?

Zeldafan: Blue's a friend of mine, that's how!

Jawo': (What...? Who would've thought that kid had friends?)

Zeldafan: Heck, I won't even need to cook up a spell for this one! Blue and another friend of ours ventured into the Nandor Desert just a few hours ago. If you leave now, you should be able to find him right quick!

Jawo': Nandor Desert, huh? Great! I'm all over it! Thanks again, girly. You ain't half bad afterall.

Zeldafan: Pleasure to be of service! Now about my payment, heh heh...*rubs hands together*

[Zeldafan holds out her hands in anticipation, only to find that Jawo' has already left the tent and taken off towards the desert]

Zeldafan: Wh--Huh!?  ...Aw, poop. I need a new payment policy...

[Having finally discerned Blue's location, Jawo' tears down the city streets once more]

Jawo': Ha ha! I've got you in my sights now, Blue! This time you're going down!

[Returning  to the desert, Blue and the boy prepare to return to town after having made short work of the weak and cowardly knights]

~~Nandor Desert~~

Blue: Well, I'd say we're just about done here. What do you say we head on back, huh?

Boy: Right behind you, Blue!

Knight1: Urggh...

Blue: Hm?

[The knights return to their feet, having recovered from their previous injuries]

Knight2: Oogh... What hit me...?

Blue: Back for more abuse, boys? *cracks knuckles*

Knight1: No! We surrender, already!

Knight2: H-Hey, kid! You didn't tell us you knew a mage!

Knight1: Yeah! That's not fighting fair!

Boy: It wasn't fair when you guys ganged up on me in town either!

Knight2: You got your stupid rock back, didn't you!?

Knight1: D-Don't make him mad! Let's just get out of here while we still have our hides.

Blue: Hold it right there! I'm not finished with you clowns!

[But before anyone can make a move, the sands beneath them begins to shift abruptly]

Knight1: Wh-What's going on!?

Knight2: It's the mage! He's casting another spell!

Boy: B-Blue, y-you're not causing this, are you?

Blue: Of course not. Better stick close to me, I can sense something approaching...

[From below the desert sands emerges an enormous winged scorpion-like creature. It has it's sights set on the group, appearing to be angered by their scuffle]

Knights/Boy: Aaaaaaaah!!! It's a monster!

Blue: Ergh! Damn! Just my luck...
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