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02 December, 2022, 08:28:45 pm
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Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame

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Author Topic: Adventures of Blue: The Immortal Flame  (Read 1070 times)
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« on: 14 September, 2011, 06:04:19 pm »

Is there a problem with me continuing my story, Saltmeister? Anyway...

[Outside of her tent, Zeldafan is busy scribbling on a sign in magic marker]

Zeldafan: There! That should do it! Not bad, if I do say so myself.

[She places the sign in front of her tent where it can be clearly seen. It reads: " NEW POLICY! PAY BEFORE YOU PEER!"]

Zeldafan:  Haha! This is perfect! Nobody'll hornswoggle me again! Especially not that creep with the messy hair. Oooh! Just thinking about him makes me so mad! I could just scream!

[Zeldafan gathers her belongings and prepares to resume business inside]

Zeldafan: *shuffling through bag* I wonder what that baboon wants with Blue anyway...

[As Zeldafan ponders Jawo's motives, the frightening reality of the situation begins to set in and her eyes slowly widen with horror]

Zeldafan: ... *sweats*

[Having now realized her obvious mistake after the fact, she flies into a frenzied panic]

Zeldafan: *shrieks* Eeeeeeeek! Oh no! H-He's the idiot that the boss warned me about! And I led him straight to Blue! Wh-What have I done!? It's all my fault! Ohhhh, I'm so screwed!

[Hanging on the edge of despair, Zeldafan attempts to regain her composure]

Zeldafan: No... Calm yourself, Michal. Now's not the time to get hysterical. You can fix this. ...Yeah, that's right! It's not too late!

[Now determined to set things right, Zeldafan throws off her hooded robe and dons her handbag, ready for action]

Zeldafan: He couldn't have gotten far! Hang on, Blue! I'm coming to save you right--!

[At that moment, a man approaches Zeldafan]

Man: Excuse me, miss. Are you the one in charge of this establishment? If so, I'd like to have my fortune read. I can pay handsomely...

Zeldafan: ...after I help this lovely customer, of course! Now why don't you come with me...Heheh.

[Zeldafan's greed overrides her sense of duty as she leads the customer into her tent with dollar signs in her eyes, shamefully abandoning her cause]

~~Nandor Desert~~

[Meanwhile, in the Nandor Desert, Blue stares down the menace before him, silently formulating a plan of action. All the while, his three tagalongs can only cower in fear, proving themselves useless]

Boy: Ohhhh! Blue! Wh-What is that thing!?

Blue: Mm... It's a Medusa Butterfly, native to this desert. It looks like our little tete-a-tete earlier disturbed its rest...

Boy: Well what are we waiting for?! Let's hightail it out of here while we still can!

Blue: Don't you move a muscle! Got it!?

Boy: B-But--!

Knight1: W-Way ahead of ya, kid!

Knight2: Run for it!

Blue: No! Stop!

[Blue words fall on deaf ears as the two knights waste no time making their cowardly flight. The butterfly immediately notices this, and takes wing in pursuit. It flies up and over, crashing down in front of the fleeing knights and halts their escape]

Knights: Eeeeeeek!

[The butterfly flaps its wings, releasing a gray powder-like substance. The powder engulfs the two knights, turning their bodies to solid stone in an instant]

Knights: ...

Boy: Ahhhhh! Wh-What just happened!?

Blue: Tsch. Damned idiots. Turned to stone, just like that. If only they had listened to me they wouldn't be museum displays right now.

Boy: *gulp* T-Turned to stone!? What do we do now!?

Blue: What do you think? We fight or die!

Boy: Fight!? B-But--! Blue, you can't! Not by yourself!

Blue: You just be quiet and stay behind me, understood!? I can't guarantee your safety otherwise.

Boy: O-Okay... But what about the knights? Isn't there anything we can do to help them?

Blue: Forget about them! Those tinheads made their bed, and now they're lying in it. Besides, we've got bigger problems. And I do mean big...

[The butterfly swipes the petrified knights aside with its massive tail, clearing the way to its next targets. It stomps towards the two, one large step at a time]

Boy: Ahh! It's coming this way!

[The boy clings tightly to Blue's leg, trembling in fear]

Boy: Ohhhh...! I-I think I'm gonna wet myself...

Blue: Do it, and that butterfly will be the least of your worries. You got me!?

[As Blue prepares to face off against the desert tyrant, Jawo' enters the sandy realm all his own, intent on finding Blue and unraveling his plot]

Jawo': Blast...It's even hotter here than it is in town... Better make sure to stay hydrated.

[Jawo' pulls out a can of Sprite and guzzles it down in seconds, wiping the sweat from his brow afterwards]

Jawo': Ahh...! Just what the doctor ordered! Alright, I'm good to go.

[As Jawo' continues foward, the Old Man appears once again, carefully monitoring his progress from afar]

Old Man: Hmm...it seems Jawo' has come quite a bit farther than expected. Looks like Zeldafan failed to subdue him. Ah well... I'll deal with her later. It's time now that I made a quick intervention.

[The Old Man throws on his hooded cloak and enters the scene, calling out to Jawo']

Old Man: Hey there! Fancy meeting you here!

Jawo': What!? ...Oh, it's you again... You ain't done stalking me yet, senior?

Old Man: Now is that any way to talk to your ol' pal? I was just out for a forest stroll. You know, taking in the nature!

Jawo': Uhh, in case you haven't notice, we're in a desert.

Old Man: Aw, you know what I mean! Anyway, what brings you out here? Not everyday that you see folks traveling through the desert alone, and on foot no less.

Jawo': As if that's any of your business.

Old Man: Ohh...I see. Still chasing after that Blue fellow, are ya? You're so determined to catch up with him that you're willing to brave these treacherous sands? Color me impressed!

Jawo': Heh, you'll be thanking me later. I guarantee it.

Old Man: Now is that so? Well then, whaddya say we go find him together!?

Jawo': What!? Hey, wait a minute!

Old Man: Yeah, yeah! I wanna see what all the fuss is about! If you say no, I'll just follow you anyway.

Jawo': Tsch. Have it your way then, old timer. But don't expect any piggy-back rides if you collapse.

Old Man: Haha! You needn't worry about me, son. This old man is as fit as a fiddle!

Jawo': Whatever. Just try not to slow me down. If you do, you're on your own.

[The Old Man weasels his way into Jawo's company in an effort to lead him off of Blue's trail. Meanwhile, Blue engages the fearsome Medusa Butterfly. The battle begins with the creature swiping at the two with its sharp red claw. Blue quickly grabs a hold of the boy and leaps to the side, dodging the attack]

Blue: Follow me! Hurry!

Boy: Right!

[Blue and the boy scurry behind the butterfly, mananging to remain undetected. It looks left and right, confused as to their whereabouts]

Boy: Blue, I don't think it can see us...

Blue: That's the idea. Now it's open to attack!

[Using this opportunity to go on the offensive, Blue gets into a stance and prepares a spell]

Blue: *chants* O flickering blaze, burn... Fireball!

[Blue launches three fireballs, all of which strike their target dead on]

Blue: Alright! Direct hit! ...Huh?

[But the attack does no noticeable damage, only succeeding in annoying the butterfly. It turns around and locks its sights on the duo]

Blue: Agh, dammit...

Boy: Blue! Watch out!

Blue: What!?

[Enraged, the butterfly retaliates by lashing Blue across the face with its powerful tail, sending him sailing through the air]

Blue: Aaaaaaaugh!

[Worried for his well-being, the boy hurries to Blue's side]

Boy: Blue!? Are you okay!? Say something!

Blue: *weakly* U-Ungh...

Boy: Come on, Blue! Hurry! Please! You have to get up!

Blue: Urgh... Qu-Quit your...nagging...ugh...

[Blue slowly rises to his feet and shakes off his injuries]

Boy: Blue, you're hurt...

Blue: No time for that! It's on the attack!

[The butterfly approaches once more, attempting another tail attack. This time, Blue ducks under the swipe and charges straight ahead]

Boy: Blue, what are you--?

Blue: Here I come!

[Opting for a different tactic, Blue leaps high and lands a devastating punch on one of the creature's eyes, putting it out of commission]

Blue: Haa!

[In shock of its injury, the butterfly gives out and collapses into the sand, temporarily stunned]

Boy: I...I think you did it, Blue! You wasted him!

Blue: Stay where you are! Don't get near it!

Boy: Wh-What...!?

[At the moment, the butterfly recovers from its injury, madder than ever. It immediately targets the boy and stomps towards him]

Blue: No! Get out of there! Now!

Boy: Ahhh!

[The boy attempts to flee, but ends up tripping over himself and falling into the sand. Now flat on his behind, he scoots away from the creature with his hands and heels]

Blue: *to himself* Ergh! That idiot! He's going to get himself killed!

Boy: *frightened* Ahh... Ahh... Ahhh....!

[Once again, the butterfly flaps its wings, releasing its deadly stone powder in the boy's direction. The boy feebly raises his arms in front of his face in a futile attempt to shield himself]

Boy: Blue! Help me!!!

[Facing his doom, the boy lets out a desperate cry for help. At the very last moment, Blue dives in and pushes the boy out of the stone powder's path, saving him from a cruel fate]

Boy: Blue... You...You saved me... Thanks.

Blue: Ungh... Stupid kid. Didn't I tell you to not to leave my side? Now...I'm the one who has to suffer for it...

Boy: Wh-What do you mean? ...Ahh! Your arm!

[Blue's last ditch attempt to save the boy resulted in him heavily injuring his arm. He clutches the wound as it bleeds profusely]

Boy: A-And your leg! It's...It's--!

[Blue's right leg has been petrified up to the knee. The weight of his stoned limb renders him unable to move]

Boy: Your leg... It's been turned to stone! I-I'm sorry, Blue! You got hurt because you had to save me! It's all my fault! *sobs*

Blue: Hey! Stop your crying and listen to me!

Boy: *sniff* H-Huh...?

Blue: I need you to leave this place. Return to town and head home right this minute.

Boy: What...? But Blue, what about you!?

Blue: I'm going to stay here and see this through to the end.

Boy: Are you crazy!? You're asking me to leave you here to die! I won't do that!

Blue: I don't recall ever giving you choice. Besides, I don't plan on dying here. I have one last trick up my sleeve, but first I need you to be as far away from here possible.

Boy: But...but...

Blue: Just shut up and listen. My arm is mangled and I'm now 1/10th statue. I...can't protect you anymore. Don't you understand that?

Boy: Uh...

Blue: That's why I want you to escape. That way, if my plan fails and I can't make it back to Nandor, I'll at least know that you made it to safety.

Boy: Blue, I--

Blue: Hey, don't get the wrong idea. This isn't because I like you or anything. You're my charge, and I'll be damned if I disgrace myself by letting you die on my watch.

[The butterfly turns its attention towards the immobile Blue, eager to finish him off]

Blue: Now quickly! Run away while it's focused on me! I'll hold it off, so go!

Boy: A-Alright... But you better not die, okay!? ...You said I'm your charge, right? So as your charge, I command you not to die!

Blue: Heh... *smirks* Understood. Now get moving, we're out of time.

Boy: ...

[Without a word, the boy reluctantly runs in the other direction, heading back towards town. As expected, the butterfly ignores his flight and remains targeted on Blue]

Blue: Tsch, finally. No more holding back now...

[Making his last stand, Blue stares down the butterfly in defiance, spurring it on with taunts]

Blue: You want me...? Then come and get me! I won't lose to an overgrown roach like you!

[As the butterfly slowly marches towards him, Blue gathers all of his remaining mana for one final spell]

Blue: My journey doesn't end here! As long as I draw breath, I'll keep going. I choose...my own destiny!

[A red glyph appears below Blue as he begins his incantation]

Blue: You're finished. *chants* O merciless conflagration, burn the very souls of my enemies! ...Crimson Flare!
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